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“Has anybody seen Tony and Loki?” Steve looks at anyone and nobody responds, just shrugs and frowns. He drags his hands down his face “what the hell is up with them”

Suddenly the elevator dings and out steps Loki and Tony, covered in glitter and giggling.

“Are you still drunk?” Loki laughs looking down at Stark who’s hanging off his shoulder.

“I think so” he straightens and stumbles when he sees the living room full “oh hey” he smiles at the Avengers and lets go of Loki so he can walk over to the bar “remind me to never go to Vegas with Loki again”.

“What did you two do?” Natasha’s eyes narrow at Tony as he starts to pour himself some whiskey

“You’re already drunk” Loki states, popping up beside him with a shimmer of green before he takes the drink from Stark and downs it himself.

“Seriously what did you g-” Bucky stops talking and his eyes go wide “-holy shit” and no one knows what he’s talking about meanwhile the two men at the bar ignore him.

“Don’t think because of last night you can tell me what to do” Tony raises his eyebrows at Loki and the man does the same as Tony takes the glass from him.

“What a great husband you are” Loki says sarcastically before he pecks him on the lips. Tony freezes, they didn’t plan the kiss.

“You guys got married” Steve yells as he stands, the rest watch the two in shock and Bucky never took his eyes off their rings “you even got him a rock” Steve says looking at the black diamond ring on Loki’s finger.

Loki smirks when Stark replies “I’m rich Rogers and we were drunk”

“That’s not an excuse to marry your enemy” Quill chimes in and Loki smirks harder

Your enemy” Tony wiggles a finger at everyone “I was the one stuck with him for a year”

“You enjoyed all the pleasure I gave you, don’t lie” Loki lies and Tony almost spits out his drink, yeah he’s ever doing this shit again, especially with Loki.

“What the fuck” Sam looks between them his jaw dropped “you’re supposed to be with Pepper” he focuses on Tony and the man almost busts out laughing

“explains the split custody of Morgan” he raises his drink towards Sam with a lighthearted tone.

“Wait” Scott looks dumbfounded as he looks at Loki “is Morgan going to start calling you dad?” that broke them.

Tony knees gave out with how hard he was laughing and Loki tripped over him as he was trying to leave, so they all watched as Loki rolled on the floor holding his stomach and Tony was practically screaming

“We were fucking around” Tony gasps between breaths as he tries to get up but only stumbles and lands on his ass beside Loki, the god then slaps Tony’s arm as he laughs and Tony has to move away. “Ow you fuck” he says still laughing and holding his arm, he leans his head against the wall and tries to catch his breath.

“So you’re not married?” the relief in Visions voice makes Loki’s stomach clench.

“Nah we’re married” Tony huffs out, still out of breath “Loki’s very committed I guess”

“that was probably the best kiss you’ve had in your whole life” Loki lifts his head from the ground slightly to look at Tony

“it didn’t even last a second” Tony frowns at him despite the fact he actually liked the kiss.

“are you asking me to prove you wrong?” now Loki lifts himself so he’s leaning on his elbows

“okay that’s all I can take” Natasha blurts and walks away

Loki falls back to the ground as his body shakes with laughter

im so fucked

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Pairing: sub!Loki x Nonbinary!dom!Reader (Can be read as gender neutral??? idk)

Anon Request: “hihiii! can i please request a small thing for tiny nonbinary reader(mc?) who is a dom in their relationship with loki and loves to spoil him rotten with love and praise and gifts (and eats him out when he’s a very very good boy?) thank you and have a great day!” and “ hii this is tiny nonbinary anon. it can be mostly sfw, but hint at smut at the end or something :,) thank you so much for taking it up, and you can definitely take your time with other requests ✨✨”

A/N: Includes submissive and little spoon Loki! I hope you like this Anon. I am so sorry that it took me TWO YEARS to do this! I hope you see this and it will make up for the long wait. I went all the way with the smut so I hope you don’t mind that, but I also included THE FLOOFY FLOOF as well. I also don’t have much experience writing for a NB reader, so I wrote this how I would right with a gender neutral reader. I hope I did it right! If I didn’t I would love some feedback on it :)

Warning: Smut and use of sex toys



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AN: Another one for the bookshelf, I honestly can’t believe I managed to finish it. Thank you all for the patience as I have been struggling this year to put my stories out but I hope that brighter days are ahead. Thank you so much for reading! I gatta go to sleep now.

Who Is She.

Part One!

Part Two!

Part Three!

Part Four!

Part Five!

Part Six!

Part Seven!

Part Eight!

Part Nine!

Part Ten!

Part Eleven!


