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#loki roleplay

I beg your pardon? I have no desire or interest in multiple intimate relationships. As I have stated before, once I commit, I am a one woman, monogamous man. I do not give my heart freely or willingly to just anyone.

Spoons is it for me. She is more than enough and well worth having all of my attentions and my heart. Nothing about that is a waste, mortal.

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@kirito-the-water-fae, tried to keep my daughter, princess Rae from me by kidnapping her. He claimed to be her soul mate, and yet he slapped her.

Seeing this, I came to the conclusion that they were NOT soul mates. I call upon the goddess Freya, @lovesmesomehiddles to judge this so called union of the souls.

I encourage , @queen-tinkerbell, to tell everyone the truth and I request both you and Kirito to stand beside each other for this judging.

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Do forgive me for not taking kind to someone who insults me behind anonymity but plays compassion to my face.

Let’s see, do I push friendships away, @hopelessromanticspoonie, @selena-ninetails, @lilmissmichief, @lots-of-loki, @midgardian-mistress?? Here are some, just to name a few.

If you truly knew me, then you would know that I can be reticent and wary to show such sentiment towards someone I hardly know.

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