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#loki laufeyson angst
youlightmeupfinn · 2 days ago
Adore You - Loki x Reader
request: can u do 10&11 with Loki?? Thank u!!
prompt #10: "Leave me alone." prompt #11: "You're not fine. I know you lie every time you say that."
Link to my prompt list
Link to my Loki Masterlist
a/n: thanks so much for the request! I enjoyed this one. there is a bit of angst though; panic attack, talks of death
Tumblr media
The feeling swallowed you and tears pricked at your eyes. Anxiety built within your core and you could feel your walls beginning to close in on you, your breath shaky. Palms were sweaty and you couldn’t shake the feeling. Absent-mindedly, you fought with yourself in your mind over countless situations. For someone who was supposed to be strong, you certainly felt weak at this moment.
You were concealed in your designated room within the tower. New York City was beneath you and even the sight of the horrendous traffic made your head pound. You had just departed from a mission. Once you were stepping off the helicarrier and made it safely into the tower, you whisked past everyone, jerking your gear off and practically tossing it across the room.
“Hey, is everything okay?” You had heard Peter yell, but you ignored him, shutting your door.
You had to be by yourself.
Overall the mission had gone alright, but unfortunately, you couldn’t get to the last person who was in trouble. You had to embrace them when you finally made it, as you watched them take their last breath, one that was entirely a struggle. Being an Avenger, you never wanted to see anyone die. Your mission was to save all that you could, and you took it literally.
This wasn’t the first time somebody had died during a mission and even though it wouldn’t be the last, it never got easier. You swore to be a protector of the public and with each mission, if life was drastically taken, you blamed yourself.
The worst part was when the panic attacks would happen. The only person whom you had truly confided in about your anxiety was Tony because you knew he experienced the same feelings you did. You had walked in many times to see him pacing the floor of the tower, his breathing heavy.
You related to him.
Looking down at your hands, the beads of sweat were collecting. Brushing them across the fabric of your pants. Gulping, that dreaded lump was forming in your head.
“Darling?” You heard his voice. Peter must have grabbed him.
“Leave me alone.” You quickly responded.
Although you never wanted to tell your lover to let you be, Loki knew what you were going through behind the door.
Even though Loki knew the answer, he still asked.
“Are you okay?”
“I’m fine.” You sternly replied, the venom seeping from your voice. Your heart wrenched as you sniffled, your body beginning to give in to the panic attack.
“You’re not fine. I know you lie every time you say that.” Loki responded. He could easily hear you struggling and desperately wanted to open the door, but he knew you had to be the one to open it. He chose to not barge in on you and pretend to be your hero every time your anxiety ensued. Instead, he wanted you to willingly allow him to help you, or at least comfort you the best he could.
As you paced the floor, your breathing grew harder and your chest started to physically hurt. Rubbing against your sternum, you walked over to the door and opened it, knowing what you needed.
Loki was standing there, his oceanic eyes filled with hurt at the sight of you.
“What do you need me to do?” He questioned. He would never simply reach out and grab you. That was an absolute no in the book. You never grab someone who’s having a panic attack, as it can only cause the feelings to be worse. He would only reach for you if you opened your arms, which was his signal to grab you.
And that’s what you did.
Your arms stretched open and Loki quickly grabbed you, holding you to his chest. He shut your door behind him, disclosing you from the people who could be walking through the halls.
“I’m here, love, don’t cry,” Loki whispered, gently brushing his fingers through your hair as you grasped his clothing, tightening your grip on him.
Before you could even realize it, Loki had you two nestled on your bed. Your arms were draped around him. You continued to feel the tears stream down your face, but the shaking soon ceased, and Loki’s fingers were drawing circles into the small of your back. He remained quiet, allowing you to catch your breath as he performed these motions.
Just having your ear pressed against his chest made waves of calm rush over you.
Something about his hold on you was comforting.
And as you finally quieted down and the emotions had come to a final stop, Loki’s lips tenderly pressed into your hairline, his chin nuzzling the top of your head shortly after.
“Thank you so much,” You breathed a sigh of relief, your mind taking a moment to pause for the first time in almost an hour.
Loki carefully pulled back and tucked his finger underneath your chin, forcing your head to tilt. Your eyes locked onto his and he kissed your forehead. You entangled your hand around his wrist that was held to your face and you couldn’t help but smile like a child in his presence. He made you feel alive.
“Did Peter get you?” You couldn’t help but ask. You saw the kid as a younger brother and he most certainly saw you in his eyes as a big sister. He never liked seeing you upset.
Loki chuckled, that mischievous chuckle becoming your answer.
“I’m going to kill that kid,” You laughed lazily, your eyes growing heavy.
Loki shook his head and laid back on your bed, pulling you down with him. Cradling his arm around you, you turned on your side and draped your leg across your boyfriend’s. His frame was massive as he stood much taller than you, so you looked tiny compared to him on your rather large bed.
“He cares about you, just as I do.” Loki smiled, intertwining his hand with yours. “I’m assuming the mission didn’t go too well?”
You sighed, reliving those moments.
“The mission was successful, really. It’s just I didn’t get to everyone. This poor man… died in my arms. Loki, I watched him take his final breath. It was awful.” You sighed to yourself, the feelings of sadness coming back over you.
“Darling,” Loki looked down at you, your head tilting back to stare at him. “At least he was in the arms of the most caring woman I know.” He kissed your temple and you closed your eyes, heaving a sigh.
“I know, but I don’t like seeing anyone die. I want to save everyone.”
Loki smiled sweetly. He adored how caring you were. How you strived to put everyone above yourself while at work. It truly amazed him.
“You are my literal queen.” He hugged you. “You’re selfless, you’re extraordinary, you’re perfect.”
You smiled and softly reached up, pecking his gentle lips with yours.
“I adore you.” He finished off as you pulled away.
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buckyhoney · 2 months ago
the character development of loki is incredible.
he goes from a character so insecure and guarded that he used arrogance and pride as a mask to someone who believes that he is capable of a life beyond pain and suffering.
a life that he is able to be happy and one that is filled with genuine connections with others.
regardless if marvel intended it or not, these series are showing us that in order to become our most powerful self, we need to allow ourselves truly to express our emotions rather than repressing them.
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thighs-of-betrayal-blog · 2 months ago
hey lindsay! hope you're having a wonderful day 💫 i was wondering if i could request something if not that's fine too. maybe a loki x reader set during episode 5 where reader is jealous bc they think loki is in love with sylvie and so they go and pout and president loki takes this time to flirt but tva loki is like absolutely not and he confesses 👀☝️
Not on My Watch
A/N: Hey, love! Thank you so much for this request!! I haven't written for President Loki yet, so I was very excited that you sent this hehe. Also, I hope you’re having a wonderful day too :) 
I hope you all enjoy and as always, feedback is appreciated :) 
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Warnings: Spoilers for episode 5 of Loki, angst/fluff, cursing, mutual pining, President Loki likes to cause trouble (are we surprised?)
Tumblr media
The scene in front of you makes your head throb. Never again will you complain about your Loki. You thought one was bad, but now, with about fifteen other Loki’s standing before you, you’re rethinking everything. 
“What in the fuck-” 
“Greetings, Loki’s!” Loki is standing on an elevated box, his arms outstretched as he gathers the attention of all the variants. Sylvie is standing next to him, her gaze focused solely on his face. 
The scene makes your heart clench while jealousy floods your body. You adore Sylvie, love her even, would do anything to protect her. But recently, you’ve been noticing the little quips between her and Loki, along with the flirty looks that follow. It makes you angry, angrier than you’ve been in a while and more importantly, hurt. You’ve been by Loki’s side for a long time, loving him the entire way and now, a woman you just met is already sweeping him off his feet. 
Loki continues his speech after a quick glance at Sylvie. “Someone is behind all of this and the only way we’ll get to them is through the beast! So, we need your help to distract Alioth, while Sylvie enchants him! What do you say?” 
Cheers erupt around you and you stare in confusion. They’re all committing their lives to help out? Sounds very un-Loki-like. 
“I have full confidence in Sylvie. She’s amazing-”
Rolling your eyes, you zone out on Loki’s speech, not wanting to hear him rant about how perfect Sylvie is. This is how it’s been for weeks now. Sylvie this. Sylvie that. It’s clear he’s obsessed with her at this point, leaving you no room to even try to compete. 
“Well, hello there.” The voice startles you, being you weren’t paying attention to your surroundings. 
Looking to the side, you’re face to face with President Loki, the variant of Loki who’s now leading a group of them. He smiles widely at you, his face scarily resembling your Loki. 
You smile tightly back, the gesture not quite meeting your eyes. “Hi.” 
President Loki extends his hand, an open invitation to introduce yourself. After taking a couple seconds to think it over, you place your hand in his and he squeezes slightly. “Loki.” 
You laugh, a small snort escaping you. “I would’ve never guessed that... I’m Y/N.”
He smirks at you, your sarcasm rubbing him in all the right places. He likes you. 
Across the room, Loki is watching your exchange intently, his eyes narrowed into slits as his hands fist up at his sides. He growls as he sees President Loki run his hand down your arm. 
“Everything okay?” Sylvie asks, confused as to why his whole demeanor changed. 
“Oh, just lovely,” Loki responds, getting more angry by the second. “Just fucking wonderful.”
Heading down the hill, you follow Loki and Sylvie as they lead the group towards Alioth. The plan is to find a safe spot near the beast’s location to regroup before all hell breaks loose. 
Walking beside you is President Loki, his arm continuously touching yours with each step. 
Loki glances back to watch the two of you, his mouth set in a tight line as anger emanates off him. 
“What’s wrong with you?” Sylvie asks before following his line of sight. “Ah, I see. You’re jealous.” 
“That’s ridiculous. I’m not jealous,” Loki mutters, his eyes never leaving you. 
“Yeah?” Sylvie asks. “Then why is there magic coming out of your fingertips? I think someone wants to blast a certain someone far far away.” 
Loki looks down at his hand, the green hue of his magic floating in the air. He scoffs, turning his attention back to the ground in front of him and continues walking. 
A few feet away, back with you, President Loki starts talking. “So sweetheart, where will you go after all of this is over? I hope somewhere with me.” 
You chuckle at his flirtatious attempts. He goes after what he wants. That, you can respect. You, on the other hand, could never expose your deep feelings for your God of Mischief, the man who’s standing in front of you now, non-stop chatting with Sylvie beside him. Of course it’s her. She’s beautiful in every single way. But still… Why couldn’t it be you?
“You’re planning really far into the future now. What if we don’t even survive our plan?” 
President Loki’s tongue pokes out to wet his bottom lip and you watch, the act meant to be innocent but with him, you know it’s dangerous. He smirks as you continue to stare. “You act like I’d let something happen to you.” 
Tilting your head to the side, you study him. “And, why me?” 
He chuckles, his voice dark. “Because I know when there’s something good in front of me and you, sweetheart, are delectable.”
Those words are spoken loud and honest, and as they drift up to Loki’s ears, he stops in his tracks. 
“This is a good place to stop!” Loki yells back to everyone. 
Was the spot exactly where he wanted? No. But, would he continue to walk as another version of him flirts with you mercilessly? Fuck no. So, this will have to do.
“You should all split into groups of two to distract the beast, while I try to enchant it,” Sylvie says, confident in her abilities. 
You nod your head in agreement. Any plan was better than nothing. 
President Loki moves closer into your side, wrapping his arm tightly around your waist. “If that’s the case, I’ll pair up with this one here.” 
If looks could kill, President Loki would be dead on the ground in seconds. Loki snarls, his eyes shooting daggers into the arm wrapped around you. When he finally speaks, his voice is low. Menacing. “Absolutely not. Y/N’s with me. And, that’s final.” He stares at President Loki, daring him to fight back.
In response, President Loki shrugs his shoulders and removes himself from you. “It was nice to meet you, beautiful.” He winks at you before walking off. 
Loki grabs your hand and drags you over to a secluded area, away from any prying eyes. 
Ripping your hand out of his, you cross your arms over your chest. “What the hell was that?” 
“What was what?” 
“Oh, don’t play dumb. You know what I’m talking about.” 
You’re pissed and he knows it. How dare he act possessive as soon as another person makes an attempt on you. It’s frustrating and confusing. He wants Sylvie, so what could possibly be the problem? Your thoughts are jumbled, trying to piece together what the hell is happening. 
Loki sighs, his hands on his hips as he stares out to the side. As he speaks, his eyes don’t meet yours, this feeling of intimacy making him nervous. This is what he does: puts up an indefensible wall so no one can come in and hurt him. 
“You’ve been by my side for a while now. Why is that?” 
Confused, your eyebrows scrunch together. “What do you mean? We’re friends.” 
Turning his head, he finally meets your stare and his face says everything. “No one ever sticks around.” 
Tears gather at the corner of your eyes and you can’t help yourself as you tightly wrap your arms around him, burying your face into his chest. 
His arms act on reflex, tightening around your body and pulling you even closer, his head resting on top of yours. 
“I’m not good at this,” he whispers into your hair. 
Pulling away, you stare up at him. “Not good at what?” 
His hand moves to cradle your cheek, caressing your skin gently with his thumb. “Expressing how I feel about you.” 
Gasping, your heart clenches at his words. “And, how exactly do you feel about me?” 
Loki breathes out deeply, nerves running through him. He’s scared. Scared of fully giving his heart to you and then losing you. The thought is unbearable. 
“A moment hasn’t gone by where you aren’t on my mind. You drive me crazy. You’re invasive and it frightens me how well you truly know me. You know me better than anyone else and yet, you still pick your way further inside. I’ve given up on stopping you because secretly, I love it. I love when you pick away because it shows how much you care and I’m not used to receiving that.” 
A few tears slide down his face, remnants of what’s still possible. He isn’t too far gone. He never was. He’s capable of love, of both receiving and giving it. 
“I love you, darling.” His voice chokes up, getting stuck on the cries that lodge in his throat. “I’ve always loved you.”
Smiling through the tears, you grab his dirt-stained collar, crushing your lips onto his. His lips are soft against yours, moving in sync as if you’ve done this dance together before. His tongue teases your mouth, slipping inside to dominate yours. 
You sigh into the kiss as he pulls away, resting his forehead against yours, heavy breaths mixing into one.
“I love you too,” you breathe out. “And, for the record, I thought you had feelings for Sylvie.” 
Loki backs up, an incredulous look on his face. “Sylvie? Never.” A smirk forms as he ponders your words. “Were you jealous?” 
You scoff. “Please. Not nearly as jealous as you were about your little variant over there.” 
“Ah, I see. You’re in denial. I can accept that.” He pulls you closer yet again, his face inches from you. “I was jealous. Rightfully so. Just look at you. Although, I will say, you have good taste. The man looks just like me.” 
You slap at his chest playfully. “You’re unbelievable.” 
“Guilty of being unbelievably in love with you? Well, you’ve got that one right, darling.” 
You think he’s about to kiss you again until he quickly walks away, pulling you along with him. “I meant it when I said you’re with me.” His eyes are bright, passion swirling inside them. “Because losing you isn’t an option.”
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midgardianweasley · 2 months ago
Hello!! I love your writing and I was wondering if I can get some fluff for Loki? Maybe some ✨sleepy Loki ✨. 😘
hiya love, thank you so much! of course, I hope you like it <3
Back to bed
Loki Laufeyson x reader
Summary: You woke up to a bed without Loki beside you, so there’s no other choice but to look for him, and what you end up seeing, is the cutest.
warnings: none! Pure fluff.
Word count: 1.1k
message/ask if you wanna be added to the taglist!
requests are open <3
Tumblr media
‘it’s a beautiful night tonight’ you thought, waking up from your sleep and looking around the room with half opened eyes. It was still dark outside, the curtains hadn’t been closed fully, allowing you to look through the smallest crack and watch the moon shed some light on the end of your bed where multiple blankets lay.
The sight made you smile softly, remembering when you first started sharing your room with your boyfriend, Loki, and he’d conjured all the blankets he could, fearing that being so close to him during the night would make you too cold. You couldn’t count the number of times you reassured him that you wouldn’t freeze, every argument counteracted with another blanket on the bed. You accepted your fate.
