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#loki series
dagger-to-everyone2 days ago
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But you are no different than your brother Throg...
And no different than us too, obviously
馃摳: keiik
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critter-of-habit5 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I know she would actually fight back too much and get pruned immediately but I'm so intrigued with the idea of TVA clerk Natalie Rushman
insp. source
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lanadelreyscokewhor3a day ago
Pairing: Modern!BestFriend!Loki x Female!Reader
Word Count: 2.1k
Summary: After another failed attempt to get your best friend Loki off your mind as a lover, you decided to seek him out for comfort. But you could never touch him and feel him like you do in your dreams right? Wrong.聽
Warnings: 聽swearing, pet names (nickname petal), thigh riding, squirting, smut implied, kissing, loki tastes readers cum off his finger oops lol
Tumblr media
To say the date was going shit was a huge understatement. You were flat-out miserable. The dim candlelight hid your paling face, casting a warm glow around the restaurant your date Alex? Aidan? had brought you to.
聽The wine appeared red as blood as you swirled it around the glass mindlessly, staring at his lips not recalling anything he was saying. He droned on about endless meetings at his work, such as conferences he was in and you wanted nothing more than to dump the sickly sweet-tasting liquid on his head. When your thoughts drifted towards the negative, as they had many times since the date had started almost ninety minutes ago, you tried to remind yourself who you were doing this for. Your best friend, Wanda.
聽Bless her heart, she had found a man at her work and thought you should test him out, like a car at a dealership. As much as you loved her, you didn鈥檛 think you鈥檇 be able to stay at this date any longer. Would an excuse work? Dog died? Car crash happened and your mom was hurt?聽
The room felt stuffy and you fiddled with your dress with discomfort. 鈥 And I said no John I can鈥檛-鈥
聽鈥 I鈥檓 so sorry I just need to run to the washroom!鈥 You cut him off with a start, pushing out your chair hastily and rushing to stand up. The tables swayed suddenly and you felt sick.
聽You rushed to the washroom, locking the door behind you and slumping against the wood. With a sigh, you walked to the porcelain sink and turned the water as cold as it鈥檇 go. You felt hot. Much too hot. Bending down, you splashed the cool water on your face, attempting to soothe your discomfort without messing up your makeup too much. You were a mess. You wanted nothing more than to go home and curl up with a book in your pjs. Or better yet, curl up with a book in your pjs with Loki. You craved his touch like a drug, more than anything at the moment.
聽He鈥檇 help you. He鈥檇 get you out of this situation.聽
Even though he was partly the reason you were in it. Loki had been your best friend for ages. The two of you did everything together, from learning how to ride bikes to being each other鈥檚 prom dates each year. Now the two of you were 鈥済rown-up鈥 as Loki always commented, even though when the two of you were together you acted like children still. You have had a crush on him for as long as you could remember. Not wanting to ruin anything, you figured distractions would be best, and Wanda was there to help you take your mind off the man you really wanted, but were too scared to be with.聽
But at this moment, you didn鈥檛 care. You wanted Loki more than anything. You wanted his touch, his voice, his praise, his comfort. You鈥檇 be lying to yourself if you said you hadn鈥檛 craved his touch, and his fingers instead of yours late at night. It was always his name on your tongue, and deep down you prayed it was yours on his tongue too. Loki would get you out of this mess. He always did.聽
Digging in your purse, you grabbed your phone and let it ring, waiting for his honeyed voice to pick up on the other end. You stared at your reflection that glared at you from the bathroom mirror, your eyes fogged with sleep, faint circles lingered under your eyes with the slight mascara streaks.聽
鈥 Petal?鈥澛
The sweet nickname rolled off his tongue laced with concern. You swooned. He had called you that since you were little, claiming you were a beautiful little flower that he and his mom had planted in his garden.
聽 A bleeding heart. It鈥檚 not as sad as it sounds Petal. I know you鈥檇 never leave my heart to bleed.
