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yandereaffections · 2 days ago
Vampire Loki or Tony hunting down their darling? But darling just giggles because they think it’s fun, like, “oh boy, I sure do hope NOBODY HEARD ME OPENING THE FRONT DOOR” and anytime darling looses them they just stand there until they hear/see something and they just smile n giggle while running
Tumblr media
The best part about all of this is that Loki knows where you are in the house, with vampiric senses he has spectacular hearing, which means the moment your hand turns that squeaky door knob he knows and allows you to put on your little bratty show anyways
Maybe the first few times you acted this way he took it seriously, threatened serious punishment for such unloyal behavior and he apologized as he realized just how wrong he was, his human simply wants to play with him
Who is he to stop you from trying to lure him out, chase and run after you even if you know fully well that he'll win everytime, Loki loves to see you so hyperactive wanting only him to play with
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ashdreams2023 · a day ago
Discovering Loki’s physical strength includes:
Just letting the world know how much I wanna be thrown around like a rag doll by strong lovable men 😩
It never crossed your mind how strong he is, sure he was tall and fit but you just never did
The start of your curiosity was his helmet
It was laying around one day in his room so you tried to touch it and put it on
That bitch was HEAVY
You’ve seen Loki toss around the thing like it weighted nothing and go into battle with it
"How much does this weights?"
"Huh…it’s solid gold so about 1.4 tons, why are you asking?"
Shock was an understatement
Thor looked strong and you weren’t surprised by his strength but Loki!!??
Then you thought about it, he’s walking around with armor during battle, that crap must be heavier than the helmet
"How much can you lift?"
He kinda of stared at you blankly, wondering why the sudden interest in his strength
"I can carry about 50 tons, Thor can do double as that but whatever"
That little new piece of information seemed to do something to you
After that, everything he did seemed to make your stomach flip
The footage of him fighting, how easily he threw away people (sorry tony)
When he trained, it was not often he did but when he did, you swear nobody looked better doing push-ups
One time he asked you to sit on his back while he did them
The way your heart was racing as he moved up and down below you with ease
He will notice the sudden change around him fairly quick
"Did I do something to make you uncomfortable my dear?"
You wouldn’t admit it right away, you rather him figure it out
And that only takes one day random where you were cleaning your room
"Loki, help please" you couldn’t reach the top of your closet and figured he could clean it for you
Loki had a different idea
He warped his arm around your waiting and lifted you off the floor to reach the top
Just like you weigh nothing
You didn’t move and was just looking at his strong warped around you
You threw your head back, your face burning
Loki notices you’re not cleaning and the look on your face
Boom you’re busted
His own heart skipped a couple of beats
"You sweet defenseless thing, you want me to break you, don’t you?"
Blood rushed to your cheeks and you laughed
"What’s wrong with wanting to be thrown around by a really strong big person who can rib me in half"
You knew how to click on his buttons, you’ve complemented his magic and skill before but this was new and he was liking it
"Be careful what you wish for darling I don’t wanna leave bruises on your pretty skin"
Your eyes light up with something at that
Next thing he knew you turned around in his grip and jumped on him
"Fuck! Break me, bruise me and throw me around, my god my beautiful strong god"
Safe to say you’ve never had a better experience in your life
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dyns33 · a day ago
Flufftober 21 - Loki x Reader 
Tumblr media
Loki and Y/N shared a lot. They were both calm, intelligent, they liked to read, and to not be disturbed.
Naturally, they soon became friends after the God of Mischief arrived on Earth with his brother, spending a lot of time together.
Like the boorish fool he was, Thor had patted his little brother on the back in front of everyone, congratulating him on finally finding love, and of course Loki had immediately stabbed him.
Then he had taken Y/N's hand and they had moved elsewhere to discuss literature while drinking tea.
He hadn't seen fit to tell his friend that he wasn't at all annoyed because the others thought they were together. He would be honoured if they were, to be with a woman like her. Rather, it was to defend her reputation and her honour that he had become angry.
But Y/N hadn't said anything, she hadn't looked offended, acting like nothing had happened. Loki was a little disappointed. He really hoped she had understood, he was happy that they continued to see each other, and at the same time he would have liked a pretext to confess his feelings to her. Maybe she didn't feel the same, that she didn't want more.
It didn't matter, as long as they were together.
Among their favourite activities, watching the rain was the most intimate. They were making themselves comfortable in Loki's room, on the bed, turning off the light, and watching the drops as they listened to the melody.
Sometimes they would talk about memories, about their dreams, about lots of things. It was nice and calming. Like tonight, Y/N often ended up falling asleep on his shoulder, and Loki felt perfectly fine, the happiest of...
           "Ah !"
Y/N jumped as soon as thunder echoed in the room, immediately hugging him, hiding her face against his chest.
Finding it really adorable, he hugged her to reassure her, thinking that she had just been surprised by the noise. But she screamed again after another rumbling sounded, starting to shake and sob.
           "... Are you afraid of the storm ?"
           "Do not laugh !"
           "Never darling."
           "And don't use it to prank me !"
           "I swear I'll not. Wait."
Waving his hand, Loki made sure that the loudness couldn't enter the room anymore, and Y/N relaxed a bit, daring to look around her. But she returned to a defensive position when she saw a flash of lightning through the window, which lit up the room.
So Loki closed the curtains with his magic, but that didn't seem to be enough. Just knowing that there was a thunderstorm outside terrified the poor girl.
He could have told her it was ridiculous, she had absolutely nothing to fear, she was inside, safe. He was there to protect her. He understood being caution in the face of a storm, a tsunami, an earthquake. But a simple thunderstorm, not really. He liked thunderstorms when he was young.
But first of all, if he said that, Loki could be sure that Y/N was really going to be mad at him, leave the bedroom, and maybe never speak to him again. Well maybe not never, they weren't children, although she had children's fears, but at least for a few days, until he apologized.
Then, even though he was a God, he too had children's fears of which he was a bit ashamed. Loki hated bugs. He didn't like being alone in complete darkness. He didn't like having nightmares.
So, tenderly, he began to rock Y/N, massaging her back, whispering reassuring words to her until she felt better. They could have stayed that way until morning, it wouldn't have bothered him.
           "... It's over ?" she asked in a whisper, still hugging him.
           "I don't think so darling, unfortunately…" he said, before suddenly remembering why he had always liked it as a child. "But I know what to do !"
           "What ?"
           "I'll beat the storm !" he announced, jumping out of bed. "Don't be afraid, I'm coming back !"
           "But... how ? With magic ?"
He didn't answer her, running out of the room, leaving the door open. Y/N then heard him knock on another door, which opened, then a voice. Thor's voice.
           "Good evening dear brother, what can I do to... AH ! But Loki, why ?! AH ! Stop !"
           "When you have put an end to this din !"
           "What ? The storm?  But I'm not the one… AH !"
           "God of thunder!  Do something ! Now ! But let the rain !"
           "Ah ! Alright alright !"
With a big proud smile, Loki then returned to the bedroom, opened the curtains and walked back to Y/N. It was still raining outside, but the storm was gone. She relaxed completely, pressing herself against him.
           "You have nothing to fear, I can tame thunderstorms for you, darling." he purred.
           "You mean you can manhandle your brother."
           "Same difference. Only the result counts, you are no longer afraid."
           "... Thanks Loki." she said kissing him on the cheek, snuggling up to him to fall asleep again.
Not an accident then, when she was doing that. She was falling asleep on purpose near him, she trusted him, she... She...
           "I didn't stab Thor because I was ashamed he thought we were…"
           "Hush. I know, Loki. I know."
           "... Good night." he whispered, listening to the rain, and her breathing, falling asleep peacefully too.
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mischievous-thunder · 2 days ago
Loki: You know how people try out the cliché filters after getting introduced to different photo editing apps? Like their faces on billboards all over the city?
Loki: That's exactly what's been happening to Thor since Mobius told him about it.
Loki: Here I present Exhibits A and B-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lokis-little-fawn · 2 days ago
The Lord’s Prayer
Paring: Priest!Loki x fem!reader
Word count: 3.5k
Summary: time for my second ever fic! This one is slightly (very) different from the first. It’s dark priest Loki! But its very much still our Loki! I went to a catholic school so that’s probably influenced it, If I wasn’t going to hell before I definitely am now 😅
Warnings: SMUT (ONLY READ IF YOU ARE 18+) fingering, oral sex (male receiving), BDSM (being tied up, spanking), unprotected sex, religious themes throughout
You had been in the church as long as you could remember. You grew up attending mass every Sunday and eventually moved onto catholic school. After graduating you decided that the best place for you, your happy place, was teaching at the school you grew up in. You had been the choir teacher for a few years now. You enjoyed it for the most part.
The school was set in a large old white Manor House. The Inside of the school was covered in floor to ceiling oak with a huge wooden staircase leading up to the second floor. Just before the stairs was the door to the chapel where you spent most of your time. Apart from the dark oak floors and wooden pews the rest of the room was white. In front of the pews sat a large white marble alter with the bible placed open on top of the alter cloth which was red with gold writing. Besides the bible sat two candles and two large golden crosses. In the corner sat a large marble bowl filled with holy water. The walls were littered with crosses and effigy’s.
Today was Sunday, gods day, and instead of teaching you were here for weekly mass. Walking into the chapel you make the sign of the cross as your morning blessing and placing a soft kiss onto the small cross that hung around your neck. Taking your seat next to the rest of the congregation you settle in for morning mass. You sit in the middle of one of the pews on the left side of the aisle.
Ever since you first started attending church, you always had a feeling wash over you. The feeling of someone standing beside you and taking your hand. You always assumed this must be how everyone felt and that it was the spirit of god leading you in the right direction. Despite this and your little community being the only family you had known, there was always a small amount of doubt placed in your mind. The want to do something not so pure.
Sitting through the mass as you do every Sunday you listen to the hymns, say the prayers and receive the body and blood of Christ. At the end of mass you offer some help and after everyone else has left you stay later to tidy.
While putting away bibles and generally tidying you feel the presence of someone else, something else, in the chapel. Looking around and seeing no one you continue with your work until everything is tidied. By the time everything has returned to its rightful position the sky has grown dark and moonlight floods through the chapel windows.
Just as your about to blow out the last candle on the alter, you hear the door open and some foot steps walk down the aisle.
‘Hello? I’m sorry we closed a few hours ago, if you’d like to come back tomorrow..’ your sentence trails off as you see two luminous green blue eyes looking at you from the darkness. The rest of his face is dimly lit by a green glow that seems to be hovering above his hand.
‘I’m not here for your false god’ you hear the strangers voice say deeply, footsteps still moving closer pacing loudly on the wooden floor.
‘Then I’m afraid, if there’s nothing else I can do for you sir, I’ll have to ask you to leave’ you say with a nervous tone in your voice.
‘And why would you do that my little lamb? When your clearly so in need of leadership’
You stay silent and walk further towards the last remaining lit candle, hoping to illuminate the stranger.
Hearing a click like the snap of someone’s fingers. All of the candles suddenly reignite themselves. Flames standing taller than before, their light surrounds you illuminating the strangers face as he closes in on you.
As he approaches you in front of the alter you can see that he appears to be dressed as a priest. His long black curls hitting just above his collar. His hair matches his entirely black outfit, the only colour coming from the white stripe of his collar.
Walking up to you he towers above you, placing a hand either side of your body resting on the alter he cages you in. Your eyes darting up to meet his.
‘Please, I really must insist, I..’ lost for words as your eyes meet his. His face so close to yours you can almost feel his breath on you.
‘Who are you?’ You question with a curious but cautious tone to your voice.
‘A god worthy of your worship. Will you prove your devotion to me little lamb?’ He says with a mischievous smile as he lifts one hand from the alter to stroke first down your cheek, trailing it’s way down your neck until his long dexterous fingers reach the top of your buttoned blouse.
You shake your head to tell him no without using words to hopefully avoid conflict. Your eyes shifting from his, dropping to the floor before darting back up to meet his gaze again.
‘I could make you, but that would be no fun’ he growls in your ear as you try to push him away.
‘Get away from me!’ You shout as you push him lightly on the shoulder.
‘Unlike your false god I can prove my power to you, would that help little lamb?’ He says through a grin.
‘Then do it’ you say confidently, sure that the man in front of you is about to show you nothing of any note.
Autho he looks like a god with his piercing eyes and his shirt clinging to every inch of his impeccable body, you were sure that he was about to prove to you that your own faith was the only thing you were about to believe in.
Just as those thoughts rush through your mind the green glow that earlier floated above his hand re appears. In a split second the entire room is eclipsed by a green light, from the ceiling of the chapel it looks as tho stars are falling from the night sky as fireworks erupt from the darkness.
You look up in amazement as the world seemingly moves around you. When you look back to the man you discover that his gaze has never left your face.
With another snap of his hands the green light subsides and plunges you both back into near darkness.
Breathing heavily you feel him move towards you, this time unflinching, you let him close the distance between the two of you.
As his lips lightly connect with yours, you inhale his scent, he smells like pine and whiskey, it almost reminds you of Christmas.
He pulls you in closer to him, your body pressed firmly against his as one of his arms wraps around your waist.
You place one hand delicately on his chest feeling the softness of his jackets lapel, your other hand pressing against the alter to support yourself.
Loosing yourself for a second you press deeply into the kiss before pulling back from him with a quiet gasp, lifting your hand away from his jacket to lightly cover your freshly kissed lips.
‘I-I can’t, I haven’t, I’ve never..’ you trail off as you feel his eyes on you, he looks almost concerned.
‘I know little lamb, it’s all right. This is what you have to do to prove your loyalty to your one true god. Your virginity is that which you hold most sacred, your promise to the false god. I want you, all of you, to myself’
He pulls your hand away from your lips before taking your face softly in his hand and kissing you lightly. Pulling away from your face he looks to seek confirmation to continue, you lightly nod.
He pulls you closer kissing you again, one hand slipping to your lower waist as he conjures a dagger in the other hand.
Before you know what’s happening you hear the pinging of buttons hitting the hard wood floor and the coldness of the chapel against your chest.
You jump at the coldness as the handsome god holds you still.
Without being able to utter a word, his lips still pressed against yours, you feel his hand on your back slip lower as he bends slightly to place a fist around the hem of your pencil skirt. In an instant you hear the sound of ripping fabric and feel the skirt drop to the floor.
