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drdaddystrange · 2 days ago
*y/n pushing Loki*
Tony: What the hell is wrong with you two?!
Y/N: We love each other
Tony: You tried to push him off a bridge!
Loki: A Typical Tuesday *sigh*
Y/N: We are married, you know
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lokilookslikekrampus · 2 days ago
Loki:*walks into his room*
Y/n:*on Loki's bed passed out while wrapped in Loki's cape*
Loki: every single problem I have ever had until this moment is gone *gets into bed with y/n*
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Tumblr media
My requests are open! Message/comment to be added to the tag list!
Paring: Loki x plus-size!Reader
Word count: 1.4k
Summary: After Loki hears of your insecurities surrounding your body, he is determined to show you just how beautiful you really are
Original request: @lilacprincessofrecovery omg hey lovely i was wondering if you would wrtie a plus size reader x sylvie or loki? where the reader is insecure and maybe enchants the reader to like themselves? it would mean alot to me.
Authors note: hey girl! Thank you so much for your request! I honestly felt this request on a personal level as a curvy gal as my weight has been up and down a lot over the many UK lockdowns! I really hope you like it and I tried to do your request the justice it deserves (also apparenly I don’t know how to write anything without smut, I hope that’s okay!)💚
Warnings: SMUT (ONLY READ IF YOU ARE 18+) unprotected sex, praise kink (oh so much praise), mirror sex
“Loki, do you think I’m fat?” You ask, cuddled up next to Loki, reading your separate books. You’d been feeling insecure for a while and he knew it. You had your up and down days, sometimes you loved your curves and thought you were the sexiest thing to have ever walked the earth, but today was not one of those days.
“I think your beautiful darling, you know that” he replies, his eyes still stuck to his book as you look up at him. You’d asked him the same thing a number of times throughout the day, so by now he was fairly unfazed by the question but still comforting.
“But.. do you think I’m fat?” You ask as he puts his book down in his lap, pulling you closer as you repeat the question.
“Why do you ask, sweet thing?” He questions, his brows furrowed as he looks at you with a small amount of concern and a lot of love.
“Because I am. I know you love my body, but I dont. I look at you in all your muscular perfection and I’m just here, small and chubby” you reply, your eyes now placed firmly on your hands that nervously pick at your nails as his gaze travels down your body. “Do you have some kind of enchantment to make me thinner? Or anything like that?” You ask before he can reply, his face spread with immediate shock at your question. You know he would never use anything like that on you or ever wish to, but you still felt the need to ask.
“Oh my love, you don’t need anything of the sort and I’d refuse to give that to you even if I did have it” Loki says, pulling your face up to meet his as he presses a kiss on your lips. “Come with me” he continues, pulling you both from the sofa and walking towards your shared bedroom.
As you walk into the room he immediately dims the lights, the decorative candles lighting themselves at a snap of his fingers as he leads you to the large full length mirror in the corner of the room.
Standing behind you, he begins kissing softly down your neck as your head drops to the side allowing him space to kiss you, your eyes falling closed at the feeling. The sensation of his hands on your hips as he glides his fingers underneath your jumper, pulling it over your head. Standing in only your trousers, your hand travels backwards, your fingers entangling through his hair as he continues to kiss your neck.
“Open your eyes, my love” he requests as you hesitantly abide with his request, opening your eyes and taking in the reflection in the mirror. With him standing behind you, his hands gliding over your curves as you try and turn your head to look at him, interrupted by his words.
“I love you from head to toe” he starts, his kisses on your neck continuing as his kisses travel down to your hips, kissing at the dark lines that are etched into your skin. His touch causing your breath to hitch, your chest rising and falling as you take in air, his kisses teasing you.
“I desire all of you” he continues, kissing up your spine as he unbuttons the fastenings of your jeans, swiftly pulling them down and discarding them to the side.
“Everything from the curve of your hips” he says as his hands travel over your hips, his mouth at your neck again as his clothing vanishes in a haze of green. The feeling of his skin on yours teasing you as your back arches at his touch, your eyes that had so far mostly avoided your reflection now meeting the mirror straight on, taking in the sight of your bodies together. Your mind initially rushing over your imperfections before settling on the both of you together.
“To your voluptuous breasts” his words spill out of his mouth like honey as one of his hands travel to your breasts, pulling one of them into his hands as it spills over, puddling in his palm. His light moan at the sensation letting you know that he was enjoying this just as much as you were, if not more. Loki, an actual god worshiping you, of all the Asgardians and Midgardians alike, of all sizes, he had chosen you.
“Your soft stomach, your supple thighs” he continues as his other hand travels from your hip to your stomach, gliding softly over it before traveling down to your heat. His featherlight touch teasing you before the tips of his fingers glide through your folds. Your breath filling your chest as your breasts shake lightly at the sudden breath. Although every touch from Loki aroused you beyond belief, consumed by your insecurity you hadn’t realised just how wet the situation had made you.
“Every part of you makes me weak with desire, your a goddess” he finally sighs out as you feel him fully harden behind you, gazing over your shoulder as his eyes take in your more confident form. His eyes glazed over with want for you as his fingers roll circles over your clit.
“There’s my beautiful girl, there’s my goddess” he sighs out as he watches your smile return to your face, placing kisses down your neck. Loki catches you by your hips as you turn to face him, holding you in place facing the mirror.
“No darling, I want you to see yourself as I see you, sensational” he moans as your eyes dart back to the mirror, his hand leaving your hip to grip his hard length as the other continues to circle your clit. Bending forward slightly his eyes widen at the sight of your ass displayed for him, a lust filled expression spread over his face that you take in, in the reflection of the mirror. Lining himself up with your entrance he swiftly pushes inside of you, causing both of your moans to echo through the room.
Pulling your back up to meet his chest he begins thrusting up into you, the sounds of his stomach hitting into your ass making you both giggle. Your hand travels backwards once again entangling with his hair, pulling lightly as his pace on your clit quickens. Watching your breasts bounce with every thrust his eyes seem transfixed on your reflection. After his worship of you, you know that he looks at you with love, with want and now looking at yourself in the mirror, why wouldn’t he want you? You are beautiful.
His pace quickening as his free hand travels to your breast, pulling your pebbled nipple between his fingers, playing with it. His deep moans in your ear only furthering your pleasure as he looks down, watching his length slide in and out of you. His hand leaving your breast, travels to your throat, wrapping his hand lightly around the column to pull your head back against his shoulder. His mouth meeting yours, your tongues entangling as he moans into your kiss. The sound vibrates throughout your body, straight to your core you feel your clit pulsate under his touch as your orgasm begins to build. His thrusts becoming more erratic against you, his hand around your throat pulls your face to look into your reflection.
“Please, cum for me, my goddess” Loki moans out, desperate for his own release as you feel your orgasm wash over you. Your walls gripping down on his length as he helps you ride out your high against him. You watch yourself cum around him, his admiration and adoring of you clear as his face begins to contort with pleasure. He holds you close to him as he cums within you, coating your walls in his liquid as he rides out his climax within you. As you both come down from your mutual highs he pulls you in close, placing fevered kisses to your lips.
Afterwards he runs you both a warm bath, sprinkling flower petals into the water as he cleans you both. His hands massage your aching muscles as he kisses everywhere he can reach. He spends the whole night making you feel beautiful and now you know one thing for sure. You are fat, you are beautiful and you are a fucking goddess.
Tag list: @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore @vbecker10 @virtualstrawberrydinosaur @lokiprompts@cryingismyonlyhobby
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Good Boy, Poppet
Tumblr media
Relationship: Sub!Loki x Reader 
Summary: Prince Loki had tormented you your entire life. That is, until you finally put him in his place more ways than one. 
A/N: This was a bit hastily written so excuse the typos. 
Word Count: 2.8k
oral sex (f receiving), masturbation (m), humiliation, spanking, squirting, fingering (m receiving), Loki being a little shit
Loki Odinson had been the bane of your existence since you were a child. You had been allowed to be tutored alongside him and Thor as a show of thank you to your older brother Heimdall for his service to the kingdom. Loki began tormenting you from day one, often evading the tutor’s eyes to do so. 
Once, when you were eleven, Loki turned into a rat and chased you around the classroom. You stood on the table screaming and right before the tutor entered the room he transformed himself back to his true form. The tutor looked at you as if you were mad and only shook her head at you when Loki said you had started screaming as if you’d seen something. 
Another time when you were 14, you were in a garden chatting with the other maidens and a boy you liked approached. The two of you began to flirt and unbeknownst to you, Loki had been watching from behind the shrubbery. He cast an illusion that transformed you into an ugly frightening creature. The boy was instantly disgusted and ran away with his friends. 
You couldn’t remember the countless times that you went home and cried because of Loki’s torment. Thor would often scold his brother and he would behave for a short time before going back to his old ways. You never understood why he had chosen you to be the subject of his mistreatment, but it was only a matter of time before you reached your breaking point and didn’t care about his royal status. 
