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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In Defense of a Prince
Request by Anonymous
A Loki/female reader where Loki gets really turned on by the reader winning a bar fight defending him from someone who insulted him? It’d be cool if some of the other Avengers were there too, esp Thor and Stark. Also wouldn't mind if it ended in smut...
You were face deep into your second pint of beer of the night when you heard it, the sound of snickering behind you. Normally, you have paid it no mind, you were in a crowded bar after all so noise was a reality, but something about the way they were laughing indicated that something was fixing to happen.
Tony had decided that everyone could use a night out of drinking and merriment after that last mission in which you had to battle a giant one eyed octopus from space and so he took everyone out to the best bar in town. Everyone was laughing and having a great time; even Loki was enjoying himself and letting his guard down, which was a rare sight.
Yet, those hushed comments followed by laughter from behind you still drew your attention. Turning around, you could clearly see it was a group of meat-headed trust fund babies out on the town on daddy’s dime and already you did not like them. You set your drink on the table and waited to see if you actually paid attention, you could hear what exactly it was they were saying. 
“What is it?” Thor questioned you as he saw the change in your expression. “You cannot tell me the drink is already going to your head; you are usually not such a lightweight. You must uphold the Asgardian title.”
You brought you finger up to your lips and shh-ed him as you turned your ear towards the guys direction and listened. It took some serious focus, but you began to make out what it was that they found oh so hilarious.
“Oh God, just look at him,” a blonde head douchebag chimed in, “I’m pretty sure I used to beat up guys like him in college. Emo-looking ass.”
“He’s supposed to be a god?” the second man scoffed. “The god of what, greasy hair? I bet he doesn’t get any bitches.”
That is when it all clicked: they were talking about Loki. He was the only one that could fit that description. The audacity of these fucking weak-brained miscreants to insult one of the princes of Asgard made you beyond livid; Loki was anything but handsome and they should be so lucky to even have a third of his looks. 
It could have been fueled by the alcohol already in your system, it could have been that they insulted one of your royalty, it could have been the fact that you had been attracted to Loki for longer than you wanted to admit, but something made you get up and step up to their table.
“You want to say that out loud? Or are you too much of a bitch to actually let everyone hear what you all are whispering under your breaths?” you confronted the lot of them.
“Sorry, what was that?” one of the other men stopped laughing and turned to face you.
You stepped up closer and raised your voice. “I said you want to stop whispering to each other like little girls and actually say what you want to say out loud so we can all hear it or are you afraid to get your ass pulverized?”
The first blonde man looked you up and down before addressing his friends. “Look guys, Xena the Warrior Princess is trying to intimidate us,” he scoffed as he folded his arms. “I’m quaking in my boots. I’m not afraid of you or your friends.”
The rest of your group had noticed you getting into it at the other table and looked to each other to see who would be willing to go and stop what most assuredly would turn into a brawl. Thor made a move from his seat to go grab you, but Loki stopped him. 
“I have this,” he reassured his brother and walked over to where you stood fuming.
“Speak of the man himself,” the ringleader acknowledged Loki as he approached. “I’m pretty sure they have an emo convention going on somewhere tonight; might even find some sad depressed chick to fuck if you’re lucky.”
Loki was taken aback by what the Midgardian had just said and wasn’t fast to respond, but enough was enough for you and without warning you lunged at the man and grabbed him by his collar, hoisting him off his seat easily. “Where I come from, even the women know how to fight, so I suggest you apologize or else,” you growled as you stared him down, your eyes burning with anger. 
“Like I said, I’m not scared of you or your lame ass boyfriend,” he still held that smug look on his face as if he didn’t believe your threat. “He’s not even a real man, not like his brother anywa…”
His insult was cut short as you drew your fist back and clocked him hard in the jaw, making him fly from your grip and across the floor. He landed with a thud a few feet from his table and didn’t move as your punch had knocked the wind out of him.
Two of the other bullies got to their feet, ready to defend their knocked out leader. They came at you simultaneously, but with some quick maneuvering you were able to take them out with little effort and had them groaning on the floor alongside their friend. 
“Anybody else have anything or are you fucking done?” you yelled at the remaining members of the group. They stayed silent and terrified, looking at their fallen comrade and back at you. All of them collectively shook their heads.
“Good,” you intimidated. “And if I hear anything else from the likes of you before we leave tonight, I can guarantee you will end up just like your friends or worse. Do not dare to mess with me or mine again.”
“Are we good over here?” the bouncer appeared out of thin air suddenly and looked around those gathered, making sure there was no trouble. 
Moving quickly since he was the one to always smooth things over, Tony rushed over and addressed the bouncer himself. “Oh yes, all good here. As you can see Asgardians are such a different breed, can hardly take them anywhere,” Tony tried to smooth things over as he grabbed the bouncer around the shoulders and led him away. “I have been trying to teach them, but you know how it is. They are better at saving the world that saving face.”
Tony mouthed over his shoulder to Loki to get you out of there before they were all kicked out and the night was cut short. You felt a hand on the small of your back and a strong hand on your arm as you stood breathing heavily from the sudden rush of adrenaline.
“[Y/N], just leave them; they are barely worth your time,” Loki reassured as he tried to persuade you to leave.
Huffing, you turned from the group and stormed out the front of the bar and into the night. Your blood was still boiling at the horrid things they had been saying and you honestly wished you would have done more to defend your prince, but that was over now. You paced back and forth as you breathed, trying to calm your nerves. 
You stayed out there for quite a while as you could not stand to look at the men and their smug faces any more this evening and soon the rest of your group headed out and made their way back to the compound. Loki was quiet for the ride back and you looked over at him several times only to catch him staring at you and then looking away quickly as you caught his eye. 
Everyone entered the compound and decided to head to your room, but you did not notice that Loki was right on your heels until you were at your door and felt a presence behind you. You felt your heart skip a beat when you realized who it was that had followed you. 
“Loki, my prince,��� you stumbled over your words, trying to find the right thing to say, “I did not see you, but I am glad you caught me. I should have apologized at the bar earlier as it was wrong of me to have started anything, but those men had no right to…”
You were cut off by Loki pushing you against the wall outside  your door. He had one of his arms resting against the wall above your head and he brought his face close to yours. He was so close to you that you could feel the heat radiating off of him and the look in his eyes was one you had not seen before. The gesture immediately had you concerned you had overstepped your position and it had upset him.
“My prince?” you questioned, waiting for his admonishment, but he just stood silently, gazing into your eyes. 
Finally, when you couldn’t take it anymore, he broke the silence. “How dare you… think you can do something like that and just walk away without getting your reward,” he said. The statement confused you and in your confusion, Loki made his move.
His lips were on yours, crashing in waves as his arm snaked around your torso. You could hardly breathe as you met his intensity with your own over and over. He easily picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist, your back braced against the wall. He moved with you wrapped around his waist and opened you door, bringing you both inside and shutting it behind him.
“What you did for me back there tonight, defending me in such a way,” he sighed as he stole another peck from your lips, “has left me speechless. Your ferocity was a sight to behold and I must say I cannot stop myself from being aroused by it. No one has ever been so passionate over me as you.”
“You are worth all of that and more,” you purred. “Anyone who disrespects you in such a way will feel my wrath. I will always defend your honor.”
“I enjoy the way you say that,” he smirked as he pulled you into another long, drawn out kiss. “Tell me again, my dear.”
“I will always defend you no matter the consequences,” you promised. “I’ll fight the whole world if I have to.”
“I know you would,”  he said without a doubt in his mind.
You could not believe this was happening; that you were in Loki’s arms, enjoying the feeling of his soft lips dancing with yours as his hand began to explore. This was something you had always wanted, but it was not the outcome you had expect when you stood up to those men. You only wanted them to know that they could not speak of Loki in that way as he meant so much more to you than the filthy things they were saying.