You are left standing in front of the god wearing nothing but black lace lingerie and suspenders holding up your black seamed stockings.
He pulls away from you to admire his handy work.
‘My my little lamb, by the look of these you must have been waiting for a worthy god for some time’ he mocks as his finger intertwines with your suspender strap, grasping it and harshly pinging it against your thigh.
Letting out a slight moan your hands cling in fists to his jacket, your eyes darting to his clerical collar.
‘Correct me if I’m wrong little lamb, but it seems as if you may be enjoying yourself, perhaps too much.’ He sneers with a grin.
‘Maybe, sir’ you say with a girl like giggle.
‘Well, we can’t have that now, can we. Bend over.’ He demands, grabbing you by the back of your neck, spinning you around and bending you over the alter.
Adjusting to your new position you hear his words come from behind you
‘Little lamb, tell me, do you remember your Lord’s Prayer?’
‘Yes sir’ you say, your hands splayed out on the alter, your face almost touching the bible in front of you.
‘Good, now recite it for me little lamb. Furthermore I am not your sir, I am Loki, your god and you will address me as such.’ He mutters in your ear, his breath hot on your neck.
‘Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name’ you say confidently.
‘thy kingdom come; thy will be done; on earth as it is in heaven. Uh!’ You whimper, your voice catching at the end of your sentence as you feel Loki’s large hand come down to spank your ass hard, leaving a light pink hand print in its wake.
‘Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us. Ah!’ You yell feeling his hand strike you again, harder this time.
‘And lead us not into temptation’ his hand colliding with your sensitive skin again.
‘but deliver us from evil. Ah, Loki, yes!’ You moan out loudly.
‘For thine is the kingdom’ his hand falling harder against you.
‘the power and the glory’ striking you twice, once on each sensitive cheek.
‘for ever and ever, uh’ you almost scream out.
‘Amen’ the god lays one last, hard spank against your fragile skin as you breath deeply, your chest rising and falling against the alter.
Loki grabs your wrists and pulls you up, your wrists held behind your back.
‘Good little lamb, taking your punishment so well, are you ready for your reward?’
‘Yes Loki, pl-please’ you stutter out breathily.
As the words leave your mouth you feel his hand squeeze tightly around your neck, pulling you closer to him, your back against his chest.
In a flash of green the dagger from earlier reappears in his hand. He drags it down your chest between the valley of your breasts before using it to cut your bra open at the front, pulling the straps down your arms.
Before you can cover yourself Loki has spun you around and pushed you against the alter. Knife still in hand he grazes it over one sensitive nipple at a time, proceeding to drag it down your stomach until he reaches the line where your panties begin.
His eyes fixed on yours, he places the blade flat against your covered heat, your slick soaking through the underwear, coating the blade.
‘Are you afraid little lamb?’ He leans in to whisper in your ear.
‘No, Loki, I want you, only you’ words whispered in a seductive tone.
‘Such a good girl for me, so eager to please your new god’ he taunts.
With that the blade vanishes and is immediately replaced by his hand sliding your panties to the side, colliding with your moistened heat.
Softly dipping his fingers into you he spreads your wetness up to your clit, rubbing in circular motions. You let out a breathy moan as his lips collide with yours.
Your hands darting up to pull him in closer by his neck you can immediately feel his length harden against you, as his body meets yours he lets out a breathy moan into your kiss.
His finger circling your clit becomes faster and more urgent until you hear a low growl come from Loki’s mouth as he bites your lip hard enough to draw blood.
His hand circling your sensitive bud halts it’s movement and pulls at the lace fabric of your underwear, tugging them down your legs and off of your body. He holds your panties in his hand, placing them into his pocket for safe keeping.
As he looks at you he notices a small trickle of blood resting on your lips, he runs his thumb over them softly collecting the remainder. Bringing his hand to his mouth he sucks the blood from his thumb, steering into your eyes with intensity.
With your hands still resting on his shoulders he hooks his hands onto your ass and lifts you up. Your legs wrapped around him.
He walks over to one of the wooden pews at the front of the chapel, placing you down just in front of it, he takes a seat with you standing almost naked except from your stockings and suspenders in-front of him.
Slipping his jacket off and placing it on the wooden floor in front of him.
Watching you with hungry eyes, he unbuckles his belt and pulls the zipper of his trousers down. Pulling his length free from its confines he wraps one large fist around himself and begins slowly pumping himself up and down.
Your eyes transfixed on his movements you barely hear the demanding words slip from his mouth.
‘Kneel little lamb, kneel for your god.’
You kneel in front of him, knees placed on top of the jacket he has thoughtfully placed for you.
You sit on your knees, legs slightly spread apart with your hands in your lap.
‘Come to me darling, show me what that talented little mouth of yours can do, other than pray’ he groans.
Reaching up between his legs you run your hands over his thighs sliding towards his length.
As your hands reach his cock you take him softly into your hands. Releasing his member to you, his hand runs through your hair and rests on your jaw, lightly pushing your mouth open. Sliding his thumb into your mouth you suck on it softly, closing your eyes moaning into the feeling.
Pulling his thumb from your mouth you release him with a pop.
Your eyes shift from his dropping to your hand wrapped around his hardened length. Slowly bringing your face to him you kiss his tip and give it a few initial kitten licks.
Slipping him into your mouth you breath in hard taking as much of him into your mouth as you can manage. His fingers entangled in your hair, he grabs a fistful of it and holds you firmly, guiding your head up and down.
Taking him in deeper you hollow your cheeks to fit more in, as you do you hear him let out a deep moan. Looking up to meet his gaze, he is hypnotised in watching you. As you quicken your pace you see his head drop back, his dark curls hitting his shoulders.
‘Oh little lamb, you are truly my most devoted servant’ he moans out, pulling you up to meet him.
‘Kiss me, let me taste myself in your mouth’ you stand up to meet him, kissing him deeply as his tongue slips into your mouth.
‘Sit here darling, I want to see your beautiful face as I take your innocence’ he says daringly, pulling you onto his lap with your legs straddling him.
‘I don’t know much of what I’m doing Loki, you might have to teach me’ you say almost embarrassed by your lack of knowledge in front of Loki who is clearly much more experienced.
‘Oh my little lamb, I wouldn’t have it any other way’ he says kissing you urgently.
He lifts his cock to meet you, sliding his tip over the wetness gathering it over your clit.
As he glides over your clit with his length he breaks the kiss
‘This may hurt at first my little lamb, but don’t despair, it’ll only last a second’
Just as he’s finished his sentence he begins guiding you down onto his length. You let out a pained moan as you hold tightly onto the shoulders of his shirt and close your eyes tightly.
Ceasing all movement for a moment he lets you adjust to the new feeling as you feel yourself stretch around him. After a few seconds you begin moving yourself up and down onto him. Moaning out his name, the pain vanishing in seconds, being exchanged for pleasures you only thought you would feel in heaven.
Opening your eyes, you meet his expression, he looks as though he is in awe of you. He places his hands on your hips and squeezes tightly. Leaning back he thrusts up into you, setting a fast pace for you to keep up with riding him.
Both of you letting out wanton moans, your mouths hanging lightly ajar as your sounds reverberate, bouncing off the walls of the chapel.
‘Oh my little lamb, your god is so pleased with you. Your sacrifice for your lord will be remembered in Valhalla’ he growls out.
Your moans growing louder and more urgent with every thrust.
‘If you can’t keep quiet little lamb, I may have to gag you’ reaching into the pocket of his trousers he pulls out your moistened panties. Opening your mouth willingly he gently pushes them in, your tongue hitting the material you taste yourself on them.
His hand reaching down to circle your sensitive bud. You feel your climax building, tightening knots in your stomach as tears start to build in your eyes. Such intense pleasure washes over you as you feel although you may explode.
‘I can feel you tightening around me little lamb, cum for your god, show me that you are worthy of your gods seed’ he grunts into your ear as the pressure on your clit increases, pulling the panties from your mouth to hear your euphoric moans.
‘Oh Loki, my god’ you moan out as your orgasm washes over you. Clinging onto his shirt for dear life. He pulls you in closer kissing you as if every kiss was your last. As he growls loudly into your mouth. You feel his liquid mix with yours, coating your walls in velvet.
He holds you against him lovingly stroking your hair as your breath returns to both of you.
‘Well little lamb, I think you’ve passed your test. Your god is very proud of you.’ He whispers before kissing you again. Lifting you off of him he reaches for his jacket and lightly placing it over your shoulders to keep you warm. He pulls you back into his lap and holds you close to him.
‘I may have to visit you more often my little lamb, now that I know how well you treat your god’
He places a finger lightly on the cross that hangs around your neck. A green glow omitting from it. Looking down you find that your cross has been turned into two snakes wrapped delicately around a rune which you assume spells his name.
You sit for a while kissing him, feeling as if you’d never known another god before him.
After the first night he visited you, he came back for you almost every night. You became his most devoted follower and you knew you were his favourite subject.
He replaced the false god in your heart and when you were apart you were certain that you, his little lamb, were always on his mind.
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monimccoythings · a day ago
Jotun Loki: *proudly* Father! Come meet your newborn grandson! The future heir to Jotunheim!
Laufey: *Peeks under the small blanket* Such a beautiful child, my son. He is looking very cold, though his size is concerning. As big as he is he is still quite small for a Frost Giant.
Y/N: * from the other side of the room* HE WEIGHED TWENTY TWO POUNDS.
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asgardwinter · 2 days ago
Honestly Mischievous
fictober day 20 | “That’s what I’m known for.”
Tumblr media
summary | You’re not a bad loser, Loki just wasn’t an honest player.
fandom | Marvel
pairing | Loki x Reader
warnings | none, fluff
word count | 460
author’s note | we’re back at it!! sorry about the two days break again (unfortunately it was necessary). I had so much fun writing this one you guys have no idea (inspired by the fact that I truly am a terrible loser - oops, I admitted). there’s no specific game they’re playing, but you can get the idea lol
🍁 fictober 2021 masterlist 🍁 Loki Laufeyson masterlist 🍁
Tumblr media
“That’s impossible!” You shouted at Loki, no need to keep the calm facade now that the game was over and both of you were far from curious eyes in your room.
You were mad, to say the least.
“Being such a bad loser doesn’t suit you, my love.” You truly wanted to slap that smirk out of his face.
“There was no way you could recover to win!” You argued, every perfectly executed step of the game passing through your mind. “I made sure of that!”
“Now, that’s a vile act you’ve just confessed, darling. Destroying the love of your life? And what for since you lost?” Loki was clearly teasing you far from the sensible point and if looks could set fire to someone… Well, it was a really good thing you couldn’t do such a thing.
“I can’t believe it.” Your hands went to your temple as you decided to sit on the bed to get through it. And then it hit you.
Loki cheated to win the game. That was the only option that could excuse his winning after all you did.
“I’m honoured to know you directed a fair amount of your time and resources to trying to beat me, love.” Loki continued to provoke you moving closer to where you sat.
“Whatever, you’ll not win me back with these cheap false compliments.” You crossed your arms, turning away from him. “You fooled everyone but me. You cheated!”
“They’re quite stupid, that’s literally what I’m known for.”
You shot him a sharp look, making Loki come closer to you to kiss your cheek and try to make you look at him. He tried to make you uncross your arms that suddenly were even tighter around you to prove your point. Even if there was no actual point to prove.
“You know, you can’t say you played fairly too. You went out of the way solely to destroy your best enemy.” You rolled your eyes but couldn’t keep yourself from letting out a small laugh. “And I respect it.”
He continued to trail kisses, now going down your neck, smiling to see you relaxing against him even if the hard look was still there.
“That’s why we’re such a good couple after all.” Loki whispered. “We’re really not too different.”
When you turned to look in his direction Loki was quick to capture your lips in a loving and slow kiss. It was almost enough to make you forget the serious matter in discussion. Almost.
“But you cheated.” You said it one more time against his lips, just to leave it clear.
“Get over it, love.” Loki kissed your pouting lips. And the tip of your nose. And both of your cheeks.
And… Well, the list goes on.
Tumblr media
ps: likes/comments/reblogs are alway well appreciated! hope you like it! 💕
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hot-loki-imagines · 2 days ago
Imagine snuggling next to Loki trying to get warm. He laughs and pulls you tighter against him. “It’s ironic that someone who hates the cold so much ended up with a frost giant.”
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lostgreekgod · 13 hours ago
a/n: yes 'tis i. back with another angst. but! but. but. but. it has a happy ending. ur welcome.
word count: 3333 (cool right?)
warnings: uhh blood, injuries etc etc. heartbreak.
pairing: loki x f!reader
a/a/n: i wasnt exactly happy with this? idk why i feel like i wasnt able to capture loki's essence correctly oh also this is not at all similar to the other fic i wrote. nope, completely different.
taglist: @theaudacitytowrite @gaitwae lmk if u want to be added!
It took you 23 seconds. 23 seconds to ruin the golden bond of friendship you had with the trickster, 23 seconds for him to walk away from you like he had seen a ghost. 23 seconds to make a confession you could never, ever take back. 23 seconds to lose a friend, an ally, a love.
You sulked as Steve talked about the upcoming mission in the morning briefing. You were sitting opposite to him, yet you didn’t dare to look at him. Not after the embarrassment you had caused yourself last night. Not after the loss you had experienced, a little event that had chipped at your heart with a little knife. Okay, a dagger. No. A chainsaw. You had tried covering up the eyebags and your red-rimmed eyes, but no matter how hard you had tried, your teammates sure knew something was wrong. But they knew better than to linger.
Loki watched you squirm in your seat, his heart heavier than an anchor holding a large ship in place. Oh, how he wished he could give you what you most desired. He maintained his neutrality, but his aura reeked of the anguish he truly felt.
“Crucial mission, guys, so don’t mess up,” you heard Steve say, concluding the meeting. You groaned internally when you realized who you’d be spending time with. No one knew of the little hiccup that had occurred last night between you and Loki, so you both remained partners.
“That’s what you say for every mission, Cap,” Tony’s teasing voice rang, eliciting a few scattered laughs. Steve could only glare at his quip before leaving the room to make last-minute arrangements.