@beccaliciooouuusss @mylovelycrazyworld @nonsensicalobsessions @kcd15 @too-much-fandoms-oof @terry-perry @acrossyourneck @damalseer @devilbat @cherrygeek86 @dangertoozmanykids101 @toozmanykids @princerowanwhitethorngalathynius @midnight-queen-1 @tomshelbystits @littleredstarfish @littlefrogstuff @wild-rose-35 @lokistess @wolfsmom1 @thatweirdwalangpake @hearts-creed @oatballsoffury @kingtwhiddleston @onesmokinbabe @liz-rdwitch@majoringinlife



Frigga looks down at her son, his face looked quite filthy. His cheeks speckled with dried mud, almost like freckles. As sweet as the sight of him was, she wasn’t all that fond of him playing with mud. Loki was such a stubborn child at times, too busy to attend his studies and definitely too busy to bathe. Too busy looking for those fairies she reckons, Frigga admired his dedication however. Such a sweet child deserved so many things, she knew he would grow into a fine young man one day. All he needed was a little guidance, preferably on how to get to his studies on time.

“Why are you all dirty?”

Loki’s face reddens, Frigga couldn’t help but smile. To think that she was given this little boy, her son. She enjoyed watching him grown, she loved to see him smile. Loki kicks the dirt beneath him, digging his heel into the ground.

“I crawled into the burrow…”

Her eyes widened, the only burrow he could be talking about was the one in the garden. She had been tackling with a bit of a rodent problem, eating from her rosebush. Frigga didn’t have it in her heart to turn the poor animals away but she had to redirect them to another area or at least get them to stop eating her flowers. She’s spent a great time on those flowers, it would be a shame to have them all eaten away by wild animals.

“What for?”

That semi toothless smile, she loved it so much. Soon enough he’ll grow new teeth, there’ll be more than just teeth coming his way. Soon enough he’ll become stronger, taller and older. The thought of her children aging didn’t sit well with her but such is life, it goes on and one must grow. She was happy to be there to witness it in person, that she had the privilege to watch them as both Loki and his brother grow together.

“To see if the fairies were hiding inside.”

Frigga laughs and shakes her head.

“Oh Loki…”

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It is late and I’m imagining the rumored Council of Loki that features alternate versions of Loki, which is just like the Council of Ricks from Rick & Morty.

It’s not a confirmed thing but it is a thing I wanna draw.

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caring for you

pairing: loki x f!reader

warnings: reader with a cold, fluff

a/n: requested by anon. thank you for requesting sweetie! and thank you for your patience as well!

request: Hi love! Can I request a Loki x female reader where there together and she gets really sick but Loki takes care of her. Thanks Darling ❤️💚



“Hm, I remember telling a certain someone that too much of ice cream may not be good for them”, Loki said from the kitchen, where he was preparing something for your cold.

“Please Loki, it was just twelve bowls of ice cream. And this sneeze is because I opened an old file”, you lied, rubbing your nose on your sweater paw.

“You need to get some rest, my love. You can finish your work later”, Loki replied, carrying a bowl of hot soup for you.

“Nooo Loki, I have to finish this now”, you whined.

“Uh huh, drink this soup and no other word out of you.” He kneeled down next to you, offering you the soup bowl.

You pouted at him. “Fine. But after this I get back to work.”

“No darling, no more work today. Instead we’re going to do…”, he got up and went to your shared bedroom.

“This!”, he exclaimed, holding out his cape.

“Loki, now’s really not the time for-”

You were cut off by him wrapping himself and his soft green cape around the both of you.

“No more work, only warm cuddles”, he mumbled into your ear.

“Okay, okay, I accept my defeat. You do know how to make me listen to you.”

“Am I not, after all, your King? I always know how to make you listen to my words .”

You let out a sigh. “My King is always right. I love you Loki.”

“I love you too, my Quee-”


“Looks like more soup and warm cuddles are needed.”

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I saw this tweet from @bebx


and I thought of writing something. So with their permission, here it is. ^ω^

Summary: You discovered your boyfriend, Loki, has not experienced his own birthday party growing up.


“Steve? Where’s everybody?” Bucky asked when they walked the dark corridors of the Avengers compound. It was eerily silent, an unusual occurrence for a dynamic compound like this. Goosebumps start to appear on his skin.

Steve felt Bucky’s hesitation and placed his arm over his shoulder. “Don’t worry about it, Buck. Maybe they’re all asleep?”

Bucky shoved his arm from him. “Steeeeve, it’s still 7:30 and everyone’s asleep?!” He stopped in his tracks, taking a defensive stance. “Is there something wrong?” He dropped his voice.

