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If there's anything I love, it's crossover fics. If there is any character I adore, it's Loki. Here's where that got me. Loki and Reader traipsing about the multiverse.
Good Omens:
Crowley: Get the fuck away from me, you horny bastard!
Loki: Ungrateful scum from Hel, leave us alone!
Crowley: HISS!
Loki: HISS!
You: Is your guy always like this?
Azriaphale: I'm afraid so, yes. You?
You: Uh huh. Wanna ditch them and go for ice cream?
Azriaphale: Sounds delightful!
You: They'll end up getting along eventually, right?
Azriaphale: Oh, surely!
Azriaphale: Probably.
Sleeping Beauty:
Flora: Why, it's Maleficent!
Maleficent: Well, quite a glittering assemblage, King Stefan. Royalty, nobility, the gentry, and, how quaint, even the rebel.
Merryweather: Don't forget your little horned friend, you!!
Maleficent: Wha-
Loki: Oh, hello, I believe that is me. No no, I'm just watching. Nice horns, by the way.
Maleficent: I-uh... thank you? Well, I really felt quite distressed of not receiving an invitation.
Loki: You idiots didn't even invite her?? She has power in spades and you picked those three imbecile over her? Fools!
King Stefan: In fact, I do not remember inviting you two either... what kingdom do you hail from?
Loki: Actually, that's quite complicated, I say Loki of Asgard but-
You: (whispered) Loki, lets not cause a scene... SORRY EVERYBODY, WRONG CASTLE!
Loki: So your father falls short as well?
JD: Yup. (long slurp of slushy)
Loki: And you murder people who wronged you and your girlfriend then fake their suicides?
JD: Exactly.
Loki: (takes notes)
Harry Potter:
Voldemort: You claim to be a wizard of high caliber. I can assure you that you are nowhere near my mighty power.
Loki: Please. You need that flimsy piece of wood to do magic!
Voldemort: I cheated death with my sheer might!
Loki: Only once?
Voldemort: What?
Loki: I don't even remember all the times I've come back to life after 'dying'. Been there, done that.
Voldemort: Let us duel-
Loki: (turns Voldemort into lemur)
Loki: I'm taking your snake.
Star Wars, A New Hope:
Loki: What is that miraculous weapon?
You: It's a lightsaber. Ancient weapon of the Jedi and Sith, powered by Kyber crystals-
Loki: Does it come in black? Or gold? Or knife shaped?
You: Uh... lemme ask Obi-Wan.
You: No. No they do not. They do come in green, though.
Loki: Then one of your finest green lightsabers, then.
Loki: (waving around green saber) Thor will never see this coming.
Bonus: Snakes on a Plane
You, safely at home: Hmm, I wonder where Loki went... Eh. He's a grown man. He's probably fine.
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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OC

Summary: When Moira takes a job at an English Manor house she thinks it’ll be a grand new start for her and her family. However, she soon suspects that under the mask of beauty there is something more sinister and haunting at work. Appearances can be deceiving.

Warnings: fluff, little bit of angst, tw: mentions of death

Disclaimer: none of these gifs belong to me!

Words: 1866

A/N: I feel like this one is so dark, hope you guys like it all the same, I love you all very much! xxx


Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs


Part Three

June 19th 1935

The early summer day was soft and bright, perfumed by the scent of roses and lavender, Moira wanted so much to be a part of it and she was exceedingly grateful that she had the means to do so. She had written a letter to her mother and brother, inviting them to Natasha’s engagement party, Natasha had said, the more the merrier. The party was to be held at dusk on a Midsummer’s evening in the beautiful walled garden. Natasha had tasked Moira with making the walled garden even more beautiful – though Moira thought the orders premature since the party was not until Midsummer.

Moira had another fitful night’s sleep; she had slept quite well for a time when she had procured a tonic from the doctor that kept all bad dreams at bay. But now, that had stopped working, as was made obvious by the dream she had had the previous night. She had remembered it very vividly.

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The Nurse

A/N : alright I might have done something ok mentions of making out at the end depends on you if you are grossed by people kissing

Important : I’m sorry if you got tagged again Tumblr isn’t working properly and the previous post got deleted so I had to put it again.

taglist {@sabrinasbitches, @aryxstxrk, @wittywitchh, @imnotrevealingmyname, @lokilaufeyr}

Warnings : maKinG out, it’s raw, I didn’t edit so I apologize if there are any mistakes.

Cleaning wounds, checking for injuries, stitching others wounds was your job no ordinary job to go to missions with a bunch of heroes and healing their wounds, the missions were dangerous but so were their wounds, each cry each wound you couldn’t stitch had haunted you.

And you had to be strong for such a job but none thought that about your job as they thought it was “simple” for them, except one which had caught your eyes.

No ordinary human his powers were of a God and well, features were godly too. Sculpted with marble.

Loki. God of Mischief. Agent of Chaos. God of Smirking? Yes, maybe.

If asked a few months before you would have slapped the smirk off his face for those he killed. And now? you didn’t know you just felt yourself attracted him physically and emotionally. Not that you would mind slapping that smirk off his face when he teased you.

A few months before :

Smell of coffee filling the office and soft music coming from the player as you sat their eyes closed “ah at last everything is finished” you exclaimed but to your bad luck you heard sounds coming from down the hall. No

well this time it wasn’t one person they were three you peaked outside a little to see if they were coming to your office. Well of course they were because it was the only office in the floor.

You saw Jane, Thor and the next figure you could make out was maybe Darcy.

When they got closer you composed yourself and started looking more seriously at your laptop which had latest health reports about the Avengers.

The door to your room slammed open so hard that they really surprised you.

And while realising that the third figure wasn’t darcy but loki in handcuffs surprised you even more.