Still laying down, you rolled over to bring yourself closer to your boyfriend, only for your hand to fall on cold sheets. With furrowed brows, you opened your eyes fully now, wondering if he’d just shuffled further away and you merely missed his body. However, when your eyes adjusted properly to the different shadows in the room, it was obvious. He wasn’t in bed.
Instead of closing your eyes and returning to sleep, you forced yourself up and out of bed, quickly grabbing a cardigan that was close by to keep you warm as you went to find Loki, wherever that may be.
You’d checked everywhere. The balconies, the kitchen, the big halls, even the little hidden corners only the two of you knew about and went to if you wanted to be alone. He was nowhere to be found, and it was getting a little cold now, but you didn’t want to go back to your room without him.
Walking around a little more, your footsteps could be heard echoing down hallways, they were quiet, but the slippers you had put on made a slight shuffling sound with every step you took. It had been 45 minutes now, and nothing. You sighed in defeat, wondering if you should just go back to bed and hope for the best. That was until you saw the door you’d stopped in front of. Large brown oak with a shimmer of gold hidden in the engravings, you recognised it immediately, almost kicking yourself for not thinking of it before.
The Library.
Of course! you didn’t know why it hadn’t crossed your mind. With a facepalm, you approached the doors carefully, anxious of making too much noise and causing a disturbance as you open one of the doors and sneak in before closing it behind you, the ‘click’ echoing throughout the room.
It was gorgeous here, it felt like the shelves were endless, filled from top to bottom with old books, some new, some old. You particularly loved the old ones, so did Loki. There have been many nights where the pair of you would sit together on one of the windowsills when it was raining, him sitting behind you while you sat in between his legs and listened to his voice read the words on the page with such a delicate tone.
And the smell. God, the smell. Nothing topped the smell of Loki’s Asgardian leather or his hair, but the smell of the library, of all the pages, it was heaven.
It was much easier to navigate your way in this room, there being so many windows, it didn’t leave much room for darkness. You ran your hand along the spines of the books on the shelves, still keeping an eye out for Loki, but admiring the feeling on your fingertips.
You’d made it halfway down the aisles when your ears tingle slightly, hearing a faint noise within the silence. Attempting to follow it, it gradually got louder with every step, however, it was still incredibly quiet. After a few minutes of following the sound, you found it’s culprit, and your heart grew at the sight.
There he was, at a small wooden table that was tucked away near a window, head reading in his crossed arms as soft snores left his lips. It was difficult to see his face through his long black hair that was going in every different direction possible. Seeing him so peaceful, you hesitated in waking him, but you knew that if he stayed there, he’d really feel it in the morning. So you approached the man, shaking his shoulder gently to wake him, but not to startle him. A muffled groan could be heard, indicating you’d done your job.
“Hmm, what?” He muttered, in a tired daze.
“It’s me love, you fell asleep in the library.”
“The Library?” He rubbed his eyes, similar to how a toddler would when they’ve been woken from a nap, looking around with a confused expression before his eyes landed on you, softening immediately.
“I’m so sorry darling, I must’ve dozed off when i was reading.” His eyes widened, visibly panicking about your reaction and fumbling with his book before grabbing your hands to press kisses on them. A giggle escaped you at the gesture.
“Hey, hey, no, don’t worry my love, I just wanted to make sure you were okay and bring you back to bed.”
He nodded, standing up and gathering his books together before tucking his chair back into the table and taking my hand, intertwining your fingers and slowly beginning to walk back to your shared room, enjoying some whispered conversation along the way.
When you both had returned, you took your cardigan off and returned it to its rightful place, removing your slippers as Loki changed in a shimmer of green, now sporting a loose green t-shirt and green flannel trousers.
You were still a little cold from the walk, especially now without the cardigan which didn’t go unnoticed by the God of mischief as he watched your arms shake slightly, eager to get under the covers and warmed back up. He shuffled into the bed beside you, still sat up a little, puzzling you slightly, you turned around to see why he wasn’t going to sleep. He only smiled at you, reaching out for the end of the bed and bringing a few of the blankets up and wrapping you up in them.
Words could never fully express how much you loved this man, and as he then lay down beside you, wrapping his own arm around you and the blanket, he leaned forward so his lips were right beside your ear.
“I told you that you’d need the blankets.”
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agentofbarnes · 2 months ago
Loki headcanon, after the first time you tell him "I love you" he's just all over the moon for you. He's kinda clingy and always hugging or touching you in a way. And he's so happy to have you and that you feel the same way about him
unconditional love language — loki
au : fire and ice
note || this is so funny to me cause Loki’s reaction is just so awkward cause he doesn’t know how to express love!?!
Tumblr media
Loki wasn’t used to being loved, especially by you. After so long of you telling him you hated him during sex. You had told him a lot that you hated him. So it only felt right that you actual tell him you love him when you felt that way.
The thing was you were both bad at relationship and often you didn’t communicate properly. It was something you were working on. You had other ways of telling each other things about how you cared, like how Loki would crawl into your bed after a long day and you’d play with his hair to relax him or how Loki would trace runes into your skin when you were feeling particularly moody. You knew how to care for each other, but you hadn’t gotten around to confessing your love.
It had been completely random. You were completely pressed against him, naked warm body pressed against his cooled one. It was late, but you both were just basking in each other’s embrace when you blurt it out.
“I love you,”You uttered into the silence, glancing up to find his shocked expression adorable.”You mean so much to me and I’ve trying to figure out a way to tell you because after everything...I just needed you to know that I love you, Loki.” It’s just a huge weight lifted off your chest, love coursing through you with a smile on your face.
He replied with a confused expression, saying quietly,”I’m honored??”
You swear you think you see red, craning you neck back and pulling away from his chest with a frown,”Excuse me?”
“I’m honored you feel that way about me,”Loki had confirmed, making you a scoff. You untangled yourself from his arms, slipping out of bed. You had begun to dress yourself, slipping your panties back over your legs. You hadn’t even put on one of his shirts, and he knows he’s upset you now.”What are you doing?”
“What does it look like I’m doing, Loki?”You replied snidely, glaring at him as you pulled your leggings over your thighs.”I’m going to bed.”
“Get back in the bed.”
“No,”You snapped, sliding your tee shirt back on,”I’m going to my room, I wish to be alone, think you can honor my request?”
“Norns, you can’t be serious now.”
“Oh, I am.”
Loki tried to reach forward to capture your wrists, but flames consumed your hands making him withdraw his own from you. You glared at him with heat, diminishing the flame before rushing out the door with slam.
You locked yourself into your room, trying not to burn everything to the ground with how utterly hurt you felt by his response. He had replied as if it was nothing. He was honored, honored? You scoffed at the thought, falling onto your bed before tossing and turning all night.
When you had awoken, you were a mess. You threw on a pair of leggings and an old shirt from a high school you never actually got to graduate from. It’s not like they made spirit shirts for getting your GED in juvie.
Loki was at the kitchen counter, nursing a cup of tea with a frown.”Good morning, gorgeous, I made you breakfast,”He greeted you, plate organized to look aesthetically pleasing. You narrowed your eyes at him, taking the plate hesitantly.
His hands came around your waist, the affection so open and public unlike what he was usually like. Loki preferred sneaky touches, a hand over your thigh or a small touch on the lower back. This was different.
“Why did you make me breakfast? You don’t cook ever.”You said bluntly,”I’m not sure you’ve ever cooked in your life.”
“Look, about last night—“
“Just forget about it, okay?”You snapped, huffing out trying to calm yourself down.”It was stupid, I shouldn’t have said anything.”
“Love, it’s okay, I’m—“
“Honored, I know,”You sat down beside him at the kitchen island to dig into your breakfast.”I’m serous, just forget it, Lo. It was embarrassing enough.”
Loki sighed out, not sure what to say now. Instead, he just wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your cheek.”Let’s spend the day together, just us, okay?”
You thought about it for a moment. Originally, you had planned to ignore him at all costs, but you decided to the mature thing and move past this mortifying moment of last night.
The entire day was spent with lingering touches and acts of affection. Loki had always been affectionate, but this was next level.
When you sat down to watch one of those movies you love so much, he had pulled you into his lap. He had kissed your shoulder and made comments about what he thought of the film.
Loki had painted your nails green for you, while you painted his black. You had cooked lunch together, and you swear his hands never left your body. He had pressed against your back, telling you about how different Midgard was from Asgard.
It wasn’t until you were back where you were the night before that all that affection had meant something. He had been showering you in it, just as he was now.
His long fingers danced over the warm flesh of your back where your shirt was ridden up, exposing the lower back to him. Loki no longer traced Norse words or runes, but clearly in English, he lightly ran his fingers in the shape of three little words.
I love you.
You felt it now. You realized that he had been telling you all day in his own way that he loved you too. His language was just different, it was pure affection. Just because he couldn’t say it didn’t mean he didn’t feel it. He repeated the motion against your skin multiple times, eyes closed in comfort with you laid out against him.
Loki felt your lips slot against his gently, moving against him slowly and softly before just pulling a few centimeters away.
You smiled at him sweetly with watery eyes and he knows you’ve gotten the message when you look at him with an immense amount love before telling him,”I’m honored.”
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simplystevies · a month ago
man for me
Tumblr media
pairings || james conrad x military!reader
summary || you hated him.. but if you lost him your world would crumble.
warnings || 18+ minors dni, fluff, angst!, mentions of death, guns, mentions of blood, dubcon, public sex, unprotected sex, hair pulling, mouth covering??, dumbification, captain kink??, conrad cums fast.
note || HII TRIN BABY!! i hope i did you justice in this fic <33 @my-divine-death
wc || 1.8k
the field was quiet, which only meant one thing. you turned to see james conrad, you worked with him for ten years. you went to smile, until you saw someone aiming at him from behind.
you shot the man and sighed, throwing your head back. “don’t die on me.” you shook your head. conrad smiled and walked up to you. “i can’t die.” his accent was frustrating.
you rolled your eyes and walked away with him. “you’re a real pain in the ass, conrad.” you said, walking away from him. his chuckle rang through your ears, you could tell he was smirking. “it’s captain, to you.”
you turned to him, aiming your gun behind him and shooting. “it’s not, its really, really not.” you said, throwing your gun behind you. conrad rolled his eyes and shoved you back, throwing you into the floor.
you huffed and stood up. “you’re such a child!” you said, dusting off your ass. conrad turned back to you and sighed. “we’re on an active field.. will you grow up for five minutes, so we can get back to our bunker?”
he was teasing you, you knew he was. but it still had its effect. you scoffed and ran up to him, shoving him down. “loser!” you giggled as you ran away. conrad was quick to get onto his feet and run after you.
you two ran back to the bunkers, loud laughs leaving your mouths. “move, bitch!” you yelled, shoving him into a door. your hands shot to your mouth as you let out a laugh. “jesus conrad i’m so sorry!” you laughed.
conrad got up and dusted himself off, shaking his head at you. “i’ll get you back for that, one day.” he smirked, lifting you up and throwing you onto a table. “ouch! my butt.” you mumbled, sliding off the oddly tall table.
you hummed as you hung your gun up, sitting on your bed. “thank you, for shooting that guy today.” conrad said, looking down at you. you smiled up at him and bit your lip. “i hate your guts, but i don’t think i could ever live without you.”
conrad looked down at you, you could tell he was blushing— even through the massive sunburn. you stood up and looked into his beautiful blue eyes. “i don’t know where i would be without you.”
conrad chuckled and shook his head. “you’d be dead, very dead.” your face got hot and rolled your eyes. conrad gripped your face and smiled. “get to bed, we have a long day tomorrow.”
you nodded and rid yourself of your shirt and jeans, pulling on a t shirt and shorts. “thanks for watching me get dressed.” you smirked, getting into the top bunk.
conrad sighed and got into the bottom bunk. “conrad?” you asked, fumbling with your fingers. “yeah?” he replied. you gulped and sighed. “i wanna go home.” you whispered, squeezing your eyes shut.
before you knew it, conrad was beside you, looking at you confused. “why? i thought you were enjoying this?” he asked, looking slightly disappointed. you shook your head and looked over at him.
“i wanna be able to do something and not be scared that i’m gonna— or you’re gonna die.” you sat up. conrad sighed and jumped up into your bed. “i’m not gonna die, you have my back and i have yours.”
you shrugged and looked down at your hands. “it’s just not the same.” you mumbled. conrad wrapped his arm around your shoulders and pulled you in. “get some rest, you’re just thinking like this because you’re tired.”
you giggled as you ran past conrad, shoving him over as you passed him. “you’re it, loser!” you giggle, gripping your gun tighter. when you didn’t hear a reply you stopped running.
you turned back to see conrad on the floor, his hand gripping his stomach. “conrad?” you chuckled breathlessly. his mouth opened to speak, but his words were stopped by blood dripping from his mouth.
conrad gave you a small smile before shaking his head. “conrad.” you dropped your gun, running to him. you gripped his face and felt tears form in your eyes. “you’re gonna be okay, just stay with me.” you whispered.
tears flooded down your cheeks as you sobbed quietly. conrad’s eyes were glossy as he gripped your face, pouting slightly as a tear fell down his cheek.
conrad pulled out his gun, handing it to you and nodding. “please.” his voice was quiet and hoarse. you shook your head and sat in front of him. “i can’t let you go.” you cried into his chest.
he nodded and took the gun from your hand. “i.. loved—“ conrad started. you shook your head and covered his mouth. “don’t talk, don’t waste your energy.” you mumbled.
conrad chuckled slightly and moved your hand. “i loved you.” he said, taking the gun and pointing it at his head.
the loud bang woke you up. you shot up and tried to grab your breath, sweat dripping down your forehead. you looked over to see conrad sleeping peacefully beside you, his hand on your waist.
you wiped your forehead and sighed, shaking your head. you got up and got dressed, getting ready to go. “hey! you ready to go already?” conrad asked, wiping his eyes.
as much as it hurt to do so, you ignored him and walked out of the small cabin. conrad sat up confused, looking at the door before sighing and getting up himself.
once he got out of the cabin he looked around for you. seeing you with three other men gave him a weird hurt in his chest. he was fine at shrugging it off, until one of the men walked to the field with you.
that was his job, why was another guy doing it? he walked up beside you, smiling down at you. “would you like to play tag?” those words shook your spine.
you remembered your dream, you tagged conrad and he got shot. “no.” you replied plainly, looking up at the man beside you, whose name was steve. conrad’s eyebrows furrowed as he stopped walking.
you always wanted to play tag, why not now? he watched as the man put his hand around your waist. he wanted to shoot his head off on the spot.
that night, while you were walking back to the cabin with steve, you were pulled away. you squealed as you were brought into a dimly lit alley way. all you could see were the shaded details of conrad’s face.
“what’s goin’ on with you?” he asked. you shrugged him off and tried to walk away, he grabbed your arm and shook his head. “you’re not leavin’ till you talk.” his voice was stern.
you looked into his blue eyes, the same ones you watched the colour drain from. “i just saw something that didn’t sit right with me is all.” you shook your head, walking away again.
conrad walked beside you before stepping in front of you. “you walk away from me again and i’ll handcuff you to the lamp post.” he spat. you flinched slightly and nodded.
he shoved you back against the wall and crossed his arms. “now, tell me why you’ve been such a bitch.” he asked. you scoffed and rolled your eyes. “how could i have been a bitch if i wasn’t talking to you.”
“so you admit to ignoring me?” he shrugged. “i didn’t ignore you, i gave you answers just— dry ones.” you mumbled, looking off to the side.
conrad scoffed and shook his head, gripping your face. “i, personally, don’t enjoy you ignoring me.” he snarled, slapping the side of your cheek softly. “now you’re going to give me the answers i want, or i’ll have to force them out of you.”
you rolled your eyes and crossed your arms. “right, that’s it.” conrad said, turning you around. you gasped at the harsh contact of the wall, the new found cold air hitting your ass.
conrad pulled down your thong and slapped your ass. you threw your head back and looked back at him. “what are you doing?!” you squealed. conrad smirked and shook his head.
