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Destiny Has Other Plans | Chapter 2 Teaser

So since it is Thanksgiving is here in the United States this Thursday, I am not posting a story that day, sorry to disappoint.  but I do have the next installment of Destiny Has Other Plans posting on Saturday.  

Here is the masterlist so you can catch up.  

A note is that after Saturday, I am putting the story on a planned hiatus for December.  This has been a plan so that I can post holiday fics in December.  The story is coming back and I might even end up posting it in December depending on my mood.   The next chapter will be posted on January 2, 2021.  



The annoying chime of JARVIS disturbed Loki’s peaceful lunch within the confines of his apartment. Over the past year, he curated a living space he enjoyed with artwork and textiles that brought him joy. What he didn’t enjoy were the intrusions by Stark’s electronic butler.

“Master Loki. There’s a young woman in the lobby asking to see you.”

Loki placed his utensils down. “Did she give a reason?”

A pause.

“It is of a personal nature.”

Loki waved his hand in the air. “Send her away. Tell her I’m indisposed.”

“Yes, sir.”

Loki returned to his lunch. It was probably one of the women he slept with looking for a serious relationship, he mused. That was one thing Loki was not interested in. Lust, not love, ruled his heart these days. And he had no intentions of changing his ways anytime soon.

The next morning JARVIS chimed again, at the hour of 7 a.m. well before Loki woke up on days where he wasn’t due anywhere.

“Master Loki, the woman is back. She is most insistent she needs to speak with you.”

Loki groaned, rolling onto his back. “Leave me be!”

“Should I send her away?”

“Yes.” Loki grabbed the pillow and covered his head, falling back asleep.

The morning wake up call was gone and forgotten as soon as Loki got going for this day. Until he headed out that evening, walking through the empty lobby of Avengers Towers on his way to hopefully meet a new conquest.

“LOKI!” A female voice called out.

Loki turned to see a young woman step out from behind a pillar. Her short, light brown hair and blue eyes vaguely familiar.

“The building’s been closed for hours. How are you even still here?”

“I hid in a supply closet.”

“I shall tell Stark his security is lacking.” He turned his attention to the girl. “You need to leave.”

“No,” She pressed her hand against his chest. “I need to talk to you. It’s important.”

Her composure crumbled. Loki only then noticed the tears in her eyes and the envelope in her hands.

“You don’t remember me, do you?” she muttered. “Of course not. Why would you? Here.” She shoved the envelope in his hand. “I thought you had a right to know.” She walked away, shoulders shaking. “And in case you fucking care, my name is Alexis, ass!”

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Tony : He is strong and magical!

Stephen : He is witty and technical!

(Y/N) : Nat is agile and badass..

Natasha :

(Y/N) :

Natasha : I don’t know what to say..

(Y/N) : *pouts with puppy eyes*

Natasha : *sighs* (y/n) exists..

(Y/N) : That’s enough, that’s the most appealing thing about me..

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Tony : …so that’s the point-

Peter : *casually walks in*

Tony : You are ten minutes late. What were you doing?

Peter : Cursing my own shadow for hanging out with a loser like me

(Y/N) : *scoffs* well not that your shadow has got a choice..

Tony :

Steve :

Clint :

Bruce :

Bucky :

Even Loki :

Natasha : that one was actually good

Steve : *clears throat*

Tony : *glares nat and y/n*

(Y/N) : ok fine, I’m sorry..

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[PAIRING: Loki x Female Reader]

[SUMMARY: you receive a punishment from Loki]

[WORD COUNT: 700 words]

[WARNINGS: dom/sub elements, spanking, fingering, cursing/vulgar language]

[GENRE: smut]

[A/N: okay, ive never written smut before so I DONT WANNA HEAR IT. 

maybe i do, but please be nice about it.. i cant handle criticism🤧🤧

also, i suck at proofreading]


Originally posted by royal-loki

“Colour, pet?” Loki asks, his hand gently smoothing over the newly bruised skin of your ass.

You pause, pondering your answer carefully. Your ass is burning and throbbing from the harsh blows that have landed on it, and you know you won’t be able to sit comfortably for at least a few days, but you feel safe. Loki would never severely hurt you, and he knows how to monitor you by gauging your reactions by the noises you make and the way your body shifts after each blow. You trust him.

“Green.” You say firmly, and you know that if you turned your head, Loki would be smirking at your naked form, spread beautifully across his lap.

“Good girl,” He praises. He slows his hands movements over your ass, an act that he had been performing in order to soothe your sore skin. You brace yourself for the next hit, but gasp out a broken moan instead, when his fingers dive into your soaked pussy.

