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Tumblr media
Y/N: If I throw a snowball at you, will you turn into a smurf?
Loki: It would depend on the conceptual aspects revolved around the matter.
Y/N: …
Y/N: You have no idea what a smurf is, do you?
Loki: Absolutely not, darling.
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Dancing With The Devil || Part Two
Summary: You've burned for him for centuries, but you know he sees you as nothing more than a prize to claim. Still, you play his game of teasing and innuendo, but never give in to how badly you crave him. That is until an innocent smell of a flower on Midsummer leaves you with no other choice.
Genre: Fluff, smut, angst if you squint
Loki x f!reader
Word count: 8k
Part One Loki Masterlist
Tumblr media
It was hot. 
Far too hot.
Sitting at one of the small round tables scattered around the courtyard, Astrid loyally back at your side, you felt like you would wilt under the intense heat of the sun. Your skin felt as though a hundred tiny fires had been set ablaze under each individual pore and no amount of waving your silk fan brought any kind of relief. Astrid, for her part, seemed unfazed by the heat, eagerly watching the crowds of people pass by you both. 
“It’s rather hot, isn’t it?” You all but panted, waving your fan that little bit harder. 
The girl turned to you, eyebrows briefly tugging together. “It’s no hotter than usual, my lady. Cooler than this morning even. Are you feeling well?” She asked, laying a gentle hand on your arm, but retracting it instantly at the heat of your skin. “My lady! You’re burning up! Are you sure you wouldn’t be more comfortable in the shade?” her eyes were wide with concern. 
Stubbornly, you batted her off. “I’ve overexerted myself today, that’s all. I’ll be fine in a moment,” you replied. While Astrid hadn’t told you directly, you were aware she had a beau in Odin’s court, a handsome young boy named Leif that she so rarely got to see and who was hovering out of view somewhere in the courtyard. You refused to rob her of this chance to see him due to nothing but your own discomfort. 
In a weak attempt to distract yourself from the burgeoning heat, you cast your eyes around the courtyard. The array of colourful stalls were still thronged with people, the aroma of freshly baked pastry wafting through the air from your right. Never had you smelled Skolebrød so intense. Across the way, your eyes found Loki, a wine goblet held idly in his hand while he spoke with one of the visiting nobility. Instantly, a rush of heat pooled between your legs, giving way to an unmistakably familiar ache. Had you always been this attracted to him? You couldn’t tear your eyes from how his royal attire accentuated his lithe frame, imagining how his slender muscles must look beneath all that green and gold, how his skin would feel beneath your fingertips. When he turned a fraction and you caught the briefest flash of bare chest through the slight parting in his tunic, your hands balled into fists. How badly you wanted to rip his clothes from his body, trail hot kisses down his chest, feel the heavy, solid weight of him moving on top of you. 
Norns, when had your innocent attraction to him turned into this? You felt like you would go half mad with how badly you were aching for him. 
As though he felt your lustful gaze, Loki turned in your direction, giving you a quick wink when he caught your eye. It was almost your undoing. You bit down firmly on your cheek and curled your toes inside your heels to prevent the wanton moan that had threatened to escape you. Never had you wanted anyone as desperately as you now wanted Loki. 
“My lady, are you sure you’re feeling well?” Astrid spoke from your side. You hadn’t realised how tightly your fists were balled on the table or how heavily you were breathing. 
You quickly relaxed your hands. “I’m fine, but I feel you were right. I think I need some time in the shade. The sun is beginning to make me feel a little ill.” You told her, beginning to gather your skirt and stand from the little table. 
Astrid’s face fell. “Oh. Of course, my lady. Let me just gather -”
“You don’t need to accompany me, my dear,” you interrupted her. “Leif has been making eyes at you this whole time. Why don’t you go and be with him? I think you’ve earned a little fun.” You patted her cheek gently, feeling it heat up instantly at the mention of her beaux. 
Bashfully, she looked down at her hands, but you could see plainly the tiny smile already on her face. “Only if you’re sure, my lady. I’m supposed to stay with you.” 
You gave a small “tsk” in response to her concern. “What my parents don’t know can’t hurt them. Go, before I change my mind,” you teased kindly. 
“Thank you, my lady!” she replied brightly, her face lighting up. Eagerly, she rushed towards the fountain in the centre of the courtyard, your apparent illness quickly forgotten in the arms of her beaux.
An illness it had to be, you were all but certain. Making your way through the courtyard in search of some dark, quiet alcove, you felt as though a fierce flame had been lit inside you, flickering mercilessly and providing no opportunity for relief. The crowds were too loud, the smells too intense, the colours too bright. All this was in tandem with the unrelenting ache between your legs and the overwhelming need to have Loki on top of you, underneath you, inside you, whatever way you could have him. How sweet it would feel to have his warm mouth between your legs, his skilled tongue seeing to the throbbing in your core. How satisfying it would feel to have his large hands caress your body, his hungry lips press to your skin… 
Your hand hit stone as you stopped suddenly to steady yourself, the ground beneath your feet beginning to sway like the waters of the Ifing. With every thought of Loki, how his body would feel moving against yours, how he would sound as he took his pleasure from you, your head began to swim and the throbbing in your core became all the more persistent. Brazenly, you considered finding some secluded corner and tending to the ache yourself, but something in your overstimulated brain clicked into place like the final piece of a puzzle. 
It was well known throughout Asgard that he had a tendency for mischief, a tendency made all the worse by his aptitude for magic. He had been standing close to you at the flower stall, close enough to cast a spell without your notice, a spell that he likely intended to be harmless, but would act as a means of playful payback for your refusal to give in to him. Only it wasn’t harmless and something had clearly gone wrong to make you feel like some sort of wild animal in heat. It was the only explanation your muddled brain could conceive and it had Loki’s mischief written all over it. You would have his head for this. 
On legs that were threatening to give out from under you, you turned back in the direction you had come from. Once through the gilded stone arch that led back through to the courtyard, it didn’t take long to spot Loki still in the crowd, the sight of him making something in your lower stomach tighten and, to your disgust, you realised you were wet. As steadily as you could, you made your way to where he was still talking with one of the nobles, hovering at the edge of the conversation and desperately trying to ignore how the fire inside you raged harder, how the ache between your legs throbbed stronger the closer you got to him. 
“Pardon me the interruption, Your Highness, My Lord,” you said with feigned sweetness, resisting the almost uncontrollable urge to rip Loki’s tunic from his body. “Would I be able to steal the Prince for a moment? It’s quite urgent.” If Loki noticed the strain in your voice, he hid it well. 
