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thesecretwriter · a day ago
do as you’re told (loki) - 1
Disclaimer: The content which is displayed below holds themes that are considered mature, minors are not to interact, thank you. 
Pairing: Loki x female reader
Summary: Loki finds an app that is used by doms and subs to find one another. Whether it be for hook ups or for relationships. He comes across your profile and takes an immediate interest. Once you two get to chatting, things become serious quickly.
Warning: Fluff and eventual smut (minors dni). 
Side note: An AU fic with Loki, he is 33 and reader is 25.
Marvel masterlist.
part two (coming soon). 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Loki was sat on his bed contemplating whether to make a profile or not. He knew how hard it was to find a sub when he wanted one. Sure there were clubs he could go to, but he wanted a change in how to go about it and that’s when he was told about the app he just installed.
He clicked on ‘create profile’ and got to filling in his information.
Loki Odinson.
35 years old.
He stared at the screen as it changed from there to a page which showed profiles of women.
He swiped and swiped and swiped, and all of them were to the left.
Until he saw the name.
Accompanied by some of your pictures.
You were smiling into the camera in the first picture, your smile being the first thing he noticed. You were pretty, certainly a sight that he would have to look twice at.
He was captivated as he swiped more and more through your profile. You were a sub, which piqued his interest even more.
He thought to himself and decided to swipe right on you.
Having spent enough time on his phone, he went to the bathroom to get ready for bed.
Tumblr media
You had gotten a notification from the app you hadn’t wanted any of your close friends to see. You wanted your personal life to stay personal.
Someone swiped right on you, you clicked the profile went through it. You found this man named Loki handsome, and he was a dom.
You hadn’t been with anyone in a while, there were a few men who you had been with that were doms, but they weren’t committed relationships. Now as you got older, you wanted to take it a bit more seriously.
Being a little daring, you decided to message him first.
You: Heyy :)
You went to other apps and replied to your other messages. You started to get comfortable in bed when the notification from the app gained your attention.
Settling in bed comfortably, you see the notification.
Loki: Hi, how’re you?
Seemed normal, what else were you to expect from a stranger on the internet.
You didn’t want to seem as if you were waiting for the text, so you took a moment to think about what to say.
You:I am good thanks, a bit tired. And you?
You cringed as you hit send. What else were you supposed to say?
Loki: I am okay, though I could use a good rest from such a long week.
You: What made you tired from this week?
You were a little curious.
Loki: Well, I work in an office and have been busy with meetings all week.
You: Sounds interesting and fancy. I imagine working in an office being boring.
Loki was intrigued, he quite liked his line of work. He didn’t exactly specify what he did, but she found general office work boring? That’s not something he would say.
Loki: There’s nothing boring about it darling. Especially when you have control over it all.
You: I see you’re a man who likes control, does this extend over to your personal life too?
Loki quirked a brow, quite a daring girl you are.
Loki: I assume you want to find out?
You: I am a little curious.
Loki found himself smiling at his phone, not something that he usually found himself doing.
Loki: Curious about control? I like to be in charge.
You: I like a man in charge.
Loki: Good to know, and what else do you like?
You pondered on the question for a moment, should you be blunt about it or filtered?
A smirk made its way to your lips as you typed.
You: I like a man who tells me to do as I’m told.
Now this made something within Loki awaken. You were honest in what you wanted, he liked that. Honesty in these relationships play an important role after all.
Loki: I have a few things in mind that you could do for me.
You quirked a brow at this, he is a flirty individual.
You: Pray tell, give me all the details sir.
Sir? Loki found himself wanting to hear this word leave you lips.
Loki: I’ll give you something to think about for tonight. I like a submissive who makes use of their pretty voice while my tongue is exploring their most intimate parts, letting the world know that I am the one they belong to. Goodnight darling.
You had reread that message a total of 5 times, he definitely gave you something to think about for tonight.
You: Thank you for the visual, goodnight sir.
It wasn’t anything serious, just some harmless flirting, right?
The question lingered in your mind as your drifted off to sleep.
Tumblr media
“Are you going MJ’s later on?” Asked Peter as you walked side by side.
“Yeah, she called me earlier and said she’s making dinner for all of us.”
