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lokis-little-fawn · a day ago
Bad Dragon
Tumblr media
My requests are open!
Paring: Loki x Fem!Reader
Word count: 3.3k
Summary: After Loki refuses to fuck you in his Jötun form you decide to take things into your own hands. Will you finally convince him?
The link to the website mentioned is here -
Warnings: SMUT (ONLY READ IF YOU ARE 18+) fingering, oral sex (male and female receiving), BDSM (choking, spanking, general rough sex), unprotected sex, anal (blink and you’ll miss it), breeding kink, use of sex toys, Jotun!Loki, monster fucking I guess?
You had seen Loki in his Jötun form before, but only briefly in your time together.
There had been the time when he had been fighting on a mission and specks blue rippled over his soft skin. Another time you were showing him how to have a snowball fight and ‘accidentally’ hit him in the face with snow, turning his cheek a shade of sapphire.
But you had a favourite memory of him in his true form. It had been the middle of the night, you’d woken up in your large bed alone with Loki nowhere to be seen. You heard the shower running in the connecting bathroom and decided surprise him by joining him, he did always love your presence in showers and baths with him.
Stepping into the bathroom the door was left open just a crack, as you wiped the sleep from your eyes you blurrily made out Loki standing there naked underneath the cascading water of the shower.
As your eyes adjusted to the light you saw him standing there nude under the water facing the wall towards the shower head. There was no steam and the bathroom was cold bringing you to the realisation that the water must be freezing.
Silently you take in his wet black hair hitting his shoulders, the water beating down over his entirely blue skin. The lines of lighter blue almost appearing as tattoos, they traveled over his entire body including his face. Stepping out of your silk night dress you place it quietly on the floor, stepping into the shower.
As you quietly step towards him he turns away from the wall, unknowingly facing you as his eyes remain closed so not to get water in them.
Your breathing growing heavier as your eyes roam down his torso, as muscular as he usually was the sapphire shade seemed to highlight his toned body. Continuing down you take in his length, you’d seen him naked a hundred times, but never like this.
The patterns etched into his skin even covering his cock, which in this light even unaroused looked much bigger than usual. Your breathing growing more urgent as you long to touch him, as you reach out to touch him in a curious fashion his eyes snap open, suddenly aware of your presence.
His red eyes appearing startled by his naked lover standing before him, if you didn’t know him better you could have mistaken his look for anger. You let out a audible gasp as your eyes meet his for the first time.
‘Darling.. I..’ He stutters out, his eyes meeting the floor, looking slightly ashamed.
You jump into his arms and wrap yours around his torso, bumps appear on your skin as you step underneath the freezing water. He reaches back and turns the tap up to a warmer temperature, as you step onto your tip toes placing a kiss on his soft azure lips.
As the room fills with steam and with the heat from your body pressed against his, his skin resumes its usual colour.
‘I apologise my love, I didn’t mean for you to see me in this state’ he gestured to his skin that continues to shift back to its usual light colour.
‘Loki, your beautiful and I mean..’ your words trailing off as blush covers your cheeks.
‘I wouldn’t mind touching you like this as well as just seeing’ you giggle out as Loki smiles politely back at you.
‘Pet I’m afraid that this is one wish I cannot grant’ he says as he brushes your now wet hair from your face, his skin now entirely back to its usual, almost translucent, colour.
‘Why?’ You question pulling a cute pouty face that you know he can’t resist.
‘Because, sweet thing, I wouldn’t want to hurt you. I’m not sure I could contain myself. Also I don’t share my Jötun form with anyone, you could say that i am ashamed of my true appearance’ he says trailing off at the end of his sentence.
‘I don’t mind if you hurt me’ you say as your arm wraps around him gliding down his torso towards his length.
‘And I think your beautiful in whatever form you take’ you say as your hand slips lower, wrapping around his rapidly hardening length.
‘Darling, I..’ his sentence ceased by a strained gasp leaving his lips as your hand begins to pump up and down along his shaft.
You place soft kisses down his torso as he lets out a deep moan. Kneeling, your hand continues to pump his length, placing kisses up his thighs. As you place a final kiss onto his tip you taste his salty pre cum stain your lips.
His hands running through your hair encouraging you to make contact with his throbbing length as you softly kitten lick his tip.
Your soft licks stopping as you place his length into your open mouth, sucking in time with the pumping of your hands. His head falling back against his shoulders as your speed increases, his growls spurring you on feeling your warm wetness pool between your legs.
His hands tighten in your hair, signalling that he was close to his climax, as you hollow your mouth more, his tip reaching the back of your throat causing you to let out squelching gagging noises around his cock. His eyes falling to meet yours as you look up at him as he grinds his length further into your mouth.
‘Darling, look at me as I ruin that little throat of yours’ he says between bated breaths.
Your eyes dart up to meet his as he pulls your mouth further down his shaft, taking in all of him. His hand in your hair tightening once more as the warm liquid spills down your throat. His growls echoing off the walls of the shower as he comes down from his high still in your mouth.
As he heaves for breath you suck him into your mouth once more cleaning the last of the cum from his length, releasing him with a pop.
You stand up to meet him as he presses a passionate kiss onto your lips.
‘Your such a good girl for me my little princess’ he says between kisses.
‘Are you sure I can’t change your mind?’ You ask fluttering your eyelashes up at him.
‘Not in this instance I’m afraid my little love’ he says, continuing to kiss you.
‘Now, let’s get you back to bed’ he says as he grabs a towel, wrapping your body in it before carrying you back to bed, tucking you both in as you fall asleep against his chest.
In the days and weeks following, you practically beg him to fuck you in his Jötun form, his answer always remaining the same, no.
After that night you grew almost obsessed with it, he was beautiful in his other form but you wanted to experience all of him. You almost managed to convince him a few times but he grew too scared of hurting you after a short amount of time, something you found entertaining considering the amount of pain mixed with pleasure he had given you in your previous sexual encounters with him.
After a while you gave up asking, and although you usually lived with him on Asgard, this week you were visiting earth staying in a apartment you shared together when you traveled. A few weeks ago you had recalled a website you’d once seen before you met Loki, Bad Dragon.
You opened up the page and scrolled through all of the options. After a while you settled on one that looked most like his cock, you customised the colour to match his Jötun form and used the customisable option to draw the patterns on it the same as you had seen on Loki’s skin.
After contemplating your choices for a while you decided to buy it, naturally you chose the largest option they had to match Loki’s truly enormous length.
After a few days of waiting you received a text telling you that your package was going to be delivered today, with Loki out on a mission with Thor and the others you thought that this must be the perfect time for it to arrive considering that you were trying to keep it as a small secret from your lover.
After excitedly pacing by the door the parcel swiftly arrived. Eagerly opening the package you take it out and marvel in all its blue veiny glory, admiring how close a likeness it was to Loki’s Jötun form.
Moving to your shared bed you pull a bottle of lube out from the draw in the cabinet beside your bed. You quickly take your all of clothes off, dropping them onto the floor as you lie on your back with your head against the pillows.
Placing some of the lube onto your fingertips you begin circling your clit, your breath immediately catching in your throat as your wetness builds ready to take your highly anticipated toy. You dip two fingers into your warm entrance letting out a quiet moan.
Lifting the toy to your heat you drag the head of it over your clit, gliding it through the synthetic wetness you placed there. Dragging it down through your glistening folds you dip the tip of it inside yourself, a louder breathier moan leaving your lips as you push it in deeper, feeling as if the toy is splitting you in half.
After a few pumps inside yourself you adjust and settle into a rhythm, looking down watching the toy move within you as you imagine the body you wish it was attached to, Loki.
The bumps and grooves on the toy similar to the veins on Loki’s cock stimulating you further as you feel your climax build, your walls contracting around the toy.
As your moans build louder you don’t notice the door to the apartment open as Loki walks into the entrance hall.
Quietly putting his weapons down in the hall he hears noises coming from your shared bedroom. Making his way to the door you left ajar in your excitement the sound of your moans fill his head, causing him to immediately harden within his constricting leather trousers.
He silently pushes the door slightly further open to take a better look at his lover, taking in the sight of you writhing with pleasure against your shared sheets.
His eyes traveling down your body as they meet your throbbing heat, your entrance spread wide as the huge toy opens you to his view.
After a few seconds of watching you he realises that the toy closely resembles his cock in Jötun form, slightly too closely for it to remain a coincidence specially considering all of your requests for him to fuck you in his true form.
