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#loki laufeyson smut
agentofbarnes · a day ago
princess in training
𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆 ; prince!loki odinson x innocent!princess!reader (princess and the prince au)
𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐘 ; after a stressful week, prince loki finally teaches his little love how to please and you’re a more than eager student.
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 ; smut, minors DNI, corruption kink, blowjob, first time oral, master kink, princess!reader being very eager, praise kink, poorly written blowjob, some plot— bad parental relationships, this is not my best work okay, but there’s some background for the au????
gif not mine
Tumblr media
Alluring was how Loki would describe his little love. The prettiest girl in all the realms and you were all his. He was addicted to you, to how soft your skin felt against his fingers, how sweet you smelled, and how you looked at him like he was everything you ever needed.
His dreams were plagued by you. His sweet and innocent princess that was just begging to ruined. Loki hadn’t been able to get the angelic sound of your whines out of his head since the first time he had you rutting against his thigh. His hand just wasn’t enough for him anymore, not when he could have you in his lap and rubbing against him. Not when you could get him off with those gentle hands, those soft thighs, or that sweet mouth.
Loki kept his desires to himself as he spun you around the ballroom floor, his parents and yours both in attendance. The king and queen of Vanaheim had come all the way across the bifrost to celebrate the victory of your country winning its war, thanks to Asgard’s intervention.
You had been nervous all evening under the spotlight of not only Asgard, who you knew adored you, and your own parents, who were just thankful you managed to prove your worth and get an alliance with Asgard. Though, it was never your intention to fall in love with one of the princes when you sought safety from the Marauders pillaging your kingdom. Now with Asgard’s help, your kingdom was safe and if you hadn’t been courted by Loki, you would be going home on this evening.
“Relax, little love,” Loki uttered in your ear, spreading his hand over your waist. He could practically feel your anxiety rolling off of you. He brushed his other hand over your cheek, his soft glance easing you. His lips found yours, not thinking of the public display as too much. His hands grasped your jaw, pulling you as close as possible so that he’s the only thing you can think about.
It doesn’t help that he had been practically sworn off from touching you as your kingdom seemed to be far harsher on the rules of courtship.
You are not helping Loki at all with a small whine that escapees your lips, the angelic sound only making him twitch in his trousers.
King Aric cleared his throat, tearing the both of you from your illusion that you were the only ones in the world.
It was not the first time Loki had be scolded for being too affectionate with you in public. In fact, your mother had been quite disapproving of Loki’s public displays of affection from the second she arrived and found you in Loki’s lap in the library. You had been pulled away from him with a pout, and Loki hadn’t gotten a second with you without someone interrupting you.
“I apologize, Your Majesty,”Loki grunted through his teeth, reluctantly pulling away from your embrace.
“I hope you are not always this inappropriate, Prince Loki, I would want to think I’ve given my daughter to wild man,”Aric frowned, eyes intense as he seemed to be trying figure out Loki.”You are not to touch her until the wedding, you do remember the rules, son of Odin? The goddess of innocence has remained innocent, has she not?”
You wished the floor would swallow you while as your father interrogate your betrothed about your virginity. You wanted to flee to your chambers in embarrassment. Loki glanced at you apologetically before he dared to reply.
“I assure you, King Aric, your daughter remains intact. If she did not…the court would never let us marry and I do…I do adore you daughter very much, I would never risk her by corrupting her prematurely.”
“My wife, the damn irritating woman, she thinks you unworthy of my daughter’s love,” Aric shared, not even paying you any mind as he chuckled,”Estrid believes our precious princess should be a queen and wed an heir to the throne such as Thor—“
“Father,”You tried to get him to stop but you are silenced with a glare.
“Do not speak out of turn, Y/N,” Your father commanded before turning back to Loki. The asgardian prince had to bite back his anger, knowing that any wrong step could end with you going back to your home planet. Once you were married, Loki would never let this man speak to you this way.”As I was saying, you should do well to prove my wife wrong, she can be quite unpleasant when she decides you don’t deserve her kindness. I think our princess should be lucky she fell in love with the right prince, we were hoping that Asgard would unite with us one day. As much as I think love is foolish, it seemed to work in our favor this time.”
“Why are you telling me this, if you do not mind me asking?”
“Because your needless affection and obvious desire to defile my daughter could ruin this alliance that my kingdom needs,”The king chuckled, gripping Loki’s shoulder threateningly.”If you were to ruin it, I would make sure you never see my daughter ever again.”
Loki nodded silently, swallowing his anger as the king stride away. He was accustomed to these threats by now, telling him to behave or you’ll be taken away as if you are some prize.
“My prince?”You whispered, clinging to his arm as he glared daggers into the back of your father’s head.”Loki, love, it’s okay. That won’t happen, I’m right here, and I…I just wanna go back to my chambers.”
“I’ll get your guard—“
“No,”You whispered, shaking your head.”You can take me, I do not wish to be around anyone else.”
Loki gazed at you curiously, wondering if you hadn’t heard of threats that your father just placed. You were usually so much more…eager to follow the rules after being threatened as such.
“That would be breaking the rules, darling, or did you not hear?”Loki murmured, easing out a breath when you just barely press into his side with a pout on your lips.
“I miss our nights,”You admitted sheepishly, taking your bottom lip between your teeth in nervousness.
Loki had long forgotten the threat after that confession. His sweet princess, the goddess of innocence, missed the nights where he snuck in to please her, the pleasure her. He should have guessed for you were also the goddess of all loves.“Oh, is the right?”
You can feel how hot your cheeks are at your admission, glancing away from him only for him to grab you by the chin and make you look him in the eyes.
“Is there something in particular you were looking forward to, princess?” Loki questioned with a smirk, and he can see how flustered you become by your own thoughts.
“I..well, I wanted…”You stammered, playing with the fabric of Loki’s shirt nervously. He quite liked how you seemed so embarrassed by your own desires.
“You can tell me, love, I would never judge you, go on,” He leaned in, head dipping to utter something he knew would get you to submit and tell him,”tell your master what you want.”
“I want to please you,”You admitted so quietly, and Loki had never wanted you so bad.”I want to make you feel good, especially after this past week…you’ve been so frustrated and I…I wanna help.”
“My chambers, now,”Loki declared, his king fingers intertwining with yours as he used his energy to form an illusion of you and him far in the corner talking. No one should bother you for at least a little while.
Tumblr media
Loki had rush locked the door, sealed it behind him with his mouth never leaving yours. He was lucky the guards seemed to be distracted by the court and the extravagant party in the ballroom or else he would have been caught pushing you into his chambers.
“You wanna please me, little love, is that what you want?”Loki grunted, feeling your hands popping open the buttons of his shirt. He peeled it off, throwing it to the side as he grasped your cheeks and kissed you senseless.
“Yes, master,”You uttered innocently,”I just..I don’t know how.”
“I’ll teach you,” whispered Loki, pulling away gently to get a look at you in the stunning dress you wore. With a wave of his hand, magic unraveled the fabric and left you exposed in just the light pink panties and bra. His long fingers run over your figure, making the man lick his lips in desire.”Kneel, pet.”
With no hesitation, you sank your knees on the hard floor. You gazed up at him admiration, patiently waiting for his command. Loki unbuckled his trousers, discarding the fabric until he was standing in front of you with his cock heavy in the air.
It’s mouthwatering, resting in front of your face in such an inviting way. Loki admires your reaction, how your lips fall open and how you lean just a little closer as if you are admiring each detail from the angry red tip to the vein that runs along the side. You were entranced by it.
Loki smirked, taking a gentle hold of his cock and tapped the head against your lips, against your face. You feel hot all over just looking at his size, and you have no idea how you’ll ever take him but fuck, you want to.
“Master, it’s…so big,”You admitted, swallowing thickly when you look up at him with soft eyes.
Loki brushed the softness of your cheek with his cock resting against your face.”You ready, my love?”
“Please,” is all you managed to get out before Loki is tapping his cock against your lips.
“Need you spit on it, get it nice and wet for me and stroke it, don’t be shy, touch all you want, love,”Loki instructed you confidently.
You nodded slowly, gathering salvia in your mouth and letting it drip on his cock. With careful hands, you gentle stroke him. His breath hitched at the touch, taking in how you move your hand achingly slow.
“Like this?”
“Yes, fuck, just like that,”Loki grunted, watching you very carefully as you focus so hard on doing good,”Give me a kiss, love, put your lips on me.”
You took in a breath, glancing up at him while you gently press your lips against the head, another kiss to the side while you slowly twisted your hands over his shaft.
“Good girl,”Loki told you,”Wrap your hand around my cock, love, stroke me, just like that, doing so good for me,” His grunts we’re everything to you, proof that you were making him feel good. You squeezed your thighs together, following his every command.”just lick the tip, yeah,”Loki groaned when the heat of your tongue wet the head of his cock,”just like that love, now flatten that tongue and run up my shaft, oh fuck, you’re a fast learner, pretty girl, I’ll have you trained in no time.”
You did everything he said, flattening your tongue over his cock and licking up his shaft. You feel pride in your chest when you can feel his cock twitch against your tongue. You start to feel a little more confident, gliding you tongue over his sensitive cock, tracing the vein with the tip of your tongue.
The Asgardian prince moaned at your actions, the obscene sound echoing in the chamber and it makes you even more eager.
“Do I feel good on your cock, master?” You asked, blinking up at him through your lashes.
Loki nodded with a smirk,“Now, suck, little love, it’s okay, don’t be shy, you’re doing so good,”He praised you, gasping for air when your lips wrapped around the head. You took only a little of him, suckling on the head until you feel comfortable.”You can take more, darling, but what you can’t…use your hands.”
You want to nodded, but instead you just edge your mouth further down his cock. Your lips stretch around him, your eyes never leaving Loki’s as he caresses your face before guiding you head to bob so sinfully on his cock.
“Soon, little love, you’ll be gagging on master’s cock like a good little girl, won’t you?” Loki pushed his cock further into your mouth, gasping as you seemed to be learning quite fast while you sucked just a little harder.
You pull off in a second, gasping for air while you nod at his words,”Yes, master, I…I wanna be good.”
“You are, love, so good, always so eager to please, so willing for me,”Loki swallowed thickly when you opened your mouth for him. You licked up his shaft eagerly, relishing in the taste of his cock until your lips are back around. His cock.
You suck on his cock like a good girl, taking in all the things you’ve learned and take as much as you can. Loki moaned obscenely when his cock hits the back of your throat, making you gag and throat constrict around him. You pulled off with a mess of salvia following your lips from his cock. Your lips are coated in spit, swollen already from your lewd actions.
Loki was impressed by how you reduced him to such a flustered mess with your mouth. His chest was flushed along with his cheeks, Tony’s of red warming him up while you flicked your tongue over the tip experimentally.
His cock throbbed in your mouth, twitching against your tongue while spit dribbled from the edge of your mouth. Loki had to control himself not to thrust into your as half his cock was engulfed in the heat of your pretty lips. Your hands worked him eagerly too, and every single one of his groans went straight to your core, making your cunt throb with need. You really liked making him feel good. If there were a pillow under you, you’d be rutting against it like a kitten in heat.
“Hallow your cheeks, and don’t be afraid to make a mess. I like you messy,”Loki let out a sound from the back of his throat as you fucked your mouth with his cock, and he couldn’t wait for the day he actually go to fuck it, when you could take his cock completely even if it were just for a second.
Your cheeks hallowed, eyes glazed over with want while you sucked and licked. Loki pushed a little further, testing your bounds while more spit spilled your mouth. He can’t help how good it feels, how hot your mouth encompasses him with such desire.
“Fuck, you are such a good girl, taking my cock like you can’t enough of it, a cockslut in training, aren’t you?”Loki moaned, chest heaving as his praises seem to fuel you into bobbing your head on him again. His body reverberated with your moaning against his cock, whining as you got off on his pleasure.“You want my cum, baby? You want master cum in that pretty mouth, or you rather me cover you in it?”
You pulled off him with a lewd pop! and puffy lips. You looked at him with a little smile that’s so innocent that he almost forget you weren’t gagging on his cock seconds ago.”Whatever you want, master.”
“That’s my girl,”He rasped, grasping his cock and smacking it against your lips. You open wide for him, sticking your tongue out playfully. Loki pushed inside your mouth, going as far as you could take him. You gag, but fuck, it feels so good. You’re covered in spit and pre-cum, it’s dripping down your chin. You don’t care anymore, you want Loki to cum and you will do anything to make it happen.
Loki pulled out quickly,”Open, pet, good girl, gonna take my cum, you’re gonna hold it til ‘’ done and only when you…fuck,”He moaned when you kissed the tip while he stroked himself quickly.”You only swallow when I say so.”
You whined in response, steadying yourself by placing your hands against the floor and bent off slightly where your breasts spill slightly over your bra and your ass sticks out for Loki to see. It’s downright sinful how you look, like a pretty pet on all fours waiting to be fed.
Loki moaned loudly, gasping when his cock rests against your open lips and spills into your mouth. A few ropes paint your lips, but the rest seeps against your tongue as Loki finishes &’ your mouth. You hold it for him to see, the salty taste spreading over your taste buds and staining your tongue. It’s only once Loki rides out his high, breathing heavy as he gazes down at you.
He smirked, wiping your lips with his thumb and commanding,”Swallow, little love.”
You swallow thickly, letting his seed wash down your throat before smiling up at him expectantly.”Did..did I do good, master?”
“You did perfectly, princess,”Loki praised again, pulling you up to your feet so you can slot his lips against yours passionately.”You did so good, baby, so good…I think you deserve a reward…get on the bed and spread those pretty thighs for your master, bet this sweet little pussy missed me, huh?”
“Yes, master, yes, I’ve missed you,”You whispered, arms wrapping around his neck to kiss him once more.”Missed you, missed your fingers, your lips…I miss being close.”
“Well, no more of that, love, master’s here, I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere…”
True to his promise, Loki lapped up your sweet juices and used his fingers to rub over that sensitive little pearl until you saw stars. He didn’t make you go to your chambers afterwards, like he should have.
