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#loki odinson


  • hating people
  • snakes
  • intimidation
  • dark academia
  • tea
  • lives to see you kneel for him
  • him reading all the time
  • avoiding topics about odin
  • will you ever see his true self?


  • the two of you hating the same people t o g e t h e r. you are a chaotic duo
  • he would totally get a cat, you name it lucky because it sounds like loki
  • he’s a softie but only for you~ and maybe the avengers, occasionally but he won’t admit it
  • yes he likes dark academia what tf did you expect
  • coffee. likes brown with a splash of cream, but on your first date he tried to drink a black medium roast is he trying to look mature or something?
  • lives to kneel before you. he is a gentleman. will hiss if you even imply being lower than him.
  • likes watching movies with you. he likes movie adaptations because as much as they can have a few inaccuracies he likes seeing things from his imagination turn into reality. because of this he loves stage plays too :))
  • opened up to you about his father after a while, and you try your damn best not to talk shit bout odin because he might be your in-law someday    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • loki knows his past and his heritage are quite complicated, but you tell him it doesn’t matter. whoever he is, whatever he stands for, you know he loves you with all his heart, and you love him just the same
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I don’t know how to draw loki’s outfits 80% of the time so here’s an outfit redesign

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I suddenly had the urge to make more of these. Yes I am very unoriginal I know I’ll go back to making even more unoriginal quotes now. Good day 👋

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Pairing: Loki x reader
Summary: After you breakup, Loki regrets how he pushed you away. He can only hope that you’ll come back to him.
Warnings: lots of angst and some fluff at the end
A/N: Requested by the lovely @gaitwae​. Hope you enjoy!

Tag List: @lucywrites02@frostedgiant​​​ @lunarmoon8​​ @twhiddlestonsstuff​​ @lokistan​​ @thelokiimaginechroniclesficrecs​​ @gaitwae​​ @whatafuckingdumbass​​ @castiels-majestic-wings​​ @kozkaboi​​ @cozy-the-overlord​​


Disclaimer: Gif not mine.

It happened on a sunny day that Loki found out you’d moved on and started seeing someone else. It didn’t feel right that the world should be lit up by the golden rays when there was such a storm inside him. He tried his best to push his thoughts aside, he really did, but you kept popping into his mind. You and that boorish new boyfriend of yours. Loki didn’t know the man, but he already hated him. In reality, he hated himself far more for letting you go.

Loki had blocked most of the events leading to your breakup from his mind, but on the floor among the glass he’d shattered, it was coming back to him. He hadn’t even meant to break anything, not exactly. It was just that he was so angry, he wasn’t looking where he was going. Then the god bumped into the end table and, in a fit of rage, flipped it over. He hadn’t been thinking about the vase sitting on top of it. Or what was in it for that matter. Otherwise he may have been more careful as not to end up sitting among shards and your favorite flowers.

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Here are several smut word prompts for Loki! Feel free to DM me which ones you’d like in a fic and I’ll credit you! Or if you wish it can anonymous. 

  1. “ Put away those bothersome pills my dear, tonight you will conceive my child.”
  2. “ You underestimate yourself darling, you’re the only maiden who can truly make me feel this amount of pleasure.”
  3. “ Those garments you wear do you no justice.” 
  4. “ If he touches you one more time I will rip his throat out.
  5. “ You will pay for this blatant teasing my pet.” 
  6. “ My dear if I kept going you would have been undone in seconds.” 
  7. “ I may be a calculating god but the scent from you alone unleashes a beast within me.”
  8. “ You are mine and mine alone.”
  9. “ Don’t hide your face from me, I love seeing your flushed skin as you hit your release.” 
  10.  “ Shall we tease the boundary between pleasure and pain? “  
  11. “ Darling you’re going to have to be quiet. Wouldn’t want to wake anyone up with all this noise you’re making would we? “
  12. “ You do look so pretty begging like that. “ 
  13. “ Do you really think I haven’t noticed your feelings yet? “ 
  14. “ Would you like me to make it hurt? “
  15. “ If you want what you desire you must get on your hands and knees and beg. “
  16. “ Where exactly did you learn to leave a god powerless my dear? “
  17. “ Don’t you dare hide the marks I have made on your skin, everyone shall know you’re mine.” 
  18. “ Tell me are you going to be good and still this time or will I have to get the rope again.”
  19. “ Even gods know how to worship darling.” 
  20. “ Your thoughts are conflicted but your body doesn’t lie my dear.”
  21. “ We were made for each other.”
  22. “ Oh how cute, you’re dripping down your thighs.” 
  23. “ I do love the view of you riding me.”
  24. “ If it were up to me I’d take you right here.”
  25. “ Am I the first to take you, my little minx? “
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Impossibly Redeemable - 00 - Crystal Car

Loki/Infinity Train Crossover

Summary: Shortly after faking his death in Niflheim to fool Thor, Loki wakes up to find himself in a realm that is not the one he “died” in. After meeting another person in a similar predicament, he learns the only way home is through redemption. But how can he possibly do that? Monsters like him don’t deserve redemption, do they?

Pairing: Loki x F!Reader

Word Count: 1,425

Warnings/Disclaimers: None as of yet. May differ in future chapters. Crossing over with Infinity Train will lead to dealing with heavier subjects.

A/N: Takes place towards the end of Thor: Dark World. Will be MCU Canon Divergent. Told in second person but focuses more on Loki’s perspective. Thought this would be a great opportunity to explore Loki’s character by crossing over with Infinity Train which if you have not watched yet, I highly recommend it.


The last thing Loki remembered was “helping” Thor on Niflheim, playing dead so he could ultimately sneak back into Asgard and steal the throne from Odin. This place though… He found himself somewhere entirely different. It was dark like Niflheim but held a beauty that could rival that of Asgard. An aurora of fuschite, lepidolite, muscovite, all the variations of mica were glittering in the deep sky like starlight. The mountains were littered with glowing fluorite and celestite and lined with silver and gold while the ground beneath his feet, though it felt firm like rock, looked like ice as it reflected a faded image of the sky. In all his years, he had never seen anything like it.

His curiosity pushed him forward, traipsing down the various winding paths. Aside from from his own steps and the faint, distant sound of wind chimes, Loki’s ears could discern nothing else. Was he truly the only being here? Hours of walking and there hadn’t been any signs of life. Where was he going anyways? Was there a point to continuing his trek? Had he messed up so horribly in faking his death that he actually died, and this was the afterlife? The thought froze him on the spot. No. His calculations had been perfect. He should have woken up on Niflheim after Thor’s departure… Right?

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<div> based on your zodiac sign, what would loki say before fucking you till you cry? </div>
"get on your knees. now."
"stay still before i chain you to the corners."
"you fucking asked for it darling."
"you'll hate me when i'm done with you."
"that's a good girl. now can you do that again, for me, dove? just one more, i promise." "that was beautiful, dove. can you do it again?"
"spread those pretty legs for me, dove. a few minutes and i won't give you that choice."
"relax, darling. you're such a good girl. let me please you for being such an obedient dove."
"i'll ruin every other man for you."
"i'd grab the headboard if i were you."
"be careful what you wish for."
"you do realize that once i start, the only thing that can stop me is your safeword?"
"you look away for even a second and i'll stop."
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Jason Todd and (mcu) Loki have really similar vibes. I have no evidence for this as I find comics impossible to read but I feel both have the shared experience of not feeling good enough for their father and then turning to what their family deems to be the dark side.

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