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The Scribbles


One-shots and Drabbles

Depending on the Snow | Loki x Unnamed OFC, Loki x Reader if you’d like | One-Shot

The threads of fate draw Loki and his human closer and closer. It’s all just a matter of timing.

Explain This | Loki x Reader | Drabble Collection

Loki learns various lessons about Midgard from his favorite human. A mostly unrelated collection of fluffy, funny drabbles and flash-fic.



Everything Else is Artful | Loki x OFC | Ragnarok AU | 18+

This story contains non-con elements. Full tag list on Ao3.

Updates every weekend.

Sakaar is well-acquainted with chaos. 

First there’s the lost mortal woman who gambles her life on deception—her only shield against the indulgences of the Grandmaster’s palace.

Then there’s the actual God of Lies, whose reign as Odin comes to an abrupt end when his magic is bound in a spell gone wrong.

Stranded together on the unruly garbage planet, they quickly learn that the lies they tell the Grandmaster are just as dangerous as the ones they tell each other. When it comes to undermining the mad ruler and keeping their stories straight, it’s best not to let strategy fall victim to emotion. 

After all, trust and temptation are luxuries neither of them can afford.

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There is certainly no reason to stop, we just got started…. Smut below the cut my darlings.

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Pairing: Loki x reader

Word Count: 1128

Warnings: 18+ Only, SMUT, Language! Oral (fem rec), fluff

Author’s Notes: I’m challenging myself to write some fics using the list of 410 Smut Prompts that I came across from @devildomqueen. Per the request of @animnerd​, LOKI smut for you!!

Prompt:  No Panties?


Originally posted by thehumming6ird

“Darling, you look ravishing,” Loki whispered in your ear, his fingers ghosting your lower back as you stood at the bar, dark green velvet floor length gown hugging your curves.

“Loki. How did you get invited to Tony’s fundraiser?”

“I’m the God of Mischief, my sweet girl. I don’t require an invitation. I go where I please.”

You laughed, “Then why would you choose to be here?! Even I don’t want to be here.”

“Because I knew you would be in attendance, and I wanted to see if you could take my breath away.”

“Well, obviously it didn’t happen because you’re still talking,” you quipped.

“Oh! Aren’t you a sassy little minx,” he smiled.

“You have no idea,” you winked, turning toward the door. You sashayed over to the exit, turning back to look at Loki.

“Aren’t you coming?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

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The young, freckle-faced lad- his name was Kare, Gaelic for curly-haired; the name was given to him at the orphanage where he grew up- watched as Ingrid left the room, shot a glare his way, then stormed down the other side of the hall.

He chuckled to himself. She must have scared the bollocks out of somebody again.

He had gotten used to it, after nearly thirteen years of his life serving the royal family. There were always girls who were jealous, who wanted the princes’ attention for money, or popularity, or something else he didn’t want to think about.

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Let me start by saying I never expected to get this far. I really just write self-indulgent stuff, along with the occasional requests. But you guys have been nothing but very sweet, always sending me love and reblogging my works. Thank you for believing in me, it really means the world!!

Now, I’ve been thinking of writing a smut special, and so far here are my ideas! Please sneak into my asks with the number of your choice, and maybe a little message to me! It can be your first impression of my blog, your favorite fic, or even a question to me!!

1. “Do you want me?” “Want is an understatement, petal. To put it so blandly, I’d pin you to my bed and destroy you if you asked.

2. “You’re writing about me again? No, don’t stare like a deer in headlights. Let’s see what your dirty little mind has conjured up for me now.”

3. “Beg for me, love. A few minutes and I won’t show you or your dripping little quim any mercy.

4. “You said you wanted more. This is more. Now take it before I turn the setting any higher.”

5. “You’re so innocent, yet your curiosity wanders far beyond anything pure. Shall I be your guide to the most sinful, ravishing, and utterly glorious pleasures of all?”

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Loki: This is frustrating and everyone annoys me

Peter: everyone? :(

Loki: Especially you

Peter: Even me :(

Loki: No. absolutely not. never. why did you think that? god no

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I will make you a deal


You are training to become an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., but are secretly afraid to go on missions. Loki who moves into the Avenger tower notices and makes you a deal.


