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Pairing: Loki x reader (and some Steve and Sam fun too!)

Word Count: 1,121

Summary: You and Loki decide to team up for some mischief 

Author’s Note: This is for the TH HBC’s @the-th-horniest-book-club​ funny Friday and the continuation of drunk drabbles and the fun prompt below sent in by @prunes-said-bucky​ Hope this makes you guys smile and thank you all for reading! Much love always! ❤❤❤


Warnings: Fluffy fun, mischief, laughs, pranking Steve and Sam, just funny fun :) 


You silently creep around the corner, peeking into the common room to make sure no one is around. Once you’re sure the coast is clear you rush to the sink and place the clear tape over the faucet and check that it’s secure. Knowing Steve and Sam will be back from their run any minute you hide yourself behind the island, kneeling on the floor. Just as you get your snickers under control you hear their heavy footsteps.

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Originally posted by maryxglz

Description: It was your birthday, and Lily wanted to make it extra special.

You were asleep in bed when Loki snuck out, you didn’t notice. Loki went to his daughters bedroom and woke her up but told her she had to really quiet because you were still sleeping. Lily and Loki came up with this elaborate plan to make you breakfast in bed and shower you with love and affection all day. 

“Lily what should we make mummy?”

“Pancakes with the blue bits in it”

“Blueberry pancakes are a great idea” it was your absolute favourite breakfast 

Whilst making the pancake mix, Loki asked Lily to put back the bag of flour in the bottom cupboard because she was his helper.

“Oops” her voice was sweet and inocent but she was so clumsy sometimes

“Loki was still whisking the mix “What does oops mean, what’s oops” until he turned around to see his daughter covered in flour, and a massive pile of it on the floor

“I accidently dropped it and it went poof into the air and covered me in it”

Loki could help but laugh, his daughter was so incredibly sweet sometimes 

“It went poof, did it”

“yup, I dropped it and it all went poof in the air” throwing here arms up and imitating the cloud of flour

“Well you can’t cook without breaking some eggs”

Lily was confused but did as she was asked, she picked up an egg and threw it to the floor

“Lily what are you doing, that wasn’t an accident was it?”

“You said to be good at cooking you need to break an egg, so I did”

Loki’s metaphor went straight over her head as she had clearly misinterpreted what he meant

“Sorry that was my fault Lily I meant when you cook there going to be some mess, it was a metaphor”

Her six year old brain couldn’t figure out that

“what’s a meffafor”

“Aww it’s where you say something but it means another”

she was so confused

“do you want to add the blueberries into the pancake but don’t touch the pan its very hot”


“Lily remember mummy’s still sleeping”

“oops sorry, yeah can I add the blueberries” she took a handful and sprinkled them around the pan. After they were made and Loki cleaned up the flour and the broken egg from the floor, Lily went to get your present to give to you at breakfast.

Opening the door to your bedroom Loki was carrying a tray with your pancakes and a glass of orange juice, but you were still asleep

“Daddy can I get mummy up now”

“yeah okay”

Lily took a run and jump onto your bed, landing right on top of your chest

Opening your eyes to the sudden crash against your chest you saw Lily

 “Lily what’s wrong are you okay”

“Happee Birfday mummy” she hugged and kissed you 

“Thank you sweetheart”

“Mummy me and daddy made you breakfast”

You sat up and saw Loki standing at the door, you smiled at him


“Hi, happy birthday my love”

“Thank you Loki” He gave you your breakfast and thanked them both because it was an incredibly sweet thing for them to do.

“Loki does the birthday girl get a kiss?”

Lily kissed you again and again and again

“you get lots of kisses for your birfday”

“thank you Lily” you kissed her back

“Lily can daddy give mummy a kiss?”


“why, id really like a kiss from daddy”

“cause that’s biscusting you both always kiss each other”

you and Loki were just laughing

“Mummy I made you a picture, oops I want supposed to tell you, you were supposed to get surprised”

“That’s okay, can I open it now?”


You untied the ribbon and took the lid off the box, unfolded the tissue paper, it was beautiful Lily had drawn the three of you standing together, and a love heart around you all, she even managed to write happy birthday, well kind of, she wrote Hapee birfday mummy, which was just so sweet your eyes started to fill with tears, Lily felt bad because she thought she made you cry she didn’t say anything though. You pulled her close to you and gave her the biggest hug and kissed her head

“Thank you so much sweetheart I love, I really love it”

“mummy are you crying because your happy?”

