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mostly-marvel-musings · 2 days ago
Sexy drabble request- enemies to lovers hate sex with Loki 🤤💚
The green monster
Tumblr media
A/N: This is more jealousy sex than enemies to lovers tbh. Happy reading!
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Warnings: 18+, smutty fluff.
Word count: 1.5k
Tom Hiddleston/Loki Taglist – @delightfulheartdream @what-a-flammable-heart @castiels-majestic-wings @lokis-leah
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“May I have this dance, gorgeous?”
The gentleman who had his eyes on you the entire evening had finally asked you to dance and you were pleased. The said gentleman also happened to be a prime suspect of your mission.
The plan was to keep him engaged while your least favorite Avenger sneaked into the private rooms in order to bug it. Natasha and Clint waited outside in a van to receive an audio visual on them. You hoped to God that Loki did his job right without any glitches while you sweet-talked to the guy.
Unknown to you, there was a green jealousy monster rising its head inside Loki as he glared at the two of you from the shadows. Nostrils flared and hands balled up in fists, he hated the way you giggled and fluttered your eyelashes at the vile man. He wanted to burn his hands for having held you so close to his body while you two swayed to the music, his undeserving fingers splayed across your bare back.
You caught Loki’s eye, amused at his reaction, you couldn’t help teasing just a little. You always had a back and forth going on with him, you didn’t think much of it before acting out. The Asgardian who swore nobody could affect him that way ever, sure was adorable when irked.
Or so you thought.
You leaned over to whisper something in his ear which made him laugh and pull you closer to his chest before pressing a chaste kiss on the back of your hand.
This sent him over the edge, Loki abandoned your plan and made his exit in a dramatic way, a green light flashed across the room as everyone’s attention was now divided. It all happened too fast for you to process but your instincts kicked in and you had to act fast. The damage was already done, you had to get out of the place.
Cursing under your breath, you ignored Nat’s distressed voice and managed to somehow sneak out of the place after excusing yourself to the bathroom. Of course, he had betrayed, that’s what he does, you reminded yourself.
“Why did I even trust him?” you fumed, opening the door of the van to find two equally furious trained assassins. The drive back to the tower was silent, apart from your brain which was coming up with several ideas on how to murder the God of Mischief.
Previous anger still lingered as you made your way up to Loki’s room in the Tower, knocking on his door rather loudly before realizing it was open. Pushing it open, a part of you expected it to be empty but there he was, leaning against the window, arms crossed and a sulk on his face. It was almost like he was waiting for you.
“Are you fucking kidding me? What was that? You don’t just abandon a mission out of the blue! Explain yourself, Loki.”
Crossing your arms to keep yourself from slapping him, you waited for an answer as his eyes simply bore into yours silently. It frustrated you further, the silence, usually he was all about the words.
“What, you're gonna keep quiet now? Were you planning on betraying us all along? Huh? Because you’re incapable of doing good, because you’re always the trickster? Here I thought I could trust you and—”
“I didn’t think my help was required with the way you had that imbecile all wrapped around your finger.” Loki’s voice was low as his gaze didn’t leave your form while he answered, causing you to frown.
“What? I—I did it for the mission, it was part of the plan. Remember when we discussed that? Of course, you don’t. You ruined everything!”
Your voice rose with the anger as you contemplated what to do next, he was still dangerously silent which couldn’t end well, you knew better than that. Deciding to leave him alone, you headed for the door but he beat you to it. Crossing the distance in a few long strides he shut the door with a loud bang before towering over you. He was too close; a few millimeters and you would’ve collided against his chest.
“Why are you—?”
“I did not appreciate the way that man had been eyeing you, the way he lay his hands all over your body, I wished to stab him.”
While his honesty took you by surprise, the audacity of this man made you scoff. Sometimes could be one of the most infuriating souls on the planet. Crossing your arms over your chest you fired back.
“And do you think it’s a treat watching you charm your way around a party? I don’t go on sabotaging missions just because I get jealous.”
It was Loki’s turn to raise his eyebrows as you dropped this new information on him, a smirk which he hid too well before nodding.
“I guess…we’re even then.”
“What? We’re not even. I have never betrayed my team because of how I feel about you, Loki. Never. What you did was wrong. I came here to yell at you and now I’m done. You’re—we’re done.”
As you were about to try and leave again, he stepped in your way, blocking your path and forced you to look at him.
“We’re not done. How could you say that?”
Dropping his voice to barely over a whisper, your heart threatened to jump out of its ribcage as Loki lowered his head to press his lips onto yours. Reluctantly at first, but you responded quickly after your arms slid up his chest and around his neck to pull him closer.
“You just admitted to being jealous.”
Loki whispered against your lips, walking you backwards until you hit the wall, continuing bruising you with kisses while your brain tried to process what had transpired.
“So did you.”
Smirking as you worked on undoing his buttons, you got little time to admire his chiselled torso as he grabbed you by the back of your thighs to lift you up. A sigh left your lips when his groin brushed against your core, desire pooling between your legs as he drove his hips forwards purposely.
“You owe me an apology you know…” you breathed, holding onto his shoulders tight, gasping when he nearly tore the dress away from your body. Lust-darkened shamelessly drinking you in.
“Well, consider me apologising, love.”
Loki attacked your neck, bruising spots by baring his teeth before soothing them over with his tongue while his hands kneaded your breasts, pinching your nipples with deft fingers.
Your body felt like it was on fire, desire burning deep in your belly as your heart beat rapidly against your ribcage. It had been coming from a mile away, everybody knew it, the tension was going to boil over sooner than later and now that it had, you wondered why you hadn’t been doing this all along.
Loki had overpowered your senses with those syrupy kisses, clouded your brain to the point where you didn’t register when he had rid himself of his clothes.
He teased your folds, gathering your slick with his tip before it turned you impatient as you pushed your hips ahead to take him in. A combined groan echoed in the otherwise silent room as he stretched you out, your warmth enveloping his length in its velvety blanket until he bottomed out.
Hair tangled up against the wall, back digging into the hard surface but all you could think about was more. Wanting more of what he was willing to give, every shudder that left your body wanted the same.
Loki’s teeth sunk into your skin, marking you as his while his length impaled you into a panting mess. That coil in your belly threatened to snap and he could sense it.
Deft fingers that circled around your clit in tandem with his thrusts sent you over the edge, letting out a strangled cry as your walls fluttered around his cock. Your mind a foggy mess as you floated, holding onto him as the aftershocks wracked your body.
“That was one hell of an apology.”
You felt him smile against your neck where he placed soft, soothing kisses, still sheathed inside your warmth. Carrying you over to the bed, he made you lay on top of him as he caressed your back.
“Do you forgive me, my darling?” He whispered. The duality of this man being so rough just a while back and yet this soft the next second was surprising.
Pretending to think for a while, you placed your chin on his chest with a mischievous smirk.
“I don’t know yet…Might want to keep apologizing.”
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thewritingdoll · a day ago
babes that prompt just is 🔥🔥 i wanna request if that’s okay. With Loki maybe?
"Don't go on that date." "Why?" "You know why." "Say it."
That’s just seems like my shit right there, and can you imagine the mutual pining of this??
okay it’s not marvel day and i was planning on saving every prompt until sunday and monday BUT i really wanted to get this out to you baby since i know you’ve been having a rough time :( and i’m also sorry it’s like all angst and i’m not very good at writing angsty things KFKDMDM anyways i love you 💗💗
𝓎𝑜𝓊𝓇 𝓉𝑒𝒶𝓇𝓈 𝒹𝑜𝓃’𝓉 𝒽𝒾𝒹𝑒 𝒾𝓃 𝓇𝒶𝒾𝓃 | ꪶ.ꪶ.
fandom marvel
featuring loki x reader (f)
rating sfw
content warning loads of angst, coincidental cinematic rain sequence, loki’s a big dumb, i’m bad at writing angst :)
summary he has to choose between admitting his weakness or losing you forever.
word count 1.2k / mini musing
attention not proofread. don’t repost/copy/translate. reblog & give feedback please 💗
Tumblr media
it had begun to rain. the sprinkle speckling the apples of your cheeks like faux tears. you would’ve narrowly avoided the poor weather had he not shown up, had you not lingered on the sidewalk instead of getting in the taxi cab waiting for you.
“What are you doing here?” you ask as if you don’t already know.
“I’m looking out for your well-being.”
liar. the word tastes bitter on your tongue, but you can’t seem to force it into atmosphere around the two of you. he was a liar. you knew it and he knew it, but you couldn’t tell him; you figured you needn’t say it out loud, anyways. the look in his crystalline hues gave it away, he already felt guilty. “Yeah?” you ask, your voice shaky at best, “Well, believe it or not, I’m a big girl. I got along just fine before some space god started meddling in my life, and I’ll be fine after you stop. If you would ever stop.”
“Would you want me to stop?” Loki’s expression twists into one ripe with the feeling of being betrayed— perhaps, he never thought you’d wish him gone from your life forever. “Stop… coming here, stop trying to protect you—“
you scoff incredulous, effectively halting his question in its tracks, and hold on to the open taxi door. “It’s almost funny,” you’re forced to talk louder than the rain as the sky rips in half and you’re soaked by the downpour, “how you only want to protect me from things that could potentially make me happy. Things that could distract me from missing you so goddamn much. You say this is looking out for me, but you’re really looking out for yourself.” sinking your teeth into the lower portion of your couplet, you avert your gaze from him, and instead stare at the streets as the heavy rain washes them clean. “You can’t be half in my life, Loki. Either you’re all the way in or you’re all the way out. And if you’re out…” you realized your words were harder and harder to form, like your heart had seized them from your throat to keep you from hurting him, from giving him an ultimatum that could potentially mean that you never see him again. you clear your throat and inhale deeply, your eyes flickering back to his grimacing countenance. his lids flutter against the pitter patter of rain on his face, but otherwise he seems unbothered by the elements, whereas your shivering makes it hard to keep still on the pavement. “If you’re out, then you’re out for good. Which is it?”
by the time he took, you weren’t sure if the Asgardian Prince would even answer you. his lips tightly sealed and his brow furrowed, he stands before you the shell of the stories you’d heard. bloodthirsty killer, menace to the free world, evil, these titles were all bullshit. right now? right now, with his raven tendrils dripping rain and his gaze unable to find yours and lock on, Loki Laufeyson was a scared, little boy. terrified to lose you, but unable to find the words to keep you. or, perhaps he knew what those words were— after all, it was a simple three— but he hadn’t the courage to use them.
the taxi driver has turned in his seat, and calls out to you. “Miss?”
“I—I’m coming, sorry.” flashing him an awkward, and apologetic smile before turning back to Loki, somewhat desperate as you shift on your heels. “I can’t wait forever. You have to make a decision, Loki.”
your heart wrenches in your chest, so violently wanting him to just say those words that it hurts to breathe. it hurts to stand there, in the storm, and allow yourself to wish he would just speak. and the sky weeps for the two of you, torn open with thunder rolling in the distance like a solemn lament for what could’ve been.
still, he says nothing. his eyes fixate of the concrete below you, lips moving as if he searches his mind for the right thing to say, but no sound comes out. utterly and hopelessly given the answer you dreaded by his silence, you take a moment to drop your own head and nod. “I… thought so.” you mutter, barely audible over the rain, but he hears it. “Goodbye, Loki.” you gently push the door open again and turn on your heels to slide into the seat.
his hand catches your wrist before you can, and he steps closer, uttering your name in desperation, “Please.” he murmurs, “Don’t go on that date.”
you should’ve just shrugged him off and slid into the seat, slammed the door in his face, and watch him disappear as the cab speeds away, but you don’t. you steady yourself once again, and angle your body so you can look up into his eyes. they tell you what he can’t seem to find, but it’s not enough. “Why?”
“You know why.”
“I need to hear you say it.” all you needed was for him to say those three, easy words, be honest with you and with himself for once in his life, and you would wrap him in an embrace so tight that nothing could separate the two of you. he just had to say it.
and he doesn’t.
and it breaks your heart more painfully than the night he disappeared. you feel dizzy and nauseous and you want to scream in his face and you can’t stop the tears that ambush the corners of your eyes from cascading over your cheeks and mixing with the rain that’s freezing against your skin. you want to tell him that you hate him, but you knew it wouldn’t be true, so you exhale, breath quivering, and turn to look into the cab. the driver seems impatient.
“C’mon, Miss.” he urges.
“A moment, please.” It’s Loki who speaks, holding out a hand to the cabbie with his other still grasping your wrist. he turns his attention on you, shaking his head. “What if I can’t?”
you sigh, and wrap your hand around his, caressing the willowy digits and the stiff knuckles with gentle strokes of the pad of your thumb as you pry his vice from your wrist, “Then, you’re not only selfish,” you whisper, hardly audible amidst the downpour, letting his hand slip through your fingers, “but you’re a coward, too.”
you stare up at him, taking mental notes of the visage that you’re certain you will never see again. you’d remember the countenance, the hurt and the fear in his eyes, the desperation in his grip, and the inability to love you the way you loved him: unapologetic and fearless.
you turn away from him to get into the car, and this time, he doesn’t stop you. you slide into the seat and slam the door behind you, one hand fleeing to cover your mouth as a strangled sob finds its way to the surface. you don’t dare look through the back window, lest you allow the weakness in your heart to bring you back to him, only to be hurt again. “Go,” you mutter to the cabbie through sniffles and whimpers, “please, just drive.”
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randominagines · 11 hours ago
Valkyrie: Wait, Loki is your boyfriend?
Y/n: He is. *smiling at Loki*
Thor: Y/n is very patient.
Bruce: Obviously.
Valkyrie: How do you even handle his attitude?
Loki: Guys, I'm still here.