His eyes travelled over you slowly, likely taking in your flustered appearance and the not-so-subtle heave of your chest. “A delight talking to you as always, My Lord, but it would appear I’m needed elsewhere.” He said to the man in front, giving a slight bow of his head and attempting to take your arm, but, like Astrid had done, all but jumping back at the touch. “Your skin is on fire!” he exclaimed, sounding so genuine in his surprise it almost had you fooled. 
“Don’t act as if you’re surprised, Your Highness,” you all but spat his title back at him. As gracefully as you could given the ceaseless ache between your legs, you marched back through the crowd. “This is a new low even for you, Loki. I feel like I need to rip my skin off,” you shouted over your shoulder, catching a brief second of his brow creasing in confusion. 
When you reached the dark little alcove, where the busy chattering of the gathered crowds became nothing but a faint rumble in the distance, you grabbed Loki’s arm, flinging him hard against the wall. You instantly wanted to shake him when he gave you a smug little grin. “Lift your magic, Loki!” you yelled, voice echoing off the heavy stone. 
He only frowned at you. “What magic? What in the Norns are you talking about?”
You all but growled at him. “Whatever it was you did to me by the flower stall! I’m not simple, Loki!” It was impossible to hide the strain in your voice now, and equally impossible to ignore the fire that had risen to a searing crescendo between your legs. Either Loki had to lift his magic or he had to take you against the wall. You knew which was more likely to happen. “Please, Loki, I am begging you. I can’t take this much longer,” you had resorted to begging, tears springing to your eyes in desperation. The fire under your skin was too much, the ache between your legs too intense. 
The look he gave you in return was so gentle it almost had you turn away. “I cast no spell on you,” he said softly. “I would never…,” he trailed off, eyes brushing over you, brows knitting together again. “This happened after the flower stall?” he asked. He leaned back against the wall, arms folded over his chest, one slim ankle crossed over the other. The smug little grin crossed his face again. “While I’ll grant you it does have my signature attempts to cause trouble written all over it, I assure you that, for a change, I’m wholly innocent.” 
The groan that escaped you sounded close to a whine, the ache and burning between your legs having your fingers twitch with need to take care of it. But if Loki wasn’t responsible, then you were clearly suffering from some kind of malady.  “I need to see a healer. Will you take me to one? Please? I can’t take this,” you begged him. 
He never moved from the wall, only studied you quietly for a few more agonising moments. You could have killed him when you saw the smirk on his face grow. “I don’t believe you would want a healer treating this particular…ah…malady,” he said cryptically. 
You sucked in a breath to keep yourself from rounding on him. “By all means, Your Highness, please do tell what it is I need then, seeing as I couldn’t possibly understand better than you!” 
Loki remained unfazed by your sarcasm, his face as placid and calm as ever. “You feel hot, yes? Unbearably so?” 
“Yes. Like a fire is raging under my skin,” you confirmed. 
“Are you overstimulated? Were the crowds too loud? The sun too bright?” he continued questioning. 
You gazed at him, confused. “Yes. How do you -” 
“And you feel,” he interrupted, the smirk on his face only growing wider, “like you…need to be fucked?” he asked crudely. 
If it was possible, your cheeks began to burn hotter at how he could so clearly tell that you were aching. “Well, for want of a better phrase, yes,” you admitted quickly, feeling as though you could die from the embarrassment. 
Loki pushed himself off the wall, stalking towards you slowly. You almost let out a whimper as your cunt clenched. “My dear, the only thing wrong with you is that you are aroused. Incredibly aroused, likely beyond anything you’ve experienced before,” he said confidently, but leaving you no less confused. 
“Aroused? What in the Norns am I aroused by? I’ve done nothing but walk around the palace and enjoy the sun!” you shot back, unwilling to believe what he was saying. Likely, it was nothing more than one of his tricks. 
He stopped a few feet from you, looking at you with something close to sympathy on his stupidly perfect face. “At the flower stall, you lifted the glass from one sitting on a dias - ”
“What, are you trying to imply I got aroused by the flowers? Like some sort of pervert?” you accused him before he could finish his sentence. 
The corners of his mouth twitched in a faint smile. “If you had let me finish, I would have told you that that particular flower is called Devil’s Breath and it’s found exclusively on Alfheim,” he explained calmly, though you were none the wiser as to why. 
You were burning uncontrollably, almost pushing him back to the wall and begging him to relieve your ache himself. “Yes, thank you for the botany lesson, Loki, but that doesn’t exactly help with anything,” you threw back at him. 
Immediately, you saw his eyes light up with mischief. “You’ve truly never heard of Devil’s Breath?” he asked, his voice taking on a tone that almost had you shivering. You shook your head. “It’s a rather famous plant,” he went on. “It was used in the Alfheim of old when love matches in the royal family were generally unheard of. It was used to encourage them to…breed. They were fanatical about continuing the royal bloodline.” 
You could only stare at him, words failing you at the sheer ridiculousness of the situation you were in. “Are you honestly saying that all that is wrong with me is that…,” you were too humiliated to even voice it. 
“Is that you’re simply unbelievably aroused? Yes,” he finished for you, the dark look in his eyes making your cunt clench against your will. 
“What do I…how do I…fix it?” You asked, fingers curling and uncurling at how unrelenting your arousal was becoming. 
Loki smiled impishly at you. “To put it bluntly, the only way to relieve the ache is to have sex with the first person you set eyes on after smelling the flower. It’s why it’s commonly left in the chambers of married couples, so the pair can think of only each other.” 
In your chest, your heart began to hammer wildly, from the realisation of Loki’s words or another side effect of Devil’s Breath you weren’t sure. You swallowed thickly. “The first person I saw was you,” you said, voice sounding raspy. 
“It was.” Loki replied, taking a few steps closer to close the distance between you both. It took all your strength not to reach out and clamp him to you, to run your hands over his firm chest and feel the solidness of his body against yours. “I’m more than happy to help you out, sweet.” He purred, brushing his index finger over your cheek. You couldn’t contain a whimper at how heavenly his touch felt. 
It was wrong. It was so wrong. Yes, you had pined after this man for centuries, imagined how it would feel to be his in every sense of the word, but to allow him this would mean you lost all allure to him. He had chased you because you were untouchable, because you refused to submit to his advances, always leaving him wanting you more. To do this now would dull all the sparkle you held in his eyes, making you nothing more than another notch in his bedpost. 
