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asgardwinter · 2 days ago
fictober day 24 | “Is this supposed to impress me?”
Tumblr media
summary | Loki would take you to the moon — he actually could do it — if it meant you’d hold his hand like that.
fandom | Marvel
pairing | Loki x Reader
warnings | none, fluff
word count | 365
author’s note | short but cute (as most of my blurbs this month, but I’m really proud of this)
🍁 fictober 2021 masterlist 🍁 Loki Laufeyson masterlist 🍁
Tumblr media
You thought that Loki was exaggerating the compliments on the Asgardian sky. He kept telling you about the beautiful colours, the billions of stars perfectly spreaded out above, how it was breathtaking especially during night. In your defense Earth had a lot of those too.
Different beautiful shades of purple, pink and orange at sunset, a lot of stars you could see when you’re far from the city… just usual things that you loved observing each day.
But once Loki brought you to Asgard you saw that every single word he used to describe it was simply not enough. You should’ve known a place like that would have one of the most beautiful skies, the most vibrant and breathtaking colours and the hugest amount of stars — you didn’t dare to even try to stipulate a number.
Laying at the grass of the gardens side by side in that comfortable silence was just the perfect moment. It was everything you could ask for, not because of the beauty above you but because of the company. A very good one.
“Cool.” With all your wit and eloquence all you could whisper at the sight was that.
Loki didn’t hear that, he was too busy looking at your shiny eyes and how — if he was one inclined to say such sappy things — he’d say that they were more beautiful than all those stars you were looking at. He kept that to himself, blushing a little at the thought.
The decision to tease him came faster than you expected. You felt him looking at you, you’re happy he did it but the moment needed something more.
“Is this supposed to impress me?” You quirked an eyebrow turning your head to look at him by your side.
Loki was at a loss of words for the first time you’ve met him. He opened his mouth and closed so many times trying to find something to say you giggled a bit after saying one last thing.
“Well, you did a great job.” You said with a huge smile, hands finding his and holding it carefully as if the gesture was nothing.
But it was everything Loki could think of asking for.
Tumblr media
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twoghostsfromeden · 2 days ago
My Mind Forgets To Remind Me, You’re a Bad Idea
Loki x Reader
Summary: What happens when you let a stranger take you home?
Warning: unprotected sex, sex between strangers, degradation, branding, hand around neck (not choking),
A/n: This is my final post for my 1k celebration! This has been so, so fun!
Tumblr media
The music is blaring in your ears.
The lights are blinding you.
The alcohol is clouding your judgement.
The hands around your waist have you falling... Falling hard.
"Come home with me," The stranger mutters, nipping at your ear. He'd been eyeing you from across the room all night, sending you drinks, before finally coming up and dancing with you.
His jet black hair matches his suit perfectly, drawing your attention even more. You can feel his cock hardening against your ass, thanks to your dress. It’s been a while since you’ve gone home with a stranger, but the way he’s holding you has you wondering why you’re not already on the way to his house.
You moan quietly as he presses a kiss to your neck, your eyes fluttering closed. “Hmm… How do I know it’s going to be worth my time?” You tease, turning around before he can answer.
The stranger smirks, eyeing you up and down. He almost looks offended, until you realize he’s quite intrigued. “Because,” He starts, his hands trailing down to your ass. “I’ve been watching you all night, studying you. Figuring out what you like, what you don’t like,” He mutters, his finger lightly trailing up your spine.
When he reaches your neck, he wraps his hand around the back of it, pulling your face closer to his. Your stomach practically explodes with lust, your lips parting. “I know you like being tossed around like you weigh nothing. I know you like it when a man puts you in your place,” He says, which makes you scoff.
He’s full of shit.
If he knew anything about you, he’d know you hate when men tell you what to do. You’re an independent woman, you don’t need anyone to tell you what to do. He’s wasting your time.
He tightens his grip on the back of your neck, a smile creeping across his face. “I’m gonna give you 5 minutes to say goodbye to your little friends. After that, you’re going to follow me to my car,” He orders, his voice dropping.
You gulp, your heart racing in your chest. His orders had your cunt clenching around nothing but air. You nod, wondering if he really was right. How did he know something about you that you didn't even know?
The man turns his back to you, swiftly walking to the front of the club, standing by the door. You frantically search for your friends, not wanting to find out what would happen if you took longer than 5 minutes. You finally see your friend, racing over to her.
"I'm leaving," You say, trying to catch your breath. You hope you don't look as fucked out as you feel, but you know you probably do. Your friend looks you up and down, a smile on her face.
"Leaving to do what?" She asks, smirking.
"To have the best sex of my life," You reply, turning around before she can say anything. You hear her laughing behind you, but you're not focused on that right now. You're focused on the way the man's eyes are locked onto yours as you push through the crowd, beckoning you to come to him.
"Excuse me... Move... Coming through," You mutter, elbowing your way through the crowd. When you finally reach the man, you look up at him, already feeling yourself submit. He stares down at you, glaring.
"Follow me," He orders, opening the door. You hurriedly follow him, your short legs no match for his long ones. You follow him through the parking lot, stopping when he reaches his car. "Get in," He says, opening his door.
You start to open the door, but your hand pulls back immediately. You can't get in the car with this man. You don't even know his name. What about all you'd learned about stranger danger?
"Wait, what's your name?"
He chuckles darkly, shaking his head. "You'll find out soon,"
The whole time on the way to your house, the stranger is stroking your thigh, completely ignoring the way your legs were clenching. He hadn't said a word to you, only sighing and clenching his jaw. Now that you're in your apartment, he has you backed against the door, his hands roaming your body.
"Spread those legs for me," He mutters, never pulling away from your lips. You do as he says, not wanting to get on his bad side. You feel his fingers working to pull your panties down your legs, stepping out of them when they're around your ankles. He kisses you again, blocking your view of what he does with your panties.
"P-please, touch me," You breathe out, desperate for attention. You need him, you don’t care about the consequences.
The man tuts, shaking his head. "You don't tell me what to do. I tell you what to do," He says, his hand grasping your shoulder. He pushes you down until your knees are touching your floor, eye-level at his crotch.
“Take me out,” He orders, motioning to the crotch of his pants. The hardwood floor is pressing against your knees, letting you know you’ll be sore tomorrow. You gulp, rubbing your hands over the growing bulge in his pants. You haven’t even seen his cock yet, but you just know it’s big.
If you’re gonna get ruined, might as well have fun with it, right?
You lean forward, staring up at him as your face moves closer. The man stares down at you, his chest heaving. You can tell he’s not used to waiting or not getting what he wants, and it spurs you on.
You stare at him while you stick your tongue out of your mouth, licking a stripe up his crotch, over his pants. The fabric leaves a bad taste in your mouth, but the way he reacts makes it worth it. The man chuckles darkly, his hands tangling in your hair.
He leans down so that his face is inches from yours, using your hair to pull your head back. “I tried to play nice, but you don’t like that, do you?” He asks, watching as you shake your head. Pure adrenaline is running through your body, your heart hammering in your chest.
“You wanna be treated like a little slut, don’t you? You love that you have no idea who I am,” He mutters, using his free hand to unzip his pants. You moan quietly as he tugs your hair, getting your attention.
“Answer me,” He orders.
You think over your response slowly and carefully, trying to piece together what kind of guy he is. Finally, you settle on a response. “Yes, sir,” You whisper, earning a groan from him.
He pulls his cock free, the sheer size of it sending a shiver down your back.
There’s no way you’re going to be able to handle this.
The man holds the base of his cock, tapping it on your lips, spreading his pre-cum on your lips. You close your eyes as you feel the head of his cock push through your lips, your mouth stretching around him. The stranger bottoms out, groaning as you open your throat for him.
He threads his fingers in your hair, throwing his head back, pushing his cock further down your throat. Your eyes are starting to water already, so you open your eyes, silently begging him to have mercy on you.
The man smiles down, chuckling deeply. He moves his hands from your hair to your throat, wrapping his hand around the bulge in your throat. He shakes his head, tutting. “Don’t act like you don’t love this… Taking a stranger’s cock down your throat. Knowing your throat will be sore for days but you won’t know who’s to blame,”
You whimper around his cock, staying still as he fucks your throat. Your eyes are burning with tears, but you’re determined to make the stranger proud.
The stranger grunts and moans until he’s close, quickly pulling out to avoid cumming down your throat.
He’s not done with you yet.
“Upstairs, now,” He orders, jerking his head to the stairway.
You scramble up to your feet, your knees weak with lust. The man follows your lead, landing a smack on your ass. You giggle quietly as you step into your messy bedroom, dark except for your nightstand lamp.
The man grabs your waist, backing up until his thighs hit the bed. He sits, pulling you close to him, you stumbling over his feet. You attach your lips to his, your fingers falling down to the buttons on his black shirt.
“Mm,” You moan, your fingers fumbling. You plop onto his lap, his thigh slitting between your legs. You grind your cunt on his thigh, your bare skin rubbing against the fabric.
The man chuckles against your lips, his fingers digging into the swell of your ass. “Can feel you soaking my leg through my pants; you that desperate?” He asks, pulling away from your lips slightly.
You whine, nodding your head. “Yes, need you so bad,” You whimper, gasping as he smacks your ass through your thin dress. You pull the shirt off of his shoulders, your fingers running over his porcelain skin. The stranger grabs your ass, digging and stretching, desperate for any kind of contact.
You rock your hips against his thigh, your bundle of nerves aching from the lack of pressure. You can feel your stomach tightening, your legs shaking around his. "Mm," You moan, your jaw falling slack. You can feel yourself slipping, feel yourself going under.
Before you can feel that sweet release, the man is flipping you over, pinning you under him. His hips are grinding against yours, his bulge rubbing against your bare cunt. He's panting against your neck, his fingers digging into your hips. You know you'll have bruises on your skin, and the thought sends you over the edge, leaving you begging.
"P-please, fuck me. Need you so bad," You mutter, your nails scratching at his back.
"Look at ya', begging for some stranger to fuck you," He groans, slipping his hand between your bodies. You hear the unzipping of his zipper, leaving your heart to pound in your chest.
You look down, watching as he pumps himself, holding the base of his cock. You can't see as much as you'd like, thanks to the dim lighting in your room, but you can tell it's big. Your legs instinctively spread, your back arching for him.
You’re aching for him, aching for a man you don’t even know. The stranger mouths at your neck, running his tongue over your veins, sucking and biting, claiming you.
The man pushes forward, the head of his cock nudging its way through your soaked folds. Your body tenses up, ready for him, desperate. You moan and pant, your body opening up for him.
The stranger thrusts his hips into yours, his cock finally entering you. “Shit, love… So f’cking tight f’me,” He grunts, feeling your walls clamp around him. You whine as he works his way into you, going easy on you, knowing you’ve never had anything so fucking big.
His accent has thickened since the night started, and you’re not sure if it’s because of the alcohol or the way he’s fucking you into oblivion. You wrap your legs around his waist, claiming his as yours, pulling him deeper into you.
He rocks into you, pulling out and pushing back into you, his fingers gripping your body, whispering in your ear. “Don’t you feel like a whore? Giving your body up to random men in the club? I thought you were a good girl, huh?”