Y/n: And I am too. Not another word on Loki or I'll kill you all: he's amazing. *smiling at Loki*
Loki: *proudly looking at you defending him*
Tumblr media
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stuckybarton · 2 days ago
The Aftermath
Tumblr media
Summary: With Loki thrown into another universe thanks to Sylvie, he was now dead set in figuring a way out and along the way he meets a version of Mobius that did not know him and you, the judge presiding over the entirety of the TVA--who also happens to be Loki's estranged love he had lost in the fold. Words: 1,075 Warning: Slight Angst? Post-Loki Series S1. Cliff-Hanger (?) Characters: Loki x Variant!Reader
MASTERLIST || Join the Taglist || Requests Are Open
Tumblr media
The multiverse was in ruins, all thanks to Sylvie. As Loki had began to realize the gravity of the situation, for the first time in what felt like years, he felt so helpless. More helpless than what his time had been under Thanos' control. More helpless when he was thrown by his own father into prison for a crime he was forced to commit.
The Universe was doomed.
"Are you a Field Agent?" Mobius had once again inquired as Loki had slipped his attention away from the statue that centered the TVA.
The irony of the situation was not lost with him, how the man he had learned had memorized his every single move from his birth to his death, how ironic it was to have him not know who he was.
"Consultant." Loki lied through his teeth.
"One of the variants caused this chaos." He explained hoping it was enough to supply them for now.
"Let's go. We've got an emergency meeting to attend to. We'll fill you up with what had happened."
He did not have the strength nor the will to refuse or push away Mobius as he had practically manhandled the God into location where most of the Agents were now settled waiting.
His eyes lingered in the similarities of what had been once an office of his, the big difference was the large monitor mounted on the front. The sight of the chaos of the once sacred timeline had everyone on edge.
"How long has this been going on?" Loki had asked, lingering around towards the man, as much as he did not remember who Loki was, Mobius was the only person he could truly trust.
"Give or take just a couple of minutes ago."
So Sylvie had truly fulfilled her lifelong mission. A part of him was sad it had to be that way, how the revenge she had sought for would never be enough after everything she had lost, but he had slowly grown at peace for what was to come.
Nothing seems to faze him anymore--after everything that had occurred since his arrival to this world.
"Settle down, Ladies and Gentlemen." The familiar voice had Loki tense, searching for the owner of the voice, the last person he could have ever expected to see now stood in the same uniform he had once seen Renslayer wore--could it mean?
"Y/N?" His voice broke but before he could even truly catch your attention, Mobius was quick to hold onto him stopping Loki from whatever he somehow planned on doing.
"Stay where you are, Y/N's already in a bad mood as it is, neither of us want to be in her bad side."
What the hell were you doing here? The last memory he had of you was back in Asgard. How he had lost you in the battle against the Frost Giants. How he had made the mistake of turning his back and leaving you hanging all those years ago. He made the mistake and for a moment he wanted to believe that you were the same Y/N he had loved. Not just a variant like so many of the people that surrounded them.
Settling down like Mobius had instructed, he had watch you assure each and every single member of the TVA. How this was far from the panic everyone was feeling for the sudden peak in the timeline. All throughout, he just couldn't keep his eyes away from you.
You still looked the same. Even with the frown resting on your lips, you still looked like the woman he had fallen so madly in love with. His heart, beating far too erratically. He never thought much about you, in his torturous time with Thanos, but in the moments where he would want to give up he would constantly catch a glimpse of you. Might it be Valhalla or Hel, a part of him always this hope of seeing you again.
Somehow it did come true, but never in the way he had hoped.
Eventually, with a game plan in motion, everyone was all hands on deck and it left Loki with nothing to do, but plan his own strategy to get out of this timeline or better yet find his way back to his own.
"You." The familiar voice echoed throughout the area, all eyes were set on him.
Turning his eyes back towards you, he watch you narrow your eyes at him. Placing him on the spot and wondering if you knew exactly what has happened was his and Sylvie's doing.
"My Office. Now."
Without even hearing a reply from him, you had turned away from the man and left. Everyone now scrambling to return to whatever they were doing.
"Suggest you hurry up, you don't want her waiting up." Mobius assured, patting him on the back. "Office is on the floor above. Turn right and you'll see it quickly."
He appreciated Mobius' help and without hesitating, his feet had moved on it's own accord. He was close to a sprint on his way towards your office. A part of him knew it wasn't the same you. But just someone from another timeline. What had been your memories of him? Were they the good ones or were they filled with nothing but the pain he had caused because of his selfishness and miscalculation?
Opening the door, he didn't even knock. A trait he was somehow still trying to remove from himself. He was no longer a prince and he no longer had the privilege that came with the title.
The office was spacious, various mementos decorated your shelves. Pictures of you in the same uniform as most of the troopers, to your eventual position as a judge. A big smile playing on your face in one of the pictures you had taken with Mobius.
Breaking from his staring, he watch you make your way towards him, a glass of whiskey handed to him. Without a single word, he took it but after everything that had happened, he did not trust himself to indulge. With the glass cradled in his hand, he had watch you make your way to the sofa. Your own whiskey glass resting on the glass coffee table.
Only now did he notice the familiar scepter on display.
"So," You trailed off. "Exactly what Loki Variant am I talking to?"
You smiled staring at him with a glint of familiarity.
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band--psycho · a day ago
Loki Laufeyson x Reader-Enough
An amazing request from Anon for my drabble writing challenge! Thank you so much for the request (I hope you don't mind that I added some angst to this as well)
I hope you all enjoy this! 💛
Tumblr media
An Asguardian feast was always a typical way to celebrate a victory, yet despite all the faces and noise that filled the room, Loki's attention was only focused on one person, Y/n Y/l/n. Even from the other end of the busy hall, he noticed how breathtaking she looked, but to him, she always looked like this. He slowly made his way through the crowd of drunken Asguardians; the sound of her contagious laugh filling his ears, making him smile as all the surrounding sounds almost disappeared. Though his smile faded when he saw his brother standing next to her, his booming laugh echoing through the room. Loki was too far away to hear what they were saying but when he saw Thor's arm wrap around her shoulder he couldn’t help the jealousy that flowed through his veins.
Thor had every Asguardian woman swooning over him tonight but of course, he had to go for Y/n and that just made the rage burn even more furiously in Loki.
He quickly made his way out of the room, knowing no one would even notice that he was gone. He was always the forgotten brother, the one who lurked in the shadows compared to Thor who basked in the light and love of the Asguardian people. Part of him had even gotten used to it. But to see Y/n like that with Thor, that was what hurt him more than anything.
“Loki!” He heard a distant voice call out, halting his footsteps through the quieter halls, though when he saw who the voice belonged to, he wished he’d carried on walking because running towards him was, Y/n.
“Loki,” she called out again, removing her heels so she could run faster to reach him.
“Where are you going?” She asked, reaching out, grabbing Loki's arm lightly.
“Why do you care?” Loki spat, the rage flowing off of his tongue.
“Just go back to the party, it seems you and my brother were getting pretty close,” he continued, feeling his heart break as the words left his mouth.
“Loki, what are you talking about?” Y/n asked, her eyebrows furrowing in confusion.
“I saw how cosy you two were in there-”
“Loki, Thor is my friend, that’s it,” Y/n defended, only to earn a scoff from Loki in return.
“I do like somebody, but it is not Thor,” she stated, but Loki just shook his head in response.
“Loki,” Y/n spoke softly, her hand slowly running down his arm to his hand.
“I love you.” she confessed. At first, Loki thought he’d wandered into a dream but when he felt Y/n's fingers intertwine with his, it felt too real to be a dream. Her other hand rose to his face, caressing his cheek, knowing the fears that were running through his mind.
“I like you and only you,” she soothed, making sure to look into his eyes so he could see the truth in her words.
“But Thor-”
“Thor is not you,” She breathed, noticing the confusion in his eyes, before Loki even got a chance to respond to her words, she placed her lips on his and without missing a beat, Loki reciprocated her action.
“You are the only person I’ve ever felt this way about.” she whispered against his lips, Loki felt his heart swell as she said those words, seeing nothing but truth in her eyes.
“You are enough,” Y/n cooed, making Loki feel for the first time in a long time, that he was not only seen but loved.
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euthoricspidey · 2 days ago
🌿 pls give us a blurb of soft loki :’) lovesick loki, whipped asf loki, however you wanna call it. hahaha <3 ily sav happy birthday
thank you, my love x
✿ join my birthday celebration here ✿
To say Loki had it bad for you would be an understatement. He practically lived to obey your every whim and heart's desire, longed to be in your embrace and feel your touch. To hear your voice and be enveloped by your scent. You were his everything - his world - and he made sure you knew it too.
"Hello, my love," He says the second you walk into the room, snaking his arms around your waist and pulling you into him. "Is there anything I can do for you?"
"I'm okay, for now, but thank you," You smile, pushing a loose strand of his dark curls behind his ear. "I was actually thinking of going for a walk. It's so lovely outside."
Lifting yourself onto your tiptoes, you press a soft kiss to his lips before moving to pull away, but he's too quick for you and entangles his fingers between yours just to pull you right back.
"Sorry. I just... I don't think I quite felt that." A smirk tugs at the corner of his lips as he lifts his shoulders into a shrug.
You nod, letting out a soft chuckle, "Oh, you didn't?"
"No. I don't - I don't think that I did." He wraps his arms back around you, pulling you even closer than you were before. "You'll have to do it once more... for good measure."
"Well, if you insist."
"Oh, I do." He scrunches his nose ever so slightly and nods.
He leans down to meet your lips, and the second they touch, a tingling sensation ignites within you. Kissing Loki had always felt natural to you, but when he really kissed you... it was like magic. He was tentative and passionate, and he made you feel loved - safe.
"Now, that... that was much better," Raggedy-breathed and panting when he pulls away, his hands reach for you as he brushes the hair from your face, and with a slight hum, he says, "I truly am the luckiest being."
Tumblr media
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whirlybirbs · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
             —   FROM THE VOID, WITH LOVE    !
                             AO3     |     SPOTIFY     |     PINTEREST
a masterpost for the drabble series by yours truly. a revisitation of a well-loved story; watch two forever-lovers fall in love again. canon divergent, set during loki (2020). 
READ ME !  /  completed  ;  8/14/21
1.    the beginning of the beginning  2.    apartment CMY9 3.    dress code 4.    pester pester 5.    absolutely miserable 6.    blunder #1 7.    expectations 8.    control variable 9.    a time disguise 10.  fingers entwined 11.   half a sandwich 12.  beauty sleep 13.  the perfect storm 14.  a million meteorites 15.  keep on 16.  home is the heart 17.  petal-mouthed 18.  rib of adam 19.  desperation 20.  heart-haunted 21.  touch 22.  one more almost 23.  an ode to the void 24.  the catharsis of venus 25.  the end of the beginning
1.   the sacred timeline 2.   the variant timeline files 3.   the tag 4.   the god & the scientist 5.   fan art
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lesbian-deadpool · 4 months ago
Y/N: Okay, so let’s go over this one more time.
Y/N: If something breaks?
Peter: We try to fix it before Tony finds out!
Y/N: Yes! And if that doesn't work?
Peter: We blame it on Loki!
Loki: Honestly, fuck you guys.
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sserpente · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/N: *places a box of tissues on your dashboard* Yeah, um, you might, um… you might need these, I’ll just… um, I’ll just leave these here.
Words: 3265 Warnings: SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 1 OF LOKI, angst and fluff, depictions of Loki’s “death” in IW
“They captured a Loki Variant.” Five words. Five words to turn your whole world upside down—again. Tilting your head, silently panicking, you allowed your lips to part and jumped up from your chair as if stung by an adder.
Casey, bless the poor soul’s heart, dropped the stack of documents he was carrying and onto the desk, knocking over the coffee mug in the process. The black liquid spilled all over the paperwork that would now have to be redone and yet, you could not care less.
You ran. With your heart in your mouth, you ran as if your life depended on it, praying to God, the Norns, whoever was out there, that Renslayer would not have him reset. But at the very moment you practically threw yourself into the elevator, shaking and on the verge of tears already, you almost bumped straight into Mobius.
“(Y/N),” he said, feigning surprise, “I was looking for you.”
“When were you going to tell me?” You spat.
“How did you find out?”
“News travels extraordinarily fast through the TVA, you know.” Mobius’ smile didn’t quite reach his eyes. “I was coming to get you right now, actually. Come with me. He won’t be reset, yet.” He added. Yet. Gnashing your teeth, you clenched your fists, unclenched them, clenched them… as the elevator went further and further down the TVA to wherever Mobius had brought him.
Depression had been hovering above you like a thunderstorm for the past years. A dark, almost black cloud scaring away any happy thoughts your mind could possibly harbour. You barely remembered what it felt like to be happy. Not after Loki died—all you could still recall were happy memories. Memories of a time where the God of Mischief would carry you around like a bride, where you would laugh together, play-fight together, read together, cuddle and be intimate.
Your lower lip trembled, your hand reaching for the golden wedding ring on your finger. It had been the happiest moment of your life and then a megalomaniac titan with brain damage had taken it all from you in but a heartbeat.
“Is it really true?” You uttered absentmindedly. “I’m not dreaming?”
“It’s true, (Y/N). It’s him.”
“You’ll catch up. He’s in there.” When the elevator doors opened and he led you through to an interrogation room you were only all too familiar with, your heart was ready to leap right out of your chest.
And then you saw him. Standing there as if he owned the place and at the very same time, only all too eager to get out of here. His raven hair was a little shorter but his face was still the same, his blue eyes captivating you, drawing you in, making you forget everything around you. Everything but him.
He really was here.
