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zemosimp05 · a day ago
Drunk Mind, Sober Thoughts...
Loki x Y/N | Fluffy Drabble 
An: I’m back with another silly fluff…so enjoy ☺️ Reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged!
Tumblr media
“I’m telling you he does...doesn’t care... at all...” your voice slurred little bit as your grip around Loki’s shoulder tightened. 
“That is not true at all...” Loki huffed softly adjusting your position on his back. you’re glued to his back like a little koala bear as your legs gave up, so yeah, he was carrying you home.
“He left me...” you pouted your lips resting your head oh his shoulder.
“He had didn’t even pick his phone up...” he said bit annoyed.
“I was mad at... him, he left ...with so short notice, and I... beside that he just times...” you huffed.
“It’s twenty seven times Y/N, Do you even check your phone...?” he asked making you sad again.
“What ever...I was mad and I didn’t want to talk to him. He’s... bad..bad boyfriend...” you grumbled the last part.
“You still mad at him?”
“N-no...I miss him...” you said barely above whisper this time. Loki sighed softly. You’re clearly hurting. There was a long pause. The weather was bit chilly today. You really thought it would be a good thing to go out with few of your friends, have few drinks after keeping yourself completely isolated for a week from the outer world. Your friends were beyond happy to see you, recovering from your current heartbroken state. Your boyfriend had left you just a day prior to your birthday without any notice, just a small handwritten note , 
Had to go home for an emergency, stay safe.  
No further explaining, No I love you, no advance happy birthday, nothing!
“Am I heavy?” you finally came to realise that he was carrying you for a while.
“No...not at all...” Loki said as this wasn’t the first time he’s carrying you. 
“We could have just called a uber you know...people are watching us...” you suddenly got aware of the surrounding as you were sobering up little bit. It was late but still people were on the streets.
“I like carrying you...and beside that if you are feeling embarrassed you can hide your face in my shoulder you know...” he said and you immediately hide your slightly reddened face. Loki chuckled softly at your cute gesture.
“Stawwp...don’t..laugh...embarrassing...” you whined.
“Okay..okay apologies...” he said still smiling.
“My head is ...hurting...” you mumbled nuzzling your face more.
“Why did you got so drunk know your alcohol capacity is low...” he said bit concerned. Thanks to one of your friend , who called Loki to pick you up as none of them were in a state of driving.
“I just...uhhh...leave it...”
“ did you know which bar I was...were you stalking me?” you asked getting all confused. Your senses were finally coming back slowly.
“Your friend called, you had my no. for emergency contacts...” he said.
“Your number ? But I only had my boyfrien- YOU BASTARD....” you suddenly yelled fully getting your senses back as Loki busted in laughter.
“PUT ME DOWN ODINSON...” you yelled hitting his shoulders but Loki didn’t.
“Darling...stop are in no state of let me just carry you...” he said adjusting you. you knew this bastard wont put you down and you’re too tired to walk so you stopped struggling. 
“ left me....” you huffed angrily.
“No I did not...”
“DID NOT...”
“I WILL RIP YOUR HEAD OFF...” you scoffed.
“I’m sorry..”
“Stop yelling...” he huffed.
“YOU DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO....You left, no reason explained , I was so worried, I got so you ev-” you start to ramble but he cut you off with, 
“I said sorry didn’t pick my phone...answered my texts...” 
“I was left...before my”
“Hey! I wished you over text, tried to never responded...” he huffed softly. 
“I DID...and stop yelling in my ear...” he said yelling.
“I...I don’t remember...Got so many wishes...didn’t notice...” you said thinking. you did see his texts but you’re mad. 
“Mother was ill so I left in a hurry...I’m sorry my love...” he said you got sad again. If anyone in this world he cared about the most in this world was Frigga.
“is she okay? why didn’t you told me this before...”
“You didn’t reply Y/n...” he said , this time you felt guilty.
“Is...she...okay though?”
“Stable...I may have to leave by Sunday again...” Loki said as you nodded understandingly. It was your fault too. You should have called him back.
“You..still... love me right?” you whispered this time. You should be mad but after hearing why he left you just couldn’t.
“When did I stop loving you...?” he asked bit in a teasing way. 
“God! I hate you so much...” you whisper yelled again nuzzling your face back in the crook of his neck, hugging him tightly, making him laugh. God how much you had missed this idiot. Your idiot.
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sserpente · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/N: I hope you all opened the first door on your advent calendars, people! Let’s go! ♥ Request from @drdaddystrange​.
Words: 887 Warnings: fluff
“I don’t see how I can’t just use my magic. It would be a lot faster, love.”
