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#loki laufeyson fluff
agentofbarnes · 5 months ago
first taste
summary | they aren’t allow to make love, but that doesn’t stop loki from showing his princess how good he can make her feel — or how good she can make him feel.
pairing | loki odinson x innocent!princess!reader
warnings | smut, minors DNI, oral (female receiving), master kink, dry humping kinda, corruption kink, innocence kink, dom!loki, sneaking around, courtship
author’s note | i did a thing, hope you enjoy it, it’s not edited! please let me know what you think!
Tumblr media
Loki Odinson had insatiable when it came to you. From your first kiss, he needed more. He was desperate for you and though he knew the rules better than anyone, he had to taste you.
It was hard to find time alone with your overbearing guard and the public watching your every move. It had taken time for Loki to figure out how to find himself in your chambers, but with some illusions, he was able to trick the guard, Sven, into leaving his post for a brief moment.
It was in this time that Loki managed to slip past the doors and into your chambers.
You were sprawled out on your bed, a flowing night gown graced your body and Loki wanted to find out what was hiding under the silky fabric. He couldn’t help but smirk at the sight of you, breasts more exposed than ever before.
“Hello, princess.”
You gasped out, hand coming over your heart but eased when you saw it was Loki. You’d let exposed, but happy to see your betrothed. You quickly got out of the bed, coming to collide against him softly.
Loki felt his heart skip at your eagerness to see him even though it had only been a couper hours. He felt happy knowing you were just as in love with him as he was you.
“I missed you,”You murmured, hands resting at the base of his neck.”I can’t believe Sir Sven let you in here.”
“He didn’t, I had to sneak in, but I couldn’t sleep, missed that pretty smile too much,”Loki cooed, pushing you towards your bed.”I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep unless I had you in my arms.”
“You are far too sweet to me,”You beamed up at him, falling onto the bed. He crawled over you with ease, his body overwhelmingly crowding you in the bed.”I wish you could stay here every night.”
“I would, but you are far to tempting for me,”He admitted, lightly starting to kiss on your skin before capturing your lips. It was sweet and needy. You always pressed your body against his innocently, making his cock twitch in his pants.
“Loki,”You gasped when you feel his lips trailing down your jaw and neck. It made you feel all fluttery and odd. He always had a way of making you tingle.
“It’s okay,”He whispered, lips against your lobe now.”Do you want to try something new? Let me make you feel good? If you feel uncomfortable, we’ll stop.”
You were hesitant at first,”What about the rules?”
“We break them all the time, don’t worry, you’ll remain intact, but there are other ways to feel good, to be close,”Loki explained, brushing your hair out of your face.”Do you want to find out?”
You nodded your head very slowly, biting down on your lip,”Yes, Loki. I wanna try...”
“Can you do something for me, my beautiful princess?”Loki asked gently, his lips trailing over your jaw.”You’re mine, you belong to me, my innocent girl. Behind those doors, you follow my commands, submit to here, in this bed, I am your master.”
You nodded slowly, chest heaving under his touch. You bit down on your bottom lip,”Yes, Loki—“
“Master,”He corrected,”Call me Master.”
The word sent a chill down your spine, the idea of being at his complete mercy made an unfamiliar ooze between your silky thighs and Loki could tell how much you liked submitting to him. The feeling in the pit of your stomach is unfamiliar and it makes your body respond to Loki’s words in a way you’ve never experienced.
“Oh, I can tell you like that,”Loki purred into your ear, his hips resting between your thighs while you subconsciously buck your hips against him. The pressure between your thighs was overwhelming and you needed relief.”Do you, pet?”
“Yes...master.” The way the title rolled off your tongue made Loki twitch in his pants, his large cock straining at the idea of ruining you. That day we’ll come, for now, he can wreck you in other ways.
He rutted his hips down against yours, his hard cock rubbing against the growing wetness under your panties. He’s got your dress hiked up, the only thing separating you are his trousers and a thin pair of green panties.
“Oh, princess,”Loki groaned when he heard you gasp out, hips pushing against his helplessly. He can’t help but smirk darkly,”My innocent princess, do you want your master to help, to alleviate that creeping feeling in your tummy? I’ll make you feel better, darling. Just ask.”
“Master, please, help me,”You whined and Loki swore his eyes rolled back in bliss, his hands quickly slipping between you pressed together bodies to slip his hand under the fabric on your panties.
You feel hot and ashamed, but you crave his touch more than anything. This is against the rules, you think. If anyone found out about this, you’d both be punished severely. But when Loki’s fingers dipped into the soaking wetness of your heat, you no longer care. Your mind is on him and only him.
“Fuck, you are absolutely dripping for you, should have know you’d been desperate for me, tell me, love, have you ever touched yourself?”
You shook your head, hands coming to cover your face when his two fingers pushed further inside you and explored the silky walls of your cunt.”N-No, never...”
This delighted Loki beyond belief, the tips of his fingers rubbed against that sweet spot for the first time and you clawed at his bicep. It sent jolts through your body that forced the smallest and most angelic moan from your lips.
“My innocent princess, so eager for me, I’m the only one who gets you like this, you don’t cum unless I let you, you are mine to please, do you understand?”
You nodded immediately, trying to catch your breath to utter out,”Yes, Loki—master, sorry.”
“You’re doing so good, little one. Just let me take care of you.”
His lips bruised your neck, a possessive need to mark that pretty flesh and show everyone that it was him that got this perfect, sweet body. He was the one to blame for your corruption.
Loki liked how you rutted against his hand, chasing that good feeling only he could give you.
“You feel good, little one?”Loki’s word vibrate off your skin, his hands coming to just barely bring your silk dress down to expose those pretty tits. He’s wet tongue was lapping over your nipples, drawing heavenly sounds from that innocent mouth.”You are exquisite and I wonder if you taste as sweet as you act....”
He moved the cloth of your dress to fully expose those thighs. His shoulders between your legs, teeth and tongue tracing over your silky thighs. This is where he left his mark, his claim on you, he bruised your thighs with his fingers pulling out of the slick heat. He lapped your your juices, humming in approval.
“Master, wh-hat are you doing?”You asked, chest heaving when he pulling those pretty panties off of you.
“You want to feel good?”Loki smiled when you nodded, hands going to run over your thighs. He kissed the bottom of your tummy, lips getting achingly close to your sex.”Let your master guide you, let’s play with this sweet cunt of yours. What do you say, princess? Use your words.”
It came out as a breath before Loki’s nose in buried on the top of your mound, wet tongue drinking up your juices and tracing over the most sensitive spot. You pulled on his hair, legs going to close around him. It only encouraged him, flattening his tongue against you before delving his tongue into your weeping hole.
“M-master, I-I feel....”You can barely get any words out, but Loki rubbed your thigh comfortingly.
“It feel good, does it not? Tell me, princess.”
“I-yes, I feel tingly, is that normal?”You gasped, feeling Loki’s tongue against your clit teasingly.
“Oh yes, darling, and when I’m done with you, you’ll never be the same, my good little girl, you want me make you feel good?”
“Please, please, master.”
You are as sweet as you taste, and Loki swore this was his meal favorite meal while he threw your legs over his shoulder. He lifted your lower body, hands digging into your flesh. Your arms fall back on the bed, eyes fluttered shut while you tried to contain yourself. It was impossible, not with how good this dirty feeling felt.
Loki basked in the fact he was the only one who ever got to see this, it was him that would make you feel this way. He was going turn you into a good little whore for him.
You are reduced to a mess of moans and whines, his tongue working against you in ways you’d never even thought about. You feel hot under him, flustered beyond belief at the image of him buried between your thighs with his experienced tongue fucking into you. He doesn’t stop until you’re shaking.
Oh, you are absolutely trembling as the feeling in your tummy began to flourish and bloom with pleasure. It was so good, like a warm wave flooding through you. You swear you see stars in your foggy vision. You hadn’t realized he had crawled back up your body until you feel his lips on you.
Loki nipped at your jawline, just barely rolling his hips against you for some sort of friction. You can feel the effect you have on him, and you feel a blush creeping you again.
“Feel good?”He whispered, hands moving your hair from your sweaty skin.”That something you’d like to do, have me between your thighs whenever you want?”
You gasped at his words,”We aren’t supposed to,”You whined, looking at him with innocent eyes.
“That’s what makes it fun,”Loki uttered back, shifting again when you adjusted how you laid under him. He’s hard, you can feel him.”Your innocence is still in place, darling. There a plenty ways for us to have fun like this without me having ruin you, but I will, when the day comes.”