“Loki…” Hot tears burned in your eyes, worsening your sight. Your emotions washed over you like a tidal wave, as if someone had flicked a switch and taken all that grief from you at once. Crying, sobbing, you threw yourself into his arms, hugging him so tightly your limbs were shaking and as you buried your face in his neck, his raven hair tickling your skin, inhaling his heavenly scent—metal, leather, a deep-green forest, ice—his name left your lips like a prayer, over and over again as if you needed to convince yourself that this was indeed real. He was real. He was back. Your Loki, your husband, was alive.
In the past, Loki had come to enjoy your physical affection. The God of Mischief was touch-starved, even if he would never admit it. He would show you instead, wrap his arms around you and press you even closer to his body, his hands exploring your curves and every inch of skin they could find. You had spent hours entangled with each other, breathing together in utter silence and bathing in the other’s presence.
But now, Loki stiffened and eventually, pushed you away from him, looking you straight in the eye.
“Who are you?”
Your lips parted, tears still streaming down your face. You gaped at him with wide eyes, your breathing shallow.
“W-what? Loki… Loki, it’s me.”
The God of Mischief tilted his head, squinting his eyes at you with parted lips. You turned to Mobius, your whole body shaking like leaves in the wind.
“W-why… why doesn’t he recognise me? What did you do to him?”
Mobius gave you an apologetic smile. “We haven’t done anything. He… he hasn’t met you yet, (Y/N).”
“What?” Loki narrowed his eyes at him and then, almost outraged, he focused his gaze back on you.
“Look, Loki… Why don’t you sit back down?”
Warily, the God of Mischief obeyed, his blue eyes watching you both like a hawk. Mobius pointed at the empty chair next to his and you sat down as well, leaning back and crossing your arms before your chest in a desperate attempt to keep your hands from trembling.
“Are you going to tell me who you are now?” Loki asked, mimicking your body language. Impatience was swinging in his smooth voice, the voice you had fallen asleep to every single night… more tears. You suppressed another sob.
“L-Loki… I’m your wife.”
He flinched back as if you had suggested you were a Skrull. He took a moment, pondering over your words and then… then he laughed.
“What is this? Another trick? A pathetic game in the hopes of getting me to comply? First, you wish to make me believe that I was not supposed to escape to not offend the sacred timeline…” He mocked. “And now you are telling me that I married a Midgardian of all people? This is absurd.”
When was he? What did he escape from? You had met Loki in New York years after his failed attempt to take over the planet and shortly before Hela had taken the lives of countless innocent people in a vengeful attempt to return to her what she had lost in her exile.
“Besides…” Loki eyed you up and down in a scornful manner. “I have seen more beauty on Asgard.”
Tears stung in your eyes, your heart clenching painfully. You knew what he was doing, of course. You knew this man better than you knew yourself. He would try and hurt you, try and hurt Mobius, try and hurt everyone around him—all to distract from his own pain. Hearing him say things like this still broke your heart, especially upon remembering how he had whispered how you were the most beautiful woman he had ever met into your ear one day, hugging you from behind when you got ready for a shared dinner, putting on those green earrings he had gifted you—crystals from Vanaheim, he had said. You still wore them, never took them off even when you slept… much like your wedding ring.
“M-maybe I should… wait outside.”
“No, it’s okay,” Mobius said, fumbling with the projector and pressing a few keys. “Maybe this will freshen up your memory.”
“Mobius, what are you doing?”
“It’s okay.” He repeated.
“No… You can’t… you can’t show him his tape.” It’ll break him, you added silently.
“It’s not his tape, (Y/N). It’s yours.”
“No…” But he pressed “Play” nonetheless. “Mobius, no!”
“I am Loki. You may have heard of me…” Loki’s charming voice echoed through the speakers, making you flinch.
“Everyone has heard of you…” You replied cheekily. You glanced at the screen, seeing yourself smiling up at him. The images changed and you found yourself on Sakaar, holding a dagger to your chest.
“I swear, I’ll beat you next time!” You laughed, panting. Loki pressed you against the wall, holding your wrists above your head—his lips only inches from yours.
“Oh, I’m sure you will,” Loki replied with a wink, playfulness swinging in his smooth voice. “You are improving, my love.” The scene changed once more and this time, it showed Loki and Thor on a spaceship.
“So, uh… are you going to tell me about (Y/N), brother?” Loki scoffed and rolled his eyes, albeit unable to hide the genuine smile tugging at his lips.
“There is nothing to tell.”
“Oh, there isn’t?” Thor grinned. “It doesn’t look like nothing though.” Loki raised his eyebrows at him. The real Loki, sitting right in front of you, stared at the screen with parted lips, unable to believe what he was hearing.
“I can’t believe it, my brother, the God of Mischief fell in love with a mortal.”
“I am not in love with her.” You smiled at the memory. You still remembered eavesdropping that night. Oh, he hadn’t told you yet—but he had been stealing kisses. Countless kisses.
“You should tell her how you feel, brother.”
“She’s head over heels for you, man,” Korg added as he walked past, carrying Meek on his arm.
“If she loves you just the way you are… she’s… special.” Thor frowned—and it was quite possibly the wisest thing he had ever said; this one piece of advice Loki, for once, had taken to his heart.
The scene changed again.
“I love you, (Y/N). More than anything. I am not letting you go again.”
“You don’t have to,” you responded, “I’m not leaving. I love you too.” You suppressed a sob when Loki went on one knee and materialised a golden ring decorated with green jewels in his hands.
“Stay with me, forever. Will you be my wife?”
“Yes! Yes! Oh, Loki, yes!” You heard yourself squeal, happy tears streaming down your face as you threw yourself into his arms and then, after a passionate kiss, allowed him to slip the golden ring on your finger. The real you fingered it then, seeking comfort. You did not miss Loki’s curious glance at your hand.
Another change of scene. A massive hall, of sorts, decorated with dozens of red roses. In the middle of the room, a dance floor. Loki, wearing his full Asgardian attire including his horns swirled you around like it was the last time you’d ever get to dance together, his blue gaze never leaving your form enveloped in a green wedding dress. You only had eyes for each other, barely noticing there were dozens of wedding guests watching you both.
The tears were streaming down your face uncontrollably now, the joy you had felt that day mixing with grief and the excruciating pain his loss had brought. You knew what would follow next. Your smile faltered.
“Turn it off.” You pleaded. “Mobius, turn it off!”
The senior manager only took a deep breath, his hand not even moving back to the projector.
The scene changed one last time and you were standing in midst of a pile of debris and dead bodies.
“I love you.” Loki mouthed, materialising a dagger behind his back.
You watched yourself standing there, screaming and crying and unable to stop the titan from suffocating Loki like a dying tree in a forest slowly turning into a dry desert.
“Look away, (Y/N)!” Thor’s voice was dull, miles away.
You saw yourself dropping to your knees, breaking apart, and you saw yourself howling like a banshee when Thor had to drag you away from Loki’s corpse so you’d still have a chance to live.
Death would have been mercy at that moment, you remembered wanting to die so well. Thanos had been particularly cruel with you, making you watch him draining the life out of Loki after all of your pleas, after all of your begging, choking him to death slowly until his neck snapped.
You couldn’t watch this any longer, not again. Your heart would burst, shatter into a million pieces. Only your willpower and your body’s persistence to survive still held it together and the pain you felt upon seeing the man you loved eye you dirtily like a stranger, seeing him in utter shock upon watching you cry over him, was no longer just unbearable. It was suffocating you.
Choking on your tears, you stood back up, knocking over the chair in the process. You did the only thing you had the power to do here in the TVA—so you ran. You bolted out of the room and ran through endless hallways, past Minutemen, hunters and busy TVA workers. Had you stayed only a few heartbeats longer, you would have noticed the tears glistening in Loki’s eyes.
An hour must have passed. You had returned to your unit, wailing your eyes out and drowning in self-pity. Part of you longed to run back to Loki, to keep your arms wrapped around his middle, to tell him how much you loved him, how much you had missed him. But this Loki… this Loki didn’t even know who you were. He was still your Loki—that charming and mischievous god who was so broken beneath the surface, so hurt and melancholic—but this Loki didn’t love you, not yet. It was the cruellest torture of them all.
There was a soft knock on the door. Probably a hunter wanting to check on you, making sure you were not up to any mischief. They kept a close eye on you, knowing who you were married to in the sacred timeline. Imagine the surprise on your face when the door opened carefully and Loki was let into the room, his blue eyes darting around frantically in an attempt to detect any immediate danger.
He took a deep breath when he spotted you curled up in your bed and hugging your knees to your chest. You could swear you saw Mobius’ arm pulling the door shut behind him and then… you were alone.
One heartbeat passed, then two. Three. Another two. Loki took a step forward, eyeing you curiously. After another moment, he finally spoke. “How did you end up here?”
“I tore the very fabric of reality apart trying to find you. Trying to undo what… the Avengers could do it. So why couldn’t I? I spent weeks travelling through time, searching for tiny holes in the timeline to get you out, to change the outcome and keep you alive… but the TVA found out, of course. They took me here for the same reason they took you—for crimes against the sacred timeline. Mobius let me live because…” Because? You were not so sure anymore. But you realised now that he had suspected that Loki would sooner or later find a way to mess with his alleged fate and that you would be able to help with keeping him in line. You refused to grant him this triumph though. “Well, I’m still here.”
Loki tore his gaze away from you, feigning interest in what little furniture your unit had to offer. “I never believed myself to fall in love… let alone get married.”
“You told me that before.” You uttered, your sad smile not quite reaching your eyes. Loki swallowed.
“I take it Mobius means for us to share your accommodation.” He looked around and it truly was a cliché—for there was only one queen-sized bed in the room. For months, day in and out, you wished for nothing more than for him to sleep by your side again, your head on his chest, his arm around your waist, and to fall asleep listening to his heartbeat. Now, it felt anything but awkward to invite him into your bed, yet at the very same time… it felt like nothing had changed at all.
“You should rest, Loki. It…” You hesitated. “It must have been a long day. Would you like something to drink? Cocoa, maybe?” You offered him a smile.
The sweet chocolate drink was something you kept in your tiny fridge at all times, something that reminded you of him. Loki had a sweet tooth, the sugar helped to calm him down rather than waking him up but when you stood to pour him a glass and handed it to him all but timidly, he only studied it as if there was a possibility it was poisoned.
“You’ve… you’ve never tried it before.” You realised. Loki’s blue eyes met yours. He shook his head.
“Drink it,” you offered, smiling once more. “If you don’t like it, I promise you can drain it down the sink.”
Still a little hesitant, he took a sip—and then another and then another. You giggled. It was the first happy sound that escaped your lips in months.
“You knew I would like this, did you not?” His voice was quiet, soft almost. As if he was scared to startle you, unsure of how to act around the woman he proposed to in a future unknown to him.
“Yes… I did. You love our sweets. Chocolate, candy, ice cream… even liquorice. You always teased me about it, saying I’m missing out… I still hate the taste of it.”
Smiling fondly, your fingertips brushed over your wedding ring—Loki did not fail to notice. He recognised the ring. A long time ago, he had purchased it at a market on Asgard, spending a fortune and swearing to Thor that one day, it would belong to the woman he’d rule alongside with. That was long before he had found out about his true heritage. Long before he had begun to believe that no man or woman would ever love him for what he truly was. A villain. Or so he thought.
Loki finished his cocoa in silence, observing every single one of your movements as you got ready for bed and rearranged the pillows on the mattress so there would be enough space for the both of you. He nodded instead of verbalising his thanks, and when you switched off the lights, you draped your blanket over him—you only had one but while you were only too eager to share it with him, you weren’t quite sure how Loki would feel about it. But you have him back, a quiet voice in your head whispered. Maybe in time… he will love you again.
“I don’t freeze.” He suddenly said.
“I know. But you like being cosy. The warmth, you told me it reminds you of…” You stopped yourself. “Never mind. I’m sorry.”
You inched away from him, unsure of how much body contact he would allow. To you, he was your husband—but to him, you were but a strange Midgardian woman he had never met. A few moments of utter silence followed.
“What now?” He muttered into complete darkness, presumably staring at the ceiling.
“I’m not sure. But I have you back. Loki… I missed you so much.” Your last words were swallowed up by another waterfall of tears, your voice cracking. The God of Mischief breathed in sharply. You could tell he was touched by your unconditional love for him; his suspicion had all but faded upon seeing your tape in the interrogation room, knowing what you had… what you had had or will have had… was indeed real.
You sobbed when he put his arms around you, his affection feeling stranger to him than it did to you.
“We’re gonna get out of here.” You whispered once you had composed yourself. “I am not letting them tell us how our story will end. We’ll burn this place to the ground.”
Loki smiled—you could tell even though it was dark around you, reading his body language so well it should have scared you.
And your heart warmed when you heard him say, “I am beginning to understand why I made you my wife.”
A/N: If you’re not crying too much, I would appreciate it so much if you considered supporting me! ♥
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agentofbarnes · 9 days ago
princess in training
𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆 ; prince!loki odinson x innocent!princess!reader (princess and the prince au)
𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐘 ; after a stressful week, prince loki finally teaches his little love how to please and you’re a more than eager student.
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 ; smut, minors DNI, corruption kink, blowjob, first time oral, master kink, princess!reader being very eager, praise kink, poorly written blowjob, some plot— bad parental relationships, this is not my best work okay, but there’s some background for the au????
gif not mine
Tumblr media
Alluring was how Loki would describe his little love. The prettiest girl in all the realms and you were all his. He was addicted to you, to how soft your skin felt against his fingers, how sweet you smelled, and how you looked at him like he was everything you ever needed.