Swearing, smut, dub con

Word count:

2.193 words

You were training to become an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. who would also be a member of the Avengers. It still felt a little surreal to be living in the Avenger Towers. The training, while being extremely hard and tough, went well. You were not ready to go on missions yet, but you did not mind. The thought of going out there, after hearing some of the stories from the other Avengers, terrified you. You did not tell the rest of the team, because you were scared that they will replace you with another agent. You were determined to get over your fear eventually. You just did not know how.

It did not help when Thor brought his brother to join the team last month. Loki was supposed to pay his debt for attacking the city of New York by joining the Avengers. How Fury ever agreed to this arrangement was beyond you. You were not with the team when the attacked happened, but heard all the stories, which fuelled your fear. You remembered when Thor introduced his brother Loki to you. ‘I’m not your brother’ was the only thing he said. And it broke your heart a little when you saw the sad expression on Thor’s face. So, when Thor told you that Loki’s room would be across yours, you wanted to protest but did not have the heart to make the situation worse for him. While you were scared by Loki’s presence because of him being well.. him, you also thought he was quite handsome. He had a certain grace and finesse. And especially his eye colour and intense gaze have had you in a trance the first time he looked at you. It was not something you would have expected from a god who tried to take over the world.

When you broke away from his eyes and slightly inappropriate thoughts you decided the best thing to do was to avoid him as much as you could. You had to overcome one fear at the time. If someone found out you feared him, they might conclude that you would be scared to go on missions too and kick you out. So, for the next weeks you snuck out your room as quietly as possible and made sure you went to bed after Loki was already his room. To prevent you accidently bumping into him in the hall. It was not that difficult, because he was in his own room most of the time. If you were forced to be in the same room as him, for a team meeting, you could not help but to admire his figure. You thought about what a man, a god actually, like that could do to you. But after staring too long he always looked at you with such an intense gaze that your fear won and made you freeze in place or leave as fast as you could. You never exchanged a word with him, and it was not your intention to do that any time soon.

When you could not sleep thinking how to be less afraid, you decided to get up and get a glass of water. When you were almost in the kitchen you heard something break. With caution you looked inside to see what was happening. You saw Loki who is back was to you fixing the broken glass with his magic. Without turning around, you heard his deep voice: ‘And wat are you doing out of bed at this hour of the night?’ You felt a shiver run down your spine. He turned around and looked at you with his green eyes that almost seem to glow in the dark. Your thoughts were racing inside your head and you realized you soon had to answer something. ‘I- I was just getting a glass of water w-when I heard something break. But I am not thirsty anymore so, g-good night!’ Leaving as fast as possible was the best thing to do in this situation, you thought.

But after leaving the kitchen Loki grabbed your arm and spun you around. You were with you back against the walls of the hall, he had your hands pinned above your head with one hand. Your wanted was to scream, but before you could make a sound another large hand was covering your mouth. Loki looked at you and you froze. ‘Are you really that afraid of everything or just me?’. You saw the smirk on his face. He removed his hand from your mouth. Your heart started racing and you were trying to think of a way out of this situation. You were terrified but being so close to the handsome god did turn you on a little. You felt Loki’s breath against your ear, and he whispered: ‘Why would you want to get out of this situation when I can help you with both of your problems?’ You just stared at him, your mind had gone blank and you did not know what to say.

The thought hit you. He had been reading your mind this entire time and knew all about your fears. Worse, also all your inappropriate thoughts about him. ‘How long have you been reading my mind?’ You almost did not recognize your own voice, it sounded weak. ‘From the moment we met, and you decided it was best to avoid me’. You tried to push him off so you could run to your room and lock the door, but he had you pinned down hard. Then you heard him chuckle: ‘Such a scared girl. Don’t you want to know how I can help you, little one?’ With no way out you decided it was better to ask. ‘How?’ He crashed his lips against yours and you froze again, you did not expect him to kiss you. When you felt his tongue wanting to enter your mouth you let him. You felt him press his body closer to yours and a moan escaped from your mouth. This spurred him on as he began to kiss you more dominantly. He left your lips and kissed your neck and occasionally biting hard enough to leave a mark.

