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#loki laufeyson fanfic
omgopalsapphire · 3 years ago
Chilling with Loki as a Snake Would Include...
Tumblr media
- so it starts off with you just chilling on the couch reading or something
- and Loki notices this daily occurrence
- and one day he just
- changes himself into a snake
- and he just chills there with you
- and you’re not even fazed
- and it escalates, so to speak
- he just slithers around following you
- and he’ll wrap himself around your leg
- especially if you’re wearing long baggy pants
- he’ll just slither up in there
- most of the time you don’t even see him
- you’ll be walking to the kitchen or something
- and suddenly you’ll feel something creeping up your leg
- “hey loki”
- “hisssss”
- sometimes when it’s for sure just the two of you
- or he’s had a little to much to drink
- loki will appear out of nowhere
- shout “SNAKE ATTACK”
- and launch himself at you as a snake
- leaving you flailing trying to catch him
- and sometimes
- usually when it’s just the two of you
- he’ll drape himself across your shoulders
- and this is fine too
- sometimes he’ll do it even if the others are around
- and they’re wondering where and when the hell you got a snake
- and you don’t say anything
- you just smile
- but then one day
- he’s on your shoulders
- you’re in the kitchen making tea or something
- and here comes thor
- he sees a snake just casually chilling on your shoulders
- and his exclamation makes both of you jump
- and startles loki so bad
- that he accidentally changes back into a human
- so now you’ve got a grown ass god draped across your shoulders
- ...for about .2 seconds
- and you both just drop to the ground
- with loki on top of you
- loki is sputtering
- thor is bent in half about to fall on the ground he’s laughing so hard
- you just know there will be pictures and video
- and for some reason it hasn’t occurred to loki that he’s on top of you and maybe he should get up
- but if you’re being honest you don’t mind
- and you two make eye contact
- he’s frazzled and huffing
- and you just start giggling
- and you can’t stop
- and it’s not long before you’re just full blown laughing
- nearly as hard as thor
- who by the way is now sitting on the ground leaning against the cabinets for support because he’s about to fall over
- and despite how frazzled and annoyed he is
- loki smiles
- you both make sure to pay attention to your surroundings after this
- and no one lets loki live down the fact that he got scared human
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citrineasguardian · 3 months ago
"my child is fine"
Your child literally reads smut with a straight face while eating breakfast like it's the morning paper.
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imaginedisish · 21 days ago
I Know The End (Loki x Reader)
A/N: Hey guys!!! Sorry for the wait, but here it is! This is based off of the request I posted last! I really hope you guys enjoy! PS, it’s somewhat inspired by I Know The End by Phoebe Bridgers. Although, the tail end of the song doesn’t exactly match the vibe of the fic, so if you intend on listening to the song while reading, I’d say hit the rewind button as you get to the end of the song LOL. Anyway, my requests are still open, and ENJOY!
Summary: Thor and Tony tease Loki about never being able to find love. That’s not true, as far as you’re concerned, especially given your feelings for Loki. Except there’s one issue: He doesn’t know about them, at least not yet. 
Warnings: A good deal of angst, but it turns into fluff, cursing, maybe some grammar mistakes? I think that should be everything lol.
Word Count: 3,211
Tumblr media
“Oh come on, you so totally would!” A voice shouts in the near distance.
The words snap you out of the deep sleep you had been in. Soft rays of light stretch across your face, creeping in from the small cracks and crevices of your white curtains. You groan in annoyance, grabbing your pillow from under your head and shoving it over your face. You know it can’t be later than 8:30 in the morning, because that’s when your alarm should have woken you up. 
Instead, as always, Tony and Thor decided that this was the type of morning to be incredibly loud. It also wasn’t convenient that your room was dangerously close to the end of the hallway, allowing for all the noise from the kitchen and living room to flow directly into your ears. 
“Oh please,” A familiar voice chimes out. “I’ve had more people in my bed than the amount of whatever midguardian currency you have sitting in your silly little bank.”
The rest of the conversation is unintelligible as you force your pillow down harder over your ears. Thankfully, all you can hear now are the mumblings of annoyance coming from those distantly recognizable voices. Still, you know you won’t be going back to sleep any time soon, so you have no choice but to force yourself out of bed and out into the conversation that somehow seems to be growing louder and louder. 
You rip the pillow off your face and push yourself up onto your fore arms, listening a bit closer to the conversation. 
There’s a powerful, booming laugh. “Well brother,” Thor chants, “The people amount of people one has in bed most certainly does not equate to the love one holds in one’s heart.”
Loki stays silent, but Tony’s laugh is audible as ever. “Proverb Thor 3:5 makes an excellent point,” Tony mutters. “And if you’ve slept with more people than the amount of money I have, I think it’s time to get that thing checked out, Reindeer Games.” 
You roll your eyes, knowing full well that the conversation must be bothering Loki. As much as he pretended to be a cocky asshole, he was truly a rather vulnerable, hurt, damaged, yet kind person. At least to you, that’s what he showed himself to be. His god-like, sarcastic, cynical front was just an illusion to keep his true self hidden. 
But he didn’t hide that true self from you. 
You swing your legs around to the side of the bed, and force yourself to face the cold hard wood floors below. You walk towards your door, twisting the knob and making your way out into the hall. 
“Good morning sleeping beauty,” Tony chimes in as you enter the kitchen, pouring himself a cup of coffee in the process. Loki stands up from the barstool he had been sitting on and begins to walk over towards you. 
“Morning Loki,” You say, your voice still hoarse with sleep. 
He sends a soft smile your way, but doesn’t respond. He leaves the kitchen and heads off down a hallway, disappearing into a room. 
Your heart sinks down deep into your chest. Whatever Tony and Thor had been teasing Loki about had truly gotten to him, and you couldn’t help but feel as though your presence somehow made it worse. That was the last thing you wanted. You wanted to be there for him, to figure out what was wrong, to fix whatever was hurting him. 
You really couldn’t bare to see him that way, you never could. The amount of hours you spent next to Loki, talking about everything and nothing, all to make sure he was okay, were absolutely innumerable. Sometimes you two would sit in comfortable silence, your shared presence saying more than words ever could. Sometimes you’d keep a TV show on in the background, but you were never paying attention. You’d sit on the couch next to him, resting your head on his chest, listening to his heart beat. 
To be honest, you would do anything for him. You would sit with him for days on end if you had to. You believed in him more than any other Avenger. You saw the good in him the very second you laid eyes on him, as impossible as that seems. He didn’t have to prove himself to you. He didn’t have to jump through hoops or pass stupid, foolish tests. 
He was Loki, and that was enough. 
You finally decide to speak up, completely ready to interrogate your teammates. “What did you two do?” Your voice is strong, a little bit too strong. You were just a tad too easy to read. Immediately, Thor and Tony can tell that there was something else causing you to react this way. 
Everyone did. In fact, everyone had admitted it already. Everyone had discussed it with each other at least once a day. Everyone could tell so easily. But you and Loki couldn’t. 
There was something between you two. It was impossible not to see. 
You could never tell him how you felt. Never. You couldn’t even tell yourself. It didn’t matter how bad you wanted him, how terribly you loved him, how horrifically head over heels you had become for him. Because, at the end of the day, you had lost far too much to lose something, someone, like that. Of course, losing him would hurt regardless. Maybe it would hurt even more if you never got the chance to see how things played out. But still, it felt safer not to try. It felt safer not to let those three words free themselves from their chamber at the back of your throat.
So you wallowed in silence. You felt in silence. You dreamt in silence.  And that was okay. 
This, however, Loki feeling pain, was not. 
Tony finally decides to speak up. “We were just messing with him. I didn’t know Reindeer Games had any soft spots. Guess he does.” 
You scoff. “He has emotions, you know,” You say, your eyebrows furrowed. You weren’t having Tony’s bullshit today, no matter how close you two were. He had become something of a father figure for you, but that didn’t necessarily mean he was always the greatest influence. 
“Couldn’t tell, to be honest,” Tony says back, sarcasm heavy in his voice.
Before you could think of a comeback, Thor interjects. “He’ll be alright, (Y/N),” He says, his voice much softer than usual. “He always pushes through.” But his words weren’t reassuring to you. 
You shake your head. “What were you even talking about? What could you have been possibly saying to make him so upset, hm?”
Tony smiles, laughing a bit. “I said,” He stops, his laughter growing, “Thor I can’t say it, it’s too damn funny.” Tony bends over, his cackle filling the room. He mutters something under his breath, and he laughs at whatever it was he said. 
Thor chuckles. “Tony said Loki would have to pay someone to be his girlfriend, and I agreed. Jokingly, of course.”
“As funny as it was, it wasn’t a joke to me!” Tony shouts, laughing even harder now. 
Your mouth falls open. “You assholes!” You yell, your voice booming against the walls of the kitchen. 
Tony looks at you, his eyes wide with disbelief. “What, you really think he’ll ever be able to find true love?” He asks, the remnants of his laughter still thick in his voice. “I mean come on, you know him better than anyone else here, don’t you? Even better than Thor?” 
Thor nods. “That’s probably true.” 
“Yeah, it is,” You respond, “Which is exactly why I know he will, and that he’s worthy of every ounce of it.” Your commanding, serious voice cuts the jovial tone of the room in half, leaving a feeling of tension and conflict in the air. Tony and Thor take their eyes off of you. The only funny thing about this was how intimidated they had become of you in a matter of seconds. 
After a minute of silence, Tony’s head whips back towards you, as if he’s had some sort of epiphany, some sort of grand realization. He laughs to himself.
“What, what’s so funny now?” Your voice doesn’t waver at all as you slam your fist on the cold, marble countertop. 
Tony shakes his head and chuckles once more. “There’s no skepticism left in me. I wasn’t entirely sure about this, but now I am. Thor insisted it was true. So did Nat. Even Bruce knew it. I thought maybe you were just that nice. You’re too nice sometimes. But now, now it’s crystal clear.” 
Tony stops his tangent, leaving your heart thumping out of your chest. “What the fuck are you talking about Tony?” You say back. 
He stays silent, and smiles softly. You look over at Thor, waiting for him to speak up. 
“I think you already know the answers to your questions, (Y/N),” Thor says finally. “We’ve known for quite a while. It was only a matter of time before you finally acknowledged it too.” 
Everyone knows, You think to yourself, slightly embarrassed. It was a lot to process, although it made complete sense. You thought back to the time they had caught you and Loki sitting on the couch, watching some stupid horror movie. Despite being a goddess, you found yourself stuck under the crook of Loki’s arm, shaking like a leaf in fear. You burrowed your head into his chest, and he tightened his arm around you. When they walked in on you two, all cuddled up, they made some snide comments, but that was it. 
Then there was the time Tony had found you two on the couch, sound asleep at 2:30 in the morning, clung together underneath a blanket. Neither of you could sleep alone that night. Nightmares plagued your mind, and oddly enough, Loki was in the same boat. You had made your way out into the living room to watch the city streets below, and Loki showed up just a few minutes later. After talking for a while, you felt yourself growing tired, but you were afraid to be alone. So, he stayed with you on the couch, all night. Tony went to grab a glass of water, and that’s when he saw you. By the next morning, everyone knew. You took the jokes and made sure Loki was never uncomfortable about any of them. 
But there were far more times than that. Far more times than you could even begin to count. And they were all hitting you now. It was undeniable, your words, your actions, your feelings. It was all so abundantly clear, not only to yourself, but to the world. 
You wondered if they were clear to Loki too. Maybe he thought you could never love him, all over some stupid jab from Tony and Thor. That stung. The thought that he truly believed you could never love him was enough to drive you to tears. The idea that Loki seriously believed that he would need to pay you to love him was far too painful. You needed to set the record straight. 
Now or never. 
“You two fucking suck,” You say angrily, punching the marble countertop again before storming out of the room. You walk towards the hallway Loki had traveled down, and knock on the door. 
There’s no response. 
You knock again, and when there’s still no voice on the other side, you choose to open the door. You feel your stomach twist when you see that there’s no one inside. “Loki?” You call out, but there’s still nothing. You step back out of the room, shutting the door behind you. 
That’s when an idea pops into your head, and you immediately storm towards the doors to the balcony entrance at the other end of the hallway. 
And, of course, there he was. You push the doors open. You watch Loki stare down at the cars rushing by below. It’s almost as if you can feel how lost he feels, how hurt he feels, how confused he is. A shiver runs down your spine as you finally start making your way over to him. Your footsteps are audible, but he doesn’t turn around. He stays exactly where he is. It feels like he’s hiding from you, like there’s something he doesn’t want you to see. 
“Loki?” You whisper, finally reaching the place next to him, where you’ve always felt you belonged. 
You let your hand place itself in between his shoulder blades, rubbing slowly. He shudders under your touch. You finally look over to his face, his tear stained face. That’s what he’s hiding, You realize.
“Oh, Loki,” Your voice is quiet and filled with sadness. You bring your other hand across his chest and up to his shoulder, wrapping himself in your arms, bringing him into a tight hug. You bring your lips to his ear.  Your voice is incredibly low, so only Loki can hear you. “They’re wrong. You know that, don’t you?” 
Loki brings his hands to your waist, giving into the hug and bringing you closer to him. He shakes his head into the crook of your neck. “No, they’re not, and that’s the problem.” After a few seconds of silence, he pulls away from you, leaving you feeling cold and empty despite the cool touch of his skin. 
He walks a few steps away from you, and begins to pace back in forth. Every now and then he’ll bring his hands up to his face defeatedly. It kills you to see him like this. 
“They’re wrong Loki, I promise you. They’re completely, entirely and insurmountably wro-,”
He whips around to face you again. “No, they’re not!” He shouts, tears falling from his eyes, smacking the ground when they land. “I’m unlovable. I’m nothing. I’m unworthy of so much, (Y/N). Of Asgard, of a real family, of friends, of love,” He pauses, his voice softening with every word, “Of you.” 
Your eyes begin to well up. You blink and the tears free themselves, trickling down your cheeks. You catch the salty taste as one falls to the corner of your mouth.
“That’s not true and you-,” 
But he cuts you off again. “It is true! Of all the things I just mentioned, I don’t deserve you the most. I will never deserve you. Why are you even here? Why do you stay? Look at me, I’m a monster.” 
You shake your head, pinching the bridge of your nose as you take a few steps towards his frozen body. You scoff and part your lips. “Because you’re not a monster. You’re not whatever the fuck you think you are. You’re so much more, Loki. You’ve shown me more love than I’ve ever seen in my entire life. You’ve been there for me, and I’m always going to be here for you,” Your words are shaky. You pause, out of breath, trying to speak in between sobs. “And don’t you dare, for a single second think that you don’t deserve me.” 
“And what makes you think that I do?” He questions, his voice much quieter this time. 
You look to the city streets below, searching for the perfect thing to say. But that’s when it dawns on you, that there’s no need for some perfect way to come out and say it. Nothing is ever perfect. It doesn’t need to be. It shouldn’t be. Life would be shit if everything was perfect, You think to yourself. You and Loki were most certainly far from perfect, and yet, you knew that he was all you wanted. You knew that you belonged with him. 