“Do you want me to stop?” he smirked as he set you on your feet, still keeping you close.
You shook your head. “Never,” you said and that was all he needed to hear.
Taking your hand, he pulled you to your bed and pushed you down onto the edge. “Then let me properly thank you, my faithful good girl,” he groaned and he went to work undoing the button on your pants. “Let me show you what your loyalty gets you.”
With your help, he slid down your pants along with your underwear and tossed them both to the ground and out of the way. He knelt down on the carpet and spread your thighs as you laid back.
“You are the only one I will kneel for,” he said as he immediately buried his face in your cunt.
He moved his body  under your knees, making you rest your legs on his shoulders and tilting your pelvis up slightly so that he could get the perfect angle.
“Uh,” you moaned as he licked and sucked with precision on the exact right spot. You always knew he had a masterful tongue, but never did you think it could be used in such a way.
Involuntarily, your legs squeezed his head, but he did not stop or even slow the movement of his tongue; he was actually liking the feeling of your thighs around his ears and it only spurred him forward because he knew you were enjoying yourself. 
You couldn’t think, you couldn’t breathe, all you could do was lay back in ecstacy as your orgasm drew closer and closer with each flick of his tongue. His skill ensured that you were going to cum fast and before you knew it, you could feel that growing warmth at the base of your spine.
“Loki,” you moaned his name, “don’t stop.”
Oh no, you were his and he wanted you to cum hard. He kept the pace steady and he felt your body jerk suddenly and your thighs tighten down hard as your orgasm shook through you with intensity. 
“UHH!!” you cried out as the pleasure filled you to the brim. Loki didn’t move until your legs began to shake and then he pulled back, wiping his mouth as he moved over the top of you. He looked down at you with pride at what he just did before leaning in and kissing your lips.
You looked up at him and smiled, completely satisfied. “I hope you aren’t done just yet,” he smirked. “I am not done thanking you just yet.”
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Loki x fem!reader misquote #6
Loki: What can I say? I’m a mischevious scamp. 
You: Out of all the things you could say when people congratulate us on our pregnancy, that is the least appropriate. 
Fanfic Masterlist
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Love Burns- Part 3 of the Love Series (Loki x Female Reader)
Part 1 / Part 2
Tumblr media
Days turned into weeks and every single morning when he opened his eyes, Loki was disappointed to find that the ground had in fact not opened up and swallowed him like he had hoped overnight, no matter how much he pleaded to the gods to end his misery.
Over the first few days, he had to endure family meals and it was usually the only time he saw you each day. Even though you never once acknowledged his presence, he was still pleased to be able to be given the chance to look upon your face. If Odin had any indication of the awkward tension that surrounded each meal, he never led onto it. Frigga on the other hand continuously darted her eyes between all three of her children as she studied the changes between the relationships. You never spoke to Loki anymore. He never stopped staring at you. You and Thor would be affectionate one moment and distant with each other the next.
The newlyweds had been home for just over a week when Odin called Loki into the throne room one afternoon and announced that he would be taking Thor’s place on the diplomatic missions over the coming weeks to allow him and his bride time together to “establish their marriage dynamics.” It was difficult for him to keep his composure at the thought of what all that could entail and could only picture his brother’s hands all over you. The way the two of you whispered to each other during meals or private walks in the garden nearly made him violent.
After arriving back in Asgard late the previous night after a rather lengthy trip to a neighboring realm, it felt like the rising sun came much too soon as Loki forced himself to slip from his bed. With a heavy heart and a nervous stomach, he made his way down to the private dining hall for the royal family for breakfast. When he noticed that you and Thor had not yet made it down yet, he wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or saddened that you weren’t there. Once he sat down, he was shocked when Odin began to partake without the rest of the family.
“Are the happy couple not joining us as well, father?”
Odin didn’t seem phased by Loki’s question and his mother chimed in instead.
“Our dear princess hasn’t been feeling well over the last few days and they have chosen to take their meals in private for now.”
The look of confusion on his face turned to one of hurt as he took in the suspicious smirk on the queen’s face. Surely, it couldn’t mean what her expression was implying. While he knew you had a duty to fulfill, he refused to believe it would happen this soon. As soon as he was finished eating, he rose from the table and quickly made his exit whether it was proper or not.
“Are you sure it was her?”
“Of course, it was! I know what our princess looks like, Ingrid!”
Upon hearing the title, Loki froze in place around the corner from the gossiping servants and listening intently to their conversation.
“What makes you think that was the reason for her visit to the healers though?”
“Why else would he bring her in after being violently ill for days now? Her chambermaid said she hasn’t kept any of her meals down all week and barely leaves the bed. Besides, why else would the two of them visit the infirmary under the cover of darkness and have need of the imaging machines if other than a secret ultrasound that you don’t want anyone to know about?”
“Well, I certainly am not surprised that she could be carrying this soon after the wedding. I mean, if I was married to someone as handsome as Thor, I wouldn’t leave the royal chambers until I had an entire litter of the prince’s babies!”
After hearing enough, he stepped around the corner and made his presence known. The sound of him clearing his throat behind the girls startled them enough to both let out a small shriek before dropping into a formal bow. Loki towered over them with his hands tucked behind his back as he glared at them both. The longer he stood in silence, the more their legs shook in fright with their heads bowed to the floor.
“It’s a shame you care more about discussing matters that do not concern you than the tasks you have been assigned to. I’m sure you can easily be sent to work the fields and more suitable replacements for your positions could be found by sundown. Is that something you would like?”
When both girls stayed silent, he lowered his voice and no longer hid his anger.
“You will speak when your prince has addressed you! Now I won’t repeat myself again... Is that something you would like?”
“N-n-no, Your Highness.”
“Good. Now if you are both done giving your energy to rumors that involve the privacy of your princess, I strongly suggest you return to your duties and make sure to give the royal family the respect they have earned. Is that understood?”
The girls could only nod in response.
“Get out of my sight!”
He didn’t think he had ever seen a member of the help run away from him that fast before. Loki had a reputation for being a snake and it wasn’t for the typical reasons of backstabbing and dishonesty. The Dark Prince had prided himself on his tactics of stealth when it benefited himself and those he loved, and it often gave him an advantage when he needed it. It wasn’t the first time he had snuck up on the hired help and it certainly wasn’t the first time they had felt his strike in anger and the venom in his words.
Once they were gone around the end of the hall and he was alone once again, he thought back over their words. Had you truly been that ill in his absence? Was there any chance that they were correct in their assumptions? Before he gave it a second thought, he found himself heading straight for the east wing of the palace and took the stairs two at a time to the private chambers of his brother and his new wife. Knocking on the door to the main sitting area, he fully expected a servant to open the door, but was surprised when Thor personally greeted him.
“Brother? You shouldn’t be here…”
Loki glanced over his shoulder into the room to try to catch a glimpse of you.
“Mother said Y/N was sick. Is she alright?”
Even though he nodded, he saw right through his brother’s lie. The exhaustion on his face told a different story and he found himself slipping under his arm to enter the room. If only he could see you and make sure you were truly fine, he might have a chance at calming his fears.
“Loki, wait. She doesn’t want to see anybody right now. You need to leave.”
Crossing the sitting room, he glanced into the open master bedroom door and noticed the blankets on the bed disturbed, but there was no sign of you in them. The thought of the acts that took place between those silk sheets created an inferno in his chest. Whipping around to face Thor once more, he went straight to the point of his visit.
“Is it true, brother? The palace is ablaze with hushed whispers that your new wife is already with child.”
The second his expression shifted and his eyes widened, he knew his answer.
“So, it’s not just a cruel rumor then? The golden boy is at it again! I bet you couldn’t wait to get your hands on her, could you? It wasn’t enough that you got the throne and the title and the princess. You had to ensure that Odin got his heir as soon as possible! No wonder the two of you never step foot out of these chambers!”