Your head was racing, and you began to breath faster. You could not hold back some of the moans and heard Loki chuckle at the sounds you made because of him. He then let go of your hands and lifted you up, so your legs were around his waist and his hands were supporting your butt. This time desire won, and you started to kiss him back while he was carrying you to his room. He closed the door behind him and threw you on his bed. You gasped as Loki ripped your shirt, unclipped your bra and took one of your already hardened nipples in his mouth. His tongue felt like nothing you ever felt before. You felt yourself grow wetter. Loki began to move down slowly, while his tongue traced your body and left goosebumps. He pulled down your pyjama bottoms and hummed in approval when he saw your thong. He undid that with his teeth, while his intense gaze never left your eyes. The eye contact alone could have had you cum right then and there.

He started to kiss your inner thighs as moans escaped your mouth. You felt his breath against your pussy. He did not do a thing and it was driving you crazy. You saw the smirk on his face, he had you where he wanted. ‘Still scared or are you going to let me help you with both your fears and desire?’ You then realized that this was Loki. The guy who could kill you with a snap of his finger. Your mind went blank. You could not quite remember how you got here. When you did not answer you felt his tongue slide against your fold, and you whimpered. ‘Answer me!’ he growled. The tone in his voice was so dominant it sends a strange sensation right to your core. ‘P- please Loki’ was all you could manage to say. He then circled his tongue around your clit. ‘Mm.. so scared, yet so wet for me and I’ve barely touched you’ he chuckled. You felt a finger slide inside hitting just the right spot. You arched your back while Loki’s tongue kept circling your clit. He was relentless in his attack and added another finger. He was pumping in and out of you faster and you felt your orgasm building up. ‘You want to cum, don’t you?’ All you could say was ‘Yes, Loki, oh my god yes!’. There was nothing you wanted more right now. But right before you could he stopped and pulled his fingers away. You whimpered at the empty feeling inside of you.

Stop your whimpering, I’m not done with you yet’ he said. He stood next to the bed and you sat up. You looked at him, confused why he would stop. Just before you could ask him that he spoke. ‘You’re not just scared of me, you’re also scared to go on missions and fear that if the rest find out, they will kick you off the team’. You wanted to deny it, but he was the god of lies and reading your mind for the past month. All you did was nod. He grinned ‘Good, I will make you a deal’. He stroked your hair, shimmered his clothes away so he was standing naked before you. You were waiting for him to speak again while gazing at his body. But he did not say anything. He grabbed your hair and forced your head to be in front of his cock. ‘But first be a good girl for me and suck it’. You immediately obeyed and took his cock as far in your mouth as you could. You began to bop your head up and down, slowly. You heard Loki beginning to moan. Feeling a little bolder you decided to go a little faster and tease him by sliding your tongue over his tip. He growled and pushed his cock so far down your throat you almost chocked. ‘You like that, don’t you? You like the feeling of my cock against the back of your throat. And you take it so well’. All you could do is moan while you pussy was aching to be filled by him.

He pushed you back on the bed. ‘Spread your legs’. His voice was so low that it was almost animalistic. He crawled on top of you and without warning pushed his cock inside of you. ‘Hmm.. so tight’ he hummed. He did not give you much time to adjust to his length. As he started pumping almost immediately. The sensation of being filled up by Loki was incredible. He truly was a god you thought. He moved his head closer to yours and whispered ‘Now the deal.. I can protect you on missions. Even if I am not on them, if you are ever in danger, I will teleport to you and kill everyone around you so fast, you would miss it if you blinked your eyes’ he grunted. He was pumping in and out of you faster and faster. You felt your orgasm build while you were trying to concentrate on what he said. ‘W- what do y-you want in return?’ your voice trembled. ‘In return you will give yourself to me whenever I please, to do whatever I want with you. Like let me let me fuck you until I am satisfied, and by your reaction this night I can guarantee that you will like it’. He started pumping faster hitting all the right spots. Your mind was racing, and you could not think straight. ‘Now if you will accept, I will let you cum, little one, so do we have a deal?’. Your need to cum was so high you answered immediately ‘Yes, yes Loki I’ll accept’. He put his thumb on your clit drawing circles which send you over the edge. Your orgasm hit you and your legs begin to shake. With a few more pumps you heard Loki growl and felt him cum inside of you.