You knew that no matter what your story was, it would end with him. 
“Because I know the end, Loki,” You say, stepping closer to him. “They know it too,” You say motioning towards the door behind you and him. You figured the entire team was watching, but neither of you looked to see. 
Loki closes the gap between you and him. “What are you talking about, (Y/N)?” He questions, taking your hands in his. 
You blink some more tears out of your eyes to see his face more clearly. You take a deep breath, allowing the words to fall out of your mouth. 
“I love you, Loki. That’s the end. You and me. No matter what. No matter how many times you and I try to push each other away, no matter how many stupid jokes they make about you never finding love, no matter how you feel about yourself, I will always love you. I always have and I always will.” 
There’s a pause, a moment of disbelief between the two of you. You can’t help but worry he won’t feel the same.
“Y-you love me?” A genuine smile plays at the corners of his mouth. His blue eyes widen. 
You nod once. “Yes,” You say simply.
Loki brings his hands to the sides of your face as his lips come crashing down onto yours. You swear you can feel a strong ray of sun break through the grey cloudy sky, reaching the exact spot you and Loki are standing in, as if the heavens decided to open up, as if some sort of order had been resolved within the universe. That’s exactly how the kiss felt, as if everything was in its right place, as if this was exactly where you were supposed to be. 
Loki separates his lips from yours, a single tear falling down his cheek. “I love you, (Y/N), and I mean that.”
“I know, I know,” You say back, “I know you do.” You knew he wanted you to understand that this wasn’t some trick. But there was no need to prove a single thing to you. You knew how he felt. There was no doubt in your mind now. 
“Thank you,” He says, resting his forehead against yours, squeezing your hands with his own. 
“For what?” You ask. 
He smiles. “No one has ever made me feel this way. No one has ever treated me with so much kindness, with so much trust. With so much…” He trails off, his eyes shutting tightly. “Warmth.” 
“You don’t need to thank me, Loki,” You say, squeezing his hands back. 
Loki squints his eyes, confused. “Why not? You deserve it.”
You shake your head. “Because that’s what love is. I’d do anything for you, no questions asked. I’d chase you into a tornado. I’d drive into the sun with you. I’d face the end of the world with you,” You pause, swallowing the lump in your throat. “Forever.” 
“Forever?” Loki asks. 
“Forever.” You say back. 
He wraps his arms around you, bringing you tightly into his chest. You didn’t care if the team was watching. You didn’t care who saw. 
He was yours. 
Forever. Never to be alone again. 
Either way, we're not alone
I'll find a new place to be from
A haunted house with a picket fence
To float around and ghost my friends
No, I'm not afraid to disappear
The billboard said "The End Is Near"
I turned around, there was nothing there
Yeah, I guess the end is here
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angel-fire · a year ago
set my soul alight
summary: loki finally has you right where he wants you.
warnings: slight dubcon, very very nsfw. knife play, enemies to lovers because if you’ve ever spoken to me you know i’m about that shit. as always, don’t read if you’re under 18. 
A/N: okay this is like... almost pure filth i don't even know what to say. but in honor of no nut november being over imma share what i finished writing the second i had an orgasm for the first time in a month. title from supermassive black hole (yes the one from twilight!!)
You’ve done plenty of stupid things in your life. Chasing whiskey with wine coolers, texting back people you probably should have blocked – deciding that yes, working alongside the Avengers seemed like a perfectly reasonable career path for the rest of your life.
You could deal with the spies, the weapons dealers, the abandoned Hydra bases you’d raided for intel from time to time. You’d made peace with the fact that at any moment, you could be summoned for a mission you wouldn’t return from. And, well, it’s hard to regret your decision when it’s more than just walking the line between life and death. It’s the bonds you make with your teammates, the lifelong friendships you know will last with people that leap into the abyss right alongside you.
Oslo, Norway. It was supposed to be simple. You weren’t supposed to get caught. Taken. The question of how you got here is unnecessary, simply chalking it up to just another ill-advised decision you’d make in your life. If it lasts.
The God of Mischief stands before you, clear blue eyes raking over your bound form as he observes you. Your wrists are tied up above your head by what feels like silk, your ankles tied with the same material, bound to what feels like a post attached to a wooden beam. You’re upright, head lolling around on your shoulders as you rouse into consciousness. You become extremely aware of the fact that you’re still in the jeans and top you were wearing while you were supposed to be undercover earlier. Undetectable. So much for that.
“You’re awake.” Loki remarks, taking a calculated step towards you. No shit, you think. You drink him in, clad in an all black suit with his hair brushing the tops of his shoulders. He’s still disarmingly attractive, which is an in-fucking-convenient thought for you to be having considering he’d kidnapped you about – from what you can assume by the absent sun outside the window to your left – one or two hours ago. “Good. I’ve missed you, darling.”
“What the hell are you doing?” you mumble, tired limbs struggling against your bindings in a futile attempt to free yourself. At least it isn’t rope, you muse. Being tied up with thick ropes and subsequently tased until your bones rattled under your skin had been the least fun you’d had six months ago in Venice. The most fun… well. That’d been involving the god before you, teasing him into a frenzy ending in a hushed whisper of salacious promises detailing the things he would do to you if he got you alone. You suppose decision making is definitely not your strength, because after you’d rebuked his filthy whispers with a mere smirk accompanied by a wink, you expected that to be the end of it. Flirting with the enemy can only get you so far.
“Do you remember what you said to me, that day?” Loki inquires, ignoring your question entirely. “When you’d begged so sweetly into my ear for me to fuck you, to take you in the most filthiest of ways? I’ll admit, you rendered me speechless.” He chuckles to himself at the memory as your face flushes.
“I was not begging, and I didn’t mean it,” you respond automatically, the lie tasting like ash as it slips off your tongue. Loki only smirks, making you internally cringe at yourself. No matter how good a liar you might be to any other enemy, your teammates, your friends - you knew you couldn’t lie to him. Not to the God of Mischief.
He’s not just your enemy, a small part of you whispers. You shove the thoughts down before they can gain any traction.
“I should punish you for trying to lie to me,” he glides closer to you, eyes trained on your heaving chest at having him in such close proximity. “Shouldn’t I?”
There’s an unmistakable sound of a blade being unsheathed, your eyes flicking down to his right hand and widening when he produces a dagger from his wrist. It’s long, sharp, the light of the moon reflecting along its blade as it glints at you. You shudder instinctively, fear and arousal licking up your spine the longer your stare lingers on it.
“You were always my favorite,” Loki muses, standing a breath away from you as he draws the knife closer and closer to your body. “So headstrong. Unbreakable. I do look forward to seeing you fall apart for me.”
“Fuck off, Loki,” you snap, pulling against the silk ties at your wrists once more, realizing that they’ve likely been spelled to stay put. You would have been able to break free by now if they weren’t. That’s what you tell yourself, at least. “I’m not doing anything for you.”
“Oh, you’ll beg for me, I know it,” he chuckles darkly. “I can practically smell your fear. The way your body responds so deliciously to it. You’re dripping in spite of it, because of it.  And if I did this-“ he raises the sharp edge of the knife up to the base of your throat, dragging it across the length of your clavicle to where it meets your shoulder. You shiver in anticipation, toes curling, and his eyes flash. “-you wouldn’t be able to hide just how much it excites you.”
“Shut up,” You gasp, watching the tip of the blade travel over your shoulder and, with a quick maneuver of Loki’s wrist, tear through the fabric of your top. “God, Loki, what the fuck?”
“Don’t act like you’re not aroused by the feeling of the steel against your skin alone,” he counters, dragging the blade clean through your top all the way down to its hem, effectively exposing your left side. “Knowing I could hurt you so easily if I applied just-“ he presses the knife’s tip into the delicate skin of covering your rib cage ever so slightly, drawing a shaky breath from you as you feel the rush of arousal flood between your legs. “-the right amount of pressure. Your body betrays you, little mortal.”
“You’re sadistic.” You breathe, unable to deny the urge to clench your thighs together to relieve the ache between them.
“Maybe,” Loki simply chuckles, pulling the knife away from you and flipping it between his nimble fingers in a way that makes your eyelids flutter and your heart race. His left hand travels up your other side, drawing your top above your breasts, gathering the material in his hand as he yanks you close. “But you love it, don’t you?”
You have no time to answer before his lips connect with yours, teeth biting at your lips and tongue curling around yours as you gasp into his mouth. The taste of his tongue sends you into a tailspin, wrists straining not just to escape, but to bury themselves into his raven hair and drag him closer. You chastise yourself for feeling this way, but when Loki pulls away and promptly lowers to his knees before you, your mind goes blank.
“Fuck,” you whisper, watching with wide eyes as he takes his knife and cuts straight through your flimsy jeans, waistline to ankle. You hope he doesn’t notice the way you tremble in excitement ever so slightly, but when you hear him hum quietly in approval, you realize it’s useless to try to hide it from him. Well, he is a god, you muse.
“There it is,” he murmurs, lithe fingers teasing at your skin as he cuts your jeans completely off of you, tossing the remaining scraps of it somewhere to his left. “You’re lovely when you give in, darling.”
“I won’t, you bastard,” you curse, shutting your eyes tightly and tilting your head back in an effort to delay the inevitable.
“You will.” He promises, and you feel the tip of the blade dance up your ankle, over your knee, pausing at your thigh as he brings it inwards towards your femoral artery, before passing over the crevice between where your thigh meets your sex to play at your hip bone. Loki lightly traces indiscernible patterns along your skin with the knife, and your spine alights with pleasure as heat builds in your core. He’s teasing, building up to something else, and you know it by the way he growls as he senses you becoming more and more aroused by the second, trading the knife for both his hands as he pries your thighs apart as far as they can go in your position. Your eyes snap open at the feeling of his hands on you, so close to where you want him, so close to where he’s very capable of making you give in.
The last coherent thought you have is about how you can no longer feel the tightness of silk binding your ankles, but the last thing you feel is Loki’s dark chuckle against your thigh before he dives in.
His tongue plunges deep into your pussy, lithe digits holding you open for him as your thighs shake and your legs ache to be released, to wrap around his head and squeeze in retaliation for this assault of pleasure. He pulls away just enough to raise his dark eyes up to yours, a sly grin dancing across his lips.
“Oh, Agent... Your cunt tastes absolutely divine.” Loki purrs, long tongue flicking out of his mouth to catch your essence spread across his lips. No sooner after, he dives back in, the wet muscle of his tongue flicking against your clit and urging your hips to arch into his mouth. He drinks from you voraciously, hungrily, a man starved of touch for so long that he can’t get enough when he finally has it.
“I wonder if your precious Avengers know just how sweetly you moan for their enemy,” he coos into your thigh as he takes a moment’s pause. “I wonder if maybe I should make them watch, next time. Watch you come apart at my touch, my tongue.”
The feral expression on his face as he devours you combined with the sounds of your slick heat between your legs in response to his ministrations causes you to let out a high pitched moan, jerking your hips wildly, to which Loki simply buries his face further into your folds. He wrenches your thighs even further apart and wraps your legs around his neck, ankles crossed between his shoulder blades as you clench around his tongue while his hands press bruises into your thighs. You’re helpless in resisting, taut body tensing above him as you hurtle towards your peak at an alarming rate.
“I feel you holding back, darling,” he murmurs against you, the rumble of his voice rippling through you like an electric shock. You let out a gasp when he inserts a long finger up and into you, making you tremble with delirious pleasure as you give another sharp moan. “Let go for me. Give in. Let me make you come.”
You squeak when he pushes another finger into your wet heat, stretching you open as he wraps his lips around your clit and sucks, your body unable to hold your release in any longer as you come apart in a wave of unbridled passion. You’re nearly bent backwards in half, Loki’s arms holding you up by your quivering thighs as you come into his mouth. He laps at you greedily, emitting growls that reverberate against your pussy, drawing whimpering moans from you when it only seems to prolong your orgasm. You’re lost in rapture, hands grasping for something to hold onto in an attempt to stay grounded but coming up with nothing but cold air and the sensation of silk on your wrists.
Loki’s already gazing up at you with darkened eyes, fingers lazily pumping in and out of you as you come down from your high. “Feel good, do you? You sang so beautifully for me, little mortal.”
You huff indignantly, narrowed eyes lowering to meet his blown pupils that surely mirror your own. “Don’t think this means anything.”
“It’s valiant of you to believe you aren’t already mine.” Loki hisses, dragging his fingers out of you and, as he rises from his feet, abruptly shoving them into your mouth. You inhale sharply around his fingers, the taste of yourself on your tongue jarring and intensified by his face nearing yours once more. Your eyes lock, and the challenge in his stare nearly makes you submit completely. Nearly.
Eyes still trained on his, you throw him a salacious wink before circling your tongue around his fingers, lightly sucking them into your mouth as you watch his stare grow darker and his breathing become heavier.
“Oh,” Loki rasps, voice thick with arousal. “You’re a little minx, aren’t you?”
Abruptly once more, he pulls his fingers from your mouth and winks in retaliation as he licks the rest of you off himself, humming in delight as he tastes the mix of your cum and saliva on his tongue. With the same hand, he grabs a fistful of your hair and yanks your head back to look up at him. A pang of arousal shoots through you and you let out a quiet whimper, Loki’s breath fanning across your face as his eyes scan your features.
“You want it, don’t you?” He beckons in a low voice, removing his hand from your hair to grip your jaw with bruising pressure. “You want my cock so deep in you that you see stars.”
With your breath trembling, you mutter what you hope comes off as an affirmation in a moment of pleasure-induced weakness. You take his satisfied smirk as confirmation that it did.
“Now,” he purrs into your ear, lips tracing down the length of your jawline and up to your mouth. You’re shaking with it, this need that could only be sated by his touch and his alone. “Are you mine?”
You’re breathless, aching for more – of his tongue, his lips, his cock. You manage to shoot him a sly smirk of your own, craning your neck towards him to whisper in his ear. You know the answer, and he knows it too, but you don’t pass up an opportunity to make just one more ill-advised decision.
“Why don’t you untie me and find out?”
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spilledkauffie · a month ago
Beyond Bruises
Pairing: Loki x reader Word Count: 1.1k T/W: fluffy, mentions of bruises A/N: Loki finally tells you why he’s so jealous
(sorry it’s a little short— )
Tumblr media
“I cannot believe you fought Fandral at banquet,” you shook your head, promptly closing the door behind you. 
You had finally found your Prince after the fiasco in the Great Hall. Loki was in his bathing chamber. It was almost entirely golden plated, to no surprise, with a few hints of deep emerald scattered about. He was sitting in the clawfoot-tub, centered in the middle of the room, lean arms resting atop the sides. The candlelight flickered about, dancing off everything gold it touched, creating both shadows and light. Loki was leaning his head against the back edge of the tub’s rim, staring up at the ceiling even after you came in; he’d flicked his eyes to see you and returned his gaze upward. 
“I didn’t like how he was coming on to you,” he admitted quietly and calmly, as if nothing had really happened.
“He looked at me,” you glanced over your shoulder at him, pausing from reaching at a washcloth in the open shelved cabinet. 
