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Originally posted by lilacandbitchberries

hi everyone! this was a little soulmate au requested by @andreasworlsboring101 ! i was given the option between loki or ransom, and it’s been a minute since i’ve given reindeer games some attention. so here you are and i hope you enjoy!!🤍 (WARNING: contains plot/spoilers to The Avengers)

Everyone knew that moment you turned sixteen the first words you’d hear your soulmate say appeared on your wrist.

You had watched your clock count down the exact moments until 12 AM the night of your birthday. Sure enough, black scribbles (in your handwriting!) began to fade onto your wrist.

“‘Kneel?’” you asked outloud to your dark room in disgust. “What the hell is ‘kneel’?”

You spent years trying to figure out what the meaning of your word was and who on earth could possibly just say that in casual conversation?

In school you were teased, your schoolmates being convinced it was something sexual. Theirs’ were all basically the same, being something stupid like “Hello” or “Woah, I am so sorry I tripped you!” (That one was your absolute favorite. Like, how much more Hallmark Movie cliche could you get, Lily?)

You would often times wear sweatshirts or long sleeves to cover your words up. Not only were the kids at your school concerned, so were the teachers. It was kind of dumb, to be honest. You’d never forget the one time you got called to the guidance counselor’s office where this lady basically asked you if you were in a cult.

“I’m actually (religion or antheism),” you sneered back defensively. She stared at you for a moment before slowly nodding.

She claimed she just wanted to make sure you were “being safe.” And after you told your parents who threatened to sue for harassment, your words were never brought up by staff again.

You spent years dreading that stupid word, “kneel.” Once your soulmate was found the word would fade and become less bold.

Once you were older, you and a few classmates from college spent time studying abroad in Germany.

Germany was so lovely and you had the time of your life there. Your life also was changed there.

One night you and your friends attended a gala in Stuttgart. It was at a lovely facility full of people dressed in fancy gowns and suits while drinking champagne and chatting quietly. There was a violin orchestra that provided lovely music and guards that provided safety to the attendees.

As you wondered about slowly and tugged on the black glove hiding your word, you saw a man making his way down the marble staircase. He had long slicked back black hair, pale skin, bright blue eyes, wore a black suit with a long suit jacket accompanied by a green and gold scarf. He also held a sort of long scepter. You cocked an eyebrow; he didn’t seem to have a mobile disability of any sort, so what was it for?

Suddenly as he came across a man watching over the crowd on the stairs, he took the scepter and knocked the young man to the floor in one clean swing. People gasped all around you as the seemingly violent man began to make his way through the crowd quickly. Everyone parted from his way as he grabbed an older man by the neck and flung him onto a stone table carved as a sort of bull.

You watched in horror as he pulled out some sort of metal device that he shook and sprouted three separate cone-like appendages . The device whirred as it began to spin and a blue light shined under every cone. Without missing a beat, he plunged the device onto the man’s eye as people began to scream and run in all different directions. You stood in horror and watched the older man squirmed on the table.

The man with the blue eyes glanced around the room and grinned wickedly. He caught eyes with you and you began to slowly back away.

“Who the hell are you?” You blurted to him before following the crowd out of the facility.

You ran as fast as your high heels and fitted gold dress would let you. People pushed past you and ran out into the misty air and wet streets, trying to make a quick getaway. You wondered where your friends were and looked around.

You saw the man with blue eyes strolling out amongst the people with a smirk on his face. And suddenly gold light surrounded him and hid attire changed. Your heart stopped and your jaw dropped in fear and astonishment. This guy was defintely not from Earth, this was pure magic.

He was now wearing shiny gold armor with intricate detailing, a long green cape flowing behind him, and a gold helmet with long horns extending out of the front. He grasped the scepter in his hand as he strutted out in front of the still-evacuating crowd.

You made it across the street and hid amongst the crowd as the man picked up his pace. He walked right into the street when he heard a siren and saw a police car approaching. He jabbed the scepter towards it and a blast of blue light flew to the car. It tipped the car on it’s front as slid across the road sending sparks flying. The man continued to make his way to the crowd as the car flipped on its top.

You looked away and the crowd halted. The man had magically moved from behind the crowd to the front of it. Your heart pounded in your chest as you looked around frantically. He said something to the crowd that you couldn’t hear among the screaming and yelling.

The crowd tried to redirect its path when flashes of golden light circled the crowd. Clones of the man appeared around the crowd and you began to hyperventilate. What were you going to do? Were these your last moments? You’d never even met your stupid soulmate and now you were going to die at the hands of a voodoo man in Germany.