“Can...I want to help you...”You admitted, biting down on your bottom lips hesitantly.
As much as Loki would love to see those pretty lips wrapped around his cock, he knows you aren’t ready for that. Yet, he can deny how much you want to help.
“Let’s try something,”Loki whispered, removing the rest of your dress until you were completely bare. He laid out on the bed, taking his own shirt off. He pulled you onto his lap, dripping heat pressed against his clothed cock.
“What...what do I do?”You asked curiously, his hands running your body to play with your pretty breasts. He leaned up, marking the pure flesh of your chest.
“You feel me against you? You feel how hard you get me, princess?”Loki whispered into your ear,”Every single day, you look at me with those innocent eyes and press this beautiful little body against me, and this is what happens.” He rutted his hips against you, making you whine at the friction between his clothed cock and your bare cunt.”Rock your hips, love, you want to help, this is how I want you. Do not stop until you cum, understand?”
“Yes, master,”You murmured, resting your hands on Loki’s shoulder to steady yourself. Slowly, you rubbed yourself against his cock, lips molding against the outline and soaking his pants with your juices. The groan that left the dark haired prince was otherworldly and you couldn’t help how it only made you wetter for him.
His cock felt thick your touch, making your mind wander about how it would feel for him to bury it inside your innocent pussy. You claw at his shoulders, rocking your hips at a slightly faster pace. His moans only encourage you, chasing the tingly feeling in your gut.
But most of all, you wanted to be good for him. You wanted to please him and make him happy. You wanted to the reason he came.
Loki captured your lips, feverishly kissing the breath from your lungs while you rutted against him as if you were in heat. It made him throb under you.
“That’s it, doing so good for me,”He praised with a grunt, his hips rutting back up against you. Finally, you hit just the right spot. Clit dragging against the fabric and you are so turned on, so needy for him, that you cum almost immediately.
Just the sight had him ready to burst. He contained himself, pushing you off of him until he was hovering over you. He freed his cock, squeezing himself to keep him from spilling too early. He run his cock over the wetness of your dripping cunt, admiring how you made him glisten without even having to thrust in. It took maybe two drags of his cock between your silky lips before he pulled his hot seed against your stomach and cunt.
“Good girl,”He told you with a smirk, taking two fingers to run through the white mess. He brought the two digits to your lips.”Suck.”
You listened like the good girl you are, taking the two fingers with the bitter, salty substance into your mouth. You hummed against him, lapping it up eagerly. When you pulled off, you looked at him in need.”Did..did I do good?”
“Oh, little love, you did perfectly,”Loki admitted, using his magic to clean you up before he hovered over you. He kissed up your body, smirking at every mark he had left.”My prefect princess. Did you enjoy tonight, be honest with me?”
That flustered look had come back, making Loki feel a sense of pride in himself. You want to cover your face, but Loki intertwined his hands in yours.
“I did...”You said bashfully, hiding your face in the pillow.
“No need to be embarrassed, little one,”He kissed your jaw and cheek until you looked back at him. His nose bumped against yours,”You can have me any time you want.”
“What if I always want you, master?”You asked with a surge of confidence in yourself, making Loki groan at your words.
“Then you’ll have me,”He replied,”And call me Loki unless you want to get ruin, darling.”
“Yes,..Loki,”You beamed at him,”Will you stay with me?” You didn’t want him to leave ever. You wished you could spend all your nights in his arms.
Loki smiled at that, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into his loving embrace.
“Always, my love.”
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lokiskitten · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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Stepdad!Tom section :
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ʙᴇɴᴇᴅɪᴄᴛ ᴄᴜᴍʙᴇʀʙᴀᴛᴄʜ :
Double date | smut ( ft. Tom H. )
Requests are always open! Feel free to leave one.
[ and more to come!(◕‿◕) ]
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clandestineloki · 3 months ago
pov: you're not used to a healthy relationship
loki: darling, i need your help.
y/n: yeah, sure, what is it?
loki: how do i block someone?
y/n: huh?
loki: scratch that, how do i block these...
loki: [pointing to three consecutive names in his DMs] ...these girls right here? they're still making advances even if i've already told them that i'm in a relationship.
y/n: uhhhh... you press those three dots there and-
loki: no, better yet, i'll report them. that'll teach them not to mess with a king who already has a queen.
y/n: ...
loki: dar-darling, are you crying?
y/n, full-on sobbing: marry me.
loki: WHAT? i mean, of course, in the near future, hopefully, if you'd like, but that doesn't answer my q-
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thighs-of-betrayal-blog · 4 months ago
hey lindsay! hope you're having a wonderful day 💫 i was wondering if i could request something if not that's fine too. maybe a loki x reader set during episode 5 where reader is jealous bc they think loki is in love with sylvie and so they go and pout and president loki takes this time to flirt but tva loki is like absolutely not and he confesses 👀☝️
Not on My Watch
A/N: Hey, love! Thank you so much for this request!! I haven't written for President Loki yet, so I was very excited that you sent this hehe. Also, I hope you’re having a wonderful day too :) 
I hope you all enjoy and as always, feedback is appreciated :) 
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Warnings: Spoilers for episode 5 of Loki, angst/fluff, cursing, mutual pining, President Loki likes to cause trouble (are we surprised?)
Tumblr media
The scene in front of you makes your head throb. Never again will you complain about your Loki. You thought one was bad, but now, with about fifteen other Loki’s standing before you, you’re rethinking everything. 
“What in the fuck-” 
“Greetings, Loki’s!” Loki is standing on an elevated box, his arms outstretched as he gathers the attention of all the variants. Sylvie is standing next to him, her gaze focused solely on his face. 
The scene makes your heart clench while jealousy floods your body. You adore Sylvie, love her even, would do anything to protect her. But recently, you’ve been noticing the little quips between her and Loki, along with the flirty looks that follow. It makes you angry, angrier than you’ve been in a while and more importantly, hurt. You’ve been by Loki’s side for a long time, loving him the entire way and now, a woman you just met is already sweeping him off his feet. 
Loki continues his speech after a quick glance at Sylvie. “Someone is behind all of this and the only way we’ll get to them is through the beast! So, we need your help to distract Alioth, while Sylvie enchants him! What do you say?” 
Cheers erupt around you and you stare in confusion. They’re all committing their lives to help out? Sounds very un-Loki-like. 
“I have full confidence in Sylvie. She’s amazing-”
Rolling your eyes, you zone out on Loki’s speech, not wanting to hear him rant about how perfect Sylvie is. This is how it’s been for weeks now. Sylvie this. Sylvie that. It’s clear he’s obsessed with her at this point, leaving you no room to even try to compete. 
“Well, hello there.” The voice startles you, being you weren’t paying attention to your surroundings. 
Looking to the side, you’re face to face with President Loki, the variant of Loki who’s now leading a group of them. He smiles widely at you, his face scarily resembling your Loki. 
You smile tightly back, the gesture not quite meeting your eyes. “Hi.” 
President Loki extends his hand, an open invitation to introduce yourself. After taking a couple seconds to think it over, you place your hand in his and he squeezes slightly. “Loki.” 
You laugh, a small snort escaping you. “I would’ve never guessed that... I’m Y/N.”
He smirks at you, your sarcasm rubbing him in all the right places. He likes you. 
Across the room, Loki is watching your exchange intently, his eyes narrowed into slits as his hands fist up at his sides. He growls as he sees President Loki run his hand down your arm. 
“Everything okay?” Sylvie asks, confused as to why his whole demeanor changed. 
“Oh, just lovely,” Loki responds, getting more angry by the second. “Just fucking wonderful.”
Heading down the hill, you follow Loki and Sylvie as they lead the group towards Alioth. The plan is to find a safe spot near the beast’s location to regroup before all hell breaks loose. 
Walking beside you is President Loki, his arm continuously touching yours with each step. 
Loki glances back to watch the two of you, his mouth set in a tight line as anger emanates off him. 
“What’s wrong with you?” Sylvie asks before following his line of sight. “Ah, I see. You’re jealous.” 
“That’s ridiculous. I’m not jealous,” Loki mutters, his eyes never leaving you. 
“Yeah?” Sylvie asks. “Then why is there magic coming out of your fingertips? I think someone wants to blast a certain someone far far away.” 
Loki looks down at his hand, the green hue of his magic floating in the air. He scoffs, turning his attention back to the ground in front of him and continues walking. 
