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#loki of jotunheim
fluffyemergencyx · 2 days ago
Y/N: fucking hell-
Steve: Language
Loki: for fuck sake-
Steve: language
Y/N and Loki: * linking their arms through their elbows and dancing * Fucking hell for fuck sakeee fucking hell for fuck sakeee fuckin-
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editskatedrag · a day ago
Tumblr media
I’m here to stop your scrolling! 🔥Show some love to this edit 😆 I tried to give Loki a Frost effect 😍
Note: Don’t share to other platforms without crediting.
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vrihedd · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jotun Loki was always my soft spot.
I’m happy that now we have an infinity variations of Loki x)
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bifrostedgalaxy · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Prince Jotun Loki in the latest episode of What If
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thewritingdoll · 20 days ago
Pls frost giant loki fingering you is just … you getting fucked 💀💀💀
𝓉𝑒𝓂𝓅𝓉 𝓂𝓎 𝓉𝓇𝑜𝓊𝒷𝓁𝑒 | ꠹!ꪶ. ꪶ.
fandom marvel
featuring jotün!loki x small!human!reader
content warning loki’s big fingers, degradation, loki’s a big meanie too, fingering, size kink
summary the frost giant puts you to the test.
word count 620 / drabble
attention do not copy/repost/translate. not proofread. reblog and give feedback 💗 every reblog is another finger loki puts inside reader!
Tumblr media
“Is that it?”
he sounds disappointed, but you were trying your damndest. whining softly, you wiggle your hips, “Please,” you babble, helplessly impaled on his middle finger, “I’m full!”
you wished that you could look up at him, and you try, dangling helplessly over one massive knee, your legs kicking when you feel the thick knot of his knuckle. how the hell was that only half of his finger?
the girth of it alone was driving you mad, stretching your canal over it like a glove, but your elasticity had a limit. one that you knew you were reaching. if this beast wasn’t careful, you’d break. you didn’t think he understood that by the way he forced another inch into you.
“Oh, of course you are,” he coos, his other hand pressing against your shoulder to keep your torso smushed against his knee and your face turned away from him, “because I’d bet those pathetic Midgardian… men… have only disappointment to offer? Is that what it is, little earth girl? One, simple finger is bigger than any thing this warm cunt has ever experienced?” he chortles, watching you writhe helplessly upon it, “For an eager and well mannered little thing, you sure are ill-trained.”
Loki twists his finger, beckoning with a curl that sends a whimper to your drooling tiers. you were certain, had you been lying on your back, you would be able to see the shape and thickness of his digit as a bulging imprint in your belly. your eyelids flutter, “Fuck!” you cry, needy, and use your nails to dig into the icy flesh of his leg you’re perched upon. “What do I have— ah! To do? Tell me, fuck, I’ll do anything if you’ll just— mm, keep filling me like that!”
he guffaws. you’re a pleading mess, arousal dripping from your stuffed cunt down the side of his massive leg and he’s laughing at you for it. “Well well, aren’t you an ambitious and incredibly stupid, little set of holes—“ taking hold of the back of your neck (and half of your shoulder), he forces your face down into his knee, “you’re going to need a lot more training before you’re going to be of any real use to me, I’m certain I’ll need to stretch you out properly. Add another finger each time until you’re completely ruined for any of those inferior earthlings and their microscopic sex organs. You’ll be all mine after that, my elastic, little cocksleeve.” you shudder at the thought, soaking the digit that splits you open.
“I’ll do it!” you cry, glazing his flesh in saliva. one hand coasts over his thigh, and up towards his groin, “Can I… please…?” you’re practically desperate to feel his cock inside you, dying to know how much your body can take before it breaks.
he chuckles, leans back and juts his hips towards you, allowing you to feel the colossal bulge awaiting. you swallow hard, caressing the length takes several strokes to reach every inch, and you would need to use both hands, even then you weren’t sure you could get your grip all the way around it. “Holy… shit.”
“What is that Midgardian saying, again? ‘Your eyes are bigger than your stomach’?” he snorts wickedly and pushes the remaining length of his finger inside of you, biting down on his lower lip when he hears you cry out, “Hear that, little one? That’s my point being proven. You couldn’t take even the head of my cock, no matter how badly you want to.” hunching over, he whispers close to your ear, the breath like a helish chill, “Not until I’ve trained this little cunt to take me and only me.”
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arstyrannus · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Here I am again, floating through the silence in my cold skin.
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earlgreydream · 6 months ago
| loki x avenger!reader | fluff | smut |
requested by my favorite @fitzfiles
a/n: this is completely indulgent, but we love loki in this household
Tumblr media
Whenever you walked into a room, conversation ceased. The other avengers would glance at you, and often leave or just stare. You hated it at Stark Tower, and you would’ve left if you thought you could even make it ten feet out the door before Stark dragged you back, kicking and screaming.