Peter nodded to your response as he looked around.
“She’s making dinner because Ned is back. There’s no need for you to worry.” You told your worried looking friend.
Peter and you had worked together in the same publishing company. You got in with an internship and Peter did it as a side-line job outside of working for Stark industries. Peter would take out pictures and try to get them for the front page, and you had worked in a column with another associate of yours.
The only reason that Peter was so worried about visiting MJ was because he had gotten into trouble for not showing up to the previous time, she invited him for dinner. The dinner was specifically for him, and he failed to show up. This left him conflicted with whether to go tonight or not.
“You are coming tonight, right?” You glance at him and catch him mid thought.
“I don’t know if MJ wants me there. She sent me a message, but I know she’s still angry at me.”
“Oh hush, MJ could never be that angry with you. Maybe upset, but not angry. You two need to kiss and make up.” You tease him.
It was clear the two of them had feelings for the other, they were just too oblivious to see it.
“She’s doesn’t like me like that.”
“Yeah, I’m sure she doesn’t.” You rolled your eyes.
Tumblr media
You had made your way home after letting Peter know what time you were going to MJ’s, with an exasperated sigh, you sit down on your couch and just lay there. You were looking forward to the weekend.
Your thoughts began to wonder to the mystery man you had come across last night. He had messaged you in the morning from the app, saying that he was looking forward to chatting to you more.
It was clear he wanted to know you more, and you knew you were eager to get to know him as well.
Finding yourself smiling, you chuckled out loud and got up and off the couch. You had to do your laundry and a few other chores before this evening’s dinner, so you’d best be getting to it then.
Tumblr media
Satisfied with completing your chores, you made your way to your room. Quickly glancing at your clock, it was 16:35. You would leave in an hour, so it gave you enough time to bath and pick out something to wear.
Just as you were making your way to your closet, a familiar notification caught your attention.
You grabbed the phone of your bed and saw a message from Loki.
Loki: Hello darling.
The endearment he constantly used made you smile. It wasn’t something you were called before, not by a dom anyway.
You: Hello sir.
You pressed send, put your phone on charge and was off to the bathroom.
In the bathroom, you strip off your clothes and get into the shower, settling for washing your hair, you stand under the falling water and just relish in the moment where the water falls on you. After a moment, you began to bath yourself, ridding the tiresome week you had and refreshing yourself for the night to come.
Once done, you got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around yourself, you did your skin routine in the bathroom, where the products were kept on your counter. When you were satisfied, you went out of your bathroom and over to your closet.
What to wear? You wondered as you browsed through your clothes. You didn’t want to over dress, you wanted to be comfortable.
You took out a pair of jeans and a plain long-sleeved shirt, it is a bit cold outside. Before getting dressed, you checked your phone where there was a message from Loki waiting for you.
Loki: What’s your plans for the evening?
You: I’m having dinner with a few friends, how about you?
You began to get changed and eventually walked to your vanity to dry your hair. Once that was done, you settled on wearing sneakers, it was within reach of where you were.
Your phone vibrating caught your attention, MJ had messaged you to bring by some wine, she forgot to buy some.
Just as you replied to her with a ‘no problem’, Loki replied to your previous message.
Loki: I’m spending the evening going through some paperwork.
You: What a busy businessman, you should take the evening off. Didn’t you say you had a tiresome week?
He seemed to be quite a busy person, you wondered about what exactly he did in his place of employment.
Loki: I think the last time I was off work was when I worked in college.
You: What exactly do you do for work?
Loki: I partially run my family business. Perhaps you’ve heard of it Odinson’s and Co?
Your eyes widened at his reply. He was an Odinson, as in one of England’s most prestigious families?
You: You mean the Odinson’s from England? Of course, I’ve heard of your family, you’re all worldwide known.
Loki: Thanks to my father. My brother and I are just carrying on the family business.
His brother was Thor, you knew he was dating Jane Foster, you had done a column about her once.
You couldn’t believe that you had been speaking to someone like Loki, little unknown you speaking to Loki Odinson, that too on an app for doms and subs.
You: I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed your name before, how silly of me.
