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#loki of asgard
anguiserina · 18 hours ago
Y/N: Loki and I do not have pet names for each other.
Thor: What do bees make?
Y/N: Honey?
Thor: Then what do you call a bad little dog?
Y/N: A little bitch?
Loki, from the other room, yelling: WHAT DO YOU WANT?!
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jellyraindrops · a day ago
Things I would Do/Say in the MCU
Loki: You are beneath me
Me, under my breath: I wish
Loki: what?
Me: what
Loki: you do know I can look inside your mind-
Me: -yes and i forgot so I'm going to jump off the tower good BYE-
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Ladies and Gents. I present you the best thing on the Internet 😂
*these aren't my pictures they belong to the Facebook account mentioned bellow*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was too good not to share 😂
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anonymousfiction211 · a day ago
Handcuffed Together: 16
Tumblr media
Not again ‘I- what?’ you asked groggily.
‘Just here, take some water. Take it easy for a few minutes’ Loki said while handing you a bottle of water.
You opened the bottle and took a sip. You closed it and handed it back to Loki. Closing your eyes you let the headache past, while leaning against the side of the transparent box the two of you were in.
‘(Y/N)?’ Loki asked
You didn’t respond.
‘(Y/N)?’ he tried again. ‘Please say something’ he said after you still didn’t respond.
‘Don’t’ you finally answered.
‘How are you feeling?’ he asked
‘Like I have the worst hangover in my life. The fact that I’m handcuffed to you, doesn’t make it any better’ you grumbled.
Loki stayed silent for a while. You were focusing on how your body was aching, your head still pounding and how you wanted nothing more than to closer your eyes and sleep.
‘I thought you would be happy to see me again’ Loki softly spoke.
‘Fucking thrilled’ you replied sarcastically.
‘Can you drop the attitude for one second and actually talk to me like an adult?’ Loki snapped.
Loki visibly flinched at your anger, and a part of you wanted nothing more than to cuddle closer and work it all out. But the other part, the part that had waited five months for Loki come back, contact you or at least give you some sort of sign that he was okay, couldn’t be ignored.
‘I did it for your safety’ Loki answered.
‘My safety?’ you scoffed. ‘And how did that work out…’ you gestured at the box the two of you were sitting in.
‘It not my fault that you followed that second-rate sorcerer to the Collector!’ Loki defensively said.
‘It’s not? The only reason he was going, was because he heard that you were here. God, what the hell have you been up to all this time?’ you asked.
‘Well, trapped in a box. In case you hadn’t noticed’ he sarcastically replied.
‘Seriously?’ you shot back. ‘And who was able to catch the great God of Mischief and running away?’
‘Thanos’ Loki replied sharply.
‘What?’ you asked in disbelief
‘Thanos got to the Collector first. Apparently there is a price on my head, and yours too. In case you forget the promise that was made to me’ he looked away from you, staring at the empty box beside yours.
‘I haven’t’ you whispered.
‘Well anyway, even tough we’re in trouble, we’re together. Isn’t this what you wanted? As long as we are together’ he mocked.
‘If this was so inevitable why leave?’ you hissed.
‘Because that was the only way to keep you as safe as possible. And I didn’t leave you alone, the whole team was there. I’m sure by now there is half a plan in place? Can you tell me about it?’ he asked.
Now it was your time to look away. ‘I don’t know’ you shrugged.
‘You don’t know?’ Loki asked surprised.
‘No, I don’t know’ you bitterly answered.
‘Why don’t you know? What have you guys been doing for the last months?’ he asked.
‘Never mind’ you said.
He grabbed the side of your cheek with his free hand to make you look at him. ‘I hope you and your team have not underestimated this threat’ Loki said. You saw the anger filling his eyes.
You slapped the hand resting on your cheek away. ‘Of course, we haven’t! The team has been working really hard. It’s insulting to suggest otherwise’ you said.
‘Then, why don’t you know?’ Loki asked again.
‘BECAUSE, I haven’t been part of the team a few weeks after you left. HAPPY NOW?’ you half yelled.
‘WHAT?’ Loki asked in disbelief.
‘Never mind, I don’t want to talk about it. I just want to get some sleep. How do you even sleep in this tiny excuse for a prison’ you grumbled. The prison box had coloured see through glass. It was about two meters high, but only 2 by 1 meters wide. With two people, it didn’t give you much room to sleep.
