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Timeless: Part 4

Loki balanced the most precious object he had ever come across, in the entire universe, in his arms with caution. He was careful to carry you, careful not to drop you as he made his ascent into the bed chambers the two of you found solace in. It was a place that was neither on Midgard or Asgard, but someplace in between and someplace that was entirely your own.

It was your safe haven, the place where you could meet and be together without fear of the condescending and hateful views of both of your two sides of the coin.

“Don’t wake.” He mumbled, gazing down at you in his arms with such endless devotion and care. “You don’t need to wake.”

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Summary: As the ship was invaded, you knew your time had come. But so had his.

Loki x reader (angst, death)

Word count: 503


You didn’t know how this happened or how they got here, but as dead people laid around you, spread around the ship, you knew the end was near. Oh how right you were, but not just for you.

Thanos is his name, he kept talking about taking all the infinity stones. How there were two on earth and he would get his hands on them. And that is when fear struck you. Loki had offered himself as a guide. You knew he was up to something, and when he looked at Thor and said “I promise you brother, the sun will shine on us again” you were sure.  

Your heart stopped as he held his dagger out, ready to kill Thanos. His body frozen still. Thanos’ mouth was moving, yet you didn’t hear a word.

Tears were pouring out your eyes, glistening like little diamonds all over your face. Loki always told you that if he saved all of your tears, he could buy a new palace with it. Joking around trying to make you stop crying. You were his everything, you are his everything.

And as he looked at you, you knew that he was aware of what was to follow. “Don’t cry my dear, eventually you may forget me. But my dear, you are unforgettable.”

You sobbed loudly, “I’ll never forget you my love”. You kept eye contact with him, even when he had turned so blue it looked like his jotun form. You didn’t want his last seconds to be with you turned away from him. You wanted him to see  the love in your eyes, your love for him.  

But when Thor’s muffled scream made its way to your ears you looked away. You could only  hope death would soon catch up on you, life was not worth it without your love. And as you glanced once more at his body laying there, completely still, you noticed something.

The dagger, the one he tried to kill Thanos with. It was the one you had gifted him on your first anniversary. You had been together for a year and you wanted to give him something special. So when you saw that dagger, you knew you had to give it to him.  

And now, as it laid there next to his cold, death body, you only felt remorse coming over you. More tears leaving your eyes, more sobs leaving your throat. And death not coming fast enough.

But soon they left, Thor and you were freed. The both of you crawled towards Loki, you held him in your arms and Thor held onto the both of you. He put your head against his chest, you were a mortal, he knew he would lose you know as well. So he held onto the both of you as tight as possible. Until the ship exploded, and you took your last breath. The last tear left your eye. And the end had came and took you with it, bringing you back to your love.

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Protection   ( Loki x Reader )


Originally posted by bulletproofaftermath

The raven haired prince… doing something unexpected…

Mentions of Past abuse

Pure Fluff !!!! ( from the prince )


“ Y/N hurry up, we need to get to the store before they run out of my favorite danish “ Loki called from the doorway like an excited puppy ready to go on a walk, you just shook your head at the god of mischief. Though it had been a while since he had acted on his impulses, you still kept a close eye on the raven haired man before you. “ Yes, Yes I apologize for needing pants oh god of impatience “ You said with a smirk as you slid the coat over your shoulders then rushed out the door.

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<div> Pet Names </div>
Why do you call me so many pet names? I mean, I'm fine with it, but why not stick to one? Like "darling" or "my love" or "my queen" or "kitten" instead of ALL of them?
[smirking] Sweetheart, I can't just call you one thing when you're my everything.
[forgets how to breathe]
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Wake up pt. 2

Summary: Explaining how you got here was harder than you thought, but luckily Tony already knew a few things.

Avengers x reader

Word count: 508

Masterlist Wake up Masterlist

a/n Hey guys! Quick question, who do you want y/n to end up with? I’m thinking Bucky or Loki! Let me know what ya’ll think.

“Uh- hello?” Tony said, confusion obvious on his face. “Why did you bring them here Peter?” Steve asked equally as confused as Tony. “Well, uh- I found them passed out in some alley and they didn’t know where they were so I- I brought them here” he explained voice softening towards the end. “And why aren’t you wearing your mask?” Tony asked Peter.

“Because they know who I am!” this caused everyone’s attention back on you. Tony looked at you with one brow raised, “how do you know his identity?” you swallowed, unsure how to say this. “Well, I- uhm" “just spit it out sweetheart” “I’m not from here!”  

This caused silence over the room, “What- what do you mean you’re not from here? Not from America? Or from earth?” Steve asked walking closer to you. “See, I am from earth just not… this one” you said, the end of your sentence being more a question than an answer.  