Loki tilted his head forward, turning a little to finally look at you, “alright,” he said firmly, “I didn’t like the way he was looking at you.” When you met his eyes, yours softened, there was something deeper, you could tell. Before you could ask, Loki began again, shifting further down in the water, “besides,” his gaze went back to the ceiling, “how was I supposed to know he’d draw a knife on me, honestly?”
You smiled to yourself, shaking your head once more, “maybe, when you drew yours first?” you quirked your eyebrows, stepping alongside the golden bath. 
He didn’t meet your gaze this time, and elected to ignore that comment, even though you were right, instead he just sighed heavily and remained staring directly above him. Finding a stool, you brought it to the side, and sat closely.
Looking him over, you winced at seeing the bruises his fellow Asgardian had dealt him, particularly focusing on one right against the highest point of his cheekbone farthest from you. It was already turning a nice raspberry tint.
“At least let me help with the pain, I had some part in it after all,” you dipped the soft emerald washcloth along the top of the water, your knuckles almost touching his side as you stirred the dampening fabric for a moment.
He brought himself towards you, making it easier for you to reach him. You placed the damp towel against his cheek, glancing across his body, observing more bruises. You stroked your free hand down his bare arm soothingly, trying not to put any pressure on the bruises scattered about him. You wondered how many times he’d been through this alone.
“You didn’t have any part in it,” he finally spoke, eyes focused on you, even while you were looking away.
“I did though,” you sighed, furrowing your eyebrows, “after all, if I hadn’t come back with you-”
“Don’t,” Loki grasped your wrist as gently as it was sudden, surprising you. Bringing your hand away from his face drew your attention immediately back up; you breathed; concerned for him, “please,” his tone softened, as he took the towel from you and replaced it with his own hand. He pressed his thumb up your palm, his slender fingers caressing the back of your hand, “please, don’t say that .”
He kissed your knuckles, lips lingering against your now damp skin, as he flicked his eyes up to yours, “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
Your lips parted at the look he was giving you, there was so much hurt, a wound deeper than physical. Coming as close as you could to the edge, you stroked your other hand against his forearm, before bringing it up to push a stray strand of silky hair back. You studied him, he didn’t break his gaze upon you. His hair was like black ink, damp and glistening from the streams of light around the room. His skin was smooth and the curve of his lip was tempting.
“Loki,” you almost whispered, “tell me: where is this jealousy coming from?” You asked gently, looking for some kind of expression, but he was extremely talented at hiding it, even from you. 
He lowered his eyes; you tried again, “you know I’m already yours.”
He tilted his head to the left, debating whether or not he was going to tell you, until he finally exhaled.
“All my life, I’ve had to share what was mine or else I’d had it taken from me,” Loki stated, you nodded listening, knowing the past traumas he’d been through, “which only proves that it really was never fully mine. It has happened by plan and it has happened by force, regardless of my intervention…,” he dropped his stare to you, “but I will not allow that to happen to you.”
You swallowed harshly, lips parting at the drop of his voice.
“I don’t care how ridiculous, or who I have to fight to make that clear,” his voice staggered a little, but stayed just as strong as his conviction.
Your shoulders dropped, for a moment you didn’t know what to say, and you weren’t going to pretend to know the future, all you knew was that you wanted to stay with him. Or go, wherever he went.
“Loki, I-“
“I swear to you,” he shifted suddenly, bringing himself closer yet, taking his free hand out of the water to caress your cheek, “I will not lose you,” he kept himself inches apart from you, eyes glowing with sincerity and a desperate need for assurance, “you’re the first beautiful, real thing I’ve had in my life,” he held eye contact, voice going to a whispered hush, “I’ve never loved like I’ve loved you, I don’t- I won’t let you go. . . as long as you’ll have me.”
Loki stroked his thumb against your cheek, the two of you breathed in time together, the sound of water dripping from his elbow was the only sound. Your hand found its way to the tips of his hair clinging against his neck. You studied his expression: determination, power, pain, longing, love—
With the slightest tilt, you pressed your lips against his, warmly inviting his return. He kept a hand of your jaw to keep you pulled close and you pulled closer yet, nails barely scratching the side of his neck. It was a breathtaking kiss, neither of you wanted to part from. Pausing for air, you both gasped quietly, out of breath.
“And I swear,” you pressed your forehead against his, hearing him inhale softly, “I’m not going anywhere, not without you.”
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thewritingdoll · a year ago
featuring: ruler!loki x innocent!servant!female reader themes:  smut (18+ only, please!) trigger warnings / anything else: includes slight size kink, light bdsm themes (dom/sub dynamic), lots of dirty talk, unprotected sex, maybe some light degradation too, and some praise. i just wanted to write something filthy, if we’re being honest. loki’s kind of an asshole in this one, but i feel like it’s not out of the realm of possibilities. requested by @angel-fire from the nsfw prompts list. the prompts requested were (some of the prompts have been edited slightly to fit instead and all will be bolded in the piece):
#3 - “That was good, but next time, do it harder.”
#5 - “Look at me. Now.”
#55 - “I’m bored, come over here and sit on my dick cock.”
#58 - “Oh my, I would am going to obliterate your pussy and you we both know it.”
word count: approximately 3780
Tumblr media
steam curled around up from the golden encrusted, clawfoot tub that could fit at least three more of you inside of it even with it’s current occupant, the God of Mischief, splayed out along the length of it, his features only slightly obscured by the heat of the room, but you were close enough to tell that he wore an unreadable expression. neck resting against the curl of the tub, raven locks soaked and licking at his chest as they cascaded in midnight waterfalls around his pale visage and down over broadened shoulders. seafoam eyes, focused as always, on you. though the hue is delicate, the gaze is shattering. sometimes, you feel him looking at you from his throne or your eyes lock as you close the doors to his bed chambers and you feel your knees get weak. your heart slams into your ribcage and you’re afraid you might get sick. still, it’s a more welcomed feeling than the one you have right now, sitting only inches away from his naked body.
you're seated upon a stool, also golden like most things in Asgard, so that you may reach him over the edges of the tub, sitting on your calves with your bare feet ever-so-slightly pensile; the golden bangles hanging loosely on your ankles clink against each other whenever you adjust your position or lean forward to dip the sponge into the balmy water before you drag it along his skin. 
each time you submerge the sponge in the water, your face heats up with a strawberry blush. you’d like to blame it on the mist lazing on the surface of the water being disturbed, clawing towards the high ceiling and scorching your face on the way up, but you know better than that. you blush because, whenever your hand sinks into the water, it’s that much closer to his nude form. and he hasn’t stopped eyeing you yet.
“A quiet little thing, aren’t you?” it’s his voice, thick accent, breaking through the nearly solid silence, full of tension. “Or do you only speak when spoken to?”
you avoid his gaze as the pillowy sponge dances against the skin of his chest, sending a fountain of steaming water over his exposed abdomen. “What would you like for me to say?” you inquire, willing to say whatever he wanted to hear from you. you didn’t know him, not that well. you’d only began to work in the palace a little while before, and now that Loki had become ruler, everything was different than it started, specifically for you. instead of requiring a whole gaggle of servants to bathe him like most rulers, now he requested only you. alone. same goes for feeding him, readying his bed. you’d rarely even seen the other maids in weeks, and you wondered why he was so adamant on making you tend to him, out of everyone else in the palace.
“What’s on your mind.” was his very blunt, sudden response. you held your tongue, curious to see if he would go on. he did. “I believe there are a million questions lurking in that brain of yours that you’d love to ask your master, isn’t that right? So go on, ask me.” it wasn’t a question anymore, Loki was demanding it now. 
you took a deep breath, your eyes turning up towards him. “I suppose I just don’t understand why I’m the only one here?”
“Do you not like my company?”
“Of course not, I just mean...” you trail off with a quiet sigh, looking back down at the sponge as you rubbed his shoulder with it. “At first, there were others, but now it’s just me. Why?”
Loki was silent for several seconds and you felt your heart bang against your ribs almost violently, but you were much too afraid to face him in this moment.
“Look at me.” his voice has taken a significant dip, and your breathing ceases. “Now.” you have no choice. with a wildly beating heart and no breath to be found in your lungs, you peer up at the man you’re enserviced to, eyes big and full of innocence. you had to admit, he was an intimidating specimen more often than not, to you especially. perhaps others, like his brother, didn’t share your sentiments, but you were in no position to feel as unmatched as The Mighty Thor. when you saw him, he had leaned forward, shifting waters clouded with soap around his nudity, and his face was much closer to you now. one warm hand shot out and thumb and forefinger gripped your chin to keep your eyes on him. his were alive with something you’d never seen before. “I prefer you. That’s why it’s just you here. Do you understand?”
you nod without hesitation. “Yes, Master.”
The Asgardian seems pleased with your reaction, and leans back, looking at you with oceans full of intrigue and arrogance alike. “My, my, you are obedient. Would you do anything I told you to?” he sounds almost curious, and you can understand why. The Prince had never been in a full-fledged position of unquestionable authority before now, and he was clearly soaking it in. another nod, but this time it was reluctant; you remained quiet with eyes glued to him and filled to the brim with curiosity and confusion. Loki clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth for a few moments before he uttered one, ground-shattering request. “Undress.”
“I-I’m sorry?” you were half convinced you’d imagined it; there’s no way he really said that to you.. did he?
“Undress.” he repeated simply, dark brows furrowing together in expectancy. “Shall I say it slower or would you like for me to elaborate further in case it wasn’t clear enough? Take. Off. Your. Dress.” you could feel the acid leaking from his condescending tone deep within your body, but you couldn’t understand why it made your core shudder.
“Would it matter why?” he challenged, the ghost of a grimace forming on his face, “Because I told you to, there’s your why. Now, you aren’t about to disappoint me after I just spent time praising you for being such a good girl, are you?”
“N-no, Master.” you answered, dropping the sponge at your feet before you thought about what that might entail, but your shaky knees were already in motion, pulling you from the sitting position to stand before the tub, one delicate hand going to the single clasp over one shoulder that held the wispy, alabaster fabric together in the form of a feathery drape over your petite form. you always felt that the look was much too exquisite for you, but when you asked the other maids about why Loki had dressed you in such an ethereal way, they seemed to have their own theories about his lust for the celestial and innocent, and to possess perfection. you wondered, briefly if it was true as your fingers fumbled with tenuous clasp, until one click and your dress cascades over your quivering figure to form a diaphanous puddle of ivory silk at your feet.
you are completely exposed in front of your master, and he’s eyeing you with a darkened gaze, one overflowing with hunger and lust. you feel as if your entire body is turning cherry red, but you can’t be sure if it’s because you’re blushing or because his stare is so powerful that he’s scorching your skin every where his eyes meet. your arms shift to cover your breasts as you squeeze your thighs closed, glancing down at the floor, shameful of your current position.
“That’s much better,” Loki sounds more amused than anything. is he entertained by your humility? “We couldn’t have that pretty dress soaked, now could we?” your eyes snap up in question, shooting him a puzzled look, to which he only chuckles and reclines further in the bath. dripping, raven curls drape over the edge of the tub where he neck rests, placing both large hands behind his head. “I’m bored. Come over here and sit on my cock.” you suddenly feel as if every breath you might’ve had in your lungs has been wrung from them, and your eyes are so wide you think for a moment that they might bulge from their sockets. Loki picks up on your speechlessness and expression instantaneously. “Oh dear,” he hums, mocking shock, but you can see the smirk making it’s home on his lips as clear as the daylight shining through the large window and spilling warmth on to your bare feet, “Now, don’t tell me you’ve never taken cock before. Sweet, quiet little servant girl is a virgin? That is much too cliche.”
“I’m not-” you start to explain, but you’re cut off by your own humiliation. once. you’d had sex once. you hugged your arms, blushing madly. Loki howls with jovial chuckles.
“So, Little Miss Innocent has indeed been corrupted already, has she? You should have no trouble, then. Don’t make me repeat myself.”
“Once,” you reply in self-defense, but you’re already taking careful steps to the tub. you make it to the edge in two, and you’re suddenly loathing the fact that you hadn’t started further away. “But he wasn’t...”
“Me?” Loki is grinning wickedly from ear to ear as his hands slide to either side of the tub once you throw one leg over it to climb in with him. because of the obscene height of the tub alone, your hands drop from covering your breasts to brace yourself against the edge as you make your way over the side, and you are hyper-aware of the way Loki licks his lips when your chest is exposed once again. “Divine.”  fierce gaze never leaving you, even as you settle into a straddling position on his lap. “Wait.” his tone is firm and low, and stops you in your tracks as you peep up at him. one grip latches on to your waist as the other wraps not-so-gentle fingers around his own manhood, pumping it wildly until it swells to life, hardening as his eyes stay on nothing but you. you’re bright red with shocked stare glued to his member, and the smug expression he wears tells you he knows why. 
the size of him is surprising, in both length and girth, and you’re suddenly biting back nervousness at the oncoming contact with your own body, that already wanes in comparison to his own. gripping himself at his base, he presses his length against your abdomen as if to emphasize the very thing you’re nervous about; how big he is. you’re in shock at how high it reaches, tip nearly cresting your belly button. “Oh my, I am going to obliterate your pussy and we both know it. Don’t we, Love?”
your mind is flooded with possibilities and you’re blushing so deep your cheeks are practically purple, but you can’t ignore the surge of excitement that shoots through your veins at his words, your desire liquifying at your core. regardless of the steamy bathwater, you’re completely soaked. “You’re so big.” you repeat what your mind has been screaming at you this whole time. “How are you- Master, I don’t think you’ll fit...”
a low rumble of a snicker bubbles from deep within his chest and rips through grinning lips that curl devilishly against pearly teeth. “Is that so? You’re positive you aren’t just inflating my ego, Sweetheart?” you shake your head at his inquiry, but your eyes have yet to leave his manhood, standing at attention still kissing your skin. “Don’t worry, Master will make it fit.” in the next few moments, his grip on your waist hoists you into the air, creating a large enough space between the two of your bodies for him to guide the head of his thickness on course, and line himself up with your weeping hole. both of your hands go to his shoulders upon instinct and the need to grip and stabilize as his tip prods your folds, slipping through them with ease but finding sweet resistance just beyond as the stretch begins slow. “Obedient, pretty, and a tight, little cunt.” Loki marvels at your assets in a raspy growl as his vice around you tightens, pushing you down to meet his deliciously slow invasion. a soft whimper escapes parted lips as your nails bite at his shoulders, golden bangles scraping the skin on his chest. one, black brow shoots upward. “And you sound like an angel when you’re getting split open by my cock. You are the perfect fuckdoll.”
he has you sinking on to him slow, but consistent. each moment, when a new inch of him pushes through your entrance and caresses your clenching walls, you’re mewling for more, and you can’t stop yourself. “Please, Master...” you purr, arching your back as your hips jut forward, in hopes he might end the hellish, slow moving torment and fill you completely. “I want it all.”
he doesn’t, but the grit of his teeth and the way his head twitches inside of you, you know that he enjoys hearing you beg. “Even pretty, cum hungry sluts don’t always get what they want.” he teases, looking up at you with a twinkle of deviance in those beautiful oceans of green and blue. “I’d so much rather take my time in stretching this cute pussy, making her mine completely, before I fuck you so hard I can see the galaxy in your eyes.” now that he was mostly secure and nestled deep within your body, his hand goes straight from his cock to your face, gripping your cheeks, his mean fingers digging in to fragile flesh. the way he squeezes pushed your tiers out into a pout as he jerked your face forward until it was grazing his own. the hand curled around your waist pushes you down a significant amount and you feel more of his length filling you at once, a wheeze of a gasp leaves your throat and lands on his smirking lips. a guttural grunt at your sudden tightness claws it’s way out of his throat with a vengeance as his eyes are ablaze with unbroken, wild lust. they burn into yours unwavering and intense, and you can feel an undeniable knot wrapping itself up in your gut from his stare alone. “You must love the feeling of my cock deep inside, because you’re clamping down like you don’t want it to end, Love. It feels good, doesn’t it?” you can only nod, trembling with need, but it isn’t enough for him. “Tell me, Whore.”
you try your best to suck in a breath, keeping the eye contact that he is so dead-set on as he pushes your small frame all the way down, his length reaching depths unbeknownst to you as your clit grinds into his pelvis. a moan erupts from you like a volcano of desperation as you feel him taking up all of the space within you and then some. “You’re so- so deep!” you cry out, but the nefarious way his lips are curling upwards has you wetter still.