鈥 Is everything okay? Arent you with Anthony?鈥澛
Ahh Anothny, that was his name. 鈥淚t鈥檚 not going too well鈥︹ you trailed off, fidgeting with your dress again.
聽鈥 You need me to come get you?鈥 he asked sweetly. That鈥檚 one of the many things you loved about Loki. He always knew what you needed, and he always got straight to the point. No matter the situation, he was always there. 鈥 Is it too much trouble? I don鈥檛 want to bother you.鈥 you murmured, not wanting him to interrupt whatever he was doing beforehand.聽
聽鈥淵ou never bother me Petal. Don鈥檛 be silly.鈥 he chuckled and you sighed with relief. 鈥 Whats the restaurant name again?鈥 You heard the rustle of his jacket and the keys jangling in the background, the door to his apartment opening softly. 鈥 De Anglo鈥檚. On 16th Boulevard.鈥 you stated, pacing the washroom quietly. 鈥 I鈥檒l be there in 10 Petal.鈥
鈥淵ou're a knight in shinning armour Loki. Thank you again.鈥
鈥 Don鈥檛 worry your pretty little head about it.鈥
With a lame excuse and a handful of bills thrown across the table, you headed outside to wait for Loki鈥檚 car to pull to the curb. The cool New York breeze nipped at you, and you shivered as you wrapped your coat around you tighter.聽
The city was bustling still despite the late hour, cars and buses filling the streets, people walking by you with phones in their hands. A sleek black corvette pulled up the curb and you smiled. With a shiver, you opened the car door and slid into the warmth. The dim light went out as you shut the door, and Loki looked over at you with a smile.聽
鈥 Your carriage awaits my love.鈥澛
A giggle escaped your lips as he slid back int the traffic, heading back to his apartment building. As the red, yellow and green lights filtered across your face, you felt his hand slid from the wheel to settle on your inner thigh. He was speaking, telling you something along the lines of how you were too good for that dude anyways, but you couldn't hear them. A dull ringing filled your ears as he began to subconsciously graze his hands along your thigh, stroking it gently.聽
You felt your cheeks get as red as the traffic light the two of you were stopped at. Wetness pooled in your panties, and the thoughts of his hands all over your body hit you like a truck. No Y/N! Stop that! You鈥檙e going to his place, and the two of you will do best friends stuff. Not touchy feely things. 鈥 Petal?鈥 His sweet voice lulled you out of your dirty minded thoughts. 鈥 Hmm?鈥 you questioned, noticing you had stopped and parked at his building.
聽鈥 You wanna stay the night?鈥
聽You met his loving gaze, his emerald green eyes filled with lust. You nodded with a smile, and the two of you walked up to his room together, his hand in yours.聽
鈥 You almost done Petal?鈥 Loki called from the living room. You were just stepping out of his bathroom, unravelling your damp hair from the towel. A quick hot shower later, and the effect of Loki's calming presence, you felt any anxiety you had earlier that night slip away. 鈥淎lmost!鈥 you replied from his room, slipping on your thong and one of Loki's sweaters that hung almost to your knees and smelled of his woody cologne.聽
You always forgot how tall and well, big Loki was. He towered over you at 6鈥5, all muscles and sharp edges. Towel thrown in the laundry basket, you scurried out of his room to find him lighting the wood in the fireplace, its warmth and light flaring up and illuminating the room. He turned around to see you cuddled with a blanket, and with a giggle you patted the couch for him to sit next to you. You nuzzled in close to him, leaning on him as he wrapped his arm around you. You felt safe. Happy.聽
鈥 Petal can I ask you something?鈥 You and Loki had been cuddling for quite some time now, the night dragging on. Little touches and flirty comments had been exchanged, and you were so hot you felt like you were going to burst if you didn't put your hands on him soon.聽
鈥 Of course love! Whats up?鈥 you questioned, turning to face him and run your fingers through his long inky locks. 鈥 Si-sit on my-鈥 You cut him off with a tug, and he purred.