You stayed as far as you could from Loki. The unfortunate events from last night flashed in your head every time you simply took a whiff of his musky scent.
“I..” you breathed, looking at your shoes. You didn’t know how to tell him. Even after months of preparation for this moment, you stood bewildered in front of the god, stuttering and stumbling through your words. You held onto his hands tight. You had to do this.
Loki stared at you, his mind still processing the warmth that radiated off your fingers when you held his hands. He was still wary of physical touch, but not with you. You had reached out to him almost as if you needed support. He clasped his fingers softly against yours, squeezing lightly—a gesture to tell you that he was there for you. That he would listen, no matter what. He had rather taken a fancy for you recently, but he wouldn’t admit it. Not even if hell froze over. He knew how you deserved better; he knew how he could never give you that. Not after all he had done.
“I..” you tried again. Breathing deeply, you started. “I have a... confession,” you whispered, pausing to brace yourself. This was it. “I’m afraid I have acquired... a certain fondness… for you lately,” you said, shutting your eyes closed tight. You didn’t want to see his expression. Your heart was beating a mile a minute. “And I was hoping that by confessing, I could perhaps… court you… if it would suit you,” your voice seemed to lower as you divulged your sweet secret to him.
You waited for him to acknowledge your confession. You could feel his fingers go cold by the second. Your heart beat faster. Was this a mistake? Were you going to lose him, once and for all?
You cracked your eyes open to meet his green ones. They glinted in the evening light, like freshly polished jade. You found the pale shade quite beguiling, almost hypnotizing. You could sink right into them, and forget your own name. Your mind registered at how his eyes had widened, his mouth moving but no words coming out, before he completely shut off all expression, his face a cold mask. Your heart sank.
Loki tried to even his breathing. You wanted to court him. It was Asgardian tradition for men to initiate the courting, and for women to accept the delightful proposal. But with you, it was always different. He wanted to smile at how you had taken the incentive to approach him via the traditional method, instead of Midgard’s mundane customs. But he knew better. He couldn’t let you get close to him. You were already dear in his heart, and that worried him every minute of every day. His heart wouldn’t take it if something happened to you, and he’d feel worse if he was the reason for it.
“My apologies, y/n,” he began, his voice faltering at the expression in your eyes. Disappointment. And… hurt. He cleared his throat, dreading his words. He was going to have to finish this, once and for all. He would miss the little moments of sheer joy he had come to experience in your company, but he knew it was more important to keep you safe from the monsters that lurked within his very essence. His heart throbbed faster by the second. His silver tongue could not fail him now. “But I simply do not find you as alluring,” he whispered, instantly regretting his words. They were lies, all lies. He found you enthralling. Mesmerizing. Ambrosial. Could he have not chosen to be a little milder in pushing you away? Must he be so cold-hearted? So vile, so cruel?
His lungs felt like it was stuffed with cotton balls. His heart screamed in agony at the astonished gasp you let out. Oh Norns, how sorry he was to put you through this. Your sweet heart, the one that had managed to enchant him so—did not deserve to be put through something so raucous.
You couldn’t believe his words. Of course you hadn’t expected him to return your feelings, but surely you did not expect him to be so… curt. Not after all that you had been through together. Although you were prepared for a heartbreak, you couldn’t help the startled gasp as his words cut through your heart. Until a few minutes ago, it was simply the organ that pumped your blood. But at the moment, it was a weak containment of all your festering emotions. Ready to rip through the walls of the tiny forum. And rip it did, when your hands felt the light squeeze his daft fingers gave you before letting go. He walked away—back turned towards you, never once looking back. You wondered if he knew how his words had hurt you. You wondered if your friend of a lifetime was angry with how you had severed a precious bond. Should you have to be so careless? Why couldn’t you have thought it through before approaching him? Why couldn’t you have considered his lonesome past, of how he must feel, losing his only friend in many years? Of losing something he had been denied all his life? Of losing his ally, his vent?
You wished you could take it all back. Loki watched you from far away, his heart writhing at the tears in your eyes, the pain evident. You folded your arms into yourself, wishing for nothing more than to shrink into yourself, and simply cease to exist. He wished he could comfort you, and kiss all the sadness away. He wished he was someone different, someone more… deserving of you.
“Alright, showtime. Nat and Peter, sneak in through the back, look for the file. Sam and Clint, stay guard outside. Tony and I will go look for the weaponry. Loki and y/n, go straight in, try and keep them busy. Bucky and Wanda, look for the blue-chip.” Steve said, grabbing his shield. You and Loki had the job of distracting the enemy while your teammates procured the necessary information and artillery. Bruce had stayed back at headquarters as an overhead guide, not that that was of any help for Loki and you, anyways. Your job was to be seen.
You walked in through the main compound with Loki wordlessly. You wished he would talk to you. Usually, before getting into the action part of a mission, he would ask, ‘ready, partner?’ with a radiant smile on his face, his eyes glinting with mischief. It would make your heart soar in pure unadulterated bliss. But right now, he maintained a raunchy and unfamiliar distance from you, his eyes focused ahead. Almost as if he didn’t want to look at you. Your tattered heart sank. Although, whatever did you expect from him? Obviously, it would be much worse if he chose to pretend last night never happened; but you were still perplexed as to whether you preferred the latter or your current situation.
You snuck in through the gates, Loki on your tail. You noticed the heavily armed guards, thankful for the invisibility Loki’s seidr provided. You tiptoed past the soldiers, taking your position in the center of the corridor. You turned to look at Loki, your heart skipping a beat when his eyes met yours. You nodded at him and he let his magic falter. The men around you yelled in confusion before firing haphazardly. You ducked and rolled out of the way, taking cover behind some furniture as Loki wielded his daggers skillfully. Your purpose in this mission was to create a distraction, and what you had caused was much more than that. It was chaos. Bullets flew everywhere, you took aim and shot at the soldiers, maiming each one by one. You shot only to injure, but the thick armor they wore made it quite hard. You watched Loki slice his way through the men from the corner of your eye, your mind marveling at his poise and form. You rolled away from your cover as someone threw an explosive at it, bracing yourself for the impact. You laid on your back, your guns pointed at the higher floors from which they were firing. You shot 2 of them through the wrist, and aimed at another guard’s kneecap, and fired. Quickly getting on to your feet, you gestured at Loki to move further into the setting. You ran faster, your legs pumping as you steadied your arms to take another shot. Encountering an arc in the corridors, you turned to Loki. He read your face; your eyes seemed to tell him everything. It was better to stick together, a good distraction is one without a sacrifice. He nodded, both of you walking into the left corridor in tandem. The synchroneity between the both of you was the reason you had initially been paired together. As you made it through the middle of the passage, you saw the hoard of soldiers heading towards you. You counted about 50. You brought yourself to your usual stance before firing, but the nervous look Loki passed to you said everything. There were too many of them. Too many to shoot, too many even with his seidr. You turned around to the doorway you came from only to see that you were surrounded. The both of you would have to hold your ground and fight, or die. How long had you been in here? Surely the others must have finished their part by now?
“We’ve found the chip, making our way out.” Wanda’s voice rang in your earpiece. You breathed a little sigh of relief. Just a little while longer, then. You looked over at Loki who assumed his position behind you. He’d have your back, and you’d have his. You choked at the emotion you felt before pushing it all away. You couldn’t afford to get distracted. You began firing at the soldiers, your aim precise. There were too many men, and you couldn’t run out of ammunition. Loki flung his daggers at the ones coming up from behind you, never missing the target. You revolved around each other, a well-coordinated system-- it reminded Loki of yin and yang. He was the dreaded darkness, and you were the cherished light. But what was one without the other?
Your gun clicked, your hand immediately palming at your hip for spare ammunition. You were out. It was only up to your physical resilience now. You lunged at one of them, your kick aimed at his gut. Kicking him back, you punched him in the nose as he sank to the ground. You quickly turned to look at a gun pointed right at your face and ducked out of instinct. You heard the shot ring before you kicked the gun away from the soldier, and then kneed him in the spleen-- but not before taking a wisp of his hit on your jaw. They may have been burly and strong, but you were quicker and faster. Turning around, you elbowed another one in the neck and stepped back. They were getting closer, and you had to fight them off while protecting Loki as he fought the others. Unfortunately, that was a difficult task when you had no ammunition. Peter’s voice then rang in your earpiece. “We got the file!” he squealed, only to be interrupted by Natasha. “We’re getting out now. How are you doing, y/n and Loki? Your distraction seems to have worked really well; we had no problems.” You let out a dry laugh. So much for a distraction. You were going to be ambushed. “We’re getting by,” you managed, before landing another punch. You looked over to Loki, his exhaustion clearly visible. His seidr wouldn’t hold up with him much longer, and he too would have to resort to fighting physically. The number of soldiers had dwindled now, you were surprised that the both of you had lasted against so many for so long. Your jaw throbbed. “Where’s Cap and Stark?” you asked, wishing for this to end quickly.
“Dunno, Peter and I will go look for them. Hang on, y/n,” Nat said, before cutting the transmission.
You huffed, your back against Loki’s. The both of you were exhausted, and still surrounded by about 15 men. You grabbed a rifle you found laying on the ground and fired. Loki stepped away from you to use his seidr on the others. You took a punch in the gut, feeling a sharp pain before punching the soldier’s ear and clocking him out. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw another guard aiming at Loki, with some sort of tranquilizer. You lunged at Loki without a second thought, pushing him out of the way. You whipped around to take the soldier out, but your movements felt slow, almost jelly-like. You threw a wobbly punch before taking another hit to the ribs. You could swear you heard a crack. Loki quickly threw a dagger at the soldier, impaling him. You fell onto your knees, your hands holding your stomach. That’s when you felt the cold metal that had cut through your armor. The man had fired the tranquilizer and It had snagged you in the stomach. Your eyes widened in delirium; your skin feeling icky and sweaty. Suddenly, all you wanted to do was shut your eyes and have a long rest. You pulled the needle out, your hand shaking. Loki looked over at you, fear outlining his expression. He pulled you up into his arms, his shoulder supporting your weight as he threw another dagger at a soldier. He tapped your cheek, his blood freezing at your pale face. The vein in your forehead seemed to turn darker, almost as if you had been… poisoned. He patted at your gut, eliciting a hiss from your mouth before his fingers returned, drenched in blood. That wasn’t a tranquilizer you had been hit with. it was something worse. He laid you on the ground before tapping at your cheek again. You opened your eyes, gasping at the sensation. “Loki,” you breathed, your voice no more than a whisper.
“Stay with me, y/n,” his frenzied voice called out to you, but the darkness behind your eyes lulled you away. You shut your eyes, smiling at the calmness you felt. You hadn’t felt such peace in so long.
“No, no, no, open your eyes. Don’t sleep,” Loki said, his green eyes searching yours. You saw an array of colors, his image blurring. You reached towards him and placed your palm on his cheek. His hand enclosed yours, his face leaning into your touch. “Talk to me,” he said in his mellow voice. “Tell me something.” He urged, shaking you in an effort to keep you awake.
“Sorry about… hngh... yesterday,” you groaned. Loki didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t lose you. He couldn’t lose his one friend. His one love. He yelled into his earpiece. “Romanoff! I need backup! y/n’s hurt!” he cupped your cheeks, pasting a smile onto his face. You traced your fingertips over his lips, gods, you loved his smile.
“If anyone is sorry, it is I, my darling y/n,” he said, remorse coating his voice. “I am afraid I may have lied to you.”
You blinked at that. You looked at him incredulously, waiting for him to explain. “Oh?” you insinuated weakly. He repositioned himself next to you, his warm hands still cupping your cheeks. “I, in fact, find you much more than alluring. You are… simply the best that has ever happened to me. You have bewitched me. Body, mind, heart, soul; it is all yours. I am yours,” he confessed, his thumb making soothing circles on your neck. “Please stay with me,” he whispered. You wished you could say something, but the darkness ebbing in your mind rendered you speechless. If only you could live in this moment forever. Weakly tangling your fingers in his rich raven locks, you pulled him towards you gently. You placed a light kiss on his lips, smiling as he returned the kiss. He wrapped your hair around his fingers, placing feather-light kisses. His eyes welled with emotion. Please don’t let this be it, please, please, please, he prayed. There were still so many things he wanted to tell you. You smiled against him before shutting your eyes. You were too exhausted to stay awake longer. A little nap, you decided, and then you would spend time with Loki. Your hand loosened around him as you succumbed to the darkness. Loki’s heart shredded in his chest. “No, no. y/n, please, no,” he choked, his forehead against yours.
Back up arrived a few minutes later. He wailed, thrashed against the people holding him back. He wanted to be with you. Oh, how he wished you hadn’t protected him. How he wished it was him, rather than you. He watched as a few people in white coats surrounded you, connecting different tubes and lifting your body into a stretcher.
“Loki! She’ll be okay,” Natasha said to him, her eyes searching his. “They were able to give her the antivenom in time. She’ll wake up soon.” It was as if a huge weight had lifted off his shoulders. He suddenly felt tremendous relief, and all he wanted was to wrap his arms around you and apologize over and over. He would ravish you, give you the most wondrous gifts. He promised himself that would strive to be the man you deserved.
You opened your eyes, shutting them tight immediately against the sharp white light. The infirmary. You groaned before opening your eyes again.
“You’re up!” Peter yelled, running to tell the others. You noticed Loki looking at you, his heart heavy. He thanked whoever for your recovery. Never again, he promised. Never again would he be so reckless. Never again would he cause you any pain, physical or emotional. He would worship you for as long as you would have him. His lips morphed into a grateful smile as he traced your jawbone. It was still injured, but his light touches simply made it feel better. You smiled and leaned into his touch.
“My love,” his baritone voice whispered in your ear, and your heart stuttered. You breathed deeply, your skin rising in goosebumps as he lowered towards you, his cool lips placing a soft kiss on yours. It was as if he had spoken a thousand words with that simple motion. His eyes shone in gratification, his features oozing endearment. You laced your fingers into his, mirroring his smile, eager for the promise of tomorrow.