And yet you yielded. 
“Please, Loki,” your voice was little more than a whisper, eyes fluttering closed as his thumb replaced his finger on your cheek. 
“I won’t make you beg. Not yet, anyway.” He murmured wickedly, answering your plea with a gentle press of his lips to your cheek. “Sit up on the archway.”
With Loki’s hands on your waist, you eased onto the archway, the cold stone beneath your gown providing a small welcome relief to the heat coursing through you. He stood unmoving before you, his eyes fixed on yours with such intensity it was almost impossible to hold his gaze. 
“If this gets too much for you, you tell me to stop. Understood?” he said with gentle firmness, his thumbs tracing soft circles against your waist. 
You nodded your understanding quickly, already knowing that it wouldn’t be too much, it could never be too much. You had wanted this man long before Devil’s Breath. You would want him long after, no matter how things ended. 
Without a word, he leaned in to begin kissing your neck. You had expected him to be coarse, rough, demanding, but his lips against your skin were soft, gentle, as though you were a deity he had waited centuries to worship. You gripped his shoulders, emitting a soft moan at the sensation of his teeth lightly nipping your skin. How had you denied yourself this for so long?
“You’re sweeter than I ever could have imagined, pet.” He rumbled against your sternum, sucking one final bruise into your skin. With widened eyes you watched as he then sank to his knees before you, carefully lifting your skirts until they sat bunched at your waist and exposing your legs to the soothing cool air. “Does this help? Having your prince on his knees for you?” he asked playfully from between your legs. 
You were sure he could practically feel the dull throbbing of your cunt, but even with how wound up you were, you refused to stroke his ego. “It would help a lot more if he did something other than stare at my waist,” you said, trying, and failing, to sound sharp. 
You heard him laugh softly. “Something like this?” He asked, and pressed a wet kiss to the inside of your thigh, his teeth gently sinking into the soft skin. 
Instantly, your fingers curled against the stone, the sharp pain a delicious contrast to the sparks of pleasure he was sending shooting through you, and if that was how good his mouth felt on your thigh, you could only imagine….
Your cunt clenched. Hard. “It’s not a bad start, but I could-”
Loki interrupted you by placing another kiss on your thigh, this one decidedly further north, making you release a frustrated whimper, your hips lifting off the stone almost of their own free will. Again and again, he pressed his lips to your skin, sucking bruise after bruise into your thigh. Once he was satisfied with his work, he switched to the other thigh, lightly tracing his finger over the marks he had just left. 
“Loki…” you whined out as he continued, making no attempt to move any closer. 
“What is it, my dear? Is this not enough?” he teased you. 
You rolled your hips desperately against the stone, the action making him smirk. “Please.” 
“Please, what?” He asked, gently pushing your legs a little wider. “How am I meant to give you this favour if you don’t tell me what you want?” 
In any other instance, or any other circumstance, you would have snapped back something scathing. As it was, the sweat beginning to form along your hairline and the clamminess of your palms quickly told you that you didn’t have time to argue. Either you gave Loki what he wanted, or your arousal was about to reach new heights of unbearable. 
“Please touch me,” your voice was a high-pitched whine in your throat, the arousal unmistakable. 
Loki gave another sharp bite to your thigh, making one of your hands fly to his hair, curling into the inky black strands at the base of his neck. “You only had to ask, sweet girl.” He murmured against your thigh, swiping his tongue soothingly over your skin. You felt him run his finger over your cunt through the material of your underwear, the featherlight touch being enough to send another jolt of pleasure through you. “Lace,” he commented simply. Your head jerked forward in time to see the way he smirked up at you. “Are you sure you didn’t plan all this?” 
Before you could shoot back a retort, he had pulled your underwear to the side, easily slipping two slim fingers inside you. The rapidness of his action causing a breathy “Ohh” to escape you while your fingers curled further into his hair. The sensation of his fingers expertly sliding and scissoring inside you was like nothing you had ever experienced, and you doubted anything would compare to it again. Like almost everyone, you had heard the tales of Loki’s…talent in the bedroom, but you had been sure they must be over exaggerating. Now, though, you could see they weren’t.
“Oh, god,” the plea fell from your lips as your head fell back, almost lost to how divine his touch felt. 
“Mmm, so wet and ready,” he spoke lowly. “If only it was because of me and not some flower,” he was teasing, but there was something else in his voice, something that sounded close to longing. 
“It’s always because of you,” you said, eyes instantly snapping back open. What had caused you to admit that? 
Loki’s fingers faltered for a millisecond inside you, but otherwise, he displayed no reaction. “Is that so?” he said simply. Perhaps he believed it was only the effects of Devil’s Breath on your brain, but his fingers began to pick up speed, pumping in and out and curling up expertly inside you. 
You couldn't help but cry out, the sharp sound of it reverberating piercingly around the empty space. His touch was heavenly, hitting everywhere you needed him to, but it wasn’t enough. “Need…more,” you groaned.
“More?” Loki grinned wickedly at you. “What more could you need?” 
The punishing pace his fingers had taken on inside you almost had you speechless, face frozen in a small “o” as he continued working his magic. “Your mouth. I need…your mouth,” you admitted quickly, any lingering feelings of shame having long since left you. 
“Of course,” Loki agreed much too quickly for your liking. He pressed his lips back to your thigh, all the while his fingers kept up the same brutal pace. 
“N…No!” you stuttered out, weakly trying to push his mouth towards your cunt. He didn’t budge. 
“No?” he repeated, continuing to suck yet another mark into your skin. 
Curling your fingers tighter in his hair, you groaned in frustration. He was going to make you beg for every single thing you wanted him to do. “Please…fuck me…with your mouth,” you gasped between each pump of his fingers. 
His fingers came to a sudden stop, making you whine and roll your hips at the loss of friction. “I know,” he crooned. “And just when it was starting to feel so good.” Slowly, he pulled his fingers out, and with a faint flash of green light, your underwear was gone, leaving you fully open and exposed to him. “Aren’t you just a sin, spread out so prettily for me,” he said huskily. Your cunt clenched around nothing. 
Without any warning, his tongue was suddenly flat against your clit. You cried out and, acting almost on instinct, threw one leg over his shoulder, your heel digging into his back in a silent plea to move closer. His tongue moved slowly, languidly, like he wished to spend eternity between your thighs. The lewd sounds he made against your cunt had you rolling your hips, until his firm hands slid up your thighs to hold you in place, effectively immobilising you against his torture. 