As Loki stopped and took a deep breath to fill his lungs for another verbal assault, Thor put his hands up in defense and spoke to his brother in a low but firm voice.
“Loki, you need to stop this at once. You know not what you speak of, brother.”
That only seemed to fuel the flames.
“Know not what I speak of? Do you take me for a fool, Thor? Is she or is she not with child? Hmm?”
He watched him stumble over his words before trying to piece together a response.
“Well, yes… but it isn’t what you think.”
His frustration boiled over and he threw his hands up in the air as he paced the floor in front of the nervous god in front of him. If he hadn’t been so angry, he would have noticed the way Thor tried to keep him calm and continued to shoot glances towards the closed bathroom door on the far side of the master suite where his true focus was set at the moment.
“So it’s true then… Well, I hope you aren’t expecting me to shower you in adoration at the news that you are to be a father! She’ll never love you, you know? You are simply fulfilling a deed she was bred to complete in the name of Asgard! Mother and Father will be so very proud of you, Brother!”
“LOKI, THAT’S ENOUGH! The marriage was never consummated!”
His mind filled with confusion until he saw the pained expression on his brother’s face and felt his hand rest on his shoulder.
“I’m not the one becoming a father, Loki…”
At the same second that understanding washed over him like a frigid plunge into a raging river, he watched Thor’s focus drift to something over his shoulder and he felt your gaze on him. Slowly turning around with a panicked expression painted on his face, he locked eyes with you from across the room as you stood in the now opened doorway to the master bath.
Still in your dressing gown from the previous night’s rest, your hair was disheveled and appeared to have not been tended to in days. He immediately noticed that your eyes were swollen and red from crying and you had never been so pale before. You truly were ill, and he now knew that it was from you experiencing morning sickness… with his child.
“… get out.”
The words were so soft that he wasn’t sure if he had imagined them or not. He had just processed the movement of your lips when the words came out louder this time.
“Get. Out.”
Your body began to tremble, and your blank expression fell, leaving one of heartbreak and rage. All he wanted to do in that moment was run to you and hold you in his arms. As he took a single step in your direction, it was enough to cause the dam to break and you gripped the doorway to hold yourself up. With all of your might, you repeated the two words one last time, your voice cracking with emotion as it came out as a broken shriek.
Loki began to cry as well, and he had forgotten his brother was even still in the room until he used brute force to spin him around and push him towards the door. He stumbled and barely caught himself before colliding with the opposite side of the hall.
When he turned around to face him, he expected to be met with anger. The emotions on Thor’s face was the last thing he thought he would see.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🐍°•°•°•°Loki series moodboard °•°•°•°🐍
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ioannushka · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
And now my heart is filled with warmth after the final..
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D(oc)tor Strange: Multiverse of Madness (2022)
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agir1ukn0w · 9 months ago
No thoughts, head empty, just the look of childlike wonderment on Loki’s face when he realizes he can whack Miss Minutes with a magazine😊✨
Tumblr media
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zemosimp05 · 11 months ago
Here some spoilers without context 😌
Tumblr media
Loki explaining To Mobius
Tumblr media
Mobius to TVA
Tumblr media
Loki to Lady loki
Tumblr media
And some parallels 😌
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ep 2 spoilers
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tricksterlokilaufeyson · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Our Last Night
Request by Anonymous
A loki/female reader sad story where they are pretty sure they’re facing a battle they won’t survive, so they know this may be their last night together, so they intend to make the most of it? Don’t hold back the sexiness, please? Thanks, and I really enjoy your stories. -C
This was it; you stood on the precipice of the unknown as you and the rest of Asgard's forces prepared for what was assuredly going to be the end. The dark elves had pushed your fellow warriors to the brink and though they were never going to give in to defeat, the odds were no longer in your favor. There was never a certainty in battle, but even Thor was sure that soon you would all be in the halls of Valhalla as there seemed no way this would not end in total destruction of your people.
“My fellow warriors,” Thor addressed the crowd, eating and drinking what would probably be their last meal, “I can say with all honesty that I have never fought besides more valliant and ferocious men and women in all my years. As I look around, I am proud that I have been able to lead the best that Asgard has to offer. You have made our ancestors proud and though we are facing insurmountable odds come the dawn, I know you will do our people justice in fighting till your last breath. We shall go to the halls of our fathers with honor, taking as many of those bastards with us. Let them see the true might of Asgard!”
The crowd raised their drinks and cheered loudly as they were filled with encouragement from their king. Even though you were moved by his words to give your all in the name of your fellow man, there was still that feeling in the back of your mind that knew you would not live past the battle tomorrow and it was hard to imagine all the things you would be leaving behind. 
Downing the rest of your drink in one large gulp, you stood and made your way outside the large tent. The night was warm and the stars shone bright through the cloud free sky. You looked up and admired the beauty of it all, knowing it would be the last time you would ever be able to enjoy this view. A breeze blew through your hair and you tucked a stray piece behind your ear as someone was approaching you that you hadn’t noticed yet.
“Why is it that we never appreciate the simple things around us until we are certain it is going to be taken away from us?” a voice questioned from behind you. Turning, you came face to face with the God of Mischief himself.
“Because it is the mortality of it all that shows us what is most precious to us,” you replied with a warm smile. “It is when we are most afraid in those final moments that it forces us to examine what we put value to and what we will miss the most.”
Loki made his way to stand by your side, truly speechless at the raw honesty in your answer. “I suppose I never thought of it that way,” he agreed pensively.
“Walk with me, will you?” you asked and he nodded his head in agreement. 
Both of you meandered through the war camp in silence for a bit. Loki moved closer to your side and you smiled as you enjoyed his company. Your prescence was calming to him as he thought of what was going to happen soon and he wondered how you were seemingly so calm. 
“Are you not afraid of what is to come tomorrow?” he asked quietly after some time.
You faced him and stopped, pausing as you thought how to best answer his question. “It is hard not to be a little afraid when facing imminent death,” you admitted, “but I will do what I must and I have accepted what is to come. I will give everything I have and go out with pride if I must. I have no regrets, though there are things that I will miss.”
“And what would that be?” he curiously asked as you moved forward again.
“I will miss the feeling of the sun on my skin,” you smiled at the thoughts visualized in your mind's eye, “I will miss the sound of laughter in the halls as we eat and drink together, I will miss what my life could have become in the future. But, even above all of that, most of all I will miss you.” 
The statement hit Loki in the chest like a punch as he realized what you had just said. The threat of death was knocking at the door and the only thing you cared about was not being able to be with him any longer. All the good times you had shared together as comrades had not only affected him, but you as well and he wondered what could have happened between the two of you if there had been more time.
Your bravery touched Loki in a way he had never known. Being here with you, watching as the light from the moon glistened through your hair and shimmered over your features as death was breathing down both your necks, he wanted nothing more than to have a taste of what could be. 
Watching him, you were overcome with feelings that had always been there, but you had told yourself it wasn’t the right time. Facing your own mortality made you realize that it was him, it was always him that you had wanted, but never had the courage to pursue. There was nothing stopping you now and you had to at least give it a chance.
In your walking, you had come to a small clearing just outside of camp; the rustling of the grass in the night breeze drowned out most of the sounds of war preparations, leaving only the sweet chorus of the creatures of the wilds singing their nightly songs. It was just the two of you in the bright moonlight in your own little world. You stood face to face with the only person you wanted to be with as the world crumbled around you and you were at peace.
Loki watched you closely and realized you were so near to him now. Without thinking, you laced your fingers into the back of his hair and pulled his face to meet yours.  Silently, you delicately pressed your lips to his and he reciprocated the advance by wrapping his arms around you. No thoughts, no worries, only the embrace of feelings.
“If this is my last night here on the plane of existence,” he breathed, “then I want to spend it with you. I don’t want to have any regrets.”