“getting my answers.” he smirked, unbuckling his belt and pulling down his pants and boxers. his hand wrapped around his shaft, using his tip to rub your clit.
you moaned softly, you’d be lying if you said you hadn’t dreamed of this exact moment where conrad railed you in any and every position. this was a dream come true.
conrad slide his tip inside of you, making you gasp and reach for anything you could grab. your hand reached back and grabbed his hip. “fuck.” you whispered, your head dropping.
“you gonna tell me?” he grabbed your hair, pulling your face to be next to his. you smirked and shook your head. conrad mumbled a small ‘fine’ before thrusting inside of you.
you cried out at the burn between your legs as he stretched you out. you pressed your lips together in a tight line as you squeezed your eyes shut. conrad took a few seconds before thrusting inside of you roughly.
your hand squeezed his hip as you almost screamed. conrad’s hand came around and rested on your mouth, muffling your moans. “how about now?” he asked, his thrusts rough and quick.
a tear rolled down your face as you shook your head, enjoying the feeling too much for it to stop. conrad chuckled and pulled your face back. “you’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”
you nodded as you rolled your eyes back, moaning into his hand. “i knew it, a dumb baby like you wouldn’t be able to talk now, hm?” he chuckled. your mind went soft, vision went blurry as conrad hit the perfect angle.
“yes captain!” you moaned, your nails digging into his hip. conrad moaned at the name, feeling himself release inside of you. both of you were in shock as he pulled out, letting his seed drip out of you.
you turned back to him and looked down at his softened cock. “did you just cum.. at the word captain?” you asked. a dark red ran over conrad’s cheeks.
you laughed and shook your head. “oh my god you came at the word captain!” your laugh grew harder. conrad rolled his eyes and covered your mouth. “shut up!” he groaned.
he pulled up his pants and pointed down to yours. you nodded and pulled your own up, looked towards him. “gonna tell me why you were so plain now?” he asked.
you shrugged and looked back at the cabin. “i saw you die, and i was the reason, pushed you away to save you.” you said, walking away from him. conrad shook his head and walked up to you.
“pushing me away will kill me, love.” he said, pulling you in and giving you a soft kiss on the lips. he pulled away with a small smile. you smiled back at him and pulled his face in, kissing him again.
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randominagines · a month ago
Hello! I was wondering if I could request Reader x TVA Loki Where the reader's nexus event was getting pregnant with Loki's baby?
This request was so amazing, thank you! Hope you like this!
Pairing: Loki , Fem!reader
Setting: TVA
Warning: angst, slightly smut, fluff, children loss, violence, blood
P.s. if you find any mistake please correct me, English is not my mother tongue and I want to improve. Reblog, if you can, it helps a lot, thank you💕
P.p.s. gifs belong to the creators.
Tumblr media
Nexus Event
Y/n's day had been already strange enough without a certain God of Mischief creating a real panic all around the TVA. Y/n was minding her own business, trying to rest in her office after another successful mission, when she saw Mobius running like hell through the corridor. He stopped just in from of her and put his hand against the wall, he was out of breath. Y/n chuckled. "Breath or you going to die, Mob." She joked. She didn't use to work with him because she took care of very violent variants, since she was absolutely skilled when it came about hand to hand combat. Mobius rolled his eyes and looked at her. "Have you seen..." He tried to ask but she interrupted him. "The version of Loki you extremely imprudently decided to keep here? No. I just heard he's a pain in the ass, but haven't had the pleasure to see him." She said and Mobius nodded, his hand on his chest. "Okay, I'll go see if he's bothering someone else on this floor." He said and took a deep breath before leaving her office. Y/n smiled. "Don't run too much!" She shouted and heard Mobius chuckling.
Y/n sat behind her desk and gave another look to the mission report she had just written. As soon as she decided it was satisfying, she stood up to take it to Ravonna. She quickly reached the door, but before she could step out of her office, someone pushed her inside and closed the door. "What the..." She whispered, then she raised her eyes from the paper and saw him: of course, Loki. It was unmistakable, every single version of him had that thing that makes you think "oh here he is". Y/n rolled her eyes and was about to punch him in the face, then she noticed his face: he was staring at her like you look at a ghost. His eyes were widened, with a mix of surprise and complete disbelief in them, his mouth opened and his body frozen.
Tumblr media
Y/n frowned and took a step back. "Uhm, you must be Loki." She tried to say, mostly not knowing what to do. He walked toward her, his hand reaching to touch her. "Y/n..." He whispered her name, such a delicacy in his tone. She gasped, not understanding how it was possible that he knew it, then she automatically touched her chest in search for the plaque with her name on the uniform and realized that she had changed after coming back from the mission, so there was no way he could have read her name. She raised an eyebrow. "Do I know you?" She asked while stopping his hand from touching her. She knew that every variant of Loki was good at manipulation and tricks, so she was being extremely cautious. He shook his head, as to wake himself up from some sort of a dream, and stared at her. "Of course you know me, we grew up together." He simply said, as if it was the most obvious thing ever. She tilted her head and raised her eyebrows, he was crazy. "I'm quite sure I've always lived at the TVA, you're mistaking me for someone else..." She said and tried to move him aside to leave the office, but there was something in his eyes that made her hesitate.
He shook his head and grabbed her shoulders: she normally would have immediately attacked him. Her combat reflexes were pretty fast and she used to snap all of a sudden, she didn't know who trained her so good, she couldn't remember. Loki stared at her. "No, you were my best friend." He insisted, his hands squeezing her shoulders. She shook her arms to make him understand that she didn't want to be touched and took a step back. "Aren't you the God of Mischief?" She asked and he nodded, his eyes not able to look away. "Then give me just one good reason to believe what you're saying." She said and crossed her arms over her chest, her stomach instinct telling her that he was not lying.
He did the most unexpected thing: he smiled at her, a sweet, tender and friendly smile. One of those you give to someone you really care about. Her heart skipped a beat, something about his smile was so painfully familiar. "I'm giving you more than one reason. Your name is y/n and you were born on Asgard, you have always been a stubborn little girl, brave and agile, that's why you were trained to become a warrior. You and I met when we were just kids, you used to find me annoying but for some reason, you loved training with me." He said, she shook her head, a funny feeling in her stomach. "Probably because I loved beating your ass." She said, then she widened her eyes. How could she remember such a thing? She couldn't portrait a proper memory in her mind, but she knew that specific detail.
Loki chuckled and nodded. "Yes, you did. Then we started to grow up, you became a part of my brother's closest warriors and we've fought hundreds of battles together, side by side, perfectly in harmony. You were the fastest among us. But that's not the only thing I know about you: you like sunsets, you loved watching the sun disappearing behind the palaces with me, while we were sitting on the roofs. You hate waking up early in the morning, you did that with pleasure only when you had to train," he started to list, his hand slowly reaching again to caress her. She was motionless, her body tensed as she realised that he knew an awful lot about her. "You hate when people tell you what to do, you feel oppressed. You always used to say that you hated parties but you ended up drunk and enjoying every single one of them. You adored my brother, he was like a brother to you too, but you've always been the only person who preferred me. You used to say you saw something in me that you couldn't properly explain, but that made you believe that there was so much more in me than what I used to see. You've stood by my side since the day we met and when I lost you..." He tried to say but his voice was shaking. His hand finally caressed her cheek. Y/n gasped, her chest stopping while she held her breath: his touch was somehow familiar, his long fingers traced her cheekbone perfectly and his eyes, the way he looked at her, with a mix of the deepest pain and the the most reassuring kind of tenderness, made her want to cry.
He had watery eyes. "The day I lost you, something in me changed. You disappeared out of the blu. We were fighting side by side, another battle we started only because Thor was too much of a hothead to keep it cool. You were watching my back, as you always used to do but you were tired that day, uncommonly dizzy. It was not like you, maybe it was just a bad day, but you got stabbed," he said and flinched, the memory still vivid in his mind. "We took you back to Asgard, I remember your blood soaking your clothes and my hands all covered in it. You were pale but I vividly remember that you were so incredibly gorgeous anyway. Thor immediately warned Frigga." he said and she gasped, a hand running to her chest. "Your mother." She whispered, the origin of the total awareness she had about that information once again surprising her. He nodded. "She immediately commanded to take you to her chambers to try and save you with magic, but in the moment I left you with the guards and they carried you away, you simply disappeared. We've been searching for you for three years. I turned Asgard upside down, travelled to every planet possible, asked the help of wizards, powerful people, Gods and even Midgardians with specific skills to find you. It was like you never even existed: my brother, my mother, my father... No one remembered about you. But I never forgot you, because..." He tried to say, a tear running down his cheek. His hand tenderly travelled from her cheek to her neck, his fingers behind her head. She felt shivers down her spine, her body melting under his touch. He stared at her. "Because I loved you. You were mine and I was yours. I never stopped thinking about you and now that I see you, now that you're not a dream, a fantasy, a ghost from my past, I realize that I still love you." He concluded, his voice a whisper and his eyes staring at her like she was a gift, a blessing, a true salvation.
Tumblr media
It took y/n a moment to process all of that, then she stumbled back. Her legs felt weak, so much she had to lean on her desk. There was something in his voice, his touch, his way of looking at her that was triggering something inside of her. She slowly looked at him and took a deep breath. "You said I was stabbed," she said, he nodded. "Where?" She asked while walking to him again. He slowly put a hand on her shoulder, his fingers grabbing the hem of the collar of her shirt. She held her breath while he slightly pulled it down, revealing a barely visible scar on her skin, a long but thin mark left by a knife travelled from her collarbone to her chest. He didn't even look at it, his eyes were still stuck into hers. "Here." He said before his finger traced the scar, his touch delicate as if he was afraid to hurt her.
She gasped, tears running down her cheeks while he stared at him. "How do I know you're not tricking me?" She asked, her voice was shaking. He covered her scar with thoughtfulness and wiped her tear away, his eyes reassuring. "I suppose you'll have to trust me, as you've always done." He said and she widened her eyes. The way that man was completely sure of what he was saying left her speechless. She knew, deep down, that something had always been off about the whole TVA situation: she couldn't remember her childhood, her adolescence, nothing about how she learnt how to fight, she had no clue about her family at all, she never had proper friends either. She shook her head and felt her stomach twisting. "If you're telling the truth, then I'm... A variant, just like you." She concluded, her voice becoming a whisper.
Loki tilted his head and raised an eyebrow. "What did you think? That three magic lizards made you? You're so much smarter than this, Pet." He said. She frowned. "Hod did you just call me?" She asked and he chuckled, his cheeks getting a bit pink. "That's how I used to call you." He simply said while scratching the back of his head and she nodded. She didn't know how, but she knew that. She sat on her chair and exhaled. "If the TVA seriously took me, then I must have caused a nexus event. I need to find out what was it." She said and took her TemPad, her fingers moving fastly on it. Loki frowned while she opened her own file: of course there was nothing on it, nothing relevant at least. The information about her were only related to her as a TVA agent, nothing about her birthplace, family, friends, personal matters or stuff like that. Loki puffed. "Of course..." He said and she quickly stood up, her body tensed. "Stay here." She commanded and he nodded, his eyebrows raised. "Where are you going?" He asked and while she walked to the door. "To borrow Ravvonna's TemPad." She said and winked at him. For a moment, he saw her again: his childhood best friend, his one and only partner in crime, the only person who understood him since the beginning, the only one who ever made him believe that he was worthy of love. His heart skipped a beat and he shook his head. "Perhaps, you mean steal?" He joked and she shrugged. "Don't judge me." She said before leaving the office.
Loki couldn't stop walking up and down the office, his hands behind his back and his stomach twisted. He couldn't believe she was alive, she was there, exactly where he was too. He felt like there was something amusing in the fact that, with a whole universe, infinite timelines, he ended up in the same place where she was. He softly chuckled, his head shaking as he sat on her chair. Suddenly, y/n opened the door and quickly ran inside, she closed the door and enthusiastically showed him the TemPad. "Don't ask me how I got it and why I told Mobius that I was keeping you here to interrogate you. He almost considered the idea to prune me but I managed to obtain a couple of hours with you." She said and he chuckled, his smile mischievous. "So, let's see if I was lying." He provoked her and she nodded while sitting on her desk and invited him to do the same. Loki positioned next to her and noticed that her hands were shaking while she squeezed the TemPad. He took her hand in his. "Hey," he called her. Y/n raised her head to look at him while he caressed the back of her head with his thumb. "It's okay, I'm here." He comforted her. She nodded and took a deep breath before searching for her file. "Here it is." She whispered and pressed play.
The imagines on the small screen showed her as a kid, y/h/c hair tied in a ponytail and small hands playing with toys made of wood. She couldn't be older than five years, a woman was caressing her head while staring at her with love. Suddenly, the little girl stood up and ran outside: Asgard was shining in the sunlight, with its golden palaces and the clear water of the waterfalls around. The little y/n ran to a three, her laugh filling the air while she climbed on the branches, her hands carefully squeezing the wood to avoid falling.
Suddenly, the scene changed: she was probably around ten, her hands behind her back while she was standing in line, next to other girls and boys like her, in front of Odin. He was talking to them, telling them that the real strength of a king comes from his people. The little girl looked at him, her eyes filled with wonder while he explained that their training was going in the best of the way and they were ready to follow the veterans in small and quite safe missions. Y/n laughed and turned her head to look at the person next to him: an equally young Loki smiled at her, his black hair flying in the wind and his blue eyes showing how excited he was too.
"That's..." y/n whispered, her hands squeezing the TemPad and her eyes travelling from the small device to him. Loki nodded. "That's me, yes." He concluded. Y/n looked at the display again.
The scene was different once again: this time, y/n was a teenager, her body looked more mature and even her attitude showed that she had abandoned her childish aspect. She was fighting against an adolescent version of Loki, his hair slightly curly and his movements fast. He dodged a punch from her and smirked. "You're fast, Pet," he said and tried to hit her, she lowered her head but he managed to kick her and send her to the floor. "But not so fast," he concluded and reached his hand to hel per standing up. She shook her head, her eyes rolling while he took his hand. As soon as she was back on her feet, she immediately started fighting again: Loki was taken off guard and she managed to make him fall, her body immediately moving on the top of his to immobilise him. She put her knee on his arm and blocked his other hand with hers, then she grinned at him. "You easily get distracted, Lo." She teased him and he puffed, his chest raising and lowering pretty fast. He looked at her. "Okay, you won." He surrendered and she smiled, her head leaning forward to press a quick kiss on his cheek.
Y/n gasped, her mouth parting. "We were close." She said and her fingers almost caressed the TemPad. Loki nodded. "More than how you can remember." He said.
A new scene started: in this new scenario, she was a woman. Her hair were braided, small flowers tangled into her locks, and she was wearing a beautiful Asgardian dress, the fabric was pastel blue and it fitted her perfectly. She was wearing precious bracelets all over her arms and she looked nervous. She was sitting on a roof, her knees at her chest and her hands caressing them. Suddenly, someone sat next to her: she raised her head and saw Loki, he was all dressed up too, his elegant royal clothes making him look handsome. He sweetly smiled at her while brushing a lock of her hair behind her ear. "Pet, what are you doing here? There's a feast you have to attend." He said, his voice soft. She shook her head and stared at the sun setting, her skin looked like it was made of diamonds under the sunlight. "I'm nervous, I wish mum and dad would still be here." She confessed while chafing her hands on her legs. Loki nodded and put an arm around her shoulder. "They would be proud, you're about to achieve what you've always wanted, or no?" He asked while caressing her arm. She rested her head on his shoulder and nodded. "Yes, being a warrior is what I want. I'm just nervous because as soon as your father will make me part of the royal guard I..." She tried to explain herself, then she exhaled. "It's just, I don't want to disappoint him, or your mother, or you..." She concluded while raising her head to look at him, her eyes filled with concern. He put a finger under her chin and smiled at her. "You will not disappoint them and you never disappointed me, not once in my entire life, I promise, Pet. You're amazing and you were born for this, I've never seen anyone fighting like you, so don't worry. Everything will be okay and I'll always be next to you." He said, his fingers tracing her cheekbone. She took a deep breath and nodded, her eyes watery. "Thank you, Lo." She thanked him, her voice soft. He shook his head and tenderly pinched her cheek. "This what best friends are for." He said and she bit her lower lip, her hands nervously playing with her bracelets. "Lo, I know we're best friends, but..." She tried to say. He frowned, his head tilting and his heart beating faster. He had no idea what she was about to say. Y/n took a deep breath, her chest raising while she looked torn, then she did the most unexpected thing: she kissed him, her lips crushed on his. He froze, his eyes widened and his arms raised, but that was just for a moment: he then closed his eyes and kissed her back, his hands placing on her hips while he pulled her closer. His tongue traced her lower lip to demand entrance and she opened her mouth, her hands running through his pitch black hair. She smiled between a kiss and another. "I've been wanting to tell you for so long..." She whispered, her lips on his. He caressed her back, his long fingers delicate. "I can't believe it, we've been having feelings for each other without saying a word." He said, his chuckle soft. She widened her eyes and gasped. "You have feelings for me too?" She asked, unbelief showed in her eyes. He laughed and gently caressed her lower lip. "Isn't this obvious, Pet?" He asked and she laughed, her eyes shining with pure joy while she threw her hands on his shoulders.
