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#loki layfeyson x reader
ashdreams2023 · 2 days ago
Devil’s nightmare
Summary: the avengers are assigned to watch over a prisoner….you
Pairings: Avengers x Reader { mainly Loki and Bucky }
genre: comfort, found family, hurt to comfort, trauma recovery, romance
Warnings: blood, mention of abuse, some 18+ content but not completely smut
P: 1, P: 2, P: 3, P: 4, P: 5, P: 6, P: 7, P: 8, P: 9, P: 10, P: 11, P: 12, P: 13, P: 14, P: 15, P: 16, P: 17, P: 18, P: 19, P: 20, P: 21, P: 22, P: 23, P: 24, P: 25, P: 26, P: 27, P: 28, P: 29, P: 30, P: 31, P: 32, P: 33, P: 34, P: 35, P: 36, P: 37, P: 38, P: 39, P: 40, P: 41, P: 42, P: 43, P: 44, P: 45, P: 46, P: 47, P: 48, P: 49, P: 50
Children ran around the village, laughing and playing with each other.
Their life was easy, they had no responsibilities and only had to follow one strict rule.
Act like you don’t exist.
You licked your dry lips, following their bodies moving all around.
The chain on your throat felt a little tighter than usual for some reason that day.
“It’s spoiled now!”
“Then throw it to the animals” the mother told her son.
He was older than you.
He looked annoyed carrying the hot pot over to the pigs.
Or at least you thought it was for the pigs.
Instead of dropping it to them he stop in front of you with a disgusted look on his face.
“You’re the real pig” he said.
He flipped the pot and let the food spill on to dirty grown in front of your bare feet.
“Eat it.” he said
You cried as he pushed your face to the ground forcing you to consume some of it.
You struggled to breath but no matter how many times you screamed nobody even bothered to look your way.
You were all alone…
“Hey…wake up…HEY!” You inhaled sharply as Clint shook you up awake.
“Hey, hey…are you ok?” You blinked at him before realizing your face was wet.
You were crying.
Clint didn’t buy that shit.
“Look that might work on everyone else but I don’t like riddles young lady”
“I’m older than you…” you said
Clint rolled his eyes.
“And you look as old as nat so that makes me older than you!”
You stared at him silently for a few seconds before giving in.
“It’s just a nightmare….from the past” Clint nodded.
“You know, when my kids have nightmares I usually sneak out with them to have ice cream”
Ice cream?
By the look on your face he can tell you’ve got no idea what means
“Ok, let’s make a pinky promise” he grabbed your pinky with his own.
You looked even more confused.
“This is a pinky promise ok, we have to do this promise no matter what ok?”
You nodded slowly.
“Let’s make a promise that, when you get better and we can get out of here, we will go and buy some ice cream together. Do you promise?”
Out of here…yes.
“I…pinky promise?”
“That’s the spirit!, now seriously come eat they’ve been fighting over the stove for hours and I’m starving, and don’t look at me like that you’re not some wild animal”
Hard to believe but whatever suits you archer.
For the first time in…ever you were served colorful food.
Like actually something that looks like it has flavor in it.
“Dig in, me and these two troublemakers worked hard on it” Natasha pointed at herself then Loki and Bucky.
“True, even though I’m still suspicious about those plants he used” said bucky
Loki huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.
“For your information I spent a fair amount of time in our kitchens when I was younger” Thor snorted after that making Loki glare at him.
“As punishments brother”
“I like to learn from my surroundings”
You licked your lips looking at your plate.
It was just mashed potatoes with grilled steak and salad on the side.
It looked way better than the boiled things you were used to consuming.
“All of you stop, I would’ve gotten us burgers but all of you insisted on something homemade and I-” tony stopped talking when he saw you covering your face with your hands.
Bruce, who was sitting next to you notice the tears sliding down your cheeks.
“If you don’t like it we can always go with-”
“No!” You stopped him “I’m just…I don’t deserve this”
Loki sighed, he lifted his knife and fork towards his plate being the first one to dig in.
“Food should not be earned, food is something you need, either being a god, a vampire or even…a witch. We all need to eat and it’s not wrong for you to enjoy the taste of what you’re having.”
Sniffed a few, with soft rub on your back you removed your hands.
Bruce gave you a kind smile before removing his hand away.
“Thank you…” you said
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tricksterlokilaufeyson · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Shorts Saturday
The light filtered through the slit in the heavy curtains, working its way up the bed as the sun continued to rise until it eventually reached Loki’s face and woke him from his slumber. Blinking a few times to push back the sleep, he looked around until he found your sleeping form beside him. He moved strategically under the sheets until he was up against your back and with his arms he pulled you further into his warm chest.
You stirred as you felt two strong limbs wrap around your middle and pull you into the middle of the bed and up against your lover. Your eyes blinked several times, trying to get accustomed to being open once more, as you enjoyed the feeling of his body pressed to you. Sleepily, you rolled over to see Loki smiling back at you as the early morning sun created a halo of light around him.
“Good morning my dear,” he said as he brushed his finger around your ear and down your chin. The sensation sent a shiver down your body.
“Morning,” you smiled back. 
He leaned forward and placed a delicate kiss on your lips, holding you in the embrace for a moment before pulling away slowly. The way you looked, cradled in his arms and wrapped in the sheets with your hair softly framing your face, Loki swore there was no more beautiful image than this. If ever he could bottle a moment to save for all time, it would be these mornings with you; not much was said, but the way you held onto each other and smiled back and forth said more than the most eloquent words.
The look in his eye was so unmistakable that you didn’t need to ask him what he was thinking, it was plastered all over his face. Gods, you loved the way he looked at you in these intimate moments when you were all alone: it was as if you were the only thing in his whole world and your heart would never be accustomed to the joy it made you feel. 
Loki stroked your cheek with his thumb. “Why am I so lucky to get to awake next to you every morning? I do not know, but I will be forever grateful that I do.”
You rolled your eyes playfully at his comment, though your heart skipped a beat at how sweetly he spoke about you. You kissed him again before moving back and stretched, checking the time on the table beside the bed.
“The morning is almost spent,” you commented, turning back to him. “We should probably get up and start the day. There are several appointments to attend to I am sure.” You tried to roll over and get out of bed, but you were stopped by two strong arms.
Loki held onto your body tighter, pulling you back into him and stopping you from getting up. “No, stay my love. Spend the day in bed with me. It’ll be our oasis just for today.”
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crazyforcococaine · 2 days ago
Death Is Inevitable
Loki x Reader
warning: angst, lots of angst
Dying was something a god had no desire to fuss over. Why ponder over something so unlikely to happen to an immortal being?
It seemed so…humane, to even think of the vulnerability of the thought of drawing a last breath. It was simply too strange. Too vulnerable.
Yet, here you were. At the mercy of Thanos, himself.
“Allfathers… let the dark magic flow through me one last… time.”
You flinched, not being able to look away from your mentor’s body as the monster impaled his heart. You sat, on your knees, with your shoulders still being held tightly down, and your struggling slowed to a stop as you held eye contact with Heimdall for as long as you could before he closed his yellow honey colored eyes. Oh, how you knew you would grow to miss them.
He’d meant so much to you, having been the father you never had, and the two princes knew this as they briefly glanced at you and cursed the giant for causing so much pain.
Loki, feeling a vast amount of guilt with his anger for the monster, remembering he too, was once so power hungry under his manipulation and abuse, that he’d said and done things just to hurt you while trying to rule over Midgard. It sickened him to know he’d hurt you then, and he continued to hurt you, now.
He wanted better for you. He knew what he had to do.
If only you’d seen that look in his eye.
If only you’d been able to stop him.
But you hadn’t, so you didn’t.
“I consider experience, experience. Almighty Thanos. I, Loki, Prince of Asgard… Odinson… The rightful King of Jotunheim, God of Mischief, do hereby pledge to you, my undying fidelity.”
You froze. Those words woke you from your train of thought as Heimdall’s body grew still, and cold.
You didn’t dare look his way.
What had he done?
The blonde called his brother’s name in a warning, and called yours to get your attention, but it hurt your neck to even try. Still, you managed as you glanced at everyone in the ship, before settling your eyes on the two brothers.
A shiny glint hit your vision and you knew this couldn’t end well.
You’d felt it.
Loki lunged for the Titan, who’d smirked your way, relishing at your sad and weakened state. He knew he’d hurt you greatly and he loved it. The God of Mischief and Lies, however, was seething with anger. He’d had enough.
Thanos grabs him by the neck and side eyes the man driven by pain, and white hot rage, as if he were nothing but an annoying fly, buzzing around and annoying him as he tried to enjoy his nice meal.
The Titan knew the Trickster had no chance against him, and the arrogance of that shone on his elongated, thick face.
“‘Undying?’ You should choose your words more carefully.” Thanos sternly spit at my Trickster, tightening his grip around his delicate skin.
“Please…” The plea sounding as pathetic as you looked, on your knees, face smeared with spit, snot, and tears. You was sure you was bleeding somewhere, but you were so numb to everything happening around you, that you couldn’t pinpoint where the wound was.
“The little birdy chirps. How nice of you to finally sing for us.” The purple giant slides his gaze over your form, his lip curling in disgust as if you were the sociopathic psychopath wanting to commit mass genocide just because you thought you had a right to.
“Don’t. Look. At her.” Loki managed to hiss through his teeth, his hands trying to pry away Thanos’ arms off and away from him. His feet still kicking the air, trying to find some sort of miracle solid ground for release.
He glared, his green eyes swirling with so many emotions, but only hatred stood out to Thanos, as he knew he’d hit a nerve by having the audacity to speak to you so disrespectfully after everything he’d done to us, to him.
Thanos knew Loki was always fond of you, never have given up any information about you or your whereabouts to him when he was captured and tortured after the fall from the Bifröst Bridge. He’d loved the way he was able to break the God of Lies and Rascality, bathed in his pointless begging and wails of promises of Asguardian riches and thrones throughout the Nine Realms, yet hated how he could never use you as leverage over him.
Loki had strong will, Thanos would give him that, but he wanted to completely take control of him. If he couldn’t, he had no use for him. He was better off dead. Alive, he was just a nuisance. A mere fly buzzing around him, annoying, pestering him.
‘My dear, remember I will always love you.’
The voice surged through your mind, your thoughts fuzzy and all over the place but you knew that voice. You’d held many conversations with him, through this connection for centuries.
It was your thing. With your beloved Trickster.
You struggled to look up, Loki already looking your way, straight into your eyes. The eyes that enchanted him the very moment you’d bumped into him in the palace. Oh, how he wished he could reverse time and prevent all the pain and devastation in your eyes. How he wished he could’ve kept you safe and away from all of this.
‘Promise me, you will not forget how much I adore you, my little flower. Promise me.’
He continued to murmur in your head. Your eyes stinging with tears. Your vision becoming blurry. This couldn’t be happening. This was all a dream. It had to be. It had to be. It had to be.
‘Darling, please.’
Thor continued trying to speak to Thanos, the bastard only telling the God of Thunder the same thing over and over.
To accept the inevitable.
You glared at the ground, fists clenched so hard that your fingernails dug into your skin.
You felt so helpless. Like a doll, picking up dust in some child’s bookshelf, forgotten and stiffening as years go by.