He pulled you again into a kiss, wrapping his arms around you tighter as he held you to his chest. “No regrets,” you whispered into his mouth. “Let us forget the entire world for a moment. Sleep with me; let me know you intimately before we go to our doom.”
You backed off from him a bit and undid the lacing on your leather top, removing it and letting it fall to the ground off your fingers and you held his gaze. The moon shone off of your bare shoulders making you glow like an ethereal being; Loki could not believe how beautiful you looked right at this moment.
“I could not think of a better way to go, my dear,” his words were soft and full of feeling.
Grabbing his hands in yours, you pull him to you and began to undo his own clothing as you locked your lips onto his again and again and again. The moment his skin touched yours, you felt a spark like an electric shock to your heart that had you losing yourself in him and he in you.
You both tumbled to the ground in a mess of limbs and smiles. It did not matter that the ground was hard or that you were outside, you could only feel him. His lips trailed down from your mouth to your neck where he lingered as he sucked gently as your fingers traced circles onto the muscles on his back. Your gentle touch was sending Loki into a tailspin.
Pushing himself on top of you, he moved you to lay back against the ground as his lips trailed lower down your body. Everywhere they went it lit up your skin like fire until he reached your breasts. Your nipples were already hard from his touch as he took one into his mouth while the other he used his fingers on.
Your fingers ran through the back of his head, embracing him in a loving way as he went to work. "Oh my, you are so good at that,” you purred into his ear as you closed your eyes and simply allowed yourself to enjoy the sensation and the wetness between your legs grew.
You couldn’t take it anymore and you maneuvered yourself with a roll, putting Loki onto his back as you got on top. The urge to feel him inside of you flooded your being and you wanted nothing more than to ride him. Loki was surprised with the precision at which you moved him to his back, but he had no qualms. Quickly you undid his trousers and pulled them down, throwing them away from you and releasing his throbbing member before you undid your own and took them off as well. 
Using his chest to help you steady yourself you lowered yourself onto him and easily he slipped inside of your wet core. He groaned loudly as the feeling of your walls stretching to fit all of him in sent shocks of pleasure down his spine. You repositioned yourself so that your hands rested behind you on his legs. Slowly at first, you began to rock your hips back and forth, grinding on his pubic bone to help bring you closer to your release.
As Loki looked up at you, your head tilted back as you rode him, the moon silhouetting your form, he was overcome with such passion for you he could hardly breathe. You were his own personal goddess and he wanted nothing more than to bring you immense pleasure. His hands found to your hips and gripped them tight as he moved them along with you.
“Gods, you look beautiful on top of me,” he growled with lust. 
You ran your fingers through your hair and pushed it back over your shoulders and out of the way. A thin layer of sweat sparkled over your torso and you could feel yourself drawing closer and closer to that sweet release. Loki noticed you pick up the pace a little and knew you were getting close. He sat up and wrapped his arms around you, rotating you while he was still inside you so that now you were on your back. He wanted to do the last bit of work to make you cum.
Grabbing one of your legs, he moved it up from under him and pushed it onto his shoulder so that he could pound into you deeper and deeper. Oh god he felt so good as he continued his steady rhythm.
“So close,” you moaned and then you felt it, that warmth growing at the base of your spine. 
“Cum for me, my love, cum for me,” he panted, muscles straining hard. 
Several more strokes and that was it. Your head flew back and you gasped as you came hard and fast. Loki could feel your walls clamp down hard as your orgasm shook through you and he too was come undone with a groan. His body shook along with your own until both of you fell into a pile on the ground of limbs and fluttering kisses.
Loki turned over onto his back and adjusted himself to be comfortable before he pulled you to him and held you in his embrace. Both of your glistening bodies were pressed tight together as you both rode out the last of your pleasures. You gazed back up at the sky; the stars felt as if they were burning brighter than ever before now as their last hoorah before they would soon be gone as the sun would banish them away.
This must be what Valhalla feels like, you thought to yourself. You closed your eyes for a moment, just filled with emotion for the man laying at your side. There was something bittersweet about finally getting to be with him when it was too late, but you were grateful to at least have this fleeting time with him rather than nothing. 
Suddenly, you felt Loki move beside you making you look up at him concerned that he was going to leave. “Don’t go, my love. Please, let us stay here until we can’t any longer,” you implored him, but he had no intention of going anywhere from you. 
“I am not going anywhere, my sweet,” he reassured you as he pulled you in even tighter to his arms. “It’s only you that I want to lie with as the world caves in.”
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lokis-little-fawn · 5 months ago
Bad Dragon
Tumblr media
My requests are open!
Paring: Loki x Fem!Reader
Word count: 3.3k
Summary: After Loki refuses to fuck you in his Jötun form you decide to take things into your own hands. Will you finally convince him?
The link to the website mentioned is here - https://bad-dragon.com
Warnings: SMUT (ONLY READ IF YOU ARE 18+) fingering, oral sex (male and female receiving), BDSM (choking, spanking, general rough sex), unprotected sex, anal (blink and you’ll miss it), breeding kink, use of sex toys, Jotun!Loki, monster fucking I guess?
You had seen Loki in his Jötun form before, but only briefly in your time together.
There had been the time when he had been fighting on a mission and specks blue rippled over his soft skin. Another time you were showing him how to have a snowball fight and ‘accidentally’ hit him in the face with snow, turning his cheek a shade of sapphire.
But you had a favourite memory of him in his true form. It had been the middle of the night, you’d woken up in your large bed alone with Loki nowhere to be seen. You heard the shower running in the connecting bathroom and decided surprise him by joining him, he did always love your presence in showers and baths with him.
Stepping into the bathroom the door was left open just a crack, as you wiped the sleep from your eyes you blurrily made out Loki standing there naked underneath the cascading water of the shower.
As your eyes adjusted to the light you saw him standing there nude under the water facing the wall towards the shower head. There was no steam and the bathroom was cold bringing you to the realisation that the water must be freezing.
Silently you take in his wet black hair hitting his shoulders, the water beating down over his entirely blue skin. The lines of lighter blue almost appearing as tattoos, they traveled over his entire body including his face. Stepping out of your silk night dress you place it quietly on the floor, stepping into the shower.
As you quietly step towards him he turns away from the wall, unknowingly facing you as his eyes remain closed so not to get water in them.
Your breathing growing heavier as your eyes roam down his torso, as muscular as he usually was the sapphire shade seemed to highlight his toned body. Continuing down you take in his length, you’d seen him naked a hundred times, but never like this.
The patterns etched into his skin even covering his cock, which in this light even unaroused looked much bigger than usual. Your breathing growing more urgent as you long to touch him, as you reach out to touch him in a curious fashion his eyes snap open, suddenly aware of your presence.
His red eyes appearing startled by his naked lover standing before him, if you didn’t know him better you could have mistaken his look for anger. You let out a audible gasp as your eyes meet his for the first time.
‘Darling.. I..’ He stutters out, his eyes meeting the floor, looking slightly ashamed.
You jump into his arms and wrap yours around his torso, bumps appear on your skin as you step underneath the freezing water. He reaches back and turns the tap up to a warmer temperature, as you step onto your tip toes placing a kiss on his soft azure lips.
As the room fills with steam and with the heat from your body pressed against his, his skin resumes its usual colour.
‘I apologise my love, I didn’t mean for you to see me in this state’ he gestured to his skin that continues to shift back to its usual light colour.
‘Loki, your beautiful and I mean..’ your words trailing off as blush covers your cheeks.
‘I wouldn’t mind touching you like this as well as just seeing’ you giggle out as Loki smiles politely back at you.
‘Pet I’m afraid that this is one wish I cannot grant’ he says as he brushes your now wet hair from your face, his skin now entirely back to its usual, almost translucent, colour.
‘Why?’ You question pulling a cute pouty face that you know he can’t resist.
‘Because, sweet thing, I wouldn’t want to hurt you. I’m not sure I could contain myself. Also I don’t share my Jötun form with anyone, you could say that i am ashamed of my true appearance’ he says trailing off at the end of his sentence.