If it weren’t for the patience taught you would have slapped loki and strangled his um..well attractive neck.

Not to mention he was bloody handsome. “y/n, Y/N Y/L/N” Jane shook you from your thoughts “oh hi” you whispered softly “I need your HELP THOR IS BLEEDING” “oh ok, no wait ya OK” you got up from your place and looked for your first aid kit. ‘What had got into your y/n’ you thought

As you came up with the kit it was quite odd Thor a God visiting your office his wounds had always healed magically and you weren’t the person to visit if anyone had huge injuries looks like it was just Jane.

“Jane it’s a small wound it would heal on its own” “but it’s bleeding she has to stitch it or else you will lose a lot amount of blood” the eye roll of loki wasn’t gone unnoticed. Jane wasn’t a worrier but since Thor had been hurt she just took extra care.

Thor just laughed at her statement and showed his arm to you so that you can work on it.

It was a big wound but nothing for a God but still you started cleaning it without any debate after the cleaning was done you started stitching it he was really a God otherwise a normal person would have had to be taken to a hospital and put in charge with 7 doctors.

When it was all done you covered it properly so that it won’t bleed anymore and you saw it had already half healed a magically thing, one thing you realised was that in the whole room there were only one pair of eyes looking at you the one with a green essence. Loki’s

Loki had been looking at you at how swiftly you just cleaned and stitched he had to come here because of Thor as Thor thought loki might escape if not kept in charge with his brother, well now his brother was injured and he did not run away from the office why? Two reasons the handcuffs were magic proof made by doctor strange for Loki and the other the nurse was quite impressive. And beautiful.

Jane came up to you as you washed your hands and cleaned the blood off your clothes “thank you y/n” “oh it is my job Jane and your man is stronger than most if it was some normal person there would be 7 doctors running around the operation theater” “but even small wounds can be dangerous I know you know” “I do and well what is he doing here?” you gestured towards loki he had caught that “oh..don’t you know he is joining the avengers” “what?!!?” “yes he is..and looks like he’s got an interest in you” “oh maybe I will tell him that these hands can slap people too” you said as you shared his smirk.

Since then you had started to mock each other or at times flirt with each other and you started to know that more about him that he wasn’t the person who once destroyed New York he was forced to since then you both kind of developed a small bond from all the teasing and deep conversations you had.

The bond was not friendly nor enemies kind of, sometimes it seemed like more than friendship and sometimes just like friends and nothing else. Loki was the right person whom you can tell things and except to listen and understand.

And you might have developed feelings for him. Might?

It was all a fantasy a God would never love a human and especially the God of Mischief, he demanded someone who could match him and a nurse like you couldn’t match him. right?

Too many questions only one answer either yes or no and it was too early to answer them.

Well no, not for loki he had decided to confess his true feelings he had hid from himself many times but not now not anymore.

He had asked Thor about a few ways his brother did nothing but tease him that he fell for a mortal and loki always told you weren’t some ordinary mortal you had heard him understood him and kept his past behind him.

But at last Thor took his brother’s struggles importantly and said “let’s do get help” “you think I’m joking” loki frowned at Thor as he raised his hands in defend and said “I meant use your magic make yourself look injured and well your mortal is a nurse go to her and when you see a look of pain on her face you would know”

loki thought about the plan a little and realised it was a quite good plan “and how do you know she will look pained?” “believe me brother a women can be strong enough but she can go through pain too when she sees her loved ones in pain and would go to any extent to help them I know” “alright brother we start today” “you are quite eager you know” Thor smirked “oh come on you oaf”

Later the day your work had got over quite soon and you decided to go home and rest as you took your bag and were going to lock your office you heard a voice “lady y/n WAIT” Thor yelled as he came with an injured loki quite badly injured what was he doing?? “what the-” you hurried and opened the door to let them in and Thor helped you lay loki on the small office bed“wait outside” Thor left and went outside.

“what were you doing??” you asked as you opened and brought all your stuff his lower parts were bleeding as if someone stabbed him “I was practicing outside and while trying something new I hurt myself” 'oh come on you can do better loki’ he thought as you removed his blood stained shirt and panicked at the wound it wasn’t a small it was big one you started cleaning it. Why did it hurt you? He was in pain not you then why did you panic? It’s time y/n don’t run from yourself from your feelings.

And you didn’t know what came into your mind but you kissed quite hard he didn’t push you and he wasn’t too weak to do that instead he got up and pulled you on himself and in the moment you forgot everything even the wound and everything as his tongue licked your upper lip and when you moaned he took it as an welcome in your mouth you bit his bottom lip as the intimacy grew more he clutched the ends of your shirt and pulled you closer and you wrapped your arms around his neck, when you both pulled away it all hit you like a train everything, he wasn’t hurt. “yo- you weren’t hur- hurt”

“I wasn't” “why did you do it?” you asked “for this” “for what” “to know if you feel the same way about me” the thing that you were calm was a still big thing inside your mind you had strangled him what did he think??

“what did you think??” you yelled he raised his hands in defense and said “I’m sorry it was thor’s plan I’m really sorry if I hurt your feelings” you huffed and thought of being sassy came to your mind and you said “oh you would be sorry” you smirked. You needed a new office bed.

A/N : I hope you liked it. I posted it again because it got deleted somehow.

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Reader reflects in dealing with Loki after a strenuous argument

A/N: This is part of a series I’m doing around Loki and the theme of winter! Gender Neutral Reader!

Warnings: Mega angst, and Mega fluff at the end


Originally posted by leave-me-colourless

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Survival Pt. 4 (Loki x Reader)

“We’ve got approximately five minutes worth of a head start, that’s enough to sort most everything out. … Alright, we can afford to leave the blanket behind, although it would be helpful to have around … hm. Maybe we could roll it up and tie it to the top of your backpack like a sleeping bag. Then it could also be a cushion if you were to fall backwards. Yes, that’s what we’ll do. Alright, give me your … are you listening to me?”

