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#loki laufeyson x reader
anasweetlywrites · 2 days ago
Fanfics / Imagines recommendation list - Part 2
Since I'm cleaning up the stuffs I've been liking here I also thought about making of blog with fanfics I like and recommend so whenever I'll want to read again I can tap the link and other people can discover them as well instead of scrolling and scrolling...
Warning !!! : smut,fluff,angst . All of them are x reader.
The tag limit its 50 people I’ll make multiple parts~ But this time I don’t think I reached that number in this part.
Part 1 : Bucky , Zemo, Benedict, Steve , Stucky , Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans
Tumblr media
Loki finding out about reader’s birthday @saberdeity
For dirty whispers in case you didn’t find their blog yet @lokis-dirty-whispers
POV: you're secretly dating your history(or english) professor, loki laufeyson. @ramona-thorns
All of these made by @clandestineloki
Coming Home to Loki After A Bad Day Would Include...
loki realizes his s/o has never received aftercare
Just The Touch Of Your Love
Softer (NSFW)
coming home to find you asleep in lingerie (nsfw)
Next To You
My Darling Dove
Before and After
I’m sure most of you know about Bee’s works @shiningloki . I’ve read almost all her one shots and I hope I’ll be able to make enough time to read /finish reading her series too.
Late-night cravings  @maiden-of-asgard
Head-cannon: Loki finds out you’ve been trying to learn asgardian for him @multifandombitch666
His Shirt @anonymousfiction211
in charge @earlgreydream
Nothing would make me happier @the-emo-asgardian
Loki xxx Pollen @mrsaugustwalker
Wrong room @lokiskitten
happy place @umbrae-in-nive
Sweet Dom @imagine-loki
A Small Crime   @fadingfics
Driven to Distraction @grufflepuff-writes-stuff
Stop & Smell the Flowers @bellesque​
Tumblr media
Tony Stark
Monday mornings @agustdowney
Power outage @mostly-marvel-musings
Kiss @mostly-marvel-musings
All of these by @another-stark-sub
Your Name
Til Next Semester
Silver Fox
Having a one night stand with Tony
using your safe word for the first time with Tony
Pinned Down
Stress @disasterofastory
Sorry I guess I’m picky or... anyway enjoy if I will find more I’ll add them in the next part/parts.
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knightsofkenn · 2 days ago
Divine Mischief | Loki Laufeyson x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: The God of Mischief has been yearning for you for some time now, leading him to finally take what’s his. (2.14K Words)
Tags: Loki Laufeyson, Innocent!Reader, Shy!Reader, Loss of Virginity, Dub Con, Oral (f receiving), Mentions of Blood, Loki is Lowkey Psycho, D/s Dynamics, FILTH, Sex in a Library, Coercion, Choking, Creampie🥵
A/N: Hi everyone! As promised here’s a Loki fic✨ This idea was rolling around in my head for a couple of days so I’m happy I finally finished it!! I hope you all enjoy and Read at your Own Risk <3
There were few things the God of Mischief yearned for.
His Father’s acceptance. Yes.
His mother’s praise. Yes.
You. Absolutely.
You were a shy thing, often spending your time in the library or shadowing his mother when you could. Though Loki never understood what your position was in the palace.
He had obviously asked around.
“Brother, who is she?” He questioned, watching as Thor casually tossed back another cup of ale.
He had been dodging his questions, keeping you hidden. And as much as it infuriated Loki, he knew that you and his brother had become friends.
“She’s not interested Loki” He spoke, dismissing his brother’s insistent pestering with little care.
How could you not be interested in him? He could offer you all of Asgard, and you weren’t interested.
It disgusted him, causing his infatuation with you to grow into something much crueler.
You were his for the taking.
You browsed the library once more, your hands skimming across the spines of books you had probably read over a hundred times each.
It wasn’t all surprising though, you had a knack for escaping your current world and books were the fastest way to get to your next destination.
It wasn’t that Asgard was a horrible place to be, no it was vibrant and full of life. But, having lived there for as long as you could remember you craved to be somewhere- anywhere else.
You had tried to ask Heimdall to open up the Bifrost for you Gods knows how many times, and each time he turned you down.
“It’s not safe for you.”
“I can’t let you go Y/N.”
“You have everything you need here in Asgard.”
He had always been protective over you like that, keeping an eye out for your well-being and safety. And as much as you appreciated having someone look out for you, you wanted to explore the other realms.
“How much sooner one tires of any thing than of a book. When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.”
You jumped, nearly toppling over as a voice spoke behind you. It sounded vaguely familiar, and you managed to catch yourself.
He smirked at you, standing at the edge of the library door way as if he had just appeared. He had on his traditional green robes, gold accenting the fabric.
“W-What are you doing here?”
He watched you back up in hesitation, your back flattened out against the spines of the books you had just been admiring. He could tell that you felt uneasy around him, and it put him on the edge.
You shouldn’t be afraid of him. All he wanted to do was cherish you and take care of you. You had no reason to be afraid.
You moved, tilting your head away from his extended hand as he approached.
You knew better than to give in to his seduction, it was something Heimdall had warned you of for as long as you could remember.
“Stay away from him Y/N”
“He’s no good for you. He takes girls like you and he ruins them.”
“You’re a gorgeous thing, Y/N” Loki was standing in front of you, his breath tickling your face as you tried your hardest to keep from flinching.
“Thank you” You muttered, your fear evident on your face. Since you were of age, you had always been warned of the God of Mischief. That he was a sorcerer that used his powers to harm others, especially girls like you.
Loki brought a hand to your cheek, caressing your skin. He could feel your heart thrumming in your chest and only took it as an invitation to continue.
You smelled of lilac and lavender, the scent pure and innocent. It made his blood grow warm.
Just the idea of having someone as precious as you in his bed- Gods it made him feral.
Your eyes went wide, fear pulsing through you as Loki grabbed ahold of your throat. He was squeezing with such strength that you could hardly stay awake.
You watched the sadistic smile break out on his face, full of malice. You didn’t know what you had done to deserve his cruelty- but you did know that everything your peers had tried to warn you of was true.
Loki laughed, though somewhat surprised as you tried to push against his hold. He found it funny that your feet slid and scuffed against the floor, trying to get more leverage against him.
“Do you want to breathe precious girl?”
You eagerly nodded, collapsing into his arms once he had released you. Your mind was in a haze, your vision blurry as you felt him repositioning your bodies.
Loki was impressed that you hadn’t fallen unconscious yet, though it did make things easier for him that you could hardly stand up.
You whimpered against his hold, trying to stay conscious and trying to push him away. Though, you were failing miserably.
Loki wasn’t typically this desperate, but you had managed to evade him for months now.
It seemed that every time he caught your eye from across the room you would scurry away. Or You would come up with some excuse as to why you couldn’t be near him.
“I’m sorry I have to go run errands!”
“I’m needed in the Kitchens”
But you couldn’t escape him now.
With a harsh rip, the prince tore open your dress. You could hear his mischievous laughter right by your ear. You struggled in his hold. You pushed and used as much force as you could, though you knew it was of no use.
"Behave, Pet."
Loki was already irritated with your incessant squirming, and he couldn't have you misbehaving so soon. You needed to learn your place in your relationship with him, and the first part of that was letting him use your body.
"Please don't. I-I'll be ruined if you do this!" You cried out, feeling your heart begin to break as he used his magic to strip you bare.
If he went through with this, you would be tainted for anyone else. You wouldn't be able to be courted or marry a nobleman. No, you would be deflowered and cast aside.
Loki grabbed ahold of your face, taking the moment to look you in the eye.
"Ruined? You won't be ruined precious girl. You'll be claimed."
Loki pushed you onto the nearest desk, swiping off the books and papers as fast as he could. He was so eager to get inside of you. He had been fantasizing about taking you for so long, and now that he was here he was desperate to get started.
With the wave of his hand, he removed his robes, leaving his chiseled skin and leaking cock waiting.
"Please, Loki" You whined, feeling your body tense up when he ran his fingers along the outside of your heat.
You were so warm. Your skin was pliable and soft, making him grow harder by the second.
There was nothing quite like breaking a girl as sweet as you.
"Just relax, Pet. I'm about to give you everything you've ever wanted."
Loki spit on his length. He knew that he should loosen you up some first. But just because he knew better didn't mean he would do better.
With the head of his cock aligned at your entrance and a hand on your hip, the God of Mischief claimed you.
"Gods!" You cried out, feeling the burning intrusion. You could have sworn your brain stopped working for a moment.
All you could focus on was the sting between your legs and the small bubbling pleasure you were beginning to feel in your stomach.
Loki was just as distraught as you were. He could hardly breathe from the way your heat was gripping him.
Sure he had ruined plenty of girls before you, but none of them had compared to this. He felt like he was made to be in you.
Loki stilled for a moment, catching his breath as he watched a tear roll down the side of your cheek. He couldn't even deny that it turned him on, even more, to watch you cry at a time like this.
He wasn't sure if your tears were from the pain of sex or from the pain of having him steal your innocence. And he honestly could care less.
You were his now.
Loki pulled away, feeling a smidge of satisfaction when he saw the mix of your blood and his fluids staining his length.
"Hold onto the table Pet."
You did as instructed, moving your shaking hands to grip the edges of the table. You couldn't deny that your shame at the entire predicament was morphing into something else... and you liked it.
A whine left your lips, the sound surprising both of you as the Prince pushed back into you. This time it didn't hurt, and you could feel him deep within your core.
You nearly choked on air when he did it again, this time with much more force.
"Oh, Pet. I can see you're starting to enjoy yourself."
Loki could see the way you struggled to keep from moaning and the feel of your now dripping core- you were really enjoying yourself.
With both of his hands on your skin, Loki began thrusting into you at a good rhythm. And with each push of his hips the subtle moans you were trying to conceal grew louder and louder.
"Loki! I-I" You stuttered, unable to speak from the sheer force of his movements.
It made him prideful that he had reduced you to a blubbering mess and it made him want to poke fun at you.
"You feel that tightness in your core Pet? That's an orgasm just waiting to be released."
You whimpered from his words, your eyes closed tightly as the tightness in your belly grew tighter and tighter. It didn't help that his cock was diving into you with such speed that you didn't have a chance to recover.
"I'll let you orgasm. But... You'll have to pass my test."
Loki pulled out of you for a moment, dropping to eye level so he could watch your cunt gape from his absence. And Gods, your heat was practically sopping wet and throbbing from his relentless thrusting.
"What's the test?" You inquired, feeling sensitive when he brought to fingers to the bundle of nerves on your mound.
"Since you're a little bookworm, I want you to read this entire page. If you can do it without orgasming early, I'll reward you."
You were hesitant, but what other choice did you have?
Like clockwork, a book appeared in front of your eyes. It appeared to be an old Asgardian text and you could barely make out the words.
"I-I give myself to- Oh, fuck" You moaned, your vision going blurry when you felt Loki's lips on your heat. He was using short swirling licks, but it was already distracting you too much.
His hand connecting with your flesh was enough to bring you back to the pages of the book.
"I give myself to the Gods, t-to be used for their bidding" You were practically shaking, your eyes rolling back as Loki's lips attached right on your clit.
He was using so much pressure that you were sure you would explode at any second.
"Keep Going." He ordered, his face still between your legs.
"I give myself to the God of be his true partner.." You were panting, your entire body rigid.
You couldn't hold back, and rushed to finish reading the words on the page before it was too late.
"And to be his wife!"
Loki smiled beneath you, quickly returning to his original position so he could fuck you through your orgasm.
You squirmed at the intrusion, your body electrified as your orgasm tore through.
“Such a good Pet”
It felt like nothing you had ever experienced. It was like your senses went into overdrive, and Loki had facilitated it all.
"My good Pet" He groaned, feeling his abdomen tighten from his own approaching orgasm.
He pushed into you as far he could, taking your pleas from be overstimulated. He couldn't take it anymore and shot his cum into you, watching as you writhed and whimpered from the feel of it.
He stayed in you for as long as he could, knowing better than to neglect you after something so intense.
He also felt somewhat guilty that you had just sold your soul to him without even knowing it.
With his arms now wrapped around your unconscious figure, the God of Mischief carried you to your now shared quarters.
In the morning you would come to know your newest titles
The God of Mischief and the Goddess of Divinity
@travelta @maxnificent @rosieposie08
@mazzybearqq @writing-through-wonderland @ghoulian13 @psychostop @inpraizeof @kylosbitch @xxgarden @thepalaceofmelanie @mrs-gucci
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randominagines · 2 days ago
Loki: This party is a disaster, like everything else on Midgard.
Sylvie: I know, it's quite boring.
Mobius: You keep complaining, not everyone parties like a God.
Sylvie: Let's leave.
Loki: I agree.
Y/n: *walking in the room all dressed up*
Loki: *looking at you in shock*
Tumblr media
Mobius: So, are we leaving or not?
Sylvie: Absolutely--
Loki: --no, absolutely no. *coming to you*
Sylvie: *following Loki's gaze* I see...
Mobius: Well, let me grab another drink then.
Sylvie: I'm coming with you, Loki is gone for the rest of the night.
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handmaiden-of-mischief · 8 hours ago
Can't wait for all the Sindays🙌
Can i request a #15:“I know I should care about the reason why you’re naked in my bed, but I will just enjoy it for a moment.” with LokixFem!Reader?
Nex my dear, thank you so much for the request! 😁 Happy Sinday! - Love, Kiki 🖤
Pairing: Loki x female reader
Request/Prompt: for my Sinday celebration
Word count: 2k
What to expect: humour, smut
For more Loki content, check out my masterlist 🥰
As always, every single like, comment and reblog is appreciated 🖤
Tumblr media
Your day had been long, and the night which followed in its wake even longer. There wasn’t a single muscle in your body that didn’t feel sore and strained, not a single inch of your skin which was unmarred by bruises. But the mission had been a success, and that was what mattered at the end of the day. Or rather at the end of the night, you added as an afterthought when the Quinjet touched the ground in front of the Avengers headquarters. The glass facades of the building, the chrome and steel adorning it as it loomed at the edge of the asphalt, already glinted in the first sunrays of the day which made the sky blush in the softest hues of pink.
“You gonna join us for a drink?”, Nat asked from her seat opposite of you while everyone busied themselves unbuckling their seatbelts and gathering all of their weapons which were strewn across the space.
“Too tired,” you replied, barely suppressing a yawn, “All I want is a hot shower and my bed.”
“Maybe you’ll find someone to join you for both,” Nat winked, and your eyes widened in a silent plea for her to stop the teasing before one of the others heard –
“Who did you have in mind?”, Thor chimed up from his seat with a wide grin so completely unaware of your little wince at his words.
Your brother. Not that he’d know.
Aloud, you replied drily, “I’m single, Thor. The future ahead is filled with a vegetable garden and twenty cats.”
Which was a realistic estimate, considering the nonexistence of your flirting skills and the way you always seemed to be one hundred percent clumsier whenever Loki was in the same room as you.
Your quip earned you laughter from the others, and when you sauntered down the Quinjet’s ramp and made your way to your room, the promise of a hot shower and your fresh bedsheets were like a siren’s song to lure you along the hallways in your tired daze, your steps quickening.
You didn’t even wait until you reached the bathroom, which was connected to your bedroom, simply stripping off your bloodied, charred clothes, peeling them away from your sore limbs as you crossed the room. When you stepped into the shower, you were tired enough to make everything feel like a dream, your consciousness already knocked out in a deep slumber as muscle memory took over and you randomly massaged shampoo in your hair, rinsed it out, stepped out of the shower and dried yourself off. You didn’t even remember that you’d put the towel to the rack beside the shower.