That breaking point was the night of Thor’s birthday feast. You wore one of your finest gowns and danced with happy abandon with the other maidens. As you danced you didn’t notice Loki’s eyes on you.
You twirled around and Loki “accidentally” bumped into you, spilling his red wine all over your dress. The other maidens gasped as you looked down and your dress was splattered with large stains of burgundy. You looked at him with tears of fury and humiliation in your eyes. 
“Oh, dear! Y/N, I’m terribly sorry.” He apologized with fake concern, “Sometimes I can be quite uncoordinated.”
You stared back at him hatefully when he flashed you a small smirk. You let out a low growl before you stormed out of the stunned room. You tried to make your way out of the palace and were so furious you didn’t hear the footsteps behind you in the corridor. 
“I’m so sorry about your dress, Y/N”. He slithered behind you, “I truly do mean it.”
You turned around and Loki was barely standing an inch away from you. You lost control and slapped him across the face. The sound of your palm hitting his cheek echoed in the hallway. He stared back at you furious as he held the side of his face. 
“How dare you!” He protested angrily, “I am a Prince of -”
“You are a pathetic sniveling little worm!” You sneered at him as you stepped even closer, “You are a vile disgusting creature!”
Loki looked back at you in shock as you stared him down. He gulped and stared at you wide eyed. 
“You’re pathetic and not even worthy of licking the sole of my boot.” You continued to berate him, “You’re a pitiful, sick, degenerate cunt.”
Loki whimpered and you took it as a cue that you were intimidating him. You liked it and you enjoyed the sense of power over him you felt. It even provoked a familiar tingle between your thighs. You got closer to Loki so that your bodies were now touching. 
“You filthy piece of bildersnipe shi -”
You gasped as you felt something hard against your stomach then looked down to see the large tent in Loki’s pants. 
“What the fuck?!” You exclaimed, “You liked this?!”
Loki’s face turned red in humiliation, but he looked at you and licked his lips lustfully. 
“K-keep going.” He stammered out. 
You backed away slowly, terrified and then scurried out of the hallway as fast as you could. You felt that it was one thing for you to enjoy finally putting Loki in his place. But seeing him become aroused at your words was shocking, especially that the words were coming from you. You went home and tried not to think too much about it. 
The next morning you had breakfast with your parents as usual. You lied about what happened at the feast when they asked you how it was. There were no mentions of Loki having spilt his wine on you and definitely nothing about his arousal in the hallway. 
Your peaceful meal was interrupted when an envoy and two guards from the palace entered the room. You were being summoned by Prince Loki himself. Your parents were alarmed, but you told them not to worry, despite how fast your heart pounded with fear. 
“What is this about?” You questioned the envoy as he put you in a carriage, “What have I done?”
“My lady, the Prince has not informed me of why and it is not my place, nor yours for that matter.” He responded matter-of-factly. 
You sat in the carriage afraid of what would happen when you saw Loki. Perhaps he was angry about what happened after all or maybe he wanted your silence about his reaction to your rant. 
To your surprise you were led directly to Loki’s private chamber and the door was shut and locked behind you. You began to panic thinking that perhaps after all of Loki’s harassment, he would take things further and take you against your will. 
Loki sat on his bed leisurely with another cup of wine. He was dressed in nothing but a dark green silk robe. But instead of his usual arrogant smirk, he looked nervous when he saw you. 
“Loki, what is the meaning of this?” You asked anxiously, “Why have you summoned me, especially here to your bedroom?” You pressed yourself against the door, trying to be as far away from him as possible. 
“Do not be afraid, Y/N. I haven’t called you here to harm you.” He tried to assure you as he got up from his bed and slowly approached you, “I just want to discuss what happened last night at the feast.”
“I won’t tell anyone about it.” You blurted out, still pressing yourself against the door, “I swear it.”
Loki gulped before he started to speak again, “I liked it.” He quietly admitted to you, “I want you to do it again.”
“I beg your pardon?” You said, completely caught by surprise, “What do you mean, do it again?”
Loki closed the gap and gently rubbed your bottom lip, “Don’t play coy, Pet. I want you to tell me that I’m a disgusting sniveling worm. I want you to slap me again. I want to get on my knees and crawl to you so that I may lick the soles of your boots.”
Your breath hitched at his admission and at his soft touch against your lip, “L-Loki, this is inappropriate.” You stammered out. 
“Is it?” He murmured, “I couldn’t stop thinking about it all night. The same way I’ve never been able to stop thinking about you.”
“Thinking about me?” You furrowed your brow in confusion.
Loki looked down embarrassed, “I am an immature man. I’ve never been able to express my…I’ve never been able to tell you how much I-”
You felt the blood rush to your face in anger. You were incensed that after the years of Loki’s torture, it was because he was too afraid to admit his attraction to you. Your nostrils flared and slapped him in the face, this time cutting his lip enough to bleed. He wiped the blood off and sucked on his finger to clean it while leering at you. You could feel his hard cock pressing through his robe against you. Your anger dissipated as you felt the tingling at the apex of your thighs again. Something came over you and you narrowed your eyes at Loki. You glanced down and a wet spot was beginning to form from the precum dripping from his cock. 
“Take off your robe.” You demanded and Loki promptly complied. 
You walked around him examining his body, “You have the smallest cock I’ve ever seen.” You lied, it was massive, “No wonder why you’re so pathetic. Say that you have a small cock, Poppet.”
Loki’s cock twitched and he licked his lips hungrily, “I have a small cock, Y/N.”
“No, you dumb idiot.” You chided him, “It’s Mistress and if you fuck it up again, I will punish you. Now try again.”
“I have a small cock, Y/N.” He shuddered. 
“Louder. Say it like the little bitch you are.”
“I have the smallest tiniest cock in all of Asgard, Mistress.” He declared, “The most pitiful -”
“That’s enough!” You waved at him dismissively and grabbed a chair to put in the middle of the room, “Come here, now, Poppet.”
 Loki began pensively walking towards you and you sighed with annoyance. 
“Crawl. Do you think a disgusting little pervert like you deserves to walk on two legs?” You scolded him.
“No, Mistress.” He promptly dropped to his knees and crawled over to you. 
He sat in front of you with his hands on his thighs waiting for your next command. You cocked your head and stuck your shoe out from underneath your skirt. 
“Kiss it.” 
Loki grabbed your shoe and kissed the leather top dutifully. He looked up at you for approval with large eyes. 
“Good boy, Poppet. Now go and get your crown.” You commanded him. Loki hesitated before moving and you raised an eyebrow, “I don’t think I was unclear. I think you might be dumb though. I gave you such a simple order and you’re too stupid to follow it. Perhaps I should punish you just for that.”
Loki moved quickly and grabbed his crown, crawling back to you with it on his head. He kneeled in front of you for further instruction, “I’m sorry, Y/N.”
“I’m. Sorry. Mistress.” You corrected him, “I warned you, Poppet. And now you're going to be punished.” You took the crown from his head and placed it on your own. It was heavy but you couldn’t help but look down at him with a giant smirk.
“I-I’m sorry, Mistress.” He said with a whimper as his cock began to throb. 
“Over my knees.” Exhaled and patted your thighs. 
Loki obediently laid over your lap and you could feel his hard cock pressing against your thighs, “How many times should I spank you, Poppet?”
His body shook with anticipation, “Twenty, Mistress.” He said with shaky breath. 
“Hmm…twenty it is...” You agreed before bringing your hand down against his ass, “..per cheek. Count and if you fuck it up, I’m going to start over.”
“Two.” Loki whimpered out. 
“Two what?” You reprimanded him. 
“Two, Mistress.”
“Good. Now start over, Poppet.” You chuckled darkly before bringing your hand down again. 
Loki obediently counted and his words became more and more like moans. At one point he started to move his hips slightly to rub his cock against your skirt for friction. You decided to not pay attention for the time being and continued on until the fair skin of his ass was completely red. 
You rubbed his hot flesh and he continued his small movements against your skirt. 
“Are you trying to cum, Poppet?” You inquired amused, “I don’t remember telling you that you could.”
Loki whimpered and became silent. You smacked him again and he yelped.
“I asked you a question.”
“Yes, he gulped. I need to cum so badly, Mistress.” He whined pathetically. 
“Hmm…well…that deserves a punishment too, you needy little slut.” You taunted him before spreading his sore cheeks and hocking a large glob of spit onto his puckered hole. 
You slowly pushed your index finger past his ring of muscles and Loki let out a deep pitiful groan. You smirked at yourself as you curled your finger and began to work his ass. You knew you’d found the sweet spot within him when his body jerked. You moved your finger faster and applied more pressure to his prostate. 
“Look at you, moaning like a cheap tavern whore.” You mocked him, “Are you a cheap whore, Poppet?”
“Yes, yes, Mistress. I’m a cheap whore.” He moaned lustfully as you felt him squeeze around your finger. Loki’s cock began to twitch again and you pulled your finger out quickly, making him let out a frustrated moan. 