You nod, tears flooding out of your eyes from the intense pressure. “Yes, I-I am!” You shout, squealing as he quickly pulls out of you.
“On your fucking knees,” He mutters, on his knees behind you. You struggle to get up, too fucked out to think straight, so he helps you, using your hips to manipulate your body. Your stomach comes flush with the bed, your back arching.
He lands a hard smack to your ass, humming as he watches it jiggle. “Tell me you love it, tell me you love letting a stranger ruin you,” He orders, his fingers running over the swell of your ass. You suddenly feel a burning sensation, but it only heightens your pleasure.
Your mouth parts as he enters you again, his hand sliding around to the front of your body. He finds your clit, using two of his fingers to rub the nub, sending you over the edge.
You cum around his cock, clenching and spasming, all while the man fucks you, harder, deeper. He draws back, moving his hand to the back of your neck, digging his fingers into the flesh.
He holds your neck, not hard enough to hurt you, but hard enough to claim you. He fucks into you mercilessly, panting and moaning behind you. “I love it, I love it,” You sob, your emotions spilling out of you.
The stranger isn't too far behind you, burying himself deep inside of you, his body stilling as he moans, emptying himself deep within your cunt. He collapses on top of you, his face buried in your neck, his cock still buried deep within you.
You attempt to catch your breath, your heart pounding in your ears, but your body slips under, too exhausted to catch up.
You hear the sounds of birds chirping, scrunching your face as you pull the pillow over your face. You don't know what time it is, but you know it's too early to be up.
Especially after last night.
You whimper as you feel your cunt aching, sore from the abuse it suffered last night. Your whole body is sore, but your ass is particularly sore. It... Stings.
You pull the pillow away from your face, flopping your head to the side. You halfway expected the man to still be asleep, curled up next to you. But you knew better.
The bed is empty, no indent to be found. You know he probably left shortly after you fell asleep, but you tell yourself he slept over, sneaking out in the morning.
You never did catch his name.
You know you'll never see him again, but you'd at least like to have a name to match his face. You roll over, swinging your legs off the edge of the bed. Your ass stings again, earning a groan out of you.
You slowly walk over to the mirror, your whole body aching. You've never felt this strange feeling before. It's almost as if... You'd been branded.
You lift your shirt up, turning around to inspect your ass. Your fingers lightly run over the mark on your ass, your eyes widening as you see the letters.
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quicksilverownsmysoul · 4 months ago
Madam, A God Does Not Plead
Summary: Based off that line where Loki says Madam a god does not plead. So reader decides to overstimulate him until he breaks and gives in to her
Warnings: smut, overstimulation, sub Loki, +18
Word count: 1653
Tumblr media
Loki’s chest was heaving, his head thrown back against the headboard as you kneeled over him, your hand lazily stroking his long cock. You had been edging him for the past hour, it was your turn to be in charge and he had decided to be a brat. So as punishment you had been denying him his release, waiting for him to break and beg you for what he needed most. “Come on Prince of Asgard,” you purred, your hot breath making him shiver. “Beg me for what you need. You know you want to.”
You pressed an open mouth kiss to his neck, lightly nipping at the skin, before pulling away. You could feel him swallow thickly, forcing down the moans that threatened to spill. Loki forced his eyes open, his pupils complexity blown out. He tired to his best to retain what little dignity he had left. He licked his bottom lip, looking up at you through his tangled sweaty hair, giving you his signature smirk, “Madam, a god does not plead.”
You narrowed your eyes at him, increasing the pace of your movements, pressing hard on his protruding vein. His head flew back, his stomach muscles twitching underneath your palm, he was trying his best to hold back his release. You could feel his cock weeping precum all over your hand, and growing with each movement. You pumped him even faster but then stoped and squeezed the base of his cock, stopping him from cumming. A low growl erupted from him, his eyes looking at you with a mix of malice and desperation.
You mirrored his smirk from earlier “If you won’t plead, then beg.”
“Never.” He hissed out.
You removed your hand from his cock, making him whine at the loss of contact, you sat down on his torso, raking your nails along his chest, leaving angry red marks. “I will break you darling.”
Loki scoffed,“That’s very unlikely my dear you-“ Loki felt his words die in his throat as you began to rock your hips over his flushed member. His cock was pressing against his stomach and you were rubbing yourself over the base of it, putting pressure on his lower belly. You could feel your slick dripping down and mixing with his precum, smearing it over the both of you.
Loki’s knuckles were ghost white as the gripped the wrinkled sheets, his hands itching to grasp your waist and shove himself into you, but he knew better than that. You let out little moans, whining as you nudged the side of your face against his. He craned his neck upward, allowing you to mark his neck as you pleased. “Come on baby.” You mumbled, humming as you watched the deep purple color from your mark form. It contrasted beautifully on his milky white skin. “Plead for your release.” You could feel him twitching underneath you. You lifted yourself off him, denying him yet again. “Beg me.”
His hips rutted up, trying to chase your dripping pussy. He was breathless, looking at you with pitiful eyes, willing you to give him what he wanted. You shook your head at him, needing to hear him say it. You put your knees on either side of him, leaning close, your breasts dangling in front of his face. “You know I could just leave you here.” His eyes widened at your threat.
“You wouldn’t dare.” He watched as you slowly moved off of him, you gave his hard member one last squeeze, the tip was angry and red as it weeped onto his stomach. You made your way to the door, your hand ghosting over the knob. “Wait.” The call was soft, barely audible. You turned back to face him.
You came back to the bed, your fingers tracing the outline of his cock as he hummed in delight at your touch. You removed your hand making him buck up. “Please.” It was soft and desperate.
“Please what?” You asked, wanting to push him even further.
“Please fuck me.” You smirked at his pleading, it was minimal but for someone like Loki, it was practically begging.
“Why didn’t you say so sooner.” You lowered yourself onto his member in one quick movement.
“You little minx.” He growled. You gave him a warning look and lifted yourself off, threading to leave. He reached out for you his eyes blown wide. “Please, please. Help me.”
“That’s more like it.” You let yourself fall back into him and you moaned together, loving the feeling of finally being connected in the way you needed the most. You began to rock your hips, swirling them hard and fast. Loki’s eyes were squeezed shut as he thrusted up into you, his hips meeting yours, desperately trying to bring you both to your releases.
You clenched around him, making him groan and spill himself deep inside you. His grip on your hips were bruising as he continued to move your cunt on his member even after his and yours release. Overstimulating you both before letting you collapse onto his chest. You could feel him softing inside of you, letting him stay in, knowing how much he loved being connected to you even after cumming.
You felt his arms warp around you, pulling you impossibly closer to his chest. You hummed, tracing the outline of his peck. He hooked his finger under your chin, making you look up at him. He gave you a soft kiss, you returned it, pulling away with a smile. “I thought you said a god doesn’t plead.”
He hummed and brushed your hair away from your face. “A god doesn’t, but for you I’ll make an exception.”
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comfortscripts · 25 days ago
Incentive To Work Harder ¬ Professor!Loki
Tumblr media
Kinktober Day 1
Plot - After failing another assignment, your professor asks to talk privately
Genre - Smut ♧ {16+ Only}
Pairing - Professor!Loki x Fem!reader
Notes/Warnings - Power play, spanking, harsh names (degradation), Dom/Sub, penetrative, age gap but legal, unprotected sex (dont be stupid like them irl).
Word Count - 1.4k
An exasperated sigh escaped your lips as the realisation of another failure dawned on you. This was the sixth assignment you had failed this term, the sixth time you were too preoccupied with who was teaching rather than what was being taught. Taking in the comments and critiques neatly scrawled across the pages in his signature royal blue ink, your fear of being kicked off the course grew.
Hearing the sound of your fellow students shuffling out of their chairs, your heard Professor Odinson announce a reminder for next week's assignment before locking eyes with your very own. "Miss L/N, could you stay behind a minute."
Muttering a silent prayer, you gathered your things and made your way down to his desk. Professor Loki Odinson was different. His voice radiated power, eyes commanded attention and the immaculate structure of his face had all the students fawning over him, including you. Whilst you weren't one to crush on your teachers, Professor Odinson made it hard not to.
As the final students scurried away to their next class, you waited patiently for him to speak. Already on his bad side, you thought that patience might win you some extra leverage if you had to beg to stay on this course. Loki closed the door behind the final student before turning his full attention to you, drinking in your figure with his piercing eyes.
"Now, I'm sure you know why I asked you to stay behind?"
"Yes and I just wanted to apologise deeply Professor. I love this class but I can't seem to focus" The flurry of apology had left your mouth without warning, rushing to correct your behaviour.
Stalking dangerously slow towards you, Professor Odinson raised an inquisitive eyebrow, "And what, pray tell, has you so distracted?"
The proximity to the man had your senses in disarray but your silence only answered his question. He was the distraction.
Trailing his fingertips along your arm, goosebumps raising at the cold sensation. "Is it me? Are the thoughts of how you'd like me to make you my personal whore too distracting?"
Knees weakening at his lewd words, you felt his large hand grip your jaw, forcing you to engage in eye contact before demanding, "Tell me".
Barely trusting your words, you let out a whisper of "yes sir".
This was confirmation enough. Within a second, his lips mashed against your own as his hands roamed your body, exploring uncharted and forbidden territory. You tangled your fingers into his luscious mane, attempting to deepen the kiss and take control, only for the man to harshly squeeze your ass. The action caused a moan to escape your lips, allowing Loki to take full control over the intense kiss.
Pulling apart, the dark-haired man began to pepper your jaw and neck with unrelenting kisses before leaning his mouth against your ear to whisper, "You still need to be punished."
With a sudden jolt, Loki had pushed you towards his mahogany desk and bent you over the cold wood. Lust had taken over your senses and you had submitted full control to your professor, allowing him to punish you however he chose.
"Now my little slut, we both know you deserve this for being such a terrible student." Pulling down your skirt to show off your plump behind, Loki felt his trousers harden ever so slightly at the exposure. "One spank for every assignment you have failed in this class. Count for me"
His hand collided.
You released an unconscious whimper of pleasure.
He sees the outline of his hand take centre stage.
You feel yourself getting wetter with every passing moment.
He feels your breath become more laboured.
You let out a begging moan, unable to deny your need any longer.
"Six. Thank you Sir"
Gently massaging your reddened behind, Loki allows his hand to wander further down to your clothed core. Sliding your panties down to reveal your embarrassing wet cunt, the man laughs mockingly before running his long finger along your glistening folds. "I see you enjoyed your punishment"
The feeling of his fingers teasing your folds was more than you could bare. Combination of the thrill, anticipation and the rough touches had you begging for more. Begging for him to fill you up.
"Please. Please sir, I need more."
"Tell me what you want." Loki prodded before interesting a single digit into your warm little hole, the snug fit made him harden as he imagined how tight you'd feel on his thick cock.
Stifling a moan at his teasing action, you beg. "I need you to fill me up. Need your cock, please. Please fuck me sir."
The sound of his belt hitting the marble flooring was the only warning you received before he pushed his full length into your soaking core. Far larger than any man you had ever taken, you felt a sense of pain but the pleasure was overwhelming any other feeling.