聽鈥 Sit on my lap?鈥 he whispered, voice consumed with lust.
聽Oh. OH. With a shiver, you slid on top of him and straddled his thigh. A hum of contempt left his lips and you blushed, looking down at the couch. You began to fiddle with his turtleneck as he set his large hands on your bare thighs gently.聽
鈥 You look so pretty like this petal.鈥 he purred, fingers trailing slowly up your sweater to lay on your hips. Your core was aching, you were desperate for any form of friction. His fingers trailed up and down your sides, leaving goosebumps in their wake as you wrapped your hands around his neck.
聽鈥 Loki-鈥 you gasped as his fingers trailed towards the inside of your thighs. He chuckled, loving the way your body reacted to him.聽
鈥 Loki!鈥 he mimicked, a deep chuckle rumbling through his chest as he cupped your clothed pussy. You tried to hold back a whimper that dared to leave your throat, and failed miserably.聽
鈥 I鈥檒l tell you what Petal. You ride my thigh, make those pretty little noises for me yeah?鈥 You nodded quickly as he began to slowly bounce his knee. The feeling of denim against your cunt felt delicious. You jolted suddenly with a gasp as he slapped your ass harshly.
聽鈥 Words Petal. Use em.鈥澛
鈥 Yes, yes Loki please I鈥檒l do whatever you want-鈥 you whimpered and his knee began its pace once more.聽
鈥 Thats what I thought. Always so obedient for me, my good little pet..鈥 he trailed off as you began to shift your hips, riding his thigh slowly. Your juices coated his jeans as you rode him, the sensations making your clit throb.
聽鈥 So pretty for me Petal. You can鈥檛 even imagine the amount of times I鈥檝e thought about this, you on top of me baby.鈥 You moaned loudly at his words. How was it possible to moan at just his words alone? He bounced his knee faster as you clung to him tighter, your hands laced through his hair once more.聽
鈥 Want- wanted you for so long-鈥 you were cut off by a deep growl that left his throat, his hands wandering up to cup your breasts, kneading and flicking each nipple with his thumb. You keened back, a mewl escaping your lips as you threw your heads back, lost in pleasure.聽
鈥 You wanna know something honey? Every time I鈥檝e had a whore over, some dumb toy I use to replace you, I always wish it was you. I always want it to be you. You鈥檙e the only one for me, my pretty little petal.鈥 he nipped and sucked along your neck as you began to rub against him faster. Your juices were leaking down his thigh onto the couch and you felt your legs start to shake.聽
鈥 Loki it鈥檚 too much I鈥檓 goin cum!鈥 you wailed, feeling the coil in your core start to slowly stretch.
聽鈥 Cum for me, my little flower. Wanna taste your nectar petal.鈥 he whispered in your ear, tugging it gently. With that, you snapped. White-hot euphoria washed over you, your eyes rolling back in pleasure as you squirted all over his thigh with a constant chant of his name. You tugged his hair as he moaned at the sight of you, blissed out and soaked from your cum.
聽鈥 Jesus fuck that is the hottest thing I鈥檝e ever seen.鈥 he growled, slowly bouncing his knee as you came down from your high. Your ears were ringing, you felt as if you were floating. His fingers pushed your panties to the side, as he stroked his fingers along your slit. You shivered as he sucked and licked your juices off his fingers with a moan.聽
鈥 Just as I thought. Sweet as honey.鈥
聽鈥 Want you-鈥 you clawed at his turtleneck, slipping your hands under it to run your hand along his perfectly chiselled abs.