The skin beside your thumbnail turns white and flaky, and your index finger cramps up in a hooked position. It draws your attention - the cuticle had been picked raw. Only at the sight and subsequent stinging of blood flow did you stop, and simultaneously hear Loki’s voice. He was standing above you, clearly annoyed.

“You’re doing it again.”

“Doing what?” you ask without looking up.

“Getting stuck in your mind. Stop it.” He crouches to your criss cross applesauce post in the house’s living room floor. Your gaze was glued to the loose board from the other night. Or was it last night? It doesn’t make a difference now. From this point forward this place is just a memory. Like all the rest.

“We have to go,” Loki insists. His tone surfaces a nasty resentfulness in you, and while you were partially aware that he was undeserving of it, that didn’t override it. He grabs the hand that you’re absently picking again and you jump, startled by the harsh touch. “What have you done? You’re bleeding!”

“It’s fine!” The nearing sound of inhuman croaks and moans drives your heart rate up. “It’s not a big deal!”

“It is a big deal,” Loki counters. “But we don’t have time to discuss that right now.” He snatches you to your feet by the same hand, plants his hands on your shoulders and stands directly in front of you. “We have to go.

“I heard you the first time.”

His eyes darken. “I’ve said it thrice now.”

You squirm, wishing he would understand. Wishing there was time to understand.

“Get out of your head,” Loki demands, shaking your shoulders. You want to punch him, but he’d just counter it. What are you gonna do, argue for half an hour? Wait for the infected to get there and ask them why all of this is happening? You’re not stupid.

You nod and feel your lip quiver, seething at your body’s betrayal. Being made to feel like a child is enough, but then to look like one too. Why is everything so fleeting?

Why is it that even at just the thought of what humanity has come to, at the thought of the infected monsters coming to ruin everything you’re fighting for, at the thought that those monsters were once people but are now closer to brainless rabid animals, why when faced with the inhuman reality do the most human feelings emerge? At the end of the day, you are the child that just wants to go home. But it’s impossible. There is no home.

Loki hard set jaw softens. “Listen to me,” he breathes, and places a cold hand on your bare neck. His big, round eyes are almost blue with worry. “Although it may not look like it, we’re one step closer. We’re going to be fine, I swear to you.” With a gentle pull, Loki brought you to into him and rested your foreheads together.

It’s moments like this that you wonder if he’s been lying this whole time about not being able to read minds and see the future and such. In his words was conviction. It’s a quality Loki rarely exhibits with his usual “any way the wind blows” perspective. It reminds you that at the end of the day you share a common goal. You breathe deeply, grounded by the weight of Loki’s head against yours. The intimate gesture made you want to cry; it was a reminder for you to trust him.

You wonder how he always knows what to do, or what to say to give you the appropriate kick in the ass.

“We better go,” you croak.

He pats your shoulder. “You know what to do.”

The old routine kicks in. First and foremost: make sure your pistol and knife are on you. Save the rest of the weapons for last. Pack all the food. Sort what supplies you need and don’t need. (Which, in this case, everything is a need.) Pack the supplies as neatly as possible. Distribute the weight. Put on dry socks. Boots. Dry gloves. Then you place your long rifle in your backpack holster that you’d crafted from a belt, and Loki does the same with his crossbow. Do a quick sweep of the area with your eyes for anything you may have missed.  The two of you do this separately.

The place is wiped clean, save for those stocked bookshelves. If only you could take the entire beautiful collection with you. In two steps you cross the living room, removing your backpack. Quickly you scoop up a few books with the most enticing covers at a glance. A voice nagged your mind that the weight of the books would pose a challenge and maybe outweigh the idea altogether, but in your heart you felt otherwise. The paper could be used for a fire at the least. Of course, if possible, you wouldn’t be burning any of them.

“They’re coming,” Loki says out of breath. “Hurry, we don’t have time!”

“I got it,” you call back, even though you’re merely feet apart. You can feel the herd’s stamping run through the floor boards, hear their widespread wails and screeching.

“Now!” Loki yells, opening the front door, squinting as he watched the oncoming infected. White light blinds you and cold wind bites your face. You wished you’d thought of putting on a bandana, but there wasn’t time. You run out of the cabin, leaving it behind.

Everything is white. Your feet weigh a hundred pounds each as they carry you through inches - hell, more like feet of unforgiving snow. Freshly falling snowflakes dampen your clothes; the icy air draws hot tears from your eyes. Or at least that’s the reason your brain convinced itself for crying. You ran towards the snowy hills, toward the frosted trees, toward nothing. You just ran. They were right on your heels. The ravenous sound of the herd was amplified in the wide open outside.

Your momentum got too fast - a leg jutted out too far for a running step and you almost lost it. The other leg quickly compensated, and you bent at the knees and kept running - but the thought of almost falling and being left behind makes you come to a screeching halt. Cheeks burning from the cold, eyes struggling to stay open.

Where’d he go?

“Loki!” you call his name into the air. The whirling wind whispers an empty reply.

Looking around, your aching, shrunken stomach twists into knots. You’re blind. Nothing but white everywhere, and no Loki. Standing still allows the grueling weight of snow melt to set into your clothes. Desperately you scan the area, and turn to find a patch of tall evergreen trees nearby. At the moment you saw them, the falling of snow dust from low lying branches reels you in. Too high to be a deer. Too stealthy to be infected. Below to your right was the ever-starving herd, now somewhat dumbfounded at the bottom of the hill. The mere fact that they’re within eyesight and earshot makes you decide not to yell out again.