‘I don’t mind if you hurt me’ you say as your arm wraps around him gliding down his torso towards his length.
‘And I think your beautiful in whatever form you take’ you say as your hand slips lower, wrapping around his rapidly hardening length.
‘Darling, I..’ his sentence ceased by a strained gasp leaving his lips as your hand begins to pump up and down along his shaft.
You place soft kisses down his torso as he lets out a deep moan. Kneeling, your hand continues to pump his length, placing kisses up his thighs. As you place a final kiss onto his tip you taste his salty pre cum stain your lips.
His hands running through your hair encouraging you to make contact with his throbbing length as you softly kitten lick his tip.
Your soft licks stopping as you place his length into your open mouth, sucking in time with the pumping of your hands. His head falling back against his shoulders as your speed increases, his growls spurring you on feeling your warm wetness pool between your legs.
His hands tighten in your hair, signalling that he was close to his climax, as you hollow your mouth more, his tip reaching the back of your throat causing you to let out squelching gagging noises around his cock. His eyes falling to meet yours as you look up at him as he grinds his length further into your mouth.
‘Darling, look at me as I ruin that little throat of yours’ he says between bated breaths.
Your eyes dart up to meet his as he pulls your mouth further down his shaft, taking in all of him. His hand in your hair tightening once more as the warm liquid spills down your throat. His growls echoing off the walls of the shower as he comes down from his high still in your mouth.
As he heaves for breath you suck him into your mouth once more cleaning the last of the cum from his length, releasing him with a pop.
You stand up to meet him as he presses a passionate kiss onto your lips.
‘Your such a good girl for me my little princess’ he says between kisses.
‘Are you sure I can’t change your mind?’ You ask fluttering your eyelashes up at him.
‘Not in this instance I’m afraid my little love’ he says, continuing to kiss you.
‘Now, let’s get you back to bed’ he says as he grabs a towel, wrapping your body in it before carrying you back to bed, tucking you both in as you fall asleep against his chest.
In the days and weeks following, you practically beg him to fuck you in his Jötun form, his answer always remaining the same, no.
After that night you grew almost obsessed with it, he was beautiful in his other form but you wanted to experience all of him. You almost managed to convince him a few times but he grew too scared of hurting you after a short amount of time, something you found entertaining considering the amount of pain mixed with pleasure he had given you in your previous sexual encounters with him.
After a while you gave up asking, and although you usually lived with him on Asgard, this week you were visiting earth staying in a apartment you shared together when you traveled. A few weeks ago you had recalled a website you’d once seen before you met Loki, Bad Dragon.
You opened up the page and scrolled through all of the options. After a while you settled on one that looked most like his cock, you customised the colour to match his Jötun form and used the customisable option to draw the patterns on it the same as you had seen on Loki’s skin.
After contemplating your choices for a while you decided to buy it, naturally you chose the largest option they had to match Loki’s truly enormous length.
After a few days of waiting you received a text telling you that your package was going to be delivered today, with Loki out on a mission with Thor and the others you thought that this must be the perfect time for it to arrive considering that you were trying to keep it as a small secret from your lover.
After excitedly pacing by the door the parcel swiftly arrived. Eagerly opening the package you take it out and marvel in all its blue veiny glory, admiring how close a likeness it was to Loki’s Jötun form.
Moving to your shared bed you pull a bottle of lube out from the draw in the cabinet beside your bed. You quickly take your all of clothes off, dropping them onto the floor as you lie on your back with your head against the pillows.
Placing some of the lube onto your fingertips you begin circling your clit, your breath immediately catching in your throat as your wetness builds ready to take your highly anticipated toy. You dip two fingers into your warm entrance letting out a quiet moan.
Lifting the toy to your heat you drag the head of it over your clit, gliding it through the synthetic wetness you placed there. Dragging it down through your glistening folds you dip the tip of it inside yourself, a louder breathier moan leaving your lips as you push it in deeper, feeling as if the toy is splitting you in half.
After a few pumps inside yourself you adjust and settle into a rhythm, looking down watching the toy move within you as you imagine the body you wish it was attached to, Loki.
The bumps and grooves on the toy similar to the veins on Loki’s cock stimulating you further as you feel your climax build, your walls contracting around the toy.
As your moans build louder you don’t notice the door to the apartment open as Loki walks into the entrance hall.
Quietly putting his weapons down in the hall he hears noises coming from your shared bedroom. Making his way to the door you left ajar in your excitement the sound of your moans fill his head, causing him to immediately harden within his constricting leather trousers.
He silently pushes the door slightly further open to take a better look at his lover, taking in the sight of you writhing with pleasure against your shared sheets.
His eyes traveling down your body as they meet your throbbing heat, your entrance spread wide as the huge toy opens you to his view.
After a few seconds of watching you he realises that the toy closely resembles his cock in Jötun form, slightly too closely for it to remain a coincidence specially considering all of your requests for him to fuck you in his true form.
Using his magic his clothes vanish as he stands in the door way of your shared bedroom. His hand working up and down over his length as he watches you writhing in the pleasure he wishes he was providing you with. As much as he loved watching you he felt a pang of jealousy spread over him. He knew it was stupid to be jealous of a toy you had created in his likeness but nevertheless, jealousy spread over him like a plague traveling through every cell. Your moans still filling the air as you almost reach your climax, it’s in that instance you feel a cold kiss press against your open inner thigh.
Your eyes opening startled by the unexpected presence between your legs your eyes meet Loki in his Jötun form between your legs. His red eyes filled with lust as he takes control of the toy, thrusting it in and out of you pulling truly explicit moans from your throat.
‘Is this what you wanted little pet? For me to fuck you with my large Jötun cock? To see a monster filling your innocent little cunt?’ He growls out in mock anger.
His pace increases, as with one hand he fucks you with the toy, his other hand circling your clit with his long fingers.
‘Don’t you dare cum on this useless Midgardian toy, if you refrain from this I will show you how it feels for your earthly little quim to cum all over my Jötun cock’ he says with a growled tone as he thrusts the toy even faster within you as he watches you try to stall your impending orgasm.
You try and follow his orders but as much as you try, you feel as if maybe he wants to make you cum as his pressure on your clit builds rapidly pulling screamed moans from your throat.
‘Loki, I can’t.. I’m going to..’ you stutter as one hand grips the bed sheets and the other reaches down to try and stop Loki’s movements against your clit.
‘Don’t you dare little one’ he says as his cool mouth meets your clit, continuing to pump the toy in and out of you.
With the feeling of his cold tongue circling your clit you tighten around the toy cumming all over it and Loki. Your hands reach down for him as your eyes flutter open, coming down from your high.
‘Loki.. I.. I’m sorry..’ you say shyly, you recognise the look spread across his face, pure aroused anger.
Without a word he pulls the toy from you, placing it on the night stand as he kisses and bites his way up your body. He wraps a large azure hand around your throat, placing one kiss onto your lips.
‘What did I say little one, my only simple command. Or maybe you wanted to be punished?’ He asks before he slaps you firmly across your cheek causing a pink blush to spread across your face. Immediately after he presses a harsh kiss into your lips causing you both to moan into the kiss. You had always felt tiny compared to him, but now with him towering above you in his Jötun form, you truly felt microscopic underneath him.
With his free hand he reaches down to his sapphire length, pumping it a few times before running the tip over your dripping sex.
The lines on his length were exactly as you remembered them, you memorised every inch of his remarkable body towering above you with his hand wrapped around your throat.
Without warning he sheaths himself inside you, his freezing length feeling even bigger than the toy that had just made you cum.
‘Oh my god.. Loki’ you moan out, his grip increasing on your throat, your words turning to silence under his grip.
Giving you no time to adjust he begins to relentlessly pound into you, your wetness audible with every thrust as your eyes roll back and your head falls further back into the pillow.