“Get on your knees again, Poppet and remove my undergarments.” You commanded him coyly. 
Loki moved quickly to do as told and you lifted up your skirts to expose your cunt to him as you slid your bottom to the edge of the chair. You were dripping wet and your pussy glistened as you ached for a release.
“I’ll let you cum, but you have to earn it first by putting your mouth to the only thing it’s good for.”
He moved forward and held your thighs before putting his face into your cunt. He took in a deep inhale of your scent before licking a stripe through your folds. Your body quivered as he began to suck on your clit. 
“Good boy, Poppet. Keep going.” You panted as you grabbed him by his hair. You pushed the back of his head back towards you as he squeezed the soft flesh of your thighs harder. He lapped at your cunt hungrily, sucking up every bit of slick like a starving man. 
He moved his hands to rub your bundle of nerves with one of his thumbs while spreading your folds so that his tongue could fuck you. Your legs began to shake as the fire in your belly grew. You gave into the pleasure Loki was bringing your body and you came apart on his tongue, moaning like a wild woman. 
“Fuck!” You panted heavily, “You can cum now.”
Loki’s cock was now painfully hard and he wasted no time beginning to stroke himself. He put three of his fingers into you, pumping them in and out curled. He sucked you clit even harder and fucked you faster, as he felt your pussy clenching more and more. You started shaking and tensing so much that Loki had to grab one of your thighs to keep you from sliding off the chair.
He quickly pulled his fingers out and covered his cock with your slick. He pumped himself with one hand while two of his fingers on the other entered you again and began fucking you intensely. He sucked on your bud, focusing his fingers on the spongy spot within your cunt. 
You felt the coil tighten again and knew that you were going to reach your peak, though this time you felt an intense pressure within your heat. You mewled as you bucked your hips against Loki’s face. The pleasure he gave you was almost too much and you wanted to tell him to stop, but your body had other ideas. 
“Ah, Loki! Loki!”, you chanted over and over. He pumped himself even faster, turned on by your noises. You heard a loud slurp come from beneath you and it sent you over the edge. You writhed wildly, and you let out a loud high pitched scream. Your squirt flooded down your thighs and onto Loki’s face. You breathed deeply trying to come down, your body shaking uncontrollably. 
Loki pumped himself vigorously while rubbing his face into what you’d squirted, inhaling the scent with deep breaths. The mess caused him to climax. Ropes of cum covered his hands and his exposed thighs. His body shuddered and it took a moment for him to catch his breath with his forehead pressed against you sex. 
“Clean me up, Poppet.” You said between deep breaths. 
“Yes, Mistress.” He murmured into your cunt. 
Loki began to clean up as he commanded. He held your thighs and licked every bit of your squirt off you. The sucking and slurping sounds coming from beneath you were delightfully sinful. Loki moved his tongue in and out of your cunt to savor your taste before letting go. 
He flipped his hair back and looked up at you with worshipful eyes with his face still covered in your juices. Loki leaned back on his heels with his hands on his thighs, waiting for your next command. 
You looked down at him in such a vulnerable state. A state you’d never imagined Loki trusting you enough to be in with you. You pushed down your skirts and stood over him. You stroked his hair softly as you gazed down at him. You tilted his chin up and bent down to give him a soft kiss on the lips. Loki closed his eyes and his breath hitched. 
“Come, Poppet, let’s go take a bath.” You gently commanded as you broke the kiss. 
“Yes, Mistress.”
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spiritualchange · a day ago
if you stuck me in a room with bucky, loki and druig i would never leave
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lokiprompts · 2 days ago
Doing fanfic research...what is something embarrassing that you would be mortified about in front of your crush?
So far I have bad breath 😂
Lay it on me.
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marchtothefuckingsea · 20 hours ago
You Are My Achilles Heel - Loki
Alright, I'll be honest, despite the amazing title (sarcasm), this one is kind of iffy. I'm not too happy with it but it's fluffy I guess so I'll give it that. This actually was proofread, too many times to count actually because I was trying to figure out what the hell I did to fuck it up so bad. I might re-visit this trope later on in a similar way so there's that. It'll be a carbon copy of this but better probably LMAO
My Masterlist, if you're interested!
fluff, hurt/comfort, no usage of y/n, x gender neutral reader.
Word count: 1.2k
Warnings: blood, injury, violence. The ending is terrible lmao.
Summary: Reader gets hurt on a mission and manages to hide it until they make it back to the quinjet. They proceed to pass out and Loki takes care of them blah blah fluff.
Tumblr media
"I have what we need." I touched my finger to my earpiece and said into it.
"Good. I'll meet you outside." Loki's voice said through the static.
I hissed in pain, hunching over as my hands darted down to the bullet wound in my lower abdomen.
A split second of a screw-up had led to this. I had taken down two other guards without realizing a third had made his way in. As I leaned against the wall to catch my breath, he managed a clear shot at me. I had taken him out quickly enough and, fortunately for me, even with a clear shot he had still been such a bad shot that he missed any vital organs.
I think.
The wound was bleeding pretty badly, but I had tied a strip of my jacket tightly around my waist. I let out a grunt as I tightened the knot, grimacing when the blood almost immediately soaked through. This wasn't looking all that great for me.
I stumbled down the hall, stopping every few feet to catch my breath and blink the dots out of my vision.
Luck was not on my side, however, as I stumbled upon a stray HYDRA agent, quite literally bumping right into him.
He punched me in the gut and I cried out.
I immediately pulled out my knife, jamming it in his neck before he could land another hit on me.
I leaned heavily against the wall, gasping while an overwhelming amount of black splotches now dotted my vision.
I squeezed my eyes shut, groaning. I opened them just in time to see the floor come spinning up to meet me in the face. I grunted, only able to find the energy to lie there for the time being.
Then I remembered Loki and the team were waiting for me. I had just told them I'd be heading back, and I was taking far too long.
I struggled up, leaning my back against the wall at first before shakily pushing myself up to my feet. I clutched onto the wall as my head spun.
I stumbled down the hallway, swaying dangerously on my feet when I realized I had bled through the 'bandage' around my stomach and my blood was now dripping on the floor.
"Fuck." I muttered, wincing when the movement pulled at the wound.
I managed to make it outside without any more interference. I clung to the corner wall, steeling myself before I walked around the corner into my team's view. This had been such a simple mission, it was too embarrassing to admit I had fucked up on it. My wounds weren't nothing I couldn't take care of myself.
I tied the remains of my jacket around my waist before stiffly walking around the corner, my head held high."What happened?" Loki asked, taking in my bloody appearance as I approached the jet.
"It's not my blood." I replied offhandedly, daring to meet his eyes only for a second.
I managed a grin before tossing him the thumb drive with the important information on it. More so I wouldn't have to deal with the others once we made it back. I needed to go straight to my room and stitch myself up.
I stumbled as I boarded the jet, Loki wound his arm around my waist to support me and I grit my teeth when he did so, trying not to pull away or cry out in pain.
I saw him give me a strange glance out of the corner of my eye. I shrugged it off.
I leaned back, closing my eyes and letting out a sigh while allowing myself to slump into the seat and rest my arm across my stomach. I groaned when the plane jarred a bit from taking off.
"Are you alright?" Loki asked me lowly, leaning over.
"I'm fine." I replied shortly. I couldn't muster up the energy to reassure him or even myself at this point, the only thing I could focus on was staying awake.
Considering the fact that I was bleeding out, about to pass out, and Loki had noticed something was off not even half an hour into the plane ride, I wasn't doing a very good job of hiding it.
My eyes felt tired and heavy as they closed for a final time. I felt myself slump limply to the side, my head lolling and my hand falling away from the injury.
Another sudden movement of the plane caused a wave of agony to roar down on me. I wanted to scream, to cry, to beg for it to just stop, but all I managed was a weak whimper as I weakly lifted my hand back up to press on the injury. I felt blood blood seep through my fingers and drip down to the floor of the jet.
I heard a panicked voice, Loki's voice, off in the distance. I tried to focus on him but it was no use. I fell unconscious.
I forced my heavy eyelids open, sucking in a dry breath. I groaned when even the dim lights of the room made my head pound furiously.
Slowly, once my eyes adjusted to the light, I managed to prop myself up onto my forearms and soon drag myself into a sitting position, leaning against the headboard. I finally looked around in confusion. I was in Loki's room.
I swung my legs over the edge of the bed, hissing when I pulled my stitches. Everything came back to me.
I hesitantly put weight on my legs and feet, testing them out. I finally allowed all my weight to rest on them and let go of the wall. A wave of dizziness came over me suddenly, the room spun crazily and the floor spun up to crash into my face. I felt a searing pain in my side and gasped. I knew for sure I had torn my stitches now; I felt blood seep into the new bandage on my side.
I squeezed my eyes shut, panting and cradling my middle as the pain still burned through me.
I didn't even hear footsteps approach me, but I felt the cool hand on my shoulder and jumped.
"It's me, love." Loki's velvet voice reassured me.