It felt as if the task of showering had sucked the last droplets of strength from your tired bones, and in this haze of sleepiness, you decided you didn’t have the nerve to grab new underwear and a shirt to sleep in. With a sigh, you just plopped down on the bed, naked and half-asleep already, and the feeling of the soft bedsheets against your bare skin as you stretched felt as if you were sprawled out on the softest, fuzziest cloud.
Instead of granting you sleep immediately, though, your mind wandered to Nat’s teasing back in the jet. Did she know about your growing crush for the God of Mischief? Oh god. Did Thor know? Had his teasing been anything but oblivious?
Having spent the better part of the past few months to talk yourself out of the massive crush you harboured for the raven-haired god as best as you could, and failing miserably at it, you’d resumed to at least hide the indelible feelings you had for Loki, the attraction you felt towards him. A difficult task, given the fact that the god had moved into the rooms right beside yours. It didn’t help that you always seemed to stumble into him, as if seeing him at meals and in the training rooms wasn’t already enough.
Every single one of your dreams was woven from memories of the most stunning blue eyes, sparks of mischief dancing in them whenever they locked on yours, making them glitter like gemstones in sunlight, and the imagination of what it would feel like to have these slender, elegant fingers which so expertly wove illusions into the air run through your hair instead. How it would feel to have his hands roaming over every inch of your skin, exploring your body with as much tenderness as he held when he let those skilled fingers caress over the sharp blade of one of his daggers, so beautiful and deadly at the same time…
A groan escaped your throat at the realization that at this point, Loki, with his devious smirks and his gazes that seemed to follow you as soon as the two of you were in the same room, had possessed not only your heart but your mind as well with his sheer presence. He was holding you hostage without even knowing what he kept doing to you. Without knowing how many times you’d tried to bring these fantasies to live with your own hands in the darkness of your bedroom, knowing that everything your own caresses made you feel would pale in comparison to the pleasure Loki himself could bestow on you.
Ignoring the throbbing sensation in your core as these thoughts cut through the haze of your sleepiness, you grabbed one of the pillows and pressed it against your face to groan your frustration into the soft fabric and muffle the sound. Staying like this, you waited for the cool air of the room to brush over your heated, bare skin and for your raging thoughts to calm down and finally grant you the sleep you’d been craving so hard only minutes ago.
It was hopeless. You were going crazy with the force of your feelings for the trickster, with your craving for him…Probably literally crazy, because even the fabric of the pillowcase seemed to smell like him. It seemed as if his delicious scent of herbs and something sweet, like incense, all mixed with a tang of leather, was lingering in your bedsheets, despite the fact that Loki had never even set foot in your bedroom. Obviously, you’d memorized the trickster’s intoxicating scent well enough for your mind to conjure the memory and make it feel as real as if he were lying next to you on the mattress, so tight was his grip around your heart. How you wished for this lovely scent to linger not only on your bedsheets but your bare skin as well…
“I know I should care about the reason why you’re naked in my bed, but I will just enjoy it for a moment,” a dark voice purred, filling the air of your bedroom.
With a jolt, you sat up, throwing the pillow away from you. With horror sinking in your chest and your heart plummeting three storeys deep through the floor, you eyes locked on Loki’s.
The trickster was casually leaning against the doorway, head tilted to the side to resemble a curious cat stalking its prey. His gaze, filled with a mixture of bemusement and something darker, something which, despite the horrifying realization that you were completely naked, sprawled out on the bed and perfectly on display for him, made heat pool in your lower belly as it roamed over every inch of your exposed skin as if he were trying to memorize the exact scene. There was the most mischievous smirk playing on the trickster’s lips while he watched you come alive with panic and scramble to rip the duvet from the foot of the bed and wrap yourself in the scratchy fabric to cover yourself while you shrieked, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM?!”
Loki only chuckled. “I wanted to ask the same thing of you.”
You opened your mouth to protest, but your gaze finally fell on the assortment of daggers decorating the wall beside the doorway, where Loki was still leaning with a demeanour as relaxed as if he hadn’t just seen you fully naked, sprawled on a bed that was obviously his, because it actually smelled like him, and it was his room and now you realized that you didn’t remember to have put the towels where you found them because. It. Was. Not. Your. Damn. Room. It was Loki’s. In your bone-deep tiredness, you’d accidentally stumbled into Loki’s room instead of your own. And draped yourself over his bed, utterly naked.
Another groan escaped you, agonized with the realization, and heat – of embarrassment this time – filled every inch of your body.
“What are you doing?”, Loki inquired curiously, that wolfish grin still etched on his handsome features.
“Waiting to drop dead on the floor to save me any further embarrassment,” you winced. “Oh God I’m so terribly sorry.” It came out as a whisper.
“So you’re telling me you did not place yourself on bed completely naked to seduce me upon my arrival here?”, Loki teased, before he feigned a pout and added, “How very unfortunate for me.”
“I – wh – what?”
“Because,” Loki continued, and the playful tease vanished from his voice as it darkened to a raspy drawl and he pushed himself away from the doorway to cross the distance between the two of you with slow, deliberate steps, the leather of his Asgardian attire rustling softly with each step, “I was rather intrigued by the sight of you, sprawled out so beautifully on my bed.”
Your breath caught in your throat, and with every single one of Loki’s slow steps, every inch of the distance between the two of you that he closed, waiting for your reaction, you felt your pulse quicken, and the rasp in his heavy voice was enough to rouse the need in your core, the need for him between your legs, even further. The sleepiness was gone, chased away by a desire.
Loki had come to stand in front of you, and the back of your bare legs brushed against the bed. Your fist clutching the duvet which was wrapped around your chest, tightened as your mind spun with want and embarrassment and longing.
With the darkest of smiles, Loki leaned closer, and his breath fanned across the bare crook of your neck like the most gentle of caresses, eliciting a shiver of anticipation which ran through your body as he breathed “And what a glorious sight that was, darling. To have every beautiful inch of your body on display for me…”
You bit your lip, and your eyes fluttered close as every single nerve in your body came alive with Loki’s proximity, the warmth of his body seeping through your own skin, the promise of his kiss with his lips nearly brushing against yours…
“…And to think you’d finally decided to do something about these feelings we keep harbouring for each other,” Loki drawled, his breathing growing as ragged and heavy as your own. You moaned softly when he reached out to let his index finger slowly travel up your arm, towards the spot where your grip on the duvet was loosening with each of his words, with each quiver of want scooting through your body.
These feelings we keep harbouring for each other.
“Well, somebody had to, right?”, you finally quipped with a trembling voice, laced with the arousal you could already feel seeping between your legs.
“Indeed. It’ll be a pleasure to return the favour,” Loki rasped, and locked his lips on yours, just as your grasp on the duvet loosened to rake your hands through his hair and pull him closer. When the two of you sunk backwards against the mattress, the duvet fluttered to the ground with a rustle, rendered utterly useless and forgotten already.
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Loki taglist (let me know if you’d like to be added): @boneheadduluc @spiderhostia @a-midwinter-night-dream-86  @zemosimp05 @justfangirlthingies @cazzyimagines @rumblelibrary @victias @justanothertruebeliver @chiptaylormybeloved @vverliebt @madhatter2727 @a-simp-recommends-fics @morphoportis  @superavengerpotter @savvywords @thatoneleoslytherin @clockblobber @jhawk608 @kingtwhiddleston @spooksgalore69 @paetonnn @chaosbringer566 @jesuisbenny @idkimjusthere23  @dirtytissuebox @sarahpaq08 @janetsnakehole02 @swimgirl5665 @wojciechovsk  @flawed---by---design @the-maroon-panda @charistory @lokiperfection @jen-w @i-l-y-3000  @spicy-acocado @fallinallinmendes @awkward-and-indecisive @whiskeywinter89  @cringingmemeries @osugahunnyicedtea @dead-mitochondria @littleone65 @glee-ghost @theaudacitytowrite @marchingicenotes7 @palepurserebelcloud @glacial-snowflakes @variant59 @lokistoriesblog @classicmarvelavenue  @confettucini @1marvelnerd3000 @gabewerk @huffpuff10 @pugcess  @wh0reforthemarauders @pictsiepanda @sititran @butterflyloki  @notyourfuckingbusinesss @damnzelsoul @itsybitchylittlewitchy  @that-one-girl-that-simps @psyc-hot-ic-gingers-kitten @extrodinary-disaster  @d1a2n389 @idkdude44 @realandloud @sherlockhss @ferriswheel97 @purple-blommie  @milly-louise @deanaddicted2 @pizzaobsessedperson @kingtwhiddleston @glee-ghost @glacial-snowflakes
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chaoticgaysstuff · a day ago
Mischief Flickers | Yandere Loki x Male! Reader
Tumblr media
Loki is the God of Lies and Mischief. 
He's a Trickster, a dangerous and terrifying force of nature who loves to cause a considerable amount of chaos on this place humans like to call Earth. 
The monster hidden in the closet when the blazing sun goes down and nightfall begins, welcoming total darkness, except for the lights outside that happen to come on, and the unearthly moon, which is surrounded by an ethereal glow.
Someone who can practically smell lies coming out of a person's mouth from a mile away. The stolid dark shadow that creeps into kid's rooms and bounces off the walls just to scare them. 
Those are the few descriptive phrases that have been used to describe him.  
Although, there is something – a small detail of sorts – that everybody doesn't know about The Trickster himself. One little detail that would have most people cackling on the floor if they ever heard. 
He was, in fact, capable of love, and was deeply and utterly in love with someone. 
And that someone was in the form of an adorable man. A mortal man to be more precise.  
It all started when Thor had brought him back to Earth and somehow managed to convince The Avengers that Loki was not as bad as they painted him to be. 
With understandable suspicion and skepticism, the others had decided that he would be a magical consultant and a backup Avenger until he was proven to not have some ulterior motive. 
From that point forward, he was actually required – though they mostly wanted to keep an eye on him – to spend time with all of The Avengers. Well, everyone except for one person, that is. 
To say that Loki was curious to meet you would be an understatement. The God of Mischief has heard from the others how awesome of a person you are. He noticed how they loved to speak fondly of you – mainly those cooking skills that you were blessed with – and he could feel how protective they were of you, washing off of them in waves. 
You, a mere mortal, intrigued him to a high degree and he was dying to meet you. 
Then, the next day, once every member of the team was in the kitchen having breakfast was the day you decided to show up. 
"Hey everybody, sorry I'm late. Court ran later than I thought it would." You spoke upon walking into the large kitchen, obligingly taking the plate Natasha offered you. You sent the Black Widow an appreciative smile before plopping down in the chair between Clint and Bucky. It wasn't until you looked around, you ended up noticing there was a certain God you hadn't introduced yourself to. "Oh!" You stood up and walked around the table towards the other God who hasn't taken his eyes off you. You extended your hand to the other male's, a bright smile on your face. "We haven't met, I'm Y/N. Nice to meet you, Lokes." 
That was the name of the breathtakingly handsome and kind man who he ended up falling for, who he ended up being smitten by at first glance. He felt his breath leave his lungs when you spoke his name, a nickname that sounded so right rolling off your lips. And it seemed to only escalate from there. 
It started after he and Thor came back from buying clothes at the mall when his brother suggested that he wear normal clothes. 
You... cooked for him. It was certainly a shock to him that you would take the time out of your day to cook for the two of you. Thor visited Lady Jane after he dropped him off at the Tower, so it was just you and him. Alone, with each other.
The others were not misleading when they spoke highly of your cooking skills. When the food that you had gracefully prepared for him, Loki had never tasted anything like that in his life. If he was being honest, your cooking was better than the food on Asgard. 
You both ate lunch together while getting to know each other, which involved telling one another crazy and wild stories that have happened in your lives. 
And that was only the beginning. 
The God of Mischief found himself spending the majority of his time in your presence, spending less time with the others. 
Speaking of the others, they were a little apprehensive when they noticed how much you and Loki had been hanging out with each other alone, but they knew that you could handle yourself and that Loki has proven that he wouldn't harm you, but he's still a Trickster by nature, so you can never be too careful. 
He would spend time with you in your room – mostly when he and Thor would have a small argument or when he just wanted to be in your presence – reading books with each other as you playfully messed with him, teaching him how to cook, going up to the rooftops, sitting on the grass at the park, and even watched as the sunset over the horizon. 
The dark-haired male would never sit on grass. He was a God and was not made to sit on a place where humans walked on constantly and was littered with dirt and bugs, but he was right next to you, watching as you watched the sunset with an earnest smile on your face, and that made sitting on the grass worth it. 
The more time Loki had spent with you, the more he fell in love with you, and the more a possessive urge formed in the pit of his stomach. 
He wanted to have you for himself, he wanted to court you naturally. Or that word that humans like to use. Date. He would love the chance to date you. 
So, whenever he would go to another planet with his big oaf of a brother, he would make sure to bring you back something, spoil you rotten with gifts, and shower you with love and affection.
But, you were completely oblivious to his advances, but the rest of the team – Natasha was the first one – noticed it and gave Loki the shovel talk about what would happen if he hurts you. He would never hurt you, but he would hurt them if they take you away from him. 
"C'mon, time to go now." Those were the words you greeted Loki with once you appeared in the kitchen and he curiously wondered where you guys were heading.
"Where are we going today?" He asked, placing the cup he used in the sink. 
"Fury said that an attack happened on a movie set here in New York and most  people believe that Hydra was behind the attack, so they want all members of the team to go and check it out." 
The dark-haired God hummed. "What reason would an organization like Hydra have to where they want to attack movie stars?" 
"Who knows. It's Hydra, so it could be anything. Guess we won't know until we get there." You walked over to him and linked arms with him, tugging on it a bit. "Let's go. They're all waiting on the jet for us." 
And that's how Loki found himself sitting next to you on the Quinjet, thighs pressing against each other as you two talked and laughed together in hushed tones, Loki occasionally running circles on your thigh, the rest of The Avengers watching the scene in amusement at your obliviousness. 
Loki – pretty much every hour of every day  – wondered exactly what was going through that pretty little head of yours. He knew that you cared for him, showed him kindness upon first meeting him, something that no one has done when they first met him. He wondered if you loved him the way he loved you, if you, who had such a gentle heart, could love someone with so much anger and rage inside his heart. A Trickster by force. 
The Quinjet smoothly landed on the ground and the passengers exited the jet and headed over to the movie set where an actor was murdered. 
Dozens of reporters and a few civilians are stationed behind the yellow tape, shouting question after question to the people on the other side of it  – which ultimately went ignored. 
It most certainly didn't go unnoticed by the Trickster how the civilians and reporters were looking at the team, wearing various expressions of irrepressible awe, appreciation, and obvious lust. The one thing he disliked about the staring was how every one of them  – men and women alike – were looking at you with all three expressions.
Loki sent each and every one of them a  heated glare, hating the way everyone was staring at you. He should be the only one to look at you that way, and nobody else.
"Mr. Stark, thank you and your team for coming." The officer said, shaking hands with Tony briefly before gesturing with her hand for everyone to follow her. They all trailed after the brunette quickly. 
"What can you tell us about what happened?" Natasha immediately asked the officer once they were on the set. 