“Part of the joy of gifting presents is wrapping them. You wrap them with love. So stop moaning.” You gave him a glare when you noticed the elder lady staring at Loki in shock. To make your point, you threw another set of paper bows into the shopping basket Loki was holding for you.
He rolled his eyes then, a sigh escaping his lips. You were almost certain now that he was starting to regret wanting to try “normal life” with you. But after all the hassle with the Avengers, Thanos and last but not least the TVA, Loki needed a break; and you were about to give it to him—starting with Christmas.
“And guess what,” You continued, “you are going to wrap your presents yourself and not watch me do it for you.”
Back on Asgard, Loki had had maids to read every single wish from his lips, including wiping his arse if only he had wanted that. It was about time the God of Mischief got his hands dirty—if anything because you found it utterly amusing how he was so incredibly elegant and yet unknowing at the very same time—at least when it came to Midgardian stuff.
He still pretended to be annoyed with you when you approached the till and paid for your items, ignoring how the cashier shot Loki a few rather judgemental looks.
“I’ll get a plate of biscuits ready for us when we’re done. There’s this really cute Christmas movie on tonight, you have to see it, it’s called ‘The Grinch’.” You promised once you were back home. You kicked off your shoes and got rid of your many winter layers before heading into your room. Loki, carrying your shopping bags, followed you suit.
You had been hiding the Christmas presents for the Avengers—except for Loki’s, of course—under the bed. Once the door the door was closed, you pulled them out, asking your mischievous boyfriend to unpack all the wrapping paper and decorations you had bought.
You had insisted Loki bought some Christmas presents to gift as well but, given that he and the Avengers weren’t exactly… close, you had both agreed he would only get Thor a present. You could still hear the sound of your palm connecting with your forehead when he came home with a Thor action figure he had found in a toy store but then again… Thor would probably love it.
“You’ll have to measure the approximate amount for the gift first,” you said as you rolled out the wrapping paper and put the first gift on top of it—a massive box full of pop tarts for Thor. Loki raised his eyebrows at you.
“Are you seriously going to explain to me how wrapping gifts works?”
“Well, have you ever wrapped one?”
“No but…”
“So next, you fold the paper and then—“
“Yes. I got it.” You suppressed a grin. You knew you were pushing his buttons and of course, you did not assume Loki would be too clumsy to wrap a Christmas present. It was fun teasing him though, knowing that there would be payback in the bedroom tonight.
Ten minutes later, when you looked up from your own present, you took a peek at what Loki had managed to do. Your jaw dropped.
Not only was Thor’s gift neatly wrapped in red and green Christmas paper, Loki had folded an Origami Christmas tree on top of it.
“Are you kidding me?! How did you… did you use your magic?”
Loki winked at you. “I am proud to say no.”
“Ugh, you are better at this than me. Help me wrap the other gifts, please, will you?”
And so he did. You started humming Christmas songs at some point and teaching Loki some of the lyrics, most of which he was very irritated by.
Once the last present was finally wrapped, Loki cleared his throat.
“You wouldn’t mind making us some hot cocoa, would you?”
“No.” You giggled. “Right after we tidied up this mess. I’ll be hovering up glitter for weeks to come now.”
“I’ll clean it up!” Loki offered, lifting his hands in an innocent manner. “I am so incredibly thirsty for hot cocoa, I need it right now.”
You lifted an eyebrow at him, crossing your arms in the process.
“Loki? What’s going on? Why are you so keen on me leaving the room?”
He chuckled, his mischievous smirk making your heart skip a beat. “Hmm… you truly are the one person I cannot lie to, dear.”
He winked at you. “There is one last present I need to wrap.” He said, making you blush furiously. Oh my Gosh. He had gotten you a gift?
You leaned forward to kiss him, catching him off guard. You both almost fell over, making you laugh in the process. Now the glitter from the wrapping paper was all over your clothes too.
“I’ll make us that hot cocoa.” You promised, getting back on your feet to head to the kitchen. If you told anyone about what you had just experienced with the god who had once attempted to take over the planet, they would sure as hell never believe you.