I sighed in relief, then began struggling to right myself into a sitting position. He gently pushed me back down.
"Loki I-" I protested.
"Allow me." He slid his slender arms underneath me, careful not to put pressure on the bullet wound in my side. I couldn't help but to let a quiet whine escape when he picked me up, no matter how careful he was.
"I'm sorry." He apologized under his breath, sliding me gently onto the bed. He moved around to the other side of the bed.
"May I?" He motioned to the bed.
I huffed. "Of course, Loki. It's your bed." He grinned, laying down on the mattress beside me before carefully draping an arm around my waist.
"Don't ever do that again." His voice was stern, but I could hear the exhaustion and concern in it too.
"I won't." I mumbled, my voice suddenly laced with fatigue. "I'm sorry."
My eyes fluttered shut and my breathing evened out, I was teetering on the edge of sleep.
Loki must have thought I was asleep because after a few quiet moments, "You are my achilles heel, you know that?" He murmured quietly. "I despise it, yet I have such a fondness for you."
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
loki + get help
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call-me-fanvergent · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
move over loki and mobius this is now a kid loki and croki stan account 😎
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sparkyluz · 7 months ago
Fuck the sacred timeline. Make a new one where my boi Loki is happy and thriving
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evendeadlmthehero · 7 months ago
Looking at the Past
Summary: Loki gets captured by the TVA and gets to see his past were he finds out that he had a lover; you.
A/N: so I watched the first episode of Loki and it inspired me to get out of my writers block and write a story about Loki looking back at his past and sees someone that loved him. So trigger warning VERY EMOTIONAL AND LOKI EPISODE 1 SPOILERS
Tumblr media
Loki had never felt so far away from the concept of control until now. He never felt so lost, so helpless and so purposeless until he stepped foot in the TVA. He hated the feeling, he hated feeling this way, he hated the Avengers but most of all, Loki hated himself.
At first, he thought it was a joke. That this place was all a front, that he was a God and a God was the most powerful being. However, after visiting Casey and finding the multitude of infinity stones used as paper weight, he realised that the TVA was no joke. The TVA was in fact the keepers of time and all the choices his made were choices that was already written.
Except him running away of course.
Loki looked at the projector that was playing before, paused on all the Avengers. A thought had slowly crept into his brain. The thought of looking at his whole life. He shuddered at the thought. He was scared. Mobius had told him his life purpose was to create pain and suffering for others so that they can achieve the best version of themselves. Had that been true? Was his whole life just pain and suffering? Had his life been a meaningless void filled to aid others to the betterment of themselves while he crumbled to nothingness?
Loki let out a sigh, thinking to himself how he might as well see how horrible his life was. He sat down on the metal chair, letting out a breath. His shaky hand went to the player, fast forwarding it to his mother’s death. The death that he had caused.
A single tear rolled down his cheek as he realised that his mother’s death was on him. He never thought Mobius was telling truth, that he was lying to manipulate Loki. But the infinity stones in Casey’s drawers had reminded him about the awful fact that he did indeed kill his mother. He was the reason why his mother had died. In an effort to gain control of his life, he lost the one thing that mattered to him the most; his mother.
He fast forwarded it but paused when he saw an familiar face, your familiar face. He was confused, you were the one who fought against him with the Avengers, why did you show up again? Did he come back to Earth?
“Loki, you are not responsible for your mother’s death,” you spoke, walking around to face him. He could see the skyline behind you, realising it was the Avenger’s Tower. Apparently he had returned to Earth after his mother’s demise.
“I led them to her!” He heard himself yell, chucking a glass. But you didn’t flinch. “I led them to her! I killed her!”
He watched as you walked closer to him, grabbing his hand. “You were in your lowest state, vulnerable to your weakest intuition. Your father had imprisoned you. Even though someone had been torturing you to do the things you had to do to New York.”
Loki flinched at that. Were you guys that close that he told you his deepest darkest secret? About how Thanos had tortured him and imprisoned him to get the other infinity stones?
“How did you know about that?” Loki yelled at you.
Apparently not.
“Because I can tell when someone has been tortured and manipulated by monsters,” you replied back in a calm voice, your eyes tearing up. “I know Loki. I know how it feels to helpless, to feel lost and unwanted and-“
Loki stopped it, his breath trembling. He fast forwarded it, not wanting to hear anything else as more tears fell down his face. He paused again, seeing a provocative image fill the screen and his veins filled with curiosity.
“Loki,” he heard your voice moan. He watched on as he saw himself not fucking you, but making love to you. He watched himself, his eyes filled with love and adoration at yourself.
He watched as your bodies molded together so perfectly, how you were both moving in synchrony. He watched as none of you broke eye contact, as both of you moaned in pure bliss.
“I love you,” he heard himself tell you. Something he never realised he would ever tell anyone. And by the vulnerability in his eyes, he knew future him had a hard time even saying it. He looked at you as if he was scared he had frightened you, as if those words had pushed you away.
But it didn’t. It had made your bright and beautiful smile broaden even more.
“I love you too.”
He let out a breath, not stopping himself from crying this time. Had he finally found someone who loved him for himself? Had he really been that lucky? He paused it again, looking at you. How your eyes looked at his. How calming and serene you two looked together.
He fast forwarded.
“How could you do that!” He heard himself screaming at you. Your face was in tears, looking back at him. “How could you be so idiotic, I told you to go back!”
“Why are you so mad, I’m still alive aren’t I?” You yelled back, clutching your stomach.
“Barely! God you humans are so daft!” He yelled back at you, his hands brushing his hair back. “Humans are so fucking daft and fucking pathetic!”
“Oh I’m sorry God Almighty, forgot you were immortal!” You yelled back, letting out a groan as your stomach was fighting against your screaming. “I’ll take the thank you later.”
“Thank you? Thank you!” Loki yelled back at you. “That weapon would’ve barely scratched me! You didn’t need to risk your life to stop it! You didn’t need to almost die just so you get to play hero and-“
“Don’t you understand that I can’t lose you!” He heard you scream louder than ever before, making him go silent. You let out a sob, shaking your head. “You’re the only- only good thing that has ever happened to me. And and- fuck, it scares me how much I love you. I love you Loki Laufeyson. I love you so much that I’d go through hell and back just to make you smile even if it meant I wasn’t alive to see it!”
Loki paused the video, letting out a sob before shaking his head. He couldn’t even fathom it. He thought he was an unlovable monster. Yet it seemed that you were blind to all of it.
He fast forward.
“I bought you a house,” Loki heard himself again.
You two were lying on bed, looking like you were in a private room on a spaceship. Both of you cuddling under the the sheets, Loki’s fingers drawing shapes on your skin.
You laughed at him, not taking him serious. But his face didn’t change, stopping your laugh. “Wait, you’re serious?”
“Mhmm,” Loki replied back kissing your knuckles. You giggled at him, and Loki’s smile widened at your laugh. Even the Loki who watched on felt himself smiling at the sound of your voice giggling.
“And how did you get the money?”
“A god doesn’t pay.” Loki replied, laughing as you slapped him in the arm.
“Where’s the house? On Asgard?” You replied back jokingly. “How convenient for you, it’s in ashes now.”
“Earth.” Loki pushed your hair back. You looked at him in disbelief.
“Earth?” You questioned him, your face in bewilderment. “I thought you hated Earth, which is why we decided to visit Asgard instead.”
“But you love it,” Loki replied back, kissing your forehead. “And if you love it, then that’s enough for me.”
Loki fast forwarded it, unable to handle it watching it anymore. He needed to see how this played out. So he went to the end.
The hairs in his forearm rose as he stood up from his seat at the site of Thanos. He felt a cold shiver run down his spine, your bloodied face in the back.
“Please,” he heard you wheeze out, tears uncontrollably running down your face. You tried crawling over to Thanos, trying to find mercy within the Titan. “Please.”
“I am feeling generous today,” The Titan said with a smile before picking up Loki by the neck.
“No!” He heard you scream. It was as if all the energy in your body came out all at once as you got up to run, only to be locked down by pieces of metal from one of the children of Thanos. “No! Let him go please!”
“So I’ll only kill you, and I’ll spare your brother and the girl,” Thanos said, before snapping his neck.
Loki let out a deep breath, his whole body shaking. He heard you scream in agony, a shriek that can only be described as a mother losing a child to war. He watched as you flung your body on him, trying to protect him from the explosion of the ship. He watched as Thor begged you to leave, but you yelling that you weren’t going to leave him alone, that he was not dying alone. And then he watched on as the words ‘End of File’ were etched on the screen.
Loki shook his head, before he started laughing. Laughing at himself. Laughing at his life. Laughing at how just as life was getting better for himself, just as he started making amends, he died.
“What's so funny?” He heard a voice say behind him. Loki smirked, turning around. The women looked at him weirdly, his face all tear stricken.
“Glorious purpose.”
“Loki?” Mobius called out to Loki who was sitting down, his hands on his face with the tesseract next to him. “Nowhere left to run.”