No, he pulled you close and held you instead because as much as he missed these naughty moments, he also missed the ones where he just got to have you in his arms.
Loki glanced down at you sound asleep in his arms, worn out with the sore jaw you had complained about shortly after he made you cry out his name. He had chuckled and kissed your jaw, he kissed you and talked until you were too tired to keep your own eyes open. It was in that moment he decided he wasn’t going to let anyone keep him from these moments, the ones where you giggle and talk while you trace shapes into his bare chest.
No one was gonna keep him from you ever again.
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lokiskitten · 2 days ago
hiii can you please do tom as dad's best friend/co-worker where they finally meet each other in her dad's office? and that y/n dad have to take an urgen flight trip thats why he needed tom to look after y/n for a couple of days. lots of sexual tension and dirty talk! (also age gap if that's alright with you?) 😌 make it real smutty and kinky u know the drill :) ty!!
Tom Hiddleston | unique babysitter
Tom Hiddleston x fem!reader
Tumblr media
plot : being a single father, your dad has no choice but to leave you at home with a friend after he has been called for an urgent business travel. Surprisingly enough, you manage to end up enjoying Tom’s exhilarating company.
warnings : smut, age gap, dirty talking, slight dub/con, virgin!reader, innocence kink, dry humping, unprotected sex, slight after care and cuddling.
Around a week ago, your dad had finally agreed to take you to his office in order for you to discover his job. You had never really understood the way he made a living, and it had therefore been the occasion for you to get to learn more about his work whilst earning the chance to spend some extra time with him. Ever since your mom had left, you had allowed yourself to drift away from your father- an unwilling habit which had brought harm to the two of you throughout the years. But now was your chance to do better by supporting the older man through his daily life and by letting him know that he was not alone. Though, your little trip to his office had allowed you to meet with one of his closest coworkers : a so called Tom Hiddleston.
The man worked at the desk next to your dad’s, which allowed you to get a good view of his friend whilst they both worked. The room remained silent- the sounds of the keyboards being put to good use offering a pretty symphony. Your orbs would sometimes divert towards the infamous older man, feeling your cheeks heat up whenever his blue eyes would take notice of your stares and look up at you- leading your embarrassed self to look away. From the corner of your eyes, you could tell that this gesture had amused him due to the way his lips seemed to curl up whilst his chest bobbed upwards gently. Your hands fidgeted together, this little game lasting through the entire afternoon until it was finally time for you and your father to go home. But even after disappearing from one another’s sight, none of you appeared to forget about the other.
The next day, your dad had announced to you that he would be forced to leave for a couple of days due to an important business offer he simply couldn’t push away. At first, you felt okay with it... until this one added up that his coworker and friend, Tom, would be in charge of taking care of you for the few upcoming days. This stroke anxiety within your heart. The man you had desperately stared at for hours yesterday would now be assigned as your babysitter? The thought of getting to spend time alone with him was surely exciting, but also intimidating. Therefore, you decided to use arguments in order to dodge your father’s announcement, and potentially call off this whole babysitter issue which you believed was unnecessary for a girl such as you.
The first argument you decide to pull up was the fact that you were eighteen, and therefore not in need of a babysitter anymore. You could take care of yourself, which you did whenever your father was at work. But to the older man, this wasn’t the issue. He felt pleased to remind you what had happened the last time he had trusted you to be alone for a couple of days, and you had no choice but to remain silent face to his prominent argument, and your lack of snap back. Even though you could’ve probably explained that this event took place a couple of years back, and that you were now a legal adult to society, you decided to submit to your father’s announcement and decision.
Coming back to the present, you were currently sat in the living room whilst waiting for Tom to arrive. Your father had left a couple of minutes ago already, as he didn’t wish to miss his plane due to his coworker being late- who he trusted in taking good care of you. But little did he know, the older man would do much more than simply cook dinner for the two of you before tucking you in for a good night of sleep. When the bell finally rang, your head diverted towards the door in a hurry before your whole silhouette made an effort to get up from the sofa in order to reach for the entry of your home. Nervously, your hand took ahold of the handle before twisting it and allowing the door to open, revealing your dad’s smily coworker. “Good evening, Princess. I’m sorry I’m late.” He affirmed as your eyes slowly slid down towards the postman bag he carried on his right shoulder.
Face to your prolonged silence, he decided to step in one more time. “May I come in?” Tom asked, hoping that this sentence would manage to pull you out of your thoughts. And it did. “Oh yes, sure. I’m sorry...” You responded, an awkward chuckle escaping your lips as you moved to the side in order to let the older man step inside of your house. As soon as Tom laid a foot of onto the floor of your home, you felt a rather uncomfortable sensation take over your organism. It was a mix of excitement- that due to his handsomeness and attractive aura- and anxiety. A single pressure applied on the door was enough to have it close, trapping the two of you inside of the construction. And from that point, things progressively started to get more risky.
If Tom had agreed to sit down at the living room’s table to work at first, he soon caught interest in your silhouette and the things your curves could potentially offer him. During the first evening you spent together, things remained rather quiet and calm. All he did was look at you from the corner of his eye once in a while, and so did you whenever you felt like allowing your hormones to win over your good sense. You had been the one to cook dinner, and the older man hadn’t stopped praising the meal you had taken time to prepare whilst he worked. You got the chance to listen to a few of his personal informations- such as his nice lifestyle as a single man who enjoyed cooking for himself, as a hobby. Tom even promised to be the chief tomorrow evening, a bargain which led you to feel more comfortable in his presence.
The next day was when you finally started to feel more comfortable about your father’s coworker living in your house. You didn’t get to see him during the day due to college, but coming back in the evening knowing you would be able to spend time with the older man never failed to make you feel excited. Tom had progressively let go of his work, claiming he had taken a one week remunerated break in order to spend some extra time with you. The days went along, and you found yourself skipping class as well to attend the man’s offers about going out to various places. Calling your dad to check up on him wasn’t a priority anymore, which easily led you to bump into multiple missed calls when you finally made your way back up to your room after spending a day with his friend.
On this delightful Friday evening, you had been given the honor to taste Tom’s most famous recipe : bolognese. The dinner went on wonderfully, and you soon found yourself bloated with sauce and pasta- a visual proof that you had indeed enjoyed the meal he had prepared. Wiping the corner of his mouth with a napkin, Tom’s blue orbs stared at your exhausted self who still tried to recover from the amount of food you had previously ingested. It had exhaust you. “I guess I won’t be asking you how it went, seeing the emptiness of your plate.” He affirmed with a chuckle before reaching out for both of your stained yet empty plates in order to carry them until the sink. Shifting in your seat, you allowed your vision to divert away from your guest for a moment- which Tom didn’t fail to notice.
With a smirk appearing on the corner of his lips, the man proceeded to rest the plates down on the workspace before silently making his way back to you, sitting down in the chair which was positioned next to yours before leaning in and allowing his lips to collide with your neck. You obviously reacted face to this unexpected sensation, body shaking just so slightly as you tiredly leant backwards in order to break the contact. “What? What are you doing?” You asked awkwardly, earning an amused smile from the older man. His hand travelled up to your hair, blue orbs following his own gesture as he brushed a strand behind your ear. “Just treating you the way you deserve. You’re a grown woman after all, aren’t you? And adults communicate with one another.” He purred seductively, those few words sending chills down your spine.
“So I’m letting you know... I want you.” He finished, hand still toying with your hair as both your heart and mind fell apart on the instant. Had you heard that right? Was your father’s friend truly offering you to hookup under his coworker’s own roof- a man who had given him his trust to look after his only daughter? But the will to rebel and prove to the world that you weren’t a child anymore turned out to be stronger then your good sense and the respect you held for your dad. Your cheeks heated up as you made eye contact with Tom again, a welcoming smile appearing his lips which led you to fall for him even more. “Okay...” you responded to his previous statement in an awkward manner, leading the adult’s smile to intensify. “Okay.” He repeated happily, hand sliding down to your thigh in order to take ahold of yours.
Tom easily managed to get you to stand up, leading you out of the kitchen and upstairs as his thumb gently rubbed against the back of your hand. Again, you felt excited yet anxious- still questioning whether yes or not you should give in his certainly appetizing offer. But before you knew it, the older man had managed to reach your father’s room- the room Tom had been occupying throughout the journey- which possessed a bigger bed for the two of you to enjoy. His first reflex was to turn on the lights before closing the door, those two gestures requiring for him to let go of your hand which allowed you to move closer to the bed without his help. “Ever done this before?” Tom asked empathetically as his silhouette turned towards yours, both his hands resting on his hips as if he was trying to contain certain pulsions.
Even if you felt ashamed of the answer you were about to give, you still trusted the man enough not to make fun of you nor make any degrading remarks about your sexual life. “Not really.” You answered as he moved closer to you, head bowed down to be able to make proper eye contact. “That’s okay.” He reassured, his hand moving up to your shoulder which he squeezed gently. “I’ll make sure to take good care of you.” Finished the male, his fingers now taking ahold of your chin only to lead your head to look up. Your lips aligned with his, his head slowly moving down towards yours until your closed mouths finally pressed against one another. This was the chastest kiss anyone had ever given you- which reinforced the feeling of safety you felt whenever it came to Tom. Though he quickly ended up softly breaking the contact in order to make sure you were okay.
You silently sucked in your bottom lip, as if you wanted to get some extra taste of his lips even after he had decided to break the kiss. Allowing your lower piece of rosy flesh to go, your orbs finally diverted upwards in order to make eye contact with the man who had just filled you with bliss. “I liked this.” You admitted, earning a smile from your partner. His hands travelled up to the first button of his shirt, progressively undoing the links until his bellybutton and abdominals were revealed to your innocent sight. Those assets made you shiver, and Tom could easily tell that you were too shy to step forward and lay your pretty hands onto his flesh. Smirking, the man dodged your silhouette in order to reach for the bed, removing his shirt through the process before allowing it to drop to the floor.
You watched silently as he sat down on the edge of the furniture, inviting you to take place beside him by laying gentle taps on the spot next to his thigh. Your submitted self obeyed, feet leading you towards your master until you finally took place beside him. “You’re such an obedient girl.” Tom praised, seemingly enjoying the way you agreed to follow all of his commands. An intimidated chuckle escaped your lips as his hand once again traveled up to your face, caressing your facial features and brushing your hair back in the loveliest manner. You couldn’t help but stare at his crouched abdominals, the way his skin formed muscular rolls for you to appreciate and praise. After all, it was the first time you ever saw a grown man bare chested in such an intimate situation.
“You want to remove a couple of layers? It’s the least we could do.” Tom offered gently, making sure to use the proper tone in order not to scare you off- and mostly in order to lead you to accept his proposition. Again, you agreed, standing up from the bed before removing your sweatshirt by pulling it over your head. Your bare breasts were revealed to his sight, though his blue orbs remained mainly focused on the skin of your waist and stomach. He found the bellybutton and stomach as a very attractive part of the female anatomy, and couldn’t potentially get enough of staring at this area of your body. Of course the grown man also felt grateful to be able to get a peak of your breasts- which he would make sure to cherish and praise later on.
His hands bluntly moved up to your waist as you took place between his legs, blue orbs still looking up at you before Tom allowed himself to lay a kiss onto your stomach. You abdominals contracted due to the small tingle you felt within you skin as the older man now took care of laying trails of gentle kisses down your belly. Looking down at him, you allowed your digits to travel up to his perfectly groomed hair before passing your fingers through the strands, messing up his mane in the softest manner. You were able to feel his lips perk upwards, indicating that your gestures were visibly making him smile. It reassured you to be aware of such a positive reaction.
After reaching the waistband of your joggers, Tom stopped himself through his track in order to take another look at your facial features- which in his humble opinion were perfect. Besides, spending time with someone who was younger than him somewhat sent the man back to his youthful days as well; which provided Tom a very blissful feeling. Without breaking eye contact, he began to unbuckle his belt before undoing the button of his jeans without even taking care of sliding the leather material out of the confines of his pants. Though he unfortunately found himself forced to look away after struggling to undo his button, your orbs still staring down towards his veiny hands which worked hard to reach their goal.
Once this step was finally over with, Tom placed a hand on your hip in order to gently move you backwards so that he could stand up from the bed. You could tell by his frustrated appearance that he seemingly couldn’t wait to end up in bed and fully naked with you. Though he always kept a reassuring smile on his face, even whilst pulling his jeans down to his ankle before stepping out of the piece of clothing. The grown man now stood in his briefs, feeling no form of shame nor embarrassment face to your younger self. Besides, there simply was nothing he could’ve potentially feel ashamed of. His body was perfect. A chuckle escaped his lips upon witnessing how clueless you appeared, a sight which could only make him feel more confident through the overall process.
“Well, kitten... there’s nothing you should be ashamed of. Real men are nothing like the boys you see at school.” He insisted, referring to how male teenagers often found many reasons to criticize the female anatomy and make young girls feel insecure. And his tone sounded extremely genuine- which was what led you to finally unleash your silhouette from all these pieces of clothings. You nodded silently, hands moving down to the waistband of your joggers before you slid the material down to your ankles. Sitting back down on the edge of the bed, you proceeded to remove the cloth from your ankles, now revealing your underwear to a rather eager Tom.
He jumped on this handy occasion to gracefully climb on the bed and lay down on the spot where he usually slept, waiting for you to be done and hand out the green flag like the gentleman that he is. Looking back at him, you once again felt your cheeks heat up due to crossing another line of the process. He smiled. “Don’t be shy. I want you.” Tom begged, arm extending towards your chest as an invitation for you to get closer- which you did. Now laying down next to each other, your hands rested against his chest as your bodies faced one another, feeling the warmth which emitted from his skin. He looked down at you, head leaning down and once again seeking for your lips before he was finally able to press them against yours.
You kissed back, now feeling more comfortable as his arms wrapped around your back in order to gently get himself on top of your body. You were consensually overcome by his much larger silhouette, one of your hands moving up to his shoulders as you carried on giving back what the man was generously offering you. As soon as grunts and low moans began to escape his lips, you could tell that things were about to move faster from this moment- legs spreading a little bit wider as you allowed the man to grind his hips against yours. You were able to feel his hardening member collide with and rub against your own clothed genitals- movements which soon led your entrance to leak juices and stains your panties.