Loki hums in delight, “So wet. Do you enjoy being spanked, sweet?” His tone is light and teasing, but you do not miss the dominant edge to it.

You let out a soft moan in response, arching your back to try and press back on his fingers which are lazily stroking along your cunt. In acknowledgment, he lands a light but firm swat on your ass. You jolt but relax your body back into the position he wants you in.

As a reward for the correction in your behaviour, Loki brings his hand back down to your dripping pussy. His fingertips run over your clit a few times before he sinks two of his long fingers into your welcoming cunt.

You let out a low moan, your head lolling forwards onto the bed as he works his fingers in and out of your cunt. The slick noises that echo throughout the room are obscene, and when mixed with your moans of pleasure, sound even more filthy.

He continues fingering you, his thumb stroking over your sensitive clit, while you moan and mewl under the skill of his digits. Loki curls his fingers against your g-spot and you arch up into his touch.

“C-close,” you manage to stutter out. Loki could tell of course. With your pussy clenching around his fingers so much, it would be hard not to notice.

“Hold it,” Loki commands, and you whimper, trying to obey as best as you can. Your ass can not handle another punishment today, both of you can see that much, you being lucky enough to feel it too.

As if to taunt the fact that you don’t have his permission to cum, Loki presses his fingers more firmly inside of you, his thumb never ceasing his quick strokes over your clit.

Your body trembles as you try to hold your orgasm back, practically sobbing as you babble and beg, pleading for him to allow you your release.

You practically cry in relief when he finally utters the word you ache to hear.

“Cum,” Loki growls, his fingers curling right where you need them, his thumb working firmly at your clit.

Your release washes over you strongly, your cunt clamping down on your lover’s fingers, an action that makes him stifle a moan. Your body quivers and trembles as your orgasm pulses over you in shockwaves. 

Loki continues to work you through it, his fingers gradually slowing down until he eventually pulls them out, sucking them clean, humming in enjoyment at the taste of your juices upon his lips. He adjusts you and moves you to be laying on the bed, rather than across his lap. You smile lazily at him and he chuckles darkly, cocking an eyebrow.

“I hope you didn’t think that we were finished,” Loki grins, his eyes dark, “My dear, we are only getting started.”


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Fighting For Attention

Requested by: @kaosbabe

Pairing: Lucifer Morningstar x reader, Loki x reader

Genre: Fluff

Characters: Y/N, Lucifer Morningstar, Loki

Description: Lucifer and Loki both adore Y/N and end up competing with each other to win her affection.


You shook your head in disappointment as you watched the two fully grown men bicker in front of you. For days, both of them have been in competition with each other to try and win you over, but so far nothing has worked.

“Seriously guys, this needs to stop.” You looked at both of them, your arms folded across your chest. They both turned around to look at you, the most apologetic expressions on their faces.

“Sorry, Y/N” They gave each other the most dirtiest look as they both said this in unison. You rolled your eyes and walked away, leaving the two idiots to fight amongst themselves.

“You know, Loki, I will get her. Any woman I’ve ever met has been unable to resist my charm.” Lucifer leaned back cooly against the counter, a large smirk growing on his face.

“In your dreams, Lucifer. Why would she want a pompous prick like you when she could have an Asgardian prince?” Lucifer shot Loki a very dirty look which quickly changed to a slight smirk as an idea crossed his mind.

“Alright, Loki. Let’s make this a competition. We’ll pull out all the stops to try and woo our precious Y/N. May the best man, or devil, win.”


You were sat in the living room, eyes glued to the pages of your book when a delicious scent wafted in from the kitchen. Your curiosity peaked and you made your way to the kitchen to find Lucifer stood by the cooker, wearing a ‘kiss the devil’ apron and making your favourite meal.

“What are you doing?” You leaned against the doorway, eyebrows raised at the handsome devil standing before you.

“Why, I’m cooking you dinner. I thought you deserved it because you’re always working so hard.” You felt happiness bubbling up inside you at the lovely words and walked over to Lucifer, pecking him on the cheek.

“Thanks, Luci. You’re the best.” You walked away to wash your hands as Lucifer was finishing the dinner. A gleeful laugh sounded from his mouth. “Top that, reindeer games.”


After sitting down to have a lovely dinner with Lucifer, you went upstairs to have a nice bath and get ready for bed. You walked into your room and noticed a small envelope placed on your pillow. Again, your curiosity peaked as you walked over to open it. Your eyes widened when you realised it was from Loki.

