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#loki oneshot
theaudacitytowrite · 2 days ago
Loki x Fem!Reader
A/N: Anon requested a little fluffy comfort fic, something sweet to read before bed. This is my take on it. Hope you like it!
TW! for anxiety attack and illness
Summary: Loki comforts you after an anxiety attack, caused by a medical scare
word count: 1.821
Likes, comments and reblogs are always appreciated! <3
Tumblr media
You stumbled into your apartment bruised and battered. You halfheartedly shut the door with your foot and it closed with a click as it sprung into the lock, announcing your arrival. The past week had taken a toll on you, wearing you down to your last scintilla of strength. After receiving a dreaded call that had thrown you out of your lane, you were more than happy to finally come home. It wouldn’t take much anymore to break down your wall, turning it into rubble in a cloud of smoke. “Darling! You’re home. I missed you!” Loki cooed cheerfully when he poked his head into the entrance hall. The smile adorning his features quickly fell when he saw the state you were in. He quickly closed the space between you as he hurried to your side, inspecting your features thoroughly.
You always thought you were able to hide your feelings very well but Loki always seemed to look right behind every so carefully crafted facade you could construct. You were like an open book to him. It shouldn’t have surprised you though, you knew all too well that Loki wasn’t a stranger to using just the same method, perfecting it in all the millennia he had in experience over you. “Hey, what’s wrong?” his eyebrows were scrunched in concern. You tried to muster up a brave smile but all you could bring yourself to was a tight-lipped attempt of a smile that quickly faltered into a frown. “Come ‘ere.” he smiled softly at you as he waved his arms for you to step into his embrace. That was all it took to make the dams burst open. Suppressing your feelings over all this time was coming around to bite you in your ass hard. You scurried into his arms quickly and turned into a sobbing mess almost immediately. What good would it do to feign as if nothing was wrong when he already knew that you were at your wits end. “What happened, darling?” he softly whispered into your ear, swaying you from side to side as he held you tight against himself. When you didn’t answer he simply kissed the crown of your head, giving you all the time you needed to collect your thoughts. “They called.” you sniffled after a while, “They told me that they want to discuss my test results.” “From the check-up?” you nodded as you whipped away some tears with your sleeve. Unnecessarily since your emotions rippled through you once again, making your tears fall roll down your cheeks. “Oh my little darling,” Loki pulled you close again, holding you until your breathing calmed down. “It’s back.” you managed to hiccup between sobs. “No, darling. You don’t know that for sure yet.” Loki tried to console you. Words you barely registered as you were slowly spiralling into a frenzy. If your fears came true and your tumour had recurred, you wouldn’t know how to handle this again. The last treatment had made you a shell of yourself, robbing you of every last ounce of strength. You weren’t sure if you could survive another round of chemo. And what would it mean for Loki and you? You couldn’t possibly force him to stay and look after you if it got bad again. But if he wouldn’t stay, who else would there be for you to support you? You couldn’t do this on your own, not again. All of a sudden you began to feel dizzy. The room around you began to jerk around from side to side, making you nauseous. You began to sway and closed your eyes for a second when you felt Lokis hands wrap around your forearms. “Hey, hey. Steady, my love,” he instructed you concerned. “Is it me, or is it suddenly unbearably warm in here?” you stumbled back, clinging to Lokis forearms. “I think it is you, my dear.” he looked at you sheepishly, “Let us sit down.” He lead you to the couch, never letting go of you to make sure you wouldn’t stumble or even faint. As you sat down on the couch you opened your sweatshirt, allowing some fresh air to cool you down. The room was still spinning a bit and you tightly closed your eyes again, hoping your anxiety attack would pass quickly. Loki watched your pained face worried as he tucked a strand of hair behind your ears. Your cheeks were burning brightly and he noticed your hectic panting. He wracked his brain to come up with anything to help you in this situation when a thought crossed his mind. He watched as his light skin slowly turned into an icy blue shade. You sighed heavily as his cool fingertips made contact with your forehead. At first, it was just a feather-light touch, as he tested your reaction. When he saw a small smile appear on your lips, he cradled your face in his cold hands, keeping your head steady as you leaned into his touch happily. “Better?” he rasped with a smile on his own. “Mhm.” you hummed relieved, the cold helping you to ground yourself. You opened your eyes slowly once you were sure that the dizziness had passed. You were greeted by Lokis sapphire eyes, burning deeply into yours. His face was adorned with intricate silver markings that adorned his cheeks and chin. You got lost in his gaze when his soft voice brought you back to the moment. “What is on your mind, my dove?” he gently kissed your forehead, making you sigh deeply. “I understand if you don’t want to hang around to see me wither away..” the words left your lips without permission. “What are you talking about? Do you really believe I would leave you?” Loki pulled away shocked, making you whine at the loss of contact. This was it, wasn’t it? You answered with a hesitant nod, which only broke Lokis heart even more. “Why in the nine realms would I do that?” he looked at you compassionate, his brows furrowed. He cupped your cheek with his hand and pulled you against his chest once more. “I don’t know...” you mumbled shaky, chewing your lip nervously. “I just don’t think it would be fair to you to have to endure this… me… I mean if it's back…. if I have to go through this again… I don’t think I can do it again.” Loki sat back and faced you directly, he mustered you for a moment before he spoke up. He entwined your fingers with his, squeezing them lightly as he searched your eyes. “My dear, I need you to know that I love you so, so dearly and I wouldn’t want to miss you a single second in my life. You have improved my life by a tenfold since you came into it and nothing can or will change my feelings for you. We are a team, Y/N.” he gazed deep into your eyes as he reassured you again, “Together we can go through everything and we will come out victorious.” “There’s still the possibility-” you gulped, your throat feeling constricted all of a sudden. “Y/N, there’s always a possibility of harm in a day. One could walk out of this door and be run over for all I know. Would that hold you back to live another day? To laugh, to love, to live your life to your fullest?” he began to play with your hair, combing gently through your strands with his fingers and scratching your scalp, “I know you feel queasy. You don’t know what will come up in the next couple of days and months. But I can assure you, no matter what life will throw your way, you won’t be alone with it. I’m here with and for you and I will never, ever leave your side. You have given me so much and I’m so grateful for having the most beautiful woman I have ever met, to enrich my life. You’re kind, you’re smart, you have such a big heart. You love without any condition and you give so all of it freely, sometimes even more than you even have. You accept me just the way I am. You see things in me, that I would’ve never imagined for anyone to see in me. I thank the norns for every day they gift me where I can be with you. I still can’t phantom how I deserve such a wonderful woman to call my love. And don’t think I’m just saying this because I feel obligated to say this or to repay anything you have given me. I do this because I’m crazy about you. You mean so much to me, that I can hardly put it into words. You deserve so much. You deserve all the love and kindness and warmth and security there has ever been. And I would be honoured if you would give me the chance to give you all that I can muster up.” You stared at him in disbelieve as you listened to his carefully picked words. Just another reminder of why he was said to have a silver tongue. It made your heart swell as you realized that he really didn’t just say this prose like admission to make you feel better. No, he really felt what he was telling you. Not able to form any sentence, fearing you would burst out in tears again, you fell around his neck and hugged him as if your life depended on it. Loki engulfed you in his arms pulling you down to lay on the couch with him. “We can do this, Y/N. OK?” he gently rubbed your back as you nuzzled into the crook of his neck, inhaling his sweet and calming scent. You nodded against his neck, not able to form words just yet. “If you allow me, I would accompany you to your appointment next week.” his hands stopped their tracing of random patterns on your back for a moment. “I would really appreciate that.” you breathed out, your heart swelling by all the joy you felt this instant, making it almost unbearable but in a nice way. The cool contrast of Lokis jotun form helped you to keep cool and collected. “Can you promise me one more thing?” his voice resounded once more and you raised your head to look at him, “Never walk around with these burdensome feelings on your own. I’m here for you, always. I don’t want you to hurt.” “I will try my best,” you answered abashed, playing with the hem of his collar. “I know you will, my dove.” he smiled at you endearingly. His index finger traced your jaw and his hand cradled your cheek as he pulled your lips against his. Your lips tingled as his icy lips brushed against yours. “Loki,” you whispered when you rested your forehead against his. “Yes?” “Thank you.”
Tumblr media
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youlightmeupfinn · 2 days ago
Patching Up 》 Loki x Reader
request: Hii, your requests are still open? If they are, could you write what would happen if Y/N comes back home from a mission looking fine, but then Loki finds her in the bathroom bleeding and failing to tend to her wounds? Btw: I absolutely love your writings 💖(@christineblood)
a/n: doll, i absolutely loved writing this piece! thank you SO much for the request and thank you! i'm so glad you enjoy them! 💙
summary: You appeared fine when you came home from the mission, but when Loki walks into the bathroom to see you covered in wounds, Dr. Laufeyson enters the scene.
warnings: fluff, bruises/cuts/wounds, pain, language
word count: 1.7k
**my requests are open!**
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You made your way through the doors of the elevator, heading straight for the bedroom you and Loki shared. Your face hid its grimace well, but on the inside, your body absolutely felt shattered, but you were stubborn. You never wanted anyone to worry about you.
Especially Loki.
And you had done well when you walked into the bedroom to see your boyfriend sprawled out across the large bed, a book in his hand. He ran a hand through his satin-black locks that were sitting just above his shoulders. His blue eyes cast themselves over to you.
You looked wonderful.
“Hi, love.” Loki’s voice trailed.
“Hi,” You smiled at him, headed straight for the bathroom.
His eyebrows knitted together in slight confusion, watching as you closed the door softly. Usually, you would walk over and lazily kiss him before making an attempt to undress after a mission. You looked perfectly fine from the outside.
Maybe your nerves had gotten the best of you. Either way, Loki knew to never intrude on you unless he felt it was absolutely necessary. So as he heard the bathroom sink turn on, he exhaled slowly and readjusted his eyes onto the book he was dissolving himself into. His day had gone quite normal. He awoke to you beside him this morning, peppered your gorgeous face with kisses until your eyes fluttered open to meet his. He wounded his arms tight around your body, his chin nuzzling into the crook of your neck until you finally had to force him off of you to get dressed for his training session with his dear brother.
You also had training, but with Natasha. And once training was finished, you were called out to a mission. Loki remembered earlier today you approached him, all dressed in your attire.
Once you gave him a kiss goodbye, you told him you would be home later. You were headed on a mission with Natasha, Steve, and Sam.
While he was inducing his panic-stricken thoughts of today’s events, you were settled in the bathroom, hands gripping the corners of the vanity. You had started to remove your clothes, hissing under your breath each time you made an attempt. Again, you looked absolutely fine.
But when you finally peeled the suit off of your body, your eyes were met with gruesome bruises, superficial and deep cuts dancing across your chest as well as abdomen. Blood was still pooling from a few of them which caused you to groan quietly. The first aid kit was settled underneath the cabinet. The motion of bending down hurt more than anything.
Natasha and you had found yourselves tangled up with a group of men who ultimately gained the upper hand on you. Although you and Nat defeated them with ease, it didn’t help that one attacked you with a knife. You then noticed the slashes all over your suit, but you also had a jacket on as you were walking inside due to the chill of October brushing across your exposed skin.
Loki, who was still on the bed, bit his lip when he heard the water continuously running. Bookmarking the page he was on, he placed the hardcover on the nightstand before hoisting himself out of the bed and walking to the bathroom. Drumming his knuckles across the wooden surface, your eyes widened and your breath was caught suddenly.
You didn’t want him to see you like this.
“Darling, can I please come in?” He asked you.
You closed your eyes tightly, cursing under your breath. “...No?” You said as a question.
Of course, he never bought it when your voice became high-pitched. He knew you far too well.
“That’s it,” He sighed, opening the door. When he walked inside of the bathroom, he saw you standing in front of the mirror, gauze, bandages, hydrogen peroxide, and a rag displayed in front of you. Loki’s eyes surveyed your body. He walked over and held his hand on your shoulder, gently turning you. You were only wearing your pants and a bra, the rest of your body exposed.
Cuts danced across your abdomen and chest, the bruises forming quickly, blood seeping from others. Loki’s mouth fell open and his heart clenched.
“Darling,” He finally said after a moment of silence and staring at you. “You looked absolutely fine when you walked in.” Loki picked his eyes up to look into yours. You sheepishly smiled but winced, the pain building.
He glanced over your shoulder and saw the supplies, already shaking his head.
“For starters,” He picked up the bottle of hydrogen peroxide. “You never use this on cuts. Sometimes it does more harm than good to your skin.” He sighed, placing the bottle underneath the cabinet. He looked between you and the counter full of things to patch you up, shaking his head.
Without uttering a word, your eyebrows furrowed when Loki gently picked you up. He sat you on the counter, his body nestling in between your legs. He was wearing a black t-shirt and his gray sweatpants, his dark hair luscious and full. His blue eyes were pooled with worry but registered ease when he kissed your lips sweetly.
“Are you my doctor?” You chuckled quietly as Loki stared at you, offering you a mischievous wink, a cheeky smile spreading across his delicate features soon after.
“Dr. Laufeyson is in the house.” He murmured with a laugh and flirtatious wink, making you giggle.
He noticed the gash on your arm, deciding to start there first. Turning the sink water to a warmer temperature than the frigid cold you had it set to, he carefully put your arm under it. You hissed as the water rushed into the cut, your feet instinctively moving to wrap around Loki’s waist, his eyes focused on the wound.
“Just some warm water to flush the dirt out, I’m sorry, my love.” He cooed, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
He tossed back the rough washcloth and resorted to a softer-feeling one. He was glad he had walked in when he did, or else you wouldn’t have properly taken care of yourself.
He grabbed a bottle of the saline solution instead, dabbing it onto the cloth. He wiped it over each of the cuts that appeared on your stomach and chest. Each subtle moment, he would feel you gazing at him. A smile would pull itself across his face and he’d reward your good behavior with sweet kisses to your mouth.
For the more gruesome cuts on your skin, Loki placed the antibiotic ointment across the opened ones, feeling as you jolted.
“Shit, Loki!” Your feet kicked back and forth, the stinging sensation making you squirm.
“I know, darling, I know. I’m sorry.” He apologized quickly. He applied the gauze and the tape soon after, your hand digging into his shoulder. He sighed, giving you another signature, rewarding kiss as you seethed in front of him.
“You can’t just snap your fingers and make it go away?” You asked him, referencing his magic. Loki laughed, his eyes staring deeply into yours.
“I wish, my beloved.” He kissed your forehead this time.
Nearly forty-five minutes later and your body donned band-aides, bandages, along with the bruising that added a distinct color to your complexion. Loki lifted you off of the counter and placed your feet on the floor. He quickly put all of the supplies away, the first aid kit finding itself concealed underneath the vanity yet again before he grabbed your hand and whisked you into the bedroom.
Leading you over to the bed, he did use magic to transform your clothes. You watched as your pants and bra were removed, leaving you in a pair of cozy sweatpants and one of his tees.
Smirking to yourself, you rolled your eyes.
“Can use magic to change my clothes but not to fix my wounds.” You huffed, crossing your arms over your chest, wincing. Loki stared at you, his hand cupping your cheek.
“I’m just glad I went in there when I did,” He huffed. “Hydrogen peroxide? A rough washcloth? Cold water? Darling, you were setting yourself up for failure.” He laughed, rubbing your cheek with his fingers. You giggled, shaking your head.
“Was the mission successful though, despite your damaged exterior?” He asked you. You nodded.
“Yeah,” You sighed. “Honestly, one minute Natasha and I had him on the ground. The next? Both of these guys came out of nowhere and basically jumped me.” You laughed.
Loki half-smiled before reaching down and pressing his mouth against yours, his lips moving against yours with absolute ease.
“What does Dr. Laufeyson suggest for treatment?” You wiggled your eyebrows, running your hands across your boyfriend’s chest. Loki grasped your hands, holding them in between his, kissing your knuckles.
As your back pressed against the mattress, Loki’s face hovered above yours, his eyes scanning yours.
“Sleep,” He whispered as his lips brushed against your ear, sending a shudder down your spine.
“But that sucks!” You laughed, your face contorting with pain as your abs ached from the events of earlier. Loki shook his head at you, rubbing your upper thigh.
“Let’s get you better and then Dr. Laufeyson will prescribe the aftercare.” He laughed, making your cheeks begin to heat up as you stared at him.
"What does aftercare involve?" You asked him with the lick of your lips. Your boyfriend stared down at you, the man's features breathtaking. With his mouth nestled against your head, he gently nipped at the flesh of your neck, making you groan.
"I will chain you to this bed and by the time I'm finished devouring you and taking what belongs to me," He whispered, making you shudder. "I will make your current bruises look like child's play."
Your eyed widened as he removed his mouth from your ear, poking the tip of your nose with a smile.
Loki smirked and kissed your lips passionately one last time before he wrapped his arms lightly around you, ensuring not to cause you any more pain.
Your head rested on his chest and you grew excited when he grasped the book he was reading when you first came home, his voice lulling you to sleep within thirty minutes of his voice mouthing the words from the pages.
Dr. Laufeyson was the best doctor.
Tumblr media
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waiting4inspiration · a day ago
Mz. Hyde (Loki One-shot)
Summary: Like The Hulk, you have two sides to your personality. One is the sweet and kind lady Loki has fallen in love with, and the other might as well be a demon from the depths of Hel.
A/n: I highly recommend listening to Mz. Hyde by Halestorm before/during reading this because it is a big inspiration to this one-shot
One-Shots Masterlist
Tumblr media
When he first met you, Loki thought he would never get on with you. You seemed so proper, so prude, and so innocent. He thought that if you should ever meet him, you would want nothing to do with him because of his Jotun blood.
He has never been more wrong in his entire life.
You didn't judge him at all. If anything, it seemed that you wanted to spend as much time with him as you possibly could. And he was right about you. You are a sweet person, so kind and gentle.
You're the kind of person he's come to see as his wife, as his queen. You're the calm he can see he needs in his life. Which is why he plans on asking you to be his wife before you leave for your home city again. That way, he knows you'll have a reason to come back and he knows he'll see you again.
As he walks down the hallway towards your temporary chambers, his confidence starts to die down at the sounds of screaming. Your screaming. The growl that comes afterward unsettles him even more and makes him hurry his pace.
His heart drops in his chest when he sees the guards standing in front of your open chamber doors, weapons at the ready and pointing out in front of them, waiting for orders or for something to attack. Then he hears a growl coming from inside your room. He can't bear to think that there is some creature in there, attacking you.
When he tries to rush forward, a hand grabs his shoulder to stop him. Loki's head snaps around and he sees that the person trying to stop him is Thor. "I wouldn't intervene, brother. And I don't think you would want to see what's happening to (Y/n)," he says.
Loki shrugs Thor's hand off his shoulder, giving him a cold glare as he takes a step back. "If she is in danger, nothing will stop me from helping her," he fights back, his head turning back to your room when a guard backs out of the room.
Seeing that the guard has excess chains in his hands makes Loki feel uneasy. And he rushes forwards before Thor can stop him again.
The sight he comes across isn't one that he ever thought he'd see.
Your arms are suspended in the air by chains in what seems to be an effort to try and keep you at bay. Your clothes are torn and ripped in places and your hair is disheveled, hanging over your face in a way you would never let anyone see.
If Thor hadn't said your name and reassured him that it is you screaming, he would have thought that this person in front of him is someone completely different than the one he had first seen in the gardens of the palace.
But when you look up at him, he sees that face he's come to know so well. Yet the eyes are so different. He's not so sure this is the person he's fallen in love with.
"Loki, my love," you speak, only guaranteeing that this is, in fact, you. This is the woman he wants to marry. "Tell them to let me go. They won't let me play," you whine, tugging at the chain holding your arms out beside you, a wicked smirk growing on your lips.
It's as if you've been possessed by a demon. Especially when you chuckled after Loki quietly gasp at your appearance. "What sort of trick is this?" he questions, stepping forward despite the protests from the guards behind him.
"It's no trick, darling. This is just the side of me poor little (Y/n) doesn't want anyone to see," you say, pouting pathetically before laugh again. "And I just can't understand it because I'm so much fun."
As you speak, Loki comes to stand in front of you, and you manage to slip a hand out of the chains wrapped around your wrist. Your hand shoots out to try and grab his throat, but he's quick and catches your hand in the air, still staring at you in shock.
You chuckle darkly, stepping forward to press your body against his, your arm being pulled behind you by the chain still wrapped around your wrist. "Hmm, this is a bit sexy, isn't it?" you hum, your eyes flickering down to his lips for a brief second before looking back into his eyes. "We definitely do have good taste in men, if I say so myself."
Loki shakes his head, pushes your hand away from him, and takes a step back away from you. Thor comes up behind him, placing a hand on his shoulder again to try and pull him out of the room because he knows it's best for him to be away from this situation. He can tell that his brother isn't doing well in this situation.
"Loki, it's best to leave (Y/n) for the moment-"
"That is not (Y/n)," Loki snaps, swatting his brother's arm away from him after walking back a few steps with him. "My (Y/n) would never say something like that and she would never act like...that," he sneers, looking back at you to find you smirking seductively at him and then running your tongue over your lips as you run your eyes up and down his body. "What in the nine realms happened to her, brother?"
"Why don't you ask me that to my face, handsome?"
Loki has to stop himself from cringing. Even though you've called him handsome before, you did it so sweetly and innocently, with a shy smile on your face and your gaze fixed on your hands laying neatly folded in your lap. And you had whispered it as if it was a secret to the universe that you thought he was good-looking. But now, you say it as if to taunt him.
As you take another step forward, the guards outside your door step closer, making you sigh as you look over at them. "Is it too much to ask for some alone time? I hate being harassed," you growl, pulling roughly on the chain still holding you.
Pulling the chain bolted to the ceiling makes the foundation crack and pieces of rubble fall, making everyone shout and take a few steps back.
But the thought that you could get hurt from the falling pieces makes Loki rush forward. Part of the roof collapses as he pulls you to the ground with him, trapping you and him behind a concrete wall. And you let out a sinister laugh that's enough to curdle Loki's blood.
He's about to push himself off the ground but you push him onto his back and move to straddle his hips, keeping him down with your hands on his chest. It only hits him now how strong you are in this state. You brought down a well-built ceiling and now you're able to hold him down with not much hassle.
He grabs your wrists, tries to flip you over so that he has the advantage, but you simply roll with him and push him back onto his back. "You might be able to overpower (Y/n), but you won't have the same experience with me, my dear," you whisper, lowering down to get closer to his face, pressing your body against his again. "I'm everything she's not. Some, who haven't had the best experience with me will even go as far as to call me a bitch. I hope we don't get there."
Finally, Loki realizes exactly what's going on with you. This must be another kind of personality that's you've been hiding from him just as he had been hiding his Jotun form from you. It took him a while to snap out of his shock, but as you trail your fingers down his neck and press a kiss against his chin, it hit him like a boulder.
He conjures up a dagger, pressing it to your throat - even though he hates doing the action against you - and makes you sit up. But the smirk doesn't die from your face. "Who are you? Really?" he questions, making sure that he doesn't press the blade too roughly against your skin. He doesn't want to hurt you even if you're acting like you're enjoying this.
"Me? Well, Midgardians would call me Mz. Hyde. But you can call me whatever you want," you whisper, running your hand up his arms, slightly shifts on his hips, and making a breath catch in his throat.
It's meant to be a distraction, allowing you to pull the dagger out of his hand and raise it above your head, ready to plunge it into his chest.
Loki thought you were going to do it. He thought you were going to kill him right then and there, with his own dagger. You had the right look in your eyes. A dark look filled with anger.
But he's sure that the fear and heartbreak in his face stopped you. he saw his reaction in the reflection of your eyes.
And then something changed in your gaze.
Your head twitches, a vein popping out in your neck as a growl rumbles in the back of your throat. "No," you whisper to yourself, forcing yourself to drop the dagger to the ground and move off of Loki. "Leave him alone."
He watches you crawling across the ground, groaning and flinching in pain, breathing heavily. It's a sign. You've broken through and now you're fighting yourself and whatever's in your head. You're fighting this other person that he's seen. The person that wanted to kill him.
And when you slowly look over your shoulder back at him again, the shame he sees in your eyes tells him that you, the real you, the you that he meet and fell in love with, is back. And he can tell that you hate that he had to see that. He would feel the same way if you had to accidentally see his Jotun form if he lost control, for instance.
Loki tries to move towards you, but you quickly hold up a hand to stop him and shake your head before it rolls to the side. You're still fighting the other 'you', trying to regain control. "Please...just leave me alone," you whisper, closing your eyes as you look away from him. "I just need some time."
He wants to listen to you and do as you ask him to, but he's too afraid of what could happen if this sweet side of you doesn't stay and the side that wants to kill him comes back.
Slowly, he moves closer to you, making you lift your head back to him as he gently touches the side of your arm with the tips of his fingers. When he sees that dangerous flicker in your eyes, he pulls his hand away. But he remains in front of you.
"You're not going to get rid of me that easily," he gently whispers.
His words make the tears forming in your eyes break free, a knot in your throat aching as you breathe out a sob. "I'm a monster, Loki," you say, dropping your head between your shoulder to look at his hands.
He's quiet for a moment. Then he breathes out a sigh and you watch his hands change color. A blue tint washes over his skin, starting at his fingertips and then spreading up his hands and arms. When you look at his face again, you see the face of a Frost Giant and stare into his red eyes.
"So am I," he says. "Don't monsters deserve to be loved as well?"
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lowkis · 2 days ago
always for you
summary: it had started out well. your trip was one of leisure and was intended to be a means for you both to relax. family and the royal court of asgard was becoming too much for the prince, and as his friend, you’d suggested you both travel for a while to escape and try to take his mind off things. and so, you’d ended up on a planet you’d never even heard of before. when you questioned loki about it, your friend smiled impishly and said nothing. you huffed in mock irritation, rolling your eyes fondly, as he strode off across the rolling, lush, green hills. you didn’t know if there was a destination in mind, but you followed him regardless. you always would.
rated: t
words: 3183
tags: angst, hurt/comfort, angst and hurt/comfort, angst with a happy ending, near death experiences, romance, protective loki, good loki, friends to lovers, best friends, adventure
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
You were both tired of this charade.
Your companion and oldest friend was being more vocal and expressive about his displeasure, whereas you remained quiet and on the defensive, expecting your hosts to retract their momentary truce at any second. You didn’t trust them one bit and had a feeling that course of action may come to pass. He seemed like the sneaky type, but little did he know who he was dealing with.
It would pay to be prepared, regardless.
Loki growled as your “host” tripped up the stairs in his haste on the way to where his court would receive you both for peace talks. Apparently you had trespassed on their kingdom despite there being no wards or protections in place to deem it so, and they demanded payment for both your actions. The man turned in fear, his expression apologetic, but Loki’s hand clamped down on his shoulder to steady him, giving him a shake as a warning that he was tired and in no mood for games. Not after your trying afternoon.
It had started out well. Your trip was one of leisure and was intended to be a means for you both to relax. Family and the royal court of Asgard was becoming too much for the prince, and as his friend, you’d suggested you both travel for a while to escape and try to take his mind off things.
And so, you’d ended up on a planet you’d never even heard of before. When you questioned Loki about it, your friend smiled impishly and said nothing. You huffed in mock irritation, rolling your eyes fondly, as he strode off across the rolling, lush, green hills. You didn’t know if there was a destination in mind, but you followed him regardless. You always would.
After a few days of exploring the planet and the seas surrounding the spit of land you’d landed on from the Bifrost, your gut was telling you something wasn’t quite right. Or everything wasn’t as it seemed. You often got these feelings, a form of premonition, but more often than not they amounted to nothing more than a warning for something insignificant. Like a stressful situation was on the horizon, but nothing that was too challenging or demanding. Most of the time it was a sign you had to deal with something related to your family, and that was never enjoyable. You’d sighed to yourself, not wanting your trip with your friend to be ruined with the knowledge something like that was coming.
You didn’t mention the feeling to Loki.