Using his magic his clothes vanish as he stands in the door way of your shared bedroom. His hand working up and down over his length as he watches you writhing in the pleasure he wishes he was providing you with. As much as he loved watching you he felt a pang of jealousy spread over him. He knew it was stupid to be jealous of a toy you had created in his likeness but nevertheless, jealousy spread over him like a plague traveling through every cell. Your moans still filling the air as you almost reach your climax, it’s in that instance you feel a cold kiss press against your open inner thigh.
Your eyes opening startled by the unexpected presence between your legs your eyes meet Loki in his Jötun form between your legs. His red eyes filled with lust as he takes control of the toy, thrusting it in and out of you pulling truly explicit moans from your throat.
‘Is this what you wanted little pet? For me to fuck you with my large Jötun cock? To see a monster filling your innocent little cunt?’ He growls out in mock anger.
His pace increases, as with one hand he fucks you with the toy, his other hand circling your clit with his long fingers.
‘Don’t you dare cum on this useless Midgardian toy, if you refrain from this I will show you how it feels for your earthly little quim to cum all over my Jötun cock’ he says with a growled tone as he thrusts the toy even faster within you as he watches you try to stall your impending orgasm.
You try and follow his orders but as much as you try, you feel as if maybe he wants to make you cum as his pressure on your clit builds rapidly pulling screamed moans from your throat.
‘Loki, I can’t.. I’m going to..’ you stutter as one hand grips the bed sheets and the other reaches down to try and stop Loki’s movements against your clit.
‘Don’t you dare little one’ he says as his cool mouth meets your clit, continuing to pump the toy in and out of you.
With the feeling of his cold tongue circling your clit you tighten around the toy cumming all over it and Loki. Your hands reach down for him as your eyes flutter open, coming down from your high.
‘Loki.. I.. I’m sorry..’ you say shyly, you recognise the look spread across his face, pure aroused anger.
Without a word he pulls the toy from you, placing it on the night stand as he kisses and bites his way up your body. He wraps a large azure hand around your throat, placing one kiss onto your lips.
‘What did I say little one, my only simple command. Or maybe you wanted to be punished?’ He asks before he slaps you firmly across your cheek causing a pink blush to spread across your face. Immediately after he presses a harsh kiss into your lips causing you both to moan into the kiss. You had always felt tiny compared to him, but now with him towering above you in his Jötun form, you truly felt microscopic underneath him.
With his free hand he reaches down to his sapphire length, pumping it a few times before running the tip over your dripping sex.
The lines on his length were exactly as you remembered them, you memorised every inch of his remarkable body towering above you with his hand wrapped around your throat.
Without warning he sheaths himself inside you, his freezing length feeling even bigger than the toy that had just made you cum.
‘Oh my god.. Loki’ you moan out, his grip increasing on your throat, your words turning to silence under his grip.
Giving you no time to adjust he begins to relentlessly pound into you, your wetness audible with every thrust as your eyes roll back and your head falls further back into the pillow.
Feeling your second climax already building and your heat gripping around Loki he releases your throat. His hands working their way down to your hips, gripping you tightly as his pace increases. You almost scream as your feel his cock beating against your cervix, the feeling verging on pain as your eyes fill with tears.
Now with your body pressed firmly under him, you realise that this situation was exactly what Loki was trying to avoid, he was hurting you. But in his Jötun form his primal urge had taken hold, there was no way of stopping him even if you wanted to, but luckily even enduring the pain, stopping him was the last thing you wanted.
Your hands wrapping around the back of his neck playing with his hair as he uses his grip on your hips to move himself in deeper. Your legs pushed back almost to your shoulders, his lower abdomen rubbing against your clit with every thrust, threatening to pull your orgasm from you.
Feeling you tighten around him he lifts your body with almost no strain. He flips you over onto your hands and knees, your ass pointed up towards him as you arch your back. He kisses and bites down your spine, as he reaches your ass he bites down harder leaving teeth marks in your soft skin.
Kissing further down he places his lips to your heat, spread open before him he licks a stripe over your clit to your entrance, tasting your hot liquid dripping from you. Without warning be licks another stripe from your clit all the way over both of your holes causing you to gasp. He moans at the taste of you, his low sounds vibrating within your core.
Kissing back up your spine he grasps one of your hips, his nails digging into your skin as he plunges back inside you. His other hand wrapping around the back of your neck, forcing you further into the bed.
‘You asked for this little mortal, I’m going to breed you, my little human will provide me with an heir’ he growls into your ear, his length hitting all the right spots within you making you almost delirious, too cock drunk to protest.
His grip on your hip loosening for a second as spanks your ass hard, as you buck against his length in shock you hear a dark chuckle from behind you before he resumes his grip on your hip. His other hand moving from the back of your neck to the front, gripping your throat once more almost cutting off your air supply.
He pulls you up to him, your back pressed against his chest as he sits you down on top of him still on your knees.
You begin to feel his length pulsate within you, using your body like his own personal toy as you bend easily to his will.
‘Cum for me little mortal, let me feel your release on my true form’ he demands, his hand slipping from your hip to rub quick circles into your clit, maintaining his relentless assault on your sex.
Your orgasm washing over you, you feel yourself gripping his length as you squeal out in pleasure, one of your hands darting to his around your neck, the other pressing against his thigh to hold yourself up.
As he feels you cum around him, he releases inside you, his cold liquid coating your walls, his cock pressed into your cervix holding you against him so that none would escape.
Your mutual heaved breaths filling the now quiet room he kisses down your neck as he releases your throat. As he surveys your body he notices the marks he’s left on you. His hand around your throat had left a bruise, the teeth marks in your ass almost bleeding.
‘My love, are you okay? .. I’m sorry’ he asks and then immediately apologises. Looking behind you, you capture his lips on yours, kissing him deeply.
‘I loved it Loki’ you say with a giggle.
‘Maybe we could do it again? Perhaps in a few days once I can walk again’ you joke, making him laugh in turn.
‘Whatever you wish my darling’ he says kissing you back.
Removing his length from you, he places you down in the bed, taking care of every bruise and bump he had left on your skin.
As he kisses the marks and soothes your aching muscles he begins to shift back into his Asgardian form.
‘No, don’t! I like you like this, you look pretty’ you say as the blue returns to his face, smiling up at you as he rubs an Asgardian lotion over your skin.
Curling up in bed naked together your fingers trace the patterns on his skin as you snuggle and giggle together.
After a few hours you both fall asleep, Loki keeping the bed cool from the warmth of the thick duvet as your wrapped up sleepily in his arms.
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theaudacitytowrite · 3 days ago
Fun and Games
Loki x Fem!Reader
A/N: Pls don't judge me for this one. I wanted to write this story since 2016 when I was in another Fandom but never had the courage to venture into smut... so now I just had to. Please be indulgent with my smut writing skills...
Warnings: Smut! Minors do not interact! oral (fem receiving), mentioning of a bj, semi public sex
Summary: Loki and you have made up a game to fight the boredom of zoom calls
Word count: 2,207
Likes, comments and reblogs are always appreciated! <3
Tumblr media
When the lockdown started you didn’t mind it at all at first. Since you weren’t the most social anyway, you didn’t really experience any major changes in your day-to-day life. After a few months you were moved into home-office, another perk the lockdown brought with it. No stressful and exhausting commutes to work every morning, no need to put on a real pair of pants. Comfortably attending to your work from the comfort of your own four walls.
Only then you realised some more downsides of the whole situation.
You had never felt so isolated, only leaving your apartment to get groceries or go to the doctor when it was really necessary. If someone had told you two years ago that you would miss seeing friends and family regularly, you would have laughed at them. Now you sat there and fantasised about the next big family get together and wondered when that would be possible.
 These days you were the most grateful for your spouse. Without Loki, you would've become crazy a few months into the home office. It felt nice to least have one person stand beside you in his physical form and not just the pixelated image over a video chat.
And of course, all good things had downsides too, no matter how wonderful they were in the beginning. The strength of will to get up every day at a reasonable hour and to sit down and work concentrated was more difficult than you would have ever imagined. The long meetings over zoom were frustrating and exhausting. After almost 2 years most of your colleagues still couldn’t mute and unmute themselves or sat way too close to the camera or too far away from the microphone. And especially the dreaded seminars that could last for multiple days at a time when you were unlucky.
With all the willpower left in your body, you tried your best to keep your eyes open as you sat in yet another one of these seminars. You had been sitting in this zoom meeting for almost three hours now, noticing how your brain had said farewell a while ago, getting ready to fall asleep.
You blinked a few times, shutting your eyes tightly before opening them again. You straightened the blouse you had worn specifically because you had to leave on the camera and adjusted your headphones too, their compression of your ears slowly getting uncomfortable.