The other avengers didn’t trust you after your attempt on Banner’s life in a misunderstanding. You didn’t realize that Banner didn’t mean to destroy your home when he was in his hulk-form, and that Banner himself had no knowledge of the tragedy. Your revenge did not pan out as planned when Wanda and Vision had caught you, preventing you from carrying out your assassination. 
You had screamed and fought back, but Wanda’s magic was stronger than your own. You hadn’t been fortunate enough to receive training, not until Fury and Stark decided you would be a great addition to the avengers.
The only person who seemed to put up with you was Bucky, the ex-assassin. He wasn’t as openly cold to you, and he had even stuck up for you against his boyfriend, Steve, when he argued with Stark about the questionable safety of letting you roam Stark Tower. 
The other person who didn’t give you any grief, was Loki, the god of mischief. He was the other outcast, hated by most for attempting to overthrow New York and enslave its people a few years before. You rarely saw him, because he was either reading in the library, or arguing with his insufferable brother, Thor.
You couldn’t sleep in your room, tossing and turning in the sheets. Finally, you got up and walked around the silent hallways. It was late, and everyone was asleep. You slipped into the kitchen, stealing one of Thor’s poptarts he kept in high cabinets. You were floating above the ground in order to reach them, and you looked behind you at the sound of a laugh. 
Thor’s brother, Loki, stood in the dark kitchen, and your feet came to rest on top of the counters, so you were standing over him. You silently handed him the second poptart from your package, trying to bribe him into secrecy. Loki smirked at you, taking the poptart from your hand. 
“Were these the last ones?”
You nodded, and he looked even more amused.
“My brother will be feral.”
“We’ll blame it on Stark,” you suggested with a small smirk. Loki smiled at you, offering up a hand to help you down off the counter. You took it, jumping to the floor with ease. 
You went back to bed, curling up in the blankets and drifting off. You woke up to the sound of Thor shouting about his poptarts, and you smiled to yourself. 
You didn’t see much of Loki for several days, Steve and Stark working you to the bone in training. You were fed up of Strange struggling to help you with your magic, giving up when he didn’t have the patience. 
They finally sent you away, and you showered and went to the library, wanting to just relax, away from the avengers and their judgement. Loki was curled up in the corner of a couch near the fire, absorbed in a novel. You smiled when you saw him, the closest person you had to a friend. 
You walked to the couch, sitting down on the opposite end, listening to the fire. Loki smiled at you over the top of his book, and you picked up one of his finished novels off the coffee table, losing yourself in the story.
After your training sessions, you spent quiet evenings in the library with Loki, then grabbing something to eat after your colleagues cleared out of the kitchen for the night. 
“I’ve just finished the best fantasy novel. I can show you, if you’d like.” Loki offered as the two of you finished a platter of fruit left on the kitchen island. 
“Yes, please!” You said excitedly, following him to the library. 
You sat down on the couch and he walked around to the shelves, pulling a thick novel from the third row. He had a gentle smile as he walked back to you, taking a seat beside you. His leg brushed against yours, and you felt butterflies erupt in your stomach. 
Loki enthusiastically recalled the plot for you, setting the novel into your hands gently. You grinned, listening to him happily, enjoying the way his eyes sparkled with delight as he spoke to you.
Loki was infatuated with you. From the moment that you had been brought to the tower, you caught his eye. A frightened and angry young witch, held there against her will, made him sympathetic. He knew what that was like, and he hated the way that the others looked at you in disgust. He kept his distance from you and your moody attitude, until he had found you stealing food in the kitchen from his brother. From that moment on, you started being around him more and more, until you were spending every evening together in the library. 
It was like your own safe, private world, where the two of you could enjoy yourselves and each other without judgement. You had swapped novels and ate together, eventually discussing what you’d read over the gentle cracking of the fireplace. 
On a particularly stormy afternoon, Strange had knocked you off the dueling platform, and your body ached from the impact with the marble floor of the training room. 
You were limping when you walked into the library that night, and Loki noticed immediately. He closed his book and stood up, moving toward you. You stopped walking, watching his expression twist into one of worry. 
“You’re hurt.”
“Just a little bit sore.” You answered, and he slowly lifted your shirt, revealing a dark bruise on your waist and hip, where you had collided with the ground only an hour before. 
Loki knelt down beside you and tenderly laid his hand over your bruised body, green sparks dancing over your skin. His magic touch felt like electricity, and you watched him heal the pain and damage done to your body. The bruise had faded when he removed his hand, dropping your shirt. He looked up at you, and you wrapped your arms around his neck.
“Thank you,” you murmured as he hugged you.
“Of course, darling.” 
“Will you read to me from that Asgardian novel you promised?” You asked Loki when he set you down. 