He felt so heavenly between your legs, but his leisurely pace was doing nothing to soothe your ache. It had barely quelled it. “I need you…to go faster…please,” you gasped out, fingers twisting in his hair. Loki hummed between your legs but kept up the same slow motions. “Loki, please. It’s…it’s not enough.” His only response was pressing down gently on your hip bones. Just when you felt you would cry at the desperate need for more, he picked up his pace, his teasing little circles becoming firm, swirling strokes.  
A guttural groan escaped you, your fingers fisting in his hair in a vain attempt to push him closer, to make him keep doing what he was doing. Expertly, he continued lapping at your cunt, keeping the perfect pace and rhythm to have the coil in your stomach begin to wind. Your free hand clamped to the base of his neck, holding him in place, holding him exactly where you needed him to stay. 
You were so caught up in the feeling of his warm, wet tongue against your clit that you were caught completely off guard when two fingers plunged back inside you, skillfully curling up and finding the sweet spot at your centre. Easy praise and pleas fell from your lips as he matched each pump of his fingers with the swirls and sucks of his tongue, and soon the coil deep inside you was wound tight. 
“Loki…I’m so…I’m so close…I’m gonna,” your eyes fluttered closed, walls clenching around his mouth and head tipping back as he pushed you over the edge. His free hand snaked around your hips to push you more firmly against him while you rode out your orgasm. Tears quickly pricked in your eyes at the sheer intensity of your climax, one that had you brazenly rolling your hips against his mouth and fingers. It wracked your body for so long, and with such power, you knew Loki had ruined you for any future lovers. 
When you finally came down from your high, chest heaving and heart racing, Loki gave one last lewd suck of your clit, delighting in how the sensitivity made you cry out. “Better?” he asked, his voice dripping with fake concern. 
You peered down at him still between your legs, his green eyes blown wide. The blessed relief that your climax had granted you lasted mere seconds and your cunt was almost instantly pulsing with need again, the heat beneath your skin now threatening to engulf you in a fiery rage.
“No,” you whined pathetically. “I’m still burning.” 
Pushing your leg off his shoulder, Loki stood in front of you, resting his hands against your waist. He was so close you could smell the scent of his soap, see the beginnings of the small smattering of hair on his chest. You gave in to your desire, fingers quickly sliding underneath his tunic until your hands rested flat on his stomach and ran up the planes of his chest. He felt…perfect. You felt the muscles in his stomach flex, saw how his eyes briefly fluttered closed, heard his sharp intake of breath when your hands came into contact with his skin. Unable to help yourself, you fell forwards until your lips met the skin of his collarbone, peppering hungry kisses across the length of his sternum. 
“Still burning?” He asked, his hands gripping your waist tighter with every kiss you placed on him. “Whatever are we to do?”
You went still, pulling back to look at him and searching his eyes intently. “You knew this would happen?” You accused him, pulling one hand from under his tunic to wipe away the growing sweat on your forehead. 
Loki shrugged lightly. “I might have known that the only cure for your malady is to be fucked properly.”
“So you purposefully made it worse?” you threw back. 
He grinned sinfully at you. “I had to warm you up first.” 
Your cunt clenched at his words, at what he was so clearly alluding to. The one thing you swore you would never let him do because, ultimately, it would mean losing him. You were slick, though. The relentless ache of your arousal was positively dripping down your bare thighs, something Loki had ensured. You wrapped your legs around his hips, despite it being impossible to pull him any closer. His hardness strained against the leather of his trousers, long and firm and brushing torturously against the blazing heat of your cunt. You throbbed for him, longing to feel him ease inside you.
As though he had read your mind, he rolled his hips against your core, the delicious sensation of friction drawing a stuttered gasp from your lips and making your legs clamp tighter around him. “Are you aching, pet? Do you need something in that pretty little cunt?” Loki asked, his voice dripping with feigned concern. Your eyes fluttered closed in expectation of feeling him free himself and slide blissfully into your soaked cunt, but he remained still. “Touch yourself,” he murmured in your ear, his warm breath sending a shiver down your spine. 
Then his words registered in your lust-addled brain. 
“But…that won’t…that will make it worse,” you said, almost ashamed at how desperate you sounded. After centuries of being the one in control, of keeping him dangling off your hook, here you were aching for him to fuck you. 
“It will,” he agreed, the tip of his nose tracing your cheek, “but you’ve spent the past few centuries frustratingly evading my advances, refusing to let me touch you. How am I to know how to touch you if you don’t show me?” He closed his fingers around your wrist and placed your hand between your legs. You could feel the heat of your arousal hit your skin. 
You wanted to refuse, to fight, to provoke him into fucking you the way you desperately needed and the way you knew he badly wanted to, but your fingers obeyed him almost blindly and slipped between your soaked folds. The wet, sloppy sound was obscene, feeling like it filled the still quiet of the alcove, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. Tiny sparks of pleasure began to shoot through you and Loki’s eyes, almost black with desire, watched every swipe of your fingers.
Eagerly, you continued to stroke yourself, the heightened arousal courtesy of Devil’s Breath making the coil in your lower stomach quickly begin to wind again. Through half-lidded eyes you saw Loki set his jaw, saw how he wet his lips, and felt him place his cool hands on your thighs. With every stroke of your cunt you could feel your orgasm build and soon your breathing was coming in short, sharp pants as you felt the edge approach. 
“Open your eyes,” Loki told you. You didn’t remember closing them. “I want you to look at me when you come.” His voice was strong and firm and laced with obvious arousal. 
Like before, you obeyed him easily, your eyes snapping open to meet his lust-blown green ones. The way he gazed at you with so much hunger, so much desire, was all it took for the coil in you to finally snap. You held his gaze as your climax tore through you, feeling his hands tighten around your thighs as it did, something that only added to the intensity of the pleasure. Your moans reverberated off the heavy stone, sounding lewd even to your own ears, but so intense was your orgasm you couldn’t contain them. 
“I’m sure I’ve just seen Valhalla,” Loki rasped as you came down from your high, his eyes still locked with yours. 
You finally allowed your own to flutter closed, focusing on the heave of your chest and waiting, waiting to see if perhaps…
A soft sob escaped you as the burning between your legs resumed almost instantly. You had been granted all of ten seconds of relief. “It’s so much worse,” you whimpered, your hand falling limply away from your cunt. 