A few feet away, back with you, President Loki starts talking. “So sweetheart, where will you go after all of this is over? I hope somewhere with me.” 
You chuckle at his flirtatious attempts. He goes after what he wants. That, you can respect. You, on the other hand, could never expose your deep feelings for your God of Mischief, the man who’s standing in front of you now, non-stop chatting with Sylvie beside him. Of course it’s her. She’s beautiful in every single way. But still… Why couldn’t it be you?
“You’re planning really far into the future now. What if we don’t even survive our plan?” 
President Loki’s tongue pokes out to wet his bottom lip and you watch, the act meant to be innocent but with him, you know it’s dangerous. He smirks as you continue to stare. “You act like I’d let something happen to you.” 
Tilting your head to the side, you study him. “And, why me?” 
He chuckles, his voice dark. “Because I know when there’s something good in front of me and you, sweetheart, are delectable.”
Those words are spoken loud and honest, and as they drift up to Loki’s ears, he stops in his tracks. 
“This is a good place to stop!” Loki yells back to everyone. 
Was the spot exactly where he wanted? No. But, would he continue to walk as another version of him flirts with you mercilessly? Fuck no. So, this will have to do.
“You should all split into groups of two to distract the beast, while I try to enchant it,” Sylvie says, confident in her abilities. 
You nod your head in agreement. Any plan was better than nothing. 
President Loki moves closer into your side, wrapping his arm tightly around your waist. “If that’s the case, I’ll pair up with this one here.” 
If looks could kill, President Loki would be dead on the ground in seconds. Loki snarls, his eyes shooting daggers into the arm wrapped around you. When he finally speaks, his voice is low. Menacing. “Absolutely not. Y/N’s with me. And, that’s final.” He stares at President Loki, daring him to fight back.
In response, President Loki shrugs his shoulders and removes himself from you. “It was nice to meet you, beautiful.” He winks at you before walking off. 
Loki grabs your hand and drags you over to a secluded area, away from any prying eyes. 
Ripping your hand out of his, you cross your arms over your chest. “What the hell was that?” 
“What was what?” 
“Oh, don’t play dumb. You know what I’m talking about.” 
You’re pissed and he knows it. How dare he act possessive as soon as another person makes an attempt on you. It’s frustrating and confusing. He wants Sylvie, so what could possibly be the problem? Your thoughts are jumbled, trying to piece together what the hell is happening. 
Loki sighs, his hands on his hips as he stares out to the side. As he speaks, his eyes don’t meet yours, this feeling of intimacy making him nervous. This is what he does: puts up an indefensible wall so no one can come in and hurt him. 
“You’ve been by my side for a while now. Why is that?” 
Confused, your eyebrows scrunch together. “What do you mean? We’re friends.” 
Turning his head, he finally meets your stare and his face says everything. “No one ever sticks around.” 
Tears gather at the corner of your eyes and you can’t help yourself as you tightly wrap your arms around him, burying your face into his chest. 
His arms act on reflex, tightening around your body and pulling you even closer, his head resting on top of yours. 
“I’m not good at this,” he whispers into your hair. 
Pulling away, you stare up at him. “Not good at what?” 
His hand moves to cradle your cheek, caressing your skin gently with his thumb. “Expressing how I feel about you.” 
Gasping, your heart clenches at his words. “And, how exactly do you feel about me?” 
Loki breathes out deeply, nerves running through him. He’s scared. Scared of fully giving his heart to you and then losing you. The thought is unbearable. 
“A moment hasn’t gone by where you aren’t on my mind. You drive me crazy. You’re invasive and it frightens me how well you truly know me. You know me better than anyone else and yet, you still pick your way further inside. I’ve given up on stopping you because secretly, I love it. I love when you pick away because it shows how much you care and I’m not used to receiving that.” 
A few tears slide down his face, remnants of what’s still possible. He isn’t too far gone. He never was. He’s capable of love, of both receiving and giving it. 
“I love you, darling.” His voice chokes up, getting stuck on the cries that lodge in his throat. “I’ve always loved you.”
Smiling through the tears, you grab his dirt-stained collar, crushing your lips onto his. His lips are soft against yours, moving in sync as if you’ve done this dance together before. His tongue teases your mouth, slipping inside to dominate yours. 
You sigh into the kiss as he pulls away, resting his forehead against yours, heavy breaths mixing into one.
“I love you too,” you breathe out. “And, for the record, I thought you had feelings for Sylvie.” 
Loki backs up, an incredulous look on his face. “Sylvie? Never.” A smirk forms as he ponders your words. “Were you jealous?” 
You scoff. “Please. Not nearly as jealous as you were about your little variant over there.” 
“Ah, I see. You’re in denial. I can accept that.” He pulls you closer yet again, his face inches from you. “I was jealous. Rightfully so. Just look at you. Although, I will say, you have good taste. The man looks just like me.” 
You slap at his chest playfully. “You’re unbelievable.” 
“Guilty of being unbelievably in love with you? Well, you’ve got that one right, darling.” 
You think he’s about to kiss you again until he quickly walks away, pulling you along with him. “I meant it when I said you’re with me.” His eyes are bright, passion swirling inside them. “Because losing you isn’t an option.”
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hiraeth-maximoff · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Warnings: fluff? President Loki
A/N: English isn't my first language sorry If I made any mistake. President Loki is my new religion, it's all.
" Who's the girl?" President Loki asked looking you, it was a long time since President Loki had seen a woman, you were pretty. And for some strange reason he couldn't stop looking at you, it seemed that you had enchanted him.
" that's not your business" Kid Loki replied wrinkling his nose in disgust. You smiled when Alligator Loki growled when President Loki began to approach you. It turns out that you were Loki's weakness, apparently, you were the weakness of all Lokis, you would always have them at your feet.
"My love, would you like to be my first lady?" You smiled amused by what you caused in President Loki, he seemed so far to be the hottest Loki you have ever seen and you liked him.
"Y/n is not interested" TVA Loki answered for you by walking away from your new lover.
President Loki smiled "good" he murmured adjusting his suit while still looking at you "I'll kill you all and then y/n will be mine " he sentenced before everything turned into chaos.
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agentofbarnes · 6 months ago
the princess and the prince
Tumblr media
loki odinson was the darker prince, the one who caused mischievous. he wasn’t warm like thor or the hier to the throne. you are innocent and sweet while loki is rough and mean. yet you still fall in love with him, and for you, he melts.
please send in ideas for soft!loki x sweet!princess!reader
Tumblr media
headcanons (mostly in order of events)
loki can’t stop talking about you
loki realizes he’s in love with you
loki asks to court you
loki comforts you when you are insecure
loki shows his magic and makes you feel magical
you kiss loki’s scars
loki celebrates your birthday with you
loki loves how you interact with children
loki visits your lessons with the children
loki being a total softie for his princess
loki needs comfort after getting in trouble
you say i love you first
loki loves seeing you with his mother
loki when his princess has a nightmare
loki doesn’t appreciate being interrupted
his princess becomes needy after their first time
the princess gets hurt by thor
loki accidentally hurts the his princess during sex
the princess gets jealous
loki punishes for teasing him by edging you
you take care of sick loki
alternative universe blurbs (not canon in the current au)
you tell loki that you are pregnant
you get sick while pregnant (nothing serious)
loki frets over your newborn daughter
loki tries to do his daughter’s hair
loki and his twins
one shots
loki gets his first taste
princess in training
loki and the princess’ first time
loki will do anything for his princess
loki returns from a mission
princess of asgard, moodboard
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randominagines · 2 months ago
Y/n: Ready for the mission?
Loki: Yes, Pet.
Mobius: We're about to meet other versions of Loki so be careful.
Y/n: What do you mean?
Sylvie: Obviously, you're every Loki's type, so...
Loki: Ah ah ah, no way.
Y/n: Baby, it's okay. I can handle this.
Mobius: Besides, we can't stop them from flirting with you.