Tumblr media
The scene changed one more time: they were laying in a bed, Loki's body under y/n's. Their fingers were interlocked while she slowly moved on the top of him, their bodies completely naked. She softly moaned and he left one of her hand to caress her hip, his fingers digging in her skin. She lowered her head to look at him, her eyes filled with lust and he smiled. "This must be what Heaven looks like." He whispered while flipping her on the bed, he layed her down with kindness and kept thrusting into her. She crossed her legs around his lap and pulled him closer to kiss him. "I love you, Loki." She whispered out of breath, her nails slightly scratching his back. He bit her lower lip, his eyes never leaving hers. "I love you too, y/n."
Y/n suddenly turned off the TemPad, her hands shaking and her cheeks vividly pink while she stood up. She brushed her hair while nervously walking up and down the office. "We were having sex..." She said, then she suddenly stopped and stared at him, her eyes watery. "No, we were making love." She concluded, her voice a whisper. Loki nodded and slowly stood up, his hand caressing her cheek while he looked at her, his eyes bittersweet. "You used to say that we were bounded by something you couldn't even manage to explain to yourself." He said, his voice soft, cautious, as he wanted to make sure she was ready to hear it. She shook her head and took the TemPad, her fingers clicking play again. "I must see the Nexus Event." She said with determination. Loki stepped next to her as the scene started again.
This time, she was being carried by Loki. She looked small in his arms, with her pale face and drops of sweat on her forehead. Loki was looking at her, his eyes filled with tears while he ran toward two guards. "Take her to my mom's chambers. NOW!" He shouted while they took y/n. He gave one last kiss on her forehead, his eyes staring at her. "Don't worry, I'm not letting you go." He said, his voice shaking. Y/n sweetly smiled, her hand completely covered in blood was pressed on her chest. "I know, babe." She said with effort, her voice a whisper and her eyes slowly closing: she was in pain. Loki smiled and quickly turner to call his mom, while she disappeared in the corridor with the guards.
"That's the last time I saw you." Loki whispered while squeezing her hand. She nodded and instinctively caressed his cheek, the most spontaneous reaction she could ever have. "Now we're going to find out what happened." She said.
The scene showed the guard carrying her and Frigga, Thor and Odin appearing, their figures moving fastly. "Quick, we must be quick." Frigga said while caressing y/n's forehead. Thor frowned. "Where is Loki?" He asked while holding the hammer, Odin shook his head. "He is too upset, I commanded him to take a moment to calm himself before coming, she needs peace now." He said, his voice deep. Thor nodded. In that exact moment, a portal opened and three TVA agents appear, Ravonna between them. "Here they are." She said, her voice calm. Frigga frowned and raised a hand. "Who are you, strangers?" She asked, but they didn't answer. Instead, they simply placed a decide on the floor and pressed a button on it: the timeline cleaned, the reset made them all disappear. Except for y/n, of course. "Take her." They said and lifted y/n. They crossed the portal, y/n still had her eyes closed when they layed her down on a bed in the informatory. "She almost caused a new timeline." Ravonna said while two doctors ran to her to cure her. "What did she do?" One of the agents asked, her head tilting. Ravonna crossed her arms over her chest. "She got pregnant and that's Loki's child." She said.
Y/n and Loki both gasped, their bodies freezing and their heads turning toward each other to exchange a look. They both looked surprised, the complete shock of that information making them flinch.
"Oh my... What are we going to do with the baby?" The agent asked and Ravonna shrugged. "I don't know, this was not supposed to happen. The baby shouldn't be even here." She said, she sounded uninterested. In the meantime, the doctors who were working on her both looked at Ravonna. "Ravonna, the baby is dead." They said, making it sound like it was the most natural thing ever. Ravonna sighed but nodded. "I suspected that. She has lost too much blood, not to mention the fact that she was kicked after she was stabbed. Reset her mind and make her an agent." She said and the doctors agreed. She then quickly used a device to reset the three agents's mind too and invited her to leave the room. The doctors placed the device in front of y/n's forehead and erased her previous life too. In that moment, the TemPad shout down.
For a whole minute, nor Loki neither y/m managed to say a word. They both stayed still, their eyes lost in space and their breaths irregular. Loki shook his head, his eyes filled with tears and anger.
Tumblr media
Y/n was the first to move. "They took everything from me." She whispered, her voice filled with anger. She violently threw the TemPad against the wall and screamed, tears running down her cheeks. Loki immediately grabbed her and hugged her, his arms wrapping her as she started to son. He held her tight, his lips on her head. "I know, I know..." He whispered while she cried, her hands squeezing his shirt. He caressed the back of her head and looked at her. "I'll make them pay for this, I promise." He said while cupping her face. She looked utterly sad, completely broken, so much that Loki's stomach twisted. "I hate seeing you like this." He said and gently caressed her cheek. She sobbed. "We had a life, a relationship, a baby..." She cried, her words hitting like proper fists. Loki took a breath, his hands shaking. "I know, Pet, I loved what we had." He said and hugged her, his arms holding her while she kept crying. His fingers gently ran through her hair. "I'm sorry, you didn't deserve this. I love you, I'll take you away from this place." He said and she wiped her tears away, then she looked at him. "We must leave the TVA. I'm not going to let them hurt you, I'll help you escape. We need to talk to Mobius about this and keep quite while we play it cool, at least untill we don't have a real plan to escape." She said, sadness leaving and making a room for determination. Loki frowned. "Can we trust Mobius?" He asked while looking at her. She nodded. "He's the only person here we can trust, believe me." She said and he nodded, his fingers on her cheeks. "I trust you, and if you trust him then I trust him too." He said and she nodded, her hands caressing his chest.
"If it wasn't for you, I woul still be trapped her, unaware and alone..." She said and shook her head, he put a finger under her chin and stared at her. "You are not alone anymore, I love you." He whispered while resting his forehead against hers. She took a breath. "I think I love you too, I don't remember falling in love with you but there's something inside of me that tells me that we are truly bounded by something I'm not able to explain," She said while caressing the back of his head. "But the baby..?" She whispered and suddenly become sad. Loki shook his head. "I'm sorry, I had no idea... We'll make them pay for this too." He said and she nodded, her stomach twisting because of what she had lost. She looked at him. "Let's go talk to Mobius." She said but he grabbed her hand and caressed the back of it. "Wait..? Can I kiss you?" He asked softly, his voice hesitant but his eyes filled with desire. She bit her lower lip, her eyes stuck into his. Then she slowly leaned toward him, her lips barely touching his. "I think we have shared so much more than kisses, Loki, so yes, I think you should kiss me now." She said. He smiled, he didn't want to waste more time, and he crushed his lips on hers and for a moment they were in Asgard again, and nothing bad ever happened, like she had been never taken away from him.
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glacial-snowflakes · 24 days ago
Loki: It should've been me...
Y/N: Loki... *placing their hand on his shoulder*
Loki: Don't "Loki" me. He doesn't deserve this.
Y/N: Your father-
Loki: My father will never think I'm worthy. I'm nothing in his eyes. Nothing.
Y/N: My love, please...
Loki: I SHOULD BE THE KING! *yelling, visible darkness in his eyes*
Y/N: *flinching and backing away with tears in their eyes*
Loki: Even you think I'm a monster. You're scared of me. *looking at you, breathing deeply, his voice full of anger*
Y/N: It's not true... I- *shaking their head, unable to say anything, tears rolling down their cheeks*
Loki: I see. *leaving their chamber, loudly slamming the door*
Part 2
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nev3rfound · 2 months ago
think of me as a friend : l.l
you've healed Loki many a time as a healer within the avengers. however, you can't help but notice one thing about Loki; that his heart is broken. (1.5k)
masterlist / permanent taglist / etsy shop - requests open!
requested: yes by @woah-there-partner , thank you for the request angel i am honoured to write more about loki! warnings: mentions of details from the avengers, messed up timeline ?
Tumblr media
"Great, another babysitter I take it." Loki huffs loudly, sitting down inside of the cell as you emerge from the shadows.
"Less of a babysitter," Ignoring the shakes in your tone, you step closer to the window of the cell, meeting the God once again in less than fortunate circumstances. "more of a friend." You half-smile.
Shaking his head, Loki rises to his feet and approaches the glass to stand directly in front of you. "You aren't a friend of mine, you're with them." He motions to the others across the compound, all conspiring against him with the help of his brother.
"You know that isn't strictly true, Loki." You remain composed, keeping your hands glued to your sides to hide the slight tremors running through them. "We've been through this before."
"Yes, I remember." He disguises the shudder coursing through his body at the memory of being thrown around like a ragdoll by the Hulk, but remembers the delicacy of your hands hovering over his body, helping to heal him.
Buried on the floor, Loki can feel every bone in his body is bruised, some potentially broken. "Ow." He mutters, fully aware of everyone's presence in the room as he tries to sit upright, only to hiss loudly.
"Stay down," Your voice stands out amongst the others.
"I won't obey orders from a mere midguardian." Loki scoffs before clenching his jaw as he attempts once again to move, unaware of your hand reaching out and the sudden warmth flowing through his body.
Opening his eyes, Loki's face focuses on you leaning mere inches in front of him. Your eyes flutter, but he can see your cheeks warming as he sighs in relief at the pain alleviating.
Loki watches carefully whilst your hands wander across his broken body, how everyone respects your space and allows you to work without distraction. Even Loki refuses to object to the actions, silently admiring the glow from your palms resulting in his torn flesh piecing itself back together without sign of any injury, to begin with.
"He healed up, nightingale?" Tony speaks up, and your eyes slowly open.
Allowing yourself a second to flash Loki a smile, he wishes he could react before you stand up uneasily.
You lose your balance momentarily and Thor reaches out, helping you compose yourself. "Thanks." You mutter to the God of Thunder, flashing a gentle smile Loki knows will never be aimed at him.
"You're a healer?" Loki questions as he rises to his feet, immediately met with Thor stepping forward to one side whilst Tony guard the other, trapping him between the pair much to his disdain.
"Yes." You answer curtly, now able to support your own weight.
"And you chose to side with these people?" A scoff escapes Loki's lips, one he partially regrets at the sight of you lowering your gaze to the ground.
"At least I save lives that you and others alike try to destroy." You comment, now staring straight through Loki as Thor grips his arm, slapping a cover over his mouth before he can dare say anything else.
Yet, despite being silenced, his eyes follow you closely with curiosity as you all enter the elevator.
"It doesn't matter," Loki tells you. "that you healed me once,"
"Three times, actually." You correct, knowing he wishes to forget his second trip to Earth with Thor, and the time Thor accidentally took you to Asgard. "But who's counting?"
Rolling his eyes, Loki steps away from the glass. "Why did you come and see me, Y/n?"
"Because there's something about you, Loki," You start, unsure where your sentence is heading whilst your brain still configures the rest.
"My mischievous ways? The fact I want to rule the nine realms?" He lists, but you shake your head.
"I noticed it when I healed you the first time, in the old Stark Tower," Pausing, you notice Loki tensing as he picks up the book on his bed, flicking through the pages in an attempt to seem unphased. "I healed you, but, there was one thing I couldn't heal."
Loki averts his attention from the book, sparing you a glance. "And what was that, Nightingale?" He mimics Tony, the infamous nickname you've doted over the years of your time with the Avengers.
"You've got a broken heart." The words are barely a whisper leaving your lips, and even through the thick pane of glass Loki can hear you.
A breathless laugh sounds from the God. "Dear Y/n, there isn't a heart in me to be broken." He remarks, still keeping his attention to the book rather than your way.
"Everyone has a heart Loki, you know, that vital organ that pumps blood or whatever it is in you round your body." Loki tries to hide the smile threatening to form at your quick wit. "Who broke yours, Loki?" You ask delicately.
"No one," He spits, turning back to face you and throws the book to the window, wishing to see you cower.
Yet, you remain composed, stood before him. "Was it a lover? A friend, an enemy?" You enquire further, seeing him suddenly riled up like a caged animal.
"Why must you know?" He barks, now looking you in the eyes.
"Every broken heart deserves to heal, Loki. Even the one of a tormented God." Quietly, your sentence hangs before Loki.
His heavy breathing slows until his shoulders no longer rise and fall rapidly. His breath no longer clouds the screen between you both, allowing him to settle.
"So," You start. "now that your temper tantrum is over, wanna try again?"
Taking a seat, Loki nods still amazed a mere midguardian wishes to challenge him. "Not as if I have any other means of keeping myself entertained in here." He brushes it off, listening to you clear your throat and quickly grasp a hold of your side. "You're injured." He points out as you take a seat.
"Thank you captain obvious." You mutter.
"Why don't you just heal yourself?" He obviously asks, listening to you chuckle. "Or didn't you think of that just yet, with that tiny brain inside of your skull?"
Rolling your eyes in response, you cross one leg over the other, easing the weight on the right side.
"I like to remind myself that I'm only human sometimes. That pain is a part of living." You explain nonchalantly, not wishing to delve any further. "But that's beside the point, we're here to talk about your pain."
"Great," Loki mutters sarcastically. "so, my broken heart."
"Your broken heart." You comment back. "Why aren't you willing to let it heal?"
Loki hums before leaning forward, resting his arms across his thighs. You mirror the action, suppressing the swear that wishes to pass your lips at the movement.
"It reminds me that I'm a God." He tells you. "And that even us Gods can be heartbroken."
"No," You respond, shaking your head.
"No?" He repeats, and this time you nod.
"I don't buy that." A laugh ghosts your lips, and Loki remains poised. "Someone caused this, didn't they? You were quick to deflect when I asked earlier."
"And why are you so quick to make that assumption, Y/n?" Loki raises a brow to you and slowly your smile drops and internally, your heart does too. "Someone brokes yours, didn't they?" He can feel anger course through his body as you nod, now opting to stare down at your lap.
"It was a long time ago, but it's never healed fully." You explain. "But I know how it feels."
"It," Loki speaks up, still unsure why he's finding himself being so honest and open with you. But deep down he knows exactly why as the two sides of his brain fight for ownership of his feelings and the strings that hold his heart together. "it's unrequited love."
"Ah," You mumble, now looking up to see Loki still focusing on you. "and you're certain it's unrequited?" You can't help but bite your lower lip, feeling your heart starting to hammer in your chest as Loki's lips part, but words fail to follow. "Have you asked them?"
"No," Loki states with a half smile. "but I know they would never feel the same." He rises to his feet, retreating from the window and toward the book he previously threw.
The doors to the visitor's entrance opens, and a guard appears. "Miss Y/n, visiting hours are now over." He instructs, hands firmly grasped on a gun.
"Okay, thank you." You quietly respond, brushing your hands over your lap. "You should tell them, Loki." You call out, despite Loki's back now being turned. "You never know what could happen." You mumble, following the guards lead.