He had enough stress to deal with and didn’t need you to burden him with your awkward and fleeting “bad feelings”. Or, “witchcraft”, your father would call it with a sneer twisting his features. A permanent feature after your mother’s death.
That was why you found yourself spending most of your time with the crown prince, rather than at home.
When the feeling grew more prominent during your exploration, you opened your mouth to mention it to Loki, but it was already too late. As soon as your foot hit the ground the feeling flared from deep within your stomach. You’d never experienced something like it before. It was like all the air was forced from your lungs and you wheezed, causing Loki to spin on the spot and rush to your side. Before he could reach you a dagger flew past your ear towards him. It was expertly dodged and as you tried to catch your breath Loki drew you behind his back and lifted his hands, ready to wield his magic and daggers so you could both fight your way out.
The skirmish was quick. One man stood forward with a truce, with the promise that you both wouldn’t be harmed if you travelled with him to be greeted by his court. You didn’t like it. The feeling twisting inside your stomach left you breathless, but Loki was the one who dealt with court politics and negotiations day in and day out. When he looked at you with concern in his deep, ocean eyes, you nodded and pulled yourself up to your full height, ready to go if he deemed it the best course of action.
So, that’s how you’d ended up in this near crumbling castle and climbing an endless staircase up a cliff face to meet with this man’s court.
The man stumbled again, and you sighed, noticing how Loki was ready to snap. You didn’t particularly desire to fight your way through this castle, but you would if provoked.
But your attention was drawn to the rushed approach of someone behind you. With a whirl you parried their blade as it arced towards your head, ready to cleave it from your body.
Loki called out your name behind you.
While thrusting your hand forward you extracted a hidden blade from the sleeve of your armour, a trick learned from the God of Mischief himself, and sent it towards your assailant. The woman smirked and swiped at your stomach.
You were confused as to why Loki’s cry was so full of fear and anguish, but you didn’t have time to process it. Adrenaline rushed through your veins as you and the woman struggled. Her confident smirk faltered, and her expression turned to one of uncertainty, then fear.
Worry wormed its way into your heart at the thought something had befallen him, and that was why Loki had cried out, but you didn’t have time to worry about that right now. After the woman was dispatched, then you could focus on him.
With another thrust your blade connected with her arm, disabling her enough that she lost her grip on you. It wouldn’t kill, but it would get her away from you.
Loki’s hands were on you in an instant. His grip was heavy on your shoulders. It started to feel uncomfortable as his fingers dug into your skin. Looking up, feeling slightly dazed but unsure why, you noted how frantic he looked. His eyes flicked back and forth between yours, scrutinising you closely. As soon as he let go of your shoulders to run his hands over your torso you felt your knees shake. Impulsively you reached for him, grasping onto his biceps for support.
His eyes were full of fear.
“Loki?” Your voice sounded so quiet, so far away, so lost.
“You’re okay,” he breathed. His arms wrapped around your waist tightly and effectively kept you upright. “Was this your plan all along?”
You tilted your head up to look at your friend. Tight lines marred his features around his eyes and lips. Anger flushed across his cheeks, changing his expression as he looked down upon your “host”.
So much for your truce, you thought fleetingly.
A wave of light-headedness washed over you. You took a step backwards to try and steady yourself, but your knee gave way. It crumpled beneath you, but Loki caught you.
You weren’t sure what transpired between Loki and the others present. All you knew was that your adrenaline was waning, and it was becoming harder to keep a lid on your breathing. It was picking up and there was an uncomfortable pressure building in your stomach. You let out a quiet whimper involuntarily and your knees shook again, causing you to collapse completely in Loki’s arms. Your vision filled with black spots as your breaths became shorter.
Carefully, Loki snaked his arms underneath your knees and around your back. In a flash of green and a lurch you were out of the castle and in the fresh air of the countryside as Loki teleported you both away.
You gasped as you landed. Pain flared in your stomach and darkness encroached on the edges of your vision.
Loki called out to you through the fog consuming your mind. Looking up at him you saw that worry had replaced his fury. His lips were moving but you couldn’t make out much, just your name, over the roar of blood in your ears.
“Wh – What happened?”
Before he could answer another flare of pain shot through your torso. You cried out as your body tensed and tried to curl in on itself to protect the wounded area, but it was a feeble attempt. Loki tried to soothe you, but the pain was too intense to focus on anything else.
That woman had stabbed you and fire was starting to spread through your veins.
“Poisoned,” you gasped, but it sounded so incredibly quiet.
“What?” Loki looked down at your desperately. He pressed a hand to your cheek as he gazed down upon you, and that was when you realised you were looking up at the sky. You were lying down on the ground as Loki curled his body protectively over you.
You focussed on his eyes, tying yourself to them so you wouldn’t fade away from him.
“Poison,” you repeated with a wince. The fire was spreading further now, eating at you completely, consuming your whole body. “Loki, it hurts,” you whimpered.
His head lifted to the sky to call upon Heimdall. Wind whipped up around you both and the comfort of the rainbow light banished the darkness in your eyes for a brief moment. Loki’s head bowed so his cheek was pressed firmly against yours.
“I know,” he whispered. His breath tickled the outer shell of your ear. “I know, it does.” His hand ran through your hair, coming to a stop against the nape of your neck. He cradled you against his body as the Bifrost tugged you both back to safety of Asgard.
“I’m so sorry.”
Loki’s broken whisper was the last thing you heard before the darkness claimed you.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
“Where did this happen?” Prince Thor sounded furious as he demanded an answer to his question. You wondered what he was referring to, and why he was trying to ask you about it. You tried to open your eyes to greet him properly, but your body wouldn’t obey.
“She will be all right,” Frigga had reassured someone kindly. In your drifting state you could feel the comfort she brought with her every time you both spoke. It washed over you, easing your uncertainty as you struggled to return to the land of the waking.
“You did well, son.” It was strange to hear Odin’s voice. Very strange. You’d never really seen or interacted with the King. Even with you being Loki’s closest friend, both your paths never crossed. It was interesting to note his presence by your side, but it simply added to your confusion.
“Not well enough.” Your heart leapt at the sound of Loki’s voice. Like with Frigga’s presence, you were instantly comforted by the fact he was nearby. It allowed you to relax and stop fighting against the urge to wake. Knowing he was there beside you was enough for now. The knowledge soothed you and allowed you to drift once more to let your body heal.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Your eyes fluttered open to be greeted with the sight of the ceiling in the Healing Room in the palace. You sucked air into your lungs with the realisation you were in the palace. You had never seen much of it before, but it was somewhere that had always fascinated you. Being of no noble birth or part of the court, you weren’t permitted to wander the halls.
Glancing around you noticed you were alone. Turning your head to the left, you re-evaluated your statement.
You were mostly alone.
Loki was sitting in a chair at your bedside. His eyes were closed as he slept, but his face was still drawn tight. Dark circles made his eyes look bruised and he looked weary, even as he slept. He didn’t look comfortable within his chair. He must have slouched in his slumber because that position looked like it would leave him with a sore back when he awoke. His long legs were stretched out in front of him, crossed over at the ankles. His right arm was outstretched towards your bed and, looking down, your heart constricted within your chest. His long, slender fingers were wrapped around your own. His touch was comforting and cool, like always, as he gripped your hand tightly.
When you squeezed his hand, Loki twitched and shifted in his chair. He let out a deep sigh and a crease appeared between his eyebrows as his brow furrowed.
How you desperately wanted to rid him of it.
“Loki?” Your voice was weak but calling out to him worked.
As Loki woke his eyes blinked open blearily. His first instinct was to turn towards you, and your eyes met just as sleep tried to claim him once more.
His head snapped up. He winced as his body shot upright and straightened in the chair, but that was quickly disregarded, because he was awake and was looking at you like…
Like the light had returned to his life.
It made your breath catch in your throat as you looked upon the joy and wonder in his expression.
He breathed your name reverently and his hand tightened its grip on yours. He stood and bent over you, and while it looked like his tall frame was shrouding you completely, towering over you, you felt completely safe within its shadow. You felt like you were home.
His free hand cupped your cheek while his lips were pressed to your forehead ever so gently. You melted beneath his touch and affection, completely taken by surprise for you had both never been so close with one another before, but you accepted it without question.
It felt right.
“You’re awake,” he whispered.
You nodded, but your movements were restricted slightly by his grip. Not that you minded one bit. His thumb swept across your cheekbone, and you melted against him once more.
“What happened?”
Your heart rate spiked when his elation fell from his face. He let go of you and sat back in his chair. You mourned the loss of his touch against your face, but at least he didn’t let go of your hand.
“We were ambushed.” His gaze dropped to the bed. “Your assailant was tasked with taking us both out, starting with you.” His grip on your hand tightened and you weren’t sure if Loki even noticed. “Her blade was poisoned and that’s how…” A shuddering breath left him as he finally met your eyes once more. “Thor and Father are already contacting the kingdom to demand an explanation. They will not rest until we have caught those responsible.”
Your eyes widened. “For me?”
Loki nodded. “We will not tolerate an unprovoked attack on one of our citizens.”
You understood the reasonings, but wanted to argue with them not to bother, that it wasn’t too much trouble. Your mouth opened and Loki seemed to know exactly what you were going to say.
“Do not attempt to argue with us on this,” he warned, his voice as hard as his eyes had become.
Damn him for knowing you so well.
“Do not ask me to sit back and drop it.” He almost growled and it made you shiver.
“Okay, okay,” you relented. It would be no use arguing anyway. But you couldn’t get Loki’s words or the look in his eyes out of your head.
“Are you okay?”
Loki nodded. “I am unharmed.” Guilt flickered across his face. “It was only you who they managed to get to.”
That was something, you supposed. At least the prince hadn’t been injured under your watch.
Loki leaned forward in his chair. Slowly and gently he lifted your hand and clasped it within both of his. “The blade was poisoned,” he told you as he looked down upon both your hands. “You figured it out.” A quiet laugh left him, laced with slight amazement. “Because of course you did,” he murmured fondly. “Mother and the healers cleared it from your system. Rather than put stress on your body by neutralising the poison and healing the wound at the same time, they focussed on the former first, so a scar will remain for now.” He looked miserable as he finally met your eyes. “I’m sorry,” he whispered brokenly.
You smiled at him. You lifted a hand to run it through his hair, down his temple, to come to rest against his cheek. “You have nothing to apologise for.”
He disagreed. “If I had just –”
“You didn’t need to do anything on my behalf, Loki,” you soothed. “I walk by your side with the knowledge that our excursions are dangerous. I accept that risk because it’s worth it.” His eyes glanced up to meet yours and he froze. “It’s more than worth it,” you added, taking a deep breath, taking the plunge, “because I get to spend it with you.”
You were both friends. You had never ventured out of that territory, but you couldn’t deny yourself any longer. Near death experiences had a funny way of changing perspectives, and you embraced it. It had been years since your feelings developed for him. If he didn’t return them, at least you’d both still have your friendship, and if that was all you could get that would be more than enough. You would still be perfectly happy.
“Remember,” you added with a smile, “you helped me. You brought me home.”
He leaned forward in his chair so suddenly you didn’t expect it. Surprised, you followed his movements and inhaled sharply when his face moved even closer to yours. He hesitated as his lips hovered above yours, losing his nerve for a brief second.
Loki swallowed. “I’m so glad you’re okay.”
“Thank you for looking after me,” you whispered.
“Of course,” he replied. His breathing picked up and he inched forward so slowly it was beginning to drive you mad. “Always for you.”
Your lips met and your heart threatened to burst within your chest. His lips were soft as they caressed yours. His touch was gentle as he lifted one hand to your throat. His palm cupped the side of your neck as his fingers curled around the back, getting lost in your matted hair. His thumb swiped across your cheek, and it made you whimper in response.
For the third time that day you melted thanks to Loki Odinson.
Once you broke apart your foreheads came together as you both collected yourselves.
You’d longed for years to do that, wondering if he harboured even an inkling of the feelings you felt towards your best friend. Judging by the fact he’d apparently remained by your bedside this whole time until you awoke, cramming himself uncomfortably in that chair to sleep while he did so, was proof enough that there was something more there.
But there was no rush. You both had years ahead of you to explore it and be with one another.
You couldn’t wait.
Judging by the ecstatic grin on Loki’s face and the light sheen covering his sparkling blue eyes as he gazed at you, the feeling was mutual.
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umbrae-in-nive · 2 days ago
lights, camera, action (loki x reader)
Tumblr media
summary: you and the avengers are planning tony's surprise bday party, but everything goes up in shambles. now you're scrambling to find entertainment for the party and it isn't until the lovely god of mischief shows up that you begin to formulate an exceptional idea...
warnings: none
a/n: you guys have been sooooo patient with my lack of posting, i really really appreciate it :') here, have this short lil loki thing i found in the depths of my google drive as a treat. more loki coming soon !!
To say Loki is dramatic is, well… an understatement.
He’s borderline Shakespearean.
It’s endearing, though, to be honest. The way he writes you poems about how your beauty compares to the stars and your voice like the mead of Valhalla… yeah it’s amazing. But never did you think you could be able to channel that drama into something else.
Nat’s got her head in her hands, fingers combing through her hair in frustration. “We’re doomed.”
You stared straight ahead, feeling the weight of life’s worries collapse onto your shoulders. First the cake, and now this? It’s like fate really wanted Tony’s birthday to be the worst event in history. This situation might as well be up there with Thanos’s birth.
In the midst of yours and Nat’s defeated moping, Rhodey sauntered into the room, grinning from ear to ear and overall looking way too pleasant for the grim atmosphere. You and Nat looked up.
“What are you smiling about?” Nat scrutinized, scowling at him.
“Oh, nothing,” he replied, smiling even wider.
Materializing through the wall, Vision stood beside Rhodey, a look of slight amusement on his face. “He has constructed, believably, the best prank for Mr. Stark’s birthday.”
“It’s gonna be awesome,” gushed Rhodey. “I turned the energy blasters on his suit into confetti cannons. And I arranged for a male stripper to crash his party.” He wiggled his eyebrows, obviously proud of his achievements, and obviously indicating that there was more he wasn’t telling us.
“What’s up with you two?” he asked when neither you nor Nat responded to him.
“You better cancel that stripper,” you told him glumly. “There might not even be a party for him to crash.”
“What the hell are you talking about?” Rhodey took a seat.
Nat sighed. “You know that band that we hired for the party?”
“The AC/DC cover band?”
“The very same,” she replied. “Well, apparently they bailed on us for a gig that offered more money. We’ve got no source of entertainment for the party.”
“The hell?” Rhodey exclaimed, enraged. “They gave up playing at the Tony Stark’s birthday? Are they out of their minds?”
You slouched in your chair, clicking your pen sullenly. “Maybe they heard about the male stripper.”
Nat gave a defeated chuckle. “Took the money we paid them too, the bastards. Five hundred dollars, gone. And to make matters worse, Tony’s favorite bakery went up in flames yesterday.”
Rhodey stared at her, dumbfounded. “You don’t mean–”
“Yep,” you said. “Freak accident. The boiler exploded and the ovens were on and everything kinda just went–” you mimed explosions in the air with your hands.
“Well, shit.” Rhodey exhaled slowly, the smile disappearing from his face. “What are the odds that Tony’s favorite bakery catches on fire the week before we’re supposed to have his party?”
The three of you joined in a pulsing silence, each too bogged down by the sudden turn of events to begin planning for replacements.
“May I suggest something?” said Vision.
Everyone looked up at him questioningly, almost forgetting he was even in the room.
“The issue concerning Tony’s dessert of choice for the party can be easily solved by simply choosing another provider. However, what if you all created the entertainment yourselves?”
Rhodey’s eyes bulged. “You want us to sing?!”
Vision blinked, looking a little disappointed. “I suppose it doesn’t have to be musical…”
You and Natasha looked at each other, interested in the idea. It would be free, and … maybe it could even be fun. Like something special just for Tony.
“I like it,” decided Nat. “We can set up in the ballroom like last year, maybe hire a string quartet for music… the remaining question is what exactly we should do.”
“A popular source of entertainment in the medieval era,” Vision added, “was the sport jousting. Tournaments were held to determine the strongest warrior, and they were recorded to be quite dangerous, and yet all the more exciting.”
“Thanks, Vis,” you broke in, “but we’d like to keep our limbs intact with the rest of our bodies, if possible. What about a roast?”
Vision’s metallic face wrinkled in disgust. “Do you suggest slaughtering an animal for supper?”
Rhodey chuckled. “Man, we all know you’re an avid animal rights activist, but we’re not going to slaughter a live animal to eat. We’re already catering Italian food.”
Vision sighed in relief.
Rhodey continued. “Y/n means we should do one of those Steve Martin celebrity roasts where all the guest of honor’s friends go up and insult him.”
“I am … slightly concerned,” said Vision.
You wrote down the idea in your notebook. “Don’t worry, it’s all in fun. It’s sometimes what friends and loved ones do to each other.”
“Human beings are such complex creatures.”
Nat lifted her hand in protest. “Wait a minute,” she said. “Are we sure this is a good idea? You know, after what happened last year?”
You and Rhodey exchanged a glance, all the memories of Tony’s previous birthday party still painted fresh in your memories.
“And most of all, I’d like to thank Mr. Tony Stark for all he has contributed to our company. A round of applause for the man of honor!”
Tony beamed at his little round table, adorned in a pure white tablecloth with roses set in the middle. The hall was filled with hundreds of people, all with some sort of connection to Tony, whether through business or family.
Mostly business. No family.
Tony took a deep swig of his beer and rose, weaving through the many identical white tables to get to the front where a podium and microphone stood on the stage.
“Thanks, thanks you guys,” drawled Tony, voice warm from the alcohol. “Uh, I’ve written a little something for the ceremony tonight. I’m not much of a writer, but I think this’ll really be something special.” He leaned closer to the mic. “Hope you like it.”
Everyone in the audience awwwwed at the sentiment, but the Avengers gathered at a nearby table exchanged confused and rather worried glances with each other. This was … unprecedented.
“When I was a boy,” he began, “my father took my mother and me on a surprise vacation to the Bahamas. It was strange for me because my father had never done something like this before. Well, our hotel had a grand pool, this huge crystal blue thing the size of an Olympic pool, and there was also a changing room. When I went inside, I had pulled off my clothes to put on my swimming trunks, until I realized that I left them at home…”
Steve, Natasha, Rhodey, and everyone at the Avengers table dropped their heads into their hands in embarrassment. Not for themselves, but for Tony.
“… and I had to walk through the men’s changing room … stark naked.”
He waited for the punchline to crack up the audience in laughter, to be showered in roses and to have panties thrown at his feet. The microphone emitted a piercing noise, filling up the awkward silence.
Thor’s booming laughter cut through the ballroom like a knife, echoing through the hall and making everyone turn their attention toward the god. Embarrassed, Loki buried his face into your hair and tried not to be seen.
“Oh, god,” you groaned, petting Loki’s hair in sympathy.
The conference room was silent, reminiscing in the horror of that fateful day where Tony had explicitly described what it had felt like to have to walk through a room full of sweaty, grown men naked.
“Alright,” agreed Rhodey. “We’re not doing that. Who knows what it’ll turn into when Tony gets too drunk and takes the microphone for himself.”
You scratched the idea off the list, and sighed. “We’re back at square one.”
The door opened again, revealing Loki in the threshold, embellished in a ravishing costume cape of deep green and blue, a plastic silver crown with purple jewels sitting merrily on his head. He was holding a cup of something pink and looking absolutely pleased with himself.
“Uh…” Rhodey looked him up and down, “whatcha got there?”
Loki raised his brows and looked down at the cup. “A smoothie.”
Silence. A grin broke out on your face at the sight of the god, your god, a delighted kindergartner playing dress-up.
Loki took the stunned silence as a good sign. “Y/n showed me how to operate the blender and I have grown very fond of these delicious cold drinks you Midgardians call smoothies.” He took a very exaggerated sip of his drink and licked his lips, eyeing you with every move.
Vision exited promptly through the nearby wall without a word.
Rhodey and Nat turned back to you. “Anyway,” said Nat, “what else should we do? Does anyone want to try singing, God help us all?”
“I happen to have an exceptional singing voice,” Loki intervened.
He was ignored as you all went back to your brainstorming for the party.
“Excuse me,” clipped Loki. “Did you not hear what I said? Allow me to astonish you with my impressive talent.”
He cleared his throat and burst into melody.
“And I set fiiiire to the raaaaain…”
“Dare I say we hire a magician?” you suggested over Loki’s rather loud rendition of Adele.
“What is this, an eight-year-old’s party?” Rhodey scoffed. “No way.”
“Maybe we can do something like a challenge.” Nat tapped her fingers on the table. “Like minute-to-win-it games or something.”
You and Rhodey shot down this idea immediately, and soon there were countless suggestions being thrown out back and forth between the three of you, but to no agreement.
Loki frowned at the lack of attention he was being given. He would have thought at least you would be interested in his wonderfully imposing gifted voice.
“The wind is howling like the swirling storm inside…” he began slowly.
“–no, that’s stupid,” you shot down. “Why would anyone willingly watch a clown ride a unicycle? Even as a gag gift.”
“–be the good girl, you always have to be…”
Rhodey slammed his fist on the table. “Celebrity impressionist.”
“–well now they knowwwww…”
“–well, it’s not my fault that Tony doesn’t like being handed things– LOKI LAUFEYSON WHAT IN GOD’S NAME ARE YOU DOING.”
You threw down your notebook, filled with crossed-out ideas, angrily onto the table.
Loki stopped, mid-song, and grinned mischievously, delighted that he had finally acquired your attention.
“I’m showing off my talents so that you may consider me for the position of entertainment at Stark’s party.”
Rhodey swiveled around in his chair in exasperation. “You don’t even like Tony. Why do you want to sing at his party?”
Loki shrugged. “I have an abundance of unrecognized talent.”
“The answer is no,” decided Nat. “You’re still on probation from your last little episode.”
“Was that Frozen you were singing?” you asked curiously, smiling a little. “I thought you didn’t like that movie. You kept complaining about there being too much singing and not enough blood.”
Loki cleared his throat. “Upon further inspection, I have decided that it is not as bad as I thought.”
And then suddenly, your jaw dropped in realization. You stared at Loki as the idea formed in your head at the speed of lightning.
“What?” Loki checked himself, brushing off his faux cape. “Is there something on my costume? I thought I got all the cereal off…”
“I know what we should do.” You turned excitedly to Nat and Rhodey, bouncing in your seat.
“If it involves your partner, y/n, we’re not doing it.” Nat crossed her arms.
“Listen, hear me out.”
“I have never felt this sensation in all my life… like both vomiting and screaming at the same time.”
You shook out your sweaty palms and peeked behind the red curtain once again. To your horror, the amount of attendants at the party only grew in the past five minutes. The hall was half-shadowed from the lighting but nonetheless, the place was a classy set-up of small round tables and formally dressed people, wine glasses and men whom you had never seen before in your life.
Maybe that’s a good thing, you think to yourself anxiously. All the better, in case you mess up. Nobody will know who you are.
Except for the larger, more grand table in which Tony, Steve, Natasha, Clint, Wanda, T’Challa, Vision, Thor, and all the other heroes were sitting, waiting expectantly for the entertainment.
“I don’t know if I can do this,” you worried after letting the curtain fall back in place to cover the vision of the crowd. “I’m freaking out.”
Loki set his large hands on your shoulders and looked you dead in the eyes. He appeared overwhelmingly daunting and very, very handsome in thin black eyeliner and a midnight black suit and tie. His long dark hair fell in glossy curls across his shoulders, his piercing blue eyes bearing deep into yours.
“You. Will be. Extraordinary,” he told you. “Our rehearsals have gone smoothly. Your lines are all memorized. The hardest part is over. All you have to do is put your work to good use.”
He sensed your apprehension still. “Breathe with me, my love. We are in this together, remember?”
Together you and Loki took calming, synchronized breaths together. Mind a little less worried and vision a little less foggy, you stood up tall and prepared yourself for the show.
Bruce came running over, a headset covering his silver-brown hair. “You guys are good to go. Whenever you’re ready.” Outside, you could hear the audience humming expectantly.
“Okay,” you affirmed, giving Bruce a thumbs up as he walked away. You turned to Loki, feeling a sense of warmth in your chest. “Let’s do this.”
Bouncing on his feet in anticipation, Loki leaned down and gave you a fleeting kiss, light and supportive and full of energy.
Slowly, you peeled back the curtain and stepped onto the dimmed stage, head up and standing tall. You took one last deep breath. The spotlights came on, and hundreds of pairs of eyes were on your every movement.
“The darkness has never seemed so cruel, so daunting, as if the queen of night herself has bestowed her blessings on me in this eternal forest…”
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earlgreydream · 3 months ago
in charge.
| loki x reader | fluff | smut |
anon requested. loki without even thinking about it kneeling to tie readers shoe and immediately being teased for it by the team or Thor or whoever, and feeling like he needs to prove he’s still in charge in spicy ways
cw: d/s, subspace, light bondage, aftercare
Tumblr media
“Be careful, please,” Loki stressed, his hand wrapping around your bicep to stop you as you ran to the kitchen.
You stood still, looking down as Loki knelt in front of you, lifting your foot onto his knee to re-tie your shoelace that had come loose. He tightened them before standing back up, taking hold of your hand.
“You’re so whipped, Loki. Kneeling for your girl,” Thor laughed, teasing Loki for tying your shoes. 
“Stop it.” 
The severity of Loki’s tone with his brother made you shudder, though the other members of your team kept on laughing.
“You’ve gone soft, Loki. Tying her shoes,” Stark teased, making Natasha laugh and shake her head before taking another drink. 
You frowned, disliking the way they were getting Loki riled up. You wrapped your arms around his torso, your body pressed against his back.
“Don’t listen to them,” you murmured against his spine.
“I’ve not gone soft,” Loki retorted to Stark, making you sigh softly.
Your hand gently slid under his shirt, your fingertips smoothing over his defined abdomen.
“Loki, how does it feel to be wrapped around Y/N’s finger?” Steve asked with a grin, purposefully taunting the god.
“She knows who’s in charge.”
“Do you?” Thor snorted.
“In charge?” You bit back a laugh, almost immediately regretting it.
Loki manhandled you to the front of his body, holding both of your wrists in one hand.
You nodded, hiding your face in his chest, embarrassed. Everyone laughed before changing the subject, though Loki was still irritated.
“Come with me,” Loki’s tone was firm, dragging your attention away from your book.
You looked up at him from the couch, where you were stretched out on your stomach.
“I’m not finished with my chapter,” you protested, turning the page.
You gasped as Loki slapped your ass, making you drop the book.
“Do not talk back to me.”
He grabbed you, dragging you off of the couch, his arm around your waist. You were carried like a helpless animal under his arm, through the halls of Stark Tower, so Loki made sure everyone witnessed it.
“Loki, is this about the others teasing you?” You asked when he tossed you onto his bed, your back hitting the mattress.
“It’s about me showing you who’s in charge.”
“I’m yours, Loki, always. I appreciate you tying my shoes for me, and fucking the living daylights out of me. You have nothing to prove,” you assured the god, holding his hand.
His arrogance faltered, and he kissed your forehead tenderly. Your fingers slipped into his hairline, the black locks silky under your touch. His lips gently connected with yours, the god lightly biting your bottom lip. His tongue slipped in your mouth as you gasped, his hand around your back.
“How do you wish to be fucked?” Loki asked, mouthing along your throat, dotting bruises where he pleased.
“However you want me,” you answered, closing your eyes as Loki’s hands ran up the sides of your body.
“Bound and beautiful,” he answered, golden chords securing your wrists to the ceiling as Loki pulled you onto your knees.
You knelt with your legs parted on the bed, gazing at your reflection in a mirror. He kept you suspended just enough that you couldn’t move around, immobilized and left to his will.
Fair hands splayed over your torso, sliding up to cup your breasts and squeeze. He delighted in the tiny moans and whimpers he elicited from your squirming body, feeling little pricks of excitement rise on your skin.