Loki moved closer to you, his hands caressing the outside of your thighs. “Poor thing,” he said, easily returning to taunting you. “What is it you need, sweet?” He asked mockingly, leaning in to nibble your earlobe. 
“I need you, Loki,” you breathed out against his neck.
“I’m right here,” he responded, sinking his teeth into your earlobe again. You let out a puff of air, hearing him laugh gently in your ear. “Tell me what you really need.”
Despite the blistering arousal setting you aflame, you hesitated, the familiar pang of anguish reverberating around your chest. To do this, to let him take you, would mean you lose him. He would conquer you, like he had so many before you, like he had wanted to for centuries, and toss you aside like a toy he had grown bored of. You weren’t ready to lose him, not when he had come to define your life so substantially, but you had little other option. Either you let him have you and lose him, or you told him no and let your arousal make you take leave of your senses. 
“I need…your cock.” You all but whined, turning your face into his cheek. You could see the sheen of sweat forming on his own skin.
He pressed his thumb to your clit, tracing slow, agonising circles that made you cry out and arch into him. “Demanding, aren’t you?” He teased, pressing another gentle kiss to your cheek. “Why should I give you my cock?” 
“Because…because it would…ah…make me feel good,” you managed to force out as he circled your clit faster. 
“Mmm, I know.” He replied cockily, grazing his lips along your collarbone. You sighed, tilting your neck to give him better access. “I’d like to hear you beg for it.” He purred, sinking his teeth in your skin once again. 
You gripped his shoulder like a vice, frustration and blazing desire flowing hotly through your blood. “Loki…,” you whimpered, almost lost in the waves of pleasure beginning to build under his thumb.
Sensing that you were beginning to enjoy yourself too much, he once again stopped touching you. You let out a strangled sob, so desperately needing further release. “I asked you to beg, sweet.” He pulled back to look at you, lust-blown eyes locking with yours. “Or would you rather stay all hot and bothered?” he taunted, a wicked smirk on his face. 
The last of your pride left you, your hands drifting from his shoulders to the bulge at the front of his trousers. You watched how he fought to suppress a groan. “Please give me your cock, Loki.” You begged, your empty cunt clenching hard. “Please…please fuck me.” Your fingers worked nimbly at his laces, itching to feel his hardness slide blessedly into your soaked folds.
Loki, though, stilled your hands with his own, preventing you from freeing him any further. “I think you can do better than that,” he continued to taunt you, holding your wrists loosely in his hands. 
You gave a strangled whimper, almost dizzy with need and frustration. Your legs, still locked around his waist, tried to pull him closer, to convey how wildly you needed him. He didn’t move an inch. “I need you inside me…please. I need your cock, I need you to fuck me, I need you, Loki,” you rambled pleadingly, surprised at your ability to still form a coherent sentence. 
Loki chuckled, low and mischievously. “I told you that you’d give in eventually, sweet.” He teased, releasing your hands to finally untie his laces and free himself.
“Not by choice,” you spat back haughtily.
“Aroused beyond belief and still you act like a little spitfire,” he purred. “Maybe I should make you beg a little more?” 
A retort sparked on the tip of your tongue, ready to fire, but swiftly fizzled out at the realisation that he really would prolong your torture. Already you felt like you couldn’t take it much longer, like you would soon perish from the raging inferno that had consumed you all afternoon. 
And you knew how much Loki loved to tease. 
“Please, Loki. I need you to fuck me,” you pleaded again, turning big desperate eyes on him. Your desire for him was pulsing in your blood, threatening to consume you alongside the smoldering heat beneath your skin. 
He only smiled, one that was neither mischievous nor soft, and leaned in to place another gentle kiss on your cheek. “You remember what I said? If this becomes too much, you tell me to stop.” 
You nodded quickly, cunt clenching in anticipation as he reached between you both and finally freed himself. Teasingly, he rubbed his cock through your dripping folds, soaking himself in your essence and drawing a strangled groan from your throat. Big. He felt big, making you shiver with a frantic need to have him fill you to the brim. Gloriously, he finally pushed his tip through your dripping entrance, and you dug your nails into the soft skin at the back of his neck, hotly anticipating the heavenly slide in, but he stopped, causing you to shamelessly roll your hips against him.
“More?” he asked, grinning wickedly. 
“More, please!” you half screamed at him.
Laughing quietly at your eagerness, he slowly eased himself inside you until his cock was fully sheathed in your cunt. He was big, stretching and filling you gloriously and when you clenched around him, the moan that tumbled from his lips was sinful. 
“Is this alright?” he asked, with clear concern in his voice. 
“It would be a lot better if you started to move.” You cried, rolling your hips once more for emphasis. 
Loki grinned at you. “Must you always be so demanding?” He asked, snapping his hips back and into you in one fluid movement, making you cry out and curl your fingers in his hair. 
“Must you always…be such an ass!” you replied, the final word coming out as a shriek as he slid out and slammed back into you again. 
“Do you want me to stop?” He threatened, leaning in to nip at your neck. 
“Don’t you dare,” you said, tightening your hold around his shoulders.
He laughed softly again, all the while beginning to move in slow, measured thrusts in and out of you, giving you time to adjust to his size. When he was finally comfortable, you felt him pick up speed, perfectly hitting the sweet spot inside you. He looped one arm around your back to pull you closer and with the other hiked your leg further up his waist. You couldn’t have spoken even if you had wanted to, left speechless with just how good his cock felt thrusting in and out of you. The air of the alcove was filled with a mix of the wet, messy sounds of your sex and the moans that fell freely from both your lip, each one that slipped from Loki pushing you closer and closer to the edge. 
“Has anyone…ever…made you feel this good?” he asked between firm thrusts that hit the sweet spot inside you again and again. 
“N…no,” you answered truthfully, a sharp whine of pleasure following suit as he peppered kisses along your jaw. No one, man or woman, had come close to making you feel the ecstasy that he was making you feel. It was bittersweet, almost, that giving in to the man you had burned for for centuries would be the first and last time you had him. Loki would fuck you, he would make you come and counteract the effects of Devil’s Breath, and likely toss you aside before you could even catch your breath. “Please…harder,” you pleaded, fighting to keep your voice steady, to prevent him from hearing how your heart was already beginning to break. 
“Good girl,” Loki praised you, beginning to thrust even more wildly into you. “You’re…you’re taking me…so well.” His own chest was heaving against yours as he let go of your leg to instead begin circling your clit once more, the tiny action having you jerk against him. 