“Please.” You managed to croak, a sob shaking throughout your small, aching body. “Please!” Your voice rose, as you craned your neck to look into those cold, murderous eyes. “Please, just leave us be.”
Thanos let out a huff, and almost dropped Loki on his bottom, but recomposed himself after Loki hit his face, pushing his gaze away from your form.
“I said, DON’T LOOK AT HER!” Your love bellowed in his face, coughing a tad after his airways were squeezed with more force.
“Who are you to tell a God what to do?” The demon snarled, showing how angry Loki had begun to make him. He’d been a thorn on his side since he decided to bring him aboard his ship after his failed suicide attempt.
“You…will,” Loki started, growling right back at him with just as much, if not more, madness.
“Loki, please.” You pleaded, another ugly sob leaving you as you realized what he was doing, what would happen.
“Never…be a God.”
His words lingered in your mind.
‘I will always find you, my other half.’
The sickening crack was all you needed for you to let out a scream.
Thor roared, his eyes wide and shining with such a sadness that could break the toughest of the toughest men.
“No resurrections this time.”
You bawled, your vision horribly distorted as you watched your lover’s body fall to the ground. His head rolled your way, his eyes open, crazed and still with fear of death. His delicate lips, purple and wide open in a silent scream. His eyes were directly on your form.
You crawled to him pathetically as the hands that had been holding you let you go, laughing as you tripped your knee on a loose panel on the floor, rushing to get to Loki.
“Wake up.”
“Loki…no.” Thor’s voice sounded so far away, your hearing now just as bad as your vision.
Your chest heaved, your breathing labored as you grabbed at his collar, your hands caressing his face. The face you grew to love in a matter of days from bumping into him, centuries ago.
“Ah…ah.” You gagged out whimpered screams, as you laid your head on his chest. He was so cold. Colder than he was supposed to be. You felt no heartbeat. The rhythm of his soul; gone. With just a simple squeeze.
‘We could run away, you know?’
‘That wouldn’t make your father very happy, my dearest.’
‘Odin couldn’t ever keep me away from you, my lady. Nothing could. You’re too ravishing for me to stay away from.’
‘You make me blush, Loki. You’re far too good to me.’
‘Hmph. If only you knew, you saved my life more times than I could count on my hands and feet.’
You couldn’t speak as you felt arms envelope you, bringing you into a tight embrace. You’d have pulled away if you weren’t so focused on your one true love.
Oh, the things you would do to reverse time and change everything. To keep him alive and well, by your side once again, as he should be.
“Y/N.” Thor’s voice cracked as he held you, rocking you back and forth. His beloved brother still in your lap, your arms still clutching at his chest desperately. Your tears staining his pitch black locks as your chin nestled into his neck, his face pressing against your own.
“Why, Thor? Why did he do this?”
“Why did he leave us?”
“How could he?”
“He left us. He knew, he knew. He KNEW.”
‘If we were to ever part, for whatever reason, would you enough faith in me to find you?’
‘Loki? What a ridiculous question. Of course, I have all the faith in the world in you for everything.’
‘Everything? I’m not deserving of such a thing, my treasure.’
‘You underestimate yourself, my prince, for you are more than this entire universe could ever ask for and more.’
‘…Where would I be without you, darling?’
You had laughed. Laughed. A sick joke, a sick sick joke, it was. You didn’t mean it. You did not mean a word of it.
“You would thrive without me. You always have, my beloved.”
You shoved your hands onto his cheeks, holding him as you pressed a sloppy, wet with your tears, shaky kiss on his cold forehead. Closing his eyes, you grabbed onto one of Thor’s arms.
“I will find you. That, I swear.”
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3lenificrecs · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
in a world where the old gods never truly died, you must learn to navigate your way through the ups and downs of immortality. and if living forever wasn’t hard enough, an ancient evil is now threatening to break free after centuries of silence. and as if that still wasn’t hard enough for you, now a pesky and infuriatingly handsome god is trying to wedge his way into your life. gods, work, love, and conflict—what more could a goddess need? [hades & persephone AU]
the things we’ve done
all you wanted was simplicity. you had moved to washington, DC for a better start - to get away from what you were, to get away from what you were expected to be. you never thought you’d meet the captain america in a bar just three days after moving. you never thought there would be a dangerous person in your apartment just hours after meeting him.
beginning with the events of captain america: the winter soldier, hydra sends its most deadly weapon after a powerful telepath untested in the range of her abilities. intrigued by the broken pieces of his mind, the two of you make an agreement: he helps you hide from hydra, and you repair and salvage what’s left of his memories.
guiding light
it was supposed to be a simple mission. get the intel and go home. until everything goes wrong and you’re taken captive by hydra. while you struggle to stay alive and hold your sanity, bucky begins to lose himself to a darkness and gives into the soldier because he doesn’t know how to breathe without you. not until he brings you home. if he even can.
the witness
owner of a bar full of criminals, maybe you shouldn’t be surprised when you’re the sole witness to a hydra hit. in comes detective barnes, the quick-witted, flirtatious cop who somehow became a regular at your misfit bar. when he takes it upon himself to ensure your safety off the books, you learn to rely on someone else for a change and find you don’t mind it at all. not when it’s him.
nothing to despair
bucky and a girl he never met before have to go undercover as married on a mission to europe. he feels alienated in the modern world, while she goes through life alone and abandoned. maybe they can find a new home in each other, but she’s not easily convinced.
vacant mirrors
shit’s been rough. shit was rough even before the blip. dr. hart shares an office with dr. raynor, and you share with waiting room with bucky barnes. set before tfatws; a friends-to-lovers, slowburn, eventual smut.
after an explosion takes his arm and his only sense of belonging, bucky is discharged from active duty and sent back to civilian life. left with a storm of unchecked guilt, bucky is content to live out the rest of his days in the hollow comfort of the dark. this is, until sam drags him down to the local VA and he meets you. [modern AU]
Tumblr media
all the kingdom lights shine just for me and you
you'd known this day would come since you were a child and learned you were the daughter of a king. knew you would be married off to a man in a foreign land for political gain and assurances of safety for your people. you'd prepared yourself for the eventuality that you would be given to a stranger, likely old and cruel and foul. you knew your fate would not be sweet.
you never expected this. you never expected him. a man with broad shoulders and golden hair and a kind face who laughs like claps of thunder and touches you with gentle hands. you never let yourself dream of this.
all there’s left to do is run
horse warlord thor finds you a captive in a raid of a desert village and gives you a choice. freedom by a quick death or taking his hand and going with him, to be his. you choose life, and with it, a husband who is wild and fierce and more than you could have ever imagined. [very rough dothraki AU]
tale as old as time
thor is a beast, prowling the halls of an empty castle alone, living a life of cold, barren solitude. villagers visit once yearly to bring him gifts he does not seek, piling valueless trinkets at his gate they feel will keep him appeased. they hate thor and thor knows, someday, that they will breach his gates and come for his head. he wonders to himself, often, if he will try to stop them when they do. this year, though, the offering has changed. thor finds not trinkets at his front gate, but a girl, and then everything begins to change. [a beauty and the beast AU]
Tumblr media
asgardian men and women normally fought battles side by side, so when the allfather strips away your opportunity to seek your revenge, you disguise yourself as a man. your pride prevents you from quitting, but how long can you keep your walls built up before someone sees through the cracks?
from the void, with love
a revisitation of a well-loved story; watch two forever-lovers fall in love again. canon divergent, set during loki (2020). 
of gilded cages and heart-shaped keys
loki odinson is the silver-tongued prince of asgard. a powerful user of magic, a wicked warrior in his own right — and, in an effort to strengthen relationships, your new husband.
Tumblr media
far from you (home)
y/n stark is really not here for this european school vacay because in this post-endgame world, she’s mourning the loss of her dad. but one (1) sticky boi peter parker is just trying to be the friend he once was while also trying not to flirt too much because if she rejects him (which she wouldn’t, not that he knows that) while they’re in venice holy hell he’ll just pitch himself off the gondola right then and there. basically, y/n has been distancing herself & peter misses her & this school trip is a great way for him to coax her back into the real world & y/n really loves peter but is super sensitive and scared to lose him & also mysterio shows up at some point ugh  @ nick fury leave ned leeds alone
something sinister → second installation of “far from you (home)”
y/n stark & peter parker are finally dating & they are all about it. senior year is only barely underway but they are ready to party hard with their friends, sneak around the compound to make out, & enjoy the last year before their future begins with college & more schooling. the future is unknown, but one thing is for sure - y/n & peter just want a freaking break. that field trip was a shit show & things are finally back to normal. but they’re both avengers & powerful ones at that, so they have to make some idiot enemies along the way that are obviously going to try & wreck their lives. villains really have no class anymore; can’t they see that peter just wants to snuggle his girlfriend?
secret wars → third installation of “far from you (home)”
all peter & y/n want to do is graduate college & get to work in the real world without any distractions. they just want to hang out with their friends, redecorate their apartment, & finally go on the spring break trip they’ve planned now for four (4) years that always ends up not happening. but of course when some weird stuff starts happening & avengers start going missing, the two youngest avengers have to get their shit together & figure out what the hell a beyonder is & where all their teammates are disappearing to. not to mention y/n is really done with the human torch trying to flirt with her boyfriend literally right in front of her like wtf does she have to do shove her tongue down peter’s throat in front of him? maybe. 
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weasleygirl7 · 5 months ago
A Glorious Purpose (Loki x Fem!Reader)
In which Loki watches his future and finds you play a much larger role than he had expected... SPOILERS FOR LOKI SERIES!!! Send any requests my way :) I’ve got some free time and I’m ready to WRITE!
Tumblr media
The screen showed a pixelated version of the Avengers… and you. You who he had seen mere hours ago fighting against him, and then whom he had seen two versions of. He had smelled the cologne of the two Tony’s, just as he had beheld the two Y/N’s.
He hadn’t originally noticed you dressed as a guard until he had heard the subtle, yet sharp intake of breath, a breath not all that different from the gasp he had made moments ago when seeing his mother on this damned screen, a gasp of pain. You were clearly older, a scar on your cheek that hadn’t been there mere moments ago at the top of Avengers tower as you had nudged Romanoff with a grin as you settled into the elevator. This older you had locked eyes with him for a fleeting second until being broken apart by the commotion of the Hulk smashing through the stairwell door and sending everyone scrambling.
It had struck him as odd at the time, yes, but he had been preoccupied with other details (such as escaping) rather than wondering why the mighty avengers had decided to play around with time. He’d had only a couple of conversations with you until now, and none of them entirely delightful seeing as you were on opposing sides, and the recognition held in future you’s eyes had unsettled him more than he’d care to say.
Glancing once more at the table before him, Loki pulled out a chair and sat. The round device before him was no more complicated than anything else he’d seen before, and a twist of a knob later, he was skipping through his life on film.
Stop. His mother, dead on the floor. His doing, according to Mobius. A manifestation of the pain and suffering he had been supposedly born to cause. A shuddering breath escaped him.
Twist. Images of Thor and... you for some reason flickered past like voices on the wind, glimpses of some life he had never lived, some life he was meant to live. And Odin, his... well, the closest thing to a father Loki had ever known.