His dreams were plagued by you. His sweet and innocent princess that was just begging to ruined. Loki hadn’t been able to get the angelic sound of your whines out of his head since the first time he had you rutting against his thigh. His hand just wasn’t enough for him anymore, not when he could have you in his lap and rubbing against him. Not when you could get him off with those gentle hands, those soft thighs, or that sweet mouth.
Loki kept his desires to himself as he spun you around the ballroom floor, his parents and yours both in attendance. The king and queen of Vanaheim had come all the way across the bifrost to celebrate the victory of your country winning its war, thanks to Asgard’s intervention.
You had been nervous all evening under the spotlight of not only Asgard, who you knew adored you, and your own parents, who were just thankful you managed to prove your worth and get an alliance with Asgard. Though, it was never your intention to fall in love with one of the princes when you sought safety from the Marauders pillaging your kingdom. Now with Asgard’s help, your kingdom was safe and if you hadn’t been courted by Loki, you would be going home on this evening.
“Relax, little love,” Loki uttered in your ear, spreading his hand over your waist. He could practically feel your anxiety rolling off of you. He brushed his other hand over your cheek, his soft glance easing you. His lips found yours, not thinking of the public display as too much. His hands grasped your jaw, pulling you as close as possible so that he’s the only thing you can think about.
It doesn’t help that he had been practically sworn off from touching you as your kingdom seemed to be far harsher on the rules of courtship.
You are not helping Loki at all with a small whine that escapees your lips, the angelic sound only making him twitch in his trousers.
King Aric cleared his throat, tearing the both of you from your illusion that you were the only ones in the world.
It was not the first time Loki had be scolded for being too affectionate with you in public. In fact, your mother had been quite disapproving of Loki’s public displays of affection from the second she arrived and found you in Loki’s lap in the library. You had been pulled away from him with a pout, and Loki hadn’t gotten a second with you without someone interrupting you.
“I apologize, Your Majesty,”Loki grunted through his teeth, reluctantly pulling away from your embrace.
“I hope you are not always this inappropriate, Prince Loki, I would want to think I’ve given my daughter to wild man,”Aric frowned, eyes intense as he seemed to be trying figure out Loki.”You are not to touch her until the wedding, you do remember the rules, son of Odin? The goddess of innocence has remained innocent, has she not?”
You wished the floor would swallow you while as your father interrogate your betrothed about your virginity. You wanted to flee to your chambers in embarrassment. Loki glanced at you apologetically before he dared to reply.
“I assure you, King Aric, your daughter remains intact. If she did not…the court would never let us marry and I do…I do adore you daughter very much, I would never risk her by corrupting her prematurely.”
“My wife, the damn irritating woman, she thinks you unworthy of my daughter’s love,” Aric shared, not even paying you any mind as he chuckled,”Estrid believes our precious princess should be a queen and wed an heir to the throne such as Thor—“
“Father,”You tried to get him to stop but you are silenced with a glare.
“Do not speak out of turn, Y/N,” Your father commanded before turning back to Loki. The asgardian prince had to bite back his anger, knowing that any wrong step could end with you going back to your home planet. Once you were married, Loki would never let this man speak to you this way.”As I was saying, you should do well to prove my wife wrong, she can be quite unpleasant when she decides you don’t deserve her kindness. I think our princess should be lucky she fell in love with the right prince, we were hoping that Asgard would unite with us one day. As much as I think love is foolish, it seemed to work in our favor this time.”
“Why are you telling me this, if you do not mind me asking?”
“Because your needless affection and obvious desire to defile my daughter could ruin this alliance that my kingdom needs,”The king chuckled, gripping Loki’s shoulder threateningly.”If you were to ruin it, I would make sure you never see my daughter ever again.”
Loki nodded silently, swallowing his anger as the king stride away. He was accustomed to these threats by now, telling him to behave or you’ll be taken away as if you are some prize.
“My prince?”You whispered, clinging to his arm as he glared daggers into the back of your father’s head.”Loki, love, it’s okay. That won’t happen, I’m right here, and I…I just wanna go back to my chambers.”
“I’ll get your guard—“
“No,”You whispered, shaking your head.”You can take me, I do not wish to be around anyone else.”
Loki gazed at you curiously, wondering if you hadn’t heard of threats that your father just placed. You were usually so much more…eager to follow the rules after being threatened as such.
“That would be breaking the rules, darling, or did you not hear?”Loki murmured, easing out a breath when you just barely press into his side with a pout on your lips.
“I miss our nights,”You admitted sheepishly, taking your bottom lip between your teeth in nervousness.
Loki had long forgotten the threat after that confession. His sweet princess, the goddess of innocence, missed the nights where he snuck in to please her, the pleasure her. He should have guessed for you were also the goddess of all loves.“Oh, is the right?”
You can feel how hot your cheeks are at your admission, glancing away from him only for him to grab you by the chin and make you look him in the eyes.
“Is there something in particular you were looking forward to, princess?” Loki questioned with a smirk, and he can see how flustered you become by your own thoughts.
“I..well, I wanted…”You stammered, playing with the fabric of Loki’s shirt nervously. He quite liked how you seemed so embarrassed by your own desires.
“You can tell me, love, I would never judge you, go on,” He leaned in, head dipping to utter something he knew would get you to submit and tell him,”tell your master what you want.”
“I want to please you,”You admitted so quietly, and Loki had never wanted you so bad.”I want to make you feel good, especially after this past week…you’ve been so frustrated and I…I wanna help.”
“My chambers, now,”Loki declared, his king fingers intertwining with yours as he used his energy to form an illusion of you and him far in the corner talking. No one should bother you for at least a little while.
Tumblr media
Loki had rush locked the door, sealed it behind him with his mouth never leaving yours. He was lucky the guards seemed to be distracted by the court and the extravagant party in the ballroom or else he would have been caught pushing you into his chambers.
“You wanna please me, little love, is that what you want?”Loki grunted, feeling your hands popping open the buttons of his shirt. He peeled it off, throwing it to the side as he grasped your cheeks and kissed you senseless.
“Yes, master,”You uttered innocently,”I just..I don’t know how.”
“I’ll teach you,” whispered Loki, pulling away gently to get a look at you in the stunning dress you wore. With a wave of his hand, magic unraveled the fabric and left you exposed in just the light pink panties and bra. His long fingers run over your figure, making the man lick his lips in desire.”Kneel, pet.”
With no hesitation, you sank your knees on the hard floor. You gazed up at him admiration, patiently waiting for his command. Loki unbuckled his trousers, discarding the fabric until he was standing in front of you with his cock heavy in the air.
It’s mouthwatering, resting in front of your face in such an inviting way. Loki admires your reaction, how your lips fall open and how you lean just a little closer as if you are admiring each detail from the angry red tip to the vein that runs along the side. You were entranced by it.
Loki smirked, taking a gentle hold of his cock and tapped the head against your lips, against your face. You feel hot all over just looking at his size, and you have no idea how you’ll ever take him but fuck, you want to.
“Master, it’s…so big,”You admitted, swallowing thickly when you look up at him with soft eyes.
Loki brushed the softness of your cheek with his cock resting against your face.”You ready, my love?”
“Please,” is all you managed to get out before Loki is tapping his cock against your lips.
“Need you spit on it, get it nice and wet for me and stroke it, don’t be shy, touch all you want, love,”Loki instructed you confidently.
You nodded slowly, gathering salvia in your mouth and letting it drip on his cock. With careful hands, you gentle stroke him. His breath hitched at the touch, taking in how you move your hand achingly slow.
“Like this?”
“Yes, fuck, just like that,”Loki grunted, watching you very carefully as you focus so hard on doing good,”Give me a kiss, love, put your lips on me.”
You took in a breath, glancing up at him while you gently press your lips against the head, another kiss to the side while you slowly twisted your hands over his shaft.
“Good girl,”Loki told you,”Wrap your hand around my cock, love, stroke me, just like that, doing so good for me,” His grunts we’re everything to you, proof that you were making him feel good. You squeezed your thighs together, following his every command.”just lick the tip, yeah,”Loki groaned when the heat of your tongue wet the head of his cock,”just like that love, now flatten that tongue and run up my shaft, oh fuck, you’re a fast learner, pretty girl, I’ll have you trained in no time.”
You did everything he said, flattening your tongue over his cock and licking up his shaft. You feel pride in your chest when you can feel his cock twitch against your tongue. You start to feel a little more confident, gliding you tongue over his sensitive cock, tracing the vein with the tip of your tongue.
The Asgardian prince moaned at your actions, the obscene sound echoing in the chamber and it makes you even more eager.
“Do I feel good on your cock, master?” You asked, blinking up at him through your lashes.
Loki nodded with a smirk,“Now, suck, little love, it’s okay, don’t be shy, you’re doing so good,”He praised you, gasping for air when your lips wrapped around the head. You took only a little of him, suckling on the head until you feel comfortable.”You can take more, darling, but what you can’t…use your hands.”
You want to nodded, but instead you just edge your mouth further down his cock. Your lips stretch around him, your eyes never leaving Loki’s as he caresses your face before guiding you head to bob so sinfully on his cock.
“Soon, little love, you’ll be gagging on master’s cock like a good little girl, won’t you?” Loki pushed his cock further into your mouth, gasping as you seemed to be learning quite fast while you sucked just a little harder.
You pull off in a second, gasping for air while you nod at his words,”Yes, master, I…I wanna be good.”
“You are, love, so good, always so eager to please, so willing for me,”Loki swallowed thickly when you opened your mouth for him. You licked up his shaft eagerly, relishing in the taste of his cock until your lips are back around. His cock.
You suck on his cock like a good girl, taking in all the things you’ve learned and take as much as you can. Loki moaned obscenely when his cock hits the back of your throat, making you gag and throat constrict around him. You pulled off with a mess of salvia following your lips from his cock. Your lips are coated in spit, swollen already from your lewd actions.
Loki was impressed by how you reduced him to such a flustered mess with your mouth. His chest was flushed along with his cheeks, Tony’s of red warming him up while you flicked your tongue over the tip experimentally.
His cock throbbed in your mouth, twitching against your tongue while spit dribbled from the edge of your mouth. Loki had to control himself not to thrust into your as half his cock was engulfed in the heat of your pretty lips. Your hands worked him eagerly too, and every single one of his groans went straight to your core, making your cunt throb with need. You really liked making him feel good. If there were a pillow under you, you’d be rutting against it like a kitten in heat.
“Hallow your cheeks, and don’t be afraid to make a mess. I like you messy,”Loki let out a sound from the back of his throat as you fucked your mouth with his cock, and he couldn’t wait for the day he actually go to fuck it, when you could take his cock completely even if it were just for a second.
Your cheeks hallowed, eyes glazed over with want while you sucked and licked. Loki pushed a little further, testing your bounds while more spit spilled your mouth. He can’t help how good it feels, how hot your mouth encompasses him with such desire.
“Fuck, you are such a good girl, taking my cock like you can’t enough of it, a cockslut in training, aren’t you?”Loki moaned, chest heaving as his praises seem to fuel you into bobbing your head on him again. His body reverberated with your moaning against his cock, whining as you got off on his pleasure.“You want my cum, baby? You want master cum in that pretty mouth, or you rather me cover you in it?”
You pulled off him with a lewd pop! and puffy lips. You looked at him with a little smile that’s so innocent that he almost forget you weren’t gagging on his cock seconds ago.”Whatever you want, master.”
“That’s my girl,”He rasped, grasping his cock and smacking it against your lips. You open wide for him, sticking your tongue out playfully. Loki pushed inside your mouth, going as far as you could take him. You gag, but fuck, it feels so good. You’re covered in spit and pre-cum, it’s dripping down your chin. You don’t care anymore, you want Loki to cum and you will do anything to make it happen.
Loki pulled out quickly,”Open, pet, good girl, gonna take my cum, you’re gonna hold it til ‘’ done and only when you…fuck,”He moaned when you kissed the tip while he stroked himself quickly.”You only swallow when I say so.”
You whined in response, steadying yourself by placing your hands against the floor and bent off slightly where your breasts spill slightly over your bra and your ass sticks out for Loki to see. It’s downright sinful how you look, like a pretty pet on all fours waiting to be fed.
Loki moaned loudly, gasping when his cock rests against your open lips and spills into your mouth. A few ropes paint your lips, but the rest seeps against your tongue as Loki finishes &’ your mouth. You hold it for him to see, the salty taste spreading over your taste buds and staining your tongue. It’s only once Loki rides out his high, breathing heavy as he gazes down at you.
He smirked, wiping your lips with his thumb and commanding,”Swallow, little love.”
You swallow thickly, letting his seed wash down your throat before smiling up at him expectantly.”Did..did I do good, master?”
“You did perfectly, princess,”Loki praised again, pulling you up to your feet so you can slot his lips against yours passionately.”You did so good, baby, so good…I think you deserve a reward…get on the bed and spread those pretty thighs for your master, bet this sweet little pussy missed me, huh?”
“Yes, master, yes, I’ve missed you,”You whispered, arms wrapping around his neck to kiss him once more.”Missed you, missed your fingers, your lips…I miss being close.”
“Well, no more of that, love, master’s here, I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere…”
True to his promise, Loki lapped up your sweet juices and used his fingers to rub over that sensitive little pearl until you saw stars. He didn’t make you go to your chambers afterwards, like he should have.
No, he pulled you close and held you instead because as much as he missed these naughty moments, he also missed the ones where he just got to have you in his arms.
Loki glanced down at you sound asleep in his arms, worn out with the sore jaw you had complained about shortly after he made you cry out his name. He had chuckled and kissed your jaw, he kissed you and talked until you were too tired to keep your own eyes open. It was in that moment he decided he wasn’t going to let anyone keep him from these moments, the ones where you giggle and talk while you trace shapes into his bare chest.
No one was gonna keep him from you ever again.