A/N: If you enjoyed this story, I would appreciate it so much if you supported me on Kofi! ♥
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willwriteforhugs · 2 days ago
i simply feel like if i'd been handed the raw, 6'2 shakespeare-nerd power of tom hiddleston and permission to make loki canonically bisexual i would have been able to come up with something better than that
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janetsnakehole02 · 20 hours ago
Nah but what Kate Herron did to the genderfluid community is the textbook definition of queerbaiting. I know people throw that word around a LOT but in this case she dangled his genderfluidity so hard in interviews prior to the show’s release after everyone saw the “sex: fluid” on Loki’s TVA file and once the show was done and she was (rightfully) called out on the “have you ever met a female version of us” scene she conveniently dodged it with “they might not be at that point yet, they might not be genderfluid, it’s up to interpretation.” She literally threw us the fucking bait and backtracked on it the minute she saw the opportunity to do so and it’s so embarrassing for her honestly
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Hidden Charms (Normal Size)
Based on this request
*My requests are open*
Pairing: Loki x Fem!Reader
Words: 1540
Summary: Since there's no way you'll eat the things you don't like, even though they're healthy for you, Loki masters the art of hiding them in your food.
Warnings: Loki hides gross stuff in your food (Stuff I personally don't like, if you like them I fear you) Mainly fluff, but caution for the gross stuff and the betrayal.
Loki Taglist: @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore @high-functioning-lokipath @thereadinggeek @lucky-foxface
Tumblr media
Zucchini, meatballs, beans, mushrooms, green bell peppers, sea food...There were things in the food world you thoroughly despised. They either made you gag, or simply you just didn't liked the taste or consistency, so you just didn't ate them.
But your boyfriend is stubborn.
"Y/n, this is good for you" you shot at him an angry look and refused to open your mouth. In the end he got bored, so he took the spoon out of your hand and tried to feed you, which was not very fruitful. You put up a hell of a fight, so he gave up.
You smiled triumphantly as you walked to trash the pieces of zucchini into the trash can, then you walked out of the kitchen and went back to the room you two shared.
He smiled as soon as you left, he had a plan, and it was going to be amazing.
The next day he put on his apron that said ‘Good lookin’ is gonna start cookin’, and he made pasta, because he knows you love it, but he was clever. He let the mushrooms fry in soy sauce, then added a pinch of pepper, the green stalk of a single chives, and half a can of tuna. Then he added a tablespoon of cream cheese, heavy cream, and a pinch of salt.
Then he mixed everything together and let the sauce thicken a bit in the pan before adding the pasta once it was done. He made sure he cut the mushrooms tiny enough so you wouldn't notice them.
“Loki, this is incredible!” you moaned and praised his abilities, “I’ve been practicing” he bashfully smiled. Since the Avengers wouldn’t call him much for mission work, he stayed in your house bored to death. Until he found a cook book in one of the shelfs in the kitchen, and for pure leisure he began to read, then to put into practice, and ended up liking it, so he insisted that he would take care of the meals at home.
But, well, he wasn't called the god of mischief for nothing.
A few days passed, he put his plan to work again. This time, he used beans, meatballs and a bell pepper.
Since you've been craving burritos all week, he made a black bean paste and he crushed the meatballs you didn't liked from the day before and seasoned them with spicy taco seasoning.
Then he prepared the guacamole with tiny pieces of green pepper, avocado, tomatoes, and half an onion chopped in squares. Then he set up the shredded cheese, lettuce, and the yoghurt sauce in different plates.
All the spices covered the flavors of the things you didn’t liked. He watched you fill your burrito with a bit of everything he displayed. So naïve and innocently enjoying his deceiving cuisine.
The following recipe was a bit more elaborate, however simple. He made chicken nuggets without a hint of chicken. He shredded fish, seasoned with pepper, salt, oregano, and a few tablespoons of a highly concentrated chicken broth.
After letting the fish rest for a few hours, he rolled it with flour into balls in his hands, shaping them into nuggets, then dipping them into beaten egg and panko before frying. He accompanied the nuggets with a portion of sticky rice with vegetables.
Before, any type of fish would make you gag, but watching you eat and actually enjoy his creation, he realized how easy it was to fool your brain to make you love the things you hate.
But it wasn't just that you didn't like certain things, you had problems eating itself. You always had a poor appetite, according to you it was because you had a "small stomach", which was not true. He was there when the nutritionist gave you the list of things you had to eat for your body to regain its health.
Your skin was pale before, you had low energy, trouble sleeping, intense and changing emotions, emotional breakdowns, depression, anxiety. All that for not eating as you should.
Sometimes it was exhausting for him, having to fight with you over something as basic as your health, but he understood where this problem was coming from. The words that had knotted your stomach when you were younger, the looks, the insults. With the passage of time you only limited yourself to eating little to be thin as they wanted you to be, almost going to the extreme of eating cotton (said as an unrealistic humorous measure).
It was comforting for him to feel how your body recovered, your skin was softer, you had curves that became his weakness, your natural skin tone beautiful to look at, you also slept better, you went out for a run and to swim with him to do exercise and have fun.
You were noticeably better. You were you again.