With a heavy thud, the doors close and Loki allows his shoulders to sink, hoping you'll return so you can help heal his heart.
t a g l i s t (thank you for the support!) link in my bio and at the top of this piece to add yourself☺️(if your user isn’t tagged, it’s because nothing comes up sorry!)@bissstuff @psychicforest@lourightm@mywinterwolf@justsomedreaming @stanlux17 @smokeandnailz @supermoonchildbroski @xrosegoldwolfx@courtneychicken@marvelsangels@supraveng@tommy-lee-81@smilexcaptainx@fandom-princess-forevermore@sarge-barnes-sir@pleasantlysecretdream @decaffeinated-fangirl @howdyherron @kirby-boo @florencxs@eldahae @handmesomecoffee @hi-my-name-is-riley @dev1lbella @thanossexual @alissaginger @sambucky8@notbrooklynsblog @nikkixostan @cosmiccaptian @adoreyou976@sarcasticallywitty15 @multi-fandom-princess07 @16boyfriends-and-me @courtneychicken @mackevanstan80 @torchwoodoctor @pleasantlysecretdream @yougottalovefandoms @magicalxdaydream@soccer-100000 @tenaciousperfectionunkown @talksoprettyjjx @btsonthedaily @jessyballet @katiaw2 @buckyswildflower@lucrea @weenersoldierr @katiaw2 @lucrea @amelia-song-pond @bluelakeee @dottirose @emilytheukuleleplayer @5-seconds-of-mendes @rudystilins  @bookfrog242@wild-rose-35@fleurlovesbucky@iiclarixa @soldierstucky@twinerd14@lieswithoutfairytales@ateliefloresdaprimavera@teenwonder@weenersoldierr@nobody-will @ilikemypolarbear @rottenstyx @original-in-itself @sebby-staan @bbl32 @lyoongx @iilwjbb @siriuslyslytherin @chazubagi @youngmarveltastypersona @iamninaannaisreading @marry-me-calum-hood @original-in-itself @clownerlyluv @emilyprentisslittlewhore @amelia-song-pond @buckleyx @jesuswasnotawhiteman @hallecarey1 @sleutherclaw @wonderwoman292 @paintballkid711 @leyannrae @blackwidownat2814 @lmao-ethel @fillechatoyante @evanpetersisreallyhot @i-neverasktwice
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beyondspaceandstars · a month ago
Hi, I have another headcanon idea and I hope it will inspire you :)
how would loki react if female reader or S / O says the same thing to him in a certain situation as he says to Sylvie: "I just want you to be okay" and female reader expresses her emotions as intensely as Loki does
"I Just Want You to Be Okay"
a/n: I hope i did this okay!! i took the quote in a bit of a different way. it's still angsty, still heavy, but maybe a little different situation. i'm quite fond of how this turned out actually :)
loki would...oh jeez just absolutely lose his mind if you said that to him
especially if you're on the brink of tears, saying it with your whole heart - he just wouldn't know what to do
i imagine it'd be during some sort of argument or fight
loki being, well, loki can just be a lot sometimes and maybe there's a moment where he's in a blind rage over something
probably about his family or just life - i'm still imagining 2011/2012 loki who could be a bit of a hot head, just absolutely punching above his level at times
and so he's losing it over and you're just stuck there. having to watch it all. having to watch him scheme and yell and complain
and honestly it gets to be too much at one moment
you love him so, so dearly and you literally want him to be okay but this just doesn't seem like the same person you fell in love with
so, you'd try to stop him
you'd just put yourself in between whatever he was aiming his next blow at and maybe he takes some steps, still not registering you're there, but he certainly notices when you flinch
you're flinching at him, scared of him, and now he really doesn't know what to do
so everything just stops. right then and there. it's dead silent now in his chambers. you two are staring at each other, breathing heavily in worry and fear
loki would still be angry, though
"what the hell did you do that for?!" he'd bark at you. "i-i almost hurt you!"
you're sniffling now, trying not to cry because you feel like that's all you've been doing but you're just so hurt watching your love destroy himself and his world from the inside out
"i wanted you to stop," you'd admit, looking away.
he'd snarl. "why do you care?" but he doesn't mean it. you both know it. he knows just how much he cares but he constantly battles with trying to push you away.
"don't start with that," you'd mumble. "you know i care deeply and that's why i can't sit here and watch you lose your mind."
"lose my mind - ?!"
you'd cut him off, though. completely cut off all the yelling and screaming with your own. the only thing that floats in the air now: "i just want you to be okay."
loki didn't know what it was about that moment, and even when he'd look back on it he still wouldn't understand, but he just stopped. he gave you a look and then that was it. everything ceased
you two then went to bed and didn't speak much about it again. something had been felt by the both of you - you when you said it, loki when he heard it
and he'd never forget it even when you were long gone, out of his life as he got lost in a different timeline
but no matter what branch you may be living in, he couldn't shake a feeling
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thighs-of-betrayal-blog · 2 months ago
bestie you don't have to but um may i request a one-shot where bucky breaks the reader's heart so she leaves the team and because that wasn't supposed to happen in the timeline the TVA arrest her and she meets loki, so they become a team leading to a relationship later 🥺💫
The Heart Heals in Mysterious Ways
A/N: Thank you so much for this request, love! While my heart hurt to write about Bucky like that, I absolutely loved every second of this. Petition to have both Bucky AND Loki? Sign me up! Anyways, I hope you enjoy and as always, feedback is appreciated :) 
Pairing: Loki x fem! Reader
Warnings: Contains slight spoilers for Loki, angst/fluff, Bucky being a cheating shit (I apologize in advance), violence, weapons, cursing
Tumblr media
The world around you slows to a stop. Heart clenching, you fall to your knees, the pain too much to handle. 
Looking around the room, you stare into the eyes of everyone you trusted. Loved. And now, all you feel is betrayal. 
Bucky is the first one to speak up. “Doll, I swear, I didn’t do it on purpose. I would never intentionally hurt you. It just happened!” 
Pain replaced by anger, you rise back up to your feet, standing before everyone. “You didn’t intentionally mean to kiss her? So, what was it then? You slipped and somehow your mouth fell on hers? You unintentionally cheated on me by taking her back to your room and fucking her?” 
Bucky opens his mouth to speak, but no words come out. 
“Yeah,” you say. “That’s what I thought.” 
Natasha steps forward, pleading at you with her eyes. “Y/N, we meant to tell you. I was going to-”
Placing your hand out, you effectively stop her from continuing. “But, you didn’t tell me, Nat.” You look at everyone around you. “None of you bothered to tell me. Here I thought we were all a family. A family that didn’t keep secrets from each other and none of you bothered to fucking let me know my boyfriend cheated on me!”
Seething from anger, you turn around and speed walk towards the elevator. 
“Doll, wait!” Bucky runs after you, grabbing your arm to stop you in place. “Just hear me out, please!” 
Whipping your head around, you rip your arm out of his grip. “Don’t you dare fucking touch me! You don’t have that right anymore.” Looking over his shoulder, you lock eyes with everyone still standing in the living room. “This isn’t a family I want to be a part of anymore. I’m packing my shit and I’m leaving.”
“Now, just hold on a minute,” Tony pleads, rushing towards you. “You’re an Avenger, Y/N. And, a damn good one at that. We don’t just need you here, we want you here. We love you. Please, Y/N, don’t do this.” 
Staring into Tony’s eyes, a few tears start to slide down your cheeks. “You know what the sad part is, Tony?” 
Tony flinches when you speak his full name. The extent of the situation floods everyone when you do, for you only ever call him by the nicknames you’ve created. 
You continue speaking, not once breaking eye contact with him. “You were a father to me. The only person I ever considered to be my dad. I trusted you with everything. I looked up to you. I loved you as if you were actually my real fucking parent and what do you do? Stab me in the back, just like my actual father.” You shake your head, tears now running freely down your face. “If you had actually loved me like you said you had, I would’ve been the first person you came to when you saw him with that other girl. I would’ve been the first person on your mind.” 
Taking a few steps backward, you don’t stop until your hand grazes the elevator button. You press it, internally begging that it arrives soon, so you can escape this mess of a situation. 
Keeping your eyes on Tony, you deliver the final blow. “You’re nothing to me, like I’ve so clearly been to you all this time.” 
Tony gasps, his mouth falling open to intake any air around him, feeling as if he can’t breathe. 
Bucky stands next to him, his shoulders shaking from sobbing. The sight breaks you into two. No matter what he’s done, you’ll always love him. You’ll always love all of them. Your words were only to protect you from getting hurt further. 
As the elevator doors open, you walk backwards into the cart. 
“I wish nothing but the best for all of you. Please stay safe.” The doors start to close, your view of them getting smaller and smaller. 
“Goodbye,” you say, your tears clouding your vision. The doors slam closed, separating you from what once was your everything. The deafening noise rings in your ears, the weight of your decision settling in as you let loose, screaming with no one around to hear you. 
“Y/N Y/L/N, you’re under arrest for causing a branch in the timeline. How do you plead?” 
“How do I… I’m sorry, two questions. First, where the hell am I? And second, what the fuck do you mean how do I plead? I haven’t done anything!” 
A man by the name of Mobius steps forward, interrupting the conversation between you and the supposed judge of whichever courtroom you’re currently standing in. 
“If I may,” Mobius says, looking to the judge for confirmation. The judge gestures towards me, informing him to continue. 
“Thank you,” he says, slightly bowing towards the judge. When his attention turns back towards you, he smiles. “Y/N Y/L/N. A former Avenger. Thank you, by the way, for everything you’ve done for humanity.” 
He takes a long pause, waiting for you to answer. Instead, you stare back at him with nothing but annoyance and impatience etched into your expression. 
“Right,” he continues. “Well, I’m Mobius. I’m an agent here at the TVA, short for Time Variance Authority. Long story short, we arrest people who create a branch in the timeline and threaten civilization as we know it.” 
Taking in his words, you laugh. Loudly. “Now, what could I have possibly done to threaten civilization?” 
“You left the Avengers when you weren’t supposed to. That wasn’t a part of your timeline, so now, you’re here. As a variant who will most likely be reset.” 
Leaning forward, you grip the edges of the podium you’re standing at. “I’m sorry, reset? What the fuck does that mean? And, since when is leaving the Avengers probable cause to arrest me? You’re crazy if you think I was going to stay there after what happened.” 
Mobius sighs. “Yes, we know what happened. My condolences. I’m really sorry about that. But, yes, it is probable cause because it wasn’t supposed to happen. And, to answer your other question, resetting someone is when-” 
“I think it would be a bit idiotic to reset someone like Y/N, don’t you think?” a voice interrupts from behind you. 
Turning around, you’re face to face with none other than the God of Mischief himself. “Loki? What are you doing here?” 
“Saving your ass.” He looks over at Mobius. “Y/N would be a great help to our mission. Resetting her would be pointless.” 
“We can’t just disregard everyone who comes in here!” the judge yells from her spot. “He was an exception. We cannot have any more!” 
“Please,” Loki pleads to Mobius. “You won’t regret this.” 
Mobius glances between you and Loki as he ponders his decision. When he makes up his mind, he points at Loki. “If anything goes wrong, it’s on you.” 
Loki puts his hands up in surrender. “I wouldn’t expect anything less.” Turning towards you again, a smirk forms on his face. “Welcome aboard, darling.” 
It’s been a little more than a month since you’ve been captured by the TVA. A long month of working by Loki’s side, trying to help him catch a variant of himself. 
The days wouldn’t have felt so long if you didn’t have a constant, arrogant voice speaking into your ear. Although, and you’d never admit this out loud, your mischievous partner has started to swarm his way into your heart. A man you once thought of as cruel, you now see through a new lens. 
On your missions, Loki has done nothing but protect you, demolishing anyone who’s dared to step in your way. He’s cared for, flirted with, and connected to you the entire time you’ve been here, which hasn’t helped your case of trying to avoid your newly recognized feelings. 
Today is no different, with you and Loki being sent on a mission to the future with Mobius and a small group of other TVA agents. 
Stepping out of the portal, you’re transported into the year 2080, your location being France. 
“Let’s split up. Search the area,” Hunter B-15 says, her gaze moving around the lot. 
Loki grabs onto your arm, pulling you closer into his side. “She’s with me.” 
Hunter B-15 locks eyes with Loki, a scowl on her face. “I don’t think that’s-”
“Let them go,” Mobius interrupts, glancing at you and Loki. “They’ll be fine.” 
Turning towards Mobius, Hunter B-15 places their hands on their hips. “You do not get to make-”
“C’mon. Let’s go,” Loki says, pulling you away from the rest of them. 
As the two of you walk, you scan the area, searching for any signs of the variant. “You really think the variant could be here?” 
Loki glances at you, a grin on his face. “You underestimating me now, darling?” 
“Now, why would I ever do that?” you joke, grinning back at him. 
Chuckling, Loki shoves his hands in his pockets. “I admit, I’ve had a few failures in the past.” 
“A few?” 
He sighs. “Okay… many failures.” He stops walking and grabs your hand. “But, that’s not the point. The point is I’m going to be right this time. The variant’s here and we just have to find them.” 
A blast knocks into your side, causing you to fly backwards. Waiting to feel the impact of hitting the hard ground, you’re surprised when you land on a soft cushion. Opening your eyes, you realize you’re lying on a mattress. 
Loki is standing over you, relief written all over his face. 
“Did you just use your magic on this?” you ask surprised, nodding towards the mattress. 
“I did and you’re welcome,” he responds before turning around to face the variant, holding a knife in each hand. “So, we meet again.” 
The variant pulls down their hood, revealing their face. “It’s a pleasure to officially meet… Loki.” 
Loki chuckles. “Am I supposed to call you that as well?” 
The variant scoffs. “God, no. You can call me Sylvie.” 
“Ah, you changed your name. Lovely.” 
Behind Loki, you’re slowly sitting up. Sylvie notices this and deeming you as a threat, decides to rush you. 
In an instant, Loki is directly in front of you, his back pressed against your chest, a knife still in one hand, the other gripping your arm. “Touch her and it’ll be the last thing you do.”
Sylvie stops, her head tilting to the side in curiosity. “Isn’t that sweet? A God in love with a mortal.” 
Loki seethes at her words. “Don’t talk about her as if she’s nothing. She’s more than you’ll ever be.” 
Sylvie smirks. “While I do find this immensely entertaining, you’re not my concern. I have plans.” 
“Which involves what, exactly?” you speak up, head poking out from behind Loki. 
“Like I said before, not you, so if you’ll please stay out of my way,” she says, walking past the two of you. 
“Wait,” Loki says, walking after her. “What if I told you we want to help?” 
Sylvie turns around, crossing her arms over her chest. “I’m listening.” 
Stepping forward, you grab ahold of Loki’s arm. “What’re you doing?” you whisper. 
“Just trust me, please,” he whispers back, pleading with his eyes. 
Nodding your head, you let go of his arm. Loki nods back, silently thanking you, before focusing his attention back on Sylvie. “Together we can overthrow the timekeepers and take control of the TVA.” Loki puts his arms out. “What do you say?” 
“Thanks, but no thanks,” she says, creating a portal and walking towards it. “Good luck though.” 
As she walks through the portal, Loki runs after her. Chasing him, you grab his arm and stop him. “We can’t go after her!” 
“We have to figure out what she’s planning.” His hand cups your cheek, his thumb running along your lower lip. “If you don’t want to go with me, I understand. But, I have to do this.” His other hand grips your waist, tugging you closer so you’re pressed against him. “I’d rather not leave you behind though.” 
Nervously looking to the side, you don’t see anyone in your vicinity. When you look back at Loki, he’s still staring at you, eyes piercing through you. 
“Okay, let’s do this.” 
“Yeah?” Loki asks, amused that you want to go with him. 
“Yeah,” you confirm. Grabbing both of his hands, you pull them off you and guide him towards the portal. “Let’s go.” 
“Hold on,” he says, pulling you back into his chest. Both of his hands grab your face as he leans in towards you. “I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now.” 
Before you can answer, his mouth slams onto yours, his tongue sliding between your lips. 
“Y/N? Loki? What’re you guys doing?” Mobius yells from afar. 