“Look at you..” Tom began, breaking the kiss for a few seconds in order to catch his breath and finish his sentence. He was panting. “Legs already spread wide open for me.” The man stated, speaking nothing but obvious facts. You blushed. No one had ever spoken to you in such a way, and especially not on that specific tone which turned out to be quite exhilarating. Now moving his head down against the crook of your neck, you were able to feel warmth take over both your chest and crotch due to Tom still grinding his hips against yours. The movements stimulated your clit, sending chills down your spine and leading more love juice to leak out of your throbbing core. And even if the older man appeared more eager about the situation when it came to visuals, your soul was definitely suffocating with pleasure even if you remained slightly motionless and silent.
Sitting up on his knees, a smirking Tom made eye contact with you as he allowed himself to slide off your panties; taking them off your legs before carelessly dropping them to the side. Such a small piece of clothing certainly wouldn’t be a bother through your shared intercourse, which was the reason to why he decided not to pay much attention to where it landed. Besides, your father’s coworker felt too excited about what was to come to even care about such an irrelevant detail. You were panting, still trying to recover from this first contact which had left you damaged with pleasure and excitement. Though, little did you know, the real fun was only about to begin.
“My pretty girl’s got a pretty little cunt.” He praised, his fingers sticking together as he brought his hand down between your legs. You shivered, sucking in your bottom lip in anticipation to his upcoming touch. It would be the first time you would get touched by a man, by someone else than your own self. A part of you wondered how it was going to feel, though the second one couldn’t help but grow anxious and worried. However, before you could even think any further, you felt Tom’s fingertips collide with your sensitive core- sending chills down your spine and easily leading your hole to squeeze and contract. He chuckled, appreciating his good work and feeling satisfied about the way he managed to make you feel. Though, it wasn’t like Tom had ever disappointed a woman in bed before.
One of the older man’s hands landed beside your face, Tom holding himself up with the help of his left arm whilst his other hand took care of pleasing your core. His fingertips rubbed up and down your clit, sometimes pinching the hardened bud and manhandling it perfectly. His aim was to get your entrance to loosen up for him; and that especially after he took notice that you were a virgin. Tom wanted this intercourse to be pleasing for you too, and he was willing to use any tactic in order to help you to relax. His lips landed against yours again, trapping your moan within his cavity and pushing it back inside of your mouth with the help of his tongue penetrating your moist entry.
Once your moans began to get progressively higher pitched, Tom felt like it was now the right time to initiate you to the pleasures he was certainly going to provide you. Taking his soaked fingertips up to his lips, he allowed his tongue to taste the sweet juices before both his hands took ahold of the waistband of his briefs which was soon to be slid down to his mid thighs. You didn’t dare to look, eyes still staring at the ceiling until your view was blocked by your partner’s facial features. He smiled and you smiled back. “Well hello.” Teased the older man, a few words which easily led you to chuckle. In the position you two had adopted, you were able to feel his rocking hard shaft press against your clit- a sensation that didn’t fail to make you feel nervous.
“You ready, Princess?” Questioned your dad’s coworker, your legs immediately spreading a tad wider upon hearing those few words. Another kiss was laid on your lips, probably in order to distract you from the slight pain which was about to follow. And before you could know it, a warm mass was pressed against your cavity, soon penetrating your entrance and pushing past your hymen that broke on the instant. A high pitched groan escaped your lips which led Tom to intensify the kiss, his hips jumping on the occasion to move closer to yours until his cock had reached balls deep. Slowly pulling away from your face, his ocean blue orbs made eye contact with yours, analyzing your facial features in order to find out whether you were truly suffering or not.
“This is just temporary.” Promised the man, your entrance unwillingly clenching around his shaft which led him to let out a guttural moan. Taking his attention off you for a minute, Tom’s face looked down at your rubbing crotches- as if he wanted to make sure he was properly inside- before his head tilted upwards again. Noticing how you now appeared more relaxed, he was soon to begin the thrusting process- slow movements at first which progressively increased in pace with time. The friction created by the intercourse felt absolutely blissful- filling your soul with excitement and leading your heart to race. You were able to feel the muscle pump blood through your entire system as Tom continued to grind his hips against yours, happy grunts escaping his lips.
Both his arms slid underneath your shoulders, taking ahold of them in order to keep you more still through the pleasant process- and make it easier for him to thrust. Tom felt entirely satisfied with the situation that had taken place- taking notice of how you appeared to enjoy it too which could only make his member throb out of pleasure. Though his masculine ego still pushed him to check in order to receive a verbal confirmation. “You enjoyin’ this?” The man asked breathlessly, earning a single moan and nod from your exhilarated self. The man then proceeded to unexpectedly pull out, offering you no time to understand before you were flipped over onto your stomach. This once his hands landed on your bum, spreading your cheeks apart and admiring the way your entrance leaked with love juice. It looked extremely welcoming, and Tom was soon to step inside of your intimate home for the second time.
Feeling his cock penetrate you again brushed all of your worries away, eyelids shutting close as you began to be rocked back and forth against the bedsheets. Even without being able to see his face, you still managed to enjoy everything that Tom was providing you with on the instant. You could feel his pubic bone collide with your skin of your bum, your nipples perking up against the confines of the bedsheets. “Fuck baby.. So tight and juicy for me.” He praised, leaning down in order to offer your neck rough kisses and gentle bites. You moaned tiredly, rubbing your cheek against his like a cat would do against his owner’s legs. He had managed to take possession of your soul, and there was now only one way out.
Time passed, and Tom’s thrusts progressively began to grow sloppier. Being inexperienced, you couldn’t exactly tell that this indicated he was about to reach his high, though the way he appeared more tired and less energetic than before certainly gave you a clue regarding his state. Frowning out of exhaussement, the grown man was finally filled with temporary satisfaction upon sensing his shaft throb and pump semen out of his testicles in order to have the liquid spray out of his sensitive urethra. His semence stained your walls, giving no chance to the flesh of your cervix which was drowned in the thick liquid. You two moaned in harmony- this warm sensation providing you with one last bit of pleasure before your dad’s coworker agreed to pull out of you.
He collapsed on the bedsheets next to you, hand resting on his chest as he panted in order to recover from this intense moment. With the bit of energy that you had left, you managed to crawl until his silhouette in order to offer him a well needed hug, your arms burying against his ribcage as Tom was soon to turn to his side and secure your naked self with his large and muscular members. Feeling the warmth of his flesh in a whole other way still felt as satisfying as before, this cuddle providing you with as much happiness and bliss than the previous intercourse had.
Hullo thanks for reading! Thank you for liking and supporting my work. I genuinely hope you’re doing well! Take care.
Taglist : @theaudacitytowrite @bucky-soldat @winteralpine @fa-me @ineffablefanic @rosie-posie08 @marygut1407 @wildxwidow @tabea3 @delightfulheartdream @arzennn @sweetiepiexox-blog1 @alicegrayson @cherrygeek86 @lokilaufeysonicon @pescadoavocado
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Thinking thots about professor!loki 😀 like, he’s trying to be supportive and professional but you just can’t get your work in on time can you? And as for your attitude…is there nobody to correct it? Or will it be left up to him?
Professor Loki
Tumblr media
Pairing: Prof! Loki x Reader
Warnings: 18+
Tom Hiddleston/Loki Taglist – @delightfulheartdream @what-a-flammable-heart @castiels-majestic-wings @lokis-leah
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“Miss (Y/L/N), I’d like to see you in my office please.”
Your heartbeats quickened as your favourite professor leaned over his desk, eyeing you with a look that made you press your thighs together in anticipation.
It was funny how every single time he spoke the rest of the class was just a blur.
You weren’t sure what it was about him, the velvety voice, the smooth accent, the way those piercing blues seemed to undress you every time they fell on you.
Yeah…you weren’t sure.
Mutual passion for history aside, there was all that sexual tension between you that pulled you in, wanting and wishing for more. The whole mysterious enigma he had about him only added fuel to fire.
A snap of slender fingers in front of your face broke you out of your reverie, letting you know that the class had emptied leaving you and Professor Laufeyson alone.
“Uh sorry, Mr Laufeyson. I—I’ll see you in five minutes?”
He chuckled, turning his back to you before murmuring a ‘I’ll be waiting’ over his shoulder leaving you flustered as ever.
You’d be lying if you denied ever having dirty thoughts about being bent over his desk while he had his way with you.
It had been rather hard trying to keep up with all of the assignments and your big crush wasn’t helping.
Your mind wandered often, to scenarios where you were being punished for being bad, have him spank the brat outta you until your ass turned red, be taught a proper lesson.
Those damn butterflies were back as you took a deep breath, knocking on the office door gently. After hearing a faint ‘come in’, you stepped inside to find Professor Loki resting against his wooden desk, arms crossed and waiting.
“Miss (L/N), I’ve been expecting you. Now, about your punishment..”
Tumblr media
Friday hoe hours?!
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cocoamoonmalfoy · a day ago
Honey Drunk
Tumblr media
Summary: You’re trying to live out your cottagecore dreams and the next thing on your list: making mead. Loki just delays the plan a little.
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x reader
A/n: blame or thank @amayatheowl for this one for giving me the idea 😭😂 light smut ahead 😘 18+ only!
Tumblr media
It’s a fact universally known that autumn is by far the best season. It’s got the best aesthetics, the best foods, the prettiest sights, it’s like the world is at its happiest as it sheds the cloying heat of summer. New Asgard in autumn, well you don’t know what the old land looked like but you figured it had a hard time comparing to this. Oranges and yellows splashed over evergreens. The slight bite of chill from the wind was combated perfectly by the gentle warmth of the mid afternoon sun. Autumn was also the best time for you to live out your cottagecore dreams.
You skipped happily alongside your boyfriend Loki after a fun day of apple picking and cider drinking with all of your goodies in hand. Well, and floating surrounded by green seidr behind the pair of you. You each had a beautiful woven basket filled with apples in one hand and were joined with the other. There wasn’t a clank or jostle to be heard from the several jars of local honey wrapped safe in Loi’s magic.
“Did you enjoy it?” Loki asked with a smile, but you knew he only asked because he loved hearing that you were happy. With him and your new life here with him. He asked you a variation of it daily.
“Completely! The apples are so good and I can’t wait to can and bake with them! Maybe make some caramel apples too. And the honey was such a score! Maybe we should get a hive, Loki.”
“Perhaps you can hold off on that until the rabbits you got are fully settled before we start a new venture?” he chuckled, squeezing your hand and pulling you just a little closer on the stone road you were walking.
“Fine, if you want to do things that make sense, I guess we can do that,” you pouted theatrically and he simply shook his head.
“Are you still warm enough?” He had been fretting over you with every slight breeze because you were just out in a milkmaid dress and a bulky knitted cardigan.
“What would you do? Give me the flannel off your back?”
“I prefer to keep my nudity confined to our home, thank you,” he said, pretending to be scandalized, but you knew it took way more for that to happen.
“We may not all be frost giants, babe, but I assure you I will not become an icicicle before we make it home. I can literally see our front door from here.”
Of all the beautiful sights of New Asgard, your home together was your favorite. A picturesque cottage with an overflowing garden, a picket gate leading to your backyard where the soft clucks of quails carried from. It was like your ideal Pinterest board had manifested in this land, and you could never get a straight answer from Loki whether it actually had been or not…
You both made your way inside, going straight for the homey kitchen. Looking at all your wares from the day brought the giddiness back into your chest. There was just so much you could do with what you had! Pies, applesauce, cobblers, turnovers, hell it was all at your fingertips with a simple google search and youtube video. There had yet to be an activity you hadn’t been able to (eventually) get once you set your mind to it. You grasped a couple of the honey jars from Loki’s magic. Perfectly golden and clear, you couldn’t wait to use them.
You gasped, an idea forming. “Loki, I can totally make my own mead!”
“What?” he asked with the same indulgent exasperation of each new project you proposed.
“We got all this honey! I just know we can! And how Asgardian would I be after making my own freaking mead? We’re absolutely doing this. Oo, let me start a pinterest board,” you said, unlocking your phone. Before you could even swipe to the app, the phone was plucked out of your hands by elegant pale fingers. “Hey!”
He held it behind his back with a smile. “Perhaps we should actually sample this honey first? Before you begin such… enterprising plans?”
You tried to pout through the smile but it didn’t quite work for you. “Fine.” Loki smiled wider and revealed his hand but instead of your phone, there was a jar of the honey from the orchard in his grip, already opened with a honey wand inside of it.
“Let’s have a taste, shall we?”
“Well what do you want to try it on? We have some nuts or those scones I made yesterday. We could slice one of the apples up too. Or maybe in tea?” He hummed as he withdrew the wand from the jar. The honey slowly dripped to a taper from the ridged end of the stick.
“I had something a bit different in mind.”
Loki tipped your head up with a finger under your chin. Your lips parted naturally as you looked up into the mischievous green of his. “I find that honey is best enjoyed from the source.” He drizzled the wand over your mouth and you opened wider, sticking out your tongue a bit. Natural sweetness burst on your tongue, floral notes and sunny highlights danced on your taste buds. You closed your mouth to savor the flavors, but you felt a sticky thin trail fall over your jaw and down your collarbone dangerously close to the valley of your breasts.
The glass clunks sharply on the stone as he puts the jar down. He dipped his head and his warm tongue met the honey drop that crept down the swell of your breast.
“Loki,” you said, trying to put a halfhearted bit of warning in your voice. He was a trickster god, he could be sneaky when he wanted and he wasn’t even trying to disguise his intent with you. He hummed innocently as he followed the trail up to your neck.
His warm tongue licked along, gathering up the stickiness off of your skin. At the end of his journey, he captured your lips, spreading the sweet flavor across your tongue with his own. Loki grasped your waist with a groan as he delved into your mouth. He pulled panting moans from you effortlessly and you reveled in the way he seemed not to be able to pull you close enough. A growl came from him in frustration before he lifted you up and onto the counter.