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thighs-of-betrayal-blog · 2 months ago
hey lindsay! hope you're having a wonderful day 💫 i was wondering if i could request something if not that's fine too. maybe a loki x reader set during episode 5 where reader is jealous bc they think loki is in love with sylvie and so they go and pout and president loki takes this time to flirt but tva loki is like absolutely not and he confesses 👀☝️
Not on My Watch
A/N: Hey, love! Thank you so much for this request!! I haven't written for President Loki yet, so I was very excited that you sent this hehe. Also, I hope you’re having a wonderful day too :) 
I hope you all enjoy and as always, feedback is appreciated :) 
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Warnings: Spoilers for episode 5 of Loki, angst/fluff, cursing, mutual pining, President Loki likes to cause trouble (are we surprised?)
Tumblr media
The scene in front of you makes your head throb. Never again will you complain about your Loki. You thought one was bad, but now, with about fifteen other Loki’s standing before you, you’re rethinking everything. 
“What in the fuck-” 
“Greetings, Loki’s!” Loki is standing on an elevated box, his arms outstretched as he gathers the attention of all the variants. Sylvie is standing next to him, her gaze focused solely on his face. 
The scene makes your heart clench while jealousy floods your body. You adore Sylvie, love her even, would do anything to protect her. But recently, you’ve been noticing the little quips between her and Loki, along with the flirty looks that follow. It makes you angry, angrier than you’ve been in a while and more importantly, hurt. You’ve been by Loki’s side for a long time, loving him the entire way and now, a woman you just met is already sweeping him off his feet. 
Loki continues his speech after a quick glance at Sylvie. “Someone is behind all of this and the only way we’ll get to them is through the beast! So, we need your help to distract Alioth, while Sylvie enchants him! What do you say?” 
Cheers erupt around you and you stare in confusion. They’re all committing their lives to help out? Sounds very un-Loki-like. 
“I have full confidence in Sylvie. She’s amazing-”
Rolling your eyes, you zone out on Loki’s speech, not wanting to hear him rant about how perfect Sylvie is. This is how it’s been for weeks now. Sylvie this. Sylvie that. It’s clear he’s obsessed with her at this point, leaving you no room to even try to compete. 
“Well, hello there.” The voice startles you, being you weren’t paying attention to your surroundings. 
Looking to the side, you’re face to face with President Loki, the variant of Loki who’s now leading a group of them. He smiles widely at you, his face scarily resembling your Loki. 
You smile tightly back, the gesture not quite meeting your eyes. “Hi.” 
President Loki extends his hand, an open invitation to introduce yourself. After taking a couple seconds to think it over, you place your hand in his and he squeezes slightly. “Loki.” 
You laugh, a small snort escaping you. “I would’ve never guessed that... I’m Y/N.”
He smirks at you, your sarcasm rubbing him in all the right places. He likes you. 
Across the room, Loki is watching your exchange intently, his eyes narrowed into slits as his hands fist up at his sides. He growls as he sees President Loki run his hand down your arm. 
“Everything okay?” Sylvie asks, confused as to why his whole demeanor changed. 
“Oh, just lovely,” Loki responds, getting more angry by the second. “Just fucking wonderful.”
Heading down the hill, you follow Loki and Sylvie as they lead the group towards Alioth. The plan is to find a safe spot near the beast’s location to regroup before all hell breaks loose. 
Walking beside you is President Loki, his arm continuously touching yours with each step. 
Loki glances back to watch the two of you, his mouth set in a tight line as anger emanates off him. 
“What’s wrong with you?” Sylvie asks before following his line of sight. “Ah, I see. You’re jealous.” 
“That’s ridiculous. I’m not jealous,” Loki mutters, his eyes never leaving you. 
“Yeah?” Sylvie asks. “Then why is there magic coming out of your fingertips? I think someone wants to blast a certain someone far far away.” 
Loki looks down at his hand, the green hue of his magic floating in the air. He scoffs, turning his attention back to the ground in front of him and continues walking. 
A few feet away, back with you, President Loki starts talking. “So sweetheart, where will you go after all of this is over? I hope somewhere with me.” 
You chuckle at his flirtatious attempts. He goes after what he wants. That, you can respect. You, on the other hand, could never expose your deep feelings for your God of Mischief, the man who’s standing in front of you now, non-stop chatting with Sylvie beside him. Of course it’s her. She’s beautiful in every single way. But still… Why couldn’t it be you?
“You’re planning really far into the future now. What if we don’t even survive our plan?” 
President Loki’s tongue pokes out to wet his bottom lip and you watch, the act meant to be innocent but with him, you know it’s dangerous. He smirks as you continue to stare. “You act like I’d let something happen to you.” 
Tilting your head to the side, you study him. “And, why me?” 
He chuckles, his voice dark. “Because I know when there’s something good in front of me and you, sweetheart, are delectable.”
Those words are spoken loud and honest, and as they drift up to Loki’s ears, he stops in his tracks. 
“This is a good place to stop!” Loki yells back to everyone. 
Was the spot exactly where he wanted? No. But, would he continue to walk as another version of him flirts with you mercilessly? Fuck no. So, this will have to do.
“You should all split into groups of two to distract the beast, while I try to enchant it,” Sylvie says, confident in her abilities. 
You nod your head in agreement. Any plan was better than nothing. 
President Loki moves closer into your side, wrapping his arm tightly around your waist. “If that’s the case, I’ll pair up with this one here.” 
If looks could kill, President Loki would be dead on the ground in seconds. Loki snarls, his eyes shooting daggers into the arm wrapped around you. When he finally speaks, his voice is low. Menacing. “Absolutely not. Y/N’s with me. And, that’s final.” He stares at President Loki, daring him to fight back.
In response, President Loki shrugs his shoulders and removes himself from you. “It was nice to meet you, beautiful.” He winks at you before walking off. 
Loki grabs your hand and drags you over to a secluded area, away from any prying eyes. 
Ripping your hand out of his, you cross your arms over your chest. “What the hell was that?” 
“What was what?” 
“Oh, don’t play dumb. You know what I’m talking about.” 
You’re pissed and he knows it. How dare he act possessive as soon as another person makes an attempt on you. It’s frustrating and confusing. He wants Sylvie, so what could possibly be the problem? Your thoughts are jumbled, trying to piece together what the hell is happening. 
Loki sighs, his hands on his hips as he stares out to the side. As he speaks, his eyes don’t meet yours, this feeling of intimacy making him nervous. This is what he does: puts up an indefensible wall so no one can come in and hurt him. 
“You’ve been by my side for a while now. Why is that?” 
Confused, your eyebrows scrunch together. “What do you mean? We’re friends.” 
Turning his head, he finally meets your stare and his face says everything. “No one ever sticks around.” 
Tears gather at the corner of your eyes and you can’t help yourself as you tightly wrap your arms around him, burying your face into his chest. 
His arms act on reflex, tightening around your body and pulling you even closer, his head resting on top of yours. 
“I’m not good at this,” he whispers into your hair. 
Pulling away, you stare up at him. “Not good at what?” 
His hand moves to cradle your cheek, caressing your skin gently with his thumb. “Expressing how I feel about you.” 
Gasping, your heart clenches at his words. “And, how exactly do you feel about me?” 
Loki breathes out deeply, nerves running through him. He’s scared. Scared of fully giving his heart to you and then losing you. The thought is unbearable. 
“A moment hasn’t gone by where you aren’t on my mind. You drive me crazy. You’re invasive and it frightens me how well you truly know me. You know me better than anyone else and yet, you still pick your way further inside. I’ve given up on stopping you because secretly, I love it. I love when you pick away because it shows how much you care and I’m not used to receiving that.” 
A few tears slide down his face, remnants of what’s still possible. He isn’t too far gone. He never was. He’s capable of love, of both receiving and giving it. 
“I love you, darling.” His voice chokes up, getting stuck on the cries that lodge in his throat. “I’ve always loved you.”
Smiling through the tears, you grab his dirt-stained collar, crushing your lips onto his. His lips are soft against yours, moving in sync as if you’ve done this dance together before. His tongue teases your mouth, slipping inside to dominate yours. 
You sigh into the kiss as he pulls away, resting his forehead against yours, heavy breaths mixing into one.
“I love you too,” you breathe out. “And, for the record, I thought you had feelings for Sylvie.” 
Loki backs up, an incredulous look on his face. “Sylvie? Never.” A smirk forms as he ponders your words. “Were you jealous?” 
You scoff. “Please. Not nearly as jealous as you were about your little variant over there.” 
“Ah, I see. You’re in denial. I can accept that.” He pulls you closer yet again, his face inches from you. “I was jealous. Rightfully so. Just look at you. Although, I will say, you have good taste. The man looks just like me.” 
You slap at his chest playfully. “You’re unbelievable.” 
“Guilty of being unbelievably in love with you? Well, you’ve got that one right, darling.” 
You think he’s about to kiss you again until he quickly walks away, pulling you along with him. “I meant it when I said you’re with me.” His eyes are bright, passion swirling inside them. “Because losing you isn’t an option.”
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randominagines · 2 months ago
Sylvie: So, every version of Loki has their own version of y/n?
Mobius: Correct, I suppose.
Loki: That's so weird.
Sylvie: And they all fall for their y/n, right?
Mobius: Well, we can't be sure, but you fell for yours and this Loki --
Loki: I didn't fall for my y/n.
Sylvie: "My"??? *looks at Loki and smiles*
President Loki: Well, in that case, you surely won't mind me flirting with YOUR version of y/n.
Loki: I'll stab you with a thousand knives, I swear --
Tumblr media
Y/n: *suddenly appearing* Hey guys, what are you discussing about?
The four of them: Nothing.
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charnelhouse · 3 months ago
make it better
Tumblr media
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x F!Reader Wordcount: 1.7K Warnings: hate sex. soft loki at times. size kink ish. loki being very persuasive and seductive Summary: “You know there is another way we could warm you up.”
“Fuck you, Loki,” you spit - stalking away from him. 
“You should be so lucky, girl.” His eyes narrow to slits - the blue pulsing to darker ice. The kind that skims the top of a lake in the thick of winter. His tone is packed in snow. 
You ignore his remark. There is spite in your head - pumping to a drum beat you can’t shake. You hate him and now you are both stuck on a damn arctic planet. The wind howls outside the ship - whistling and morose - creating drafts through the new ragged tear decorating the hull.
Loki is pacing in front of you - his boots echoing with each hard step. 
“Thor will hear the distress signal,” he finally asserts. “He will come.”
“We are halfway across the galaxy,” you croak as actual panic begins to pulse behind your eyes. “It’ll take weeks. We are screwed.” You comb a shaky hand through your hair. You feel disjointed and faraway. “We’re going to die here.”
He crosses his arms over his chest - tracing the tip of his foot through the frost that’s now coating the floor of the ship. “Well - surely I won’t die,” he shrugs. “I’m Jotun...and immortal.”
“Fine,” You twist away from him. “Then I will and you can enjoy the company of my rotting corpse.”
There’s silence - bloated and sticky. He doesn’t laugh - doesn’t have a snide comment.
“I wouldn’t let you die,” he admits quietly - as if he’s embarrassed to do so. “Thor would have my head.”
You scoff. There’s another flood of frigid wind and you immediately wrap your arms around yourself. You’re so cold that your skeleton feels like glass - your body aching.
“Get away from there,” Loki admonishes - gripping your arm and yanking you back against him. You stumble and fall face first into the leather of his armor - getting the full sensation of his very rigid muscles. 
Stupid Fucking God Body. 
You push off of him. “You nearly tore my arm out of its socket.”
“Apologies. You just have weak little bones.”
“Bite me.”
He steps forward - his lips peeling back into a brazen grin. “Gladly.”
His voice trawls through your ribs, wrapping around the curvature of your spine, oozing through your joints. 
You gulp - loudly - and his grin widens, nearly taking up half of his face.
“I’m-I’m going to bed.”
“Would you like me to join you?”
The tension grows - absolutely radiating through the small sphere of the ship. It doesn’t help that Loki has only become nicer. He’s worried about you. He’s worried about the cold and the way it has steadily crawled through the hull - frosting most of the main areas in ice. He’s blocked off a room - piled up blankets and furniture as he builds tiny flames with his magic.
Your teeth chatter in your mouth and you nearly bite your tongue in two.
Loki grimaces.
“Thor will be here soon,” he assures you. He’s spread out on the floor - his long legs taking up nearly half the space. He looks incredibly handsome and you avert your gaze - preferring to die staring at the boring white wall.
“You know there is another way we could warm you up,” he declares - spreading his hand across his stomach. You turn back to him and he wiggles his eyebrows. 
“Your skin is cold,” you argue. 
“Yes, but the act itself will be very strenuous. We’ll be sweating in no time at all.”
You blink at him. There’s heat inside you - steadily slipping towards your cunt. It isn’t the worst idea, but it’s also Loki. 
It’s not that he isn’t handsome or probably great in bed. You bet it would be a little kinky - a little weird - and he’d probably shove your knees to your ears and -
It was still Loki. 
He stands up abruptly and you jerk - shifting clumsily back on your ass. He strides toward you - the tall, lean mass of him - intimidating and purposeful. He corners you against the wall, stroking a knuckle down your cheek before he catches your chin. “You don’t have to think too hard about it, lamb. I’ll make it good.”
His touch is so soft that it unnerves you. 
“I hate you, though,” you grit as you let him feel between your legs - his swift fingers cupping your clothed cunt. He drags his thumb along the seam - pressing it urgently to the peak of your clit. He knows where it is - feeling around until you lurch against him. 
“Do you?” he asks - his lips quirking into a smug, almost cruel smirk. “I hope you do, little one. It makes the sex much better.”