“I don’t really know how to explain this so just- listen closely” so you began explaining how you were just in your room, watching a movie when you fell asleep and woke up in an alley with Peter. “What movie were you watching?” Tony asked making Sam look at him confused “why would that even matter-” “the avengers”  

Once again silence fell over the room. “You were watching ‘the avengers’? As in us.” “Yes.” “So, you’re from a different reality.” “yes!” “How do you know this Tony?” Natasha asked him confused. “Dr. Strange and I talked about this before- he wasn’t sure if traveling like this was possible but he knew there were multiple realities.”  

“What are we in your reality?” Natasha asked curiously. “Uhm, comic book characters and movie characters? TV-shows are coming now as well!” “So, we don’t really exist there?” you nodded “basically yeah.”

“Well that’s… something” you smiled sheepishly. “I’m assuming you don’t have anywhere to stay while you’re here?” Tony asked stepping closer to you. “Not really no” you answer him making him nod before saying “you’re welcome to stay here y/n” before patting you shoulder.  

“Who’s your favourite?” Sam asked smiling brightly at you. “Jezus Sam” Natasha said before Bucky smacked to back of his head. You smiled looking at the people in front of you. Never had you thought you would actually meet them…

“So, what do you know about us?” Wanda asked smiling at you with curious eyes. “Quite a lot…” “Like Steve your mother’s name was Sarah and you wore newspapers in your shoes” “what-” “Sam I know something you don’t want Steve to know” you told him smiling mischievously. “what?” “I’ll give you a hint, small man, roof-” “alright, alright you can stop there” he said making you laugh.

Peter smiled before asking you “are you hungry?” now that he mentioned it, you were kinda starving. Nodding you follow him towards the kitchen. “How long do you think you’ll stay here?” he asked you making you look at him. “I’m not sure to be honest…” “I guess we’ll see!”





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You said Forever

- Loki x f!reader

Warnings: death, language, Loki dying (because Marvel didn’t put a tw, I’ll do it for you), Thanos (because that bitch is a badboy and we don’t need that shit on here), angst, poorly written because I suck l o k i at writing, possible spoilers on the movie (not on y/n cause she’s, ya know-), mentions of thinking about suicide (but not done).

*please read warnings before you continue*

Synopsis: Loki dies and Y/n just breaks down

Cali’s message: Welcome back again, this is my first angst so don’t bruise it. I thought of it as I watched a very sad Tik Tok video of Thor and Loki growing up together then Loki dying (am I one sick bitch-). Lol, its also like five am and I need to head to school, so I, for legal reasons, “put my heart and soul into this” If you could please show Vincent some love, too? Have a lovely day! And drink water and eat!

Gif credit: @tomkurbikston


Originally posted by tomkurbikston

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-“may the wishes of your heart come true”

It’s nothing like Asgard, but it feels like home.
What exactly about a place made it feel like home?
Was it because it was a festival and they were more open to people?
Was it because it was home to you, so it was home to him?
He didn’t know.
But what he did know was he’d be coming back here with you a bit more frequently.


A/N: Translations are available here



You squeak in excitement for the nth time today and run to the other side of the road. Loki- who’s tagging along- teleports over to you and reclaims your hand in his.

“Could you be careful? I understand your excitement but you won’t be excited for long if you get hit by a car.”

“Loki, it’s fine! Besides, I’m still used to having a third eye when it comes to crossing the street. What can I say? My mama was smart, and so am I!”

Loki chuckles. “You screamed at the airport because you couldn’t find me.”

You roll your eyes. “NAIA’s really big, don’t blame me. Ah, kuya, dalawa pong bente na may sago!- And give me a break, I couldn’t sleep on the flight home- Ha? Ano po? Mainit? Ah, yes po! Thank you po!”

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I can’t believe I lost the whole fucking thing I was writing, it was so good 😭 But anyway, here’s what I can remember of it (I’m so fucking sad, y’all)

if you’re reading this and want me to write something, feel free to send me some headcanons ideas! I’ll be writing those all day!


Originally posted by lokihiddleston

  • It all started in one of those mandatory Avengers parties
  • Someone suggested a game of truth or dare, and even though he didn’t exactly understand the point of it, Loki would never skip an opportunity to know more about you
  • No one knew just how close you two had gotten ever since he arrived on the tower, nor about how you chose to spend your time together

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I lay on the couch in the Avenger’s Tower, the fireplace blazing, a book in hand, white noise on the TV in the background, the perfect end to a perfect day. I had spent my day with Steve, Sam and Bucky, training in the arena outside. I’d just finished it off with a bath and relaxing in pyjamas and fluffy socks.