Thrusting into you at a vigorous pace, the sound of your bodies connecting was only drown out by the plethora of moans tumbling from your mouth as Loki filled you deeper with each movement. Professor Odinson's grunts and swears of pleasure were like a pornographic symphony in how they melded with your own.
"Fuck, this is what you are good for! Taking my cock like the hungry slut you are"
You felt your climax build in your stomach as his filthy words spurred you on. "Yes, please, harder, harder."
"You might be a stupid little thing but god, I might have to keep you so I can keep using these holes. How does that sound?"
"Yes. Keep me, I'm your whore."
In a sudden motion, Loki removed himself from your soaking pussy, leaving you to whimper at the loss. Flipping you onto your back, laying against the desk. The taller man unsheathed himself within you once again, this time at indescribable speed. Pounding into you with such power, the desk itself was swaying with the motion.
"This, this is where you excel. Laid out for me whilst I do what I please, whilst you become my obedient little thing"
Feeling his rough thumb trace your inner thigh before settling on your plump clit, the rush of your climax grows closer as he fiddles with the nub of nerves. Vision beginning to blur and walls beginning to clench around him, you fight back the urge to scream. Loki knew of your need, he could feel it.
"Cum for me"
His words gave you all the release you needed. Letting go of your resistance, you felt the flood of your orgasm. Moans, swears and chants of his name expelled from your mouth as your whole body tensed with ecstasy. Loki's thrusts grew more sporadic as your high triggered his own, rutting his hips into yours and whispering a string of curses interwoven with your name.
As he gently pulled out his now softening member before turning away to regain and redress himself. You began to collect yourself and enter back into reality, trying to comprehend what just happened. How would you face him again without replaying that scene in your head? Would this be a regular thing? A million questions rang through your mind.
Noticing your emotion filled face, Loki paused before offering you his large hand as he guided you off the desk. The man wasn't exactly sure what this meant for the two of you either but he knew that he had tasted that pleasure and never wanted to be without again.
"Well, obviously we can't do this again"
You felt your face drop at his admission, feelings of humiliation overtook your being as you realised how foolish you were. "Yes of course"
"So next time, we will have to do it in a more private place. How about my house, tonight at around 10?" Smirk evident on his lips, your eyes connected and you realised that you were never so thankful to fail a class.
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randominagines · 27 days ago
*you coming out of your room*
Sylvie: Y/n, are you okay?
Y/n: Totally. Why?
Mobius: You look out of breath.
Sylvie: And messy.
Y/n: Guys, I'm fi-
Loki: *walking out of your room*
Tumblr media
Loki: *putting a hand on your waist* What did I miss?
Sylvie: I knew that.
Mobius: I don't even want to know.
Bucky version here.
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agentofbarnes · 3 months ago
Okay but blurb idea, stark!reader and Loki are sneaking around late at night and he sneaks into her bedroom after everyone’s asleep and he sees her getting ready for bed and she’s wearing a green and black like bralette and bootyshorts combo and Loki just looses it beacuse readers ass cheeks are out and he’s just staring and comes up behind her and just smacks that ass a lil and can’t keep his hands off her and says something like “my little lady, in my colours, you really are mine aren’t you, pet?” I would DIE - 🐈‍⬛
green ~ loki
warnings || smut, minors dni, oral, slight anal play if you squint, loki being loki, degradation
Tumblr media
“My, my, what is this little number?” His deep British tone made your thighs instinctively press together, turning around with a little gasp. You hadn’t been expecting him tonight, not after the fiasco this morning that nearly got you caught red handed by Thor. You had been in Loki’s room when the big oaf had come busting in to talk to his brother. The God of Mischief had promptly pushed you out of the bed and into the floor to hide you away.
His hands smack your ass, watching how the flesh jiggled against his blow. The green velvet shorts barely cover your pretty flesh, leaving nothing to Loki’s imagination.
“Back already, Loki?”You teased when he spun you back around so he could admire your entire fire. He hummed in response, palming Uber your ass in the soft velvet.
“My little lady, in my colours, you really are mine, aren’t you, pet?” He whispered lowly, hands inching over the front of your body until you can feel his cool fingers dipping under the waist band of your shorts.
A gasp escaped your lips when you feel his long fingers running through your wet folds, licking his lips at the feeling of the silky slick that formed at his touch.
“L-Loki,”Your hands clasped over her forearm, gripping him tightly when the pads of his two fingers circled your little pearl gently.
“Haven’t seen you since this morning, pet, almost killed my brother for interrupting us. You’ve been on my mind all day, thinking about how I wished our morning had gone,”He whispered, sliding his fingers down and into your tight little hole.”Would have held you all morning if I had been given the chance, kept you all to myself where you belong.”
Your head fell back against him, legs wobbly as he fingered your tight cunt even achingly slowly. His fingers robbed against that sweet spot, showing you just how well Loki knew your body.
“Would have been better than doing paperwork,”You whined faintly, nails digging into his arm before he ripped his hands from you. He shoved you forward on the bed, watching how your face fell against ten bedding. His large hands pulled down the soft shorts, exposing your pretty backside.
Loki smirked, crawling between your legs and spreading your cheeks apart before burying his face between your thighs. You clutched are the sheets, his tongue delving into the wet heat of your cunt while his fingers toyed with your tight hole.
You pushed your ass against his face, moving your hips against his tongue to fuck yourself while he pressed his thumb against your clenching hole teasingly.
It was only once you were shaking the Loki removed his tongue from your cunt, licking up the sweet juices that glistened his perfectly defined face.
“So sweet and delicious, pet, but master got fuck this precious quim. She’s just begging to be full,”Loki purred,”Poor dumb baby, you just need to be fucked, don’t you?”
“Please.” It was a broken moan, pushing yourself on your knees and spreading your thighs to present your little cunt to him.
Loki growled, using his seidr to remove his clothes before he’s slapping his cock against your ass. He lined his cock up, rubbing the bulbous head against your clit. Loki toyed with his cock, making the drenching wetness of your pussy drip onto the soft sheets.
“Such an eager little girl, need a God to satisfy your need to be filled,”His tip pressed into your tight cunt, walls stretching obscenely to accommodate his massive cock. You squeeze every inch, beckoning him into your tight pussy like you were made to take such a godly shaft.
“O-oh, fuck, Lo…”You meeker, face buried into the sheets while your back arched as he finally settled balls deep inside you. He can feel you pulsated around him, cunt drooling around him. Loki ran his hands down your back, entangling his fingers in your messy hair. He slowly inched out of you, smirking at the sound of squelching as he moved his cock.
He slammed back inside you, pussy aching around him happily with a loud smack of his thighs against your ass. With every thrust, his heavy balls slapped against you, eager to spill inside your pretty cunt.
“Can hear how wet you are, absolutely soaking my cock, darling. What a little slut you are, Stark, taking my cock like a good dumb girl, because that’s what you are, my dumb fucking baby. Isn’t that right?”
“Yes, yes, ‘m your dumb girl, just please, fuck me harder!”You heaved, his cock stretching you out with every thrust. Loki admired how his thick shaft was coated in your silky wetness as his cock disappeared into the tight heat.
“Yeah, you are, just stupid little mortal worshipping your god,” Loki groaned, yanking you up by your hair until you’re hanging on his cock.”Stay up like this or I stop.”
You nodded, leaning your head back against his chest, hands going up to grab behind you to grasp his shoulders or neck. You hold onto him, looking up at his face from how you craned your head back as he pounded into your clenching pussy. His hands came around your waist, vigorously fucking into you.
With each thrust, your back arched and moans fell from your pretty lips. Loki can’t help but grasp your chin tightly, kissing your lips roughy. He swallowed your moans, your arms hooking around his head and tangling your fingers into his hair with your back flush against his chest.
Loki moaned into your mouth, pushing you back against the bed. Except now he draped himself over you completely, cock so deep inside you that you think you might go blind from the pleasure.
“Let go, pet, forget everything but my cock making you feel otherworldly,”Loki grunted into your ear, his hands pinning your arms against the bed as he viciously thrusted into you.”Cum, be a good little pet and cum.”
You swear you see stars as his cock repeatedly obliterated that sweet spot. You cried out his name, feeling hot as his thick cum coated your walls just as you quivered around the massive length. You can feel Loki’s dark smile against your shoulders, where his teeth have sunk into you as some sort of claim on your body.
“Fuck…”You panted as Loki turned your head back against him before slotting his lips against yours.
“Tomorrow morning, my sweet pet, you’ll be lucky if I let you leave, I ought to lock that door and keep you forever,”He whispered, kissing over your jaw.”You are divine, and mine.”
“All yours, Loki, only ever yours,” You chanted like a mantra,”As long as you’ll have me.”
“Oh darling, you’ll be mine for as long as I live.”
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yobekind · 2 months ago
Y/n: God, I’m so tired, I need some energy
Loki: Look at me
Loki: *smiles*
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mead0w · a month ago
Bump in the Night 
Loki x princess!reader
Summary: You and Loki have been seeing each other for quite a while, enjoying alone time together frequently. Tonight is one of the many nights you are able to sneak off together; however, the location is slightly different.
A/N: SMUT! Read ahead with caution. This is my first dirty piece so be nice please. Once again just go through my asks if you have any requests.
Tumblr media
“Aren’t your chambers the other way, my love?” You ask, your fingers intertwined with Loki’s as he leads you down the corridors of the Asgardian palace.
He chuckles to himself, excited for the plans he has in store for you.
With all the normal palace dwellers and guards in the palace ballroom for the evenings party, Loki knew it would be the perfect opportunity to whisk you away.
No one knew about the relationship the two of you had built.
You, goddess of the night, had wooed Odin’s youngest son without so much as lifting a finger.
The two of you turned another corner, and that’s when it came into view.
Odin’s throne, the throne of Asgard, sat empty. Its gold color sparkled under the dim candlelight. The way it sat alone, with no one around to claim it, was hauntingly beautiful.
“You see, dove,” Loki began, his hand resting upon your cheek, “beauty like yours should be worshipped.”
That’s when the dots connected. Your lips parted in surprise as the corner of Loki’s twitched into a smile.
“What if someone-" you begin to say, only to be silenced by Loki’s lips pressing roughly against yours.
“All the more fun and excitement” he mused. You laughed, grabbing the collar of his vestment, pulling him down into another needy kiss.
“Let’s begin, my king” you spoke, separating from his grasp.
Your feet led you up the first few steps to the throne, your fingers delicately grabbing at the zipper to your gown.
The harsh grip that fell upon your wrist stopped you, your breath coming to a quick stop.
“No, I shall be the one to undress you. Understood?” Loki spoke, his voice dangerously low as it filled with desire.
He keeps your hand in his, allowing you to ascend the throne as he watches from the steps.
“You are ethereal” he breathes, climbing the stairs.
He circles you, like a predator stalking their prey. His movements are slow, precise, and almost deadly in a sense.
His hand grabs your waist and he pulls your back against his chest, a small breath of shock escaping your lips.
His free hand reaches for your chin, pointing it upward, before traveling down your throat to your clavicle. His hand dances along the cleavage that spills out from your dress and then moves to your back, flicking the zipper.
“May I, princess?” He asks, his lips press against your ear and you gulp, nodding you head.