"According to the Director, he and everyone else who was present had left the set for lunch. They heard a pierced scream and ran back on set to see that Brody was already dead." She explained. 
Towards the back of the set, the actor was sprawled out onto the ground, puddles of blood around his head and another puddle around his chest. 
"What makes you think this was Hydra's doing and not some random murderer?" 
"Because the way the victim died indicates that this was similar to other killings that Hydra has done in the past. Not to mention, the number four was carved on his chest and in his dressing room. The Hydra symbol was carved in the back of his neck, too." Officer Stan answered Bucky's question. 
You took out a pair of hospital gloves and put them on, walking around the others who watched you questionably as you began to inspect the back of the dead actor's neck. Sure enough, there was the Hydra symbol carved on the surface of his skin and you traced over the symbol with your finger before looking at everyone else and nodding your head in confirmation of what the officer claimed. 
"It's Hydra." You confirmed once again, standing up from the crouch position and looked at Officer Stan. "Was the director the one to find the body?" 
The officer shook her head. "No, that would be his hairstylist, Mr. Smith." 
"Thank you, Ma'am. That will be all we need from you for now." Steve smiled politely at the dark-skinned woman who gave a slight nod of her head before walking off and pulling out her phone. "Okay everyone, so we know who found the body and this was a Hydra attack. Now, since there are security cameras present on this set, Tony and Y/N will-" 
Everyone whipped their heads around to their friend and saw that you were starin' at something or someone across the room in awe that set Loki on edge. 
"What? What is it?" Clint asked as he followed your gaze to see you staring at a handsome man he has never seen before. Was he an actor? He wondered,   looking over at you with lifted eyebrows.
You stared at the archer as if you could not believe that he was asking you that question. "It's Oliver Stark!" You pointed happily to the man in question.
"Who is Oliver Stark?" Bruce asked, voice laced with curiosity as the others waited for your answer, especially Loki. 
"He's one of the main actors in 911 – awesome show, by the way, highly recommended – and he's funny, smart, caring, sarcastic, and one of my favorite actors!"  
"So, pretty much the actor version of me then." Tony remarked, smirking in your direction and you only rolled your eyes playfully in response. 
"I can't believe he's really here in New York." You muttered, eyes sliding over to the handsome actor and a smile broke out onto your features. "I have to go and meet him." 
"Wait, Y/N-" 
Unfortunately, The God of Mischief did not get to finish the statement that was on the tip of his tongue because you were already making your way over to your favorite actor which had Loki fuming and he clenched his fist in his hands. 
Loki wondered just how this simple mortal was able to put a huge smile like that upon your handsome face and to make you behave like a teenage fanboy. He wanted to be the only person in the galaxy to put a smile like that on your face, to see your eyes sparkle with undeniable happiness. The thought of someone else actually putting a smile like that on your features gave Loki a headache, but to actually witness it? That was an entirely different story and sat heavy in his chest. 
Everyone's eyes were glued to your form and they watched mindlessly as their friend stepped closer to the actor's chair and said something that caused him to look up at you from the movie script in his hands. He flashed you a bright smile and offered you a handshake which you took shyly and offered him your own smile. 
He held onto your hand a little longer than necessary and Loki wanted to cut his hand off, not only because he still was holding onto your hand, but also because he had a stupid flirtatious smile on his face.
"Wow, that Oliver guy seems to be quite fond of Y/N already." Sam commented, the others nodding along with him. 
Green eyes that belonged to a certain redhead assassin narrowed down in slight suspicion on Oliver. "We have to make sure to keep an eye on him. Even though Y/N can handle himself, Oliver Stark is still a suspect in the murder, and who knows what he could do to him." 
The team nodded and went to do their assigned roles in this investigation. Tony, Bruce, and Steve went to view the security footage, Natasha and Clint went to talk to the hairstylist, Sam and Bucky went to talk with the police, and Thor stayed with a fuming Loki who watched the scene in front of him with anger present in his eyes. 
"Brother, try to remain calm now." Thor said as softly as possible, registering the murderous expression that marred Loki's face, eyes shining with utter rage. 
"I am calm, Thor." He responded calmly, hands falling flat at his sides, as he brought his gaze from you to his brother who was watching him worriedly. "And I would appreciate it if you would stop treating me like some delicate flower." 
"I'm sorry, but the jealousy you have towards Sir Oliver is not a good thing." 
Loki let out a sigh of annoyance at the way his brother was acting like a child. "I am not jealous, I just don't like how he is with someone who could be a killer. He could get hurt or be his next victim." 
"Well, lucky for you, Y/N is walking back over here right now." Thor pointed out and the siblings watched as you walked over to them with a smile on your face. 
"He let me take a picture with him, and he gave me his autograph!" 
"Well, isn't that wonderful? It's not every day that you get an autograph from a person who murder's people for a living." 
You frowned in confusion. "Uh, what?" 
"That Oliver Stark." Loki spat out his name venomously as if it was nothing more than a curse upon his lips that didn't deserve to be voiced into existence. "Could be a Hydra operative and you're getting all cozy with him." 
"Loki, it's Oliver Stark. He's not a Hydra operative." You said dismissively. 
"Don't be so sure about that." Natasha's voice ranged through their ears as she walked over with the others following in tow. "There were more killings like this in LA and here in New York. Oliver, with a handful of people here, were present, so it's a strong possibility that it could be him." 
You shook your head in denial, which irritated Loki on a fundamental level. "But he can't be. He's-" 
"Hey, Y/N!" 
Everyone looked at the source of the person who shouted your name and they saw Oliver Stark walking over to the group, most of them tensing up. 
"Oh, hey, Oliver Stark." 
"Please, call me Oliver." 
You flushed. "Okay, Oliver. Was there something you needed from me?" 
Oliver Stark bit his lip. "There is a party happening tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to be my date. Everyone here is gonna be there and a few more famous people. What do you say?" 
"Oh!" Your smile widened and you instinctively rubbed the back of your neck. "I'd love to. Could I possibly bring my team? if it's not too much to ask."
"Of course they can and I'm sorry, where are my manners? I'm Oliver Stark, nice to meet our world's protectors." 
Introductions were made between the British actor and the team before he had to leave and shot you a fond smile. It was silent between us and Bucky broke it. 
"What on earth was that for, Y/N?! He could be a killer and you agreed to be his date?!" 
"Relax, he said that everyone on this set will be at the party. We can keep our eye on the people if something happens. I'll keep my eye on Oliver the whole time." 
"Oh, I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you? To spend all your time near Oliver, huh?" Loki said bitterly and you frowned at the tone in his voice. 
"What is that supposed to mean?" 
"Nothing. Now, let's get out of here before I smite a certain British actor." 
Before you could ask Loki why he would want to smite Oliver in the first place, he turned on his heel and stomped off in the direction of the Quinjet pissed off. 
Loki placed himself down in the chair at the bar, tapping his finger against the table as he angrily observed the crowd. He was in one of his disguises as Chad or Brad, he wasn't sure because he was too focused on you and Oliver. 
He knew that since he was an Avenger now, he was supposed to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and make sure that civilians were safe, but his only priority right now was you. 
The dark-haired God wondered what he could do to make you fall for him. To see him the way he sees you. He would not stop, of course. He will do anything to make you his, and if that means that he has to kill an actor, then so be it. 
In the unbearable distance, Loki had been watching you and your date. What happened next made him lose any amount of self-control he once had. 
Both of you were standing very close to one another, bodies almost pressing against each other with your left hand in his right hand. A conversation occurred with lots of talking and laughing that had Loki grip the glass he was holding. He leaned in to whisper something in your ear to which you nodded with a smile and he gave you a soft kiss. 
That is what truly managed to set the Trickster off and that's how he found himself moving through the crowded room of people, uncontrollable and inexplicable rage boiling inside him. 
As soon as he caught up with you guys, you caught sight of him and was about to greet Loki when his fist managed to connect with Oliver's jaw, causing the actor to fall to the ground, the crowd falling silent. 
"What the hell, man!" Oliver shouted, despite the ache in his jaw where Loki's fist had previously been. 
"Lo – Chad." You corrected instantly, noticing that you almost used his real name instead of his disguises name. "Why did you do that?" 
"This man has no right to touch what is mine!" He snapped and your eyes went wide along with everyone else. 
The Trickster disregarded all the looks that were being sent his way. They did not matter to him. His attention was solely focused on you. He took ahold of your arm in a tight grip and tugged you out of the place and took you outside. 
"What the hell was that?" You asked Loki once you were out of earshot. 
"I should be asking you questions. Why were you letting that filthy mortal hold your hand and whisper things in your ear?" He retorted, inhaling and exhaling. 
"That filthy mortal was my date and us mortals usually let our dates hold our  hands if you didn't know that already." 
"I don't like it." 
"Loki." You sighed and spoke in a softer tone. "What is going with you? Seriously, you don't ever act like this except for that one time with my co-workers, but seriously, what's your problem?" 
"My problem is that Oliver thought he could touch what is mine. I don't want you to go on dates or be courted by some lousy human. I want to hold your hand and touch your beautiful S/C skin. No one else should. Only I should." 
"What? Are you saying that..." 
Loki pinned you against the wall and kissed you rough and hard. Your eyes widened slightly, but you kissed him back. Loki smirked and deepened the kiss, tongue fighting and teeth clashing as he completely dominated the inside of your mouth. He wanted to taste every inch of your mouth. Your mouth was his to kiss and his to claim. Only his. 
The kiss was broken and Loki pressed his forehead against yours, as you began breathing heavily in his hold. 
"I'm saying that I want you to be mine. I love you and I don't want anyone else to have you or touch you the way he was." 
"You – You love me...?" 
"Yes, more than you know, but you are quite oblivious." Loki chuckled, planting a kiss on your jaw. 
You felt your cheeks start to warm up. "Guess I have been. I just don't really understand how you, a God, can love a simple human like me." 
Loki gripped your shoulders tightly and looked at you sternly. "You are a human who deserves to live like a God. There are many reasons to love you, but it would take a while to list." 
You smiled at him. "I didn't realize you felt this way for me, and looking back, I probably should have known." 
"It's quite alright, but you will be mine now, right?" He asked and you nodded. The Trickster brought you into another kiss and grinned in satisfaction. 
He finally had you right in his arms. You had agreed to be his. The dark-haired God has killed so many people for this to happen, doing them when you were not present because he didn't want you to see that. They tried to take you away from him and they paid the price. 
Now, no one will have your attention but him. He has finally found someone who never compares him to his brother and likes him for him and never judges him for his mistakes. 
He couldn't let that go. 
He wouldn't. 
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simplystevies · 9 hours ago
oh no! I don’t remember exactly what i sent in but I know it was loki and i think tva!reader idk it was definitely loki tho???? probably something with a mix of fluffy and smutty? any thing you remember from it work be fine
I hate when I accidentally delete my stuff so don’t worry about it if you can’t remember (Bc I also can’t with scatter brain)
Tumblr media
pairings || loki laufeyson x servant!f!reader
summary || you loved loki all your life, why does he seem to, only now, care about you?
warnings || 18+ minors dni, public sex, unprotected sex, sir kink, breeding kink, slight angst, oblivious mutual pining, pet names (princess, my love), lots of fluff, loki puts his hand over readers mouth, loki has a big cock.
note || yes i am using this ask, yes i am stupid for deleting the fic, yes i am in love with zee, yes i created this with her kinks in mind, yes i cried when i deleted the other fic, who says im not doing well? I HOPE THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED, IM REALLY PROUD OF IT!
wc || 3k
you grew up around the allfather and his two sons, your mother was a servant for odin so you three were kept tight together most days. as you grew up, your mother started to distance you from the boys, confused why you asked, “but mother, they are my friends!”
“you are growing, my little love, you need to focus on yourself, you can see the boys on the weekends.” your mother was right, as always, you were growing. you were gaining curves, your chest had grown, you felt moody.
most days you didn’t even want to leave your bed. you always did when you heard the loud roar of loki’s screaming voice from outside. each morning loki would come and wake you up so you two could sit in the garden reading books.
you had grown to like— love loki, he was a nice man to you. he appreciated you and the time you two had together while you had it. thor on the other hand, you felt he lived in the moment.
loki lived for tomorrow, he went to bed at night thinking of what he would get up to the next day, thor went to be thinking how he fulfilled what needed to be done and that he was ready to go then and there.
you and loki had a simple relationship, sitting in the quietest spot of the garden as you two read a book, some days you would watch the children playing in the grass.
that all changed when you became loki’s servant. he was asked by his father to hire one himself, so he chose you to spend more time with you. to say you weren’t excited would’ve been a lie.
you got to be around loki almost all day and night, you could sleep in his bed if he needed you to. your little girl crush was blossoming into so much more.
some days loki would just ask you to spend time with him, taking a day off meant loki wanted to be around you, not have you washing his laundry.
those days meant sitting in the garden and enjoying the presence of each other as you read. with the amount you two read together, you were surprised there were still books to read.
you knew loki loved you, but you also knew he didn’t love you the way you loved him. you could see it in his eyes, the way they brightened at the sight of someone else.
her name was sylvie, she wasn’t royalty, but she definitely wasn’t help either. she was sweet, she was loveable and kind. that only made you hate her more. the way she smiled around loki.
it made your stomach turn in knots. you could tell she was in love with him, because you smiled like that too. you wanted her to feel how you feel, to be envious of you.
you didn’t quite understand your feelings for loki until you were a teenager, you just knew you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him. of course, just because you had feelings for loki didn’t mean you were completely devoted to him.
you realised that your body was something of lust, men wanted you for your body and you were sure as hell going to give it to them. sometimes you even used a few men for a quick orgasm.
they wanted it too, so you didn’t see an issue with the situation. if you both wanted it, then there was no problem. the only problem you ever faced was making it out of a house quietly before everyone woke up.
loki knew of you relations with random men, often helping you pick a few out. this only made you believe that he didn’t feel the same for you at all, because he was so okay with you being with someone else.
sometimes loki would joke and say “well just do me.”, but you never accepted even though your heart screamed at you to. you knew he was joking by his loud laugh after he said it.
working for loki was usually a breeze, he would help you while you cleaned and help you with his laundry, he left barely any work for you, feeling like he would be taking advantage of you.
“loki, let me do it.. c’mon it’s my job.” you huffed, grabbing his bed sheets from him. “it’s only your job because i gave it to you.” he protested, fixing the pillows.
you sent him a glare before finishing the bed, waiting for him to finish the pillows before doing them yourself. loki sighed and picked one of the pillows up, throwing it at you.
“you are just giving me more work!” you groaned. loki smiled and walked out of his room, clearly waiting for you to walk with him. once you were finished you fixed yourself before rushing out to him.
loki smiled as he saw you, walking with you towards the front of the castle. “where will we be heading?” you asked, putting your hands behind your back. loki scoffed at your curiosity.