You gape at him. “I-I don’t - no - we can’t.”
He arches a well-shaped brow - his expression veering nearly into boredom. “Why not? You want me.” He drops his head - nosing along the curve of your cheek. You shove him back and his features twist into something even more suggestive if possible. “I can smell you, you know. I watch you squeeze those pretty thighs together every time I get close.”
“I don’t,” you protest weakly. Liquid-heat burns low at the center of you - flickering in the cradle of your hips and Loki’s breath strips your skin. Cool. Untouchable. Unyielding Loki.
“You want me to lick your cunt? Is that it?” He tangles a hand into your hair and pulls you forward - craning your neck sharply. There isn’t a smidge of space between you. “Darling girl - would that make it better? Call you sweet names? Eat you until you flood my mouth?”
You don’t know if he’s messing with you. He’s underhanded - fucking mischievous - and you are melting for it. Your blood is thrumming - rushing - inside the shell of your skin. He had found you out - he had weaseled his way into the thick of your deepest, darkest desires and ripped them from you.
He pauses - his brow wrinkling as he regards you with weary eyes. When he speaks, it’s with intent. “I won’t take you if you don’t want it. I would never do such a thing.”
“How gallant of you.”
He slides against you - the bulge in his trousers spearing into the crease between your leg and hip. “Not gallant, darling. I just don’t have to force anyone into my bed.”
“You’re very persuasive.”
“They don’t call me Silvertongue for nothing.”
He cradles your face - thumb sweeping over the apple of your cheek. He increases the pressure to something fierce. “I would like to help you.”
“I’m not a charity case.”
He rolls his eyes. “Must you be so damn stubborn? I am telling you quite plainly that I desire you and that I want to give you pleasure - which would be far more fun than me wrapping you in a blanket and roasting you over a fire like a boar.”
“Did you just call me a -”
He growls before lunging forward - crushing his lips to yours. His tongue is sweet and his mouth shockingly warm as he kisses you hungrily. 
“Loki,” you gasp as he eases inside you. He’s thick and each inch feels as if he’s splitting you open. He hitches your thighs higher around his waist. His dark hair tickles your forehead as he tries to part you further with the careful rut of his pelvis. 
“You’re - fuck - you’re very fucking tight,” he hisses as he bears his weight above you. His forearms frame your face and you rise up to kiss him again. He returns it enthusiastically - humming with contentment and it makes you burn.
He slides a hand down your belly before he nudges his thumb over your clit. He strokes you in tiny circles - pinching the bundle of nerves - making you buck beneath him. “C’mon love,” he urges. “Just getting you a little wetter.”
You feel wet already. You feel fucking soaked and you thought he’d be frigid - cold as ice - but his cock is stretching you fully - shooting flame through your skin with each short stroke. 
He tilts his hips - drawing his cock out - head catching on your hole before he stuffs himself back in. He drives forward - burying himself to the hilt and you shudder - pant - a scream caught in your throat. “That’s it,” Loki coos. “That’s it, little lamb. Taking my cock so well.”
“Fuck,” you hiss as he angles your pelvis so he can punch up against your sweet spot. He pins your wrists above your head - hips snapping - the loud wet-suck of your walls swallowing him over and over again. Pleasure swells in your gut - your lower muscles clamping down - gripping every ridge and vein along his length. 
He’s murmuring in your ear - soft mouth sounds that dip and bend and make you shatter around him. You cry - real fucking tears - that he fucking loves because he licks them away - picking up his brutal, unforgiving pace. He grunts as you dig your nails into his ass and force him deeper. The room vibrates with the slap of skin and your frantic pleas.
It’s so much. It’s so so much. 
You’re breaking apart on his cock and he presses his open mouth to yours - stealing your air as he groans: “Fuck - you lovely girl. You’re strangling my cock.”
You whimper like something torn to shreds - frayed - the tightness of your knot beginning to unwind to a thousand strings. More sweetness streaks through you - flooding your bones and blood and you cum - violently - brilliantly. 
“Loki,” you sob. “Fuck - oh my god.”
He stops - easing himself out of your gaping pussy before flipping you onto your belly. He yanks your ass up and thrusts himself back inside you - his groin jamming up against your tailbone. There’s the shameless slippery squelch of your cunt taking him so easily. His voice is ragged as he grips your hips - bruising the skin while he trails his tongue along the ridge of your spine. 
He pushes his hand between your legs - petting at your folds - your clit. You hear your name - muffled but growing louder. You hear it again. It’s panicked this time - anxious. Another soft-climax rushes through your system - making you cry out. 
There’s the shout of your name - again.
“I’m here,” you whisper. “I’m here, Loki.”
“What?” Loki asks. 
The door swings open and Thor rushes inside - your name once more falling from his lips before dying on the letter. He’s frozen - Stormbreaker in hand and ready for battle. His brow pinches in momentary confusion as if everything is jumbled - the sight before him probably the same consistency of a fever-dream.
He blinks rapidly before he actually registers that his brother has you on all fours - his cock buried balls deep.
“I-I heard you scream-”
“Oh my god, Thor,” you hiss -trying to cover yourself. “Don’t look.”
“Well - of course she was screaming,” Loki snaps. “I’m that good.”
“It sounded like she was in pain!”
“Obviously - she’s fine,” he drawls - smoothing his hand across the swell of your ass. “Now - get out.”
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hiraeth-maximoff · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Warnings: fluff? President Loki
A/N: English isn't my first language sorry If I made any mistake. President Loki is my new religion, it's all.
" Who's the girl?" President Loki asked looking you, it was a long time since President Loki had seen a woman, you were pretty. And for some strange reason he couldn't stop looking at you, it seemed that you had enchanted him.
" that's not your business" Kid Loki replied wrinkling his nose in disgust. You smiled when Alligator Loki growled when President Loki began to approach you. It turns out that you were Loki's weakness, apparently, you were the weakness of all Lokis, you would always have them at your feet.
"My love, would you like to be my first lady?" You smiled amused by what you caused in President Loki, he seemed so far to be the hottest Loki you have ever seen and you liked him.
"Y/n is not interested" TVA Loki answered for you by walking away from your new lover.
President Loki smiled "good" he murmured adjusting his suit while still looking at you "I'll kill you all and then y/n will be mine " he sentenced before everything turned into chaos.
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whirlybirbs · 2 months ago
you write loki so well i am not completely convinced you AREN'T mr. hiddleston himself
Tumblr media
FROM THE VOID, WITH LOVE  |  the cartharsis of venus
summary: petal-mouthed promises and mingling breath. whispers in the dark. there’s something romantic about the never ending void, isn’t there?
pairing: loki / f!reader, referenced & implied sylvie / f!reader
a/n: this anon made me laugh. so, have some watch mojo presents top 10 loki/doc moments. this chapter’s gif is from @marvelheroes’s lovely set here.
It's been years since he's seen your face.
...How many now? Thirty, maybe? But, then again, time moves different on others worlds and he's spent far too much drowning in his own to admit he has lost count the ever-growing gap between your souls.
In truth — in horrible, gut-wrenching truth — he'd forgotten what your voice sounded like. It was something he had never thought possible. Surely, he would remember warm whispers of honey-sweet I love you's for all time? Surely, the sound of your laugh, as melodically whimsical as wedding-day church bells, would never escape his memory?
Your eyes, too. As he looks at you, he realizes those eyes are not the ones he loved. Different, but still you.
His wife.
His beautiful, cunning, witty, wonderful wife. His bug, his love.
It's you.
He feels as if he's been gutted where he stands.
Loki, as he ushers you through the portal, can see this on his older counterpart's face. His own heart aches in a sympathetic sense — especially knowing now the isolation the man had wrought upon himself.
He didn't have the heart to ask about you then. He supposes now, gauging the older man's reaction, he will not have to.
The man watches you as you chirp at the teenagers on your heels, insisting they follow and keep up, but the urgency dies when you raise your head and meet his eyes.
You see the pain. And then, a glimmer of love.
It blooms as he takes a tentative step forward.
The portal behind you all closes with a swallowed gulp of green smoke; it spills out by your feet, and in the grass of the cold expanse of land, you stand.
"You're even more beautiful than I remember."
Your eyes soften.
When the man reaches out, you let him touch your face — and you frown at the heartbroken look he spares you. It only lasts a moment; and then, he's pulling back and away as if he's touched a flame.
...What color were her eyes, again?
Your Loki lingers over your shoulder.
As the older man turns and begins to lead the way, you turn to spare Loki a mournful look. Your eyes hold the weight of a thousand words — some curious, but mostly somber acceptance that this love-story of yours is a tragedy to some.
Loki touches your shoulder gently; his thumb follows the curve of your arm. His voice is quiet. "Come on."
You gesture for the two teenagers to follow — and catch a completely different sort of look between the two.
Loki catches the half-smirk you throw his way, and his eyes dart back to the two with feather-light amusement. He says nothing, only buries a smile deep as he tucks his chin and coughs. You nudge him with your shoulder as you walk. He nudges back.
"That was some show," you finally say, speaking over the bluster of cold wind that nips at your skin, "Seems like Loki's aren't in short supply."
It's the older one at the head of the pack that speaks. "Yes, well — that's what we do."
"Survive?" you ask, tilting your head.
"Lie. And cheat," he snaps as he moves along, "We cut the throat of every person we trust, and for what? Power? Glorious purpose? We simply cannot change."
"And every-time we do try to change, the TVA comes along," remarks the boy in the back angrily, finally letting down the alligator in his arms, "And sends us here to die!"
"We're broken. All of us. Forever."
"It's why we need to get out of here," Loki stresses, "To take down the TVA."
You blink. Concern washes over your features at the age old line — but Loki does not see it. Instead, he's intent on stopping the roving caravan in its tracks. You cross your arms.
"Nothing can change until the TVA is stopped."
"And you think you can do it?" asks the older Loki, turning to look at you both, "You trust this other version of us?"
"She's the only one I do trust," Loki insists, albeit gently, "Sylvie has been wronged by the TVA just like us. They orphaned her, they stole her Doctor. And even if I did not trust her, I trust her rage."
"That's the play, then?" you ask, leaning on your heels as you cock a hip; you're looking to him for guidance — for an honest line of communication, "To destroy the TVA?"
Loki's eyes turn to you as he inhales; his brows tighten in concern.
"I know—"
"You know," you speak over him, waving a hand as he closes his eyes, "You know why I'm hesitant—"
The eyes of the teenagers bounce between you.
"I don't... I don't want any of this. I want," he waves his hands, "I want the people in the TVA to know the truth."
"And what happens when there's a vacancy for King of Time?"
Loki's mouth snaps shut.
Your heart wanes. There’s a weighty moment that sits between the two of you, then. And as Loki swallows the catch in his throat and comes to realize he holds your judgement of his character in the highest esteem, he can only try to rationalize the lengths he’ll go — if not for you, then for himself.
For that scared little boy Mobius had so aptly called to action.
Quietly, you whisper.
"Please don't go where I can't follow."
And you push on. You have to — or else the hope that perhaps he has changed will strangle you in its roots. The seed is planted. You are keen to nurture it, but afraid of the trueness of its yield.
Loki, though, is ensnared in your orbit and suddenly desperate to prove the seduction of power no longer has a hold on his heart. It’s you, now, who plucks his heartstrings to moonlit sonatas — it’s you who has made a home of this once dark, icy place. Once, the walls of his heart were sick with something he believed to be infallible. It was glorious purpose.
He idea of betraying that, of betraying you? And then, losing you?
He sees what that would do to him. He sees it in the older version staring him down. If he lets himself feel it, for more than a moment, it stings. He pulls away from the thought like it burns.
“We,” he stresses as he steps forward to match your stride in a terribly boyish attempt at proving his point; but it works, and he notices the way you look at him as he speaks, “Won’t be going anywhere if we don’t find a way to kill Alioth.”
Your brows snap tight in confusion.
You don’t need to say a word — the young teen behind you, all lanky limbs and cherub-faced, beats you to it.
“Hold on,” she says, “Kill the big, cloud monster?”
“Precisely,” Loki breaths, placing his hands on his hips. He looks almost proud.
You pause beside his older counterpart and spare the man a questioning look. He seems to share your apprehension, and so does the younger version of Loki peeking over the God’s shoulder, shaking his head discreetly.
“Is that even possible?” you ask, squinting and finding your hands on your hips as well, “I mean, it’s a trans-temporal entity. It’s got no physical being.”
Loki blinks. He then look at his older self. “I thought you called it a shark.”
You blink at the older man.
Then, you turn to share a mistified (and frankly very doubtful) look with your teenage self.
Loki pinches the bridge of his nose. “Listen, we won’t know if we don’t try—”
“Or we die.”
You point at your teenage self, nodding along at her point. “Yea, or we die.”
“Or,” Loki sighs as he rolls his jaw and looks up to the sky, “Yes, fine, or we die — but, honestly at this point I think the benefits outweight the risks.”
You let out a long sigh.
“Approaching Alioth is a death sentence,” says the older man by your side, “We’ll get you three to it, but that’s as far as we’ll go.”
“Oh, I’m not with them—” pipes up the teenager, straggling over to your side as she offers the man a compliant little smile, “I have curfew, actually. So, y’know.”
You frown. “You sure about that?”
She shrugs. “Yea. I mean — if you destory the TVA, then you can come visit. Or maybe I come visit you. We’ll do a sleepover. Sorta like 13 Going on 30, but we’re two people.”
You laugh out loud, and each Loki smiles at it.
"Alright,” you say as you throw your arm over her shoulder, “So where to, gentlemen?”
The alligator at your feet hisses. You jump.
“He says it’s getting late,” translates the younger Loki, “And that we should move, find shelter, and hunker down for the night. And soon. I’d rather spare you ladies from the darker dangers that lurk about when it gets quiet out here.”