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Texts from Loki
Finders Keepers
Of course I had to do a TFL 500 follower special! 💚
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
winter festival | loki x fem!reader
description: in asgard, the winter solstice arrives and a festival is held in the city.
trigger warnings: spoilers from thor (2011), angst, fluff, mentions of trauma, etc. read at your own risk.
word count: 1.3k
Gazing over the city, your palms pressed against the glass window, overlooking the thin white sheet of snow that laid about Asgard. The reflection from the glass bounced back into your eyes, making them glisten beautifully. You felt your fingers slowly darken in red as they pressed against the window. You heard a muffled tss and quickly took your hands from the cold glass, clutching your fingertips to your chest.
"You must stay inside, Lady Y/L/N," You turned your head to look back, noticing the eldest Odinson behind you.
"But I wish to go to the festival," You replied with a pout protruding from your bottom lip.
"You'll die," Thor responded and walked towards you with nothing but arrogance in his strut.
You released a soft breath, knowing he was ultimately right, but you couldn't fight the urge to see the city in such a solstice. You felt your palms grow hot, flames growing upon them as you gazed admiringly at the ice and snow all over the city. You felt Thor take his gloved hand, pressing them to your firey hands. The flames burned out as you turned to look up to him, thanking him with a forced grin.
You turned on your heels and walked deeper down the corridor of the palace. Your shoes clicked along the floor while your eyes sunken, with complete dismay that you would be unable to attend the festival. You passed the youngest Odinson's room and noticed Frigga's hands running through Loki's hair, making sure he would look presentable for the Asgardians.
Glancing into the room, you were able to note how unamused Loki seemed with the whole preparation. He looked like a lost puppy gazing at his reflection, while he sat before the vanity. You took into account how beautiful he looked, even when he was completely and utterly miserable.
"Lady Y/L/N? Is there something I can do for you?" Frigga spoke up, not taking her hands out of Loki's hair.
"Ehm.." You fiddled with your steaming fingertips and looked from Frigga to Loki, who gazed at you softly. "The guards got into some stupid argument again, I figured I'd consult you before it got out of hand," You lied through your teeth, hoping to get some time with Loki alone.
"Oh dear," Frigga hurried toward the doorway, "Fix him up while I'm gone, I'll be back shortly."
You nodded gently, mentally patting yourself on the back for your work. You turned to meet Loki's gaze and felt your heart flutter at how soft he looked. You walked towards him and watched as his cheeks grew warm, your eyes could sense that.
"You don't have to do this, Y/N," Loki stated as you took your warm palms to his hair, running your fingertips through the soft texture of it. "Mother is always wanting me to look my best, even when I'm not required to," He breathed out gently, letting his eyes close at the feeling of your hands in his hair.
"I lied about the guards, I just wanted to see you. I know how you get before events like this," You whispered and noticed his eyes opened, looking up to you with a warm smile tugging at the corners of his lips.
"You've gone soft," Loki took his finger to your stomach, poking you gently enough for you to release a laugh.
You were the daughter of Hephaistos, the God of fire. Odin was very close with him, which made you very close with Loki growing up. Thor, too, but you felt more emotionally connected to Loki. For some reason, the two of you were endlessly compatible, in more ways than one. You grew your abilities when you were just a small child, you learned this by mistakenly setting your chamber into flames. Luckily, Loki was able to put out the flames with his ability to generate ice with his bare hands.
"I wish I could prepare for the winter festival," You whispered softly, growing genuinely unhappy with being unable to.
"Who's to say you can't?" He questioned with a lift of his brow.
"Thor," You replied blankly.
Loki released a soft sigh and took his cool hands to your wrists, pulling your hands from his hair. You looked down at him with nothing but dilated pupils and a nervous quiver in your lower lips. "Put these on," Loki turned to his drawer beneath the vanity and pulled out small leather gloves. They looked as though they could fit you perfectly. He sat up, straightening his posture and slipped them onto your hands. "They'll keep the ice from harming your power source," He mentioned while making sure they clung around your fingers tightly. "I had the wrong size made when I was receiving them so I'm giving them to y–" You stopped Loki with a growing smile, making him all the more flustered.
"You had these made for me, didn't you?" You questioned softly, stepping closer to him as he was still within his chair. He hesitated before nodding softly.
Leaning down, you were close to pressing a kiss to his cheek, but Frigga returning made you pull back immediately. You watched Loki's affectionate gaze falter at your manner of retreating.
"The guards weren't fighting, Lady Y/L/N," Frigga spoke up with her hands at her sides.
"Silly me, it must've been something else I heard! I best be going, I'll be at the festival, arriving a few moments before you," You held your hands behind your back, unsure if Loki wanted anyone knowing he gave them to you. Frigga gave you a stare before you exited the room, continuing down the corridor with your heart racing rapidly.
Dressed in a warm black gown, you kept the leather gloves against your palms and smoothened out the skirt of the dress. The sleeves were long and went down to your wrists, kissing the bottom of the gloves Loki gave to you. Upon your feet were boots that would keep your warmth insulated.
About to exit your room, you glanced down the corridor to see Thor with Loki, speaking to one another outside, upon the balcony that overlooked Asgard and it's thin sheet of snow. You gazed at them for far too long, for Loki caught your stare as he stood before his brother. His eyes met yours. You felt your face heat up and eyes flicker a gentle orange, that happened when you got nervous.
You turned your head down before glancing up again to see Loki walking down the hall, in direction to you. You felt your warm heart beating quickly as he finally stood before you.
"You look beautiful," were his first words as he pulled his thin lips into a smile.
"Thank you, Loki," You whispered gently, your eyes flickering back to their original color. You turned your gaze up to him and found his cold palm pressed to your cheek. You took in a gentle breath at the feeling, but didn't fight his actions for they felt rather natural for the both of you.
"Would you do me the honor and attend the winter festival beside me?" Loki spoke softly, his words were soft and his eyes slowly darkened into a beautiful red, his skin faded blue. You smiled at him, but he seemed rather shameful and tried to control it, without moving his palm from your face.
You took your warm hands and cupped his face, pulling him down to press a kiss to his cold lips. You felt your body temperature decrease at the beautiful feeling of Loki's mouth against yours. Your lips molded together like the Gods crafted them specifically for one another.
"Yes," You muttered into his mouth as he smiled against your lips in response. His arms snuck around your waste, pulling your closer and deepening the kiss further.
a/n: hi babies!! i'm in love with loki and i've been really wanting to write something with him, but i was always too nervous because i want to make sure his character is accurately written! i hope you liked this one my beautiful darlings. i love you mwaah! be safe and treat people with kindness. — angelina.
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aquanova99 · 21 hours ago
Odd One Out
Next Part
A/N: this may be a new series. I can’t decide yet. Also can’t decide if I want loki or bucky to be the main love interest so we will see how this goes
A/N: if I tag you and this isn’t your content please feel free to ignore! Thank you for whoever reads this 💛
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✯¸.•´*¨`*•✿ ✿•*`¨*`•.¸✯
As much as you were grateful that you had been given a second chance, part of you sort of wished they had just taken you out. This was a whole new kind of torture.
Living in the avengers tower was basically a prison for you. You couldn’t leave unsupervised and almost no one trusted you. Stark put the ones he didn’t like in the same area. At the moment that included you, Bucky, and Loki.
You and Wanda had both been in the same program. Wanda had been there by choice but both of you ended up with similar powers. Both could manipulate energy, the biggest difference is she could tamper with memories and fears, whereas you could go completely invisible. No scanner of any kind could pick up on your presence not only that, but as long as you were touching the other person you could make at least one person invisible as well. You escaped before ultron.
Wanda had told the avengers about you after she went to get training. You didn’t side with either Tony or Cap when they disagreed about the accords. For some reason that made you more untrustworthy than the others. They were all hypocrites you thought. They all made mistakes they just chose who they wanted to forgive.
Bucky had it the best out of three of you because of Steve. But even he got tired of hanging around. Bucky hated the pity glares. Lucky for you three, the library was on your side of the compound. It made for a nice little getaway. You all found eachother in there more often than not.
The other avengers didn’t hide how close they were. They would often hold get togethers or events in the main room. Sometimes Steve would drag Bucky out for a minute but he would always sneak back to his room after like 10 minutes. Thor did the same with Loki. No one bothered to come get you. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. Peter didn’t stay in the compound but he always made sure to say hi to all of you. Most of the avengers would cut him off when he started rambling, he liked that you seemed genuinely interested. And you were, he was a small ray of sunshine.
Loki saw him differently. He just appreciated Peters kindness. Thor was oblivious to his brother’s treatment, so Peter following Loki around and asking him to show him magic tricks brought out a smile that not many of the avengers saw. Bucky would feel out with Peter more often than not and made all of you laugh. It never lasted long enough. Tony was protective over Peter and would find something for him to do as soon as he would find him with one of us.
Bruce was kind enough when he saw you, but he was almost always with Tony. And Tony was the biggest advocate of locking all three of you up. Training was the worst part of the day. You actively plead to leave the tower because you hated using your gifts at all. You wouldn’t mind never being allowed to use them again. They’d put too much time into you at that point, and again, you were dangerous outside.
“Again.” Natasha ordered
“Yeah yeah.” You stood back up. Your whole body ached. If you actually used your powers they would not be so confident. They didn’t need to see what you could do. You barely expended any magic energy, the only one who knew how strong you were was Wanda. But she owed you for saving Pietro once so she said nothing. Didn’t stop her from using her powers on you. Her and strange were your usual “mentors.” You just bid your time until practice was over.
“L/N get back here. You need to be able to counter these attacks.”
“Practice is over. If I’m no use to you, you can always let me go.”
“Not my call.” Strange said, “otherwise I would take you up on that offer.”
You rolled your eyes and walked away. You threw yourself on your bed, but your little moment of peace was interrupted by Wanda.
“Y/n I can’t keep your secret forever. You need to fight back. I’ve seen what you can do. You powers are just as strong if not stronger than mine.”
“We both know that’s not true.”
“Yes it is. We were exposed to the same stone. Your energy manipulation was always more controlled anyway, why don’t you show them?”
“Because I don’t want to. I’m waiting for them to get tired of me and kick me out.”
Wanda sighed and left your room. You covered your head with your pillow. You could feel someone standing in the doorway. “Go away.”
“You would really leave?”
You threw the pillow off your head and turned it towards your door. Loki didn’t pay visits. You really only talked in the library and it was always small talk. If you did leave you would miss him.
“Wouldn’t you?” You asked him.
“Don’t really have anywhere to go.”
You sat up way too quickly, ouch. Your body was still stiff from training “Yeah me neither. I’m just tired of being here.” He seemed a little hurt. “I don’t like being babysat.”
“Whoa is everything okay?” Great now Bucky was here too.
“Y/n was saying how she’d like to leave.”
Buckys eyes grew wide, “you won’t though right?”
“If I was going to I would have done it already. I just want to be able to leave this building without someone waiting for me to run away. You don’t have to worry about that because you both have friends here. So if you do go you can go with Steve or Sam or Natasha. Loki you can go with Thor and probably Bruce now.” You could see buckys jaw clenched but Loki looked to the ground he probably knew I was right.
“What happened to your arms?” You looked down, you hadn’t noticed the bruises that we’re beginning to form.
“Training.” You knew Loki had heard the conversation between you and Wanda. His lips formed a tight line but he didn’t say anything.
“Why? The ability they use the most is your invisibility, right?”
“You tell them that.” You softened when you saw how concerned the two looked, “I’m really fine. But I am tired and I desperately need a shower so…” you waved your hands and closed the door. You threw yourself back on the bed. Your people skills were terrible but to be fair so were theirs. You didn’t really have much time to relax. The alarm bell rang shortly after your shower, which meant there was another mission that had to be done. You sighed and went to the main room. You stood next Bucky, you saw Loki next to Thor and he offered you a small smirk that you returned.
“We need to collect some intel from a new hydra base we discovered.” Steve started
You felt Bucky tense up, you nudged him to let him know you were there and you felt him exhale. I’m sure the many pairs of eyes watching him didn’t help. You felt Loki’s eyes on you.
“Vision and Bruce are going to disable some kind of weapon. I’m going to need to go in undetected to collect some data.” The way Tony said that meant you were going to have to go. Dammit.
“Can’t Strange just portal you there?”
“Strange and some others are going to be on standby in case this is a setup. Do we have a problem?” Steve asked you
You scoffed, “When do we leave?”
You went to change for tonight, working with Tony would not be fun. You had five minutes before you had to go meet everyone. You hid out in your room before you had to leave. Your thought were distracted by a knock on the door. You opened it with your power. You still had barely any energy from before.
“Hey Buck, what’s up?”
“You going to be okay with Stark?”
“Yeah. A missions a mission. Are you okay?”
He ran his hand through his hair. “Been better. Guess I’m getting babysat today. Even Loki is going with strange and Thor.”
“Wow, that’s new.”
“I think Thor pulled some strings. Stark trusts Strange to keep him in check.”
“Ugh. Of course he does.”
“Be careful out there, okay?”
“I’ll sure try.” He smiled and walked with you to meet up with your team. You saw Loki going with Strange. He seemed nervous. You pulled him aside before he left with Thor.
“Are you okay?”
“I don’t usually go on these.”
“You’ll do great. Just stay out of trouble.”
This brought a smile to his face, “I’ll do my best but it’s not as fun that way.” He winked and went off with Thor. Clint would be piloting his jet. Natasha would be in charge of ours.
You got dropped off as close as they could get you. Then it was your turn to cloak you and Tony. You grabbed his arm.
“Hey just so you know I am taken.”
You rolled your eyes
“Let’s just get this over with.”
“Got somewhere to be?” Yeah away from you, you thought to yourself. You just gestured for him to start showing you where to go. He sighed and led the way through the maze of a building. Walking around the guards wasn’t an issue, but the control room was filled people all armed.
“Hey Nat. Think you can give us a distraction?” You heard say on it on comms. Suddenly the alarms went off. You could hear the people inside clamoring about how there was nothing on the cameras. Almost everyone left the room.
“How do you plan on taking care of those guys?” You asked him there was still at least 5 or 6 armed people in there and if he called on his suit I wouldn’t be able to hide him. They seemed to be downloading something.
“We improvise.” He shook me off of him
“Stark wait!” He put his suit on, but almost as soon it was on it began malfunctioning. You heard the jet land a little too abruptly. “Nat what’s going on?”
Static. Of course. That’s what they were doing they were getting all of their data on a drive.
“We need to get that drive.”