Stop. “I love you, my sons.” He saw himself, an older Loki, beside his father. Another shuddering breath escaped him. My sons… Odin had seen this Loki, this version of him, as his true son. He had not hesitated, had not made him an afterthought behind Thor. Tears welled up in his vision, and try as he may, Loki could not stop them. “Remember this place. Home.” He watched as his father died before his very eyes, saw himself stand beside Thor as brothers once more, united in their grief. He saw You, coming to his side and placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.
Stop.  You, kissing him. His hands tangled in your hair. You pull away with a gasp for air, a smile playing on your lips as you trace a delicate hand across his cheek. “You are good, Loki Laufeyson, and you deserve good things.” His future self breaths a small laugh as he shakes his head, placing his hand atop your own. “You are the good in me, my love.”
Stop. Thor, his hair cut and trimmed short, staring at Loki with… love. “Loki, I thought the world of you. I thought we were gonna fight side by side forever.” Loki drew yet another shuddering breath and looked away. Forever.
Stop. You. You, on the Bifrost beside himself, Thor (missing an eye no less), and who appeared to be a Valkyrie from the stories his mother would tell them as children. You, weapon in hand and looking slightly worse for wear, sweat dripping down your face as you shot him a sly grin.
Stop.Thor, a newfound patch on his eye, turning. “Maybe you’re not so bad after all, brother.” A sly grin on his future self’s face as he replied, “Maybe not.” A thanks from Thor, his voice deep and true, “If you were here, I might even give you a hug.” Loki can’t stop the incredulous laugh from leaving his lips as he watches the scene before him. His soft brother, still soft. A quiet response from his future self, “I’m here.” A soft click indicating the opening of a door, laughter from offscreen. Your voice rings out playfully, “Oh please, don’t let me interrupt. I’d like to see this.” 
Stop. Himself, panting and suddenly thrusting a knife upwards at Thanos… who makes no movement of defense, a glittering gold gauntlet already adorning his fist. Loki’s smile falls into a grimace as realization strikes him. “Undying?” The giant asks and he hears scraping from the sidelines. A glance of his future self’s eyes turns the screen on you, beaten and bloody, struggling on your knees with a hand of one of Thanos’ children’s clamped tightly over your mouth. Tears fall from your eyes as you flail against their grip, fighting. This future Loki merely nods towards you. Thanos’ voice cuts through the silence.  “Undying? You should choose your words more carefully.”
Loki stands to his feet and watches as his future self is lifted into the air by the neck, choked forcefully. He sees himself struggle to no avail, his suffering long and drawn out. His words broken and strained, “You... will never be... a god.” The snap of his neck. His death. Gasping and taking frantic steps back, Loki watches as his brother and you grieve over his body. Thor crying silently while you frantically shake his body, begging him to wake up and come back to you.
An explosion marking the end of the tape. He scoffs, despair and regret boiling up in his chest.
A glorious purpose indeed.
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jedi-valkyrie · 23 days ago
how the avengers would react to sharing a bed
including: steve rogers, bruce banner, thor odinson, natasha romanoff, wanda maximoff, sam wilson, bucky barnes, and loki laufeyson
warnings: none! just cute shit and bad jokes
pairings: different avengers and gender neutral reader
can be read as platonic or romantic!
steve rogers:
literally living proof chivalry isn’t dead (just frozen for like 50 years) 
so he of course very adamantly said that he could sleep on the floor with one blanket, if you insist.
if you somehow convince him that maybe the floor won’t be comfortable and maybe it won’t help with his flashbacks, he’d curl on his side and make himself as small as he can next to you.
of course for a guy as huge as he is, that is not very small
you’d end up sleeping on his arm, faced smushed into his shoulder.
if he woke up before you, he wouldn’t move a muscle despite the obvious discomfort 
bruce banner:
it’s awkward. it’s bruce what’d you expect.
he’d say he can sleep on the floor and then mumble complaints about his back
if you got him to sleep on the bed he’d do the same thing cap did but he’d actually compress himself
there’s a full 3 feet in between you, it’s like he isn’t even there
probably talks in his sleep
natasha romanoff:
again, very comfortable
no argument
when you walk into the room it’s just a slightly annoyed sigh and then “right or left.”
she seems like a very independent sleeper
she has a quick night routine and barely has any time for tomfoolery 
if you want to be close to her, she’ll allow it, but probably won’t reciprocate 
besides playing with your hair, and maybe wrapping an arm around you but that’s it!!!
thor odinson:
he’s genuinely excited
he thinks if it as a sleepover, which makes it all the better
he tells you stories of asgard, very loudly
so loudly that tony bangs on the wall and tells you to shut up
he is insanely comfortable with you
if you wanna sleep literally on top of him? go for it! if you want your space? he’ll give you as much as he can without falling of the bed
the only con is that he snores so fucking loud it wakes you up
wanda maximoff:
wanda wouldn’t care unless you did
she’d set her stuff down, and look to you for what you wanted to do.
“we’re both adults, we can share a bed for a few hours,” is what she said when you asked if she cared
it’s a quiet, very calming night
wanda is just a calming presence in general
but if you have trouble sleeping she’ll sing to you, or stay up and watch a movie, or hell she’ll even switch some matter around with her powers to keep you company.
sam wilson:
again, he’d fight for the ground because your comfort is his biggest priority.
being in the same bed as sam basically turns into a very helpful therapy session
you could vent and he’d listen, or vice versa
it’s very comfortable, pleasant
he has a sort of way of making you feel safe.
he’d tell you stories about his family and his nephews and you could see the way that he’d light up talking about them
he’s such a caring person that whatever you wanted to do, he’d go for it
you want to cuddle? get right up close and personal, he’ll serve it back full force. 
you want your space? he’d leave a pillow or two in between you two just because as a decently large guy, he wants to make sure you're at ease
he loves being around people and he just wants to do whatever you see best
bucky barnes:
bucky would grunt and probably just assume he’d be on the ground
he probably would rather have the ground, beds are too soft
but if he did get up on the bed he’d probably just be someone there.
he’s not asleep, but not really doing anything, he’s just there
he’ll stay up as long as you are, and probably longer
he’d be awake when you fell asleep and awake when you woke up, which makes you a little concerned but unless he talks about it, you won’t.
he’d probably make a joke if you had some sort of nightly routine and generally be curious about what you were doing when you weren’t next to him.
he wouldn’t care if you fell asleep on his shoulder or really anywhere, he likes the warmth and if you’re comfortable he doesn’t care.
loki laufeyson:
this little bitch, he’d probably make a joke first thing
“i’m used to the ground, after all i’ve been in cells for most of my life”
if you tell him to sleep on the bed, he’d oblige. 
if you inquiry him, he’ll tell you tales of asgard, but opposed to thors loud ways, he’d tell them in a sensitive quiet tone
like bucky, he’d probably just watch while you got ready
not in a creepy way, more puzzled
being in the same bed as loki would probably turn out to be both of you in the dark, staring at the ceiling, asking existential questions back and forth and answering whatever you see fit
loki would sleep as stiff as a goddamn board, for literally no reason besides he thinks it’s comfortable 
if you were on top of him or near him by the morning, he wouldn’t mind- until you woke up. then he’d make it his personal mission to tease you as much as possible
note: this was so fun!! lmk if you want to see more of these! requests are very open!
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glacial-snowflakes · 4 months ago
Loki: *practicing compliments in front of a mirror*
Loki: Y/n, you look ravishing today... No.
Loki: You look beautif- No, too dull. They deserve more than that.
Loki: You look stunning!
Loki: NO!
Y/n: *passing by* It's true, you do.
Loki: ...
Loki: *internally screaming*
Part 2
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rootbeergoddess · 4 months ago
Already Taken
It’s 2am, I’m not great at editing but here is some Loki fluff because I’m still angry about the season finale and I just want Loki to be happy goddamnit.
Tumblr media
“You’re so cute!” You cooed, holding up the alligator.
The alligator seemed to smile, obviously enjoying the attention you were giving him. How could you not adore him? A little alligator with a little Loki crown? It was absolutely adorable.
Well, you found it adorable. Loki found it annoying.
Loki had always been a bit protective of you.  Being in the TVA hadn’t changed that, and being in the Void only made it worse. The three Lokis and the alligator had taken you to their hideaway and the other three kept looking at you. The young Loki was smitten obviously, while the other two seemed wistful.
“Whose a little baby?” You asked, holding up the alligator. “Whose a little baby?”
“Alright, that’s enough,” Loki said, stalking over to you. “Put that damn thing down.”
“Last time I checked, you’re not the boss of me,” You said playfully.
“I think he’s merely jealous, m’lady,” Boastful Loki said. “He seems to not enjoy sharing you.”
“Well, he’s going to have to get used to it. I’m adopting Alligator Loki now,” You said, holding the reptile.
“You are not keeping that thing!” Loki hissed.
“If the lady would like to keep a Loki as a pet, I wouldn’t mind volunteering,” The eldest Loki said with a grin.
“You’re bad,” You said with a giggle.
“Alright, alright, that is enough from all of you!” Loki grabbed the alligator out of your arms. “We’re leaving.”
“Loki, I---”
He grabbed your hand and started to pull you away. You looked back at the four other variants, offering an apologetic smile. However, Loki stopped when the entrance to the hideout started to open. He backed away, getting in a protective stance. The other Lokis quickly join him, making sure you’re as far away from the opening as possible. Even the alligator hissed as the hole opened up, and yet another Loki dropped in. He was wearing a tattered suit with a presidential pin that read ‘Loki’ and the signature horns.
“Well, well, well,” He said, grinning at the scene. “What do we have here?”
His eyes went to you, and he whistled.
“So it’s true. There’s someone in the Void who isn’t a Loki,” He said, his eyes going up and down your body. “Pretty, little thing too.”
“Keep your eyes to yourself,” Boastful Loki gripped his hammer.
“Oh, did I strike a nerve?” President Loki asked mockingly.
“Do not speak of the lady in such a manner,” Old Loki added. “She’s of no concern to you either way.”
“I don’t believe that,” President Loki’s eyes were glued to you. “I mean, it gets pretty lonely here in the Void, don’t you think?  I could use a bit of company.”
“Sorry, already taken,” You said, taking your Loki’s hand.
“Taken? Oh, dearest,” President Loki chuckled. “You’re acting as if you have any say in the matter.”
You never knew how fast alligators were until you saw Alligator Loki speed towards the president, jump up and clamp down on his arm. He screamed in pain, trying desperately to get the creature off him. Boastful Loki took this as an opportunity to charge forward, hammer out.
“You two need to go,” Kid Loki said. “There’s another way out. Follow me.”
“But what about them?” You said.
“They’ll be fine, my lady, but you two need to get out of here,” The eldest Loki said. “Please, stay safe.”
Loki took your hand, and the two of you followed the child out of the underground bunker. Once you got out, the two of you kept running until you were sure you were safe. Exhausted, you collapsed on the ground against an abandoned car.
“Are you alright, darling?” Loki asked his hand on your face.
“Yes,” You said, squeezing his hand. “What about you?”
“Who cares about me?” Loki said, pressing his forehead against yours. “I’m more worried about you.”
“Really? I thought you were angry at me,” You said.