You followed him, and you laid down with your head on his lap, nervous about his reaction. He smiled down at you, and his fingers went to brush through your hair as he began to read aloud in english, translating for you. 
His voice was smooth and serene and you listened to him for hours. You drifted off in the safety of Loki’s presence, sleepy from training. 
When you woke up, he was silently reading another novel, his hand resting on your waist, the top half of your body draped over his lap, your arms folded under your head. 
“Oh, I’m sorry,” You apologized shyly, moving off of the trickster. 
“For what?” he asked, tilting his head to the side, confused as to why you were sorry. 
“For falling asleep on you.”
“I don’t mind at all,” he smiled, and you blushed, adjusting your Stark Industries hoodie. The Asgardian novel sat on the coffee table, a bookmark nestled in between its pages. Loki watched you, only half paying attention to the book he had, and you rubbed your eyes, trying to wake up. You finally gave up, feeling sleepy, so you grabbed a blanket and curled up on the opposite end of the couch.
Loki wished you’d laid back on his lap, enjoying you curled up on him, even though you were innocently sleeping. You didn’t seem that comfortable on the couch, and he discarded his book before standing. He lifted your passed-out body, carrying you gently to your bedroom. 
Stark watched him as he passed in the hall, and he hesitated before letting Loki disappear with you. Loki closed your door quietly with his foot, laying you down in your clean sheets. He pulled the duvet over you and turned on the switch that made tiny, electronic stars light up all over your ceiling. Stark had built and installed them for you, a gesture of peace once you’d moved into the tower. 
You stirred, but your eyes felt too heavy to open. You vaguely registered you were no longer in the library, but your need for rest dragged you under. 
“It’s alright, darling, get some sleep,” Loki left you to rest, closing your door softly.
You woke up late, a rhythmic melody of rain hitting the roof overhead. The room was dim, clouds concealing the sun outside, and you were thankful for the weekend. You hadn’t remembered going to bed last night, and your last memory was being with Loki in the library. 
You got up and changed, wandering around the tower in search of Loki. The library was empty, and the fire extinguished. The last place you looked was his bedroom, and you knocked softly on the door. It swung open to reveal the god, who was practicing magic, transforming objects into animals. He was bent over a large Asgardian spellbook, and he seemed focus.
“I can come back...” You murmured, and he shook his head.
“No, come in, please.” He smiled at you, waving his fingers, and a staff turned into a hissing snake. You jumped back with a frightened shriek, and Loki moved his hand again, and the snake jumped into his grasp before returning to a staff. 
“I didn’t mean to frighten you, Y/N.”
Loki set down the staff, and you rubbed your arms.
“Did you take me to bed last night?” You asked, and Loki raised his eyebrows. 
“Yes, do you not remember?”
You shook your head, and he looked into your eyes, trying to decipher your emotions. You murmured a quiet thank-you, and he smiled. You walked closer to the table, and Loki leaned over you. 
“Pick up the bowl, darling.” Loki instructed softly, and you obeyed, cupping the ceramic in your hands. Loki performed the spell a second time, and the bowl transformed into a tiny, fuzzy bunny. Its nose twitched and it snuggled into your hand. You looked up at Loki in delight, and you held the sweet animal to your chest.
He smiled warmly at you before turning the rabbit back into a bowl. You set it on the table, and he closed the spellbook. 
“Want to continue our novel?” He asked you, offering his hand. You nodded, placing your hand in his, and he slipped his fingers in yours, squeezing your hand gently. You blushed, walking with him, holding hands as you moved toward the library. 
You passed a group of the avengers, and they stared at you harshly, making you sink into Loki’s side.
“They don’t like me.” You stated, once they were out of earshot.
“Don’t pay them any mind. I think you’re lovely. You deserve to be treated like a princess.” 
You squeezed his hand, looking up at him. He brought your hand to his lips, pressing a kiss to your smooth skin, making you smile.
“Sit with me?” Loki sat down on the couch, not releasing your hand. You sat down on his lap, his arm wrapping around your waist to pull you back against him. You were blushing furiously, unable to keep the grin off of your face, soaking up the only affection you had in months.
He read to you, his arms around your waist as he held the book on your lap. You leaned against Loki, your head resting under his chin. Your fingers played with the stitched gold lining of his clothing as you listened, tracing the patterns in the fabric.
The two of you spent most of the weekend like that, curled up in the library, finishing your novel before deciding to watch a movie on one of Stark’s huge televisions.
You brought tea into the library, handing Loki one of the teacups before curling up against his side, his arm coming around you. You fell asleep in his arms, comforted by his presence, and forgetting that you were an outcast at the tower.
“Y/N, you need to work harder! This defense magic isn’t that complicated!” Strange shouted at you, beyond frustrated. 
“I’m SORRY!” You shouted back, the lights flickering from your negative energy.
“Use this energy.” 