“I can't go back, can I? Back to my timeline?” Loki asked, feeling helpless. Feeling sad. Sad because he will never have a story with you, a life with you. “I don't enjoy hurting people. I- I don't enjoy it. I do it because I have to, because I've had to.”
Mobius slowly walked over to Loki, feeling a bit more motivated now that Loki was opening up to him more. “Okay, explain that to me.”
“Because it's part of the illusion,” Loki explained, letting out a sigh. “It's the cruel, elaborate trick conjured by the weak to inspire fear.”
“A desperate play for control,” Mobius finished for him, a smile tugging on the corner of his lips. “You do know yourself.”
“A villain,” Loki scoffed. Mobius shook his head.
“That's not how I see it.” He then looked at the tesseract that was near Loki. “You try to use that?”
“Oh, several times,” Loki laughed, looking at the tesseract with now lost interest. Men and women have died for this. Have started wars for this. Yet compared to the sacred timeline, these stones were toys. “Even an Infinity Stone is useless here. The TVA is formidable.”
“That's been my experience.” Mobius peeked an eye on Loki, feeling sympathetic. He let out a sigh. “Listen, I can't offer you salvation, but maybe I can offer you something better. A fugitive Variant's been killing our Minutemen.”
“And you need the God of Mischief to help you stop him?” Loki had asked him.
“That's right.”
“Why me?” Loki asked confusedly, arching an eyebrow.
“Because the Variant we're hunting,” he paused, looking Loki in the eye.
“Is Y/N”
You let out a breath, watching the minute men as they walked out of the portal. You hid back in the darkness, looking as the scene played out in front of you.
“I think some jackass found himself a time machine, came back here to get rich,” one of them spoke. You let out a small laugh, shaking your head at their laziness. The TVA might be powerful, but god their workers were indolent.
“Should we fan out and look for him, sir?” A smarter minute man asked.
“Nah. It's not worth the paperwork.” The minute man turned around, looking at the other worker. “Just prune it. Let's bail. Set a charge.”
The minuteman was about to set the charge but before he did, he made eye contact with you. You raised a hand up, purple light seeping through your fingers. “Wait. Someone's out there.”
“Who are you!” The minute men spoke, pointing their weapon at you. You know walked towards them, a little coy smile on your lips.
“I’ll make this easy for you guys.” You pointed at the device. “I want that. Give it to me, and I’ll spare you.”
“No you can’t just walk in here and-“
“Fine,” you sighed, rolling your eyes. Your finger lit up an even brighter purple spark, before pointing it towards the oil and lighting it up in flames.
You watched as the minute men burned into flames, slight twinge of guilt seeping through your veins. The Avengers would be so disappointed in you. But that thought disappeared as soon as it came to your head. You wanted Loki back, no matter what the cost.
You would walk to hell and back just to see him smile.
So you walked over to the device, picking it up before transforming back into your true form. The form you took after the final battle against Thanos. The form you took after you snapped your fingers, after taking the gauntlet. You didn’t care if you died when you wore the infinity gauntlet, you already lost Loki. But you didn’t died. Instead…
You became the Infinity Witch.
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ambrosiase · 3 months ago
𝐧𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐲 | 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝐢𝐢𝐢.
Tumblr media
kinktober masterlist
day three: overstimulation
pairing: bestfriendsbrother!loki x fem!reader
warnings: modern au. smut. orgasm delay/denial, spanking, cunt slaps, thigh riding, fingering, implied oral sex (f!receiving), dirty talk, punishment. oh also, loki is covered in tattoos.
word count: 2.4k
from the writer: this is my first time writing for loki in a full fic, so hopefully this is okay and doesn’t totally suck lol
eighteen plus only — by choosing to ‘keep reading’, you are agreeing that you are eighteen years old and over. do not interact with this story if you are a minor.
Tumblr media
The house is quiet, making your shoulders sag in relief as you tip toe your way to the kitchen.
Your head felt dehydrated from the alcohol you’d consumed earlier at the club, and you needed to wash away that dry feeling.
Opening the fridge, you take out a bottle of water, only to close it and jump back in fear at the sight of someone appearing.
“Loki!” You gasp, “What the hell, you scared me!”
The onyx haired man just chuckles, arms up in surrender. “Sorry, dove. I couldn’t resist when I saw you come down.”
“You’re a jerk.”
He shrugs. “You like it.”
Biting your lip coyly, you focus your attention to unscrewing the bottle for a sip. All the while, taking in the man in front of you.
Loki was painfully attractive, standing there in his black sweatpants with his bare chest on display. Tattoos littered his entire upper half, and your eyes focus on the two snakes that intertwine the centre of his chest.
He wears the hint of a smirk on his face, clearly enjoying your appraisal. “Did you have fun?”
“At the club,” he says.
You nod, “Sure.” Then you’re finishing your water. “I mean, it was fine. I came back alone though, didn’t I?”
“Poor thing.” Loki grins, “Still haven’t been able to break that dry spell.”
“What are you talking about?”
He stalks closer to you, trapping you between him and the bench. “Well, I may have overheard your earlier conversation with my sister.”
You wish you had more in you than a stutter, heat prickling at your chest as he presses himself against you.
Loki’s hand reaches to cup your face, thumb running along your bottom lip. “It’s a real shame that you haven’t been able to find.. release, in so long.”
“We’re going out.” Hela says, “You need to get laid.”
“I told you, I’m fine.”
She snorts. “Sure, and I’m the Goddess of Death.”
“Okay, that’s super specific.”
“Don’t change the subject.”
You scoff. “I didn’t!”
“Seriously, how long has it been? One month, two?”
“Five.” You respond, “But that’s beside the point.”
Your best friend whistles. “No wonder you’re so uptight these days.”
“Of course you’d linger around, creep.”
Loki rolls his eyes. “To think, I was going to offer my assistance.”
“Your assistance?” You stare incredulously. “And what makes you think I’d even want that?”
His tattooed hand moves down, resting over your neck in a possessive grip. “You think I don’t notice? How you look at me — how your thighs always seem to clench tight when I walk by?”
“You’re delusional.”
“And you want to fuck your best friend’s brother.” He smirks. “You’re just too prideful to admit it.”
“You’re wrong.”
But Loki just looks at you with that all-knowing mischievous glint. “Is that so, princess?”
“Don’t call me that.”
“Why? You don’t like it?” His head tilts to the side, almost as though he’s analysing you.
“I don’t like you.”
Loki stares at you for a moment, and you feel faint from the intensity. He peers into your soul as though he’s reading every thought you’ve ever had. Looking into the deepest parts of your desires that you’d hidden.
“You sure about that?”
Your breath hitches in your throat as Loki’s hand begins it’s descent down your body, stopping at the hem of your pyjama shorts.
“Can I?” The question lingers in the air, and you can’t look away from those blue eyes you’re about to drown in.
“Loki…” It takes you a moment, but the feeling of his slender fingers brushing along your sensitive skin has you deciding. “Please.”
His fingers glide through your folds. “Oh princess,” he groans. “You might not like me, but this delicious cunt sure does.”
You steady yourself, with one hand clutching the granite tile and the other going around his neck. “You’re an asshole.”
“I think you enjoy that about me, dove.” And then he’s flicking his thumb over your clit, teasing your hole with two fingers before pressing in. “It really has been a long time hasn’t it? This cunt is so bloody tight.”
“Oh my god!” His fingers fasten their pace, hitting that spongy spot inside unexpectedly and Loki’s other hand comes to cover the moan you release.
“Can feel you squeezing my fingers. So desperate, aren’t you?”
You cry his name. “Please, I’m so close. I wanna come, Loki, please!”
For a second you think you’re almost there, the impending orgasm making itself known with each circular movement on your bud.
“You want to come, princess? You think you deserve it?”
“Yes! Yes, Loki!” Your thighs begin to tremble with each second that passes. “I’m almost there!”
He leans in close to you, bypassing your lips as he leans into your ear. “See the thing is, dove. Is that bad girls; disobedient ones, don’t get what they want.”
There’s a buzzing in your ears, and suddenly — you’re empty and Loki’s stepping away. You can only stare in disbelief as he brings his fingers to his mouth, your juices glistening before he licks them clean. “You taste so good, I almost regret not putting my face between those sublime thighs of yours.”
It seems words escape as you watch him walk away from you.
“Good night, princess.”
You don’t get an ounce of sleep after that. The ache between your thighs and your missing orgasm leaving you irritated and needy. Yet, it seemed like your own fingers couldn’t do the job; not after you’d felt his.
The next day, you woke up in your best friend’s house to no sign of the man that haunted your every thought. Deciding to go home, you finally feel some sense of comfort once back in your space.
You’ve barely been home an hour when you get a text.
Let me in.
The audacity of this man, you think. Rolling your eyes, you don’t bother responding. Only a moment later, there’s a knock at your door.
“What the hell do you want?” You glare at the man on the other side of your door.
“So, not happy to see me?”