In the envelope, there was a small, handwritten note telling you how amazing you were and how you deserved to be treated like a queen. Adoration filled your heart as you noticed a vase of flowers on your bedside table. You smiled as you leaned over and smelt the flowery scent, a mixture of rose and lavender filling your nose.

You walked into the bathroom and ran a bath, ready to relax and wash away the stresses of your day.

After a few minutes, you began to think over the actions of the two men. They were acting a little out of character. None of them were lovey-dovey types so you began to try and figure out the reasons behind their actions. Your eyes widened a little as the reason dawned on you: they were both trying to fight for your affection.


Both Lucifer and Loki were standing side by side as you walked down the stairs, their arms behind their backs.

A quizzical look crossed your face. “Why are you guys acting so weird today?” You walked past them and took a seat on the sofa, keeping eye contact with both of them.

Lucifer walked towards you and sat down, revealing a box of chocolates from behind his back. Loki copied his actions and revealed a bunch of flowers from behind his back. They both waited patiently for your reaction.

You looked between the both of them and burst out into a fit of giggles. Lucifer and Loki shared confused looks as your giggles began to get louder and louder.

“What’s so funny?” You looked at Loki and patted him on the back, doing the same with Lucifer.

“Guys, guys, guys. If you’re trying to win me over, you’re going to need to try harder than cooking me dinner and leaving little love notes on my pillow. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to head to bed. Alone.”

You walked out of the room and up to bed, leaving Lucifer and Loki staring after you, their mouths hanging open.

Tags: @stellastyless

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Relationship: Loki x Female Reader

Summary: Frigga and Odin call upon your artistic talents for portraits of the princes. Loki is determined to use the time to extract as many personal details from you. Yet, even after all these years apart, you could always see right through him.

Rating: Explicit, smut, praise kink, vaginal fingering, mutual pining, love confessions, childhood friends, a more poetic style than I’m used to?

Request:  Would you be okay with writing something with Loki and a reader with a praise kink. Maybe he has a crush on her and somehow finds out about it? And then uses it to tease her? (She can know what he’s doing, or be completely oblivious)… And of course the crush is mutual. – Anon

Word Count: ~2.2k

A/N: I haven’t written any praise kink before. But I hope this is satisfactory!


Originally posted by accio-fan-fiction

In the throne room, Frigga clasped her hands over yours and smiled.

“Oh, the boys will be thrilled. It’s been so long since they’ve seen you.”

“Yes, it’s been far too long. Although I don’t know how they’re going to feel about staying still for hours. Especially Thor.”

“He’s fought armies. He can pose for a portrait. Especially if it is one painted by your hand.”

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Thor: This sweater won’t fit me, Loki. It’s too tight.

Loki, gesturing vaguely: Do you remember what you used to tell me when you’d just started hammering me?

Thor: …Just needs a little bit of stretching to fit?…

Loki: Preach, bitch!

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I just found this in my inbox, it’s from very long ago and I’m terribly sorry I didn’t post it sooner, dear sender.

Imagine your earliest memory is waking up in the middle of the road in Asgard. You don’t know who you are or who your family is. You somehow end up becoming the gardener in the palace growing close with Frigga and Loki over the years. Loki observing you from afar asking you for plants for ingredients for magic. One day Loki going through some old paintings in a hidden chamber finds a painting of a royal family with a little girl who looks just like you. Loki tells Frigga what he discovered and she assigns him to teach you how to be a princess, how to write in cursive, how to properly greet members of the court, and how to dance. It’s hard to put behind a life as a maid as you always try to clean things. At times he gets impatient with you but when he’s teaching you how to waltz he realizes that he loves you. And he wants you to be his princess. (This is based off of the animated film Anastasia.)

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fic request FAQ


Originally posted by christmas-winter

❄️what do you write?

i write fanfiction, mainly for the marvel cinematic universe and loki. as of now, i’ve only written for MCU loki, but in future might expand that to more characters. my preferred genres are fluff, angst, and romance. all of my fics are reader insert for a female reader. for more reference, you can check my blog! i have my masterlist pinned and in my bio.

❄️what do you not write?

i won’t write dark! fics, topics about gender identity, assault, incest, non con, or dub con.

i’m hesitant to write smut, but will occasionally write it.

in terms of self harm and mental illnesses, i’d like to steer clear of that, although am not completely  opposed. i just worry about portrayal because everyone is different.