If that isn’t Loki in the trees, you’re in trouble. But he’s nowhere. What choice do you have?

Your fingers grip tightly around the handle of your pistol, feeling like icicles underneath thin gloves. You make way to the trees, mindful of the oblivious but keen infected, scanning your surroundings. No footprints. The branches remain still. When the gun’s barrel is close enough to touch them you quickly act, snatching a handful of branches away. A sweep reveals the hollow in the thicket to be empty, free of animal droppings or tracks.

Maybe it was just wind blowing the tree. Maybe it was a flying pig. Regardless, Loki had to be hiding somewhere.

The area had grown quiet, as if the herd had begun blindly searching for their prey. They were likely staggering around the cabin, using their highly developed echolocation to try to spot you. Luckily, their intelligence stopped there. The rest was eat, eat, eat. You considered whistling out for Loki, but refrained from it in fear of rousing the herd up again.

Great. Nothing in sight, nowhere to go, and no one to complain about it to. Where the hell is he? And why is he still hiding? you pondered, circling the perimeter of the evergreens. No movement, no sound except for the thunderous crunching of snow beneath your boots.

And then the sound of snow pluming around your head. Snow in your eyes, ears, on your neck. Chilling your spine, cushioning your elbows. Your mind whirring as you open your eyes and squint them right back shut at the the bright, vast blue sky. Then a tall, thin shadow obscures the light, and your eyes shoot open.

Loki was standing above your body, laughing.

You raise your gun to give him a glimpse of the afterlife. Or whatever Asgardians face after they’re scared to death. Only, your gun is gone.

“Looking for this?” he chirps and dangles your pistol above you like a piece of meat, interrupting your panicked shuffling to find it.

Disoriented, lopsided and homicidal, you spring to your feet haphazardly and prepare to unleash a volcano of profanity, but you can’t. He’s smirking. His cheeks are as round and rosy as a kid on Christmas morning - he even lends a hand to help you regain balance.

Every bit of air leaves your lungs in a scoff of disbelief. “Wha - why’d you do that?” you ask, then interject more forcefully, “What the fuck is wrong with you?!”

“Keep your voice down,” says Loki calmly, leaning in and commanding you with a firm hand on your shoulder. You sling it off, furious.

“Fuck you, I thought you were gone! I thought someone had taken you!”

“Yes, and if I had, you would’ve been taken as well.”

“You … you pushed me to the fucking ground!”

“Actually, I pulled you to the ground. From behind. It was a bit of a test of my ingenuity in the comforter blanket’s effectiveness of protecting your head in a fall. And I must say, I believe it worked quite well. Though I bet those books in your backpack proved to work against you, didn’t they?”

Your mouth hangs open as if to speak, but you’re so possessed by anger that no rational speech comes out. Hyperventilating, head shaking in denial, hands dying to punch him where it counts. How could he scare you like that?!

“Hey,” says Loki, taking one of your trembling hands. “Don’t take it so badly. If I were you, I’d be eternally grateful that it was me who caught you instead of someone else. Because it all comes full circle, dear. You mustn’t get so lost in your own mind. You have to be one with yourself, and be able to separate them when needed.”

He wets his chapped red lips and winks, crows feet crinkling around his big, round eyes. He was sincere, despite the condescending untertone in his voice. As much as it lit you up with rage, Loki had bested you. He’d not only proven a valid point of his own concern regarding the deficit in your caution, but he’d also brought something to your attention that you hadn’t fully considered; while you’re always subconsciously aware of your needing him to survive, you weren’t so aware of what you would do without him. Even knowing the cold fact that either of you could be killed at any time. That never completely processed before.

But frankly, it was never something you wanted to give a nanosecond of a thought, and you damn sure don’t want to now.

You extend the opposite hand to the one Loki’s holding. “I’ll take my gun back now.”

Loki is taken aback, his eyebrows raising in surprise as though he’d expected a more playful response - or even just something more elaborate. Which, normally, maybe you would’ve been. But clearly things are changing everywhere, and it seems you’re gonna have to change, too.

A strange, conflicted smile washes over Loki’s face, then he quickly straightened it out into a more distant look. Without breaking away from your glare, he plops the pistol into your hand with enough force to spring your hand downward.

“Onward, then.”

You tuck the gun in the back of your jeans. “Lead the way.”


welcome to the apocalypse, dudes

tag list: @sydneyss-worlddd @afinedilemma @fire-in-her-veinz @belladonnabarnes @drakesfiance @internetgremlin @dragon-chica @triggeredpossum @tarynkauai @sadwaywardkid

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Synopsis: It’s time to face the music back home.

Words: 1615

Warnings: none

**GIF not mine**

You rested your head on Loki’s shoulder, your arms wrapped around his neck, swaying to the beat of the music. He was humming along, a surprise given you thought this was a pretty recent song in Earth’s history. You didn’t expect Loki to know any chart topping songs from the last year. His arms were tight around your waist as he led you.

It had been a beautiful wedding. Your sister had been radiant, Brad looking handsome in his suit, and Jake had managed to not be such a showboat for the ceremony. You had cried. You’d admit it. You weren’t ashamed.

You’d found Loki sitting with your mother. You’d never seen him look so handsome in a suit and tie. He’d smiled at you when your eyes had met as you walked down the aisle. You hadn’t seen him all morning, spending your time with the rest of the bridal party getting ready.

Now, with all the speeches done, and the first dance out of the way, you were refusing to move out of Loki’s arms. Tomorrow you would have to return to your daily lives, and you’d have to explain to your bosses about this change in your relationship. But tonight, you could forget there was anything other than this going on. Tonight, you were just a normal person at your sister’s wedding, enjoying the company of the man you were falling in love with.