Loki: That’s quite alright darling, I appreciate the fact that you spoke to me before knowing exactly who I am. Usually the first things women notice is my families name, not me.
His explanation pulled at your heart string, he seemed so genuine and a good dom too. It’s a shame the way people look at the status of a person rather than the person himself.
You: I have to say, the way in which we’re getting to know each other is unusual. So, I’d assume the rest would be similar.
You didn’t know his intention when he swiped right on you, but you were thankful that you got the opportunity to swiped right by him.
Loki: It is indeed unusual; I’m not complaining though. Quite the opposite. Would you mind if we exchanged numbers? I wouldn’t mind if we could perhaps call after your dinner with your friends?
Now that got your heart beating faster, he wanted your number. This made it more personal, on top of that he was to call you tonight. Feeling confident in yourself, you sent him your number.
You: *number* text me, I’ll reply when I get back from dinner at 8 ;)
And then you were off to dinner. Making your way to MJ’s house as the sun began to set slowly.
Tumblr media
“…and then Peter fell face first into the garden when he was trying to get the photograph.” You laughed as Ned was retelling stories from when Peter was first testing out his first ever camera.
“Now he’s getting front cover photographs for the papers.” You chip in and take a sip of wine.
Peter smiled at you appreciatively, Ned had nodded in agreement to your statement.
“So, what’s the latest news in everyone’s life?” Ned asked sitting back comfortably next to Peter.
“Nothing new from my end, I just go day by day living the same life.” You grin at them.
“I’m going to apply to help out in a school for special needs. I’ve been looking to head out into other careers.” MJ replied and shrugged; Peter had been looking to MJ with a smile on his face. It was clear he was head over heels.
“Mr. Stark had mentioned a promotion in the internship. Offering a permanent spot in the company after a project he recently issued to us.” Peter mumbled out wanting the spotlight to be off him.
It went silent as you all waited for him to explain more, when he remained quiet MJ spoke up, “Well go on, tell us some more.”
“I can’t say anything else. I’m up against other interns and need to be more focused as ever.” He explained with a blush making its way to his cheeks.
You were proud of Peter, he had put many hours into making a future for himself, and it was just a matter of time before he was up there with Tony Stark and Bruce Banner.
“We’re proud of you Peter.” You assure him and smile when he glances to you. It was now MJ who was looking at him in admiration.
The evening went of with the four of you conversing back and forth. When you checked the time, you saw that it was currently 20:05, which means you should be heading home. You had a few glasses of wine, and you were looking forward to that call with Loki.
“This is where I love and leave you lady and gentlemen.” You got up and gathered your belongings.
“Why don’t you spend the night?” MJ suggested as you walked to the sink with your wine glass.
“I would love to, but tomorrow morning I have to work on a draft for Tuesday’s paper.”
“You’re always working y/n, just like Peter. We need to have a girl’s day out. It’s been a long time.” She said standing next to you.
“I promise you next weekend I’ll be all yours.” You tell her and give her a side hug with a small goodbye.
“Alright, but you better take some rest as well. I can’t deal with these two on my own.”
“We can hear you.” Ned calls from the living room.
“That’s the whole point.”
You told Ned and Peter goodbye, but Peter insisted he walks you home. It wasn’t far, but he wasn’t about to let you walk home alone after having a few glasses of wine.
“You need to tell her how you feel Peter.” You say in a sing song tone.
“I don’t know y/n, she seems the same to me as she is to others.” He explained.
“Not from what I saw tonight. She looks at you the same way you look at her. Its obvious to Ned and I.”
Peter lets the words process in his mind, maybe he will give it a try.
Once you reach your apartment, Peter makes sure you’re inside before he walks back to MJ’s. You tell him to let you know when he reaches her place safely.
You now change into your pajamas and make yourself comfortable in bed, the same way you did last night.
At that same moment, you get a message from an unknown number.
Loki: Hello darling. Its Loki :) Are you home yet?
You smiled at the use of the smiley face; it was the first one he sent to you. You quickly saved his number and replied.
You: Heyy. Yes, I just got home.
Loki: Are you free to call?
You: I sure am.
In a few moments you were getting a call from Loki, this was it. Smiling at your phone you accept the call.