“I told you Master would make it fit, My Darling.” he growls before smashing his lips against yours in a fiercely passionate, but one sided kiss, thanks to the way your lips are pushed out. “And now I would bet that you feel it in your belly, don’t you?” you nod with a soft whine as the God of Mischief rolls your body for you, dragging you along his length only to slam you down hard on to it again. you choke back a blissful moan at the sensation as the torture loops, and repeats. “Good, that’s where it belongs. I’m going to be sure to fill you up with my cock all the time from now on. Not a day will go by when my cum isn’t leaking out of one of those perfect, little holes. And you’re going to love it, aren’t you? Your new promotion. Master’s Whore. To use and abuse as he pleases.” his voice breaks as his pace quickens; hips snapping upwards to get into a brutal rhythm as he pummels your insides. the best you can do is grip his shoulders tightly, look into his eyes, and hold on for the ride as you rock against him, a helpless ragdoll caught in a whirlwind of aggressive pleasure.
“Yes!” you can’t stop yourself from agreeing, not at all ashamed of how quickly and how loud you do. “I would love to be your whore, Master! Oh, God, please make me your whore!” your voice doesn’t even sound like your own, it sounds desperate, needy, and vulgar, but you don’t care at all. the knot in your stomach is tightening with each cruel thrust, bulbous head prodding nerves within you that you didn’t even know you had, and your clit rubs against trimmed, coarse hair along his otherwise smooth, warm skin, creating a mind-boggling combination of pleasure points that has your eyes already beginning to roll back in your head. your nails dig in, drawing blood to the surface of milky skin, but you know by the way he snarls against your face, tracing it with sloppy, open mouth kisses and heavy breaths that raise goosebumps on the now saliva-streaked skin, that he likes the abuse just as much as you do.
“A good whore strives to impress her master.” though he’s howling like an unhinged beast in between words, he still manages to seem matter of fact as his movements come to a sudden halt. your whole body is set on fire with disappointment and desire as you dig your nails into his flesh deeper. one hand balls your hair into a makeshift ponytail on one side of your head as he tugs on it, and you crane your neck in that direction, tilting it uncomfortably so as you peek up to see his teeth grinding, scowling from pleasure and the torment he’s just forced upon himself by stopping as well, brows knit together. “So impress me. Ride my cock like we both know you were meant to. Do it right and I might let you cum for me.” 
his words kick you into gear, and your hips roll as your press both of your hands against his chest. water is sloshing around the two of you, but thankfully the tub is deep enough that there’s no chance of it spilling over. rough and calloused fingers dig against your scalp as he finds a better grip on your roots and holds them tight, keeping them like reins as you bounce against his now taut body. you’re hunched over, trying to keep the pressure off of your hair and ride him at the same time, but the feeling of his length pulsing against your fluttering walls is making you see stars with each buck of your desperate hips. the sounds Loki makes while he’s under you, with you in as much control as he’ll give you, are addictive. he’s growling, snarling, breathing hard like a starving beast and you find yourself wondering how long he’d gone without sex before now to reach this level of depravity. 
“That’s right,” he encourages, too, jerking your hair as he pulls you forward to meet your lips in another rough battle of tier and teeth and tongue. you pant against him, and cry into his mouth over and over as you rock your own body into his. there’s absolutely no way that you can attempt to match his strokes, his being damn near demonic in nature, but you alternate between bouncing and grinding, pleased to find that he’s enjoying your newfound talent by the way he twitches deep in your insides. “Master’s Good Little Whore. You want to cum, don’t you, Love?” his words are punctuated by the feeling of the knot in your belly pulling as tight as it may go without snapping and you nod with breathless pleas against his mouth.
“Y-Yes, Master. I want to cum! Can I, please??”
he doesn’t answer you outright, but tilts his head in a nod as both hands find your hips once again, digging fingers into the skin until you swear it melds around them. in a second, the God is driving himself into your body with so much force that you’re leaning back from him, breasts jiggling wildly as your body convulses in his arms from the power of his thrusts alone. the abuse would’ve been enough on it’s own to send you into a tizzy, but Loki leans forward, mouth attaching itself to  your breast as he grunts, sending shocking vibrations throughout your skin. his tongue rolls over your hardened nub before he clamps down with his teeth and tugs ever-so-slightly. when you yelp and look down, you can see he has the skin of your swell pulled tight.
you lose any shred of resistance you had left as perfervid pleasure attacks every nerve and muscle in your body; climax consuming you whole. your moans turn to screams of pleading for him not to stop as your psyche tumbles into the rabbit hole of ecstasy and you come completely undone in his arms. Loki grimaces, his groans sounding off like a siren to alert of his own impending orgasm as he abandons your breast with a licentious smack of his lips. “I’ve never seen someone look so seraphic as you do when you cum on my cock, Love! Now, you’re going to take your Master’s-” you’re blissed, a limp and whimpering tangle of aftershocks and sensitivity, but his words still elicit a tightening in your belly, right before he buries himself to the hilt completely for the final time, shooting ribbon after ribbon of warm essence deep within you. he paints your walls even as he slowly starts to withdraw himself from you, but you stop him. clinging to his body, though exhausted, you hook your thighs around his waist and somehow find the strength to pull yourself upright again, before crashing against his gleaming chest, soaked with sweat and bathwater.
you aren’t sure if he wants to protest or not, because you can’t see his face, your own buried against him with the most subtle hint of chest hair tickling the inside of your nostrils. 
he’s keen to let you stay in the bath with him, still buried within you, so that you can recover from your first experience of being his plaything. running fingers through your now knotted hair, he dips his head down to whisper, husky, against the shell of your ear. “That was good, but next time, do it harder.” 
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lokiskitten · a month ago
Tumblr media
ᴛᴏᴍ ʜɪᴅᴅʟᴇsᴛᴏɴ :
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sᴇʙᴀsᴛɪᴀɴ sᴛᴀɴ :
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ʙᴜᴄᴋʏ ʙᴀʀɴᴇs :
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Fruit salad | smut
Requests are always open! Feel free to leave one.
[ and more to come!(◕‿◕) ]
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imaginedisish · 26 days ago
One of These Nights (Loki x Reader)
A/N: THE LENGTHS I WENT THROUGH TO GET THIS UP TONIGHT AHHHH!!! It was stressful, but we’re here hehehe! Hi guys! So here is my first Marvel/Loki fanfic! This is my first Marvel fic ever, and I can’t wait to write more. I’m still in the process of genuinely getting through all the movies, sooooo be patient with me lol. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy! This fic is based off of a request!! And it was an awesome request so ahhh just enjoy! (ps, the song this title comes from is One of These Nights by the Eagles :)))
Summary: It’s just another one of Tony’s parties, that is, until a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven begins, and you’re paired with Loki...
Warnings: Some cursing, angst, but ummmm SMUT. Some dom!loki, and most likely a good deal of errors as it’s literally 4:20am rn. Potential part 2 action here...
Word Count: 4,348
Tumblr media
Stark’s parties were always…interesting at best, and absolutely discordant and chaotic at worst. It wasn’t that you dreaded them or anything like that; this was your chosen family, after all. But, sometimes, a few drinks could roughen things up a bit. And, right now, that was the exact case. For some reason, the group decided to play Never-Have-I-Ever, which you could tell was going to lead to quite the altercation between Steve and Loki. 
“You’ve never been in love?” Steve cackles across the room. 
A begrudged, un-drunken Loki squints incredulously at Steve. “No, can’t say I have.” His blue eyes blink nonchalantly. He clearly isn’t taking any bullshit this evening, You think to yourself. You can tell by the full, two hour old glass of whiskey resting within Loki’s grasp that he isn’t exactly in the happiest mood. 
Steve scoffs as he processes Loki’s response. “Yeah right. You just don’t want to lose the game by admitting you’ve been in love,” He retorts back. The tension in the room is palpable, tangible even. It’s impossible for this to end well. No one should have ever allowed Loki and Steve to have a conversation about love, or any competitive conversation for that matter. 
The God of Mischief shakes his head in contempt, holding his left hand up, with one single finger left to be put down. Loki rolls his eyes. “I mean it. Only fools fall in love.” Your heart can’t help but sink to the bottom of your chest as the words fall from Loki’s lips. You couldn’t deny your feelings for Loki. 
The two of you had grown quite close over the past few months. You were new to the Avengers, which meant your lack of control over your powers was quite dangerous. And yet, despite the father figure Tony had become to you, and the friends the others had been, Loki had been by your side more than anyone else. No one could fully comprehend your ability to control the elements, or where your powers came from, but Loki was the one who always made you feel understood and heard. You felt close to him, and you could swear that he felt close to you. You were cut from the same cloth. You were the black sheep, the “other”. 
“Well,” Steve starts, snapping you out of your train of thought and back to reality. “I suppose only a fool could fall in love with Loki anyway, so it would make sense if he isn’t lying after all.” 
Loki chuckles mischievously. “At least I’m not hung up on some 90 year old hag I’ll never be able to be with.”
His words aren’t even given the chance to fully find their way to your ears before Steve launches across the room, shoving Loki into the wall. There’s a loud bang and an even louder crash. Panic grows in your stomach. You look over to Thor, expecting him to be doing something, but he sits back in his seat and laughs. 
A rush of energy runs down your spine and you stand up. You feel a jolt burst in the palm of your hands. Your eyes twitch as a strange sort of electric zapping hums around and within them. You know it’s your powers, but it’s not anything you’ve ever felt before.
Steve drops his fist from next to Loki’s face back down to his side and turns to stare up at you. Loki gazes at you as well, his eyes moving up and down your body. It takes you a moment to realize that Loki and Steve aren’t the only ones staring, everyone is.
There’s a clear and distinct fear in Tony’s face. Thor is no longer sitting, and he’s definitely not laughing anymore. His brows are completely furrowed, tightly knit together. Natasha appears to be reaching for whatever weapon she’s keeping around her waist tonight. Bruce seems to be turning green. But they refuse to turn towards Loki and Steve. Their eyes remain locked on you. And that’s when it becomes clear that the family you had grown to love and trust weren’t reacting to the situation. 
They were reacting to you. 
You’re confused. Sure, maybe this triggered your powers, but two people you care for deeply trying to kill each other is the very thing that should trigger a rush like this. 
Tony breaks the silence and coughs as he nods his head towards you. That’s when you finally look down at your hands. You weren’t just reacting to the skirmish in an attempt to get both Loki and Steve to stop fighting.
You’re aiming directly for Steve.
Dark black clouds filled with powerful bolts of lightening dance in the palms of your hands. The gold stripes of electricity leap dangerously between your finger tips. It takes you a second to ease up. The clouds and lightening continue even as you slowly rest your hands at your side. Natasha and Bruce pull themselves back, relaxing into their previously spots. Steve leaves Loki up against the wall and walks awkwardly back to his seat.
You swallow nervously as your eyes lock with Loki’s. He isn’t scared like the others. He’s stunned, and to be quite honest, you were too. More than that, he seems concerned, and not for himself or for Steve, but instead for you. There’s a softness in his face, a kindness, wondering if you’re alright. There’s even a hint of guilt, as if he, the God of Mischief and Lies himself holds himself accountable for causing you to act this way. 
You break away from Loki to see that everyone’s eyes are still locked on you. You look back down to your hands and breathe a sigh of relief as you notice that the lightening is gone. 
You shake your head, disappointed in the fact that you had terrified the team, your family, with your lack of control. “I-I’m so s-sorry,” You stutter, your breathing speeding up. You can feel the walls starting to close in on you. What if I’ve fucked everything up, You think to yourself. “The whole thing just freaked me out I guess. I would never hurt you Ste-,” 
Steve immediately cuts you off. “I know, (Y/N), it’s alright. That wasn’t your fault. I shouldn’t have escalated things.” His voice is compassionate and kind. He takes a deep breath and shakes his head. “I’m sorry we scared you like that.” 
Tony smiles lightly as he waves his whiskey in the air. “Then it’s settled, everyone just needs calm down.” He pauses to take a large swig from his glass. “Reindeer Games and the old man are fine, and so is (Y/N),” Tony was always somehow able to bring the light back into a room, no matter the situation. “We’re supposed to be celebrating here, no?” And just like that, the room was a lively party yet again. 
The music in the background grows louder as the conversations flow back to normalcy. A familiar baseline swells the room.
One of these nights
One of these crazy old nights
We're gonna find out pretty mama
What turns on your lights
One of These Nights by the Eagles blares over the speakers. Loki grabs a new glass of whiskey, and walks across the room to stand by your side. “I’m sorry,” He whispers only so that you can hear. “I shouldn’t have said what I said to him…” Loki trails off. You can hear the pain in his voice. It’s not hard to understand how much this is bugging him. He takes a swig of his whiskey, and then finishes the entire thing. 
“It’s fine Loki, really,” You smile at him, and he smiles back. His blue eyes stay fixated on yours for longer than he usually lets them. 
He’s visibly nervous, something you rarely see. “You were going to…” Loki, the charmer of the century, Silver Tongue himself, is struggling to get his words out.  “Well, protect m-,”
But before he can finish his thought, Thor’s voice booms across the room. “It’s time for a game!” Loki rolls his eyes at his brother, but the rest of the relatively drunken room seems to be very on board with the idea. 
“Any suggestions?” Nat yells back, rolling her eyes over the sudden interruption of her conversation with Clint.
“Seven minutes in heaven!” Tony yells, drunk as ever. 
“Tony, you gotta be kidding me with that one,” Bruce says in disbelief, shaking his head in sarcastic disappointment. 
Loki furrows his brows. “What’s that?” He leans over and asks you, whispering ever so lightly against the crook of your neck as he wraps his arm around your waist. The combination of his breath and touch sends shivers down your spine.