You stumbled around as your eyes darted all around you from one clone to another. You looked behind you and saw what appeared to be the real man walk forward slowly and pound his scepter onto the ground. Blue light shined from all the scepters of the clones and the crowd gasped. You clutched your chest as a tear slid down your cheek.

“KNEEL!” The man yelled furiously. You blinked and gasped quietly to yourself. The whole crowd began to lower to their knees and you followed momentarily. You anxiously yanked off your glove and stared;

“Kneel” was now faded on your wrist. You wiped away a few tears and looked up shakily at the man, who opened his arms and took in the sight with a smile.

“Is not this simpler?” He asked as he walked through the crowd. Though some looked at the ground in fear, others looked from clone to clone, and some watched in fear at the man, you never stopped looking straight into his blue eyes.

Your heart was racing and your hands were shaking. This awful man, this dictator who wanted nothing more than to cause havoc and destruction among the innocent was your soulmate? Another tear slid down your cheek as he walked past you and continued to make a speech to the crowd.

How were you supposed to talk to him? You didn’t even want to be near him with that thing he held. You twisted your glove and glanced back down at the writing.

How were you expected to fall in love with someone like this? What were the soulmate gods thinking? You inhaled shakily and looked up at the cloudy sky.

It seemed that with completing the task of finding your soulmate, came the task of making it out alive from your soulmate’s acts of terrorism.

WAS IT GOOD? WAS IT OKAY?? i’m overall kinda impressed with how i did! it’s been a minute since loki’s got some attention so i’m glad i was able to write this! sorry not sorry about the cliffhanger though. i mean what was i gonna do, have you fight him? i think it’s nice to let your imagination decide how this turns out. thank you for your support, i love you all!🤍

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Life in Audrilluria PREVIEW

King!Tom Hiddleston x Former-thief Reader


It’s funny how even after everything that has happened so far, he still keeps that same look in his eyes when he thinks I don’t see him looking. It’s almost like that stupid little saying I would always roll my eyes at actually has some meaning to it. No matter how many people judge him for bringing me back, no matter how many disapproving looks he gets daily, he’s still confident he made the right decision. I guess love really does conquer all…

Coming June 22nd

Heart of Audrilluria Masterlist 

Taglist is RE-OPENED

@ladyblablabla​, @tvdplusriverdale​, @pipolaki​, @myraiswack​, @shockwavee​, @harringtonb-blog​, @cynic-spirit​, @little-moonbeam-666​, @ochizokulevy​​, @swifitiedaylight​, @blue-honey-bee-from-france@scorpionchild81​,  @imnotrevealingmyname@whathefuckrichard69@frostedgiant@falling4uke​​ @accio-boys@amor67figment-love


So for my 100th post I decided to go back to the start of it all. This fic got me to where I am now and actually gave me the courage to write the crazy stories that came into my head. Thank each and every single one of you for all the support you’ve shown me and for everything else!! If it weren’t for all of you, I probably would have stopped writing. Anyway, I hope all is well, please stay safe out there, and I’ll see you on June 22nd for the return of my favorite fic thus far. 

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She was walking down the pavement contemplating what her next step would be, if she’d even dares to really go this far. Her mind races in a pace possible faster than she’d ever imagine to get, like a train, even unbeknownst to her. What does this all mean? Shouldn’t the pain be long forgotten?

The mind of one takes you to places that no one would like to admit sometimes. Events from a lifetime long ago of hers flashing in front of her eyes. Rarely something, such as these moments, catch up again but the emotions that come with it, will always haunt her mind. Too much suffering to remember…

So much is happening at once and the thought of falling back into the old pattern just makes her too anxious. Too long has she fought her demons of the past and in her head to let it all come crashing back down on her. Heart beats fast to provide the panicking brain to function even though every cell in her body want to shut down.

Noises that were shut out come slowly back to her ears, as if her body was telling her to listen to something. Breath in, ring -ring, breath out. In between breaths she realizes something is vibrating and making loud sounds. Hastily she reaches for her phone and answers the call without bothering to look whom it might be. The voice reaches though her speaker on the phone but fights its way to her brain only dull, like she feels at the moment.

Trying to understand what the other person is saying to her makes it all the harder to comprehend what she is felling. ‘… Sorry to just call you but feel like you should know’, too many noises around her that possibly distract her from fully hearing what’s being told through the phone. Abruptly stopping in the middle of the way in hopes to understand better, ‘Bucky is dead.’

Breath tangled up somewhere in between her lungs and throat refusing to get anywhere else. ‘What did you just say?’, she knows the answer to her question but she couldn’t hold back the words slipping past her parted lips. Only a very quiet buzzing is heard on the line which indicates her that no one hung up. ‘I- I’m sorry to just drop that out of the blue… I- ah didn’t know when and how the best time would have been but I figured there is no such thing as getting the right moment.’