“Hello darling, its nice to put a voice to that pretty face of yours.”
Well, he definitely as smooth as he was in text.
“Thank you. I have to say, I like your accent.” You compliment him back.
You heard him chuckle at your words.
“I’m glad that you do. How was dinner with your friends?” He asked huskily.
“It went well, I just got back a little while ago. We had a bit of wine, so I feel a bit on top of the world right now.” You chuckle, still feeling the buzz from the wine.
“Wine hey? What wine do you fancy?” He asked curiously.
“White wine, although I’m open to others depending on the occasion.” You answered truthfully. You didn’t drink often, just when in the company of close friends or when you’re relaxing at home on a Saturday night.
“Good choice… so darling what else is there to know about you?” He asked curiously.
“Not much if I’m being honest. I work at a publishing house where I co-write certain columns. I have a small circle of friends. You’re already aware of me being a submissive, so I’d say that’s just the general things to know, how about you… sir?”
Your words are followed by a sharp in take of breath from the other side of the line.
“Hmm, well I’m from London, I manage my father’s business with my older brother, I like reading – its an escape of mine from the pressures of the world and as you already know I’m a dominant.”
“What makes you enjoy being a dominant? Besides having control over things.” You recall his words from the previous night.
“Besides being in control of the business, I like having to control the pleasure of another. The moments leading up to the climax, the activities done leading to it, and the relief felt from all of it, may I ask the same about being submissive?”
His reply had you relating to it a lot. He was right in the sense of it being a sort of relief aspect. When life got a bit too much to deal with, it felt nice having to let others take charge of your pleasure.
“When I grew up, my life had always been busy. Moving around all the time and not having anyone permanent in my life. When I was old enough, I chose to stay with my grandmother and go to college here in New York. I had finally gotten control over my life and the choices I made, but I couldn’t rely on anyone to make me feel secure and take that little break from life. When I turned 20, I became interested in BDSM, and from there I found myself liking it more and more.”
You hadn’t really explained the details of your choice in being a submissive to many people. Your own friends weren’t aware of your sexual interests, no matter how close you were to them. This was your little secret.
“You were quite young when you started off with it. I was about your age when I started. I admire your view of it, and I’d love to talk more about this and more with you. If you’d allow me to of course, in person of course.” He said politely.
You smirked at his words.
“Are you asking me out Mr. Odinson?” You asked slyly.
“I believe that I am Ms. y/l/n.” You could tell that he was smiling from the tone in which his words were said.
“When would you want to go out?”
“How does tomorrow night sound? That’s if you’re not busy.”
Oh, he wanted to see you that soon.
You had no issue; it had just been a while since you’d been out with a guy in general.
“Very well then sir, tomorrow it is.” You agreed.
“Is 19:00 alright?”
“Perfectly fine with me, am I to wear anything in particular?” You wondered whether or not anything would happen at this dinner, and you weren’t going to go unprepared.
“If its any help, I like the colour emerald green. I’d be pleased to see you in that.” His tone had suddenly become deeper.
“I wouldn’t want to disappoint you sir.” You said softly.
“Good girl darling, I like a girl like that.” He admitted.
“I’ll see you tomorrow then?”
“Looking forward to it, text me your address. I’ll have a driver of mine drive you to my place. I’d prefer if we had some privacy away from prying eyes.” He said referring to the public.
“I’ll do just that. No worries, I understand. The public eye can be very inquisitive.” You say in understanding.
“I bid you a goodnight then darling. Stay well and until tomorrow.” Loki said with a hint of humour.
“You too kind sir, until we meet. Goodnight.” You fake a british accent and hear him chuckle on the other end.
Holding in a chuckle of your own, you cut the call. A big smile on your face as you gaze up at your ceiling, it was refreshing talking to Loki, he seemed like a good person, and you were looking forward to meeting him tomorrow night.
Your phone buzzed on your chest, when you checked the message, it was Peter telling you he was staying over at MJ’s since he lived far, and she insisted that him and Ned spend the night.
You text him goodnight and go to bed, with the thoughts of a certain mans voice in your mind.
Tumblr media
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gaitwae · a day ago
My Beauty [|] Loki x Reader
Warnings: Insecurity and slight body dysmorphia, female reader, swimming pool.