聽鈥 Patience little flower.鈥澛
He shrugged his sweater off, the fire casting a glow across his features that gleamed with hunger. Suddenly, your (his) sweater was being tugged off your frame, and you were set down lying on the couch. Loki knelt down, placing his hands on your thighs and opening them slowly. He grinned, sliding your thong off and placing his head closer to your aching cunt. He looked like a hunter going after his prey, a wolf after a deer.聽
鈥 I want to taste my nectar first Petal.鈥
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hansoeiia day ago
very proud to see lokius so high up!! I had such a good time with you guys on here over the summer, can't wait to return once we get to see them again :)
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fraeuleinwinterschnee2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mobius can't believe he got his own Loki.
P.S. I'm pretty sure he's looking at his ass in the second gif.
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zemosimp058 hours ago
Drunk Mind, Sober Thoughts...
Loki x Y/N | Fluffy Drabble聽
An: I鈥檓 back with another silly fluff鈥o enjoy 鈽猴笍 Reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged!
Tumblr media
鈥淚鈥檓 telling you he does...doesn鈥檛 care... at all...鈥 your voice slurred little bit as your grip around Loki鈥檚 shoulder tightened.聽
鈥淭hat is not true at all...鈥 Loki huffed softly adjusting your position on his back. you鈥檙e glued to his back like a little koala bear as your legs gave up, so yeah, he was carrying you home.
鈥淗e left me...鈥 you pouted your lips resting your head oh his shoulder.
鈥淗e had didn鈥檛 even pick his phone up...鈥 he said bit annoyed.
鈥淚 was mad at... him, he left ...with so short notice, and I... beside that he just times...鈥 you huffed.
鈥淚t鈥檚 twenty seven times Y/N, Do you even check your phone...?鈥 he asked making you sad again.
鈥淲hat ever...I was mad and I didn鈥檛 want to talk to him. He鈥檚... bad..bad boyfriend...鈥 you grumbled the last part.
鈥淵ou still mad at him?鈥
鈥淣-no...I miss him...鈥 you said barely above whisper this time. Loki sighed softly. You鈥檙e clearly hurting. There was a long pause. The weather was bit chilly today. You really thought it would be a good thing to go out with few of your friends, have few drinks after keeping yourself completely isolated for a week from the outer world. Your friends were beyond happy to see you, recovering from your current heartbroken state. Your boyfriend had left you just a day prior to your birthday without any notice, just a small handwritten note ,聽
Had to go home for an emergency, stay safe.聽聽
No further explaining, No I love you, no advance happy birthday, nothing!
鈥淎m I heavy?鈥 you finally came to realise that he was carrying you for a while.
鈥淣o...not at all...鈥 Loki said as this wasn鈥檛 the first time he鈥檚 carrying you.聽
鈥淲e could have just called a uber you know...people are watching us...鈥 you suddenly got aware of the surrounding as you were sobering up little bit. It was late but still people were on the streets.
鈥淚 like carrying you...and beside that if you are feeling embarrassed you can hide your face in my shoulder you know...鈥 he said and you immediately hide your slightly reddened face. Loki chuckled softly at your cute gesture.
鈥淪tawwp...don鈥檛..laugh...embarrassing...鈥 you whined.
鈥淥kay..okay apologies...鈥 he said still smiling.
鈥淢y head is ...hurting...鈥 you mumbled nuzzling your face more.
鈥淲hy did you got so drunk know your alcohol capacity is low...鈥 he said bit concerned. Thanks to one of your friend , who called Loki to pick you up as none of them were in a state of driving.
鈥淚 just...uhhh...leave it...鈥
鈥淗 did you know which bar I was...were you stalking me?鈥 you asked getting all confused. Your senses were finally coming back slowly.
鈥淵our friend called, you had my no. for emergency contacts...鈥 he said.
鈥淵our number ? But I only had my boyfrien- YOU BASTARD....鈥 you suddenly yelled fully getting your senses back as Loki busted in laughter.
鈥淧UT ME DOWN ODINSON...鈥 you yelled hitting his shoulders but Loki didn鈥檛.