Loki pulls away from you, a smile planted on his face. “Time to go!” 
“Wait! Stop! Loki!” Mobius continues to yell. 
Looking at Loki for reassurance, he smiles at you, before grabbing your hand and pulling you through the portal. 
“I’ve got you, darling,” he says as you're sucked into the unknown, betraying the agents you’ve come to know and placing your trust in the hands of a man you once feared. 
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midgardianweasley · a month ago
Hi! Can I ask for a loki x (female) reader fic where (preferably Loki) one of them gets badly injured and the other patches them up after they come around and we have some heavy romance and some moments of "I can't lose you. I can't bear to lose you"
Patch you up
Loki Laufeyson x fem!reader
Summary: Loki gets injured on a mission and Y/N helps to tend to his injuries while he tries to tend to her upset.
Word Count: 1.9k
Warnings: mention of injury and blood.
Hope it's okay lovely<33
Tumblr media
It was almost completely silent in the brightly lit bathroom, the only sound that could be heard was the rushed breaths escaping your lips, followed by an occasional grunt of discomfort coming from the God of mischief, who doubled as your boyfriend, as he sat in front of you, taking a slouched stance against the sink.
Neither of you dared to say a word, you couldn’t even look one another in the eye. You knew for a fact if you did, there’d be waterworks, he knew it too, he immediately saw the panic that filled your eyes, regret then immediately filling his when the two of you were out on your mission. A mission that was supposed to be a quick in and out job, until someone decided to stray from the plan, thinking he knew better.
If he had just listened to what the team had said, just put his pride aside for a second to follow Tony Stark’s plan of action, he wouldn’t have been in this situation. He’d be sitting on the sofa, bragging about how mighty he is while you jokingly shake your head at his antics.
But no. No, here you stood, watching as his arms had deep cuts in them from where one of the enemies that you were trying to take down, blindsided him and sliced him with their knife. The element of surprise had thrown him off, and by the time he had managed to realise what had happened, he was attacked two more times, one stab to the abdomen and another across his collarbone, both potentially fatal. He eventually used his powers to throw the enemy into a nearby tree, successfully knocking him out despite the heavy gear he wore before continuing with the mission, sparing you a quick nod of reassurance.
Though it didn’t reassure you at all.
With every bandage you carefully wrapped around the wounds, your heart dropped further and further, remembering the sight that had unfolded in front of you, all happening too fast for you to even process. You kept seeing glimpses of his face as it morphed into one of pain, how his once emerald green sleeves turned a deep shade of red as the blood soaked through.
Of course you’d seen your fair share of injuries before, you yourself weren’t unfamiliar with being sent to the med lab or the look on Helen Cho’s face when you shot her a small guilty smile, like a child who was caught with the last cookie. You knew what it was like to be a little less than careful, but seeing Loki hurt, it hurt you more than any stab wound, slice, or concussion.
He let out a sharp wince as you tied the bandage, applying a little pressure to ensure there wasn’t any more major blood loss.
“Sorry.” You mumbled, barely audible, but you know he heard you.
His eyes furrowed in concern as he watched you pick up the different first aid tools with slightly shaky hands, almost unable to properly treat his wounds. With hesitant movements, he slowly reached for your hands in his, halting your movements and making you drop the next bandage you were preparing for him.
A sharp inhale escaped you and could be heard throughout the room, so loud that you could’ve sworn it echoed. The distraction of helping him with his healing had allowed any and every emotion to be pushed to the back of your mind, but with that distraction coming to an abrupt stop, it let those emotions catch up to you all at once. The anxiety, the guilt, the dread, every last one had hit you like a wall of bricks.
He lifted a hand to rest on your cheek, eager to try and meet your eyes with his. There was a little resistance as you didn’t want him to see you so vulnerable, but you inevitably gave in, your Y/C/E soon looking into his cloudy grey with an undertone of blue ones.
“What’s truly troubling you, my dear?” He asked, not raising his voice to anything above a gentle whisper as he strokes your cheekbone with his thumb, the side of your face still securely held in his palm.
You shook your head, silently pleading him to not make you speak about it.
It was clear that you worried for him, more than what you probably should. He tells you constantly that he’s a God, that he’s fought battles you couldn’t imagine, that he can handle himself. And while he’ll allow you to help him with his injuries, he won’t stand for a single doubt about him to travel through your mind and linger, plaguing your thoughts.
You should’ve known better than to believe he’d drop it. It’s Loki. There’s more chance of him wearing pink than him not pushing for what he desires.
“You know that I can read you like an open book, quite literally.” Your eyes widened slightly at the thought of him scourging through your thoughts, only to then be hushed. “Calm, calm. Not that I would. But i encourage you to discuss your worries with me, otherwise i’m unable to assist you in putting them to rest.”
His words floated around your head as you attempted to process them and come to a decision. It never appeared though. It felt like his words had gone in one ear, jumbled themselves up, and couldn’t put themselves back into a functioning sentence again.
It was all too overwhelming. Loki’s attack, his injuries, your emotions, it was too much. He sensed it too, it wasn’t the way your hands were shaking, it wasn’t the fact that you couldn’t say a single word to him, no. It was the eyes. He could no longer see the crystal clear view of Y/C/E, the bright colour now being blurred over and fogged with fresh tears.
“Oh darling, c’mere.” He cooed, standing up straight to pull you into his chest, his head moving so it rested on top of yours as his hand cradled the back of your head, playing with your hair gently, knowing it soothed you.
You always found comfort in being so close to him, you could hear his heartbeat, reassuring you that he’s really standing in front of you and he’s still alive. You don’t know what you would’ve done if something worse had happened to him, if the worst had happened to him. The thought alone had urged you to grip onto his clothes, desperate to stay grounded.
The tears started to make their way down your face at a considerably fast speed, muffled sniffles could be heard by the man above you. You tried hard to keep a poker face, on the field, in the quinjet home, even during the quick debrief where Loki almost had his ass handed to him. Yet, there was something about being alone with him, seeing his body so damaged, it broke you.
After what felt like hours, but was only ten minutes, he firmly held your shoulders, pulling you back from him so that he could observe you. It almost felt like his eyes were scanning you like a barcode, looking you up and down and taking in every feature possible. With a little frown, he tilted his head to the side curiously.
“What’s going on in that head of yours?” He asked once again, determined to get an answer from you. You went to deny his question again, however, as though he read your mind, he raised his eyebrows, nothing but seriousness written all over his face. You contemplated sticking to your guns, but when he looks at you like that, it’s impossible.
With a sigh of defeat, you started speaking, breaking the silence.
“I can’t stop seeing it.”
“Can’t stop seeing what?”
“The attack, th-the pain that man caused you. It, it won’t stop r-replaying in my head.” You stuttered out, staring at the first aid kit that lay abandoned on the shelf beside you instead of your boyfriend.
“I know. I know you’ve told me you’re fine. That you’ll always be fine. That no mortal could ever seriously cause you any harm, but that doesn’t stop me from worrying about you, Loki. And this, this could’ve been serious.”
“I would’ve been fine, my love.”
“You don’t know that!”
“I do-”
“You were reckless and overcome with pride. You could’ve..” Your voice trailed off, hesitant to finish your sentence.
“I could’ve what? Died? Don’t be silly, you know-” He watched as your bottom lip started to tremble, your head hung low to avoid him seeing you cry once again. He hadn’t realised all those times beforehand when you would show concern for his safety, that it would affect you this bad, he believed that it had gradually elevated every time he came home in almost, if not perfect, condition. Apparently, he was wrong.
He took your chin between his thumb and his finger, easing you to look up towards him, even if the sight of you so upset pained him.
You did your best to keep a strong face as you spoke again, though it was pointless as the lump in your throat could be detected from a mile away.
“I like to think you’re okay. I know you’re strong and independent and everything and I know you’re more than capable of looking after yourself, but, I worry. I don’t want-” You shakily exhaled, trying to blink back tears. “I don’t think I could handle you dying. I don’t know how I'd cope without you, I can’t bear the thought itself.”
He nodded in response, acknowledging what you were saying, hanging on to every word. You were right, he was reckless. His pride is too big for his own good. He never saw it as a problem before. Before you, he didn’t think it mattered to anyone. But now, his beloved stood in front of him, feeling more vulnerable than ever because of his actions. He knew deep down that he had to be more careful. If not for his own sake, for yours.
“I’m sorry darling. I wasn’t thinking, and I should’ve been. You have every right to worry, especially on missions. I was careless and disregarded your anxieties which I shouldn’t have done. Please, forgive me.” He murmured softly, one of his hands falling to rest on your waist while the other wiped fallen tears off of your cheeks.
You managed to give him a small smile in response, burrowing the side of your face into his cool palm, closing your eyes briefly as you enjoyed the comfort it provided.
“I forgive you. Just please be more careful.” You whispered, desperate for him to listen to your words.
He pressed his lips against your forehead, taking his time to place a kiss against it, hoping you could feel every ounce of love he was pouring into it.
“I will, my love.”
And sticking to his word, he followed the plan for the next mission, only a few slip ups could be detected, but as soon as he saw your loving smile in return to his wink during the debrief, he knew you were okay.
And that’s all he wanted.
Taglist: @justfangirlthingies @horrorxweasley @multifandombitch666 @mm2305 @xxromanoffxx
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alisonsfics · 22 days ago
♡ 𝙡𝙤𝙠𝙞 𝙡𝙖𝙪𝙛𝙚𝙮𝙨𝙤𝙣 ♡
⁂ = smut
𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐟𝐚𝐯𝐨𝐫 𝐦𝐲 𝐛𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 ⤔ your heart has been stolen by a certain god of mischief, but being a princess means your love life is controlled by your parents. so, you’re forced to keep your relationship a secret. this creates issues as your parents decided thor was going to court you to be the next queen of asgard.
𝐫𝐮𝐧 𝐚𝐰𝐚𝐲 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐦𝐞⁂ ⤔ working at the tva sounds exciting, but mostly consists of writing up reports and signing off on missions. you were convinced you would die of boredom, until the tva gets a new prisoner with a wild side and an escape plan.
𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐟𝐮𝐥 𝐝𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐬⁂ ⤔ sex dreams were normal for everyone, but having them every night for three weeks was far from average. you were confused by why they started all of a sudden, until you saw loki’s mischevious smirk.
𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤𝐬 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐚𝐝𝐯𝐢𝐜𝐞 ⤔ one of the most heartbreaking things you can experience is finding out your crush is in love with someone else, but having to help your crush plan the perfect date for that special someone is far worse.
𝐬𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐚𝐰𝐚𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐬 ⤔ the scariest part of nightmares is not knowing whether they are real or not. so how do you tell the difference?
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐬⁂ ⤔ after getting roped into interrogating the new flirty variant, you make a mental note to tell mobius he owes you, but after the interrogation takes a turn, you may owe mobius.
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simplystevies · 7 days ago
new recruit
Tumblr media
pairings || tva!loki laufeyson x f!reader
summary || you were told to break in the new recruit.. but once you reached the library he was the one breaking you in
warnings || 18+ minors dni, unprotected sex, public sex, loki has a massive cock, reader is a bit of an attention whore, mentions of food, almost getting caught, mobius is a massive cock block, denied orgasm? tiny bit of praise.
note || i’ve literally had this in the back of my mind since i saw loki sleeping on a table
wc || 1.3k
working in the tva was weird. you didn’t know how you got there, and you sure as hell didn’t know your age or anything before the tva. but, it just felt.. natural.
no one questioned the tva, even if you tried you would get some botched up answer that you wouldn’t remember even happening. but.. still, it felt like it was real.
you remember meeting mobius, he was a real sweetheart to you when you joined. there was no going home, there was no home. you never got tired, you never left.
it all just left.. right. it felt normal, it felt natural. the only time you left your office was if you were working on a case and needed to go to the library, or maybe you had to go to the bathroom.
you had a few romances in the office but none too serious. there was almost no such thing as dates, unless you dated a trooper and they took you out to a nice beach before wiping the area of your presence.
but that was rare, most of the time you two just stayed in the office, staring into each others eyes and enjoying lunch before taking it to the bathrooms and banging like bunnies.
you should’ve expected it, the lingering eyes, the compliments. you did wear your skirt extra short and your shirt was a size too small. but you loved it, the attention, you craved it.
the attention felt good. it felt nice to be desired. you were currently walking down the hall, holding some files against your chest. “y/n!” mobius yelled front eh bottom of the corridor.
you turned with a smile, noticing the dark haired man behind him. “hi mobius! whats up?” you chirped, walking over to him and looking back at the tall man behind him.
“i was called to work on a case, but i gotta show loki around, you’re the only one i trust so.. can you take him off my hands?” he asked, making you chew on your lip.
even you could tell loki was undressing you with his eyes, he made it so obvious. “of course i can! it would be my pleasure.” you smirked, giving loki another look up and down.
loki hated where he was, he wanted to go back home, to thor, to asgard. but seeing you, his opinions changed slightly. the way the end of your ass was on display from your short skirt.
or maybe how he saw your black panties when you bent over slightly. how your chest looked in the shirt that was obvious too small. loki felt his pants tighten at just the sight of you.
he couldn’t imagine how he could keep himself contained today, especially if he had to walk behind you all day. “come with me, i’ll show you around!” your voice was sweet.
loki nodded and departed from mobius, keeping close behind you so his eyes didn’t constantly connect with your ass. “where are you showing me first?” he asked.
you turned to him with a smirk. “he speaks!” you teased, biting your lip. you couldn’t deny that his voice left your panties slowly dampening. his small chuckle afterwards only made it worse.
“i’m showing you your office first, then the cafeteria, thennnn the library full of everything ever.” you explained, nodding your head. loki nodded along with you, walking slowly beside you.
you brought loki to his office, looking at the name on his desk. “loki laufeyson? that’s a.. nice name.” you nodded as you looked up at him. loki gave you a flat smile before looking around his desk.
loki felt his desk, as if he was inspecting the dust. “it’s nice, do you have one like this?” he asked. you shrugged and clung the files to your chest. “one a bit like it, it’s just.. more me.”
loki smirked and looked up at you. “i’d love to see it one day, assuming you’ll show me.” he licked his lips. you bit your lip and shrugged, looking down slightly. “well maybe.” you mumbled.
loki was hot, you couldn’t deny that. the way his hair fell, or the way his eyes always looked like they were undressing you, how they looked like you were the only girl in the world.
you brought loki to the cafeteria, getting yourself a salad and coke. “let’s just sit down and eat for a bit, you want something?” you asked, walking to a table. loki smiled and shook his head.
loki sat down in front of you. you two got to know each other, he told you about his life before the tva, you told what you knew about yours. you two bonded for about an hour.
loki was pretty interesting, telling you about everything that happened and how he was about to be arrested before he teleported and got captured by the tva.
turns out, loki is a variant and he was given a job by mobius. loki was weird, you couldn’t tell if he was sweet or not. “okay, time to go to the library!” you said, throwing the can and bowl in the trash.
the two of you walked together, your hands hitting off each other every few minutes making you feel a bit flushed. you bit your lip as you walked him to the library.
“let me put these away, come with me.” you cocked your head. loki walked with you, watching your ass shake slightly. loki’s eyes grew wider as you bent over, your panties showing slightly.
loki gripped your waist, pulling you into his hips. you gasped, biting your lip roughly. “you need to stop doing that, you feel what you do to me?” loki whispered in your ear, rubbing his hips against your ass.
you let out a small whimper, squeezing your eyes shut. “fuck..” you whispered, letting your head fall. loki pulled up your skirt, playing with your panties. “loki..” you mumbled.
“would you like me to stop?” he asked, leaning forward and biting your ear lobe. you shook your head, moving your hand back and pulling his hips into yours.
loki groaned and flipped you around. “you’re so beautiful, i’ve wanted you since i laid my eyes on you.” loki whispered, kissing under your ear. you whimpered, gripping his shoulders.
his hands moved up your skirt, gripping your hips and sitting you on a table. he pulled down your panties, unbuckling his belt quickly. he pulled his pants down only slightly, enough to reveal his cock.