Request/summary: The reader is slowly learning to accept herself. 
Requested by: @xladyxfatex ​
Tumblr media
You walked to the pool with Natasha and Wanda. They were sitting in their bikinis, soaking up the sun and laughing about the men and your recent hang-out. You felt nervous. You knew you had nothing to worry about with Nat and Wanda, but... Well, it was hard to really have fun at a pool if you were supposed to be... immodest. You looked bad enough as it was.
You knew it was silly, deep down. These were people you could trust. You were in a baggy T-shirt and jean shorts. There was nothing to be scared of. Right?
“C’mon, Y/N,” Wanda giggled. “Go under! You’ll feel better once you’re entirely under.”
You were unsure, but you swallowed and nodded. “Okay. Okay, I got it.” You took a deep breath and slipped into the pool, making sure you were as close to the edge as possible. You had come out later than the others just to make sure you could scope out who might have been there to see you. But you stopped, right there, at thigh-deep water.
Out from the depths, Loki popped his head up. Your heart swung. “Surely you’d want to soak,” he reasoned, a crooked smile gracing his face. “It’s much too hot to stand there in the sun!”
“But... But, I can’t,” you said. It was a poor excuse. It wasn’t even an excuse. “I can’t.”
Loki glided to you and grabbed your hand. You gulped. “Oh, yes, you can. You absolutely can, my beauty.” 
The name stung. You couldn’t beautiful. Not when you looked like... you. “Loki,” you sighed. “Will you stay with me?”
“I will,” he promised, stroking your arm and kissing your fingers. “Come, take those shorts off. Let’s swim. You have your bathing suit under, yes?”
“It’s a one piece,” you confirmed with a mumble. You took his hands and squeezed them. He held you at a close distance as you went all the way in. The cool water felt nice. 
“That shirt’s okay, yeah? You’re looking absolutely stunning today,” he told you. “You’re gaining more confidence; it makes you radiant.”
“Really?” you smiled shyly. “Even though I don’t look as good as the other girls?”
“You’re equal,” Loki said. “But you’re my favorite brand of beautiful.”
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anonymousfiction211 · 19 hours ago
Lost kittens
A/N: After the negativity this morning, I am in desperate need for some fluff. Hope it brightens your day a little!
Lost kittens The front door burst open and was immediately slammed shut. The impact of the loud noise startled you. Hearing footsteps fastly approached your heartbeat quickened and you held your breath while looking at the hallway of the living room, waiting for someone to appear.
Seeing Loki appear he ran fast past you and towards the table, without even looking or acknowledging you.
'Loki, you scared me!' you said, relieved that it was just your boyfriend who had entered and not some stranger. 'Why are you soaking wet?' you noticed the trail of water behind him. He was dripping next to the table and held his hands on a weird bump against his chest. He didn't respond, carefully opening the zipper of his jacket you walked towards him, seeing what he was up to.
The softest meow escaped from his chest and Loki pulled out two small kittens and put them on the table. With a flick of his wrist, he dried himself off. He ran towards the bedroom, leaving you to stare at the two creatures. The kittens were also soaking wet and shivering from the cold. One of them was black-and-white, while the other had red fur. Loki quickly emerged from the bedroom with a towel and started to dry the kittens off. You had never seen him looked so worried.
'Loki? Where did you get the kittens?' you asked him. He was thoroughly checking each kitten he dried for injuries.
Ignoring your question he asked you 'Could you get something to drink or eat for them? What do they even eat? I don't know.. maybe we need to go to the store.. or the vet.. should we call someone?' he said without taking a single breath between his questions.
You put a hand on his shoulder 'It's going to be all right. I will fix something' you reassured him and he looked relieved. You went to the kitchen to get some milk and meat for the kittens. It wasn't ideal but had to do for now. When you walked back to the living room you saw that Loki had moved the kittens to the warm blanket you had wrapped around you on the couch when he barged in. The kittens were clearly enjoying the warmth you had left behind. So, who were you to argue? You settled the milk and meat in front of them and they slowly started to drink and eat.
Sitting next to Loki you tried again 'Where did you get the kittens?'