Out of nowhere a soft breeze tickled the back of your neck. You scanned your surroundings in the corner of your eyes, looking out for a door that had opened but couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. You were about to lifted up on side of your headphones when you felt nimble fingers tugging at the waistband of your jogging pants.
“Loki!” you gasped, your hands covering his instantly, to stop him from proceeding.
“What?” Loki peeped up from under the table with a smug smile.
“Not now.” you glared at him, your eyes darting to the screen you were sitting in front of.
“Why not?” he drawled, his fingernails dragging down the sides of your thighs, “I’m not breaking any rules.”
Rules. Those bloody rules. A few months into your home office Loki and you came up with a silly game. A game that occurred out of boredom from briefings and meetings that lasted for hours, or pesky phone calls that could’ve been an email. The goal was simple. Whenever one of you was trapped in a meeting that was visibly putting you to sleep or were held captive in another phone call from aunt Karen, the other would try his best to get under your skin. The one to leave the meeting early or end the call abruptly lost… though with this game no one ever really lost.
At first, it was innocent. You gave Loki a massage while he was on the phone, coaxing out the most beautiful sounds from his throat as you worked his tense muscles. His retaliation was to  press up against your back, letting his hands roam over your body as he kissed your neck hungrily.
But Loki being Loki and you being you, things escalated quickly. Both of you being competitive didn’t help the situation either.
You began to whisper dirty things into his ear while he was in a meeting. The next time you had a zoom presentation he walked into the room butt naked. You turned bright red when he barged in as if nothing was going on, losing your train of thoughts more than once while he flaunted his body towards you. That’s when rules got established: No interruptions in an important meeting or when someone had to hold a presentation.
“You seemed bored. I thought I spice things a bit up.” he shrugged, his chin resting on your knees.
“Very nice, but no thank you. I’m very captivated by this seminar.” you covered your mouth, hoping no one could see that you weren’t paying any attention to what was happening on screen right now.
“You sure? That lil’ bit of drool at corner of your mouth begs to differ.” he remarked cheekily, “And since this isn’t an important meeting anyway and you won’t have to present anything, the game’s on.”
“Yes, but my boss did say we would have an update round after this was over.” you tried to talk him out of it.
“At the end? Honey, we will be finished by then.” he pushed up your blouse a bit, exposing your stomach so he could kiss your belly.
“With my luck, someone will realize that something's up and call me out!” you gritted your teeth, trying to look straight forward as to not cause any suspicion.
“It didn’t seem to bother you when I was on that holographic meeting and you sucked my cock relentlessly until I came in that pretty mouth of yours,” he recalled and you felt the heat form in your centre as you remembered the little endeavour from last week.
“But you didn’t need to talk,” you mumbled sheepishly.
“I couldn’t mute myself nor turn off the holograph.” he raised his eyebrows at you as he pressed his mouth into a thin smile.
“...fair. But you could mask your expressions with your seidr!” you whisper shouted.
“It only works as long as I can keep my composure… and let’s say I might have slipped a little when you did that magnificent trick with your tongue.” he licked his lips as recalled the memories again, “But you can turn off the camera if that makes you feel more relaxed.”
“I can’t! Then they will know for sure that I’m not paying attention.”
“Then I guess you gonna have to work on that poker face of yours.” he grinned and in a green shimmer, your jogging pants vanished into thin air.
His arms slung around your butt, dragging it towards the edge so he could access you easier. You let out a surprised gasp before you tried to recover your composure, trying to concentrate on the seminar once more.
It didn’t help when you felt Loki's fingers ghosting over your exposed skin, taking his time to explore your body. He pushed open your legs a bit wider, kissing from your knee all the way up. Your breath picked up and you gulped hard, the thrill from the game rushing adrenaline through your veins. Your body responded instantly and willingly to Loki's touch, making it even harder to last longer and not falter instantly at his skilled caress. You felt the anticipation build as he got closer to your already drenched panties.
“You do seem to enjoy it.” he purred as he felt the heat radiating off you and the sweet scent of your arousal fill his nostrils.
“Ah, shut up!” you swatted your hand at him, not even brushing him in any way. Loki squeezed your butt and left an especially sloppy kiss right at the base of your inner thigh, sucking on it lightly only to pull away to redirect his attention to your other leg and continue his teasing. As he worked his way up your thigh your hips bucked towards his mouth involuntarily, begging him to finally end this torture and give you what you wanted the most right now.
“Are we impatient?” he grinned against your leg before he bit down gently, eliciting a shocked gasp from your mouth.
“Darling, you need to be quiet and put on a poker face. Remember, we don’t want an audience, do we?” he drawled complacently. You bit down on your lips, trying to get your facial expressions into a neutral one again. Your eyes flitted to the camera icon as you weighed your options.
When you felt the waistband of your panties snap you tensed, knowing this would be a quick slide down to your demise, even though it was one of the pleasant kind.
Loki tenderly licked up your slit, moaning against your cunt. The vibrations sent shivers down your spine and your back arching. You bit down on the insides of your cheeks, biting back the moan that wanted to slip from your tongue.
“You’re so sweet.” Loki hummed as he nibbled on your clit, the texture of his tongue making you feel a pleasant prickle. His long soft licks were driving you crazy at this point as he skilfully massaged your bud. Your hands fell onto his head, weaving through his strands as you tried to hold onto it, steadying yourself.
“Mhmm, my pretty girl likes that, doesn’t she?” Loki chuckled deeply as he gathered your wetness with his thumb, drawing gentle circles over your clit, not putting too much pressure onto it.
When his tongue plunged into your heat you couldn’t help but moan, losing yourself in the sensation of his hot wet tongue exploring your depths. Your head fell back over the backrest, your headphones sliding off your ears and coming to a halt around your neck. The wet sounds accompanied by Loki's moans and grunts made the craving for more grown and grow in your belly. You propped your legs up onto the strut at the sides of the chairs, giving Loki better access. Loki's hands softly glided from your ankles up to the hollow of your knee, guiding your legs over his shoulders and pulling you impossible closer. His nose nudged against your sensitive bud as he ate you out vigorously, the friction pleasant yet not enough for you. You tried to buck your hips against his face, wanting to guide Loki to where you needed him the most but halted after the first few grinds.
“No darling, don’t stop.” Loki stopped to pleasure you immediately, his eyes locking with yours. You could see your arousal glistening all over his face.
“I want you to fuck my face with that pretty little cunt.” he almost ordered, never breaking his gaze.
With that, all the restrained was gone. When Loki dived back into your sex and licked and sucked on your lips, the sinful wet noises spurred you on. All propriety forgotten you ground shamelessly against him, not able to hold back anymore. When his thumb was back on your clit, rubbing tight circles over your it, you felt your pleasure build-up to its peak, pushing you over the edge mercilessly. You felt your whole body contract and your muscles tense as you came, the electricity bolting through your body, accomplishing for a moaned topple over your lips.
“That’s it.” Loki hummed in approval, softly sucking on your clit as you rode out your orgasm.
“You’re such a good girl.” he praised, pressing soft kisses on the inside of your thighs.
“Y/N?” a faint voice brought you back from your blissed-out daze.
“Y/N, are you there?” your eyes snapped open when you realised that the voice came out of your headphones. You quickly unmuted yourself
“yEs?” you croaked out and cleared your throat. You did your best not to breathe too heavily into the microphone.
“Everything alright? Your camera cut off a few minutes ago.” your boss asked concerned.
“Of-of course.” you answered shakily, “I just had to shut off the camera because my internet is kinda crappy.”
“Oh, ok. Then how about we bring forward your update then? Before you get kicked out of the meeting entirely?” your boss suggested.
“Eh.. yes, sure.” you gulped, “Actually, the only thing I have to report is, that we’re in our time frame. The problem with the delivery times was solved and we can start the new task package next week, bringing us to the next milestone.”
“Wonderful news, Y/N! Keep up that great work.” he sounded genuine, “Ok. Then let us get back to our HR seminar. Y/N, if it doesn’t get better with your internet connection, you can hop off. I will send you an overview afterwards.”
“Great, thank you!” you thanked the gods for your luck. You said your goodbyes and closed the meeting.
“You, me, bedroom.” you ordered Loki who was still kissing your thighs that he held in his hand, “Now.”
“What about your work?” he grinned cheekily.
“I’m taking my lunch break early.” you huffed, pulling him to his feet and dragging him towards your bedroom.
Tumblr media
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earlgreydream · a day ago
𝐨𝐰𝐧𝐞𝐝. || 𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐭!𝐥𝐨𝐤𝐢 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐝: 𝐝𝐨𝐦!𝐏𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐋𝐨𝐤𝐢 𝐱 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 + 𝐜𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐫, 𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐡, 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐠𝐚𝐠𝐬...
𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 𝐝/𝐬, 𝐨𝐰𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐩 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤, 𝐬𝐥𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐬𝐩𝐚𝐧𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐝𝐮𝐛𝐜𝐨𝐧
Tumblr media
You wrapped the tattered green cloak around your shoulders, shivering as the bitter cold air bit at your skin.
The void swallowed you like an icy monster, baring you to the elements and threats that lurked in the shadows. Your fear was colder than the air.
The dark storm that threatened to swallow everything in its path thundered in the distance. You dragged yourself out of the dirt, needing to move out of its path— or at least put some distance between you.
You couldn’t remember how long you’d been wandering through the void. Time seemed nearly irrelevant. All you knew was that you were cold, frightened, and hungry. You’d been running from something, from someone, though you didn’t quite know who. 
At some point in your journey, you came across an underground structure. The heavy steel door took some wrenching to open, your body weak from lack of nutrition. 
You were soaking wet from rain, your hands slick and trembling as you nearly froze to death. By the time you opened the door, you practically skidded to the safety of the shelter, tumbling through the dark in your desperation to get out of the storm. 
“Now, what do we have here?” 
You whipped around at the sultry voice, trembling with eyes wide like a deer in the headlights. The man, the god, towered over you, black hair framing a severe face, sharp turquoise eyes boring into you. 
You felt like a prey cornered by its predator, trapped and helpless beneath the god. You drew back against the cold stone wall as he reached out to touch your cheek, icy fingertips brushing your skin.
“So timid. What are you afraid of?” he hummed, sneering softly. 
You didn’t speak, inspecting the man. He wore a large button on his suit, appearing like a politician had you still been back in the real-world, and not in this post-apocalyptic wasteland. A shudder wracked through you as he grabbed your wrist, his deep voice harnessing your attention. 
“You’ll make a darling little pet. I can’t leave you out here to fend for yourself. Someone might take advantage of you.” 
You were trembling, trying to pry out of his unforgiving grip, though you knew your fate was sealed. The faux-president dragged you from the compound, back out into the freezing rain. Struggling was fruitless. You’d been chosen. No matter how far or fast you ran, the god would catch you. He was clever, and could outsmart you, even on his worst day. 
You were helpless.
You were taken into a city, or as much of what the void offered. A broken-down high rise was your new solace. When you arrived, your tattered, worn clothes were ripped from your body, and you were shoved into a barely-dripping shower. The one thing you had to be thankful for was the hot water. 
It ran over your body in little trails, mixing with tears as you turned your back to the god, who insisted on watching you. Once Loki had deemed you adequately clean, he rubbed you down with a towel, increasing your feeling of helplessness. 
“You’re not to do anything yourself. Just be my mindless little toy to please me,” Loki’s deep voice made you shudder. 
Cooperating came with protection and shelter. You knew what you were up against, and it would be a lie to deny your attraction to him. 
“Come here,” Loki called for you, eyes watching as your nude body crossed the room to where he was seated on a makeshift throne. 
His hand wrapped around your neck, pulling you to kneel between his legs. Your hands covered your bare chest, still unused to the expectation of nudity, the god demanding easy access to you. 
A black leather collar appeared in his hand, guided around your delicate throat before sealing with a glimmer of magic. There was no clasp, the fabric sealed around your neck, unable to be removed. Warmth and fear twisted in your belly, hating yourself for the arousal that swirled at the feeling of being owned. 
Loki smirked as your bare thighs rubbed together, his pet getting squirmy as he collared you. A golden chain appeared, falling between the valley of your breasts, serving as a leash to be dragged with. 
“Look at you,” Loki purred, turning your face by grasping your chin, making you gaze at your reflection in a mirror. You were tiny compared to Loki, knelt between his legs, bare except for the collar and leash. A whimper escaped your lips, a choice you would’ve taken back if you knew the consequences. 
“I don’t want to hear you. Open your mouth,” Loki hissed, slapping your cheek lightly. 
You obeyed mindlessly, acting as if an outside force was guiding your body. You felt like his puppet, shame washing through you as he forced his heavy cock past your lips.
Loki sneered as you gagged, tears making your eyes shine. You were so helpless and pathetic, a little toy to do as he pleased with. You were so easy to manhandle and manipulate, it amused him to watch you fight for oxygen as he fucked your throat.
Your desperation to please him was evident in your movements— cheeks hollowing around him. You were too afraid to disappoint him, grasping for the small glimmer of hope that he’d show you some affection.
“Remember darling, you need to please me so that you can stay and be kept safe here. I’ll protect you from those monsters outside. They’d swallow your sweet little body whole. It’s too dangerous for you to leave me,” Loki’s reminders filled your ears, sounding less and less like lies every time they were spoken.
You trembled, gripping his thighs, knelt between his legs. Soon, you didn’t even try to run anymore.
Loki had moved on from the broken-down city, taking you with him. The two of you had been returned back to the world, something you found yourself more terrified of than before.
Loki was back in his palace, on his throne, and you stayed knelt between his feet, gagged by his fingers. Your cheek rested on the inside of his thigh, sedated by his domination.
“Come here, pet,” Loki snapped quickly, and you scrambled onto his lap, his clothes vanishing in a glimmer of magic.
He looked over your shoulder, still listening to the business his guards were explaining, unfazed by you sinking down onto his dick.
Loki’s fingers hooked into your collar, holding you still so you could roll your hips, riding him in a messy, uneven rhythm.
“Gods, girl, have you forgotten how to fuck?” He snapped viciously, slapping your ass.
“Sorry, Loki,” you stammered, gripping his wrist for more stability, riding him properly.
After a moment, he jerked you forward, his lips at your ear.
“Your ass is going to pay for that later,” Loki hissed.
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ashdreams2023 · 8 hours ago
cockwarming with loki?
i just wanna be he dumb lil baby :(
I hope this is enough 😆
Co*kwarming Loki
Loki sat at his office looking over some documents he’s supposed to full for his Midgardian ID.
He’s been in there for the majority of the day and you genuinely missed him.
So you went up to his office, wearing one of his oversized shirts and short shorts underneath.
Loki noticed you looking through the door crack and chuckled.
"Is something the matter darling?"
You shyly opened the door, hiding your hands behind your back.
"I missed you" you pouted.
His eyes would soften and he’ll turned in his chair.
"Come here"
You walked up to him quickly almost falling in the process but making it to his arms anyways.
His strong arms squeezed you lovingly and you moaned.
Hiding your face in his neck.
He hummed against your ear, his warm breath hitting your ear.
"Hmm, my baby seems a bit sensitive, is cuddles all you want?"
You whined bucking yourself against his crotch.
"Alright baby, keep daddy’s dick warm"
You immediately hoped off of him unbuckling his belt eagerly, you pulled out his dick almost drooling at the sight.
You licked the the tip of his head before placing a few butterfly kisses to the shaft and pumping it till you could hear his breath become a little heavier.
You kissed him one more time before pulling down your bottoms and lifting your shirt up.
You turned around while holding his dick at the position of your hole.
"Come on baby" he whispered against your neck.
You slid him inside of you slowly, barely holding yourself from moaning all the way.
He was inside you, fully in.
It felt nice.
"My good baby"
His good baby.
He’ll turn around to his work, one hand warped around your waist holding you in place while the other he used to holding and flip through papers.
He’ll thrust into you from time to time just to hear your sweet voice struggling.
Eventually when he’s finished he’ll press you’re pretty face against his desk and fuck you senselessly like a doll.
At the end he’ll carry to wash up then to bed.
You can cockwarm him again while you both lay if you’re up to it too.
"You good baby"
"Yes…I am"
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thats-a-yikes3 · a day ago
“You’re terrible,” he says as you lean back.
“I am well aware.” You slide off of his lap, onto the messy bed. It was immaculately made not just 15 minutes ago. “I thought you liked it when I teased you,” you say with a small smirk playing on your lips.
The God of Mischief looks at you, savouring every inch. His dark green shirt hung loosely on your frame, but left little to the imagination. “You need to come back,” his gaze shifts into a hungry glare.
Your smile widens as you giggle. “You want me to come back?” you ask as you slide closer, taking your time. He roughly pulls you back on top of him, and you gasp. “No need to be so aggressive, love. I was well on my way.” You smile again as you lean in, intending to pull away just as his lips touch yours. It was a game, you knew if you teased him enough then he would do what you wanted.