I hadn’t heard the silent footsteps of my lover, I didn’t hear him calling my name.

I felt someone shake me. “Hm-yeah?” I see Loki looking perfect.

“You seem like your in a good mood.” He smiles, sitting down next to me.

“Well you’re here so.” I chuckle.

“You are the light of my life, Y/n, never had I ever thought I would be here. With you. I love you so much, my darling.” He brings his hands to mine and doesn’t falter his facial expression when looking into my eyes. How I loved his eyes, they switched from a deep lapis to a rich emerald.

It made my heart skip multiple beats, I have nothing but absolute adoration for Loki, my love for him doesn’t have a limit.

“I love you too, my King, one day we shall rule our own planet and you shall be the righteous leader.” I kiss his nose, bringing our foreheads together.

“Only if you rule with me, by my side, forever.” He breathes out, pressing his soft lips to my own. I feel his fingers lacing through my hair, our noses bump every so often during the kiss. His hands travel from my hair to my shoulders, brushing down my arms until they reach my hands. He pulls me closer, I pull out for breath but he captures my lips back into his enchanting hold.

A few minutes later, I’m sure both of our lips are red raw but I didn’t care, I felt pure ecstacy, pure happiness. I’m so thankful I met Loki, he’s my everything.

“I’ll never leave you.” He pants as I look deep into his irises. I kiss his cheek and get up to go to bed. He pulls me back down and puts me on his lap.

“Loki, I’m tired, come on. You can come with me.” I tell him, I hop off him and he immediately followed me.


I lay there, Loki by my side, as he always was. I eventually succumbed to the enchantress of sleep, but not before thinking, again about how much I adore Loki.

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Loki odinson (GIF series)


Originally posted by tomlokixarianastanx93


Originally posted by sourwolf-hale

Imagine going to an asgardian Ball in the palace and catching Loki checking you out

* Y/n enters the ball room with her family, greeted by Odin, frigga and the two princes*

*After some time, Y/n finds herself talking to a group of friends *

*she looks around caring Loki eyeing her*

*He looks away and blushes, Y/n makes her way to the prince*

Y/n : Prince Loki, fancy watching you checking me out. Would you like to have a dance?

Loki : Hmm. I might enjoy it well.

*Loki takes Y/n ‘s hand and lead her to the dancing area*


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Pairing: Loki x Fem!Reader

Written: January 4th-14th, 2021

Posted: January 14th, 2021


Author’s Note: This took me an long, long, time and took me an insane amount of research. My longest imagine to date.

Word Count: 2,072 

House of M Masterlist


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Tragic Back Story

Loki: *reading angels and demons* ‘The most dangerous enemy is that which no one fears’. Ha, now that’s the motivation I need in my life.

Thor: You know they’re talking about the villian, right?

Loki: Yes, but I have a tragic back story. *winks*

Thor: Which is…?

Loki: I was born…..



Thor: Born with what…?

Loki: No, that’s it. That’s the story. I was born.

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The young, freckle-faced lad- his name was Kare, Gaelic for curly-haired; the name was given to him at the orphanage where he grew up- watched as Ingrid left the room, shot a glare his way, then stormed down the other side of the hall.

He chuckled to himself. She must have scared the bollocks out of somebody again.

He had gotten used to it, after nearly thirteen years of his life serving the royal family. There were always girls who were jealous, who wanted the princes’ attention for money, or popularity, or something else he didn’t want to think about.

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Omg ! I don’t think I can reply to every message I received so I’m just going to try and answer your main questions about my stories updates :

PROFESSOR : This story will be updated on Wattpad only, as it systematically gets flagged on Tumblr.

LIE TO ME : This story will be updated on Tumblr. Next chapter is coming soon.

MY NEIGHBOR : This story will be updated on Tumblr. I’m still writing !

OTHER STORIES : I’m really into the #Lokid story I started a while ago. I know people are not as thrilled as I am but, well…

WHEN ? I know it can be frustrating to wait for new chapters. I initially just love writing and don’t give myself deadlines. Thank you so much for reading my stories and texts, it means a lot to me. I will update them as soon as I can. 

Also, I do lack inspiration these days (especially for Professor, My Neighbor). 

So, if you love one of these stories, feel free to send ideas about what you’d like to read in the next chapters.

Love you guys !!!

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Loki: This is frustrating and everyone annoys me

Peter: everyone? :(

Loki: Especially you

Peter: Even me :(

Loki: No. absolutely not. never. why did you think that? god no

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