“No,” Loki chewed his lip. “Alright, I was a bit jealous of the lizard.”
“Alligator,” You corrected.
“You were fawning over it,” Loki ignored your comment. “Cooing at it as if it was a babe and acting as if you had never seen anything so adorable.”
“Loki,” You squeezed his hand again, and he looked at you. “Were you afraid I’d like the alligator more than you?”
“Loki, come on.”
“Yes,” Loki sighed. “Love, you have to understand something. You’re so wonderfully amazing and bright. You’re a light in the darkness; people are drawn to you. I’m selfish, and I want your light to be only for me. When others try to get close, I panic.”
“Oh, Loki,” You pulled him close to you. “You know I love you, right?”
“So trust in me and my love,” You said. “Just because I was fawning over the alligator doesn’t mean I love you any less.”
“You called it a baby,” Loki pouted slightly.
“What, does the almighty Loki want to be called a baby?” You teased. “You’re my baby, if that means anything.”
Loki smiled and kissed your lips.
“It means the world.”
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spilledkauffie · 4 months ago
He’s Me, She’s Mine
Pairing: Loki(s) x Female!Reader Word Count: 1.6k T/W: none A/N: okay, this was fun to write 
Loki taglist // @y-napotat ❤︎ @elainavmarie ❤︎ @thefandomchoosesthewizard
P.s. pleaseeee don’t take this too seriously— this is just for fun!
Tumblr media
It was quiet when you woke up. The dull, bleak light caused you to blink your eyes at the dark clouds forming overhead; coming to only reminded you of the bizarre feeling still washing through you, and with that you placed a hand on your head, wincing at the mild pain. Flat on your back, you were staring straight up at the storm brewing coldly. You weren’t sure if it was the atmosphere or your mind that was so foggy after that unique experience, but within minutes you heard your name being shouted from a distance by a familiar voice.
“Loki?” you shot up into a sitting position, hand still on your head, as you looked about for the source of the voice, to your shock and mild fright, you found several figures approaching you. 
“Darling. . .Darling,” Loki panted, making his way up a hill, before dropping on his knees beside you. 
He took your hand in his and supported your back with his free hand, whilst looking over you for any serious injuries. 
“What happened?” you groaned, “am I- are we dead?”
“No,” Loki immediately assured you, “but-”
“But?!” You almost yelled out of disbelief that there was yet again more danger on the way.
“But you could be soon,” a tall, aged figure appeared with a mini entourage.
You took a moment to eye over everything before you, why were they all dressed like Loki, how did they all get here, how did you get here? They all looked friendly enough, but you weren’t exactly sure how to take it all in just yet. Maybe you’d hit your head harder than you realised, and this was all a hallucination?
“Many questions you have,” a short figure spoke confidently, “but we need to move.” 
The kid looked to Loki for assistance and he helped you to your feet, still maintaining your hand in his gently. You jumped back a little when you caught sight of something moving near your feet, but relaxed at the sight of a little alligator looking up at you with what you swore was a smile; you managed a smile back.
“Pardon him,” the eldest individual took the gator into his arms, setting him inside a side satchel, “Loki at your service,” he introduced himself, causing you to blink a few times confused at the introduction. 
“I am too at your service,” a handsome, broad individual with fur trim adorning his shoulders stepped forward, tossing a hammer he held onto his shoulder.
“Likewise, a pleasure, milady,” the youngest Loki smirked, taking your hand and pressing a kiss to the top of it. 
You tilted your head shocked at the civility of them all. 
“Alright enough,” your Loki interrupted the fawning, not because he believed you didn’t deserve it, but because he couldn’t believe he was getting jealous of himself. Taking your hand in his again, he began to ask if anyone had a plan, as the dark cloud descended from the sky nearby.
“Follow us,” the eldest Loki said with a nod of his head. 
On the walk through the wasteland, you quirked your lips and whispered to your Loki, “So. . .they're all you?”
“Well,” he began in an inhale, “yes, I suppose they are all variants of myself, but I’ve never met them before, I didn’t even know they existed until now.” 
You nodded, observing them all, as they kindly gestured for you to follow them down what appeared to be a bunker hole. Each assisting you down, at least one had a hand extended to you for nearly each rung you climbed, you were a bit flustered at how taken they all were with you. As they settled in, you noticed little things in each of them that you’d seen before in your own Loki, it caused you to smile, because they were none the wiser. 
Feeling something cold brush against your ankle you looked down to see the little alligator waddling his way past you. Following his trail, a kiddie pool came into sight and you gasped quietly at how cute he was tottling over the edge and leaving his tail half in and half out of the water. You couldn’t help yourself when he looked up to you with a puppy-ish face that you’d absolutely seen before.
“Darling be careful,” Loki said cautiously, attempting to reach you before you managed to get down to the level of the gator dwelling in his pool, “he could be dangerous.”
“Dangerous?” you chuckled, looking over your shoulder with a smile, “he’s you.”
The surrounding Loki’s snickered, as your Loki sighed, dropping his shoulders exhausted by everything surrounding him in the moment. The fellow Lokis explained that the little beast was really harmless to those he was comfortable around, more of a guard dog than anything. Regardless, he still kept an eye on you, uncertain of this reptile version of himself, he expected it was unpredictable, as they all were. 
“Oh you’re adorable,” you spoke, almost speaking as you would to a baby when you reached your hand out to pet the gator between his two little golden horns.
“I bet you he hasn’t had that kind of attention in…” the older Loki paused, smiling at your willingness to give such a creature genuine attention.
“Pshh! A slimy one like him?” the boastful one laughed at his reptilian counterpart, “I bet you he’s never had that kind of attention!”
This clearly upset the little gator, as he began to hiss. You moved out of his way and soon enough he was out of his pool attempting to attack the individual who made the comment. Your jaw dropped at the utter chaos that transpired within a matter of seconds. All Lokis were up and attempting to lend their aid to the situation. Next thing you knew the gator was tossed back into his pool, water slightly splashing up at you upon his impact. Your Loki looked absolutely exasperated with the whole scene, meanwhile the elder laughed as he took a swig from a chalice filled with wine. You turned your attention back to the reptile who was busy trying to turn himself around in his wading pool.
“Oh my goodness, Loki! Just look at his little crown,” you gasped, “it’s tied onto his head!”
Your Loki rolled his eyes, shocked and heartbroken that you were obsessing over a lizard more than him in the current situation. However, it wasn’t all that long before another episode of chaos brought you closer to him again, there was a sound of sawing and hammering coming from the port that you had all entered through. The sharp pang of the hammer matched the rhythm of your nervous pulse. You made your way over to Loki, quickly standing behind him. The others all took a defensive stance as well.
Suddenly there was a flood of Lokis, all from various pasts and realities. You were trying to process what exactly was happening, but you were also entertained by trying to figure out where and when each one would have been most likely to come from. An act of treason was happening, you were fairly certain, but that didn’t shock you all that much considering you were surrounded by Lokis. Your Loki in the meantime found the elder and asked what exactly was happening, as it all turned to a brawl. 
“Wait, wait, wait,” the leader of the group yelled, stepping forward, slowly making his way to where you were standing in front of a random popcorn machine. As he came closer you backed up in small steps, feeling a whole new kind of dark dominating presence about him. There was a darkness in his eyes, a growl in his voice, and a glimmer of interest.
Upon looking him over you had to stifle a giggle seeing the “Vote for Loki” pin, a brief thought crossed your mind: your Loki as president, it was humorous. 
“Something funny?” He asked with a dip of his head.
Meeting his eyes, you once again found it hard to breathe, let alone speak, “n-no.”
He came closer still, until you backed into the glass with missing lettering for “popcorn” across it. There was apparently no sense of personal space with this Loki and you hadn’t decided how you were feeling about it.
“Is she one of us?” he asked no one in particular. 
“No,” your Loki stepped beside him, realizing the situation, “she is with me though.” 
“Ahh,” the variant attempting an overthrow mused at you, eyes flickering about every inch of your features, “so. . .are you with him then?”
You swallowed harshly, attempting to deny a blush inevitably working its way up to your cheeks.
“I literally just said that,” Loki began again, but he was being completely ignored. 
“You know,” the other Loki stroked a finger along your cheek, “if you’re with him, you could be with me, since He’s me.” 
“Alright, that’s it, I will accept that you’re me and he’s me,” your Loki began confronting this variant, “but she’s mine,” you were suddenly yanked his direction by your arm, and soon enough you were hiding behind a Loki from a Loki surrounded by other Lokis, again. 
That was enough to resume the fight with punches flying, gators chomping, and sheer anarchy everywhere, until the older Loki called the two of you away from the action, protecting you with his illusions, projections, and magic.
“Wow,” you said watching all the Lokis, whilst amazed at the magic the eldest Loki was conjuring for your safe escape, “now I see why there should only be one of you in one place at a time.”
Rolling his eyes with a sigh, Loki grasped your wrist, “come on.”
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I Can't Lose You Again (Part One)
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Requests are OPEN!
Pairings - Loki x Reader
Requested - Yes - Anon - Loki x reader where the reader is being held prisoner at the TVA because she knows Loki better than anyone else - the rest is up to you. Thank you!!!
Prompts - none
A/N - If you want a part two to this/want to be tagged in part two, let me know! Spoilers for the first two episodes of Loki.
Tumblr media
“Who was she?” Loki asked as the reel came to an end.
He had just witnessed his entire life play out before him, ending long before it should have and having accomplished nothing he thought he wanted. He recognised nearly everyone shown, his mother, father, the Avengers, Thor…but there was a woman that he had no recollection of, clearly not yet meeting her but important enough to his future self for her to be included.
“She was one of the few people who saw the good in you. One of the very few people who thought you could be more than the villain, who saw the potential in you.” Mobius said, causing him to screw his eyes shut and shake his head.
“As if there could ever be such a person.” Loki scoffed. He knew what he was, the film reel only highlighted that.
“Her name is Y/N. Thor brought her to Asgard during your time spent there as prisoner. She wandered down to your cell despite being told never to go by Odin. She was there for the battle, saw all the destruction and chaos but still she asked you for your side of the story.” Mobius said, pausing as Loki interrupted him.
“Why on Earth would she ask for my side of the story?” Loki asked bitterly, his eyes still wet with tears.
“That’s exactly what you asked her.” Mobius smiled, “You dismissed her, told her to leave but she didn’t listen. She stayed and sat with you in silence and continued to do so as the days went on, sometimes she brought books and read to you. Eventually you caved and told her your side of it. Somehow she decided that you weren’t all bad.”
“Then she is a fool.” Loki snarled, finally turning to face mobius.
“A fool,” Mobius chuckled fondly, “I don’t think so, I think once upon a time she was the villain and she was given a second chance. I think that made her kinder. Besides, she’s a fool you love more than anything, she’s a fool you lived for, a fool you would’ve died for without hesitation.”
Loki stayed silent for a few moments, processing the information. It seemed utterly impossible for anybody to love him, the thought of it was ridiculous. How could someone see good in him, he was the villain…he was always destined to be the villain.
“What happened to her?” Loki asked eventually.
“After Thanos was defeated and the Avengers brought everybody back, she hoped you’d be brought back too. When you weren’t, she was lost, broken. She had lost the one person who truly believed in her and she couldn’t deal with it. She used the time machine and went back to the moment before Thanos attacked you, she tried to warn you, she tried to change the future but that future couldn’t be changed.”