“fuck loki..” you whispered, looking down between you. loki smirked and lifted your head slightly, giving you a small kiss before sliding into you, muffling your moan with his lips.
loki pulled away, putting his forehead against yours and started to thrust slowly. you looked around with your mouth wide open, checking to see if anyone was near.
you threw your head back and moaned, earning a hand against your mouth. “gotta keep you quiet baby, can’t have someone finding us..” loki said, kissing your neck roughly.
you nodded, looking at the body parts harshly smacking off each other, both begging for release. you mumbled incoherently into loki’s hands, rolling your eyes to the back of your head.
“you’re doing.. so fucking good for me.. jesus.” loki whispered, muffling his moans by rough sucks on your neck. “hey! have you seen y/n and loki?” mobius’ voice was heard from the other side of the book shelf.
loki pulled away from you as quickly as possible, making you gasp before you pulled up your panties, trying to fix yourself as best you could, while loki did the same. “hey! there you are!” mobius had a warm smile on his face.
“here we are!” loki chirped, his hand falling to your ass. you bit you lip, smiling over at mobius. “right, well, i’ll take loki off your hands, i hope he wasn’t a pain.”
you smirked and looked at loki. “he was a great pleasure, i’ll be seeing you!” you said, waving to them before walking out of the library, with the biggest smile on your face.
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randominagines · 16 days ago
Hey if your up for requests could I ask for a Loki x female reader? Not yet cleared for missions with the team, Loki is instead assigned to be Stark’s little sisters body guard since she’s got a stalker. Since he hasn’t met her b4, he was expecting someone snarky and rude like Tony.. but instead she’s actually very sweet and a bit on the shy side. Loki falls hard for the little ray of sunshine and protects her at all costs. She falls hard for him too and they end up together.
Thanks for this lovely reques!💕
Pairing: Loki X Fem!reader (stark! reader)
Setting: New Avengers Facility
Warning: angst, mention of stalking, fluff
P.s. if you find any mistake please correct me, English is not my mother tongue and I want to improve. Reblog, if you can, it helps a lot, thank you💕
P.p.s. gifs belong to the creators.
Tumblr media
Loki was bored, he clearly was. He was rolling his eyes while sitting on the couch, his brother next to him while Tony Stark was showing the new plan to the squad. Loki couldn't stand Tony, he was so extremely arrogant, plus, he was so full of himself for no reason. Thor looked at his brother and sighed. "Are you even listening?" He whispered, thinking that no one was listening to him, but Tony stopped talking and looked at them, pointing a pencil toward Loki. "It's okay, Thor, he doesn't have to. He's not coming with us anyway." He said and Loki frowned, his head tilting. "Really?" He asked.
Working with the Avengers was not exactly Loki's favourite activity, but was anyway better than spending his time in a cell on Asgard. The missions were mostly too easy to be challenging and Loki got easily bored. Tony shrugged. "I need you here." Tony said and the God of Mischief chuckled. "For what could you possibly need me here?" He asked and Tony looked at him. "Your powers, I need them. You have to protect someone, someone extremely important." He said and Natasha stood up from her chair. "What? Tony, are you crazy? Are you leaving your sister in his hands?" She asked and Clint nodded. "Nat is right, let me stay here too." He offered, his tone alarmed. Loki puffed while shaking his head. "Splendid, another pompous Stark." He said but no one heard him except Thor, who gave him a small punch on his leg as to make him understand to shut his mouth.
Tony shook his head. "For as much as I'd like to leave her in other hands, I'm pretty sure Loki is powerful enough to protect her. I need the rest of you with me, this mission is going to be complicated." He concluded. Natasha shook her head but sat back, her eyes stuck on Loki.
Tony invited Loki to follow him. "Come, you must meet her." He said while walking out the room. Steve grabbed Loki's arm while he was following Tony. "Loki, be careful and take care of her." He said. Loki raised an eyebrow and stared at him. "Yeah, sure." He cut short, not caring at all about this girl who seemed to be so important for everyone.
Tony didn't say a word while they were walking toward the girl's room, his hands nervously playing with the pencil he forgot to leave on the table. Loki looked around while the facility started emptying; it was quite late. The God puffed, he couldn't be less happy about having to spend time with another Stark. Tony was unbearable and presumptuous, Loki could only imagine how unpleasant was going to be a female version of him.
Tony stopped in front of a door and sighed while knocking at it. Footsteps from inside approached and the door opened. Loki looked at the girl, his mouth parting: she was nothing like he expected. She had beautiful features, framed by y/h/c hair; her y/e/c eyes seemed kind and the most friendly smile lightened up her face. Loki was in shock, she was extremely beautiful.
Tumblr media
She hugged Tony. "Hey, are you leaving?" She asked, referring to the mission. Tony caressed her back and nodded. "Yes, it's just for a week, I'll be home soon." He reassured her and she shook her head. "Don't worry, I can take care of myself, you know that." She said and he chuckled. "I'm aware, but I'm not leaving you unprotected." Her brother said and moved to allow her to see Loki. The girl looked at him, her intense eyes scanning his face while her hand reached to shake his. Loki stayed still, a bit because he didn't know what that hand meant and a bit because he was mesmerized by her. She curved her lips into a smile and tilted her head. "Okay, you must be the guy from the other planet. You don't shake hands, I suppose." She joked while lowering her hand. Loki smiled, a tiny but sincere smile. "No, we don't, darling." He said, his soft voice making her feel in a certain way. Tony looked at his sister. "Okay, Loki will stay here the whole week and watch over you, right?" He asked while turning his head to look at Loki, the God rolled his eyes but nodded. The girl laughed. "Tony, just leave him alone, you're overprotective." She joked and Loki nodded while amusingly smiling. Tony shook his head and gave her one last hug before stepping away. "I'll see you in a week. Be safe, love you little sis." He concluded and turner to look at Loki "Keep her safe and, most importantly, don't flirt with her." He commanded, his voice low. Loki chuckled and nodded "Keep her safe from what exactly?" He asked, but Tony shook his head. "She'll tell you if she feels comfortable." He concluded and finally left them alone.
The girl crossed her arms over her chest and looked at Loki. "I'm sorry my brother forced you to do this, I don't like the idea of being babysitted, I ensure you. I'm Y/n, by the way." She said and authomatically reached her hand again. Loki grabbed it this time but didn't shake it. "I'm Loki, God of Mischief." He said and she showed him how to shake hands with a smile on her face. "A God, seriously? I never met a God." She said and invited him in. Loki stepped inside and noticed how big her room was, filled with books and plants, with pictures of her in various places with friends and her brother. A family pic of Tony, her and their parents was framed on her desk. Loki smiled looking at her. "Lucky you, darling, I'm the only God you need to know." He joked and she shook her head. "Full of yourself, uhm? I'd probably be like that too if I were a God. Do people worship you?" She asked and sat on her bed. He tilted his head and chuckled. "Not exactly, my powers and fame made me not so popular among people. They fear me." He said and she raised an eyebrow. "Are your powers so scary?" She asked with the purest curiosity. Loki sat next to her and smiled. "I'll show you." He said and closed his eyes, his skin tickling while he shape shifted into Tony. She gasped while standing up, her eyes widened and her mouth parted. "Oh my... This is awesome! How can you do this?" She asked and touched his face, the familiarity of her brother features making her smile. Loki laughed and turned into himself again. She immediately stopped touching him and blushed a little bit, her adorable smile making Loki happy. "This is the shapeshifting, but I can also..." He stopped, his hand raising and making one of her books fall from the shelf to the floor. The thud made her wince. "You can move things with your mind..." She whispered while looking at him in total adoration. He smiled. "Not only things." He said and put a hand on her arm. They both disappeared and reappeared outside her balcony, the sudden magic making her feel disoriented. She looked around and widened her eyes. "Teleportation too?" She asked and he nodded. She sighed. "Your powers are just beautiful, I don't understand why people fear you." She said and he looked at her, his face getting serious. He put a hand on her cheek, his fingers delicate.
he held her breath, his touch giving her goosebumps. "I have other powers, less pleasurable." He whispered and closed his eyes while keeping his hand on her cheek. She looked around and gasped: the scene around her changed, she suddenly found herself surrounded by fire, her room burning while the flames danced dangerously next to her. She tried to step away but Loki grabbed her arm. "It's okay, this is an illusion." He said and she let a breath out, her heart beating faster while she stared at him. "You can make people see what you want." She said, mostly to herself than to him. He nodded. "I can make them feel scared for something that isn't even there. Like you right now, a small pet in my hands," He said and moved his hand, the flames disappeared. "I haven't always used my powers wisely, so you can see why people aren't exactly fond of me. My brother, on the other hand, he is the popular one. God of Thunder." He explained and looked down, his lips pressed. Y/n looked at him. "Hey," she called him, he raised his head. "I think your powers are super cool and only because you've done something wrong or controversial in your past this doesn't mean that you can't do better from now on. Plus, thunders are so boring if compared to these powers of yours." She reassured him. Loki chuckled, his eyes scanning her while he shook his head. "Do you think I can still do better?" He asked, he was tensed, and she nodded, her hand on his shoulder. "Loki, I'm a Stark, my whole family did controversial stuff. I'm all about second chances." She said with a smile on her face. Loki chuckled, his body relaxing while he felt a strange feeling inside his stomach, something he had never felt before.
Tumblr media
"Promise me you'll be careful." Y/n said while looking at her brother through her laptop screen. Tony nodded. "I promise." He said and Natasha and Clint suddenly appeared too. "Don't worry, honey, we'll take care of him." Natasha said and y/n smiled while sending a kiss to her. Clint nodded. "He's in good hands, are you too?" He asked in concern. She nodded and flashed a quick look to Loki: he was sitting on her bed, a book in his hands and his eyes lowered on it. She smiled. "I am, don't worry. Come back soon, I love you all." She said and waved at them while closing the call. She sighed and stood up from her chair. Loki raised his eyes. "What's wrong, Pet? He asked, he started calling her like that since the day one and she liked it. "They're not coming back, the plan failed, again. They're following the tracks of those arms dealers in Thailand. They don't know when they'll be able to come back." She explained and Loki nodded while standing up and hugging her. Things got very intimate between them, even though they hadn't kissed or anything there was something extremely deep bonding them. They spent the whole month trying to get to know eachother, the chemistry between them naturally developing while she showed him her favourite places in town, she made him taste delicious midgardian foods and he told her tales about his journeys, his adventures, about Asgard, promising her that he was going to take her there someday.
Loki was utterly surprised, he expected a totally different person, yet there he was, trying to figure out how was possible that a Stark made him soften like that. He caressed her head. "It's okay, they'll be here soon." He comforted her and she nodded. "I know.. by the way, we have no more food, I need to go to the grocery store." She said and grabbed her purse. Loki tilted his head. "I'm coming with you." He said and she shook her head. "No, people are still around working, they might need something and someone has to stay in the facility. I'll be back soon." She said and placed a soft kiss on his cheek. He looked her, his hand caressing her arm. "Be careful." He said and she nodded. "I will." She concluded and walked away.
Loki left her room too and decided to go in Tony' studio, just to make sure that everything was okay. He sat on his desk and started playing with the stuff on it while thinking about the fact that he didn't mind spending additional time with y/n.
Almost an hour went by and people started leaving. Loki was starting to feel anxious, his hands nervously tapping on the desk while he wondered where she was and why was it taking her so long. He strated thinking about the fact that Tony seemed to be so worried about her, there must have been a reason behind his apparently excessive protectiveness. What if she was in danger and he underestimated it? What if he made a mistake letting her go out alone? He suddenly stood up and rushed down the stairs, his heart pounding faster; his hand was already on the doorknob when y/n opened the door and winced, she looked upset.
"Loki?" She asked in surprise, he pulled her in and cupped her face. "What happened?" He asked while looking at her, he knew that something was off. She sighed. "There's something I need to tell you," She said, her voice a whisper. Loki nodded and noticed she had swollen eyes, like she had been crying. She took a breath. "The reason why Tony asked you to watch over me it's because I have a stalker," she said, her voice shaking. Loki clenched his jaw while tilting his head, his hand squeezing her hip. "Tony has many enemies, that's why he always kept quiet about having a sister, but one of the found out and he won't stop following me. Tony tried to catch him many times and also stopped him from hurting me, but he keeps coming back." She explained, Loki looked at her in concern, his hand now caressing her cheek. "Why didn't you tell and why did you go out alone?" He asked, his voice alarmed. She ran her hands through her hair. "Because Tony keeps me under a bell jar. I just wanted to do something normal for once. Going out by myself, having a walk, feeling like my life is not constantly threatened." She sighed, her eyes getting watery.
Loki stared at her. "Why were you crying?" He asked, then he gasped. He immediately cupped her face and scanned her. "Are you hurt? Was he there? Is everything okay?" He started asking and she nodded while putting a hand on his chest. "Loki, I'm okay. I was crying because I thought that he was gone for a second. I haven't left this place in months and this walk proved me that he's still on my tracks. I arrived to the grocery store safely but on my way home I saw him again. I was probably too close to the facility for him to attack me, but he's still there. I'm not free yet." She concluded and a tear ran down her cheek. Loki nodded and pulled her in his arms, his hand caressing the back of her head while he placed a kiss on her forehead. "I'm not letting anyone hurt you, Pet. I'll take care of him." He said, his eyes filled with rage.
Tumblr media
She shook her head. "That man is dangerous. Tony tried many times and he got hurt. I don't want you to get hurt." She begged while caressing his chets. He smirked, his head tilting. "Pet, with all due respect to your brother, but I'm a God. Plus, no one touches you, I'm not allowing it. I don't mind getting hurt, it'll be fun." He insisted while caressing her face. She shook her head and bit her lower lip. "You're impossible." She said and he looked at her, his eyes softening all at once. "I'm in love with you." He whispered, his voice firm.
She widened her eyes, her lips parting. "What?" She asked and he chuckled. "You heard me, Pet. I love you. This month has been the happiest of my life and I won't take this for granted. I want you and I don't care about what the rest of the squad will say. You make me want to be better and I'm not letting go the only person who actually made me realize that I can be happy too." He said, his finger tracing her lower lip while his eyes travelled from her eyes to her lips. She held her breath, her eyes filling with love, happiness, peace. "Oh, Loki, I love you too and I don't want to let you go either." She said and finally crushed her lips against his. Loki immediately kissed her back, his hands travelling to her waist to squeeze her hips. She ran her fingers through his pitch black hair, her tongue searching for his while he smiled on her lips. "Tony will kill us." She whispered and he laughed, his hands pulling her closer. "He will get used to it." He said and she shook her head while looking at him in pure adoration, her hand caressing the back of his head. "He better because I won't let anyone say a word about this." She said, her voice firm while he rubbed his nose against hers. He smiled, a sensation never perceived before spreading in his body. "That's my girl."
Tumblr media
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chanelfaerie · 2 months ago
the song of a snake
Tumblr media
pairing: loki laufeyson x reader
summary: never did he think light would enter his view, for a snake so rarely leaves his cave.
warnings: but no smut, just fluff, small mentions of hurting loki, female!reader :\, they gonna fuck lol, not my gif!
word count: 1.3k
a/n: here it is! the scene of loki singing in asgardian was just too much, so here this is! (i had to use the dagger metaphor) what he sings in italic and bold is in asgardian, i just translated it in english! and i made up the song :) first loki fic, please enjoy!
the following work is my own writing. do not plagairise or copy and paste my works onto another platform. message me about credit.
⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰
It's another dim-lighted party with the stench of extreme highs and orgasmic-like perfumes. His brother's recent triumph, a slaughter of a king undeserving of his throne, caused for a celebration by the kingdom, and it was unlike Loki to join in, for snakes rarely leave their caves.
And yet, there he was, standing between two girls, one tall and dark-skinned wearing a blush-pink robe and the other a pale white with a golden-draped fabric against her chest. "The goblet in his hand, weld from his own palm, was empty, and he rose it in the crowd, eliciting a large yell.
Thor was nowhere to be found, and Loki could only imagine who was in his messily made bed that night. So, the black-haired brother now seemed to be the life of the party, and the only part of him that allowed it was overwhelmed by the finest barrels of Asgardian ale. It was a burning feeling that flew down his throat that he didn't get to enjoy often.