He chuckles darkly as he slowly unzips your gown, letting it fall into a pile of deep blue velvet and tulle at your feet.
He takes in your body, the lace gray undergarments that perfectly hug your form.
He smiles, feeling his pants become tighter at the sight of you.
“Turn around, dove” he purrs in your ear. You comply, looking up at him through your lashes.
He steps backwards towards the golden throne before taking a seat upon it.
“Look at you. All mine” he breaths, urging you closer with his hand.
You comply, standing before him, unable to think as your mind is clouded by the possibilities of what he will do to you.
His hands wrap around your wrists, pulling you down so your legs are straddling his lap.
“You want me to worship you, my dear?” He asks, his voice soft.
You whimper, a yes escaping your lips.
His hand travels up to grasp the hair at the nape of your neck, pulling your head back to allow access to your neck.
His lips press kisses along your jawline, his teeth nipping at the soft skin in a pattern that will definitely leave bruises.
“Loki” you breathe, moving your hips against his. He groans, the vibrations traveling over your neck as he continues to nip at the skin.
His lips travel down your collarbone and to your breasts, carefully leaving marks along the area where your bra meets your skin.
You continue to push your hips against his, whimpering soft moans in his ear that you know can get you whatever you want.
“You’ll be the death of me” he moans. He grips your hips with both hands, pressing your bodies closer together as you continue your movement, gasping in his ear as you leave kisses along his jaw, your nose mixed in with his raven locks.
The smell of peppermint and rosemary overwhelms your nostrils and you can’t help but sigh knowing that it is the familiar smell you have grown to look forward to. The smell that sticks to your blankets days after encounters with the prince.
“I don’t want to wait any longer for you” Loki breathes.
“Come take what is yours, my king” you whisper in his ear.
Those were apparently the magic words.
His hand reaches up, wrapping around your throat as he applies pressure to the sides. A smile crosses his lips.
He twists you around so your back is against the throne and he is above you, one knee between your legs.
One hand reaches back to unclasp your bra as the other continues his grip upon your neck.
His lips crash into your, electric and wonderful as sparks dance across your lips and tongue.
His mouth moved downward, bringing one of your hard nipples into his mouth. His tongue and teeth moving over it with intensity and lust. You moan out, trying to be as silent as you possibly can.
The last thing you need is to be discovered having relations on the Allfather’s throne.
His hand releases your throat as it reaches up to touch your cheek, bringing your eyes to meet his.
“If you want me to stop, just say so” he speaks gently. Your heart swells in your chest and you want to scream for him to take you, right then and there.
“Loki, I need you” you speak, bottom lip jutting out into a pout.
He licks his lips, kissing you again as his fingers dance down your thighs, trailing to move against the seam of your panties.
His fingers move underneath the fabric, pushing it to the side as he runs his fingers along your wet folds, past your most sensitive parts.
You break the kiss, your hand holding his chin to keep him back.
“Don’t be cheeky” you pout, craving his pleasure.
He snickers, his fingers once again moving around the parts you most want him to touch. He watches your face contort into anticipation and then disappointment. Before you can speak, his fingers move to your clit, rubbing slow and soft circles over it as he watches your face contort with pleasure.
“Let go for me darling. Let me see how your king pleasures you” he breaths.
Your legs begin to shake as he picks up speed, his thumb racing over the sensitive area in the pattern of an infinity sign. 
“Loki” you breath out. He responds by pushing two fingers inside of you, curling and twisting them to push against the spot you crave.
“Oh fuck” you moan out, legs clamping shut around his hand. Your eyes meet his and they are filled with lust and desire to take you and do whatever he pleases with your body.
“That’s it princess, beg for me” he speaks, his fingers picking up intensity as his other hand moves to push your legs back open.
“I want to watch you” he adds, his voice low and dark as you cry out his name once again.
Your hands press against his chest, traveling down to the waistline of his pants as he does this. You bring your hand to his belt, undoing the buckle before pulling down the zipper of his pants.
He pulls his hands away, making you gasp and groan in shock. He pulls his belt off, grabbing your wrists harshly before bringing the belt to tie around them, pushing them up above your head.
“No, darling. It is my job to pleasure and worship you today” he breaths, bringing himself onto his knees to press kisses along your thighs.
You press your eyes closed as his tongue begins to move over your sensitive folds.
“Look at me, y/n” he speaks. You obey, opening your eyes and watching as he hungrily runs his tongue over your clit, closing his lips around it as he continues.
“More my king” you beg. He complies, bringing his fingers back to move inside of you. The feeling is overwhelming and your abdomen begins to feel warm and tight with pleasure.
“Loki, I’m going to-” you begin, but he stops his movements, pulling away from you before you can finish.
You huff out a sigh as the prince laughs at your reaction, bringing his fingers to wipe the corners of his lips.
“You’re absolutely delectable” he coos, bringing his lips to yours once again.
“Do you want me inside you darling?” He asks.
“Yes” you respond, pushing your body up to kiss his neck. He pushes you back down, your back this time against the arm of the throne.
With a simple snap of his fingers, his clothes disappear, leaving him in only his briefs.
You can see his muscles move as he breathes and his growing erection begging to be let out.
You begin to sit up, bound hands reaching for his briefs.
His hand moves suddenly to your throat, pushing you back to the arm of the chair. His other hand moves to your butt, bringing you further back so you hang over the side of the chair, your back resting along the curved arm of the throne.
He removes both of your bottoms with the snap of his fingers, his breath heavy with anticipation as he roughly grabs your legs, bringing your legs to rest atop his shoulders.
He lines himself up, slamming into you with intensity unlike ever before.
Over and over again he bottoms out, your moans mixing in the air as your face contorts in absolute pleasure.
He brings one of his strong hands to grasp your shoulder so he can bring you closer, pushing himself further inside of you. You’re positive your cervix will be bruised after this.
“Loki, my god” you cry out, your eyes trained on the look of pleasure crossing over his features.
He brings his fingers down to your clit once again, rubbing circles against it as he brings his lips down to your nipple, biting and sucking as he continues to move his hips against yours.
“Loki, Loki!” You cry out, over and over again. His name flows from your mouth, mixed with screams and moans of pleasure.
The feeling of tightness returns to your abdomen.
“Loki, I’m close” you pant, legs tightening around his neck as the pleasure begins to take over your body.
Your body shakes with inhuman intensity as he brings you to finish; however, he does not stop the movement of his hips or fingers. He brings his face up to watch your expressions as the feeling overtakes your body a second and then third time.
“Such a good girl for your king” he moans, slamming into you messily between each word.
“I am yours, Loki” you respond. With those words Loki finishes, pushing himself in and out slowly a few more times before stopping.
The room is heavy with silence, just the panting of breath and the feeling of cold air surrounding you both.
Loki brings himself up, pulling your body up with him. He releases your wrists from the belt before using his magic to clean you up himself. You look the same as before you had made it to the throne, your hair pinned up to perfection and dress sitting upon your body perfectly. The only difference is the red and purple marks that adorn your neck and chest.
Loki uses the same spell to clean himself up, looking untouched and perfectly dressed.
He sits upon the throne, pulling you down to sit upon his lap.
His hand gently grabs yours, lacing your fingers together. You look at him, smiling brightly in a post sex haze.
“I love you, y/n” he says, his voice soft and his smile warm.
Your heart flip flops whenever he says these words to you, and today is no exception.
“I love you, Loki” you speak, kissing his cheek and then his lips.
“I wish we could stay here forever, just cuddled up with one another” he says, brushing a stray hair back behind your ear. You smile, humming in agreement as you lay your head upon his shoulder.
“In a perfect world we could” you mutter back, your hand tracing over the veins of Loki’s wrist.
“We should get back to the party” Loki speaks and you groan in disagreement, earning a laugh from the prince.
“C’mon princess, I saved you a dance” he speaks, standing up after you and leading you down the stairs of the throne.
“Can’t we just dance here? Just me and you and the moon shining in through the windows?”
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asgardwinter · a month ago
Silly Wooden Box
summary | You thought moving in with Loki would be easier. Turns out he is quite judgy of your belongings.
pairing | Loki x Reader
warnings | this is pure fluff (hard week, enjoy my emotional relief!)
word count | 1k (this was supposed to be a small blurb)
author’s note | inspired by me and my friend living together for a week (she despises my habit of keeping useless things, we’re better in different homes 🙃 ) and by this amazing list.
Tumblr media
The first signal of his annoyance was the irony in his voice.
“Have you got everything?” He asked as you tried to pull some boxes out of the apartment.
You never minded the tone, in fact you both were frequently in a battle to decide who was more passive aggressive — even though Loki won the one with the elaborate death threats. But on moving day he promised to behave himself, since you were so excited for it.
Well, it seemed that your boyfriend was already bothered.
“I think so.” You answered honestly, ignoring his annoyance. “I need to check the bathroom one more time, though. I think I left my toothpaste on the cabinet.”
Loki rolled his eyes, but then surprised you with a kiss on your forehead when he made his way towards the bathroom. “I’ll go check it for you.”
You looked at his figure disappearing through the bathroom door with a tight lipped smile. Loki was a difficult being, specially with you he switched from annoyed to calm then back to annoyed in the matter of minutes. But one constant was how he was always lovingly towards you, even in his worst moments.
Yet, there were more urgent matters to pay attention to at the moment aside from your loving boyfriend, like getting all the rest of the stuff in the car and finally leaving the apartment.
“Now, where did this come from?” Loki asked you to hold up a box full of ribbons recycled from gift boxes.
“Gifts.” You said nonchalant, continuing to unpack some of the more fragile content.
“Okay, let me rephrase it completely. Why do you need it?”
“I might regret it if I throw them away.” You explained in a tired tone. “What if I need them in the future?” There must be the seventh time you were saying those same words to justify some belonging that seemed to be useless.
“Love, we’re going to need some new rules about keeping things you’ll hardly need.”
Looking in his direction ready to give back some witty answer just to keep the discussion going on, you saw Loki pulling a wooden box, carved with delicate flower designs.
“Hey! Careful!” You warned him, that was the first time you were completely serious on moving day and it startled him a bit. “You drop that I kill you.”
“What will I find in this silly wooden box?” Loki started teasing you as he opened it. “Maybe the biggest variation of recycling…”
His voice died as soon as he opened the box.
Only two steps later and you were by his side, sneaking to see which one of the things you had in there that got him speechless to the point he stopped teasing you.
“You kept it all.” Loki mumbled, his voice was so low you thought you imagined it.
Watery eyes were the last of his worries. Loki was so stunned to see every single movie ticket from your dates, small notes he left with beautiful quotes and warning about how you needed to buy more, dry flowers, every little thing he ever gave you.
Some stuff he didn’t even remember about was carefully stored there, one that stood out was a small piece of bright yellow paper he left on your kitchen counter from a day when he needed to leave before you woke up. “I’ll be waiting for you at the front door as soon as your shift is over as always. Don’t be worried I left earlier, I’ll explain everything at the cafe.”
It was such a common note, nothing special or different. But it was there keeping company to all the little things of your relationship.
“Why?” Loki asked, looking confused with such a gesture. One he might not even have known about if it wasn’t for the coincidence.
“Why not?” You shot back with a sheepish smile. “I want to remember every little detail about us. Some are not that little.” You laughed a bit saying the last part.