“What happened to her?” Loki asked again, this time more harshly, a dangerous edge to his tone.
“The TVA stepped in; she was to be pruned but then the decision was changed. We’ve been looking into you for a very long time, needing information and trust me when I say nobody knows a Loki better than Y/F/N Y/L/N.” Mobius said with a smile that Loki didn’t understand.
“She’s here?” He asked instead.
“She’s here.” Mobius confirmed.
“You dare to hold her here, for what? Because she knows me? Let her go.” Loki ordered, stepping close to Mobius who just chuckled in response.
“If it makes you feel better, she hasn’t given up any information about you. Refuses to speak to any of us, so they put her in a time cell hoping that’ll convince her to talk but I don’t think it’ll do any good. Even when she knows you’re dead, she’s still protecting you, consequences be damned.”
Loki thought she sounded foolish, to you he was dead, why wouldn’t you bargain for your own life? Give them information and make them let you go. A small part of him was pleased though, loyalty like that was almost impossible to come by.
That small part of him wanted to know you but he knew that was impossible.
Loki sighed, too quiet for Mobius to hear, before taking a seat on the step.
“I can’t go back, can I?” He asked, knowing the answer. He was never going to get to experience the things he’d seen. “Back to my timeline.”
Mobius looked at him, he really did sympathise with the God, watching how you had held up against the interrogations for him, well he must have been worth it.
In a moment of weakness, Loki confessed everything that only he knew…well things he hadn’t told you yet at least. He admitted that he didn’t enjoy hurting people, didn’t enjoy being the villain, admitted how weak he felt so conjured fear to feel powerful, he explained everything to Mobius, he explained the illusions, how he wanted to control.
“You do know yourself.” Mobius said, pleasure in his voice.
“A villain.” Loki admitted in defeat.
“That’s not how I see it.” Mobius said, watching as Loki looked down, not giving away what he felt about that statement. “That’s not how she saw it either.”
“I can’t offer you salvation,” Mobius told him, “but maybe I can offer you something better. Like I said we’re holding Y/N here because she knows Loki’s better than anybody.”
“What do you mean ‘Loki’s?” He asked, it hadn’t occurred to him that the plural had been used earlier either.
“A fugitive Variant’s been killing our Minutemen.“ Mobius told him, causing Loki to raise his eyebrows.
"And you need the God of Mischief to help you stop him?” He asked as he stepped closer to Mobius
“That’s right.” He nodded.
“Why me?”
“Because” Mobius began, “the Variant we’re hunting is you.” Loki’s eyebrows raised in confusion at this.
“I beg your pardon?” Loki said, they were hunting him?
Loki agreed to help and was quickly tasked with watching educational videos about the TVA, their policies and protocols but his mind kept wandering back to you. You were here somewhere, risking your life by withholding information. He admired you more than he wanted to admit and knew he had to meet you.
“Hey.” Mobius greeted as he walked up to his desk to see Loki sat with his feet up.
Before he could say anything else Loki spoke:
“I went to see her.”
It wasn’t a surprising statement to Mobius, in fact he’d been waiting for Loki to ask since he first heard about you. After the first outing with Loki to track the Variant down, he admitted he was growing fond of the God, so despite restrictions he nodded.
“I thought you might want to. Leave it to me, I’ll sort something out.”
You sat on the floor, eyes dry as you’d long ran out of tears.
It isn’t real.
You kept repeating the statement to yourself, not wanting to forget. It was so easy to forget that this wasn’t real. If you let yourself you could pretend Loki was alive, you could give in and lose yourself forever in this fake world they had conjured up for you.
Somehow you resisted, though as the days dragged on it was getting harder.
Every few minutes the scene would reset itself when you didn’t play your part.
Loki would stroll in through the door, calling out for you.
You remembered the moment they were playing for you, you were supposed to meet him at the door and he would bring you in for a soft kiss. He had had a long day at the Grandmaster’s side, playing his part so the two of you could escape.
It had been weeks since you had first arrived, breathing a sigh of relief when Loki stood in front of you. You were welcomed immediately once the Grandmaster found out you knew Loki and since then he had been working his way up in the man’s good graces.
After the two of you pulled away from each other you were supposed to go over to the sofa where Loki would wrap you up in his arms, tucking you in so your head rested under his chin. He’d place soft kisses on your forehead and let his fingers dance along your skin.
It was a moment of peace for the pair of you.
Then the scene diverged from how it should of continued, instead Loki told you how you were merely a pawn in his game, you had run your course and he no longer needed you, he told you how glad he was to be rid of you, how you were a villain just like him, he told you to stop playing the hero, reminded you of all the people you’d hurt, all the lives you ruined until you couldn’t take it anymore.
Right now, Loki was berating you, you wanted to cry, you wanted to scream and punch the walls and beg him to stop. You had done all of that in the early days and it made no difference, the scene always played on no matter how much you begged.
They said if you told them about Loki they’d let you go but you refused to talk. He might be dead but according to them there were other Loki’s out there and whilst none would ever come close to your Loki, you wouldn’t betray any of them.
You didn’t know how much time had passed, it could’ve been mere minutes or years, but the orange light appeared in the shape of a doorway and a man was stepping through.
You liked him. He was always nice to you even though you knew it frustrated him when you wouldn’t give any information up, he never hurt you like the others.
“Hello Y/N.” He said, his voice soft and smile friendly.
“Mobius.” You greeted, voice empty of emotion.
Mobius hated seeing you like this, he really did. He remembered you when they first brought in, so full of fight and spirit. Seeing you this broke didn’t sit right with him.
“C’mon.” He said, holding out a hand for you to grab, frowning when you flinched.
After an awkward pause you did take the offered hand and let Mobius take you through the doorway.
“No.” You said as you stepped out, turning to go back through the door but it was already closed.
“Y/N,” Mobius began, his voice changing to resemble that of how someone would talk to a frightened animal.
“No, not here, only in there,” you said, gesturing to the empty space where the door was only moments before. “He’s never here.”
“Y/N, this is Loki.” Mobius tried again but before he got the chance to give you an explanation, you exploded.
“My Loki is dead, Mobius!” You yelled pushing Mobius away, the fight you had thought long gone coming back stronger than ever, you felt the anger build inside of you, it felt like it was going to burn you alive. You hadn’t cried in a long time but the tears came pouring down rapidly now. “He’s dead, I watched him die! So don’t stand there and tell me he’s my Loki. Whatever kind of torture this is, it won’t work. You hear me, I hope the Loki your tracking finds you first, I hope he burns this place to the ground.” Despite the anger and the yelling, Mobius couldn’t help but smile as you echoed some of Loki’s first words to him.
“Y/N, is it?” Loki said, taking a hesitant step towards you.
You turned away from him, refusing to play whatever game Mobius had set up.
“I’m afraid I don’t quite know what to say, it feels like you know everything about me and I so little about you.” Loki confessed, he really was at a loss but seeing you so sad, so broken, so tortured…it pained him.
“You’re not my Loki.” You whispered harshly, though it sounded like you were trying to convince yourself rather than him.
“No, I’m afraid I’m not, for I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you yet. Though I do envy my future self for having got so much time with you but perhaps it was better that way, I don’t think you would have liked this version of me as much.” Loki was shocked to find he believed the words wholeheartedly.
“You’re not my Loki.” Was your only reply.
“I know.” Loki repeated. “I am from your timeline though. I’m the Loki that just lost to the Avengers in New York.” Here he watched as you looked to Mobius, who gave you a sincere smile whilst nodding.
Then you turned to look at him.
“2012 Loki?” You asked, wiping at your eyes.
“Yes. I was captured and Thor was ready to take me to Asgard when the tesseract was released and I made my escape.” He watched as you played the information over in your head, matching it up with events you remembered.
“That’s when the TVA got you?” You asked, hesitant to believe it but Mobius was the only one who hadn’t lied to you yet.
“That’s when the TVA got me.” Loki confirmed, shooting you a small smile. “I heard they got you because you tried to save me.”
“Tried being the key word,” you scoffed, “I was so close, but they whisked me away and reset the timeline. I’ve been here ever since.”
“Staying loyal to a dead man?” Loki asked, causing you to smile.
“My Loki might be dead but there are other Loki’s out there, I refuse to betray any of them, especially one causing the TVA so much trouble.” You said, missing the way Mobius grinned.
“Your Loki must have meant an awful lot to you to inspire so much loyalty.”
“My Loki meant everything to me.” Was your reply.
There was a pause in the room and Mobius was quick to gesture to the chairs around the table. You hesitated for a moment which Loki noticed and he moved to pull a chair out for you. You couldn’t help but smile at him, the gesture was something you had become so used to, God you missed him.
“So, this Variant?” Loki asked, looking away from you to Mobius.
The three of you spent the next few hours going over the information the TVA had on the Variant and if Loki moved closer to you…well who could possibly blame him?
“Oh, my goodness. Don’t tell me the Variant ambushed and killed another team of Minutemen?” Here Loki paused to let out an exaggerated gasp causing you to laugh silently into the palm of your hand. “And stole their reset charge as well.” You couldn’t help but let out a snort of laughter causing Loki to grin widely before the two of you were shushed.
You both froze as you locked eyes with Loki, you raised your eyebrow at him causing him to smirk. Slowly he turned around to see the librarian and shushed her back.
You couldn’t have wiped the smile off of your face if you tried.
“Wait, I’ve got it!” Loki exclaimed after a long silence were the two of you continued reading the files Mobius had left.
“What?” You asked, looking up at him.
You watched as Loki scooped the folders up before reaching a hand out to you, you didn’t hesitate as you took it and let him pull you along.
“Where are we going?” You laughed.
“To show Mobius.” He told you, looking back to smile at you before hurrying over to Mobius who was sitting with a lunch tray.
“I found something.” Loki said, placing the files on the table and taking a seat, dragging you into the seat next to him, so close your knees brushed together.
Mobius ignored his words as he replied, “No, I said don’t bother me until you’ve read all the files.”
“We have read them all.” You and Loki said together, pausing to look at each other with small smiles and turning back to Mobius who watched the two of you with a raised eyebrow.
It wasn’t long before you were hiding a smile as Loki demonstrated how his theory worked using Mobius’ salad as Asgard and another worker’s drink and some salt. One of the many things you loved about Loki was how expressive he was when he was explaining something, especially when it was something he was passionate about. The hand gestures, the demonstrations, even just how elegantly he spoke…you loved watching him talk like this. There was an ache in your chest at seeing this again, but you managed to push it aside.
“There’s the apocalypse.” Loki said with a proud smile.
“That’s the apocalypse?” Mobius asked looking down at his, now ruined, lunch.
“If everything around you is destined to lead up to that one moment then whatever you do won’t have an impact,” You said looking from the salad to Loki who was nodding at you with a pleased expression, “right?”
“Exactly!” He exclaimed. “So, the Variant hides out in these apocalypses,”
“And nobody would ever know because whatever that Loki is doing can’t affect anything, whatever they do doesn’t stop the apocalypse.” You finished and Loki looked so pleased as he turned to face you.
