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Loki Show Thoughts

Started rewatching the umbrella academy and honestly if we have kid Loki he needs to be like number 5. He has the memories and conciousness of the previous Loki but he’s stuck as a child so everyone treats him like one. Also, the time people remind me of what I’ve heard form the TVA. Anyway, upon relfection I have decided I really don’t want the TVA to be good guys. They should be a shady organization that he works against, not for, otherwise he’s just there to introduce old fans to this unknown organization.

Weird Loki Show Dream: dreamed last night that the Loki show came out and i started watching it (but then the show was the world around me and I was Loki so naturally I was an idiot) and like… he goes to earth and gets sentenced to two years of serving ice cream at a carnival for his crimes on earth but ends up ditching it for time travel shinanigans. At some point he runs into whoever my concious manifested Sophia Di Martino to play who was this random lady who had a child???? and he just sorta hangs out with them and that’s all I can remember….

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Hey guys!

I hope you’re all having a great Holiday!

I just wanted to ask for opinions on something. I know this is an Hvitserk/Viking Blog BUT I have an idea for a Loki story and I really want to post it on here!

I can’t be the only one that loves Loki right??!! Lol

Let me know what you guys think! I already have the first chapter halfway done💚

And of course this story would not get in the way of The Arrangement. I love that story and will continue to write it.


Originally posted by mistress-gif

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A/N:  This fic is going on a planned hiatus in December  It is coming back, I promise.  I already have the next two chapters drafted and a third almost done.  So it is coming back.  The next chapter will post on January 2, 2021.  If I post sooner, I will announce it ahead of time.

Masterlist is here.  

Pairing: Loki x OFC

Summary: When Loki goes to ask his father for permission to marry, he is shocked to discover his destiny has already been made for him.  He is already betrothed to Sjofn, the daughter of the King of Vanaheim.  An arranged marriage to bring the two kingdoms closer together and strengthen the bond.  Never mind that Sjofn and Loki can’t stand each other.  After The Battle of New York, Loki is sent to live at Avengers Tower as punishment for his misdeeds.  But it doesn’t mean he has to like it.   A year later, he has adjusted to life on Midgard but has avoided any romantic or emotional entanglements, still bitter over his lost love.  Dr. Alexis Randall is skilled at helping others fix their relationships as a couple therapist, but can’t help her own love life.  A chance encounter with Loki in a dive bar has life altering consequences for both of them.  Now, Alexis and Loki must figure out a way to co-habit without killing each other in the process, plus navigating impending parenthood and other roadblocks along the way.

This Chapter:  One month has passed since Alexis and Loki “met” at the bar, Loki has moved on but is confronted with harsh reality of Alexis and the consequences of his cavalier attitude towards relationships, hookups, and birth control.  He does not react well.

Warnings this chapter: mentions of unplanned prengnancy, cursing, mentions of sex, mentions of birth control, pregnancy tests, and ultrasounds, Loki is kind of a dick.

The Whole Enchilada:  @winterisakiller@nonsensicalobsessions@yespolkadotkitty​ @hopelessromanticspoonie @pinkzz123@jessiejunebug@cherrygeek86​​ @littleredstarfish@rjohnson1280@the-minus-four@wiczer@lotus-eyedindiangoddess@catsladen@coppercorn-and-cauldron@gerli49@lovesmesomehiddles@devilbat@he-is-chaotic-she-is-psychotic@tinchentitri@theheartofpenelope@noplacelikehome77@otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore@snoopy3000@voila-tout@wolfsmom1@queenoftheunderdark@xxloki81xx@thewaithfuckingannoyme@kcd15@amirra88@malkaviangirl@evanlys19@thejemersoninferno@sadwaywardkid@is-it-madness@sweetkingdomstarlight-blog@peterman-spideyparker@caffiend-queen@sleepylunarwolf@anagrom@bradfordbantams@ms-cellanies@what-just-happened-bro@stubby-toe-589331@alexakeyloveloki@loki-smut-library@imnotrevealingmyname@trippedmetaldetector@tea4sykes​ @noambition-blog @sherala007@vodka-and-some-sass@cursethedarkness@jewels2876@fixatedfandomhunter@myraiswack@lokikenway97@groovylokifanficpersona@ciaodarknessmyheart​ @bitchcraft-at-its-finest @hanyasnape@lokislastlove@stuckysdaughter@theunwantedomega@dryyoursaltyoceantears@petitefirecracker10@thummbelina@andreasworlsboring101@krazycags01​ @howaboutash @thehumanistsdiary@daddylouislittle@flakyfreak@sigyn-nightshade@green-valkyrie@usedtobegoodfriend96@salempoe@traumschiffe@letsdisneythings@arch-venus25@thefuckthesaurus@karushinekomiya@black-ninja-blade@worshipping-skarsgard@songbirdonamission@freakishlyadorable@xxxeatyourh3artoutxxx@rorybutnotgilmore@give-him-a-banana​  @idontevenknowwbro@nikkalia@lokilvrr@slutforhiddlebum@make-it-rien@nildespirandum@kimanne723@build-a-bucky@ladyacrasia@dangertoozmanykids101@mandywholock1980​ @vengrl @delightfulheartdream@creator-appreciator@loki-yoursaviourishere@liz-rdwitch​  @luke-windsors-diary@pandaxnienke@mariekoukie6661@7soulstars@kiliskywalker666@rebbie444@thefallenbibliophilequote@hufflautia@jaysayey@what-a-flammable-heart@imherefortomhiddleston​ @6heaven6horror6  @megand2017@rachelxwayne@vipervixxen@cartoonlover101​​