“Look how beautiful, and all mine,” he growled, biting the delicate skin on your neck.
You blinked your eyes open, gazing at the two of you in the mirror, your hands bound above your head like you were praying to the god.
“M’yours,” you breathed, crying out and flexing your fingers as he slowly filled you.
His fingers dipped between your legs, gently toying with your clit as his cock split you open.
Warmth was burning through your body, electricity bursting at the edges of your nerves. His large hand closed around your throat, carefully restricting your whimpers, a light squeeze limiting your oxygen.
Loki’s movements were hard and fast, fucking you dumb, keeping you suspended in the air. His fingers slid into your mouth when your moans grew too loud and high pitched, gagging you and silencing the noises.
Your mind melted, your thoughts fractured as your body absorbed the pleasure and you sucked on his fingers, sinking back against his chest.
All your body could process was his quick thrusts and the rolls of your clit between his fingers, your quiet cries muffled. Your muscles seized up, everything tensing before Loki ripped an orgasm from you.
Your trembling form was held against him as he lazily thrusted through both of your orgasms, lewd noises filling the room. Your body was limp against his, each thrust pushing the thick release back into your overstimulated heat.
“Loki,” you whispered, exhausted.
Your arms and thighs were burning from holding yourself up, and you felt raw and used. The gold cords disappeared from your wrists, and you sank into Loki’s arms.
“My gorgeous darling, you look so lovely all fucked out,” his fingertips traced over your cheeks.
“All lovey for you,” you murmured, relaxing in his arms.
“Mhm. How does a bath sound?” Loki asked.
You nodded, exhaling as he lifted you up. You were deep in subspace, completely pliant for Loki. He loved you like this, soft and relaxed. You were extra clingy like this, your desire to be close to him endearing.
Loki peppered your face with kisses as he cleaned you up, hushing your tiny whimpers as he touched places were you were sensitive.
“My little darling,” Loki preened, fingering you to another orgasm as you laid against his chest in the bath. Your thighs were trembling as he curled his fingertips forward, smiling as you squeezed around him, coming hard as you hid your face in his neck.
“That’s it,” he praised you, helping you out of the bath and into bed.
“Need you to be close,” you mumbled sleepily, settling down as you felt him spoon you, his cool chest pressed against your back.
His strong arm draped over your chest, and you brought his hand to your throat, letting it rest against your skin, helping you feel safe.
“Make sure your shoes are tied please,” Loki called to you as you got dressed, getting ready to go out with the others.
“Help me?” You asked innocently, sitting on the edge of the bed.
Loki didn’t hesitate, walking over and kneeling in front of you. He knew you were capable of doing it on your own, but he liked to feel needed.
He kissed your knee, tightening your laces before taking your hand.
“I’ll let you be in charge,” you teased, kissing his cheek.
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weasleygirl7 · 4 months ago
A Glorious Purpose (Loki x Fem!Reader)
In which Loki watches his future and finds you play a much larger role than he had expected... SPOILERS FOR LOKI SERIES!!! Send any requests my way :) I’ve got some free time and I’m ready to WRITE!
Tumblr media
The screen showed a pixelated version of the Avengers… and you. You who he had seen mere hours ago fighting against him, and then whom he had seen two versions of. He had smelled the cologne of the two Tony’s, just as he had beheld the two Y/N’s.
He hadn’t originally noticed you dressed as a guard until he had heard the subtle, yet sharp intake of breath, a breath not all that different from the gasp he had made moments ago when seeing his mother on this damned screen, a gasp of pain. You were clearly older, a scar on your cheek that hadn’t been there mere moments ago at the top of Avengers tower as you had nudged Romanoff with a grin as you settled into the elevator. This older you had locked eyes with him for a fleeting second until being broken apart by the commotion of the Hulk smashing through the stairwell door and sending everyone scrambling.
It had struck him as odd at the time, yes, but he had been preoccupied with other details (such as escaping) rather than wondering why the mighty avengers had decided to play around with time. He’d had only a couple of conversations with you until now, and none of them entirely delightful seeing as you were on opposing sides, and the recognition held in future you’s eyes had unsettled him more than he’d care to say.
Glancing once more at the table before him, Loki pulled out a chair and sat. The round device before him was no more complicated than anything else he’d seen before, and a twist of a knob later, he was skipping through his life on film.
Stop. His mother, dead on the floor. His doing, according to Mobius. A manifestation of the pain and suffering he had been supposedly born to cause. A shuddering breath escaped him.
Twist. Images of Thor and... you for some reason flickered past like voices on the wind, glimpses of some life he had never lived, some life he was meant to live. And Odin, his... well, the closest thing to a father Loki had ever known.
Stop. “I love you, my sons.” He saw himself, an older Loki, beside his father. Another shuddering breath escaped him. My sons… Odin had seen this Loki, this version of him, as his true son. He had not hesitated, had not made him an afterthought behind Thor. Tears welled up in his vision, and try as he may, Loki could not stop them. “Remember this place. Home.” He watched as his father died before his very eyes, saw himself stand beside Thor as brothers once more, united in their grief. He saw You, coming to his side and placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.
Stop.  You, kissing him. His hands tangled in your hair. You pull away with a gasp for air, a smile playing on your lips as you trace a delicate hand across his cheek. “You are good, Loki Laufeyson, and you deserve good things.” His future self breaths a small laugh as he shakes his head, placing his hand atop your own. “You are the good in me, my love.”
Stop. Thor, his hair cut and trimmed short, staring at Loki with… love. “Loki, I thought the world of you. I thought we were gonna fight side by side forever.” Loki drew yet another shuddering breath and looked away. Forever.
Stop. You. You, on the Bifrost beside himself, Thor (missing an eye no less), and who appeared to be a Valkyrie from the stories his mother would tell them as children. You, weapon in hand and looking slightly worse for wear, sweat dripping down your face as you shot him a sly grin.
Stop.Thor, a newfound patch on his eye, turning. “Maybe you’re not so bad after all, brother.” A sly grin on his future self’s face as he replied, “Maybe not.” A thanks from Thor, his voice deep and true, “If you were here, I might even give you a hug.” Loki can’t stop the incredulous laugh from leaving his lips as he watches the scene before him. His soft brother, still soft. A quiet response from his future self, “I’m here.” A soft click indicating the opening of a door, laughter from offscreen. Your voice rings out playfully, “Oh please, don’t let me interrupt. I’d like to see this.” 
Stop. Himself, panting and suddenly thrusting a knife upwards at Thanos… who makes no movement of defense, a glittering gold gauntlet already adorning his fist. Loki’s smile falls into a grimace as realization strikes him. “Undying?” The giant asks and he hears scraping from the sidelines. A glance of his future self’s eyes turns the screen on you, beaten and bloody, struggling on your knees with a hand of one of Thanos’ children’s clamped tightly over your mouth. Tears fall from your eyes as you flail against their grip, fighting. This future Loki merely nods towards you. Thanos’ voice cuts through the silence.  “Undying? You should choose your words more carefully.”
Loki stands to his feet and watches as his future self is lifted into the air by the neck, choked forcefully. He sees himself struggle to no avail, his suffering long and drawn out. His words broken and strained, “You... will never be... a god.” The snap of his neck. His death. Gasping and taking frantic steps back, Loki watches as his brother and you grieve over his body. Thor crying silently while you frantically shake his body, begging him to wake up and come back to you.
An explosion marking the end of the tape. He scoffs, despair and regret boiling up in his chest.
A glorious purpose indeed.
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handmaiden-of-mischief · a month ago
𝐁𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐝 𝐓𝐨 𝐘𝐨𝐮
This one was requested by the lovely @janetsnakehole02 in this post. I hope y’all enjoy it! - Love, Kiki 🖤
𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 |  Loki x female reader
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 |  After having been in a secret relationship with Loki for a few weeks, a fight with him leads you to question what you truly mean to him - and there's a perfect way to find out if the trickster reciprocates your feelings. Who would've thought Loki would be the jealous type?
𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐭 |  smut, fluff, jealous Loki, a tiny bit of angst in the beginning and a fluffy happy ending 
𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐂𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 |  10 k 
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 |  SMUT (ONLY READ IF YOU’RE 18+ YEARS OLD!), (semi-)public sex, unprotected sex (please stay safe in real life and use a condom!), fingering, slightly dominant/possessive Loki, edging, orgasm control, slight bondage, a tiny bit of angst with a very sweet happy ending 
𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐋𝐨𝐤𝐢 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭, 𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐜𝐤 𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐦𝐲 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 ♡  
𝐀𝐬 𝐚𝐥𝐰𝐚𝐲𝐬, 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐬, 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐝🖤 
Tumblr media
“I’m nearly done,” you began, your eyes firmly fixed on your reflection in the bathroom mirror as you applied the lipstick, careful not to smudge the vibrant crimson colour and trying hard to stay concentrated despite the sensation of Loki’s hands slowly snaking up your waist from behind, leaving your skin tingling in the wake of his fingertips even through the layer of your dress’ dark fabric.
“You look ravishing, darling,” the trickster purred from behind you, pulling you closer until your spine was pressed flush against his firm chest, and you inhaled sharply as he let his hands wander to your butt, squeezing. “The dress is pretty, but I’d love to rip it away from you right here and now.”
“It’ll be the last thing you do,” you threatened playfully. Though the thought of Loki ripping away your dress to take you right here in front of the bathroom mirror was an intriguing one, nonetheless. You’d chosen the most revealing outfit for tonight for exactly this reason, knowing all too well the dress would probably find its demise by the end of the night, ripped to shreds by Loki’s strong hands. Excitement rushed through you at the thought.
You gave your reflection a little pout while examining your make-up, before you closed the lipstick’s lid with a soft click.
“The others are probably already waiting,” you announced, “It’ll look suspicious if we’re the only ones being late.”
Loki chuckled. “You took your fair share of time to get ready, nevertheless I have a feeling that Thor or Stark will beat you to it.”
You’d hoped that Loki’s answer would be a different one, telling you that it was okay if the others suspected there was something else between the two of you, other than friendship. The bitter taste of disappointment weighed on your tongue as you replied curtly, “If we want to keep up our little secret, I suggest we meet downstairs with the others.”
A few weeks ago, Rhody had announced that for his birthday, he wanted nothing but a whole night of feeling normal again – a night of clubbing, dancing, drinking and partying with all the Avengers.
You turned to face Loki, who’d stepped away from you to lean against the doorway of the bathroom, arms locked in front of his chest. He was wearing black pants with a dark green dress shirt, looking as handsome as always with his beautiful black hair brushing against his shoulders and his regal, sharp features cast in shadows by the harsh bathroom lights. He was the only person to ever look handsome beneath the unnatural bright glow of a halogen lamp.
“If you’d like to keep staring at me a while longer, we could arrange time for that,” he teased, tearing you from your wandering thoughts with a playful grin tugging at the corner of his mouth.
Fidgeting with the smooth plastic case of your lipstick, you said, “We wouldn’t have to sneak around all the time if we just…told the others about us.”
Us. Us had started with a stolen kiss during training – a single kiss, quick and addictive in the best of ways, his lips on yours like a shot of pure adrenaline rushing through your veins to leave you reeling and dizzy and craving for more of it; a single kiss turning into a hundred feverish ones, turning into secret meetings to read, watch TV together, and most of all talk. Which had ultimately led to the first night spent tangled between the sheets and in each other’s arms. And this one night had turned into weeks. The tender rays of sunlight in your chest whenever you were with the trickster had long since morphed into a full-blown supernova glowing in your chest, into feelings much stronger than mere attraction, more than a simple crush, but you kept this truth locked in your heart, afraid Loki wouldn’t reciprocate the feelings you were harbouring for him.
And still, neither of you had broached the subject of what us exactly was.
It wasn’t the first time you’d voiced the thought to stop tiptoeing around the Avengers headquarters and simply tell the others – though every single of your careful attempts to talk about what it was, exactly, between the two of you, and whether it should stay a secret, had been thwarted by Loki. This time, you swore to yourself, you wouldn’t let him brush the topic off with a charming smile and another of his breath-stealing kisses.
“Do you think now is the adequate time to discuss matters like these?”, Loki inquired with a raised eyebrow.
You locked your arms in front of your chest, mirroring the trickster’s own stance, before you retorted, “We both know the timing doesn’t matter. I’ve been trying to talk about this for weeks.”
“Which means it can wait until the evening is over,” Loki remarked with his signature smirk.
“Stop that.”
“Stop what?”
“This little look-how-handsome-and-charming-I-am-thingy you’re always doing to avoid conversations like this one.”
Loki’s smirk widened, obviously unaware of your growing disappointment as he teased, “You can’t just ask me to turn off such essential parts of my personality, darling.”
“And the cockiness, too.”
Loki tilted his head and drawled, “You didn’t have anything about my cockiness last night, when I –“
He was cut off by your own exasperated groan, pinching the bridge of your nose to keep your composure.
Loki seemed to have finally noticed the switch in your mood, because he stayed silent for once.
“What are we, Loki?”, you asked quietly, and the fight had momentarily left your voice. You sounded as tired as you suddenly felt.
When Loki didn’t reply, the words you’d suppressed for so long began to sputter out of you to fill the sudden uncomfortable silence.
“I want to fall asleep in your arms, Loki. For real, without having to fear to oversleep or get caught in your bed. I want to wake up with you, never again wondering how to sneak back to my own room without being seen by the others. I want to hold your hand and kiss you whenever I feel like it, in the broad daylight, and stop pretending to be just friends when there hasn’t been a single night in the past weeks we didn’t spend together. I don’t even know what we are.”
I don’t even know what I am to you.
Your voice had grown impatient, prodding Loki to finally give you a reaction. Any reaction. To tell you that all these things he whispered to you under the veil of midnight, the sweet nothings he murmured into your feverish kisses and breathed against your sweat-glistening bare skin when he was buried inside of you, were more than pretty lies he was spinning simply because it was the heat of the moment, spinning them not because it was you but because it was you lying beneath him in these moments, a replaceable pastime and nothing more.
You’re the most beautiful creature in all of the Nine Realms.
You’re all I want.
You’re mine.
I’m yours.
But never these three words you wished to hear more than anything else, the three words burning alongside the desire that leapt in your heart whenever he was with you. Never I love you.
“It was thrilling in the beginning,” you added warily. “But I’m sick of the sneaking around and the secrecy and the lies. Because whatever this is, between us –“ you waved your hand at the space between the two of you, watching Loki’s expression, searching for the trace of an emotion in the carefully contained mask of calmness, broken only by the small frown that made a fine line appear between his dark eyebrows as he listened, “ – it’s good. It’s something beautiful and trying to hide it from the world makes it feel like something forbidden and…and bad. And I don’t want it to feel bad.”
I don’t want to feel like a fling to be discarded whenever you wish to. I love you, you wanted to scream at him at the top of your lungs, Don’t you feel the same way?
Obviously, he didn’t. Else, he would have already told you that he was in love with you…right? It had always been your deepest, darkest fear, this beast in your heart whispering to you that you were nothing more than a pastime, a pretty plaything for the God of Mischief until he was bored by your company and moved on to the next entertainment, leaving you behind with a shattered heart and tears that would never dry. Right now, this beast which lived in your chest was taking the wheel.
“I might not be able to give you these things”, Loki finally replied coolly.
“Able to? Or willing to?” You hated yourself for the bitterness seeping from your heart into your voice, for how clingy it made you feel when all you wanted was an answer, or at least an explanation for all the secrecy Loki was demanding about this weird little us.
“Do you want me to bring you a dictionary to find more synonyms to throw at me?”, Loki growled.
You could feel anger stirring awake in your stomach, hot and stinging.
“Do you think humour is going to end this argument?”, you snapped, and Loki narrowed his eyes.
“Do you think prodding me will?”
“We clearly don’t want the same things,” you snapped back, and you felt as surprised by your sudden outbreak as Loki looked.
“Clearly,” he replied, and you could feel the air shifting between the two of you. “Clearly, you don’t trust me,” Loki added, and his voice had turned as sharp as the blades of his golden daggers.
“Clearly you’ve never given me a reason to trust you.”
Loki’s frown deepened. “You don’t even deny that you don’t trust me?”
“I’m surprised that you’re surprised I don’t trust you,” you quipped, trying to swallow down the rage which began to simmer beneath your barely composed demeanour. There was a part in you that wanted to take back these words the instant they’d left your lips – but the other part, the one which relished the tiny flash of hurt in Loki’s eyes as these words filled the tense air between the two of you, was stronger right now, overpowering the hurt and disappointment you felt.
“I take it we’ll meet downstairs and pretend we haven’t been busy fucking each other last night, then,” you glowered, earning a glare from Loki.
“Do you want to go first, or are you scared I’ll stab you in the back if you do?”, he snapped. “You never know, with someone as untrustworthy as me.”
A mirthless laugh bubbled up your throat. “Don’t worry, you’ve perfected the art of back-stabbing without an actual dagger just fine.”
With another scalding look at him, you left to join the others.
With three cars, you’d chosen the option to ride in a car without Loki – a decision which didn’t even lead to raised eyebrows and curious glances because officially, there was nothing else between you and the trickster but friendship, if at all.
None of the others noticed your quietness as you watched the city lights passing in colourful blurs beyond the car’s windows, the flood of your own thoughts racing each other like the blinking neon letters on an electric billboard, drowning out Sam’s laughter and Nat’s comments, Bucky’s bickering voice and Steve’s chuckles as he drove the car.
“You still drive like an old man,” Nat’s voice floated through the haze of your thoughts, followed by Bucky’s comment, “That’s because he is an old man.”
If Loki didn’t want to tell the others about whatever it was between the two of you, he clearly didn’t feel the same things as you.
A lump was already forming in your throat, tears stinging in the corners of your eyes as you felt heartbreak, a heartbreak you’d wished to never have to experience, rush towards you like a high-speed train.
Pull yourself together, you chided yourself. No tears. Not tonight. There was nothing you could do right now apart from keeping your composure and your dignity.  
Except…there was. Alongside the idea creeping into your racing mind, a small smile dawned on your face.
If Loki didn’t talk to you willingly and give you the explanation he owed you, you’d have to make him. He might have been the trickster…but he wasn’t the only one.
When you finally arrived at the club – located inside of a pretty, white-washed building which you’d have pegged as a library or a court building rather than a club – and the basses from the music inside filled the warm night air of the parking lot, your frown had transformed into a smirk.
Your car had been the last to arrive, and when you sauntered into the dimly lit interior of the club beside Nat, letting yourself get swallowed in flickering, colourful lights and thumping basses, you let your eyes roam over the partying crowd, the dancing strobe lights illuminating snippets of fabric, a flash of blonde or red hair here and there, a glinting bracelet for a split second before the lighting changed. You narrowed your eyes as you scanned the crowd for a flash of raven hair, a pair of twinkling blue eyes.
“Did you spot any of the others yet?”, Nat shouted beside you, and her voice was nearly swallowed by the music, the volume so high that the floor beneath your feet seemed to vibrate. It had been so long since your last visit to a club, to normality, that you’d forgotten how it felt.
“Not yet,” you shouted back, “But they’ll show up, eventually.”
“Let’s get some drinks,” she shrugged.
You let yourself get pulled along with her, weaving through the throngs of people on the dance floor and towards the bar at the other end of the large space. The bar, with bottles of all kinds and shapes lining its glass shelves, illuminated by a dim white glow of the wall behind, was like a lighthouse in the sea of dancing people, and it looked surprisingly pretty. The whole club looked pretty, with its high ceiling, held up by white pillars resembling those in an ancient Greek temple, and the black marble tiles of the floor. Definitely fancier than the last club you’d visited and swore to never re-visit again.
“I think I saw Steve back there!”, Nat chimed up with another shout, pointing to somewhere behind you.
“It’s okay, go to him. I’ll get a drink first.” You were in desperate need of one.
With a nod, Nat left, a flash of fiery red curls disappearing in the crowd to leave you alone as you fought your way to the bar, where it was less crowded – and your eyes fell on Loki, black hair shining in the white glow of the illuminated wall, leaning against the bar, elbows casually resting on the glass top as his gaze scanned the partygoers. He looked gloomy, his lips drawn to a line, his signature amused smirk wiped away. Was he thinking about your fight, or merely annoyed by the mundane Midgardian clubbing scene?
“If you try to look any more gloomy, you’ll turn into Bucky without even having to shapeshift,” you commented as you leaned on the bar counter beside Loki, your elbows casually resting on the cool glass while you feigned to study the list of drinks for a few seconds. Your voice was loud enough to be heard over the music and low enough to still sound sultry, and Loki’s eyes snapped to yours.
“I’ll take a shot,” you said to the barkeeper who’d nodded at you to take your order, and he frowned in response.
“Which one, doll?”
“A strong one.”
With a sideways glance at Loki, you added under your breath, “I’ll need it.”
The barkeeper nodded and busied himself with a few bottles, and you turned to fully face the trickster while you waited for your drink.
“I knew you couldn’t stay away from me,” Loki teased, and you deadpanned, “I can’t imagine why people don’t like you.”
“They’re jealous, obviously.” Loki grinned, exactly aware of how insufferable he was right now.
“This is exactly why I need a drink first,” you quipped.
“It seems safe to assume you’ve decided to stop ignoring me?”, he purred with a gleam in his eyes that told you he was still furious. Great. So were you.
You gave him a smirk as you retorted, voice dripping with sweetness and sarcasm, tasting like rotten honey on your tongue, “Are you salty because I rode in a different car than you? It thought you didn’t want others to know we were…involved. We wouldn’t want them to get suspicious, would we?”
Loki chuckled, his eyes narrowing as they stayed locked on you. “Are we opening round two of our little lover’s quarrel? If so, I’d appreciate it if we could continue outside. Shouting at each other is only half as fun when you need to do it to get heard over the music.”
“I’m not here to continue our fight,” you replied, letting a slow smirk tug at your lips as you stepped towards him, until there were only inches left separating the two of you, and you could feel the air sizzle with tension as you did, Loki’s gaze unwavering on yours, scrutinizing you.
“No?”, he inquired, raising an eyebrow in suspicion.
“No,” you repeated light-heartedly. “We both made our wishes pretty clear. Or did you change your mind?”
“Did you?”, Loki countered with mock in his voice, and anger rushed through you. Anger and disappointment, walking hand in hand. You had a hard time swallowing them back down.
“Then we seem to find ourselves at a stalemate,” the trickster continued when you didn’t reply, tilting his head as he examined you.
“Stalemate,” you repeated, “Is that what it is to you? An entertaining little game?”
“And you accused me of being salty.” His quip, spoken with this infuriating mock-indignation, made your blood boil once more. Loki knew exactly how to rile you up.
It took all of your willpower to school your face into a calm expression. “You’re driving me crazy.”
“With desire? With want?”, Loki taunted.
“Will you ever shut up for a second?”, you retorted sweetly, which earned you a winning smile from the trickster; a smile which, indeed, drove you crazy with want. Though he didn’t need to know that.
“Only if you make me,” he drawled, and the darkness of his voice sent a pleasant chill crawling along your spine.
Keeping your expression in a bemused mask, you quipped, “You didn’t specify how. Stab you? Push you down a set of stairs? The possibilities are endless, and it’s been a long car ride to contemplate them.”
Loki snickered, obviously enjoying your bickering as much as you were starting to, and shrugged, “You wouldn’t be the first to try to kill me.”
“I might be the first to succeed, though, if you keep annoying me.”
“I love it when you threaten me,” Loki purred darkly, and the expression in his beautiful eyes, reflecting the dancing strobe lights of the club when they held your gaze, turned mischievous. Yes, he was undoubtedly enjoying himself – and he was probably testing the waters, trying to assess how angry you truly were.
“And that’s exactly why I’ll stop now.”
“A shame, really.”
You bit your lip, giving Loki a sultry smirk before you retorted, “I was planning on putting this night to better use than fighting. And that mouth of yours.”
“And will you divulge these plans to me, darling?”, Loki inquired with delight, and the pet name dripping from his tongue sounded like an attempt to tease you rather than an actual term of endearment this time.
“My original plan for this night…”, you drawled, tilting your head as you kept watching Loki’s expression while you let your fingertips dance up the sleeve of his dress shirt, slowly dragging your nails over the soft fabric, “was to dance with you.”
You inched closer, closing the remaining space between the two of you, eyes never straying from his.
“Only to dance?”, Loki teased, and somehow the smooth timbre of his voice, as low as it was, drowned out the loud music with ease, and the playful spark in his eyes made heat swell in your body. You knew that spark all too well – and every blissful consequence which usually followed in the form of a flick of his wrist to tear away your panties, or a swivel of his hot tongue against your soaked heat as he made you writhe on the sweat-soaked sheets beneath him.
“Only?”, you smirked, “You know what they say about dancing.”
“And what is that?”, he breathed, his tone as heavy and dark as your own, and you watched these mischievous sparks dance in his eyes when you let your hands travel higher; up his shoulders to lock at the nape of his neck, your fingertips playing with the strands of glossy midnight-black hair, all the while Loki’s hands settled on the curve of your waist to pull you closer to him.
Did he truly expect you to forget the fight this easily? To draw you back under his spell with a few flirtatious words and charming smiles? He was in for a surprise then, you thought, and your smile turned vicious as you began to roll your hips against his, slowly, in time with the rhythm of the song which thumped through the air like the club’s very own heartbeat.
“If you do it right, dancing –“ another roll of your hips while you let your voice grow heavy, and this time, you brushed against the growing bulge in his pants, making your smile widen at the impact of your words, the knowledge that you held this power over him, “ – is like sex.”
“We should put that to the test”, Loki murmured, and let his hands wander further down your sides, guiding you through the slow movements of your hips as you swayed in tune with the song, guiding you against him so your core met the growing bulge in his pants, and a low moan was drawn from your lips at the sensation of it, the familiar yearning which bloomed in your lower belly to accelerate the beat of your traitorous heart and soak your panties with your arousal.
“We should,” you breathed, and gasped as one of Loki’s hands left its place on your rear to grab a fistful of your hair at the nape of your neck to gently angle your head. The movement of your hips against his grew fiercer alongside the desire he so skilfully incited in you.
“Though I cannot help but wonder what else you’d planned for tonight, apart from dancing.”
You chuckled. You didn’t even need to look at the trickster to feel the wolfish grin paying on his lips and betraying the innocence of his tone, and to your discontent, it sent another thrilled shudder through your spine.
“Do you truly think my anger will be soothed so easily?”, you inquired with a purr, and angled your head to let your lips brush against the sensitive skin of his throat, right above the point of his pulse, and you could feel his grasp on you tighten in response to the sensation. Good.
“It was my intention to find out.” The strain in his voice, the obvious need he felt at your closeness and your well-placed touches, was too strong to be disguised by his calm demeanour. He wanted you just as much as you wanted him, the fury after the fight serving as nothing but oxygen to feed these greedy flames of want.
“Then let me indulge you, darling,” you lilted, and let your head roll back as you gyrated your hips against his, your lips parted with the ghost of a moan, painting the picture of what this night could have looked like, had he treated you differently.
“I bought new lingerie,” you continued with a suggestive smirk, and watched as his own smile grew hungrier with every word that spilled from your lips, every languid roll of your hips to rub against his hardening length, every single one of your little moans as you relished the sweet currents of pleasure these touches sent skittering through your body.
“Though,” you leaned closer, so close that your lips hovered mere inches from his own, close enough to breathe in each other, and it took all of your willpower not to let him kiss you senseless and forget about the argument, at least for tonight…but no. He’d hurt you. And your anger was stronger than any lust at this moment. “– one could argue if these scraps of lace could count as lingerie.”
“My favourite kind.” Loki’s gaze left yours to travel down to your lips.
“I know. That’s why I picked them.” You gave him your most flirtations half-smile, before you asked with a low voice, “I’m wearing them right now. Would you like to see them?”
You pressed yourself against him one last time, relishing the soft groan the movement drew from Loki’s lips before he breathed, “I’d love to.”