He shoved the cardigan from your shoulders and the straps of your dress along with it. Large hands ran along the revealed skin as you worked the buttons of his green flannel. Now it’s your turn to feel up the familiar planes of his cool, alabaster skin. Loki sighed, soaking in the warmth from your seeking hands. He cupped your face, teasingly biting your bottom lip before kissing a path back down. He made way for his affections, tucking his fingertips into the top of the dress and tugging it down all the way to your waist. He laved at your bare breasts, sucking one of your hardened buds into his mouth firmly. A desperate gasp tumbled from your mouth and filled the kitchen. His hands were still on the move, skating up your legs from your ankles past your knees, catching the hem of your dress and shoving it up.
A thrill shot up your spine as he met your eye, sinking down to his knees. You shuddered at the unencumbered lust that darkened his eyes. He pulled your panties down your legs where it’s left to dangle on one foot.
“As I said before, darling, honey is best from the source.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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oliviabelova · 18 hours ago
Special Announcement!!!!
I know I really don’t write anything on here but I’m very happy to announce you’re about to get some proper content!
After a lot of planning and work, my amazingly talented cousin and I have finally decided to start posting our ✨masterpiece✨ of a Marvel fic:
Tumblr media
It’s been lots of fun (and hard work) writing this new series for you guys and I hope you enjoy!
For Liv Caroll, life has always been a fight. Ever since she lost her parents at age six, in the same lab accident that gave her her powers, it’s been one thing after another.
Living on the street with her new friend and “little sister” Kaitlyn and becoming a talented thief in the Brooklyn underground. Losing Kaitlyn to a gunshot wound in a fight against a mysterious group, disguised as the U.S. Army and killing nearly ten attackers. Being brainwashed by H.Y.D.R.A. and trained to become the deadliest assassin known to man: дочь смерти.
Liv is a killer, lost and alone since she broke free from H.Y.D.R.A‘s grip on her life. For nearly three years, she travels across the world, killing H.Y.D.R.A agents and burning everything in her wake, until she finally seeks out her mother’s cousin, Tony Stark and her old friend, Natasha Romanoff, joining Earth’s mightiest heroes, the Avengers, in the crusade against evil. Liv’s uneasy relationship with the world and her bitter fights with America’s Golden boy lead her to discover that maybe the world is not as cruel as it seems and that having a family isn’t as far away as it seems.
Sigrid Tìrsdottir is a child of Asgard in every possible way. From her father's position as Odin's right hand, to her lessons in magic with Frigga. Her childhood was spent running through the palace with her closest friends, Thor and Loki. Sigrid had always gravitated towards the second son, his power, so similar to her own, was intoxicating. They were two sides of the same coin.
Only, Odin noticed this too. Already worried about his younger son's ambition, and not wanting Sigrid to walk the same path, when she comes of age he sends her off to join Thor's band of warriors. Sigrid left Asgard for years, giving Thor her complete loyalty, and in doing so, leaving Loki alone. But she still thinks about him, fears for him, longs to see him. It's only years later, after Sigrid follows Thor all the way down to Midgard, that they meet again.
Only, it's on opposite sides of the battlefield.
Tagging so mutuals <3 please don’t let this flop @nymeria-of-winterfell @rexwastaken @widowdeckersrep @jurassicobsessor @evostokoff @rooskaya-yelena @stephanieromanoff @littlekidsteve @ohsweetvenom @thewildseuphoria @sanguine-saber @adoraweisz @faramir-stan @xx-alex-damaged-xx @zalie @romanticgumchewer-reactivated @entishramblings @toomanynotifications @im-constantly-fangirling @mrs-brekker15 and everyone else I love you guys so much ❤️❤️❤️
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The new arrivals- Part 10
Sorry for posting this a bit later today, I've not been feeling too great. This one's a bit heavy guys, sorry in advance!
My master post is here with all the other parts!
Pairing: Loki x Female reader
Summary: You are Y/N the Goddess of Victory, niece of Tony Stark and you run the Avengers training facility based in the Highlands of Scotland. Thor, Loki and a ship full of Asgardians arrive and you need to help.
Word count: 2.8K
Warnings: No Smut again (Sorry! it will be coming back soon!) Mentions of miscarriage and emotional trauma so if your triggered by these please do not read!
Any Likes, comments and reblogs are always appreciated! Thank you for all the love so far. You guys are amazing! 🖤💚🖤
Let me know if you want me to keep writing more! And if you want added to the tag list!
@word-addict-lisette @with-inked-solace @queen-of-mischief @faraum @xaquarianqueenx
Tumblr media
Blinking awake, in a blinding white room, you tried to sit up but the sharp pain in your abdomen, combined with the wires hanging off you made you sigh and groan. “Am I dead?” you tried to ask out loud, but your voice croaked into a whisper. Thor’s head shot up, from the sofa next to your bed as he noticed you had awoken, his face unkept with a scruffy beard covering his face. “Brother!! Brother!! She’s awake” Thor bellowed making you wince, sending another wave of pain through your poor, battered body. A frantic Loki scrambled and appeared at your door to your room, his eyes bloodshot and all the colour drained from his already pale face, He looked like he had been crying, a lot. He rushed over to your bedside taking your hand in his, kissing your forehead gently, trying not to hurt you further. “I’ll leave you in my bother’s capable hands Y/N. I’ll come back soon with Stark” Thor sympathetically smiled, patting your foot through the bed linen supportively. “My love, I’m so sorry for everything” Loki whispered shaking his head, tears running down his exhausted face as he gently stroked your hair away from your clammy face. “Loki, it wasn’t your fault, I was reckless and overconfident. Did we at least win?” You asked, weakly raising your hand to cup the tear-stained God’s face, gently running your thumb over his cheek, wiping away his tears, as he placed his hand over yours leaning into your touch. “There’s more Y/N.” Loki said solemnly, sitting on your bed and wrapping you in his arms. “The doctors had to keep you out for a few weeks after your surgery while your body began to heal” He continued, the gravity of what he was saying finally hitting you, as you pulled down your blanket to expose your bandage wrapped abdomen. “I had surgery?” you blinked shocked and remembering being stabbed. You tried to sit up again, only to hit your head in frustration off the pillow as you couldn’t manage it through the pain. “Shh shh darling, don’t try to move” Loki gently said, while cradling your head with his hands, pulling you close to his chest. “The damage the spear did to your abdomen perforated your uterus my love. You nearly bled out in my arms; Thor had to transport you back to the medical facility in the avenger’s compound in New York by Bifrost.” He paused, debating weather or not to continue. “Loki what is it? Just tell me “you said, pulling away from him and looking into his eyes, that where once again filling with tears. “The doctors also said you were with child Y/N, it was very early, only a few weeks, but with the trauma your body sustained my love. Our child was lost” Loki said tears freely flowing down his face. You couldn’t fully process the weight of what Loki was saying to you. You heard a wail of pain that made your blood run cold, it wasn’t until you felt the tears running down your own face and Loki gripping you tighter than before, that you realised the voice screaming in anguish was you. You slipped your hands down to cradle your bandaged abdomen, thinking of what could have been as the loss hit you like a freight train. Screaming and sobbing you laid there in Loki’s arms for what felt like an eternity. Eventually, as Loki continued to comfort you, stroking your hair, just wishing he could take the pain away from you, your tears had only stopped because you felt numb. The only thing you could feel now was sheer exhaustion. You leant into Loki’s chest as you let the comforting blackness take you anywhere but this nightmare.
When you awoke it was morning again, the bright light pouring through the window as medical staff came and went, checking your vitals and your wounds. You managed to sit up in your bed, looking over at Loki, who was asleep on the sofa across from you, still wearing the same clothes from the day before. You looked around your hospital room, decorated with cards and flowers from various members of the team, you smiled slightly at the sight of the bright flowers, a symbol of the love and well wishes every member of the team had for you. Then you spotted Mjølnir, sitting on the coat hook next to the door. As if on instinct you held out your hand, making the hammer land into your open palm, purple energy coursing through your body as you felt your wounds heal to the point of being able to get out of your sick bed. It may have been able to partially heal your physical wounds, but the emotional damage felt stronger than ever. You looked at the sleeping Loki, he looked so peaceful. You knew he didn’t deserve the amount of pain he had been through, and you couldn’t help but feel responsible for a large part of that pain as you let out a sigh. You took one last loving look at him, tears falling from your purple eyes as you left and headed towards your shared room. It was still early enough that you could avoid the remaining avengers who where still in New York. You were determined to set things right. Thanos and Proxima had now taken more from you than you where prepared to deal with. You weren’t letting this slide any longer, Thanos was going to die by your hand. After suiting up in your shared bedroom and strapping Mjølnir to your new weapons belt clipped to your waist. You knew that the fastest way to Thanos and his goons was via Bifrost, partly because you weren’t willing to wait for your revenge, and also because you had no idea where Thanos could possibly be. You quickly grabbed a piece of paper from your bedside unit, writing:
“My dearest Loki, By the time you read this I will be far away. I’m sorry if my leaving will cause you more pain, but I assure you, it’ll cause you less pain than if I was to remain in New York. I’m sorry for the pain I’ve put you through, and I’m sorry you and our child had to pay the price for my recklessness. I’ll hopefully return once I’ve put this right and avenged your suffering, our child, and my mother. Thanos will pay for everything he’s ever done to us and our family. If I’m unsuccessful, then know that this wasn’t your fault, and don’t blame yourself, it was my decision, and you wouldn’t have been able to stop me. Please forgive me my love and if you can’t, then please forget me. Love always your Y/N”
Tears were running down your face, dripping onto the letter, as you sat it on your bed, sitting Loki’s horned helmet next to it. You where about to leave when you spotted the open wardrobe door, with one of Loki’s leather armoured jackets sticking out, the intricately laced and decorated emerald-green stitching and golden metal panels, surrounded by black armoured leather all cascading down with an emerald-green interior. You took the sleeve in your hands feeling the soft, cold leather and took in the intoxicating scent of Loki. Taking out the jacket you put it on you, enveloping yourself in his scent, taking great comfort in having part of him close to you while you set out on your dangerous mission. You snuck down the hallway to Thor’s room, using your magic to gently open the door, and levitate into the room, determined not to make a noise. Thor was passed out on his bed, snoring so loudly that even had you been walking he wouldn’t have heard you, you held out your hand and Storm-Breaker flew into it, the axe feeling slightly heavier than you had previously remembered. You silently retreated from Thors room before heading back towards the main living area, finding young Peter Parker passed out, asleep on the couches. He stirred as you approached, “Shit” you thought, stopping you in your tracks, as peter blinked sleepily and sitting up, turning to you. “Y/N?” he said, rubbing his eyes, “Hi and bye Peter. Don’t tell anyone you seen me” You warned him, as you held storm-breaker above your head mimicking what you had seen Thor doing, as you were engulfed in a bright rainbow light, you seen Loki running towards you, looking terrified and screaming your name, gripping your note in his hand. You kept your eyes on him until the last moment he disappeared from your sight.
You emerged in a dark, filthy narrow corridor, of what you presumed was a spaceship, but what caught you off guard was the sound of music blasting at you, “Is that Hooked on a feeling, blue swede??” you thought out loud, looking around in disbelief. “I am Groot” a voice said behind you, making you spin around, still clutching onto storm-breaker. As you were confronted by what resembled a talking tree, playing with some sort of video game. “Where is Thanos” you said your eyes a glowing in warning purple. “I am Groot” it said again, as you felt something cold being held to the back of your head, you raised your hands, still holding the axe as a mans voice asked, “I’ll only ask you once, how the hell did you get on my ship?!” You quickly turned on your heels, swiping storm-breaker through the air, aiming for the head of whoever was threatening you, only for the man to duck just intime, leaving the axe whistling through the air as you where slammed back into the wall by a woman with bright green skin, as she pined you there her forearm on your neck and holding a dagger in her other hand, aiming it threateningly at your face. “I’m looking for Thanos” you choked out. Making the woman release her grip, “What did you say??” she questioned you, her face confused and concerned, “I’m looking for Thanos” you repeated through gritted teeth. “He has a long-overdue appointment for his neck to meet my axe and I’m running late” you quipped gazing into the woman’s mesmerising brown eyes. After a moment, she let out a breathy laugh, and released you. “Well, he’s not here, but we’re heading to Knowhere and he’s meant to be there” the man said, gun still pointing at you, still unsure of your intentions. “I am Groot” the tree said, and a small racoon stepped forwards saying, “He wants to know just who the hell you are” he said, also holding a gun up towards you. “My name is Y/N. I’m the Goddess of Victory, an Avenger and I’m going to kill Thanos for all he’s done to me”, “wait. You’re a Goddess” the man said, raising his eyebrows in astonishment. “Yes…, Thanos killed my mother, stole the power infinity stone from her, killed my child and nearly killed me in the process. So, if you don’t mind can we skip the small talk and head to the part where you take me to get my revenge?” You said, tears slipping from your glowing purple eyes as you barged past them towards what looked like the cockpit of the ship. You began messing with some of the controls, looking for a map or something to give you some sort of idea where the hell you were. “Hey, hey, HEY!” the man yelled, pushing you away from the panel “This is my ship! My rules! Rule number 1! Don’t touch stuff on my ship!” you rolled your eyes, your fists clenched emitting a purple glow as the man backed down. “Fine. Do you have a name at least??” you sighed, clearly irritated. “I’m Peter Quill” the man pointed to himself, “This is Gamora” he smiled pointing towards the green skinned woman, “That’s Rocket” he said pointing to the racoon, “That’s Drax” he said pointing to the grey and red muscular man in the corner, eating a bag of snacks that you hadn’t noticed before, “That’s Mantis” he said pointing to the black haired woman with antenna sticking out from her head, as she smiled and gave you a small wave. “And…”, “I am Groot”, the tree interrupted, “He’s Groot” Quill explained as you offered him a half smile and a small wave. “Nice to meet you all, sorry for dropping in on you like this. It’s been a crazy few weeks” you said sighing, feeling mentally exhausted. “You should rest, it’ll still be a few hours before we arrive at Knowhere.” Gamora said, “You can stay in my room, I’ll be staying up here anyway” she smiled, and gestured for you to follow her. As you followed her through the ship, she began to say “Y/N. I know you want to kill Thanos, but have you thought about how you’re going to do it? If he already has the Power stone, then he’s the most powerful being in the universe”, she said, stopping to look at you. “I have two God-like weapons, and magic on my side. I figure that at least
gives me a fighting chance” you said, holding both weapons in your hands, arms spread and forcing a smile on your face. “I just think you could use some back-up” she smiled sympathetically, placing a hand on your shoulder as she gestured to the room to her left. “Thanks, but I don’t want to hurt anyone else” you said, looking into her eyes. She nodded and walked away leaving you alone in her small room. You sat on the bed, sitting Mjølnir and Storm-Breaker down next to you. Putting your head in your hands, sighing, and letting a few tears creep down your cheeks as you thought back on the events of the past few weeks, the gravity of what you’ve done weighing heavily on you. “Y/N” a voice gently said, making you look up from your hands. It was Loki, “Where are you?” he asked, his eyes full of tears and pleading with you to come home. “I can’t tell you that Loki,” you shook your head, unable to look him in they eye, guilt suffocating you. “I know you’ll come meet me, and I can’t bare to hurt you again.” You said, letting out a sob. “I’ve already killed our child” you said, clutching your abdomen and closing your eyes, allowing more tears to fall down your face. Loki stepped forward, as if to cup your face, but he was just an illusion, his hands slipped through your face. “we’re stronger together my love” he said, letting out a sad sigh. “You can’t blame yourself for what happened...” Loki started, “But I do! And I blame Proxima and Thanos!” You said getting annoyed and beginning to pace around the small room, your back to Loki’s image. Loki reached out again, trying to place a hand on your shoulder, as it fell through you, “Darling, your uncle has a tracker attached to my jacket you’re wearing. He doesn’t trust me to stay put it seems. So, we will get your location, and I will come find you.” His shimmering blue eyes staring at you as you turned around to face him. “Thor’s already tracking the ship your on, we know it’s on course, heading to Knowhere”, “Loki…. don’t, please” you stuttered, shaking your head, and pleading for him to stay away. “I need to do this alone; I don’t want to hurt you anymore” you said looking down sadly. “I’ll see you soon darling” Loki’s image smirked before disappearing. “Well fuck.” You exclaimed slamming your fist on the wall, as you grabbed your weapons and headed out to warn your new friends of the new arrivals who would be joining you soon. “Gamora, Quill” you called out to them as you walked through the ship, only to find them both passionately kissing as you entered the main room, turning to look at you. “Care to join us?” Gamora asked, flashing you a wink. You laughed, “As much as I would love to, we’re about to have company” you explained with a sigh, as they began to look behind you to the bright blue flash that appeared, momentarily blinding you all, as Storm-Breaker flew out of your hand only to be caught by the newly appeared Thor, with Loki standing beside him both holding onto the transport device that contained the Tesseract. “Hello darling, did you miss me?”.