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Originally posted by katewilliamgeorgecharlottelouis

Series summary: Astrid Lokisdottir (OC) grew up on the Isle of the Lost with her father, Loki Odinson. Plagued by nightmares, she’s presented with an escape plan and memories of a woman, memories which aren’t hers.

series masterlist

Series warnings: spoilers, swearing, mean Loki, kidnapping, I’m not following canon timelines, all characters except for Astrid are not mine, Loki is kind of OOC, the story focuses more on (spoiler alert lmao) Astrid and mother!reader’s relationship

character relationships if that’s a thing: Astrid x Harry Hook, Astrid x dad! Loki, Loki x wife! reader, Astrid x mom! reader, goddess of hysteria! reader


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“Mischief boy, you’ve met peter right?” You ask as you gesture to the boy in the red and black suit.

“I believe I have yes.” The god says, eyeing him a bit. “And my name is Loki remember?” He corrects with a small smirk in your direction before turning back towards Peter. You could tell peter was a little nervous but it was even easier to tell as he began to speak.

“Oh uh hi mr Loki sir. It’s good to meet you. I’m spider par- wait no. I’m Peter man-“ he stutters and you suppress a laugh, pulling him in for a side hug.

“Peter Parker buddy. We’ve talked about this.” You say and he nods, embarrassed.

Tony had put you in charge of showing Peter around since both him and Happy were busy and it seemed like an easy enough task until Thor asked if you minded showing Loki around as well. You had felt it rude to say no but you knew it would probably turn to a disaster.

You were always confident, arrogant even, like Tony which is what he liked about you and why you were so close but when you were around Loki every bone in your body melted and you became increasingly flustered against your better judgment. It frustrated you more than anything else ever had, so you decided showing him around might help you change that. So far, it surprisingly was.

“Ok so obviously we’re in stark tower, I’m sure you already knew that.” You begin as you guide them towards the elevator. Peter follows eagerly and Loki trails behind, obviously feeling this was unnecessary though his eyes remained on you the entire time, making you blush profusely.

“Are you alright y/n? You look a bit flushed.” He asks with a cheeky grin, clearly understanding the effect he was having on you.

As you’re about to quip back, Peter begins asking a bunch of questions and your focus is brought back to him, easily answering each one.

What you didn’t notice was Loki’s gaze remaining trained on you in fascination as you listed off facts about the building.

You’d helped oversee the plans with Pepper herself, causing you to know all there was to know about the tower and it’s contents. It was why you were perfect for the job of tours.

“And that concludes the tour.” You say with a shrug over an hour later. “I would ask if there were any other questions but I’m afraid I have a lot of work to catch up on so if you’ll excuse me gentlemen.” You say apologetically and you wave before turning and walking back to your own office.


Loki watched you walk away curiously.

He didn’t know much about you but he had seen you with Thor a few times and when he’d tried to take over earth. Even then, when he’d been occupied with ruling the entire world, he’d found himself almost unable to look away from you. Thor often teased him for staring too long and he hated that his brother had something to hold over his head like that.

He was so mesmerized he hardly noticed Peter awkwardly trying to get his attention.

“Uh mr Loki sir? Are you ok?” He asks and finally Loki turns to him, cheeks tinged pink in embarrassment, a rare sight from the god.

He quickly regains his usual composure and smirks. “I am perfectly fine spider child.” He replies and Peter groans.

“It’s uh… it’s actually spider man.” He corrects but Loki waves him off and walks away to find his brother, already beginning to question his choice in people to confide in.


A few weeks later…

Loki had grown aggravated. Everywhere he turned, he could hear you laughing with a fellow avenger or see you sitting peacefully by the window doing your unfinished work. He was enchanted by you and it left him even more unhinged than usual.

Today was no different. He left his room and came to the living room to read, only to find you squealing happily as you and Peter were running around the room away from an annoyed looking Bucky with black doodles scribbled messily on his face.

He tried to ignore it, walking in confident strides towards the couch but froze as he felt your hands on his torso, the rest of your figure ducking behind him.

“Hide me reindeer games, we drew on Bucky while he was napping and now he’s really mad!” You plead, still in a fit of giggles. He remains speechless for a few moments, unsure what to say.

Before he can finally speak, Bucky runs up and grabs you by the waist, playfully tackling you onto the couch and tickling you as his revenge. With your head back, you see Peter on the ceiling, hiding and making you laugh even more.

Seeing Bucky be the cause of your beautiful laugh made Loki’s lip twitch in annoyance and jealousy. He knew you weren’t his but he wished you were.

Tuning the sound of your squabbling out, he sat down on one of the stools by the bar with Thor and rolled his eyes at the sight of his brothers teasing smile.

“Trouble with a certain someone brother?” He asked innocently and Loki pursed his lips together.

“I do not have the slightest clue to what you are referring.” He muttered, not meeting his brothers eyes and instead stealing another glance at you.

Thor chuckled at his brothers denial. “Of course not. That is why you are gazing at y/n with such intensity I am sure.” He commented sarcastically in a lowered voice. Loki immediately looked at him in alarm but quickly regained his unphased persona.

“Yes I find y/n quite attractive. And yes I possibly enjoy her company more than I do others. Is that what you wanted to hear?” He asks with his usual smirk.

“Only quite attractive? I could have sworn you were practically smitten only a week or so ago…” Thor teases further and Loki’s face contorts in frustration as a blush rises in his cheeks.

“I am not at all smitten with y/n. Merely fascinated by Midgardians. Now if you’ll excuse me.” He hissed defensively as he stormed off back to his room, growing more embarrassed and enraged by the sound of his brothers deep laughter floating in the air behind him.