It was as though someone had taken a match to a firework and each snap of Loki’s hips was making the string sizzle shorter and shorter, pushing you steadily towards explosion. The pounding of his cock in and out of you had your orgasm build with unparalleled intensity and you clasped his shoulders like he was a life raft saving you from a choppy sea. His name was the only sound your mouth could form, falling from your lips like a chant, like a prayer that could grant you your salvation. 
“Come for me, sweet,” he encouraged you, his voice thick with how valiantly he was fighting his own release. 
It was all you needed to topple over. The climax that ripped through you was more forceful, more powerful, than your previous two combined, knocking the breath from your lungs and making you see entire galaxies behind your eyes. Silently, you thanked the Norns for the seclusion of the alcove as the scream that left your lips could have woken the dead. Your head fell onto his shoulder, hips rutting wantonly as you chased every ounce of pleasure his cock was bringing you. You clutched him to you as he chased his own release, his hips thrusting erratically into you, your name on his lips when he finally came undone, spilling hot ropes of his cum deep inside you and filling you with warmth. His hips slowly came to a stuttering halt, his breath warm and heavy on your neck as he came down from his high.
When the last waves of your own pleasure finally ebbed away, you could scarcely find comfort in the soothing balm of relief that followed in its wake. Your burning desire had only been replaced by a thousand tiny cuts that threatened to shred your heart, and, suddenly, the air in the alcove was crushingly cold. 
You had lost him. 
You continued to cling to him in your arms, burying your face into his neck as tears burned at the back of your eyes. It was bittersweet; you had gotten what you had desired so intensely for centuries only to lose it at the same time. You pulled him closer, breathing him in and committing to memory the trace of his soap and the musky scent that was uniquely his, as well as the way his hand rubbed soothing circles on your back. 
“Better?” Loki murmured, his voice as soft as a summer breeze in your ear. It made your heart pang with grief. 
Still buried in his neck, all you could do was nod, not trusting your voice to be steady if you tried to speak. You swore you felt him press his lips to your hair but ultimately refused to believe that he would ever again be so tender towards you now that he had gotten what he wanted. He began to pull back and you reluctantly removed your arms from around his shoulders, taking advantage of his distraction at tucking himself away to brush away the tears that threatened to spill down your cheeks, determined that he would never know just how your heart was breaking. 
It was Loki, though, and you should have realised long before now that nothing escaped his keen observation. 
When his eyes returned to yours, they were wide with alarm, a brief trace of panic clouding his handsome face. “Did I hurt you?” He asked, his hands flying back to hold your waist. 
You almost crumbled at the tender way he held your eyes, knowing that, in a few short minutes, the spell would break and you be just another name on his long list of lovers, another conquest to boast of at feasts and festivals. Forcing a smile, you shook your head. “No,” you answered, your voice shaking so violently on one simple word that it was all you could muster. 
The alarm in his eyes melted to confusion, a small crease forming between his brows. “Then what…” he trailed off, emerald eyes searching your own for answers. 
“It’s nothing,” you said, voice thick. “You helped me out, you’ve done what you’ve wanted to do for centuries, so now we can both move on and move past it.” You pushed down your skirts and tried to move Loki aside so you could slide off the arch and find some secluded corner to start tending to your broken heart, but he held you firm, the heels of his hands pressing against your waist and preventing you from moving. 
“What do you mean I’ve done what I’ve wanted to do for centuries? Do you think I planned all this?” he asked, a slight edge creeping into his voice. 
“No!” you answered quickly, resisting the urge to reach out and touch him, to cup his cheek in your hand. “I only mean you’ve wanted this, me, for centuries. I’m not simple, Loki, I know you view me as nothing more than another conquest. I’ve kept you dangling for centuries and now that you’ve had me you’ll toss me aside. It’s…it’s alright,” you said, voice wavering pathetically. 
It wasn’t alright. It was so far from being alright, but you weren’t about to beg him to love you, to stay with you; you still had some pride. Loki not loving you would not stop your world from turning. Eventually, the sharp, stinging wounds would one day fade to a dull ache. You may not get over it, but you would get through it. 
“Is that truly what you think?” he asked, obvious hurt flashing across his face and seeping into his voice. Immediately, you wanted to take it back. You’d live quietly with the ache if it meant you didn’t cause him any pain. 
“Well, isn’t it true?” you asked, despising how your lower lip had begun to tremble at the effort of keeping your tears at bay. You would not cry. 
“You are daft,” he said, though not unkindly. “In what realm, in what universe, would I so persistently chase after a woman I viewed as nothing more than a conquest? My darling, I have loved you for centuries, but you have kept me determinedly at arm's length.” 
I have loved you for centuries.
The words set off an explosion of fireworks in your chest, warmth seeping through you from head to toe, like being wrapped in your warmest blanket on a cold winter’s day. He loved you, Loki loved you, something you would have seen so much sooner had it not been for your stubbornness. 
You let out a watery laugh, a tear rolling down your cheek that he easily caught with his thumb. “I thought…I thought all you wanted was to fuck me,” you admitted.
He grinned at you, the same mischievous grin that always made your heart flip. “Oh, I’ve wanted to fuck you, but I’ve wanted to do so much more too.” 
You placed your arms back around his neck, your heart hammering like a drum in your chest in anticipation of what was about to happen. “Like what, my prince?” you asked innocently. 
And for the very first time, he kissed you. 
It was soft, gentle, saying everything he had wanted to for hundreds of years, and causing a hundred tiny butterflies to take flight in your stomach. One of his hands cradled the base of your neck while the other snaked around your waist, pulling you flush against him. Your lips parted easily for him, letting his tongue slip inside and claim you fully. You had been wrong. This was Valhalla. His kiss was filled with longing, a feeling that you mirrored enthusiastically, needing him to know how desperately you wanted him. 
When his lips left yours, you felt boneless, like a slight breeze would be enough to carry you into the clouds, and you were grateful for his steadying weight before you. “Does that convince you of my affections, my darling?” he asked, voice husky, forehead resting against yours. 
You smiled impishly. “Not fully.” 
A laugh rumbled deep in his chest, a sound you would never tire of. “Mmm. Perhaps I should try that again?” 
“Perhaps you should,” you agreed and moulded yourself against him again. 
I have loved you for centuries, your heart sang.