You can’t help but giggle in response. “It’s a stupid game people usually play as teenagers here on Earth,” You whisper back to him. 
“Oh, so it’s harmless then. Nothing I can’t handle,” He says back to you, his voice louder and more confident. 
You shake your head and bring your lips back towards his ear. “It’s a little more…” You trail off, searching for the right words, “Suggestive, then that, if you know what I mean.” You say, heat rising to your cheeks as Loki’s eyes widen. You can’t help but wonder what he’s thinking about. You continue on regardless, “Two people go-,” 
“Reindeer games and (Y/N)!” Tony chimes out, prohibiting you from finishing your explanation to Loki. 
“What, Stark?” Loki groans in annoyance. 
Tony chuckles. “You’re up first.”
Your head turns up meet Loki’s stare, but it isn’t there. His eyes are glued on Tony, as if there’s some unspoken truth that they’re communicating to each other completely separate from you.
You tug on Loki’s black dress shirt, and he breaks away from Tony to look down at you. “We don’t have to play. You can say no,” You reassure him, as a soft, kind, welcoming smile spreads across your face. As much as you wanted to be in that situation with Loki, you knew that there was a very big chance that he wouldn’t want to be in that situation with you. 
After all, “Only fools fall in love.”
“Oh come on, brother, play the game!” Thor calls from the other side of the room. “That’s all it is, of course. Just a game!”
Loki shakes his head. “I don’t play mortal games,” He mumbles under his breath. 
Thor chuckles heartily. “What’s that? You’re afraid of mortal games?”
“That’s what I heard,” Tony interjects sardonically. 
“It’ll be fun, just play. Or are you too scared?” Thor jests, but it doesn’t sit well with Loki. Your heart is beating out of your chest at the idea that he would actually go through with the game. What would that mean, for us? You think to yourself.  
The music continues to blast despite the silence between you and Loki. 
Ooh, someone to be kind to in between the dark and the light
Ooh, coming right behind you, swear I'm gonna find you
One of these nights
Loki abruptly disturbs the silence, taking your hand in his and pulling you off the couch. “I’m scared of nothing. I’m the God of Mischief, how can anything scare me?” There’s an intense edge in his voice, as if he has something to prove. “So fine, I’ll play.” He says finally. “Now where do we go?” His voice is forceful as he pulls you behind him. 
Tony points to a door down a nearby hallway. Loki nods and starts walking towards the door, still pulling you behind him.
“I’ll start the timer once you two kids close the door,” Tony says nonchalantly, as if this was his plan all along, as if this was something that was meant to be this whole time. 
You and Loki make your way down the hallway, and finally approach the door. He reaches for the knob and twists it slowly. 
“Is this alright with you? Being alone in there with me?” He asks, suddenly much shyer than he was just seconds ago. 
You nod your head in response. “Why wouldn’t it be?” You ask, but Loki doesn’t respond.  He opens the door, stepping inside and pulling you in after him. You grab the door knob and shut it behind you.
“Timer starts now! Seven minutes!” Tony’s voice is muffled, but still somehow incredibly loud. 
“Are you alright?” You question. You can’t help but make sure Loki is okay. You know this is out of his comfort zone. Regardless of his cocky facade, this was not something he was used to. It wasn’t the intimacy of the moment that you figured was difficult for him, but instead the vulnerability. After 1,000 years of existence, there’s no way Loki hasn’t gotten around. 
But he most certainly hasn’t been told to go stand with one of his closest friends in a small, dark closet at one of Tony Stark’s parties before while playing what is essentially a sex game. 
“Of course. Are you?” He asks. He wasn’t like this with other people. He didn’t care about other people this way. You know this better than anyone else, and yet, you still refuse to believe that he could ever feel for you the way you feel for him. 
The music is still loud, even in the closet, even despite the silence that has fallen between you and Loki yet again. 
I've been searching for the daughter of the Devil himself
I've been searching for an angel in white
I've been waiting for a woman who's a little of both
And I can feel her but she's nowhere in sight
The closet is quite dark, but there’s a single chain connected to a single bulb hanging above your heads. Neither of you reach up to turn the light on. You figured Tony would invest in some sort of high tech lighting, even in his closets, but apparently not. 
After a few more seconds of silence, Loki finally speaks up. “So, what exactly are we supposed to do?” He questions. You remember how you never got to finish your explanation of the game.
“Well, for seven minutes,” You start, “We’re supposed to,” You pause, coughing to clear your throat. “Hook up,” You finally spit the words out. Heat finds itself rising to your cheeks. 
Silence, again. 
Loki reaches up and yanks on the chain, and the light flickers on. “There you are, darling.” He says, his voice is calming and soft. You didn’t realize how little space there was in the closet, and how close you and Loki were. There was no gap, no space in between the two of you. One more inch closer and his lips would be on yours. 
He brings his hand up to your cheek, and tucks a piece of your hair behind your ear. Your chest is up against his, and there’s nowhere else to go. 
Loki sighs, and you watch as his Adam’s apple bobs in his throat. “I suppose maybe I should use this time to, well, talk to you.” 
You smile shyly. “You can always talk to me, Loki. You know that.”
Loki shakes his head. “This is different, (Y/N).” His voice is tense now, as if his words are stuck in his throat, struggling to come out. He snakes his arms around your waist, pulling you into his chest. He had hugged you before. He had even held you before, after nightmares whilst on missions, when you couldn’t sleep because you didn’t want to face the nightmares in the first place. But this, this was different. 
He keeps you pressed up against his chest as one of his arms reaches up to play with the hair at the nape of your neck. 
“Is something wrong?” You ask, worried about what exactly is on his mind. 
Loki presses a kiss against the top of your head, something he only ever did with you in private. “No, nothing is wrong at all.” He states matter of factly. 
“So what is it?” You ask, growing more impatient with every second Loki withholds whatever it is that’s on his mind from you. He was affectionate, only with you, albeit, and this behavior in general wasn’t weird. It was only strange because of that fact that he was seemingly using it to bide time, to potentially get away without telling you what it was he was having such a hard time saying. 
Finally, he pulls you away from his chest. He runs a hand through his hair and looks down to the ground. “You’re rather alright, for a midguardian,” He says, finally meeting your gaze. 
“Is that so?” You respond back, the corners of your mouth twisting up. Feelings are impossible for Loki, and the fact that he was even attempting to put words to his feelings was more than enough for you. 
“Of course,” Loki says, stepping forward to close the gap between you two yet again. “You’re the only midguardian worth any of my time, you know.”
“R-really? Just me?” You ask, taken back by his statement. You know your bond with Loki is unlike any other he has here, or with anyone else at all, for that matter, but you figured he would at least form some sort of bond with the others. “Why just me?” 
Loki smiles softly. “I think you know why.”
Of course you knew what you wanted him to mean. You wanted this to be some sort of a confession, but you wanted a full one. You didn’t want any confusion. You wanted a clear cut answer. “Tell me why, please.”
But then, suddenly, his smile disappears. Shit, what did I do? You wonder, seemingly hitting a nerve with Loki.
“Maybe this was a mistake,” He says, moving to turn around. You grab his shoulder to stop him from stepping away from you. 
“No, please just stay. Let’s talk, like you said,” You’re practically begging at this point. You want nothing more than for him to stay, for him to tell you how he really feels. 
You watch as Loki swallows hard. It’s clear that this isn’t easy for him. “You’re worth so much more than all of them,” He says, motioning towards the door, towards the family you had come to love. “You’re different. You make me feel like I matter, like I’m not just some monster.”
“Loki, I-” But the words can’t come out. They’re stuck in the very back of your throat, along with your nerves.
Loki takes a step towards you, and brings his arms around your waist again. “I love you, (Y/N).” 
The words you had been waiting to hear for what felt like centuries had finally arrived. He had said it. Your heart pounds violently in your chest. 
This is it.
This is actually happening.
“I love you, Loki.”
He brings a hand up to your cheek, and pulls your face closer to his. His lips come crashing down unto yours, something you’ve wanted for gods know how long. The kiss is hungry and passionate, unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. It feels like a revelation, like this was something that was always meant to be, something that neither of you had a choice in. 
Loki pulls away, the two of you out of breath. The loss of his lips leaves yours cold in spite of his chilled skin. 
“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this,” Loki says, cupping your cheek with his hands and pulling you in for another kiss. You hum against his lips as the space between you somehow grows smaller and smaller, despite the fact that there’s virtually no space at all. You wrap your arms around his back in an attempt to get ever closer to him. Still, it’s not close enough. 
Loki’s lips trail down to the crook of your neck. He nips and bites at the exposed skin lightly, leaving kisses in his wake. His hand finds its way underneath your shirt, his nails lightly dragging across your back. A quiet moan escapes your mouth and Loki smiles against your neck. He pushes you back a bit farther until your back is up against the wall, his lips never leaving your skin. 
“Loki, please, I need you,” You beg. His lips disconnect from your neck and his gaze meets yours. He grabs your arms from his body and pins them above your head. 
“What exactly is it that you want, darling?” Loki asks, his voice thicker and raspier then it normally is. His hands are still wrapped around yours, holding you in place as he looks your body up and down. 
“T-touch me, anything, please,” You stutter, barely able to get the words out. Loki smirks as his knee presses in between your legs, spreading them a part. He takes his hands off of yours, moving down to toy with the bottom of your skirt. 
He slowly pulls the skirt up, his hand reaching underneath it and up your thigh. The feeling of his nails dragging up to the hem of your panties sends a chill down your spine. Loki tugs at your panties, toying with the idea of ripping them off. Instead, he moves his fingers down, tracing over your clit and your folds. 
“You’re soaked, darling, and I’ve barely even touched you yet,” Loki’s voice is commanding as he reaches back up to the hem of your panties before forcefully yanking them down your legs. He brings a hand to your clit and begins to slow draw circles against the bundle of nerves.
“More Loki, please,” You whimper. 
He smirks, his dark raven hair falling in front of his face. He removes his hand from your clit, leaving you feeling empty, wanting more. 
“Beg, and you’ll get what you want,” Loki demands, his fingers drawing circles on the inside of your thighs. 
“Please Loki, I need you, please,” You plead. There’s a darkness in Loki’s blue eyes as he pushes you even harder up against the wall. He presses his lips against yours, traveling down your jaw, to your neck, your collar bone, finally removing your top and throwing it on the floor in the process. 
“Tell me exactly what you want me to do, darling.” Loki commands. 
Your thoughts are hazy as Loki removes your bra, cupping your breasts, putting both nipples in between his fingers, playing with them softly. 
“Your tongue, please,” You finally manage. Loki chuckles as he slides down your body. He yanks your skirt down your legs, leaving you completely naked for him. 
“Beautiful, absolutely beautiful,” Loki says, his mouth suddenly taking in your clit, sucking lightly. You’re already close, despite him having just started. 
His tongue circles your clit and laps at your folds, taking you in. He hums against you, sending waves of pleasure throughout your body. Suddenly, you feel two fingers push into your entrance. 
It’s already too much for you to take. The speed and length of his fingers were enough on their own. You couldn’t even begin to imagine what taking his cock would feel like. “What a good girl, taking my fingers and my mouth like this,” Loki says, and a loud moan escapes your lips. Loki chuckles against your clit, the vibrations pushing you closer to the edge.
His tongue swirls around your core as your knees begin to shake, and your hips buckle forward. Loki brings his hands up to your hips, forcefully holding you in place. “Stay still, (Y/N), alright?”
“Yes Loki,” You barely manage to get out.
“Good girl. You’re so sweet, darling. You taste so good, just for me,” Loki whispers. His words alone were orgasmic. 
His pace grows faster and faster, and you feel your walls starting to clench around his fingers. “L-Loki, I’m so close,” You sigh, your hips grinding against his touch. 
Loki sucks rougher around your core, sending you over the edge. “Come for me darling, now,” Loki demands, his fingers pumping in and out of you even faster than before. “Let go for me.”
“Fuck, Loki,” You moan loudly as you come undone around his fingers, seeing stars in the process. 
“That’s right, say my name darling,” He coos in your ear, as you moan his name, coming all around him. He laps at your folds, and pumps a few more times before removing his fingers, leaving you feeling extremely empty. 
He stands up, and wraps you in his arms. You feel weak, and yet you want more. 
“I’m not done with you yet, (Y/N),” Loki captures your lips in another kiss. It’s soft and languid, unlike the others. It’s a kiss not born out of any lust, but instead love. 
He takes his lips off of yours. “I was hoping that would be the case,” You sigh, breathless. 
You could swear you heard thumping, some weird nose from somewhere else. But you choose to ignore it. You don’t want this moment to be over. And yet, it was.
“HEY!” You hear from the other side of the door. 
There’s a loud, abrupt knock against the door. 
That’s when you remember where you are, and how exactly you got there. “Shit,” Loki mutters. 
“Your seven minutes are up! Let’s get the show on the road Reindeer Games!” Tony shouts from right outside the door. Loki helps you get dressed, and turns to you before heading back outside. 
“Meet me in my room in ten minutes, alright?”
“Alright,” You say back, nodding your head. 
Loki presses another kiss to your lips before twisting the doorknob. “I love you,” He says. 
“I love you too,” You say back as he opens the door. The fallout can wait until tomorrow, You think to yourself. What matters is that what happened did indeed happen. 
The God of Mischief was yours, and you were his. 
Ooh, loneliness will blind you in between the wrong and the right
Ooh, coming right behind you, swear I'm gonna find you
One of these nights
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certifiedskywalker · 8 days ago
Time of Need - Loki Laufeyson
You and Mobius land in the Void, finding all sorts of Lokis. Yet, you only truly care about one.
Tumblr media
“Stop squirming.”
“I am not squirming,” Loki hissed as you pulled the final suture through the wound on his bicep. The muscles in his arm clenched in a flinch, and the movement stressed the stitches you just finished. A thin trickle of red dripped down, a stark contrast to Loki’s pale skin.
“You’re squirming,” you sighed as you discarded the needle and surgical thread. You turned your head towards the rock you set the medpack on and reached for the roll of gauze. The supplies were stamped with the TVA logo, a bright orange reminder of the lies you were told.
The medpack was the last thing you grabbed before you were pruned, betrayed, stabbed in the back. It stung more than when Loki chased after Sylvie, leaving you and Mobius behind in an apocalypse to face the consequences of trusting him. Loki made his way back to you, he sat on the ground beside you, eyes trained on the dirt to distract from the pain.
“Hold still,” you murmured as you began to wrap gauze to Loki’s wound. He tensed again, but did not flinch away as you secured the covering. Immediately the white soaked up the blood that trickled out between the stitches. Not your best work, but it would do. “There.”
Loki craned his neck and studied the wound. Apparently satisfied, he looked back to you and you felt your breath catch in your throat. Loki had unbuttoned and pulled his shirt down to expose his arm. In the process, he also exposed the upper section of his chest: his broad shoulders, his collarbones. You could not help how your eyes traced over the slopes of his body before you met Loki’s eyes once more. All you could do was quietly hope he didn’t notice.
“Thank you,” he said, a soft smile pulling at his lips. Quickly, you averted your gaze and set to picking up the bloodied wipes you had used.