Loki just shrugged. ‘I laid down on the ground. You can sleep if you want, I will sit here and wake you if anything happens’ he said.
You didn’t bother to reply, but laid down on the floor as he stayed sitting up. When you laid down you shuffled as far away from him as possible. If it weren’t for the cuff you would have turned your back. The only thing you could think of was sleep and holding back your tears.
 A horrible scream woke you up. Frantically you started to look around. The room was dark, but there were some lights here and there. Loki put a hand on your back.
‘Sshh, it’s okay’ he shushed you. Rubbing slowly up and down your back.
‘Who is screaming?’ you whispered.
‘I don’t know, but it isn’t you, so I don’t care’ he replied.
‘How are you so calm?’ you asked.
‘I’ve been here a while and there is sort of a routine’ he said.
Loki explained that the Collector collected valuable objects and in these boxes were his entire collection. Sometimes he needs information from his objects that he can sell, if they don’t give it he has other ways to make them talk. In the morning the boxes would move in different positions. He often had tours through his collection, but he never showed Loki. Afraid that someone will try to capture him and bring him to Thanos. Food and water were provided in the morning and at the end of the day by the slaves that were responsible for it. There were scheduled bathroom times and every two days there was the option to take a shower.
He told you that he was on Sakaar for a while, but had to leave, because he had run out of favour with the person running the place. After that he was on Asgard for a short while, but couldn’t tell Thor about it. When he was stealing some food for his next destination, he heard Thor talk about the Collector. The idea that this men had one of the stones didn’t sit right with Loki. He had planned to take the stone and bring it to the Avengers. But Thanos beat him to it, and before he knew it he woke up in this box, where he has been this entire time.
‘Do you know how late it is now?’ you asked.
‘About three o’clock in the middle of the night. You should really get some more rest, kitten’ a small smile appeared on his face.
‘Firstly, don’t call me that. I have a name. And secondly, don’t you have to sleep?’ you asked.
‘What? Kitten? I thought you liked that name’ he purred. ‘And I wanted to give you some space. If I also lay down, things will get very cosy. Not that I mind of course’
‘I’m not going to let you fuck me into another relationship. I’ve spent the last five months getting over you and did that very easily. So, do what you want’ you sat as emotionless as you could.
‘You do know I’m also the God of Lies, right?’ Loki mused.
‘Just shut up. And how is the temperature controlled in this thing?’ you asked, starting to shiver from the cold a bit.
Loki smirked before answering your question ‘It’s an automatic system. I’m afraid there is not much we can do about it’ he said.
‘Fine, just stay away or go to sleep, I don’t care’ you said before laying back on the floor again. Trying to keep your shivering to a minimal.
For a moment Loki didn’t move. Once your breathing was even and slow he moved. You weren’t asleep but were too tired to respond. He had laid down two. Your face was close to his chest and your cuffed hands were almost touching. The both of you were on your sides. Ignoring the closeness, you fell asleep.
You woke up again, getting used to your new environment was not doing much good for you sleep schedule. Loki had put his arm underneath your head and you were with your head against his chest. On one side you wanted to leave, on the other side, you had missed this. That’s when you noticed Loki’s jacket, he had wrapped it around your body as much as the handcuffs would allow it. You closed your eyes and fell back asleep again, deciding to make a decision about Loki in the morning.
Permanent taglist: @delightfulheartdream @the-best-phineas @theaudacitytowrite @pescadoavocado @taurusbeing​ @theestorm @justacripple 
Story taglist: @l0nelyasian​ @mrsdarcyinlovewithbuckybarnes​ @ragweed98​ @thehornytitties​ @morganmofresh​ @saiyanstars​ @rahne85​ @charistory​ @not-your-bitch​ @kamrynnnnn​ @kokinu09​ @dustychinchilla @clarawolf22 @citrineasguardian​
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andrewqarfieldtbr · 2 days ago
I don't care anymore-Fluff
Loki and you are in a secret relationship but one day,Thor catches you and him in privacy...