With these words you leaned even closer, tilting your head as if you were going in for a kiss, and watched as Loki mirrored your movement to capture your lips with his as he always did – but your hand reached down to grab your shot-glass from the bar counter instead, winking at Loki, whose smile had morphed into a crestfallen expression, before you downed the shot in one go. The alcohol burned its way down your throat, and you suppressed a flinch at the sharp taste of it, but Loki’s expression had been worth it.
“Too bad then that – how did you phrase it? – secrecy is all you can give me. Though that’s okay,” you shrugged, “Because obviously, I’m free as a bird. And I’m going to have a hell of a good time tonight.”
For the first time in his life, Loki was speechless.
“See you later, darling,” you purred while pulling a dollar note out of your dress’ deep cleavage to place it beside the empty shot-glass on the bar, and without another glance at Loki, you turned to saunter into the dancing crowd, feeling his gaze burning at your back with every step until you’d vanished from his sight.
To say you felt gleeful in the most malicious way would have been an understatement.
You had no problem to find other guys happy to dance with you, careful to set boundaries as you did – and careful to always stay where Loki could see you, raking a hand through your hair as you threw back your head and suggestively moved your hips in time with the music, another man’s hands settled on your waist instead of his own. Occasionally, you caught Loki’s gaze, observing with bitter satisfaction how his expression turned darker, how the dangerous glint of something that distinctly looked like jealousy crept into his eyes as he watched you from his place by the bar. When the guy you were currently dancing with spun you around to press your spine flush against his chest, your gaze locked on Loki’s once more, and with a wicked little smile, you threw him a lewd wink.
It would be an interesting night, indeed. Riling Loki up, making him watch you have a perfectly fun time without him, ignoring his stares for the most part of the night while you danced with strangers in a way only he was supposed to dance with you while he was rendered a mere spectator, was a whole new kind of satisfaction – though you couldn’t help but wonder how much it would take until the God of Mischief finally snapped. And how that would look like.
You didn’t know how much time had passed, but you parted ways with the last guy you’d danced with without another glance in Loki’s direction, to search for your friends and take a small break from dancing, making your way to the other side of the dance floor through the partying crowd. The air had become stuffy, and the stench of alcohol wafting throughout the space probably lingered in your hair already, despite having had only a single drink, the warmth of which had long ago worn off in your belly.  
You didn’t get far, though. As soon as you’d made eye contact with Thor and Nat, both standing beside one of the elegant pillars at the edge of the spacious dance floor, colourful drinks in even fancier glasses clasped in their hands, and you gave them a small smile to signal you’d noticed them – someone grasped the curve of your waist from behind, spinning you around to face them.
A flash of ocean-blue eyes under the strobe lights as Loki’s free hand, the one which wasn’t gabbing your waist, shot up to settle on the side of your throat, his thumb flicking over the point of your spiking pulse as his fingertips tangled in your hair, and the words of protest you’d meant to utter at his sudden appearance were swallowed by your gasp of surprise when he crashed his lips to yours with an angry growl.
Your head spun. Dizziness and warmth took control over your senses, a feeling only Loki’s kisses were ever able to incite in you, and despite the anger and frustration at the fight earlier, you didn’t push him away. All you wanted to do right now was to let yourself drown in the hot current of pleasure his greedy kiss flooded you with, that knocked every wisp of breath from your lungs and every rational thought from your mind with its ferocity. You let yourself melt into the possessive grasp of Loki’s hands with a soft groan as he pulled you even closer and deepened the kiss.
You’re mine. Loki didn’t need to growl the words – the possessiveness of his kiss, the way he touched you, as if he wanted for every person in the club to know who you belonged to, sufficed to convey the message. Only mine.
The skin on your neck beneath Loki’s fingertips prickled as if electricity were sparking from his skin to yours, and he didn’t wait for another second to swirl his tongue over your bottom lip, coaxing your mouth open for him, to swirl his tongue over yours and taste you. Arousal pulsated through your veins, dampening the lace of your panties.
You lost count of time as you let yourself sink into the kiss, your mind’s screaming don’t let him lull you in again drowned out by the surge of desire and everything else you felt for him, your pride thrown overboard alongside any reason as you eagerly opened your mouth for him, to taste him, and you vaguely noticed how your hands shot up to bury in his smooth black hair, your body working on muscle memory as your legs turned weak and your traitorous little heart fluttered out for him once more to crush in his icy grip. But for now, all you cared about was the sensation of his lips on yours, his hot tongue dancing over yours, the swirling movement a reminder of all the other things he could do to you with his skilled tongue, making you moan softly into the kiss. With his hand on your throat and his scent all over you, he was a poison pill you’d never be able to get out of your system again, making you crave more and more even if it would probably destroy you in the end.
A whine escaped your throat when Loki pulled away from the kiss as suddenly as he’d initiated it, and the expression in his eyes, the intensity of his emotions churning in their depths, beneath the shadow of his excitement, pinned you to your place.
“Is this what you wanted?”, Loki inquired with a snarl, and your gaze briefly flitted towards Nat and Thor, their mouths hanging open in utter shock and surprise at what they’d just witnessed, before they snapped back to Loki, and the anger in his tone, as if he were the one in the right, momentarily made the rage boil in your veins once more, alongside the hot currents of want which crawled along your bones, the urge to feel his hands on every inch of your heated skin as both of you glared at each other, panting heavily.
“You know damn well that you’ll need to do more than just –“
Your sentence was cut off in a squeal as green light engulfed you and Loki, and you stumbled a step backwards as the club’s interior felt like spinning around you, the ground bucking, black marble replaced with asphalt, and when your hand shot behind you to steady you, your palm met something smooth and cool. The hood of a…car.
Loki had teleported the two of you out of the club and onto the parking lot, which was dimly lit by the streetlamps in the distance and empty as far as you could see.
“Wow,” you huffed, voice still laced with anger, “I didn’t peg you as the jealous type.”
Loki chuckled, but the storm kept raging in his ocean eyes. “Jealous? There’s nobody in there who could compete with me. We both know it.”
“Though obviously, you’re so insulted by me dancing with someone else that you’ve decided to abduct me”, you crooned, but the sarcasm threaded into your voice couldn’t disguise the strain of arousal from this single kiss that had already been enough to rob the strength form your legs and dampen the lace of your flimsy panties, and Loki seemed to know it as well. His smirk turned feline, teeth flashing in the lights of the streetlamps and his eyes were ablaze with an intensity that fuelled the glowing want in your core only further.
“Do you truly think you could start playing these games with the God of Mischief and walk away, just like that?”, Loki countered, and crossed the last step between the two of you, tension sizzling through the air like the static of a radio, and you could feel the hammering of your pulse, accelerated further by Loki’s closeness, as if every single nerve in your body were humming with need for Loki.
You leaned closer towards him, responding with a wicked grin of your own while you quipped, “I walked away because I won the game before it even started. Though for a mere game, you’ve taken it rather seriously, I might add.”
Loki scoffed, a sound so guttural and low that it sounded like a growl, and the throbbing in your core intensified as the trickster mirrored your movement and angled his head, leaning in as you’d done earlier at the bar, close enough for his lips to hover only inches from yours, his warm breath ghosting over your lips, making your skin prickle.
“And for someone who claimed to have fun without me, you seemed to be exceedingly desperate for my attention,” Loki mused, his voice low and dark, inching even closer until the back of your legs brushed against the front of the car parked right behind you.  
“Says the man who got jealous enough to abduct me,” you purred sweetly. The tip of your nose brushed against his, sparks jolting through you at the promise of another of his searing kisses, stoking the heat in your core as Loki closed the remaining space, and his lips were on yours once more, his body pressing flush against yours as he guided you backwards and your spine met the hood of the car, elbows resting on the cool metal to steady yourself and a guttural moan escaped your lips as Loki nudged your legs apart with his knee, to settle between them, rubbing against the soaked spot of your panties as he did.
Never once breaking the open-mouthed kiss, the trickster placed his hands on the car’s hood to corner you further with his body, and the possessiveness of his movements made your mind spin like a carousel with a want that was nothing short of feral.
“It’s not an abduction if you’re not tied up,” Loki mused against your lips, and before you could register the meaning of these words, your sharp intake of breath already filled the night air as your hands were pinned to the cool metal above your head with the invisible force of Loki’s magic, effectively tying you to the car’s hood.
“There. Now it’s an abduction. We wouldn’t want you to stroll away again, hmm?”, Loki crooned and rolled his hips against yours, so his thigh rubbed against your core through the soaked fabric of your panties, summoning a half-suppressed moan from you at the sensation of the pleasure which rushed through your body like liquid fire at the contact.
“I wouldn’t have strolled away if you’d given me a reason to stay,” you panted, desperately rutting your hips against his thigh to gain more friction, knowing too damn well he wouldn’t grant you release that easily. No, it was payback time, and the devil’s grin on Loki’s lips was indication enough that he was planning to make you beg.
His hands splayed on the car’s hood on either side of your head, Loki leaned closer to you, but instead of continuing the greedy kisses you’d anticipated, the trickster angled his head and let his lips brush against the shell of your ear as his hips met yours once more in another deliciously slow motion, making your eyes fall shut with the feeling of his hot breath caressing the exposed skin at the side of your neck while he whispered, “I’m giving you a reason to stay.”
Strands of his raven hair tickled your cheeks, and you groaned softly as he planted a feverish kiss to the point of your thundering pulse, as feather-light as the touch of a moth’s wing and bruising at the same time.
“You intend to leave me chained to a car for the rest of the night so I won’t dance with others? Is that your plan?”, you challenged, though the intended sass was lost to your voice breaking with the strain of your want as you gyrated your hips against his, tugging at the magic still restraining your wrists above your head and render you helpless and at the trickster’s mercy, but they didn’t budge. “You’re right, Loki. That doesn’t seem jealous at all.”
“I’m merely giving you what you wanted” Loki breathed against the side of your neck. Loki’s body was pressed so tight against yours that you could feel the flex of his abs, the heat of his skin seeping through the green fabric of his dress shirt. When his tongue darted out to trace the column of your throat, claiming you, tasting you, you suppressed the moan which threatened to spill from the back of your throat.
“Making me jealous,” Loki cooed, pulling away slightly to watch you intently while he dragged the tip of his index finger along your cheek and down, following the side of your neck down to your collarbone. “Making me give in to your will.”
It cost some strength to snicker in response. “You’re pretty confident, darling. What if this wasn’t about you, for once? What if I just wanted a bit of fun?”
Loki’s eyes flashed dangerously, and it drove you crazy with the need for him throbbing in your dripping core. “If you actually wanted me to believe it wasn’t for my attention,” he drawled slowly, “then you did an exceedingly bad job acting like it.”
“What did you expect me to do? Crawl back to you and apologize for something that’s your fault?”
“How boring that would have been,” Loki purred, “You played me well, darling. I might even admit that I’m impressed.”
“How very generous of you,” you quipped, breathless, wishing nothing else than to have his lips on yours again, exploring every inch of your body. Starting with the aching spot at the apex of your thighs.
Loki’s voice darkened when he added, “But now it’s my turn to play, darling.”
His voice, darkened with lust, was like claws which gently raked over the curve of your spine, chasing the goosebumps his touches elicited on your skin.
Your witty retort died before it could leave your lips, devoured by the low moan tearing from you as Loki’s lips found the side of your neck again, and his hands strayed to the hem of your short dress, to hike up the fabric, his nails scraping over the sensitive skin of your thighs. You arched your hips into his touch in response, desperate for him to remove the panties. The thought of being in public, in the middle of a parking lot, was pushed back into a hazy corner of your mind for now.
“Do you think anybody else could make you feel as good as I can?”, Loki drawled, and his fingers danced over the damp lace of your fabric, followed by your reply of another incoherent moan.
“Use your words,” Loki commanded softly.
“Nobody,” you panted.
“Nobody what?”, he teased, his voice raw and dark, his lips barely grazing the skin above your collarbone as he spoke.
“Nobody else can make me feel as good as you can,” you forced the words out on a groan. If this was a game of control, you’d lost it already.
“It seems like you need a little reminder of who you belong to,” Loki drawled sweetly as he continued to trace the delicate lace of your panties, torturingly slowly, and you felt as if you might burst with the need for him to take you right against the hood of that damn car. You wanted nothing more than to grab him and pull him closer, but his magic’s grasp on your wrists was unrelenting.
You were too proud to beg, though – at least for now.
“You seem so sure that I’m yours” you breathed, imitating his dark purr as you gyrated your hips to meet his, “But if you were as sure as you make it sound, there would be no need for you to tie me up.”
“Then I’ll need make sure to ruin you for every other person in this realm,” Loki growled, and his teeth grazed the sensitive spot above your pulse, making your mind go momentarily blank with the sensation.
“How?” Your voice was breathless, urgent.
“I’ll make you beg.”
Another groan spilled from your lips as Loki’s hands tore away the panties, and the delicate lace ripped under his strong grip as if it were nothing but a piece of paper, discarded on the glittering asphalt.
“These were new,” you hissed, but the protest was half-hearted.
“I could always stop,” Loki whispered against the sweaty skin at the crook of your neck, trailing open-mouthed kisses over the curve of your shoulder, “You only need to tell me to let you go, and I will. Though we both know that’s the last thing you want right now.” He let his fingers explore the wetness of your folds, tracing up towards the sweet spot where you needed him most, and you blissful whine turned into one of frustration as he deliberately avoided the swollen bundle of nerves.
“And what do I want?”, you panted. “Because once more, you seem all talk and no action. Or did you simply tie me up so I wouldn’t walk away in the middle of your villainous little monologue?”
Loki’s dark chuckle filled your core with aching need, and he replied mischievously, “If you want me to give you what you need, be a good girl and beg for it.”
“Or what?”, you replied sweetly, and your voice broke into a drawn moan as he let his thumb finally, finally graze your aching clit, making you urgently snap your hips to meet his thumb, to gain some friction, and the raspy chuckle that tumbled from his throat at your obvious despair seemed to vibrate through your own body as his lips found the spot above your pulse again. Loki’s teeth sunk into the sensitive skin of your neck to leave his mark, visible for everyone who’d lay eyes on you in the next days, and you cried out – not in pain, but raw pleasure. You wanted his fingerprints burned onto your skin, his teeth marking every spot on your body, his scent of magic and herbs and leather to linger on your skin for everyone to know you were his, and he was yours.
“I don’t see how you’ll make me beg like this,” you teased breathlessly, relishing every ounce of pleasure the greedy movement of his fingertips over your clit bestowed on you as you kept rocking your hips in time with him, helping him expertly build your orgasm. Loki pulled away from your neck to watch you writhe and quiver beneath him, the cool metal of the car’s hood hard against your back, though you couldn’t care less right now. The first glowing waves of your climax made your spine tingle.
“Fuck, I’m – “, you began to moan, but the soft sound fused into a desperate whimper as Loki pulled his fingers away in a flourish, and his smirk turned even more wicked at your indignant glower.
“How does it feel,” he crowed innocently, “to be teased like this, darling?”
“You tell me,” you retorted, quickly catching yourself to not give him the reaction he was aiming for, trying your best to ignore the throbbing in your core as you added gleefully, “It was the first time I saw the God of Mischief himself speechless when I left you at the bar.”
Loki only grinned. “The way I see it, the scales have tipped in my favour rather quickly. How would you like it,” he rasped while slowly dragging his fingertips over your wet folds, careful to avoid the swollen nub of your clit, relishing how your breath caught in your throat at the motion, “if I just left you tied up here, all needy and wet for me, craving your relief?”
“Don’t you dare,” you hissed, or rather panted, earning another grin from the trickster.
“Either you’ll need to beg for me to continue…or I’ll leave.”
“You won’t.”
You both knew he would.
“Fine.” Loki pulled away from you, taking one step backwards, then another, his pace leisurely while he raised his hands in feigned defeat. “Maybe you’ll be cooled down a bit until it’s time to leave –“
“Wait,” you blurted through gritted teeth, and Loki froze mid-movement, waiting for you to continue.
“Wait what?”, he demanded, voice raw with his own arousal and lined with delight while a slow smile curved his lips. “I don’t like to be told what to do.”
You glared at him, before you breathed with defeat, “Please.”
“Use your lovely mouth, darling. I’ll need more than that.”
“Please stay.”
“And what would you like me to do if I did?” Loki purred, inching closer again, dragging his nails over the inside of your thigh to fuel your need even further; oil feeding those hungry flames only he knew how to incite in you. At this point, every nerve in your body felt like a live wire, the coil of need in your belly pulled as taut as a bowstring.
“Fuck me,” you whispered – pleaded. “I’m begging you. There. Happy now?”
“You have no idea,” he rasped, but the vicious smile curving his lips suggested he was, indeed, happy.
“No idea how beautiful you look, sprawled for me like this. Dripping wet for me.”
He didn’t wait another second, and you cried out with bliss as he grasped the side of your head with one hand, watching you as he slowly, torturingly slowly, slipped a digit inside you and added a second one, stretching you, and your head fell back onto the hard metal of the car’s hood beneath you while your eyes fluttered close, your moans were growing louder and louder as Loki started pumping his fingers inside of you, his gaze leaving trails of fire on your damp skin. As you forced your eyes open to gaze back at him, the blue of Loki’s irises was gone, swallowed nearly entirely by the darkness of his lust-blown pupils betraying how much he wanted you right now as he watched you fuck his fingers.
“What if anyone sees us?”, you asked meekly, but Loki only chuckled.
“You’ll have to tune down these lovely noises then. It’s on you, darling. Though for all I care…” His voice grew darker, as dark as the spark in his eyes, “You can be as loud as you like. That’s what you wanted after all, didn’t you? Let them know about us?”
“Such a needly little thing for me,” he crooned with delight as you rolled your hips in time with the thrusts of his fingers, your eyes fluttering close again as he hit the spot deep inside your walls, curling his fingers just right…
You were putty in his hands. A puppet dancing on his strings – and how good it felt to do so. You arched your back with the force of the pleasure, letting yourself dive into it, listening to the low drawl of Loki’s velvety, dark voice while he pumped his fingers in a pace so achingly slowly, teasing you with the movements, making your senses light up like sparklers at New Year’s Eve as you desperately chased your relief, a moan building at the back of your throat in time with the tension in your body as your climax rushed towards you again –
And this time, when Loki pulled his fingers out of you just before relief could finally drown you for good, you hissed, “What the fuck?!”
“Oooh. You should watch that filthy mouth of yours before Rogers hears you cursing like this.”
“Loki, I swear I’ll –“
“Do what, exactly, my darling?”, he teased, and the glee in his voice made you grit your teeth in frustration, jerking against the cuffs of magic. They still didn’t budge.
“I begged.”
“Not enough, obviously. I can be awfully petty.”
“I wouldn’t have noticed,” you deadpanned, but your voice was giving in as much as your legs had at this point.
Loki angled his head, his midnight curls glossy and beautiful in the orange glow of the city lights seeping into the night sky above as he hovered above you, his eyes wandering down to your kiss-swollen lips once more before they locked on yours. Your glare left him unimpressed.
“You’re getting your relief when I allow it,” he purred. “I bet you wish you hadn’t riled me up like this.”
“No way,” you replied innocently, “It was worth your expression when you realized I don’t need you to have fun.”
“Your current predicament begs to differ.”
“What about you, Loki? Does it leave you hot and bothered to have me soaked for you, craving you? I see that you’re just as desperate for me as I am for you. Do you want to know how I know?”, you drawled, and Loki raised one eyebrow, waiting for you to continue, and your eyes narrowed.
“I know,” you whispered, letting the arousal weigh heavy on your voice, watching how Loki’s chest heaved with his own laboured breathing, the glaze in his eyes, the feverish blush which had crept into his pale cheeks before you continued, “because if you didn’t need me as much as I needed you, you’d just have hooked up with another person in that club. We both know you could’ve swayed pretty much anybody in there within a second. But you didn’t. Because just as much as I belong to you – you belong to me as well, Loki.”
Something shifted in Loki’s darkened gaze, a switch being flipped by your words, the confession carefully woven into them, the question buried in these few sentences.
Loki didn’t need to reply. When he leaned down to capture your lips with his, the movement of his mouth as greedy and urgent as yours, his body pressing you further against the hood of the car, with his fingers buried in your hair at the back of your head and his soft moan spilling on your tongue, the magic which had tied your wrists finally loosened to set you free. Your hands shot up to finally tangle in his silky raven hair to summon another growl from him that made your knees give in for good, and you let yourself sink further against him, your grasp in his hair tightening. You knew how much he loved it when you raked your fingers through his hair.
“I want you, Loki.” It was a whisper, drowned by his ravenous kiss, a hidden confession to so much more than your need for him right now.
Green light engulfed the two of you for the second time this evening, and the cold, hard metal of the car’s hood against your back vanished, replaced by the smoothness of leather. Loki had teleported the two of you onto the backseat of a car. A car you definitely didn’t recognise.
“That’s not our car.”
“We’re borrowing it,” Loki breathed with a smirk, “Except you draw the line at theft, in which case you’ll have to stay patient until we’re home.”
“Theft is a red flag I can comfortably ignore. I’m not waiting a second longer,” you announced eagerly.
One hand on the leather seat beside your head to support his weight, the other working open the fly of his pants to free himself, Loki’s grin widened. “That’s my girl.”
His lips were on yours as he shifted and settled between your thighs, your legs locked around his waist as you impatiently rutted your hips against his, the sinful sounds that tumbled from his lips only spurring you on. You extended your hands to rip open the green dress shirt, but with a devious chuckle and a snap of his fingers, the magical cuffs were back, pulling your hands behind your back to render you at Loki’s mercy again.
“Don’t you think it’s a little pathetic how anxious you are to stay in control?” The tease in your tone was strained by your anticipation.
“Did you truly think I’d be done with you yet?”, Loki taunted, unfazed by your scowl. “Go on, act like you’re angry about being tied up, but we both know you love it.” He leaned closer, and you shivered with the sensation of his lips brushing against the shell of your ear when Loki added with a dark whisper, “Otherwise, you wouldn’t be as soaked for me as you are, darling.”
Traces of sparks erupted in the wake of Loki’s fingertips as he let his free hand travel up the outside of your thigh. Your reply was swallowed by a growl as he dragged his tip along your slick heat, continuing to tease you, grazing your clit until you arched your back with lust, but still denying you what you truly needed.
“Now be a good girl,” Loki rasped, “And let me hear you beg for me one more time. After hearing how nicely you could beg, I don’t think I’ll get enough of that.”
This time, every last ounce of belligerence had left you, every last dreg of self-restrained robbed with every teasing touch of Loki’s skilled hands and every rasped command.
“Please,” you begged, “Make me feel good.”
Your surprised gasp filled the air inside the car as Loki’s hands grabbed your rear and he flipped you, sitting up and pulling you with him onto his lap so you were straddling him, your hands still firmly tied at your back.
“Only because you begged for it so nicely,” he cooed with his rascal grin while he grabbed your butt to slightly lift you. You watched the muscles in his bare forearms flex with the movement, and the feeling as he slowly pulled you down onto him again, burying himself deep inside you, robbed the breath from your lungs and the strength remaining in your body, turning you utterly delirious with the feeling of his throbbing length sheathed inside you
You didn’t wait another second to start moving your hips languidly, watching how Loki’s eyes fluttered close with bliss, the way his long, dark lashes brushed against his sharp cheekbones, how his lips parted to let out the wanton moan he’d tried and failed to hold back before his head fell back against the headrest of the car seat as every roll of your hips drove him deeper inside of you. It drove you crazy not to be able to grab his hair, to let your hands wander over his chest in equal parts. The sight of Loki losing control, coupled with the thought of how jealous and possessive the trickster could be for you, to know how much it had riled him up to see you dance with others, only doubled the bliss of having him inside of you.
“You have no idea how hot you are when you’re possessive,” you drawled as you deliberately slowed your pace, soft waves of pleasure rolling through you with every languid thrust of your hips against his, the slickness of your arousal soaking the black fabric of his pants, relishing the sinful sound tearing from Loki’s throat.
“And you have no idea how hot you are when you’re begging for me,” Loki purred in reply, and his eyes fluttered open to reveal the devious gleam that told you it wouldn’t be the last time he’d made you beg.
The next rut of your hips was firmer, and you threw your head back with another growl – just as the car’s radio was brought to life with a spark of Loki’s magic as he lost control with the sensation of being buried inside of you. The tunes of a song floated through the car’s interior to tangle with the string of moans tumbling from your and Loki’s lips in unison with every thrust.
… And I'm so down if you're ready
I'm floating but I'm heavy …
You snickered as the meaning of the lyrics seeped through the haze of lust clouding your mind, and the sound morphed into a cry of pleasure as Loki’s grip on your butt tightened, his nails digging into your skin to leave a beautiful pattern of crescent-shaped imprints when he slightly lifted you, only to slam you down onto him again and bury himself deeper inside of you, hitting the spot deep in your velvet walls just right.
“You’re mine,” Loki groaned. “Tell me you’re mine.” It sounded like a plea, rather than a command, and you obliged without a second thought.
“I’m yours, Loki,” you whispered as another jolt of pleasure surged through you.  
…You're buried in the pillow, yeah, you're so loud the voice drawled from the radio speakers,
But I'm about to show you, baby, slow down
Slow down…
The side of your nose brushed against Loki’s as you leaned closer, and your lips brushed against his with the ghost of a kiss when you murmured, “I want you to leave bruises.”
Loki’s eyes found yours, a flicker of a question displayed in their darkened depths for the blink of a second to see if you’d truly meant it. You knew no matter how angry and possessive Loki felt, he’d never leave a single bruise on your skin without your consent, though his voice was coarse when he growled, “As you wish,” and you moaned when his grip on you tightened even further, your head falling against the crook of his shoulder to breathe him in as you felt your climax building with each thrust, pleasure glowing in every cell of your body until you thought it might consume you, burn you alive with bliss bolting through your body.
…Push a little further on the edge…
“Come for me,” Loki commanded with a soft rasp, and this time, you didn’t need to be told twice, gladly heeding his command as you let go, happy to succumb to this sweetest relief that robbed your breath and erased every other thought in your mind but Loki’s name, tasting sweet on the tip of your tongue.
…I'm burning up, yeah, all I see is red…
When Loki felt your body tremble and your walls clench around him with the force of your orgasm, his name floating through the car’s interior carried by your voice in a broken cry of pleasure, he allowed himself to chase his own relief alongside yours, slamming you down onto his cock one last time as he came undone, his grip on you tightening with the intensity of his climax. His groan seemed to vibrate through your own bones when he angled his head to brush his lips over the mark his teeth had left on the feverish skin of your neck when he’d kissed you earlier, and the sensation of his hot cum spilling inside of you was another sweet reminder that you were his; another beautiful reminder that you belonged to him.
It took a few heartbeats for your senses to return and the blur of pleasure to recede, leaving your body tingling with the afterglow of your climax, slumped against Loki as both of you waited for your ragged breathing to calm. The next song playing on the radio accompanied the thundering sound of your pulse in your ears as it slowed.
“We should join the others inside,” you breathed, and the magic’s grip on your wrists vanished to set you free.
You pulled away from him, already missing him – the feeling of him pressed as close to you as it was possible, his breath against your skin – and realization sunk in with a painful sting that you still hadn’t resolved the matter of your fight.
You couldn’t walk in there, having done what you’d just done with Loki, and still none the wiser as to what you meant to him.
“What are we?”, you whispered softly, against your better judgement screaming at you to stay silent. With the craze of lust gone from your system, the numbing disappointment crept back in, accompanied by the anger and the feeling of heartbreak the fight with Loki had left you with. “Will it always stay like this? Me, wondering what we are and if you’ll ever be ready to give me a real answer, wondering if I’m somehow not enough for you? I don’t think I’ll ever have the strength to walk away from you, no matter how you play with my heart. And I’m hating myself for being bound to you like this, for allowing it. More than I could ever hate you for your silence.”