Scoffing you answer, “After last night? Not really.”
“Well, princess. I’m here to make it up to you.”
“Then you’re wasting your time.”
Loki shakes his head. “I don’t think I am.”
“Well I know you are.”
“And I know, that you want me. No matter how much you try to fight it, princess.”
Crossing your arms, you stand firm. “You had your chance last night, and then you left me high and dry. Sorry if I’m no longer interested.”
Except you don’t get the response you’re anticipating. Instead, he just laughs. “You expected me to fuck you in a house where my family could hear you scream?” Loki explains, “Sorry dove, I’ll try not to be so considerate next time.”
Okay, so maybe he had a point. It didn’t mean you had to like it.
“Come on.” He stands close enough that your lips just barely touch. “Let me do what we’ve both been wanting for years.”
It surprises you both when you’re the one to lean in first.
Loki kisses exactly how you knew he would — confident, self-assured with a suspecting tease that has you chasing his mouth with yours.
Your hands weave through his wavy locks, tugging the strands as you grind your hips into his.
It doesn’t take long for the two of you to make your way to the bedroom. Loki sits at the end of your bed, pulling you to straddle one of his thighs as he presses open-mouthed kisses to your neck.
His hands are rough on your waist as they push you back and forth against the denim, encouraging your movements as you ride his thigh. You can feel your juices leaking through the fabric of your underwear, with each roll of your hips getting more desperate.
A smack to your ass has you letting out a thrilled moan of his name.
“Are you close, princess?” Loki’s voice is sickenly sweet, and if you weren’t already so close to release, you would have paid more attention to it.
“Mhm” Needles that bring pricks of pleasure feel like they’re piercing your chest. “I’m gonna cum, Loki! Oh my fucking god, I’m almost there!”
As soon as you tell him that, it’s like a switch goes off. Your movements seize, and you barely have enough time to react before he’s tossing you on the bed.
He grins like the cheshire cat as he hovers over you. “You didn’t think it’d be that easy, did you?”
The next minute relies on him removing your clothes, marvelling at your naked body below him until you feel those familiar fingers trace the insides of your thighs.
“They’d write sonnets about this cunt.”
“Shut up.”
He chuckles as his fingers glide through your folds, smearing the wetness around before rubbing your clit in circles. His thumb teases your entrance, only pushing in as you buck your hips up.
“Still such a tight, little thing.” Loki watches as your fists clench the bed sheets. “We’ll have to open you up to take my cock, princess.”
Any snarky retort you had died on your tongue the moment his pace turned rapid. Stroking over your nerves quickly, yet with a determined precision as you writhe on the bed.
Another orgasm builds, making itself known and you think of warning him but something tells you he won’t let you have it.
Then you’re empty again, a low whine coming from you at the loss.
“You come,” Loki growls, “When I say you can.” He waits for you to agree and once he has it, he leans in. “If you need me to stop, say Norse.”
A snort leaves you. “Seriously?” But he just raises an eyebrow in response. “Norse, got it. Weirdo.”
“You know the more insolent you are, the worse it becomes for you.” He leans in close. “But I don’t mind, it’ll be more fun when you cry, dove.”
After that — you’re a mess.
Loki uses his fingers, his mouth, and his tongue to bring you close to the edge only to never let you fall.
Your throat is hoarse from moaning, and your body covered in a layer of sweat that when you look at Loki, you swear you hate him. Because he’s barely got a hair out of place as he looks at you from his place between your thighs.
He doesn’t take it easy on you and you swear you’ve never felt as sensitive as you do right now. Loki eats you out with a methodical clarity, knowing every single button to press that’ll have you begging for more.
You stopped counting at your fourth missed orgasm. But the raven haired man never lets up, never stops. Just continues his assault on your cunt as if he’s never tasted anything sweeter.
Tears escape your eyes, making their way down your cheeks as you feel your core stirring. “Please, Loki. I need to come, please please, let me come.”
A harsh slap to your centre has you reeling, spasming as you try to hold off your orgasm until he gives permission. “What was that?”
“I said—”
Another hit has you choking on your spit, flames erupting as you feel hot all over. “Sorry, I can’t hear you, dove.”
Three more strikes, each one landing on your swollen bud and you swear you can feel your juices leaking below you.
You stay silent, cheeks wet as you wait for his next movie. But Loki just smiles softly. “There she is, there’s my pretty dove, hm…”
His face is above yours now, and you can see the remnants of your arousal on his mouth. You can’t help yourself as you use what strength you have left to push yourself up, locking his lips with yours.
The sound of a zipper fills the room and as you break away from the kiss, you notice Loki’s hands remove his pants. “No underwear?” You ask with a knowing look.
He shrugs. “I thought it’d save some time.” His shirt is the next to go, and you can’t help but admire him. You swear he was crafted by Gods with silken marble — smooth skin, that was otherwise unmarred except for the litany of ink that was painted onto it.
Loki shivers as your fingers dance over the vine leaves that trace his abdominal lines; leading down to his three of swords tattoo. Before you can go any lower, hands cover yours and bring them above your head. “This is about you, dove.”
An unexpected warmth fills the place where your heart should be. The vulnerable expression taking you off-guard. “Loki?”
You swallow. “Please, fuck me.”
He barely has his length all the way into your waiting hole before your arching your back, your almost orgasms never completely dissipating as you feel them simmer once more.
“This cunt is glorious, look at the way she takes me in.”
The tip of his cock brushes your cervix, a sweet kiss as he sheathes himself inside of you. “Oh fuck, you’re so big.” You try to breathe through the overwhelming fullness. “Loki, I can’t!”
A hand grips your chin, making you look at him. “You can.” Loki says, “And you will.”
He starts off steady, letting you accomodate to his size before his thrusts begin to get more urgent; more harsh. Loki was long, and you felt every ridge of his cock along your inner walls.
You’re close again; clenching down with each brutal hit. “I’m gonna cum, oh fuck, Loki. I can’t hold it, please, just let me come.”
He kisses your frustration away, taking sick pleasure in how utterly ruined you look beneath him. “Don’t you dare.”
But his actions don’t match his instruction — Loki brings a hand down to your clit, rubbing roughly in tandem with each drive of his hips and you swear he’s doing it on purpose. Trying to make you break.
You wish you were stronger; that your body would’ve listened.
It only takes one stab to your g-spot before an unexpected orgasm ripples through your veins. Your eye-sight filling with little white dots as you cry his name, along with an apology.
Loki fucks you through it, cursing under his breath at how beautiful you are. It almost makes him let you off easy. Almost.
“Oh princess.” Loki muses, “And you were doing so well.”
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audacity-bitch · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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buckyhoney · 6 months ago
the character development of loki is incredible.
he goes from a character so insecure and guarded that he used arrogance and pride as a mask to someone who believes that he is capable of a life beyond pain and suffering.
a life that he is able to be happy and one that is filled with genuine connections with others.
regardless if marvel intended it or not, these series are showing us that in order to become our most powerful self, we need to allow ourselves truly to express our emotions rather than repressing them.
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lokis-little-fawn · a month ago
Bad Dragon
Tumblr media
My requests are open!
Paring: Loki x Fem!Reader
Word count: 3.3k
Summary: After Loki refuses to fuck you in his Jötun form you decide to take things into your own hands. Will you finally convince him?
The link to the website mentioned is here - https://bad-dragon.com
Warnings: SMUT (ONLY READ IF YOU ARE 18+) fingering, oral sex (male and female receiving), BDSM (choking, spanking, general rough sex), unprotected sex, anal (blink and you’ll miss it), breeding kink, use of sex toys, Jotun!Loki, monster fucking I guess?
You had seen Loki in his Jötun form before, but only briefly in your time together.
There had been the time when he had been fighting on a mission and specks blue rippled over his soft skin. Another time you were showing him how to have a snowball fight and ‘accidentally’ hit him in the face with snow, turning his cheek a shade of sapphire.
But you had a favourite memory of him in his true form. It had been the middle of the night, you’d woken up in your large bed alone with Loki nowhere to be seen. You heard the shower running in the connecting bathroom and decided surprise him by joining him, he did always love your presence in showers and baths with him.
Stepping into the bathroom the door was left open just a crack, as you wiped the sleep from your eyes you blurrily made out Loki standing there naked underneath the cascading water of the shower.
As your eyes adjusted to the light you saw him standing there nude under the water facing the wall towards the shower head. There was no steam and the bathroom was cold bringing you to the realisation that the water must be freezing.
Silently you take in his wet black hair hitting his shoulders, the water beating down over his entirely blue skin. The lines of lighter blue almost appearing as tattoos, they traveled over his entire body including his face. Stepping out of your silk night dress you place it quietly on the floor, stepping into the shower.
As you quietly step towards him he turns away from the wall, unknowingly facing you as his eyes remain closed so not to get water in them.
Your breathing growing heavier as your eyes roam down his torso, as muscular as he usually was the sapphire shade seemed to highlight his toned body. Continuing down you take in his length, you’d seen him naked a hundred times, but never like this.