Any Likes, comments and reblogs are always appreciated! Thank you for all the love so far. You guys are amazing! 🖤💚🖤
Let me know if you want me to keep writing more! And if you want added to the tag list!
Thanks for reading!!
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buckyhoney · 2 months ago
the character development of loki is incredible.
he goes from a character so insecure and guarded that he used arrogance and pride as a mask to someone who believes that he is capable of a life beyond pain and suffering.
a life that he is able to be happy and one that is filled with genuine connections with others.
regardless if marvel intended it or not, these series are showing us that in order to become our most powerful self, we need to allow ourselves truly to express our emotions rather than repressing them.
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bellatrixscurls · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
nsfw content.
includes : steve rogers, tony stark, thor odinson, bucky barnes & loki laufeyson.
Tumblr media
his favourite position
when he’s had a rough day
breeding kink + rough sex
stevie’s type of punishments <3
thigh riding while he’s working bc it helps him focus
angry sex on his expensive couch
you ride him before an important meeting
teasing you for ruining your panties
thor doesn’t like when other people stare at you for too long + size kink
more size kink bc he definitely has one
soft sex + bit of teasing
lots of pies with cream :>
morning routine
he makes you squirt for the first time and praises you
daddy plays with your little button
sucking gamer!bucky off
you play with tied up sub loki
his personal little fleshlight <3
fucking you into the mattress
corrupting his little baby
Tumblr media
© bellatrixscurls 2021
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dilfmobius · 2 months ago
bubble pop electric
Tumblr media
president loki x fem!reader
after trying to save one of your teammates, the tva sends you to a desolate planet that seems to be full of loki’s
SMUT, fingering, some voyeurism, unprotected sex - basically just p w some plot
1.6k words
i wanted to write for president loki all day and i’ll probably write for him again. that is all. i took some creative liberties
tagging @fic-force-99 !! :)
One moment you were escaping off of the celestial planet of Ego and the next minute you were being abducted by people claiming you “violated the timeline” and “were to answer for your crimes”, whatever that meant. You were nervous to say the least as you made your way to judge Renslayer. As you were told that your rescue of Yondu Udonta violated the ‘sacred timeline’ and that he was meant to die. As you were pushed through empty corridors, shouting that the rest of the Guardians would be looking for you, you knew there was no way out of this pruning.
You submitted yourself to it as you felt yourself fade away, darkness being the only thing that surrounded you as the rest of the universe disappeared.
That was, until you felt air fill your lungs again. Until you felt light filter through your closed eyelids.
You jumped awake, looking around as you took in everything you could see. There were monuments from all different types of places and things. Things that were familiar but somehow felt wrong. But the one thing that really caught your attention was how alone you were.
Quickly standing up, you noticed how desolate the place you were was. Not a soul in sight, definitely no way to contact the rest of the guardians.
“So… I’m in hell.” You spoke, looking down to see if the devil had at least sparred you a cute outfit. Of course not, you were still dressed head to toe in ugly TVA prison gray and orange.
As you looked around, you noticed something moving in the clouds - and whatever it was, it didn’t look happy. Having dealt with your fair share of evil creatures, you knew the best thing you could do at this point was just run.
So you did. You ran until you couldn’t run anymore, until you found a building that strangely looked just like the White House and ran into it.
In your haste you didn’t notice that the walls were coated in green and gold, nor did you notice the other variants watching you as you sprinted into any place you could find. Not until you felt something grab your wrist and push you against a wall.
“Who are you?” The large man asked, a dagger placed directly against your throat.
“Your worst nightmare.” You muttered sarcastically, kneeing him in the stomach before continuing to run.
You ran right into a room with a desk that you could hide behind, only listening to your own breathing calm as you tried to decipher any noises that would come near you. You almost believed that you were in the clear until you heard the door open. Until someone sat down in front of you, until you felt them grab you by the wrists and pull you out from under the desk.
“What do we have here?” The gruff voice of a raven haired man questioned you.
“I know you’re a variant, before you try to explain.”
“Because I’m a variant too, we all are.”
Your gaze softened as you looked at the man, the panic seeming to leave you - mostly.
“Do you have a way out?”
He only laughed in response, releasing your wrists and allowing you to stand on your own.
“Of course not, nobody leaves this place.”
You finally took in his suit and horned crown. His “Vote for Loki” pin and his cocky demeanor.
“Who are you?”
“I’m President Loki, all those men out there are Loki’s too.”
You’d heard of Loki. Prince of Asgard, burdened by some sort of glorious purpose to rule. You’d heard never to cross paths with him, and now you were learning that you were surrounded by god knows how many versions of him? Maybe this is hell, after all.
“I’ll keep answering your questions if you answer mine.” he offered up, inching closer to you as you watched him with extreme caution. As Loki held his hand out for a shake, a devilish grin crossed his face as you took his hand within your own.
“Deal.” you responded, growing nervous as you felt his breath fan over your face, holding eye contact with you as you shrunk before him.
“Why are you here?”
“Apparently someone I saved was supposed to die.”
“Who did you save?”
“A member of my team.”
“What team?”
“The Guardians of the Galaxy.”
With how Loki started laughing you would have assumed that you had said the most hilarious joke he had ever heard. You watched in annoyance as he held onto his stomach and let out the biggest belly laughs he could manage.
“What’s so funny?” You asked, defensively as you grabbed him by the shoulder so he had to look at you.
“Let me guess what you all are… space Avengers? Destined to use your pull as heroic Gods to get free dinner at a restaurant and destroy whatever city you want?”
“No, we’re just a bunch of assholes who ended up on the same space ship.”
“Fair enough. What do you want to ask me?” He said, his ‘diplomatic’ side coming back. He was the ‘President’ after all.
“Where are we?”
“A place where all the timelines rejects get sent. Where space and time don’t matter.”
You sighed, knowing there most likely was no way for you to escape this place.
“If I can’t leave, can I stay here?”
He seemed to need a moment to think about it before a devious smile covered the man's face. His hand trailed over your neck and down to your breast, gently cupping you before leaning down.
Though you were shocked and nervous you made no effort to reject his efforts as President Loki connected his lips to yours, sucking your lip within his as he continued to caress your breast through your prison uniform and bra.
He pulled back, noting the way you clenched your thighs as he rubbed his hand over where he presumed your nipple was.
“I have been looking for a First Lady…” He trailed off, tugging your bottom lip between his teeth before he pulled back. Loki walked you over to his desk, pushing you against it.
You watched as green enveloped your body before your clothes were completely removed, and you couldn’t help but notice that the same happened to Loki’s presidential suit, his helmet being the only thing that remained on his body. Your eyes connected with his, before he reached a hand down to make contact with your clit.
You let out a moan, grabbing onto his forearm and feeling his muscles flex as he ran circles over your clit, mixing things up and thrusting two fingers into your pussy and curling them within you.
His thumb replaced his pointer finger as he roughly rubbed your clit, fucking you with his hand as if he was trying to pull your soul out through your orgasm.
“Poor little thing, so desperate.” He said, gripping your hips with his free hand to stop you from grinding against his hand. “You must’ve not been touched by anyone else for a longtime.” He teased, pressing a gentle kiss to your cheeks and forehead.
Just as you felt an orgasm building within you, Loki removed his fingers from your pussy. You whined, allowing him to bring his fingers into your throat and have you taste your own wetness. You were distracted by his fingers, so distracted that you didn’t notice his cock rubbing against you until he thrusted it inside.
Your head flew back as you let out a moan. You let him flip you over, your breasts pressed against the desk as he roughly ground his hips against yours, allowing you a moment to adjust to his size before setting a quick pace of thrusts.
You felt time slow as two men came rushing in.
“We heard-“ They stopped, upon seeing what was happening in front of them.
Any normal person would have stopped what they were doing to save what was left of their dignity. But Loki was not a normal person, and he had no shame as he continued to thrust his hips into you; pulling on your hair with one of his hands. And you couldn’t help the whines and moans that came from you as he fucked you on the desk, your eyes noticing the Loki variants in the doorway making no effort to cover the growing tents in their pants.
“If all- fuck -you wanted was to check- oh - up on me you’re free to go.” Loki said, shamelessly moaning throughout his words as he pulled you against his chest, continuing to fuck you senseless. Paying no mind to the way the men’s eyes trailed to your bouncing tits as they eventually left the room, presumably to go pleasure themselves.
“I don’t mind an audience…” you sheepishly admitted, growing embarrassed as you felt Loki laughing behind you before feeling him trail his hand over your front, beginning to rub your clit as he pressed a kiss to your jawline.
“I’ll remember that for later.” He said, in essentially a promise as he continued to fuck your sensitive pussy with his large cock.
You felt your orgasm building again, and you knew Loki did too as he roughly grabbed your jaw, turning your head to face his own, “Will you be my First Lady?”
“A-Always, I’ll be your Fi-First Lady always.”
He seemed satisfied by your answer, rubbing your clit faster and giving you the go ahead to cum for him. You whined out his name as you came, and you wondered if it was the use of ‘President Loki’ that made him cum inside of you seconds later.
In a moment you were dressed in a black, green and gold outfit and the man behind you was back in his suit. Both of you appearing completely clean from the previous activities.
“Allow me to give you the official, Presidential tour…”
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agentofbarnes · 21 hours ago
Imagine guilty pleasures or fire and ice maybe when people don’t know u and Loki are together and someone goes “at least you got over your crush on rock of ages” or something like that bc you foolishly told someone you thought Loki was hot as hell and he’s just across the room like “really?! A crush?!?” And maybe you laugh it off and maybe you take it in stride bc ur taking in his strides later tonight -🛸
old crush ~ loki laufeyson
pairing ~ loki laufeyson x fire!reader (fire and ice au)
warnings ~ a small blurb for you, a lil playful teasing, mentions of sex, minor side ship stony
Tumblr media
It had been a couple months since you had officially given Loki a chance to be yours and so far, well, he was annoyingly cocky and absolutely amazing. Things were good, really, and you were finally coming around to the idea of actually telling people. You just didn’t know how to bring up that the guy you’ve hated for so long as now your boyfriend.
Surely, they noticed that you had become more tolerable towards Loki. Tony had pointed it out once when you and him were working together on a mission. He had been complaining about Loki while you cleared a building.
“Maybe I just don’t get Loki,”Tony scoffed, thinking back at the little back and forth between the god and him earlier in the quinjet.
“I mean, I love Thor, but I’m just never gonna get cozy with the guy who killed eighty people without even blinking.”
“It was more complicated than that,”You had told him without thinking,”His mind was corrupted— why are you looking at me like that?”
“Because it sounds like you’re defending him? Aren’t you the founder of the Loki is the Worst club?”Tony furrowed hai brow in confusion.
“I—he is the worst, just not that bad? I don’t know, he’s gotten better, don’t you think? I just don’t waste my energy on hating him, you shouldn’t either.”
Loki was very much the highlight of your day and you were tired of pretending you hated the man you had fallen in love with. Though, you did love your privacy and hated the idea of people questioning your relationship.
You glanced at Loki from across the room, fiddling with your food that had gone cold while Tony and Steve rambled on about the team dynamics and who should be paired as partners in this next mission.