The girls had their hands exploring his chest - it was rare for anyone of Asgard to see the castaway brother, and it seemed that everyone wanted a taste. But Loki was either oblivious to their thirst or simply ignorant of their hunger. In no way did he ignore their touches, glances, and smirks. In fact, it seemed he encouraged them with no plans of fulfilling their fantasies.
Then, he turned to you. And his mind became even more drunken.
"I know a lass from a world new to me," His voice turned soft and low, reaching a different octave and shrilled against the scale of the uplifting, festive music already playing. The people began to cock their heads, lifting an eyebrow at the sudden change in his demeanor. Loki stood a little taller and puffed his chest up.
You still had yet to meet his stare that was full of an emotion not even his mother had seen him smitten with. Your robes gleamed like no others, showing the skin of your spine and the flesh on your waist. It was the whispers that caught your attention when they ensued, and suddenly all eyes were on you.
The golden goblet he'd been clutching with his hand vanished into the air, small particles disappearing into the foggy setting of the Asgardian castle. "Her skin is an ocean I wish to explore." You began to recognize the words immediately as they naturally translated through your ear.
He could tell that you were well-versed with the languages of the nine realms as soon as he could see you. Just your stature, your stance, and the way you entered the ballroom told him everything he needed to know - yet, Loki wanted to know more. He stepped down from the bar and barrels of ale, lifting off the maidens' hands from his chest and ignoring their broken glares.
"Why must she hold my heart with a grip against my soul?" Finally, you met his eyes. He spoke of a sea, one so vast and so full that he would sail it to know its depths and shores, but the sea was in his eyes. Overlapping waves washed against your feet, and just by looking into his gaze, you've pushed the last breath from his lungs. He finds the next words impossible to sing without a breath.
He begins to step towards off of the platform and towards you, one foot in front of the other but it feels like his first steps. He's a child again, struggling to walk. "She may burn my skin and I would ask for more." It's an old Asgardian tale.
One of the first kings found a maiden when traveling in a foreign land, too far away from his hold. Her beauty was ethereal, and to be in her presence was the greatest honor he could hold. He returned to Asgard and had dreams of the girl for days, countless nights spent without a morsel of sleep. He traveled the realms again, diving through the deepest oceans and begrudging the hottest deserts so that he would find her beauty again.
It was a song that Loki would his father sing to his mother, and now, he would sing it to you.
"For wherever she may wound me, I know her kisses will heal it," You still stood at the entrance to the hall, forcing him to travel across to you. He neither pushed nor pulled away from the crowd. Instead, they separated into two, creating an open path for Loki to see you in all your glory.
He imagined what your skin would make him feel; how your arms would hold him; how it'd feel to have you kiss his cheek; how his heart would warm when you lied your head on his shoulder; how a tear would drip to his chin if you could ever love him back.
Loki had never loved. Is that what it was? Is this the unavoidable feeling he'd seen so many become smitten with? He'd once even seen it overtake Thor, and it was all he saw in his mother's eyes. He wasn't sure if it was right, but love was like a dagger. Loki would let himself feel it even after he bled. "Let her claws pierce my lungs," Each step to you was a beautiful moment he'd cherished. "Let her lips take my breath."
It was eerily silent in the hall, and only his luring voice hissed towards you. It wasn't meant for anyone else's ears except yours. Even his mother's eyes watched his figure slither across the Great Hall. "Nothing would spark the flame she has given me." The god of mischief was in love, and it shocked everyone who was there to witness it. Yet to witness it seemed the greatest honor.
Your fingers gripped the fabric of your dress, collecting it entirely in your palm, not from nerves or humiliation. In fact, you were rather calm when any other woman would immediately swoon. "I ask only one favor of her."
Loki now stood below you, his knee hitting the edge of the platform you stood on. Even the greatest artist in the galaxy could not depict the piece in front of them. The snake had finally cowered.
The ensemble had now silenced completely. Their lutes, violins, cellos, and drums were still, fingers halting above the strings as if they would accompany his voice any moment. Even his voice had stopped, and he was at a loss of breath. You completely took up the air around him, leaving him a strangled mess. Somehow, he forgot the following words to the song.
His eyes met his mother's, whose hands clutched her chest. "Love me until I am devoid of color, stripped of my mind," He was on his knees, at your feet, and it was only for you. "And I will love you for longer."
This was what the feeling was like. It was uplifting and light, a cloud beneath his feet that carried him to the heavens where he would spend his time with you; It was also suffocating and burning, blood dripping down his body, pooling in the grooves of his fingertips and soaking the Asgardian leather plated on his chest.
You turned on your heel, lips curving into the sliest of smiles and you exited the hall. In your eyes, there was the slightest sinful hint telling him to follow, to let you lead him wherever you wanted. It was scared him, how easily you entered his life and how easily you left.
With a smirk plastered, the wicked look returning, he rose and followed you out.
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nev3rfound · a month ago
starting line : l.l
looking back at a version of the life he could've led, loki secretly wishes he could go back to the starting line and change fate. (2.3k)
requested: not by anyone but I've had starting line stuck in my head for a while and created this based on it! warnings: mentions of explosions, minor endgame/loki/ IW spoilers
masterlist / permanent taglist / etsy shop - requests open!
Tumblr media
Going into the situation, you knew it could be triggering to see him again, but you had no choice in the matter sadly.
"You okay, Y/n?" Tony mutters, watching your eyes dart toward the elevator at the sound of the doors opening.
Releasing a shaky breath, you nod in response. "I'll be fine." You lie, thankful for the security uniforms you and Tony are clad in, hoping to be in and out with the infinity stone before anyone realises it's gone.
Emerging from the elevator, you carefully observe the Avengers; the original core team long before you truly knew any of them. At the time you were just an Agent within Shield before corruption ate away at it.
2012 Tony walks ahead with the briefcase in hand, oblivious to Scott working his way inside of his core. And then behind Thor follows with him, wearing in his once fine Asgardian clothing and a cover over his mouth. Even with his lips concealed, you can still tell even now that his signature smirk lies beneath.
"Breathe, Y/n." Tony quietly tells you, noticing your change in body language as Loki passes by with Thor, barely sparing you a glance. "It's not the Loki you knew, remember that."
"Yeah, I know." You bitterly retort, causing Tony to huff under his breath.
Yet, in front of you, mere feet away the conversation doesn't go amiss by the God of mischief himself. Instead, his curiosity heightens as he glances over his shoulder noticing two members of security. One of which he recognises to be a version of Tony Stark, and the other being you with bright eyes, slowly becoming glossy staring back at him.
"Okay, Scott, now." Tony speaks up, and immediate attention is averted to the original Tony collapsing on the ground, discarding the briefcase causing it to slide across the room toward Loki.
Looking down at the case in front of him, Loki quickly scans his peripheral vision before picking it up. He feels a strange pull to look behind him once more and notices tears sliding down your cheeks. However, knowing this is his only chance of escaping, he disappears with the case leaving the rest of your plan to fall apart.
"How you doing, kid?" Tony rests his hand on the top of your arm as your head hangs low, tears now freely cascading down your face once more.
A quiet cry leaves your lips and Tony takes you in his arms, guiding you away from the scene and out of the building. "I didn't think it'd be so hard to see him again." You admit, feeling your heart breaking all over again. "And I didn't get to say goodbye, again." The sobs you've held back erupt and you crumble to your knees, forgetting everyone that is at stake for a mere moment.
You allow yourself a second to face your own reality that Loki will never come home, even if you can save everyone else it'll always be too late to save him.
"This is truly absurd." Loki huffs, now forced into a beige jumpsuit with a collar around his neck like a dog whilst this man, Mobius, chuckles under his breath.
"Yeah, you're exactly what you live up to be, Loki." Mobius remarks as he sits at a desk with a monitor facing him whilst a seat on the opposite side remains absent. "Why don't you take a seat, there's something I'd like to show you."
Knowing if he were to ever escape, Loki's best bet currently was to sadly cooperate. As he sits down, Mobius flicks a switch revealing a projection to form of New York, 2012.
Scoffing, Loki leans back in his chair. "What is this?"
"A sampling of your greatest hits, if I may." Mobius asks and Loki simply shrugs, allowing the footage to play.
The first image is one he'll forever despise, the Avengers crowding around him followed by him being escorted out. Yet, in the background of the projection, he notices a familiar face and pauses.
"You noticed her too, didn't you?" Mobius enquires, pausing the footage of Loki standing with Thor in the lobby as two guards stand a few metres behind.
Rising to his feet, Loki approaches the projection. He was right, you were staring straight at him with an older version of Tony Stark.
"Is she important?" Loki questions, keeping his eyes locked on you before the projection changes to a different scene.
Mobius explains what should've happened after the attack on New York, that Loki was to be captured and imprisoned. Within time, he was released under Thor's supervision and allowed to stay inside the Avengers compound.
Whilst listening, Loki couldn't help but shudder at the thought. He observed the scenes of what would've been. Himself in the compound, wandering into a large library filled with novels coated in dust.
"And this is where things would've gotten interesting." Mobius comments with a smile whilst Loki keeps his eyes glued to the projection.
Wandering deeper into the depths of the library, Loki's ears perk up at the gentle hums of a melody bouncing from the walls. "Here comes the sun," You happily sing to yourself, curled up into an armchair in the science fiction section oblivious to potential company.
Yet, Loki keeps himself hidden from your view. He listens to you sing to yourself as your eyes scan over the words on the page before turning it, remaining lost in your own world it seems.
"I'd prefer if you didn't linger in the shadows, Loki." You suddenly call out, lowering the book from your gaze to your lap, a smile graciously crossing your lips.
Appearing partially out of the shadow, Loki hovers momentarily. "I didn't think anyone else would be in here. You all seem so absorbed in your technology." Loki remarks, aware of you nodding along.
"Usually that's the case, but I felt like an escape for a while." You admit, motioning to the armchair you're swallowed in and the steaming mug beside you. "This is my happy place, but I'm willing to share." A chuckle leaves your lips and for the first time, Loki can feel himself slowly alleviating the tension in his body.
"Why would a Midgard be kind?" Loki scoffs. "Especially one who is an Avenger nonetheless." He crosses his arms over his chest, glancing over to Mobius who remains almost unreadable.
Rather than responding, Mobius simply plays another clip of Loki alongside some Avengers in a mission. Various faces remain unknown to him, but you stand by his side with a gun in hand whilst he reveals his trusty knives.
"Remember the plan?" You ask him, sighing deeply at the sight of the Hydra facility, one filled with old intel from Shield.
"Of course I remember the plan, darling." Loki remarks, the name slipping off his tongue before he can take it back. "We'll be in and out in no time."
"And back in time for dinner my dear." You joke back, nudging his arm playfully before heading inside the base with Loki hot on your tail.
As the pair of you wander through the building, you find the office Fury instructed you to. "Keep a lookout, yeah?" You motion to the door and with a heavy sigh, Loki keeps guard whilst you rummage through the filing cabinets, finding empty sheets of paper. "Shit."
Slamming the filing unit shut, Loki turns around noticing the evident frustration in your expression. He walks toward you, resting his hands on your shoulders forcing you to look at him.
"We'll find the information, Y/n." Loki assures you gently, something neither of you expected him to do. Usually, Loki tried to remain stoic, but he couldn't help but lower those barriers around you and only you.
"It should be here, Fury was certain it was here." You tell him, tearing yourself away from him and continue to open the other drawer in the filing cabinet, finding more blank pieces of paper. "Wait," Speaking up, you rifle through the papers, finding the one thing that causes your heart to stop.
Before you can say anything, the beeping commences and Loki reacts instantly.
Loki grabs a hold of your body and forces you outside of the room, slamming the door shut before the bomb detonates. Shielding your body with his, the explosion goes off and debris covers you both.
Surrounded by dust and bricks, Loki remains perfectly still above you, managing to use his magic to protect you both. "Are you okay, darling?" He breathes out, slowly lifting his head up to see you with a few cuts across your face but no significant damage.
Lightly you laugh, quickly followed by a cough before you nod as the ringing in your ears slowly subsides. "I think so." You mutter, now focusing intently on Loki's pale face and those bright blue eyes. "Thank you, Loki." Lifting your hand up, you rest it against his cheek, feeling his cool skin against the warmth of your palm.
"I'll always protect you, Y/n." Loki whispers, unable to help himself from allowing his gaze to drift to your lips. "Even if you claim you don't need it."
Unable to stop, both you and Loki lean closer until your lips meet, and it sparks something new for both of you, something neither of you could've anticipated; true love.
Remaining still, Loki blankly stares at the screen as more footage plays of you both. Him caring for you, laughing with Thor and seemingly being happy. He was a free man, one who had found a new purpose in life that didn't involve ruling the nine realms.
"Is this some kind of joke?" Loki calls out, turning on his heels to face Mobius to laughs to himself. "She's a human, insignificant yet I defy my destiny for her?" He points to the screen, paused on an image of you smiling brightly at the God, fixing his tie as you stand in a white dress adorning a golden ring on your finger.
"This is what was always going to happen, Loki." Mobius simply states, holding his hands up in defeat. "I guess there is some humanity in you after all." He remarks, heading out of the room leaving Loki alone with his thoughts and the paused projection.
"No." Loki tells himself, walking over to the monitor on the desk and skips toward the last available video, unaware of the content that would play.
Standing tall in front of the projection, Loki freezes as the footage begins.
"Loki, please," You plead as Loki moves away from you, his hand slipping out from yours causing you to fall back into the mass of bodies. "don't do this." Tears stream down your cheeks, but Loki puts on a brave face knowing what he has to do.
Stepping forward, he claims his loyalty to Thanos whilst you whimper in the background. Thor remains silent through the shield covering his mouth, unsure how to react as he remains in chains, thinking his brother to be a traitor after all this time.
"Almighty Thanos, I Loki, Prince of Asgard," Loki spares Thor a glance. "Son of Odinson and Husband of my dear wife," He turns around, smiling softly to you whilst you shake your head. "I give you my undying fidelity."
Your eyes widen at the sight of Loki creating a dagger before welding it toward Thanos, only for Thanos to freeze it inches above his neck.
Everything happens too quickly as Thanos grabs Loki by the neck, lifting him off the ground. Your cries drown out Loki's choked gasps for breath, his eyes close to bulging out of his head before he mutters his final words.
"You will never be a God." Loki tells Thanos, and with a final squeeze, Loki drops to the ground, his body lifeless and pale with blood trickling from his lips.
"No!" You scream whilst Thor cries out through the shield over his mouth, shaking in the chained contraption he's forced inside.
Thanos begins to burn the remainder of the ship, causing purple flames to take over your surroundings as you cradle Loki's body. "Good luck." Thanos regards before vanishing into a cloud of darkness with his allies.
Now free from the confinement, Thor takes a hold of you, tearing you from Loki. "Let me go!" You cry, thrashing against the God to hold your husband.
Turning you to face him, tears stream from Thor's eye mixing with the crimson and dirt across his face. "There isn't time, Y/n. I'm so sorry." Thor regretfully says, looking up at various parts of the ship beginning to break into the galaxy.
Thor holds onto you tightly, hoping you close your eyes before you're both swept into space, unsure if you'll ever be found.
A single tear falls to the ground as the projection flashes 'END OF FILE' repeatedly.
"No." Loki mutters, approaching the monitor again to see if there was something he missed. "That can't be it!" He slams his fists against the desk, somehow flashing the original clip from 2012 onto the screen.
He lowers himself to the ground at the sight of you this time, amazed that you somehow survived and wonders if his brother made it too.
Rewatching the footage with a new perspective, he forces himself to his feet and approaches the projection as it reaches the moment you appear.
"Oh, Y/n." Loki whispers, lifting his hand up only for it to glide through the screen.
Now Loki understands why you were crying and the reason behind the solemn look in your eyes. You were simply longing for something you've lost, and now Loki yearns for something he'll never experience.
"I'll find you, my darling." Loki tells you, hoping someday he'll acquire that love he saw and that you in return will too.
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