Neither brother, however, had noticed the boy in the spidersuit hanging above them, accidentally hearing the whole thing.


The next day…

“Hey Peter. You’re trailing me around the tower today for something for school right?” You ask as you walk into the kitchen that morning.

He jumps, clearly startled and looks up at you, his face blushing more than usual.

“Y-Yeah I uh… I am.” He mumbles quietly and you raise an eyebrow in his direction.

“Are you ok kid? You seem… off.” You ask cautiously and he responds with a nervous laugh.

“Totally. I’m uh… I’m not off at all. In fact I’m on!” He rambles and you march up to him, looking him directly in the eyes.

“Kid what’s wrong?” You demand and he refuses to look you in the eyes. “Is it that flash kid? Because I’ll teach him a lesson if you need.” You say, voicing your concern. He rapidly shakes his head and you sigh.

“Peter Parker you tell me what’s wrong right this minute or I swear to god-“ you start as Tony walks in and gives you a confused look.

“Y/n, why you gotta threaten the kid? Spider boy what’d you do?” He asks, looking between the two of you.

“I did nothing mr stark!” Peter says quickly. Tony turns his expecting gaze back to you.

“He’s hiding something from me.” You say, crossing your arms.

Tony scoffs, quickly looking between the two of you again. “Sounds like something you two can figure out on your own.” He says, stepping around you into the kitchen and grabbing his own food.

You turn a serious glare to Peter and he groans. “Fine! I was hanging from the ceiling hiding from mr Barnes and I-I overheard Thor and mr Loki’s conversation, not that I was eavesdropping!” He begins rambling and you sigh.

“Peter. Point please.” You ask and he smiles guiltily at you.

“Ok ok. Well I overheard them talking about m-miss y/n… and mr Loki admitted to liking you.” He blurts out. You blink at him in surprise, caught really off guard.

Tony bursts out laughing from behind you and you spin around, pointing a threatening finger at him. “Not a word Stark.” You warn but he’s too busy still laughing.

“Reindeer games took a liking to you!” He teases, his voice still booming with laughter.

“I said not a word!” You sigh, running a hand through your hair.

Natasha enters and looks between the three of you, finally settling on your stressed expression.

“What’d he do?” She asks you, gesturing towards Tony though he’s still too busy cackling to notice.

You sigh, debating whether or not to tell her.

“He’s laughing because Peter told us Loki likes me.” You say finally. Her face remains neutral as ever but she swiftly kicks Tony in the calve.

“Did you guys not know that?” She asks, clearly amused by the whole situation.

“No! You did?” You shout in confusion.

“Yeah I thought it was pretty obvious?” She questions.

With a heavy sigh, you walk off to your room, completely forgetting your job to help Peter.

Not watching where you’re going, you collide into something. Or someone, as you realize when two hands reach out to grab your shoulders to keep you steady from falling.

“Are you alright?” He asks and you feel your muscles tense as you hear the familiar accent.

“Yeah yeah I’m fine.” You dismiss halfheartedly, your face burning from the probably really apparent blush rushing to your cheeks. “Oh sorry! Are you ok? I kind of bumped into you, I should be the one asking.” You realize a second later. He grins a little and you feel your heart miss a beat.

“I um… I am fine as well. Thank you.” He responds, clearly also having forgotten to speak.

“So I um… I heard a rumour about you.” You say, gauging his reaction.

“Oh? And what might this rumour be saying about me mortal?” He asks, an eyebrow raised in amusement. You roll your eyes at the nickname he’d quickly learned you hated.

“Well I’m not quite sure if it’s a rumour. I mean it came from someone who heard it directly from your lips so.” You ramble and you feel him moving closer to you, leaving barely a gap between your bodies.

He gently pushes your chin up with his index finger, forcing you to look at him in the eyes and sending shivers down your spine at his touch in the process.

“What was this rumour or not rumour about?” He repeats quietly.

You gulp nervously and look into his grey blue eyes.

“I may have heard that you… that you take a certain liking to me.” You say quickly, your words close to jumbling together. From the burning red on Loki’s ears though, you can tell he heard you perfectly.

“That is… that is…” he begins, trying to find the proper wording to use.

You watch him hopefully, wondering what he could possibly respond to the accusation with.

“That is actually correct.” He says finally, nodding his head with a sigh and your eyes go wide.

“It is?” You question and he nods, refusing to meet your gaze. “Because well… I kind of feel the same way?” You add.

“Do you truly?” He asks, uncertainty filling his voice.

“I do yes.” You say, your lips spreading into an embarrassed smile.

He chuckles a bit and you raise an eyebrow.

“Your smile. It is quite beautiful I must say.” He admits, a blush you found adorable creeping into his face.

Without a second of hesitation, you grab him by the face, standing on your toes and lean in for a kiss. For a moment, it’s delicate and sweet but soon, it grows frantic and passionate, him pushing you against the wall carefully to balance you both to prevent from falling. Your lips remain pressed together agressively for a few more moments before you both pull away.

Loki looks at you, stunned.

“That was…” he begins and you bite your swollen lip, smiling sheepishly.

“I believe I will have to thank that spider boy later.” He says with a laugh and you giggle.

“Sweet! Who would’ve thought eavesdropping would get you thanked?!” A happy voice says from above you. You look up to see Peter hanging in his webs, watching the scene unfold below him.

Though you want to be annoyed, all you can do is grin and laugh at his antics.

You continue laughing, Loki joining in while Peter gets himself down, planting his feet onto solid ground faster than you thought he’d be able to.

You cling to Loki’s side, arms wrapped tightly around his torso.

“So does that make me the reason you two are together then miss y/n?” Peter questions and you laugh at the nerves in his voice.

“Yes, yes it does. And thank goodness for that.” You smile up at Loki as you speak.