鈥淒arling...stop are in no state of let me just carry you...鈥 he said adjusting you. you knew this bastard wont put you down and you鈥檙e too tired to walk so you stopped struggling.聽
鈥淵 left me....鈥 you huffed angrily.
鈥淣o I did not...鈥
鈥淒ID NOT...鈥
鈥淚 WILL RIP YOUR HEAD OFF...鈥 you scoffed.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry..鈥
鈥淪top yelling...鈥 he huffed.
鈥淵OU DON鈥橳 TELL ME WHAT TO DO....You left, no reason explained , I was so worried, I got so you ev-鈥 you start to ramble but he cut you off with,聽
鈥淚 said sorry didn鈥檛 pick my phone...answered my texts...鈥澛
鈥淚 was left...before my鈥
鈥淗ey! I wished you over text, tried to never responded...鈥 he huffed softly.聽
鈥淚 DID...and stop yelling in my ear...鈥 he said yelling.
鈥淚...I don鈥檛 remember...Got so many wishes...didn鈥檛 notice...鈥 you said thinking. you did see his texts but you鈥檙e mad.聽
鈥淢other was ill so I left in a hurry...I鈥檓 sorry my love...鈥 he said you got sad again. If anyone in this world he cared about the most in this world was Frigga.
鈥渋s she okay? why didn鈥檛 you told me this before...鈥
鈥淵ou didn鈥檛 reply Y/n...鈥 he said , this time you felt guilty.
鈥淚s...she...okay though?鈥
鈥淪table...I may have to leave by Sunday again...鈥 Loki said as you nodded understandingly. It was your fault too. You should have called him back.
鈥淵ou..still... love me right?鈥 you whispered this time. You should be mad but after hearing why he left you just couldn鈥檛.
鈥淲hen did I stop loving you...?鈥 he asked bit in a teasing way.聽
鈥淕od! I hate you so much...鈥 you whisper yelled again nuzzling your face back in the crook of his neck, hugging him tightly, making him laugh. God how much you had missed this idiot. Your idiot.
loki masterlist
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undiscovered-horizon2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Author's note: @mobbucky 's addition gave me this idea. Also, the fact that, for some reason, Tom Hiddleston is in my Korean textbook??
Imagine being the annoying cell neighbor that Loki met at the Asgardian prison. Fed up with how talkative you are, he truly wishes you gone so he can read in peace. One day he wakes up to his neighbor gone and, to his own surprise, feels worried.
Why, for the love of all the Gods, were you still talking? Loki's been in prison for a week now and each day looked more or less the same: he attempted to read while you talked his ear off. So far his strategy was to simply ignore his annoying neighbor in hopes that she will get tired but it seemed that lack of attention didn't matter to you. He realized that if he wished for some peace, he had to do something more drastic than simply ignore you.
Loki clenched his jaw, let out a sharp sigh and loudly closed his book.
"Will you be quiet already?" He asked you visibly annoyed. "I don't care about you or your little stories. We're not friends."
Without waiting for your response, he went back to reading his book. His world was silent for the first time in a week.
Tumblr media
The morning was oddly quiet. Did you really...stop talking? Although he got what he wanted, the change felt weird. Maybe he just needed to get used to the, finally earned, peace and quiet. Opening his book where he left off the previous day, Loki looked at the cell across the corridor - your cell.
It was empty.
A weird feeling found its way into his chest. Was your sentence done? Did something happen to you? Maybe someone bailed you out? Only after a while did he try to tell himself that he didn't care.
Loki couldn't focus on the dark ink on yellowing pages. The action of the story was nearing its climax and yet his mind was occupied with things mundane. Although he wouldn't admit that to himself, he kind of missed having his ear talked off. He may have never participated in the conversation or rather a monologue but he always felt like a small part of it. By the way you formed your sentences or questions he had left unanswered, he knew you were always talking to him. It wasn't just a waterfall of words targeted at anyone in your vicinity.