“Not bad.” Mobius said, causing you and Loki to quickly look away from each other, making Mobius chuckle.
As Loki and Mobius tested the apocalypse theory out, you were forced to stay behind. Whilst you were allowed to help out with the research work, Renslayer had denied you access to leave the TVA.
You were sort of glad for the opportunity to be alone. Seeing Loki again was hard, he was so much like your Loki which made sense because technically he was your Loki just an earlier version of him. His mannerisms were so similar that sometimes you had to pause to catch your breath as the ache in your chest grew.
Sometimes Mobius sent Loki on a task when he saw you were getting overwhelmed and in the few minutes of Loki’s absence, Mobius would sit with you and talk just above a whisper, sometimes he praised you, sometimes he told you stories, whatever he did always grounded you and you were so thankful to the man.
Some days it was almost like the time cell they had you in were you just wanted to pretend that he was the Loki you knew, pretend that he knew you too. You wanted him to wrap his arms around you and just let the world fall away. It would’ve been so easy to do it but you pushed through it and carried on with the helping find the other Loki.
“So, tell me where you’re going again.” You asked Loki as Mobius spoke with somebody.
“Earth, more precisely Haven Hills, Alabama, 2050. It’s a corporate town owned by Roxxcart until it’s wiped out by a hurricane.” Loki told you.
“And that’s where you think Loki’s hiding?” Loki looked at you watching as you nervously bit your lip. He frowned seeing how worried you were.
“Hey,” Loki said, placing his hand under your chin and guiding you to look up at him. He let his palm rest against your cheek. “What’s wrong?”
You sighed as you let your eyes fall closed. You didn’t know what was wrong, you just knew something didn’t feel right.
“What if something goes wrong?” You asked instead of answering.
“It’s going to be fine.” Loki assured you with a small smile but you just shook your head before moving away from him to pace.
“You don’t know that Loki, you don’t know it’ll be fine!” You exclaimed, causing Loki’s eyes to widen in concern.
“Hey, hey, hey,” Loki whispered as he reached for you, pulling you close so that your head rested on his chest. He felt you tense up for a moment before relaxing into him and he let his hand rub comfortingly up and down your back. “Tell me what’s wrong, darling.”
That seemed to be the final straw for you and before Loki knew it you were sobbing into his chest, gripping him tightly like he’d disappear if you let go.
“It’s ok, you’re ok.” Loki continued to whisper soothing words into your hair as he held you.
Mobius turned to call Loki over, the task force ready to leave but when he saw the two of you huddled together he gestured for everyone to move away to give the two of you some privacy.
“Tell me what’s wrong, love, so I can fix it.” Loki said after you began to calm down. He pulled you away from him, frowning as you whimpered but relaxed as he just wiped your tears away, keeping you close the entire time.
“The last time I…” You trailed off, taking a shaky breath, “The last time I lost you, you told me everything would be fine. You were lying of course; you knew you were lying but I didn’t. I didn’t know just how bad it would be and now you’re going to face another Loki, one who has been avoiding and killing minutemen for longer than I’ve been alive. I can’t lose you again, I can’t lose you.” You rushed out, your voice breaking at the end as another round of tears fell from your eyes.
Loki paused for a moment and just watched you, feeling his heart clench in sympathy. He hated his future self for dying, for leaving you alone but he also knew how much he loved Thor, he’d rather the both of you live without him than him having to live without either of you. Maybe that made him selfish but he could see why his future self had made the sacrifice.
“I’m sorry, darling,” He said as he pulled you back into his arms, “I’m so sorry that you were left alone, believe me if I could change it I would no matter what I had to do but if it comes down to you or me, I’m always going to choose you. I know that after only knowing you for a short amount of time so the Loki you spent years with….well I can see why he wouldn’t hesitate. You can come with us, I’ll convince Mobius, if it’ll make you feel better, but everything really is going to be ok.” Loki promised as he placed a kiss on the top of your head.
As he turned his head, he saw Mobius who gestured that they needed to go. Silently, he pointed to you and then to Mobius, pleading with the man to let you go. He watched as Mobius frowned before looking down the hallway and back to the two of you before reluctantly nodding and mouthing “quickly.”
“Let’s go.” Loki said as he linked your hands together and led you to the task force.
Mobius smiled at you softly and you mouthed a thank you towards him before you were all being ushered through the doorway.
The rain was…well it was apocalyptic. You watched as Loki looked up at the sky as it thundered dangerously with a small smile, your Loki did that too, just looked up at the sky and thought of Thor when the weather was stormy.
Once the task force was inside Loki used his magic to dry the two of you off causing you to jump slightly, it had been so long since you’d been around magic.
“Thank you.” You said and Loki just smiled down at you.
“The hell was that?” One of the agents asked, causing Loki to grin cheekily.
“That was me using magic to dry our clothes so we don’t announce ourselves with every squeaky footstep like the rest of you.” You couldn’t help but snort, causing Hunter B-15 to glare at you.
“Take both teams and sweep the storm shelter.” She said to the rest of the task force and everyone was quick to move.
“Loki and I are gonna check out the Green House. We’ll meet…” Mobius began but was quickly cut off by Hunter B-15.
“No?” He asked in confusion
“You go with D-90 and take Y/L/N with you. He stays with me.” She said, causing Loki to glance first at Mobius then you, you watched him with a concerned look but eventually nodded.
Mobius and Hunter B-15 bickered back and forth before Loki cut in.
“Mobius, it’s fine. It’s fine. You can trust me. I understand I have to earn that, so, I will.” He said, again looking from Mobius to you. You smiled at him, causing him to smile back.
“Why is it the people you can’t trust are always saying, “Trust me”?” Mobius muttered to you before turning to Hunter B-15, “Okay, try to hang on to your Time Collar this time. We’ll see you in the showroom.”
And with that everyone went their separate ways.
“You can trust him, you know.” You told Mobius once you were far away enough from the others.
“No, you can trust him.” Mobius said with a fond smile. “Me however, well we’ll see.”
The two of you walked behind the group following as they led you into a room full of people seeking refuge.
“Check the bag for reset chargers.” One of the hunters said and everyone was quick to set to work as the people around you panicked.
“Hey! These people are scared.” Mobius snapped at one of the hunters who was being particularly vicious towards the people, looking at him now you recognised him as one of your harsher interrogators.
“They’re about to die. They should be scared.” He snapped back causing your eyes to widen in horror at the harshness.
“Not of us.” Mobius said calmly.
“Please we’ve got women and children.” A man said as he gently grabbed your arm and pleaded with you. You looked at him with tears in your eyes.
“I’m so sorry.” You whispered before Mobius led you away. “You’re really going to let these people die?”
“Our job isn’t to save them.” Mobius said sadly, sympathising with you. The first few missions are always the hardest.
“No,” You scoffed as you moved away from him, “your job is to make sure they die.” You hissed before stalking out of the room.
Tears made their way down your face as you left the room but you angrily brushed them away as you tried to find Loki. You had always thought something seemed off with the TVA but seeing their work up close made you nauseous.
A thud snapped you out of your thoughts and you peeked around a corner just in time to see Hunter B-15 hit the floor. You spared her little thought; Mobius would find her and instead you followed Loki.
You saw Loki standing alone but talking to somebody.
“I see, that’s your plan, lure us all here so you can blow the place up.”
You watched as a giant of a man came from nowhere and kicked Loki in the chest sending him flying backwards. The man, a Loki perhaps?, just thanked him for helping stall for time before hitting him again sending him further back. Loki used his magic but still the man showed no signs of slowing down.
“Stop hiding.” Loki commanded, causing you to raise an eyebrow. More than likely the Loki variant then, hiding in the bodies of refugees.
A sick feeling suddenly came over you as you watched the Loki variant choke Loki, images of Thanos and Loki invaded your mind and it took everything for you to stay quiet.
You breathed a sigh of relief as he let Loki go though it was short lived as Loki went flying again, smashing into one of the stands.
The Loki variant’s eyes turned green before the man hit the floor with a laugh, suddenly there was a hooded figure with glowing green hands standing behind him. As Loki’s voice bounced around the room, the Loki variant pulled his hood down.
There stood a woman. Loki in her true form.
“This isn’t about you.” She snarled.
“Right.” Loki said, sounding dubious before the power shut down. The last thing you saw was a smirk on the Loki variant’s face.
The lighting turned red as the Loki variant picked up a tempad, you watched as the familiar orange doorway appeared and that bad feeling you had about Loki coming here grew painfully.
This wasn’t going to end well for anybody.
She waved at Loki before stepping through the doorway and moments later Mobius, Hunter B-15 and another Hunter where running down the hallway shouting for Loki to stop.
“Loki, wait!” Mobius pleaded and Loki actually looked torn before shaking his head and walking towards the door.
“Loki!” You yelled, finally stepping out from behind one of the isles.
Here Loki paused before turning to you, his eyes were wide as he looked at you and, in that moment, you knew what would happen.
“Please.” You whispered and he looked crushed.
Mobius was near him now, nearly within distance to grab him, to push him away from that damned doorway but he was too late.
‘I’m sorry darling.’ Loki mouthed before he ran through the doorway.
The orange faded to nothing just as Mobius reached it and you could do nothing but stare at the doorway with an aching heart.
Read part two here!
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weasleywinchester · 4 months ago
Can I Keep Him?
Tumblr media
Loki x Reader
Hey fam, so we have all been changed by the one and only Alligator Loki. He's just too cute (those horns?), too sassy (those grumbles) and I want to carry him like a baby all day every day. SO I immediately had to write something, enjoy.
Everything hurts and everything is dark. You follow each nerve ending in your body, flexing from your fingertips to your toes. Taking a steady breath in, you open your eyes. They’re met with the sight of a stormy sky, clouds in a constant movement with small sparks of purple lightning running through them.
“Am I dead?” You ask the sky, a distant rumble is the only answer you get. You sit yourself up, realizing you’ve been thrown into a grassy hillside. You quickly scan your surroundings but there’s no sign of life, just what looks to be a crumbling city.
“Loki?” you shout, waiting a few seconds before shouting again. Well fuck. You dust yourself off, walking up the hill to gain some higher ground. Something in the air changes, the wind starts whipping your hair and the constant rumble becomes louder. You turn to see the clouds amassing into the shape of a beast, taller than any building you’ve ever seen.
“Shelter… shelter now!” You scramble to the top of the hill, thankful that a pipe sticking out of the ground has a liftable lid. You slip inside, listening to the rumble move away from your hiding spot. You climb down the ladder, the feeling of eyes watching you making the hair on your arms stand up. You slowly turn around, coming face to face with
“Loki!” You shout, leaping into his arms.
“Darling, what are you doing here?” He finally moves his arms to hug you around the waist, bewildered that he gets to hold your once more.
“Apparently following you beyond the end of time.” You laugh, giving him a tight smile and pointing with your eyes at the small crowd watching you. “You going to introduce me to your friends?” You say through your teeth. He frowns, and then remembers you haven’t been his little shadow this whole time.
“Right.” He clears his throat, turning to the group. “Well, this is Loki, and Loki...” he points to each one.
And then you see him, letting out a gasp that makes Loki jump.
“WHO IS THAT?” You squeal, sliding down the hill to the kiddy pool.