(This is a very funny and fluffy one)
Tumblr media
The moon light is shining thru your Window into your rather dark Designed Room. One of the things Loki loved about your Room and wich only ever made him more exited about meeting you in secret and getting to admire you even more. It was one of those nights where Loki was searching for comfort leaning to his Father rather not giving him the attention he should have. He was laying on your lab while you were resting your Hand on his Stomach and having him slighly stroking it. He couldn't take his eyes of you and honestly,neither you could. As much as you tried to focus on reading your book,you couldn't help it but always lurk down to his glowing blue eyes. "Love?" "Hm?". He takes away your Book and gently places it on his left. "You don't have to over work your eyes like that" he said as you finally releave your eyes from all the looking between two. "I'm just trying to read this Book,but your not really making it easy me" He places your Hand on his chest. "Your Welcome i suppose" he says in wich he makes you smile. You place your Hand on his cheek in wich he leans up to a kiss you. His Hand slowly places onto your waist. "I don't want to leave"He holds onto your waist. "Loki,what happend if they catch-" "Love...please". You sigh at his begging."Its not like dont want you to stay"You say stroking his cheek. "I just don't want them to-" "Love...i dont care anymore" he says holding your hand on his Cheek. "Are you sure because-" "yes". You smile at his certainy. "Your worth anything coming in my way" you sigh. "By the norns,with what do i deserve you?" He laughs in wich you both lean into a this time more passionate kiss. You both spend the night together comforting eachother with kisses and touches everywhere.
The Next day. Thor is walking down the halls to Loki's Room to wake him since its 9:00AM wich he usually never wakes up to. "Brother?" He knocks on the Door. "Hello?" He asks curiously as nobodys answers. He slowly opens the Door looking all around the Room not seeing anyone,with that he slowly walks in turning all around to make sure Loki is not trying to scare or trick him again. "AH!" He shouts as the wind from the open Window makes the Door close behind him. He shortly runs into his bathroom not seeing anyone. In wich he fastly goes out of the Room. He slowly walks down the halls to your Room,trying to knock on it gently wanting to search for Loki. As nobody opens,he slowly does to see Loki having you in his arms,slowly stroking your Hair. He gasps at you tteo thru the Door slide. Loki hears it and Thor fastly turns behind the Door so he doens't see him. He breaths out. "Brother!" "AHHHH!" Thor almost screams at Loki suddenly appearing behind him. "SHHHHH,SH!" Loki whispers waving with his Hand,telling Thor to Shut up. "what are you doing here?!" "What are YOU doing here,this is not your Room!" Thor replies. "We-...we were just,-" "WERE YOU GUYS HAVING S-" "SHHH" Loki wavey with his Hands again. "Is that a yes?!" "Brother please-" "Well why is she laying in your arms then?!" He opens the Door and points at you two sleeping. "Wait-....oh...OHHH" Thor puts his hand thru Loki's illusion. "Ok,are you finished?" "No! You still haven't told me why you are-" He gasps. "ARE YOU GUYS TOGE-" Loki puts his Hand on Thors mouth to shut him up. "If you don't shut up immediantly,i will shuv your Hammer up your-" "alright!" Thro puts Loki's Hand away from his mouth. Loki sighs. "We-we are..." "By the norns,since when?! Does Mother?!" "Since a couple months and No! Nobody knew until you and your loud ass opend this Door!" "Well how am i supposes to know that your her Lover!". Loki sighs again and runs his Hand across his Face. "You.will.not.tell.anyone." "WHY NOT?!" "BROTHER!" "Hey you" "AHHHH" They both screams as they see you in the Door frame. "Could you low down the Volume?people are trying to sleep here somehow". Loki fades his illusion and Actually walks up behind you. "Sorry Love,i didn't mean to wake you" "LOVE?!" "Loki!" "He knows calm down" "How- why are you even here!?" "I saw you two cuddle!" "Congrats,now if you dont know mind i will head back to Bed and YOU" you point and Thor. "You wont tell anyone." "Dear,alright!" You walk back into Bed leaving them both outside the Door and closing it. "Does she have that from you?". Loki sighs and walks into his Room again. "You heard her." He closes the Door and Leaves Thor outside. "oh my...ohhh my".
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lokistoriesblog · 10 hours ago
Are You Gonna Be My Guy?
A/N: So this is just a little random thing that popped into my head while I was driving the other day, and I had to write it down. Super cheesy but hey what else can you expect from me?! Inspired by “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” by Jet.
Summary: An infamous Stark party, unsaid feelings and an impromptu karaoke performance, what could go wrong or right?
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters.
Pairing: Loki x Female Reader
Length: 3.3K
Warnings: mentions alcohol and swearing. Does bad writing count as a warning lol?