Loki: I can. "Playing with his knives*
Tumblr media
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clandestineloki · a month ago
could u write something where the reader wakes up alone and falls into subspace and loki finds yn and helps them out of it <33
the morning after
tw: subspace, soft making out, implied smut, crying, mentions of sex, cuddling, fluff, i think i put a tad too much angst sorry
there's an pain in your chest when you wake up and loki isn't next to you.
did he really need you? you exhale shakily as you trace over the sheets, recalling the previous night when his hands had worked magic on you, leaving sparks of pleasure in their wake that, even now, you can still feel between your legs.
the pillow in his spot is the only sign that he, such a beautiful god, declared he wanted to bed you and make you feel good, and ruined every other man on earth for you before disappearing without a goodbye, leaving you so delicate, so broken, and lost without a way back to the life you lived before he stole your heart. you gingerly reach out for it, pulling it to your chest and burying your face in it.
god, it even smells like him.
he whispered his love for you, he said it so gently, he really did, but now you weren't too sure if he had meant it.
maybe he was just caught up in the moment.
and you squeeze the pillow to yourself, tears filling your eyes as you realize maybe you were too.
careful not to wake his lovely angel up, loki gently opens the door with his foot, walking in and placing two paper bags on the table, turning to your beautiful dozing figure with a gentle smile on his face.
only for it to drop when he sees you, asleep with a small, sad look on your face, hugging his pillow like it's your only possession in life.
concerned, he rushes over, almost tripping over himself. his eyes widen when he sees the half-dried tears on your cheeks.
"darling? angel, darling?" he whispers, patting your cheek gently. "what's wrong?"
you whine a bit, tossing around before your eyes flutter open to meet his worried gaze.
"i'm here, love, i'm here," he coos, hugging you to him. "what's the matter? did i hurt you? are you sore? did i leave any bruises?"
he gently checks your body for any injuries or reddened areas, but you take loki's cheek in your hand.
"you're... you're here," you mumble, almost in disbelief that you're actually touching his cheek, that he's right in front of you.
"yes-yes i am. do you need ice? a warm compress-"
you look into his eyes, whispering something he almost doesn't catch- "where'd you go?"
he sits you up against the headboard. "i got breakfast, came right back, did you-"
loki stops himself, realizing the possible cause of your distress.
"did you think i'd just leave?"
you try to reply, but all that comes out is a stutter before you swallow and tears fill your eyes, just nodding to answer his question. "sorry-"
in an instant, loki has you in his arms, kissing your hair and your nose and your cheeks and your lips and your eyes, mumbling apologies and shushing your cries. you melt into his touch, too weak to reply.
"goodness, angel, i'm so sorry," he whispers. "i'm sorry you thought i just went away-"
"it's okay," you nod. "m' just happy you're here."
he sighs, brushing some hair away from your face. "i'm here. i won't go away. i meant everything i said last night. about us. about how i feel about you. about how i wish to court you and make this official. and most especially, dearest-" he leans in real close and mumbles lowly, "about how i think you look prettier not wearing anything at all."
your eyes widen at that, and he chuckles, pressing his lips to yours, taking his time and making sure to treat you with care. he slips his tongue in, one hand behind your head as he takes control of the kiss. when you whimper and wrap your arms around him, he chuckles in delight, pressing you down on the bed and spreading your legs.
"why don't-" he kisses your neck, "- we finish-" he pulls down his pants, and rocks his hips into yours, slipping his cock into you and growling when you squeeze down on him immediately, losing his composure when you moan into his ear. "- what we started last night?"
even as you're melting under his touch, you meekly touch his hand. "but- but- hah- the breakfast-"
"breakfast can wait, i've been yearning to fuck you the way you deserve for too long."
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midgardianweasley · 5 months ago
Hello!! I love your writing and I was wondering if I can get some fluff for Loki? Maybe some ✨sleepy Loki ✨. 😘
hiya love, thank you so much! of course, I hope you like it <3
Back to bed
Loki Laufeyson x reader
Summary: You woke up to a bed without Loki beside you, so there’s no other choice but to look for him, and what you end up seeing, is the cutest.
warnings: none! Pure fluff.
Word count: 1.1k
message/ask if you wanna be added to the taglist!
requests are open <3
Tumblr media
‘it’s a beautiful night tonight’ you thought, waking up from your sleep and looking around the room with half opened eyes. It was still dark outside, the curtains hadn’t been closed fully, allowing you to look through the smallest crack and watch the moon shed some light on the end of your bed where multiple blankets lay.
The sight made you smile softly, remembering when you first started sharing your room with your boyfriend, Loki, and he’d conjured all the blankets he could, fearing that being so close to him during the night would make you too cold. You couldn’t count the number of times you reassured him that you wouldn’t freeze, every argument counteracted with another blanket on the bed. You accepted your fate.
Still laying down, you rolled over to bring yourself closer to your boyfriend, only for your hand to fall on cold sheets. With furrowed brows, you opened your eyes fully now, wondering if he’d just shuffled further away and you merely missed his body. However, when your eyes adjusted properly to the different shadows in the room, it was obvious. He wasn’t in bed.
Instead of closing your eyes and returning to sleep, you forced yourself up and out of bed, quickly grabbing a cardigan that was close by to keep you warm as you went to find Loki, wherever that may be.
You’d checked everywhere. The balconies, the kitchen, the big halls, even the little hidden corners only the two of you knew about and went to if you wanted to be alone. He was nowhere to be found, and it was getting a little cold now, but you didn’t want to go back to your room without him.
Walking around a little more, your footsteps could be heard echoing down hallways, they were quiet, but the slippers you had put on made a slight shuffling sound with every step you took. It had been 45 minutes now, and nothing. You sighed in defeat, wondering if you should just go back to bed and hope for the best. That was until you saw the door you’d stopped in front of. Large brown oak with a shimmer of gold hidden in the engravings, you recognised it immediately, almost kicking yourself for not thinking of it before.
The Library.
Of course! you didn’t know why it hadn’t crossed your mind. With a facepalm, you approached the doors carefully, anxious of making too much noise and causing a disturbance as you open one of the doors and sneak in before closing it behind you, the ‘click’ echoing throughout the room.
It was gorgeous here, it felt like the shelves were endless, filled from top to bottom with old books, some new, some old. You particularly loved the old ones, so did Loki. There have been many nights where the pair of you would sit together on one of the windowsills when it was raining, him sitting behind you while you sat in between his legs and listened to his voice read the words on the page with such a delicate tone.
And the smell. God, the smell. Nothing topped the smell of Loki’s Asgardian leather or his hair, but the smell of the library, of all the pages, it was heaven.
It was much easier to navigate your way in this room, there being so many windows, it didn’t leave much room for darkness. You ran your hand along the spines of the books on the shelves, still keeping an eye out for Loki, but admiring the feeling on your fingertips.
You’d made it halfway down the aisles when your ears tingle slightly, hearing a faint noise within the silence. Attempting to follow it, it gradually got louder with every step, however, it was still incredibly quiet. After a few minutes of following the sound, you found it’s culprit, and your heart grew at the sight.
There he was, at a small wooden table that was tucked away near a window, head reading in his crossed arms as soft snores left his lips. It was difficult to see his face through his long black hair that was going in every different direction possible. Seeing him so peaceful, you hesitated in waking him, but you knew that if he stayed there, he’d really feel it in the morning. So you approached the man, shaking his shoulder gently to wake him, but not to startle him. A muffled groan could be heard, indicating you’d done your job.
“Hmm, what?” He muttered, in a tired daze.
“It’s me love, you fell asleep in the library.”
“The Library?” He rubbed his eyes, similar to how a toddler would when they’ve been woken from a nap, looking around with a confused expression before his eyes landed on you, softening immediately.
“I’m so sorry darling, I must’ve dozed off when i was reading.” His eyes widened, visibly panicking about your reaction and fumbling with his book before grabbing your hands to press kisses on them. A giggle escaped you at the gesture.
“Hey, hey, no, don’t worry my love, I just wanted to make sure you were okay and bring you back to bed.”
He nodded, standing up and gathering his books together before tucking his chair back into the table and taking my hand, intertwining your fingers and slowly beginning to walk back to your shared room, enjoying some whispered conversation along the way.
When you both had returned, you took your cardigan off and returned it to its rightful place, removing your slippers as Loki changed in a shimmer of green, now sporting a loose green t-shirt and green flannel trousers.
You were still a little cold from the walk, especially now without the cardigan which didn’t go unnoticed by the God of mischief as he watched your arms shake slightly, eager to get under the covers and warmed back up. He shuffled into the bed beside you, still sat up a little, puzzling you slightly, you turned around to see why he wasn’t going to sleep. He only smiled at you, reaching out for the end of the bed and bringing a few of the blankets up and wrapping you up in them.
Words could never fully express how much you loved this man, and as he then lay down beside you, wrapping his own arm around you and the blanket, he leaned forward so his lips were right beside your ear.
“I told you that you’d need the blankets.”