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runnyeggsnham · 2 days ago
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i thought maybe we had been right here before
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vbecker10 · 2 days ago
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Thor: The Dark World (2013)
@michelleleewise ... inspiration 😉
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platoniclokiimagines · 20 hours ago
The reader gets hurt by a villain while out with loki, thor and asgardians. and Loki kills the villain instantly and then takes care of your wounds while also ranting about how angry he is that he couldn’t protect you
A/N: Slowly cleaning out my drafts so I can focus on my inbox. This was a fun one to write. I hope it was worth the wait!
WC: 1877
TW: Mention of blood, injury.
Rating: PG
“Don’t you worry, Y/N. You’ve got Loki and I and the wholerest of the Asgardians to help with the mission. What could possibly go wrong?”
Everything, itseemed, as an hour later you were cornered into a dimly-lit room with the badguy closing in on you. You’d known little about the guy the team had sent youon the mission to find. Just that he was located in Norway, only a few hundredkilometers from Tønsberg, that he was bad news, and that he had already hurtand killed at least a dozen people, and was rearing to do worse than that. Youdidn’t even know his name.
With the close proximity to New Asgard, Thor and Loki hadassured the team they and the Asgardians would be able to handle it, no issue,and you weren’t about to miss out on a trip to another country with your bestfriend, so you’d tagged along as backup to help with the mission, as well.
It had seemed like a foolproof plan, at the time.
You weren’t so sure now.
A bang behind you brought you back to reality, and youturned in time to see that the guy you were after had made his way into theroom with you, the door slamming shut behind him.
“I don’t think your little friends are going to be of anyhelp to you now,” he taunted, in a thick Norwegian accent. In differentcircumstances, you might have allowed yourself to be distracted with wonderingwhy Thor and Loki and the others didn’t have accents like that, but with thecurrent situation of a bit more pressing importance, you pushed the thoughtaside, tightening your grip on your gun, which felt absolutely helpless againstthe powers this guy seemed to be packing.
“I’m not scared of you. And I don’t need my friends toprotect me.” Quicker than a flash, you aimed the gun and shot, but the bulletstopped in midair as the man extended his hand, and with a wave, the bullet wassent into the wall with a muted sound of impact.
“Charming, for a human. What say we use your death to get a real reaction out of these Asgardians?Give them a real reason to fight, so they stop pulling their punches. How doesthat sound?” He raised both arms, and the debris on the ground lifted into theair, and with a twist of his hand, all the sharp edges pointed in yourdirection.
Over the pounding of your own heart in your ears, you couldhear Loki and Thor yelling over the comms, trying to figure out where you’dbeen trapped and how to get to you. Despite the ridiculously low likelihoodthat it would do anything, you raised your gun again, and shot round afterround at the man in rapid succession, but each one was directed away from himwith but a tilt of his head.
“Alright, that’s enough. Know that your sacrifice was forthe greater good.”
You opened your mouth to speak, but suddenly everything washappening at once. The door the man had come through was knocked off itshinges, Thor and Loki speeding through and yelling all at once as they bothwent to tackle the man to the ground, but even as they hit their mark, the manclenched his fist, and the debris went flying in your direction, faster thanyou had the time to react to.
Mere moments later, you were leaned against a wall, dustsettling around you and, for a moment, you thought you might have managed tomiraculously stay out of harm’s way.
And then you looked down, at the length of broken woodprotruding from your side.
Well, that wasn’t exactly good.
You were almost certain if you hadn’t been sitting alreadythat the sight alone would have made you stumble to the ground. As it was, youcouldn’t stop staring at the wound in an almost morbid curiosity, watching theblood seep through your shirt and trickle down to the ground.
That was when you heard the panicked yelling and screaming,and you looked up, vision doubling as your head swam at the sudden, nauseatingmovement. Thor and Loki were both looking at you in absolute horror, the manheld between them, grinning all the while. You blinked, and the next thing youknew, Loki had moved, snapping the man’s neck where he stood, and then stabbinghim in the chest, for good measure while Thor had hardly even realized what washappening.
The next second, Loki was at your side, yelling somethingabout Med-Evac to Thor over his shoulder.
“Y/N. Y/N.” Lokimoved so they were knelt right in front of you, ducking into your line ofvision, and you tried to manage a weak smile.
“Hey…” You felt so light. As though you could just floataway and join the stars. “…did we do it?” Your brain was more than a littlefuzzy. You’d just taken quite theblow, after all.
“…we did it. We did it, Y/N. But I need you to stay awakefor me now, can you do that? Please? For me?” Loki pressed their hands down onthe wound in an effort to staunch the bleeding, and you were almost certainthat you should have been able to feel something,but you just didn’t.
“…where’s everyone else?” you murmured, looking around theroom, as though that would provide you with the answer you were looking for.
“They’re fine. Everyone’s fine, Y/N, let’s just focus on younow. What are you gonna do, when we get back to New Asgard?” Despite their besteffort, they were failing at hiding the pure desperation in their voice as theyglanced over their shoulder at Thor, who was yelling something about someoneneeding to hurry up.
You hummed softly. “Nice hot shower… Maybe some food… Youguys always make the best food…” You wanted to say more, but you couldn’t quiteget your brain to form the sentences you wanted to say.
Loki nodded, mustering the best smile they could. “We’llmake you whatever you want. Everything you want. The finest Asgardian feastthis planet has ever seen, just… hold on,okay? We’re going to get you out of here.”
You smiled, blinking heavily. “Okay…” You let your eyesshut, unable to keep them open for any longer, and the very second you did, youcould feel every muscle in your body begin to relax.
“No, no, no. Keep your eyesopen. Y/N. Thor, tell them to hurry!Y/N?! Y/N!”
You woke slowly, and feeling no less light-headed than youhad the last time you remembered being awake.
When was the lasttime you remembered being awake?
You wracked your brain, trying to retrace your steps.
The battle, being cornered by the bad guy, the rubble beingthrown in your direction, Loki kneeling in front of you, trying to keep youawake.
For a fleeting moment you panicked, wondering if you weredead, and the thought sent you shooting upright in bed.
And then you realized just how much that hurt, and you yelped, collapsing backagainst the pillows as someone next to you put a hand on your shoulder.
“Easy…. You’ve been unconscious for three days and you’re very injured.”
You turned your head at the sound of Loki’s voice, remainingsilent as you tried to catch your breath after unintentionally exertingyourself. Loki met your gaze, concern evident in their eyes as they raised aneyebrow in a silent question of whether or not you were okay and, after amoment, you nodded a bit, settling yourself back against the pillows a tad morecomfortably.