Tumblr media
Tony was known for hosting the most epic parties at Stark tower. He used absolutely anything and everything as an excuse to gather the team together and throw gluttonous parties. This time he insisted on celebrating his half birthday, who even knew that was even a thing? Oh to be a billionaire . . .
You actually didn’t mind these parties as long as your fellow Avengers were attending, it was always a good excuse to let loose after stressful missions. However, you were mildly apprehensive about the upcoming event tonight because you knew you couldn't avoid Loki any longer.
Loki was meant to be visiting Thor for the past month but instead has been tormenting you with endless flirting. So maybe tormenting isn’t the right word as it started out innocently enough. You being a new face in the crowd, never having met the God of Mischief before but his reputation certainly preceded him. Everyone in the tower seemed to walk on eggshells around him but to you he wasn't as intimidating, you weren't afraid to throw a quip back at him and he was clearly intrigued by you. You began to spend almost all of your time together during his stay in New York whether it be training, talking, or reading, you enjoyed his company. He challenged you and in turn you challenged him.
You found Loki physically attractive but so did a lot of people, he was a God after all. But having spent so many hours with him, often alone and unguarded, you had succumbed to his charm and what were innocent flirtations now sent you swooning despite your best efforts to ignore your body's reaction to him. However, you could not gauge if the God was simply filling his time while here, enjoying a bit of witty banter or if his feelings matched yours? Either way you were too apprehensive to find out. Your greatest fear would be you letting Loki know your true feelings and him not reciprocating. He would be returning to Asgard in a week and you would be back to your mundane midgardian life, well besides being an Avenger of course.
You resolved to distance yourself from Loki a bit more in the lead up to his return home because now whenever he was near you your heart rate would quicken and you could practically feel the hairs on your body standing at attention. You didn't want him to notice the effect he had on you.
You were snapped out of your train of thought as Tony came walking through the lounge on his way to get ready for the evening, “Y/N I better be seeing you tonight, this is going to be one of the biggest ones yet.” He exclaimed. You groan and Tony narrows his eyes on you before Natasha steps in, “I have just the dress for you Y/N, we can get ready together and then we will see you in there Tony.”
“Great! And everyone MUST attend - that includes you Reindeer Games!” Tony calls out to Loki who you hadn’t noticed reading in the corner.
“As long as I am not forced onto your midgardian dance floor, I may make an appearance.” Loki said with his trademark smirk.
“I thought a prince would love to dance and show off your waltzing skills I am sure you have been accustomed those Asgardian balls.” You can’t help but joke back with him now noting his presence.
He peers over at you, eyeing you intently, “Ah, yes I forgot how Stark’s little affairs rival that of Asgardian galas and I hardly think a Waltz is an appropriate dance to accompany that midgardian music, if you can even call it music that is.” he draws with an eye roll. You choose to ignore his last statement and his now looming presence behind you.
“But Loki if you won’t dance, poor Y/N here will be forced to dance with- what was his name again?” Nat paused for effect, “The guy from IT I heard chatting you up today?” She asks you.
You shoot her a look with daggers in your eyes, “Jake.” You say coolly.
“Yes, that’s right - Jake!” Nat exclaims looking toward Loki but Loki does not take the bait, only sneers at her slightly.
Tony saunters off and you are now looking at Nat with a raised eyebrow, “So, you have a dress for me?” you asked. “I saw it the other day and knew it was made for you-” A smile creeping from the corners of her mouth “-It's the perfect shade of green.” Oh god did she know? Your heart sank for a moment and you knew you had to get up and leave, you did so without even looking at Loki but you could feel his gaze on your back.
After you and Nat finished getting ready you made your way down to Stark’s party. You can feel the beat of the band playing just as you go to open the doors before taking a moment to compose yourself. Your hands slid down your dress to smooth out any wrinkles. Nat wasn't kidding, this dress was made for you, it fit your body like a glove. Dark emerald green satin gliding over your every curve, a high slit creeping up your left thigh stopping mere millimetres away from your hip, the straps of your black high heels tied around your ankles. If you had any chance of grabbing Loki’s attention then you knew this would be the look to do it.