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asgardwinter · 3 months ago
Silly Wooden Box
summary | You thought moving in with Loki would be easier. Turns out he is quite judgy of your belongings.
pairing | Loki x Reader
warnings | this is pure fluff (hard week, enjoy my emotional relief!)
word count | 1k (this was supposed to be a small blurb)
author’s note | inspired by me and my friend living together for a week (she despises my habit of keeping useless things, we’re better in different homes 🙃 ) and by this amazing list.
Loki Laufeyson Masterlist | Taglist | Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
The first signal of his annoyance was the irony in his voice.
“Have you got everything?” He asked as you tried to pull some boxes out of the apartment.
You never minded the tone, in fact you both were frequently in a battle to decide who was more passive aggressive — even though Loki won the one with the elaborate death threats. But on moving day he promised to behave himself, since you were so excited for it.
Well, it seemed that your boyfriend was already bothered.
“I think so.” You answered honestly, ignoring his annoyance. “I need to check the bathroom one more time, though. I think I left my toothpaste on the cabinet.”
Loki rolled his eyes, but then surprised you with a kiss on your forehead when he made his way towards the bathroom. “I’ll go check it for you.”
You looked at his figure disappearing through the bathroom door with a tight lipped smile. Loki was a difficult being, specially with you he switched from annoyed to calm then back to annoyed in the matter of minutes. But one constant was how he was always lovingly towards you, even in his worst moments.
Yet, there were more urgent matters to pay attention to at the moment aside from your loving boyfriend, like getting all the rest of the stuff in the car and finally leaving the apartment.
“Now, where did this come from?” Loki asked you to hold up a box full of ribbons recycled from gift boxes.
“Gifts.” You said nonchalant, continuing to unpack some of the more fragile content.
“Okay, let me rephrase it completely. Why do you need it?”
“I might regret it if I throw them away.” You explained in a tired tone. “What if I need them in the future?” There must be the seventh time you were saying those same words to justify some belonging that seemed to be useless.
“Love, we’re going to need some new rules about keeping things you’ll hardly need.”
Looking in his direction ready to give back some witty answer just to keep the discussion going on, you saw Loki pulling a wooden box, carved with delicate flower designs.
“Hey! Careful!” You warned him, that was the first time you were completely serious on moving day and it startled him a bit. “You drop that I kill you.”
“What will I find in this silly wooden box?” Loki started teasing you as he opened it. “Maybe the biggest variation of recycling…”
His voice died as soon as he opened the box.
Only two steps later and you were by his side, sneaking to see which one of the things you had in there that got him speechless to the point he stopped teasing you.
“You kept it all.” Loki mumbled, his voice was so low you thought you imagined it.
Watery eyes were the last of his worries. Loki was so stunned to see every single movie ticket from your dates, small notes he left with beautiful quotes and warning about how you needed to buy more, dry flowers, every little thing he ever gave you.
Some stuff he didn’t even remember about was carefully stored there, one that stood out was a small piece of bright yellow paper he left on your kitchen counter from a day when he needed to leave before you woke up. “I’ll be waiting for you at the front door as soon as your shift is over as always. Don’t be worried I left earlier, I’ll explain everything at the cafe.”
It was such a common note, nothing special or different. But it was there keeping company to all the little things of your relationship.
“Why?” Loki asked, looking confused with such a gesture. One he might not even have known about if it wasn’t for the coincidence.
“Why not?” You shot back with a sheepish smile. “I want to remember every little detail about us. Some are not that little.” You laughed a bit saying the last part.
His only response was to hug you, pressing you flush against his chest and the heartbeats synced producing the most perfect sound.
It was uncountable, the feeling of having someone that cherished him so much to the point of keeping every trace of the relationship carefully secured in a special box. Not only guarded in your heart.
“This is lovely.” Loki whispers in your hair making a wide smile appear in your face, one that aches from how large it is. “You are.”
“See, my stuff is incredibly important. All of that.” You teased looking at him when his grip relaxed.
“Now I’m resentful to think this has the same value as some foolish ribbons.” He said in that teasing tone and you pushed him lightly on the shoulder.
You could only roll your eyes at the drama. Leaving a light peck on his cheek you turned back to your previous task of unpacking your little mug collection and organizing it on the half empty kitchen cabinets, contrasting with Loki’s plain mugs and tea-cups.
“Love, do you really need all those?” He said, looking wide-eyed at them. “You’re one person, how will you use eleven mugs?”
“You’d be surprised…” You answered wiking playfully. A week later you’d tell him you planned on buying more.
Loki woke up two days later to find pictures of you and him hanging on the walls in colorful frames, more cushions on the couch to pair with his green ones, your books making company to his on the large bookshelf he bought just before you moved in and your colorful mugs filling up the kitchen cabinet.
“Our stuff.”, he thought, remembering what you said the previous day. He liked the sound of that.
There were so many changes from his apartment with plain colours and not many decoration pieces from your apartment that was a perfect mixture of you both.
It was finally home.
Maybe a bit messy sometimes thanks to your habit of keeping everything.
But it was so happy.
The silly special wooden box he knew you kept in the second drawer of your nightstand made his heart flutter only by thinking about it.
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lokiskitten · 2 months ago
hiii can you please do tom as dad's best friend/co-worker where they finally meet each other in her dad's office? and that y/n dad have to take an urgen flight trip thats why he needed tom to look after y/n for a couple of days. lots of sexual tension and dirty talk! (also age gap if that's alright with you?) 😌 make it real smutty and kinky u know the drill :) ty!!
Tom Hiddleston | unique babysitter
Tom Hiddleston x fem!reader
Tumblr media
plot : being a single father, your dad has no choice but to leave you at home with a friend after he has been called for an urgent business travel. Surprisingly enough, you manage to end up enjoying Tom’s exhilarating company.
warnings : smut, age gap, dirty talking, slight dub/con, virgin!reader, innocence kink, dry humping, unprotected sex, slight after care and cuddling.
Around a week ago, your dad had finally agreed to take you to his office in order for you to discover his job. You had never really understood the way he made a living, and it had therefore been the occasion for you to get to learn more about his work whilst earning the chance to spend some extra time with him. Ever since your mom had left, you had allowed yourself to drift away from your father- an unwilling habit which had brought harm to the two of you throughout the years. But now was your chance to do better by supporting the older man through his daily life and by letting him know that he was not alone. Though, your little trip to his office had allowed you to meet with one of his closest coworkers : a so called Tom Hiddleston.
The man worked at the desk next to your dad’s, which allowed you to get a good view of his friend whilst they both worked. The room remained silent- the sounds of the keyboards being put to good use offering a pretty symphony. Your orbs would sometimes divert towards the infamous older man, feeling your cheeks heat up whenever his blue eyes would take notice of your stares and look up at you- leading your embarrassed self to look away. From the corner of your eyes, you could tell that this gesture had amused him due to the way his lips seemed to curl up whilst his chest bobbed upwards gently. Your hands fidgeted together, this little game lasting through the entire afternoon until it was finally time for you and your father to go home. But even after disappearing from one another’s sight, none of you appeared to forget about the other.
The next day, your dad had announced to you that he would be forced to leave for a couple of days due to an important business offer he simply couldn’t push away. At first, you felt okay with it... until this one added up that his coworker and friend, Tom, would be in charge of taking care of you for the few upcoming days. This stroke anxiety within your heart. The man you had desperately stared at for hours yesterday would now be assigned as your babysitter? The thought of getting to spend time alone with him was surely exciting, but also intimidating. Therefore, you decided to use arguments in order to dodge your father’s announcement, and potentially call off this whole babysitter issue which you believed was unnecessary for a girl such as you.
The first argument you decide to pull up was the fact that you were eighteen, and therefore not in need of a babysitter anymore. You could take care of yourself, which you did whenever your father was at work. But to the older man, this wasn’t the issue. He felt pleased to remind you what had happened the last time he had trusted you to be alone for a couple of days, and you had no choice but to remain silent face to his prominent argument, and your lack of snap back. Even though you could’ve probably explained that this event took place a couple of years back, and that you were now a legal adult to society, you decided to submit to your father’s announcement and decision.
Coming back to the present, you were currently sat in the living room whilst waiting for Tom to arrive. Your father had left a couple of minutes ago already, as he didn’t wish to miss his plane due to his coworker being late- who he trusted in taking good care of you. But little did he know, the older man would do much more than simply cook dinner for the two of you before tucking you in for a good night of sleep. When the bell finally rang, your head diverted towards the door in a hurry before your whole silhouette made an effort to get up from the sofa in order to reach for the entry of your home. Nervously, your hand took ahold of the handle before twisting it and allowing the door to open, revealing your dad’s smily coworker. “Good evening, Princess. I’m sorry I’m late.” He affirmed as your eyes slowly slid down towards the postman bag he carried on his right shoulder.