Of course, his plan went to hell because of a little mistake with the mussel soup. You had eaten happily, but you found out because you saw him getting rid of the shells. "What is that?" your tone was severe, you didn't even abbreviate your words, you said all three with a space where he swore he saw fire come out of your eyes.
"The mussel shells, empty" and it was as if a stake had been driven into you, "But you know I don't like them!" even though you were angry he saw your outburst as just another pout, so he decided to handle the situation calmly, as if he were dealing with a child.
"But they do you good, you didn't even notice them, you never do" he ruined it again, he missed that line and you couldn't look angrier. "Loki Laufeyson, how long have you been hiding shit in food?" By shit he understood that you were talking about things that you did not like, so he couldn’t do more than tell you the truth.
"A couple of months now, but look at you, you're healthy, you feel good about yourself, I did you a favor" you let out a laugh, "A favor? I trusted you!" you walked up to him and poked a little too hard on his chest, you felt betrayed, deep down you knew he had a good and noble reason, but you were mad and betrayed, so you couldn’t think very clearly.
You just muttered a few things before walking away from him, “Y/n, please listen” you took the keys but stopped at the half opened door, “Did you made all this just so I could be pretty for you?” you had that insecurity for a while, heck, more like ever since you met him, Loki being so attentive with how your body looks now just aggravated your overthinking tendencies.
Your question simply threw him overboard, and his patience was at its limit. He took your arm and drew you to him, using his seiðr he locked the door, put you on his shoulder and walked to the bedroom.
"Loki put me down! Right now Loki or I swear you will regret it!" the poison in your words only came from anger, he knew it, so he paid no attention to them.
He dropped you on the mattress, his magic removed your clothes, leaving you in your underwear, "Loki what are you doing !?" He tugged on your arm and placed you in front of the room's full-length mirror. "This is how you looked before my love" the image appeared in front of you, you could barely keep your eyes on it, you did not recognize yourself.
"I fell in love with you looking like this, not knowing that you were hurting yourself. After that visit to the doctor I understood that I was going to lose you if I let you do what you wanted, so I took your health in my hands and I do not regret it" He spoke embracing your body, keeping your eyes on the mirror.
After a while the horrible image disappeared, you saw your current reflection and immediately smiled, the tears rolled down your cheeks, and he also stopped looking so calm, he hid his face in your neck, letting his tears spill down your back, it was many emotions.
“No, I did not make you change for my pleasure, I only helped you fix what years of pain did to you, now you are yourself, the one you always should have been, the woman I fell in love with is here" he pointed to your head, "And here" he lowered his finger to your heart, "The exterior does not interest me, but I could not let you be in danger".
You turned to hug him, your arms clinging to him as much as you could, almost trying to merge with him, "I’m so sorry, I was just angry, thank you so much Loki, you’re right, I do feel better” he lowered his body so he could be facing you. His eyes looked puffy but full with adoration and love.
“You have no idea of how much I wanted to tell you what you were eating” he laughed, you hit his shoulder in light annoyance, “You are ruining the moment” you giggled reaching for his neck to kiss him, “I love you” he said in between kisses, “I love you more”.
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ladylowkeyed · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
oof... you heard it hear first, folks "Loki hesitantly and awkwardly falls for the self-confident Sylvie, who started her life as a Loki variant marked for destruction by the Time Variance Authority. This set off a firestorm among the fandom that still rages today, decrying the fledgling relationship as "self-cest," an uncommon fictional trope." "But Spider-Man: No Way Home is primed to end the debate as neatly as possible. The latest full trailer showcases Alfred Molina's Doctor Octopus, introduced in the original 2002-2007 Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy. Hale and hearty, he has no trouble pinning Sony and the MCU's most recent Spidey, played by Tom Holland, to a concrete pole. A moment later, he's inspecting his trapped prey, saying, "You're not Peter Parker.""
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undiscovered-horizon · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
REQUEST: Sorta war horse x loki AU,,, Loki is a captain in the asgardian army ( or whatever ) and the reader is a civilian that Loki takes an interest in and she’s flustered by the attention but her close friends push and encourage the relationship
Author's note: so uhhh I kind of made Loki into a Disney prince...?
Tumblr media
Imagine being just a simple civilian who, somehow, catches the eye of a royal general - prince Loki. Although the attention flusters you at first, people around you convince you to try your luck.
"Another victory," you thought to yourself as the parade marched through the city. People gathered around the small army to welcome them home, throw flowers at them and see their families as soon as they could. You didn't know anyone in the Asgardian military but you definitely enjoyed the solemnity of the march-past: the colours, the joy, the hope.