The patterns etched into his skin even covering his cock, which in this light even unaroused looked much bigger than usual. Your breathing growing more urgent as you long to touch him, as you reach out to touch him in a curious fashion his eyes snap open, suddenly aware of your presence.
His red eyes appearing startled by his naked lover standing before him, if you didn’t know him better you could have mistaken his look for anger. You let out a audible gasp as your eyes meet his for the first time.
‘Darling.. I..’ He stutters out, his eyes meeting the floor, looking slightly ashamed.
You jump into his arms and wrap yours around his torso, bumps appear on your skin as you step underneath the freezing water. He reaches back and turns the tap up to a warmer temperature, as you step onto your tip toes placing a kiss on his soft azure lips.
As the room fills with steam and with the heat from your body pressed against his, his skin resumes its usual colour.
‘I apologise my love, I didn’t mean for you to see me in this state’ he gestured to his skin that continues to shift back to its usual light colour.
‘Loki, your beautiful and I mean..’ your words trailing off as blush covers your cheeks.
‘I wouldn’t mind touching you like this as well as just seeing’ you giggle out as Loki smiles politely back at you.
‘Pet I’m afraid that this is one wish I cannot grant’ he says as he brushes your now wet hair from your face, his skin now entirely back to its usual, almost translucent, colour.
‘Why?’ You question pulling a cute pouty face that you know he can’t resist.
‘Because, sweet thing, I wouldn’t want to hurt you. I’m not sure I could contain myself. Also I don’t share my Jötun form with anyone, you could say that i am ashamed of my true appearance’ he says trailing off at the end of his sentence.
‘I don’t mind if you hurt me’ you say as your arm wraps around him gliding down his torso towards his length.
‘And I think your beautiful in whatever form you take’ you say as your hand slips lower, wrapping around his rapidly hardening length.
‘Darling, I..’ his sentence ceased by a strained gasp leaving his lips as your hand begins to pump up and down along his shaft.
You place soft kisses down his torso as he lets out a deep moan. Kneeling, your hand continues to pump his length, placing kisses up his thighs. As you place a final kiss onto his tip you taste his salty pre cum stain your lips.
His hands running through your hair encouraging you to make contact with his throbbing length as you softly kitten lick his tip.
Your soft licks stopping as you place his length into your open mouth, sucking in time with the pumping of your hands. His head falling back against his shoulders as your speed increases, his growls spurring you on feeling your warm wetness pool between your legs.
His hands tighten in your hair, signalling that he was close to his climax, as you hollow your mouth more, his tip reaching the back of your throat causing you to let out squelching gagging noises around his cock. His eyes falling to meet yours as you look up at him as he grinds his length further into your mouth.
‘Darling, look at me as I ruin that little throat of yours’ he says between bated breaths.
Your eyes dart up to meet his as he pulls your mouth further down his shaft, taking in all of him. His hand in your hair tightening once more as the warm liquid spills down your throat. His growls echoing off the walls of the shower as he comes down from his high still in your mouth.
As he heaves for breath you suck him into your mouth once more cleaning the last of the cum from his length, releasing him with a pop.
You stand up to meet him as he presses a passionate kiss onto your lips.
‘Your such a good girl for me my little princess’ he says between kisses.
‘Are you sure I can’t change your mind?’ You ask fluttering your eyelashes up at him.
‘Not in this instance I’m afraid my little love’ he says, continuing to kiss you.
‘Now, let’s get you back to bed’ he says as he grabs a towel, wrapping your body in it before carrying you back to bed, tucking you both in as you fall asleep against his chest.
In the days and weeks following, you practically beg him to fuck you in his Jötun form, his answer always remaining the same, no.
After that night you grew almost obsessed with it, he was beautiful in his other form but you wanted to experience all of him. You almost managed to convince him a few times but he grew too scared of hurting you after a short amount of time, something you found entertaining considering the amount of pain mixed with pleasure he had given you in your previous sexual encounters with him.
After a while you gave up asking, and although you usually lived with him on Asgard, this week you were visiting earth staying in a apartment you shared together when you traveled. A few weeks ago you had recalled a website you’d once seen before you met Loki, Bad Dragon.
You opened up the page and scrolled through all of the options. After a while you settled on one that looked most like his cock, you customised the colour to match his Jötun form and used the customisable option to draw the patterns on it the same as you had seen on Loki’s skin.
After contemplating your choices for a while you decided to buy it, naturally you chose the largest option they had to match Loki’s truly enormous length.
After a few days of waiting you received a text telling you that your package was going to be delivered today, with Loki out on a mission with Thor and the others you thought that this must be the perfect time for it to arrive considering that you were trying to keep it as a small secret from your lover.
After excitedly pacing by the door the parcel swiftly arrived. Eagerly opening the package you take it out and marvel in all its blue veiny glory, admiring how close a likeness it was to Loki’s Jötun form.
Moving to your shared bed you pull a bottle of lube out from the draw in the cabinet beside your bed. You quickly take your all of clothes off, dropping them onto the floor as you lie on your back with your head against the pillows.
Placing some of the lube onto your fingertips you begin circling your clit, your breath immediately catching in your throat as your wetness builds ready to take your highly anticipated toy. You dip two fingers into your warm entrance letting out a quiet moan.
Lifting the toy to your heat you drag the head of it over your clit, gliding it through the synthetic wetness you placed there. Dragging it down through your glistening folds you dip the tip of it inside yourself, a louder breathier moan leaving your lips as you push it in deeper, feeling as if the toy is splitting you in half.
After a few pumps inside yourself you adjust and settle into a rhythm, looking down watching the toy move within you as you imagine the body you wish it was attached to, Loki.
The bumps and grooves on the toy similar to the veins on Loki’s cock stimulating you further as you feel your climax build, your walls contracting around the toy.
As your moans build louder you don’t notice the door to the apartment open as Loki walks into the entrance hall.
Quietly putting his weapons down in the hall he hears noises coming from your shared bedroom. Making his way to the door you left ajar in your excitement the sound of your moans fill his head, causing him to immediately harden within his constricting leather trousers.
He silently pushes the door slightly further open to take a better look at his lover, taking in the sight of you writhing with pleasure against your shared sheets.
His eyes traveling down your body as they meet your throbbing heat, your entrance spread wide as the huge toy opens you to his view.
After a few seconds of watching you he realises that the toy closely resembles his cock in Jötun form, slightly too closely for it to remain a coincidence specially considering all of your requests for him to fuck you in his true form.
Using his magic his clothes vanish as he stands in the door way of your shared bedroom. His hand working up and down over his length as he watches you writhing in the pleasure he wishes he was providing you with. As much as he loved watching you he felt a pang of jealousy spread over him. He knew it was stupid to be jealous of a toy you had created in his likeness but nevertheless, jealousy spread over him like a plague traveling through every cell. Your moans still filling the air as you almost reach your climax, it’s in that instance you feel a cold kiss press against your open inner thigh.
Your eyes opening startled by the unexpected presence between your legs your eyes meet Loki in his Jötun form between your legs. His red eyes filled with lust as he takes control of the toy, thrusting it in and out of you pulling truly explicit moans from your throat.
‘Is this what you wanted little pet? For me to fuck you with my large Jötun cock? To see a monster filling your innocent little cunt?’ He growls out in mock anger.
His pace increases, as with one hand he fucks you with the toy, his other hand circling your clit with his long fingers.
‘Don’t you dare cum on this useless Midgardian toy, if you refrain from this I will show you how it feels for your earthly little quim to cum all over my Jötun cock’ he says with a growled tone as he thrusts the toy even faster within you as he watches you try to stall your impending orgasm.
You try and follow his orders but as much as you try, you feel as if maybe he wants to make you cum as his pressure on your clit builds rapidly pulling screamed moans from your throat.
‘Loki, I can’t.. I’m going to..’ you stutter as one hand grips the bed sheets and the other reaches down to try and stop Loki’s movements against your clit.
‘Don’t you dare little one’ he says as his cool mouth meets your clit, continuing to pump the toy in and out of you.
With the feeling of his cold tongue circling your clit you tighten around the toy cumming all over it and Loki. Your hands reach down for him as your eyes flutter open, coming down from your high.
‘Loki.. I.. I’m sorry..’ you say shyly, you recognise the look spread across his face, pure aroused anger.
Without a word he pulls the toy from you, placing it on the night stand as he kisses and bites his way up your body. He wraps a large azure hand around your throat, placing one kiss onto your lips.
‘What did I say little one, my only simple command. Or maybe you wanted to be punished?’ He asks before he slaps you firmly across your cheek causing a pink blush to spread across your face. Immediately after he presses a harsh kiss into your lips causing you both to moan into the kiss. You had always felt tiny compared to him, but now with him towering above you in his Jötun form, you truly felt microscopic underneath him.
With his free hand he reaches down to his sapphire length, pumping it a few times before running the tip over your dripping sex.