“Yes I am so happy, I love this so much, I love you so much”

“You’re strange do people always cry when they get happy?”

You laughed slightly “Yes sweetheart people cry when they get really happy”

“Yeay! I made my mummy really happy”

“yes you did sweetheart, yes you did”

Loki was sitting next to you 

“Thank you Loki, this is…I love this. I love you”

“Happy birthday my love I love you too”

Loki kissed you and you kissed him back, before  you were interrupted by a small pair of flour covered hand on your face pushing you back

“Mummy I said daddy can’t kiss you today because you always kiss”



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Under pressure from his brother and the avengers, Loki goes to see a family psychologist after you escaped from him to another planet … and this meeting is worthy of a sitcom adaptation


(gif isn’t mine)

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Synopsis: Loki has a surprise for you

Words: 835

Warnings: none

**GIF not mine**

“Oh, sorry.”

You retracted your hand from the shoulder of the haughty looking woman. She gave you a soft smile, gesturing to the other chair at the table she was sitting at. You shook your head.

“Oh, no, I’m here for a friend,” you said.

“I know, love.”

You froze, sliding your eyes back to the woman’s face. High cheekbones, pale skin, and blue eyes twinkled up at you. Pink bow shaped lips were smirking, and her chin were rested on her long fingered hand, each one tipped with glittering black nails. Your mouth fell open, your eyes sweeping over her.


Her smirk turned into a grin.

“Are you going to have a seat or shall you continue to stand there improving the scenery?”

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Originally posted by astouract

Part 2 Aphrodite’s Past Lover AU

Loki x Reader

Warnings: Not smut but light teasing. Fluff.

Words: 861

Summary: Thor brings reader back to Loki. Small flashback to reader’s past.

A/N: @aurora-sweet​ corrected a big mistake I made in the previous pic, thank you again. I’m not limiting timelines or characters’ past mostly to make it easier on me lol. Also smut in the next chapter, yay! 

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Summary: No one can rely on their powers alone, so, the reader makes the day sparring with Loki. 

Pairing: Loki Layfeyson x male!reader

Warnings: None


Originally posted by fromjotunheim

The training room was one of the few rooms in the building that isn’t, surprisingly enough, crowded all the time like the living room or kitchen. Steve was normally down here, as well as Y/N, if he wanted to spar. Other than that, no one. Tony, Bruce, Clint, Thor, and Loki practically had no use for it. Though, Natasha did come down once in a while, but that was usually after nightfall.

A large wrestling mat was laid out over the wood flooring, practically covering the entire floor for the comfort of whoever was about to thrown around. The room almost identically to the size of two high school gyms. On the mat were two unpredictable foes, both a few good feet from each other. Neither daring to unlock their gaze with the other. Minds racing with anticipation. 

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Getting To Know You | Part 1 - (Loki x Fem!Reader)

Pairing: Loki x Fem!Reader

Warnings: none

Summary: Maybe you’re too curious for your own good, too gullible. Maybe you should have listened to your dad when he told you not to talk to Thor’s brother. But maybe he really wasn’t the monster everyone thought he was.

Notes: Part 1 is finally up! I promise that there will be a lot more Loki in the next chapters! I’m sorry that it’s a little short but I still hope that you’ll like it :)

Series Masterlist
[ Prequel ]

Originally posted by astouract

Your last class of the day had been canceled and you got to go home a little bit earlier than usual. On your way out, you quite literally bumped into Peter. He accidentally knocked you to the floor while he was running out of the school building.
“Oh my god! I am so-” He started to apologize and turned around to help you up, only to realize that it was you, who he had knocked over. “Hey y/n! I didn’t see you.” He grabbed your already outstretched hand and pulled you to your feet. “Obviously.” You uttered with a hint of an amused smile.
You brushed the dirt off of the back of your pants and started to walk with him. “Why are you in such a hurry anyway?”
“Mr. Stark asked me to come to the tower today. He said that he would need all the hands he could get. I don’t know what for though.” Peter excitedly explained.
“Please stop calling my dad ‘Mr. Stark’, at least when you’re talking to me. It’s freaking me out” You exclaimed with feigned annoyance. Peter only nodded with a sheepish smile.
“He probably needs you all to be there when they bring in Loki. I don’t think that you’ll need to hurry though. He’ll arrive in the late afternoon, at least that’s what Steve told me this morning.” You explained, speeding your pace up a bit to catch the green light at the crosswalk.
“Well, in that case, we can keep walking together.” Peter smiled at you and started talking about school.