There was, however, another piece of personal agenda you were slightly embarrassed to admit: General Prince Loki Odinson. You weren't the only one attending the parade to sneak a glance at him, many young and older women did so. Ever since he was promoted to the rank of a general, he became more popular than his older brother Thor, who held more power in the court but that power was limited only to the court. Prince Loki became the character associated with keeping peace in the realm and outside of it: a purpose not only glorious but also noble.
Prince Loki had a proud smile on his face. He was slowly riding on his white steed through the city as people were throwing flowers and dried grains under the horse's hooves. The cape of his armor flowed gently on the warm summer breeze. Loki looked like someone who doesn't only win but also never loses.
Being hopeful and a tad bit naive, you held a bouquet of wildflowers you were collecting the entire morning. When the prince came closer to you, you held out the neatly prepared bunch, hoping that the prince will take it.
Loki's eyes met yours as he gently took the flowers from your shaking hands. His face became brighter or that's just what you were telling yourself. The way he smiled at you was enough to tell how grateful he was for the gift of appreciation.
"My lady," he bowed gently towards you and continued riding through the city, bouquet still in his hand.
Tumblr media
I"You could at least try, (Y/N)" your friend spoke to you. The sun had already set but the city was still celebrating the fresh victory. Around you the air was filled with lively music played by a half-drunk band. The beautiful and well-known melodies were muffled by laughter as well as the sound of people dancing. With each, even tiniest, blow of night breeze you could smell various dishes, both sweet and savory, all prepared for the general public to enjoy on such an exciting night. It was absolutely marvelous.
"I'm not sure, Astrid," you shook your head resignedly. "He's a prince and a general. Those like me are grateful to shine his shoes."
"Look, (Y/N)," she placed her hand on top of yours. "You were the only person he actually acknowledged."
"Astrid, do I look like a prince-worthy woman to you? I have nothing to offer him!"
"Dear," she looked into your eyes. "You're emperor-worthy, no, throne-worthy. Don't forget that. Now go and try talking to him. Worst case scenario he will thank you for the flowers and go away."
You let out a sigh.
"Alright, Astrid, I'm going," you said. "What's the worst thing that can happen, right? It's not like he will hit me or humiliate me, right?" Those words were more of reassurance towards yourself than actual questions targeted at your friend.
You got up from the table you were sitting at and made your way to the center of the market where people danced to whatever the band was currently playing. Trying your best to not look as stressed and awkward, you pretended to be simply strolling by and casually searching for the dark-haired prince.
"My lady?" a voice behind you caught your attention.
You turned around only for your eyes to find the devil himself. Loki's keen eyes stared at you in an oddly gentle and affectionate matter. His thin lips curved into a polite smile. The light armor he was wearing was mostly green with gold elements. The yellowish light of the torches scattered around the area reflected off of the gold plates beautifully.
"May I have this dance?" he asked as he offered his hand to you. He didn't have his gloves on, showing the best manners a man could present. Although the thought of holding his hand was beyond enticing, you couldn't help but worry, anxiety clouding your mind once again.
"I am afraid my company might be underwhelming for you, Your Royal Highness, especially on such a wonderful night," you answered as you gently placed your hand into his. Loki's fingers softly wrapped around your hand, holding it more tenderly than would be expected of a seasoned general.
"I could not think of a more desirable company but that of a delightful lady with flowers nearly as graceful as her." After those smooth words, he gently kissed the back of your hand, only reddening the blush on your cheeks.
You were dancing with a prince completely immersed in your beauty and all it took was a bunch of wildflowers.
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marchtothefuckingsea · 2 days ago
OK so you know loki with his hair tied back? imagine he keeps a hair tie on his wrist for this exact reason but reader with long hair starts asking him for hair ties so much that he starts wearing two on his wrist, one for them and one for him.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the best/worst part is, this is not all of my Lego and Lego-compatible Loki minifigs (+ two of Sylvie). this is…three-fourths at most. possibly half.
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sserpente · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/N: It’s Christmas tiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeee in the Void! Request from @thatpanpal​. Let’s go!
Words: 1104 Warnings: implied smut, light bondage
“What is that long face for, pet? Cheer up, those supplies quite literally fell into our arms!” President Loki hooked his index finger under your chin, forcing you to look up at him surprisingly gently. He had been in an exceptionally good mood recently and it was rather hard to ignore those wild butterflies in your stomach whenever he gave you one of those mischievous smirks.
He was right, of course. The TVA had only just pruned another reality—entire buildings had dropped from the sky, appearing out of nowhere, ready to be devoured by Alioth. But before it could come to that… Loki and his lower Variants, as he liked to call them, had raided the new appearance like vicious Vikings.