He laid on top of you for a moment, before pulling out. You moaned at the feeling and heard him chuckle. He grabbed a towel and cleaned himself and you. You sat on his bed, watching him put on his underwear, thinking how you should act now. You did not fear him as much as you did earlier but did not want to anger him either. He must have read your mind again, because right when you decided to grab what was left of your clothes and leave, he shimmered your underwear and one of his shirts and gave them to you. He went to lay in his bed and once you were dressed, he pulled you in a tight embrace. ‘Now get some sleep little one, you’re mine now and I’ll protect what’s mine’. You strangely felt safe in his arms and cuddled him more closely while he kissed the top of your head. Sleep came easily that night.

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𝙎𝙬𝙚𝙚𝙩 𝘿𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙢𝙨


𝙥𝙖𝙞𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜 : loki x reader

𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 : smut, sex toys, masturbation, daddy kink

word count : 1,056

Licking her lips impatiently, you closed your eyes, arching your back with a quiet sigh.

“Spread your legs for me, now. I won’t ask twice.”

That deep, imperious voice made you quiver with arousal. You blindly obeyed the command, shuddering.

“Look how wet you are, you naughty girl. So wet and so eager.”

A rough contact, teeth clenching on the sensitive neck — and only a second later, a pair of strong hands gripped your thin waist, suppressing your attempt to escape. He held you tightly against his own body, leaning over to observe the helpless look on the your face.

“I bet this will make you cum in no time.”

His hard shaft pushed inside of you, filling up the warm tightness. You bit down on your lower lip, and as those images went through your mind, continued to fuck yourself with the silicone toy.

“You like that?”

The illusion was too good to be true, yet his voice echoed clearly in your head, it’s soft and demanding tone reminding you of all those times he made you submit unconditionally.

“Yes, oh, p-please.. I need this so badly. Please!..”

Your own voice was growing weaker. With a delightful shiver, you gripped the toy at its base, preventing it from slipping out of your shaky hand.

“Mhh, daddy… It feels so good!”

A desperate moan escaped your lips as you shoved the toy deeper inside, bucking your hips. That feeling was so familiar that you could practically imagine him pounding into you relentlessly, with his hands keeping a tight hold on your hips.

“Ah.. d-daddy, please.”

The warm tingling spread progressively throughout your entire body, making you insides tighten in anticipation for the forthcoming relief. It did not take you long to dissolve in a fervent wave of pleasure that had suddenly covered you up completely, making you whimper in an utmost exaltation.


Your hips rose for the very last time, before fully relaxing. You fell onto the crumpled bedsheets, your heart beating like crazy.

A dark, husky chuckle from across the room caught your attention. Your eyes caught a figure, standing motionless in the corner, ghostly and sinister. Merged with the pitch darkness, it then started to move towards you.

Your first instinct was to scream, although your throat felt dry from all the moans of pleasure you were making just a few moments ago.

“My, my, that was quite a show.”

Your hand flinched, fingers holding onto the blanket for safety, as you realised who you were seeing.

“L-loki! but- why are you here?”


He sat down beside you with a dangerously delighted smirk creeping onto his face, eyes studying your naked body. You shivered under his sight, a wave of heat once again enshrouding you.

“I wasn’t.. It wasn’t meant for you to look at, Loki. I-“ you shuddered in surprise when Loki’s arms wrapped around your waist, pushing you down on the bed.

“So who was it meant for, little one? All those sweet little moans and pleading, that wetness between your legs… You clearly wanted me here with you.”

You felt his grip tighten, and with a sudden growl, Loki flipped you over on you stomach, pushing your hips towards his crotch. Your knees started to shake.

“I didn’t think y-you would hear me…”

“Oh, but I always hear you.”

His fingers glided across your slit, still dripping with your juices. You flushed and moaned, hiding your face in the pillows.

“I hear you, little one.” he repeated, pushing his fingers into you, as you arched your back, your sensitive body failing to fight against the arousal that once again came over you. “Every single time.” softly biting at your neck, he kept on fingering you, thrusting in harder with every word.