You walk in with your head held high, and are greeted by Tony and Thor, “WOW, Y/N! You look incredible, a marked improvement from your usual training gear”, Tony came to pull you closer to him and kissed your temple. “Ha, thanks Tony but you owe your compliments to Nat for this dress.” You said before Thor added, “Lady Y/N you are exquisite tonight.” Jeez, did these guys ever know how to make you feel good. If the bar wasn’t free you would totally buy Nat a drink for scoring this dress. Riding your high from the compliments you made your way over to the bar. After a few drinks your inhibitions had left you feeling more confident than ever and any shred of doubt you may have had or lack of confidence was gone. You felt unstoppable.
You had let yourself look around the party only a few times but there was no sign of the Trickster yet. That is until you feel a large hand land on the small of your back as you are leaning against the bar with Nat and Thor. The feeling of his hand on your back sent heat washing over your body, you tried to remain calm so as to not show any crack in the facade on your face when you turned toward Loki.
“Looking for me?” he quipped with his head tilted down to meet your gaze, you can practically feel the smugness dripping off of him. “Someone thinks pretty highly of themselves,” you huff back at him but your body betrayed you as you spoke, your back pushing ever so slightly against his presence behind you, feeling his toned chest behind his suit.
“Y/N”, he says in a low tone, his mouth hovering just above your ear. His voice alone sends your heart spiralling out of control. “You look simply ravishing tonight.” he said with almost a purr, which did not go unnoticed by your company at the bar. Your heart was beating so fast with him standing so close to you in his black suit. That damn suit did something to you every time you saw it. You quickly drank your champagne back in an attempt to stabilize yourself and cool the heat pooling in your core.
“You are correct brother, Y/N cleans up well. She has been fighting off some of SHIELD's lackeys all night so it is about time you showed up.” Thor beacons toward Loki, clearly teasing him.
“Ah well I am sure Y/N does not need my assistance fending off the wolves, do you darling?” Loki says with his eyes locking on yours now.
“I am more than capable of handling myself with mortals and Gods alike.” You shot him a look over your shoulder, your bodies still pressed against one another.
His hand trails from your back to your waist and his grip tightens as Thor speaks. “You decided to grace us with your presence this evening after all?”
Loki huffs, “I unequivocally loathe these events that Stark insists on holding but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to-” he paused, your heart racing, the heat of his palm on you intensifying, “-raid his private reserve collection.” Loki signals to his other hand holding what was probably a very expensive whiskey, cheeky bastard.
“So is that all it takes to get the elusive Trickster God to enjoy social gatherings, a good drink?” you say.
“Oh I did not say I was enjoying the party, simply that I am here.”
“Maybe you’d enjoy yourself more if you actually brought a date?” Thor bellows towards Loki. Loki has yet to remove his hand from your waist so it would seem he noticed your laughter in response to Thor. “Thor, sorry and who was your date this evening?” you joke back at him.
“Who needs a date when in a room filled with attractive people already,” Loki chirps at Thor, who is now preoccupied with the group budding up next to him at the bar. You feel your back stiffen at his words, clearly the playboy princes had their sights on a certain amount of fun later this evening and it did not involve you.
“Well, don’t let us hold you back from your fun.” you say with a mild eye roll as you twist yourself loose from Loki.
Loki watches you and Nat walk away and shifts now to get another drink beside Thor and the group who have been gawking at them all evening. You feel your face tighten when you look back at them at the bar but you begin to dance along to the music as one of the IT guys from SHIELD, Jake, comes over to you and Nat. After a few minutes of chatting along to the music he asks you, “How about that dance Y/N?” with his arm stretched out.
Before you answer you shift to look at Nat but in doing so in your peripheral vision you could see Loki leaning on the bar no longer paying any attention to Thor but instead looking intently at you. Loki’s eyes are searing into you as he awaits your answer, you should have known he would be listening.
“Sorry, Jake, I am only dancing with one man tonight and I'm still waiting for him to join me on the dance-floor, that is if he will even dance.” You wave him off with a smile so as to not offend him. As a few minutes pass and you keep dancing along to the music.
“And who might this lucky man be that is the only one worth your time this evening?” a deep voice cooed in your ear. Loki now appeared at your side hovering over your shoulder. He is so close his scent overwhelmed you, musky cedar-wood and leather with a hint of alcohol on his breath.
“That depends, are you asking who it is or are you asking me to dance?” You pause for a moment but then almost afraid of his answer you joke back, “But if you are interested in a dance, I am sure anyone from your little harem back there would be more than eager to accompany you or sorry - scratch that, you said you couldn't stand midgardian music anyways.” You scoff with a tinge of jealousy and walk towards the band with Nat. Loki now retreats back to the bar but his eyes never leave yours only ever pausing to rake down your body.