There, you’d said it, had given voice to the things you’d buried so deep in your heart to hide them from him. The anxious beating of your heart against your ribs was the only sound filling your ears – and still, it wasn’t loud enough to drown out the sudden silence.
Loki’s gaze softened at your words. Gone was the edge, and the oceans of his eyes were calm, as if the storm had never happened, when he held your gaze. His hand gently brushed away a stray strand of your hair which had fallen into your face.
“I love you, Y/N.” His voice was calm and quiet, and your heart clenched in your chest with newfound hope upon hearing these words you’d so desperately wished to hear from him.
“If you really love me, why did you never tell me before?”, you inquired. Doubt was creeping into your heart, and there was no way to stop it. “Why are you so intent on keeping me at an arm’s length, keeping this thing between us a secret? If you love someone, you want to shout it from the rooftops. Not hide it.”
Loki swallowed, obviously trying hard to find the right words, and you kept quiet, giving him all the time he needed while simultaneously dreading his next words.
“You don’t believe me.”
“I want to believe you. But I need more than a few words for it, Loki. As beautiful as they are…they’re not enough.”
A few seconds passed, turning into minutes, and the silence descended on the two of you once more, settling on your heart like a coat of lead.
Seconds passed, stretching into minutes. When Loki still didn’t reply, you muttered, “I think I need another drink,” and shuffled to climb off his lap, extending your hand to reach for the car door’s handle and leave, but Loki was faster, his fingers gently closing around your wrist to stop you.
“Wait. Please.”
The cockiness was gone from his voice, as was the rasp of his arousal. He suddenly reminded you of the scared little boy you’d imagined when he told you about hiding away from Thor and his friends whenever they chased him for another prank, and your expression softened while you let your hand sink. Loki’s gasp on you, though, didn’t loosen.
“If I tell you that I love you, allow for us to be a real couple instead of hiding our relationship…there’s more I can lose.” He swallowed. “It was never my intention to play with you. I only ever wanted to protect myself, and I’m sorry I did it at the cost of your own happiness. Will you be able to forgive me?”
Your head snapped up, eyes widening as his words filled the small space of the car’s interior, building a bridge over the rift the fight earlier had torn open between the two of you.
“Why do you think you’ll lose me?”, you whispered.
“Because losing the people I love seems to be inherent in my nature, probably owed to the fact that I either betray them, or accidentally kill them.” There was no trace of the usual amusement when he spoke the words. Only sorrow.
Loki’s breath was trembling as he inhaled, and you noticed that tears were glazing over his eyes as he held your gaze with a steadiness that avoided his voice.
“Will you betray me?”, you asked quietly, and the grief in his gaze was overpowered by the gleam of fierceness as he slowly shook his head.
“Never. I promise.”
“Then the risk of getting accidentally killed is one I’m willing to take if it means to be with you.”
Instead of an answer, green light flashed for a third time, and you stumbled against the side of the car you’d just occupied, until Loki’s hands snaked around your waist to settle on your spine, and when he kissed you, the urge and greed were gone, the previous possessiveness softened to gentleness, and you hummed happily.
“I want to be with you, Loki,” you murmured, “And I think I can live with hiding away if it soothes your fear, now that I know the reason for it.”
There was no devilish gleam in his eyes, no mischief in his smile when he pulled away to look at you, astonishment written all over his lovely features.
“I trust you,” you added softly, your words accompanied by the sting of your own tears which threatened to spill from the corners of your eyes.
Loki’s smile was radiant, as if the sun had risen over the darkened city, warming you from the inside, and you couldn’t help but reciprocate it.
Never leaving you out of his eyes, Loki extended his hand towards you, palm up, and said, “No. We’ve been tiptoeing around enough. It’s time to shout it from the rooftops how much I love you. Let’s go back inside and show the world how a proper kiss looks like, my love.”
Nothing you’d ever felt in your life could have compared to the happiness surging through your heart as you placed your hand in Loki’s – for the first time without having to worry if somebody would see it.
Tumblr media
Loki taglist (let me know if you’d like to be added): @boneheadduluc @spiderhostia @a-midwinter-night-dream-86  @zemosimp05 @justfangirlthingies @cazzyimagines @rumblelibrary @victias @justanothertruebeliver @chiptaylormybeloved @vverliebt @madhatter2727 @a-simp-recommends-fics @morphoportis  @superavengerpotter @savvywords @thatoneleoslytherin @clockblobber @jhawk608  @spooksgalore69 @paetonnn @chaosbringer566 @jesuisbenny @idkimjusthere23  @dirtytissuebox @sarahpaq08 @janetsnakehole02 @swimgirl5665 @wojciechovsk  @flawed---by---design @the-maroon-panda @charistory @lokiperfection @jen-w @i-l-y-3000​  @spicy-acocado @fallinallinmendes​ @awkward-and-indecisive​ @whiskeywinter89​  @cringingmemeries​ @osugahunnyicedtea​ @dead-mitochondria @littleone65  @theaudacitytowrite​ @marchingicenotes7​ @palepurserebelcloud @variant59​ @lokistoriesblog​ @classicmarvelavenue​  @confettucini​ @1marvelnerd3000​ @gabewerk @huffpuff10​ @pugcess​  @wh0reforthemarauders​ @pictsiepanda​ @sititran​ @butterflyloki​  @notyourfuckingbusinesss​ @damnzelsoul @itsybitchylittlewitchy​  @that-one-girl-that-simps @psyc-hot-ic-gingers-kitten​ @extrodinary-disaster​  @d1a2n389​ @idkdude44 @realandloud​ @sherlockhss​
@kingtwhiddleston​ @glee-ghost​ @glacial-snowflakes​
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bonky-n-steeb · 3 months ago
i think Loki needs a flower crown, so what if you made him one? Would he like it or not?
Thank you so much for this request! This made me soft.🥺 I hope you like this. Ily! 😘
the flower crown
𝙡𝙤𝙠𝙞 𝙭 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧
𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 || fluff and a little bit of angst.
this is not proofread :/
This gif is so 🥺🥺🥺
Tumblr media
It was the New Year’s Eve on Asgard. A new year of hope and happiness was about to come and everyone was rejoicing.
And unlike earth, one of the traditions on Asgard was to give gifts to the royal family. From the kings to the little princesses, the commoners gave little tokens of appreciation.
The maidens used to make jewellery from flowers for their princes while men used to offer their craftsmanship. This year was no different.
Almost all the members of the royal family were bestowed with gifts. At the end of the day Thor was covered in fragrant flowers while Odin and frigga had collected pots and metals. Everyone except Loki had some gift or the other.
After all the deeds he had done the previous year and after the fact that he was a frost giant was revealed; no one dared to give him anything. Some out of fear as to how he’d react, while the others refrained due to their outright hate towards him.
Loki always maintained a calm composure in front of others. He pretended in the court that the gifts from those peasants were beneath his level. That he didn’t need their appreciation, he was a god after all.
But beneath the cold exterior, his heart ached. He desperately wanted someone to give him anything; even a stone would mean a lot. And all this proving the very point he was fighting for: he wasn’t Thor’s equal.
As the night approached, the festivities all died down and he retreated back to his chamber. And all he hand in his hands was one delicate bracelet given to him by his own mother.
He would keep it safe and close to his heart. But the fact that no one else cared enough for him, made deep cuts.
“How was your day, my Prince?” You inquired as he entered his bed chambers. You were waiting for him there all day.
Being a servant, your duty was to keep his room the way he liked and cater to his whims. But Loki wasn’t like one expected him to be. He pretended to be arrogant but despite that he did things no one else would do.
He asked if you were okay on the days you were sick and gave you a day off. He asked if you’d had your lunch and he noticed little changes like when you trimmed your hair.
These were the things that people overlooked. Running after big things, people forgot how precious caring for someone so much that you noticed all the small details was. And you couldn’t stop your heart from falling for him.
“How would it be?” He asked incredulously. You could feel the disappointment radiate out of the Prince. He had nothing except for the beautiful bracelet clutched in his hands and you had an inkling who it was from.
“I have something for you.” Loki’s eyes shot over to you as you looked at him shyly. You didn’t know how he’d react; whether he’d be happy or whether he’d think it was childish.
“What?” What would you have for him? He noticed how your hands were behind your back as if you were hiding something. Your hands trembled a little as you brought them in front of you.
Loki’s eyes widened then watered as he saw what you were holding gently in your hand. A flower crown. “I… I made this for you.” You had spent the entire day collecting and then weaving the flowers in a delicate pattern.
Dahlias, daisies and carnations made the main portion of the crown, while hydrangeas were filling the remaining spaces. It was the most beautiful crown Loki had ever seen.
He quickly wiped off the tears in his eyes and cleared his throat. “Thank… thank you.” Loki said accepting the gift. You couldn’t believe the god of mischief just accepted your gift and thanked you.
But before you could say any further, he dismissed you with a flip of his hand. Nodding, you walked away, only to peek back into his room through the small slit in the door.
You wanted to see what he did with it. Did he throw it away? Did he mock it? Did he wear it? You stood with bated breath as he got up walked towards the mirror. He stared at the crown for some moments before finally placing it on his head.
You gave a small squeal as you saw him smile at the mirror. Loki was treating it as if the crown was made of gold. You know that no matter what how cold he appeared to be, this man had a heart of gold.
Loki finally allowed himself to cry when you were gone. The crown was truly one of the best things he’d received. He couldn’t believe you cared for him so much.
He couldn’t believe that after everything had happened, there was this one person, you, who thought he deserved happiness too. He didn’t feel so alone anymore.
He couldn’t ever tell you, but he loved you. Since the day you had entered his life, his life was much brighter. But you didn’t belong together.
He was a monster and you were the only good thing in his life. If you ever got together, he would taint you too. And he wouldn’t be able to live if he ever dimmed your light.
So he did what he knew best; he hid his feeling and saw you from afar. Hoping that one day, one fine day he’d finally have the courage to tell you the truth.
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chaashni · 19 days ago
Party In The USA
Tumblr media
When Thor and his parade crashes Vegas, you find yourself living out a few of your dirtiest desires.
A/n: Day 3!!! And this us Jotun! Loki based on the What if episode so this gonna be filthy and funny all at once!
I do not give permission for my works to be translated or reposted on any other blog or third party site.
Word count: 1.6K
Warnings: Smut, Jotun!Loki, Monsterfucking being reader's deepest desires, talks bout breeding( tho it usn't possible but we can connect on a spiritual level here) Thor makes an appearance and so does a monster tentacle dildo.
Kinktober day 3 prompts: Breeding kink+ Dirtiest/darkest desires+ Jotun!Loki
My fic library is @chaashnifics
What the ever-grand Fuck?
The chorus of Miley Cyrus's Party in the USA rang in the recess of your mind as you watched a hoard of people -people who looked like they were straight out of Sheldon's dream Halloween party- half robots, with weird tattoos, cybernautics, a ridiculous sense of fashion and mortifyingly bad hairstyles.
None of them were from this planet, that you were sure of. You had followed the projections breaking through the sky, even made a wish- which was something related to your boyfriend and him being chased by a parade of ostriches- ex boyfriend actually.
And then you realized they were people.
Your mind was whirring, terrifying images of what hollywood had led you to believe would be how an alien invasion turns out to be, infiltering your mind.
Till you reached the podium where there was a robed man- with a missing eye- who was trying to stop a party. You saw him get tossed into the air, beer bottles clicking and paint and foam spraying about as some blue-coloured-pointy-haired thing did a pretty bang up job with being DJ, the loudest, most obnoxious kind of party you had ever seen going in full swing.
You could use a free drink.
Three glasses of some kind of bewitched ale later, because you were never a drinker and never had you lasted two drinks without curling up on the floor and crying about that time when Luke and Lorelai broke up. Between the stress of work and the weird absence of a broken heart after a fresh breakup, you didn't care.
That was till those icicle monsters appeared.
When they first stepped in, you were about to scream. And then you saw the face of that one, the tallest guy with those chiseled abs, looking like he had been carved straight out of ice, the precision of his movements almost throwing you off.
That scream which you were about to give out stuck in your throat, your mouth hanging open and eyes comically wide.
The guy was so pretty.
What the fuck?
One random girl pushed a pink macaron in your mouth, and the macaron was on fire, but your mouth wasn't burning or anything. Edible fire.
At this point you would believe anything.
The tall blue giant and his legion of followers fist bumped with the long haired blonde, both of them booming ridiculously. Yet, you caught yourself swooning at each sentence the blue guy with those cheekbones was saying.
Something told you his words would be the smoothest honey over each of the cracks in your beaten heart.
Yeah of course, you knew your relationship was gonna meet a dead end. You weren't heartbroken. Just a little knocked up. And punched and bruised. Because you wasted a few opportunities to stay in with a guy who didn't appreciate you enough.
You were mad at yourself.
Something told you, Loki, brother from another mother of Mr.Blondeshine, would be very very appreciative of you. Even show you a very good time.
Oh God. What did these people give you?
The ten inch monster-tentacle dildo sitting in your bedside drawer flashed in your mind. No. You were perfectly alright.
The blue Prince looked at you. Looked down at you, because he was huge.
You were not fine anymore.
The sharp cut of his cheekbones, like they had been shaped out of glass by the most skilled of hands, perfected a million times. His eyes were a perfect pool of reflection of all the lights in Vegas, his lips and nose perfect too.
You tore your eyes away from his face, groaning when you looked at his hands as they casually flipped an empty canister. They were huge. And so so pretty.
You caught his eyes flicker towards you once more, and you could swear he licked his lips.
Or you were losing your mind.
You drifted to the other side of the party, somebody called Captain Marvel being a party pooper and you felt like you were drunk and floating in mist.
You felt like Alice, navigating through the chaos of Vegasland, the new wonderland.
You had sobered up a little, your movements still messy and hair flying astray. You throat was dry and your palms clammy, an ache in between your thighs.
Loki and his friends had just dismantled the high roller, his electrifying laugh and smooth words crackling through the air. Goosebumps flashed all over your skin and your panties were damp immediately as his horns shone under the lights, your fingers pins and needles to run through his abs.
Or fingers. Or cheekbones. Or lips. Anything would work.
Isn't he practically a monster?
Your late night fantasies of being held down by a being many times larger than you, horns pinning your palms to the bed with just the right amount of pain, or tail wrapping around your torso and keeping you bound to himself as he fucked you, all flashing in your mind. Your darkest desires which you had kept locked up in your drawer.
Loki didn't have a tail or a forked tongue. But he was pretty. He had a magnetizing laugh. The best cheekbones you had seen. Amazing abs. And he seemed like he could do wonders with his tongue.
Only God could help you.
You saw another arc cutting through the sky- Thor battling Captain Marvel.
Wasn't Thor supposed to be a god? No. He wouldn't be able to help you.
You kept walking, attempting to not get distracted by another group of karaoke people and actually make it home. To your dear beloved tentacle dildo, take out your frustrations.
"Do I see you leaving already?" A silky voice floated to your ears, a vein of seduction flowing underneath which had got your panties wetter. You looked up, blue legs peeking out of an aristocratic armour, defined abs calling out for you to rake your hands through them.
You were barely a little higher than his knees, the frost giant's arms causally resting on his hips as he smirked at you.
"Perhaps, you need another drink. Could that convince you to not take a leave?" He bent all the way down, a huge, icy finger curling under your chin and tilting your face upwards. "Could I convince you to stay?"
You wanted to kiss him.
You also wanted to suck his cock and touch his cheekbones.
You had flinched at the cold burn, not expecting him to feel so cold but as he touched you, the temperature went up, possibly your body neutralizing his.
Thank fuck.
No. You wouldn't mind a cold cock inside you. You loved temperature play.
What was wrong with you?
You watched on, mesmerized, panties dripping wet and thighs clenching as his lips lifted upwards from one side, the definition of his cheekbones enthralling to you. It took you a little too long to realize you hadn't responded yet, your mind playing out filthy scenarios of him fucking your tiny, wet pussy to actually answer.
"What do you say, little one? You are a very pretty midgardian and I have my friend Thor around who is attempting to get himself a woman. We could arrange ourselves a double date."
Your mouth widened.
This guy was talking about double dates while you were wondering if you could get his cock even halfway into your mouth. Were you that thirsty?
"Uhh-ummm," you stuttered, your face heating up as you fiddled with your fingers, Loki hand still on your face. He hesitated at your hesitation, retracting his hand but you clamped your fists around his fingers, blurting the first thing that came to your head.
"Kiss me."
While the people here would be remembering the Asgardian Party as a reference to how parties should be made, you would be referencing Loki's kiss as to how a girl is supposed to be kissed.
As you said the words, the frost giant knelt down, dipping his head low enough till his horns were clamping the side of the bridge on both sides of your body, his brilliant eyes twinkling as he pressed his lips to yours, a huge hand engulfing your waist and pulling you closer, his lips stealing the breath right off your lungs. His tongue teased yours, barely prodding inside and yet he dominated the kiss, crumbling all your inhibitions with one one swipe of his tongue against the hilt of your mouth.
"I take it the lady likes me?" Loki offered his hand to you, casually lifting you up and depositing you to a park, following you right after.
"Yeah, I do." You breathed, feeling a little spaced out after being kissed stupid. "I want more."
Whatever had gotten into you, had some fucking nerve. It was fucking fantastic.
This was how you ended up hoisted in the air, Loki's hand squeezing your sides gently as he helped you bounce on his cock, his knees bent and thighs jerking, groans and curses in a language you did not understand slipping put of his tongue.
"You're so tiny. So fragile. Delicate." He gritted out, your hands running down the cut of his abs as you cried and squirmed, opening your legs wider for him to take you. He was huge, his cock halfway in and you were seeing stars, your belly bulged from seeing him inside you.
"And yet, you're so eager to please. Even if it breaks you." He caught your lips in his, your hands curling around his horns which had him groaning in your mouth, his cock driving further into you.
"Stretching your little pussy so hard. So desperate to take me." He groaned into your mouth, catching your lips between his teeth and biting, pulling them forward letting them snap back, all slicked with his spit. He patted your tummy, groaning when he felt himself all the way there.
"Can feel myself all the way inside you. Tell me, pretty little Midgardian, has anybody ever been so deep inside you?"
You whimpered and shook your head in a no, his tongue delightfully trailing down your neck at his approval.
"Would you like me to leave my mark there? Mark it as my own, so you know nobody touches you the way I did?" He rams his cock further, stretching you further and circling his hips. You moaned at his words, tears spilling out of your eyes as you grabbed one of his fingers, putting them in your mouth.
"Should I leave my seed inside you? Breed you?" You knew it wouldn't be actual breeding on his part, given you both being two different species, yet the thought of being filled up with Loki's cum had you moaning. You gagged around his fingers, squirming before you cried out.
"Yes! Please. Use me. Breed me."
"I'll have to make you mine for that. Would you agree to a date if I load my cum inside you?"
You cried out, your eyes rolling to the back of your head as you reached down to grab the base of his cock, running a finger over his balls which had him falter on his knees, his hand crushing the wall behind you as he caught it to steady himself, his face contorted in the most beautiful way as he pumped you full, all of his load spilling inside you.
He didn't just fill you up, he coated your thighs and stomach with him too, his cum seeping out of your clit as he pulled out slowly, laying you on his lap.
"Do you feel alright, little one?"
You heaved, resting your face on his palm and nodding. He bent down and pressed his lips to your forehead in a gently kiss, your heart melting and healing, solidifying to a whole again.
"So when's the date?"
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Ok but like.. Soulmate at with Loki? That would be wjsoaou4mru.
HII!! No problem! Here you go and I hope you like it! 💚
*Requests are open!*
Pairing: Loki x Fem! Reader
Word count: 1311
Summary: Loki arrives to the Stark tower, nearly a month after the 2012 events, and he sees you again, the one that made time stop around him.
Warnings: Dubious concent.
(The gif is not mine)
Tumblr media
You're mine, period.
“If it’s all the same to you, I’ll have that drink now” he joked defeated, staring at the moving shadow that jumped out the window seconds before literally kicking his ass against the floor.
What in the nine realms was that?
Could they have any idea? Unlikely.
He thought to himself watching Thor as he slid a pair of handcuffs on his wrists, sealing them tight.
A month passed after that.
The memory of the cloud of smoke that had left him in that weary state haunted him, to the point of believing he had seen a face in the stormy image.
But it wasn’t the only thing that bothered him. The avengers, who had grudgingly received him back in the remodeled tower, treated him with hostility, it wasn’t that he was very nice either, but the constant thought of the smoky vision calmed him somehow.
“Reindeer games, your ass on deck, now” Tony’s voice resounded through the speakers hidden in his room. He stirred in the green silky sheets of his bed; a groan escaped his throat as he set his book down.
Reluctantly, he got out of bed and headed down the stairs to the common wing, where Nat, Capitan, Thor, and Tony watched a black cloud float in different directions above them. Loki froze, watching the fluidity of their movements and landing in the middle of the group could only think of one thing, That damn cloud!
Enraged and summoning one of his daggers, he stepped forward to harm whoever was behind the surprise attack that day.
However, the air around him immediately became lighter, he felt as if he was breathing for the first time in a long time, his dagger disappeared, his heart was pounding against his bones, to the point that the palpitations rose to his head. He felt warm, relaxed. The looks of contempt that the group gave him didn’t affect him in the least, not when he was in front of that person.
“Her name is Y/N, and she’ll be the new member of our group, under the code name of Cloud 9” Cap announced patting your back, “Were the numbers one to eight occupied?” Loki taunted, earning a disapproval look from the group, but you laughed.
“You must be Loki, I’m so sorry for what happened that day, I didn’t wanted to hurt you that much, just neutralize you…It got out of hand” you walked up to him, your apology didn’t made him speak back, “You look okay to me, but are you hurting somewhere?” Threads of smoke emanated from your fingers that dissipated in the air, immediately Loki assimilated the image to how water evaporates at the end of a waterfall, it had the same movement.
“I can make it better, not fix it though, but I’ll try my best” you said with a smile that soon was wiped out by a slap.
The whole room erupted in protests, as Tony rushed to get you away from him, “What the hell is wrong with you?!” Tony shouted, why did he do that? Your hand went straight to your cheek, caressing the warm spot.
What is wrong with me?
I need her the furthest away from me.
“Brother, come with me” It was easy for Thor to get Loki out of the room, he didn't put up much resistance, which was very strange to him. "Could it be? Brother, tell me what you see" Loki looked up, "So are you really blonde, or did you ask mother to dye those roots for you?” he side smiled, Thor couldn’t stop himself from hugging him as tight as he could.
“Loki this is fantastic, you have to tell her now!” but how? ‘Hey, you and I are meant to be?’ no, that would scare her away.
“Wait, but why did you hit her?” the blonde asked, Loki shrugged, looking down at his hand, “I panicked” he confessed, never in his long life had ever shared something like that with his brother, which made Thor very internally happy.
“Apologize when things calm down, alright?” Loki nodded, still very confused.
Weeks passed, Loki still didn’t apologize and he tried to avoid you as much as he could, but he said that the universe was playing a bad joke on him, wherever he went he ran into you, the feeling of warmth inside him burned him, it put him in a very bad mood and unfortunately you spent being the first recipient of his mood.
Until one day he did the unthinkable.
The group was about to have a meeting, and even tough every member was present, you weren’t, and neither was Loki.
In the hallway, Loki ambushed you, the small cry of surprise you gave was soon drowned when he covered your mouth with his hand and teleported with you to his room.
Your back slammed into the wall, his breathing was ragged and he could barely keep a grip on your waist, his head fell over the curve of your neck.
It’s wet. You thought looking down on his raven locks falling onto your neck’s exposed skin.
“Loki?” you broke the silence, the sweetness in your voice despite how scared you were hit him hard.
He didn't say anything, but you felt his lips against your collarbone and up your neck. "Loki wait" his grip on your wrists became much stronger, and little could you move with his hips pushing yours against the wall. "Loki stop" you begged, but his mouth caught yours and neither could stop. Suddenly you did not want to fight against him, against that feeling of belonging that he gave you with each movement, it just felt right.
“I’m sorry” he breathed, leaving you feeling the cold of the absence of his body warmth.
“Thor told me in Asgard you guys don’t see colors until you meet ‘the one’, and told me you saw them when we met” Loki was too caught up in your gaze to feel angry with his brother, instead he backed up until the back of his knees hit the bed and lazily sat on top of the messy sheets.
“We have something similar, time sort of stops around us and our partner, and I was so happy because I’ve finally found my one, you”.
You walked towards him, which allowed him to have access to pull your legs to get you closer to him, your hands fell to the sides of his face, caressing his raised cheekbones and the gray lines on his nose that had resided from what happened in New York.
“I don’t know why I did it, I was scared, this is new to me” he melted against your touch, but he wanted more, so pulling your legs again, he made you fall into his lap, nuzzling his face against your neck.
“I didn’t mind anyways, thanks for letting me know though” you placed a kiss on his forehead, “Will you let me conquer your heart, Y/N?” you giggled, “You’re welcome to try, mon soleil*, it’s not like there’s anyone else anyway” he shook his head, kissing and nibbling on your skin, “You’re mine, period” you smiled, that void in your heart feeling so full in his arms.
“Only if you’re mine as well” you booped his nose, “Of course darling” he didn’t even hesitate on his response.
“Adaline and Ellis, come on we have a meeting” Tony’s voice stopped you both from kissing again, “I love that movie” you whispered against his lips before connecting them again.
“Let’s go” He did not care where you went, he wanted to be there with you, and he took an hour and a half of sermon by the captain, and then caught you in his arms again and took you to his room.
"Mine" he murmured before falling asleep, with you stroking his hair.
*Mon soleil: My sun
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captainsimagines · 2 months ago
Summary: There’s no simple explanation of the relationship you and Loki have. He teases you, you annoy him, he wants to kill you, you want to fuck him - wait, what? It takes several tries to actually get him to do it, but you’re pretty lucky in getting everything you want.
Pairing(s): Loki Laufeyson x (F) Reader
One-Shot (Inspired by: “Crazy in Love” by Sofia Karlberg)
Tumblr media
Warnings: Porn with Plot; mutual masturbation; dirty talk with some pet names (ex. pet, darling, minx); unprotected sex; rough sex (hair pulling, gripping, slight choking); voyeurism and exhibitionism (mild public-sex); sub/dom vibes from both characters; handjobs, oral sex; strong language; 18+ ONLY!!!
Word Count: 11,500+
A/N: This is shameless smut with some plot. I blushed way too hard to write this dude, jesus motherfuck me christ. Enjoy?
“I lost my gun.”
The God in front of you huffs and twists around to glare at you in complete disbelief. The music is still blaring down the long hallway, there are random couples kissing and grinding along the wall, and your mics aren’t working properly. As you patted yourself down - making quite a spectacle of yourself as you cupped your thighs, your ass, your waist, and your breasts - the gun was still nowhere to be found. Unzipping your jacket just a smidge, you reach down into the valley of your breasts and move them around. Hip out, shaking of the foot, stretching of the neck. Still, nothing. Obviously. “Yeah, I lost my gun.”
“How could you possibly do that? It’s a gun. It’s your main weapon,” Loki says through gritted teeth. He doesn’t look angry, more annoyed than angry, but if looks could kill…
“It’s not here,” you state the obvious. “Someone must have stole it.”
“Stark hates me. He utterly, completely, truly, absolutely hates me.”
That makes you laugh. There’s really no reason to worry: although you wouldn’t actually be considered enhanced, you did have a special skill kept secret from the general public. You lose your gun, no problem! The enemy’s gun will probably jam anyway. You trip and fall and accidentally set off an explosion? No worries! There weren’t any actual hostages or citizens nearby. You slip down the stairs? Someone just happens to be around the corner to catch you. You were lucky and relied mostly on the series of events in front of you to get you through things. It seemed only Sam and Scott truly believed in your ability; they’ve been witness to countless of weird things and how you never seem to end up with more than a scratch. Loki, on the other hand, regarded your ability as something only Gods obtain and since you were a mere mortal, your “skill” was simply coincidence. 