Feeling your second climax already building and your heat gripping around Loki he releases your throat. His hands working their way down to your hips, gripping you tightly as his pace increases. You almost scream as your feel his cock beating against your cervix, the feeling verging on pain as your eyes fill with tears.
Now with your body pressed firmly under him, you realise that this situation was exactly what Loki was trying to avoid, he was hurting you. But in his Jötun form his primal urge had taken hold, there was no way of stopping him even if you wanted to, but luckily even enduring the pain, stopping him was the last thing you wanted.
Your hands wrapping around the back of his neck playing with his hair as he uses his grip on your hips to move himself in deeper. Your legs pushed back almost to your shoulders, his lower abdomen rubbing against your clit with every thrust, threatening to pull your orgasm from you.
Feeling you tighten around him he lifts your body with almost no strain. He flips you over onto your hands and knees, your ass pointed up towards him as you arch your back. He kisses and bites down your spine, as he reaches your ass he bites down harder leaving teeth marks in your soft skin.
Kissing further down he places his lips to your heat, spread open before him he licks a stripe over your clit to your entrance, tasting your hot liquid dripping from you. Without warning be licks another stripe from your clit all the way over both of your holes causing you to gasp. He moans at the taste of you, his low sounds vibrating within your core.
Kissing back up your spine he grasps one of your hips, his nails digging into your skin as he plunges back inside you. His other hand wrapping around the back of your neck, forcing you further into the bed.
‘You asked for this little mortal, I’m going to breed you, my little human will provide me with an heir’ he growls into your ear, his length hitting all the right spots within you making you almost delirious, too cock drunk to protest.
His grip on your hip loosening for a second as spanks your ass hard, as you buck against his length in shock you hear a dark chuckle from behind you before he resumes his grip on your hip. His other hand moving from the back of your neck to the front, gripping your throat once more almost cutting off your air supply.
He pulls you up to him, your back pressed against his chest as he sits you down on top of him still on your knees.
You begin to feel his length pulsate within you, using your body like his own personal toy as you bend easily to his will.
‘Cum for me little mortal, let me feel your release on my true form’ he demands, his hand slipping from your hip to rub quick circles into your clit, maintaining his relentless assault on your sex.
Your orgasm washing over you, you feel yourself gripping his length as you squeal out in pleasure, one of your hands darting to his around your neck, the other pressing against his thigh to hold yourself up.
As he feels you cum around him, he releases inside you, his cold liquid coating your walls, his cock pressed into your cervix holding you against him so that none would escape.
Your mutual heaved breaths filling the now quiet room he kisses down your neck as he releases your throat. As he surveys your body he notices the marks he’s left on you. His hand around your throat had left a bruise, the teeth marks in your ass almost bleeding.
‘My love, are you okay? .. I’m sorry’ he asks and then immediately apologises. Looking behind you, you capture his lips on yours, kissing him deeply.
‘I loved it Loki’ you say with a giggle.
‘Maybe we could do it again? Perhaps in a few days once I can walk again’ you joke, making him laugh in turn.
‘Whatever you wish my darling’ he says kissing you back.
Removing his length from you, he places you down in the bed, taking care of every bruise and bump he had left on your skin.
As he kisses the marks and soothes your aching muscles he begins to shift back into his Asgardian form.
‘No, don’t! I like you like this, you look pretty’ you say as the blue returns to his face, smiling up at you as he rubs an Asgardian lotion over your skin.
Curling up in bed naked together your fingers trace the patterns on his skin as you snuggle and giggle together.
After a few hours you both fall asleep, Loki keeping the bed cool from the warmth of the thick duvet as your wrapped up sleepily in his arms.
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immersed-in-mischief · 2 days ago
Love Destroys- Part 2 of the Love Series (Loki x Female Reader)
I know I should be working on so many other things right now, but I was so inspired by my Love Bites one shot yesterday that I am turning it into a MINI SERIES!!! As of right now with the plot I have in my head, it looks to be about 5 or 6 parts maybe?
Enjoy! ;)
P.S. Thank you @handwithquill for the inspiration!
Click here to read Part 1- Love Bites
Tumblr media
Loki paced the marble floors of his bedroom in front of the open balcony doors. At this rate, he would wear the polish off the stone before you and his brother arrived back from the extravagant honeymoon Odin had sent the two of you on. All he wanted was to look upon your face, knowing you most likely wouldn’t give him the time of day. Honestly, he wouldn’t blame you after what he had done.
Somehow, he had found the strength to rise from the floor and slip into the wedding feast undetected later that evening. Well, undetected to all but one. The moment you saw him take his seat at the grand table at the front of the hall, your eyes burned into his, until your expression fell, and your lip began to quiver. Remembering where you were, you snapped yourself out of it and put on a perfect smile as you greeted the next guest approaching you. He knew you would have been able to tell that his presence at the ceremony was an illusion and he now realized how harsh the gesture would have been to you. Not showing up to rescue you was one thing. Neglecting to remain by your side during the hardest day of your life was something entirely different.
Thousands of memories flashed before his eyes as he took several gulps of the wine from his goblet in front of him. Countless afternoons spent together in the library or the gardens discussing anything and everything. Nights spent lying under the stars as he pointed out constellations. Being the first person he showed his new tricks and illusions to. The person who made you laugh…made you smile… made you happy. Until he destroyed it all in a single moment.
As he watched you across the grand hall in the most gorgeous wedding gown he had ever seen, all he could think about is that he had the chance to make you his bride today. He had an entire plan laid out in his head last night as you laid against his chest in a deep sleep. Loki would create an illusion of you that lasted long enough to allow the two of you to escape Asgard for any other realm, where the first thing he would do was give you the marriage proposal you deserved to have. Instead, he was watching you greet guests beside his oaf of a brother like you were the perfect couple.
“How nice of you to join us, my son.”
Loki immediately rose from his seat at the sound of his mother’s voice out of respect to allow her to take her seat beside him. After pushing in her chair for her, he took his place beside her. Following his line of sight to the guests of honor, she sighed before addressing him in a hushed voice.
“Care to explain your absence at your own brother’s wedding this evening? Surely you don’t think that a simple illusion would be enough to fool me, child.”
Taking another substantial drink from his goblet, he stared into the glass in his hand while watching the ripples spread to the edges as he swirled the deep burgundy liquid. To anyone else, it would pass for boredom. To the woman beside him, it was a poor attempt at dodging the truth.
“The outcome was the same whether I was in attendance or not. As far as everyone else is concerned, the Dark Prince was proudly standing beside his brother today. After all, that’s what truly matters, does it not?”
Her hand came to rest on his arm as she let out a deep sigh.
“Loki, if you truly believe that your brother was the one that you were supporting with your presence, I have failed you as a mother. If I was able to see through your illusion, she could as well…”
At the same moment that his eyes lifted to look towards you as his mother’s comment set in, you stole a quick look at him as well. It was brief, but still long enough for him to see the pain behind your eyes. If only the woman beside him knew the true depths of his wrong doings regarding today, she would then know that he was failing her as a son, not the other way around.
The sound of the trumpets brought him back out of memories from that night and into the present moment. Glancing out upon the scene below him, he watched the royal carriage containing the Prince and Princess of Asgard approaching the front gates from the Bifrost. In a flash he transported himself down to the main entrance to take his place beside his parents as they publicly welcomed the newlyweds back home.
Loki found it impossible to stand still as he waited for the two of you to emerge. The morning after the wedding and over the six weeks since, he had not heard a single word about the mark he had left on your body for his brother to find. In his mind, he knew that if a scene had been made on your wedding night, at least one member of the staff would have heard and word would have spread like wildfire through the palace.