“Yes, well, we need to give you and Sylvie the best chance against Alioth.” Your words were a dismissal of your deeper need. You needed to make sure Loki was alright. You needed to see him off, feel the coolness of his skin beneath your fingertips. Preparing him for Alioth was merely a bonus.
“Do you think it’s stupid?”
At his question, you looked up at Loki. He had pulled his shirt back over his arm but left the top buttons undone. With his messed hair and slightly wide eyes, he looked undone himself…nervous perhaps.
“Sylvie’s plan. Enchanting,” Loki looked out towards the dark purple cloud that loomed in the distance, “that.”
“I think there are worse plans,” you replied, a smile forging its way on your lips as you added, “stabbing it, for instance.”
Loki let out a breathy chuckle and turned his head to face you. There was a softness in his eyes that made your chest tighten and the bid your need to return. You needed to tell him about the strange swirling he stirred up in your heart. No, you didn’t, you thought, that’s not what he needed to hear.
A long pause stretched between you and Loki before you found the words, and stomach, to speak. “I believe in you. You and Sylvie.”
“I feel that I may not deserve your faith,” Loki mused with a frown. You mirrored his expression and shook your head.
“It’s not about deserving, not really. You just have it.” You needed to add how Loki had proved himself. How he showed his goodness when he told you and Mobius about the TVA, when he tried to free you both. You needed to add how he was no coward, that he was fighting to find the truth rather than continue to lie to himself about himself.
But, before you could give voice to your thoughts, Loki’s frown faded into a look of nervousness again as he asked: “I have you?”
“I…” You eyes flicked over Loki’s face as the tension rose. You needed to tell him your truth, rather than continue to lie about and dodge the feeling that you needed him. “You have me.”
A shuddering, held breath fell from Loki’s lips at your reply. Relief flooded his features, eased the spark of worry in his eyes. It was then you became terribly aware of how close you were, how undone the buttons of his shirt were. Your gaze flicked around Loki as if his nervousness transferred to you, making it too hard to meet his eyes.
Then, you left Loki’s fingertips skirt along your jaw. You nearly jumped at his cold touch but, instead, you leaned in as if tied to a lure. That lure being Loki, his eyes, which were full of all the gentleness you originally thought he lacked when you first read his TVA file. Yet, with his hand pressed against your cheek, you felt nothing but tenderness.
You let your gaze trail from his eyes and down his extended arm. “You’re going to tear the stitches, if you’re not careful.”
“Then we,” he said softly, “will have to be careful.”
A closed-lip smile spread across your face right before Loki pulled you close by your jaw. His lips met yours in the middle but you needed more. Your hand reached then, brushing against the exposed skin of his neck. At the touch, you felt Loki’s lips quirk upwards, smiling into the kiss. As you needed to, you took your time and saved the feeling.
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spilledkauffie · a month ago
Pairing: Loki x FemaleTVAWorker!Reader Word Count: 1.2k T/W: cuteness continues  A/N: showing Loki the TVA // Mobius flirttting??
Ch.1 | Ch.2 | Ch.3
Tumblr media
Stepping out of the film room, Mobius and Loki in front of you, you furrowed your brows. With a quick extension of your arm you pressed it to Mobius’ chest, holding him back just in time to dodge a troop with active charges in their hands. You both held your breath as they passed, it was never good to interact with a charge. Loki however, just looked down to you. Your other hand grasped his wrist, just in case he decided to move, however when he didn’t, you failed to let go of his wrist. 
Exhaling, you straightened up, Mobius looked over her shoulder, “thanks,” he smirked at Loki, “that’s why we keep her around.” 
As he walked away, Loki looked back to you, then your hand on his wrist. You followed his gaze quickly, yet composed, let go of him, meeting his eyes, “couldn’t be too careful,” you smiled, “especially with the god of mischief.” 
Loki didn’t appreciate the eyebrow raise and head bobble accompanying your playful tone, but he did like hearing you call him that a bit more than he liked to admit upon having just met you. You shot him a smile and ducked your head, turning to catch up with Mobius.
“So, what?” Loki lifted his hands, striding beside you with an ever confident air no matter how false it might be in the given moment, “you can see the future?” he shrugged, you smiled amusedly, “you’re a witch?” 
“Wow,” you said dramatically through your smile, “accusations are flying— watch out.”
“For-” Loki began, before his knee jammed directly into Casey’s cart coming out of the elevator you were passing together. 
Loki frustrated, Casey insulted… again, and yourself still amused, the scene was the set up for a hilarious drama. 
“How dare you-” was Loki’s first choice of words, still feeling like he warranted some respect around the TVA.
“Okay, you know what,” was Casey’s intro, followed by a wonderful speech, “I just got this cart, do you know what happened to my last cart?”
Loki opened his mouth, but no words were allowed between Casey’s.
“It was evaporated!” Casey leaned into his cart, “did you hear that, evaporated! All I ask is that people put a little more care into watching where they’re going. Think of it as an extinction of me, and don’t hit me, it’s not hard.”
“I tried to warn him,” you called back over your shoulder, as you had continued walking, unsurprised at the event unfolding. 
With a sigh of relief, Casey relaxed his shoulders, “thank you,” he said, speaking obviously to you, as he shot a flare back to Loki, “at least some people care.”
You repressed a laugh tickling your throat, but instead you cleared it and gave a nod to Loki for him to follow you. He sophisticatedly jogged to meet you. 
He stared at you intensely, “how did you-“
“Newsflash,” you chirped, bobbling your head with a charming smile, before settling down again, “that’s how they come across in my mind, brief flashes of what’s immediately to come like a little-“
“Newsflash,” Loki finished your sentence quietly, still taking it and you all in; you looked up at him with an expression that said ‘now you’re getting it,’ clearing his throat now, he looked straight ahead feeling a heat rise, “I got it.”
Mobius called the two of you to hurry up as he held the elevator door open and you obeyed without question, stepping to the back of the elevator, allowing Mobius to break down some things about the TVA to Loki. It was a beautiful journey up, the TVA aglow with busy little worker bees, hustling and bustling about. Images of Miss Minute flashed here and there on different levels and on screens, you’d never taken to her quite like some of the others, but she was amusing at the very least. 
“Oh here,” Mobius said, handing Loki a shrink wrapped package. 
“What is this?” He questioned.
“A wardrobe change,” Mobius nodded, “figured you’d want one since you’re not really a prisoner, well maybe, I don’t know yet.”
Loki unwrapped it carefully, examining each piece, “this is hideous, I’d never be seen in this.” 
“Finicky isn’t he,” you leaned forward whispered to Mobius, knowing full well that Loki could still hear you, in fact he was now staring straight at you, aware of your comment. 
“You should’ve seen him with the bot,” Mobius chuckled, “he tried to put up a fight.”
Loki’s jaw dropped, mildly upset that anyone knew about that or worse had seen it. 
Chuckling, you perked an eyebrow, “I’ll have to check that tape later,” you winked at Loki whilst he drew back, jaw closing, in fact tightening with a hard swallow at the thought of you seeing him completely—
“Fine, I will put it on at the next stop,” he agreed. 
With a silvery ding, the elevator doors clanked and bumped opened slowly. The scene in front of your trio was a labyrinth of cubicles and desks, a smidge more professional than the last desk area Loki was introduced to. After a quick stop to let Loki get out of the jumpsuit, Mobius made a direct line to the oak doors at the end of the room, and Loki followed, adjusting his tie. You looked him over, it suited him well, you thought. 
“You get to wait here,” you stopped, pointing to a desk. 
“What- is this your desk?” Loki had a smirk that could almost make you blush. 
“No,” you spoke softly, lowered your head, “don’t rummage though, a desk is a personal thing.”
He chuckled, sitting down taking a quick skim over the top of the desk, he observed a few personalisation, note pads with handwriting, and for a moment he wondered what yours looked like, how did your thoughts look materialised on paper, what were the movements of your mind. 
“Can I see your desk?” He looked up at you with the purest puppy eyes. 
You smiled the softest smile you smiled at him yet, tapping him on the head with a file that just so happened to be his own, before walking away to follow Mobius. As you weaved through the maze of desks, you gave one last glance back to Loki. Finding him leaning as far back as the chair would permit to follow you with his eyes, you snapped forward, hiding your smile from him successfully. 
“You like him, huh?” Mobius asked once you were alone in the elevator.
“I’m still not sure about it,” you winced, quirking your lips, looking over to him.
“But it’s entertaining to see someone who can challenge your wit for once,” he complimented with a friendly smile. 
“Mine?” you pointed to yourself, “more like yours.” 
You both chuckled, “no, no,” he sighed, “that’s what I have you for.” 
You felt a blush, but looked down, and he looked away respectfully, whilst you composed yourself. 
“I’m not sure that they’ll actually accept this idea though, Mobius,” your tone was serious.
“I don’t know,” he shrugged, “they accepted you.” 
“Because they needed to,” you shook your head, “you know that’s the only reason I wasn’t reset. Something happened to me, even though I don’t know what- you were there, why won’t you tell me?”
Mobius was quiet, he was contemplating his next words wisely. You patiently awaited, accustomed to his ways. The elevator stopped, the bell rang, and doors opened.
“It’s never been the right time,” Mobius left you in the elevator.
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certifiedskywalker · a year ago
Fools - Loki Laufeyson
When Loki visits Earth, you try to make the most of it. Only, Loki doesn’t like Earth. He likes you. 
AN: This is written without a lot of background plot so just keep an open mind! Trust me, this is soooo sweet!
Tumblr media
“Read it.”
“It? You mean…”
“All of them.”
“Every play?” You raised your eyebrows in disbelief.
Loki looked up from the book he had been studying to meet your eyes. His features were relaxed, for the first time in a long time. “Every play.”
You let out a hum and nodded as Loki peered at you. Ever since he had arrived, he had been watching you and you certainly felt it. It seemed as if every place you took him, Loki could have cared less. After trying the new cafe near your house and a failed attempt at getting Loki to paint pottery, you had resorted to your fail-safe: Dove’s Quill.
The cramped, musty bookstore had caught your eye the day after Loki left the first time. After he had zapped off Earth’s material plane, you had let yourself wander the streets to replay the memories of his stay in your head. You were across the street when you caught sight of the sign and worn, leather books in the window that reeked of mystery. In that instant, you knew you had to take Loki inside whenever he returned.
And judging by the softest of smiles you have ever seen on his thin lips, you knew you had been right. “Which is your favorite?”
“Hm,” Loki placed an old looking book back on the shelf before him. “That is difficult to pinpoint.”
“Really?” You squinted your eyes at him as you took slow steps towards him. It was funny stern his profile looked as you grew closer. His jaw was clenched, strained as he focused his gaze on the books in front of him. Almost as if he were trying not to watch you. 
“Yes,” Loki replied flatly. His eyes were still faced forward, away from you, and his jaw was still tense. You leaned against the shelved and tried to steal a glance at his face. Loki’s bright blue eyes were glued to the same spine of a hardcover book, rereading the title over and over again. You clicked your tongue and shook your head.
“You have a favorite,” you teased, “you just don’t want to tell me.” Your accusation pulled Loki’s eyes to yours for a split second. His pupils were blown when he saw how close you were but he quickly focused on a new book and let out a chuckle.
“Why do you think that?”
“Because,” you stepped towards him again, “you’re not looking at me. You’re lying.”
You leaned in towards Loki as you spoke in the hopes of teasing him further. When Loki turned his head he met your gaze with cold eyes. You waited for him to protest, tell you that you were wrong to assume such a thing and rattle off the titles of Shakespeare’s plays to taunt you.
“I don…” Loki’s eyes softened and his furrowed brow relaxed once more. You raised a questioning eyebrow at him and you saw his chilled expression melt away entirely.
“Care to finish that sentence?”
Loki grinned and turned his eyes back to the shelf. “No, I don’t.”
“Macbeth, maybe? I could see you enjoying the drama of it all.” You watched as Loki pulled a novel from the shelf and how he pretended to read the introduction. 
“No,” Loki sighed as his long fingers flicked through the pages. You narrowed your eyes at him and, as if he sensed your more pointed gaze, Loki looked up. 
“What is it?”
“Hamlet,” you mused, “it must be Hamlet.” The instant the title fell from your lips, Loki’s brow furrowed. It didn’t hit you until he spoke up.
“Too true to life for my taste, murderous brothers and all.” He waves a hand in the air as if gesturing towards the realm of his home. Loki and spared you most of the details but given you enough to know what you needed. 
“Aren’t you the murderous brother?” You pointed a teasing finger at Loki who, unamused, crossed his arms over his chest. The material of his black shirt stretched with the motion and you tore your eyes away from his shoulders. 
“Aren’t you smart enough to know better than to mock a god?” You stifled a laugh and dared to meet his eyes. There was a coldness in Loki’s features that, even when warmed, never entirely left him; but when you looked at him, you saw past it. He wanted to smile.
“Maybe the bookstore wasn’t my brightest idea,” you sighed and pushed yourself off of the shelves. Books shook with the absence of your weight and Loki gave the old wooden shelves a wary glance. 
“Everything on this horrible planet is broken, weak,” he poked at the splintering shelf and sighed. “I need some air.”
You only nodded in response and followed Loki out of Dove’s Quill. The older man with large, salt-and-pepper beard thanked you, but Loki didn’t say a word. You gave the kind shop owner a nod before you stepped outside. The nerves in your stomach and the worries in your head were as swirled at the colors of the dusk sky above your head.
Loki, on the other hand, could have cared less. “I assume you have a new location you wish to share with me?”
A frown made its way to your lips and you racked your brain for any spot nearby that might, at the very least, put Loki in a non-hostile mood. Sadly, you glanced back at the door of Dove’s Quill and silently cursed yourself. You had hoped Loki’s love for literature and knowledge would have overshadowed his disdain for Earth’s inferiority. Although, you imagined if you had grown up spoiled by the richness Loki had at his young disposal, a crumby bookstore would have little glory in your eyes. So with a defeated sigh, you shook your head.
“I don’t.” Loki turned to face you with a quirked brow.
“You don’t?”
“I’ve shown you every place worth knowing.” You shrugged and shoved your hands in your jacket pocket. “Where do you want to go?”
Loki’s lips parted with some readied retort but nothing came your way. Instead, Loki pressed his mouth into a thin line and let his eyes fall to the pavement. He was relaxed but not happy. If he hated Earth so much, why did he insist on coming back to it? Just as you prepared to let the question go free off your tongue, Loki stepped towards you.
The scent of the bookstore still clung to his dark clothes and it took all you had not to lean into him. “Where do you want to go?”
“You heard me,” Loki pressed. “Where do you want to go, Y/N?” 
His eyes were searching yours, urged to find the answer before you yourself could even think of one. Loki took another small step towards you and you felt your cheeks warm. He was so close now. You weren’t sure if it was the setting sun that made you shiver in the newfound chill or Loki himself. It must have been the latter. 
“I-I, I don’t know.”
“Here. Give me your hand.” Loki’s palm laid flat in front of you. As you placed your hand on top of his, another shiver ran down your spine. “Now, close your eyes. Let your mind go blank. Let a place come to you.”