You knew what you needed to do but that meant no more hiding. This better be worth it.
You pushed passed and began throwing the soldiers with your powers. You saw someone try and shoot in starks direction and pulled the gun out of his hand with your mind. That distracted you as one of the other ones began shooting randomly. They still couldn’t see you. You realize neither could Stark. You finished neutralizing the room all that was left was the scientist.
You revealed yourself, “hurry up and get the drive or whatever it is you need. We need to go.”
For once Tony Stark was speechless. He snapped out of it quickly, the scientist was so freaked out he handed us everything. We went invisible again and left. The rest of the group was waiting where they had originally dropped us off.
“Well…nice of you to show up.” Natasha said once they could see us.
“Are we getting backup or not?” You asked. You were done being out and you didn’t want to deal with Tony’s debrief.
“Vision flew out once comms went down and tried to get in contact with the others. They should be here any second.”
The good news was that you did see a jet try and land. The bad news was that it was where Natasha had originally been hidden so we had a ways to go. We made it about half way before we ran into more trouble. Stark was still basically useless and Nat ran out of ammo quickly. That left hulk, you and vision. It wasn’t too bad until one of the last guys threw some kind of bomb your way. The blast knocked everyone back into the trees. You felt something sharp on your side. When you looked up you saw a huge jet, not stranges, shooting in your general area. The attackers fled but it was clear to your team those bullets would have done nothing. Loki.
You wondered how much energy that must have taken him to conjure up that strong of a visual. A portal opened up next to you and Thor and strange began yelling at your group to get in. You didn’t need to be told twice. Clint wasted no time getting you all out of there.
Loki was sitting on the floor visibly exhausted. You couldn’t be more proud of him. He deserved a win.
“Nice job Loki. Glad you were on our side this time.” Natasha said and sat down next to Clint near the front. There was a chorus of praise. Tony went up to the front with Vision and Strange. Thor and Bruce began talking about who knows what. Loki came and sat down next you.
“I know you’ve heard this since we got back, but you really did a great job. That must have taken a lot, are you okay?”
He just smiled at you. His smile quickly faded when he noticed your hand still pressed to your side. “What happened?”
“Keep your voice down. It’s fine. I have to wait till we get back anyway.”
“Y/n you’re sweating and you look pale. let me see it.”
To be honest you didn’t want to see it. You had avoided looking at it all. You could some blood leaking through your clothes and you knew it would not be fun to get cleaned up. You hated seeing your own blood. Others? Fine you can help, but your blood? It made you want to pass out.
“I’d really rather not.”
“I’m not asking.”
You sighed. There was no avoiding it now. You winced as you lifted your hand off your shirt. You avoided looking at it. You could feel there was probably some debris left in there.
“Don’t move.” He left towards Bruce and his brother.
“Wasn’t planning on it.” You mumbled to yourself. You were starting to get light headed. Suddenly loki was at your side again, and Bruce was kneeling in front of you.
“Y/n why didn’t you say something?” Bruce asked as he carefully lifted your shirt up to get a better look.
“I was a little busy trying to get on this jet and not die.” He touched near your wound and you won’t lie it hurt. A moan escaped your lips.
“Strange! Any chance you could portal us to the tower?” Bruce tried to ask calmly
The rest of them finally seemed to remember you were there. Strange said the distance would still take him a few minutes but to hold on. Stark got back to his usual snarky self.
“What? You don’t think this is something you should tell the team or are you going to hide everything about yourself?”
“Save it for another time.” Loki voice was sharper than you’d ever heard it before. You were getting really tired. “Y/n stay awake, alright.”
You nodded but rested you head on his shoulder. You were getting really really tired. Bruce tried asking you questions but to be honest you weren’t really hearing him. You let sleep win.
You woke up in the med bay. It smelled like antiseptic in here, ew. You didn’t even have a chance to turn around before you Bucky started giving you instructions.
“Just take it slow, okay?” He began trying to help you sit up.
“Ungh, how long have I been out?”
“About 6 hours.”
You looked at him, “six hours? Was it that bad?”
“Not as bad as it could have been. I thought you were going to be careful.”
“I said I would try. Ugh I need to shower, I need to get these clothes off me.” Thank god they just bandaged you up. “Wait. What are you doing here?”
“Well, Loki carried you in here and he was freaking out. Eventually Thor had to drag him out because he kept telling the doctor to make sure she did a good job. I told him I’d wait till you woke up.”
“Sorry. You didn’t have to worry about me.”
“Y/n the three of us are pretty much each others only friends. Stop.” This was true you would have done the same for either of them. You took his hand to help you stand up. You stubbornly refuse any more help to your room.
“Thanks for watching for me Bucky. I’ll head down to the library once I’m all cleaned up.” He frowned for a half second too long. “What is it now?”
“Stark is going to want to talk to you. Apparently your secrets out?”
You groaned, of course he was going to talk to you about it. “Alright. I’ll go see him after.”
“They’re going to be in the debrief room.”
“Steve wants to talk with you too.”
Another groan, “great. I’ll be there soon.”
You were the last one in the debrief room, which meant you were going to stand while captain America gave you a whole speech about the “team” and “family.”
“Glad you decided to join us.” Tony started.
“Not like I have a choice do I?”
“Y/n you’ve been hiding your abilities from the team.” There’s one word “we’re all supposed to be a family here and—“ there’s the other one. God it took all of two seconds. You were so sick it
“Let me stop you right there captain america. Let’s skip to the part where you tell me what I need to do or how I’m going to be punished. I really don’t care about the filler.” You saw clints mouth drop. Sam looked like I just kicked his puppy. Bruce was suddenly very interested in his shoes. And the rest of the others had a mix of reactions. Loki grew a smirk on his face while Bucky just covered his face with his hand.
“I’m sorry?”
“Look. You guys have been ignoring me unless a mission comes up. Fine whatever. Don’t act like we’re all so close. Last I checked I did nothing wrong, I didn’t need to use my powers until this last time. Are we done here?”
Tony opened his mouth but you cut him off.
“Great.” You turned around and went back to your room. You realized you hadn’t eaten in almost a day. You debated going back out there but you’d rather stay in your room honestly. Knocking. Again? What do they want? You stood up to open the door this time, why? You didn’t know. Your whole body was battered, if there was ever a time to use your abilities it would be now. You threw it open to find Loki.
“You know for someone who can turn invisible, you really know how to command a room.”
You sighed, “yeah, not my best moment. Want to come in?”
He just stepped inside, “you really should eat something by the way.” He said before conjuring up an apple and water.
“You’re a saint.” You said as you grabbed both
“I’m pretty sure everyone in the building would disagree, including myself. I’ll sneak you more food later. There’s a lot of people hanging around out there.”
“This is fine, Loki. Thank you.”. You sat on your bed a patted the spot next to you. “So what brings you to my little hiding spot.” You asked as he sat down
“I enjoy your company. Also Thor is freaking out about what you said and he’s hovering.” You both laughed at that, “this isn’t much of a hiding spot.”
“No, but it seems that no one besides you and Buck ever find me. So it counts.” You held the apple he brought out, “I don’t suppose you have one of your knives I could cut this with.”
He chuckled and used his magic to slice it instead, when you held out one of the slices to him he refused “no, you should eat.”
Unfortunately your stomach agreed with him. “So what happened after I left?”
“Mm not too sure. They all started freaking out because there’s no way they would do that,” he said sarcastically, “then Thor and Bruce started asking me questions and I flashed out of there. Now I’m here.”
“Sorry about that.”
“Don’t be, it was entertaining.”
“I wonder how our other counterpart is doing?”
“I’m sure he got out as soon as he could.” As if on cue your door swung open again and Bucky ran in.
“Shit wrong room.”
“You okay?”
“Steve and Sam are looking for me.I just got out of the library.”
You laughed, “come here quick.” You grabbed his and Loki’s hands right as Steve knocked on your door. When you didn’t respond he opened to what he thought was an empty room. As soon as you were all clear you burst out laughing
“Well I think you guys are safe for now.”
“Yeah thanks for that.” He brow furrowed for a bit, “sorry if I interrupted something.”
“We were just hanging out. Loki came to hide here too.”
“True. I suppose you want us to leave you alone now?” Loki asked
“I don’t mind the company. Do you guys want to watch a movie?” Both men looked really confused, “do either of you watch movies?”
“Can’t say I really do, doll.”
“Never really been asked.” Loki said quietly
You squeezed his hand, “well. Now I’m asking. But my idea so I get to pick.”
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ashdreams2023 · 2 days ago
Loki finding one of your s*x toys includes:
Don’t even ask, I just thought of it out of boredom
Look you usually lock away your private stuff and never once have you even mentioned having items like these
It was by pure accident
He was looking for something in your closet when he noticed a box in the very back
His curiosity got the best of him, he’ll admit that much
When he opened the box, his jaw clinched at the sight
He knew about sex toys, has he tried them personally no but they looked very interesting
It wasn’t that he was surprised you had them but the fact that you had multiple ones amused him
One toy in practical caught his eye
A dildo
It was large and long
He looked at it for a while, letting his thoughts settle
It was a bit odd to imagine you use it on yourself
Probably because he never thought you’ll need toys when he’s around and his magic did miracles in bed
Then again you didn’t have him around until a while ago
He still wondered if you used it when he’s not around
On your bed
Missing him
Imagining that this toy is his dick
His chuckle mischievously and take it
He’ll push the box back in place
Waiting like the devil to catch you off guard one day
And he did
Laying on your door frame, arms crossed with that smile full of mischief and playfulness
You searched all over the closet until you gave up and got up
"Looking for this my darling?" He’ll wave it in his hand like it was nothing
Panicking and embarrassed from the whole thing, you go run to grab it before anybody sees it
He doges you with ease then sit on your bed
He spreads open his legs and angle the toy down towards himself
"Is this how you do it, your little dirty thing" your face would be on fire at that point but you can’t do shit because first you don’t what to do and second
He’s hot teasing you like that
"I never tried toys like these before, can you help me?"
Your heart raced in your chest and your legs felt weak
He moved on the bed and laid on his front, ass up
A position you’ve never seen him in before
"Please" you hated him, you hated how fuckable he looked like that
I know and yes you can fight me over it
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Kinktober Prompt #19a: Cockwarming
Pairing: Mafia!Loki x gn!reader
Pay attention to me
Don’t ignore me
You can’t touch me when you get home 😈
Loki sighed when he heard his phone buzz for the twentieth time and glanced down at the messages from you. You knew he was conducting business between the families today and you were being a big pest. He lifted his head to finish making the deals and once he done, he texted you back.
You disrespectful brat. You know I was busy this morning and how dare you think you can tell me what I can and can’t do. You have twenty minutes to get down to office or so help me, I’m going to show everyone how I keep you in line.
You squeaked when you saw the message and scrambled into some clothes before hopping on the quickest train. You made it when about a minute to spare. Thor gave you a knowing, sympathetic look as he escorted you into the warehouse. His large hand rested on your back.
“You certainly enjoy poking the bear, he’s in a mood,” he said as he guided you into Loki’s office at the top of the building, that had lots of large windows that overlooked the bridge and lake.
“Thank you, Thor,” he said simply and the large blonde man gave a nod before he shut the door behind him.
“Take those horrific jeans and underwear off right now.” Your jaw dropped as you fumbled with the ripped jeans that you knew he hated and pushed them down along with your simple black underwear.
It felt humiliating to be standing there, naked from the waist down. Perhaps even a little exciting as well. He was wearing that tailored black suit and fixed you with a glare that made you shiver before he sat down. He unzipped his trousers and took his hard cock out.
“Come here and sit down, back towards me," he ordered.
You did as instructed, your cheeks burning hot as you lowered onto his cock. Clearly he wasn’t happy with your pace as he took hold of your hips and slammed you down. His short fingernails dug in to your thighs.
“Now then, you’re going to sit there and reflect on your behavior as you write an apology letter to me. It better be thoughtful otherwise I’m going to get everyone in here to watch as I beat your disrespectful ass then pound you into oblivion.” He slapped your thigh hard. “What do you say?” His low growl sent shivers down your spine.
“Yes daddy,” you gulped as you got to work on the letter as you stretched around his cock, keeping him nice and warm.
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A Cold Summer Day (Part 1)
Pairing: Loki x Reader (Gender Neutral)
Tags: Over-working; Cold; Light angst;
Warnings: If you're not comfortable with being left, then maybe you shouldn't read this.
Word Count: 751 words
Notes: The second part is in progress. The prompt was actually simple "Person A has a cold so Person B cooks for them" I somehow ended up with drama. Feedback is very much appreciated so please tell me :]]]
Tumblr media
“ 24th of that, for the past 10 minutes or so.” He comments, looking at his watch.
“Thrilling that you’ve been counting.” You reply, blowing your nose.
“You should really get checked,” Loki says getting back to his notebook.
“I’m fine. This is just…a bad case of Mondays.” You try to think of an excuse while maintaining focus on your screen.
“Well, it’s been a bad case of Mondays since yesterday.”
“It’s nothi ––“ Achoo! You were cut off by the strong urge to blow your nose.
“You were saying?”
“I’m sure this will go away in a few days,” you insisted.
It in fact did not go away the following days. The next morning, your body felt horrible, you couldn’t stop sneezing, and your throat felt sore and dry. It has only been 6 am and you’ve completely used up a whole tissue box on your runny nose.
“Here. Come drink this.” Loki enters your room, holding a fresh box of tissue and a hot chocolate drink.
“Oh, thank you! You’re an angel.” You exclaim upon seeing him. He conjures another blanket which he carefully wraps around you.
“Y/N, you need to rest.” He demands, prying the laptop away from you.
“I will. After this presentation.” You say, waving him off. He only manages to sigh before your attention was occupied again by your work.
You and that stupid workplace. Loki thought. This wasn’t exactly the first time this happened. By now, he has a routine of how to take care of you when you over-work yourself. It doesn’t make him less frustrated nonetheless.
“Y/n, please take a rest.” Loki tries again, albeit in vain. You were now more focused than ever on finishing your proposal to be presented tomorrow in front of the board of directors.
“Loki, just let me finish this. I promise I’m going to sleep after this.”