Loki: @drakesfiance@obtain-this-grain@theoneanna@lokilover2000@lokixme@jade10077@bluefrenchfries604@rosierossette@lots-of-loki@cateyes315@readsalot73@villainousshakespeare@galagcica@weirdfangirl2416@antihero4967@theatrelove3000@sweatycalzonedeputyhumanoid​ @tropicaltroubletheo @buckaroo-barnes@myblissfulparadise@songbirdonamission​ @lokislittlecorner @chezagnes@fantasydevil2002@confessionsofastrugglingteen@sigyns-notebook@tomsfish@mfdisco@brightsun-and-darkmidnight@sinfully-lustful-darling@introvertedrambling@carryonmywaywardbucky​ @plaidshirtsandpizza @silvertongued-obsession13 @demon-goddess-of-night​ @kaogasm @lucywrites02@like-a-wildfire

Destiny Has Other Plans: @fanfictrashdump​ @morgueswrld @chezagnes



One Month Later

“Dr. Randall?” Rachel, Alexis’s receptionist, called out.

Alexis’s head snapped up from her desk, where she fell asleep between appointments.

“Yes?” She smoothed back her hair behind her ears and took a sip of her third cup of coffee of the day.

“Your 2 o’clock is here. The Masons? Can I show them in?” Rachel gazed at her boss with worry. Alexis never napped during the day and stopped drinking caffeine by 11 a.m.

“Yes, please.” Alexis stifled a yawn before composing herself.

The rest of her appointments dragged and she pushed her last appointment out the door rather than allow the Clarks to linger like they do after most sessions. Alexis wanted nothing more to go home and crawl into bed. And then her phone rang.

“Hello?” she answered with a weary tone.

“Tough day?” Hannah asked on the other end. One of Alexis’s few friends.

“I am so tired. And hungry. Tired and hungry.” she groaned.

“Well then, let’s make dinner a quick one. You are still meeting me?”

“Shit! I completely forgot. I don’t understand what is going on with me. Give me five minutes and meet me at the diner down the street?”

“Deal. I’m already almost there. Meet me inside.”

Alexis straightened her desk, grabbed her purse and headed out the door. Hannah was waiting in a booth inside as she slid in.

“I waited for you to order.” Hannah commented.

On cue, the server appeared.

“I’ll have the mac and cheese bites and the bacon cheeseburger with fries.”

The server wrote everything down, nonplussed, while Hannah stared at her friend. “Anything to drink, hun?”

“Strawberry milkshake. Oh, and a Diet Coke.”

“Got it? And you?” The server turned to Hannah.

“House salad with grilled chicken, dressing on the side. And water with lemon.”

“Thanks, hun.” The server grabbed the menus from Hannah, walking away.

Hannah leaned across the table. “That’s some order.”

“I told you I was hungry.” Alexis settled into her seat.

“If I didn’t know you so well, I would say you’re pregnant.” Hannah commented off hand.

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I think it’s kinda beautiful how most of fanfic writers out there really care about the safety of their viewers by always putting specific trigger warnings about the content in their work that could be triggering to some audience upfront the way most actual movie companies/studios never actually put that much effort into the matter.

(anyway this is just my thought, no shade towards anyone!)

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So far, 2012, and 2016 Tumblr have made a come back, (and a little bit of 2014 with emo scene and aesthetics) so logically 2018 Tumblr is next.

Alright people, get ready for BTS and Marvel takeovers cause it’s shaping up to be that way again.

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