❄️how can i send in a fic request?

just send me an ask (anonymous or not) telling me a general idea of what you want to read! be as specific as you want, but give me a general idea. if you’re able, include a genre too!

a brief example: can i request a loki fic in which he and the reader go to asgard? can the genre be fluff?

❄️how do i know if fic requests are open?

unless otherwise stated, assume they always are. if you’re still unsure, leave me an ask or a message and i’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

❄️what characters can i request?

as of now, i only write for Loki (MCU)

❄️what pairings can i request?

at the moment, i only write for Loki x Female Reader! as a female, i’m not sure how to correctly portray a male reader, so im sorry!  eventually, i might write for my OFC as well, but i won’t write for any of your OFC’s, sorry!

❄️does your content have warnings?

if any apply, i will add whatever warnings are necessary <3

❄️does your content contain profanity?

not frequently. if you’d rather it didn’t for your request, just let me know and i’ll omit any profanity! 

❄️when do you publish?

whenever i can. for reference, my timezone is PST.

❄️where do you publish?

on my tumblr :)

❄️how long will it take for my fic request to be published?

that depends on how busy i am. i’ll try to have it done as soon as i can, but it really does depend.

❄️will you say no to a fic request?

if i can’t figure out what to write or it makes me uncomfortable, then yes. we can converse and figure out how to adjust the fic to my comfort level or inspiration level, if that’s the case.

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a collection of fics central around Loki and a female reader…

[PAIRING: Loki x Female Reader] — [GENRES: angst, fluff, smut] 

[WARNINGS: lots of angst, smut] 

[TOTAL WORKS: 5] — [LAST UPDATED: 23/11/20]


Originally posted by go-fandom-imagines



Loki and you are in a good relationship, but Loki doesn’t know how to tell you he loves you when you say you love him. Will a midnight trip to the library help? 

[posted: 29/12/19]

  • Truth — [SLIGHTLY ANGST]

Loki doesn’t know how to tell his beloved, you, about his true form, and puts it off continuously. Maybe someone else can help.. 

[posted: 31/12/19]

You receive a punishment from Loki

[posted: 23/11/20]


  • I don’t love you — [COMPLETE] —  [ANGST, ANGST, ANGST]

Loki loves you, but the feeling is one sided. Or is it? 

part 1 // part 2

[started: 16/06/20 // finished: 17/06/20]

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Summary: You’re hiding from the world after you come across a power you never knew you had, but the Avengers catch onto you and they want to help you. While you’re there, you catch the eye of a certain God.

Loki x Gender Neutral, Mind Control Reader

Warnings: Gunshot mentions, a robbery with some violence. Death mention.

(Gif not mine, belongs to TonyLokid)


You had just thought you were ordinary. For over 20 years, you had lived a regular life. You had started college, intending on getting a career you wanted. But that changed quickly and you realized college wasn’t for you. Which is also a normal life choice, not everyone needs college to be successful. Now you were back home and you were taking a small break to figure out exactly what it was you wanted from life.

You had a rocky relationship with your parents, so you chose to couch surf with a couple of friends and you were thankful they let you. Every day was going as typical as they could, and today was the day that changed. You were at the bank to figure out the financials and robbers took over. You were scared, you knew the bank would have a pretty good security system, but that didn’t stop the streak of fear of dying if you didn’t comply. 

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━━━━━━ ✮· ☆ ·✮ ━━━━━━

pairing: loki laufeyson x reader

summary: while attending a formal celebration of asgard, loki expresses his distaste for your sudden doting upon his brother.

warnings: brief mentions of sex, dom/sub dynamics, firearms and themes of distrust. 

word count: 1k

author’s note: this is my first post of (hopefully) plenty. i’m open to writing drabbles and headcanons for almost any of the mcu characters, though i believe i’ll draw most inspiration from either loki or steve. feel free to request! i hope you enjoy. <3

━━━━━━ ✮· ☆ ·✮ ━━━━━━


Originally posted by lokihiddleston

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Imagine that something bad happens and you ended up crying, doesn’t matter if it’s from frustration or sadness, you feel bad and you start to cry.

You go to Loki to cuddle to feel better, being surrounded by his comforting coldness. He asks you what’s wrong, but you refuse to answer. Without you knowing, he uses his powers to see what happening in your mind and see what happened. When he finally knows, he knows how to comfort you and what he should say, but doesn’t bring the topic and waits for you to tell him about the situation.