His only response was to hug you, pressing you flush against his chest and the heartbeats synced producing the most perfect sound.
It was uncountable, the feeling of having someone that cherished him so much to the point of keeping every trace of the relationship carefully secured in a special box. Not only guarded in your heart.
“This is lovely.” Loki whispers in your hair making a wide smile appear in your face, one that aches from how large it is. “You are.”
“See, my stuff is incredibly important. All of that.” You teased looking at him when his grip relaxed.
“Now I’m resentful to think this has the same value as some foolish ribbons.” He said in that teasing tone and you pushed him lightly on the shoulder.
You could only roll your eyes at the drama. Leaving a light peck on his cheek you turned back to your previous task of unpacking your little mug collection and organizing it on the half empty kitchen cabinets, contrasting with Loki’s plain mugs and tea-cups.
“Love, do you really need all those?” He said, looking wide-eyed at them. “You’re one person, how will you use eleven mugs?”
“You’d be surprised…” You answered wiking playfully. A week later you’d tell him you planned on buying more.
Loki woke up two days later to find pictures of you and him hanging on the walls in colorful frames, more cushions on the couch to pair with his green ones, your books making company to his on the large bookshelf he bought just before you moved in and your colorful mugs filling up the kitchen cabinet.
“Our stuff.”, he thought, remembering what you said the previous day. He liked the sound of that.
There were so many changes from his apartment with plain colours and not many decoration pieces from your apartment that was a perfect mixture of you both.
It was finally home.
Maybe a bit messy sometimes thanks to your habit of keeping everything.
But it was so happy.
The silly special wooden box he knew you kept in the second drawer of your nightstand made his heart flutter only by thinking about it.
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becca-e-barnes · 2 months ago
Can you please write some Loki smut that involves some aftercare? I love your writing (especially your aftercare!! 💕🥺) and I think Loki babying the reader would be cute ♡
Just a little short piece I wrote on my lunch break today because I loved this request!! I really enjoyed writing for Loki so I hope it’s okay! 💗 I don’t know how others in the community write Loki (because I don’t read any Loki fics) so let me know if there’s something you’d like me to do differently in future!!
Tumblr media
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader
Word Count: 1.5K
Summary: A lil bit of smut with Loki and then some aftercare!
Warnings: Smut, vaginal fingering, pet names, husband! Loki, wife! reader, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, aftercare, kinda Dom! Loki?, fluff, tiny reference to mocking, watching yourselves in a mirror, unprotected sex
Minors, do not interact
“Oh pet, look at you. Look at your little body squirming. Do you see yourself my love?” You felt one huge hand land on your chin, cupping it tightly between long, slender fingers, turning your head to the right.
“Do you see you see yourself now my love? You see how pretty you look when you submit to me. Nothing so sweet in all the realms as my beautiful wife, taking everything I give her.” Loki’s voice was a hushed, seductive whisper, disturbed only by your own high whines and the wet sounds he drew from your body. The floor to ceiling mirror beside you reflected the sight your husband described.
Your pleasure addled brain could see everything. You could see your own back arching off the silky, luxurious sheets involuntarily. You could see Loki’s other hand, nestled between your thighs, dragging you dangerously close to yet another painfully intense high.
You saw in his reflection just how intent he was on worshipping your body. This wasn’t one of those nights where his rough, carnal need took over. No, this was a display of the far more delicate side of Loki’s love for you. He was so enthralled by you, this sweet, delicate being who knew all his flaws and loved him regardless, submitting yourself entirely to demonstrate your love and adoration of him.
“Look at how rung out you look, my pet. Humping my fingers. I can feel your little walls fluttering. You’re close again aren’t you? But you’re resisting. I can feel it. Why won’t you give in to the pleasure you so desperately craved earlier?” His silky voice washed over you, your eyes fixed on the sight of you both in the mirror. His lips were on your neck, his arm pressed between your bodies and his fingers… Oh his fingers were working magic, buried inside you, rubbing deliciously in the way that only he knew.
“Loki, oh, please it’s too much! I- I can’t-“ you began before his lips shushed you by landing on top of yours. Your little whimpers were silenced by the way his tongue invaded your mouth.
But his fingers only sped up, stroking your sweetest spots more intensely until you were arching higher off the bed. Your walls clamped down around him, his lips pulled into a tight smirk against your own as you finally gave in.
“Look at you, coming undone on your husband’s hand.” Loki beamed proudly, the slender fingers slipping from your sex and into his mouth, a groan escaping him, eyes fluttering shut at your subtle taste.
“Loki please. I need you.” You whimpered softly, pressing him down onto the bed and straddling him. His long, thick cock stood proud between your bodies and somewhere deep in the back of your brain registered that he had just let you take over.
“Oh my pet, you’ve just told me you couldn’t take any more of my fingers. What makes you think you can take this?” He proudly gripped the base of his throbbing member as he spoke, guiding it to your needy entrance.
You didn’t answer, choosing instead to sink down on him to the hilt, loving how his head hit the pillow. His bottom lip was drawn between his teeth, muffling his little sigh of pleasure and that’s when you realised how neglected his own needs had been this evening.
Now it was your turn to make it up to him.
Your little hands landed on his broad chest, anchoring yourself so you could bounce neatly on his cock, the drag of his bare shaft against your walls tearing both of you apart.
“How can you still need more from me? Haven’t I offered you enough?” Loki was practically mocking you, eyes twinkling with good humour, both hands gripping your hips to guide your movements.
“I’ll only be satisfied when I feel your seed dripping from me, my love. I want to be full. I want my body to be claimed by you from the inside.” You we’re so distracted, watching your own reflection in the mirror. Admittedly, you did look beautiful. You looked strong and proud, fucking yourself on your hubsand. You skin was practically glowing from so many orgasms and you were so distracted you didn’t notice the effect your words had on your lover.
You’d flicked a switch in him, whether you intended to or not. With a growl, he flipped you over so you were on your back once more. His cock didn’t slip from you through the transition so the second your back hit the bed, he was thrusting so hard and deep you swore you could see stars.
“You crave my seed that badly my love? You long for your husband to fill you? All the way in here?” His teeth were gritted, his cock nudging your cervix, dragging a sweet wail from your lips.
“Yes Loki there, oh please, yes, right there.” Your head had been thrown back in pleasure, your body threatening to drag you into into another blinding orgasm far too soon after the last. Loki could tell you wouldn’t last long.
“My cock drunk little dove can’t stop herself now. I love that about you, my sweet. One minute you’re whimpering and sensitive and the next you’re hurtling into ecstasy again. You have the filthiest mind, my darling. You beg your husband for the most depraved things and I love it. If it’s my seed you crave, you best believe I’m going to give it to you.” Loki couldn’t deny he was painfully close but so were you. His fingers slipped between your bodies, rubbing your throbbing bundle of nerves.
“I’m going to fill you.” He growled, low and seductive in your ear and that’s when you lost it. Your body tightened around him. Pleasure flooded all your senses, overwhelming you entirely. Your fingernails dug into your husband’s back, a groan ripped from his throat as he buried himself inside you, his release so intense it made his cock twitch violently. Hot spend coated your velvety walls, painting them with evidence of your union. Loki’s breath was hot on your neck, giving himself a second to recover before pulling out of you, flopping gently onto the bed.
You hardly even registered that he has got up until the bed dipped once more with his weight.
“Let me clean you, my love.” He whispered tenderly, eyes swimming with the kind of love and adoration most people could only ever dream of.
You were hesitant at first but his touch on your thighs soothed you.
“My love, you have nothing to be embarrassed about. I put the mess there after all.” His little warm chuckle could’ve had you melting so you gave in, spreading your legs to allow him to clean you up with a damp washcloth.
When he had finished, he reached for your comb on the nightstand, knowing you didn’t like to go to bed with tangled hair.
You thanked him softly, reaching for it to take the comb from his hands but he refused with a gentle smile and whisper of “No my love, let me.”
He sat behind you on the bed instead, his legs bracketing yours as he worked to smooth out your ends. Having your bodies pressed together was comfort enough but the way his hands worked through your hair, dividing it into sections before gently detangling with the comb was nothing short of heavenly. Loki was always so delicate in his aftercare, gentle kisses and soft words making up for how rough he had gotten towards the end.
“You’re exhausted my love.” Loki was so conscious that a session like that really took it out of you. You weren’t built like he was. You needed your rest and he was determined to let you have it.
“Stay with me, Loki.” Your whispered quietly, letting him tuck you under the covers. With a little smile, he climbed in beside you, wrapping two strong arms around you.
“You are the love of my life, do you know that?” You hadn’t really expected him to say that, his lips pressed to the crown of your head, letting you bury your face in his chest.
“I know Loki. And you are the love of mine.” You whispered back, breathing in the scent that was distinctly your husband’s.
“No my love. It’s more than that.” The weight of his affection weighed so heavily on his heart but he simply didn’t have the words. He would die for you. He would kill for you. He would give up everything he held most dear if it would mean your happiness. His sole purpose in life was to make you feel as beautiful and as important as you were in his eyes.
“I know Loki. I know.” And you truly did. You understood because you felt it too.
His gentle touches and tiny kisses had you falling asleep in no time, the soft pounding of his heart in his chest lulling you into the deepest sleep. You were safe in your husband’s strong arms and that’s all both of you cared about.
Just tagging @peyda because you requested Loki ages ago 🙈 and now @sebsbrokentoe bc I love your excitement about it 💗
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jensensloser · 2 months ago
tom hiddleston with an s/o who has praise kink, thank you !!
i did intend for this to be gender neutral but somethings are just easier for me to write in the female perspective!! sorry :((
warnings: smut (18+ minors dni), praise kink, honorifics [sir], pet names [my love, love, darling], you are responsible for your own media consumption!!
tom hiddleston
Tumblr media
ok so, tom is already very vocal during sex, but when he discovers your praise kink? oof.
he discovered it a bit innocently, in all honesty. tom walked up behind you as you were getting ready to go out for the night. as you worked on your eyeliner, you hear your older boyfriend whisper in your ear, “you look absolutely lovely darling, you did such a good job.” as he leaned down to kiss your neck. the way you shivered under his touch was a signal to him to try something out that night.
after the event, you were on your knees in front of tom, eager for what he was about to give you. “look at you, so pretty on your knees for me, my love. such a good girl for me aren’t you?”
you almost melted into the floorboard, and tom could tell. “you like when i tell you how good you are for me huh? like when i call you my good girl? you’re so beautiful, love.”
a slight whimper escaped your lips, not knowing if you had the willpower to respond. “use your words darling, tell me.” “y-yes sir.”
“good girl, now, tell me what it is you want, and i’ll have you sing for me my love.”
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lostalioth · 3 months ago
i love ur writing!!<3 could i request some loki x reader where loki and his gf get drunk at one of tony’s parties in nyc and reader finds out loki is rly soft & clingy when drunk? like he cant stop kissing n cuddling his gf so they decide to go home?
𝘥𝘳𝘶𝘯𝘬 ; 𝘭𝘰𝘬𝘪
Tumblr media
warnings: fluff, loki x female!reader, drunk loki [DONT DRINK UNLESS YOUR 21], mention of alcohol, established relationship clingy loki, beware of the cuteness
authors note: AHHH THANK YOU! i’m glad you’ve liked the few writings i have i was quite nervous to start writing. also i loved writing this request thank you! ENJOY!