And so that’s what you do.
Time is awfully strange in this place — and while maybe the storm clouds overhead hide the sun or the moon from sight, you’re not even entirely sure either are even there. As you trek along, through wreckage and ruin, you find yourself always turning your eyes up to the sky.
The younger Loki seems to have fashioned some sort of anamoly alert system that tracks entry of objects in this realm — and each push and pull of the fabric of time rebounds onto the screen with a general direction of sorts.
Your teenage self seems pretty enarmored with the idea. And the boy behind it.
You find yourself watching the two of them; and the gentle smile that fleets onto your face is not lost on your own half.
As you wade through the tall grass, you pick apart a blade you’ve snagged, and pretend you’re no eavesdropping on their puppy-love laden chatter. You drop your head, hide your smile, and laugh quietly at the younger Loki’s attempts to lightheartedly rib your younger self over something stupid. She battles back with a toothy-smile and a laugh as bright as sunshine.
If he’s honest with himself, Loki finds it rather adorable.
His heart is soft at the sight of these two young souls, and as he ambles up beside you, he remembers the feeling of tumbling headfirst into something like a first crush. It’s lovely, really, and seeing it play out infront of him just reminds him of the woman just within reach.
He’s been in love before. Ever fleeting, always a fast burn.
But this? With you? It’s different.
The God shares a knowing look with you as the two teenagers giggle over something said — and behind you, a capybara and alligator trot along. An odd couple. But, you suppose so are you and Loki. A God and a scientist. It’s... endearing.
Your worlds slow down, if only for a moment. Somewhere, the love drone of a lovesong plays — and you beat it back with a bashful bat of lashes. Loki seems spurred by the sudden shyness that bleeds onto your face, and he chases it.
Ever the suitor, the prince offers up his own blade of grass; and when you meet his eyes with confusion, he urges you with a silent nudge of his chin. So, you take it. And, then, in your palm, the grass springs to life.
This magic is small, infantile, useless — but, by Odin’s beard, he’d do it his whole life if it meant seeing the smile on your face forevermore.
The blade swirls around in your palm, dancing and tumbling in ribbon-like motions. Then, the long blade begins to twist and knot and run around itself, and before you realize it, there’s a flower there in your hand. A blade of grass, contorted in a little daisy.
You smile up at him, and Loki soaks it up; he tries to remember the sight.
You nudge him with your shoulder as you walk, and you tenderling tuck that flower into the breast pocket of your blouse. Safe.
Loki nudges you back, smiling to himself.
Feeling as if... as if that gesture means something more.
And it does.
However, Loki and his reptile-self were very correct about it getting dark fast as you soon learn — and as the meager team of adventurers plod on, it eventually grows dark enough that you can hardly see a few feet infront of you.
It’s each Loki that remedies this problem.
Magic, once more, is gleaned from flicks of the wrist and emerald glows. This time, the lamps and lights procured emit a lighter blue light. You stay close to Loki’s side, tucked neatly against his chest as you both walk.
“I do believe this may be the best we find,” announces the oldest Loki when finally a small little home comes into view, “And let us hope no one else has had the same idea as us.”
As you, your younger self, the youngest Loki, and your mammalian and reptilian friends wait outside, the two older Loki’s move to check the building — only after your Loki hands you his lamp and procures his daggers.
“Stay here.”
It’s protective. An utterance of worry. You slide him a smile that oozes with recognition of the nature of the gesture — and you watch as the two check the one story home.
It’s sitting alone with little else around it but a dying garden and a single tire-swing hanging from a large, creaking tree. The wind cuts through you and as you shiver, the dead oak lets out a mournful cry. You pull your arms around you tigher, holding up the lamp. The younger two huddle closer.
“Come on,” comes the voice of the older man, “It’s clear.”
You bend to scoop up the capybara and climb the steps into the home.
It’s been gutted. By Alioth or by the habitants of this place beyond time, you’re not entirely sure. Little remains but peeling wallpaper and broken windows and faded places where photos once hung. This home was once lived in and loved in. Now, it’s but a ruin. A has-been, a now-haunt.
It makes you sad.
You gently place the capybara down, mirroring the young Loki with his friendly little gator, and squeeze your teenage self’s shoulder as she nervously meanders in. Loki has set a lamp on the ground in the center of the empty room — and the shadows dance on the walls.
“This is... terrifying.”
“It’s not exactly 89 Emerald Street,” you say as you sweep off some dust from the single table by the far wall, “But it’s only for the night. Settle in and get some rest.”
Loki is behind you. His hands are gentle on your shoulders. You turn and look up at him in the light.
“You should rest as well,” he says so quiet, you're sure you're the only one who hears it's softness. His words urge you on with warmth.
You, however, don't like the idea of sleep. Not with so much swirling in your heart. “What will you do?”
“I’ll take watch,” he breathes, nodding to the older Loki, “I’d rather not be taken by suprise by another band of Lokis, honestly. Not at this time of night.”
You reach and lay your hand over his own. “I’ll join you.”
Loki frowns. “You’re exhausted.”
“I have a lot on my mind,” you whisper gently, “I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I tried.”
Over your shoulder, the rest of them have already begun to settle in. Loki holds your stare for a moment, and then gives in. With a sigh, he drops his hands from his hips and nods.
For now, he opts on settling against the far wall. He can see everyone and the window and the door. Anyone traveling in this dark of night will need a light. He'll see them coming.
You settle down next to him. Your hips touch, and your knees knock. He’s warm, and you’re warm, and neither of you complain about the proximity.
The older Loki, in a chair in the center of the room, he pushed his legs out and crosses them at the ankles.
Then, with his eyes closed, he says one word:
You and Loki blink up at him.
“Her eyes,” he continues, looking up at the cieling. Through the floors there’s a hole. Beyond that, there’s a hole in the roof. In any other place, the stars would wink down. But here, it’s only black. He clears his throat, and closes his eyes once more, “They were brown.”
Loki’s gaze falls.
Yours remains on the older Loki.
“...What was she like?” you ask quietly.
The two teenagers watch on from their reclined positions.
“She was the most breathtaking soul in the entire galaxy,” comes the slow, patient breath as if he’s been waiting to be asked this question for years now; and then, the near smile, and the shake of a head, “She was incompariable. She was as if the stars had handed her their beauty... She loved the stars. We would sit and watch them for hours on Sakaar. But, I could hardly ever take my eyes off of her.”
His voice wavers. It cracks. Your eyes are heavy with sadness.
“I loved her with fiber of my miserable being,” he continues, arms crossed, eyes closed, “And I curse Thanos every with every beat of my heart. Watching her die... half of my soul died that day, too.”
You reach, almost instinctively, for Loki’s hand. You find he was doing the same. Your Loki watches you with a blip of surprise, and runs his thumb across your knuckles. You can’t look away from the man’s grief.
Because you've seen it before.
In that older you, plucking apart a gauntlet in the dark of night, hellbent on finding the other half of her soul once more.
“Without her — I knew,” he finally opens his eyes, “I knew I was nothing without her. She made me better. She gave me purpose. Glorious or otherwise, it mattered not. It was... It was us. And... And so I went on. Alone. I hadn’t realized I’d forgotten the color of her eyes.”
“Brown,” you mutter quietly, squeezing Loki’s hand.
“Brown,” he confirms from across the room, his eyes wet with unfallen tears.
“I’m sorry.”
“You have nothing to apologize for, my love,” he mutters, tucking himself into his cape, “I am just grateful I was able to see your face once more.”
And then, a somber quiet melts between the moments. Soon, it’s slipped into a tired quiet, and as you sit there and think, the merry band of mirrored images has fallen into their own forms of sleep. It’s not a restful one, but it will do the trick for now. The light in the center of the room dims with a gentle pull of Loki’s hand through the air.
The shadows make your face look sad.
“Are you alright?” Loki asks quietly after a while, hand still in yours.
You heavy a long, tired sigh. Your voice is a whisper. "I think so. Are you?"
Loki looks down, rolls his jaw, and nods. "I think so."
You inhale. And you nod. You take your hand and his into your lap. “Promise?”
"Well," Loki leans his head back against the wall; his voice is low as to not disturb the others, "Losing you certainly put some things in perspective. But... I found you. And you're here. And that's all that truly matters, isn't it?"
You hum. You lean your own head back, head turned to watch him. "I guess so."
"What about you?" he asks, turning to look at you, "Do you promise you're alright?"
Your eyes flick from his. You sit up. Then, you tilt your head.
"I've just been thinking."
“Penny for your thoughts?” he asks, tilting his head in idle curiousity as you turn his hand over and trace the lines of his palm. The gesture stokes a fire in his gut. He can't remember the last time someone touched him so gently.
So tenderly.
You wet your lips. “I suppose I’m thinking about how... I don’t know. It’s like everytime I feel like I’ve finally got my footing in this mess... I get it pulled out from under me. I’m just... scrambling. Trying to... Trying to be okay.”
Loki nods slowly. His eyes flick across your face as he thinks.
You continue. “And — and I think I’m scared.”
His expression is soft. He urges you on with a gentle inquiry. “Of?”
“What happens when we pull back the curtain?” you ask quietly, turning your eyes up to him, “What happens when we find the devil in the details?”
“We kill him,” he answers easily.
“And then?”
“And then...” Loki’s mouth falls closed, realizing... well, he hadn’t really considered beyond that, “I don’t know. I... I don’t.”
“That’s what I’m afriad of,” you stress with the hairline crack in your composure growing, “I mean — what will we even do when it’s all said and done?”
Loki is quiet. He finds he doesn’t like the way this conversation feels. It looms over him — the sort of thing he hasn’t wanted to consider all this time. Will you stay by his side? Will the path this drags you both down allow this love?
“Mobius showed me how I die.”
Loki’s heart, then, feels as if it’s been twisted straight from his chest. His fingers twitch — and he inhales sharply as he pulls his hand away. No, no he doesn’t like this conversation. His own death he can surmise and handle. But, not you. Not his you.
The light in the room flickers out.
It hides his face; and he’s half thankful for it.
“Why would he show you that?” it’s full of hurt.
You’re quiet for a while longer; and when you finally speak, your voice is rough. Quiet. A broken, little whisper in the dark. It bleeds it’s own dark light.
“I saw what happens when I lose you.”
Loki’s eyes slide shut. His nostrils flare. There’s bitterness on his tongue.
“He did it prove something, I think,” your voice shakes, “That... That it’s in our nature to do whatever we can to find one another, to be with one another.”
Loki’s heart hurts. It hammers angrily; is it anger? A sudden flare of anxiety runs through his limbs and his fingertips tingle. The God can’t help but knots his hands together and worry his palms.
“That’s cruel.”
“Is it?”
“Horribly,” Loki mutters pointedly, “I had the luxury of knowing I’d have you until my end—”
You reach in the dark, once more, and find his hands.
You’re words are slow. Purposeful. Honest.
“I’m beginning to understand it,” you whisper; horribly shy and wonderfully terrified, “How it all falls into place.”
Loki’s mouth snaps shut.
In the dark, he can hardly see your face.
But, he can make out the lines of a smile; he can see the bloom of affection, all for him — beautiful and warm and genuine. It makes him feel like a child again, unexperienced in the ways of true emotional honesty. 
“Back at the TVA,” you whisper, leaning against him, “What were you going to tell me?”
The God inhales. He settles back against the wall. This time, it’s he who pulls your hands neatly into his lap. He fiddles with your palm. The touch is doting. Gentle. His fingertip traces the line of your ring finger.
“You told me,” he says slowly, “That we deserve to be happy.”
“We do,” you say, chin falling to his shoulder, “I meant it.”
“I was going to tell you,” Loki mutters shyly, “That you do make me happy.”
Your world stops.
Not in a screeching, horrible way. No. But, it is as if somewhere the crescendo of the sweetest love song you’ve ever heard has begun; that the strings have begun to waltz with the lovely hum of harps. Here, your heart is dipped in honey-sweet promise. You find the words coming from Loki’s lips pluck your heartstrings with terrifying capability. He could kill you with the way he speaks. It’s gentle. Quiet.
“You make me feel... as if I am enough,” he continues as he thinks out every honest syllable, brows pulled tight, “You are far too kind to me.”
"That’s not true,” you say, pressing your nose to his arm as you shake your head, “I’ve been... mean. And I’ve judged you. I’ve — I’ve said things I didn’t mean.”
“My head wasn’t mine,” he says gently, rubbing your knuckles, “It was my father’s critiscm’s. My failure’s. My head belonged to all the things I believed I had to be. But, I’m beginning to understand that... That those things are nothing. Unattainable. And... A-And I don’t want to bring pain and suffering. I want to — I want to feel love. Friendship. Joy. All these things I’d considered so... useless to the very thing I had to possess.”
“Power is a seductive thing,” you mumble, “Its beauty blinds us.”
Loki's stare is strong. He speaks fast. “It holds nothing in comparison to you.”
Your heart stutters once more.
He says it with such conviction — and you swallow down a sudden burn of pure attraction; the sort you’ve been fending off since Lamentis-1. Since he began to grow softer, since he began to be more than just the Loki you knew. 
You lift your eyes and your head and find he’s staring.
In the dark, your proximity feels closer. Like it’s only the two of you, breaths apart, talking — the sort of talking that feels like the sort lovers do. 
You’d like to kiss him like lover’s do, you realize.
Yes, yes, you would.
"Do you mean that?” you breath as your eyes roam his face.
And then, in the dark, he whispers back.
“With all my heart.”
And though, maybe this isn’t how those beyond the Void wrote your story the first time, it’s just as perfect — it’s just as gentle, and honest, and true. In the dark of the Void, both of your souls have tangled in the inevtiable way. 