“You lost a lot ofblood,” Loki answered you before you could even ask the question. “Passed outright in that building. Thought we’d lost you.” Loki was trying to keep theirvoice nonchalant, almost playful, but you could hear the razor-sharp edge ofstress lining it.
You wanted to address it, but Loki, again, beat you to thepunch, clasping their hands into fists in their lap as they looked at you.
“What the hel wereyou thinking, running off like that? You had no business going after someonewith magic when all you had was your gun. You could have died. Norns, you almost did, and you would have, if I hadn’t… IfThor and I hadn’t… Dammit, I shouldhave been in there with you. We were supposed to be partners on this mission,and I never should let you out of my sight. I let you down. And you almost lostyour life because of it.” With that, Loki stood so abruptly that you startled,wincing when it sent a jolt of pain through the bandaged wound on your side. Youwatched in silence for a few long moments as they paced in front of the bed you’dbeen laid in, uncertain if they were finished or if they had more to say.
When it became clear that Loki was more intent dwelling ontheir imagined failure, you heaved a sigh, shifting a little to try and makeyourself more comfortable. “Loki, what happened wasn’t your fault. He was ashitty guy with a shitty attitude who was going to kill whoever he could manageto. I was just the one he was able to corner.”
“Which wouldn’t have happenedif I had been with you. I could have stopped him with my powers. I know I couldhave.”
“And you did. He can’t hurt me, or anyone else, ever again.I’m alive because of you. Do youunderstand that? You stopped himbefore he could do anything else, and yeah, maybe I caught a bit of bad luckand will have some major recovery todeal with because of that, but… I’m alive.If anything is your fault, it’s that.And I don’t think me being alive is anything to beat yourself up over, so… Canwe calm down on the pity party just a tad, huh?” You didn’t say it to be mean.You were just saying it in terms that you knew Loki would react to the best,and when they finally heaved a sigh and stopped pacing, you relaxed a little,knowing you’d achieved your goal.
“I just… You scared meto death. And all I could think about was being the reason someone else wasdead.” Loki’s voice was soft, with a heaviness to it that you didn’t know youcould quite comprehend.
“But you weren’t. I’m alive. You’re alive. And he’s not. And that’s all that matters. Yes?”
After a long moment, Loki nodded, finally looking back up atyou with much less guilt in their expression.
“Alright, then. No harm done. We’re okay, right?”
Loki blinked a bit at that. “Of course we’re okay.”
You nodded. “Alright.”
You let a comfortable silence settle over the both of you asLoki moved to sit back down in the chair at your bedside, and you would havebeen content to let the silence linger for a little while longer.
But you were nothing, if not a little shit.
“Now. Bring me that feast you promised me. I’m famished.”
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cocogurl0010 · 2 days ago
Anyone else find themselves getting frustrated with themselves for simping over a fictional character?? Like, not mad, but like “oh my gosh stop it, they aren’t real!” Kind of way lol. Cause….the fact I’ve only ever had fictional characters make me feel flustered and giddy just concerns me sometimes 😅😂
Or maybe men just need to step up their game 🤔
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semlohkrats · 2 days ago
When Did This Happen? Part 1
I’m thinking about this being a 3 parts series. Tell me if I should write the next chapters, already have some ideas in my head. Pairing: Loki x Reader Word Count: 444 Warnings: none
Tumblr media
You are an introvert. That means, among other things, that you love alone time and silence. You love your personality, really, but those things always have made it difficult for you to make friends and keep them.
And those things also are what let you to this moment. Alone, in the living room of the Avengers Tower, watching The Office US while the entire team are enjoying the big party the playboy (his words) Tony Stark is throwing tonight. You’re not complaining, though, this allows you to watch your favorite show on the really gigantic TV of the living room.
The party started not so long ago, so you are a little surprised when you hear steps coming from the hallway and getting louder, indicating that someone is approaching. And if you weren’t expecting someone from the team to be there, what you were expecting even less was for Loki being there. He lives in New Asgard with Thor and doesn’t usually go to the tower.
“Loki?” You ask in the moment he passes the doorway and he, just then, seems to notice you. “You need something?”
Instead of answering your question, he stares at you for some time and lets another question out. “What are you doing here? There’s a party out there.”
“Yeah, I’m not really a fan of parties. And I could ask you the same question. Actually, you didn’t answer mine, do you need something?”
One more time, he doesn’t respond and you just roll your eyes and look back at TV, knowing that it would be useless to discuss with the god. He again surprises you when he just sits on the couch you’re onto and starts watching as if this was something normal.
You two keep watching, and laughing, until your eyes start getting heavy and you stand up with a yawn. “I’m going to sleep. You can keep watching if you want, I’ve watched before.”.
“Maybe I will. Can I get your number, though?” Well, you aren’t expecting this, and with your silence he continues. “I’m thinking about keeping watching once I’m back at New Asgard. And if I am going to do this I would like to talk to you about it. That is, if you are good with that.”
You hesitate a little, but think Why not? What could go wrong?. And with that, you give your number to the god.
“I was going to pull a prank.” He says when you are almost out of the room.
“When I came here, I was going to prank the Avengers, you know, to get some fun. But I guess what I found was way better.”
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visl0ki · 2 days ago
Loki: We both look very handsome tonight.
Vision: You know, if you’d just said that I looked handsome, I would’ve said “So do you.”
Loki: I couldn’t take that chance.
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lokiprompts · 2 days ago
Favorite Loki comfort fics?! I just need our man to hold me right now 😭
Tumblr media
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93w6 · 23 hours ago
I'd love to see how you would draw a Jotun Loki :O congrats on 1k!
Tumblr media
There once was a frost giant who loved the summer wind...
edit: tumblr quality nuked this lol...if you can zoom in it fixes itself
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november-rayne · a day ago
I know I am screaming into the void here, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I logged into Wattpad and saw that my fic was ranked #14 out of 30.9K with the tag ‘Loki’. 🤯
Like… WHAT?!?! This is crazy, right?
Tumblr media
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heckinzeem · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
when u adopt a space god and they wont shut the fuck up
thank u guys whove been leaving nice comments in the tags im crying over them
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rins-love-wins · 2 days ago
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neottia-orchids · 11 months ago
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Can I interest you in some fine Loki memes this afternoon?
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existential-queeer · 11 months ago
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zemosimp05 · 10 months ago
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itscomplicatedx · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
By Keiidakamya
I highly encourage you to check out the artist! They have a lot of good stuff.
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oof-i-did-it-agaaiiin · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I took some artistic liberties but I think you get it
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