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A Flicker Of Green


Can I request a Loki x Reader where Y/N loves Loki (and he doesn’t know) but she is insecure and jealous of another girl who she thinks he likes (could be Sigyn, Amora, Darcy, or even an original character). So on Valentines day she gets all depressed when the other girl asks him out for a date. But little does Y/N know that Loki actually loves her too. How they end up confessing is up to you :) I hope this request wasn’t annoyingly detailed or anything.Thank you!<3

Request By @vonaralaufeyson

Thank you for your lovely request!

Hope you like it :)

It was times like these you wished you’d have listened to your mother and kept a diary. Not to keep the memories you don’t want to forget but just to write down your feelings you couldn’t talk about with no one.

This thought made you snort. A diary? Yeah, sure and it would just go like,

Dear Diary,

It’s currently 2am and I’m lying in bed with nothing but the thoughts of him and I.  


Dear Diary,

So there’s this guy… that doesn’t want to leave my mind. There’s this guy, who’s smile could make my whole day a lot better. There’s this guy who’s  eyes, green like emeralds keep me awake at night. There’s this guy, who I can’t stop dreaming about him. And every time I close my eyes it’s his face, his eyes and his beautiful damn smile I see. And this smile was just for me. Because it was me who made him smile. Me. I was able to do this. And I can’t wait to do this again. There’s this boy I crave to see again, because every conversation we ever had will never be enough to fill my satisfaction. And just the thought of him, is enough to keep me awake. And even though I know the chances we ever will be more than friends are low, in fact it’s even lower than low, I can’t let you go. Because of my hope. This damn hope.

Yeah… see. That would be pretty cheesy.

You let out a groan and buried your head deeper in to your pillow. This was bad. Real bed. And still, you couldn’t help but smile a little.

You were born into a rich, noble family. Your parents always worked close for and with the royal family. So it was only naturally you grew up alongside the princes of Asgard and it was your luck they both had gotten to like you, especially Loki. Because, if we’re being honest, life would be a bit harder, if the god of mischief would have a down on you. They’d help you escape from your Nanny and hide you somewhere in the garden or in their rooms, you would together steal food from the kitchen or play hide and seek in the garden, watch Loki do his mischief, laugh, cry together and comfort each other, when life’s or parents getting tough on you.

But the last couple of days you haven’t seen much of either of them so when you caught a glimpse of red and gold, in the hallway you couldn’t help but ignore your time schedule and follow the person, who you suspected to be Thor.

The outstanding warrior he was, Thor immediately noticed that he was being followed and stopped in his tracks, his stern face lit up when he saw you.

“Y/N! It’s so good to see you again! How have you been the last couple of days?”

You couldn’t help but smile brightly, a happy Thor was pretty contaminating. “You know, the usual. Trying to ditch my responsibilities, helping my parents to pack for their moving and missing you guys! What was going on?” You asked a little reproachfully and crossed your arms. Of course you wouldn’t be actually angry with them not having time for you, after all they have a whole kingdom to lead.

“My deepest apologies, Y/N, we were needed to help mother at the organizations for Day of Freya. You know how much she adored this festivity and the ball.” He suddenly realized what you had also mentioned and frowned confused. “Wait, what do you mean your parents’ moving? You wouldn’t mean the Midgardian moving now, do you? “  

Thor’s smile faded at the thought of you going away to another planet for years, not being able to see you nearly every day. What would become of all the new adventures you, Thor and Loki always made together? They had always been more fun with his friends than with the kingdom’s knights.

You chuckled a little at Thor’s startled expression. “Don’t worry, I am allowed to stay here in Asgard and live with my aunt.”

“Oh, what a relief. I wouldn’t want to imagine royal life without you and neither what mess my brother would be without you here.”

You froze. What?

Thor let out a loud laugh at your puzzled expression and patted your shoulder lovingly, which only made you even more nervous somehow. “My friend…It is time to finally open those lovely eyes of yours because mine have already been a while now and believe when I say my suspicions of the affections between you and my dear brother haven’t gone unnoticed.”

With wide eyes and a burning face you stared back at the God of Thunder, utterly shocked. How could he even know? “You…I! Me and…What?”

Much to your annoyance and Thor’s amusement the right words wouldn’t want to come out of your mouth.

“Listen, you’re my best friend,” Thor said with a fond smile. “And a great person and even though I would say Loki could live a million lives and still wouldn’t deserve you… I know you would make each other happy. And when you’re happy, I’m happy. I would say it’s a win-win for all of us.”

You opened your mouth to protest, but the prince didn’t even give you the chance. “Between us, right now, Loki is in the ball room, probably pretending to do some work while trying to blow something up as usual… Good luck.” With a mischievous wink, that reminded you too much of a certain other prince he put his hands from your shoulder and went away, leaving you overstrained and stunned in the hallway.