“only to the gardens, of course, as we usually do after work.” loki said, leading you to library. “but, i still have a few more hours, i have to wash the clothes and—“ loki stopped you by turning in front of you.
he looked you up and down, with a look you couldn’t figure out. “i said, as we usually do after work, meaning, you are free for the day.” loki said, cocking his head to the library.
you sighed and walked in with him, knowing there was no way to get out of this. you two picked out a book each, walking to the garden. you two sat in the perfectly green grass.
your head was on loki’s shoulder as you two read through the books. loki looked up from his book, looking over at the children running around. “i would love a family, of my own.”
you looked up at him confused. “you have a family, loki, your brother? your father? your mother?” you sat up slightly. loki chuckled and shook his head. “have they not told you? i was adopted.” he said.
you pouted and looked into his eyes. “i’m sorry loki, i didn’t know.” you whispered, giving him a sympathetic look. loki shook his head and watched the children. “it’s fine, honestly.”
he gave you a wide smile before shrugging. “i want a family, with a woman, like you maybe.. with two children, a boy and a little princess, that i would spoil.” you zoned out completely.
he said he wanted a family.. with a woman like you. you didn’t hear anything he said after that, you were too busy being completely love drunk.
loki continued speaking about his dream family, while you were hopelessly falling in love with him more and more, nodding occasionally. you loved it when loki spoke about what he loved.
loki eventually stopped talking, looking at you like he asked a question. “sorry, i completely zoned out, could you repeat yourself please?” you asked, leaving over his lap. “would you like a family?”
you smiled slightly, biting you lip. “yeah i’d love one, especially with a guy like you.” you nodded. loki seemed disappointed, looking down slightly. “what?” you asked, sitting up.
“you have feelings for thor, don’t you?” he asked. you looked at him confused, shaking your head. “what? where did you get that from?” you asked. loki shrugged and bit his lip.
“you always hang out with me, but when you’re with thor you’re completely different and quieter and you always blow me off when i ask to hook up.” he explained. your mouth hung open in surprise.
he was asking you to hook up. he was jealous of thor. he liked you. you gulped. “i don’t really have feelings for anyone, especially not thor.” you said, going back to your book.
“will you go to the ball?” loki blurted. your head snapped up to him. “what? as your partner?” you asked, shock laced in your face. “no, i’m taking sylvie but.. i want you to be there.”
your heart broke as you nodded, chewing on your lip. “i have to go home.. to get ready.” you said, putting the book in loki’s lap and walking away. loki watched you confused, you never left like that.
you always walked back to the library with him, you never left your book with him. he brushed it off, getting up and going to the library by himself to put the books back. it felt weird.
as loki was getting ready, the room felt empty, your loud laugh wasn’t there, your small commentary on what he wore wasn’t either. you weren’t there. he felt lost without you, like a piece of him was missing.
he got up from the chair, walking to his room. he peaked out, hoping to see you, but instead he found sylvie smiling widely. “oh! hi! i was about to knock.” loki prayed his disappointment wasn’t shown on his face.
he gave her a flat smile before nodding. “shall we go then?” he asked, sticking out his arm. sylvie smiled and took his hand, walking with him to the ball.
loki searched for you, looking through every crevice of the area for your sweet smile and beautiful voice. he couldn’t find you, which made him more and more nervous that he did something.
eventually, fandral showed up with a massive smile on his face. loki watched him closely, waiting for anything to happen for some reason. then, a hand slid around his arm. he knew.
he knew by the painted fingernails, the bracelet around her wrist, how the dress sat on her shoulders, how it fell under her knees, how the necklace around her neck was shining in the light.
how the colour of her lipstick made her lips look more kissable, the colour of her blush complimented her eyes, the colour of her eyeshadow brought his eyes to hers.
she was you. she was the perfect definition of you. you were standing next— clung to fandral. loki wanted to walk over and strangle him, taking his anger out on the glass in his hand. he squeezed and squeezed.
a loud smash was heard and loki’s hand almost immediately turned red from his blood. “oh my gosh! loki, your hand!” sylvie panicked, grabbing a napkin and covering his hand.
he didn’t care. you were looking at him, that’s all he cared about. your eyes were glued to his as fandral ranted to you. loki felt his hand being cleaned up, as well as the glass around him.
the only person that mattered to him was you. the entire room went dark as you two started to float into the darkness. you walked over to him slowly, placing your hand on his shoulder.
you looked between his eyes and his lips before leaning up and placing your lips against his. “loki!” sylvie shook him. he snapped out of his day dream, looking down at his hand being wrapped up.
“you were out of it for a bit, are you feeling unwell?” sylvie asked, placing a hand on his shoulder. he looked over at you, you were gone. you weren’t standing there looking at him anymore.
loki nodded and looked back down at his hand that was now fully bandaged. “i’m going to.. i’m going to go out and get some fresh air, i’ll return soon.” he mumbled, backing away from everything.
he walked to the entrance, looking back down and instantly making eye contact with you. he clenched his jaw. you were watching him and he knew. he nodded slightly before leaving the crowded ballroom.
you sighed as you looked back at fandral. “fandral, i need to go out for a breath, could you excuse me?” you asked. fandral nodded, kissing your cheek before letting go of your waist.
almost instantly, he attached himself to another woman. you should’ve felt bad, but you felt a sense of relief as you walked out to loki. he was standing in the moonlight, leaning on the balcony balustrade.
they used to be white, now they were slightly stained a light beige. loki turned around, his eyes widened for a quick second but you caught them. “you look— hi.” loki smiled.
you gave him a small smile as you rubbed your arm. “if i said something earlier—“ he started, putting his hand out. “no, no you didn’t i’m okay, you just.. it was me.” you said, trying not to tell him about your feelings.
loki gave you a warm smile, something that was rare from him. “i missed you, when i was getting ready, it was boring without that and— and i realised something.” he spoke.
you looked at him confused before he walked over to you. he took your hand, putting it on his shoulder. you were even more confused now. he leaned in slowly, placing his soft lips against yours.
the kiss was soft, slow and passionate. loki’s hand moved to your cheek, pulling away to look for any sign to stop. you have him none, so he leaned in and kissed you again.
you sighed into the kiss, putting your other hand on the side of his neck. “loki..” you whispered as you pulled away. loki shook his head and put his forehead against yours. “i realised i’m in love with you,”
you bit your lip and looked into his eyes. “i have been in love with you ever since we met, i love you, y/n.” he finished. you smiled and kissed him again, feeling like you were in heaven.
before he knew it, loki was back in the same place of darkness with you lighting it up, your lips on his and he was the happiest he ever was. he was brought back to reality by you pulling away.
loki shook his head and lifted you up by the back of your thighs, walking you to the balustrade, placing you on top of it. loki kissed down you neck, pulling the straps of you dress off you arms, pulling the dress down slowly.
“fuck.. where’s your bra baby? hm?” he asked, his lips connecting with your left nipple. you threw your head back, moaning slightly as you shut your eyes. loki smirked as he moved to the other.
his teeth rolled against your nipple before he licked around it. you squeezed your legs around his waist. “loki, we are in public, someone could see us.” you wrapped your arms around his neck.
“call me sir, princess, i need to hear you say it.” he whispered, his lips attaching to your chest. you nodded and pulled on his long black hair. “yes sir, need you inside of me.. please.”
loki groaned at how needy you sounded, how you begged for him. it made him weak. who was he to deny you something you both wanted? he unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants.
you both looked down at his underwear, watching his hard cock spring out. “oh fuck sir.. you’re going to rip me apart.” you gushed. loki smirked, his hands moving to your back to keep you propped up.
your hands were gripping his shoulders, waiting for him patiently. loki moved one of his hands down your chest, moving it to your thighs before up to your dripping cunt. he laced his fingers around the string of your thong.
“a thong? for fandral?” he teased, pulling it down roughly. you gasped, pulling him into your body. “oh, look, speak of the devil, hm?” loki looked over the ledge to see fandral chatting with some women.
you blushed and looked over with him. it was a long drop, one you were not willing to take. loki moved the thong over the ledge, giving you a wide smirk. “loki, no!” you gasped as he dropped it.
loki chuckled and lifted you from the balustrade, bringing you to the other side. “we don’t want them to suspect us, now do we?” he teased, pushing into you almost immediately after the sentence.
you moaned out, throwing your head back as your hand pulled loki in to your chest. the two of you sat in silence, your small gasps and the wind blowing was the only thing being heard.
loki moved his hips slowly, making sure you were okay with everything. “f-faster, sir.” you begged, pushing your head into his shoulder. loki obliged with your command and started to thrust harder.
“w-we need to hurry.. sir, people would be— they would look for you.” you moaned, only making loki chuckle. “the only one looking for me would be sylvie, but she doesn’t matter, you’re all that matters.”
your cheeks grew hot as your mouth gaped, loki had bottomed out, effortlessly hitting every spot where you needed him the most. you wanted to scream but you knew you two would get caught and probably banished from the planet.
loki’s hand covered your mouth, allowing you to moan into his hand. your eyes rolled to the back of you head as loki continuously thrusted into you at a rough and quick pace.
“so desperate for you, i need to— i need to bury myself inside of you.” loki whimpered, his head resting on your neck. the moment felt so right, your hands pulled him in closer, begging for more.
loki provided, his hand going down and rubbing your clit roughly. your legs began to shake as you felt your orgasm coming on. “sir.. sir!” you cried out, making his hand press on your mouth harder
“shh, i know, i know my love, i know.” he cooed, rubbing your head as he quickened his thrusts. “fuck!” you squealed, throwing your head back as you came against his hips.
loki nodded, slowly thrusting his way to his own orgasm, thrusting it inside of you. once you two calmed down, loki placed his forehead against yours, making you smile.
“loki! loki! where are you?” sylvie’s voice sounded from the door. loki groaned and pulled away, pulling his underwear and pants up before looking back at you.
“i love you, please, come to my chambers after the ball, i shall see you then, my love.” loki said, taking your hand and kissing your knuckles. you bit your lip and nodded, watching as he walked away.
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lovelybarnes · 2 days ago
dad- l. laufeyson
pairings: loki laufeyson x doctor!mom!reader, mentions of tony stark, natasha romanoff, steve rogers, oc, and thor odinson warnings: a child, y/n is a mom, dad!loki who is probably a little ooc but i hope that’s okay, y/n is a doctor but there’s no real detail, it’s just alluded to, mentions of an absent father, mentions of adoption about: requested! They’re dating and she has a toddler from a previous relationship that ended badly. Loki treats the baby like she’s his own and brings her to the compound once in a while to show off ‘his’ baby. The little one adores Loki and started calling him dada, making the soft side of him comes out. And also the very protective side. He eventually asks reader if he can officially adopt her to be the father figure. Since reader never put down the fathers name on the birth certificate, they put Loki’s down. a/n: thank you so much for requesting! i hope you liked this!!
tiny fingers splayed your cheeks wake you up, wet lips pressing continuously on your nose as familiar laughter rings in your ear. your nose scrunches, prying your eyes open to meet the mirror image of them in front of you. at the grin that splits daisy’s face, a smile sneaks up on your lips, too, “hey honey,” you say quietly, brushing away a strand of hair that falls in her eyes as your daughter’s warm hands hold your face.
“hi mama,” daisy replies, snuggling into your side, “pancake day,” she informs happily, a chubby finger reaching to trace the slope of your nose.
you tilt your head at her, raising an eyebrow, “really? who says?”
daisy doesn’t get a chance to reply, the crack to your door widening when loki steps through it, balancing a large plate stacked with pancakes and fruits in one hand. “loki!” daisy cheers, sitting up to reach for the food. you sit up, too, cocking your head at your boyfriend as you observe the platter.
“you made food?” you ask, eyes scanning the little cubes of cut-up strawberries and bananas before looking back up at him in pleasant surprise.
loki ducks his chin, “you were asleep. and today is pancake day. i simply could not disappoint daisy,” he explains, letting daisy take a piece of banana to shove in her mouth.
you gently run your fingers through her hair, a soft smile tugging at your lips, “hey, dais, let’s go eat at the table and watch some cartoons, hm?” at the sound of cartoons, she nods quickly, bouncing off of the bed to tug at loki to follow her, the god not making a peep when her grubby hands leave a smear of banana on his wrist. you watch as they head to the kitchen, listening when loki turns on the television and flips it to her favorite show without her needing to tell him. you take a second to remind yourself that the god in your house, sneaking homemade whipped cream--because store-bought whipped cream is not fit for her--to your daughter, is the same god who, not too long ago, physically recoiled at the mere mention of midgardians. you stand when you hear daisy’s voice calling you over when you take too long to follow, peeking around the corner to see loki cutting her chocolate chip pancakes into little squares. “any left for me?” you ask, your body burning hot when loki turns to look at you, a twinkle in his clear sea glass eyes.
“good morning, darling,” he greets, his lips kissing your cheek when you come closer to him, an arm wrapping around your waist. “pancake?” he offers, showing you a plate with two perfectly shaped pancakes, whipped cream piled high just the way you liked it and berries surrounding it in the way you always tried to do but were never able to. you pecked his lips, smiling against him when you heard your daughter protest loudly.
“what are we watching today?” you ask her, fingers taming the mess of bedhead that sits atop her head. she turns to the television after shoving pancake into her mouth, pointing at the image, “clifford,” she says simply. you sit next to her, exhaling, “that’s a good one.” daisy nods, “i want a dog,” she states after a second, “like clifford.”
you glance at loki, “finding a big red dog is going to be a little hard, sweetie--”
“i’m sure there’s one in asgard, if not, there must be one somewhere else,” loki shrugs, squinting at the show, “i’ll find one. worry not.”
you shake your head, chuckling, “maybe a normal-sized dog, daisy.” daisy pouts but nods.
the sounds from the television are the only ones for a few moments until you speak up, “oh, i completely forgot, i have to go meet with some big shot hospital reps for almost the whole day today, do you mind taking care of daisy?” you ask loki, an apologetic look on your face.
“of course not, she can accompany me to the compound today,” loki reasons, not missing the excited look that crosses daisy’s face.
you brighten, “that’s a great idea!” you turn to your daughter, who has smeared red on her cheek and a strawberry in her fingers, you huff a laugh, wiping it away with one of your fingers, “what do you think, dais? wanna go visit the other avengers with loki?”
she nods immediately, hurrying to swallow the fruit in her mouth before turning to loki, “can i wear your cape again?” she asks enthusiastically, patting wildly at your arm, “loki lets me use his cape!”
your eyebrow raises as you look at loki, “does he, now? i thought no one could even touch it?” you tease, appreciating the pale blush that takes over the snow of his cheeks as he shrugs, clearing his throat.
“there are always exceptions to rules,” he states.
“i love you,” you say, pressing a kiss into daisy’s hair, she parrots the phrase back to you, leaning further into loki’s arms when you pull away. “i love you,” you continue, kissing loki’s lips, “thank you again,” you whisper, feeling him chuckle against you.
“it is my pleasure,” loki assures before kissing you again. you pull away after a second, smacking your lips on daisy’s forehead as another goodbye.
“i’ll be back later, have fun, okay?” you request before finally walking out the door to head to work. you don’t see daisy’s pout as she lays her head on loki’s shoulder, balling her hand in his shirt. a soft smile tugs at loki’s lips, looking down at her to ask her if she’d like to go to the compound now.
a little while after she nods at his, he finds himself clicking her seatbelt in, making sure she’s safe in her booster seat before he begins to drive. he knows he could easily go there with a flick of his hand, but the travel makes daisy nervous, and, besides, she prefers to ride in the car with him, singing along to the playlist of the songs loki found himself liking in midgard.
daisy squeals when loki pulls into the driveway of the compound, jumping out of the car when he unbuckles her to hurry loki up. she pulls at his pant leg, growing more excited by the minute when she sees the red white and blue of steve’s shield flying behind the compound. “i do not understand why you like that thing so much. so boring,” loki grumbles, grabbing her hand and opening the door.