Opening the front door of the flat she shares with her family feels awfully heavy around this time, since when is this door so hard to open? One foot after the other, is the only way she keeps herself going but distantly she realizes that she’s arrived at the door to her room. What now, what’s supposed to happen now? Logically seen she knows that she has to open the door to her room but, is she really in the right state of mind. Limbs dangling besides her felling as if they have an own mind and refuse to move an inch.

Is she going to stand there for however long? Maybe. Or maybe not. Mind not made up yet the white wooden door stretches out in front of her as if she’s getting smaller by the second or is the door just getting larger? Ready to face the loneliness that awaits her past this doorframe? Maybe.

In a blur the day passes by and she is faced with the extreme task to break it down to her parents. Phone is on silent for hours now, she knows that people will be worried but she can’t be bothered a bit about it. What does it matter anyway, no one knows what she is going through and even if she tells her friends they will never understand. Slowly she’s getting up from her bed in which, she’s been sitting in for what feels like eternity. Her stiff limbs are waking up again and there is nothing else she more than desperately wants to do then run away.

Build up tension and energy flowing through her and suddenly she can’t stop pacing around. Lungs expands and widen themselves in her ribcage, she can do this, doesn’t know how but she has to.

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A/N: Female Reader and Loki are in quarantine (unrelated to current world events) and Loki decides that he’s going to surprise the reader almost everyday until eventually he asks the reader to be his girlfriend. This contains major fluff!


You still don’t know exactly how it happened, but you know that someone with a lot of power was messing with you. That, or you just had rotten luck. You and Loki had become contaminated with some kind of otherworldly disease that was apparently similar to the common cold. It didn’t seem too dangerous and you were barely exhibiting symptoms, but you weren’t taking any chances of spreading it.

You had a relatively secluded house outside of the city and you were quarantining yourself there. You must have done something terrible in a past life because Loki was quarantining with you. Not that you minded being around Loki, it was actually the opposite. You liked having him near you a little too much.

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You’re a SHIELD agent living in the Avengers compound. Everybody thinks you’re sugar and spice, but no one knows you are secretly the admin of a Loki fan account filled with aesthetic edits, rants, and all the bells and whistles. But when you accidentally post a picture that’s too private for anyone outside SHIELD to access, Tony, being Tony, finds out and hosts a search mission for the owner of the account. What happens next?


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Letting It Out


Summary: Loki and Bucky take care of you after a night of… frisky things.

Pairing: Loki x Reader x Bucky

Warnings: Fluff — an abundance of it. Implied mentions of sexual things that happened before this, and that might happen after this.

A/N: I guess this is the sequel that I was thinking about writing for this story. Thanks for the request, nonnie! I don’t think I actually would’ve written this if I hadn’t gotten a prompt for it. Hope you guys enjoy! P.S, this is my first work in a while, and I hate to get back into the swing of things, so don’t hate on it lol

You flopped onto the pillows, totally relaxed, your tears still drying on your cheeks.

Loki and Bucky, in their beautiful naked glories, slipped into bed on either side of you.

“Won’t the team be worried about where you are?” you asked.

They both shook their heads. “No, love,” said Loki, “they won’t. We made sure they knew where we’d be before we came to you.”

You glanced over at him. “Do they know? About what just happened?”

Bucky scoffed, a gentle smile on his face. “No,” he said, “are you kidding, doll? This was something we planned for a while, but we didn’t dare tell the team. We’d be teased about it forever.”

“But don’t think of that now,” said Loki, stroking your cheek with a hand. “What matters now is here and now. You did so well for us, sweetling. So, so well.”

“Do you need anything?” Bucky asked. “Water, some chips, anything?”

“No,” you sighed, “thank you.” A thought came to you then — would they leave you now? “Could… could you stay with me, though?”

“You don’t have to ask that,” Bucky said, and, to prove his point, shifted further into the covers, and wrapped both of his arms around your torso.

“Your arm is still cold,” you said with a small laugh. The laugh faded, however, when you noticed something laying against you your thigh. It came from Bucky.

“And you’re…” Your eyes widened. “You’re still hard.”

He grinned. “That’s one of the side effects about being a super soldier. And… I think Loki here is the same way.”

You glanced over at Loki, and yes, you could see something poking through the thin sheets.

They were both hard. Again. For you. The thought of it all, even after everything that had just happened, it still overwhelmed you with love.

“Consider this a compliment.” Loki smiled sweetly. “But, we don’t have to satisfy ourselves more if you’re all tired out.”