“What about favorite firefly with Loki? She can keep him in line and get the mission done,”Tony suggested, eyes darting over to Loki who pretended to not be listening.
“No,”Steve shook his head, eyeing you carefully to see if you would fess up to your own relationship. Of course, he knew. He and Thor were the only two who had found out after finding Loki with head between your thighs in the training room.”She’ll be distracted if he’s there.”
Tony scoffed in offense for you,”She got over that stupid crush on Rock of Ages…well, ages ago.”
You hit his arm so hard that he yelped, but it was too late, you could practically sense the smirk on the god of mischief’s face.
“Tony, what the hell!?”
“A crush, huh?”Loki slid beside you, smirk ever present as he looked you over.”I had no idea, little firecracker. If only you had said something…”
“Leave her alone, Laufeyson,”Tony told him, trying to pull you away but you stayed still.
“Don’t get cocky, snowflake, you’ll lose your privileges,”You retorted, crossing your arms while Tony looked at Steve in confusion mouthing the word snowflake? with curiosity.
“How amusing. You think you could deny me, darling? Wasn’t it just last night you were begging me?”
“You have a lot of confidence for a guy who’s been on his knees for me,”You quipped back with your own smirk, gasping quietly when you feel Loki’s hands capture your hips and yanked you against him.
“Careful, that pretty mouth of yours is going to get you in trouble,”Loki challenged, his lips only centimeters from yours.
“What is happening?”Tony whispered, tilting his head towards Steve as they watched the scene unfold in front of them.
“They’re together,”The soldier told him like it was the most obvious thing in the world.”That’s why I don’t put them on missions together, it always ends like this.”
“We work mission perfectly fine and we’ve been together for two years,”Tony commented, leaning into Steve’s side.”Surely they can behave—oh god, get a room!”
Loki had you pushed against the counter, nipping playfully at your bottom lip. You whine into his mouth, threading your fingers through his dark hair and tugging on it lightly.
You can’t help but giggle when Loki’s hands grabbed you back your thighs and wrapped your legs around his waist.
“Think we should find a room, love?”Loki whispered, lips colliding against your jaw and down your neck.
“I thought we already found one…”
“Seriously! I am trying to eat!” Tony complained while Steve just couldn’t help but chuckle.
“Get out of here, both of you, and try to keep in your pants on the way to your room,”Steve ordered, a scold on his face when you both glance at him.
“You guys are no fun,”You pouted at them before jumping down from Loki’s hold and dragging the frost giant down the hall.
“I think we’re fun,”Steve said under his breath to Tony, rolling his eyes when Loki smacked your ass on the way back to your room.
“They don’t know how fun we are, babe, but those two…they’re playing a different games with whole different set of rules.”
Yeah, no one had as much fun as you do.
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quicksilverownsmysoul · 2 months ago
Madam, A God Does Not Plead
Summary: Based off that line where Loki says Madam a god does not plead. So reader decides to overstimulate him until he breaks and gives in to her
Warnings: smut, overstimulation, sub Loki, +18
Word count: 1653
Tumblr media
Loki’s chest was heaving, his head thrown back against the headboard as you kneeled over him, your hand lazily stroking his long cock. You had been edging him for the past hour, it was your turn to be in charge and he had decided to be a brat. So as punishment you had been denying him his release, waiting for him to break and beg you for what he needed most. “Come on Prince of Asgard,” you purred, your hot breath making him shiver. “Beg me for what you need. You know you want to.”
You pressed an open mouth kiss to his neck, lightly nipping at the skin, before pulling away. You could feel him swallow thickly, forcing down the moans that threatened to spill. Loki forced his eyes open, his pupils complexity blown out. He tired to his best to retain what little dignity he had left. He licked his bottom lip, looking up at you through his tangled sweaty hair, giving you his signature smirk, “Madam, a god does not plead.”
You narrowed your eyes at him, increasing the pace of your movements, pressing hard on his protruding vein. His head flew back, his stomach muscles twitching underneath your palm, he was trying his best to hold back his release. You could feel his cock weeping precum all over your hand, and growing with each movement. You pumped him even faster but then stoped and squeezed the base of his cock, stopping him from cumming. A low growl erupted from him, his eyes looking at you with a mix of malice and desperation.
You mirrored his smirk from earlier “If you won’t plead, then beg.”
“Never.” He hissed out.
You removed your hand from his cock, making him whine at the loss of contact, you sat down on his torso, raking your nails along his chest, leaving angry red marks. “I will break you darling.”
Loki scoffed,“That’s very unlikely my dear you-“ Loki felt his words die in his throat as you began to rock your hips over his flushed member. His cock was pressing against his stomach and you were rubbing yourself over the base of it, putting pressure on his lower belly. You could feel your slick dripping down and mixing with his precum, smearing it over the both of you.
Loki’s knuckles were ghost white as the gripped the wrinkled sheets, his hands itching to grasp your waist and shove himself into you, but he knew better than that. You let out little moans, whining as you nudged the side of your face against his. He craned his neck upward, allowing you to mark his neck as you pleased. “Come on baby.” You mumbled, humming as you watched the deep purple color from your mark form. It contrasted beautifully on his milky white skin. “Plead for your release.” You could feel him twitching underneath you. You lifted yourself off him, denying him yet again. “Beg me.”
His hips rutted up, trying to chase your dripping pussy. He was breathless, looking at you with pitiful eyes, willing you to give him what he wanted. You shook your head at him, needing to hear him say it. You put your knees on either side of him, leaning close, your breasts dangling in front of his face. “You know I could just leave you here.” His eyes widened at your threat.
“You wouldn’t dare.” He watched as you slowly moved off of him, you gave his hard member one last squeeze, the tip was angry and red as it weeped onto his stomach. You made your way to the door, your hand ghosting over the knob. “Wait.” The call was soft, barely audible. You turned back to face him.
You came back to the bed, your fingers tracing the outline of his cock as he hummed in delight at your touch. You removed your hand making him buck up. “Please.” It was soft and desperate.
“Please what?” You asked, wanting to push him even further.
“Please fuck me.” You smirked at his pleading, it was minimal but for someone like Loki, it was practically begging.
“Why didn’t you say so sooner.” You lowered yourself onto his member in one quick movement.
“You little minx.” He growled. You gave him a warning look and lifted yourself off, threading to leave. He reached out for you his eyes blown wide. “Please, please. Help me.”
“That’s more like it.” You let yourself fall back into him and you moaned together, loving the feeling of finally being connected in the way you needed the most. You began to rock your hips, swirling them hard and fast. Loki’s eyes were squeezed shut as he thrusted up into you, his hips meeting yours, desperately trying to bring you both to your releases.
You clenched around him, making him groan and spill himself deep inside you. His grip on your hips were bruising as he continued to move your cunt on his member even after his and yours release. Overstimulating you both before letting you collapse onto his chest. You could feel him softing inside of you, letting him stay in, knowing how much he loved being connected to you even after cumming.
You felt his arms warp around you, pulling you impossibly closer to his chest. You hummed, tracing the outline of his peck. He hooked his finger under your chin, making you look up at him. He gave you a soft kiss, you returned it, pulling away with a smile. “I thought you said a god doesn’t plead.”
He hummed and brushed your hair away from your face. “A god doesn’t, but for you I’ll make an exception.”
Taglist: @sunshineyrosie @xxspqcebunsxx @coffeeandteaintheevening @kitwalkerangel @xmaximoffic @livingmybestfictionallife @booboomother @amourtentiaa @shlutnutt @rottenstyx @mossybank
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lostalioth · 26 days ago
𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴 𝘪𝘯 𝘢𝘴𝘨𝘢𝘳𝘥 ; 𝘭𝘰𝘬𝘪
Tumblr media
summary: “loki..” you whine and press your ass against him, wanting more as a small knot begins to form in the pit of your stomach. “well good morning to you too needy girl, I’ll get you there baby don't worry” he reassured.
warnings: smut, loki x fem!reader, somnophilia, morning sex [unprotected], soft loki, loki cums inside reader, praise kink, cock warming at the end, nicknames [darling, princess]
note: I didn’t post anything for two days and I am sorry I haven’t been feeling the best as of late! this short and hasn’t been proof read so sorry if it is shit.
Mornings in Asgard were quite tranquil and beautiful, the birds chirping and flying around, the morning dew on the grass in the garden. The small sounds of all Asgard’s people slowly awakening and going about their days. You never wanted to get out of bed, the silk sheets and soft green blankets consuming your bare body, Loki’s hot swollen tip pushing through your wet folds.
Loki had woken up achingly hard with your gorgeous naked body all out on display for him. He couldn’t help himself, he also knew that you wouldn’t mind waking up to his cock buried between your legs. Even if he had only fucked you senseless just hours ago before bed. You were laid deep in sleep on your side with the god on his side behind you. “Fuck” Loki hissed as his head begins to push into your tight entrance.
You whine in your sleep due to the ache of your cunt being used once again. “There you go princess, I knew you could take me again” he praised through his half lidded eyes. Loki was barely awake himself but needed to relieve the pressure that was building in his balls. Your body stirs merely for a moment just as he bottoms out inside you “no, no come here darling” he lightly scolds your involuntary action and pulls your back against his chest. He rests his one arm over your side and under your breast’s hold you against him, his other begins to lift your leg to give him a better angel. “You feel so good my love” he grunts as he starts to rock his hips against your plump ass. His cock lazily and softly dragging against your walls as you squeeze his shaft periodically. You mewl softly in your sleep as he continued his soft and groggy thrusts inside you.
Loki gently leaves small kisses up your shoulder and up to your ear. The kisses begin to softly pull you from your delicious dream. “You just look so pretty like this my love, so pretty and pliant for your god in the morning” he growls lowly in your ear, his breath hot on your neck. You whimper as you finally awake, your eyes fluttering open and sleepily moaning. “Loki..” you whine and press your ass against him, wanting more as a small knot begins to form in the pit of your stomach.
“Well good morning to you too needy girl, I’ll get you there baby don't worry” he reassured you as he brought a hand up to your mouth, and slipped his fingers through your soft lips.
“Get my fingers wet would you darling”
You eagerly nod and begin to suck and coat his fingers with your saliva through your dazed state. “Good girl” he praised with a growl in your ear before he took his fingers out and dipped them through your other lips. You squirm a bit as he begins to rub and pleasure your clit, it causes his cock to almost slip out. “Stay still princess” he grunts and slams his throbbing cock inside you once again.
You left out a loud gasp that morphs into a whine as Loki continues his slow and agonizing pace inside you. “Don't whine you greedy girl, I told you I’d get you there and I will” he scoffs and starts his toying of your clit over. “Do you doubt your god?” He questioned will speeding up his still lazy and I patterned thrusts.
“I don’t my love, I’m sorry I just wanna cum” you moan and press your ass back gently meeting Loki’s thrusts. “I know darling, just a little bit longer I wanna cum with you okay princess?” He whispers as he buried his face in your neck and speeds up his thrusts more, chasing both of your highs.
The knot begins to grow and grow and so does your exhaustion. “Darling” you whine as a warning for how close you are “I know baby, I know” he mumbled against your neck as he thrusted deep and hard inside you, his tip kissing your cervix and staying in place. “Cum darling, cum for your god like a good girl” he commands with a growl and his high comes crashing over him, spilling inside you.
You let out a big whimper as your orgasm comes crashing into you, nearly knocking the air out your lungs. As you release all over Loki’s cock a sleepy smile forms on his face. “There you go good girl, such a good girl for me princess” he nods his head against your neck as he rocks his hips and guides yours, ridding out your highs. You visibly keen at his praise and melt into his chest as you close your eyes again. You begin falling back to sleep now wrapped and pressed against Loki’s warm body.
Loki is lulled back to sleep from soft sounds of your little whines as his hips keep rocking against yours until he is out cold. His cock sat heavy inside you, keeping the mixture of your fluids inside you.
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lokiskitten · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
ᴛᴏᴍ ʜɪᴅᴅʟᴇsᴛᴏɴ :
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Flaws and qualities | poem
Alcohol and despair | angst
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Adventurous trip pt1 | fluff and smut
Adventurous trip pt2 | fluff and smut
Webcam session | smut
Well needed bliss | fluff and smut
Unique babysitter | smut
Double date | smut ( ft. Benedict C. )
Stepdad!Tom section :
Wet dream | smut
Christmas present | smut
Forbidden behavior | smut/angst
Stepdad issue | smut
ʟᴏᴋɪ ʟᴀᴜғᴇʏsᴏɴ :
the special room | smut
mommy issues | smut
Pretty little thing | fluff
Valentine’s Day pt1 | fluff and angst
Valentine’s Day pt2 | fluff and angst
Valentine’s Day pt3 | fluff
Valentine’s Day pt4 | smut
Dark obsession | smut
Late night visit | smut ( audio )
Obedience | smut ( audio )
Wrong room | smut
Thoughtful behavior | fluff
Affliction pt1 | angst
Political alliance | smut
The portrait | fluff
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First time | smut/fluff
First time pt2 | smut
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ᴘʀᴇsɪᴅᴇɴᴛ ʟᴏᴋɪ :
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Giving you a hand | fluff?
ᴊᴏɴᴀᴛʜᴀɴ ᴘɪɴᴇ :
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sᴇʙᴀsᴛɪᴀɴ sᴛᴀɴ :
Making out | smut
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ʙᴜᴄᴋʏ ʙᴀʀɴᴇs :
Nightly disturbance | smut
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Adult playtime | smut
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ᴀɢᴇɴᴛ ᴍᴏʙɪᴜs :
Fruit salad | smut
ʙᴇɴᴇᴅɪᴄᴛ ᴄᴜᴍʙᴇʀʙᴀᴛᴄʜ :
Double date | smut ( ft. Tom H. )
Requests are always open! Feel free to leave one.