Loki hardly ever got drunk and you’d think with being a god it would take a lot for him to actually get drunk.
That boy is a lightweight. It must have something to do with the fact there isn’t much weight to his body or something because 3 hours into one of Tony Stark's annual party’s he held and around maybe 6 drinks in, Loki was drunk.
You stood at the bar in a gorgeous scrunched short black dress that fit your body perfectly. You were currently talking to Thor about him and Jane when you suddenly feel large hands snake their way around your waist. Normally you’d panic thinking It’s some pervy strange, except the moment his face is buried in your neck, you smell the alcohol on his breath as well as his forest/nature smelling cologne hit your nose.
“Hi baby” you chirp up as you turn away from your boyfriend’s brother who had been cut short by his brother's antics, to your boyfriend himself as he stood slumped over with his body still pressed as much as it could be into yours.
“Hiii darling..” he eventually gets out as his face stayed buried in your neck and he began leaving little pecks all over as you spoke up again.
“How are you feeling, love? Are you feeling okay?” you question with worry laced in your soft voice. He only got very touchy and clingy when he was upset, or so you thought. “Yeah I'm okayy my love..” he lifts his head to look you in the eyes as best as he could anyway. His pupils were very dilated almost completely obscuring his beautiful blue eyes you loved. He nodded as he spoke again “I am just quite full at the moment love”
Ah so he's drunk.
You had never actually seen Loki this drunk before as he had very rarely drank alcohol.
“Darlinngggg i want a kiss” Loki whines as he held a pout like a puppy dog. You chuckle slightly at your needy boyfriend and grab him by the tie he had been wearing with his formal outfit and press your soft lips to his. You both slightly melt into the kiss immediately.
Loki drunkenly smiled into the small kiss before you pulled away.
“Noooooo i want another!” he began to whine again like a little kid as he slumped his body over and pulling your body even closer to his as if you were gonna run away from him. It’s not like you wanted to or when could at the moment he was holding onto you so tight.
“You only asked for one my dear” you teased which caused him to whine even more and louder. Which was likely and luckily not hurd over the fairly loud music that was playing through surround sound speakers Tony had installed.
Loki huffed like a child as he looked up at you waiting on his second kiss. “Fine you big mush” you groan lightly, not that you were actually annoyed at your boyfriend but he was acting like a child. “Yay!!” He squealed softly and pulled you into his lips by his hands that had remained in their previous position on your hips. He deepened the kiss more as he didn’t want you to pull away.
Needing to catch your breath you slowly pull away causing Loki to whine and pout again. You giggle slightly as you now understood it seemed Loki would get needy and clingy when he became drunk. “Come on baby lets go sit on the couch” you pull one of his hands off your hip to drag him away from the bar. He stumbled slightly at the sudden movement as you pulled him into the living area where Tony and Thor sat.
You had sat down and began conversing with them, as Loki sat with you. He had almost immediately cuddled his lanky body into your side with one arm around your torso in a protective manner. the other was laid across your lap and every once in a while he would try pulling the end of your dress down when it would ride up from your movement. He also seemed very protective while drunk.
You don’t know how much time had passed but Tony and Thor had wandered off and suddenly you began to feel Loki kissing all over your neck and shoulder. “Darlinggg can we just go home now??” He whined as he played with the strings at the bottom of your dress.
“Want you all for myself don’t wanna share no more, we go home”
he finally looked up at you from his place where his head laid in your lap by this point. Your chest rumbled with a chuckle as you nod. “Yes my love we can go home now. Then you may have me all to yourself” you smile wide at him as his eyes light up brighter blue. “And hey baby, guess what?” You ask softy as he tilted his head to the side in question like a puppy.
“We can cuddle all night love”
You couldn’t even wait on a response as that had caused Loki to spring up into action and grab onto your hand and drag you towards the front door. He had stumbled a little bit but managed to pull you all the way outside to the car. No goodbyes or anything to anyone. You didn’t mind you actually quite liked seeing Loki so needy for you for a change.
I surely hope I did the request you had in mind justice!!
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quicksilverownsmysoul · 4 months ago
Fly With Me
Summary: You are a flight attendant on the plane with Loki, after flirting back and forth you guys decide to have some fun in the airplane bathroom.
Warnings: smut, slight choking, if you squint there’s a little bit of subby Loki, +18 don’t read
Tumblr media
You couldn’t help but notice the dashingly handsome man that was sitting towards the back of the plane. He was sitting in a row all by himself and out of the corner of your eye you could see him starting at you, a devilish smile plastered on his lips.
You continued with your work, passing out drinks and little packets of peanuts to the other passengers, counting down the rows until you reached him. You parked your cart next to him, leaning down a little further than necessary to ask him what he’d like to drink. He ran his tongue across his teeth, giving you a playful smirk as he glanced down the front of your flight attendant uniform. “Are you on the menu, because my dear you look absolutely refreshing.”
His voice was like silk, and you couldn’t deny the shiver that went down your spine at his words. “Maybe.” You teased. “If you meet me in the back bathroom in 15 minutes.” You handed him a small plastic cup filled with soda, he took it and sipped it as he watched you walk away. You usually didn’t openly flirt like this but there was something about this man that made you want to give in without a second thought.
You slipped into the small bathroom, sitting up on the sink as you waited for him to come in. You were glancing at your reflection, fixing your hair when he came in. Due to the small space he was pressed up against you, his crotch pressing into your core. You hummed contently and looped your arms around his neck. He bent down, allowing you to capture his lips in yours. “Do you have a name pretty boy, or should I just call you mine.”
He growled at your words, biting on your bottom lip. “Flirty little thing aren’t you.” He pulled back taking your lip with his before releasing it. “Do you do this a lot?”
You shook your head. “Only for you sir.” You watched the man groan at the name. You reached down and bunched your skirt up, exposing your lacy black panties to him. He skimmed your clothes folds with his long finger, making a wet spot appear, smirking as he felt your wetness seeping onto his finger.
He pushed the fabric aside and slipped one of his nimble fingers past your folds. Your breath hitched and you tightened your grip on his expensive suit. He went painstakingly slow, adding another and moving them in a come hither motion. You felt your pleasure build, but as soon as it came it left. He pulled his fingers out abruptly making you whine.
He shushed you, trailing wet kisses up your neck. He leaned back as far as the small room would let him, lifting his fingers up to his lips, he dipped them past his lips, closing his eyes and moaning at the taste. “You taste absolutely divine darling.” He peeked one eye open. “Would you like a taste?” He smashed his lips against yours, his lips were soft but his kiss was rough and sensual.
He flipped you around so your ass was now pressed against his front. You watched him watch you in the mirror. His slender fingers latching onto your neck and squeezing it slightly, you closed your eyes at the feeling. “Such a pretty little midgardian.” He pressed another wet kiss to your neck, biting down so it would leave a mark. “You deserve to be absolutely ravished.” You felt him zip down your dress, he pushed it off your shoulders, your black lacy bra now visible. “But sadly we don’t have time for that my dear.”
You felt him push into you in one quick motion, your mouth opened in a silent scream. He wasn’t thicker than average but god was he long, he hadn’t even bottomed out yet and he was already pressing into your cervix. He began to roughly thrust up into you, his hands holding onto your tits for leverage. You could feel him rolling your nipples through the fabric of your bra.
He watched your face contort in pleasure as he pounded you from behind. He pressed you even closer to the counter, you had your hands pressed against the mirror. Your hot breath making it fog up. “You look so pretty like this.” He cooed.
You pulled one hand off the mirror, leaving only one to hold you up. You let your hand move back and close around Loki’s neck, mirroring what he had done earlier. “And you look so pretty like this.” You squeezed lightly, teasing in between your shallow breaths. He shuttered and let out a low whine, loving the way you teased him back.
His thrusts got sloppier, he pushed as deep as he could chasing his release. He moved his hand from your chest to cup your mound, rubbing your clit at a rapid pace, pushing you closer to your release. You leaned back into him, he was completely holding you up as you bounced your self up and down. You felt you release hit you, your cunt clenching around his member as your eyes rolled back into your head.
He came with a low groan, his sticky release filling you. He pulled out and tucked himself back into his slacks. He pushed his hair back into place and tightened his tie. He took in your disheveled appearance with a loving look, gently pressing a kiss to your cheek as he zipped your dress back up and slipped your panties into his pocket. “This was lovely, but I’m afraid I can’t stay.” He opened the door to the stall and turned to look at you over his shoulder. “There’s a bomb on the plane, I think it’d be best if you evacuated everyone.” He closed the door behind him with a wink.
You did as he said and a couple hours later you boarded the plane again, a duffle bag in hand. You made your way back to the row you had originally found him in, he was looking out the window at the flashing police lights. He turned as he saw you coming, flashing you a smile that made your knees weak. He took in the money you offered and stood up, grabbing it from you. “I hope to see you again some day. Till then.” He pulled you close, wrapping one arm around your waist. He kissed you deeply, you eagerly returned it, smiling against his lips. When he pulled away you grabbed him by his tie and pulled him close to whisper in his ear.
“Come find me someday pretty boy.” You could see his eyes close at the pet name behind his sunglasses. He checked to make sure his parachute was strapped on correctly before he made his way to the emergency exit, pulling it open. The wind rippled around him making his gelled hair blow around his face. He lowered his sunglasses to give you a wink before jumping out.
You ran to the door and looked out, trying to find his falling from. But he was no where to be found. The only evidence of him ever being on the plane was your missing panties and the stickiness between your thighs.
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srquinnhexa · 20 days ago
Frost In Love
What if? Jotun Loki X reader
Summary: Loki seems to be pretty intrigued by Thor’s new midgardian friend. and y/n’s Vegas trip looks like its going pretty good until her alien friend decides to go overboard. (And everybody knows Stark Parties are the best!!).
Warnings!!: SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVENT WATCHED EPISODE 7 YET. A little bit of cursing. Some mentions of making out and nudity. So read at your own risk.
Tumblr media
Not my GIF
“Don’t tell him, but, the kids’ too dumb to comprehend things like this. He’s got a bigger brain than Tony, but common sense…..not too much”. You reasoned tapping your head and shrugging.
Wanda gave a snicker in response as we made our way into the garage. “Besides, he’s too young anyways”. With that you and Wanda headed out into the road with one of Tony’s Wrangler.  “Pretty nice climate for a road trip”. Wanda chimed in as she closed her eyes embracing the wind in her hair. You hummed in response as you slung one elbow out of the window with the other on the steering wheel.
“U sure you don’t wanna join me Wands?” You asked her as she shifted to the driver’s seat. “Umm…I dont think so… im having too much fun pretending to be experiencing a breakup, listening to the new SOUR album.” She states earning a crooked smile and a knowing nod from you. You decided not to waste any time going more and more into the eye of the crowd.
Jane and Darcy stood aside their mini portable lab, scanning through the thick crowds for the supposed ‘alien visiting earth for the first time’ phenomenon.
Jane continued to look up and down to the tablet in her in her hand, hoping to find some explanation.
