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#loki of asgard

To Absent Friends - by Mikkeneko
Gen, Oneshot, whump, hurt/comfort, angst, sad Thor, Loki is a bro,

The further Thor gets away from Asgard, the more the losses begin to sink in. You know what movies, action movies in particular, are really bad at? Giving characters time to grieve. Giving the audience time to believe that grief and carry it. This oneshot helps with that in a major way. A firm favourite.

Queen Regnant - by PeaceHeather
Gen, Oneshot, Frigga, Bamf Frigga, fix it, calling out the warriors three + Sif, what the fuck heimdall, cathartic, Frigga going on the warpath in the aftermath of Thor 1 wasn’t something I knew I needed until I read this fic, a masterpiece,


Queen regnant (plural: queens regnant): a female monarch who reigns in her own right, in contrast to a queen consort, who is the wife of a reigning king.

I Do Solemnly Swear - by Mikkeneko
Gen, teen and up, hurt comfort, angst, Mind Control, fix it, 4 chapter fic, Loki was mind controlled during the avengers,


In which our heroes learn the perils of lack of inter-team communication, and Loki gives his side of the story.

A Careful Unfolding - by icarus_chained
slow build, oneshot, gen, teen and up, m/m, tony/loki, ficlet,

Tony and Loki and the slow development of an understanding, from spiteful challenges to honest questions. Five prompt ficlets

With One More Try (Can We Start Again) - by Infinite_Monkeys
Gen, Mature, Angst, funny, time loop, temporary character death, time travel, LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH, I’m a sucker for time travel as a trope at the best of times but this one especially does it so well you guys, a must read!


Loki’s attempt to conquer Earth has, to his great dismay, succeeded spectacularly.
When Thanos sends him to collect the Time Stone, he strikes a deal with the Stone’s keeper: He’ll be sent back to the beginning of the invasion, and this time, armed with knowledge about his opponents, he can lose properly. 

Never Doubt - by tirsynni
Time travel, fix it, hurt/comfort, oneshot, gen, Thor and Loki

Before the coronation and the mess on Jotunheim, Loki only wanted to read in the garden and ignore Thor’s latest temper tantrum. His mother called to him, but he knew what she wanted:Loki, fix it.

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Under pressure from his brother and the avengers, Loki goes to see a family psychologist after you escaped from him to another planet … and this meeting is worthy of a sitcom adaptation


(gif isn’t mine)

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me because I’m already starting to figure out more things to write

alright to all my followers and mutuals!! is there anything that you’d like to see me write about in the future!! I’m literally open to any suggestions!!

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I made these two icons and I feel proud. I will probably use them in the future. Use them if you feel like it! Just remember to leave a credit! Also I might do other lgbt stuff like that in future. 💕
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Sweet Enmity (Part Six)


Warnings: Arguing, feels, mild cursing, nothing really smutty in this one.


You furrowed your brows as you made your next move, seizing Loki’s pawn with a sudden ferocity. “I hate it when you talk to me like that.”

Loki moved a chess piece without looking at the board, his infuriating eyes watching you cautiously from across the darkly stained coffee table. “Like what?”

You snapped from your seat on the floor, “Like a condescending asshole. You act like I’m stupid or something.”

Loki’s eyes widened and he sat forward on the couch, resting his elbows on his thighs. “I assure you that was not my intention. I know you Midgardians typically struggle with strategy, so I-”

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I just- I think Loki would have so much fun with Midgardian things. To say: another Loki snippet.
No More Fucks:
You: *humming along to something*
Loki: Mortal, what silly tune do you sing beneath your breath?
You: Oh it's just this song-
Loki: Bet it's quite pitiful-
You: No More Fucks to Give.
Loki: I- ahem, may I?
You: *wordlessly passes phone*
You & Loki: In hopes of some success, but the inevitable fact is that it never will impress! I've no more fucks to give!
Literally everyone else: WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS TO US!
You: Hey Loki, I got a present for you!
Loki: Oh Hel, what is it now-
You: I stole a tranquilizer gun from Tony- it says it can take down a rhino, so... you wanna hit Thor?
Loki: I can't say I know what a 'rhino' is, but shooting Thor with something is always a golden idea, darling.
In the kitchen:
Thor: Oh, greetings brother and mortal-
Loki: *shoots, right in the large neck*
Thor: *thump*
You: Great shot, Loki! Wanna go two for two and try and get Steve?
Loki: Hah, you know me too well. How much ammunition do we have?
You: 19 now.
Loki: Wonderful.
Social Media:
You: Okay Loki, I've got you set up on Tumblr and Instagram. On Tumblr, you just- you can make posts, and and post funny things or art or write things. Or just say things, I guess.
Loki: I see.
You: On Instagram, you can make posts as well, but they are for the most part photos.
Loki: Of what?
You: You! Just fool around with it for a while, you're very intuitive, you'll get it.
Loki: Aha. Leave me be now, I'll try on my own.
About three hours later:
You: Loki, Tony says the FBI is on the phone, there are about 3,000 people outside, and he does not appreciate the fact that you've amassed way more followers than he has in a small amount of time.
Loki: Do you blame me, darling?
You: Nah, but it's fun to see Tony squirm.
Loki: Ha, very true. Would you like to join me in my exploits?
You: Always.
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Things are getting pretty interesting on this side of town ¬‿¬


Chapter 10 summary: Stella sucked up her pride and asked for Loki’s help. Loki meets another demigod and Athena. And, more demigods appeared.