Before you were able to pull away, he roughly seized your neck, preventing your usual act. As your lips parted, he shifted you to the side. He abruptly stopped. “Hey, I thought I was the one who-” He roughly pulls your hair, making you gasp. He uses the momentum to swiftly climb on top of you, and you begin kissing again. He slips his tongue into your mouth, deepening the kiss. 
You decide he isn’t being rough enough. You turn your head, breaking the kiss. He growls, trying to kiss you again. This time you move your arms to Loki’s bare chest. He grabs your wrists, pinning your arms above your head. He shifts so he can hold you hostage with one hand, using the other for support has he goes down to kiss you again. As the kiss deepens again, his hand wanders under your shirt, gently tracing up your side. The action sends shivers through your spine as he slowly moves up to your bare breast.
He lifts his head for a single moment before he begins going down onto your neck. “Be gentle,” you say. “I have work in the morning.” He mumbles an incoherent response and gently nibbles a spot on your collar bone. You softly moan, as he lets go of your hands you bury them in his thick, dark hair. He continues moving around your neck like this, also while grasping your chest. His mouth slowly makes its way down, stretching the collar of your shirt. Knowing they will be covered, he begins being much rougher. 
He sits up, and grabs the hem of the shirt. Knowing the pleasure it is keeping you from, you too sit up. He takes it off and immediately goes back to your neck, both hands now grasping your chest. As he continues leaving soft bruises, he begins to play with your nipples. Circling with his fingertips, his lips wander down to the same area. Loki roughly sucks your skin between his teeth, making you moan loudly. Suddenly remembering your request, he slows down and comes back to your parted lips. His gentle kisses are a surprise, but your tired body welcomes the change of pace.
He stops, and moves from on top of you to his side of the bed. “If you have work, you’ll need to sleep.” His blue eyes meet your sleepy ones. 
“You’re right. Sorry we couldn’t do as much as normal tonight,” you respond.
“It’s fine, love. Just sleep.” He places a kiss on your forehead as you drift off.
You wake up the next morning to your alarm. Loki is already in the shower you notice, as you gingerly climb out of bed. You make your way to a mirror in the room, wanting to see the damage. You gasp as you see your purple and black skin. You stand, staring at yourself until Loki comes out of the bathroom with just a towel hanging off of his hips.
He comes around behind you, immediately sensing your anger. “Everything alright…?” he asks carefully.
You whip around, placing your hand on your hip. “You said you would go easy! This is easily the most you've done. I have work in an hour! I can believe you did this after I told you-” He kisses you in the middle of your rant, grabbing the back of your neck with one hand.
He pulls away. “I’m sorry, but you were asking for it.” He smirks down at you as he walks away.
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vespasianphantom · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
You father was the biggest gambler of London. Bad choices in poker got him into debt with the biggest gang in London, The Jotun. What will happen when the leader will come looking for a payment?
Part 1 - How we met
Part two - Comfort over sex
Part three - There will be blood
Part four - Atomic Black
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wheredafandomat · 2 days ago
Fear & Desire - Legacies ❤️‍🔥P18❤️‍🔥 Divulge
Previous chapter
Once you and Stephen had practically taken out everyone, by yourselves, SHIELD eventually showed up saying there was an emergency at HQ hence the slight delay. They arrested the unconscious guards and wrapped up the sword to take into HQ. There was a guest book at the venue which was ridiculous considering the type of gathering that it was but luckily there was one so each attendee could be questioned.
“Well, tonight was fun” you commented turning towards Stephen.
“Very” he added with a small smile.
“Well, should we go hom--STEPHEN” you shouted watching Loki teleport behind him holding a dagger. Watching your expression change, Stephen lunged forward, dodging Loki’s attack before turning towards the angered Loki.
“Loki, what on earth are you doing?” You questioned grabbing his wrists and lowering them as you looked into his eyes.
His features softened as he looked down at you. His gaze then flicked from yours to Stephen behind you who was no doubt glaring at Loki. You watched as Loki tensed back up as he broke from your grip.
“STEPHEN HOME!” You demanded before a portal headed in your and Loki’s direction, sending you both to your room in the compound.
“Arghhhhh” Loki growled, infuriated, watching the portal disappear.
“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?” You bellowed grabbing Loki’s arm and spinning him to face you.
He looked you up and down with a lour, which made you take a tiny step back, before he reached your eyes again.
“I heard you” he said in a pessimistic tone.
“Heard me?” You queried furrowing your brows in confusion.
“Don’t act confused. I heard you with the magician.” He spat as you looked away from him.
There was a pregnant pause before recognition began to hit you and you looked back towards Loki with an amused smile.
“Loki, look at me” you laughed gesturing to yourself “what could you possibly think happened between me and Stephen?”
“DON’T PLAY CRETINOUS WITH ME!” He roared stepping closer to you as you backed away feeling startled by his outburst. Did he generally think that you and Stephen what, slept together? Surely not. He kept stalking closer until your back hit the wall.
“He’s enamoured with you” Loki leered, lightly stroking your cheek with the back of his hand.
“He’s not” you replied turning your head away from his hand.
“Yes he is” he whispered lowering his lips to yours in a soft gentle kiss before pulling away “and it angers me.”
“Loki, what is it exactly that you think has happened?” You huffed.
“You consummated the sham marriage” he scoffed turning away.
“Look at me” you insisted grabbing his chin and turning him towards you “whatever it is you think you heard, you heard wrong. The mission went sideways and I had to defend myself hence the torn dress and the messy appearance” you explained “so don’t you dare accuse me of infidelity” you warned.
“You think me stupid y/n” he said rolling his eyes before you slapped him across the face.
“I’m sorry” you gasped realising what you had done as he turned back towards you with a grin.
Loki’s lips then found yours again in an aggressive kiss as he pushed you against the wall before roughly tearing off your dress leaving you in—
“Oh you naughty little thing” Loki teased, breaking the kiss before eyeing your emerald ensemble consisting of a lacy bra, a thong and suspender belt.
Leaning down, Loki began tracing over your collar bone with his tongue causing you to close your eyes as your head fell back against the wall allowing him more access. His teeth then nipped at your neck before he left a trail of light kisses leading to your lips. As your lips moved together delicately, you started undressing him, smiling into the kiss when he helped you unfasten his belt. As your semi naked bodies pressed against each-other, the kiss grew hungrier, needier. You both moaned into the kiss when Loki started grinding into you as he put his hand on your back and began pulling you closer to him. You could feel his growing erection against your thighs as you undressed each-other further. Wrapping your arms around his neck, Loki lifted your legs up, securing them around his waist before carrying you towards the bed.
As he sat at the edge, you straddled him whilst you continued the kiss. Pulling away, you both opened your eyes as you gave him a mischievous smirk whilst sitting slightly up before reaching down between you both and guiding him to your entrance and slowly lowering yourself onto him as your eyes closed in elation.
“Oh fuck” you uttered breathlessly when he was fully inside.
His arms found your back, properly stabilising you before you began to move. You started slow whilst Loki sucked on your neck trying to suppress his own moans. Increasing the pace, Loki’s grip on you grew tighter as he helped pilot your movements. Your pants and moans grew out of control whilst Loki managed to say fairly subdued before he held you against him as he fell backwards into the bed and started thrusting into you.
“Yessssss” you cried as his hips slammed upwards into yours whilst his cock delved deeper and deeper.
“You feel soo good” Loki mumbled as you tried to stop yourself from hitting the precipice.
You continued your moaning as you rode him, closing your eyes and tilting your head upwards.
“I have something to tell you.” Loki said flipping you both over as he continued to ravage you.
“Mmmmmm” you whimpered urging him on to speak, feeling that familiar pressure building up.
“When I was at the TVA, I kissed someone” he blurted out before he egressed and fell to his knees on the floor, pulling you towards him as he licked circles on your clit.
“WHAATTTTT” you yelled trying to lift your upper body up to look down at him as a wave of pleasure tore through you. “Ughhhh yessss” you howled feeling yourself fall into an oblivion.
The orgasm was ecstasy. Loki didn’t pause the intricate patterns his tongue was making against your sensitive clit as you bit your lip with occasional small moans as you felt a dreamy languor threatening to overtake you.
Tumblr media
A/N: Ermmmmmm sorry Loki, what was that?
What was what?
Hope you liked the chap 💚💚
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anonymousfiction211 · 3 days ago
Handcuffed together: 21
Tumblr media
No more tricks You didn't know if your eyes were open or closed. It made no difference. Step by step you were walking forwards, you thought. There was nothing around you but blackness. You didn't even hear your footsteps, you didn't feel ground under your feet. There was nothing underneath you, no light anywhere and you were starting to feel scared.