She finished, as she stops at what her device indicated, looking at a handsome, blond, broad, hunky laughing with a bunch of reptilian looking humanoid creatures.
“Imma go talk to him”. Jane replied after a short pause. “im gonna make first contact with an alien-” “-first? I think half the strip beat you to it”. Darcy teased her friend.
 Gently tapping on his shoulder the huge figure turns towards Jane, looking around before finally noticing her.
“There you are, all the way down there. So tiny I almost stood on you” He asked chuckling at her height.
“I’m Dr –“  “Well, well, well if it isn’t Jane the physicist Foster!” a voice too well for Jane to over hear speaks from not too afar.
 Both of the aliens, well, both aliens to eachother turns their head towards the source of the sound. Jane curses under her breath seeing her standing there with her gorgeous h/c slightly curled, her e/c glimmering with mischief as always and her s/c hands crossed, her booted feet thumping on the ground as she made her way towards the duo.
 “What are you doing here? The physicist America never appreciated. In the middle of an intergalactic party, that too in Vegas.?!” You sassed, adding a dramatic enthusiasm to the last words. Jane lowered her head down before shooting a glare and an eye roll.
 “And what are you doing here with hunky, beach-wave barbie?” you questioned looking at the man with a well overly build figure.
“The names’ Thor…Thor Odinson-“ “Pfft! Yeah right” you scoff as your eyes linger on his not so funny- serious face, then travelling down to something that caught your eyes, held in his hand. “The Mjölnir”. You mumble as your head shoots up to meet his face as he held up the hammer with an innocent smile. “You’re Thor- of Aagard-“ “the relam of the gods” Jane chimed in as you both looked eachother in utter shock. “God of…thun- hammers!!”. You correct yourself as you regained from your initial sock, back to your cocky self. His toothy grin fades as he furrows his eyebrows looking at you. “Prince! Of Asgard” you mirror his actions as you both exchange a firm handshake. Then immediately turning to Jane changing is approach and placing a kiss on the back of her hand, making her blush.
“Welcome to  Earth!! I suppose you are the host of the party?” you quip as you cross your arms.
 “yes! Its been awhile since ive had a good time. And Midguard, though being small, your parties are pretty lit”.
 “Midgard might be small but its people are known for their big brains, Heart aaand…PARTIES!. Especially the ones hosted by Starks.”
 “Well then I suppose we can party together Huzz-”
You slightly push down the glass he offered to you with a scoff and an amused chuckle.
“Oh, what is that light box thing you’ve got there? Oh its magic. I love magic!! Did you build this all by yourself?”. Thor enquires as he marvels Jane’s tablet. “Excuse me? I happen to be an astrophysicist with multiple PhDs-”. “Yeah exactly, the only reason I tolerated you in highschool was because of-”
“Y/n??” a voice from behind you made you turn your head towards the brunette with a…duck? Trailing behind her. “Darcy!! I’ve missed you sugarplum” “me too sassy Stark”
You were chatting with Darcy when you heard Thor flirting with Jane.
“And your eyes…do all geniuses have such deep dark eyes?” Thor purred as jane giggled blushing , moving a stand of hair behind her ear. ”No wonder yours is blue…and you” you continued pointing at Jane “too naive”.
“But you know what I think, your too naïve, rude and insulting person who just craves attention. Otherwise I don’t think there is a need to disparage such a wise woman.” Thor praised Jane, defending her. “Don’t defend her while you are still foreign to the reason behind it”. And for the record, I don’t crave attention…Starks get everything they want cuz they attract it. Watch ME”. You snarl, Darcy wincing at your tone indicating what’s about to happen.
You slightly tap and clear your throat into the mic, turning a few heads and within a fraction of seconds the crowd of humans going wild. Howling your name. you turn towards the trio, smirking. “See what I mean Barbie?”
“Apparently Thor God of hammers does’nt know who Y/N Stark is”. A deluge of ‘boos’ followed as you commented. ”Lets show Em’ aliens how stark parties are”. Thor’s frustrated grunts got immerse as the crowd goes wild. “Watch and learn pointbreak”. Walking back you notice his seething glare making your lips forge into a devious smile.
The hour hand seemed to be taking a stroll as everyone- human or not partied senselessly. Your apologetic smile was replaced with a glare as you quirk your eyebrow at-“watch it you puny earth-girl”- an armour clad woman hissing at you. “Chill down Mulan, don’t go all Pheobe on me”. Spotting Darcy on a bar you start to walk towards her, just as the woman pulls you by the hair. Screeching “these are not extentions” you tangle her legs with yours knocking her down, out of muscle memory. “you don’t want to mess with an avenger”. You start walking off after you help her up from the ground earning shocked glances from 3 men that seemed to accompany her.
“Did you just take down alien princess Mulan, single handedly” “I just got smarter and harder in the nick of time~” you muttered ordering a drink, earning a snicker from her which soon died down as you both spotted familier figures walking towards you. You knew they were probably come to blows- for what? You had to think. Was it for beating him at casino craps or beating up his friend. “Hey look barbie is friends with Mulan over here-”
“-crossover nobody asked for but definitely needed” Darcy finished both of you exchanging a high-five. ”We’re here to apologise…” Thor blurted, fidgeting with the end of his scarlet cape. You were physically taken aback. “Volstag informed me, it was Sif’s fault, both bumping into you and pulling your hair”. You looked the 4 standing behind Thor, amazed as realization hit you. You all were standing in an awkward silence until Thor spoke up again. “Now, it is your choice to accept the apology-“ “N-no I-uh accept, its- just wasn’t expecting that” you quickly reply with a sleepish smile. “no, no you needn’t apologise its alright, it was a bit of ad-lib action” you interrupt, as Sif starts apologizing with a bit of hesitation. “You’re Sif and the warriors three…right? Im kind of a fan, I’ve read about you guys in Norse mythology books”. You confess with a shy smile.
After that it didn’t take you much time to become buddies with the guy eerily familier to Chris Hemsworth. You honestly started having much more fun. You and sif were at a cotton candy stall when a few teenagers came to you asking for a selfie to which you accepted. “You have magical powers!?” Sif swore out loud as you released a few ice butterflies as requested by one of the teenagers.
“Well I wouldn’t call it magic, just a product of being Hydra’s lab rat”. You explained to her about the avengers and your brother “Tony stark AKA Iron man and I’m Y/N Stark AKA Sinister Frost”. You both were pulled from your conversation as you heard Thor speaking louder than his usual loud self. “Loki you’re the absolute best” Thor bantered to a Towering blue guy wearing a raindeer-like ice horns. ”You’re my brother from another mother man, I mean it.”
“Oh! Loki we have everyone here Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg, Sif… Oh & that’s our new friend  Lady Y/N Starkdottir”. You snickered out loud at Thor’s last name for you. Im definitely using that on Tony. You mutter to yourself.
“OH!! Look at you such a tiny little Midgardian…I had to squint really hard to notice you”. Loki teased laughing with his ice bros. Loki turns once again to continue to pock mullock at you only for him to now come face to face with you, shocking him a bit. “I don’t get intimidated by tall guys” you growl, words seeping like venom from your mouth, levitating with a few whisps of indicolite lingering beneath your feet. “Bratty! I like it”. He purrs with an amused smile earning a scoff from you. “Loki. Loki Laufeyson. Crowned Prince of Jotunheimen” he boasts stretching forward his massive finger for you to return the hand shake. You give him a skeptical look before introducing yourself specifically not forgetting to include your alias. Then finally you wrap your fingers around his index finger only for your both hands to start glowing crazy bright, a mixture of gold, Labrodite and emerald green forming an envelope around you both earning gasps from people surrounding. Loki’s face was filled with confusion and yours in hysteria, knowing what’s happening. The same thing had happened when you first met Wanda. You yanked your hand away from his, navigating your way out of the shroud of magic, as you glean a few whispering voices.
 You landed near Darcy & Jane, getting bombarded with questions. “I don’t know!! It happened when I met Wanda for the first time, but I thought it was because of our connection to Hydra”. You were trying to reason an explanation yourself simultaneously answering their questions. But that didn’t last more than 2mins as the smoke cleared and you chocked on nothing as your gasps were drowned by others’. The once 12 feet hombre was now shrinked down to half his usual size. You bit your lip watching Thor’s horrified expression and finally getting a good view at the prince- No more blue?!. “Oh dear God did I break him-” clasping your mouth as you realized that was not supposed to come out loud, you stood there now face to face with Loki clad in green black and gold leather costume. I-i-uh-swearididntdothatonpurpose. You began, but pursing your lips immedieately when he raised his hand motioning for you to stop talking & started stalking towards you with a frown. 
Tumblr media
You slowly mumbled an apology as he came closer, people surrounding you in anticipation. “Hey, don’t worry it’s a part of my power-“ he started taking your hands in his “Oh thank god” you continue after breathing out a huge sigh.
”I thought I did something wro-” “but it entails mighty amount of powers…how did you do it?” “Honestly I have no idea, it has happened before once with one of my friends…but other than that” you trail off giving a shrug. “You don’t have to worr-“ you abruptly stopped rambling when you felt him place a kiss on the back of your hand. “I aspire to get to know you more” Loki says with a genuine smile. “Because of how powerful you think I am?” you retort with a smirk and a quirked eyebrow. “Absolutely not, you yourself seem like a mighty fine lady, I would like to get to know the real McCoy” chuckling you nod your head in agreement. “Then lets party”.
 With that Thor watched you & Loki dwindle into the multitude of The Fabulous Las Vega Nevada, hand in hand. From the helicopter flight over the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip in the Maverick. To the ‘VOID’, the most immersive virtual reality experience ever. From, smallest snack stalls Loki accompanied you around like a love sick teenager. He was very intrigued by you, from noticing every minute details like how you bit your lip while you concentrated on the target, how cute you look while you scrunch your nose in disgust or frustration, curling your lips into an adorable pout when he denies something, cheeks tinting a darling pink when he complements you.
To the point where he had to compose himself when you found something ablaze and jumped around hugging him or embracing him in a long tight hug when he won something for her. He was slowly, no scratch that- fast , faster than Thor’s lightning when he gets super drunk, he was falling in love with Y/N. All these pent up emotions that had been bugging him nonstop had come to a breaking point when this happened. Which brings us to this scene, both of them had just finished beating Thor and Jane in dashing cars when she pulled him into a photobooth while he was spilling his tea to Thor in secrecy. He almost fell on top of her tripping on his cape.
Those eyes I could look at them for centuries.
Shit I’m staring at her.
Just scoop her up and put her on your lap’.
He thought, but just as he was snapped out of the trance he felt her slightly pushing him onto the bench and positioning herself on his lap. There you go, Loki didn’t know what kept him from passing out then and there. He didn’t know it could go anymore up hill from there, but then it did. He watched as you adjusted yourself, grinding into him slowly and sensually. Faces inches away from eachother, literally breathing the same air as you slipped an arm up his shoulder and around his neck.