You greeted everyone in the living room when you got home. It was a lot more crowded than usual. Even Sam, Thor and Clint were here. “There you are Kid! So we’re finally able to start this meeting.” Your dad said, clapping once to evoke silence. He ushered Peter over, finally noticing you too. “Oh, hey princess! Could you keep an eye on Morgan for a little while?”

You were almost done with your workout with Natasha. Your skin was sticky from all the sweat, and your throat was parched from your heavy breathing. Amidst your workout session, you had opened the window to let some fresh air in. You were instead hit with a wave of even more heat. Exercise and this weather weren’t compatible, you desperately wanted to turn on the air conditioning, but Natasha wouldn’t let you, claiming that it would make you sick.
After some non-negotiable stretching, you were finally done. Natasha left immediately after saying goodbye.
You were very excited about the cold shower that you were going to take, as soon as you got to your room. But you had to hydrate first, you chugged a whole bottle of water. After that you slipped on a t-shirt over your sports bra. It instantly stuck to your skin, a very unpleasant feeling, but it was better than running around the building in only leggings and a sports bra.

You opened the door for the gym and heard some commotion coming from the entryway. You instantly knew what it was about. Loki had arrived earlier than they previously thought. Without even thinking about it, you ran toward the noise and got onto your tippy toes.
You hid behind a column, afraid to even breathe. Your dad really wouldn’t be happy if he caught you. You saw some heavily armed agents heading toward the elevator. You heard Steve saying something about a high technology cell. He was talking to Bucky, who was walking right alongside him. You got a little more courageous after discovering that they weren’t looking your way at all, so you stepped forward a little more.
That’s when you saw him, Loki. Your breath hitched in your throat, and it was as if everything was suddenly in slow-motion. His dark raven hair was gelled back, and he was clad in a green and black leather costume. Loki’s skin was even paler than you remembered from TV. His hands were cuffed behind his back.  You couldn’t really make out his face, so you involuntarily stepped forward even more. You immediately froze when his head whipped into your direction, and suddenly his glinting cold eyes were on you. Your breath was hitched in your throat, and an icy shiver ran up your spine. For the split of a second, you saw a satisfied smirk on his lips as he saw your shocked expression. But then it was gone, and his back was to you, time seemingly back to normal, and it was as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened. You could suddenly feel the material of your shirt sticking to your skin the way you had felt it before, and your brain started working again. You were utterly confused, did he really see you? A cold feeling overcame you when you relived the moment in your head. The more you thought about it, the stranger it got. You were a little spooked, your heart was still beating like crazy. But there was something else too… Something you couldn’t quite place, a warm, whirly feeling in your tummy.

After a few more seconds, you were finally able to move, so you hesitantly made your way to your bathroom. Still deep in your thoughts, you got into the shower.
You had made up a plan earlier today. You wanted to get some information about Loki from Peter and finally visit the God to ask him some questions.
But after everything that happened not too long ago, you were too intimidated to do all that. You wanted to keep your mind off it for today. But Loki wouldn’t leave your thoughts, he was glued to your mind. You hoped that you could distract yourself with a good book. Maybe you would find out more tomorrow and if you got over your queasy feelings you could even try visiting Loki.

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An AU in which you’re a librarian, and Loki’s fingertips brushing against yours as you take his card makes you blush

(shoutout to @the-emo-asgardian and @is-it-madness for helping me decide to narrate this fic from loki’s point of view! you guys rock!!)

also, as a tom hiddleston fan, “ehehehe” was bound to make an appearance in one of my fics sooner or later. let’s just hope i used it well


Loki watched as the crowd of people you just helped filed out the door, shoving receipts printed with due dates into the spine of their books. He thinks about them, men and women going home to their families with a novel they won’t have the time to even begin, let alone finish. Eight years now, Loki had spent living on Midgard and he still couldn’t understand it. Why would they risk the embarrassment of coming back to the library every week, knowing full well they didn’t do anything with what the building provided them?

Well… probably because the only employee would never say something about it. 

You were at the circulation desk now, sighing deeply as you pinch the bridge of your nose. You always did that, Loki had noticed, after you helped large groups. Like any extended period of social interaction made you tired. Loki couldn’t judge you for that. While he was perfectly capable of being charming and outgoing when he needed to be, he didn’t particularly enjoy it.