You can still feel Loki’s gaze when you hear the band starting to play one of your favourite songs. Ugh he was driving you nuts, you found yourself in his orbit circling so quickly you couldn’t even think straight instead you were just engulfed by his presence. Shaking your head to try and snap back to reality you begin to sing along and dance to the music, not caring if anyone was watching you. Next thing you know the lead singer grabs your hand and pulls you onto the stage. The stage lights are on you and the band as you dance along to the music.
“Can I?” you signal towards the microphone. “Be my guest!” he shouts back.
All eyes are on you, Tony is cheering you on from the lounge seats just off the dance-floor. This wasn't really what the Avengers had come to expect from you but you felt bold and Loki’s gaze pushed you over the edge. You flipped your hair to the side, leaned into the mic and continued singing the song.
“Well it's one, two, three, take my hand and come with me
Because you look so fine that I really wanna make you mine
I said you look so fine that I really wanna make you mine”
Oh god you forgot how spot on these lyrics were for your current predicament, he really did look fine and you really did want to make him yours. You are dancing around the stage with the band holding the mic and just belting it out, every nerve on your body feels alive.
“Oh four, five, six, c'mon and get your kicks
Now you don't need the money
With a face like that do ya honey”
Wanda and Nat were dancing in front of the stage, cheering as you went for it. You are moving to the music, your eyes now search the crowd and find their way to rest on Loki who is doning a peculiar look on his face, unreadable to you.
There is something radiating from inside you as you sing and move your body to the music. You stare directly at Loki and sing the next few lines now with a notable smirk on your face.
“Big black boots”
“Long black hair”
Ugh his raven hair. You can’t help but let your eyes fall on his hair falling over his shoulders.
“He's so sweet with his
Get back stare”
You weren't sure if anyone would notice your small changes to the lyrics to fit Loki’s description but you had to indulge yourself.
“Well I could see
You home with me
But you were with another girl, yeah”
You nodded your head to the group that surrounded him and Thor, a smirk now permanently on Loki's lips. Your jealousy did not go unnoticed by him.
“I know we ain't got much to say
Before I let you get away, yeah…”
The song slowed for a moment, you took a breath, your eyes not daring to move from their spot on Loki and you almost whispered the next line into the mic.
“I said, are you gonna be my guy?”
You swayed your hips as the band played you out. You handed the microphone back to the lead singer, the entire crowd giving you a round of applause, you gave them a little bow and winked at Tony as you walked off the stage.
Thor bellows past Loki running to embrace you, “Y/N that was fabulous, you are a party goddess!”
You can’t help but laugh, “Ah so I am a goddess now am I? What are the benefits to this new appointment?” You say with a chuckle. “How about another round on Tony?” Nat chips in. The group turns to make their way back to the bar but as you begin to follow them a firm hand wraps around your wrist keeping you in place.
Before you even turn around to face the owner of the hand you know who it belongs to. You can feel the electricity radiating within you.
“That was quite the show, love.” He says as stalks toward you before landing right in front of you, not letting go of your wrist.
“If you wanted me to be, what did you say, ‘your guy’ you could have simply asked.” He says as the corners of his mouth curse in a smirk.
Uncertain if this was more of this mindless flirting or if he was actually saying what you wanted him to say, “I do not know what you are talking about, I was just singing the song.” Being so close to him was clouding your thoughts, you take a brief step toward the bar before he intercepts.
You turn your face to stare at him straight on now, “Besides I am surprised you even paid any attention when you were surrounded by, sorry what did you say earlier, a yes - a room filled with attractive people.” You scoffed looking away but couldn’t help but let a little jealousy slip through.
“Ah come on love you know the only attractive person here besides myself of course, would be you darling.” His hand on your wrist now caresses its way to your waist again, he pulls you closer to him. Your legs settling in between his.
“Don’t play your games with me Loki.” You shot at him. You looked up at him now, you didn't notice how close you had become as you spoke, your bodies hovering in front of one another.
“Tell me what you want love” he breathed against your cheek, his other hand now gliding down your hair to hold the base of your neck as he waited breathlessly for your response.