Whatever this reality and the people in it had done wrong to get on the TVA’s radar, they had been in the middle of Christmas preparations as there was a massive shopping mall with dozens of stores selling anything Christmassy you could think of among the new buildings.
Coming from a reality from Earth yourself, seeing all the baubles and ornaments, the gingerbread and even the mulled wine had made you melancholic rather than happy about how many supplies you had now stocked up on with this entire shopping mall appearing in the Void.
“I know, I’m sorry, I just… it must be Christmas time right now.” President Loki lifted his eyebrows, seemingly unimpressed. Well, he was a god. What would he care for celebrating the birth of some Christian prophet?
“Hmm, I figured that. See, back on Asgard, around this time of the year, the people would set up Yule trees and decorate them with offerings for the Norns. It used to be a rather serious matter, the Norns are quite easy to anger. Now the mortals…” He chuckled darkly, holding up a golden tinsel chain, “…the mortals managed to turn this sacred tradition into a time for consumption, greed and glitter.”
You smiled at him sadly. “It’s more about the feeling and the atmosphere. Decorating, listening to Christmas songs, making gingerbread houses and playing in the snow… spending time with your family. I… I miss Earth. I miss home.”
His expression darkened. “This is your home now. You chose me.” That you did. You made your decision the moment the TVA had shown up to prune the man you had fallen in love with. You were no Variant, and when you had refused to step aside when the Minutemen made their move to erase him from reality, their only solution was to prune you along with him. So you had joined him. You were his queen and you were utterly devoted to him—even if you missed your old life terribly.
Loki was not particularly fond of Midgardian traditions. During the times he had run for president in the US, however, you had convinced him rather quickly how amazing hot chocolate tasted when it was snowing outside. Perhaps you could do that again. Perhaps…
The God of Mischief sighed. “Oh, I know that tone. What is it? If you would like me to pleasure you with my tongue, you will have to earn it, little mortal.”
“That’s not what I… I…” You blushed furiously, resisting the urge to bury your face in your hands. “All those Christmas decorations in the mall… can we take some and decorate here?”
He rolled his eyes in response.
“Loki, please… we could keep it all in gold and green?” You offered, pointing at the golden tinsel he was still holding in his hands.
“Please?” You wrapped your arms around his neck, peeking up at him as innocently as you could muster. Loki took a deep breath.
“Fine. I will have them brought here along with that Christmas food you seem to like so much.”
“You like it too, remember? You couldn’t keep your hands off the mince pies on our trip to London.”
“Do not push me. You are already treading on very thin ice today, pet.”
You grinned. “Well, maybe they sold ice skates in the mall as well.”
Loki growled and rolled his eyes once more. You squealed when he picked you up and made you wrap your legs around his hips, a giggle escaping your lips when he dropped you both on his bed, with him hovering above you like he was about to pounce on you—that’s when you noticed one of the boxes another Variant had already dropped off earlier to give Loki an idea of what they had found in the mall and presumably where Loki had gotten the tinsel from.
Your face lit up when you spotted a fake mistletoe plant among the pile, decorated with a red bow. Grinning, you reached for it, much to Loki’s irritation, and held it over both your heads.
“Mistletoes are not to be taken lightly where I come from.” He said. “What is this about?”
“Well, on Earth we put these on door thresholds and chandeliers. Whenever two people are caught underneath it both at the same time… they have to kiss.”
“Ah, I see…” He purred. Hunger flashed in his blue eyes, catching you off guard. It bought Loki just enough time to snatch both your wrists and pin them down above your head. You smiled when you noticed him keeping the mistletoe above you with his magic, eyes widening, however, when you realised that he was tying you up with… the golden tinsel. And with the number of times he had wrapped it around your wrists, there was no way you were going to break free despite the rather weak material.
“Does the mistletoe specify where I get to kiss you?” He winked, sending a wave of arousal through you as you remembered his words from earlier. Biting your lower lip, you shook your head.
“How about a bargain?” He continued hoarsely.
“A… bargain?”
“If you succeed in making me like your sparkly Midgardian Christmas…” He paused, pampering your lips with a passionate kiss. “…Then I shall dedicate an entire day to making your pretty little quim cum on my tongue over and over again until you are screaming for mercy.” He hissed into your ear, making you swallow.
A whimper escaped your lips, stifled by yet another kiss. Oh, and little did you know that the mistletoe would keep floating around above you two from now on, giving Loki the perfect excuse to pounce on you whenever he saw fit.
Well, you had no reason to complain. Besides, you were on a mission now. Turn your Asgardian Grinch into a Christmas-loving, green and gold Santa Clause.