“Is this some Asgardian meditation practice?” You asked wryly. Loki gave you an unamused look and you closed your eyes. “Fine.”
Loki’s hand was soft and cold to the touch. You were overjoyed that your eyes were closed when his grip on your hand tightened. Your cheeks were warm despite the coolness of Loki’s presence and you knew he was watching you. It was impossible not to feel Loki’s gaze, especially when you were so close to him.
“Let your mind go,” Loki said, his voice so soothing you feared you might get drowsy. “Don’t think.”
You wanted to tell him that was impossible. Tell him that there was no way you would be able to silence your racing thoughts with him so close to you. All you could think about was how you wanted to fall into him or scream at him for making you feel that way. Yet, you stayed quiet and tried to lean into the sound of his voice.
The moment you did, a flood of warmth wrapped around your body. Even with the chill, evening air, you felt as if someone had kicked on a small heater in your chest. You tried to search for its source, think of how you could feel so warm, but your mind was blank. Only wisps of green danced under your eyelids and it was then you found the strength to open them.
“What was….that?” When you opened your eyes, Loki was there but the street you had been standing on was not. “What did you do?”
“I brought you to where you wanted to go,” Loki said flatly. As he took in the sight around him, his dark hair fell off his shoulders. “Where exactly is that?”
You too looked around and let out a heavy breath. The sky was a purple-pink now as night began to fall, completely hugging the city in darkness. You knew exactly where you were as you peered over the tops of oak trees to gaze up at the stars.
“The park.”
“The park?” You tore your eyes from the sky and looked at Loki. With a raised brow, he studied you, undoubtedly trying to surmise why you wanted to go to a park of all places.  
“I mean, had I known you could just zap us anywhere, the park wouldn’t have been my first choice.” Loki sighed and it was then you remembered he was still holding your hand. Your eyes found his and Loki let his hand fall to his side immediately. So much for that. 
“But why this park?” Loki raised his hands and gestured to the path before you. It was a local park, nothing special aside from a few educational plaques near particular bushes and trees. Other than a few benches, lamp posts, and the paved path that cut through the man-made forest, there was little evidence that the park was made for people to use. 
“It’s quiet here,” you mused aloud. You walked towards a nearby bench that was illuminated under the yellow glow of a streetlamp. “Peaceful.”
“Perhaps,” Loki agreed, his arms now crossed over his chest. You sat down on the bench, the wood was still warm from the sun which was now set on the horizon. As you made yourself comfortable, you looked up and met Loki’s gaze.
His blue eyes were glued on you, waiting and watching. You gave him a soft smile and scooted over enough to give him space to sit. Loki remained still, watching you watch him. Before you felt your cheeks heat up anymore, you turned your attention back on the stars. With your gaze averted, you could only hear Loki’s footfalls as he walked over to take the seat beside you. 
“So you can just...go anywhere?” You asked, eyes still focused on tracing random constellations in the sky. 
“Anywhere,” Loki replied and you looked to the side to steal a glance at him. Only, when you did, you saw that he was looking at you rather than the sky.
“Then why do you come back here?” Your breath made a little cloud in the darkness when you asked and Loki gave you a half-smile.
“You’re the one that brought us here,” he jabbed and you shook your head.
“No, I mean, here, like Earth in general.” Loki’s charming smile faded in an instant. He turned his attention to the sky to avoid your eyes. A new quiet fell over the two of you and you couldn’t help but frown. When Loki visited, you tried everything to make sure he saw the best that Earth, that mortal life, had to offer. Perhaps you simply weren’t enough.
The silence seemed to stretch on and on until you shifted in your seat. You readied to stand on your shaky legs and start the walk home. Loki would be leaving soon anyway, what was the point?
“Romeo and Juliet.”
You gave Loki a puzzled look but when he turned his head to meet your gaze, you were smiling. “Romeo and Juliet?”
“It’s the peak of satire, in my opinion, dueling houses and all.” Loki let out a breath and let his eyes fall to his lap. You couldn’t help but laugh at the sight.
“You’re lying again,” you teased and leaned back against the bench once more.
“I am not,” Loki said, blue eyes widening at the claim. “I thoroughly enjoy Romeo and Juliet.” You squinted and held his gaze.
“That’s not what you were lying about,” you continued, “you like the romance.” Loki cringed and made a sound of disgust.
“No, I find that deplorable.”
“I’m sure you do,” you played along with a grin. Silence returned, only this time it was more comfortable. 
“It is simply foolish to fall in love so quickly. To keep coming back to something you don't understand." Loki’s comment hung in the air between you and made your heartache. Something about his tone was wistful yet it was mocking. Why must he be so hard to read?
You were fed up, filled with emotions that had nowhere to go. Anger at Loki but love towards Loki were muddled in your brain. How could he be so blind yet so bright? Why hadn’t he answered your question from before?
“Then why do you keep coming back to Earth?” You pressed the question again, even going as far as to lean towards Loki. His blue eyes lifted from his lap and met your eyes. The softness you saw in them was scary. You had never seen that before. 
“Because I want to understand you, Y/N.” Never once did he look away. Loki held your gaze like a lifeline. He wasn’t lying or joking or tricking; he was telling you the truth.
“Loki, are you saying that-”
“I fell in love too quickly?” He raised a brow and you swallowed hard, but the joke came back up your throat.
“I was going to ask if that makes you Romeo or Juliet,” you teased, “but that works too.”
Loki let out a breathy laugh, something that was so rare you thought you had imagined it at first. “That makes me a fool.”
“We’re both fools then,” you replied. The humor your tone once held had been replaced with the same tenderness you saw in Loki’s eyes. He was still staring at you, the stars above your heads long forgotten now. He held out his hand to you and you took it. “Are you planning to take me somewhere?”
“Wherever you want to go, darling,” Loki drawled before he placed a kiss to the back of your hand. “I’ll take you there.”
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lowkeyorloki · 9 months ago
Types of Kisses Loki Gives You
~The First
You first kiss with Loki is full of passion and confession. Neither of you even know who kissed who, but it doesn’t matter. It’s a tentative embrace at first, and when Loki’s tongue brushes your lips and asks for more, you draw away. A knowing look is shared between you both before your mouths connect again in a searing event. This time, you don’t run.
~The Hasty Ones
You and Loki lead busy lives, and dangerous ones at that. Loki is accustomed to your touch though, and will take it no matter how rushed. Before you part ways, Loki always gives a quick yet deeply satisfying kiss- a promise of what’s yet to come.
~The Angry Ones
Even in fights, you and Loki can’t seem to do anything but reconcile. Loki will push you up against the wall, pin your arms over your head with just one of his. With your shirt ridden up, Loki will use his free hand trace his fingers oh-so-lightly over your exposed skin, pushing you all the more to the edge. You meet his eyes, furious expression on both of your faces, until Loki takes your mouth in his and suddenly all is forgiven. 
~The Gentle Ones
Being with Loki means a lot of things, and the Trickster feels insurmountable guilt for you having to fight battles you did not sign up for. Loki will watch you mournfully, take your hand and delicately place his lips against your bloodied knuckles. In his youth, he remembers, Frigga used to tell him kisses would help wounds heal faster. Loki prays this wasn’t simply another lie he was told. When he glances up at you again, his eyes are full of tears. 
~The Desperate Ones
These are kisses Loki grants you late into the night, when your bodies have become one and your minds are full of nothing but each other. These kisses are placed on your hips, your stomach, your chest, and leave bruises in their wake. They are reserved for when Loki needs to know you’re his; and when you need to know you’re wanted. You bear these marks Loki gives you for weeks, but the feeling of his hot mouth on your bare skin stays with you for years. 
~The Tender Ones
Your favorites. These are the embraces that allow Loki to remind you just what you are to him: not an ally, not a phase, but a lover. He places one hand on your waist, another on your neck, running the pad of his thumb over your cheek. He’ll kiss your jaw first, murmuring about how much he loves you into your skin. How much he needs you. How much he cares. Stolen confessions that are only for your ears. You’ll say them all back to the god, and add that your surrender is for Loki and Loki alone. He’ll kiss you then, slow and steady and amazing. Eventually, you close your eyes, and meet Loki in the dark. 
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spilledkauffie · a month ago
Pairing: Loki x FemaleTVAWorker!Reader Word Count: 1.5k T/W: just something cute A/N: finding Loki & helping him with the TVA transition
P.s. this is just for fun, I’m not trying to be technically accurate in how said abilities come about. This is just something I’m trying, we’ll see how it goes!
Ch.1 | Ch.2 | Ch.3
Tumblr media
The TVA was abuzz with agents running hither, thither, and yon to try and find the most recent Variant they had brought in. You’d already heard who it was and that he was giving everyone quite a time with his cooperation, or lack thereof. Walking down the dimly bright hallway, you sidestepped to avoid a team of hunters on their way to a new location. You smiled recognizing a familiar face jogging up to you.
“Have you seen him?” Mobius asked, only mildly frustrated; he never raised his voice, especially at you.
You smirked and shrugged, keeping your hands in your pockets, “I haven’t, but newsflash, I could’ve told you this was going to happen.”
“Yeah, well,” he said through gritted teeth, “it happened,” he added, stepping around you to meet up with a squad. 
Despite being assigned as only an agent, you had a special gift of being able to sense what was going to happen. Of course, the TVA loved it when they felt they could use it, but they also hated it, especially when you suggested something dangerous or out of the question to the authorities, reminding you that: ‘you aren’t a Timekeeper and cannot actually see the future.’ Which was true, you had to admit it as far as you knew your predictions and information was all off feeling, but there was something to be said for your feelings never being never wrong.
Coming to the room the Variant was last seen in, you looked left and right, entering cautiously. Sure enough, you had found exactly what you expected to find, Loki, alone with the Tesseract. On the sound of you closing the door, he startled, looking up and immediately defensive. You stayed where you were, not wanting to give the impression that you were there to intimidate. Loki eyed you up and down, he had to admit you were the most beautiful being he’d seen in a long time. 
“Looks like you found what you were looking for,” you nodded towards the cube at his feet. 
“This- this useless,” he picked up the Tesseract and gestured it around, nonchalantly. 
“Well,” you shrugged, “that depends who you ask, why you want it, and where you are, Loki. Oh, and when you are.”
He shook his head, setting the cube down again, “but here- here infinity stones are used as paperweights,” he tilted his head at you, “honestly, who are you people?”
“We’re the TVA, we-” you began, but stopped when he scoffed and combed his hands through his hair looking away. You bit the inside of your lip, wishing you could tell all, but no doubt you’d be fired for that. Approaching him, he glared at you, he was on the defense and you couldn’t blame him after what Mobius and the TVA had done in such a short time from apprehending him. 
“Have you been to see a doctor?” You asked, observing some bruises and cuts across his face, not from the TVA of course, that was the Avengers’ doing, but it was worth asking.
“What? No, I am fine,” he rolled his eyes, “I don’t need one, if I could use my powers, I could fix it anyway.”
“Fix it? I thought you were fine?” you tilted your head, still standing in front of him. 
He sighed, clearly exhausted, putting his head in his hands. Fingers gripping his raven hair. Approaching calmly, you sat beside him, with the Tesseract situated between the two of you. You looked at its mesmerizing blue glow, it was beautiful as they all were. 
Suddenly Loki lifted his head, soft smile as he looked at you, “Madam,” he began, and you raised your eyebrows, “you seem an intellectual individual, far smarter than any of your coworkers, you are far more beautiful than any,” he took a pause, “I believe there’s been a mistake, and perhaps,” he moved closer to you, making you look down, before back up, well aware of what was happening, “perhaps you could help them to see their mistake.” 
Quirking your lips, unable to deny he was very charming, you tried not to smile. Instead you put on a wince, “I’m sorry, I thought they told you,” you said very gently, making him furrow his brows, you lifted your shoulders, whispering, “magic doesn’t work here.” 
“Oh for-” Loki said exasperated, “that wasn’t magic!”
“No,” you laughed, eyes crinkling with your accompanying smile, “but that was laying it on pretty thick.” 
He exhaled deeply, “it wasn’t all a lie,” he admitted, perking a brow, glancing at the floor.
You stared at his neck for a moment, not in any particular manner, but another smile pulled at the corner of your lips. 
“What?” Loki almost flinched as he asked upon noticing your gaze, still figuring out what the TVA’s intentions were for him kept him on edge. 
“I just noticed you got the collar off,” you looked up to his eyes, gesturing to your own neck with a finger, “most people don’t even try, but it's quite easy, as you’ve found out.”
Loki straightened up, dignity returning, “well… I’m not some animal, I’m a-“
“A god, right,” you nodded, finishing his sentence. Swiftly Loki turned his head to completely face you, confusion was stricken across his expression, but then you smiled again, this time at him, were you mocking him? No, you sounded like you believed him. Why were you smiling? Your presence wasn’t like the rest of the TVA—
You leaned in closer to him, telling him in a whisper, “I never liked the collar either.”
“You- wh-,” he stuttered as you kept eye contact, clearly stuttering was not in his nature, he didn’t like being confused and scared, he didn’t like not having the upper hand, “what you weren’t ‘born behind a desk,’ bred to loyally serve the Timekeepers?”
You quietly laughed at the seriousness in which he used air quotes, shaking your head, “goodness you sound like Miss Minutes.” You met his gaze, “no,” you left it there for a while, he relaxed, dropping his hands. He was actually relieved to hear that you weren’t, and he wanted to hear more. 
“Go on,” he said in almost a question, with ‘please’ attached. 
Sighing, you complied to explain, “once upon a time, I got a little too interested in a Time Stone we had come in.”
“But magic doesn’t work here-“
“No, it doesn’t,” you looked over, meeting his eyes again, you enjoyed looking at them, “I took it from the TVA after they brought me in, I thought it could be my way out, but it backfired,” you quirked your lips, looking down at the ground, “too much pressure on it and. . .it shattered,” you paused blinking, “I was exposed to an energy I can’t explain and it gave me something I can’t explain, but,” you sighed, straightening up, “the TVA found me, reset the timeline, and took me back in for examination.”
“And what- now they hired you?” Loki asked, his tone wasn’t exactly soft, more shocked at their recruiting choices. 
You returned to the present, coming out of your own flashback, “now,” you smiled widely, “I’m of more use to Mobius than he’ll ever admit.”
There was silence, and you let it remain, assuming Loki had a lot to process. 
“Why are you telling me this?” he squinted. 
“Because you have power and potential that could change history, if only you-” 
With a sudden motion the door flung open, and Mobius, wary at first, made his way in. Upon seeing you, he let down his defenses.
“You found him I see,” he put his hands on his hips, a stance that almost made you laugh, at least internally, “didn’t feel the need to tell me?”
“I knew you’d get there eventually,” you nodded. 
“Unbelievable, Newsflash, actually it is believable and that’s the problem-” Mobius muttered to himself as he left to inform others that Loki had been found and detained again. 
“Newsflash?” Loki questioned, looking over at you, you just shrugged, “you sound like quite the handful yourself,” Loki actually smiled at you; you returned the smile, nodding to yourself. 