Rolling your eyes, you push past him and into the storage closet for some temporary cover. Loki follows you in no questions asked, but the second the door shuts he has you up against the wall with a tight grip on your upper arms. “Are you really that helpless that you lost your main weapon in the middle of a battle? How idiotic could you possibly be?”
Pushing forward with all your body weight, you shove him off. “Easy for you to say. You can conjure up your weapons. I put mine down for a second and poof.”
“You’re going to get us both killed.”
You stifle your laugh and push him back again. He isn’t really holding you all that tightly. “You’re not gonna let that happen. How embarrassing… Loki, the God of literal mischief, dying by the hands of a couple Midgardian gang members.”
He squeezes his eyes shut tightly and rolls his shoulders. His nostrils flare and he shakes out his hair, strands falling over his cheeks. You notice a braid in one of those strands and it almost makes you smile. 
“I will conjure up a blade for you, human. Do you know how to use such things?”
You blink at him, completely unimpressed. “I live with two Russian spies. Yeah, I know how to use a knife for something other than cutting meat.”
“Oh-ho,” he breathes out. “But that is what you will be doing. It’s not all that different.”
“Ew,” you grimace.
“Ew,” Loki mocks. He conjures up a silver blade, more like a dagger, and places it in your palm without so much as a look up. He pulls open the closet door and rolls his shoulders again. “I don’t know how you keep coming home alive.”
Stepping out with him, you shrug lightly. “I really don’t know either.”
“If you die one of these days, I feel as though I could have prevented it.”
“You’d feel guilty? Aw, you’re going to protect me?”
Loki stops at the corner of the hallway where the turn into the office is currently guarded. Four guards outside, five voices inside. They have machine guns, but Loki has his magic, and you are somewhat better at hand-to-hand than shooting anyway. “Not going to protect you. I feel as if I should tell the Captain or Stark to bench you permanently for risk of you accidentally shooting yourself.”
Before you could bite back, Loki rounds the corner and the fight begins. All in all, you got out with only a bruised lip. Loki didn’t need to protect you after all, but he swears the fight could have ended five minutes earlier if you had your first weapon of choice. 
You still have no idea where that gun went. 
“He’s a flirt out in the field.”
Loki makes this alarmed and scandalized noise to your far left and Bucky just about chokes on every laugh bursting from his chest. The God is sitting with his arms crossed over his chest, shoulder-length hair not doing much in covering his increasing blush, and wearing a nice, dark navy blue suit. He kind of looks like a CEO who just heard he lost millions because of his team’s split-second decision. 
“I was not flirting. I am not a flirt.”
Rolling your eyes and waving a hand in the air, you don’t even look to him as you continue speaking. “He’s absolutely lying. God, if you could hear the way he bullies me and grips my arms to throw me around -”
“That’s quite enough.” He still looks so scandalized. Tony is hiding his face behind his hands and Bucky has already excused himself from the briefing room. You can feel the God glaring daggers through your smirk. 
“I think,” Tony tries, but a quiet laugh (that sounds like a literal whine) interrupts him. He tries again, “The mission could have gone better. I applaud you for working so well together.” He takes a deep breath and tilts his head up, revealing the tears of laughter that had leaked. “You won’t have to go into the field again this month unless necessary.”
“Thank the Norns,” Loki sighs and goes to stand from his chair. He’s hoping for a quick escape, but Stark never lets him go so easily. There always had to be one mortified agent or Avenger to taunt during Friday movie nights. 
“Now hold on a second.” Tony finally catches his breath, tears no longer shining. “Y/LN, your error put the whole mission in jeopardy and while I don’t take much satisfaction in saying this -” Tony clutches his chest. “You could have gotten your partner seriously hurt. You know we can’t trust your abilities fully without more experiments. Therefore!”
Oh, great. You expected a private punishment, something Loki wouldn’t have to witness. If this was anything like the time you got stuck climbing out the bathroom window in the President’s private suite, then it would be embarrassing. 
“Extra training with Cap in hand-to-hand, Wilson will get you over your fear of heights for the hell of it, and you have two days to learn how to disassemble and put together an automatic rifle - Manchurian Candidate can help with that. Anything you don’t accomplish means you no longer get to pick dinners for Friday nights.”
It was such a mild punishment for putting a teammate’s life in danger and jeopardizing a mission. Well, to anyone who didn’t know you, at least. Steve hit hard, you were fucking terrified of heights, and rifles… really? You were one of the only ones in the compound who absolutely loved Mexican food and Friday nights were the perfect excuse to order some. You lose your day, you’ll have to suffer Steve’s choice restaurant of fish and chips again. And that place never used salt. 
As previously stated, it’s such a mild punishment. Pointless really. But it still causes your mouth to drop due to Tony’s fucking audacity. “You wouldn’t.”
“We don’t just lose our guns out in the field, Y/LN. I could take this all the way up to Fury…”
“Nope, I got it,” you stutter out really quickly. “All good.”
Tony nods happily and leaves you alone with Loki, who’s still gripping the door handle mid-exit. There was absolutely no point for him to stay and hear that, and Loki fucking knows it too, because he’s grinning from ear to ear. 
“I cannot believe you’re surprised by such a miniscule repercussion.”
“I cannot believe you’re still here.”
“Darling, to hear you’re being punished because you put my life in danger… well, it’s quite sensual wouldn’t you say?”
Standing from your seat and giving him a straight middle finger, you push past him and to the elevator. “Sensual? I’m basically being put in time-out. Don’t make it into something it’s not.”
“And what if I had actually gotten hurt?” He jogs into the elevator with you and ignores the way you quietly groan because of it. “What type of punishment would you have gotten?”
“Don’t know, don’t care. Never gotten a punishment that’s been horrible.” You’re avoiding eye contact, he notices this. He enjoys this game of cat and mouse with you. Everyday it’s something different. 
‘Loki, get your dirty feet off my dash.’
‘Loki, I swear to whatever Gods exist in this universe, I’ll poison you if you steal any more cookies from that tray.’
‘Stab me, I dare you. Natalia will kill you six different ways within the hour.’
Oh, yes. He thoroughly enjoys this. The heat in your eyes and how they widen when you’re arguing. The way you run your hand through your hair and tug near the base of your neck. The way your hip juts out when you’re the one mocking him. The tremble in your voice as it grows louder but not from nerves, rather a tremble from the strain in your throat. Tiny fists clenching and playing with your jacket zippers or picking at your cuticles. He really enjoys pushing your buttons. 
“That’s a pity. I can think of a few punishments that fit the crime.”
The elevator dings. “Oh, going all fifty shades on me?”
“I don’t understand that reference,” Loki says, catching the doors from closing as you step out onto your floor. “My punishments would be rather enjoyable.”
“Your punishments?” You push out a laugh and wave goodbye as you open your bedroom door. “In your dreams, Loki.”
Sam chooses to start a mini-series rather than put on a movie this Friday night. Bridgerton, Sam sounds out as he clicks through the home screen, Hey! There’s black people dressed as royalty in this! Fucking finally!
Tony lets you order your Mexican food anyway but reminds you that your first sparring lesson with Steve starts tomorrow. He warns you not to swallow down too many beans. 
Three episodes in and everyone is insanely intrigued. Dishes are passed around, plates piled high, and even Loki looks rather interested in the show’s plot. He mumbles over to Thor every once in a while, complimenting the attire or the delivery of some line, and it’s worrying how many times you have to hide your smile through it all. 
When the sex scenes start, everyone’s eyes are blown wide. They’re choreographed to an extreme degree and are rather long sequences. Bruce adjusts his glasses every other exaggerated moan; Natasha is recording Steve’s reaction to it all; Bucky and Sam are nodding in approval and piling food into their mouths; Thor is tilting his head and trying his best to cover Wanda’s eyes, even though she’s slapping his eyes away; Tony’s commenting on every single damn movement; and Loki, well, Loki’s looking between the screen and you. 
Everytime a scene ends, the team gets a breather. But the show is dedicated to making sex a main plotline and the team goes crazy again. Every single damn time, Loki looks over at you. 
When the Duke instructs Daphne on how to pleasure herself, you’re in need of some air. “Gonna go get more food.” Your whisper goes unheard, however, as everyone is leaning closer to the screen. 
You’re in the middle of pouring yourself more lemonade when you feel a presence behind you. Putting the lemonade down quickly, you spin on your heel with the thought of screaming about the fright. But once you’re turned all the way, Loki’s palm goes to cover your mouth and his body pushes against yours and into the counter. He’s significantly taller, much more intimidating pressed against you, and his eyes are sparkling with that mischief you’ve all become cautious of. 
He waits until you’ve stopped fidgeting to speak. “I have a punishment in mind.”
Forcibly pulling his hand away is a challenge, but he lets you overpower him. “Really? Are you serious right now?”
Your voices aren’t loud; in fact, you're practically whispering in each other’s ears. 
That sparkle shines brighter. “What? You think I was just going to let it go?”
“What in the world makes you think I would ever fuck you, Loki?”
“I haven’t even told you what my punishment entails, and yet, you’re the one who offers it,” Loki smirks. He’s all suave and confident but there’s a tint of pink reaching his cheeks. It flusters him, hearing you talk that way, but his hips are pressed against yours and he figures he still has the upper hand. 
“What do you want me to say? Fuck me? Punish me? Use me?” You seriously don’t know why you’re saying these things. The easy thing to do would be to walk away or talk louder - maybe that’ll attract attention and Loki will be too flustered to continue this spiel. 
“Keep talking like that and I promise to do all those things.”
There it is. Still, his cocky grin is making the fire in your head burn harder. Every pull of his thin upper lip simply sparks more agitation. “Bite me, Loki. I’m not someone who just fucks and drops the person.”
He shrugs almost nonchalantly. “So, don’t drop me. We’re both adults, we’re working people with cravings and desires. There doesn’t need to be more to this.” He runs his thumb along your jawline and hooks it underneath your chin, tilting your head up higher to meet your eyes. “And I would very much like to bite you.”
You’re silent for a moment, processing his words to the brim. You hadn’t had a relationship in so long (there was never any time with how often aliens fell from the sky) and no one was exactly lining up to sleep with you. So the pleasurable twinge near the base of your stomach startles you and it only pulses harder when Loki experimentally rolls his hips against yours. Widening your eyes, you refuse to look away from his forceful gaze. If you were to do that now, he’d know he has you wrapped around his finger. 
But the processing comes to halt as you realize what he has just offered. It actually makes you stifle a loud laugh. “Is a literal God of Norse mythology offering up the possibility of a ‘friends with benefits’ type deal? Is this seriously happening to me right now?”
“You’re thinking too much of it.” He doesn’t seem fazed at all. 
“And? Loki, you wanted to kill me yesterday. I wanted to kill you. And now suddenly -”
“Suddenly, I want to ravish every inch of your skin and prove that I can pleasure you.”
You study him carefully. His breath is coming out shorter than usual, his hands are gripping the sides of your hips the slightest bit tighter, and his eyes are darting back and forth between yours. Your mouth twitches into a knowing smile. “Oh my god, the show turned you on!”
He’s quiet in his movements. Stealthy, but you blame the magic mostly. Everyone is so fascinated by the show that no one hears the palms of your hands smacking to catch your weight as Loki shoves you around. His chest is now connected to your back and he makes it plainly obvious that he’s enjoying making you submit. Not that you ever would, but he’s clearly bigger and taller and can easily overpower you. Those simple checkboxes are gripping that pleasurable coil, heating it to the extreme, and threatening to snap it apart. Or maybe it already has, because there’s discomfort in your panties and it takes only a moment for you to feel your excitement pass through your bottom lips and settle on the once virgin lace. Loki has a hand covering your mouth and his other pressed firmly against your stomach. “Careful, pet. Any more teasing and I might just have to fuck you right here, right now.”
He chuckles, hot breath hitting your ear and making your eyes roll back. He continues, voice lower and hoarse. “When’s the last time you’ve been properly fucked?”
You could fight. If you even attempted to escape his hold, Loki would let you go. There would be no actual fight. But he speaks and his voice melts against your skin like candle wax and tickles your common sense dumb. “I bet it’s been ages. It’s been ages for me too, I hate to admit.”
He rolls his hips, flat against your ass, and that has you purring quietly. Your eyes dart to the door where anyone can walk through and refill their drinks and plates. One simple flap, just push open those conjoined doors, and see you bent over the counter with Loki directly behind you, at his mercy and ready to be fucked senseless. He doesn’t even give you time to respond, your purring is enough, and he dares trail his long fingers to the button of your pants. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Me fucking you on this counter while everyone watches? What would your precious Captain say? Natalia?”
He pops them open, pausing momentarily in case you fight against him or make a different type of noise. But all he feels are your rapid exhales against his hand and the roll of your hips against him. He smiles down to where he’s pressed against you, watching you work yourself up little by little, but decides not to comment directly on that. He’ll let you have your fun - he’s not a complete ass. Plus, the feeling of your plump ass against his hardening cock is bliss written in fucking devilry. 
“What would they say, hmm? I’m a hundred percent certain they would beg me for a turn.”
You moan loudly but quickly whimper in horror, eyes wide with worry that the team has finally overheard you. Loki wastes no more time, dipping his fingers into the tight constraints of your pants and your underwear to swipe an innocent finger across your folds. He’s immediately met with a growing pool of excitement that thanks him for opening your cunt apart. “Oh-ho! That’s actually exciting you? You think you’re lucky enough to keep quiet? Who would you let fuck you first? Hmm? Wilson? Barnes? Barnes hasn’t been with anyone for so long. He’d absolutely destroy you.” 
There’s both ice and fire in your head and in the next moment, that combination is drowning your legs, your arms, your freaking toes. It almost burns through your skin, begging to escape such tight confines but its inability to do so is what’s also getting you off. Loki dips his finger deeper to collect more of your fluid and circles back up to quickly find your clit. He rubs expert circles, tiny but quick, and he has to shut his eyes from crying out himself as you involuntarily buck back against him. You’re a whimpering mess and the noises are shocking him with insane excitement. He too feels too hot and too cold at the same time. It’s the first time he’s seeing you like this and he couldn’t have imagined how ravishing you would actually look. 
Now here you are, hair sticking to the light moisture of your forehead, absolutely drenched and dripping onto that poor lace Loki simply wants to bundle up and wrap around his hand as he strokes himself to completion later. He can feel your heartbeat in your clit and it’s killing him, turning him red inside and out and it takes all the willpower he has kept locked away for the last hundred years not to tug your clothing aside and fuck you rough. 
“But that’s not enough, hmm? Who else?” He’s circling quicker, relishing in the muffled squelching noises bouncing off the kitchen walls. He knows you probably hear them too even if your ears must be pounding. He feels your lips try to part behind his palm. “Who else?”
You rut faster, not caring about anything else but getting off. It’s so incredibly hot - Loki’s voice is doing it perfectly well indeed - and you’ll hate yourself in the morning but fuck it all. You haven’t gotten off with a partner in so long and feeling someone else’s fingers instead of your own was turning your brain to jelly. 
Then Loki presses his whole body down on top of you, effectively caging you underneath him and pressing your upper body against the cold granite. The coldness almost hurts your heated skin; it’s burning through your shirt. And Loki rubs fast, faster, faster and dips low to speak directly in your ear. “My brother?”
Now you try to wiggle free because what the fuck. 
“No, I don’t think I would let him have a turn. You’re mine to annoy, mine to tease.” He takes the top of your ear gently between his incisors. “Mine to fuck.”
His hand muffles your quiet screams as you come on his waiting fingers. He dips them in and collects all you can give him, spreading it over your lips and mound, and finally lets you go. He wonders if you’ll march right out of here and report him, or pretend this never happened, he doesn’t know. But you’re still bent over the granite and breathing heavily. Slowly, ever so slowly, you use whatever strength you can muster up and turn around. 
Loki takes the opportunity to take his wet fingers in his own mouth. He swirls his tongue around them, sucking and releasing them only to hold them straight and run his tongue along their length. He’s sucking his own fingers, hollowing his own cheeks around them like he would a cock, minus the deepthroating and gagging. 
He laughs when he notices how black your eyes are. “Enjoy that, darling?”
Your chest heaves and it surprises you that you can even form a coherent sentence. “What the fuck?”
“Please tell me if I overstepped.”
The disbelief on your face must have worried him, because he pauses his antics and increases the distance between the two of you. 
“I just wasn’t… expecting that.”
He hides it only slightly, but there’s genuine worry in his eyes. “If I overstepped -”
“It’s cool, uh, just go back to the show.”
He reaches out to take your hand but retracts it immediately. You give him the most awkward smile in history and haul ass to your bedroom. Loki doesn’t exactly know what to do so he rejoins the group, who are about the most oblivious people he’s ever met, and continues the show. They must have heard something… you two couldn’t have been that lucky.
It’s irrational, but Loki is the one who starts to shy away from you all week. Each glance, each ‘hello’ in the morning, each and every breath you can hear him take makes you want to pounce. It’s irrational, and sure you’ve thought about Loki this way before during some pretty desperate ruts of loneliness but oh my god, did you want to fuck him for real this time. 
It’s pretty obvious he’s avoiding you because he believes he’s misstepped. And it’s not like you’ve been trying to avoid him too. You’ve asked Thor if he noticed Loki acting strangely, sat near him whenever you found yourselves eating lunch at the same time, and even cracked a joke in his direction during a briefing. Still, Loki smiles sheepishly and politely responds. 
You’re even, irrationally, fucking angry that he’s so goddamn perfect. Gentle and kind with his attitude even after he rubbed your clit with such precision… like he was born to pleasure his partners until they saw black spots. It makes you angry that after all that talk, he shies away and expects your relationship to be awkward forever? What kind of guy - even if Loki isn’t a guy persay - does that? And you weren’t going to back down. Nope, not after knowing what his chest feels like pressed against your back, or how his long fingers feel spreading your cunt open, or how much heat his body radiated when he too was worked up. 
It’s literally not fair. 
But you’re lucky and you know that if you really doubled-down you could get him alone, easily. You allowed him his space.
The rest of the team is either in the indoor gym, out to lunch, or on the outside track when you decide enough is enough. Loki only ever spars with Thor and since Thor was getting lunch with Bruce downtown, Loki was free. 
He’s in Tony’s lab (where Tony surprisingly isn’t) and only hears you come in when you shut the door behind you. Not that it makes any difference or creates a sense of privacy - the whole room has glass walls. He pauses typing instructions into the monitor and clears his throat, bowing his head like the fucking moron he was. 
His grin spreads like it always does, from root to petal, and his eyes crinkle like he’s truly pleased to see you. “Ah, I was hoping to run into you today -”
“Were you? You sure about that?”
He blinks. “I beg your pardon?”
You almost want to copy his smile, extend your arms like you own the room, but you opt for smirking and tilting your hip outward slightly. “Beg then.”
It’s like the air is punched out of him. He wants to reel it back in because the lack of air leaves him defenseless. His shoulders are dropped like he’s leaning into them and his knees buckle. Your voice is positively doing the best things to his ego, to his fogged up brain, to his desire to have you. At that moment, he regrets ignoring you for a whole week. Because the sway of your hip, the pursed nature of your lips, even the glint in your eyes is igniting that craving he’s had for a while.  “A God doesn’t actually - “
“A God this, a God doesn’t do that, shut the hell up, Loki,” you interrupt, crowding his space and pushing him by the chest into the wall. He hits it gently, arms staying by his hips and eyes locked on yours. “A God also doesn’t break his word or shy away from a challenge,”
“Refresh my memory.”
He’s matching your smirk now. He’s accepting the challenge and there’s this wild look on his face, like he’s ready to sink his teeth into your neck or his own hand. 
“I vaguely remember you telling me not to drop you. So, what? You fuck me with your fingers and that’s it?”
“You’re testing my patience, darling.”
“Am I? You want to know how fucking thin my patience is right now?”
“I admit I’m curious.”
The audacity is what does it. Pushing against him so your leg slots in between his thighs, you place one hand near his neck and the other above his belt buckle. He hears the jingle and almost falls to his knees. Fighting with you is one thing, but fighting with happy endings? His mouth parts with a strangled whine as you palm his hardening cock through his pants, following the outline and studying his eyes as you do. He looks about ready to explode. 
“See? I can be a tease as well,” you say, praying your voice sounds as sultry as you think it does. Loki lets his eyes drift closed for a moment, sinking in the overwhelming feeling of your hand palming so gently and yet, so hard at once. It’s a combination that’s making his mind even more foggy and he forgets how to breathe with restraint.  “A week ago, I loved to tease you with my words. Let’s see if there’s an easier way…”
He opens both eyes, positively black, and almost groans when he sees you leaning in. “Darling?”
“Do you want me to stop?” You pause your movements, lips hovering his own.
“God, no.”
That’s the green light you need. You slam your lips against his and unbuckle his belt at the same time. It’s both sensual and the slightest bit sloppy, heads turning to fit the proper direction, strings of saliva connecting the two of you when you pull back for breath. You shove his pants just a little lower and stick your hand down his briefs, surprised that Loki’s wearing such casual clothing. He’s always dressed as if he’s attending some gala, but here he is so normal. At your will. “You like that? Being so exposed?” 
He whines deep in throat and tries to retract it, but the second you wrap your hand around his stiff cock he doesn’t bother. His chest heaves upward and his mouth drops open, strangled groans escaping with every dignified tug of his swollen cock. You’re still speaking but your voice seems miles away to him. “Didn’t think I’d like being exposed. It’s really scary.” 
It registers with him that you are indeed in a very public space. He looks over your shoulder to glance at the long hallways where anyone could walk past and see him, completely exposed and red and dripping, whining like an omega in heat because of a human he swore he would end up killing out of pure annoyance one day. “But look at you, hard and wanting and completely at my will.”
He’s startled into a laugh. “Your tongue is going to get you in trouble.”
“Oh, is it?” You take the chance to lick a swipe from his bottom lip to his top, pressing harder against him so the harsh rub of fabric from your jeans overstimulates him. He’s leaking from the tip, red and swollen with such a need to burst that you figure his balls must be in the same predicament. You feel all powerful with each tug, watching as Loki so desperately tries to hold himself up against the wall and resist the urge to grind against your leg. You almost wish he would. Flames are licking up his legs that cause him to sweat, and he’s bucking his hips into your hand with some primal desperation.  “Tell me, Loki. Darling… you wanna come?”
The words spilling from your mouth are making him burst at the seams. His stomach clenches involuntarily as a response and he promises himself that he’s going to box this moment with your voice and the muscle of your thigh and the grip of your hand and keep it safely hidden until the next time he needs it. “You little minx.”
“Completely exposed. Absolutely dripping. Anyone can walk past and see you.” He throws his head back against the wall and whines from both his close orgasm and the smack to his skull. This leaves his throat exposed, and he huffs out a long breath when your lips connect to the free skin. You’re marking him, he feels, and it excites him to later parade that nice purple bruise for everyone to see. “Bet there’s cameras.”
He ruts now, hips matching the pace of your hand and eagerly chasing his release. “Please.”
“Please what? Use your words.” You bite down and suck, and Loki just about yells. His chest rises and falls rapidly and his hips are losing their perfected rhythm. He’s scared his scream is going to shatter the glass. 
“Please teach me my lesson.”
Your smile grows slowly, teeth and all, and you slap one hand over his mouth and use some of his own accumulating slick at the tip of his cock to spread along his length. His eyes widen at the roughness but he finds himself wanting to thank you for covering his mouth. Your hand moves fast, twisting expertly and thumb sliding over his slit multiple types until he can’t handle it anymore. His knees do buckle but it’s your thigh pressed in between him that tells him to hold himself up. He shouts, long groans dragging out over the course of his release, all muffled from your sweaty palm keeping him quiet. His release shoots up his chest, powerful enough to even hit the skin near his collarbones, and all over your hand. You care enough not to throw him over to sensitivity, but work him long enough so he feels you throughout his orgasm. 
Once he can feel his body again, tingles just now resigning and blurry vision correcting itself, he stands straight again. He vaguely feels you tuck him back into his pants and button him back up. 
He flutters his eyes open and by the proud smile on your face, he can imagine what he looks like: fucked to bliss. You raise your hand to mouth and Loki sees his spent dripping alongside your palm and thumb. His jaw clenches and he swallows almost painfully when you lick yourself clean. He wouldn’t be opposed to having that pink tongue wrapped around his cock right about now.
You surprise him, though, by pushing him back against the wall and chuckling. “Lucky no one walked past, huh? Don’t you dare ignore me anymore.”
He sucks in a deep breath and blushes down at the floor. “Oh, darling. Never.”
“Well, would you look at that?”
The model fills in the thermometer-looking drawing with her red marker and the crowd cheers as the donations hit over five million. You roll your eyes at Tony and casually sip at your champagne. “A charity gala was completely pointless, Tony.”
“Hey, there are other charitable billionaires in the world. Doesn’t have to all come from my pocket,” Tony scoffs and cheers louder to excite the crowd. Everyone is doing their part and entertaining the guests. Steve’s buttering up the big donors and Bucky’s buttering up the wives. Thor’s getting to know the rich kids who were dragged to this event by their rich parents, and Clint’s snickering in the background each time one of those kid’s jokes flies over Thor’s head. And Loki’s just chilling at the bar, keeping a low profile as he should, but still doing the gentlemanly thing and trying to be a part of the team.
“Considering you’re one of the main reasons we’re raising money in the first place-”
“Hey, everyone uses Grand Central. Everyone was there. Don’t pin it all on me.”
“I need another drink.”
Walking to the bar seems like the most erotic thing Loki has ever caught you doing. He’s staring at you with this winning grin and it’s enough to make you weak in the knees. His suit is a dark green, tight around the thighs and biceps. His hair is loose and, dare you say, fluffed. The curls are looser than they usually are and they wave toward the same directions rather than mismatched.
He’s not the only one staring at you walking to the bar, however. Loki notices this, too. His grin turns into that famous smirk and you know he’s challenging you. Your little rendezvous the other day has only excited the both of you more: sexy looks whenever you crossed paths, heavy make-outs and petting in the corners of hallways, dialogue that would make even Thor blush. Now he’s challenging you to start the foreplay - entice him, make him jealous, let everyone know they can’t have you. You will have him tonight, you can feel it. You’re feeling lucky.
“Now, you’re the only assassin on the team that isn’t Russian.”
He seems younger than you, probably only by a year, and his eyes are a lovely milk chocolate brown that are kind. There’s, of course, that hint of want in his eyes that lets you know what his true intentions are. Blond hair perfectly styled, suit tailored as perfectly as his father’s probably, and a smile that promises nothing serious.
“Mm, don’t make any bets on that. We superheroes have tons of secrets hidden up our sleeves.”
“You’re also the only one I’ve seen beat a guy with nothing but a baseball bat.”
It’s true. You are rather… unconventional. You made a name for yourself with the younger crowd of social media. They thought you extreme but holy, completely fucking weird but good at her job. And if the other Avengers put up with you, then you were worthy enough to stan. Still, no one should be witness to your antics when you lose your gun. “God, did they get that on camera?”
The man chuckles and swishes around his drink. “Were they not supposed to?”
You smirk and cast a glance at Loki, who’s smiling around the rim of his glass. “Well, I don’t like being videotaped unless I approve beforehand.”
The man catches onto your innuendo. He blushes and smiles right back at you. “Can I buy you a drink?”
“The drinks are free. You can order me one.”
He waves the bartender down and he takes your order. In the minute you’re waiting for it, you’re half listening to what this man is saying and how Loki’s staring at you from across the bar. The champagne is placed in front of you and at the same time, Loki motions with his hand for you to get it over with. He doesn’t look jealous but rather annoyed with how slow this man is taking to get to his point.
“So, how come I don’t see you out and about as often as the others? Think I saw your friend Wanda in Vogue last month.”
“I tend to cause small mishaps everywhere I turn. It’s a skill and it’s dangerous but it hasn’t killed me yet.”
There’s a playful glint in your eye but for a stranger like him, it looks rather alarming. “Mm, you really shouldn’t trust me with a gun.”