His heart twitched a little when he came to the realization that he might have appreciated another part of your talkative nature: you were virtually the only person talking to him. Other prisoners, upon recognizing the prince, only gave him angry and patronizing glances. During his week being stuck in the prison he saw his mother and Thor only once. Even their visits were anything but selflessly spending time with him: they were limited to his family treating him like a child that needed scolding and a few minutes spent in the corner. In this cursed facility, you might have been the only one that treated Loki like another person, although his pride hurt thinking that you thought of him as your equal. But that was the part he might have secretly enjoyed the most: he was a tabula rasa to you.
Loki's thoughts were interrupted by a commotion coming from the corridor. As far as he could see, you were being shoved back into your cell. He could see a purple mark across your face and, to his surprise, a wide grin plastered on your mouth.
"See ya!" you yelled out to the guards.
He stared at you for a moment. There was a fresh bruise on your cheek but you didn't seem to be in pain. Quite the contrary: you were proud of something you had done.
"Are you...okay?" He asked cautiously.
You turned to him, quite surprised that he spoke to you and even more: initiated a conversation.
"Oh, that?" You asked and pointed vaguely at your now purple cheek. "It's a great story of how I pissed off the king of Asgard, let me tell you."
For the first time since he met you, he was actually thrilled to listen to what happened, no matter how much he tried to deny that in his own mind. He grew to care and there was no lying about that. Not to mention that you seemed to share his dislike for Odin.
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sserpentea day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/N: I hope you all opened the first door on your advent calendars, people! Let鈥檚 go! 鈾 Request from @drdaddystrange鈥.
Words: 887 Warnings: fluff
鈥淚 don鈥檛 see how I can鈥檛 just use my magic. It would be a lot faster, love.鈥
鈥淧art of the joy of gifting presents is wrapping them. You wrap them with love. So stop moaning.鈥 You gave him a glare when you noticed the elder lady staring at Loki in shock. To make your point, you threw another set of paper bows into the shopping basket Loki was holding for you.
He rolled his eyes then, a sigh escaping his lips. You were almost certain now that he was starting to regret wanting to try 鈥渘ormal life鈥 with you. But after all the hassle with the Avengers, Thanos and last but not least the TVA, Loki needed a break; and you were about to give it to him鈥攕tarting with Christmas.
鈥淎nd guess what,鈥 You continued, 鈥測ou are going to wrap your presents yourself and not watch me do it for you.鈥
Back on Asgard, Loki had had maids to read every single wish from his lips, including wiping his arse if only he had wanted that. It was about time the God of Mischief got his hands dirty鈥攊f anything because you found it utterly amusing how he was so incredibly elegant and yet unknowing at the very same time鈥攁t least when it came to Midgardian stuff.
He still pretended to be annoyed with you when you approached the till and paid for your items, ignoring how the cashier shot Loki a few rather judgemental looks.
鈥淚鈥檒l get a plate of biscuits ready for us when we鈥檙e done. There鈥檚 this really cute Christmas movie on tonight, you have to see it, it鈥檚 called 鈥楾he Grinch鈥.鈥 You promised once you were back home. You kicked off your shoes and got rid of your many winter layers before heading into your room. Loki, carrying your shopping bags, followed you suit.
You had been hiding the Christmas presents for the Avengers鈥攅xcept for Loki鈥檚, of course鈥攗nder the bed. Once the door the door was closed, you pulled them out, asking your mischievous boyfriend to unpack all the wrapping paper and decorations you had bought.
You had insisted Loki bought some Christmas presents to gift as well but, given that he and the Avengers weren鈥檛 exactly鈥 close, you had both agreed he would only get Thor a present. You could still hear the sound of your palm connecting with your forehead when he came home with a Thor action figure he had found in a toy store but then again鈥 Thor would probably love it.
鈥淵ou鈥檒l have to measure the approximate amount for the gift first,鈥 you said as you rolled out the wrapping paper and put the first gift on top of it鈥攁 massive box full of pop tarts for Thor. Loki raised his eyebrows at you.