“Look, Loki,” you started, pressing your palms together, “Mobius has a lot of faith in you, and I know you don’t believe in trust, but we’re about to trust you very much,” you saw he opened his mouth, you waited, eyebrows raised as if asking ‘yes?’ but he silently answered by shaking his head, allowing you to continue, “I know you’ve seen and been through a lot today, I won’t lie, I was confused when I came here too, but this really is bigger than anything you could imagine. We need you,” you furrowed your brows, speaking from your heart, “more than you know.”
“Well, it’s nice to be needed,” He bobbed his head with a smile spreading further on his lips. “I believe you,” he said, soft eyes suddenly looking at you, “I just can’t- believe all. . .this,” he lifted a finger and made a circle, looking around, ”not yet anyway.”
You smiled, throwing him a wink, “give it time.”
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ragnarachael · 23 days ago
Between Rounds
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Word Count: 1,796
Summary: You and Loki are recovering between rounds when you come to a sudden realization.
Author’s Ramblings: thank u Sweat and Soap vol. 1 for giving me this soft as fuck idea. this is all thanks to mini chapter 5.1 because my brain loves Asako and Kotaro SO MUCH??? anywho this is soft. i’m soft. i love loki. 
Warnings: mentions of virginity, soft loki, mentions of sexy times, thigh grinding, makeout sessions, dirty talk (it’s.... it’s loki c’mon team), aftercare!!! slight praise kink, just casual tho
Tumblr media
The two of you were panting as Loki flopped back onto the bed after the condom was disposed of in the trash can near his bed. You were still regaining consciousness from your first orgasm of the night, your face still buried in the pillow as it was during...well. During the act.
Sex. With Loki Laufeyson. Good lord, not something you expected to say.
You joined the TVA to fight for the timelines, not get railed by some hot god that looked like Tom Hiddleston. Though, you have to admit, this was a bonus.
“Are you alright, dove?”
You will yourself to peel some of your face from Loki’s pillow as his hand engulfed your own gently to get your attention.
Once you have one eye on your boyfriend—that’s...that’s still so new, even after how long the two of you have been together—you can’t stop your breath from leaving you again. Even after the mindblowing sex, he’s still somewhat put together. His skin is still lightly glistening from the sweat, his hair curling a bit more from the activities. His eyes were still that same earth-shattering shade of green-blue you can never place as he eyes you with a mix of concern and...lust? Attraction?
“Yeah,” you reply, finally. “I’m..I’m great, Loki.”
“Wasn’t too much, was I?” he follows immediately, not letting any silence fall over the pair of you yet between panting. His long, slender fingers lace between your own before he’s tugging your hand to his lips and pressing them there for a moment. “I know you’re still new to all of this.”
If you had the energy, you would be baffled. Baffled that Loki Laufeyson would be worried about you after the second time the two of you have actually gone to third base. Hell, even when he had convinced you to take his fingers in that meeting he had asked this, you remember.
Your heart was pounding. Not from the adrenaline or the new found lust for the man laying next to you and kissing your hand and forearm sweetly with a fond look.
Love. Definitely, undoubtedly, love.
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lokiskitten · 3 days ago
Loki Laufeyson | first time
Loki Laufeyson x fem!reader
Tumblr media
plot : you find out that Loki is a virgin and decide to offer him a chance to discover female anatomy.
warnings : smut, mention of virginity and graphic description of female body and genitalia, fingering.
Sitting down on the edge of the ravin, you allowed your feet to dangle in the void as your eyes scanned Alioth’s foggy silhouette which roamed the skies from afar. After entering the void, you had progressively began to lack fear of death, which easily led you to engage into risky paths and behaviors. God only knew how much time you had managed to survive there, though you always felt pleased to bump into new- and most of the time temporary- companions.
A few days ago, your adventurous self had met what appeared to be a new Loki variant, who surprisingly enough seemed to stand out of the crowd. He was handsome, for sure and like the rest of them, but you couldn’t help but remain on your guard as most of your former interactions with Loki’s of all kinds had turned out to be quite disappointing. Not to mention this vile and gruesome so called “President Loki” who had betrayed you more than once. But for the first time, this new variant managed to strike a little bit of positive interest within your heart.
“You should be more careful when sitting on the edge of imminent and painful death.” Loki affirmed, his voice leading you to jump just so slightly as you didn’t expect anyone to come and disturb you at your secret spot. Looking back, you shot the raven haired man a rather deadly glare before noticing that he was holding two meat skewers in his hands. You were soon to understand that he simply wished to spend dinner time with you, away from the other variants and the TVA agent you had yet to get to know better. Hunger therefore led you to put an end to hostilities of all kind, allowing Loki to take a seat beside you on the edge of the ravin.
“Thank you.” You spoke politely after he had handed you one of the skewers, your hungry self immediately going for the meat you couldn’t wait to devour. However, Loki seemed to behave rather hesitant regarding his own skewer- as if his mind was too thoughtful to even think about eating. After a few seconds, your eyes finally caught glimpse of his silent self- mouth pulling away from the skewer in order to question his state. “You okay?” You asked empathetically, tongue brushing over your lips in order to erase the marks of meat which had coated your mouth.
This question successfully managed to pull Loki out of his thoughts, the man shrugging just so slightly before finally agreeing to offer you an answer. “I was just thinking, as we’re lost in here... I just realized there’s plenty of things I will never be able to do... nor see.” The demigod stated, head diverting up towards the skies as he decided to take another look at Alioth. You frowned. “Well, what kind of things?” Your curious self asked him, mouth going back to the meat on your skewer as your stomach wouldn’t allow you to have a moment of rest until you would’ve finally agreed to fill it up. An awkward chuckle escaped Loki’s lips- a behavior that left you even more confused.
“It’s not so easy to say.. but I’ve been thinking about it once in a while.” He affirmed, earning a skeptical stare from you which easily led him to reveal the truth. His voice tone hadn’t been sincere nor very convincing. “...a lot.” He corrected on an embarrassed tone, his skewer remaining untouched at the moment as Loki’s main priority visibly wasn’t to eat. You couldn’t help but grow more and more curious regarding the secretive topic he was referring to, which pushed you to ask more intrusive questions. “Come on, tell me. I want to know.” You affirmed happily, earning a gasp from the demigod.
“Well.. it’s umh, you know. This thing..” Loki began to explain, hands tracing shapes before his stomach as making gestures with his upper limbs probably managed to relief anxiety and stress from his tormented mind. And as he stopped through his explanation, the raven haired man allowed his open palm to point forward as his eyes widened just so slightly. You continued to curiously stare at him, remaining silent and ready to hear the answer you were in desperate need to find out about. “I’m a man, you’re a woman..” Loki carried on mumbling, feeling more than ashamed by the confession he was desperately trying to make.
Upon hearing this obvious statement, an amused chuckle escaped your lips. “Oh well, I think I took notice of that since a while now.” You responded playfully, his green orbs diverting towards your amused self. “Let’s just say I never really got the chance to explore the other gender.” Loki finally managed to admit, formulating his statement in a way that appeared less awkward to speak. Thankfully, you managed to click. “Ohhhhh.” Your parted lips spoke, the raven haired man who sat beside you nodding in an embarrassed manner. Carelessly, you proceeded to toss the now naked skewer over the edge before turning towards your new friend.
Intimacy and human contact was something that lacked in this place- especially as most of the people who resided here weren’t really trustworthy nor attractive enough to make your little heart tingle. But this specific Loki appeared as another type of male you were willing to trust and commit to. And of course, you missed feeling the skin of someone else against yours, as well as melting underneath their touch and enjoying the cuddles they were always willing to provide. Tilting your head just so slightly, you watched as Loki avoided making eye contact with you, his cheekbones turning red upon sensing that you were staring at him. The truth was he was simply apprehending your answer.
“And would you like to?” You offered with a gentle smile, Loki’s head immediately diverting towards yours as shock and surprise reflected in his eyes. He appeared flustered at first, and it seemed hard for the demigod to spit out any form of answer- whether it would be vague or not. But in the end, he finally managed to drag himself back to sanity. “I mean.. here? Now? I don’t think it would be appropriate..” affirmed the man, twisting his body around in order to take a shy look at Mobius and the other variants who were having dinner underneath the small habitation they had found after being attacked by President Loki and his army of morons. You chuckled.
“Let’s find a cosy spot then.” You insisted, getting up from the edge of the ravin and extending your arm downwards so that Loki would be able to take your hand- which he did. The two of you made your way away from the small habitation, Loki anxiously looking around himself as if he was about to commit an illegal act. This sight amused and softened you up. Once the two of you had finally managed to find a nice spot which stood away from anyone’s sight, you took a seat on the floor which was covered in dry grass- waiting for the demigod to follow your gesture before you could begin to talk and organize your little explanative show.
He remained as anxious looking as before, repetitively swallowing his saliva in order to moisturize his dry throat. “The female body is very delicate.. you always gotta be careful when touching it. But you shouldn’t hesitate to assert a little bit of dominance either depending on your partner’s preferences.” You explained, earning a couple of shy nods coming from the raven haired man. Loki appeared extremely interested and attentive. He sulked his hair back, green orbs remaining starring at your face without ever daring to look down at your body. Noticing this detail, you decided to take things further.
Your hands took care of removing your leather harness before you took the initiative to remove your shirt, revealing your naked breasts to Loki’s amazed sight. His eyes went from staring at your left boob to looking at the right one, a smile appearing on your features face to this amusing sight. The man took a long moment to admire the perkiness of your hardened nipples. “You can touch them.” You offered generously. Loki didn’t need to be begged twice in order to move his hands up to your chest, organism growing overly excited by this moment he had often fantasized about. You were now able to feel his warm palms collide with your fleshy mounds, a gentle hum escaping your lips upon feeling the satisfaction which erupted from Loki gently squeezing your breasts.
“It’s.. soft.” He affirmed with a happy chuckle, earning another amused glance coming from you. He looked like an excited child on Christmas day. “Did you expect them to be hard?” You questioned playfully, the demigod shaking his head in disapproval. “No, I did not. The truth is.. I don’t really know.” Loki admitted before going back to religiously staring down at your breasts. His hands shifted, sending another very light shockwave of pleasure through your body. You tilted your head back, earning a quick glance from Loki who remained attentive to all of your physical reactions. In fact, he felt secretly proud to make you feel that way.
Whilst Loki continued to pay attention to your chest, your jumped on this occasion to unbutton your pants and get ready for what was to come. Of course, your tits unintentionally squeezed together through the gesture, the demigod growing wild face to such a ravishing sight. His cock hardened within his pants, the man biting down onto his bottom lip out of shame and embarrassment. However, he was soon to notice that you were now working on removing your pants, which led him to pull his hands away from your breasts. Clearing his throat, Loki patiently yet anxiously waited for you to reach the next step.
“This is.. thank you.” He spoke empathetically, your orbs looking up at his and engaging in a very deep and meaningful eye contact. You shrugged, this motion being accompanied of a simple head shake as you did not wish for Loki to thank you for such a thing. “Oh it’s nothing really. Besides, I could use a little bit of human contact too.” Your happy self admitted, earning a smile from the raven haired man. But the two of you were soon to divert back towards the main subject : your feminine anatomy. Your bare cunt was now exposed to his sight, though you had made sure to place your pants underneath your bum before sitting back down to make sure no dust would manage to come in contact with your intimacy.
Loki refrained from looking at first, a couple of throat cleanings erupting from his organism before he decided to make eye contact with you again. You titled your head, eyes squinting just so slightly as your hands reached out for his larger one. Of course, the demigod allowed you to guide his limb towards your crotch, growing nervous at the thoughts of finally getting to touch this thing he often fantasized over and thought of. His chest rose up and down, the raven haired man attempting to control his breath as you spread your legs a little wider apart to offer some extra space to his hand.
When his fingertips finally collided with your core, starting with your entrance as you planned on progressively moving upwards, a gentle shiver erupted from Loki. He finally dared to look down at what he was making physical contact with, his brows frowning just so slightly as he decided to take the initiative to guide his own hand for now. You let go of his wrist, leaning back on your palms whilst simply taking time to enjoy what your partner was doing. You trusted him to respect your anatomy and handle it with care. You felt surprised to sense his finger shyly penetrate your hole, leading you to unwillingly clench around his digit- which caught the demigod by surprise. Though Loki felt amazed about how soft and warm your insides felt. He immediately removed his finger from your entrance, looking up at you with an apologetic look on his face.
“I’m sorry.” He affirmed sincerely and shamefully, earning a smile from your amused self. “Don’t worry about it.” You begged, allowing Loki to pursue his educative exploration. “If you want to please a girl, the secret is to rub this little bud with the tip of your fingers.” You informed, guiding one of your hands to your core in order to point at your clit. “It can be up and down, even if most girls prefer when it’s done in circles.” You continued, earning attentive nods coming from your student. Loki moved his digits up to your clit, rubbing it in circles as you had previously explained and easily leading you to squirm out of pleasure. It had been so long since anyone had touched you- and even if you could easily please yourself, it didn’t feel the same.
And whilst you got lost through bliss, Loki’s eyes kept on starring at your clenching entrance- his mind wandering around different lustful activities the two of you could share. Oh how he’d love to be filling that delicate cunt of yours, to allow his sperme to coat your insides. Again, he was feeling just like an excited kid on Christmas who was right about to open his presents. His hormones grew more and more excited as time passed, watching your face clench as your head tilted back every time his fingers managed to hit just the right spot. However, he didn’t refrain from taking a look at your soaked and swollen cunnie lips either. His hips were soon to begin to gently rock upwards, frustrated sighs escaping Loki’s lips. The man’s cock was throbbing through his pants.
“Don’t stop now.. you’re doing so well...” you affirmed shakily, palms still holding your upper body up as your legs remained spread apart for Loki. Upon hearing those enthusiastic words, the god of mischief fastened the pace and successfully managed to adopt just the right motions to please your pulsating clit without ever bringing it harm. The overall situation drove your senses crazy as your body finally receiving someone else’s touch easily managed to send you head over heels. Besides, Loki appeared extremely talented when it came to handling a woman’s genitals. He remained focused on your crotch, thumb still rubbing circle motions against your core.
And just like that, the demigod managed to make you orgasm. A warm yet tensing sensation took over your overall body- this sensation being focused on your crotch whilst still managing to make most of your limbs twitch out of pleasure. Understanding what was going on, Loki kept his hand between your closed thighs, and that no matter if the pressure you applied on his wrist progressively became a little bit painful. In fact, he enjoyed watching you be in such a state. He knew that it wasn’t pain, and he felt overly prideful about being able to offer you pleasure; about being able to finally offer a woman pleasure.
“S- stop!” You begged through the sensitivity this pure moment of bliss brought along. Your body wouldn’t cease to twitch and clench, your clit feeling overstimulated by Loki’s rubs. However, upon hearing those clear statements, he agreed to pull his hand away and offer you a little bit of rest. Panting, you remained laid down on the floor, and that no matter if dust was now able to make its way through your hair.
I hope this was enjoyable to read! The next imagine will probably revolve around sub!Tom, so if you wanna be tagged let me know!❤️❤️
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