‘Loki?’ your voice echoing through the emptiness, but there was no reply.
‘Loki?’ you tried again, hearing his name fade out into the darkness. Still no reply.
You walked on, if you could call it walking. Maybe you were floating, or flying?  
A low chuckle reached your ears, making your turn around. But there was no-one to be seen. You recognized it, and hoped with your whole heart that you were wrong. After a few seconds you heard it again, but it came from behind you. You turned around, but yet again didn't see anything.
Suddenly you felt like you were falling. Wind was rushing from underneath you and your hair was standing upright. You looked down, but only saw the darkness. You screamed. After a while you felt solid ground under your feet and fell down on the ground. There was an intense light, making your close your eyes. You felt sand under you and slowly started to crawl back to your feet. There was a presence of someone in front of you, but you still couldn't open your eyes.  
‘Took you long enough’
When you finally opened your eyes, and were adjusted to the light, you saw that you were standing on a beach. You heard the waves crashing down on the beach and felt the cool wind hit your cheeks. There was only one other person on the beach, Thanos. He was standing in front of you, looking down at you.  
‘Where am I?’ you asked.
‘Physically or mentally?’ Thanos replied.  
‘Physically in the same place you fell asleep, mentally in my future home. Come’ he said. He turned his back and gestured for you to follow him. He didn't look around if you were or not. The two of you were walking and the beach scene slowly changed into a grassland with a plant that definitely wasn't from earth. It looked like an alien farm, at the end of the fields you saw a little wooden cottage. Thanos led you to it and sat down on the porch, gesturing for you to do the same. You sat down next to him and had a beautiful view over the alien farm and the beach at the end. Two suns were in the sky, causing the light to hit differently than you were used to, but not unpleasantly.  
‘It's not going to work’ Thanos said.
‘What is not going to work?’
‘Finding a way out of our deal’ he said.
‘If you have been spying on me, you know that I have been occupied with other things’  
‘Yes, you are happily back together with your lover boy’ he teased.
You bit the inside of your cheek to keep yourself from saying things you probably would regret later. ‘What do you want?’ you asked.
‘An update’ he said.
‘The time stone is with someone and I currently have no access to it’ you said. ‘But I will make sure that person is in the tower the day you come to collect. As agreed upon’ you added.
‘No, not there’ was all Thanos said.
‘Where then?’
‘An open field’ he said.
‘How will you know where that is?’ you asked.  
‘Don't worry about that’ he said.
‘All right, I will lure that person to an open field and you can take your stone’ you said.
‘Make sure Loki will be there willingly, no tricks this time. Tell him that’
‘I will’ you said through gritted teeth. ‘Can I go back now?’
‘Not yet, I wanted to show you what would happen if you fail’ he said. ‘You see, I have been working towards my goal for a long time. The stones will make sure I can achieve it the quickest way. Before I had them, I had to do it by hand. My patience has run out, if you don't succeed, I will do earth the favour to be another planet we do by hand’
‘What does that mean?’ you asked.
‘You will see’
The porch disappeared underneath you. You were falling again in the darkness, hearing Thanos his chuckle echoing around you. You screamed again, but there was barely any sound that came out. Your throat hurt and your voice was hoarse. You fell down hard on the ground. Standing in a grass land, you saw purple people screaming, and crying. They were dragged out buildings and houses by a masked army. At the end of the street, you saw Thanos standing and overseeing the whole situation. There was one group on side, and another group on the other side. Both of them had guard behind them. Thanos flipped a coin and nodded to the guards of one group. Before you could register what happened, the guards started to fire and people were screaming and falling to the ground. You were standing in shock and looked at Thanos through the tears that had formed in your eyes. He just smiled at you and before you knew it, you were falling through the darkness again.
The landings were always hard, the screams were still deafening and the images were burned into your memory forever. You saw so many people of different races die, and couldn't do a thing to stop it. And every time you saw Thanos standing above it all, looking down and smiling. Sometimes he had a child standing next to him, and he seemed to be gentle with them, while he murdered their parents. You were trapped in a horrible loophole. Your voice was gone, you had no more tears to cry and the strength to crawl back up after falling on the ground was nowhere to be found. And before you knew it, you were falling through the darkness again.
Two arms were roughly shaking you. You opened your eyes and saw two green eyes, staring concerned back at you.  
‘(Y/N)?’ a voice echoed.
It took a moment before it clicked, Loki was the one shaking you. I can't watch him die! was the first thing that went through your head. You found the strength to push him off you, but you pushed yourself off the bed in the progress, hitting the hard ground again. Loki shot up and rushed towards you, but you scrambled up and tried to keep him at a distance.  
‘Don't!’ you yelled at him.
He halted all his movements, and put up his hands to let you see he meant no harm. You stared at him and suddenly noticed that he was completely naked, as were you. You felt the cool air hit your body that was covered in sweat, making you shiver. You were inhaling at the moment and your head was pounding. You whole body ached from falling over and over again, and your eyes hurt from all the tears. You voice was still sore, but not as soar as before.  
‘(Y/N)? What's wrong?’ Loki almost whispered when you still didn’t make a move.
‘Is- is this real?’ you sheepishly replied.
‘Is? What?’ Loki was clearly confused. ‘Yes, this is real. I thought you were having a nightmare and woke you up. Are you okay?’ he asked.
‘Yeah, yeah I'm fine’ you said. You looked around the room slowly coming to terms that you were at home and safe.  
‘Can I?’ Loki asked and gestured that he wanted to move towards you.
You nodded and Loki slowly walked towards you, like you were a deer that would ran away if he startled it. When he was in front of you, he put his hand down on your shoulder and looked at you intently.
‘You're not fine. What did you dream about?’ he asked.  
You felt like you were crying, but no tears were falling from your eyes. Loki guided you towards the bed and made you sit down. He left quickly to get a bottle of water and some chocolate chip cookies. After that he sat down on his knees in front of you, slowly moving his hands up and down the side of your thighs to comfort you. You drank a lot of water and at one of the cookies, your absolute favourite.  
‘Are you doing better?’ he asked.
‘Yes’ you replied.
‘Tell me, what did you dream about?’ Loki tried again.
‘I don't know if it was a dream or not’ you tried to explain. Loki didn't say anything, he just squeezed your thighs to comfort you some more and was patiently waiting for you to continue.
‘Thanos, showed me what would happen if I fail... And I saw all those people...’ you tried to explain but you were still haunted by the fresh images in your head. When you started to shake, Loki got and sat down next to you. He grabbed you and pulled you into his lap. When you didn't stop shaking, he started to sush you and tell you that you were safe, it would be all right and how brave he thought you were.
When you were relatively back to normal, he laid you down in your bed and cleaned you up with a flick of his wrist. He laid down next to you and pulled you close to his chest.
‘I know what you saw. It will get better, I promise’ he whispered.
‘Loki, he knows we are trying to get out of the deal, he warned me. No more tricks’ you anxiously said.
‘Let him know’ Loki scoffed. ‘Love, what he doesn’t know is in the end we will win. He will lose. And until then, let him make all the threats he wants, it won't matter. I will be by your side, always. I promise’ he whispered.  
He cuddles you closer and told you it was best that you get some sleep. It seemed impossible, because you were still too worried about Thanos his threat. You felt Loki's fingers on your temple and he told you that he would keep you safe. You drifted off to sleep, safely in Loki's arms.  
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buckyhoney · 4 months ago
the character development of loki is incredible.
he goes from a character so insecure and guarded that he used arrogance and pride as a mask to someone who believes that he is capable of a life beyond pain and suffering.
a life that he is able to be happy and one that is filled with genuine connections with others.
regardless if marvel intended it or not, these series are showing us that in order to become our most powerful self, we need to allow ourselves truly to express our emotions rather than repressing them.
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earlgreydream · 4 months ago
in charge.
| loki x reader | fluff | smut |
anon requested. loki without even thinking about it kneeling to tie readers shoe and immediately being teased for it by the team or Thor or whoever, and feeling like he needs to prove he’s still in charge in spicy ways
cw: d/s, subspace, light bondage, aftercare
Tumblr media
“Be careful, please,” Loki stressed, his hand wrapping around your bicep to stop you as you ran to the kitchen.
You stood still, looking down as Loki knelt in front of you, lifting your foot onto his knee to re-tie your shoelace that had come loose. He tightened them before standing back up, taking hold of your hand.
“You’re so whipped, Loki. Kneeling for your girl,” Thor laughed, teasing Loki for tying your shoes. 
“Stop it.” 
The severity of Loki’s tone with his brother made you shudder, though the other members of your team kept on laughing.