“Loki- Loki please!”

“Use the right words, dear. You seemed less ashamed screaming it out a few minutes ago.”

“Please.. d-daddy.. ah!”

Good girl.

Without warning, he tugged on your hips, pushing inside of you fully.


Your loud moan was silenced by your own palm which you deliberately pressed agains your lips, knowing perfectly that it would only make Loki pound into you relentlessly.

“Don’t you dare hold back, little one.“

Before you knew it, you were thrown onto your back, with Loki thrusting into you more vigorously than ever. His hands found your hips, fingernails lightly digging into the soft flesh. You squirmed underneath the god, panting and whining, your eyes focused on the blurry ceiling of your room.

“Tell me, little one, does this feel better than your toy?”

“Y-yes, oh! Yes it does!” you screamed, holding onto the sheets for support, unable to articulate your thoughts any further. His movements inside of you grew faster, as your muscles clenched tightly around Loki’s cock, making him groan.

“Fuck, d-daddy, I need to-“

You heard him chuckle under his breath, a hand grasping your throat; he slowed down and you whimpered, searching for relief.

“Wanting to cum already, darling? I’ve barely started.”

Sliding his palms across your inner thighs, he buried himself deeper and deeper, making it truly hard for you not to reach your orgasm. you knew you should’ve asked for it, he wouldn’t let you get what you want that easily. you begged, your voice now shaky, reaching out to him just to touch, but Loki only smirked at your pitiful attempts, grasping both of your wrists and pinning them above your head.

“You can’t touch me, little one. Not until I let you.”

“Daddy!” you whined in disappointment.

You couldn’t take it any longer, Loki’s movements becoming a sweet yet unbearable torture. Just when you felt like your body was reaching its limits, he let go of your wrists, his free hand finding your throat.

“Cum. Cum now, it’s an order.“

You gasped for air, starting, and a second later came loudly as he choked you, continuing to pound into your tight slit, until finally spilling his hot seed inside of you.

“Such a good girl. Always so desperate yet obedient. You enjoyed this, didn’t you?”

With a quiet groan, Loki slid out of you, leaving behind a feeling of sudden emptiness.

“Yes… t-thank you, daddy.”

“My pleasure, darling. Now rest.” he pressed his lips against your forehead, giving you a rewarding kiss. “You will need your energy for some more fun tomorrow.”

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Originally posted by marveladdicts

Warnings! NSFW Content!! Unprotected sex, Rather rough acts, and as always swearing.

Word Count: 2300+

The team was going on a small mission, it should last maybe a week or so. I was left to babysit Loki around the tower. We all knew he was far gone from needing world domination but we thought better be safe than sorry. 

“ Alright Y/n, Loki we’ll be back this should be an easy one and uh no sex on the counter please they’re new.” Tony gestured towards the kitchen and then left with the others behind him a few chuckling and others shaking their heads. You too shook your head at Tony’s inappropriate humor. You turned to look at Loki who didn’t seem to be as amused by this. 

“ What? Is the god of mischief grumpy today?” You teased as you walked towards the god that towered over you. You have never felt so small near another person, that was one of the qualities you found enduring about him. How small and weak you felt around him. It was like nothing you had ever felt before, just looking into his deep focused eyes made you shiver. 

“ Aren’t I always grumpy?” He looked down at you and smirked. Yet another quality you loved, his devilish smirk and sarcasm drew you in like honey. Not to mention his deep smooth voice, it reminded you of thick melted chocolate. You had sometimes fantasized about Loki, what he was like behind closed doors. What it would be like to have him on top of you.

“ Well not around me at least.” You smiled and crossed your arms. 

“ That’s because I find you rather enjoyable my dear.” He smiled and leaned down towards your face. He was never this confident in a romantic sense. It could mean something else but his eyes say otherwise. Your skin began to feel warm and you backed up.

“ You’re quite enjoyable yourself Loki, you’re quite enduring actually.” You spoke as you tried to stand up straight and regain composure. His smile still stayed on his face, dear god how it melted your insides. “ A-are you hungry at all I could order us food or something?” 