The three of you walk back towards the living room and you stay by Loki’s side, never wanting to let go to the man beside you.

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First Date with Loki Headcanon

  • Dude was legit surprised when you said yes when he asked you out.
  • Speaking of which the way he asked you out wasn’t too complicated. He brought you a rose which turned into your favorite flavor the second you touched it. Via his spells.
  • “Y/N, would you accompany me tonight to dinner?”
  • “I always sit next to you at the banquet.”
  • He smiles, a mischievious smile and you wonder what the little devil is up to. “A dinner just between you and me. A date.”
  • You nearly jump out of your damn skin but you play it cool, “Sure, why not?”
  • Okay, first of all the night starts out kinda awkwardly.
  • He’s not sure what to say because even though he’s tall, dark, and handsome, he had always been overlooked by most girls on Asgard in favor of Thor when it came to the romance department.
  • He’s a secret fan of romance novels so your date would be based around that.
  • I’m talking a candlelit dinner on a balcony of the Asgardian palace with the stars sparkling above like a thousand diamonds.
  • Conversation would start slow but it would eventually build up as you realize that you two have more in common than you would’ve thought.
  • You’re surprised at how much he generally cares about what you’re up to and how you’re doing.
  • Don’t get me wrong Loki is completely self-absorbed but he still has room in his heart to care about others, especially you.
  • He shows you his magic skills which are incredibly impressive, and you waste no time in telling him so.
  • While other Asgardians label him nothing but a trickster, you see true talent. Because that’s what it is.
  • The night goes smoother and smoother and you realize that you enjoy Loki far better than Thor.
  • The night ends with you giving Loki a meaningful kiss on the cheek and walking back to your room with your heart thumping like crazy.
  • You don’t feel his eyes watching you, because he knows he found her. He found his soulmate.
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Tom is a mob and today is the day of the conclusion of an important deal with one of the big bosses. However, going into the office, he immediately noticed you — you met in the past and always in bad circumstances. And the fact that now you’re an assistant of The Boss has complicated things


(gif isn’t mine)

(let me know if you want to see this one-shot and I’ll write it when I have a free time)

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🐍–💖💜💙>>>Loki (1)




Imagine finally coming out to Loki only for him to surprise you when you wake up.

You’re not sure how this conversation started. One minute, you were talking about your favorite show. Next thing you know, you were talking about sexual orientation and building up the courage to finally tell Loki yours. It’s not that you didn’t trust him, you just weren’t sure how he would react. You had friends that didn’t look at you the same after you told them you were Bi. So to say you were nervous was an understatement. Even if he was your boyfriend, you weren’t sure how he was going to react to it.

“Darling?” Loki asked, snapping you out of your thoughts. You looked up at him, confusion present in your eyes. “You were telling me something important.” Loki reminded you as he sat up straight against the bed frame. He knew he could just read your mind and find out why you shut down for a minute, but he trusted you. He knew that when you were ready, you’d tell him.

“I just…. I don’t think it’s that important but I already brought it up, so” you nervously stammered, sitting up against the bed frame as well. “I uh… I’m not sure how to say this, but um…” you looked ar ok und the room, trying desperately not to look at him for too long. You took a deep breath, releasing any tension you had and mentally comforting yourself. “I’m Bi.” you finally whispered, looking at your hands on the mattress. You felt Loki shift, still refusing to look at him. He brought his hand up to your chin and and made you look at him. He gave you the brightest smile, admiration written all over his features. “You were nervous to tell me you’re bisexual?” He asked, still smiling at you lovingly. You gave him a small smile, “I just didn’t know how you would react.” Loki chuckled, “Darling, I myself am bisexual. I feel proud of you and honoured you chose to tell me.” He wrapped his arms around you and you melted into his embrace. Slowly, he moved you both to lay down, still holding on to you. “I love you, Loki.” You whispered as you were drifting into peaceful sleep. You didn’t hear his response, already in deep sleep.

“Love,” you heard a voice whisper. You moaned in return as you tried to open your eyes, failing miserably. “Goodmorning my love,” the voice whispered. It was Loki. Something felt strange, however. The voice you heard was soft and higher in pitch. Your eyes flew open and you looked up to the person holding you. You into feminine features that looked familiar, yet distinct. “Surprise,” she sang, giving you a similar smile to the one she gave you last night. “Loki,” you smiled, feeling yourself fall more in love with the person in your arms. “Did I forget to mention I am gender fluid?” she asked rhetorically. You pulled her into a soft, passionate kiss, surprising her slightly. Pulling away, you looked deeply into her gorgeous green eyes. You loved Loki, no matter what gender they chose to be.

Pride-shots Taglist is OPEN.

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OC

Summary: Astrid, the princess of Vanaheimr relocates to Asgard to seal a betrothal to the youngest prince and an attempt to escape unforeseen forces. She soon finds happiness and a multitude of new friends. Unfortunately treachery and deceit lie in the court of Asgard in unlikely places, and she learns that true love never dies.

Warnings: fluff, angst

Words: 1812

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy this next part, please let me know what you think, I love you all very much! xxx


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Part Twelve - The Beach

Loki narrowed his icy blue eyes, feeling more and more irritated as time went on as he perched on his chair, though to tell the truth, it was the strangest chair that he’d ever sat on, it was more like a cushion on three legs and it had no back to it. It was rather uncomfortable. This New York tavern was certainly not the nicest of places – though Astrid seemed to love it, among other things – it reeked of stale smoke and there were disgusting drinks that the mortals used to dull their senses. Loki could hardly see through the endless clouds of smoke.