The roar of the crowd around them alerted him to the activity taking place. It was then that he saw his brother step out first and send a quick wave to the people of Asgard that were present from the event. Time seemed to crawl as he willed his brother to present you to him. All he wanted in this moment was to see you. Since the day he first met you, he had never once spent this much time apart from you. Each day without you had been torture, especially when he needed to clear the air and repair the damage he had done with his idiotic choice.
As Thor reached into the carriage, he saw your hand appear and rest into his brother’s, before your arm and the top of your head emerged an eternity later. When your back was to him as you waved at the crowds, he shifted his weight to his other foot and his patience began to wear extremely thin. A lifetime had seemed to pass by for him, while it was only a mere minute for those around him. You finally turned to make your way up the stairs with your arm draped through Thor’s. In that moment, Loki felt like he was taking the first deep breath since he kissed you for the last time on the morning of your wedding before you retreated to your room before your absence was discovered. The relief in his lungs was short lived as your eyes raised to the king and queen and never once moved to look at him.
In disbelief, he watched you greet both of his parents and then stop and return to Thor’s side. Thor did the same and then turned to nod towards him.
His eyes locked onto his for a moment and he was able to tell that they held no anger towards him or any sign that he had knowledge of the brand he had left on his wife the night before they were wed. In all the scenarios he played out in his head, this was never one of them. He of course expected you to not exactly be excited to see him or even cordial, but he expect more of a reaction from his brother. Before he knew what was happening, he watched as Thor knelt down and placed a gentle kiss on your lips to please the crowd in front of them before wrapping his arm around your waist. The smile on your face appeared to be genuine as you leaned into his side and rested your hand on his chest with your wedding band on display.
A band identical to his mother’s with the family crest etched into it.
It was the first time he had noticed it and his stomach dropped. He certainly didn’t need a visual reminder of the fact that you were a married woman now and a member of this family… but he did not have the honor of being your husband.
Forcing a smile onto his face, he joined in the wave and followed behind his family as his parents led them into the palace, followed by the future king and queen, and lastly, the remaining prince. As soon as the doors closed behind him, it was chaos as they greeted them in private and everyone seemed to be speaking at once. Before he knew it, his mother was whisking you away to catch up as Odin pulled Thor away in the direction of the council room to discuss the affairs he had missed while away.
It took him a few hours to build up the courage to stop by your chambers and he found the door open as he walked by. Inside, he found you and two of your chamber maids carefully packing your belongings to move them to the wing of the palace you would now be sharing with Thor. When one of the young girls looked up and noticed his presence in the doorway, she immediately bowed to him, causing the other to do the same.
“Would you ladies please give me a moment alone with our princess?”
At the sound of his voice behind you, Loki noticed the way your posture immediately stiffened, and you nearly dropped the book you were holding. Once the two girls had scurried out of the room, he quietly closed the door behind him to give the two of you the privacy to speak openly without someone hearing. He waited a moment and sighed when he realized you weren’t going to turn around and face him. Your hands tightly gripped the box in front of you, firmly planting you in place across the room from here.
“Darling, please let me explain…”
His heart broke when you glanced up towards the ceiling and lightly shook your head.
“Don’t bother…”
When your hands came up to your face before you resumed packing, he knew you had begun to cry. He watched helplessly as you forcefully placed the books in front of you into a box, most of which had been gifted by him over the years.
“Please, my love. Allow me to apologize to you. Tell me how to fix this, Y/N. I’ll do anything to repair the damage I’ve done.”
The scoff that passed your lips felt like a physical strike to his pride.
“Just save it, Loki. I don’t want to hear it. Your apology changes nothing. You made your choice, so live with the consequences. I certainly am… I expect you to do the same.”
“I know I failed you! I promised you a way out and didn’t follow through with it and now you’re stuck in a life you never wanted with a man you don’t love. You must know that I am truly sorry for my actions that day, but I’m still here for you. We can still be in each other’s lives somehow. Maybe not in the ways that matter most, but I can still be a friend to you.”
The word was enough to make you spin around to face him with tears streaming down your cheeks and rage in your eyes.
“A friend?! How dare you say that to me, Loki! You. Abandoned. Me. On the day I needed my best friend the most, he didn’t have the common courtesy to show his face! All those years together and I got an illusion of you on my wedding day. Yes, I’m upset that you promised me a different life than this one and took it back, but that is nothing compared to the pain of merely receiving a clone on the day I needed your strength the most. I now know that the night we spent together was a mistake, and not for the reasons you would think. Everything about my life had been about duty and honor and my requirements to this kingdom! I wanted my first time to be about me and not another box I had to check off. That is why I chose to give my virtue to you instead of your brother, Loki. If the rest of my life was going to be spent simply fulfilling a duty to produce heirs to the throne, I wanted to be able to have one night that was about love instead. You took that away from me, Loki. I never asked for you to give me a false sense of hope. I had full intentions of enjoying one solitary night with the man I loved before closing the door and leaving it all behind me. On the day I arrived in Asgard to begin my royal studies all those years ago, I never expected to fall in love and most definitely not with the wrong prince either, but it happened.”
He was speechless as he watched you fall to the couch beside you and hold your head in your hands. After gathering your composure, you took a deep breath and continued.
“I never intended on telling you I loved you, Lohk. It would have changed nothing about my situation, but I did, and it did change things for me… I didn’t even process the fact that you hadn’t said it back to me until I was staring at a replacement of you at the other end of the aisle.  It was in that moment that I realized that I was no different than any other harlot that has crept from your chambers just before dawn. I saw it all, Loki.
Over the years, I watched the way you promised girls the moon and the stars and used your words like a drug to keep them coming back for more, only to drop them the second you were bored. You toyed with their hearts for your own personal entertainment. As I walked down the aisle towards a future I never wanted, nor asked for, I realized that I wasn’t any different from them… I allowed you to make me feel special and adored under the cover of darkness. I snuck back to my room feeling on top of the world. I also then felt the crushing weight of being tossed aside by you like I was used and disposable. The morning after, my best friend was no where in sight and the Dark Prince took his place.
All those times you comforted me when I was scared and soothed my nerves when I was anxious about a choice I had no control over… you promised me that you would be right there. You would be by my side through all of it… but you weren’t… and I was alone. The fact that I had shared something so special with you just hours before only makes it worse, Loki. Even if I had never come to you that night… Even if I had saved myself for my wedding night like I was taught to do… I think it still would have destroyed me. Your absence when I needed you the most tarnished all of it, Lohk. I trusted you… You made me trust you that you would stick by my side, through thick and thin. You were the man I loved, and you were the only person that mattered to me that day. My best friend and the other half of my soul… and you let me down. There’s no repairing that or fixing something like that. The damage is done, and the moment has passed. I got myself through it without you, Loki… It’s done…”
Even if he had any words to say, the knock on the door would have interrupted them. Both of you quickly wiped the tears from your eyes and struggled to compose yourselves as Frigga entered the room.
“Oh… I wasn’t aware you had company, sweetheart. I can come back at a better time if you two need to talk.”
His eyes darted between you and his mother as he struggled to say anything that would allow him another moment alone with you. Instead, your words put the final nail in his coffin.
“Loki was just leaving. You are welcome to stay, Your Majesty.”
The smile you gave her as you returned to ignoring his presence in the room once more reminded him of something that looked like you, but wasn’t quite you. This must be what it felt like to look upon one of his illusions.
With a polite nod to you both, he swiftly exited the room and headed straight for his chambers at the other end of the hall. Once behind the safety of the heavy door, he cast a protection spell around himself and let his anger out in a single roar from the depths of his soul. In the solitude of the seidr that flowed around him, he struggled to accept the fact that in his stupidity, he had condemned himself to a life without you in it.
Of all the things you could have believed about yourself that would cause him pain, the last thing he had expected was for you to compare yourself to the other women that had graced his bed over the years. You had called yourself a harlot. Disposable. Unwanted. Plaything. He should have told you that he occupied himself with them because he couldn’t have the one thing he truly wanted, because she was betrothed to his brother. They weren’t the woman he loved, so they didn’t matter to him. That was the problem though. You didn’t know how much he loved you and always had…
And now it was too late.