“ I am craving something Y/n, but it’s for something else. Something much more soft and pliant.” He said darkly, his voice now deep and hungry. You would have been on your knees by now if you had any weaker of a will. He knew what was doing too, how did he know about your feelings. Surely you hadn’t been obvious or upfront about it to him and yet he knew he must have known. What were you supposed to say now? Nothing you say nothing pretend he didn’t say that. 

“ Too bad I’m not pliant otherwise you could eat me right up!” You said laughing nervously. What an idiot. He leaned closer to you again, your noses nearly touching now.

“ Anyone is obedient with the right amount of reward, my love.” This had broken you. You were now puddled in his hands. 

“ Ah well y’know I should go to my room and clean or train or something like that yeahh.” You laughed then quickly dashed to your room and closed the door behind you. Your chest was rising up and down like crazy as your heart raced from the God. His words weren’t short from perfect. The way his voice got darker with each sentence, the words flowed out so softly. You sighed loudly and tried to catch your breath from what happened. 

~Time skip~

You were now in your comfortable clothes, shorts and a large t-shirt. You opened and closed your door slowly to not wake Loki in case he was sleeping and you quickly walked to the kitchen to grab yourself some water. Of course Steve put the glasses on the higher shelves like a dumbass. You tried to reach up to grab a glass to no avail. You tried once more standing on your toes to reach it when the glass was grabbed by a much larger hand. Loki. You turned around and smiled looking up at him. His outfit was similar to yours; he had come a little more accustomed to the earth clothing. A loose fitting t-shirt and pajama pants that were green flannel. 

“ I’m sorry if I woke you Loki.” You let out finally after sitting there for a bit after staring at him. 

“ It’s quite alright you didn’t, it should be me who should apologise. I was quite forward earlier. I assure you I’m not usually like that.” He admitted. You had never seen Loki so vulnerable, you smiled and let out a soft sigh. 

“ I will admit it was very out there but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like it. I hid in my room because of how flustered I became. “ You smiled and looked down at your feet shyly. 

“ Ah. So you mean it’s alright if I do this..” He said softly as he slipped a finger under your chin and lifted your head up to look at him and kissed you quickly. His thin lips mashed with yours perfectly. You were shocked at first by the kiss but you quickly got with the rhythm and wrapped your arms around his neck. His tongue now slipped into your mouth, your tongue swirled around his. His hand now grabbed a clump of your hair gripping it tightly causing you to moan into his mouth. This must have flipped a switch within Loki his movements became quick and rough. He picked you up with his hands firmly on your ass and your legs wrapped tightly around his waist. Loki carried you to the counter and dropped you onto it. 

His lips finally left yours but they weren’t leaving your skin. His lips were now leaving marks on your neck, hickeys and bite marks now left onto your soft flesh. Whimpers began to leave your lips as you gripped the counter’s edge. 

“ You have no idea how long I’ve been craving to taint your perfect mortal skin. How long I’ve wanted to ravish your lips and take over every part of you. “ He whispered into your ear. His hands now going up and down your thighs “ How unbearable it is to hear you moan night after night, hearing your body ache for my touch. No matter how much you deny your fantasies I know I’m the one you moan out to at night. “ Your mind was already so clouded with dirty thoughts you couldn’t possibly speak now. All that you could let out was gentle moans, your eyes flicked down to his now fully grown cock just aching to get out his restricting pants. How your body begged for his touch. Every part of you wanted to be kissed, touched, ravished, it was all everything you could ever dream of. Without thought Loki ripped your t-shirt open to reveal your unclothed breasts. 

“ Loki! That was a nice shirt!” You scolded him looking at the pieces of fabric now spread around you. 

“ Maybe you should have thought about that before you decided to bed with a God Darling.” He growled before thinking once again. “ Just for that little outburst. Kneel.” You looked at him and raised an eyebrow. “ Did you not hear me correctly? I said kneel. Before I fuck you sensely on this counter.” He stepped back allowing you room to climb down from the counter and get onto your knees. You teasingly pulled his pants down slowly to get him more riled up than he already was. His cock fling forward just begging to be touched. Precum already dripped from the tip, you slowly licked the tip letting the precum gather on your tongue before putting what you could of the massive dick into your mouth. You firmly grabbed the shaft and began to jerk as you bobbed your head back and forth on Loki’s cock. Loki’s deep moans slipped quickly.