Steve chuckled and approached him. “Relax, Buck.” His large hands rested on Bucky’s shoulders. “Things are perfectly fine.”

Bucky eyed him suspiciously. “I’m going to trust you on this, Punk. But if anything goes wrong, I’ll surely kick your ass.”

“You’re welcome to do so.” Steve then led him to the living room and when he pushed the double wooden doors -

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUCKY!” Everyone inside the room exclaimed.

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The Cornucopia tag list (let me know if you want to be tagged toall of my fics!): @delightfulheartdream

Tasha’s Loki & Tom Hiddleston story masterlist

feel free to reblog my works! ^_^

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Fandom: Marvel

Summary: Based on: “Imagine having a love/hate relationship with Loki.” by @thefandomimagine​ Who would have thought that babysitting a god could be so much fun?

Genre: slow-burn, enemies to lovers, banter


Originally posted by lockedwithloki

“Dude, you live like this?" 

Loki moved past where you stood frozen to the spot. 

"Technically, not anymore.” He shrugged and walked into the sleeping chambers to the left. 

The rooms Loki used to live in were bathed in the rays of the setting sun, coming through large windows and the balcony overlooking the golden city. Everything was grand and coated in riches, whether it be the plush cushions laid on the floor, or the masterfully woven rugs, so soft they felt like walking on clouds.

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I kinda miss the frostmaster fandom because it’s really hard to write a ship with such a colorful, gay and cracky dynamic without making it OCC. They are both some slightly deraged drama queens with a nack for disco parties and world domination and I’m here for it.

The dub/con shit and the psychos who get off on writing them as an abusive relationship though? I don’t miss that

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AN: It’s here! There’s one chapter left, the epilogue!


Part One!

Part Two!

Part Three!

Part Four!

Part Five!

Part Six!

Part Seven!

Part Eight!

Part Nine!

Part Ten!

Part Eleven!


@beccaliciooouuusss@mylovelycrazyworld@nonsensicalobsessions@kcd15@too-much-fandoms-oof@lokistess@terry-perry@dangertoozmanykids101@toozmanykids@princerowanwhitethorngalathynius@devilbat@cherrygeek86@wolfsmom1@wild-rose-35@littleredstarfish@littlefrogstuff@thatweirdwalangpake@acrossyourneck@midnight-queen-1​ @hearts-creed @damalseer@tomshelbystits@kingtwhiddleston@onesmokinbabe@liz-rdwitch@majoringinlife@oatballsoffury


“I suppose it was a bit childish…”

Thor hums, Loki had held off on seeing him ever since he got back but he would have to face him sooner or later. There was no use sneaking around the man, Thor was always very direct, spoke his mind. Never mind the hurting someone’s feelings, he spoke out of habit. Loki learned that early on in life, not that Thor wasn’t able to lie. He could, just not as well. He flinches as Thor pats him on the back, brute force. Loki swore that at some point he’d just crumble into dust if he continued being so heavy-handed.

“It’s good to have you home.”

Loki felt like he was going to be back on track, that he could now resume his life as if nothing had ever happened. Like he hadn’t discovered his frozen skin, fought with his family. He wanted to move past it all, get back to work. He had a lot of things to catch up on, though he might never be king he would always remain prince. Advisor and brother to the king, that should be more than enough. The sky couldn’t be blue every single day. He smiles and nods, turning to leave. He wanted to go rest in his room, still odd to call it that.

“What happened out there? Where ever you ran off to?”

Loki froze, staring down big hallway. Watching the servants flitting about, carrying baskets of food and linens too and from different points of the keep. What hadn’t he seen? He turns back to face his brother with a smile, he chuckles.

“Nothing interesting.”

It was best left be.

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Pairings: Loki x OFC

Summary: Shortly after the events in New York, everyone tries to get back to normal life. S.H.I.E.L.D. has resumed its activities, but something is going to upset their tranquillity. While the Earth is still under threat, Nick Fury learns that Loki is exiled on Earth and that he has the heavy task of watching over him. The Avengers are then reunited. The situation being critical, they have to find solutions, but they know nothing about their enemy.During this time Loki gets to know the agent who watches over him: Kimberley Weaver. This young woman is the most cunning agent in the agency. She is going to try to identify this frightening character she has to watch and at the same time get closer to him, maybe even a little more than she would like. While the Avengers are in trouble, a question arises. Could Loki put on the hero’s costume?

Permanent Tag List: @twhiddlestonsstuff@delightfulheartdream

Loki List: @lucywrites02

Redemption List: @amwolowicz​  @girls–girls-boys



Chapter 5: What makes us monsters

Warnings: none

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