So he gives you a few minutes, and once you’ve had a sip of water and typed a few words into your computer, he steps towards the desk. 

“Hi.” you say, meeting his eyes. Loki nods.

“Hello.” he greets you back.

That was always the extent of your conversations. You would look at Loki with your wide eyes- they really were beautiful, unlike any others he had seen on Midgard. You looked at Loki with such a kindness about you, like you wouldn’t second guess giving him a hug if he started crying right then and there.

Thor would take offense to this. Loki can almost hear his brother’s voice in his head, telling him that it’s better for someone to only look at one person that way.

But the fact you treated all your patrons with a good disposition didn’t make Loki feel like he wasn’t special, or whatever else Thor meant when he was saying things like that. Loki liked knowing there were people like you, who were nice to everyone because there was no reason not to be. It was a type of person Loki had never been around growing up. It was… comforting, to see now.

And besides, you had a sense of humor as well. Loki never confirmed this himself, but you often sent people away from the counter laughing. And there was a face you’d make, one Loki could never look away from. You’d scrunch your nose, then let out a genuine laugh. In a quiet library, you took up all the space.

Your words tear Loki from his thoughts.

“You know…” you hold up one of his books. Othello. “You can buy this book. Or at least renew it, instead of returning it and then checking it out again every week.” your eyes twinkle. Loki finds himself momentarily at a loss for words.

“I could.” he agrees. You lean forward, seemingly eager to hear Loki’s answer. Loki’s eyes scan the small building. You’re alone. He smirks. “But I would hate to bar anyone else from a classic.” he says. You suck in a breath.

“I hate to say it, but no one in this town is going to read Shakespeare. I would know, because I manage the holds list.” you scan the book, the machine next to you making a beeping noise. Loki hums.

“Well.” Loki begins. Your eyebrows raise at the god, an action he often finds himself doing. It’s interesting to see someone else do it. “In that case, I could easily buy the play, yes. But I wouldn’t ever be able to bring myself to. I enjoy the older books. Loose pages, broken spines. They have a certain charm to them.”

You blink, staring at Loki in wonder. 

Yes.” you say, with emphasis. “Oh my gosh, exactly. And, okay please don’t think I’m weird, but the-”

“Smell?” Loki finishes for you. Your smile is contagious, Loki finds the corners of his mouth drifting up, too.

“Yeah! It doesn’t come with new books.” you exclaim. You shrink back. “Sorry.” you say, self consciously. “I don’t know many people who like books the way I do.” Loki watches you pack your excitement away, and for some reason, it weighs on him deep in his chest.

“Don’t apologize.” he tells you. “And now you do. One person who shares your interest is better than none.”

You look at Loki with a sense of amazement, almost like you can’t believe he’s standing in front of you. “Yeah.” you say, your voice sounding lighter than it was before. “It is.”

You shake your head, like you’re breaking yourself out of a daze. “Um, I’ll need your card. To check you out. To check your books out! Not you, I wouldn’t do that.” you knit your eyebrows together in frustration. “Not that I wouldn’t because you’re unattractive or anything- you’re handsome, it’s just that-”

“Here.” Loki’s biting back a laugh now, handing you his library card to put you out of your misery. You seem thankful when he does.

Loki’s fingertips brush your own when you take the piece of plastic from him, and it sends jolts of electricity through his hand. It takes him by surprise, his body reacting so strongly to such a simple touch.

You feel it too: Your breath hitches, barely. It’s nothing another human would be able to detect, but in Loki’s godlike stature, you may as well have gasped out loud. 

You retract your hand at what must be a record speed, scanning the card and laying it on the counter so there’s no chance of contact again. You push the books towards Loki.

“Thanks for coming in.” you say. “And for that chat. It was fun.”

“Yes.” Loki says tentatively. He takes the books. “It was.”

With that, Loki turns towards the exit, fully prepared to leave and continue his day as planned.

And yet…

Loki looked back at you as he was halfway through the door. Your hands were busy, scanning papers and moving pencils in a way that made Loki think you were trying to look occupied as opposed to actually being so.

“I… Pardon me.” Loki steps back towards the counter. You look up at him with wide eyes, a red tint still flushing your cheeks. Loki does his best not to focus on it.

“Returning Othello already?” you ask. “That was fast, even for you.” Loki scoffs.