Hesitantly, Loki reached out and took the glass tankard in front of him and he lifted it to his lips, taking a sip of the yellow frothy liquid. He coughed and spluttered at the bitter taste of it, he had never been a huge advocate of the mead they had up on Asgard, but it was definitely better than this disgusting stuff. A laugh sounded at his side and turned, with his eyes still narrowed, to see Steve grinning at him in a friendly manner. Steve was a nice enough fellow but he was little more than a stranger, and Loki didn’t really trust strangers.

“Do you not like our beer?” he asked and Loki turned away from him, shaking his head.

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A/N: I’ve always wanted to write some cute fluff with genderfluid/Lady Loki and so, here it be!

Warnings: Suggested Smut

Reader has a desire to braid Loki’s long beautiful hair, leading to an unexpected encounter with his alternate form.


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death is still an abstract idea to Loki. he’s been alive for over a thousand years and will most likely live a few thousand more. it’s distant, but terribly final. so he doesn’t really understand why you would want to die, especially considering he loved you so much and cannot imagine you not loving yourself the same.

Loki relates to pain. he related to that darkness and complete emptiness you describe to him, but when you tell him you think that dying might make it stop, he gets angry.

“what about me? do you have any idea how much pain a life without you would cause me? like I haven’t been through enough, you want to voluntarily take away the one thing that has made me happy?”

he’s been told it was his birthright to die, had everything taken away from him, lied to and shunned from his family, tortured and broken. but the only time he wished he didn’t exist is when he imagined a world without you in it. 

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I match you with Loki!! @slytherz

  • You would both meet in the library. You needed to do some research for something that you were writing.
  • He didn’t realize that you were there with how quiet you were being.
  • Stumbling across you sitting at the table with your nose buried in a book he didn’t think much of it, but when he came back the next day he didn’t expect to find you again.
  • A few days passed and he never said anything, but when he saw the book you were reading he decided that this was his chance.
  • “May I ask what book you have been devouring these few days I have seen you here?”
  • “Sure.”
  • He noticed it took you a while to open up to him, but he took it slow.
  • Once you were comfortable around him you blossomed open like a flower.
  • Enjoys kissing you to see your flustered reaction, especially when you both were outside the palace.
  • The sass you gave him almost rivaled his own, you both playfully bicker back and forth. Annoying everyone around you.
  • You showed him some of your hobbies, which he indulged in with you.
  • He would enjoy horseback riding with you, especially when you got to leave the palace.
  • All together you both would be perfect for one another.
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Requested?: no

Requests: open

- He definitely got your attention by playing some sort of a practical joke on you.

- You didn’t appreciate it at first, but you did eventually find it quite funny.

- After you yelled at him for it, if course.

- But you couldn’t help but love the amused look on his face

- He loved your reaction, he could watch you stand there with your hands on your hips complaining all day

- You just look so feisty and he loves it

- He would play practical jokes on you pretty much everyday, sometimes multiple times a day

- To the point where you wake up expecting him to prank you

- This happens for a couple of weeks before he actually asks you out

- Of course you say yes

- There is never a dull day with him

- Even when you’re cuddling, he’ll find a way to make you laugh

- By either tickling you or telling you a joke and sometimes the occasional story of him and Thor growing up

- He just loves your laugh

- Most of the time, his stories will involve him somehow having a little dig at Thor

- He wants you to think that he is superior than his brother

- But that was something you already believed

- You were very close with Thor, no doubt, but there was just something about the God of Mischief that you preferred

- He is actually really soft and gentle with you

- You mean the world to him and he wants you to be happy and safe

- He loves hugging you from behind

- pulling you closer to his chest and kissing your neck softly

- Stopping you from doing whatever you were doing

- You turn around and wrap your arms around him, holding him closer to you

- A lot of nicknames

- “babygirl”

- “my sweet”

- “My love”

- Calling him “my prince”

- You’re so cute together, it’s unreal

- You’re at each other’s side pretty much 24/7

- You just love each other so much

- Constantly supporting each other in everything

- Overall a very loving and supportive relationship

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A/N : Ok this is my first time answering requests and this turned out short so idk if it reached up your expectations I apologize if it didn’t. I hope you like it anon!

No taglists for headcanons

Warnings : cursing eh, dAd jOkEs ehehe

Headcanons for the reader being pregnant and Loki as father :

  • When loki heard the news of you being pregnant he was happy and also a little scared. But he wasn’t going to flee
  • he had decided he would take care of you and protect you and the baby at all costs.
  • Loki knew how vulnerable you were at this time and how your health was very important but that didn’t mean he could stop you from eating your favorite sweets. Fuck he hid them all.
  • According to him you were not allowed to eat anything that wasn’t mentioned in the MidGarDiAn PreGnaNcY guide which Tony had given to Loki. Fuck Tony.
  • Anything? Yes Anything.

“hey loki I’m hungry”

“what do you want?”


“it isn’t mentioned in the book so sorry, eat some soup I made”

“what th-”

  • Loki would be a pain in the ass when it came to food but certainly he would be the best care taker uh husband.
  • He would hug you, kiss your forehead, brush your hair, rub your swollen ankles, read you poetry and cuddle with you.
  • He would be by your side at every times and only leave to Asgard if there would be some urgent matters.
  • And when at times you would feel self conscious about your body he would be more than happy in reminding you how beautiful you are.
  • And would certainly bless you with some best orgasms.
  • After 9 months of struggling to find some any other word than “fuck” the little cute loki had decided to come out and create more chaos in this world.
  • Loki would be by your side when you would be giving birth holding your hand and reciting one of your old favorite poetry.
  • He would never complain about you crushing grip on his hands and would encourage you more.
  • And when the baby comes out loki would be a little scared to hold a fragile being in his hands but when the nurse hands him the baby the dad jokes would kick in.

A/N : I hope you liked it.

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