Loki didn't take his eyes of the kittens 'When I was walking home it started to pour down. I heard soft meowing from under a dumpster I passed and found these little guys' he explained.
'Do you think they are okay? Should we take them to the vet?' he added.
'Loki, it's eleven o'clock in the evening, the vet is closed. But I will call first thing tomorrow okay?' you explained.
Loki didn't look pleased but nodded to let you know he understood. The kittens stopped eating and drinking and you realized Loki hadn't taken his eyes off them yet. The kittens slowly started to walk and explore the couch. Both of you watched them without saying a word. Eventually one crawled onto Loki's lap and the other one curled up against his thigh. Loki carefully petted them taking turns. Clearly exhausted the kittens fell asleep.
'Loki, they look all right. Stop worrying' you reassured him.
'Sorry for barging in here' he finally said. 'What were you doing?'
'No problem, a movie has just begun we can watch' you answered. Loki smiled and gave you a kiss on the lips.
'How early can we call tomorrow?' he asked.
'They open at 8 o'clock' you said. 'They will check them out and see if they belong to someone, but seeing the state they are in I expect them to have wandered the streets for quite some time' you said.
'I am NOT giving them back to someone who either loses them or just doesn't care' he hissed. 'Nobody baby should be left to die on their own' he added much more sadly. You laid your head on his shoulder and he turn his head to lean against yours. Comforting him, since he clearly wasn't talking about the kittens in that moment.
'I know, love. You won't have to. If they don't have owners they will go to the pound. Then they will find them each a home' you said.
'NO! Thunder and Mischief have to stay together. I don't want them to split up, who knows how long it will take for them to find a home? And all that time they have to wait in who knows what kind of conditions' Loki defensively replied.
'Thunder and Mischief?' you cocked an eyebrow and had to suppress your laughter. 'You named them?'
Loki was looking at the sleeping kittens again and he tried to hide it, but you saw the slight blush on his cheeks and ears. 'I might have' he muttered a little.
'Which one is which?' you asked amused.
'The red one is Thunder and the black one is Mischief' Loki answered with a big smile on his face.
Knowing Loki there was no way that these kittens would ever leave the apartment. You actually preferred dogs over cats, but decided to keep that information to yourself. Besides, you liked cats enough to keep these kittens, especially after seeing how happy they made Loki.
'Can we keep them?' his voice was a bit softer and the doubt and insecurity was clearly showing on his face.
'We can keep them' you said to Loki who looked instantly relieved and happy. 'After the vet we can drive to the pet store and get everything we need. But only on one condition, we only get the necessities and one toy for each'
'Yes of course' Loki said. He sighed content and the two of you watched the movie that was on. Or at least, you did. Loki's attention kept shifting back to the sleeping kittens, making sure they were okay. You had a feeling that Loki was going to go overboard and that tomorrow the whole apartment would be filled with cat toys. But you didn't care, it warmed your heart seeing your boyfriend this happy.
Permanent taglist: @delightfulheartdream @the-best-phineas @pescadoavocado @theestorm @theaudacitytowrite @taurusbeing @justacripple
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marvelous-whovian · 18 hours ago
mobius: look, loki is great, but they don't have a life plan. they don't even have a day plan. i once found a note they wrote to themself that said 'put on pants' followed by a question mark
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deathbewrryyy · a day ago
Tumblr media
I know i can't finish it, so here zombie President Loki
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harlie-yyy · 2 days ago
Wanda and Loki on applying nail polish
Loki: It’s literally getting everywhere.
Wanda: How am I supposed to apply it if you keep moving your hands??
Loki: Maybe you just aren’t applying it well.
*Wanda gives Loki a death stare*
Loki: Okay, okay, jeez. Don’t kill me yet, I want to see how good I look.
Wanda: *smiles proudly* That’s the spirit.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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halfagony-halfh0pe · 3 months ago
Mobius defending his decision to trust Loki to the TVA
Tumblr media
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bisexual-chupacabra · 3 months ago
Mobius, reading about Loki betraying Odin: Look at this! You played him like a fiddle!
Loki: oh no, Mobius, fiddles are actually difficult to play
Loki: I played that bastard like the cheap kazoo he was.
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