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Fandom: Marvel

Summary: Based on: “Imagine having a love/hate relationship with Loki.” by @thefandomimagine​ Who would have thought that babysitting a god could be so much fun?

Genre: slow-burn, enemies to lovers, banter


Originally posted by lockedwithloki

“Dude, you live like this?" 

Loki moved past where you stood frozen to the spot. 

"Technically, not anymore.” He shrugged and walked into the sleeping chambers to the left. 

The rooms Loki used to live in were bathed in the rays of the setting sun, coming through large windows and the balcony overlooking the golden city. Everything was grand and coated in riches, whether it be the plush cushions laid on the floor, or the masterfully woven rugs, so soft they felt like walking on clouds.

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A/N: Thank you everyone who has read this new series from me.  It has been a long time since I wrote a series and I am excited by you being excited.  I hope it does not disappoint.  As always, thank you to my amazing beta readers!

Pairing:  Loki x OFC

Summary: When Loki goes to ask his father for permission to marry, he is shocked to discover his destiny has already been made for him.  He is already betrothed to Sjofn, the daughter of the King of Vanaheim.  An arranged marriage to bring the two kingdoms closer together and strengthen the bond.  Never mind that Sjofn and Loki can’t stand each other. 

 After The Battle of New York, Loki is sent to live at Avengers Tower as punishment for his misdeeds.  But it doesn’t mean he has to like it.   A year later, he has adjusted to life on Midgard but has avoided any romantic or emotional entanglements, still bitter over his lost love.  Dr. Alexis Randall is skilled at helping others fix their relationships as a couple therapist, but can’t help her own love life.  A chance encounter with Loki in a dive bar has life altering consequences for both of them.  Now, Alexis and Loki must figure out a way to co-habit without killing each other in the process, plus navigating impending parenthood and other roadblocks along the way.

This Chapter:  Loki’s plans to grab the throne have gone horribly awry.  Having been defeated by the Avengers, Loki must now pay for his actions on Midgard.  Rather being throwing in the dungeon to rot, he is sent to live in Avengers Tower and repay his debt to the citizens of New York.  One year later, he is adjusting to life on Earth.  The only things missing would be a love match.  But Loki’s heart is closed to the prospect of falling in love again, much less with a mortal, preferring a string of one night stands and casual sex to a relationship.  A chance meeting with Alexis Randall in a dive bar seems like a perfect opportunity to continue his streak.  

Warnings for this chapter:  Cursing, mentions of the Battle of New York, smut (semi-public vaginal sex), mentions of unplanned pregnancy, drinking.

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Loki’s chains clinked along the stone floor of the Asgard throne room. This is not how he imagined his grand entrance as the new ruler of Asgard, Midgard and the rest of the Nine Realms. Nothing had gone as he imagined, hence the chains.

Odin stared foreboding down at Loki and Thor, who stood by his brother’s side. Frigga was off to the side, her eyes pleading with Loki.

“Hello, Mother. Have I made you proud?”

“Loki, please let your brother speak.” Frigga told her son. “Don’t make things worse.”

“Define ‘worse’.”

“Enough!” Odin voice echoed. “Explain yourself, Loki.”

Loki stepped forward, clicking his heels together before chuckling.

“I really don’t see what all the fuss is about.” Loki commented, a smirk appearing on his face.

“Do you not truly feel the gravity of your crimes?” Odin countered. Thor’s eyes darted between the two of them. “Wherever you go there is war, ruin, and death.”

“I went down to Midgard to rule the people of Earth as a benevolent god. Just like you.”

“We are not gods. We are born, we live, we die. Just as humans do.”

“Give or take 5,000 years.”

“All this because Loki desires a throne.” Odin mused.

“It is my birthright.” Loki grew weary of his father’s games.

“Your birthright,” Odin spat. “was to die. As a child. Cast out onto a frozen rock. If I had not taken you in, you would not be here now to hate me.”

Loki stepped forward, chin lifted. “If I am for the axe, then for mercy’s sake, just swing it. It’s not that I don’t love our little talks, it’s just… I don’t love them.” Loki’s eyes begged for the conversation to end.

“It is only because of Frigga and Thor, you are still alive. I had intended for you to spend the rest of your days in the dungeon, but Thor…” Odin gestured to the tall blond god who stepped forward. “… has convinced me otherwise.”

Loki’s head snapped to glare at his brother.

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