You kiss him.
It’s awkward and graceless. It’s craned necks and sighs of surprise and tangled fingers — and in the dark, it bleeds gentle and honest and true, just as this love story of yours does. 
This place is not sacred, but this? This kiss is. And when finally the God gives way, turning himself to anchor his hands to your face? When he cradles your jaw, when you find yourself halfway in his lap? When he pulls apart, takes a breath, and kisses you once more with all the feeling in the universe?
It’s sacred. Holy. Reverent. Everything you’ve ever wished for — and when he says your name so sweet, so gentle in the space between mingling mouths? You almost break apart; you find your fingers winding into the fabric of his shirt, right over his heart. You anchor yourself. 
He presses on; because this moment is one he’s never known to be possible — he’s never known this color of young love; he’s only known the darker parts, the lonelier parts, the lies and the pretending. He’s known urges and falisies and jealousy. This is none of those. This is beautiful. 
It’s you.
It’s from the Void, with love.
Your nose bumps his, and finally you pull away to steal a breath; your forehead rests against his — and you bite back a girlish laugh. 
Loki can’t help but do the same. It’s quiet, smothered into your cheek as he dots a tender kiss there as well. 
“Silvertongue,” you accuse with affection.
His thumb runs along your bottom lip. 
“If this is what I gain from sweet, little honest truths?” Loki mutters, “I fear my reputation may be up for scrunity.”
You laugh. It’s ducked into his shoulder. 
He promises himself, then, that he will do everything it takes to never forget the color of your eyes.
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lesbian-deadpool · 8 months ago
Loki: I invited you here, because I crave the deadliest game.
Y/N: Knife Monopoly.
Loki: I was actually planning to hunt you for sport, but now I’m curious about what ‘Knife Monopoly’ is.
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ohdolans · 2 months ago
yes, mr. president
Tumblr media
pairing: President!Loki x f!reader
warning: 18+ unprotected sex, office sex, oral (male receiving), slight degradation, rough sex, etc.
summary: Being a part of President Loki’s reelection campaign, you never thought that you'd get the change to be with him in his office. Alone. pre-Nexxus Event (for Pres. Loki)
words: 2.6k+
You smoothed down your skirt as you tried to hurry down the hallway. Everyone was working around you giving the feeling of chaos as everyone scrambled to finish the day's work. It seemed as Election Day drew closer and closer the office became more and more intense. You thought that it would be fun to join President Loki's campaign team as he worked for reelection.
When one of the assistants came up to your small cubicle desk and said that Loki wanted to see you in his office immediately, you felt your stomach drop. Instantly you thought that it was something bad. You'd only met the man a handful of times, and each time you were both intrigued by him and scared of him. The moment Loki walked into a room he commanded it and everyone paid attention.
Your heart raced against your chest as your mind raced through the possibilities of what he wants to see you for. You walked to the end of the hallway and stood in front of the double doors that lead into his office, two servicemen standing on either side. Showing no emotion, unmoving. You took a few deep breaths before reaching up to knock on the door. But before your knuckles could meet the wood, the door swung open and revealed the office behind it.
Slowly you stepped into the office and the door shut tightly behind you, the sound of the lock clicking cutting through the silence of the room. Leaning against the front of his desk dressed in a well-fitted suit was Loki. Your eyes scanned over his body slowly taking in every inch and detail of his tall frame. Even leaning against the desk he still loomed over you. His long dark hair was pushed back from his face, his golden horns perfectly placed upon his head and coming down along his cheekbones. Making them look sharper than they already are. You couldn't tell from the look that was on his face if he was either happy to see you, or ready to tear into you.
"Y-You wanted to see me, President Laufeyson?" You spoke, trying to come off confident as you stood in front of him.
"What is your name, darling?" His deep voice seemed to send a shiver down your spine in a moment. It was something that you never got used to. You spoke your name softly to him, a smirk coming across his lips.
Loki pushed off from the desk and took a few steps towards you. As his eyes traveled along your body you thought for a moment he could see through your clothing. See every inch of you. Your heart raced against your chest as you stood there still, Loki disappearing behind your shoulder. Soon his body pressed against your back and you were able to feel the heat of his body against yours.
"I've admired you for a while," He spoke into your ear, another shiver moving through you. Your name leaving his lips in a way that sounded sinful. "You've been with the campaign team for a while, and I've seen you standing in the background like a good little pet."
"I-I..." You turned to look over your shoulder towards him, "I'm sorry? What?"
Loki smirked and moved back around slowly till he was standing back in front of you. His tall, lean frame looming over you as the mischievous smirk seemed to spread across his face slowly.
"You'll do perfectly," Loki spoke
"P-Perfect for what? Am I in trouble?"
"Far from it," Loki turned and walked towards his desk and moved around it slowly before taking a seat in his chair. "I have an offer for you, not really an offer. But a request, pet."
"Yes, sir?"
That seemed to only cause the glint in Loki's eyes to grow more.
"Come here,"
He rose his hand slowly and used two fingers to beckon you forth. Immediately it was like your body knew the command and moved towards him. Loki kept his eyes lock on yours as you swiftly moved across his office, around the desk, and towards him. You stopped right in front of him, Loki turning his chair towards you. Slowly he parted his knees and patted the top of his thigh, cocking his brow towards you in a silent direction.
You hesitated for only a moment before moving between his thighs and taking a seat on his lap. Loki pulled you closer to him and seemed to growl slightly as your body pressed against his. You were able to be enveloped by the warm scent that came from him the moment you came closer. It drew you closer and made you feel your arousal pool between your legs. There was no denying that Loki was incredibly handsome.
His hand moved along your exposed leg as your skirt seemed to move up as you sat on his lap. Your legs seemed to slowly part for him as Loki's hands seemed to travel up slowly.
"Are you devoted to me?" Loki asked, his hand caressing your thigh slowly it was making your heart race and feeling an ache build. Your body was reacting to him intensely and it both excited and scared you.
"Of c-course, sir." You spoke with a shakiness to your voice now, moving your gaze from his hand to his face.
"And you would do anything for me? Wouldn't you?"
Slowly you nodded your head.
"Then I have an offer for you. For you to simply be mine."
That mischievous smirk was back on his face, you felt yourself clench between your legs needing some sort of relief. "Yes, mine. You would solely be here to serve me in any way that I see fit. Wouldn't a follower such as yourself love nothing more than to serve their master?"
Deep down you knew the words he spoke were true. You wanted that. To serve this man however he wanted you to.
"Your body would be mine, and whenever I want you, you would be there to offer yourself to me." His fingers teased along with the fabric, teasing your slit through it and moaning when he felt how wet you were for him. "Soaked already?"
You stammered slightly but it soon changed into a whimper as his fingers pressed against your clit and slowly teased you through your underwear.
"I can practically smell you, pet," Loki spoke with a slight growl. "How I want to taste you," You gasped softly and moaned as he pressed against you more. You spread your legs for him, your leg brushing against his hardening cock. "You would like that wouldn't you?"
He paused, "Another time. Must see first if you are worthy enough for me. Even though something tells me that you will."
Loki's hand pulled away from between your legs causing you to whimper softly from the loss.
"On your knees." You moved quickly between his thighs on the floor, kneeling before him and looking up through your lashes. "Good girl,"
Loki moved to unbuckle his trousers, pushing them down enough to free his cock. You couldn't help the small gasp that came from you as he fully came into view. You felt your mouth water at the sight of him. His larger hand wrapped around the base of his hard cock, precum slowly dripping along his length, begging for your tongue to taste him. Your hands caressed his thighs slowly as you suddenly became eager to feel the weight of his cock against your tongue.
"Do you want me?" He moaned your name at the end, making you draw your eyes back towards his face. You nodded your head and gripped tighter to his thigh slightly. "Open up."
You opened your mouth for him as he threaded his long fingers through your hair and pulled you forward. You moaned at the taste of him against your tongue, eager to please him, loving the deep moan that came from him as you wrapped your lips around his cock. Your hand replaced his at his base, stroking what couldn't fit in your mouth. Slowly you began to bob your head up and down his length, moving faster the more accustomed you came to him down your throat. He seemed to be pleased any time he heard you gag around him slightly, his hips moving up to meet with your movements.
"Yes, such a pretty thing with your lips wrapped around me," Loki moaned and gripped tighter to your hair. "Look up at me, keep those eyes on me, pet."
You moaned around him and did exactly as he asked. Watching his face as you pleased him, trying to draw out every noise you could. You wanted to please him, to be his and only his. Loki tapped into a side of you that had been sitting dormant and waiting for someone to serve.
It didn't take long before Loki was fucking your throat, holding your head down as he fucked into your throat. You could feel his cock twitch in your mouth every time he made you gag. The heady taste of his precum along with your tongue and slowly dripping from your mouth along with your saliva. He was making a mess of you, something he wanted. Loki pulled from your mouth with a gasp, a mixture of his salvia and precum dripping down along your chin and towards your chest.
His cock bobbed in front of you and you wanted nothing more than to have him back in your mouth. But instead, he stood from his chair and quickly began to remove his suit.
"Strip, slut." Loki ordered. You moved into action quickly and stripped out of your blouse and skirt, throwing them to the side along with your bra and underwear. You went to kick off your heels when he quickly stopped you. "The heels stay on."
He moved towards you and grabbed your neck before pulling you tightly to him, bending down and kissing you deeply. His tongue moved against yours before winning dominance in the kiss almost immediately. Loki could taste a bit of himself on your tongue and it turned him even more. His cock was hard and aching for you, needing to feel your pussy tight around his cock.
Loki lifted you onto his desk, spreading your legs wide for him. He bent his head down to press his tongue against your slit. You couldn't control the noise that left you the moment he sucked on your clit. You jumped slightly and rose on your elbows to look down and watch him. Loki moaned against you as his tongue worked against your slit, taking in every drop that you gave him.
"L-Loki," You moaned, wanting to reach down and pull at his long, dark curls but the horns slightly in your way.
Loki pulled back from between your legs and glared down towards you, the darkness behind his eyes that made you freeze for a moment in fear.
"What did you just call me?" He spoke, his deep voice once again pulling you in and making you afraid at the same time. "You are to call me master, or sir. Nothing else unless I permit you. Understand?"
"Yes, I-I'm sorry..." You spoke, Loki cocking his brow towards you. "Sir,"
The smirk was back, "Good girl."
You fell back against the desk and let out a wanton moan as his fingers worked against you.
"Such a perfect little pussy for me, so eager." Loki licked his lips as he watched over you. Loving how your body reacted to him. "Never have tasted anything so sweet."
You could feel the need to cum slowly start to build, your legs shaking slightly as you withered beneath him. But just as you felt yourself start to fall apart beneath him, Loki pulled away and brought his fingers to his lips and sucked on them. You wanted that image imprinted on your mind forever. There was a hunger in Loki's eyes as he stared down towards you, seeing the slight mess that he was making out of you. He wanted more. He needed more.
His hand moved down to his cock and slowly stroked it as he looked over you, seeing the same hunger he felt within himself reflect in your eyes.
"Beg for it, slut." Loki ordered, moving towards to slowly tease your slit with the head of his cock. "Beg for me to fuck you."
"Please, please sir...I need to feel you deep inside of me. Fuck me. Fuck me and make me yours."
Your hand traveled down your body slowly as you begged, teasing yourself and even wrapping your hand around him and stroking his cock slowly. Loki grabbed one of your legs and pulled you down to the edge, before placing it along his shoulder. You were opened wide for him, exactly how he wanted you.
Loki thrust into you hard and nearly with no mercy, the two of you moaning at the connection. He stretched you with ache and pain that only made you clench around him and pull him in deeper. You were dripping along his cock causing an erotic sound to come from between you both. You reached to grip something on the desk as he fucked into you. You are panting and moaning beneath him as he took full control of your body. The moans, whimpers, and growls coming from the two of you mixed with the erotic nose of your bodies moving against each other.
Loki's grip around your thigh moved down to your throat, his pace becoming more erratic and harder. Loki was lost in the feeling of you wrapped around him. It was like with every thrust you were pulling him deeper into you, pulsing and clenching around him sweetly.
"You gonna cum for me? Hmmm, gonna cum like a whore for my cock?" Loki tightened his grip on your throat.
"Y-Yes...please...please make me cum sir. Please."
"Give it to me. Scream for your master so everyone knows who's fucking you."
Your moan built louder and louder, not caring if everyone outside his office could hear you. The feeling taking over your body was too much, your entire body trembling beneath him. You were a babbling moaning mess, clearly fucked out, beneath Loki. He loved it.
Your back arched and you screamed his name as you came around him. You reached up and gripped his arm with your nails digging into his skin slightly.  Loki let himself go and spilled his cum deep inside of you, grinding his hips into you, making sure every drop was deep inside of you. You could feel him cum inside of you and that only made you cum harder.
"That is, take every drop of my cum...god, such an eager little slut." Loki panted, leaning over you and supporting himself with his hands planted on either side of you. "Mmm, this pussy is perfection."
Loki slowly pulled out and moaned as he watched his cock pull out of you, both your arousal and his cum nearly dripping off his cock. He sat back on his office chair and watched as his cum slowly dripped from your pussy. You felt like you couldn't move, every bit of energy left your body.
"Yes, you'll do perfectly." Loki sighed as he sat in the seat, you sat up and looked towards him. Mascara running down your cheeks, hair a mess and clearly fucked out of your mind.
"Now come and clean the mess you created, pet."
You eagerly dropped to your knees and between his legs, looking up to him through your lashes "Yes, Mr. President."
This is my first Loki piece, so please be kind. I hope you liked, would love to know your thoughts. 
We only got him for 50 seconds, but president Loki does something for me and I love it. 
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