You tried to block the magic that came at you from his hands, but you weren’t fast enough, exhausted from the ruthless training he insisted. You were knocked over, the air yanked from your lungs. Pain jarred your body, and you covered your face with you arm, afraid he was going to hit you a second time. 
You opened your eyes to see Strange fly back, slamming against the glass walls and collapsing to the floor. Shouts echoed around you, and the air felt charged with a familiar electricity. 
“Knock it off, she’s fine!” Stark yelled, and you pushed yourself to sit up. 
Gentle hands held your face, and you felt dazed as you looked up at Loki. 
“Are you hurt? Did Strange hurt you?!” Loki asked, and you shook your head weakly. Green sparked around your body, healing any bruises from the impact with the floor, and you wrapped your arms around Loki’s neck. His arms scooped you up, carrying you out of the training room with him. 
“I’m okay, Loki,” you promised, and his lips pressed against your forehead. You opened your eyes as he set you down in the library, inspecting you to make sure you were being honest. 
“I hate them.” 
You nodded in agreement, reaching up and bushing black, unruly hair from his face. His hand came over yours, resting against his cheek, and he kissed the inside of your wrist as green eyes bored into you. 
He leaned in slowly, and you closed the gap between you, kissing his soft lips. Your whole body ignited from the touch, and you suddenly felt alive, energy surging through your veins.
The kiss was intense, and Loki deepened it, his silvertongue sliding past your lips and moving in sync with your own. Your thoughts blended together until Loki consumed all of your senses, making the rest of the world melt away.
When the kiss finally broke, you were breathing hard, staring into his lust-blown eyes. Loki broke the silence first, his hand gently holding your face.
“May I?” You nodded as he gently removed your clothing with green sparkling magic.
“Beautiful,” Loki breathed before pulling you into another deep, needy kiss. He was your only focus, the feeling of his lips on your and his hands exploring your body.
“Loki!” The sound of his name tumbling from your lips made arousal spike through him. He gently pressed wet kisses down the curves of your body, drawing soft moans from you.
Your fingers laced in his dark tresses, and you tugged on his hair, writhing with his head between your thighs. Your head hung over the side of the velvet couch, your vision filling with the elaborate renaissance-style paintings that covered the ceiling.
You felt like you were floating, pleasure coursing through you as Loki’s tongue teased your little bundle of nerves. Your vision sparked as his long fingers stroked your velvety walls. A scream tore through your chest as he pressed forward, hitting your g-spot. You felt him smirk against your sex, and you were sure you must’ve been hurting him from how hard you were pulling on his hair, trying to yank him off and pull him closer at the same time.
Your body screamed for him, your core tight and threatening to snap with an orgasm. Loki pressed down on your belly, holding you still. You tried to roll your hips, but he just laughed, sending vibrations through your whole body.
“Fuck! Loki,” your screams echoed off the library walls as the building pressure finally snapped.
Your orgasm washed through you, your body shaking as Loki kept dragging his tongue through your sex until you were whimpering.
Loki sat back on the couch, hauling your body forward to straddle his lap. You caught his shoulders for balance, your chest rising and falling heavy as you tried to catch your breath.
Loki kissed you, and you tasted yourself on his lips, electricity shuddering down your spine.
“Do you think you can take me, darling?” Loki asked, kissing along the column of your throat as he spoke.
“Yes, please. I need you to fill me,” you begged the god. His green eyes were almost black with lust, and you could feel him painfully hard under you.
You’d forgotten about everything other than the Norse god in front of you. You were safe and alone in your own world, surrounded by golden walls, paintings, and thousands of novels.
Loki’s hands wrapped around your hips, guiding you over him. He slowly pierced into you, and you squeezed his shoulders.
“Y/N, you feel amazing,” he breathed into your chest, lightly biting your smooth skin, dragging a whimper from your throat.
Your eyes rolled back as you stretched around him, struggling to adjust as quickly as he was sheathing himself in you. He pulled your hips down until you were seated on his lap and he was nestled deep inside of you.
“Look at you, taking me so well,” Loki’s quiet praises made you roll your hips forward. He swore at the action, and you did it again, smiling as his head dropped back.
You built a rhythm as you rode him, his hold on you taking most of the effort. You squeezed around him as you felt him spasm inside of you, and Loki’s back arched off the velvet.
“Let go for me, Loki,” you encouraged, your breath coming out in uneven pants.
You kissed along his jaw before kissing his soft lips, slipping your tongue into his mouth. You swallowed his moans of ecstasy, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him deeper. He pushed his hips up into yours before spilling inside of you. His arms wrapped around your waist, holding your body to his as he came inside of you, filling you up.
The two of you stayed like that for a long time, before Loki carefully eased out of you. You looked at him sleepily, earning a loving gaze from Loki. He wrapped the two of you in a blanket, and you relaxed in his arms, feeling his lips against the crown of your head.
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