Face to your prolonged silence, he decided to step in one more time. “May I come in?” Tom asked, hoping that this sentence would manage to pull you out of your thoughts. And it did. “Oh yes, sure. I’m sorry...” You responded, an awkward chuckle escaping your lips as you moved to the side in order to let the older man step inside of your house. As soon as Tom laid a foot of onto the floor of your home, you felt a rather uncomfortable sensation take over your organism. It was a mix of excitement- that due to his handsomeness and attractive aura- and anxiety. A single pressure applied on the door was enough to have it close, trapping the two of you inside of the construction. And from that point, things progressively started to get more risky.
If Tom had agreed to sit down at the living room’s table to work at first, he soon caught interest in your silhouette and the things your curves could potentially offer him. During the first evening you spent together, things remained rather quiet and calm. All he did was look at you from the corner of his eye once in a while, and so did you whenever you felt like allowing your hormones to win over your good sense. You had been the one to cook dinner, and the older man hadn’t stopped praising the meal you had taken time to prepare whilst he worked. You got the chance to listen to a few of his personal informations- such as his nice lifestyle as a single man who enjoyed cooking for himself, as a hobby. Tom even promised to be the chief tomorrow evening, a bargain which led you to feel more comfortable in his presence.
The next day was when you finally started to feel more comfortable about your father’s coworker living in your house. You didn’t get to see him during the day due to college, but coming back in the evening knowing you would be able to spend time with the older man never failed to make you feel excited. Tom had progressively let go of his work, claiming he had taken a one week remunerated break in order to spend some extra time with you. The days went along, and you found yourself skipping class as well to attend the man’s offers about going out to various places. Calling your dad to check up on him wasn’t a priority anymore, which easily led you to bump into multiple missed calls when you finally made your way back up to your room after spending a day with his friend.
On this delightful Friday evening, you had been given the honor to taste Tom’s most famous recipe : bolognese. The dinner went on wonderfully, and you soon found yourself bloated with sauce and pasta- a visual proof that you had indeed enjoyed the meal he had prepared. Wiping the corner of his mouth with a napkin, Tom’s blue orbs stared at your exhausted self who still tried to recover from the amount of food you had previously ingested. It had exhaust you. “I guess I won’t be asking you how it went, seeing the emptiness of your plate.” He affirmed with a chuckle before reaching out for both of your stained yet empty plates in order to carry them until the sink. Shifting in your seat, you allowed your vision to divert away from your guest for a moment- which Tom didn’t fail to notice.
With a smirk appearing on the corner of his lips, the man proceeded to rest the plates down on the workspace before silently making his way back to you, sitting down in the chair which was positioned next to yours before leaning in and allowing his lips to collide with your neck. You obviously reacted face to this unexpected sensation, body shaking just so slightly as you tiredly leant backwards in order to break the contact. “What? What are you doing?” You asked awkwardly, earning an amused smile from the older man. His hand travelled up to your hair, blue orbs following his own gesture as he brushed a strand behind your ear. “Just treating you the way you deserve. You’re a grown woman after all, aren’t you? And adults communicate with one another.” He purred seductively, those few words sending chills down your spine.
“So I’m letting you know... I want you.” He finished, hand still toying with your hair as both your heart and mind fell apart on the instant. Had you heard that right? Was your father’s friend truly offering you to hookup under his coworker’s own roof- a man who had given him his trust to look after his only daughter? But the will to rebel and prove to the world that you weren’t a child anymore turned out to be stronger then your good sense and the respect you held for your dad. Your cheeks heated up as you made eye contact with Tom again, a welcoming smile appearing his lips which led you to fall for him even more. “Okay...” you responded to his previous statement in an awkward manner, leading the adult’s smile to intensify. “Okay.” He repeated happily, hand sliding down to your thigh in order to take ahold of yours.
Tom easily managed to get you to stand up, leading you out of the kitchen and upstairs as his thumb gently rubbed against the back of your hand. Again, you felt excited yet anxious- still questioning whether yes or not you should give in his certainly appetizing offer. But before you knew it, the older man had managed to reach your father’s room- the room Tom had been occupying throughout the journey- which possessed a bigger bed for the two of you to enjoy. His first reflex was to turn on the lights before closing the door, those two gestures requiring for him to let go of your hand which allowed you to move closer to the bed without his help. “Ever done this before?” Tom asked empathetically as his silhouette turned towards yours, both his hands resting on his hips as if he was trying to contain certain pulsions.
Even if you felt ashamed of the answer you were about to give, you still trusted the man enough not to make fun of you nor make any degrading remarks about your sexual life. “Not really.” You answered as he moved closer to you, head bowed down to be able to make proper eye contact. “That’s okay.” He reassured, his hand moving up to your shoulder which he squeezed gently. “I’ll make sure to take good care of you.” Finished the male, his fingers now taking ahold of your chin only to lead your head to look up. Your lips aligned with his, his head slowly moving down towards yours until your closed mouths finally pressed against one another. This was the chastest kiss anyone had ever given you- which reinforced the feeling of safety you felt whenever it came to Tom. Though he quickly ended up softly breaking the contact in order to make sure you were okay.
You silently sucked in your bottom lip, as if you wanted to get some extra taste of his lips even after he had decided to break the kiss. Allowing your lower piece of rosy flesh to go, your orbs finally diverted upwards in order to make eye contact with the man who had just filled you with bliss. “I liked this.” You admitted, earning a smile from your partner. His hands travelled up to the first button of his shirt, progressively undoing the links until his bellybutton and abdominals were revealed to your innocent sight. Those assets made you shiver, and Tom could easily tell that you were too shy to step forward and lay your pretty hands onto his flesh. Smirking, the man dodged your silhouette in order to reach for the bed, removing his shirt through the process before allowing it to drop to the floor.
You watched silently as he sat down on the edge of the furniture, inviting you to take place beside him by laying gentle taps on the spot next to his thigh. Your submitted self obeyed, feet leading you towards your master until you finally took place beside him. “You’re such an obedient girl.” Tom praised, seemingly enjoying the way you agreed to follow all of his commands. An intimidated chuckle escaped your lips as his hand once again traveled up to your face, caressing your facial features and brushing your hair back in the loveliest manner. You couldn’t help but stare at his crouched abdominals, the way his skin formed muscular rolls for you to appreciate and praise. After all, it was the first time you ever saw a grown man bare chested in such an intimate situation.
“You want to remove a couple of layers? It’s the least we could do.” Tom offered gently, making sure to use the proper tone in order not to scare you off- and mostly in order to lead you to accept his proposition. Again, you agreed, standing up from the bed before removing your sweatshirt by pulling it over your head. Your bare breasts were revealed to his sight, though his blue orbs remained mainly focused on the skin of your waist and stomach. He found the bellybutton and stomach as a very attractive part of the female anatomy, and couldn’t potentially get enough of staring at this area of your body. Of course the grown man also felt grateful to be able to get a peak of your breasts- which he would make sure to cherish and praise later on.
His hands bluntly moved up to your waist as you took place between his legs, blue orbs still looking up at you before Tom allowed himself to lay a kiss onto your stomach. You abdominals contracted due to the small tingle you felt within you skin as the older man now took care of laying trails of gentle kisses down your belly. Looking down at him, you allowed your digits to travel up to his perfectly groomed hair before passing your fingers through the strands, messing up his mane in the softest manner. You were able to feel his lips perk upwards, indicating that your gestures were visibly making him smile. It reassured you to be aware of such a positive reaction.
After reaching the waistband of your joggers, Tom stopped himself through his track in order to take another look at your facial features- which in his humble opinion were perfect. Besides, spending time with someone who was younger than him somewhat sent the man back to his youthful days as well; which provided Tom a very blissful feeling. Without breaking eye contact, he began to unbuckle his belt before undoing the button of his jeans without even taking care of sliding the leather material out of the confines of his pants. Though he unfortunately found himself forced to look away after struggling to undo his button, your orbs still staring down towards his veiny hands which worked hard to reach their goal.