A/N: If you enjoyed this story, I would appreciate it so much if you supported me on Kofi! ♥
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degenerate-perturbation · 4 months ago
Loki selfcest fine in theory but in practice they made girl Loki blonde and explicitly cisfem and not named Loki so that it would be less weird . Coward move. There should have been two tom hiddlestons kissing each other
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Here's an interesting request for you: Jotun Loki and y/n are going to some fancy Jotun party and y/n has a tendency to bite. But since she's so much smaller than Jotuns it's more mildly irritating to them than painful. Loki : " If we’re going to go to this party my love you cannot bite anyone "Y/n : “What if they’re mean to you? And besides it doesn't hurt them it's barely an inconvenience to them" Loki : *sighs* alright you can bite them but only if their unpleasant to me "Y/n " Deal".
You ask, I write! Thank you so much for your request 💚💚
I hope you like it 💜💜
*My requests are open*
Pairing: Jotun Loki x Alien!Reader
Words: 1601
Summary: Your instinct overcomes you when you find your partner being harassed by his own kind.
Warnings: Violence.
Loki Taglist: @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore @high-functioning-lokipath @thereadinggeek @lucky-foxface
Tumblr media
Protective Instincts
“My love, if we’re going to go to this party, you cannot bite anyone” Loki said while fixing his traditional armor in front of the bathroom mirror, “What if they’re mean to you? And besides it doesn't hurt them, it's barely an inconvenience" he looked down to you and sighed.
“Alright you can bite them, but only if they are unpleasant to me, I’ll let you know” you hang on his shoulder and pulled him down a bit so you could kiss his lips, “Deal”.
On your planet the females are in control, they are the warriors, the protectors. In mating situations, commonly called connections, the female of your species is the one who protects the male, this is done by pulling out powerful fangs above the gum to scare or bite any threat.
Your bond with Loki was tight, you trusted his strength and judgment, and he trusted you with his protection and his heart. But you simply couldn’t stand the assault he’s been enduring all those years.
Loki was the smallest of his race, from a very young age his peers often made fun of him, who saw him as an annoyance or a disappointment. Despite the attempts of the king, his father, to appease the abuses, all were in vain.
Even when he grew up the situation didn't change, he was still just a few centimeters shorter than the others. He feared he would never be respected.
Until he met you at a cultural exchange event.
The connection pushed you to him, your eyes never leaving his, the colors on your skin went from F/C to blue and red to match him, your father was ecstatic that his daughter had made her connection, and you too.
Loki didn't fully understand what was happening, but in his heart he knew, he felt safe, loved, confident.
Between your species and the Jotnar there was a mating factor in common, both had that little protective instinct, but that of your race was faster and more intense. The females of your race emit a roar and bite, and it’s something they can’t contain, it’s an involuntary impulse, but your boyfriend didn’t understand that.
So there you were, holding Loki's arm, wearing a typical outfit from your planet, brown and white, with bird and wood patterns. Your instinct vibrating given all the funny looks that those present gave to your partner, it felt like a colic, annoying, but no more than that.
When your throat started to, to say the least, 'purr in annoyance', Loki used his other hand to stroke your arm, "Everything is fine dear, relax" how can one relax when you can't control the source of stress?
It was an event like any other, no more to keep the old rich of Jotunheim interested in politics, so the ballroom was adorned in a fancy matter and small golden light spheres illuminated the ceiling, there was music, food and alcohol.
"Here he is, prince Loki, you have grown since the last time I saw you" one of the elders joked, you felt a slight disturbance in Loki's muscles, pointing out that he was holding back, "Good to see you too senator, I hope you enjoy the party" He said with elegance and a polite smile, "Likewise, Your Highness” he left.
Another thing, it mattered the least to you though, some years ago your planet was at war with Jotunheim, for the same reason, the Jotnar society saw you as an insect, perhaps even less than that. You didn’t gave a fuck about that, you expected it, so it wasn’t as bothersome, you people tried to colonize them, you could blame them? You thought no, but Loki wasn’t going to let it slide that easily.
“I’m so sorry Y/n” you reassured him with a smile and a peck to his bicep, “I told you I don’t mind, he must’ve seen the war with his own eyes, he’s in his right” you felt the whole group of old Jötunn look at you with hateful eyes, you smiled and waved, but of course that didn’t worked.
“You’re my mate, they shouldn’t treat you like that” you heard him mutter in absolute anger, he cared, “Everything is fine dear, relax” you imitated him, making him roll his eyes and bend over a little to place a kiss on your head, "I got it."