You searched his eyes looking for any ounce of trickery. “Loki, you know what I want. I have been quite unsuccessful lately in hiding that fact from you and clearly the others. So the question is, what do you want?” Your heart is racing so fast you thought it might explode from your chest. Your hand now rests on his arm.
He studied you for a moment, “Is that why you have been avoiding me the past few days?” He asked almost to himself, you rolled your eyes.
You bite your lower lip looking up at Loki, his blue eyes searing into you, his presence was overwhelming. Your hand now moved to brush a stand of his raven hair back from his face. You realized at this moment that your fear of rejection was only outweighed by your fear of regret. Regretting not telling Loki despite what happens, regretting not feeling his body pressed against yours as it is now.
“I am no longer afraid of admitting my feelings to you now despite what your response might be but I need to know either way Loki. What do you want?”
Before you could even take a breath you found Loki’s lips gently pressing against yours, your fingers now tangled in his hair pulling him closer to you. Loki was gentle and almost tentative at first seeing how you responded to him. You pressed yourself tightly against him as his lips were now crashing upon yours, his breath heavy and his tongue parting your lips fuelled by urgent need. “I want, you, Y/N.” Loki hummed against your lips.
You pulled back briefly to smile up at Loki, to look into his searing blue eyes for a moment before you found your bodies moving together closely to the music and taking in each other's presence. Before your lips found Loki’s again you could have sworn you heard Thor bellowing out happy obscenities in your direction. Loki just pulled you closer to him and you both forgot there was anyone else in the room.
Tumblr media
If you made it this far, thanks for reading :) Shoutout to all those who love and remember this song, can't believe it is like 18 years old now. God I am getting old!
(also note in my vision-board for this fic I used a model to showcase the dress I pictured in my head, this in no way is meant to dictate the body shape or skin colour of the reader, just an example of the dress style)
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wheredafandomat · 19 hours ago
Red = flashback
“Ready or not here I come”
“Loki stop you didn’t even give me enough time to hide” the young y/n on the screen squirmed trying to run away from Loki
“Well you should have teleported then”
“Loki, you know it’s dange—”
“I knew I’d find you both out here” said a gentle voice placing a hand on Loki and y/n’s shoulders
“Mother” Loki called
“Come on its time to go inside” Frigga replied guiding the children
The clip fast forwarded to a time much later in Y/N and Loki’s life
“Come here silly princess”
“Erm Loki, I’m pretty sure I know how to do my hair”
“That may be right, but it doesn’t mean you know how to wear a crown”
Adding the finishing touches to her hair, Loki gently placed a horned crown on her head whilst looking lovingly into her eyes
“Loki stop you’re going to make me tear up” y/n replied sarcastically
“Come on let’s go” Loki said grabbing her arm
Another fast forward only this time both Loki and y/n were laying naked, sweaty and breathless on a bed
“Should we go again, this time I’ll even let you wear the horns”
“Loki… give me those horns”
“Maybe we should skip this bit” Mobius said awkwardly eyeing the variants in front of him
“I’d never let anyone wear my horns so this is obviously not real” Loki said not looking away from the screen
“Loki, look away. LOOK AWAY” y/n said trying to grab Loki’s attention
“Listen, Mobius, I’m not sure who you think we are but we are definitely not ‘soulmates’ destined to find each other in every timeline. I’ve technically just met him and he tried to kill me. I deffo do not think that’s how normal soulmate relationships work”
“Yeeessss Loki”
“So pretty. Cum for your king”
“Sorry sorry” Loki replied tearing his gaze from the screen
“Mobius turn this off!” Y/n whisper shouted
“No no, we’re getting to the best bit”
“I think they already got to the best bit again and again and ag—”
“Loki please don’t”
“Loki don’t speak just try and stay awake you’re not leaving me YOU ARE NOT GOING please please just stay awake we’re going to get you help and you’re going to be fine”
“Y/N I love you”
“Loki I know, I love you too ok but just stay awake”
“I’ve loved you since we were children, running around in the palace gardens getting up to mis— misc—”
“Mischief. Loki? LOKI? Loki please no please don’t”
“Look Mob, can I call you mob? Anyways look Mob, I’m not sure what you think showing us this is going to do but we’re not who you think we are ok” y/n said before being interrupted by Mobius
“No you cannot call me ‘Mob’ and I’m showing you this because we don’t have time for the whole enemies to lovers thing. You both love each other. You don’t know it yet but you do and it’s that love for each other that brings this whole institution down. This TVA thing isn’t what it seems. I don’t know how I know but I do and I also know that some how you both put an end to it”
“Right so we, two strangers, have to fall in love and that love brings this place down” Loki said sarcastically gesturing to the room they’re sat in
“Exactly that”
Tumblr media
A/N: bit random but what do we think 😂
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lokis-goth-queen · a day ago
Please someone tell me that I am not the only one who has a solid hate for Mobius. Tbh I found him abusive, even partly torturous, both verbally and physically. He also was downright using Loki for his/ the TVA's purposes. Claiming to be a fan or friend of his and bla bla. But treating him like he did. Just big no from me.