鈥淎re you seriously going to explain to me how wrapping gifts works?鈥
鈥淲ell, have you ever wrapped one?鈥
鈥淣o but鈥︹
鈥淪o next, you fold the paper and then鈥斺
鈥淵es. I got it.鈥 You suppressed a grin. You knew you were pushing his buttons and of course, you did not assume Loki would be too clumsy to wrap a Christmas present. It was fun teasing him though, knowing that there would be payback in the bedroom tonight.
Ten minutes later, when you looked up from your own present, you took a peek at what Loki had managed to do. Your jaw dropped.
Not only was Thor鈥檚 gift neatly wrapped in red and green Christmas paper, Loki had folded an Origami Christmas tree on top of it.
鈥淎re you kidding me?! How did you鈥 did you use your magic?鈥
Loki winked at you. 鈥淚 am proud to say no.鈥
鈥淯gh, you are better at this than me. Help me wrap the other gifts, please, will you?鈥
And so he did. You started humming Christmas songs at some point and teaching Loki some of the lyrics, most of which he was very irritated by.
Once the last present was finally wrapped, Loki cleared his throat.
鈥淵ou wouldn鈥檛 mind making us some hot cocoa, would you?鈥
鈥淣o.鈥 You giggled. 鈥淩ight after we tidied up this mess. I鈥檒l be hovering up glitter for weeks to come now.鈥
鈥淚鈥檒l clean it up!鈥 Loki offered, lifting his hands in an innocent manner. 鈥淚 am so incredibly thirsty for hot cocoa, I need it right now.鈥
You lifted an eyebrow at him, crossing your arms in the process.
鈥淟oki? What鈥檚 going on? Why are you so keen on me leaving the room?鈥
He chuckled, his mischievous smirk making your heart skip a beat. 鈥淗mm鈥 you truly are the one person I cannot lie to, dear.鈥
He winked at you. 鈥淭here is one last present I need to wrap.鈥 He said, making you blush furiously. Oh my Gosh. He had gotten you a gift?
You leaned forward to kiss him, catching him off guard. You both almost fell over, making you laugh in the process. Now the glitter from the wrapping paper was all over your clothes too.
鈥淚鈥檒l make us that hot cocoa.鈥 You promised, getting back on your feet to head to the kitchen. If you told anyone about what you had just experienced with the god who had once attempted to take over the planet, they would sure as hell never believe you.
A/N: If you enjoyed this story, I would appreciate it so much if you supported me on Kofi! 鈾
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odins-sonofmischief2 days ago
Tumblr media
Kate Herron has a golden Loki Funko Pop on her Christmas tree!
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janetsnakehole022 days ago
It鈥檚 so funny to me when s*lki stans will use 鈥渋t鈥檚 not a het relationship鈥 as a rebuttal against any arguments that call it biphobic or fluidphobic like yeah you鈥檙e 100% correct it鈥檚 not het it鈥檚 a bi relationship but you see my problem is that it鈥檚 a fucking TERRIBLE bi relationship and NOT the rep that I, a bi woman, asked for.
There鈥檚 also a lot of 鈥渋t鈥檚 also an f/f relationship鈥 as a defense like AGAIN listen you are not wrong. It is also f/f. But that means you鈥檙e acknowledging Loki鈥檚 genderfluidity. Which means sometimes you鈥檙e shipping Loki Laufeydottir with Sylvie Laufeydottir. And Sylvie Laufeydottir was born as Loki Laufeydottir. So you鈥檙e shipping Loki Laufeydottir with Loki Laufeydottir. And although I am not genderfluid, I鈥檝e seen a lot of genderfluid fans speak up on the kind of dangerous stereotypes that this perpetuates about their community.