“No, not quite yet. Listen, I assure you, I am not usually not this forward, but…” Loki’s grip on his stack of books tightens. “Would you like to grab a drink sometime?” 

“Hmmm.” you’re holding a pen in your hand, click-click-clicking it as you talk. “You do remember I’m a librarian, right?” your words sound like a rejection, but you’re beaming as you bite your lip.

Loki finds himself smiling back- you’re playing a game. Teasing.

“Ehehehe.” he laughs. “You’re right, how silly of me. Coffee, then?”

Your smile lights up the room as you reach forward, taking Loki’s hand and flattening it out. He feels the dull point of your ballpoint pen as you write your number, as well as your warm breath on his arm. Loki suppresses a shudder- a good kind, from anticipation more than anything else. 

“Call me, mister…” your eyes drift to the receipt you had printed just moments before. “Laufeyson.”

“I will.” Loki tells you. He holds up his hand with your writing. “Don’t sweat it.” One of the only Midgardian phrases Loki has picked up on. He hopes it worked, and thinks it does when you roll your eyes.

“Oh my god, you’re jokester. A Trickster, even.” Loki grins. You have no idea. he thinks to himself.

He pushes the glass door open and walks away, his spirits higher than they’d been in, well…

The last eight years. 

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Hi, thanks for the request! Hope this is not too short

  • Their weird but iconic friendship started after a particularly bad day Loki had; he lost his favorite dagger, misplaced his helmet and someone ate the last cup of pudding. So he was pretty grumpy, sulking all day long. And he needed something.
  • Thus he, without really thinking, went to Tony.
  • “You owe me a drink.”
  • “Huh?” Tony was somewhat taken aback. Because he was minding his own business when Loki slammed his palms down on the bar counter. And Loki had kept most to himself. Him walking up to Tony and demanding a drink wasn’t what Tony expected.
  • “A drink,” Loki leaned his face forward. “You still owe me one.”
  • Tony did. But he kind of forgot; he was just messing around without meaning it back then, and he didn’t think Loki would actually remember and take it serious.
  • But. “Sure. All right,” Tony shrugged and poured Loki a drink.
  • So they were drinking together in a bar. That’s the beginning of their friendship.
  • Tony, in Loki’s belief, was cool. Too bad he can’t say the same for Iron Man
  • Because Iron Man was supposed to be an enemy?
  • But Tony…. Tony could be a pain in ass sometimes, but Tony also invented cool stuff, Tony had cool sense of humor, Tony was sarcastic which was cool, and Tony didn’t necessary think Thor was the ‘strongest Avenger’ despite Thor’s dismay. Tony was… cool. He was cool and Loki liked him.
  • So he started spending time with Tony.
  • It was… weird but iconic because they kept pretending to be annoyed by each other’s presence and wouldn’t stop teasing each other about anything and everything.
  • Tony insisted on calling Loki ‘Danger Noodle’ after Thor told him about the snake story when he and Loki were eight.
  • Loki had a habit of calling Tony ‘Tiny Stark’ due to their height difference. “Tiny. So tiny. Are you sure you can reach that?”
  • But if anyone were to insult each of them to the other…. let’s just say things wouldn’t end pretty.
  • One thing Tony disapproved when it came to Loki was Loki’s recklessness — not necessary recklessness though more like willingness to put himself in danger to save Thor or even Tony himself — in which Loki seemed to hardly value his own life, if not at all.
  • “Nope, you can’t die. Not again. I’m not going to let that happen.” “Be reasonable, it’s the only way.” “So? I’d rather lose a fight than a friend!” And that, Loki knew, was that. Tony’s voice was final and he didn’t give Loki any room for further argument.
  • One thing Loki disapproved when it came to Tony was Tony’s stubbornness where he insisted he could go days without sleep.
  • “You’ve been in that lab for forever. When was the last time you slept?” “I don’t need sleep.” “Liar.” “What? Did you just call me a -“ But Tony never really got to finish that because, already on the verge of waking and sleeping that he was, he appeared to be drift off mid-sentence. Just like that. Though it wasn’t like Loki hadn’t expected the exact outcome.
  • Then Tony would wake the next morning in the comfort of his own bed in his own room, feeling well-rested and having no idea how he got here.
  • Tony taught Loki how to drive Midgardian cars. It wasn’t that much different from Asgardian ships, and Loki was a fast learner. Which meant it took only a little time for Tony and he already started regretting teaching Loki that, because now neither of them wanted to ride shotgun.
  • “I’m driving” “No, I’m driving-“ “Hey, give me the key!”
  • Lots of shenanigans.
  • Steve thought Loki was kind of a bad influence, because now Tony kept coming up with new ideas to prank everyone in the compound, with Loki’s help, of course.
  • But Tony had always been mischievous. Loki just helped bring out that part of him. That’s all.