“ah, there she is!” thor’s voice booms nearly the minute loki and daisy step in, daisy’s grin grows wide, looking back at loki before running to thor. “uncle!” she squeals, oblivious to the way loki freezes when she says the simple word. thor carries her in his arms, holding her up like simba.
“my favorite niece! i brought the hammer for you today!” thor exclaims, sitting her down on one of his arms before holding his other hand out. loki looks to the side, realizing his brother is calling for the hammer with his daughter in his arms, quickly stepping over to him to take her away just as said hammer flies into his open hand. he twirls it, before handing it to daisy in loki’s arms, still keeping a hold on it as she wraps her small fingers around the hammer.
“brother…” loki hisses quietly, refusing to upset the little girl in his arms but wanting nothing more than to knock some common sense into his brother. “i would like to remind you to not do that while daisy is near you.”
daisy barely looks up at her name, too entranced with the intricate carvings in the hammer, “oh, she’ll be fine,” thor shrugs, clapping loki hard on the back, “i am very careful, brother.”
loki purses his lips, “yes, i remember how careful you are.”
“hey! reindeer games and little grey!” tony cheers from around the corner, natasha catching his words from the kitchen and heading for loki. loki can spot the captain in the hallway. “haven’t seen you in a while, kid,” tony tells daisy, ruffling up her hair, “thought you ditched us.”
loki rolls his eyes, concentrating on daisy, who reaches for the electric blue in tony’s chest, murmuring “pretty.”
“isn’t it?” tony brags, tapping a nail on his arc reactor, “built it myself. you want one?” daisy agrees enthusiastically, but loki makes sure to send tony a glare that tells him if he even dares. loki will finish the job in new york.
“how’s the doc?” natasha asks, coming cilently from the kitchen with a bag in her hand.
“y/n is good, she’s at the hospital right now.”
“hey, dais,” natasha starts, her green eyes sparkling, “you remember the toys you wanted from the mall last time we went?” daisy nods. natasha holds up the bag in her arms, “you wanna go see what’s in the bag?”
daisy’s eyes go wide, and she turns to loki, “can i dad? please?”
loki chokes down the uncharactersitic lump in his throat so he can nod, putting daisy down so she can grab natasha’s hand. when they’re out of hearing range, steve raises an eyebrow at loki, “‘dad’? that’s a big one.”
“yes,” loki clear his throat, “she had never called me that before.”
the other men exchange looks, before thor claps loki on the back with a beamng grin, “congratulations.” loki has never felt luckier.
it’s a few hours later, when you’re back at home, exhausted and sprawled on the couch next to loki with daisy sleeping on your and loki’s lap. “how was your day?” you ask quietly so you don’t disturb daisy.
“as excellent as a day with the avengers can be. i took daisy to the compound, everyone adored her, natasha spoiled her…” loki trails off, the clear cut reminder of the events of that day bright and new in his mind, “she called me dad,” loki finishes, allowing himself to look into the deep nooks and crannie of his brain that urges him to tell you what he’s been thinking about for far too long. there’s a second of silence.
“she’s never said to you that before,” you finally say softly. loki shakes his head, “she’s slipped up before, though. sometimes she calls you papa when she talks about you.” loki turns to you, searching your features for a lie he won’t find. “you are her father, loki. you’re way more of a father than her biological dad ever has been. you’re her dad, she loves you.” there’s more silence, the question you’re implying hanging in the air, waiting to be grasped and asked.
“would you adopt her?--” you grasp.
“i would like to adopt daisy--” he grasps.
you stare at each other before quiet laughter bubbles from your mouth, a nod tilting your chin, “you know, i never put her biological father’s name in her birth certificate.”
“we could go tomorrow,” loki offers, admiring the beaming smile that brightens your tired face.
“we should,” you agree, staring at loki for a few more moments before connecting your lips, looking down at daisy and brushing away some strands from her face when you pull away. you nod, meeting loki’s eyes again, “tomorrow.”
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Text if there are multiple possibilities...and every single thing is possible...then theres one where my fanfictions are real
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peppers-analytics · 8 hours ago
I don't name anyone here. Whatever character you imagine with this is just labeled as “he”.
Warning: very slight hints towards sex. Blink and you'll miss the them
Hate, he reminded himself. But the word tasted sweet on his tongue— and so did you. He tasted you— sour, then sweet, and as you slightly nipped on his lip, he decided that for once in his life, he was wrong.
He shouldn't feel this lucky to be here with you, to have you in his arms like this, to know you in a way he knew you didn't let just anyone.
Even if his words were laced with venom, his actions were like a candy of a drug. Something addicting, a feeling you couldn't shake. He wasn't just anyone, and you weren't sure if he ever actually was.
His fingers traced the shape of you, his nails leaving goosebumps in their wake. You sighed against his swollen lips, letting yourself melt under his touch, and he smiled into the next kiss he laid on you.
He started small, working you up for him. “Relax,” he whispered. “Nothing I haven't seen before.”
He was right, yet somehow also wrong.
He knew your insults, your anger. Empty threats that always ended in a release you knew no one else could give you.
But he didn't know your smiles or shy breaths. The way you fluttered around him as he slowly gave you what you both needed, what you both craved.
This was something new but entirely familiar. And something you could get used to.
He held you close, which somehow wasn't nearly close enough.
This was all a somehow. Possibly a simple figment of your imagination, but nothing about this— about him— was simple. He grabbed your hand, interlocking your fingers, and just as he had, you determined you were wrong.
There was an ending, two smiles, then a silence, one filled with heavy breaths and loud thoughts.
The candle smelled like pure vanilla, and he smelled of something intoxicating— tasted like it too. His breath fanned over your heated skin, and you cradled him against you, smiling as he chuckled when your nails tickled him.
And for the first time since you had met the boy, you thought maybe this was something worth it.
“You're perfect,” he mumbled, nearly inaudible.
“This,” you said. “This is perfection.”
Taglist: @nevsluvr / @black-rose-29 / @g1nnyslove / @chaosbringer566 / @daisyyy2516 / @siriuslystfu / @harmqnia / @pottahishotasf / @princess-jules47 / @brriley / @lolooo22 / @itsmentalillness / @harryssmommy / @toms-diary / @sabrinathesimp / @onyourgoddamnleft / @lovesfandoms / @elizabethrosedarling / @wlfstxr / @waszuka / @remusjlupinisdead / kikatkaitin / litterllyttrash / @maeve-7 / @ildm4ev / @elenapatricia99 / @daedreamss
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wheredafandomat · 2 days ago
Sunday Mornings
Red = flashback
Nothing could beat a Sunday morning.
Sunday morning was the day after Saturday night and Saturday night was the time the avengers would let their hair down and partayyy
“Nat pass me one of those drinks then join me on the dance floor” Y/N said walking towards the middle
“Slow down doll” said a man walking towards the tipsy y/n
“If it’s not the winter soldier himself. Come here Buck give me a hug I’ve missed you”
“Likewise” said another voice from behind Bucky
“Mischief, how I’ve missed you too” y/n replied making eye contact with Loki
Not long after, everyone was in the middle of the room dancing with one another. Laughter filling the room. Everyone was back. Safe. It was wonderful
“Y/N, so what have you been up to since I’ve been away?” Loki said when they both sat down at the bar ordering some shots
“The usual”
“The usual?”
“Yes Loki, the usual”
“So late nights and your vibra—”
“Shots are here” y/n replied quickly silencing him
20 shots, 3 cocktails, a broken heel and a lost earring later. Y/n found herself being escorted to her room by an equally drunk Loki
And that brings us to Sunday morning. Y/N looking outside at the sun pouring in through her windows whilst Loki is asleep, head still between her thighs.
Yes we loveee Sunday mornings
Tumblr media
A/N: “yes police please. I’ve been robbed”.🤣🤣 I’m actually terrible at writing smut so I didn’t 😂
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shenanigans-and-imagines · 12 hours ago
Loki - 30. “One more chapter.”
Tumblr media
You weren't sure how you got into this position. One minute you were sitting up reading your book in silence, the next Loki had taken a place beside you and all but demanded you read the book aloud. It was now two hours later and the God of Michief's head was in your lap, his eyes drifting shut as you came to the end of another chapter.
You took his steady breathing as the natural place to stop. It was late, you were tired, and your voice could use the rest. Carefully, you reached over to place your book on the nightstand. Evidently it wasn't enough as Loki stirred.
"One more chapter," he mumbled.
You had to smile. "You won't make it a paragraph."
"Doesn't matter," he said, nuzzling himself further into your leg. "I just want to hear your voice."
You paused, unsure of what to make of the words. You wondered if Loki even knew what he confessed. The only thing you were sure of was Loki's hold on you and the quiet openness of it all.
Without another word, you took your position and began to read. One more chapter wouldn't hurt.
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itsybitchylittlewitchy · 17 hours ago
The Illusion of Victory-Part 1
My master post is here with the previous series
Massive thank you to the lovely @queen-of-mischief for coming up with the title 🖤💚🖤
Pairing: Loki x Female reader
Summary: You are Y/N the Goddess of Victory, after killing Thanos on Knowhere, the Time Variants Authority abduct you and Loki the God of Mischief.
Word count:2.2K
Warnings: NO SMUT YET , alot of story and angst, spoilers for the Loki TV series if you haven't seen it yet!
Any Likes, comments and reblogs are always appreciated! Thank you for all the love in the last series. You guys are seriously amazing! 🖤💚🖤
Let me know if you want me to keep writing more! And if you want added to the tag list!
@word-addict-lisette @with-inked-solace @queen-of-mischief @faraum @xaquarianqueenx @donttouchmylaevateinn
Tumblr media
As you emerged through the portal, you found yourself surrounded by 70’s style décor all a nauseating shade of orange and brown. “Get your hands off me or I swear you’ll be sorry!” You yelled at the two guards forcing you further into the room, behind you Loki had just arrived shouting similar threats to the commander who was manhandling him. As you stopped in front of an elevator, the guards let go of you. You turned on your heels immediately to try and reunite with Loki, only to end up facing the elevator again. “How?” you shook your head in disbelief, before frantically trying again to reach Loki, again ending up back facing the elevator. The guards looking amused and holding some sort of gold device in their hands. The elevator doors opened with a cheerful “Ding” “Gods I hate this place” you thought as you where swiftly thrown into the elevator and turned to see the guards mockingly wave you off as the doors slowly closed, you banged your fists against the metal doors. It was very dark and as you began to look around you felt something touch your shoulder “Oi! Hands off!” you yelled, turning around to be confronted by a vintage looking robot with a far too cheerful face. The lights in the elevator turned on and the robot once again tried to grab at the zip of your catsuit armour. “Back the fuck off now R2D2, before I turn you into scrap metal” You yelled, pointing a finger aggressively at the bleeping machine. You noticed your hand wasn’t glowing its usual shade of purple. You tried again. Nothing. “What the hell is going on here?!” you thought out loud as you tried and tried again to no avail. “Hold very still” a robot voice said, making you look back up at the machine as you saw what looked like a laser appear and disintegrate your entire outfit, leaving you completely nude. “Rude! At least buy me dinner first” you quipped, folding your arms over your breasts and looking around to make sure no one else was present. Before you could react further, you fell through the floor, being placed in an ugly beige jumpsuit and landing in another lift compartment with a miserable looking bastard behind a desk, and a very cute cat looking as shocked to see you as you where to see it. “Please sign to verify this is everything you’ve ever said” he said monotoned and flatly. “Excuse me?” you said, watching as the man sighed and another piece of paper was printed off from an 80’s style printer and placed before you. Your last sentence displayed upon it. “So, whatever I say is going to keep coming out of that printer?” you asked, half astonished, half just wanting to noise this guy up. He sighed again, taking another sheet from the printer saying “Yes, now sign” and pushing the pile before you. You begrudgingly took the pen from the stack of paper and wrote “Fuck you” clicking the pen off and holding up the paper message, passive aggressively smiling at the miserable man. “Now can I leave??” you asked him, placing your hands on your hips. Before falling through the floor again, “Oh for fuck sake! WILL YOU STOP BLOODY DROPPING ME!” You yelled staring up at the trap door ceiling shaking your fist like an old man wanting kids to get off his lawn. When you looked back ahead there was a large red gateway, splattered with what looked like blood and entrails. You backed off slightly, not wanting to mess with whatever the hell that was, when you noticed the man in a suit standing next to the machine. “Please confirm to your knowledge that you are not a fully robotic being, were born an organic creature, and do in fact possess what many cultures would call a soul.”, You stared at him in horror, blinking. “How is that even a question?! Do people not know if they’re a robot?” You said confused placing your hands back on your hips. “Thank you for your confirmation, please move through” the man replied, still looking at the clipboard he’s holding. “Shit. What if I am a robot and I don’t know it?” You asked the man backing away once again from the big red machine. “The machine would melt you from the inside out, please move along, Miss” he said,
sounding annoyed at all the questions. “Actually, its Goddess” you retorted annoyed, sticking your tongue out to the man as you stood in the imposing gateway, scrunching your face, and preparing for the worst. The machine hummed to life and a bright flash of light blinded you momentarily. “Did you just take my picture?” you asked, growing more and more annoyed with this entire façade the longer time went on. “No Miss, it’s your temporal aura.”, “My temporal what?!” you yelled as he pushed you through the doors of the elevator that had opened in front of you to reveal a claustrophobic room, filled with dated brown wood and very low ceilings covered in bright nauseating lights. In front of you was a guard, similar to the ones that had abducted you in the first place. He looked ahead, not at you and simply said, “Take a ticket”, “There’s literally no one else in here apart from you, me, that other guard and the clown behind the desk.” You sighed, looking at the guard. “Take a ticket” he said again his teeth gritted and looking at you now. “Fuck sake, FINE” you threw your hands up in the air in mock defeat. Taking a tiny orange ticket from the machine in front of you. You rolled your eyes and stared daggers through the guard as you struggled to get through the metal turnstile. Pointing two fingers at your eyes then back at the guard, further mocking him. You continued through the winding tension barriers; an utterly pointless feat given it was just you here. “Where the hell is Loki!?” You yelled, your voice echoing through the room as cheerful elevator music played through the PA system. This was a nightmare. A single tear dropped from your Y/E/C eyes. “Have I lost him forever?” you thought, “No, get a grip of yourself Y/N. You can’t afford to breakdown here. Just keep going until you can find a way out of here” You mentally scolded yourself. “This is no time for tears”. “Ticket Miss” another guard asked you as you approached the kiosk at the end of the room, “It’s Goddess and here” you said annoyed, frisby-ing the ticket at the guard’s helmet. He sighed at you and gestured you to approach the Kiosk. “Name” the man in the booth deadpanned, not even bothering to look up at you. “Y/N Potts Goddess of Victory.” You sighed, folding your arms over your chest. “Very well, follow the guards through the door on your right Miss Potts”, “GODDESS” you yelled back at the man while being carted off through the door into a looming room that resembled a chapel. Full of artistic impressions of three men and the weaving branches of what looked like a tree. You looked around in awe, “You know, this would be beautiful if I wasn’t abducted to be brought here!” you yelled, struggling against the guard once again as he led you to a glass podium to stand in. “Potts. Variant L1131, AKA Goddess of Victory, is charged with sequence violation 7-20-90.” You looked up to see where the voice was coming from, it was a dark-haired woman, atop a massive black marble dock wearing an orange sash. “How do you plead?” she sighed looking at you. You presumed she was some sort of Judge. “Your honour,” you said, putting on your best charming face, “A Goddess doesn’t plead. This is all ridiculous and obviously a massive misunderstanding. So, if you don’t mind, I’ll take back Loki and we’ll forget this entire thing happened.” You smiled intimidatingly tilting your head to the side. “Are you guilty or not guilty, Miss?”, “Goddess.” You corrected, loosing the smile. “And I’m guilty of avenging my mother and of taking back my birth right: the power stone. But not of any of these nonsensical crimes against sacred timelines malarky.” You said shaking your head and letting out a laugh. “Right thank you for Confirming your guilt, Miss Potts. You killing Thanos and obtaining the power stone was never meant to happen.”, “Wait, not meant to happen? What the hell do you mean by that?” You asked, raising your voice. “The time-keepers dictate the scared flow of time. You deviated from that.” She said, looking at you like you where an idiot. “Riiiiiiight.” You sung, “The
time-keepers” you put in air quotes, “Well they must have got it wrong, I make my own decisions. I’m in control of my own destiny”, you said folding your arms in annoyance. “Miss Pott’s, the court finds you guilty and I sentence you to be reset.” She says cheerfully. Bashing her gavel against the desk. “Next case please!” she yells to the back of the court room. “Reset?? What the hell does that mean? Is it bad? Loki? Where are you?” you begin to cry out, fear spiralling out of control as you are mercilessly dragged away by more armoured guards. “Please I just want to see Loki and go home!” you cry out, with no avail until a man in a brown suit approaches the stand whispering something to the judge. The guards stop dragging you away, and you straighten your hair and try to compose yourself again, wiping away your fallen tears. The guards leave you in the company of the man in the brown suit, as he leads you out of the room and along a balcony like passageway. You stay silent, you didn’t like feeling this vulnerable, Your fate in other hands, people you barely knew. You stopped in your tracks as you gazed out at the vast spires and towers that surrounded the balcony, the vastness of it all was colossal. Beautiful even. Bigger than anything you had ever seen before. “What is this place?” You finally said to the man, your voice barely above a whisper. “Home sweet home” the man said, amused at how astounded you were. “I thought there was no magic here?” you asked, your brows furrowed in confusion. “There isn’t” he smiled, kindly letting out a small laugh while looking back out at the view. “This can’t be real. I must have hit my head back on Knowhere, or maybe I’m still in a coma from the train station attack” You said shaking your head and pinching yourself, “oww” you grimaced, rubbing your arm. “It’s real, I’m real, and unfortunately so it all the paperwork. Come on” The man joked, gently nudging your arm with his elbow as he guided you toward yet another lift. “No, no, no.” You said, shaking your head. “I’m not falling through the floor again” you said to the man, placing your hands on your hips in defiance. “It’s not that kind of elevator Y/N. It’s easier on my old knees this one” he joked ushering you inside. “I’m agent Mobius, by the way.” The man smiled, holding out his hand for you to shake. You simply looked at him and said, “Where is Loki.”. “I can’t tell you that for now Y/N. But if you cooperate with me and play nice, then I’m sure we could work something out.” He said gently. You nodded. What other choice did you have? “Next question. Are you taking me somewhere to kill me Mobius?” you asked, “No Y/N. That’s where I rescued you from, but I am taking you somewhere to talk. There’s something I need your help with, and someone I would like you to meet.” He smiled, ushering you through the elevator doors that had pinged open, “Ladies first” he said gently, allowing you to step out first, into yet another winding corridor. “You seriously need to sack your interior decorator. This place is hideous” you quipped, gazing around. “I’ll put it at the top of my list” mobius laughed, guiding you into another equally depressing looking room entitled “Time theatre”. “After you” Mobius extended his hand, gesturing for you to take a seat in front of what looked like a very dated computer. “What? Checking your email?” You said, mockingly tilting your head to the side. “Not quite.” He smiled pressing an intercom button on the table. “Send her in B-15” he said, and you looked around to see a woman dressed in a black suit walking in and take a seat next to Mobius. “Hi I’m Y/N. Pleasure to meet you” She held out her hand smiling at you. You just stared, unbelieving at your own face. “I’m sorry. What?!”