Once this step was finally over with, Tom placed a hand on your hip in order to gently move you backwards so that he could stand up from the bed. You could tell by his frustrated appearance that he seemingly couldn’t wait to end up in bed and fully naked with you. Though he always kept a reassuring smile on his face, even whilst pulling his jeans down to his ankle before stepping out of the piece of clothing. The grown man now stood in his briefs, feeling no form of shame nor embarrassment face to your younger self. Besides, there simply was nothing he could’ve potentially feel ashamed of. His body was perfect. A chuckle escaped his lips upon witnessing how clueless you appeared, a sight which could only make him feel more confident through the overall process.
“Well, kitten... there’s nothing you should be ashamed of. Real men are nothing like the boys you see at school.” He insisted, referring to how male teenagers often found many reasons to criticize the female anatomy and make young girls feel insecure. And his tone sounded extremely genuine- which was what led you to finally unleash your silhouette from all these pieces of clothings. You nodded silently, hands moving down to the waistband of your joggers before you slid the material down to your ankles. Sitting back down on the edge of the bed, you proceeded to remove the cloth from your ankles, now revealing your underwear to a rather eager Tom.
He jumped on this handy occasion to gracefully climb on the bed and lay down on the spot where he usually slept, waiting for you to be done and hand out the green flag like the gentleman that he is. Looking back at him, you once again felt your cheeks heat up due to crossing another line of the process. He smiled. “Don’t be shy. I want you.” Tom begged, arm extending towards your chest as an invitation for you to get closer- which you did. Now laying down next to each other, your hands rested against his chest as your bodies faced one another, feeling the warmth which emitted from his skin. He looked down at you, head leaning down and once again seeking for your lips before he was finally able to press them against yours.
You kissed back, now feeling more comfortable as his arms wrapped around your back in order to gently get himself on top of your body. You were consensually overcome by his much larger silhouette, one of your hands moving up to his shoulders as you carried on giving back what the man was generously offering you. As soon as grunts and low moans began to escape his lips, you could tell that things were about to move faster from this moment- legs spreading a little bit wider as you allowed the man to grind his hips against yours. You were able to feel his hardening member collide with and rub against your own clothed genitals- movements which soon led your entrance to leak juices and stains your panties.
“Look at you..” Tom began, breaking the kiss for a few seconds in order to catch his breath and finish his sentence. He was panting. “Legs already spread wide open for me.” The man stated, speaking nothing but obvious facts. You blushed. No one had ever spoken to you in such a way, and especially not on that specific tone which turned out to be quite exhilarating. Now moving his head down against the crook of your neck, you were able to feel warmth take over both your chest and crotch due to Tom still grinding his hips against yours. The movements stimulated your clit, sending chills down your spine and leading more love juice to leak out of your throbbing core. And even if the older man appeared more eager about the situation when it came to visuals, your soul was definitely suffocating with pleasure even if you remained slightly motionless and silent.
Sitting up on his knees, a smirking Tom made eye contact with you as he allowed himself to slide off your panties; taking them off your legs before carelessly dropping them to the side. Such a small piece of clothing certainly wouldn’t be a bother through your shared intercourse, which was the reason to why he decided not to pay much attention to where it landed. Besides, your father’s coworker felt too excited about what was to come to even care about such an irrelevant detail. You were panting, still trying to recover from this first contact which had left you damaged with pleasure and excitement. Though, little did you know, the real fun was only about to begin.
“My pretty girl’s got a pretty little cunt.” He praised, his fingers sticking together as he brought his hand down between your legs. You shivered, sucking in your bottom lip in anticipation to his upcoming touch. It would be the first time you would get touched by a man, by someone else than your own self. A part of you wondered how it was going to feel, though the second one couldn’t help but grow anxious and worried. However, before you could even think any further, you felt Tom’s fingertips collide with your sensitive core- sending chills down your spine and easily leading your hole to squeeze and contract. He chuckled, appreciating his good work and feeling satisfied about the way he managed to make you feel. Though, it wasn’t like Tom had ever disappointed a woman in bed before.
One of the older man’s hands landed beside your face, Tom holding himself up with the help of his left arm whilst his other hand took care of pleasing your core. His fingertips rubbed up and down your clit, sometimes pinching the hardened bud and manhandling it perfectly. His aim was to get your entrance to loosen up for him; and that especially after he took notice that you were a virgin. Tom wanted this intercourse to be pleasing for you too, and he was willing to use any tactic in order to help you to relax. His lips landed against yours again, trapping your moan within his cavity and pushing it back inside of your mouth with the help of his tongue penetrating your moist entry.
Once your moans began to get progressively higher pitched, Tom felt like it was now the right time to initiate you to the pleasures he was certainly going to provide you. Taking his soaked fingertips up to his lips, he allowed his tongue to taste the sweet juices before both his hands took ahold of the waistband of his briefs which was soon to be slid down to his mid thighs. You didn’t dare to look, eyes still staring at the ceiling until your view was blocked by your partner’s facial features. He smiled and you smiled back. “Well hello.” Teased the older man, a few words which easily led you to chuckle. In the position you two had adopted, you were able to feel his rocking hard shaft press against your clit- a sensation that didn’t fail to make you feel nervous.
“You ready, Princess?” Questioned your dad’s coworker, your legs immediately spreading a tad wider upon hearing those few words. Another kiss was laid on your lips, probably in order to distract you from the slight pain which was about to follow. And before you could know it, a warm mass was pressed against your cavity, soon penetrating your entrance and pushing past your hymen that broke on the instant. A high pitched groan escaped your lips which led Tom to intensify the kiss, his hips jumping on the occasion to move closer to yours until his cock had reached balls deep. Slowly pulling away from your face, his ocean blue orbs made eye contact with yours, analyzing your facial features in order to find out whether you were truly suffering or not.
“This is just temporary.” Promised the man, your entrance unwillingly clenching around his shaft which led him to let out a guttural moan. Taking his attention off you for a minute, Tom’s face looked down at your rubbing crotches- as if he wanted to make sure he was properly inside- before his head tilted upwards again. Noticing how you now appeared more relaxed, he was soon to begin the thrusting process- slow movements at first which progressively increased in pace with time. The friction created by the intercourse felt absolutely blissful- filling your soul with excitement and leading your heart to race. You were able to feel the muscle pump blood through your entire system as Tom continued to grind his hips against yours, happy grunts escaping his lips.
Both his arms slid underneath your shoulders, taking ahold of them in order to keep you more still through the pleasant process- and make it easier for him to thrust. Tom felt entirely satisfied with the situation that had taken place- taking notice of how you appeared to enjoy it too which could only make his member throb out of pleasure. Though his masculine ego still pushed him to check in order to receive a verbal confirmation. “You enjoyin’ this?” The man asked breathlessly, earning a single moan and nod from your exhilarated self. The man then proceeded to unexpectedly pull out, offering you no time to understand before you were flipped over onto your stomach. This once his hands landed on your bum, spreading your cheeks apart and admiring the way your entrance leaked with love juice. It looked extremely welcoming, and Tom was soon to step inside of your intimate home for the second time.
Feeling his cock penetrate you again brushed all of your worries away, eyelids shutting close as you began to be rocked back and forth against the bedsheets. Even without being able to see his face, you still managed to enjoy everything that Tom was providing you with on the instant. You could feel his pubic bone collide with your skin of your bum, your nipples perking up against the confines of the bedsheets. “Fuck baby.. So tight and juicy for me.” He praised, leaning down in order to offer your neck rough kisses and gentle bites. You moaned tiredly, rubbing your cheek against his like a cat would do against his owner’s legs. He had managed to take possession of your soul, and there was now only one way out.
Time passed, and Tom’s thrusts progressively began to grow sloppier. Being inexperienced, you couldn’t exactly tell that this indicated he was about to reach his high, though the way he appeared more tired and less energetic than before certainly gave you a clue regarding his state. Frowning out of exhaussement, the grown man was finally filled with temporary satisfaction upon sensing his shaft throb and pump semen out of his testicles in order to have the liquid spray out of his sensitive urethra. His semence stained your walls, giving no chance to the flesh of your cervix which was drowned in the thick liquid. You two moaned in harmony- this warm sensation providing you with one last bit of pleasure before your dad’s coworker agreed to pull out of you.
He collapsed on the bedsheets next to you, hand resting on his chest as he panted in order to recover from this intense moment. With the bit of energy that you had left, you managed to crawl until his silhouette in order to offer him a well needed hug, your arms burying against his ribcage as Tom was soon to turn to his side and secure your naked self with his large and muscular members. Feeling the warmth of his flesh in a whole other way still felt as satisfying as before, this cuddle providing you with as much happiness and bliss than the previous intercourse had.
