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#loki series
lokitvsource · 13 hours ago
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"The show was always constructed to be a story on its own," he said. "The story of Loki starting out as a villain and going through this adventure that turns him into a hero in his own way, doing the right thing, but losing anyway — that was always the complete story we wanted to tell." "And we’ve got a Loki who, at the top of our show, assessed himself as a villain and, I would argue, at the end of our show, has become a little bit of a hero. There’s nothing more heroic to me than fighting for the right thing and losing. You see that washing over him as he’s there back at the TVA, after Sylvie has knocked back there. And then he gets up because that is what heroes do — they keep going. So I think that you’re gonna see a Loki that looks at himself in a different way certainly that at the top of this (in season 2)." - Michael Waldron
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lokithelesbian · 14 hours ago
I wish they would listen
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zemosimp05 · 20 hours ago
Tony: Why is it always three of you when there anything inconvenient happens in any mission?
Y/N: Believe me Tony…I’ve been asking myself the same question from the day you teamed us up.
Bucky: It’s always hornhead’s constant yapping gets us in trouble.
Loki: oh shut up sour patch…it’s Y/N with their clumsy ass always get in trouble.
Y/N: HEY …I’m not clumsy. You two doesn’t know how to work as a team…not my fault.
Bucky: He talks too much…and he’s right…you’re clumsy…
Y/N: What the….
Loki: And you talk nothing at all grumpy….so me and Y/N always had to figure out things as you’re so bad at communicating.
Tony: Ok…tha-
Bucky: I hate both of you.
Y/N: Oh yeah? The feelings are mutual. I hope you two die in next mission.
Loki: Oh…okay at least there will be people mourning over me in my funereal…who you got? No one.
Y/N: How dare you say that….
Bucky: I would celebrate actually…if he dies…
Loki: Don’t worry grumpy I’ll make sure you die with me….
Y/N: Omg just put me in another team already…
Bucky: Yeah so that others could get into trouble for your clumsiness…
Tony: OKAY THATS ENOUGH… I’m splitting the team up.
Loki , Bucky, Y/N: *simultaneously* NO…
Tony: what you mean by no?
Y/N: ….
Loki : …
Bucky: ….
Y/N: I need These two dumbasses in my team.
Tony: But you just sa-
Loki: We don’t know how to function else without getting in each other’s nerves.
Bucky: I don’t wanna agree with him but he’s right…
Tony: *rolling his eyes as he’s disappointed as hell*
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✨This is my chaotic dream team ✨ here have some more chaos ✨and yes that’s a lil bit HP x Avenger crossover.✨
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hansoeii · 10 hours ago
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just want to thank owen for adding the little detail of mobius checking himself out before introducing himself to loki, because obviously he wants to look good in front of his crush.
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bifrostedgalaxy · 2 hours ago
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Loki lands in the void, but it’s like this.
Collaboration with @nooby-banana
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dersalzbaron · 8 hours ago
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Loki stealing Mobius clothes….hmmmm 👀✨
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bebx · 16 hours ago
Loki on the phone with Mobius during his first solo mission as a time cop: the suspect is dancing naked through downtown right now...
Mobius: copy that
Loki: I'll try, but I'm not that good at dancing...
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portraitoftheoddity · 5 hours ago
The way you know Sylvie is A Loki™ is that she ends up making choices and breaking the heart of someone who loves her while breaking her own in the process.
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bisexual-cryptid · 11 hours ago
loki, texting sylvie: sylvie, help! i’m being kidnapped!
sylvie: what? where are you?
loki: i’m with some strange person in a car, help.
sylvie: i’ll call mobius.
mobius, answering the phone: y’ello?
sylvie: where is loki? he texted me that he was being kidnapped.
mobius: loki? whaddya mean, they’re right next to me-
mobius: i’ll call you back *hangs up*
loki, sobbing: who are you!?
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blessyo4 · 16 hours ago
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Into The Loki-verse of Madness ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ☕ - x - INPRINT! - REDBUBBLE! - IG
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aussie-tea · 22 hours ago
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"- there was this one time I transformed myself into a snake because I knew how much my sister loved snakes. So when she went to pick up the snake to admire it, I transformed back into myself and I was like "BLEGH it's me!" and then I stabbed her. We were eight at the time."
Ravonna: "First of all, what the f-"
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skymoonandstardust · 20 hours ago
President Loki: *About to pop open a bottle of wine after winning New York*
The TVA: "we're sorry sir, but you winning anything in New York is illegal" *prunes him*
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bisexual-cryptid · 11 hours ago
loki: what do you think sylvie will do as the distraction?
mobius: she’ll probably just throw a rock or make a noise or something. that’s what i would do.
*building explodes in the distance as several car alarms go off*
mobius: or she could do that.
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