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#loki mcu

Summary: You’re getting really tired of Loki’s ego and arrogance.

Word Count: 3,721

A/N: Here’s my final chapter that I cranked out before going back to school a few days from now. Not sure how busy I’ll be due to everything going on in the world right now, but I can assure you guys that I don’t intentionally plan on abandoning this project. With that being said, depending on how much free time I have I’ll either take a short hiatus or write bit by bit. Stay safe and healthy everyone.

Chapter 11 | Chapter 13

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Loki headcanons: honesty

Fandom: Marvel


Originally posted by go-fandom-imagines

  • Loki would never dare say that he has trust issues. He’s just reasonably wary of people wanting to know his secrets or certain details about him. 
  • He’s had his fair share of incidents when the knowledge he shared with someone was used against him later on, so it is only reasonable that he would try to avoid that from happening again. 
  • However. 
  • If he found himself in a relationship, and a meaningful one at that, he’d feel awful retaining things from his s/o. 
  • He’d feel lucky to have you, despite his tangled history and more than a few mistakes he’s made throughout his life, so he’d usually try to show you how much he cares about you through his actions. Not to redeem himself from his past, but to show you that he is capable of learning from his mistakes and choosing what is best for the both of you now. 
  • Lies, well, might make things easier for a short while, but there’s an awful lot of effort that must be put into maintaining them every day for the rest of life. 
  • Being guilty about a few withheld pieces of information might sound a bit too dramatic, but Loki would spend quite a few moments debating whether he should change his mind and say the truth. 
  • He trusted you; that much was granted by the simple fact of him choosing to maintain a relationship with you. But the overwhelming weight of his past experience made him careful about opening up about certain aspects about himself. 
  • He’d try to do his best though, to stay as transparent as possible. Given time, he might learn to open up more, if he noticed that his secrets stay safe with you. He’d be thankful for that. 
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thinking about how, after Odin sentences Loki to a life in prison and declares that he will never see Frigga again, Loki’s first words are “and what of Thor?” before he visibly stops himself, blinking a little as if confused before deliberately changing his inquiry mid-sentence and finishing it with a well placed jab (”you would make that witless oaf king?”), rather than asking what he was truly trying to get at;

will he have to go the rest of his days without seeing Thor again, as well? 

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x fem!gifted!reader
Arguing and (you’ve asked for it, here it comes) muttiness!
Have a return-to-work meeting with my wonderful boss tomorrow and I’m ofc nervous and imagining the worst of outcomes regardless how unrealistic they are. So it’s good to create some happy writing. Ask or re-blog for tag.


Originally posted by granills

25. Heaven Upside Down

…   Reader   …

What a mess. At least tonight didn’t devolve into a veritable catastrophe when strictly considering the plan: Thor has agreed to look into your worries, and Fandral…well, maybe he’s used to rejection because he handled it surprisingly well while Sif didn’t even bat an eye. But that still leaves one problem. Loki.

Lowering the arm slowly, the room appears brightly lit in comparison and silvery light (finally escaped from the cloud) lands on Loki’s bare feet and the leather trousers before getting cut off where the tunic begins. It’s only now, you notice how the thin fabric softens every shadow of his toned body; his arms are crossed, sleeves rolled above the elbows in a futile attempt to grant more room for the god rather than ripping.

The stance says it all. This is a man that just got proven right. You’ll never hear the end of it, but maybe you can forego some of the humiliation by admitting your mistake.

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