I’m currently accepting requests. If you have any, feel free to drop them in my inbox.

List of characters/pairings I write for.
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One shot / multichapter: one shot

Pairing: Loki x OFC

Words: 2532

Type: fluffy, tried to make it funny 

Summary: Party at the Avengers Tower. Loki, Thor and OFC recall a day when Loki got himself into trouble and tell the story to a few Avengers.


Guess who’s back? 

I just wanted to thank everyone on their lovely comments on my writings. Although I can’t reply to them, I want you to know that I see them and that your support means the world to me! The likes and especially the comments make my day a thousand times better! 

I’m posting my first ever Loki fic. Huge thank you to @imherefortomhiddleston 

I have one more thing to point out and then I’m done. This oneshot has been pulled from a story I wrote months ago. The story itself is terrible, but I liked this part so I made it into a oneshot and therefore changed some bits to make it understandable and I hope I did good. As always, let me know what you think, even if you think it’s bad!

(The story within this oneshot is kinda based of one part in Neil Gaiman’s book “Norse Mythology” - the entire book is incredible and you should definitely check it out!)

 (Check out my masterlist by clicking on this)

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Summary: The reader is reading a book about Norse Mythology when she accidentally summons Loki. He is very intrigued by her and demands payment for disturbing him.

Warnings: Making out. Implied sex, but nothing more.


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Loki: Don’t you ever say that I have no self-control.

Loki: You don’t know exactly how many times I’ve successfully curbed the urge to destroy a bitch or two.

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Takes place after the events of Civil War and Thor: Ragnarok in which Infinity War and Endgame never happen.

  • In the beginning, no one thought they could be left alone in a room together, let alone be friends
  • They were like two hurt kittens who are super feisty. Not to mention the many issues they’ve been carrying that even the best shrink may find them a lost cause.
  • They met in the Avengers compound. It took Thor a great deal of effort to persuade Tony into agreeing with him to let Loki stay. Loki has changed. He isn’t the bad guy anymore (Since Asgard was destroyed, they’re basically homeless) And Steve needed his best friend — so, funny story, Tony was very much annoyed by the Captain and the Thunderer that he went, ’screw it. Fine. You do whatever the hell you want. This is a shelter for stray villains now. There. Happy?
  • So that’s how Loki and Bucky ended up in the compound.
  • At first it was like… an unspoken rule. No one knew what will happen, but they guessed it’s better safe than sorry. So, to prevent any bloodbath, the team kind of made sure Loki and Bucky were kept separately.
  • But perhaps it was meant to be, or perhaps it was simply the fact they couldn’t keep the two feisty cats from interacting with each other forever when they literally lived in the same place.
  • “Bucky, this is Loki.” “Loki, this is Bucky. Now you two wanna say hello to each other?”
  • Awkward was an understatement because, instead of saying hello, it’s nice to meet you, the two of them kept staring at each other like they were plotting each other’s murder. The silence in the air sharp enough it could cut. Until, Steve wasn’t sure who broke it first, but said silence was broken by the Trickster’s and the Winter Soldier’s demonic hiss. Literal hiss and all-teeth snarls.
  • “Well,” Thor said, gently nudging Steve. “Could be worse. At least they didn’t try to rip apart each other’s throats the first second they met.”
  • Well, Steve shrugged, could be worse.
  • Indeed, it could be worse. But what they have — between the two of them — was certainly not anywhere near pleasant, either. As in they might not physically try to rip apart each other’s throats yet but they also made sure the feud they had for each other got under everyone’s skin.
  • Like, it was a Saturday morning and really, no one wanted to wake up so damn early. Bucky and Loki shared different belief, because apparently they thought it was a good idea to wake the entire compound up by their nasty little shenanigans.
  • “What’s the damn commotion about?” Asked a very confused and done Tony Stark. His arms crossed over his chest. He looked like he wanted to crawl back in bed and so were the rest.
  • He stole my eyeliners,” Bucky yelled, pointing at Loki, because damnit he was furious.
  • “Oh please, you don’t even know how to use the damn thing anyway. Have you seen yourself in the mirror after you smeared it around your eyes?”
  • “Loki,” that was Thor. His voice stern and with a hint of warning.
  • “What?” Loki snapped at his brother. “So now you’re siding with him? After he threw his metal arm at my face and nearly broke my neck?”
  • “You did what?” That was Steve, to Bucky.
  • “Really Steve? You are going to give me that face with that tone? Tell him to give it back!”
  • “The eyeliners or the arm?” Natasha asked, she sounded genuine.
  • “You know what, both would be lovely.” Bucky stomped away and into his room, slamming the door shut with his only arm with a loud bang.
  • And really, the team hadn’t actually the faintest idea how to deal with… these two.
  • Two feisty cats in a cave together. A whole calamity.
  • To sit them down and have them talk — actual talk instead of killing each other — was hard. Though not impossible.
  • When it happened, it wasn’t because Steve or Thor put them in a ‘This is Our Get Along’ shirt.
  • It just… happened.
  • Because, after all, they have so much in common; both of them were forced — tortured — into doing something they wanted no part in with their hands tied. A puppet under someone else’s control.
  • “I almost killed my best friend,” “I almost killed my brother,” and they both sounded… sad.
  • “I killed innocent people.”
  • “I don’t deserve this second chance.”
  • “I’m a monster. Or at least that’s what I’m labeled as.”
  • “They made me do it.”
  • “I wanted none of that,”
  • As crazy as it sounded, it almost felt like they were the only ones who truly understood each other.
  • Because they had been through the same thing.
  • “I’m sorry I stole your eyeliners,” “Sorry I threw my arm at you,”
  • Then they became… overprotective of each other. Like, very, very overprotective. If anyone messed with one of them, they messed with the other.
  • They had these inside jokes that Thor was sure had many things to do with him because what are they giggling about? Why are they looking at me like that??
  • And Bucky liked to complain to Loki about how reckless and idiotic Steve was. Loki was a pretty good listener, by the way.
  • They practiced knife fight together. Which was how they earned the names Stabby no.1 and Stabby no.2
  • And Loki taught Bucky how to apply proper eyeliners.