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existential-labrador · 10 months ago
There was a split second when Mobius asked Loki if he was an analyst where my brain was like, “weird compliment and you haven’t even said hi to him yet but sure, continue.” I wish I could go back to that split second and never leave.
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christinebloodwrittings · 2 months ago
can i request a drabble for shy tipsy loki wanting cuddles and kisses from his s/o? :33
You ask, I write! Thank you so much 💖💖
It fills me with joy to have so many requests so soon, thank you🥺
*My requests are open*
Pairing: Loki x Fem!Soulmate Reader
Summary: Loki's a bit drunk and seeks out your love.
Warnings: Cuteness overload.
Loki taglist: @lokisprettygirl22 @lucky-foxface @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore @high-functioning-lokipath @thereadinggeek @el-zef @apine7 @beakami
Tumblr media
My Beloved
“ANOTHER!!” you heard Thor from the other side of the room, recognizing immediately the laughter that belonged to your dearest boyfriend, who was drinking next to his brother.
Another party Tony threw in the tower to release some tension and stress, working rather well so far, you even got to see Natasha flirt with Dr. Banner, you were totally going to tease her afterwards.
“What is he doing?” Pepper came your way, two drinks in hand which she handed one to you, all while giggling at Loki, “Just being himself” she couldn’t believe it, the infamous god dancing? “I don’t remember him like this” you laughed and patted her shoulder, “I cherish this moments, when he can just laugh and allow himself to be goofy, Thor does even more than me, I love seeing them together just having a good time as brothers” Loki caught your loving stare, smiled and shushed everyone until the room was silent.
Then he resumed singing:
I stormsvarte fjell jeg vandrer alene
Over isbreen tar jeg meg frem
I eplehagen står møyen den vene
Og synger: når kommer du hjem?
Never breaking eye contact with you, barely keeping his balance, but holding the notes amazingly. When he finished he fell on Thor’s side, belly laughing and just being genuinely happy, “I love him so much” you sighed taking place next to Natasha, “When he’s like this he’s even likable” you threw an olive to Barton, “Don’t be an asshole, Loki doesn’t need to be drunk to be likable!” they laughed, of course they wouldn’t understand.
“Y/N!!” Loki’s cheerly calling your name made you look behind you, Thor helped him move to you by holding him up by his shoulders, then sat him to your right. Loki immediately pulled you flush against him, nuzzling his face in your hair and the crook of your neck.
“Y/n! you heard me sing?” he was just like a child in this state, he was so careless and cute, “Yes! My love, that was amazing!” he pulled your legs up to sit across his lap, rosing the tip of your nose with his lips, “Jeg kan ikke tro at jeg har deg i livet mitt” he whispered lovingly, “Min elskede, du er det beste som noen gang har skjedd meg” you answered back.
“Can we go? I need you all to myself” he kissed your neck, right under your ear, “Go? Already? I thought you were having fun” he whined, hugging you tighter, “I need your cuddles, and I want to feel you” he kissed your cheek, “And feel your weight on top of me” another kiss to your bare shoulder since the dress you wore was sleeveless, “And I want your kisses, your hugs, your smell” he loudly smooched your lips before looking at you with his irresistible frost giant puppy eyes, “I want you, pretty please?”.
He damn knew you couldn’t say no to him, “Well guys, we’ll take our leave, see you tomorrow” as soon as he heard you he teleported himself with you still on his lap, only to re appear in his bed, your body straddling his.
“What do you need min elskede?” he smiled as you leaned down to pamper his face with kisses. His hands wandered down to grab hold of the hem of your skirt, slowly pulling it up as his knuckles brushed your thighs, then your belly, until he completely discarded it.
“I love when you wear my colors” he purred burying his face in between your breasts, your underwear was forest green, laced, just like he likes it.
“I know baby” he purred into your skin, he felt so comfortable with you. "I love you Y/n" he gasped and acted like he just realized that.
"Me too my love" he took off his dress shirt and threw it away, your skin totally against his. It was something of the closeness while being naked, not as a sexual thing, but as a intimate contact moment between you and him, it just felt right.
He sighed and let out a moan, carrying out a jawn in the process. "Wanna sleep, my love?" He hummed in yes before he looked up and made kissy lips, he looked so cute! "One more kiss and then is pajama time" you pecked his lips but he pulled you by the nape of your neck and kissed you in a far deeper manner.
"Nooooo, kiss me, kiss me more my love...please?" Your heart clutched, who were you to say no? So, you accommodated yourself in his lap, gently making him look up at you and started spreading kisses all over his face.
He giggled wholeheartedly, roaming your back with his hands. "Sleepy?" You asked after he let out a jawn, followed by a few kisses to your collarbone. He groaned in response and with a flick of his wrist he changed both of you into pajamas.
He had been working so hard lately, it seemed fair that you spoiled him a little, "My love, why don't we...you know" you traveled down his torso, but he stopped you, "Not tonight my love"
"But your needs, you've been working so hard, it's only fair" he stopped you with a kiss, "I only need you in my arms, so come here, I want cuddles" you crawled up to him, failing onto his chest thanks to him. Actually, you ended up sleeping on top of him as he wanted.
He pulled you closer, if that was even possible, mumbled a few things you couldn't understand, and when you asked what he was saying he just shook his head, placing kisses all over your neck then your lips.
"I love you so much my beloved" he smiled against your lips.
"I love you more, my dearest".
“Jeg kan ikke tro at jeg har deg i livet mitt" (I can not believe I have you in my life)
“Min elskede, du er det beste som noen gang har skjedd meg” (My beloved, you are the best thing that ever happened to me)
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ioannushka · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
restless babies 🌼
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ghostly-lee · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lady Loki design
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swarnimashankar · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
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m1tskil0verr · 2 months ago
Loki: I don't give a fuck
Y/N: *Shivering*
Loki: Are you cold love? You need a blanket? My jacket? Cup of tea? A hug? Come over here, let's cuddle
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megthemewlingquim · 16 days ago
a little drabble of sorts! because i'm getting back into writing after a whole semester of Not Writing™️. NSFW under the cut, as always.
You're so, so close.
You're almost completely silent. Loki holds you so tightly and so close to his own body, thrusting into you slowly. His arms are around you; one holds you by the waist (you can feel his wedding ring on your skin; it's cold, but you don't mind) and one holds you up to his chest, hand on the back of your head, so that your head is nestled into the crook of his neck. You're almost hugging. But, of course, you're doing more than hugging.
You whimper, shaking in his grasp. The pressure in your lower stomach is dangerously close to breaking, to spreading across your body. It's a warmth, an electric current. "L-Lo..." you whisper, "'m.. 'm close... s-so..."
Loki hums. You can hear the satisfaction there. "I know... That's it, sweet girl," he murmurs.
He hears the way your breath hitches, the way you go tense as the air in your lungs leaves you. He can feel the way you grip him tighter. He hears you moan out the smallest little "oh".
His smile grows. "Hmm, it seems... like my sweet girl... likes to be praised." His phrases are punctuated by his thrusts into you. "Don't you?"
You can barely manage a nod. But you do, and you are able to whisper out a little "uh huh". Your legs are shaking and twitching just the tiniest bit.
"Come," he says, "come for me. Come on, angel. Be a good girl. Make me proud — oh—"
As soon as the words "make me proud" leave him, you're coming. You're gone, lost in the euphoria of release. You bite his shoulder. He holds you through it... thrusts through it.. while you sob out your little whimpers of pleasure for only him to hear.
He gasps, breath trembling from the force of it. "That's it," he gasps, "there you go... that's my girl..."
He has already made the mental note. She likes that. She likes that... a lot.
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violetscanfly · a month ago
[click for better quality]
Tumblr media
Bonding moment
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