“I am,” you said honestly, “but I’m also willing to help you guys out in the morning,” you added with a sly grin. “But for now… could we just stay here?”

“Of course,” they both said. Bucky began to wrap his arms further around you and pull you against his back. His lips touched the back of your head, and he planted kisses there. Loki held your hands in his, stroking them with his thumbs.

“Sweetness, we love you so much,” he whispered. “We do. This isn’t because of what just happened, either, so don’t ever think that,” he said, noticing your creeping blush and your gaze lowering.

“I just…” you mumbled. “It’s so weird. One minute I’m too shy to even ask Bucky out, next we’re making love and whispering endearments. It seems a little… I don’t know, fast.”

Bucky nodded. “I understand, sweetheart. Maybe making love wasn’t the best thing we could have done for the first real interaction between all of us, but hey, at least we’re onto something here. And I’m so glad it was you, doll. You’re wonderful, you’re one of the kindest people I know. And to top it all off, you’re drop dead gorgeous.”

“I agree,” Loki said, “and I’m so grateful you’re with me — well, both of us. You mean the world to me… to us.” He raised one of your hands to his lips and kissed his way around your hand.

Somehow, you knew that it was true. Bucky had always been kind to you, and had always looked at you with a sort of gentleness that was so unlike what you thought the Winter Soldier would look at you with. His looks were both the same and different to his personality — his body was large and scarred, but face and eyes were kind, and he had a very nice smile that made your heart flutter. He had a roughness to him that he so desperately wanted to destroy, and you swore that you would help him with it.

And Loki… well, you had been dating Loki for a while. If you were being honest with yourself, you weren’t fond of him when you first met him. He was cocky, arrogant, and a little egotistical. But, you figured out, all he needed was somebody to love. Someone to care for, someone to hold and call their own. And you were that someone.

“I believe you,” you said, thinking out loud, and for the umpteenth time that night, you felt tears in your eyes. You felt such an emotion outpouring of love from the both of them that you couldn’t describe it. It wasn’t supernatural by any means, but it sure felt like it. “I believe you…”

“Sweetheart?” Bucky said, and that was all it took for you to break down again, crying tears of joy for the second time in ten minutes.

They seem to understand. Saying nothing, they shuffle closer to you and let you cry onto them. Gentle shushes and whispers of endearments are what you hear with your overjoyed sobs, and you end up having one of the best sleeps of your life with them on either side of you.

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Steve: Thor… what did you do?

Thor: *with a bump on his head* well…

Thor: i just wanted to play a prank on Loki…


Loki: *sitting against a wall reading a book*

Thor: *whispers in Loki’s ear* you look like the 6 that my 9’s missing

Thor: *touches Loki’s butt*

Loki: *opens eyes widely* *internaly dying* *hits Thor with his book*

*End of flashback*

Thor: it didn’t turned out well…

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Who would wear Masks and who wouldn’t (Marvel Style)

Steve Rogers: Would wear one, but only because he is a senior citizen.

Bucky Barnes: Wouldn’t because of PTSD

Sam Wilson: Wouldn’t because he doesn’t want Bucky to be the only one to get yelled at.

Tony Stark: Would wear Iron Man Mask.

Peter Parker: Would, but it would be like a toy mask of the spider man mask.

Shuri: would makes thousands with her cool tech.

Banner, Thor, and Loki: Wouldn’t

Natasha: Would- unless she is around Clint.

Clint: wouldn’t.

Dr. Strange and Wong: Would.

All Agents of SHIELD: Would.

MJ: Wouldn’t

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I was tagged by the wonderful and super talented @a-libra-writes​​ 😍📝❣️Thank you so much, my dear!🥰❤️😘

Rules!!: 10 fandoms, 10 characters, 10 tags. Start a new post and list 10 characters from 10 different fandoms!


Game of Thrones  - Petyr Baelish


Originally posted by lady-maiden-queen

The Walking Dead  - Negan


Originally posted by gothicccupcake

Marvel Cinematic Universe  - Loki


Originally posted by astouract

Star Wars  - Kylo Ren


Originally posted by darkestsiide

Sons of Anarchy  - Chibs Telford


Originally posted by redwood-orginals

Twilight Saga  - Dr. Carlisle Cullen


Originally posted by wildling-heart

American Horror Story  - Michael Langdon


Originally posted by sahrafinee

Harry Potter  - Lucius Malfoy


Originally posted by jasonsfolly

Supernatural  - Dean Winchester


Originally posted by jensenwearingbearboxers

Once Upon a Time  - Prince Charming 


Originally posted by onceuponadaily

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May you all have a wonderful day!🖤✨

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