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You went to the festival, but Loki is always making fun of You and people in general. Not that his comments were wrong… and that is especially annoying.

“Is something wrong, darling?”


What would you answer to the mischief god? Let me know in the comments)

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Loki x reader - Hurt


Originally posted by loptrlaufey

Loki x reader with lotsa angst - Anon❤️

Loki didn’t really know much about humans, after all, he didn’t spend his time researching them. Why would he? He didn’t care about them.

But as he spent more time with the Avengers he picked up on a few things, like there were alos humans who were named mutants, because they had abnormal abilities.

You, were one of them.

(Y/N) (L/N), the human who caught Loki’s eye but he knew nothing about.

The human Loki deeply wanted to talk to, learn more about.

But you were hardly around.

Loki was curious, if anything. Who were you? What was your story? What could you do? What have you done?

Every time he tried to get close to you, you vanished into the air.

“Loki, you need to stop trying to get close to her.” Steve sighed softly.

“Why? I just wish to talk with (Y/N).”

Steve shook his head, making a sweeping gesture with his arm, aiming it to all the others who were scattered about the lounge.

“We’ve all tried. No one can get close to her. Fury warned us to stop trying.”

Loki frowned slightly, so many people had tried. So many people you rejected. He kn ew what it was like to be alone, he knew what it was like to have no one.

He knew those feelings all to well, so why would you voluntarily make yourself feel those? Why would you want to be alone with no one by your side inside of having friends and people who could stand by you?

Loki simply just nodded and left the room. There was something about you, something that drew him in and he wanted to know why.

While he was in thought he headed to the library, it was where he liked to go.

As he entered he sensed another presence and looked around, that’s when he found you. Sat in a corner, lamp on, with a book in your lap.

For the first time Loki could actually look at you. He could actually see who you were. He’d only ever caught glimpses, now he could see you.

“Hello.” He said gently.

Your head snapped up, eyes focused on him before you jumped up, book tucked under your arm.

Loki knew what you were going to do, so he threw a hand out.


You stopped, head tilted just a little bit in confusion.

“I’m Loki, you must be (Y/N), right?”

You nodded your head, and shuffled on your feet just a little. Loki could tell you were uncomfortable.