The man pauses and squints slightly as he scans your face. “Are you yanking my chain? They wouldn’t hire you as an Avenger if you were incapable of something so simple.”
Something. So. Simple. “I’m also horrible at conversing with anyone who I’m not paid to protect.”
The man’s mouth parts as if he wants to say something else, but he can feel when the conversation isn’t a good one. “Enjoy your drink.”
At least he’s polite about it.
Loki slides his way over to your side of the bar, a pep in his step and with the widest grin he’s presented all night. “You’re gonna end up in the headlines for an entirely different reason than you want to, darling.”
“Oh, but that was fun, wasn’t it?”
Loki scoffs but there’s mountains and mountains of sarcasm in his voice. “He was a perfectly good suitor. Tall, handsome, overlooked that intimidating glare you seem to always have.”
You fake a pout, “But he didn’t even stay long enough for me to tell him it was all a joke.”
“Is it, though? You’ve lost more guns in the middle of a firefight than I care to count.”
“You know, it makes me all giddy inside that you don’t actually count them.”
He downs his drink and looks around the room before he whispers near your ear. “Are you doing anything later?”
It’s rather fun to keep this a secret from the whole team. They’re none the wiser and it always ignites a fire in the pit of your stomach whenever Loki teases you right in their presence. Any day now they can turn their heads at the right moment, strain their ears to catch the talk between you two, or walk in during another pleasurable rendezvous. But they haven’t yet, and Loki thinks he’d find it quite erotic to take you in such a public area when the time for them to know is right.
“Might go to bed early. Don’t know. Why? Want me to leave my door unlocked?”
“Tempting me, are you?”
You don’t finish your new glass and instead wink at him before leaving the gala altogether.
“Took you long enough.”
Loki’s already shedding his jacket the moment he passes through the bedroom door. “I’ll never keep you waiting again.”
It sounds like a promise because of his breathy tone and it almost makes you blush by how excited he looks. “You sure you wanna go through with all this?”
“I’m certainly not going to object.”
You give him a pointed look, “Loki.”
He takes your hands in his and caresses your knuckles. “I won’t ‘drop’ you after this. I don’t think it’d be possible for me to.”
“Too tempting for you?”
“And other things. You make me want to pull my own hair out.”
Regardless of such a gentle conversation, you know it certain that the sex isn’t going to be vanilla. “Something every lady wants to hear.”
He grins at that and pushes a strand of your hair behind your ear. He looks at you for a long moment before leaning in ever so slightly and breathing against your lips. “Let me touch you.”
“You can do a hell of a lot more than that. Don’t think me fragile.”
He smells like whiskey and cinnamon all at once. “Never, darling.”
His kisses always start off so benign, like he’s scared of hurting you or scared of building the moment up too quickly. His lips slide of yours with intent, however, and he uses his whole body to tell you of it. His hands come up to rest on your cheeks, thumbs sweeping across your soft skin, and then they rise to the first strands of hair he’s lucky enough to touch. The moment they do though, he presses his lips even harder and it’s basically a plea to taste even more of what you have to offer. You’re both breathing through your nose and trying to catch little inhales here and there whenever your lips slightly detach. He’s taking his sweet time but you know he’s only mapping out the things he’s going to do to you.
His fingers lace through all the way to the back of your neck and finally, finally, he cracks. He pulls just the slightest bit harder but it’s enough to tug your head backwards and expose your willing neck to him. A puff of air escapes your lungs but it quickly turns into a low groan when his lips reattach themselves to the sensitive skin just below your ear. He sucks and bites, body pressing you even further backward until you hit the wall. His hips are slotted against yours and just like how you restricted his access, he places his right leg in between you. With him being taller, his thigh presses against your mound deliciously. You had worn a simple cocktail dress for the gala, not really wanting to go all out for something so mundane, but it’s working wonders by allowing such easy access for Loki’s clothed thigh. He trails kisses down your throat and to your collarbones, tongue poking out every so often to trace the veins that aren’t visible to you - but to Loki. He can sense your blood rushing through your veins, he knows enough about anatomy to know where they’re located, and he follows them like a tempting path. He’s there at your neck, on your sternum, above your breasts, and then back up to your waiting lips to swallow all of your low whines.
“I want to do something,” you croak, slightly embarrassed by how gone you already sound.
You smile at how fucked out he already sounds as well. It takes all of your self-control not to rub it in his face that you, a Midgardian with a god-like skill, are making him wither under your touch.
“Go sit over there.”
Loki detaches from your lips, a lovely string of spit refusing to follow his lead. “Sit… over there?”
There’s a long couch pushed up against your wall that faces your bed. There’s a small coffee table in front of it and it looks rather comfortable for a day spent reading. But now you’re imagining Loki on that very couch, thighs spread wide and mouth parted while he has no other choice but to watch you enjoy yourself. “What? You think our little game is over?”
“I would quite like to know how I’m supposed to win.”
“Men. Always wanting to race to the finish line.”
“Don’t compare me to anyone else. As long as I can see you as you are, absolutely gorgeous, I’ll play whatever game you want.”
Locking your door as quickly as you could, you’re already stripping from the dress. Loki follows your movements with his hungry eyes but doesn’t make a move to touch. He’s waiting for instructions. A sharp tilt of your head reminds him of what they are.
The moment you’re bare, it’s heaven. The cotton of your sheets greet you, rubbing along your sensitive skin like the caress of a hand you’ve been begging for. Loki’s hands were rough, large, with slender fingers that would definitely get the job done. He’d make sure to touch every single inch of skin available to him, he’d touch every single goosebump, and once he had accomplished that first part, his fingers would continue the torture. But would it be torture? Or undeniable pleasurable sensations that are sure to get you screaming until your lungs felt as though they were punctured through? You’ve felt them once before but never inside of you. Only teasing.
Loki sheds his top layers and unbuckles his belt. He sits far enough away that you can’t really feel his presence, but close enough that you know you’re being watched.
“Touch yourself, pet. Tell me what you want.”
You already know the slope of your collarbones, the hardness of your nipples when they meet the chilled air, the dip of your hips and the shaven mound of your pubis. There’s no time to appreciate the simple things - no - your fingers immediately go to that sweet little nub in between your shaking legs. You follow his instructions promptly, dipping your fingers further in only to swipe more of your excitement higher. It does the trick and you find that you're practically dripping. There’s stickiness attached to your inner thighs, the strings of clear arousal forming a tiny bridge that connects skin to skin, wet and becoming dry all at once. Whimpering, you spread your arousal all along your inner lips and get to work.
The very fact that Loki is inches away, spread out the same way you are and gaining his pleasure from yours is distractedly erotic, and it hypes the sensations even more. Your breath hitches when he leans his head back and releases a low moan, wet lips parting and bottom lip (dare you say) shaking. His cock is throbbing, rock hard in his grasp, and each time your finger swipes at your special spot his thighs clench involuntarily. “I want… fuck, I want you to fuck me.”
He chuckles deeply and his tongue is settled on his bottom lip. “You may make me want to throw you to the nearest wolves, but seeing you spread out and needy is better than any other fantasy. Dripping, willing, absolutely begging for someone to fill you and satisfy that carnal desire God and Midgardian have alike.”
He lifts his head and meets your gaze. His eyes seem darker and there’s a thin sheet of sweat starting to appear on his forehead. His words are eating you alive. You know Loki’s a smooth talker, what with that damn silver tongue you’ve read about, but to hear it in action is overwhelming. Your fingers are just now creating a steady pace. The pleasure shoots through your clit and to the coil unraveling in your stomach, twisting and swirling with streaks of brilliant bliss that soon finds its way to your chest. Unable to contain your noises, they inch their way through your heaving chest to your dry throat and sound off in your once quiet room.
Your head rolls to the side and your heated cheek meets the cotton of your pillow. It’s almost too much. The cotton should be a welcome feeling, but it’s just making you burn faster. Your mind races, and soon the cotton is turning into the hands of a certain God you’ve come to despise and crave. It seems almost rude to imagine his pink lips trailing down your neck, bruising and sucking as he pleased, down to the valley of your breasts and wrapping around your sensitive nipples when he’s literally right there. His hand is moving faster and there’s a hint of restraint in his voice, almost like he’s covering up his own noises. He’s already leaking, red at the tip and hand finding all his special places. His chest heaves brilliantly as he tugs himself, heavy and hot, noises breather.
You aren’t much for biting, but God, did you want this God to do just that again. His hands would find a new home in your hair and they would tug, tug, pull, and fuck it if he pulled some strands loose because you’ll feel him clenching his fist around the base of your neck and pulling you up to meet him mid-thrust.
His thrusts would be…
“Fuck,” you choke and rub your clit faster. Still, you try not to apply so much pressure. If you could do this all night, you would, but the knowledge that Loki will be the one to do this in just a few minutes after you find yourself tired of the game... Your mind wanders to the image of his hand curling in your hair and pulling as he thrust into you fast and hard - would he go fast and hard? - of course he would; he’d want to fuck the disobedience out of you, the frustration he’s dealt with these past weeks. Being paired together for missions was a bad idea from the start and now you’re imagining him fucking you? Now he’s literally sitting in front of you watching as you fuck yourself?
God, if he was over you and fucking you his long hair would whip your cheeks as he pressed down. You’d be wrapped in his arms and he’d make sure your legs were secured around his waist as he lifted you and fucked you fierce -
“You’re awfully quiet for someone with such an active mind,” Loki pants and his hand slides up his shaft to pinch his red tip. He groans softly, “Tell me what you’re thinking, pet.”
The moan you let out is almost embarrassing, a whine more like, and your fingers dance through your juices nastily. Quick rolls of your sensitive clit, the sound of your arousal sticking to your fingers and thighs, hair tugging beneath your shoulders as you lifted your lower half to chase the pace. So much pleasure building, like fireworks still in your hand that you forgot to throw, gentle and jaw dropping explosions all at once-
“Fuck, yes, say my name darling.”
Just as you were an expert of your own body, he was for his. He’s running his large hand, those slender fingers, over himself so beautifully. His head is tilting back again, and he disregards possible embarrassment as he moans low and long, pace increasing each time his cock spurts another small droplet of pre-come. His rhythm stutters when he hears your sharp inhale.
“I’ve been wanting to fuck you since the first time you scolded me.”
He’s lost most of his resolve now, because instead of a verbal response he’s simply nodding quickly. It’s true. He had chewed you out in front of the whole team because you had managed to get kidnapped by the Afghan prince you were supposed to be pretending to court. Spending three days trying to escape was nothing, mere childsplay, but Loki had busted his ass those three days simply trying to communicate with you. And when you rounded the corner, skipping no less, with a simple response of “Hey! Now it’s a party!”, he had almost murdered you.
He looked so angry, so annoyed, so finished with the Avengers in general for not telling him about your little antics and behavior. So he yelled at you in front of everyone, veins bulging from his neck and finger pointed in your face that it took all your self-control not to make a dirty joke in the middle of it. Steve knew this of course, because he stood behind Loki with his lips spread so thin and mimicking with his hand near his throat for you to cut it out.
“Yeah? Gods, you should see yourself. Spread so perfectly, practically begging me to fuck you.”
“Shit,” you pant, free hand leaving the sheets to clutch at your left breast. His words hit you like a wave and you swear you can feel the pebbles on your skin and salt in your mouth. “Stop talking like that or I’ll come.”
“Why should I stop?” He swears quietly under his breath, thumb passing along his slit to collect more slick. “You said you want to come. I can make you come. I can have you withering beneath me, uncontrollable, crying from such - ah - from such ecstasy.”
You rub your clit faster, whines turning into near cries as his words hit you. Your ears hear him, your brain digests the meaning, and your body begs to be full of his cock. He has your thighs shaking. “You want that?”
He can tell you’re fighting it and it’s making him harder, if that’s possible. He can feel the coil at the base of his spine, pinching him nicely and swelling his balls with the release he so desperately wants to fill you with. The pleasure is growing inside of him, chest burning hot and prickly with the coil of arousal. He tears his gaze away from your body to lock eyes with you, and it’s deadly. “So beautiful. So fucking perfect.”
His words are literally killing you. There’s a fire tracing up higher, starting at the base of your fingertips and up your arms, tightening its grip around your clenched throat. It’s so good and bad at the same time. And again, you’re reminded that you’re literally on display, hot and wet for the one man who makes you feel like burning this whole compound down. “Loki, fuck, please.”
“Please what?” Loki groans, hopeful about your words. He wants to get an invitation, he wants inside you, he wants to be with you. It’s like a voice is teasing him, telling him it’s not just erotic desire that he’s feeling, but he pushes it down and focuses back to your withering body. Your hips are lifting themselves up now and your thighs are threatening to shut violently. “You want me to fuck you?”
A single tear escapes and quickly seeps into your ear. It tickles, but it’s faint compared to the burning heat between your legs. “Just…”
“Begging me, pet? Gods, keep doing that. Where do you want me?”
You’re reluctant to tear your hand away from yourself, but you have to see him. Lifting yourself on your elbows, you watch as he strokes his length at the same pace you had. His hair looks unruly, like he’s been running his hands through it. Maybe he’s been pulling it.
That simple thought is enough to cause you to spread your thighs even further, knees practically touching the mattress. “Come here.”
Loki doesn’t care if you took him by the neck and insulted his whole being right now. Same as you, he follows your instructions like it's second nature. He’s on you in a second, hand never leaving his cock as he keeps stroking himself to near completion. “What do you want? Tell me, darling. Tell - ah, oh - please.”
His face contorts in pleasure as he strokes the right area. You watch him, cheeks hot with a craving to put him in your mouth, in your hands, deep inside your aching heat that you’ll be able to feel him in your stomach, bottoming out and grinding against your clit with ease. “Make me yours.”
He hovers over you, one arm supporting his weight on the mattress as he dips down to capture your lips in another kiss. It’s rough and desperate and both your breathy moans are intermingling in begging pleas of release.
You were right: his hair does tickle your neck.
“Look at you. Fuck.” He aches almost painfully, climax close he can fucking taste it but he refuses to let it occur. It’s the way your mouth drops open when his hands reach below to cup your stomach, your hips, and then your bare ass that makes him inwardly praise every God he knows exists. He watches your jaw tense, eyes shut no matter how hard you try keeping them open, and neck presented like a lovely snack to his carnal cravings. He pushes your legs up higher and hooks them over his shoulders. But he doesn’t fuck you just yet, no, he lowers himself down and attaches his lips to the one place you need devoured immediately. His tongue sweeps slowly across your folds and to your clit, circling in tight figure eights and flattening against it when your whines turn extreme.
“Loki, fuck, fuck!” Your hands grip the top of his head harshly and he inhales through his nose. But he continues and presses in deeper, teeth grazing on accident and causing your hips to thrust upward and away. He has your thighs gripped tightly in his hands. Everytime your hands pull his hair he groans low and the vibration sends a prickle of pleasure throughout your thighs that they jiggle.
Loki’s enjoying this, you can tell, because he’s moaning in between your thighs and rutting against the mattress slowly. You don’t remember when he took off his pants but it’s quite a treat to see his round ass rise and fall with determined thrusts.
Loki slips one finger into your tight opening and it surprises you. His fingers are unbelievably long, not as thick, but he’s expert enough to know how to utilize such an asset. He pumps it gently and continues his smooth glides over your sensitive bud, completely thriving with each shout you give.
You’re sweet, a little salty, and so fucking perfect that Loki moans into your mound and presses in two fingers this time. He curls them and rubs against that spot that has you practically flying upward. It’s a stuttering series of ah-ah-aH’s and Loki ends up smiling against you the louder you get. If there wasn’t a party happening downstairs he knows the whole team would be piling outside your door to hear.
You’re coming with a loud scream, practically animalistic, and your knees knock against his head as they struggle to close. Loki’s mouth drops open as well, a long groan released as he continues to lap at you. The feeling has you whimpering but the sight is what gets you. He raises himself, chin shiny and lips glistening, and he gives you that fucking smile he gives whenever he’s won an argument. Except this time, he’s just made you come with the most pathetic noise you’ve ever made. You tug him close and kiss him deep, tasting yourself and openly inviting it.
“As much as I want to look at your face again when you come over my cock, it’s not in the cards.”
Before you can respond, Loki flips you over and traps you underneath him. He presses his cock into your lower back and ruts gently as he places small kisses down your neck. He pushes your hair to the side and trails more kisses down your spine.
“Alien or not, it makes sense you would enjoy this position.”
He grips your hips and lifts you to place a pillow underneath and nudges your legs apart. Your breath hitches when you feel him against your drenched cunt. He leans down, chest hot against your back, and presses a deep kiss to your cheek. “Okay?”
He’s about to fuck you raw and that still has you flushing with shyness. “Yeah,” you breathe, raising your hips as an invitation. He wastes no more time and finally pushes into you. Your breath stretches as he pushes in farther.
Pressure builds in him, pushing lovely sounds out of him that have you already clenching down around him. He hisses and thrusts deeper, allowing you to adjust to his full girth and length.
You literally feel all your muscles relax to make way for him. You feel your breath level to match his. You feel every teasing inch of him and your heart is pounding in your ears by how fucking amazing he already feels. A whimper pours from your mouth when he finally bottoms out and his hands are gripping your hips so hard you’re sure there are bruises forming. “Loki.”
He chuckles, low and deep, and takes that as signal enough. Pulling back just an inch already has your mouth parting in a silent scream. You can feel all of him, every vein and ridge, and it’s fucking delightful. He pulls out until only the cockhead is snug, and thrusts back in until his hips hit your ass. Your pants are plenty in telling him that you’re ready for him to move quicker.
Both your moans are so high, short, and repeated that the desire is just building. He’s sliding so easily, your cunt absolutely drenching his cock and clenching around him like the most heavenly vice. The intrusion of his cock sliding in and out, in and out faster and rougher, makes your toes curl and your vision hazy.
His arms move. One comes to wrap all the way around your waist while the other grips from underneath and to your neck. He isn’t choking you, his hand nearer your collarbones than anything else, but it provides a nice leverage for him to lean over further and drive his hips deeper. He plants almost slobbery kisses to your shoulders.
“This what you wanted all these weeks?” he pants, hips drilling into your pussy at such a rapid and delicious rate that he has your back arching almost painfully. You can only gasp and moan as a response, drool beginning to pool on the pillow closest to you. It’s impossible to swallow it, let alone speak through it, and you shut your eyes as another loud moan escapes your bruised lips.
“Answer me, darling,” Loki tries again, pausing his thrusts to change his hand positions again. This time he hooks his right arm underneath your waist and the other slowly pulls upward where it leaves invisible lightning strikes across each of your vertebrae. His fingers find the base of your neck and then the thickness of your hair, and he tugs you up so your back is now one with his chest. He settles you on your knees and helps you grip onto the headboard. The quick movement causes black spots to appear in your vision for only a second because then he’s pounding away again and pulling your head back by your hair to lay on his shoulder.
“Yes!” you scream, thighs vibrating from lack of strength but you’re determined to feel Loki at this wonderful angle. He’s holding you up so carefully but he’s fucking you with such a rawness that’s you’ll definitely feel this tomorrow. Throwing your head back, Loki uses this opportunity to plant a slick, hot kiss on your neck and to unleash your hips from his hold to cup your breasts instead.
“Yes, you like getting fucked by your God?”
That makes you roll your eyes but then he has you rolling your eyes to the back of your head when his thrusts pick up and begin slamming into the one place you need him to be. Fire is licking its way up your toes, to your thighs, to the middle of your chest and building such a tight coil that you’re afraid it might actually burst red and violently over your white sheets.
“We can do this all night. I have so many other things I want to do to you, and you me. You like having cock in your mouth?”
The desperation in Loki’s deep voice milks a newfound desire within you. It has you uncontrollably clenching around his thick cock and giving him his answer. “I like having cock in my mouth. But I would certainly love to see you on your knees with mine down your eager throat.”
His words are screaming in your ears. You brace your hands against the headboard and lean forward so you’re no longer pressed up against his hot chest. This way he can ram into you easily. His hand remains twisted in your hair and the tugs he’s giving are causing you to leak around his cock, wetter than you’ve ever been, hot and cold with such a need for release.
After he says it, you imagine it. You on your knees looking up at him through fluttering eyelashes, perhaps in the middle of the common room where anyone can walk in, sucking down the delicious curve of his cock with him dripping down your throat. Yeah, that has you moaning uncontrollably now.
“Please,” you pant, meeting his thrusts halfway. Loki’s leaning over you again, his cock pulsing with the need to fill you up and lick you clean again. His cheeks are red and his chest is heaving delightfully as he comes near his end as well.
“Please, what? Use your words.” He’s throwing your own words back at you, teasing you in the most unnecessary moment, because god, did you need to come. He dips his fingers into your parted mouth and you immediately suck them deep, swirling your eager tongue around his lean fingers, and you hear the nasty pop when he removes them. He plants his index and middle fingers back in between your thighs and works your nub to push you closer to edge.
It’s too much. “Oh, shit,” you whine, voice thinning. It’s like there’s a heavy bulge in the middle of your throat begging to be popped, creating such a soreness that the only cure is to yell in delight. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”
A needy thrum of desperation pouring into your veins is enough to snap you from your hazy state. “Loki, please. I want to come. Make me come, please.”
His fingers work faster, pinching your nub between both fingers and it sends you howling pornographically. You’d be embarrassed if it didn’t feel so good. Loki’s mounting you, claiming you as his, fucking you with such primal desire that it takes everything not to collapse from the sheer pressure of it all.
“Fucking brilliant, darling,” Loki groans, thrusting deeper and rolling his hips against your plump ass in an effort to reach his climax. He’s watching the way you’re practically shivering from the aftershocks, flushed with sweat, cunt squeezing the ever loving devil from him. A few more deep thrusts is all it takes for him to shake with a pleasure he hasn’t experienced in nearly two hundred years. The feeling of your velvet warmth enveloping him to the point it almost squeezes painfully, your spent dripping around his cock and down your shaking thighs; it makes him shut his eyes tightly as his jaw drops and he fails to catch the low shout that escapes. He watches the space where the two of you are connected as he continues filling you to the brim. His own come is now dripping from the sides and onto his softening cock.
He pushes in a couple more times, soft and deep, just enough to extend his climax and massage you. He drags out your name once he finally reaches his end and he removes himself carefully. Before toppling onto the sheets, he tugs you over and onto your back to roll with him.
Both your chests heave, sweat glistening on every inch of available skin, and there’s white spots plaguing your vision each time you shake your head. There are strands of hair stuck to Loki’s cheeks and forehead and he looks so blissfully fucked out that you’re proud of yourself for not jumping his bones earlier. The build-up was a strung out foreplay, but the end result proved to be entirely worth it.
“Was that punishment enough?”
Your eyebrows scrunch in confusion, “Seriously? You’re still on that?”
“Oh, darling,” Loki grunts low as he rolls onto his side and tugs you into his chest. “Everytime you make a blunder, which is every day, expect to be punished accordingly.”
If only you’re lucky enough to do what you do best.
A/N: Happy weekend! xxMoni
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starlight-loki · 3 months ago
The Heatwave (Loki x Reader)
Or, That Time You Saw A Different Side of Loki
Word Count: 2.8k
Warnings: none
A/N: It’s been a long time, but I’m slowly coming back :’) thanks for being patient with me folks. In return, I hope you enjoy this lil fic — it involves Jotun!Loki ;))
Tumblr media
Out of all the days for the air conditioner to stop working, of course it had to happen during the hottest week of the year.
Tony had built countless Iron Man suits, engineered a new renewable energy source strong enough to power all of New York, and yet somehow — four days of attempted repairs later — he still wasn’t able to fix the Compound’s air conditioning system.
The temperatures were skyrocketing in New York, hovering steady in the 100s for the last few days. At first it was nice to have the strong heat filter through the building. After a summer that began mostly with cloudy days and sometimes stormy skies, the sunlight was a welcome gift to you and the rest of the Avengers. Sure the air conditioning was broken in the building, but at least it finally felt like summer, right? Going a few days in the heat wouldn't be all that bad.
Your optimism quickly melted away the longer the sun shone, however, and soon enough you found yourself in a completely different mood.
“Okay, who took all the ice?”
You shifted your gaze up from your sprawled-out position on the floor as you heard Bucky’s angry demand. He was leaning so far in the freezer, he was practically lying in it.
A few halfhearted shrugs rippled their way throughout the handful of Avengers scattered around the living room with you.
“The ice tray was full an hour ago!” Bucky jabbed a finger accusingly at the now-empty spot in the freezer. “And there were five ice packs in here as well. They're gone now. Where are they?"
As if on cue, Thor lumbered into the living room with an ice pack, which he had fastened around his head using a T-shirt to keep it in place. The other four remaining ice packs were attached in a similar fashion around his arms and legs, bearing an odd resemblance to the floaties toddlers wear while swimming. As if that wasn't enough, Thor was also hugging a bag containing all of the Compound's remaining ice against his chest, as if it were a teddy bear.
Thor looked like, in every way possible, an absolute child.
You could almost feel the prickling anger radiating off the Avengers' glares as everyone watched Thor plop himself into an empty armchair. Or... maybe that was the heat making you feel itchy. At this point, it was so hot that it was hard to tell where the sun ended and where your body began.
"I swear on the gods," Thor mumbled absentmindedly. "It was never even this hot on Muspelheim. I'll bet Surtur himself would've rather died than endure this heat..."
"Are five ice packs really necessary, though?" You demanded, propping your chin up on your hands as you glared at the Asgardian from your position on the floor. "What about the rest of us?"
Thor simply dismissed you with a noodle-like wave of his hand.
"Your mortal bodies burn far less energy than mine." Thor reclined back in his chair, moving his ice pack so it covered his eyes like a sleeping mask. "You'll be fine. Myself, on the other hand-"
"Those ice packs had my name on them!" Bucky exclaimed, stomping into the living room. "I specifically said not to touch them-"
"If anyone deserves ice packs right now," Tony interrupted with a sharp glare. "It's me. I bought the fridge, after all. My kitchen, my rules."
"Well then, what about me, huh?" Bruce nearly sprung off the couch, and your eyes widened in alarm as you noticed the edges of his skin had a sudden green tinge. "I was the one who made the ice, I deserve the bag."
"Absolutely not." Thor tightened his grip on the bag of ice in emphasis. "I found the bag first."
"Oh my god, you guys." You sighed, pushing yourself up off the floor as you rolled your eyes. Even the little amount of physical exertion it took to get back into a standing position made you feel tired. "Just make more ice, it'll be ready in a few hours."
"That's too long of a wait," Tony answered, sprawling dramatically over his section of a couch as if to emphasize his point. "I'll have melted right into the floor before the ice is done."
You shook your head, the fog of the heat sparking your irritation like a lit match to gasoline. "Maybe you should've invested in a faster ice maker then. Or at least a second freezer."
"Hey." Tony pointed a finger accusingly at you, only to be met by stifled giggles from the other Avengers.
"Better yet..." You swiped a hand over your forehead, cringing at the sheen of sweat that now stuck to your palm. It was too hot to even simply stand in one spot. " could've designed an air conditioning system that would, oh I don't know, actually work."
You must have uttered the magic words -- or perhaps 'cursed words' was a better term in this situation -- because a newfound wave of bickering emerged from your teammates, all of them buzzing in irritation like little mosquitoes.
Your patience had already been worn thin over the last few days. You didn't know how much more arguing you could tolerate.
You watched Thor angrily lob an ice pack at Bucky, only for his expression to morph into disappointed shame as Bucky triumphantly grasped the frozen treasure like a trophy, and you realized now would be a good time to go back to your own room.
It was a few degrees hotter in there, you thought to yourself bitterly as you walked down the hall, but at least you didn't have to share the space with these children.
As you passed by Loki's room, your pace faltered as you noticed his door had been left open.
He was hunched over on his bed, eyebrows furrowed in concentration as he lost himself in the worn paperback novel that sat in his lap. Your eyes widened as you took in the god's outfit.
He was wearing a thin sweater and jeans. Jeans. In 100 degree weather.