Any Likes, comments and reblogs are always appreciated! Thank you for reading! If you want a part 2 let me know! 🖤💚🖤
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the way he loves: one. | Loki
Slytherin!Loki x Gryffindor!Reader Category: fluff 2.3k words; the beginning (kinda)
A/N: The premises of this series is that Loki and the reader are dating but on the "downlow", in the fact that everyone knows they're dating very clearly and the reader is the only one who thinks it's a secret- it's just a collection of Loki being cute and sweet
Tumblr media
Everyone is stressed. Everyone. You could gently poke one of the fourth years and they’ll practically shriek in your face for disrupting their time, even if the said student was one of the kindest and gentlest people you could have met at another time. It's palpable and very nearly contagious; one of the first years stepped a foot into the library, was slammed in the face with the oppressive mood, and promptly shuffled away into the courtyard to lie underneath thesun and "sunshine" the negative feeling away. It seems to temporarily distract them from a very realistic depiction of their near future.
The hall is filled with students, not even a single one of them without a grimace or a book in their hands. The usual rambunctious noise is dialled down to light conversations and pained groans appear much more often than they should. Some soon flip their books closed and dejectedly look down onto their breakfast, an air of resignation forming over them. Again, everyone is stressed.
Well, nearly everyone.
The door to the hall creaks open, revealing you and Loki walking in stride, casually chatting while searching for a seat. Today, you would sit at Gryffindor's table.
"I'm saying, if you peel the fruit before adding it, you'd get better results!"
"Intriguing. And where did you get this completely unheard-of information?"
"I read it a long time ago, in a book that I can't remember."
"You can't remember the name of the book and yet you expect me to believe you on this 'tip'?" He uses air quotes on the last word, and suddenly you regret teaching him muggle talking habits. Air fills your cheeks as you huff and scowling at him just makes him laugh. You let out a humph as you finally sit down on a vacant seat. Loki naturally slides in next to you.
"What, you saying you can't trust me?"
"I jest, I jest. I'll try your advice later today, when I have leftover time in my Potions class. Please stop scowling, my dear, otherwise your forehead wrinkles just might stay permanent." His hand comes up to physically smoothen the spot between your eyebrows, the coldness of his fingers making shivers run down your back. You can never get used to how cold his hands are.
"Loki, you're freezing. Are you okay?" He immediately retracts his hand, but not fast enough to dodge your hand from clasping it. Both of your hands cover his and more shivers run down your arm, making you wriggle slightly on the spot despite your best attempt to stay still. He tugs harder but to no avail. "Loki…"
"I'm fine, my dear. You know how my body is. Please let go or your hand will freeze over. I'd rather you have all your digits intact for the exams this afternoon." The soft smile on his face almost distracts you from the panicked trembling in his arms. Instead, it just breaks your heart.
The last time you held his bare hands, it was while reading together and you both managed to fall asleep with linked hands. You awoke in the middle of the night to Loki frantically shaking you to consciousness, apologising profusely, eyes shimmering with unshed tears. You were, of course, incredibly disoriented and confused, until you looked at your hand. The tips were tinged blue and your fingers barely listened to your command. He rushed you off to the nurse, carrying you in his arms with his cloak covering you. Apparently the issue was frostbite, which befuddled the nurse completely. A hasty excuse of "accidents with ice and dozing off" seemed to be good enough, but she did give you a light lecture on the importance of spatial and time awareness along with general concern for one's body. Loki stood awkwardly next to you, imperceptibly flinching every time she berated you on "how you were so irresponsible". By the time you escaped her grasp, Loki looked beyond broken. It took two hours of intense persuasion to convince him that it wasn’t his fault. It was especially cold that day, hence his condition was somehow amplified. There was no way he could have controlled it. He still refused to hold your hand until now. Even now, he’s desperately attempting to wriggle his hand out of yours.
“What about that warming potion that you tried last time? I thought it worked.” Loki is talented in many things, but most of all potions and transfiguration. His teachers shine with pride when they talk about him, praising him as a natural genius, much to your and Thor’s delight. After what is now dubbed as the “frostbite incident”, Loki scoured for a heating potion that would raise his body temperature so that it would never happen again. The first time he tried to do so, it put him in a high fever which made him delirious for days. He said he refined it over and over until it was suitable for his body, but no update has come since then. And this was while he was supposed to be studying for the exams that are starting today.
“Ah, yes, that potion. I was very nearly close to perfecting it… Until one of the teachers caught wind of my actions and forbade me from quote-unquote, ‘experimenting’ on myself. My excuse of not having anyone else to experiment upon due to my unique body did not work. I tried and it… had interesting results which were useless. I am now banned from creating non-curriculum potions. And just when I was close to getting access to more ingredients.” He says it in such a manner-of-fact voice but the small pout which reflects his true feelings makes you laugh.
“You really live up to your name as the God of Mischief, huh? Very admirable that you take the title to heart.”
“You can headly call it mischief when I was only trying to protect you, my dear. Less the meaning of mischief, more along the line of actions of apology. And speaking of apology…” His hand dips into his coat pocket and a thick rectangular object covered in wrapping is pulled out. “Here you go. I believe you will like it.”
You look at the package dumbly and then back at him. “Um, it’s okay.” You try to push the present back into his arms, or his pocket that is much too small to fit the gift in the first place. Your guess is that he enchanted it for these specific purposes. “I’m honestly completely fine and you already apologised enough, you don’t need to do this as well.” Loki stops at that. “And honestly, with how much you’ve been apologising, I feel bad now!”
“That was never my intention. Alright then, the intent for this is no longer an apology, but rather a gift for the exams, in the hopes that you do well even though I have no doubt that your results will be superb. Now you have to take it with no complaints.” The grin he wears on his face has the underlying message of ‘ha, I’ve backed you into this corner of kindness with no escape!’ and it honestly warms your heart.
You split open all the tapes holding the paper together to reveal a book titled The Complete Encyclopedia of All Magical Creatures in gold, emboldened writing. You gape like a fish at the book, fingers gently skimming over the bumpy title. You redirect your gaze to Loki who seems to be glowing in pride and joy, his smile remarking “I knew you would love it”.
The insides of the book reveal aged and slightly tattered pages, numerous notes stuck onto them and questions scribed on the edges. It’s undoubtedly Loki’s handwriting. Some of them are answered in different coloured ink and some of the notes have doodles on their corners, a child’s attempt to replicate the intricate artworks of depicted creatures. It makes you laugh in delight. It’s the same for all of the pages. Every single one of them is given the same treatment; notes from other books and photographs of the actual animals tucked in, scribblings besides the printed texts asking multitudes of inquiries, corrections to the information which changed over the years since their discoveries. The handwriting changes slightly even on the same page, some more elegant than others. A few of them aren’t even his.
“My mother also wrote in this.” He speaks up from beside you, as if he read into your mind. “She was the one who gave me this in my childhood, and occasionally looked in it to answer some of my endless questions. I had great fun with it.” His voice is light but your fingers tremble as you start to understand the worth of this book. You can feel the amount of time he spent on annotating this book, all the care and love he put into this.
“And-and you’re giving this… to me?” Disbelief is incredibly apparent in your voice, but even that doesn’t fully disclose the emotion you’re feeling. You know his mother means an incredible amount to him, and this might be one of the most intimate objects he has in his life to her. The fact that he’s giving this to you…
“Yes, well, it was gathering dust at my house as I have unfortunately neglected it over the years and I thought that it would be far more suited in your hands. You are to be the best Magizoologist in our era, and I would be honoured to have what was once mine in your belongings. Mother also thought so.”
“Y-your mother?”
“Yes, my dear. She thought maybe you might be able to answer some questions that stumped even her. I have very high hopes that you will, maybe not now, but very much so in the future.” You close the book and stare at the cover, mind jumbling around and dying. “I hope this is enough as an apology, though I’m sure I can never fully express the extent of my—”
His words are cut short as you slam into his body, arms wrapping around his chest as you dig your face into it. Loki grunts at the sudden force which nearly knocks the two of you off the seat, but soon laughs, encasing you in his arms as well. His laughter echoes around the hall, gathering other students’ attention. You couldn’t possibly care less.
“This is the most kind, wonderful, thoughtful, brilliant, amazing gift that I have ever gotten and I’m only stopping there because my brain is shutting down and I can’t think of any more synonyms. I love this so much that words can’t even describe it. You could dump boiling hot water onto my head right now and I would still be happy.” Your words are muffled as your face is buried against his chest, but Loki understands enough to pry you away.
“I’m flattered but let’s not discuss the possibility of such a disaster happening. My heart would break if you were hurt, my dear. I’d rather you be perfectly safe and sound so that one day, this entire book is void of any unanswered questions.” His smile is infectious and you soon find yourself beaming.
“Oh! Wait, I saw this question!” You quickly detach your limbs from him and hurriedly open the book up once more. “Yes, this one! I read a book about Chimaera once and I think I know the answer to it… but I would need to read the book again to be sure. It’s been a while since I last read it. I can answer it by tonight, if you still want to know.”
“Or, we can go to the library now and rid ourselves of this curiosity before the exams start. But only if you want to skip out on the rest of the breakfast that we forgot to start.” That makes you look around the large space and notice other students for the first time, most of them departing or finishing up the remainder of their meal. You were so caught up in your conversation that you forgot to eat. But it’s not like you’re particularly hungry, most likely due to the late-night snacks you had with your roommate.
“Well then, I think it’s best if we go and confirm our understanding of Chimaeras so that it doesn’t pop into our minds and bother us in the middle of the tests. Shall we?” You reply in your most haughty voice and offer an arm to Loki, balancing the thick encyclopedia on the other. He smiles and links your arm into his, bowing slightly in response and takes the book, relieving your arm from the weight.
“I would be delighted to accompany you, my lady.” He replies in an equally haughty voice which makes you giggle. “Tell me, with your endless knowledge, what other information on Chimaeras can you pull from the top of your head?” You can’t stop your laughter now, the sounds loud and clear in the nearly silent hall. Heads swivel in your direction at the sound.
“Well, I’m so glad you asked, my lord! I distinctly remember a case where one was slain by a wizard, though his name escapes me. And another is…” Returning to your normal voice, you blabber on about random facts at Loki, who looks at you with nothing but soft-hearted affection.
Practically everyone’s eyes follow the two of you as you step out of the hall. You’re too engrossed in the rambling to notice them, and Loki, who does indeed notice it, disregards them in favour of nodding and walking alongside you. Silence rings in the air when the doors creak shut behind you. Finally, one Gryffindor student speaks up, mostly to himself.
“That’s supposed to be ‘in secret’?”
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Loki: Brother, I just don't get it: why do you love this planet so much?
Thor: Midgard can be a mess, but it's beautiful.
Loki: It's tedious.
Thor: You can't see it but it is special. People are special.
Loki: There is not even a single thing about this place that I-- *you and him exchanging a look while you walk by*
Tumblr media
Thor: You were saying?
Loki: Well, I could give this place a chance after all. *noticing you in the crowd and walking to get to you*
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handmaiden-of-mischief · 9 hours ago
IT'S SINDAY BABY and we know Loki is a whore for eating you out and making you blush-
Prompt 6 List 1 "My tongue still remembers the taste of you."
JUST to get reader flustered in public.
There you go, dear! Thank you so much for the request and happy Sinday! 😁 - Love, Kiki 🖤
Pairing: Loki x female reader
Request/Prompts: Part of my Sinday celebration; "My tongue still remembers the taste of you." + “Oh, I love that sound you make.”