“I can see you are uncomfortable with me speaking to you, I’d just like to get to know you.”

You narrowed your eyes a little, shook your head and in the blink of an eye you were gone.

Loki sighed heavily, that could’ve gone a lot better.

You appeared in your room, the blinds were close and the only lights were the soft glow of some fairy lights.

Gently you placed the book on the bed and sat next to it, your heart was hammering in your chest.

What did he want?

Did the others not tell him?

Why does he want to know you?

You didn’t trust anyone, you couldn’t trust anyone because in the end the only left you… betrayed you… or you hurt them.. you were better off alone…

Time slipped by and Loki still made an effort to talk to you, despite the warnings everyone had given him.

Standing at the balcony, you stood with you arms rested on the glass, overlooking the city. All the others glanced at you at watched as Loki walked over.

“She’s going to leave again.” Clint sighed.

“Reindeer games doesn’t know when to give up.” Tony shrugged.

“I think Loki will be able to talk with her.” Thor smiled.

Everyone glanced at Thor then turnt back to you where you were stood. Loki has made it over much to their surprise you were still there, though there was a big gap between you and the Norse God.

“Hello (Y/N).” Loki smiled, “Are you alright?”

You flicked your gaze to him then turnt back away with a nod.

“That’s good.”

Both of you stood there in silence, though it wasn’t a tense one like when you first met, it was a more comfortable one.

“Why are you doing this?…” you whispered.

Loki’s head snapped to you at the sound of your voice. It was so gentle, so broken. It made his heart break.

“Because I do not want you to be alone.”

“Alone is better…”

Loki turnt and dared to step, you made now move to leave and he took that as a good sign, and took another step closer. Then another until he was only a few feet away.

“Why is it? You can only be alone for so long.”

You turnt to Loki, your eyes boring into his.

“Because then no one gets hurt….”

With that, you left. Loki stood there speechless, his heart broken at what you had said.

Were you like him? Did you see yourself as a monster? Because to Loki, you were anything but a monster but something told him he wasn’t going to be seeing you for a while and that would be the only time you spoke to anyone

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Drunk In Love- Loki Odinson x Reader


warning: drunk avengers, soft loki


There was many things that you were proud of: saving the world more than once, meeting a family that actually supported you and finally meeting the man of your dreams. Loki Laufeyson. God of Mischief

Of course, he didn’t know. However, the feelings went both ways. Loki has had a crush on you ever since he laid his eyes on you. You charmed him with your glimmering eyes and your determination. He didn’t know why, but he was always just drawn to you. It was like the gods had made him a gift and sent it down


It was a party. Stark had thrown it for his friends. Kinda flashy but that’s what being a stark is about. He had almost every famous person in new york there. He had also managed to get a hold of thor and loki and invited them.

Thor decided to bring asgardian alcohol as a party gift. It was the strongest one he could find. He wanted to have fun with his friends.

Hours after everyone had left, the avengers were just sitting in a circle, laughing their asses off drunk.

You don’t drink so you were just laughing at how dumb everyone was acting.

Loki stumbled a bit and fell down next to you. You turned over to him, concerned, and your hands hovered over the air around his body.

“Loki, how much did you have?” He looked at the sky and laughed. “Not a lot. You know you look like a goddess. I’ve seen so many of those and you are the best one i have seen in my whole life. I’m so in love with you.” You smiled. He looked over at thor and just started laughing. You sighed and got up. “Ok, you’ve had enough. It’s time for bed.” You grabbed his arm and pulled him up. He giggled as you steadied him and carried him to your room. You had rummaged through some extra clothes that tony had laying around and walked back to the room.

Loki was just staring at everything in your room, watching. He saw you walk back in the room and his face lit up. “Hi! I missed you!” He practically yelled. You walked over and shushed him. “Go change in my bathroom. These are more comfortable.” He grabbed the clothes and stumbled into the bathroom.

It took him a few minutes to get dressed properly. While you were waiting, you got ready for bed and started to get your stuff situated on the floor. He was way too drunk to sleep on the floor. Plus, he’s a guest.

He walked out of the bathroom and almost collapsed on the bed. He looked at you and smiled. “Can you sleep up here with me?"  You sighed. "i guess.” You got up and climbed next to him. He snuggled close to you and fell asleep. You could tell because his breathing evened out. You smiled and kissed his head. “I love you too.”

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