The music started; several couples approached the dance floor. The dance was not something that the Jötunn had very developed, but after the clash of cultures with Asgard their traditional dance became similar to the waltz and the *snoa, basically made of rotations and groups of people changing partners as the music progresses.
You and Loki have a great time every time they dance, you feel that you connect with him and that you share the same mind, while his movements are perfectly synchronized, harmonious and elegant despite how crazy the music was. Both lost in the other.
"Ha! Look at the dwarf and the piranha, how cute they are" a voice was heard as soon as the music stopped, "What a pity that they are stuck with each other, she will see how pathetic the kid is", Loki tried not to show that It bothered him, he just directed you to the refreshment table to serve two glasses of punch, offering you one.
"Oh yeah, baby, why don't you try a real Giant? So you know what you're missing" your purr increased in vibrations, it was already a silent growl, "Hey no, don't you see that if you bother her, she will bite? like the little animal that she is" there were a lot of laughs, all over the room.
“Women shouldn’t be so aggressive, so unattractive”
“Should the prince be here? It is so late already; he’s pass his bedtime”
“She must be the one keeping him on check”
“I think his stature is not the only thing short, look at her walk”
“Banging a colonizer, what a disgrace”
And there were more and more comments, and laughs.
The glass in Loki's hand broke, ice spikes began to cover his feet, his eyes were redder when you raised your head to see him. "Do it" he growled, the room shuddering as a powerful roar came from your throat, smashing the windows, glasses, and chandelier. All in pieces.
The men present, except for Loki, had to cover their ears for the unpleasant sound breaking their eardrums, even worse when you bite into one of them.
It wasn't a big deal really, the Jötunn skin is tough and very thick, so it didn't feel like more than a pin prick to them, but you did feel strong and fulfilled trying to defend your partner. Although it only ended with a blow from one of them that hit you and threw you away against the front door.
Seeing how you tried to get up and fell unconscious on the frozen ground, Loki went crazy.
The last thing he remembers was seeing you on the floor, the rest was waking up in his room with you sleeping on his chest, bandages covering your right shoulder, part of your legs and your hands. Your breathing sounded raspy, he guessed the roar left your throat sore, so he thought that the first thing that he was going to do was get you a glass of water.
"Loki?" his father knocked on the door a couple of times and opened it, "Father, I ..." he tried to think about what had happened the night before but everything was blurry, "Don't even try, there are no dead just wounded, I want to tell you that I had never seen such a well-executed control of the ice, you left them speechless, I just asked for you in the infirmary and the idiots began to tremble, well done, defend your girl like that, that's how a Jötunn male does it" his father praised him proudly.
When you moved on his skin, Loki's father left the room and closed the door, to let his son take care of his girlfriend.
"My love" he stroked your head, "Loki, what happened?" You were still sleepy, so you spoke somewhat listlessly and tired, "I saw red and I don't know what happened, but it seems that they won't bother us anymore" from the emotion a little energy came to you and you hugged his neck, leaving kisses on his jaw, "I remember a certain Jötunn calling me his queen, saying 'If you speak ill of my queen again I will kill you all', it was very sexy" you imitated a monstrous voice, making a deep blue blush grow across his face.
“You are my queen, my hero” now it was your turn to be embarrassed, “How’s your jaw?” you rubbed your cheek against his as he spoked, “A bit sore, but ok, I have a massive disturbance in my senses though, never let me hold back for so long, it hurts me”.
You reached an agreement on the instincts of both, if you two felt the need, you should simply let it out, although it was not going to be so necessary. After the events of that night, no one dared to say a word, even the senators offered you the slightest respect.
They started to treat Loki better, which calmed many things inside you.
And best of all, Loki began to hear a buzzing, in his heart and his brain. The two were finally connected, so Loki asked the question that would unite both kingdoms, and you, forever.
"Will you marry me?
**1(If you're Swedish I'm so sorry, there was no other info but this, so I kind of reimagined how a new dance would look like, just for this fic)
**2The Swedish word Snoa, meaning "to turn or rotate", is used throughout a good part of northern Sweden to identify couple dances involving a simple pivot-spin step in 4/4 duple-meter time. It is related to the Norwegian rudl or rull dance, which is often in a 2/4 meter.
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gottabescientific · 4 months ago
Honestly Loki is basically the only morally complex character marvel has tried to write and he's been through like seven different directors' intentions and rewrites and the most fucking inconsistent characterization fiction has ever seen so kudos to Tom Hiddleston for actually pulling a semi-compelling character out of that mess but also for not going fucking feral on every new director who, thinking theyre god's gift to marvel and cinema, has turned to him and said "I think we're gonna do something a little different with Loki this time"
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