Summary: Loki and you are training together, and the trickster has an ace up his sleeve to defeat you.
Word count: 2.8 k
Warnings: SMUT (ONLY READ IF YOU’RE 18+ YEARS OLD!), oral (female receiving)
What to expect: bantering, humour, smut
For more Loki content, check out my masterlist 🖤
As always, every single like, comment and reblog is encouraged and appreciated 🖤
Tumblr media
The air of the training grounds is filled with the sounds of metal clashing against metal, blade scraping against blade, the noises reverberating from the sand-coloured stone walls of the inner courtyard to lace with the voices of Asgard’s most capable warriors as they train.
Mixing with these sounds is your own breath, coming out in shallow pants when you raise your daggers just in time to block Loki’s next blow.
“You should take a break,” the prince purrs with a teasing grin while his eyes suggestively travel down your body before they snap up to meet yours again, “You look sweaty. One might say…soaked. How is it you’re always so soaked for me, darling?”
Norns, the playful tease in his voice is enough to accelerate your already thrumming pulse with the memories of last night as you fight to keep focused on your movements instead of letting Loki’s flirtations throw you off balance. A demanding task, considering the things you’d rather be doing with him right now. The gleam in his cerulean eyes, pinning you into place, tells you Loki is having similar thoughts. Well, if he thinks he’s the only one capable of using flirtations to make you lose your focus, the trickster is wrong.
“What about you, Loki? The last time your breathing was so ragged was last night,” you drawl in reply, giving him a smirk of your own before you release the tension from your arms and duck out of the way when Loki topples forwards, thrown off balance by your movement and the loss of your counter-force pushing against him. “As ragged as when you were kneeling so prettily between my legs last night, my prince.”
“A memory I’ll cherish forever, my love,” Loki rasps before his smirk turns predatory, sending an ecstatic chill down your spine, right to the apex of your thighs, the spot that’s still pleasantly sore from last night’s activities, “Alongside the memory of kicking your lovely ass right now.”
“Ha! You wish!” You parry his next blow, and the steps of your training fight resemble a dance as the two of you keep moving, your motions fluent and graceful like the push and pull of the tides. Two beasts of prey stalking one another, searching for the slightest hint of a weakness, a wrong step of the opponent to use to your own advantage.
“Maybe I simply enjoy to have you sprawled out before me, my darling.” Loki’s soft croon, the sound of his smooth voice, trickles down your spine to rouse the slumbering beast in your core, the insatiable hunger for Loki that’s nestled there.
“Sprawled out? I thought you prefer me on my knees.” You mirror the seductive timbre of his voice, not yet giving away how much power he holds over you with his words alone, woven so skilfully with that silver tongue of his.
“What I prefer most of all are the lovely little sounds you’re gracing me with in either position”, Loki grins. Every one of his words is a spell cast to tighten his grasp on your heart. He doesn’t need words for that – you’ve given your heart to him already, and freely.
“Do you truly think your flirtations will suffice to bring you victory?”, you taunt. “So far, all they seem to do is take your own focus. Does it fluster you to think about all the things you could be doing with me right now instead of training?”
“Tremendously so.”
A well-placed swipe with his left foot, faster than you find yourself able to react, and your legs are kicked away from beneath you, sending you toppling to the sun-warmed tiles with a small huff as the impact of the fall knocks the wind from your lungs.
“Though obviously you still don’t stand a chance against me,” Loki adds gleefully with a glance down at you. His smirk quickly morphs into a little gasp of surprise when your fist, still curled around the hilt of your training dagger, connects with his knee, expertly triggering the reflex point and sending the trickster tumbling to the floor beside you.
In a split second, you have rolled on top of him, straddling him to render him immovable beneath you as you lean closer, until your lips brush the shell of his ear, and you whisper, “Will you give up now, my prince? Or do you require another reminder of who is the true master of combat here?”
“I love being between your thighs,” Loki snickers, and you pull away to watch him, to see how beautifully the sunlight makes the lustrous ink-black colour of his hair shine, the strands fanned around him on the sandstone tiles. His eyes never leave yours when he adds, “That’s a familiar sight. The last time you were straddling me like this, you were preoccupied with other things, though. Begging me to take you harder –“
A sound tears from the back of your throat when Loki slowly bucks his hips and the hardened bulge in his leather pants grinds against the aching spot between your thighs, a mixture of a moan and a surprised gasp at the prince’s brazenness, before you eyes tear from his to dart to the other warriors in the courtyard. They’re all deeply caught up in their own training, to your relief.
“What are you doing?”, you hiss half-heartedly, “We’re in public.”
Loki’s hands let go of his daggers to settle on your lower back, wandering deeper until he’s grabbing your rear, squeezing gently. “We were in public when you begged me to tear your dress to shreds and take you behind that pillar a few weeks ago.”
“That was one time.”
“We were in public when you went down on me in the garden, after the Yuletide celebrations.”
“Fine. Another exception –“
“We were also in public when you let me –“
“I said fine,” you interrupt quickly before he can recount the whole list of improper transgressions. It’s an impressing list for sure.
“What are they supposed to do, anyway? I think they all deduced what we’re doing. Or rather –“ Loki’s grin widens, “ – they already heard.”
As if to emphasize his point, the prince gyrates his hips against yours once more, the angle perfect, and this time when his crotch presses against your throbbing core to send a gentle current of pleasure sizzling along your nerves, you can’t bite back the lewd moan betraying how much his words have already aroused you. The expression on his handsome face becomes delighted at the sound.
“I bet you’re already soaked for me,” Loki purrs elatedly. His breathing is still heavy, chest heaving as he keeps staring up at you, and his gaze on you feels like a singeing caress on your skin.
“You’ll lose your hand if you try and find out now,” you quip, and place the blade of your remaining training dagger to his throat. It takes a lot of self-restraint not to heed the growing urge to gyrate your hips against him again, against that impressive bulge in his pants. Slowly. Languidly. To watch him lose control alongside you.
Norns, you want nothing more than for Loki to rip away your armour and take you right here on the sun-warmed sandstone tiles.
The chuckle vibrating through Loki’s chest at your words tells you the trickster knows exactly how filthy your thoughts have currently turned. He writhes a little under you, but even with him still being so much stronger than you – despite the centuries of training you’ve shared – your position doesn’t allow for him to gain enough freedom of movement to push you off of him with this strength alone.
“I have to admit it’s exhilarating,” you begin to tease, “To have you helpless and writhing beneath me for once. Do you give up now? I’m getting hungry and a bit of shade would be nice, as well. Just say the word and you’re free, oh mighty master of combat.”
“I apologize in advance”, the trickster replies with a charming tone, and your grin falters with the realization that you’ve been tricked. It’s too late to react, though. Loki is gone from under you in the blink of an eye, and his arms are locked around you before you can jump back on your feet. He swiftly lifts you from the ground.
“You know it’s not really winning when you’re cheating,” you hiss as you try to wriggle free from the prince’s strong arms, feeling the muscles flex against you underneath the black leather, his firm chest pressed to your spine quickly rising and falling with the exertion of the fight.
“Wrong,” Loki coos in your ear, the sensation stoking the hunger for him in your core, “Winning is winning.”
“Poetic,” you deadpan, and bring your foot down on his. Hard.
It works. Loki’s grasp on you momentarily loosens enough to free yourself from the constraints of his arms, swirling around to land a punch against his jaw and a kick in his guts which would bring him back to the ground and make you the victor of the training fight – but once again, Loki knows you better than anyone else; anticipating the blow you’ve so carefully planned out in your mind.
When your fist moves through the air, Loki ducks under your arm, and while his own hand settles on your lower back to pull you against him, his free hand snakes up to press his palm against your forehead.
"My tongue still remembers the taste of you," Loki whispers darkly, and it feels like his voice travels through every single nerve, every single fibre and sinew and bone of your body as your senses heighten to the caress of his breath against the side of your throat, like the faintest brush of his fingertips playing against the sensitive skin over the point below your ear, where your pulse stumbles with the delicious sensation of it. You’re not prepared for the flood of pictures rushing through your spinning mind. Memories – of last night.
Your hands, raking through Loki’s luscious black curls, so soft and silky as they slip through your fingers while he settles between your legs and the mattress dips slightly under his weight.
The darkness in his eyes displaying how much he wants you.
Your ankles hooked over his shoulders.
His soft groan vibrating through your core as his tongue finally darts out to slowly trace your dripping folds, summoning a string of broken whispers and pleas from your parted lips at the sensation of his hot tongue, tasting you, lapping up the arousal which seeps out of you. Parting your folds. Playing with you.
“Patience,” Loki drawls, and your eyes fall shut with the feeling of this, his lips moving against your soaked pussy – and the promise that it’s merely the beginning.
Your grasp in his hair tightens, tugging slightly, and Loki’s sinful groan travels right to your core, to the ache sweltering in your lower belly, driving you insane with your need for him to fuck you with his tongue, to fill you with his cock and bring you the relief you’re craving while his name spills from your lips as you come undone. His fingertips are digging into your skin when his grip on your hips tightens to pin you back down against the mattress, to prevent you from rolling your hips against his lips and simply take what you need.
“I don’t have patience,” you growl, but it only elicits another chuckle from Loki.
“Then I’ll teach it to you,” the trickster replies, and you force your eyes to stay open when he lowers his head once more, drinking in the sight of the beautiful prince kneeling for you and only you. You’d never thought you could love someone as much as you love him, to be loved in return with the same fierceness.
Loki takes his sweet time, placing trails of open-mouthed kisses to the sensitive skin of your inner thighs, letting his lips slowly travel higher while his hands leave their place on your hips to roam upwards, fingertips splayed on your stomach. When he finally reaches the apex of your thighs, and his breath caresses you, cool against the arousal pooling there, you can no longer stomach the wait, and a needy whimper tumbles from your lips as you let your head fall back to the mattress.
“I wish you could see how beautiful you look, my love,” Loki purrs. Before you can grasp for an answer, beg him to finally satiate these hungry flames flaring in your lower belly, he lets his tongue flick out, and you cry with bliss when his lips find your clit. He places a feather-light kiss to the swollen bundle of nerves and pleasure sears through your body at the touch, warmth spreading through every cell of your body until you feel it in the very tips of your fingers, searing and all-consuming.
“Don’t stop.” Your voice is broken. What was meant to be spoken as a command comes out as a desperate plea, and it only seems to fuel Loki’s desire for you. You can feel him smile against you as his lips gently find the nub of your clit, sucking ever so slightly, making you writhe and pant with the force of the sensation.
“Oh, I love that sound you make,” Loki murmurs against you, and you rut your hips against him, in desperate need of more friction. “Let me hear it again, love.” His voice is dark, his tone the perfect mixture of commanding and gentle. You would do anything he could ask of you, without a second though.
His tongue swivels around the nub of your clit, his pace slow enough to torture you, amplifying your need for more and still adding enough pressure to make the sweetest bliss sear through you, and another moan spills from the back of your throat while the grinding movement of your hips against his mouth grows more desperate with every swirl of his tongue. Loki is just as greedy as you are, lapping up your juices, the tip of his nose brushing against your clit every so often as he drags his tongue over your dripping folds.
Your grip in his hair tightens and you pull him closer against you, another plea for more, though this one is silent, swallowed by the sounds which continue to spill from your lips. Wholly unable to hold back any longer while Loki continues to fuck you with his tongue, building your climax –
The flood of memories ebbs, dissipating like fog by sunrise, and it’s only then that you realize you’re pinned to the ground, Loki hovering above you, his knees placed on either side of your hips. The second thing you realize is that the moan which just escaped you was a real one, conjured by the memories of the previous night, of Loki’s tongue playing with your swollen clit as skilfully as it spins his words.
“And let me tell you, you taste more divine than the sweetest nectar, my love,” Loki finishes his sentence with a slow drawl.
You give him a glare, the edges of which are softened by the heat scouring through you. You can feel the wetness between your thighs, how soaked your panties have become, the throb between your legs.
“What a view,” Loki grins, though you can see it in the blush tinting his pale cheeks, the feverish gleam in his darkened eyes, betraying that he’s just as aroused as you are.
“We both know I won,” you state as he rises back to his feet.
“And yet you’re the one on the ground.”
With the remaining dregs of strength left in your muscles, you lock your foot around his and pull. It’s a sight worth relishing, how the cocky grin on Loki’s face turns into an expression of surprise and his eyes widen as he realizes he’s made a mistake.
This time, it’s you who snickers as you roll on top of him to straddle him for the second time today.
“How the tables have turned,” you murmur, lacing your voice with the sticky sweetness of honey, and roll your hips against Loki’s.
“How about we call it a stalemate and move on to somewhere more private?”, Loki rasps, and his eyes flash with mischief. “Because after the sound you just made, there’s nothing I want more than to taste you again.”
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Call Me Cupid ~ Part 1 (Loki Laufeyson) {Requested}
Call Me Cupid Masterlist
Loki Laufeyson x Female!Reader 
If you would like to be tagged please tell me :) xx
This is a Loki Laufeyson x Female!Reader mini-series, requested by: Anonymous. I haven’t used any race in this story, if you see anything that goes against that please tell me so I can correct it asap. Thank you for reading… I hope you enjoy! :)
// Next Part
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
// Next Part
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Marvel Character Ships
anyone remember these? I certainly do. They were wonderful and yet a pain in my ass for such a long time.
The rules of this are simple. You send me in a bit about yourself and I pick a character off the list below and write a short blurb about why I think you would fit. You do not have to be following me to participate
Please (on anon or not) send me
1. Physical description (height, eye colour, hair colour, gender, etc)
2. Personality (Introvert? Extrovert? sweet? reserved? don’t be afraid to tell me as much as you want. the more you tell me the easier it is for me to match you)
3. Hobbies (we all have smt we dabble in. Even if it’s just fandoms. Tell me all about it)
4. Anything else you want me to know. I can not stress how much easier it is on me if you just gush about yourself. I won’t judge. I love getting to know y’all
5. Your sexuality/preferred character gender. If you don’t not specify here i will just pick whatever character fits regardless of gender.
These will be open for a week. If you submit after
9-26-21 11:59 pm EST I’m sorry but i’ll just leave your ask in my inbox until the next time I do this.
list of characters you can get matched to under the cut
-Tony Stark
- Natasha Romanoff
- Clint Barton
- Thor Odinson
- Bruce Banner
- Steve Rogers
- Loki Laufeyson
- Carol Danvers
- Wanda Maximoff
- The Vision
- Bucky Barnes
- Sam Wilson
- Agatha Harkness
- Darcy Lewis
- Valkyrie
- Hela
- Monica Rambaeu
- Maria Hill
- Stephen Strange
- T’challa
- Shuri
- Peter Parker
- Peggy Carter
- Gamora child of Thanos
- Peter Quill
- Hope Van Dyne
- Pepper Potts
-Sylvie Laufeydottir
-Yelena Belova
-Melina Vostokoff
-Kate Bishop
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Tumblr media
SLITHERED HERE FROM EDEN! loki laufeyson x reader masterlist.
summary: after a freakish outburst, resulting in a number of deaths and a series of serious casualties, you’re detained by the government. then, a preposition arises. join the new avengers rehabilitation inititive, and receive the chance to later live some form of a normal life — the only issue is, you’re not alone in the program, and your fellow detainee is far less willing to conform to their rules. witch!reader x avengers!loki laufeyson.
chapter one — tba!