[ and more to come!(◕‿◕) ]
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starlightrogers · 3 months ago
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader
Word count: 2.9k+ words
Summary: literally pwp about putting a collar on Loki because I am a hoe for sub!Loki
Warnings: sub!Loki, kinda dom!reader, teasing, dirty talk, riding, little bit of fingers, little bit of handjob, Loki wearing a collar is a warning of its own
Okay but putting a collar on Loki... bc im a filthy bitch and i need a fic about it
Tumblr media
He looked so perfect like this. So beautiful, so submissive, so fucking sexy on his knees for you.
And he was all yours for the taking.
The collar had been your idea. One that would let you take back some of the power that he seemed to strip from you in the bedroom every time he had you underneath him. You wanted to make him feel a little bit of that feeling. The feeling of being completely under the control of another person, and although Loki said at first that submission wasn't in his nature, you knew he was enjoying himself just as much as you were.
He had grumbled a little at the idea of wearing it, the idea of so publicly and proudly declaring himself as yours making him feel like a fool, even if neither of you intended to leave the house for the day. But you didn't miss the soft whimper that left his lips as you wrapped the leather around his throat and fastened it, nor did you fail to notice his cock twitching to life in his pants. You didn't mention either of those things though. You didn't want this to be easy for him. So you finished fastening the collar and climbed off his lips, walking out of the room without so much as a word, leaving him needy and completely lonely without your touch.
Loki had never imagined himself falling for a human. People were stupid. They managed to find every way to fuck up their societies and pretend that they still had control. He had always wanted to use that to his advantage. To take control of the flimsy societal structures and turn them into an impenetrable fortress that he could bend to his will. He always knew he was born to encourage submission. He just never thought that would follow through to his relationships, not that he had really had any lasting ones before you. Maybe that was why he was so needy for you, because you were the first to really treat him with romantic affection. But still, he had never imagined forfeiting his plans of global domination for the chance to have one person under his thumb.
And he most certainly never expected to be the one submitting to a human.
That's why he was convinced that you weren't like anyone else that had ever graced the earth. No other soul could wrap him around their finger in the way that you have managed to do so. He was in awe on a daily basis of the ways that you could control him. Even when it came to the simplest of human tasks, he would do them for you in an instant because it was you who asked him. You had cast a spell on him without possessing even a small amount of the magic that coursed through his veins, and as much as that fact scared him, he also liked feeling as though he had met his match.
Even still, he had a difficult time letting his guard down. It was hard to give up the facade for just one person when he had been living in this lie of a persona for so long, presenting himself as a total stranger on the surface to who he was underneath. That was why he had initial doubts about this collar idea you had brought to him. He didn't know if he liked the idea of being so vulnerable around you, but you had always been so gentle with him. So patient and accommodating that he knew he was in safe hands to admit that he wanted to try it.
And in truth he loved it from the minute it was placed around his neck. That was something you knew even if he didn't want to tell it to you. He knew he could use his magic to take it off. You had made that fact clear to him. He didn't even have to ask for your help to remove it if he didn't wish to, all he had to do was take it off using his powers and you wouldn't say a word about it. But now that Loki was sitting here, well into the end of the day after a whole 10 hours of enduring the anticipation of waiting for you to do something, feeling the slightly uncomfortable scrape of the leather against the nape of his neck, he knew that he absolutely fucking loved this feeling.
You had purposely kept busy all day, trying to test his resolve to see how long it would take for him to come searching for you, to beg you for any kind of touch you could give him. But he was ruthless, and by the time it reached 10pm, you decided to go to him and make the game a little more interesting. Stopping by your bedroom first, you slip into a black lingerie set that accentuates every curve perfectly, and descend the stairs to the living room wearing nothing but that.
"How's my baby boy doing?" your purr as you walk into the room, moving slowly, making sure to show off all the gorgeous angles of your body under the gorgeous lace that left very little to the imagination.
"Fuck." he groans softly, his eyes raking greedily over your body as he takes in the sight of you, dressed up just for him, and he really feels like the luckiest man alive, "Come here, sweetness."
"How about you come to me baby?" you purr, revelling in the small huff of frustration that leaves his lips when he realises your objective. You're a little surprised when he obeys your order without further issue, even more so when you prompt him to drop to his knees before you and he does so without question.
"Look so pretty with this wrapped around your throat." you hum, your fingers dancing along the band of the collar as you take in the glorious sight of him on his knees for your, "You're so good for me, wearing it all day. It's because you belong to me, hm? Tell me you're mine."
His silence was what you were expecting, however. You see the brief glint of something behind his eyes. Something you can't quite identify. But it's gone just as quickly as you catch sight of it. Instead, it's replaced with a look of frustration as he looks up at you almost annoyedly.
"Come on darling. Enough of this silly game now. Just let me make you feel good," his hands traced your thighs, trying to get your attempt at a domineering resolve to crack. His plan almost worked, but you wanted this too much to let him win so easily. He hadn't relented his power over you, not yet. But you were determined to get him right where you wanted him. He was close, you just had to give him a little extra push.
Your voice hung in the air, followed by silence as he comprehended what you had just said to him. But he's brought hurtling back to the present when you pull back from his embrace and move to walk away from him.
"Now hang on just a minute," he voice is low as he grasps at your wrist, not wanting you to walk away from him and leave him here needy, "Where do you think you're going, darling?"
"To bed, you could always join me if you're tired," you stifle a smirk as you speak, watching his eyes as he searches yours for any proof that you're just messing with him, "Unless there was something you needed me for?"
"You know what I need," he presses a kiss to the palm of your hand, making you moan softly, but still you don't relent to him, forcing him to let out a frustrated huff, "Sweetness, what do I have to do to please you?"
Now there's the question you've been waiting for, and you lean down until your face is level with his own, your noses barely touching as you whisper, "Beg."
He offers a small "please", not sure what else to do to gain your approval, "Please touch me, I need it."
"Hm, I almost believed that you meant that." you mock after considering his plea for a moment, giggling at his whine of desperation, "You can do better."
"Please, sweetness. I'll do anything. Please just let me touch you, make you feel so good." his words come out as a mixture of growls and low moan, the desperation clear in his tone as his cock strains painfully against his pants, "Please let me. Please."
"There we go." you purr, swiping your thumb over his bottom lip, feeling it tremble under your gentle caress, "Are you gonna be my good boy?"
"Yes, I promise I'll do whatever you want." you're almost positive you see a tear glisten in his eyes for a moment as he begs you so beautifully. And how could you possibly deny him when he looks so gorgeous like this.
Sliding down until your knees touch the carpeted floor, you loop your pointer finger through the gap in the collar, using it as leverage to pull him closer to you, making him whimper softly from the rough way you're handling him.
"You want me to make you feel good?" you tease, reaching down to ghost your fingers over the bulge in the front of his pants, making him hiss as he looks down at you with anticipation in his gaze, "You wanna fuck me, baby?"
"Oh heavens yes." he moans, eagerly leaning forward to connect his lips to your own. The kiss is heated and passionate, a needy intertwining of lips that has you both breathless in seconds but you could care less. It feels like heaven when his lips are on yours like this, and you would spend forever like this if you were allowed to do so.
You chuckle at the whine that leaves Loki's lips when you pull away from the kiss, taking in a greedy breath of air as he searches for your lips again but you stop him. Instead, you travel lower, nipping at the spaces on his neck which were still accessible around the collar. You push him backward until he's sitting down, crawling over him and straddling his lap before pulling him in for another heated kiss.
Your hips begin to move of their own accord over his lap, both of you moan into the kiss as you grind yourself over his hard cock, feeling your wetness begin to seep through your panties to cover the front of his pants.
"Tell me what you want, baby." you moan against his lips, continuing to grind down over his cock as you wait for him to answer.
"Want you to ride me, please, sweetness?" the look of desire and hope in his eyes as he tests the waters of begging you is something that you swear could send you over the edge without him even having to touch you.
Moaning, you nod your head, quickly unzipping his pants and helping him out of them, ripping off his boxers at the same time to let his achingly hard cock spring free. Loki hisses softly as his cock slaps against his stomach, watching with bated breath as you take him in your hand and begin to stroke him slowly.
You watch him as he slowly falls apart under your touch, moaning and grinding his hips up into your hand as you pump him. You stop to swirl your thumb around the tip of him, making his hips jerk wildly as he moans loudly. You can feel his hand moving up your inner thigh until his fingers rest over your pantie-covered core. His fingers tease you through the thin fabric, rubbing circles over your clit as you shiver at the sensation. Loki hooks his fingers under the band of your panties, drawing them to the side to expose your glistening pussy.
Before you know what's happening his hands are on your hips and he's pulling you up until your core once again hovers over his cock. You knew after a full day of constant teasing that you were more than ready to take him, lining him up with your entrance and sinking down on him slowly. Your eyes flutter shut as you adjust to the feeling of his girth stretching you, always so big no matter how many times you took him. You could never quite get used to the feeling of him inside of you, and he relished in the fact that he could fill you up so perfectly with his cock, your walls feeling like they were made just for him as you flutter around his cock.
"Feels so good." you whimper, burying your face in the crook of his neck as you rock your hips, slowly at first, trying to get used to the feeling of his cock filling you up. The discomfort dissipates quickly though, and soon you're bouncing on his cock with renewed determination, "Fuck, baby, y-you fill me up so well."
Loki, on the other hand, was still absolutely losing it, overwhelmed by the pleasure that pulsed through him every time your lap collided with his. There was no sweeter pleasure than being nestled inside of you, feeling your walls hugging his cock, so tight and warm and wet. His eyes opened for long enough to glance down and see the sight of his cock disappearing inside you again and again, and that was all he needed to finally push him over the edge into complete desperation. His arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you as close to him as possible and burying his face in your neck, whimpering pleas for you to 'go faster' and 'please don't stop' as you brought him closer to that blissful edge of release.
"That feel good baby?" you ask as you swirl your hips in a figure-8 motion, clenching down on him at the just the right time to have him moaning out your name. He couldn't speak even if he tried, so he just nods his head frantically, eyes still clenched shut as he tries to stave off his release, but a tug on the back of his collar changes that as his eyes snap open to look at you, "You wanna cum for me, baby?"
He nods again, whimpering out a helpless 'please' as you begin to clench around him more rhythmically, your end drawing near as you continue to ride him. Sensing your impending release, he reaches between the two of you to press the pad of his thumb against your sensitive clit, making your hips falter their pace as a gorgeous moan leaves your lips, one that Loki wishes he could hear from you every day for the rest of eternity.
"M'gonna cum." you admit, pressing a soft kiss to his lips, a total contrast from the harsh slamming of your hips against his, "Want you to look at me when you cum, can you do that for me baby?"
"Y-yes." he stutters, too far gone and when you grind down on him just right he cums with a growl, spilling deep inside you as you milk his cock for all he has. His fingers continue rubbing furious circles on your clit until you cum with a sharp cry of his name, collapsing on top of him, your whole body shaking as you both come down from your highs.
Loki lays back against the carpet, bringing you down with him so you're laying on his chest, both of you still connected as you feel his cum leaking out of you around his softening cock. Looking down at him, you can't help but smile, something that he finds too addictive not to reciprocate.
"What?" he asks with a soft laugh, loving the way you look at him as if he could do no wrong, despite being fully aware of all of his wrongdoings. Your love was unconditional, and whether or not he felt he deserved it, he loved to bask in the feeling in moments like this. Moments where it was just you and him and nothing outside the world you two had built around each other mattered.
"I think I like you like this." you smile up at him, a giggle falling from your lips as he furrows his brows at you, "All submissive and needy for me. I could get used to that."
"Well I wouldn't if I were you, sweetness," he replies with a soft laugh that has you giggling as well as he rolls you over so you're underneath him, "I far prefer having you at my mercy. Maybe I'll put this collar on you tomorrow, hm? Show you how it feels like to be owned."
"So I own you now, do I?" you playfully tickle his hip, moaning when his cock shifts inside you as he jerks away from your ministrations, laughing at your little trick. You were somehow always more mischievous than him.
"I was always yours," he admits, his true love and admiration for you shining through in that moment as he just allowed himself to be here with you, wrapped in your love with no fears whatsoever as he slowly ruts his hips into you, "I will always be yours."
Maybe belonging to someone wouldn't be such a bad thing after all.
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lowkeyorloki · 3 months ago
Your fellow chambermaids have often spoken about their experiences in the dark haired prince of Asgard’s sheets, but when you finally meet Loki in that way, it isn’t what you expected
fingering. 18+. reader is a virgin in this fic. enjoy!
Read the second part to this fic, ‘Harsh’ here.
It happens differently than you thought it would. 
It begins with a simple proposition; a brush of Loki’s fingertips on your hip in the long hallways of the palace. He catches your eye as well, his glinting with excitement. It makes your stomach jump in anticipation. 
The maids you’re walking with notice. Asta in particular seems the most interested. She is, after all, Prince Loki’s latest conquest. 
“How will he make me feel?” You ask her later in the kitchens. Your hands smell of meat as you scrub the pots and pans from tonight’s feast. Night is approaching, and you know you’re expected at Loki’s door soon. 
“Full,” Asta answers. “His fingers alone were more filling than any cock.” You flinch, the language she uses uncomfortable to you. The maids knew of your inexperience. You weren’t privy to conversations like this. 
“He leaned me over a table in the library,” Brenna says from across the kitchen. “The one by the staircase. I still get dizzy when I think about it.” She’s smiling at the memory. Smirking, more like. 
“Oh,” you answer. You wonder if Brenna was left with splinters. 
“You ought to go now,” Asta advises you. “You don’t have to know Loki intimately to remember he is lacking in patience.”
Loki’s room is dark and heavy. The feeling isn’t all in your head - there are three candles lit in addition to the glowing fire place. You’re shocked to see there isn’t a bead of sweat on Loki’s brow. 
He gives you a small smile as he presses you against the door, wrapping a lock of hair around his finger. Then he pulls away. 
“Here,” Loki walks over to the table by the bed and takes a goblet. He gestures for you to follow him. You obey, and he hands the cup to you. “Drink.”