By this time you started thinking if was he playing hard to get or is he as dumb and oblivious as Thor is to Jane. You whispered a ‘smile for the camera’ into his ear as you slightly turned your head giving silly poses for the first few, with Loki mimicking your style. As the camera started to click the few final pictures you turned back to him griping his shoulders and placing a chaste kiss on his cheek. You bit your lip and looked into his eyes as you pulled away. Loki bought his other hand, the one which was not now griping your waists tightly, to your hand and slowly sliding up your arm as he leaned impossibly closer. He looked into your dilaiting pupils as slowly tugged your chin simultaneously fluttering both your eyes close. He mumbles a “you don’t know how long I’ve wanted this to happen” along your lips before closing the distance.
Was it because he was a god? He tasted sweeter than sugar syrup. Your lips were softer than the divine mochi you persuaded Loki to try a few hours ago. As cheezy as it sounds you felt fireworks going off, butterflies elephants in your stomach. You tug his dark locks slightly, your hand tangled in them and the other’s acrylic nails raking through his sculpted abs, setting off a groan from the back of his throat making you feel the wetness between your thighs seeping in. Loki nips your lip earing a moan from you, taking advantage and slipping his tongue inside your mouth deepening the kiss. He pulls you impossibly closer slithering his hand inside your top, brushing your sides sending a shiver down your spine.
“Lady Y/N your photos- YOU GUYS KISSED?! – oh you guys are still at it” Thor screeched like a kid in a candy shop as he almost ripped down the photobooth curtains and covering his eyes as he witnessed his holler didn’t have an effect on you both. “Thor saw” he breathed out into your neck. “I couldn’t care less” you gasped as Loki latched on to your pulse point, kneading your breasts through your thin lacy bra.
Moving the curtain an inch or 2 you poke your head outside the booth looking for anyone who was left in the surrounding area. “Loki!!” you scold him as you felt him hug you from behind biting your earlobe. “Don’t blame me for not being able to keep my hands to myself when someone as sexy as you is standing right in front of me” Loki purred into your ears. “Coast is clear” you mumble pulling him out and scrambling into an alleyway, giggling. You bit your lip as you held back a snort. “What has got my sweet thing so giggly…Hmm?” without another word you got on your tippy toes comb his hair, detangling it carefully. Loki’s lips tugged at the sides to form a shy smile as he watched you concentrate on your work. Just as you were about to finish Loki quickly slipped his hand around your waist giving your ass a squeeze. You gave out a small yelp, giving him a small hit on the shoulder making him chuckle and capturing your lips in another kiss. As it got more ‘little less conversation and little more touch my body’ suddenly you both were dripping wet. No, literally soaked in water. Yelping you look up to find Thor and the others standing on the top.
“Just thought this would cool you guys from all the heated session you were having!!”. Thor commented pointing at you both. “Then I think its revenge time”. You quip as Indicolite and emerald colours seep through both of your hands. Thor’s girly screeches filling the air as you drop icy cold water on him.
You groan as you feel your head pounding. ‘stop spinning, stop spinning’ you mumble as you sat up on the massive bed. It was only when you felt the sore feeling between your legs, flashes of last night’s incidents cane to your mind. “I just fucked a god” you mumble looking around the room scattered with both of your clothes. “So you wouldn’t mind going a second round?” Loki asked wiggling his eyebrows pulling your naked body towards his. “ tempting as that sounds, I’m worried about something else”. “And what might be th-“. Loki was cut off by loud knocking on the door. Putting on one of his shirts you walk to the door opening it. “M-Maria?” you question with a horrified expression.
“Maria Hill, acting director- Y/N?? what the hell are you doing here?” “I – uh can expl-” “And you didn’t inform about this..MADNESS?” “Maria just- give me a minute lemme get dressed-” you slightly flinch at her groan. “I. Don’t. Give. A. Shit. My god you’re worse than your brother” you raise a hand in front of Loki’s face as you got excused by maria. You both got dressed silently and as you were exiting the door one of the agents yanked your arm growling for you to make it fast. ”Lay a finger on her and I’ll make you regret for being born”. Loki snarls, you biting back your tugging lips. “What’s happening? do you know them?” Yeah that’s SHIELD, the organization we’re working for”. Loki gave you a quite nod and you both went out only to witness captain Marvel fighting Thor.
“I knew this would happen if I had informed SHIELD, that’s why only told Tony about this. You had to do it right? You had to get the spotlight. For what? To prove who?” you suddenly started lashing out on Jane. “Well you want them to destroy the DAMN country, partying?” “And you really think bringing out aunt Carol will solve everything? Her one hit is equal to four nuclear bombs, you’re concerned for the country? That shit can take down the freaking whole continent!!” “I don’t know why your always hold a grudge against me” “y-you don’t- you wanna know huh?” you levitate icicle flames forming on your hands and eyes. “Do you remember or should I remind you of the day in high school when you shouted to the whole school that I was the adopted daughter of Howard Stark and I was with them only for the money?” you ask her rising higher and higher crimson colours starting to seep from the crystals in your hand. “N/n!!” you hear your brother’s voice making you turn around. “Tony?”
It must have been the sudden startling voice that made you lose control, now you were falling to the ground. “Y/n!!” Loki’s green whisps of magic surrounded you, catching you in his arms. “No, no, no y/n wake up…wake up” Loki mumbles caressing your cheeks. “Move away from her you aliens!” Tony shouted at Loki kneeling down before an unconscious you, readying his blasters. “No, they didn’t hurt her she stressed her powers too much” Stephen spoke from behind darcy, mumbling ‘when did this creepy dude get here’. “She…had a misunderstanding, safe to say”. Strange concludes as he slides a hand from your forehead to your chin, a groan escaping your lips. “Why the fuck did I get a Deja Veu” you mumble waking up clutching your head.
 “So your saying, they’re gonna do exactly what I thought was going to happen” “yes” “and aunt carol agreed to that?” you ask coking your head. “Eh…more like followed a command”. You all stood around Jane’s mini van as all sorts of customizations were made to the machine in order to summon Heimdall. “You sure this gon’ happen?” Jane questions as she makes the final adjustments. “I mean bringing pepper always made tony stop his parties”. You replied to Jane, tony shooting you a glare and an eyeroll. “Where did your clingy guy go? Don’t tell me those giant ice balls ate him” your brother joked chuckling refering to Loki. Those are his ice bros, that’s his actual form. You mumble walking over to Jane leaving Tony agape and dumbfounded. It wasn’t that long until Jane got transported to Asgard and informed Frigga about Thor’s antics. Captain Marvel’s ‘blow’ was saved by Frigga’s warning to her son. It was fun watching Thor run around asking for help to all sorts of creatures, them calling him a party pooper. 
“You did the right thing kid” you heard carol’s voice from behind you, giving her a warm hug. “I’ve missed you! Is space treating you well?” “oh you know…the normal saving galaxy stuff” she answered giving you a wink. “By the way I have someone I’d like to introduce you to” you said to Carol looking right at Jane. You should have known better, that it was actually Sharon who spread those rumors, her convincing you it was jane who did it. “You can have your first alien contact moment with her, the actual first alien…and less crack head” you said looking at an embaressed Thor, holding a very dirty Mjölnir and a disappointed looking Frigga. “Darling?” you heard a too familier voice speak, making you crane your neck up. It was Loki his voice laced with concern made you snicker, your mind wandering to the scene when you scolded him for not helping Thor. “Well hello Prince of Jotunheimen, what great service have I done for you to call me such a nick name?”. “Do I need to remind you?” he asked cheekily, receving an eyeroll from you. 
“it seems we have a bigger problem?”
 “and what might that be” you ask.
“Do you remember us using protection?
Tumblr media
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randominagines · 3 days ago
Mobius: President Loki asked me about you.
Y/n: Why would he?
Sylvie: It looks pretty obvious to me. He likes you.
Mobius: Him too...
Y/n: What?! Who else likes me?
Loki: Maybe I haven't quite understood: President Loki likes y/n? *looking at you in total panic*
Y/n: Well...
Mobius: It looks like it.
Loki: Splendid. Let me handle him then. *makes some knives appear and walks toward him*
Tumblr media
Sylvie: *whispering to your ear* This should answer your previous question.
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agentofbarnes · 3 months ago
Hear me out.
Ice play with loki that leads to him carving his initials into your thigh with one of his daggers.
Like he would kinda use the ice to numb it so he doesnt hurt his darling and then making her know who she belongs to.
I have a knife kink and its getting out of hands
love is a dagger ~ loki
warnings || possessive behavior, marking [loki carves his initials into reader], knife kink, implied smut, loki x stark!reader, blood play [minor], this was kinda shitty im sorry
Tumblr media
Loki had become, in a sense, your boyfriend. Though, he’s never let you use such a mortal title for him, that’s what he essentially was. He was possessive and jealous, always staking his claim on you when you were in private. It drove him wild that no one knew you were taken by him, but there were plenty of ways for him to show you that you were his.
Ice trailed down your body, melting off the hot skin of your body before Loki licked it up. He liked the cold, it was so natural for him, but you…it made you tremble beneath him as he pressed the ice against your thighs as to numb it.
“Are you sure about this, pet?”His low whisper carried over you, making you nod eagerly at him. With a flash of green light and a mischievous smirk, Loki conjured the beautiful dagger into his long fingers.
You can’t believe you’re letting him do this to you, but fuck, your core is pulsating at the thought of your boyfriend claiming you like no one ever had. Loki could see how slick you were, how you absolutely glisten for him. He wanted nothing more than to slip his cock so deep inside you until he’s rearranging your guys.
But right now, he’s on a mission to claim you. His sweet little mortal just begging to be his.
Loki trailed the dagger all over your body, the pointed tip just barely grazing over your jaw, your perked up nipples, and down over your stomach. You gasped at the dangerous object touching all over your body, whining when you feel it press over your thigh.
“All mine, my sweet little pet,”Loki panted, licking his lips as he spread your legs a apart. The handle was snug in his hand, the tip of the knife piercing the soft skin of your thigh. You heaved your chest, the pain flooding through you with a pleasurable sting.”As you always will be, my pretty little mortal.”
The drag of the dagger was bearable, the ice play had number your skin just enough to make you moan at the feeling. You admired how Loki worked so intently, a smirk on his face as he scarred your slain. He was unbelievably hard, his cock throbbing at how you tremble and whimpered.
Loki smirked at the way you bled, his delicate artwork forming under his pretty dagger. Slowly, he carved a L into your thigh. You ache in more ways than one, whining when Loki pulled the dagger away. He wiped the blood away, the red ooze staining his fingers as he brought his hand to your throat. He wrapped it around your flesh, the blood staining your skin.
“Loki…”You whimpered, hand coming to seize his forearm.”Fuck, gonna be yours forever.”
“You look so pretty with my initial, pet, how’s it feel to be claimed by a god?”Loki smirked, leaning down to kiss your lips eagerly.
“Otherworldly,”You whispered,”Never gonna be able to wear short skirts in public again, but so worth it.”
“On the contrary, I would prefer if you show off my brand,”He smirked, but he knew better than that. The wrath of your father would be unimaginable and the Avengers held his fate in their destructive hands, he couldn’t risk that. He couldn’t risk you.
“One day, Loki, I promise.”
“One day,”He whispered, nudging his nose against yours before licking his lips.”Until then. I am going to wreck this pretty pussy until you can’t think about anything but me, my stupid little mortal. It’s time to worship your god.”
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