Chapter Preview:

“You have to be careful, the two of you, include Thor in the equation. They have the means to draw magic from you.” Athena looked at Loki. “I am surprised Ares did not drain you when he attacked in Asgard.”

“He can try.” Loki challenged. Athena smirked in response.

Stella stood up and returned the goblet to the table on the other side of the room. “Why did he end up using sorcery?” She filled the goblet with water and took a gulp. “It’s unusual for the god of war like him to wield magic. He never was the one who believes in it.”

“I have been asking the same question, Stella. I asked Hera about it and told me she doesn’t know why.”

“Of course she won’t talk because she has to protect her son,” Stella added.

“Maybe Hera has bestowed sorcery upon his son?” Loki suggested.

Athena considered his statement. “She could. But she never favored Ares even though he is the son of Hera and Zeus.” Loki’s jaw clenched. That was a familiar feeling. “But whatever power Hera gives is all too powerful.”

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Catch up on the previous chapters: Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9

Gods Among Us tag list (let me know if you want to be included in the list!): @just-the-hiddles@azgeina

Tasha’s Masterlist

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Y/N: *staring at Loki from the other side of the room* He's just soooooo hot, ya' get me?
Nat: *not looking up from her phone* No I don't. I'm not the one who wants to fuck him.
Peter: *le gasp*
Peter: Miss Romanoff! There are children present!
Nat: I'm sorry.
Nat: I meant Y/N wants to R-18 Loki.
Y/N: You're insufferable, Nat.
Nat: *makes her voice louder* NO, YOU ARE, Y/N!
Y/N: Stop it, Nat, Loki's gonna hear you!
Peter: *voice getting increasingly louder to assert dominance* tHAT'S THE POINT Y/N
Loki: *turns to the three of you*
Nat: *practically yelling now* JUST TELL LOKI YOU THINK HE'S HOT!
Loki: *raises an eyebrow* I beg your pardon?
Loki: What?
Nat: She wants to R-18 you!
Loki: What?
Nat: *walking out of the room* She wants to R-18 you~~~
Loki: What is R-18?
Y/N: Oh HELL no I ain't telling y-
Peter, really quickly: R18 is a film or video rating given by the British Board of Film Classification. It is intended to provide a classification for works that are within British obscenity laws, but exceed what the BBFC considers acceptable for its R-18 certificate. In generality, R-18 means hardcore pornography.
Peter: *squeaks* In-In other words she wants to F-word you.
Y/N: *screams* PETER! UGH, GET OUT!
Peter: Oh you meant you want to F-word him right now? oh, okay I totally understand-
Peter: *backflipping out of the nearest window* ENJOY THE RIIIIIIIIIDE
Y/N: *buries her face in her hands*
Y/N: Look, Loki, this is all just a misunderstanding. They got so aggressive and turned the topic a completely different way.
Loki, deadpanning: So nothing all of you said is true.
Y/N: Yes, I'm sorry. Can we just forget this ha-
Loki, obviously teasing you now: So you don't think I'm hot?
Y/N: *stammering* What? No- NO, I DON'T THINK YOU'RE HOT. Well, I do, but not in a scandalous way or a-anything-
Loki, backing you into a wall: You don't think I'm sexy at all...
Loki, grabbing your wrists: Or do you?
Y/N: I-I-
Loki: *chuckling* Stutter all you want, darling, but I know everything you're thinking right now.
Loki: *getting in your face with a hum* How your cheeks burn in my presence, how you lose your ability to speak coherently...
Loki, growling lowly: How you've been undressing me with your eyes ever since I walked into the room.
Loki: I need you right now...
Loki: But more than that, i want to hear you say it.
Loki, leaning in, his breath rasping in your ear: Don't make yourself wait any longer, love.
Loki: Just say the word and you'll know exactly what R-18 means.
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After Loki is injured in battle, him and reader share their first kiss together

A/N: Another short one shot focused on more relationship building through dialogue between Loki and reader. I’ve had this one in my mind for a while, I hope you all enjoy. As always, gender neutral reader!

Warnings: None, fluff and general cheesy flirting


Originally posted by lockedwithloki

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