“What-?” Loki’s gaze fall towards your stomach, and then travels back up your body to give you a knowing look. You feel your face burn. Of course. A potion to prevent motherhood. You tip your head back as your drink, draining the cup in its entirety. Loki watches you the whole time. A bead of liquid escapes the corner of your lips and slides down your neck. Without warning, Loki pulls you towards him and licks it. 
You gasp, dropping the goblet on the floor. Loki’s tongue is warm and wet as it travels down your neck. He scrapes his teeth over the muscle, and it makes you shake beneath him. Your hands have found Loki’s waist, and they clutch at it. Loki hums in turn. 
“What’s your name?” He asks, peppering kisses down your jawline. You tell him in a breathy voice. The prince smirks against your skin. “It suits you,” he murmurs. Loki guides you towards the bed, and you sit on the edge of it. He laughs, a charming noise, and shakes his head. “You’ll have to lay down, sweetheart,” he tells you. You swallow. That’s an awfully kind title from someone so scrutinized. 
You begin to lay back, your shoes falling from your feet, but Loki stops you once again. You begin to feel even more self conscious. You’re not good at this. You don’t know what you’re doing. 
“Take off your dress,” he commands softly. You tense. You knew this was coming - but you already feel exposed. And Loki will be the first to see you like this. 
He smiles at your uncertainty. “Fine,” he says. “I’ll go first.” 
Loki strips silently, efficiently. His beauty becomes more obvious with every garment he discards. His skin is flawless, which you don’t quite understand. You often hear Thor regaling any willing audience with tales of battles, and you’re more than certain Loki is present at them. But his skin has no scars, no marks. It’s pristine. 
You want to touch it. 
You know Loki is strong, which might be why his smallness catches you off guard. As he grows closer, you can see his muscles moving. They’re prominent, but not in the same way Thor’s are. Loki’s muscles are lithe, for movement and use. Thor’s are for decimation and show. 
You can’t help but reach out to run a hand over Loki’s milky chest. Your thumb catches his nipple, and the prince’s breath hitches. Your head shoots up, like you’ve done something wrong, but Loki says nothing. He puts his hand over yours, guiding it over his sternum and toned abdomen until it’s nestled in the coarse black curls of his groin. Your heartbeat quickens. 
Loki’s... cock is turning towards you. It doesn’t seem to be fully erect yet, but then you wouldn’t know. You marvel at it, the reddened tip and heavy balls. You swallow. 
“What do I... do to it?” You ask. Loki looks confused, just for a moment. 
“You kiss it,” he explains, pressing your hand against it. You jerk as his cock grows under your touch, but Loki’s grip keeps you with him. “Stroke it. Take it into your body, if you’ll allow me.” Loki’s brow pinches together slightly. “Darling, have you never been with a man?”
Your face burns. You want to exclaim that yes, of course you have, how dare he suggest otherwise, but Loki is the god of lies. He’ll spot yours in a heartbeat. 
“No,” you answer, looking away. This is humiliating. Even worse is the arousal growing between your legs, the wetness coating your thighs. You want this. 
“Woman?” You shake your head. No one. You’ve been with no one. “Alright.” Loki says. “There’s nothing the matter,” he tells you. Loki releases your hand, tilting your chin so you look at him. “So long as you want it, that is.”
“Yes,” your answer is immediate. Desperate, even. Loki smirks. 
“Then take off your dress,” he tells you. 
You sit up straight, reaching behind yourself to untie the lace of your bodice. Carefully, you peel the article of clothing over your head, leaving you bare aside from your soaked panties. 
Loki pulls you towards him. Your legs falls around his hips, his hardened self pressing against your clothed core. You cry out at the sensation - it feels electric. You like it. 
“Shh,” Loki shushes you, then places his mouth on the curve of your breast. You let out a small oh. Goosebumps form all over your body, and you reach up to thread your fingers through Loki’s hair. He bites down on your nipple unexpectedly, and you yelp, harshly pulling on his curls. Loki grunts, then pushes you flat on the bed.
“Careful, girl.” He says mischievously. “You don’t know what you’re getting into with that.” Excitement thrums through your body. Maybe you’ll know someday. 
Loki settles himself between your legs. You lift your hips, taking off your panties and tossing them aside. Loki sucks on the softness of your thigh in response.
“Good girl,” he praises you. You keen under the title. 
Loki looks at the juncture between your legs with an intensity. He reaches out, stroking your puffy lips to see how you’ll respond. You jump at the touch. 
“Relax,” he coaxes you. His fingers begin to slide over your slit, then circle your entrance. You whimper. “You’re fine. Your body wants this, sweet. Look.” He holds up his two fingers, shiny with your slick. You squirm. 
Without warning, Loki thrusts his index finger into you, and you let out a cry. You grip the sheets between your fingers, squeezing your eyes shut. The feeling is overwhelming. 
Loki says your name a few times, keeping his finger entirely still. You don’t move at all, or at least, you don’t think you do. Loki lays a heavy hand over your belly, moving it in soothing circles around your navel. 
“Tell me how it feels,” he says. A second finger begins prodding at your entrance. You clench. 
“I- I don’t know,” you manage. It’s new. 
“Does it hurt?” You can hear something new in Loki’s voice. Concern.
“Do you want me to stop?”
“I have to move it to make it feel better,” Loki tells you gently. You look at him nervously. 
Loki places a small kiss on your hip, then slides another finger in. Your face contorts at it, but you will yourself to relax. Slowly, Loki’s fingers begin to move, obscene sounds filling the air. Loki was right - with each thrust of his fingers, the feeling becomes less foreign. You can feel Loki’s steady breath on your clit as well, and it all soon becomes more pleasure than pain. 
“How does it feel now?” You blink hazily. 
“Not - Not what I thought.”
“Not what you thought?” Loki asks amusedly. “You just told me you were untouched.” 
“The other maids,” you say, forgetting the possible insult of your words. Loki slows. 
“And what did they have to say?”
You freeze. You’ve offended him. Palace gossip has no place in bedsheets.
“Just that... your fingers made them full.” You stumble over your words. 
“And my fingers don’t make you feel that way?”
“No. Yes! I...” you try to straighten your thoughts. “That’s not the right word.”
“Then what is?”
“I'm not sure,” this is too new for you to describe. “They’re... long. Nimble. It’s like you already know me. I feel like you’re reaching inside my entire body, not just my... my...”
“Pussy?” Loki finishes for you. Your cheeks burn. 
“Hmm,” you tilt your head, looking over Loki’s face. He’s pensive. “Sit up.” He commands suddenly. You do so with effort. Loki free hand snakes around you, resting on the small of your back to keep you steady. “Look at that, sweet.” 
Your eyes drop towards your wet sex. You whimper at the sight. You can’t even see Loki’s fingers. They’re buried to the knuckle, disappearing deep inside you. His thumb flicks over your clitoris, and you let out a breath.
“Do you want that to be my cock?” He asks you. You nod, reaching forward to clutch his shoulders. “It’s going to hurt more than my fingers. You’re so tight, sweet, and I might be too big for you.”
“Try,” you rasp, looking your prince in the eye. “We can try.”
Loki brushes a few hairs from your face, and then leans forward to press his lips against yours. His tongue is wet and heavy, massaging your own. You moan. 
“Well then,” he says, drawing his fingers out. They’re wet, and just barely tinged with blood. Loki brings them to his mouth, licking them clean. “Lay back.”
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spiritualchange · 2 months ago
Mr. President, Sir
summary: your much more than the President's VP
warning: 18+ minors dni, smut, pwp, dom!loki, sub!reader, cockwarming, public fingering, sir kink, pet names [pet, love, sweet girl], oral (m receiving), degrading name [slut]
word count: 1.4k
pairing: president!loki laufeyson x fem!reader
navigation | taglist | requests
gif is not mine
Tumblr media
You held onto a stack of bills Loki had to sign as you made your way towards the Oval Office. You had been with Loki since the beginning of his campaign when elected you as his VP. You were only an assistant at the office he used to work for before. You caught his eye, he became enamored with you and just had to have you.
"Mr. President, Sir." You called out knocking on the door before opening the door. "Oh, I'm sorry sir."
There were three reporters sitting on the couches and chairs while he sat at his desk. The three reporters seemed surprised to see you, you never enjoyed the public outing, you tried to stay in as much as possible. Loki had a small smirk on his face, he was excited to see you.
"It's alright dear, are those the bills?" He looked at you.
"Yes, sir." You quickly made your way towards him, setting them down in front of him, apologizing to the reporters making your way back out before Loki pulled back.
"Where do you think you're going to love?" He asked pulling you into his lap, having your back against his chest. He looked over to the reporters. "You don't mind if she stays?"
They really didn't have a choice, he was the president. "It's alright."
"Perfect then continue." He smiled, grabbing himself a pen for him and you and the two went through reading and signing the bills.
You kept your attention on the papers as Loki continued to speak with the reporters. You felt his hand slide up your knee length skirt, rubbing your skin, giving it a small squeeze every once in a while. It seemed he continued to move his hand higher and higher until he was ripping your pantyhose and playing with the waistband of your panties.
"Are you going to be a good pet for me?" He asked moving your panties to the side, his fingers ghosting over your cunt.
"Yes sir." You breathed out. He felt his smirk as two of his fingers made your way to your clit, giving little circles. You felt your face flush as you hid your whimpers.
You looked up at the reporters who didn't seem to have a clue of what was going on and continued to speak to Loki.
You let out a small whine when Loki removed his fingers, his fingers running down your slit to gather the wetness, before circling your whole, pushing two fingers in and bringing his thumb to circle your clit.
"You like that don't you, letting me play with you in front of these reporters, you're a little slut aren't you." He whispered into you, scissoring his fingers.
"Yes sir, I'm your slut." You breathed heavily.
"That's right, my slut." He added an emphasis on 'my'.
You gripped your pen tightly as you felt yourself getting close, Loki seemed to notice and continued to rub your clit a little faster, feeling how you were squeezing his fingers. You had to bring your hand up to your mouth, biting down not to make any sound as cum over fingers.
Loki pulled his fingers out, pulling back your panties, and bringing his hands up to his mouth, sucking on them.
"You taste so sweet." He whispered in your ear.
You didn't notice the reporters leave until Loki pulled you up onto the desk.
"You did so well pet, keeping quiet for me, don't you think that earns you a reward." He stood in between your legs, keeping his hands on your hip. "But you need to suck my cock, I didn't get to cum like you."
"Yes sir." You scrambled onto your knees, waiting patiently for permission.
"You always look good on your knees." His hand caressed your cheek. "Go ahead pet."
"Thank you sir." You quickly removed his belt and slacks, pulling them along with his boxers letting his cock spring out.
Using your hands first, you spit on his cock, fisting him. You started to tease him, giving little kitten licks on the tip.
"Don't tease." He grabbed your hair to force you to look at him.
"Sorry sir." You murmured before taking the tip in your mouth, before going deeper. You kept your hands on his thighs as you bobbed your head on his cock, going as far as you could before pulling away.
Loki grabbed the back of your head, pushing you farther down his cock to the point your nose was touching him. "I know you can take all of me pet."
He was a sight for Loki, you on your knees, his cock on your mouth, the spit drooling down, you looking up at him as innocent as possible, he couldn't get enough of you. He brought the pad of his thumb to wipe away your tears.
"There's no need to cry, you're doing so well love." He told you as he pushed your head back down his cock when you came up for a breath of air.
"I'm cum down that pretty throat." He told you as he grabbed ahold of his cock, fisting himself as you waited with your tongue stuck out.
He watched as the ropes of cum hit your tongue and face, you swallowing all of it, wiping the rest off of your face, before sucking on your fingers.
"What a good girl." He sat you back onto his lap, removing your pencil skirt and ripping the rest of your pantyhose leaving you in your panties. "What do you want love, it's your reward?"
"I want to ride you." You told him running your hands down his chest, playing with the end of his tie. Your eyes widened as you looked back at him when he smacked your cheek, you lifted one of your hands to your cheek to feel the sting.
"Speak up, you know that." He grasped your chin looking deep into your eyes, you slowly nodded, trying to ignore how wet your cunt was.
"I want to ride you, sir." You said clearly keeping eye contact with him. He released your chin, placing a kiss on your red cheek.
"See, it wasn't that hard." He lifted you up, pulling your panties down so you were left completely bare from the hips down. He leaned further back onto his chair, letting you talk control for a while. You slowly pushed yourself up, grabbing his cock, positioning it for you to slowly sink in.
By halfway, you started to rise up, before sinking down further, fully positioning yourself on his cock, rocking hips back and forth.
"You're so big sir." You breathed out, grabbing the arm chairs to steady yourself.
"Yeah." He smirked. "Is my little pet going to fuck herself on my big cock."
"Yes." You moaned, starting to slowly bounce, trying to find a perfect rhythm. Loki leaned back up towards you to unbutton your blouse, groping your breasts through your thin bralette.
You shuttered when you felt his mouth on your nipple, his tongue doing wonders. Licking, sucking, swirling over your nipple, occasionally biting them, giving equal attention to your other nipple.
He continued to toy with your nipples as he heard the sound of your skins slapping against each other as you progressed to fuck yourself faster.
"Sir, I'm going to-ahh." You spoke, not being able to comprehend the rest of it as you felt the knot in your stomach release sending you over the edge. You collapsed into Loki's chest, regaining your breath.
"My sweet girl." He praised caressing your head, kissing the crown of your head as you recovered. Loki had never been that affectionate, not even in private, you always craved it, soaking it in whenever he became soft for you.
You came face to face with Loki again with a crooked smile on yourself, still on his cock.
"Come on, pet, let's get you off." He tried to grab your waist before you grabbed his wrist.
"No, I want to stay, please." You pouted. It wasn't the first time the two of your cockwarmed, it was a more intimate moment between the two of you which you always loved. He looked at you trying to persuade you to get off but he could never say no to you which such a face.
"Alright." He kissed the corner of your mouth. You smiled, wrapping your arms around his shoulders, resting your head on the crook on his shoulder.
Loki wrapped an arm around your waist to get a tightening grip on you as he continued to sort through the papers on his desk.
"I love you, sweet girl." He whispered in your ear when he heard your breath becoming slightly more heavy, your eyes shut.
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