The lines on his length were exactly as you remembered them, you memorised every inch of his remarkable body towering above you with his hand wrapped around your throat.
Without warning he sheaths himself inside you, his freezing length feeling even bigger than the toy that had just made you cum.
‘Oh my god.. Loki’ you moan out, his grip increasing on your throat, your words turning to silence under his grip.
Giving you no time to adjust he begins to relentlessly pound into you, your wetness audible with every thrust as your eyes roll back and your head falls further back into the pillow.
Feeling your second climax already building and your heat gripping around Loki he releases your throat. His hands working their way down to your hips, gripping you tightly as his pace increases. You almost scream as your feel his cock beating against your cervix, the feeling verging on pain as your eyes fill with tears.
Now with your body pressed firmly under him, you realise that this situation was exactly what Loki was trying to avoid, he was hurting you. But in his Jötun form his primal urge had taken hold, there was no way of stopping him even if you wanted to, but luckily even enduring the pain, stopping him was the last thing you wanted.
Your hands wrapping around the back of his neck playing with his hair as he uses his grip on your hips to move himself in deeper. Your legs pushed back almost to your shoulders, his lower abdomen rubbing against your clit with every thrust, threatening to pull your orgasm from you.
Feeling you tighten around him he lifts your body with almost no strain. He flips you over onto your hands and knees, your ass pointed up towards him as you arch your back. He kisses and bites down your spine, as he reaches your ass he bites down harder leaving teeth marks in your soft skin.
Kissing further down he places his lips to your heat, spread open before him he licks a stripe over your clit to your entrance, tasting your hot liquid dripping from you. Without warning be licks another stripe from your clit all the way over both of your holes causing you to gasp. He moans at the taste of you, his low sounds vibrating within your core.
Kissing back up your spine he grasps one of your hips, his nails digging into your skin as he plunges back inside you. His other hand wrapping around the back of your neck, forcing you further into the bed.
‘You asked for this little mortal, I’m going to breed you, my little human will provide me with an heir’ he growls into your ear, his length hitting all the right spots within you making you almost delirious, too cock drunk to protest.
His grip on your hip loosening for a second as spanks your ass hard, as you buck against his length in shock you hear a dark chuckle from behind you before he resumes his grip on your hip. His other hand moving from the back of your neck to the front, gripping your throat once more almost cutting off your air supply.
He pulls you up to him, your back pressed against his chest as he sits you down on top of him still on your knees.
You begin to feel his length pulsate within you, using your body like his own personal toy as you bend easily to his will.
‘Cum for me little mortal, let me feel your release on my true form’ he demands, his hand slipping from your hip to rub quick circles into your clit, maintaining his relentless assault on your sex.
Your orgasm washing over you, you feel yourself gripping his length as you squeal out in pleasure, one of your hands darting to his around your neck, the other pressing against his thigh to hold yourself up.
As he feels you cum around him, he releases inside you, his cold liquid coating your walls, his cock pressed into your cervix holding you against him so that none would escape.
Your mutual heaved breaths filling the now quiet room he kisses down your neck as he releases your throat. As he surveys your body he notices the marks he’s left on you. His hand around your throat had left a bruise, the teeth marks in your ass almost bleeding.
‘My love, are you okay? .. I’m sorry’ he asks and then immediately apologises. Looking behind you, you capture his lips on yours, kissing him deeply.
‘I loved it Loki’ you say with a giggle.
‘Maybe we could do it again? Perhaps in a few days once I can walk again’ you joke, making him laugh in turn.
‘Whatever you wish my darling’ he says kissing you back.
Removing his length from you, he places you down in the bed, taking care of every bruise and bump he had left on your skin.
As he kisses the marks and soothes your aching muscles he begins to shift back into his Asgardian form.
‘No, don’t! I like you like this, you look pretty’ you say as the blue returns to his face, smiling up at you as he rubs an Asgardian lotion over your skin.
Curling up in bed naked together your fingers trace the patterns on his skin as you snuggle and giggle together.
After a few hours you both fall asleep, Loki keeping the bed cool from the warmth of the thick duvet as your wrapped up sleepily in his arms.
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thewritingdoll · 4 months ago
Pls frost giant loki fingering you is just … you getting fucked 💀💀💀
𝓉𝑒𝓂𝓅𝓉 𝓂𝓎 𝓉𝓇𝑜𝓊𝒷𝓁𝑒 | ꠹!ꪶ. ꪶ.
fandom marvel
featuring jotün!loki x small!human!reader
content warning loki’s big fingers, degradation, loki’s a big meanie too, fingering, size kink
summary the frost giant puts you to the test.
word count 620 / drabble
attention do not copy/repost/translate. not proofread. reblog and give feedback 💗 every reblog is another finger loki puts inside reader!
Tumblr media
“Is that it?”
he sounds disappointed, but you were trying your damndest. whining softly, you wiggle your hips, “Please,” you babble, helplessly impaled on his middle finger, “I’m full!”
you wished that you could look up at him, and you try, dangling helplessly over one massive knee, your legs kicking when you feel the thick knot of his knuckle. how the hell was that only half of his finger?
the girth of it alone was driving you mad, stretching your canal over it like a glove, but your elasticity had a limit. one that you knew you were reaching. if this beast wasn’t careful, you’d break. you didn’t think he understood that by the way he forced another inch into you.
“Oh, of course you are,” he coos, his other hand pressing against your shoulder to keep your torso smushed against his knee and your face turned away from him, “because I’d bet those pathetic Midgardian… men… have only disappointment to offer? Is that what it is, little earth girl? One, simple finger is bigger than any thing this warm cunt has ever experienced?” he chortles, watching you writhe helplessly upon it, “For an eager and well mannered little thing, you sure are ill-trained.”
Loki twists his finger, beckoning with a curl that sends a whimper to your drooling tiers. you were certain, had you been lying on your back, you would be able to see the shape and thickness of his digit as a bulging imprint in your belly. your eyelids flutter, “Fuck!” you cry, needy, and use your nails to dig into the icy flesh of his leg you’re perched upon. “What do I have— ah! To do? Tell me, fuck, I’ll do anything if you’ll just— mm, keep filling me like that!”
he guffaws. you’re a pleading mess, arousal dripping from your stuffed cunt down the side of his massive leg and he’s laughing at you for it. “Well well, aren’t you an ambitious and incredibly stupid, little set of holes—“ taking hold of the back of your neck (and half of your shoulder), he forces your face down into his knee, “you’re going to need a lot more training before you’re going to be of any real use to me, I’m certain I’ll need to stretch you out properly. Add another finger each time until you’re completely ruined for any of those inferior earthlings and their microscopic sex organs. You’ll be all mine after that, my elastic, little cocksleeve.” you shudder at the thought, soaking the digit that splits you open.
“I’ll do it!” you cry, glazing his flesh in saliva. one hand coasts over his thigh, and up towards his groin, “Can I… please…?” you’re practically desperate to feel his cock inside you, dying to know how much your body can take before it breaks.
he chuckles, leans back and juts his hips towards you, allowing you to feel the colossal bulge awaiting. you swallow hard, caressing the length takes several strokes to reach every inch, and you would need to use both hands, even then you weren’t sure you could get your grip all the way around it. “Holy… shit.”
“What is that Midgardian saying, again? ‘Your eyes are bigger than your stomach’?” he snorts wickedly and pushes the remaining length of his finger inside of you, biting down on his lower lip when he hears you cry out, “Hear that, little one? That’s my point being proven. You couldn’t take even the head of my cock, no matter how badly you want to.” hunching over, he whispers close to your ear, the breath like a helish chill, “Not until I’ve trained this little cunt to take me and only me.”
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teafrompari · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I want someone to look at me the way Loki looks at his knives
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certaincollectionlandblog · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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snakelaufeyson · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
ok that finale was a mess but can we talk about how for the first time in a long time loki opened up, showed his emotions and concerns, expressed his feelings for someone he cared about just to be used and betrayed?
because that shit hurt.
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whirlybirbs · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
             —   FROM THE VOID, WITH LOVE    !
                             AO3     |     SPOTIFY     |     PINTEREST
a masterpost for the drabble series by yours truly. a revisitation of a well-loved story; watch two forever-lovers fall in love again. canon divergent, set during loki (2020). 
READ ME !  /  completed  ;  8/14/21
1.    the beginning of the beginning  2.    apartment CMY9 3.    dress code 4.    pester pester 5.    absolutely miserable 6.    blunder #1 7.    expectations 8.    control variable 9.    a time disguise 10.  fingers entwined 11.   half a sandwich 12.  beauty sleep 13.  the perfect storm 14.  a million meteorites 15.  keep on 16.  home is the heart 17.  petal-mouthed 18.  rib of adam 19.  desperation 20.  heart-haunted 21.  touch 22.  one more almost 23.  an ode to the void 24.  the catharsis of venus 25.  the end of the beginning
1.   the sacred timeline 2.   the variant timeline files 3.   the tag 4.   the god & the scientist 5.   fan art
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