“Darling, be careful.” Loki sighs, putting his arms out like a parent chasing after a toddler.
“He’s SO CUTE!” You squat next to the pool to get a closer look at the little alligator.
“He’s, apparently, also a Loki.” Loki grimaces. The three other Loki’s come to stand beside him, marveling at you.
“They’re the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen.” Classic Loki states, the other two nodding in agreement. Loki looks between the three, and then at you; and it is true, you are the most beautiful creature out there.
“Why are they hanging out with a douche canoe like you?” Kid Loki snorts.
“Can I hold him?” You look up at Loki, your eyes going round as saucers. He rolls his eyes, giving you an exasperated huff, you never cease to be ridiculous.
“Look! He’s climbing in my lap!” You point, giving Loki an even bigger smile.
“He says you may hold him.” Classic Loki smiles at you as you drag the alligator into your lap.
“You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” You tell Alligator Loki, gently running your fingers along his back. He grumbles, which you take as a good sign. Loki huffs in annoyance, is he second best to this small beast now?
“Look how cute his horns are.” you coo, your fingers lightly tracing the curve of each horn.
“Be careful with the word cute, most Loki’s don’t like that.” Kid Loki comes to sit next to you. He gently pats Alligator Loki, who gives him a happy grumble. “Although, he says he doesn't mind being called cute by you.”
You smile at Kid Loki, maybe you’ll be able to communicate with Alligator Loki one day… You sit up straight and spin yourself to face Loki.
“Can we keep him?” You ask, scrunching your face in the perfectly cute way. Loki clenches his jaw and sighs, throwing his head back in defeat.
“Fine. But if he bites me...” He warns, smiling at your squeal in delight
“Ah, yes. Not so good a bargain. How about this one? My army, my throne? About that.”President Loki grins at Boastful Loki. You share a look with Loki, both knowing full well that double crossing the God of Mischief is never a good idea, let alone if it’s against a different variant.
“Why you beef-witted, half-faced scrubs. We had a deal! For God's sake.” Boastful Loki shouts. You grimace, this situation either ends in a fight or everyone trying to flee out the same exit. Alligator Loki wanders up, growling his two cents on the matter.
“Why the hell is there an alligator in here?” President Loki sighs, looking at the five of you. Oh hell no!
“He's a Loki!” The five of you shout as Alligator Loki lunges forward. He clamps onto the President’s hand, ripping it clean off his arm. The whole room stands in silence, terrified, as President Loki screams at his bleeding stump. And then his army lunges for your group, and the fighting commences. You look over at Loki, who’s wildly gesturing to Alligator Loki.
“Well, technically he didn’t bite this version of you!” you gesture at him, shrugging in defense and joining the fight.
Loki sighs, shaking his head. The things he put up with for you.
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hiraeth-maximoff · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Warnings: fluff? President Loki
A/N: English isn't my first language sorry If I made any mistake. President Loki is my new religion, it's all.
" Who's the girl?" President Loki asked looking you, it was a long time since President Loki had seen a woman, you were pretty. And for some strange reason he couldn't stop looking at you, it seemed that you had enchanted him.
" that's not your business" Kid Loki replied wrinkling his nose in disgust. You smiled when Alligator Loki growled when President Loki began to approach you. It turns out that you were Loki's weakness, apparently, you were the weakness of all Lokis, you would always have them at your feet.
"My love, would you like to be my first lady?" You smiled amused by what you caused in President Loki, he seemed so far to be the hottest Loki you have ever seen and you liked him.
"Y/n is not interested" TVA Loki answered for you by walking away from your new lover.
President Loki smiled "good" he murmured adjusting his suit while still looking at you "I'll kill you all and then y/n will be mine " he sentenced before everything turned into chaos.
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confuscita · 3 months ago
Marvel Fics Recs
$- Smut
£- Fluff
€- Hurt/Comfort
₹- Angst
Some drabbles or blurbs or headcanons didn’t have titles so I randomly gave titled them :D
Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Sit in my lap by @philociraptorsquad £
Coffee shop girl by @pietropatrol £
Euphoria by @pietropatrol £
Newlyweds?! By @pietropatrol £
Single, not sure how to mingle. By @persuasivus £
Snapchat by @marvelsocialimagines £
I’m Blue by @thedevilwearsvibranium £
Biscuit baby by @marvelsocialimagines £
Groupchat by @1-800-amortentia £
Touching by @runningthe-maze £
A tiny riot pt.1 by @fanficimagery
Part 2
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Magnets by @skyeisawizard £
Do you remember, [y/n]? By @ohdolans £
Who the hell is james? By @euphoric-barnes £
Bucky x fighter reader by @buckyblues £
Cherishing by @becca-e-barnes £₹
Meet cute by @spilledkauffie £
Stay Until the Rain Stops by @swtltlmrvlgrl £
𝐂𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐄𝐧𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡 by @bucks-bunny £
Wishes and goodnight kisses by @imaginestuffs £
Boner puns by @rogerthat-bucky-blog $£
Drunken Love by @writingruna £
Achoo! By @nialls-flute £
Helping Hands by @justatirednightowl £
Five years after by @fanficimagery £
Lost then found pt1 by @fanficimagery ₹£€
Part 2
Call me james by @queen-of-the-avengers £
Loki x Reader
Seven Days, Seven Books by @revengingbarnes £
Startle by @marauder-exe £
Ignored by @earlgreydream £
Everyone deserves a second chance by @imaginesfordifferentfandoms £€
Imagine being the only one in Stark Tower that Loki actually likes by @fanficimagery £€
Steve Rogers x Reader
Imagine being sister to Thor. Having fled your home after your mother's death, you went on a mission to find yourself. Then landing in Midgard, you lead a life of normalcy. That is until you fall for one of Midgard's Mightiest Heroes. By @fanficimagery £
Imagine chaperoning your little brother on a field trip of his, only to end up chatting with Captain America. By @fanficimagery £
Not Afraid Anymore by @shotsbyshae $£
Fall into Love by @mrslilyrogers £
I can tie my shoes by @allystyles1
Peter Parker x Reader
Innocent Until Proven Guilty by @waitimcomingtoo £
Peanut by @vampireoutofbusiness £
Just Say the Word (We’ll Take On the World) by @fanficimagery ₹£€
Fight of our lives by @theonewiththefanfics £₹
Close to my heart by @peterbenjiparker $£
Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) x Reader
Stubborn beauty by @prongswh0re £
Secrets & Sleepovers by @imaginesfordifferentfandoms £
Avengers x Reader
Baby shower by @soldiersweiner £
Overprotective by @soldiersweiner £
Imagine being able to wield Mjölnir pt1 by @fanficimagery £
Part 2
Imagine being someone who developed powers when you were just a mere child by @fanficimagery ₹£
Imagine being an Avenger, but also a secret part-time Victoria's Secret model which none of the Avengers- with the exception of Natasha- know about by @fanficimagery
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peterbarnes · 5 months ago
Maybe Chapter 1
Summary: You work at the TVA as an analyst. Every day is the same- boring case after boring case- but your entire life changes one day when a new variant shows up
Word Count: 1.2k
A/N: Reposting this b/c last time it didn’t end up in any of the tags and it flopped. Here’s to hoping my account won’t glitch again 🥂
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
The TVA halls were always eerily quiet. You used to be uncomfortable making your way through them, constantly looking behind your shoulder. But after being in the agency for- god, you don’t even know how long- it didn’t seem to bother you anymore. At least it didn’t now, as you ran through them, desperately trying to hold onto the piles of documents in your hands.
You didn’t expect to have such a prominent variant case come by you today until Hunter B-15 stormed into your office in full armor.
“Mobius is trying to reason with the variant. Get in there and fix it,” she said, slamming the pile of documents on your desk before turning around and leaving.
“Well, uh, okay then.”
You picked up the documents in front of you, carefully skimming through them before stopping at the first image you saw. It was of a lean man with smooth, pale skin and dark hair that flowed down right above his shoulders. His eyes, however, were what made you stop reading. They had a certain mischievous glint in them, almost a sparkle, even with the somewhat uncertain look on his face.
“No way,” you whispered as you scanned over his face again. “What the hell is the God of Mischief doing here?”
You’ve never run to see a variant before, but you had to see this. Once you reached Mobius’ office, you were completely out of breath, leaning on the pale beige wall beside you. You went to open the door and walk in, but stopped as you heard muffled voices.
“And then the Dark Elves attack the palace, and you think you send them to Thor. But instead, you lead them right to her.”
“I don’t believe you. You’re lying. It’s not true.”
“It is true. That’s the proper flow of time! And it happens again, again, and again because it’s supposed to, because it has to.”
“Where is she?!”
You took a step back from the doors to where you can’t hear, letting out a breath you didn’t know you were holding. You could easily tell Mobius’ voice, it was strong and firm. But the other… you’d never heard a voice that tortured before. It was almost reminiscent of a scared child.
You stepped back towards the door, putting your ear on it.
“You weren’t born to be a king, Loki. You were born to cause pain and suffering and death. That’s how it is, that’s how it was, that’s how it will be.”
“I thought I told you to get in there!” A voice booms from behind you.
You jump, quickly turning around to find B-15 behind you, a stern look on her face.
“S-Sorry, I was about to, I just got distracted-” you squeaked out.
“Move,” she said. You quickly stepped to the side, as she threw open the doors and barged into the room.
“What are you doing?” You heard her say as you peaked into the room behind her.
You’ve seen interrogation rooms plenty of times before, but you’ve never seen a hologram of the Avengers blown up in the middle of it. How do they always look so cool?
“My job. Is it yours to interrupt?” Mobius shot back, eyes glancing to your position by the door. “Oh hey, [Y/N], you working for her department now?”
You snapped out of your thoughts, turning back towards the three of them. And, for the first time since you got there, Loki looked at you, light eyes boring into your own. His expression was stone cold and unreadable, the scared child you’d heard in his voice nowhere to be seen.
“I, um, no, I just wanted to, uh, check out the var- situation. I wanted to check out the situation.” Your words just tumbled out with no coherency, causing heat to rush to your face. Your eyes dropped to the floor quickly, so you didn’t see Loki’s eyebrows slightly raise as he watched you.
“Anyway,” B-15 grumbled, rolling her eyes. “We have a situation.”
“There’s always a situation,” Mobius sighed, before turning to you. “Watch him.”
“Yes, sir,” you said back, giving him a weak salute.
You stepped further into the larger room as Mobius and B-15 made their ways out, the door slamming behind them.
“And who are you?” Loki questioned, crossing his arms.
“Oh,” you let out, surprised he actually talked to you. “I’m [Y/N]. I help Mobius with dangerous variants, but I’m not a field agent, I mostly research sequence violations and do paperwork.”
“Hmm,” he huffed.
There was a long, uncomfortable silence between the two of you. It thickened the air. You wanted to say something, but you didn’t know exactly how to go about a conversation with someone who wasn’t a co-worker.
“Y-You know, I heard what he said to you… about your mom.” You saw his shoulders tense and his face grimace. Okay, [Y/N], maybe not the best first impression. “He didn’t really mean it, though. He’s a nice person, but he’s also a trained agent. If you want answers, the best way to get them is by sparking an emotional reaction. It’s one of the first techniques agents are taught here”
Loki’s brows furrowed as he took in your words.