"You're insane." You couldn't help but splutter as you continued staring at Loki in disbelief from the doorway. Loki smirked, setting his book to the side before getting up to greet you with a friendly nod. You caught him look you up and down, before his features creased into a slight frown.
"And you... look like a wilted plant. Y/N, are you alright?”
You gave Loki a small shrug. "The kids are arguing in the living room again, Thor took all our ice packs, it feels like we have heated floors everywhere, and to be honest, I've started to feel a little dizzy."
Loki sighed as he took in your burst of information. With a small smile, he guided you into his room with a gentle hand on your shoulder.
"What about you?" You asked, gesturing to Loki's outfit. "Aren't you ready to pass out in that? Did you open a portal to New York in December and not tell me about it?"
Loki chuckled, the sound a warm gift to your ears compared to the screeching that had gone on earlier in the living room amongst the other Avengers.
"I'm different, I suppose."
"Well, whatever it is," you replied, stretching out on Loki's bedroom floor in an attempt to cool off as best as you could. "You and Thor certainly don't share the same temperature genes. You should see him, he's whining like a baby and he's got an icepack on each limb."
Loki smirked at your words, and you could've sworn you caught a flash of nervousness behind Loki's eyes. You couldn't help but wonder if you had said something wrong, but the emotion vanished as quickly as it came.
"I don't know how much longer I can survive in this heat." You mumbled as you laid down on your stomach and rested your head on your arms. "I haven't slept in nearly three days, I'm losing my mind."
Loki was sitting behind you, out of your range of vision, but you heard him let out a rather ragged and conflicted sigh. You frowned, unable to discern what exactly was going through the god's mind.
"I think I can help you," Loki began, his voice sounding rather constrained. Soft footsteps padded over to you, and you looked up just as he extended a hand towards you.
"How?" You asked with a frown as he helped you back up onto your feet. "Have you got a human-sized freezer you're hiding in your bathroom? Or better yet, a working air conditioner no one knows about?"
You laughed lightly at your own sarcasm, but your smile quickly faltered as you noticed how tense Loki had suddenly become. You were close enough to him now that you noticed he was clenching his jaw, and he kept picking at his hands.
"Icanhelpyou." Loki repeated, the words emerging out of his mouth in a jumbled mess. "I- I can help you. I can't bear watching you suffer in this heat. But you have to promise me something."
"Anything, Loki. You're my best friend, you know I'd do anything to help you in return."
"You must keep your eyes closed the entire time."
You blinked in surprise. You weren't sure what request you were expecting from the Asgardian, but it certainly wasn't that.
"Promise me that, Y/N." Loki demanded urgently. His hands gripped your shoulders tightly as his wide eyes searched your own. "Swear on the Nine Realms that you won't open your eyes, no matter what."
There was something so solemn, so incredibly fragile that had surfaced in Loki's eyes that you didn't even think to question him any further. Whatever this was about, you knew it was serious.
"Okay." You whispered. "I won't open my eyes, I promise."
Loki nodded, pressing his lips together into a thin line. It seemed as though the thoughts in his mind were close to being physically painful, and it hurt your heart to watch him go through this.
"You don't have to help me, you know." You closed your own hand over his for emphasis. "I'll be fine, the heat will subside in a few days."
"No." Loki's tone was stern. Final. There was no arguing with him. "I want to help you. I will help you."
You nodded, giving the Asgardian's hand one final squeeze as an attempt at comfort. With a deep breath, you closed your eyes.
You could feel your heart begin to pound in your chest as a thick silence enveloped the two of you. You waited for any sort of extreme event -- maybe a bright flash of light or sudden noise -- but nothing happened.
"Your eyes are closed?"
You couldn't help the small smile that formed on your lips when you heard Loki's question. His voice sounded so small, if it weren't for how serious he was being about this entire situation, you would've found it almost adorable.
"Yes, Loki, my eyes are closed. You can test me, if you like."
" many fingers am I holding up?"
"Wrong. Good."
You snickered, shaking your head at Loki's response.
The silence resurfaced once more, this time bringing with it a slight chill in the air. You sighed in relief, feeling your body relax ever-so-slightly as the air became cooler than it had been moments ago.
"If this is one of your illusions, I'm extremely impressed." You whispered. You were expecting Loki to chuckle, or perhaps boast even further about his powers, but all you got in reply was a bitter scoff.
"This does not merit awe or any such feelings." Loki mumbled. "Now, hold your hands out for me."
You extended your hands, perhaps a little faster than you had anticipated. Your fingers grazed something ice cold for a brief moment, the sensation feeling almost like a burn in contrast to the warmth of your hands.
You gasped as you jolted back, and as your reflexes kicked in, you accidentally opened your eyes.
The person in front of you was Loki, but then again... it wasn't.
His skin was now cobalt blue, with intricate markings spiralling their way up his hands and tracing the outlines of his cheekbones and forehead. His nails were such a dark shade of blue that they were almost black, and his eyes.
They were completely red, and filled with a mix of sadness and horror and betrayal as your gaze locked on his.
"I'm so sorry." You gasped, immediately squeezing shut your eyes once more. "I didn't mean to do that, it was a reflex, I didn't see anything-"
"Stop lying." Loki spat. "You can open your eyes. I know you saw."
Your eyes fluttered open slowly, but you kept your gaze glued to the ground.
"I'm really sorry, Loki." You whispered, feeling the sting of tears fill your eyes. It seemed as though his hurt expression had burned itself into your mind. "I broke my promise."
"Are you afraid?"
You looked up at Loki with a frown, his question catching you off guard.
"I'm sad that I hurt you. I regret moving as fast and as suddenly as I did, I regret not fighting my reflexes, but no. I'm not afraid."
Loki's gaze was unwavering, yet there was an absence in his eyes. It seemed as though he was somewhere far away in a memory.
"You should be."
You stepped forward, bridging the distance between the two of you, and held both of Loki's hands in your own. You inhaled sharply as your skin made contact with his and an icy chill coursed up your arms, but you didn't flinch away.
In fact, Loki was the one who tried to flinch away, but you kept your grip steady as you laced your fingers through his.
"I trust you with everything I am." You whispered. "I know you'll never hurt me. This is no exception."
"I'm a monster."
Loki's voice cracked almost imperceptibly on that last word. You shook your head, adamant to prove him wrong.
"This side of you is just as kind and loving as the other." You smiled softly, tracing a finger lightly across the ridges that marked his cheekbones. Loki turned his now-pained gaze to the ground as you caressed his cheek soothingly.
"You wanted to help me feel better, even if it meant revealing the side of you that you hated the most. No monster would do that, Loki. Hell, I don't even think some of the Avengers would be willing to risk their comfort levels the way you just did. And you did it all selflessly, because you didn't want me to overheat.
"In fact," you continued, smiling in awe as you studied the markings on Loki's face. "You're absolutely beautiful, both on the inside as well as the outside. You put Greek sculptures to shame, you're a work of art."
Loki let out a small choked gasp, and your heart skipped a beat as you noticed a few stray tears begin trailing their way down his cheeks. You brushed them away with a slow swipe of your thumb before leaning forward to kiss his cheek.
"Whatever events may have happened in the past to cause you to feel the way you do," you whispered, wrapping your arms around Loki and pulling him closer to you. "They're over now. The hurt ends here. I'll make sure of it."
"How?" Loki didn't even try to hide the disbelief in his voice. You pulled back from your hug, only to trail your hands down his arms and hold his hands tightly in your own.
"By being the first to love you as you are. Every part of you."
Silence passed between the two of you as Loki eyes allowed you to glimpse the war he was currently fighting internally with himself and his past. You knew this wasn't easy for him.
"You don't have to say anything, but I just want you to know that I'm here for you. This doesn't in any way change how I feel about you, Loki."
As silence settled between the two of you like little particles of dust, Loki stepped forward and caught you off guard. He pressed a delicate kiss to your forehead before wrapping you gently in his arms.
“Thank you for cooling me off, by the way.” You whispered with a small smile. “It’s only been a few minutes, but I’m already feeling much better.”
“I’m glad to hear that.”
“…Loki?” You asked as you rested your cheek against the god’s shoulder.
“This is way nicer than tying ice packs around my arms and legs. You give good hugs.”
That earned a genuine laugh from Loki, and although he didn’t reply, he gave you a gentle squeeze in acknowledgement.
Despite the chill that ran through your body as Loki remained pressed up against you in an embrace, you had never felt such intense warmth inside your heart.
This side of Loki — his true form — was more beautiful than you could’ve ever imagined.
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patheticdarling · 3 months ago
Good Girl
   Summary: Loki has been rather enjoying his time in Sakaar for the past week or so. Attending all of the Grandmaster’s parties and good times. Men and women pine over him daily, Loki is the type to fuck and leave; no real attempt for connection. But then he meets someone rather intriguing, the Grandmaster’s “daughter.” 
   Warnings: SMUT/unprotected sex/oral sex (f receiving)/fingering/coarse language/slight degradation & praise/cum play/slight breeding kink/sort of rough sex/bondage/unprotected sex (please use protection when necessary)/soft dom! loki/use of pet names: my god, pet, darling, good girl, love etc. 
   Word Count: 2595
Tumblr media
    Loki sauntered through the crowds of party-goers. Bodies grinding against each other; the room smelling of sweat, pleasure, and sex. All scents that Loki had happily become accustomed to during his stay on Sakaar. After wooing the Grandmaster with not only his charm, Loki was now apart of every aspect of Sakaarian celebrations. 
   “You must be Loki,” a woman smirked at him as she sipped her wine, “The Grandmaster’s new toy.” 
   “Toy?” Loki nearly scoffed, “I’m nobody’s toy, love. Now if you’ll excuse me.” The lady rolled her eyes as Loki pushed by her. 
  He sat at the bar, looking over the sea of people. All of them the same, no real purpose in life but where they were now. Loki liked it but he also hated the idea of such a lack of spontaneity. 
   “You look like you could use a drink,” a voice pulled Loki from his apparently obvious sulking.
   Loki peered up, readying to rip into whoever was next to annoy him but was met with the soft smirk of a rather illuminating bartender, “I beg your pardon?” 
   She chuckled, “I just mean you don’t look like you’re having the most fun.” 
   Loki sighed, “Guess not.” 
   The bartender sighed before quickly pulling together a drink, sliding the glass over to Loki. His brows furrowed as he eyed the drink, “On the house,” she slid it closer, “Like I said, it looks like you could use one.” 
   This only increased Loki’s suspicions. Why would this seemingly random stranger offer him a free drink? He picked up the drink, giving it a suspicious sniff. 
   “Believe me, if I wanted to poison you, I would’ve done it much earlier,” she chuckled as she wiped up the bar, “Just drink the damn glass,” she pushed the glass to his lips, Loki having no choice but to take a swig. 
   The alcohol burned his throat, like normal, but there was a certain sweetness to it that made it pretty enjoyable, “It’s good,” he smiled. 
   “See, no poison,” she winked before going to help another party-goer. 
   Loki moved himself to be nearer to her, “How have I never spoke to you before? I’ve been to nearly all of the Grandmaster’s parties since my arrival.” 
   She shrugged, “Guess nobody really pays attention to the bartender who will flirt her heart out but never go home with a person here. Besides, people find the Grandmaster rather intimidating.” 
   “What would the Grandmaster have to do with-” 
   “Ah Loki!” the Grandmaster had drunkenly danced over, joining the girl behind the bar and throwing his arm around her neck, “I see you’ve met my girl, Y/N.” 
   “Your girl?” Loki questioned. 
   The woman chuckled, “Maybe I should start serving you water instead, Father.” 
   “Father?” Loki questioned again. 
   “Adopted,” she chuckled, “And not even really that.” 
   “Oh stop,” the Grandmaster hiccuped, “You’re my daughter, regardless of blood.” 
   “Whatever you say, you drunk,” the girl giggled. A group of partiers came over, beckoning the Grandmaster back. 
   “Duty calls,” he winked before placing a kiss on the girl’s head and charging back into the crowd. 
   “So you’re not adopted?” Loki questioned. 
   The girl chuckled as she fixed him another drink, “Not technically, no. Umm, my mother was one of the Grandmaster’s pleasure maids but when he first took her, she made it clear that I had to come with her. And I guess the Grandmaster wanted her so bad that he took me in just the same. Been living here practically all my life.” 
   “And now you’re also one of his pleasure maids?” 
   “Heavens no,” she shook her head in disgust, “That’s gross. Almost made me lose my lunch there,” they both chuckled, “He lets me bar-tend and it gives me something to do. Also keeps me from the repulsive dance floor.”  
   “Not a big fan of dancing, I take it,” Loki teased. 
  “It’s more the people on the dance floor that I find repulsive. Sure, a fun dance partner here and there is wonderful but sometimes a girl just wants to dance without having someone’s hands on her ass; man, woman, or whomever. Know what I mean?” 
   Loki smiled, nodding, “Completely understand.” 
   “So,” she leaned across the bar, sliding him another glass, “Seems only fitting I ask your name.” 
   “Loki Odinson or Laufeyson, I’m not really partial to either so Loki works best,” he smirked, his eyes wandering to her exposed chest, “And you, my dear, are?” 
   “Y/N,” she smiled, eyeing the God up and down, “So you know my story, care to share yours?” 
   “Mines a lot longer and far more complicated,” he chuckled. 
   She leaned over more, her breasts spilling further from her blouse, “I’ve got lots of free time and nowhere to be.” 
   Loki smiled, “To make the long story short, I’m also adopted, in a way. Unlike you, I got saddled with a rather loathsome family in the realm of Asgard. My adopted brother, Thor, God of Thunder and Getting on My Last Nerve,” she laughed, “And a new-found sister, Hela, Goddess of Death and- well, just genuinely terrifying overall.” 
   Y/N laughed, “And your parents?” 
   Loki’s smile fell a bit, “They passed. Both just recently.” 
   “Loki,” she sighed, putting her hand on his, “I’m so sorry.” 
   He smiled quickly, “I wasn’t exactly my father’s favourite, or second, or even third. And believe me, I returned the affection,” he joked, “But my mother she, well she was something truly special. She saw something in me that others, or even myself have yet to see.” 
   “She sounds lovely,” Y/N smiled. 
   “She was,” Loki sighed, “But anyway, that’s all there really is.” 
   “And now you’re here. On Sakaar.” 
   “And now I’m here. On Sakaar,” Loki repeated, “What about your mother? She still involved with the Grandmaster?” 
   “No,” Y/N shook her head, “She actually passed when I was a teenager, rather long ago here on Sakaar.” 
   “I’m terribly sorry,” Loki apologised, “I didn’t mean-” 
   She waved it off, “I chose to answer, did I not? Besides, it was a long time ago. Can’t bring her back, though I wish I could, so there’s no use dwelling on it.” 
   Loki sighed, “Families truly are complicated,” he finished off his drink.
   “Here, here,” she raised his empty glass before clearing, “But,” she chuckled, pointing over to the Grandmaster dancing atop one of the tables, “He’s not so bad.”
   Loki chuckled, “It’s very kind of him to not force you to be one of his pleasure-maids.” 
   “Suppose it is,” she answered, “He promised my mother.” 
   “Promised her to not make you a pleasure maid?” Loki asked. 
   “No,” she giggled. Y/N took note of how handsome the God looked as he threw his head back when he laughed, “Promised I could live here as long as...” her voice floated off as she put away Loki’s glass. 
   “As long as what Y/N?” he met her alluring gaze as they both leaned over the bar. 
   “As long as I was a good girl,” she whispered as they drew nearer. 
   Loki smirked, “And are you?” 
   “Am I what, Loki?” she whispered as her eyes began to flutter close. 
   “A good girl,” Loki answered. 
   She smirked a bit, “In certain situations, I suppose.” 
   Loki chuckled, “What sorts of situations?” 
   “Why don’t you come find out?” she teased. And before they knew it, they were locked in a tussle of teeth, tongue and lips. Both of them pulling grunts and moans from the other. 
   “You have a bed chamber we could go to?” Y/N asked as she pulled away for a quick moment. 
   Loki pulled her lip between his teeth, “Follow me,” he grabbed her hand and dragged her from the party through the corridors of the Grandmaster’s estate. Finally they landed in the suite that the Grandmaster had gifted Loki with. 
   Loki slamming the door closed before pinning her against it, their lips once again meeting in a flurry of passion. 
   “Fucking hell,” she moaned as Loki’s lips bit, sucked, and licked nearly every inch of skin from her lips to the skin her blouse exposed. 
   Loki’s chest heaved as he pulled away, admiring the love bites he had littered over the tops of her breasts. His eyes going dark before he tore her blouse completely off, the buttons scattering across the floor and a gasp leaving her mouth. 
   “Don’t worry,” Loki spoke between kisses, “We’ll get you a new one.” 
   “Forget about the bloody shirt,” she panted as she moved to undo her bra, “Just fuck me please.” 
   Loki let out a deep chuckle as he admired her now exposed breasts, “Patience, pet. Let me ravish this extravagant body of yours.” 
   She blushed fiercely as Loki continued his descent down her body, kissing along the hem of her skirt, “Take it off,” she groaned. 
   “With pleasure,” the God of Mischief smirked, “And while we’re at it,” Loki gave his fingers a quick snap and the two of them were now both standing bare and heaving in front of the other.
   “H-how did you do that?” she panted as Loki returned his lips to hers. 
   “Just a bit of magic,” he answered between kisses. She pulled away, giving him a confused look, “Did I not mention that I’m a god?” 
   “A god?” she raised her brow. 
   “God of Mischief, to be exact,” he smirked.
   She let out a nervous chuckle, “You’re serious?” Loki nodded, “I don’t think I believe you, Loki.”
   Loki smirked before giving his fingers another snap. Y/N now found herself on Loki’s bed, her hands bound to the head board and her ankles tied to the foot of the bed; leaving her splayed as Loki jerked his cock in front of her. Y/N had never seen someone has well-endowed as Loki was, he had the most perfect cock she’d ever seen. 
   “Believe me now?” he smirked down at her. 
   She nodded nervously, “Yes.” 
   “Good,” he smiled before returning to ravish in her body. Marking it all over before he was face-to-face with her dripping heat, “My, my, I must have quite the effect on you, darling.” 
   Y/N tugged against the bindings on her ankles, trying to close her legs and get a bit of friction, “Please,” she pleaded. 
   “Begging already?” Loki teased, “How pathetic of you.” His hands moved to the tops of her knees, spreading her legs even further, “But who am I to deny such a pretty little thing of such pleasure?” 
   Before she could muster another word, Loki’s mouth was already working on her. His tongue flicking against her clit as he carefully traced her tight quim with two of his fingers. She clenched around nothing as Loki brought her slowly to the edge. 
   “Please, Loki. I’m begging you,” she whimpered. 
   Loki let out a groan against her core, sending a shiver up her spine, “Since you asked so nicely.” And just like that, his mouth worked frivolously against her as he railed two of his fingers into, curling them to hit that soft spot deep inside her. Y/N let out a loud moan at his actions as her back arched from the bed.  
   “LOKI!” she cried as Loki brought her closer and closer to her precipice. 
   “I love hearing you cry out for me,” Loki grunted as he kissed back up her body, his fingers continuing their assault on her tightening cunt, “I can feel you squeezing my fingers. You going to cum, pet?”
   She nodded excitedly, “Yes, please God. Need to cum.” 
   Loki chuckled, “Sorry, love. But there’s only one god here who can help you,” he smirked before pulling his fingers from her. A small whimper left her lips at the loss of touch. 
   “W-what’re you doing-” Loki caught her off with a harsh kiss. 
   “Remember, patience, love,” Loki snapped his fingers once again, the bindings on her legs disappearing. She moved to rub her thighs together but Loki already had them in his grasp as he hiked one over her shoulder and let the other wrap around his hip. 
   Y/N could feel the tip of his painfully hard cock, brushing against her entrance as Loki gathered her pleasure onto himself. 
   Her nails dug into her wrists bindings as she attempted to buck her hips up to encourage Loki, “Just f-fuck me,” she whimpered. 
   Loki smirked down at the lust-filled girl, “Just know, I have no intentions of being gentle.” Before she could speak another word, Loki thrusted himself in to the hilt. Y/N let out a scream-like moan as he filled her. 
   “F-fuck, your cock is so...” she couldn’t find the words to describe the feeling as Loki began to slowly rock back and forth inside of her. 
   “Look at you,” Loki smirked, “Already cock drunk and I haven’t even begun to fuck you like I truly want.” 
   “Harder,” her words barely registered with Loki before he began to pound into her drenched cunt. Moans, grunts, skin slapping, and filthy squelching noises filled the room. Anyone walking by would have to be an idiot to not know what was happening in there. Or they must’ve thought Loki was torturing her to death, but I suppose in a way, he was. 
   Y/N’s eyes rolled into the back of head as Loki pushed himself further up her body, allowing himself to get even deeper inside her, “Fuck,” he grunted as he thrusted, “Can’t wait to fill this...bloody hell... tight cunt with my seed. Watch it drip out of you. And you’re going to love...shit... every second, aren’t you? Cause you’re a good girl. A good fucking cum slut.” 
   Her back arched off the bed at Loki’s degrading, “Fill me up. P-please, I need it so bad, Loki.” 
   He reached down to squeeze her jaw, forcing her to look at him, “I’m a god, pet. And you will address me as such. Now...fuck... who’s your god?” 
   “Y-you are,” she panted. 
   Loki began to pound into her even harder, if that was possible, “What was that, love? Didn’t quite catch-” 
   “FUCK! YOU ARE. YOU’RE MY GOD!” she scram as the knot in her stomach grew even tighter. 
   “That’s a good fucking girl,” Loki growled as he drilled into her, his balls tightening at the feeling of her wet cunt squeezing him as they both neared their highs. 
   “Cumming,” she whimpered, “LOKI! FUCK!” What felt like a bolt of lighting ripped through her whole body as she covered Loki’s cock in her orgasm. 
   “Fucking hell,” Loki groaned as his thrusts grew sloppy. The look on her face as he fucked her through the orgasm he had given her was enough to force him to paint the inside of her velvet walls completely. 
   Both of them stilled for a moment, attempting to regain their breathing. Loki thrusted a bit, fucking his cum further into her. 
   “My god,” she whimpered as he moved through her. 
   “Had to make sure you felt it all,” Loki sighed, both of them groaning as he finally pulled himself from her cunt. 
   Loki’s mouth practically watered at the sight of his cum dripping from her quim onto the silk sheets of his bed. He laid a kiss to her sweaty forehead before collapsing next to her. 
   “Guess I underestimated the power of a god,” Y/N chuckled breathlessly. 
   “Let’s hope you don’t make that mistake again,” Loki smiled as he kissed her softly. 
   “So this is going to happen again?” she smiled, a hint of nervousness in her fucked-out eyes. 
   Loki smirked before kissing her again, “I don’t think I could stay away from such a good girl.” 
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agentofbarnes · 4 months ago
the princess and the prince
Tumblr media
loki odinson was the darker prince, the one who caused mischievous. he wasn’t warm like thor or the hier to the throne. you are innocent and sweet while loki is rough and mean. yet you still fall in love with him, and for you, he melts.
please send in ideas for soft!loki x sweet!princess!reader
Tumblr media
headcanons (mostly in order of events)
loki can’t stop talking about you
loki realizes he’s in love with you
loki asks to court you
loki comforts you when you are insecure
loki shows his magic and makes you feel magical
you kiss loki’s scars
loki celebrates your birthday with you
loki loves how you interact with children
loki visits your lessons with the children
loki being a total softie for his princess
loki needs comfort after getting in trouble
you say i love you first
loki loves seeing you with his mother
loki when his princess has a nightmare
loki doesn’t appreciate being interrupted
his princess becomes needy after their first time
the princess gets hurt by thor
loki accidentally hurts the his princess during sex
the princess gets jealous
loki punishes for teasing him by edging you
you take care of sick loki
alternative universe blurbs (not canon in the current au)
you tell loki that you are pregnant
you get sick while pregnant (nothing serious)
loki frets over your newborn daughter
loki tries to do his daughter’s hair
loki and his twins
one shots
loki gets his first taste
princess in training
loki and the princess’ first time
loki will do anything for his princess
loki returns from a mission
princess of asgard, moodboard
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earlgreydream · 3 months ago
| loki x reader | smut |
anon requested. Loki decides to be submissive to the reader & Loki with a pain kink
Tumblr media
You leaned back against the curved, bronze wall. Loki was on his knees before you, pleading like a desperate man. The fires in the half-domes glittered in the reflection of your eyes, somehow making you appear harsher to the young god.
“It aches, mistress.”
You frowned at Loki, waving your fingers. His clothing vanished in a shimmer of black, exposing him entirely to your gaze. He was all angles— fair skin and sharp edges and strong muscles.
“I don’t care that it aches. Baby, I want to hurt you.”
“Hurt me. Please,” he begged, almost surprising you.
His pain kink was certainly no secret, but he rarely asked so boldly. You almost admired his forwardness, though it faded as the role of a harsh dominant settled over you.
“You’re so bratty.”
You pulled hard at his black hair, forcing the god to look up at you. He was naked, kneeling, and embarrassed, completely exposed to your every whim.
“I’m not—”
He was interrupted by your palm connecting sharply with his cheek, the grip on his hair the only thing keeping him from knocking over from the force.
“And a liar too.”
A wail ripped from the god’s chest as you slipped a cockring on him, effectively halting his pleasure.
“Don’t cry, I’m only giving you what you deserve,” you yanked on his hair, his wet eyes wide and glassy and so unmistakably innocent, despite the compromising position.
“What do you want? Say it.”
“I want you to hurt me,” he repeated in a whimper, burning with shame from being made to speak his desires.
A cold, sizzling whip solidified in your hands, made of black, burning seidr. A choked whine caught in his throat, and the mere sight of the whip had him dripping onto his thighs.
“Are you going to be quiet? Or will I have to gag that lying mouth?” You questioned, giving him a chance to answer.
“I’ll be quiet,” he whispered, his voice weak from the brutal anticipation.
His entire body flinched as you cracked the whip down as hard as you could against the floor beside him, centimeters from the milky skin of his thigh.
“Hold still.”
“Yes, mistress,” he mewled, blue eyes nervously following your movements.
His entire body jolted as your whip came down against his backside, his hands going forward to the golden floors.
You waited only a few seconds before striking him again, a loud cry escaping the god’s lips. He wanted this, he needed the pain to purge the emotions that were twisting inside of him.
Being whipped was cathartic for Loki, and you were more than willing to aide him, having a soft spot for seeing Loki on his knees before you.
He was far less majestic this way— kneeling on the floor instead of perched on the throne. He was nude and shaking, his cock an angry, desperate crimson.
“Do you wish to be touched?”
“Yes, please!”
“Then you shouldn’t have lied to me,” your voice was cold, the black cord snapping against his thighs, dangerously close to his groin.
Thin, red welts began to raise on his skin, left in the wake of being struck. He was shaking, partially from pain, and partially from euphoria, and the angst pouring out of him.
You were nearly startled by how aroused he was from being beaten and dominated, and he would’ve come with every sharp word from your lips if you hadn’t slid a ring on him.
You watched him, the whip vanishing from your hand. His gorgeous eyes snapped open as you pulled the ring off, freeing him from the constraint. Your voice was far more gentle when you spoke to Loki, encouraging him to let go as your hand stroked him. You squeezed lightly, applying a bit of pressure that sent Loki over the edge.
His shoulders heaved and his entire body quaked, his hand gripping your thigh as he leaned forward, making a mess all over himself.
“There,” you hummed, carefully stimulating him through the orgasm.
His dark head dropped onto your shoulder, the mess disappearing with a touch of his magic. You dragged him into your arms, threading your fingers into his hair. The two of you sat on the floor, and you brought Loki down as his lovers high crashed. 
His face was buried in your chest, clung to your body. You tilted his face up, bringing his lips to yours. 
“Thank you,” he breathed, parting his lips for you to slip your tongue in his mouth.
“Of course, my love.”
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