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Loki Laufeyson x Reader
Universe: Marvel
Requested: No
Warnings: Death, Mention of having children, Furious Fury, Husband!Loki, Crying Loki.
Summary: Loki wants to stay in the moment forever. Oh what he’d do to be with you again.
Type: Oneshot, Fluff and Angst, Inspired by Photograph by Cody Fry, 1k words.
Tumblr media
He stood at the doorway, watching you with soft eyes. You were on a chair, brush in hand, combing your hair while watching the people down below on the streets of Asgard. Your brush did its job, combing your hair and getting rid of the tangles in your locks.
Loki heard your calm inhales and exhales, chest rising with every breath you took. He chuckled, walking toward where you sat. He stopped on your right side, a smile crept up his face as he saw you look at him. He turned his head and looked into your eyes.
He saw reflections of light in your beautiful eyes. They held captive his own eyes and he couldn’t manage to tear his gaze into your eyes. He knew that you knew what he was thinking. With a single glance, you could see the emotion, thought, and imagination of a person but with Loki, you never needed to use your power. You chuckled.
“What are you thinking about, Loki? You can tell me,” Your voice echoed in his ears, an enchanting melody flowing around the room. He found himself smiling bigger at the mere sound of your voice.
“My darling,” He drawled. He stepped in front of you and kneeled as you giggled. He put his head on your legs and your hand made its way into his hair, gently playing with it.
“Yes, my love?”
“What do you think about children?”
Your hand stopped its movement and your husband gulped nervously. He straightened up, his legs still on the floor. He risked a look at you, who was looking at him intently.
“Children?” You asked cautiously, making the raven locks on his head bounce as he nodded his head. He took both of your hands, each of them in his hands. He raised your hand toward his lips, kissing your knuckles and palm.
He smoothed your hand with his thumb and he moved to your other hand, giving it the same treatment and equal amount of affection.
“What do you think? I’m ready for them, but if you don’t want them, then we don’t get them. It’s that easy,” He softly confirms as he finishes kissing your palm. “If you do, then we can.” You blinked but Loki couldn’t tell if that was a yes or a no. He opened his mouth, but you beat him to it.
You grabbed the collar of his green cloak and kissed him with all the love you could muster. He let out a surprised gasp, his cool lips sliding against yours. Your tongue clashed with his as you let out a satisfied moan into his mouth.
You pulled back, both your foreheads resting on the others. You both laughed, your hand resting on his cheek, your thumb caressing his cheekbone.
“I’d love to have children with you, Loki. You would be the best father in the whole of the Nine Realms.” You nuzzled into him, your nose accidentally bumping his. His smile was back on his face.
“Thank you for blessing me with this opportunity, my love.” You looked at him, confused, but you squealed when he swept you off the chair. He sat on it and you landed on his lap, facing him as the land of Asgard continued to glow behind you.
His hands took home on your waist, keeping you in place, as if you wanted to move. He sighed, your features keeping him distracted. A hand rested on the back of your neck, pulling you in for another loving kiss. Loki would love to stay in this position forever, his hand never leaving your beautiful, beautiful body. You separated for a few moments, leaving your lungs gulping for air, before diving in and kissing him again. It stayed like that, just the two of you, forever.
His body jolted in his seat, finding all the Avengers staring at him. He looked over to where the noise was from and he saw Fury, standing at the front of the conference room, his arms crossed over his chest as he raised an eyebrow.
Loki cleared his throat and motioned for him to continue. Fury eyed him suspiciously, turning back to his presentation. Thor noticed his brother’s mournful eyes that were staring holes into the table. He placed a hand on his brother’s shoulder, making Loki look at him.
“It’s her again, isn’t it?” Thor asked sadly. It had been a few months after your painful death by the Dark Elves. When Loki had thought that he led them to Thor, he led them to you and Frigga. You had sacrificed your life for your mother-in-law to flee and with tears in her eyes and regret in her heart, she did, looking back only to see you be stabbed in the back by a monster, leaving you to bleed out onto the floor and die alone.
Loki was in his cell when he received the news of your death. He thought back about what he did, what he told the enemy. It was his fault you were gone and it ruined him. He did more than destroy the inside of his cell. Everyone felt and heard his grief, how he had desperately apologized and tried to bring you back. It was his fault.
Loki nodded, tears escaping his eyes and falling down his face. It dripped down on his Midgardian clothes. Thor patted his shoulder, a sigh leaving him and he turned back to the conversation of his friends, leaving Loki in his privacy.
He wiped his tears away but it had no use. They kept flowing down his cheeks and staining his clothing. He stood up suddenly, the screeching of the chair gaining everyone’s attention. He hurriedly walked out, more tears flooding his eyes.
He walked back to his own room, shutting the door loudly and he leaned on it, sliding down to sit on the floor. He folded his legs, his head in his hands as he cried uncontrollably.
If only he hadn’t done it, he would still have you. He would do anything and everything to get the ending you deserved. He didn’t care about himself, he cared about you, but you were gone. You weren’t coming back.
Tumblr media
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hisladylaufeyson · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
HIS GLORIOUS PURPOSE | 5. owe you one
summary: a turn of events leaves you begging for your sister's life before the last man who'd ever want to help you.
and when he agrees, you have to wonder: what's in it for him?
word count: 2K
pairing: loki x fem!reader
You wish you could say she was your first thought.
Vaguely you are aware of her calling your name, her voice pained and hoarse. Soot coats your eyelashes like off-brand mascara, and when they flutter open, you find she is kneeling over you, shaking you by the shoulders in a way that is meant to rouse and not hurt. You wish you could say this woman, Natasha, your sister had been your first thought, but you can't.
When you thought you were going to die, the only one on your mind was him.
Natasha says your name again, more urgently this time, and you cough in response. Dust and ash are suspended in the surrounding air like snowflakes; you can feel them inside you, too, lining your lungs like dryer lint.
"Thank God," your sister breathes. Her cheeks are tear-stained. "I thought you were dead."
"Not that delicate," you mutter, and sit up, despite the protests of your aching limbs. Your back rests against the beam behind you. "What happened?"
"An explosion." Natasha waves her transceiver where you can see it. "Loki's minions have invaded the helicarrier, took out an engine. One more and we'll go down."
"How depressing."
"You could say that." You can hear the smile in her voice, the kind of amusement a person clings to when it's all they've got. Hear it, but can't see it, because your vision is slipping—
"Hey. Hey, wake up." Your sister grips your shoulder again and shakes it lightly. "I know it hurts, but you can't sleep now." Her voice falls to a whisper. "There's something else you have to see."
You have to force your eyes to open. When they do, Natasha meets them with her own, the look in them solemn.
"What is it?"
Wordlessly, she nods to the floor behind her. What you'd thought was a pile of rubble from the explosion is both that and something more: a body, twitching beneath the wreckage, a single foot poking out from the debris. You recognize that shoe, to whom it belongs.
When you snap your head up to look at Natasha, there is a panic similar to yours embedded in her expression. Somehow you know you are both thinking the same thing:
How the hell are we going to get out of this one?
Tumblr media
"Dr. Banner."
One of Natasha's hands is on Bruce's arm, trying to shake him awake; the other is over her mouth to keep from inhaling smoke. Bruce stirs, but doesn't open his eyes.
"Why wake him up?" You ask, your voice low. You are genuinely curious. The doctor may have kept a lid on his second self for a long time, but even he had to know it wouldn't last.
And almost dying seems like a hell of a good time for the Hulk to make his appearance.
Natasha looks at you with desperate eyes. "I can't just leave him here," she says. "What if the helicarrier goes down?"
"Then none of us would survive, though at least he'd have the advantage of being unconscious while it happens."
She frowns at you and goes back to rattling Bruce's arm. "Dr. Banner."
Bruce stirs again, this time with more finality, and you each take a step back. But still, he doesn't wake.
Your sister moves close to him once more, but something about the way he's shifted in his unconscious state makes you wary. Have his eyelids begun to flutter, or are you simply imagining it?
Natasha reaches for his arm again and your cry of protest leaves your lips a second too late: when her fingers touch the sleeve of his shirt, Bruce jerks awake, spinning them around so your sister is trapped below him. He grips her wrist and squeezes, hard enough that she gasps in pain, tight enough that you can hear the faint crack of bone echo throughout the room.
"Doctor," Natasha whispers, her breath coming in short spurts, "please. Let go of my hand."
Bruce doesn't say anything, only looks at her with eyes that are startlingly empty.
"Bruce." Her voice has lost all semblance of self-possession; she is begging, now, and you are helpless in the face of it. "Bruce," she says again, "please. We're going to be okay. All right? I swear on my life, I will get you out of this, you will walk away, and never ever—"
"Your life?" The snarl rips out of Bruce's mouth suddenly enough that you stumble back. His grip on Natasha's wrist tightens and her face contorts in agony.
"No," you say, and surge forward. Your hand reaches out to touch Bruce's shoulder before a kick from your sister sends you sprawling back; you barely have time to catch your footing, and just miss skewering yourself on the sparking metal beam behind you.
"I'm sorry," Natasha gasps, "but I can't let you. You have to run."
When you don't respond, her gaze turns feral. "Run."
"No. I won't leave you. You can't—"
"There's no time—"
"No." Now it is your turn to glare at her, stubbornness lighting a fire in your chest. Natasha might not have been your first thought, but to hell if she wasn't going to be your last. "Can you, for one moment, let me make my own decisions? I'm not leaving you."
Perhaps you could have been a little less harsh. Hurt flashes through Natasha's eyes and your heart constricts at the sight of it. Before she can respond, however, Bruce pulls off of her, collapsing a few feet away with his head in his heads.
Your sister sits up, panting, cradling her wrist in her other hand. A quick glance at it and your eyes widen—a bruise the width of your pinky finger covers its circumference like a bracelet, marring the pale flesh underneath with purpling spots.
"Bruce—" she starts to say, but you silence her with a sharp glance. Look, you say with your eyes. Look.
Natasha sees it moments after your silent plea, and her eyes widen until most of the whites are visible. She stares at you, and you stare back.
Green. He's turning green.
Bruce's skin is turning green, and not only that, but his whole self is growing bigger, muscles straining against the material of his shirt. His fists, which were but one minute ago wrapped around your sister's wrist, are pushing into his temples, closed tight enough you imagine it would be painful. Painful, that is, if the Hulk wasn’t resistant to pain, wasn't void of all feeling. Painful, if Bruce were anyone but himself.
It is only when the buttons of his shirt scatter and he begins to stand up that you and your sister each come to your senses.
"Run," Natasha says.
This time, you don't argue.
Tumblr media
You run until you can't run anymore, until breathing is an exercise in itself. You run until your feet stop of their own accord, until the ache in your limbs is no longer a dull presence but hot, stiff pain, as though your veins have been injected with metal. You run until you are sure Bruce won't be able to find you, and the room you end up in is not so surprising as the man in the center of it; or rather, the man who should be in the center.
Because Loki has found a way to leave his cage.
Natasha, behind you, sees this and rushes forward, towards him. Her angry shout overlaps with your own yelp of warning, both sounds paling in comparison to the click of the cell as it slides closed, trapping, not Loki, but your sister inside.
The God of Mischief laughs, and despite your conflicting feelings, there is nothing confusing about your urge to strangle him for it.
"What a pleasant turn of events."
"For you, perhaps." Natasha's words are directed to Loki, but she's looking at you, palms braced against the glass cage.
Loki grins, a smile that shows nearly all his teeth. "Oh, yes," he says. "Extremely pleasant for me. I admit I'd been imagining such a moment, though I would've preferred my idiot brother on the other side of that glass.
"Nonetheless... it will be great fun watching you fall from the sky."
Your eyes widen and Natasha's do, too, almost imperceptibly. But while her eyes remain fixed on your face, yours snap over to Loki, who has arranged himself behind the cell's control panel. What had Fury said earlier, when you'd been watching from the other room?
Thirty thousand feet, straight down in a steel trap.
Panic lurches in your throat. "Wait, Loki—"
At the sound of your voice, Loki turns his gaze on you, fingers hovering over the control buttons. Once again, his green eyes flash with an emotion you cannot place—but it's gone just as quickly as the last time, a familiar blankness transforming his expression into that of hardened marble. His lips are the only part of him that give anything away, the corner of one side twitching in bitter amusement.
"Missed me already, darling?" Again, that nickname reserved especially for you. "That was a nasty little trick you pulled on me earlier. I was almost offended.
"But—" he continues, and you don't interrupt, glad for any distraction— "I still won, in the end."
At your silence, his eyes narrow. "Admit it. Admit that I've won."
Like before, he seems desperate for your approval, though why that is you aren't sure. You won't give it to him, though, not without something in return.
"And if I do?" Your voice wobbles, just barely. "If I agree that you've won, you'll let Natasha go?"
His eyes glimmer with mischief. "Are you positive you want that?"
"Why the hell wouldn't I? She's my sister."
Loki shrugs and pushes off the control panel, takes a silent step towards you. "A sister who orders you around? Who controls you?" Another step; his voice goes dangerously low. "Who drags you on her missions but doesn't tell you anything about them? Who uses you, for the work she doesn't want to do herself?"
"Don't listen to him. He's just trying to distract you." Natasha's words break into your thoughts.
Loki grins again and takes another step; now he is but a foot away, so close you can make out the flecks of blue in his eyes, the lone strand of black hair that has fallen over one of them. "And is it working, darling?"
You notice how attuned he is to the slowness of your blinking, the staggered way you are breathing. The rise and fall of your chest.
Your chin lifts.
"You're wrong," you say. "My sister cares for me."
"Caring for someone is not the same as valuing them. But you already knew that."
"Let her go."
Disappointed in your resolve, Loki scoffs and once more approaches the control center. But you can't let him get to the buttons, you won't—
You surge forward and grab him by the arm. Loki jerks away as though burned, and when he turns to you, his eyes are flashing, the muscle in his jaw clenched tight.
"What do you think you're doing, mortal—"
"Please." You hate to beg him, not when earlier you had been the one to put him in his place, but it's your last option. Your only option. "Let her go, and I'll do anything you want."
He goes quiet. Then: "Anything?"
Distantly, you hear Natasha's voice—probably trying to talk sense into you, to warn you against making deals with the devil—but you ignore her. You are staring directly into Loki's eyes, now, matching him breath for breath. "Whatever you want," you say, "as long as you promise not to hurt her.
"What do you want?"
A slow smile spreads across his face. "Nothing now, darling," he says—and your heart drops, because you were sure he would take you up on that offer, and if he doesn't you don't know what you would do—"but let's say you owe me one."
Your shoulders sag in relief; you'd half expected him to ask for something ridiculous, or dangerous, or worse.
But is being in Loki's debt really that much better?
As if he can sense what you're thinking, Loki leans down, close enough that his breath fans across your neck. "A favor," he murmurs, lips brushing the shell of your ear, "to cash in whenever I want. Anything I want. Is that right?"
"Yes," you breathe, after a moment's hesitation. "That's right."
He hums and pulls back, and you prepare yourself for him to walk away, for the distance it will put between the two of you. But Loki pauses, and again you spy a flicker of emotion in his eyes, this time one you think you recognize.
You hold your breath and watch as he lifts a single hand, hovers it over your face. Allow your lashes to flutter shut as his finger ghosts over your cheekbone, the simple touch unlike anything you've ever felt before.
When you open your eyes, he is gone.
And when you raise your fingers to the place his own were, just moments before, they come away flecked with blood.
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