And you know what if selfcest is your thing then fine but don鈥檛 be upset just because antis to this ship exist. Like we are well within our rights to feel uncomfortable lmao you can鈥檛 force a fetish on us by saying things like 鈥渟elfcest isn鈥檛 real, also Loki fucked a horse鈥 because a) just because it isn鈥檛 real doesn鈥檛 mean it has any less potential to make people uncomfortable, b) Loki is a shapeshifter so he shapeshifted into a horse and was not the same being as the other horse, and c) stop using the horse story to deflect from the actual question. This is not AO3 where I can filter out the Lokicest tag and just go on with my day, this is an actual fucking show that many people paid for. A lot of people were uncomfortable with it and did not see it coming and I鈥檓 sure they don鈥檛 like the fact that they paid $7.99 a month just to get this in return.
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m0chaminx2 days ago
Loki Soft Headcannons
Tumblr media
Gif is from Google
Crafting little snakes to gift Loki when he's feeling down
He got you a small ring that has his horns
Lying against him as he mumbles the words of a book he's reading
Showing off little magic tricks
Teaching you to ride a horse
Practising magic with him
Fluffing his hair right after he's washed it
Matching silk clothes for dances
Him letting you sketch him
Soft kisses when he walks past
Teaching him how to use a sword
Dancing under magic fairy lights he makes
Receiving dagger necklaces as gifts
Lying in the woods
Loki kissing each of your freckles
Taking him to the markets
Reading each other palms
Getting a pet snake
Chasing each other around the library
Kissing him at random times to surprise him
Resting his hand on your lower back and waist
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It's so sad that Sophia can't openly talk about Loki/Sylvie because each time she interacted with the shippers, the antis harassed her and crossed all the lines of human decency while doing it (there are few things worse than suicide-baiting, wishing something bad to happen to a person's child and invalidating person's queerness, so yeah, i don't feel bad for talking shit about Sylki/Sylvie-antis).
I mean, she clearly likes and is invested in Loki and Sylvie's relationship which is rare occurence with the mcu actresses and understandably so because prior to this phase, the female characters used to be more or less reduced to the role of a love interest once they entered a relationship or their relationship with a male character was cliched and boring. On the other hand, Loki and Sylvie have one of the best Marvel relationship dynamics ever: it subverts heterinirmativity without flipping the gender roles, it is queer, it is intriguing and important.
It is also sad that Tom can't talk more about Sylki either because the antis are waiting for him to slip up and some are desperately trying to dig up something problematic about him. It would be so interesting to hear his opinion about Loki and Sylvie.
I only hope that more people will be supportive of this canon pairing by the time season 2 airs and we will hear them talk about the ship more. Thankfully, many are frustrated and annoyed by the antis and their behavior, Spider-Man: No Way Home clears up the whole "misunderstanding" regarding Loki and Sylvie and shows that the variants are not the same person thus it is not a self-cest. Sylvie is not canonically genderfluid or trans so she can not misrepresent these communities as the antis claim her to do. She was born a female and is feminine-presenting now. She never transitioned form looking like our Loki to the way she is now.
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queen-of-meows2 days ago
Fandom wank this, toxicity that... I think what we need now is a big shout out to the level headed poeple who uplift the troops, the shippers who support the rival ships, the poeple who tag accordingly, the poeple who listen to the voices of minorities, the poeple who recognize other poeple's feelings even when they deal with them in an aggressive way, the poeple who uplift their friends from other fandoms, the poeple who create art, stories, meta...
Shout out to everyone reading this post, because we all make mistakes sometimes, but we all do a lot of good in our own way
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kotw2 days ago
sweet and great aren and shun
Tumblr media
aren text is supposed to be saying "which is the gay ear"
also i like to think akechi and aiura besties and prob use that one orb thing to get some gossip maybemaybe
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ur choice whatever this kaido is saying here
on the original one it was talking about how hot loki (the brother of thor that one white man with a hammer) looks on his series but i got too embarrased to not cover the text,,,
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