“You’ve gone soft, Loki. Tying her shoes,” Stark teased, making Natasha laugh and shake her head before taking another drink. 
You frowned, disliking the way they were getting Loki riled up. You wrapped your arms around his torso, your body pressed against his back.
“Don’t listen to them,” you murmured against his spine.
“I’ve not gone soft,” Loki retorted to Stark, making you sigh softly.
Your hand gently slid under his shirt, your fingertips smoothing over his defined abdomen.
“Loki, how does it feel to be wrapped around Y/N’s finger?” Steve asked with a grin, purposefully taunting the god.
“She knows who’s in charge.”
“Do you?” Thor snorted.
“In charge?” You bit back a laugh, almost immediately regretting it.
Loki manhandled you to the front of his body, holding both of your wrists in one hand.
You nodded, hiding your face in his chest, embarrassed. Everyone laughed before changing the subject, though Loki was still irritated.
“Come with me,” Loki’s tone was firm, dragging your attention away from your book.
You looked up at him from the couch, where you were stretched out on your stomach.
“I’m not finished with my chapter,” you protested, turning the page.
You gasped as Loki slapped your ass, making you drop the book.
“Do not talk back to me.”
He grabbed you, dragging you off of the couch, his arm around your waist. You were carried like a helpless animal under his arm, through the halls of Stark Tower, so Loki made sure everyone witnessed it.
“Loki, is this about the others teasing you?” You asked when he tossed you onto his bed, your back hitting the mattress.
“It’s about me showing you who’s in charge.”
“I’m yours, Loki, always. I appreciate you tying my shoes for me, and fucking the living daylights out of me. You have nothing to prove,” you assured the god, holding his hand.
His arrogance faltered, and he kissed your forehead tenderly. Your fingers slipped into his hairline, the black locks silky under your touch. His lips gently connected with yours, the god lightly biting your bottom lip. His tongue slipped in your mouth as you gasped, his hand around your back.
“How do you wish to be fucked?” Loki asked, mouthing along your throat, dotting bruises where he pleased.
“However you want me,” you answered, closing your eyes as Loki’s hands ran up the sides of your body.
“Bound and beautiful,” he answered, golden chords securing your wrists to the ceiling as Loki pulled you onto your knees.
You knelt with your legs parted on the bed, gazing at your reflection in a mirror. He kept you suspended just enough that you couldn’t move around, immobilized and left to his will.
Fair hands splayed over your torso, sliding up to cup your breasts and squeeze. He delighted in the tiny moans and whimpers he elicited from your squirming body, feeling little pricks of excitement rise on your skin.
“Look how beautiful, and all mine,” he growled, biting the delicate skin on your neck.
You blinked your eyes open, gazing at the two of you in the mirror, your hands bound above your head like you were praying to the god.
“M’yours,” you breathed, crying out and flexing your fingers as he slowly filled you.
His fingers dipped between your legs, gently toying with your clit as his cock split you open.
Warmth was burning through your body, electricity bursting at the edges of your nerves. His large hand closed around your throat, carefully restricting your whimpers, a light squeeze limiting your oxygen.
Loki’s movements were hard and fast, fucking you dumb, keeping you suspended in the air. His fingers slid into your mouth when your moans grew too loud and high pitched, gagging you and silencing the noises.
Your mind melted, your thoughts fractured as your body absorbed the pleasure and you sucked on his fingers, sinking back against his chest.
All your body could process was his quick thrusts and the rolls of your clit between his fingers, your quiet cries muffled. Your muscles seized up, everything tensing before Loki ripped an orgasm from you.
Your trembling form was held against him as he lazily thrusted through both of your orgasms, lewd noises filling the room. Your body was limp against his, each thrust pushing the thick release back into your overstimulated heat.
“Loki,” you whispered, exhausted.
Your arms and thighs were burning from holding yourself up, and you felt raw and used. The gold cords disappeared from your wrists, and you sank into Loki’s arms.
“My gorgeous darling, you look so lovely all fucked out,” his fingertips traced over your cheeks.
“All lovey for you,” you murmured, relaxing in his arms.
“Mhm. How does a bath sound?” Loki asked.
You nodded, exhaling as he lifted you up. You were deep in subspace, completely pliant for Loki. He loved you like this, soft and relaxed. You were extra clingy like this, your desire to be close to him endearing.
Loki peppered your face with kisses as he cleaned you up, hushing your tiny whimpers as he touched places were you were sensitive.
“My little darling,” Loki preened, fingering you to another orgasm as you laid against his chest in the bath. Your thighs were trembling as he curled his fingertips forward, smiling as you squeezed around him, coming hard as you hid your face in his neck.
“That’s it,” he praised you, helping you out of the bath and into bed.
“Need you to be close,” you mumbled sleepily, settling down as you felt him spoon you, his cool chest pressed against your back.
His strong arm draped over your chest, and you brought his hand to your throat, letting it rest against your skin, helping you feel safe.
“Make sure your shoes are tied please,” Loki called to you as you got dressed, getting ready to go out with the others.
“Help me?” You asked innocently, sitting on the edge of the bed.
Loki didn’t hesitate, walking over and kneeling in front of you. He knew you were capable of doing it on your own, but he liked to feel needed.
He kissed your knee, tightening your laces before taking your hand.
“I’ll let you be in charge,” you teased, kissing his cheek.
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aphiandhephi · 4 months ago
Y/N: *Holds a knife to Loki’s throat*
Loki:…Oh no
Y/N: You haven’t kissed me in three days and it fucking pisses me off
Y/N, shrugging: I know it turns you on.
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vespasianphantom · 2 days ago
His Present. - L.O
Tumblr media
Danger ahead!!!: Meantions of guns, violence, gambling, reader is 20, arranged marriage??
A/N: Hi! This is a new series i am going to write, containing Mafia Loki and Reader. I hope this will be at least 4 parts!!
Your father had fucked up.
Not only did he give in into his gamble addiction, but he got into debt - not just debt. He got into serious shot with a gang named Jottun. He was always a troublesome man, but you never expected it to become this horrible. Your house was evicted, you were now living in the cheapest hotel you could find.
“How did this even start, how - why?” You were tired of this. You were tired of having to ask the same question again and again, only for him to look at you with that disapproving look on his sour, old face.
“I’m an adult, let me take care of this.” He always used to say this - never keeping his promise.
“I’m tired dad. We’re literally broke. Why don’t you get a normal job so we can both live like we did before?” The hotel bed creaked as you got up and walked closer to him.
Your father was fed up.
As soon as you came closer, his hand struck and slapped you across the face. He never did this before, but who were you to guess cast him as the responsible father.
You looked up at him, from the tears streaming down your gleaming eyes, to the hand clutching your bruised red cheek, you had the look of absolute fear and despair on your face.
You whole body was frightened of the man standing close to you - of your own father.
“Princess, I—” He didn’t even care to finish his sentence. He walked away, once away and left you completely alone. Although you were grateful you could finally let all the sobs out, you wished for a loving and happy father.
That night, he never came home.
It was the early morning when the sun shining behind the opened blinds woke you up. It couldn’t be more than 9 in the morning, yet you were wide awake.
Stretching your back, you looked around the room for him. But what you saw, was far worse.
Your father’s hands were tied, and so were his feet. He had a cloth in his mouth and two men were pressing guns to both of his temples.
You jumped and screamed for your life. That’s when someone’s hand made contact with your shoulder and whispered a small ‘shhh’ into the shell of your ear.
The first thing that came to your mind was to run. You got up and ran to the door as fast as you could, but again, there stood two tall men in all-black suits with big guns in their hands.
“Why did you run, puppy?” A gritty voice huffed in amusement.
You whipped your head to look at the man, and everything soon made sense. The smirk on his face, the long black messy hair, the knives in his hands - This was Loki Odinson, from all the TV reports you heard. This was the most wanted man on the whole planet - and now he stood there, right in front of you.
“Leave me alone. I will pay you all the money he owes you. I’ll pay even more if you want, just please leave us alone.” You pleaded and begged but he only tutted at you and clicked his tongue. This was all amusing to him.
“I don’t want money, hell, i have all the money in the world. But what i lack, well, that would be someone like you puppy. Someone to take home as a nice little souvenir. Make you a lil’ wife of mine.” He rasped and your hands shook violently at his dirty remarks.
You were only 20. Not even legal to drink yet, but he was already here.
“Now, we can make a little deal, what do you say puppy?” He came closer and you backed up.
“You can willingly come with me, and i will spare this bastard’s life. If you won’t, i will publicly execute him in front of you and all my men.” He made a gesture with his hands and his men came with your father and shoved him to the ground.