Tumblr media
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marvelous-whovian · 11 hours ago
Loki: If we were supposed to talk about our feelings, they would be called talkings
Mobius: Wise words coming from someone who was crying cus we were out of ice cream 2 minutes ago
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halfagony-halfh0pe · 3 months ago
Mobius defending his decision to trust Loki to the TVA
Tumblr media
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andrewqarfieldtbr · 13 hours ago
You and Loki confess to eachother at a Ball</3
(When i tell i melted writting this)
Tumblr media
The Asgardian Ball arrived and wich Loki was not really exited about until he saw you in your Dress leaning out at the Castle balcony. You looked vanishing for him. But he knew you didn't like this kind of parties aswell so,it wasn't a suprise for him to see you outside there. Still,he has been watching you the hole evening and he wanted to talk to you. You have been friends for awhile but,you both secretly knew what was going on between eachother. He slowly walks to the balcony to see you looking up to the stars peacefully while leaning on the reeling. He takes a moment and then walks up behind you. "Hey" "Oh,Hey" you look at his Out standing suit. "What are you doing out here?"He asks as he leans against the reeling too. "Could ask you the same" Loki replies as you giggle slighly. "I just needed some air,being around so many people isn't really my thing" "Relateable" He says as you look back to Stars but Loki,he keeps gazing at you. "And you? What you doing here? Shouldn't you be out dancing with some girl?" "Yeah i,should be but...the girl i wanted to dance with has engliten me" He replies,in wich he makes you smile. "Bet she would've loved that". He smiles slighly at your reply and you two lock eyes deeply. This was the moment he wanted to feel your lips crash against his more than ever. "Hey you two!" Thor yells from inside. "Stop flirting and come inside,Fandral is trying to beat my Beer record!". You two look at him and laugh. "In a minute!" You say as Thor walks back in and you have Loki look at you again. "We were not really flirting,were we?" You ask as you turn back to Loki. "Hm,just a bit,really" you laugh as Loki accidiantly rests his Hand on yours. You look down at your both's Hands,back at Loki. He takes his Hand away nervously as you both look away. "I'll uh...go check on Thor before he...drinks himself to destruction" you say as an excuse and laugh shyly whilst you start walking away. Loki breathes out nervously. "Y/n?" He says as you turn around. "I-..." he sighs. " long do we wanna keep this going?" He asks,walking up to you. "Wha-" "you know what i mean". You look at him desprately. "I tought you...i tought you wouldn't,want to break this" "Well,what is this?" You look at him getting lost in his eyes. Loki thinks of what to say and a thousand emotions run thru his Face. But you can't keep yourself together anymore. You crash your lips against his as he immediantly goes with it. He holds onto your Waist enjoying the feeling of a releave going thru his Body,while you hold onto his Neck. Loki kisses you again,not wanting to let go from your lips and,pulling you even closer to him. You two enjoyed this moment more than anything your life ever before and,the passion betweem you two was endless. You didn't want this ever to end. But yet it does and, you break the kiss,as Loki breathes out. He swollows,"That was..." "Needed?". He looks at you "But Badly" he replies and makes you both laugh. "Brother!" You both turn to Thor as you hear him on the Balcony entrance. "Oh i disturbing?" "No!" You quickly answer as you see Loki was about to say the oppisite. "Well uh...were-...were waiting for you guys..." he says smiling at the end. He slowly walks back inside as he slighly giggles and then starts running up to Sif and Fandral. "GUYS,I HAVE NEWS!"
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bisexual-chupacabra · 3 months ago
Mobius, reading about Loki betraying Odin: Look at this! You played him like a fiddle!
Loki: oh no, Mobius, fiddles are actually difficult to play
Loki: I played that bastard like the cheap kazoo he was.
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