Hullo thanks for reading! Thank you for liking and supporting my work. I genuinely hope you’re doing well! Take care.
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ragnarachael · 5 months ago
Between Rounds
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Word Count: 1,796
Summary: You and Loki are recovering between rounds when you come to a sudden realization.
Author’s Ramblings: thank u Sweat and Soap vol. 1 for giving me this soft as fuck idea. this is all thanks to mini chapter 5.1 because my brain loves Asako and Kotaro SO MUCH??? anywho this is soft. i’m soft. i love loki. 
Warnings: mentions of virginity, soft loki, mentions of sexy times, thigh grinding, makeout sessions, dirty talk (it’s.... it’s loki c’mon team), aftercare!!! slight praise kink, just casual tho
Tumblr media
The two of you were panting as Loki flopped back onto the bed after the condom was disposed of in the trash can near his bed. You were still regaining consciousness from your first orgasm of the night, your face still buried in the pillow as it was during...well. During the act.
Sex. With Loki Laufeyson. Good lord, not something you expected to say.
You joined the TVA to fight for the timelines, not get railed by some hot god that looked like Tom Hiddleston. Though, you have to admit, this was a bonus.
“Are you alright, dove?”
You will yourself to peel some of your face from Loki’s pillow as his hand engulfed your own gently to get your attention.
Once you have one eye on your boyfriend—that’s...that’s still so new, even after how long the two of you have been together—you can’t stop your breath from leaving you again. Even after the mindblowing sex, he’s still somewhat put together. His skin is still lightly glistening from the sweat, his hair curling a bit more from the activities. His eyes were still that same earth-shattering shade of green-blue you can never place as he eyes you with a mix of concern and...lust? Attraction?
“Yeah,” you reply, finally. “I’m..I’m great, Loki.”
“Wasn’t too much, was I?” he follows immediately, not letting any silence fall over the pair of you yet between panting. His long, slender fingers lace between your own before he’s tugging your hand to his lips and pressing them there for a moment. “I know you’re still new to all of this.”
If you had the energy, you would be baffled. Baffled that Loki Laufeyson would be worried about you after the second time the two of you have actually gone to third base. Hell, even when he had convinced you to take his fingers in that meeting he had asked this, you remember.
Your heart was pounding. Not from the adrenaline or the new found lust for the man laying next to you and kissing your hand and forearm sweetly with a fond look.
Love. Definitely, undoubtedly, love.
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spilledkauffie · 4 months ago
Loki Cuddles & Affection HCs
Loki taglist: @y-napotat ❤︎ @elainavmarie ❤︎ @thefandomchoosesthewizard​
Tumblr media
Loki loves cuddling you — he simply adores you being in his arms, the warmth of your body near his, it’s perfect to him. He’s very touch sensitive / oriented in his love language, so it’s a perfect match. 
Holding hands — when you’re sitting with your back against his chest, Loki brings his arms around you, sometimes to hold you even closer against him, to which you set your hands on top of his forearms. Other times, more often, he plays with your hands in his. He places his hands palm up, as you set your palm down atop his. From there he gently, keeping your hands together, lifts them up, twists them side to side, occasionally interlacing your fingers.
↳ sometimes he reveals his frost giant form, only allowing the blue to spread half-way to his elbow. He loves the way you gasp in awe at it, and trace the patterns on his skin gently with your fingertips.
When you’re sad — Loki is the exact person who you can say nothing to and yet he knows something’s wrong. He’ll watch you for a moment, reading your expression, before walking over to you, arms slightly lifted to the perfection position for you to fit in them. He’s ready to cradle you, resting his chin against your temple, or kissing your forehead / top of your head. He will hold you for as long as you need to be held, zero complaints.
He doesn’t mind at all if you tend to be “clingy” — he absolutely craves any kind of attention, so if you’re more of a physically “clingy” individual, he really has no problem with it. He can tell when you want more physical attention, and he gives you everything you need. 
He loves when you fall asleep cuddling him — often times you don’t realise it, but you cling on to him when you’re falling asleep and you don’t let go. In fact when he starts to move, your fingertips subconsciously grip against him tighter. When he’s finally picked you up, to carry you off to bed, he loves how you snuggle yourself right against him in his arms. || He’s super attentive to you once he’s in bed beside you, since he had to let go of you to set you down, he makes up for it by keeping your super close. Which he loves, because he feels protective.
Random times — Loki has been know to just come up to you and pull you into a hug. If you’re laying down, reading / on your phone on the couch / bed, he will crawl from the end of the bed / couch up to rest his head on your stomach, wrapping his arms around your your frame, his hands caressing your back as he buries his face against your stomach. Sometimes you giggle, or squirm a little, but that only makes his smile. 
Morning / Night — he 100% cuddles you in bed, in literally almost every way. He’ll let you cuddle against his back like a little backpack, he’ll tuck you against his chest, your back against his chest, head resting on his bicep, he’ll let you rest on his chest, and sometimes, he’ll find himself laying on his stomach with you sprawled out on top of his back, head between his shoulder blades. 
He shows affection in a lot of silent ways— gestures are a big thing for him. He knows your favourite flowers, your favourite music, favourite cozy sweaters, etc. So, he tends to know what will make you smile / make you feel safe, which is why he’s superior at prep / setting out things for you to find when you get home, so you don’t have to rush around and find everything.
Physical affection — it’s small things like holding your hand when you’re nervous, just to let you know he’s there if you need to lean on him in any way. || For encouragement, as your about to do something or after you’ve done something that made you a little nervous. He’ll reach his hand across the table / over to you and take your hand in his, stroking the top of your knuckles and giving an encouraging smile.
↳ he’s also been known to randomly tuck your hair behind your ear, place his hand on your thigh whilst sitting next to you, place his chin on your shoulder, and gaze into your eyes.
Magic — oh yes, he 100% brings magic into it. When you’re feeling down, sometimes he’ll subtly tap into your memories with a gentle stroke of his fingertips against your temple, bringing to mind a memory you always smile or laugh at. He does this so subtly that sometimes you don’t even realise he did it, you’ll just turn to him and say “you know I just thought of that time—“ and he completely keeps it a secret that he summoned that memory. Because in truth he just wants to hear your voice, watch your eyes light up as you tell the memory, and see you smile.
↳ likewise, if there’s something you need / want, like a blanket, he will randomly conjure it. Usually he doesn’t try to hide the fact that he brought it about, because he knows you like to watch him use his magic. But other times, like if you’ve been looking for a specific blanket all day and you’re getting frustrated that you can’t find it, he’ll conjure it whilst you’re not looking, so when you turn around it’s right there. With a sigh you pick it up and yell back so he can hear you “I found it!” / “oh wonderful, darling! Where was it?” He asks softly. / “it was right behind me, where I though I left it,” you shake your head, “but I swore I check there and didn’t see it.” / “hmm, odd,” Loki hides a smirk.
He also asks how you’re doing on the regular — Loki finds it important to keep in touch with how you’re doing mentally / emotionally so he can provide the best affection / attention for your needs. Sometimes he doesn’t realise that you see him asking as a form of affection, which makes you smile, and make him ask “what?” genuinely curious why you’re surprised and touched at him asking.
↳ emotional affection is super important to him. Being gentle with your emotions is something he is really good at, because he doesn’t want you to feel like you have to hide any emotions or feelings.
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jensensloser · 4 months ago
Cockwarming with Loki? I also really really love sub Loki
i can see this going one of two ways; dom and sub loki have very different reactions to cockwarming
dom! loki
Tumblr media
now, dom! loki is the type to make you cockwarm him for any reason at all. as a punishment, because he’s bored, because he wants you close to him. nine time out of ten, it’s a punishment
you should know better than to brat to a god, and he makes you suffer. “come on, you know better pet. now, you’re gonna sit on my cock, and you’re not to move or cum until i say so. understand?”
sub! loki
Tumblr media
when he’s extra subby, he absolutely craves to be close to you, sometimes simply holding you isnt enough. sometimes though, he gets a taste of his own medicine
you can easily just sit there for hours edging him. after all it is only fair, he’s done it to you many times. as many times as he’s said that “gods don’t beg, little one.” he’s begged for your mercy several times. “oh, fuck. my queen, i’m sorry. please, let me make you feel good. let me cum inside your tight quim. i’m so sorry, i’ll be good i promise.”
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