“What if i want neither?” You challenged him.
“Too bad, because either way, you’re coming with me. Depends whether you care if your father will make it to the wedding.” He smirked and you ran a hand through your hair.
Everything seemed so unreal and yet here you stood.
“Spare him. Don’t do anything to him. Let him go. Please.” You gritted out and for the last time, looked at your father like he was the only thing you ever had.
“Good. Come on, let’s go.” He motioned you move outside but you didn’t bulge.
“I never said i am coming with you.” You stood your ground.
“Coming with me, Coming for me - sound the same to me.” He laughed and his men behind him too.
“I will not be anyones wife. I do not care, whoever you are, you can leave. I ain’t going anywhere.” You put on your badass face and went closer to him.
“And if i ever see you here again, the gun will be pressing into my head, if you want me so much. And i will be the one holding the trigger.
“I will come for you, puppy. Whatever it takes.” He smiled and motioned for him men to come with him.
That day, he left you in your apartment, quietly trying to figure out how to get out of the state. Meanwhile, he was already one step ahead of you - just like he always was, for the last 4 years.
Taglist :: @littlemisscare-all @high-functioning-lokipath @loki-smut-library @brookeduggan @xoxoloverb @kiliskywalker666 @bokillylovesloki
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thewritingdoll · 2 months ago
Pls frost giant loki fingering you is just … you getting fucked 💀💀💀
𝓉𝑒𝓂𝓅𝓉 𝓂𝓎 𝓉𝓇𝑜𝓊𝒷𝓁𝑒 | ꠹!ꪶ. ꪶ.
fandom marvel
featuring jotün!loki x small!human!reader
content warning loki’s big fingers, degradation, loki’s a big meanie too, fingering, size kink
summary the frost giant puts you to the test.
word count 620 / drabble
attention do not copy/repost/translate. not proofread. reblog and give feedback 💗 every reblog is another finger loki puts inside reader!
Tumblr media
“Is that it?”
he sounds disappointed, but you were trying your damndest. whining softly, you wiggle your hips, “Please,” you babble, helplessly impaled on his middle finger, “I’m full!”
you wished that you could look up at him, and you try, dangling helplessly over one massive knee, your legs kicking when you feel the thick knot of his knuckle. how the hell was that only half of his finger?
the girth of it alone was driving you mad, stretching your canal over it like a glove, but your elasticity had a limit. one that you knew you were reaching. if this beast wasn’t careful, you’d break. you didn’t think he understood that by the way he forced another inch into you.
“Oh, of course you are,” he coos, his other hand pressing against your shoulder to keep your torso smushed against his knee and your face turned away from him, “because I’d bet those pathetic Midgardian… men… have only disappointment to offer? Is that what it is, little earth girl? One, simple finger is bigger than any thing this warm cunt has ever experienced?” he chortles, watching you writhe helplessly upon it, “For an eager and well mannered little thing, you sure are ill-trained.”
Loki twists his finger, beckoning with a curl that sends a whimper to your drooling tiers. you were certain, had you been lying on your back, you would be able to see the shape and thickness of his digit as a bulging imprint in your belly. your eyelids flutter, “Fuck!” you cry, needy, and use your nails to dig into the icy flesh of his leg you’re perched upon. “What do I have— ah! To do? Tell me, fuck, I’ll do anything if you’ll just— mm, keep filling me like that!”
he guffaws. you’re a pleading mess, arousal dripping from your stuffed cunt down the side of his massive leg and he’s laughing at you for it. “Well well, aren’t you an ambitious and incredibly stupid, little set of holes—“ taking hold of the back of your neck (and half of your shoulder), he forces your face down into his knee, “you’re going to need a lot more training before you’re going to be of any real use to me, I’m certain I’ll need to stretch you out properly. Add another finger each time until you’re completely ruined for any of those inferior earthlings and their microscopic sex organs. You’ll be all mine after that, my elastic, little cocksleeve.” you shudder at the thought, soaking the digit that splits you open.
“I’ll do it!” you cry, glazing his flesh in saliva. one hand coasts over his thigh, and up towards his groin, “Can I… please…?” you’re practically desperate to feel his cock inside you, dying to know how much your body can take before it breaks.
he chuckles, leans back and juts his hips towards you, allowing you to feel the colossal bulge awaiting. you swallow hard, caressing the length takes several strokes to reach every inch, and you would need to use both hands, even then you weren’t sure you could get your grip all the way around it. “Holy… shit.”
“What is that Midgardian saying, again? ‘Your eyes are bigger than your stomach’?” he snorts wickedly and pushes the remaining length of his finger inside of you, biting down on his lower lip when he hears you cry out, “Hear that, little one? That’s my point being proven. You couldn’t take even the head of my cock, no matter how badly you want to.” hunching over, he whispers close to your ear, the breath like a helish chill, “Not until I’ve trained this little cunt to take me and only me.”
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zemosimp05 · 4 months ago
What about Loki being clingy and reader is happy because he started opening up
Marry me
Loki x Y/N | Pure Fluff (T-T)
An: Again I changed the prompt lil bit but reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged!
Tumblr media
“Daaarrrrliiiiinggggg…..” you yelped when a heavy figure literally crashed over your body on the couch disrupting your peaceful reading session.
“Ow ow ow….Lokiii….god you’re heavy….” You yelled trying to push him away but he snuggled you more tightly in his arms. You looked up before you to Thor who was standing there with a sorry face.
“Y/N….” Loki giggled softly nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck, hugging you, nibbling your neck.
“Is he drunk?” You asked bit worriedly to Thor.
“Sorry …” He nodded at you before leaving the room.
“I missed youuuu….my looooveee…”Loki’s voice was slurring making you chuckled this time. It’s been a while you have witnessed him this drunk.
“Loki…You saw me few hours ago…” you chuckled softly, stroking his hair and he hummed in response resting his head on your chest. He was heavy so you tried to push him aside little bit to adjust your position but he huffed annoyedly.
“NO…cuddle me…” he mumbled. You smiled looking down at him. Usually you’re the clingy one always sticking with him like a Koala. But seeing him like this was rare.
“My head hurts…”
“Why did you drink so much?” You asked.
“I was sad…” he mumbled.
“Aww… why…?”
“See… we are together for a long time right?” He asked lifting his head up to look at you. You nodded in response.
“And I never really did anything nice for you…” he confessed sadly making you confuse.
“Loki wha-”
“Shhh…don’t interrupt your god…” he said placing a finger on your lips.
“You love me right?” He asked.
“Ahh…I said don’t interrupt me…” he said glaring at you and you rolled your eyes.
“So…I feel so bad that I never even asked you to marry me…” he said thinking. Your eyes widened, a amused smile plastered on your lips.
“Loki…you ” but he placed his hands on your mouth.
“Shh…you talk way too much…As I was saying…I know I’m gonna be an awful husband…” he said laying back over you again.
“Umm hmm…” you hummed in approval, playing with his hair.
“You know I’m so bad around kids…” he scoffed.
“That you are…” you said again stroking his hair.
“Don’t interrupt me Y/N… I know I will just annoy and tease you all the time…cause problems…”
“You do that…”
“Sorry… please continue…”
“I will get unnecessarily jealous and possessive over youuuuu…” he lifted his head up again looking at you. You’re grinning at him cheekily. He was looking so cute like this, cheeks bit flustered, voice slurring little bit.
“Don’t smile…I’m trying to be serious here…” he said bit angrily and you immediately make a serious face trying hard not to laugh.
“ I will probably forget our anniversaries even…buuuut…..” he slurred.
“Buuuut?” You asked smiling again.
“Will you still Marry me Y/N?” He asked finally with so much hope. That’s when you chuckled at him. God how much you love this idiot.
“Y/N…I’m not joking….I might be little full..little bit..” he said emphasising with his finger little bit and you nodded.
“But I genuinely love you…” he said.
“I love you too…” you giggled placing a soft kiss on his lips.
“So will you marry me?”
“But I’m married already…sorry…” you chuckled showing him your wedding ring. Loki got up in disbelief.
“How can you do this to me…” he mumbled softly not believing your words, then looking at the ring.
“Omg Loki…I am married to you…” you laughed at your husband’s drunken state. You’re so happy inside as he proposed you again.
“We…we are…married already…?” He asked astonished.
“Yes next month gonna be our one year anniversary…” you smiled at him.
“ Omg I’m an awful husband …” he yelled this time hiding his face in his hands in embarrassment. How could he forget about marrying you, the love of his life.
“Aww…come here…” you giggled pulling him again in your arms , cuddling him as close as possible.
Here’s the Zemo version 🤗
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