“That makes sense, I guess,” he said, shrugging. But he still looked incredibly uncomfortable, his arms crossed as if to protect himself as he scanned the unfamiliar room for an escape.
You sighed, walking over to the red chairs and taking a seat right beside him. His eyes no longer had the mischievous glint you saw in the photo- they looked haunted.
“There’s no point in looking for some sort of escape, you’re not gonna find one.”
His eyes snapped towards yours, glaring at you.
“We’ll see about that,” he scoffed. “And when I escape, I’m going to burn this place to the ground.”
“Oh, please, will you stop with all that conquering shit? Just because your life isn’t what you thought it was, doesn’t mean you don’t have a glorious purpose,” you told him, badly emulating his accent towards the end.
“Don’t mock me.” He tried to say intimidatingly, but there was no malice behind it. Instead, he ended up letting out a breathy chuckle.
“You had people that loved you,” you said softly. “I think that’s one of the best things time can give. But I don’t think that’ll ever happen for me here.”
Loki’s eyes trailed over your face, fully taking you in for the first time. He spent a good moment looking at you, at the longing expression on your face.
“How long have you been here?” He asked, his voice matching your softness.
“Too long,” you laughed before rubbing your eyes. “ It could be hundreds of years, thousands? Or maybe even a week, who knows. Time works so differently here”
There was a long beat before he responded. “I’m sure you’ll find someone.”
You smiled at him and you swore you could see the corners of his lips slightly lift.
“If it helps,” Loki started, his voice rising again to its previous grandiose state. “It looks like I’ll be here for a while…” He trailed off, his tone now playful.
You couldn’t help but let out a light laugh at his words. His smirk turned into a full-blown grin at the sound. He couldn’t help but think that he’d happily listen to it for the rest of eternity, even if he had to stay in this hideous beige jumpsuit.
“Maybe, Loki. Maybe.”
Part 2
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lokistoriesblog · 2 months ago
Sweatpants & Staring
Summary: Loki wearing grey sweatpants around the Avengers compound definitely catches your eye, what happens when Loki notices you staring? (Loki survived Endgame)
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters.
Pairing: Loki x Female Reader
Length: 2.1K
Warnings: sexual themes
A/N: Fall weather means the return of the glorious grey sweatpants, so of course I had to write a fic with Loki wearing them. Selfishly this is totally a gift to myself because I mean 🥵
Tumblr media
Being Bruce’s assistant in his lab comes with a long list of benefits: great pay, free lodging at the Avengers compound and rubbing shoulders with some of the most elite superheros. While at the compound you became accustomed to your new roommates, for lack of a better term. Steve often shirtless boxing in the training room, Nat in her black cat suit and Thor being, well, Thor: chiselled, flowing golden hair and classic himbo energy. You were always quite confident in your appearance and how you presented yourself but being surrounded by super soldiers and gods alike was mildly intimidating. Not to mention distracting, oh how your mind would often race in their presence.
The compound was often filled with the Avengers, a few support staff like yourself, SHIELD members and then there was Loki, the God Mischief himself. Thor insisted he be made a member of the team following the events of the battle against Thanos, Loki having shown immense bravery and trustworthiness while saving the people of earth and beyond.
After Asgard had fallen, Loki split his time between New Asgard where he helped his people settle in their new home and the Avengers compound where he completed the occasional mission to appease his brother. Despite now living solely on Midgard, Loki always adorned his standard Asgardian leathers or if the event called for it his classic black suit. That was until his most recent visit to the compound and it did not go unnoticed by the team that Loki seemed to be becoming more accustomed to his new home and it's more relaxed fashions.
You were sitting at the kitchen table with Wanda and Thor as Natasha was busy making breakfast for the team. You agreed she would cook and you would clean, a bargain to allow you to enjoy your first cup of coffee in peace. Your head down sipping on your coffee like a prayer for it to bring you back to life and awake after a long night in the lab. Thor was muttering off to Wanda about their latest mission but you were ignoring them and savouring the warmth the coffee was providing.
You peered over the lip of your mug to find Loki had joined the group in the kitchen, making himself a cup of coffee near Nat. His back to you so all you could see of him was his raven hair falling over his shoulders slightly disheveled from a night of sleep and the muscles on his back showcased in the white t-shirt he was wearing. You still haven't gotten used to seeing Loki in such normal clothes but it did bring a smile to your lips.
You enjoyed working alongside the Avengers and also enjoyed being mildly distracted by their physical appearances but you felt differently about Loki. There was something about him that always drew your attention, however you didn't dare share those thoughts with anyone on the team or even the Trickster himself. You could only imagine the razzing you would have to endure.
You quickly shifted your attention back to the glorious cup of coffee in your hands, ignoring Loki's looming presence. Loki offered a morning greeting to Nat before settling himself to lean against the island facing the three of you at the table.
As you were sipping your coffee, you heard Thor bellow, “Morning Brother!”
You looked up on instinct without thinking twice about it, when you were struck by Loki’s odd appearance. Here was the Trickster in a tight fitting white v-neck t-shirt and grey sweatpants, you smirked at the sight, so unusual for him.
Your eyes fluttered up again just over your mug to rest on Loki. Seeing him in such mundane clothing was such a juxtaposition for you. You knew you should look away so as to not alert anyone to your little crush on the God but you were like a moth with a flame, unable to break your gaze.
As your eyes raked down his torso, they drifted across his hips which the band of his sweatpants clung to. You dared to look lower, you had only imagined how endowed the God might be in your dreams but the sweatpants did not leave any room for such imagination. His large bulge was clearly defined in the pants causing you to gulp loudly. You quickly teared your eyes from his body as you felt heat rush to your core.
But trying to keep your eyes on your mug and not on what was on display before you was the hardest thing you've ever done. This could be considered cruel and unusual punishment. What had you done to be teased this way? It was almost as if someone knew your innermost desires and was hell bent on taunting you. All the previous fantasies you had conjured of the Trickster flitted through your mind.
Your eyes betrayed your willpower and you returned your searing gaze back to the God of Mischief, who now had his arms crossed over his chest, his arms bulging slightly out of his shirt. You dared to look at his face quickly to see if he noticed your staring, luckily he was in conversation with Thor and not looking in your direction at all. Not surprising, you were often quiet and didn't interact with him all that much, really only because you always felt you were making a fool of yourself whenever you were in his company. Your attraction to him often had you stumbling over your words and heat running through your body.
Your eyes once again fell on the outline of his bulge in his pants, so openly on display in those Midgardian grey sweatpants. It had been a while since you had been out with anyone, being at the Avengers compound did not leave much time for socializing. You hadn't really registered how long it had been until presented with your current view. You could feel the wetness gathering between your thighs just at the thought of what lay under his pants.
The thought of your hand palming him over them, feeling him harden at your touch. Tugging the waistband of his pants to expose his hard length to you. The thought of how he would feel in your hand or even inside you. You had to shift in your seat to adjust and press your thighs together to offer pressure on the growing desire that now pulsated at your core.
Your gaze still longingly held on Loki’s bulge, your mind wandering so far to imagine the taste of him on your tongue, you couldn't help but bite your lip to hold back the smirk on your face, still holding your coffee mug close to your face as in an attempt to justify any potential staring. Your thighs still firmly pressed together as your desire grew.
You felt Thor and Wanda shift beside you, but in an almost trance-like state you didn't pay it any mind until it seemed they were talking in your direction.
“Y/N!” Nat called loudly to you trying to get your attention. You snapped your head up to find the entire group looking at you. “I said breakfast is ready.” She nodded to the food now placed around the table.
How out of it had you been to not notice all the food on the table? A rush of embarrassment flooded your body as you gave them a brief smile and began to load your plate with the breakfast. Except now you felt as though you were the one being watched. You made quick work on your breakfast and looked around to the others but in your peripheral vision you could see Loki still leaning at his place against the kitchen island, arms still crossed across his chest, his head was dipped slightly but his eyes, his eyes were looking directly ahead at you.
You could almost feel the weight of his gaze on your body, you had to look up from your plate at some point and when you did your eyes flitted up through your lashes in his direction. You locked eyes with him for a moment, the beginning of a smirk tugging at his lips. You broke eye contact but in a foolish move, one you couldn't help but commit, you allowed your eyes to fall on the bulge in the sweatpants once more. You heard a low scoff come from him and immediately dropped your stare and focused on the group around the table. His gaze remained, searing into you causing another wave of arousal to pool between your legs.
“Alright Y/N, our deal still stands, you're on clean up!” Nat said as her and Wanda stood from the table and headed toward the training room. Luckily Thor still sat at the table, you couldn't imagine being alone with Loki in this room after being caught lusting over him.
Your luck would not last as it seems there was an almost silent conversation between the Asgardian brothers, Thor retreating from the table muttering something about needing to find Tony.
Your jaw was clenched trying to regain the strength needed to get up from your current seat, hoping your legs were not turned to jello so you could quickly clean up and leave this room. Your heart was beating at such a pace you could feel it against your skin. Loki remained, his eyes never leaving you. You felt as though you could crumble under his presence.
“Did no one ever teach you, it was impolite to stare?” Loki purred in your direction. So there was no hiding it now then. Jeez, why couldn't you have left it alone and only looked once, not got lost in a trance thinking of all the ways you wanted him to take you.
“I could say the same to you.” you shot back at him meeting his cerulean blue eyes. Without breaking eye contact with you, Loki pushed off the island and meandered to stand right in front of you at the table.
You thought the position of him leaning his hips against the island was enough to fill you with arousal but the sight of him now was even more overwhelming. Loki was tall so it happens that when he stands in front of you sitting at the table, the bulge you had been gawking at now rests directly within your eyesight a mere inches away from your face. You could almost have sworn he was jutting his hips out further to accentuate the area.
Once again his presence was too much, you lowered your eyes as he came to stop directly in front of you. But in lowering your eyes, you once again rake them over the sight laid in front of you, the outline so clear, it puts any Midgardian male to shame. On instinct you bring your thumb to your mouth and clamp down on your nail, in an attempt to hide the smirk on your face as your mind again wanders off to the land of imagination.
Before you can compose yourself enough to look away, Loki's hand lands on your chin and slowly breaks your focus pulling your sightline back to his face, which is displaying the most lust filled grin, “Eyes up here darling” he voice husk and deep.
Before you can do or say anything your ears perk up to the sounds now blaring through the compound, “An attack has been made upon the city of Chicago, all team members are required to assemble immediately. Avengers to the Quinjet.”
Loki stares at you for one more moment before letting go of your chin "Saved by the bell, love" he chirps. He sauntering off toward the Quinjet hangar.
You remain sitting, stunned at what has transpired, the heat still pooled in your core. You stay seated at the table until you hear the jet take off, only then do you finally push out from the table, shaking your head to gain an ounce of clarity. As you move around the kitchen cleaning up the remnants of breakfast, your mind once again races back to the image of Loki’s bulge, the weight of his gaze upon you and thought of what would have happened if he was not pulled away on a mission.
Tumblr media
Want to turn this into a drinking game? Take a shot every time I say gaze or core lol - so brutal, sorry I suck!
Also this is really just a prelude to the complete SMUT follow-up "Caught" coming very shortly 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵
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