“No, Y/N. You need rest, and you need it now.” He said, closing the device shut. “You’ve been working on it for the past four days, now look at your state! Tell me, when did you last get a full cycle of sleep? Did you even take a walk this morning, like you always do? What about your usual coffee break around 10:30 in the morning? You haven’t been able to pay attention to yourself at all!”
“I know, just need to finish. be––“
“Last week, You made plans to visit my mother. Today, I had to cancel because you couldn’t make it.”
“Oh no… I’m so sorry. I- I can make time right now. How fast can Heimdall get us ––“ your rambling was cut off shortly when Loki interrupted you.
“No, Y/N. Listen to me.” He holds you on both shoulders, keeping you steady on the bed. “I didn’t cancel because you didn’t have time. It’s because you physically can’t attend to guests right now. Look at you, you’ve been sneezing none stop, you can barely form a sentence without wincing from your sore throat, your whole body is freezing. You’re sick and you need to go to sleep.”
“I’m not sick. I’m fine, I just have to ––Where are you going?” You asked as you see him slowly walking out.
“Y/N, I can be there whenever you need me. However, I cannot watch you destroy yourself like this. So I’ll return when you’re ready to help yourself.” You watched him leave as the door closed.
Loki had turned up the thermostat before he left. No matter how much he claimed to leave you alone, he couldn’t leave knowing you’d be freezing all day from the cold.
You, on the other hand, had been stubborn. You quickly focused back your attention on completing your proposal, nearly forgetting what happened this morning. By the time you finished, it was a quarter past 8. You wandered in the living room, looking for Loki when your phone rang.
“Good morning..” You slurred.
“Hey Y/N! Were going to invite you to the beach today. It’s lovely weather, quite sunny, we thought it’ll be a good way to end the summer.” your co-worker talked at the other end.
“I can’t. I think I’m coming down with a bit of a cold. but you guys enjoy.”
“Oh, get well then. Bye.” They hanged up.
You moved back to bed, realizing Loki had actually left and probably won’t be returning any time soon. You wrapped your blanket around you tighter, feeling slightly a bit colder than before. What a cold summer day it is.
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Touch of Death (Part 2)
Summary: Loki goes to Hel on a whim of a bet thanks to Thor and his friends: go to Hel and bring back something. However when he goes he meets someone. The guardian of Hel, one who looks over the souls. Curiosity sparks and soon a relationship blooms, but will it last?
Reader: Gender Neutral 
Word Count: ~4k
Warnings: None
Part 1
Tumblr media
As he promised, Loki returned. Again, and again, and again.
He quickly became clockwork in your usual, bland, life. Sometimes when he arrived, he would catch you working, watching as you guided souls through a golden archway disappearing in the warm hues only to return a minute later.
He will always remember one specific moment when you guided a soul.
The two of you were walking, Loki talked about his brother’s and friends’ reaction to the menacing gauntlet he returned with, when you stopped. You glanced over to the right to see a soul arriving. It started with a gust of wind, the wind pulled to a center point swirling around forming a shape. The soul was transparent, a mist or smoke that held the shape resembling a Midgardian or Asgardian.
The soul exhaled, opening their eyes.
You turned to Loki, “Excuse me for a moment.”
Loki didn’t say anything, only stood entranced as you walked over to the newly departed. The soul appeared to be a woman. Given her hunched appearance and slow movements, she lived a long life and had died of old age.
You approached the soul, “Welcome, Yrsa Bjarkedottir.”
Yrsa peered up at you. Your hood cloaked your face. Her eyes widened in recognition at the void who stood before her.
You smiled, although she could not see. “I see you remember me, and I do remember you.”
She stepped forward, almost pulled in by your mysterious presence. Even after the years, she still remembered you. She dreamt of your haunting silhouette. And yet. Every dream, every pull of that memory, she was never afraid. Never scared of the one who lived in Hel.
She was calm, and at peace.
“I see you have lived a long life, I am happy for you,” you said.
“Well, someone told me I had to,” she joked.
“Did you do everything you wanted?”
She smiled, “And more.”
“Good,” you smiled. You extended out your hand, those frightening claws beckoned out to her. Yey, Yrsa didn’t fear you, she gently placed her hand in yours. “Are you ready to see her?”
“Norns, yes,” she pleaded.
With a wave of your hand, a golden archway appeared. A warmth rained down over the pair of you.
All while this happened, Loki watched, unable to tear his gaze away. It was enthralling watching you work. And he didn’t think it was possible, but his eyes continued to widen in surprise. As the golden light from the archway casted over you and the soul, the soul became more apparent and more solid. Her hunched appearance straightened up, the rasp of her voice lifted, the wrinkles faded, she reverted to a younger self before his eyes.
Yrsa glanced down at her hand in shock. The liver spots vanished. She whipped her head over to you ready to ask a thousand questions, but you weren’t looking at her. You looked ahead through the doorway. She followed your gaze. She gasped. Standing on the other side was her love.
Without thinking, she ran towards them, tackling them onto the ground. Their laughter filled the air as tears of joy sprang from their eyes.
You smiled at the pair, then closed the doorway knowing you did your job. You strolled back over to Loki, motioned him to follow, “Shall we continue our walk?”
He blinked and stumbled after you. “Is – is it always like that?” he asked.
“Sometimes.” You bowed your head, unable to shake the smile. “And it still always warms my heart, and it is one of the many things I love here.”
Of course, not all souls were given eternal peace. Those who were unfair in life reaped what they sowed. When those types arrived, you told them plainly what their afterlife will consist of. Some demanded to get to the other side, which you would say they couldn’t. Some would scream, some would beg, and some who were truly desperate would fight. Those who did try to fight lost fairly quickly. You moved with grace and precision. After knocking them down, you waved your hand and they disappeared. Gone for now.
“Where do you send them?” Loki asked once after witnessing the umpteenth soul fighting for what they believed they deserved.
You shrugged. “Another part of Hel.”
“Similar to the other side?”
“No, they are stuck here. I just send them away for Hel to take care of them.”
“Hel?” Hel was a place, not an entity, right?
“Like I said before I am not a ruler here, but a watcher. Hel is the ruler, it showed me how to distinguish between the souls, showed me the doorways and how to conjure them, and taught me magic and basically everything. I simply send them away for Hel to decide what happens to them next.”
“Like what?”
“I do not know, and I do not ask.” You peered over at Loki seeing his confused face. “If I would have to surmise, they are told again of their deeds and reasonings for being here then are bound to wander aimlessly thinking of their previous life.”
Loki decided he wouldn’t press on the topic of Hel any further. Curiosity was a mighty beast, but fear conquered it easily.
He learned although you lived here, and guided souls, you were still clueless of Hel. You didn’t ask, nor let your curiosity run wild. You were a fair, unbiased, neutral party who simply does their duty. You don’t interfere and you don’t help.
Thankfully, whenever Loki visited you didn’t always deal with souls. To pass the time, the two of you would walk Hel - once you even went up to the wall and let your eyes follow up the chasm wall into the clouds - or the two of you would sit down on a blanket which was brought by Loki.
If Loki had to pick a favorite pastime with you, it had to be when the two of you laid down on a blanket and enjoyed snacks he brought, mostly nuts and fruits. In the beginning, he typically carried the conversation and told stories of his youth. And his heart fluttered when you laughed. While other days he brought books for the two of you and read them to you.
Now, those days specifically were your favorite.
You loved laying down listening to his voice. The story took you to a place full of color, to a place where you could be anything and anyone. Of course, you didn’t hate it here, however you couldn’t help but to imagine a different life. What would it consist of? Who would you be?
Your eyes locked onto Loki as his soothing voice pulled you into a world of ‘what ifs’.
Would he be there? Would you ever have met him?
And like always, your eyes peered above his head watching the dates flip through. Every time you did, you noted how less and less dates appeared. Still many, but instead of a blur of numbers unable to read a single one, the dates shuffled slower with a few jumping out.
Then eventually, after being with him for a while, you revealed your face.
The two of you enjoyed a slow day as you sat side by side on the woven blanket. You sighed, tipping your head back while you listened to Loki talk. Your hood slipped off. There was no reason to hide your identity from him anymore. You were no longer the fearsome, mysterious, guardian of Hel, but a new friend.
Loki spewed about his magical studies, and when he looked over the words instantly died on his lips. You calmly leaned back on your hands with your chin pointed at the sky and your eyes closed. Somehow in this dismal place, the lack of light and faded colors, you shined. Bright and radiant.
What he believed to be a terrifying being was a simple person.
A beautiful one to say the least.
You cracked open your eyes and peered over at him. “I was listening if that is what you are worried about.”
“No, no,” Loki shook his head. “I - I’m sorry I didn’t mean to stare.”
You smirked. “Am I truly that hideous?”
“No, quite the contrary.”
You blinked. A warmth spread over you; a warmth you haven’t felt in ages.
And if your days weren’t occupied with books and evening strolls, then you showed each other your types of magic. Naturally, the first time demonstrating will always leave a fond memory.
“Okay, close your eyes.”
You puckered your lips, “Is that really necessary?”
“Yes,” Loki answered without hesitation.
You stared at him, then obliged.
Soon, the hairs on your arms and the back of your neck rose. Loki’s magic washed over you leaving you with a prickly sensation. You opened your mouth to ask if he was done when a chirp cut you off. The sounds of birds sang overhead, the smell of morning dew and sweet floral filled your nose. Your cheeks warmed up as if the sun shone directly on you.
“Open them.”
You did.
And you were greeted with an unbelievable sight.
The hill you stood on was filled to the brim with hundreds of different flowers in colors you nearly forgot. You wanted to dig your hands into the dewy grass and pluck all the flowers. A shadow passed over you. Looking up, birds sang as they flew in the soft blue sky without a cloud in sight. The sun was brighter than you imagined, it warmed your face. It was a nearly perfect rendition of a spring day.
You turned to Loki who smiled at you. His eyes mimicked the setting, and with his green tunic he could blend into the grass. In your eyes, he was the brightest person in the world.
“An illusion?” you asked.
He nodded sheepishly. “They are more of my specialty.”
“You almost fooled me.” You squinted up at the sun. “But, it is still so perfect.”
“How did you know?”
You raised your hand – sporting a plain leather glove today – and blocked out the sun. “A hunch.”
He chuckled. “Do you doubt I somehow took you away? Maybe I possibly kidnapped you and we are in a different realm, maybe this is Midgard.”
You dropped your hand laughing. “Although you are a powerful sorcerer, I do doubt you are capable of whisking me off without me knowing.”
“Maybe I did, and this was my plan all along.” He stepped closer to you.
“And what do you gain from this, your highness,” you teased.  
He smirked, “And why would I reveal my plan to you?”
You chuckled. Loki soon followed your lead laughing alongside you.
“So what of you?” Loki’s cheeks hurt from laughing, you somehow always managed this feat. “What can you do?”
Before answering, you waved your hand quickly dispersing his illusion. The two of you stood back on top of the barren hill in the grey wasteland known as Hel. “Maybe I won’t show you.”
“It may frighten your poor heart.”
He laughed through his nose. “I believe I can handle myself.”
“Well, I can’t let you know all of my secrets if you plan on kidnapping me,” you joked.
He smiled, shaking his head. 
Eventually, you did show him some of your magic a day later. 
Your leather-bound hand laid on top of the dried dirt and chipped rocks. Digging your hand further in, nearly burying your hand, you paused and glanced over at Loki. He watched you with eager eyes. Your cheeks warmed under his gaze while nerves grew to go along with it. Taking a deep breath, you slowly raised your hand.
Loki wasn’t sure what to expect. Levitation? Manipulation of rocks? However, what he got instead was far more beautiful.
Out from underneath your hand, the tiniest sprout popped out of the ground. A vibrant light green, with a soft kiss of yellow in its hue. But, one wasn’t where it stopped. A dozen, probably more, popped out of the ground. They grew taller leaves sprouted from its sides and as a bud appeared at the end of the stem. The buds burst open revealing a five petal flower painted soft blue. Their centers were dotted with a pale yellow, complimenting each other.
You dropped your hand back at your side looking at Loki, almost hopeful for his praise.
Loki’s mouth gaped open. Reaching out, he touched the petals. It was soft and tore easily. Plucking one, he brought it to his nose smelling the floral aroma. It was real. It wasn’t an illusion. This was a real flower.
He looked at you, his eyes sparkled with admiration. “Amazing,” he breathed out.
You dropped your head out of embarrassment. “Thank you.”
“And these are real.” He said in shock.
“Yes, they are.” You reached over and snapped the stem of one. You inhaled the lovely smell, before leaning over and placing it behind Loki’s ear. “It almost matches your eyes. But they have a little bit of green in them.”
The tips of his ears warmed under your faint touch. He cleared his throat, “So, is it a conjuration?”
“Of sorts.” You waved your hand and sprouts of grass appeared around the two of you in a perfect circle. “However, conjuration is pulling from something one has, or what one physically sees. Here, I suppose I am pulling from what was and mainly using my imagination.”
As if on cue, the flowers you grew began to wilt. Their color faded and drooped. Petals dropped in succession littering the ground. Loki quickly grabbed the one behind his ear to see it shriveled up.
You picked up one of the dead flowers. “Life and death are halves of the same circle. Everything dies. And Hel in a way stores everything life gives it. Not only from souls but plants and animals.” Your eyebrows crinkled together in thought. “I guess instead of calling it conjuring it’s more of a temporary revitalization.”
The flower crumbled into dust blowing away in the wind. The grass that encircled the two of you was now yellow and brown, and completely dried up.
You sighed, “It never lasts long though.”
Loki’s eyes jumped to the barren forest behind you. “Did you revitalize that too?”
You looked over to the forest, “Yes, I did.”
A small smile tugged on your lips. “Actually everything here was my doing. The woods, the bushes, the grass, all of it was from me. When I first arrived here, Hel consisted mainly of flat land with some rocks and boulders, and of course the one portal for those who stumble here and in need to leave.”
Loki turned his head in all directions. There were so many dead plants. And to think that there was nothing at all was impossible. He could hardly imagine Hel without the eerie forests. Yet, you claimed it and given your demonstration, he believed you.
However, there was more to it. More that you would never speak it out loud, that the mess of dead plants all occurred during your first years in Hel. You were unable to leave and you were desperate to have normality, to have something from your old life. After days and days of trying everything, and after feeling something guiding you, you eventually created a single flower. Your hope flourished. Only to be crushed a minute later when it crumbled away.
Day in, and day out, you willed new life hoping for color, for the soft touch of leaves and grass, for the smell of dew mixed with new flowers blooming, only to have it all die. You finally had to accept you were a part of Hel, and your old life was, ironically, dead.
He peered down at the wilted flowers. “What were they?”
You blinked, “Excuse me?”
“The flowers? What type of flowers were they?”
“Oh, uh, forget me nots.”
He hummed. “At least we could see them even for a moment.”
You stared at Loki as he twirled a dried flower between his fingers. You smiled to yourself and whispered, “Yeah, you’re right.”
“What?” He glanced over to you.
“Nothing, your highness.”
He smirked. “I thought I told you to call me by name.”
“And your name is?” You mused. 
He chuckled. Your smile stretched across your face at his melodic laugh. 
So, was it then when it happened?
No. Maybe?
When did you start to ache for him when he just left? When did your heart skip at the sight of his face? When did his voice sing inside your head driving you to near insanity? When did you start to long for his warmth? When did you start to dream of his figure laying beside you as his fingers traced over your body?
When did you fall for him?
Piece by piece, you supposed.
It wasn’t a when because it felt as if it was destined to happen. With each visit, with each conversation, with each second spent together, with each wall torn down, you stepped closer and closer to the edge until you couldn’t hear the rush of wind but only his voice. The pit in your stomach never dropped because you weren’t afraid. Yes, you fell. You fell happily and wholeheartedly.
Loki, on the other hand, was slightly different. He didn’t understand it until Thor teased him.
“My, my, brother if I didn’t know any better I would say you have found someone,” Thor bumped his shoulder against Loki’s.
Loki whipped his head glaring at Thor. “You don’t.”
Thor raised his hands in defense then chuckled. He knew his brother well enough to know when someone captured his heart. It may not happen often, but he can recognize the signs: the smile that never left his lips, the longing in his eyes when he stared off during meals, the fidgeting and wanting to leave to see them, and the sneaking around carrying a basket and books.
“Then where do you run off to almost every day?” Thor gave a toothy grin.
“None of your business.”
“Aw, you are no fun,” he huffed. “Maybe when I am King I will command you to tell me who they are.”
Loki scoffed. “As if you will be King any time soon, my dear brother.”
“Who knows, maybe it will be sooner than you think.”
Loki rolled his eyes.
Thor smirked, “But if you just tell me –“
“It is none of your business, Thor.” Loki stated then marched off. 
Later that night, he laid awake with thoughts of only you. An ache resided within his heart. He gripped the fabric of his tunic over his heart. His heart beat frantically with thoughts of you. Tomorrow could never come fast enough.
The sun finally rose, and after sneaking off, he found himself by your side again. You greeted him with a smile when he arrived. A smile that made his knees go weak.
“Hi,” he breathed out standing in front of you.
“Hello, your highness,” you smirked.
He smiled, shaking his head.
“Care to take a walk?” You asked.
“Lead the way.”
Side by side, you and Loki strolled through the woods. Every low hanging branch, every sticker bush, and ever hazardous root folded back for the two of you. It was all your doing, a completely unconscious act at this point for you. However, Loki still marveled at the act. It was flawless. You rattled on your own stories, some of them consisting about the soul you met today, without a care in the world. Loki was back. What else did you need?
As you rambled, Loki watched as a root buried into the ground right as your foot landed on the spot only for it to pop back up after you moved on. He smiled to himself. You were truly a sight to behold.
Soon, his mind wandered back to when the two of you first met. He remembered the trickle of fear, and the ominous presence you casted. And now, you were smiling and laughing. Completely different, but in a good way.
You continued to tell your story when you realized the warmth beside you vanished. Stopping, you turned around to see Loki standing in place as he stared unwaveringly at you. Thor was right. He found someone, that someone being the guardian of Hel.
“What?” You asked with a tilt of your head. 
He took a single step forward. Hesitant, unsure what he was doing. His feet carried him as if pulled in by you. You were his sun. His world centered around you. He felt at most himself when around you, he didn’t need to hide or put on a mask. He was simply him. And you accepted that, accepted all of him.
Another step.
The hesitancy faded away. His eyes now held determination, a determination similar to when he first arrived here.
His steps increased in numbers and speed. Reaching you, his hands cupped your face and pulled you into him. Your hand flew to the front of his tunic, bunching it up. But, the hesitancy crept back into his actions. He paused with a baited breath. Blood rushed in his ears hearing only his pounding heart. He wanted to do the one thing he dreamt every night, he wanted to steal a kiss.
So, why couldn’t he?
You released a shaky breath. Staring into those lovely eyes, eyes that held a hint of fear – a fear of rejection – and you whispered, “Do you need me to beg?”
He blinked.
Your words tossed around his head.
He chuckled as that beautiful smile crossed his face. “Wouldn’t hurt, now would it?”
Instead of answering, you grabbed his face pulling him in.
Finally, your lips collided.
And nothing tasted sweeter. His lips were stronger than any mead, you could get drunk on them. Nothing was softer. His lips were like feathers passing through cotton clouds. You stumbled backwards into a tree trunk taking him with you, him desperately chasing after your lips. To keep his balance, one of his hands landed on the rough bark beside your head. He would not dare ruin this moment. He tilted his head, and you easily followed his lead. His tongue grazed across your bottom lip begging for entrance. You happily gave it. Norns, nothing made you weaker. His tongue almost had you on your knees begging for forgiveness.
Needing air, Loki pulled away. But, he kept his distance close. His forehead gently rested against yours. Each of you tried to catch your fleeting breaths. If anyone cared to listen, the only sound for miles was your combined breathing. But, you were focused on him directly in front of you. Your senses were flooded with Loki. You itched to steal another kiss.
“So,” he breathed out, “are there any consequences for kissing a person from Hel?”
“Yes,” you licked your lips.
“Oh?” Your gauntlet came to mind.
“You will have to do it again, and again, and again,” you trailed off.
He laughed, he did not need to be told twice. His lips captured yours once again sealing this new relationship. 
It must have been months since Loki first arrived, maybe it was longer. Who is to say? Whenever you were with him, time blended together. Minutes were hours. All you knew was when he left, your days were cold and dull again. Duties mainly occupied your time, but your mind lingered on him. Simply waiting for him to return.
And he always did.
You never waited long.
He arrived with a familiar crackle, as it echoed over the quiet land that always made you perk up and dash over to greet him. You would run into his arms or he might beat you to it and tackle you into a hug first. Sometimes, you’ll both fall on the ground with your laughter filling the air.
Everything was wonderful. You felt whole for the first time in millennia. You had something new to look forward to each day, something new to occupy your time, something you thought you would never have: love.
But, of course, nothing ever lasted. You should have known better. 
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hot-loki-imagines · a day ago
Imagine telling Loki that he doesn’t deserve to be alone. He doesn’t believe you. After a night of intimacy, Loki awakes and is sure you left by now. To his surprise, you’re still wrapped in his arms. “I told you, you don’t deserve to be alone.” That’s when Loki knew you were different than all the others.
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fixatedfandomhunter · 4 hours ago
Worship Me
Tumblr media
Pairing: Loki x female reader 
Summary: You decide to dress up as a goddess to get Loki’s attention during one of Tony’s classic Halloween party celebrations. Let’s just say your costume works well to your advantage. 
Word count: 4,678
Warnings: SMUT (only read if you’re 18+ years old!), oral (female receiving), unprotected sex, dirty talk, praise kink
Author’s note: Hi everyone! This is my first time writing fanfiction. I love reading fanfics and I have been wanting to write something for a while now. So I decided to just do. I had fun! Please excuse my grammar mistakes. Enjoy this Halloween treat! 🎃
It’s Halloween time, and of course Tony decided to have one of his famous over-the-top classic Halloween parties. Every year he has a big party in the Avengers tower and it is always a good time full of good company, laughter, extravagant costumes, spooky Halloween decorations, and complete inebriation.
This year you decided to go all out with your costume. You spent a pretty penny on your goddess costume, but justified it because you wanted to feel extra confident and sexy. You deserve it anyways. You spent hours putting your costume and yourself together, and you look amazing.
You are wearing a tight dark green sequin romper with gold detailing that has a sheer skirt with a high low hem, and loose off the shoulder sheer sleeves, gold open-toed high heels, and a gorgeous multicolored vine green flower crown. You curled your hair and put on your best makeup. You felt magnificent, elegant, and beautiful. 
You may or may not have chosen this costume in order to catch the eye of a certain blue-eyed-black-haired god.
You have been pining after Loki since the moment he joined the Avengers. There is so much about Loki that attracts you to him. His velvety silky voice, thick like honey, dripping with dark and mysterious seduction. His sparkling ocean blue eyes that you could happily drown in. The way he fights while in battle, so reflexive and graceful. He’s so strong, and the magic he possesses, it is highly impressive. You cannot count the amount of times he has saved the team because of his magical abilities.
Oh, and let’s not forget the way he interrogates the enemy during missions. Something about him being so smug, cocky, arrogant, and angry does things to you. And on top of all of that and so so much more, he is charming, intelligent, and drop dead gorgeous. Everything about him is so utterly distracting. Who knows how you're able to do your job when he is around.
Tonight’s the night. You are hoping that your costume is so good that Loki will finally see you as more than just a teammate or a friend. You have been pushing down your deep desire for Loki in order to be a professional Avenger. Your job is to help save the world, so there is no time for you to be lusting after a sexy extraterrestrial alien god. 
Also, you doubt Loki even finds you attractive. You're just a human after all. Loki always seemed uninterested in human culture let alone humans anyways. Hence why you decided to dress up as a goodness for Halloween. Maybe now he would see you as more. And no matter what happens tonight, you are determined to have a good time and let loose. 
After a couple of hours of drinks, dancing with Nat and Wanda, laughing and talking with the rest of the team and the other guests, you decide to go outside and get some fresh air out on the balcony. So far tonight Loki has been nowhere to be found, and honestly you are kind of relieved. Yeah, you're usually pretty confident, but you have never done something this bold before. Dressing up as a goddess, and wearing Loki’s colors in hope of potentially seducing the god. 
The secluded balcony is beautifully lit with orange, green, and purple Halloween lights and jack-o-lanterns. The cool autumn night air hits your face and sobers you a little. You take some deep breaths and lean your body against the railing, looking at the view of the city, and admiring the beautiful night sky. It is breathtaking. You enjoy the view in awe for several minutes as you allow your mind to wonder. 
The feeling of being watched pulls you out of your thoughts. When you cautiously look over to the side, you suddenly shriek, jump, and almost dramatically fall over the balcony when you see the God of Mischief himself, leaning on the balcony railing several feet away, in the darker corner, staring directly at you. You did not notice him there when you walked out here. Was he always there? How long has he been standing there?!
“Shit! Loki, you scared me!” You exclaimed, your heart hammering in your chest, as you turned your body towards the tall, dark, and handsome god, all while keeping one of your hands on the railing to keep yourself grounded. Loki smirks and chuckles to himself. He steps out of the darkness toward you. You then watch his ice blue eyes slowly scan over your body. You feel your body instantly flush, you quickly look away in embarrassment, and you clear your throat. 
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Get it together. 
“So, uh, Happy Halloween!” you smile at Loki, pretending to be your usual confident and friendly self. Loki is wearing his classic black suit that is tailored to him perfectly. 
Fuck. He looks good. 
“What are you supposed to be?” you gesture to his outfit, trying to make conversation and act like he was not just checking you out. 
“My apologies. I did not mean to frighten you,” Loki acknowledges you with an amused look on his face. “Well, I have been forced by Stark to attend this evening's festivities. Though he did not inform me that I needed to wear a costume. Nor did I really have an interest in dressing up. I still do not understand this silly midguardian tradition,” Loki explains. “However, I am quite fond of your costume.” He lets his eyes rake over your body once again as he leans against the balcony railing a few feet away from you. “And what are you supposed to be?” He mimics your question and tilts his head in wonder. 
“I know it may not be obvious, but...I am a goddess,” you hesitantly say as you point to your flowered crown. There is a long pause of silence as you hold Loki’s gaze with a nervous smile on your face, silently praying that your costume did not offend the god in some way. Loki’s jaw tenses as his eyes continue to run over you. 
“That….that you are,” Loki’s silky voice purrs in nearly a whisper. 
The cool night air suddenly feels thick with sexual tension, and you stop breathing. Your nerves get the best of you, and you are unable to respond to his comment. Your body feels hot, yet you shiver as his eyes devour you. After a few long moments of silence Loki chuckles. “It all makes sense now.”
“What makes sense?” You question nervously. 
“You think I have not noticed the way you stare at me during missions,” his smile is wicked, “and you usually seem so confident, but look at you. Wearing my colors, dressing up as a goddess, evidently trying to get my attention, and now nervously blushing under my gaze,” Loki says in his deep sultry voice.
“What? Well, I, uh..” you stammer. He knows! You kind of just shrug your shoulders and smile awkwardly. It is now or never. This was part of the plan, right? You decided to use your liquid courage from earlier and just go for it and confess. You honestly did not think this would happen, but here you are. 
“Yeah. You got me. I chose this costume for you.” Opps! “I mean, I chose this costume with you in mind,” you attempted to correct yourself. Shit. “Since you are a god yourself, and I am just a boring human, I thought, you know, maybe…I could take some inspiration from you…” you word vomited, and decided to stop talking before you make an even bigger fool out of yourself. Loki’s eyebrows raise at your words. You anxiously play with the ends of your hair as you await for his response.
“Well, I am flattered, and I very much appreciate the thought. You look absolutely stunning, my dear,” Loki says as he gives you a genuine smile, and you feel like your heart is going to beat right out of your chest.
“Thank you,” you squeak. Loki takes a step closer to you, and you can feel the heat radiate off of his body making you feel even hotter despite the cool chill in the air.
“And you are no boring human. Not to me,” he continues. “Everything about you is extraordinary. You’re brilliant, strong, resilient, kind, intelligent, and on top of that, and so much more, you are the most beautiful creature I have ever laid my eyes on,” Loki says firmly with sincerity in his voice. You stood there with your mouth gaping open, shocked in disbelief. Loki thought so highly of you and you had no idea. “I never gave you an indication that I felt this way about you simply because I did not want to ruin our friendship. But now, how can I deny what I feel for you with you here, wearing my colors, and taunting me like this,” Loki’s voice suddenly got very dark and lower than usual as he gestures to your costume. It takes you a moment to collect yourself and respond. 
“Oh. Wow, Loki. Thank you. I had no idea you thought so highly of me,” you laugh lightly. “And honestly, I feel the same way about you...well obviously,” you say with a sincere smile as you look down at your costume. Fuck. This is it. This is actually happening. He likes you. He more than likes you.
Loki gives you a predatory look as he then stands right in front of you. He slowly traps you against the railing, hands on either side of you, caging your body to his. You did not move or try to escape. You just let it happen. You look up at him, feeling so small and helpless. Your breath hitches in your throat and your chest begins to heave. He looks down at you, meeting your eyes, and then he looks down at your lips and leans in a little. You tilt your head up as you breathe in his scent. He smells intoxicating. You slightly part your lips.
“Is this okay?” Loki asks permission. Making it perfectly clear what he is asking about. 
“Yes,” you sigh after a moment of drowning in his sparkling blue eyes. You try to keep your breathing calm as you grip the balcony railing just incase you fall down and die.
“You have no idea how long I have wanted to do this,” Loki whispers softly. Loki leans in as his tongue wets his lips, you close your eyes, and soon his lips finally meet yours. His lips are so soft and gentle as he kisses you. Loki lightly takes your head in both of his hands and deepens the kiss. You lose yourself in the moment and moan into him. Soon the kiss becomes desperate and passionate. Loki’s body then pins you up against the hard railing. 
After several minutes of heavy kissing, Loki pulls his head away to give you both a breath as his hands travel down to your waist. He gives you a tight squeeze. You open your eyes and look up into his eyes that are twinkling with the ambience of the Halloween lights. Loki smiles down at you. You take both of your hands off of the railing and wrap your arms around his neck, pushing your fingers gently into his soft hair, and you pull his lips back down to your own. You push out your chest as you feel his hands drift to your ass, and pull you in even closer. Something ignited in you, and you needed more.
You could feel Loki’s length harden under his black suit, and soon Loki breaks the kiss again to pull your head back with one of his hands to expose your throat to him. He begins kissing and gently nipping up and down your neck. You whimper and moan as he marks you. Loki moans and breathes into your neck.
“My pretty little goddess,” he says in a low whisper, his deep voice vibrates against you, “if you don’t stop making those sweet little noises, I am going to have to fuck you right here and right now.” 
You gasp at his dirty words and clench your thighs in anticipation. You blush even harder. This dude is going to ruin you.
“Well perhaps we should take this to your room,” you confidently suggest as you smile widely and wiggle your eyebrows. 
Loki pushes you up against the outside door to his room. His mouth is against yours, tongue down your throat, hands on your hips, and body shoved up against your own. Loki removes one of his hands and struggles to get the door to his room open. He could not keep his hands and lips off of you the entire way towards his room. 
Once inside he pushes you up against the wall lifting both of your legs to wrap around his waist. He then pushes his erection into your clothed core, as you wrap your arms around him. You moan at the friction and you gently press and rub yourself into him. He pushes you harder into the wall as he continues his attack on your mouth with his lips. His body vibrates as he groans at the feeling of you rubbing against him. 
He is so huge and strong. You feel so small in his arms. So helpless. He could ruin you, have his way with you, and you wouldn’t be able to fight back. That thought makes you moan as you continue to rub yourself against him. After several minutes of this, he breaks the kiss and peppers kisses up your jaw and down your throat, and then he roughly bites your neck. You respond to his actions with a whimpered cry. 
Loki then carries you over to his bed and unceremoniously drops you down on top of it. You become aware that you lost your flowered crown somewhere during your arousing journey towards Loki’s room, and honestly you couldn’t care less. You sit up on your elbows and involuntarily spread your legs a little, allowing the sheer hem of your skirt to just cover your most intimate area, which leaves everything to the imagination, taunting Loki to push your romper aside just to see what’s underneath. Loki stands before you, his chest heaving, hooded eyes dark with lust, and with an evident erection tenting in his dress slacks. 
“Look at you,” he remarks as his eyes scan over your entire body. He discards his dress jacket, takes off his tie, and rolls up his sleeves, all while enjoying the view of you laid out before him. You spread your legs wider as an invitation, push out your chest, and you bite your lower lip. You look up at him with pleading eyes. He is so fucking hot. He has no idea how badly you want him.
“What, pretty goddess? Use your words and tell me what you want,” Loki lowly chuckles.  
“Worship me,” you begged. 
“It would be a privilege and my absolute pleasure,” he smiles widely and slightly bows his head before you. Loki then slowly crawls up on the bed towards you like a predator ready to attack his prey, and he begins sucking, nibbling, and kissing every inch of your body. Your eyes roll back and you moan at the feeling of his mouth all over you.
This was going to be the best Halloween night ever.
Loki begins worshipping your body by first holding your left foot in his hands as he softly kisses your foot while slowly taking off your heel. Once your heel has been discarded, he slowly kisses, nibbles, and sucks his way up your left leg, and kisses and bites up your inner thigh. His head is so close to your aching and weeping core. You desperately arch your hips slightly up when you feel his hot breath fan over your clothed sex. Loki pins your body down. 
“Ah, ah, ah, keep still so I can properly worship my goddess,” his voice is almost growling. He then kisses back down your leg and moves on to your right foot and provides your right leg with the same attention. 
After Loki has thoroughly kissed your feet, legs, and inner thighs, he continues to kiss up your body, between your breasts, up your neck, and down your arms, kissing your hands and each of your fingers. As he kisses your fingers, he makes direct eye contact with you. His eyes are full of not only admiration, but also lust. He seems to be really enjoying this. The entire time this is going on, you are a withering mess, but you are absolutely loving every second of it. Loki’s kisses make his way back to your lips, and he immediately deepens the kiss and moans into you. Soon Loki breaks the kiss and begins to fumble with your costume. 
“You look absolutely divine, especially in my colors, but I must see what’s underneath,” he gives you a devilish smile. Loki then helps you sit up to remove your costume. Once your costume is completely off, you instinctively cover yourself with your arms. He gently pulls your arms away. “No, let me see you,” he growls. His eyes run over your form, and he gives you a dark and predatory look. 
“Absolutely beautiful,” he genuinely praises. You gush and smile at his compliment, feeling a lot more confident. Loki then crawls back on top of you and kisses you deeply again. You feel his clothed body press up against yours. Your hardened nipples rubbing against the silky fabric of his dressed chest makes your head spin. Your hands fly to the buttons on Loki’s shirt and you begin to urgently unbutton and undress him. You need him naked now. Loki breaks the kiss and helps you remove his shirt and the rest of his clothes. Once he is naked you take a sharp intake of breath. Fuck. He’s not only gorgeous, but he is also very well endowed. Who knows how you’ll be able to manage that. 
Loki smirks, pushes himself in between your legs and passionately starts to kiss you again. His hands are everywhere. Groping you, roughly kneading and feeling the weight of your breasts in his hands, and toying with your nipples. Loki then kisses his way down your body until his mouth reaches your hardened nipples. He then runs his tongue in circles around your left nipple and sucks it into his mouth. After a while of doing this, he moves on and gives your right nipple the same treatment. It feels so good that you arch your back and moan his name several times.
“You sound so perfect moaning my name, little goddess,” Loki looks up at you, his voice so low and deep it is almost unrecognizable. After what feels like hours of Loki kissing, biting, and sucking every inch of your body, his face finally hovers over your dripping wet sex, his hot breath fanning over you makes you whimper. 
“Please,” you beg. You are so worked up and so ready for Loki to touch you right where you need him most, that you don’t even care if you sound so whiny.
“Such an eager and needy girl you are,” Loki pants against you. You slightly sit up on your elbows and look down at him. Before you have time to say anything, his mouth is on you. Kissing up your thighs and kissing around your sex. You hardly have time to register what is about to happen. It’s like the feeling of his mouth on your body puts you into a hypnotic trance. And the view of him before you, in-between your legs, is a sight you never want to forget.
All of a sudden, he kisses your clit and begins to suck it into his mouth. He moans around you and the vibration causes you to buck up your hips. Your eyes roll back as you moan loudly. After a while, Loki pulls away, licks two of his fingers and brushes them against your clit and opening. Loki looks up at you with a satisfied grin.
“You're positively dripping my love. Is this all for me?” Loki questions as he pushes two of his long fingers into your tight and soaking hole. You can’t even respond because you almost come undone at the welcomed, yet very overwhelming intrusion. You clench around his fingers and gasp. Since you are already so worked up, you feel the pressure begin to build inside of you right away.
“Loki…” you moan his name loudly. This is so good.
“That’s it. Shhh...I got to get you ready for me….there you go.” Loki hushes and reassures you as he continues to pump his long fingers in and out of you while sucking on your clit. Soon he adds a third finger and it’s almost too much. You buck up your hips and groan. 
“Almost there, my pretty goddess. I got you. Your doing so well for me,” he whispers hot against you, and he dives right back in, pumping his fingers in and out, and sucking on your clit harshly.
You grab his head, fingers intertwining in his long soft black hair. You pull on his hair and Loki moans violently into you, vibrating your entire body. Suddenly your orgasm crashes through you. Wave after wave hits you so hard that you don’t even hear yourself scream or the feeling of your body pushing harder against Loki’s face.
Very slowly, you come back to reality, and you look down at Loki as he removes his face from your dripping wet cunt. His face is full of your essence, lust, and pure carnal desire. 
“Fuck Y/N. You should see how glorious you look coming undone for me,” Loki growls and immediately kisses up your body up to your lips and kisses you deeply once again. You can taste yourself on his lips and tongue as you wrap your legs around him. His erection is painfully hard and rubbing against you. Loki pulls away and presses his forehead against yours, his eyes are tightly shut as if he is trying to hold himself back. “I don’t think I can hold out any longer. Are you going to be a good little goddess for me and take my cock?” Loki desperately questions.
“Yes,” you moan as he presses his length against you, and opens his eyes. His eyes are dilated and are almost black with desire as he looks at you. My goodness. 
“I cannot wait to see you cum all over my cock,” Loki deeply growls as he carefully pushes himself inch by inch into your throbbing heat. You moan and throw your head back at the sensation of him entering you. Loki grabs your face with one of his hands and forces you to look into his eyes. Once he bottoms out, he lets out a loud guttural groan that shakes your entire body. “Fuck,” Loki gasps and he kisses you hard. He gives you a moment to let your body adjust to his size. You feel so stretched. So deliciously full. “May I?” Loki asks permission to move. 
“Please, Loki,” you whimper and push yourself down further onto his hard and throbbing length, trying to get every last inch of him inside of you. Loki smiles wickedly and begins to slowly pound into you. You exhale and clench your eyes shut at the feeling of his cock dragging against your walls over and over again. It’s almost too much, but it feels so good.
“You're such a perfect girl for me, aren’t you? Taking my cock so well,” Loki purrs and breathes in your ear. You shiver at his praise. “Tell me how good it feels,” he commands. You open your eyes and look at Loki. He looks totally blissed out, his hair is messy, and a light layer of sweat covers his forehead. What a sight. 
“Loki, you feel so fucking good inside of me, fuck. I love it,” you respond out of breath. It is very difficult for you to focus on speaking words. How you were able to respond was beyond you, but your words appear to make Loki very happy since he through his head back, groaned, and began fucking you harder and faster. Your walls clench around him, and you feel yourself becoming close to coming undone again for the second time tonight.
“Fuck, Y/N,” Loki moans your name over and over again like a prayer as you clench and throb around him for several minutes as he continues to fuck you. You lift your head to kiss and bite Loki’s lips harshly, and when he is distracted you push him off of you, suddenly taking control and switching positions. You pin Loki to the bed and sit on his lap. His eyes are wide, yet he lets you take over. You urgently sink down onto his hard and swollen cock and begin bouncing up and down rapidly. Loki’s jaw clenches as he watches you ride him. 
Loki soon sits up to kiss and hold you tightly in his lap as he begins to thrust up into you. You push your hips down to meet his, desperately trying to reach your high once again. Loki roughly grabs onto one of your breasts with one of his hands, while the other continues to hold you. Loki also begins sucking and nipping at your throat, marking you yet again.
“Loki, I am gonna....” Loki’s hand moves from your breast down to your clit and begins to rub firmly as his cock slams up into you at a brutal pace. Loki kisses up to your lips and looks deep into your eyes. 
“Cum my beautiful goddess. Cum all over my cock. I crave to see you fall apart on top of me. There you go….I got you,” Loki desperately whispers to you, his voice ragged and deep as he helps to guide you down quickly on his hard and throbbing cock.
You fall over the edge as your second orgasm of the night slams into you hard, you scream as your walls clench and flutter around Loki’s cock. Loki holds on to you as he watches you with his mouth slightly open in a mesmerizing stare, in complete awe. The view and feeling of you clenching down on him triggers his own orgasm, and Loki is moaning with you as his cock pulsates, and ropes and ropes of his warm cum shoots up into you and fills you up to the brim. 
You both are breathing heavily and staring into each other’s eyes and occasionally kissing lazily as Loki continues to slowly pump up into you. After several minutes of enjoying the relaxing after glow, he then kisses you roughly and bites your bottom lip as he pulls away. He pulls you off of him and rolls to the side bringing you with him to lay on his chest. You lay your head on his chest and rest your arm around his body. You breathe in his intoxicating scent, and you feel totally blissed out and euphoric. Loki snaps his fingers and you instantly feel all fresh and clean as if you had just taken a shower. You hum in appreciation for Loki’s magical abilities.
“Thank you. That was...amazing,” you look up at Loki to see that he has a sweet smile on his face. Your heart warms at the sight. Alien god or not, you are pretty sure you have fallen in love with this dude. Loki looks down at you and softly caresses your face. 
“My little goddess, I would be honored if I could worship you everyday, if you’d let me of course,” Loki’s voice is full of adoration and maybe even love. Instead of responding, you smile up at him, pull him close, and plant a passionate kiss on his lips. 
The best Happy Halloween ending ever. 🎃
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