“ Dear god I have craved nothing more than this, to feel my dick hitting the back of your throat. Your soft flushed lips pressed against my shaft. Pet you’re marvelous.” He barely spoke between moans. You were picking up speed sucking and slurping with each bob. Swirling your tongue around his sensitive tip. He twitched whenever you paid special attention to his head, you took note of this. Backing your head away from his shaft but still jerked ever so slightly with your small hand. Your thumb grazed over his tip and you watched him tilt his head back, his mouth opening slightly to let out a low groan. Everything about him felt like a dream. 

“ Now my dear, get back up here and spread those flushed legs of yours.” You obeyed without hesitation. Just the thought of his touch made you want to obey his every order. He had you under his erotic spell, it worked like nothing you’ve ever felt before. Your thoughts were dragged back to his slender toned stomach from him quickly taking off his shirt, tosing it away like trash. You took a second to admire his cool pale body, how it seemed to glow in the moonlight that shed through the windows. He now knelt in front of your sex he pressed a finger to his closed mouth to shush you then ripped open the shorts. You rolled your eyes at him and waited for his touch. He stood back up still taller than you even while you sat on the counter. You both kept strong eye contact while he caressed your left breast tugging at the already hard nipple. You tried to conceal your moans from him to tease him more. How he did not like that.

“ What’s the matter darling?” You teased through your teeth. 

“ Your moans are music to my ears, and I know once you’re pushed to your edge you’re a screaming creature. Jolting and thrashing around, your legs shaking from the pure pleasure coursing through your body. Relax and give in my dear. “ His voice is deep and hungry. He knew everything about you, it was insane. “ Look at you dripping with wetness.” He laughed and lowered his hand to your wet pussy. It begged for his touch, his middle finger just barely pressed on your swollen clit and you already were arching your back. He started making small circles around it causing your muscles to tighten. Just as you were adjusting to his touch he quickly slipped a long finger into your wet quim. You screamed out from his sudden movement as his finger slid in and out of you. It had only been seconds but you were already drawing closer to your climax. You began moving your hips along with his finger movements, your moans were becoming louder and more spastic you closed your eyes and let out another yelp. When suddenly it stopped. 

“ Wha-what why did you stop?” You whined while trying to catch your breath. He smiled before licking his lips. If you were any more eager you would have grabbed his hand and fucked yourself with it. 

“ Oh lover you’re so eager, if I had gone any longer you would have crumbled in my hands. And now we can’t have that.” He spoke while alining his still fully erect dick with your entrance. “ Now don’t fret I have something much better than my fingers.” You both groaned out as he slid into your pussy with ease you were so tight. It gripped around him and you quickly cling yourself around him. “ Heavens I can barely hold myself back from spilling my seed deep inside your womb.” After he spoke he shoved himself fully into you, every inch hitting every sensitive spot within your pussy. You screamed out as he hit the deepest part within. Digging your nails into his back surely leaves marks behind. He began to thrust slowly so you could adjust to him. Each thrust in made you moan out his name. The moans seemed to do a number on him since he quickly picked up speed. Your skin slapped against each other barely audible from the sounds of both of you moaning out to each other. The way his cock fit perfectly within your pussy it was as though you were meant for one another. Your legs began to quiver as your release grew near, building and building with each thrust. 

“ Loki I- I’m gonna cum.” You moaned out your back arching and your hips rocking uncontrollably. His thrusts were becoming more sloppy, he was getting close too. Before you knew it your orgasm had hit and you loved it, your pussy squeezed around his cock milking it while you ride out your orgasm. You screamed and moaned out for Loki, your legs shaking like electricity running through you. After you finished Loki came right after thrusting deeply into you hitting your cervix with a slam. You felt his warm cum fill you up while he moaned into your ear. He pulled out soon after and you both were catching your breath and amazed with each other. His cum now dripping out of your hole.

“ Oh dear let me get you cleaned up.” He softly smiled before walking over and getting a towel then going back to your restless body and cleaning you up. You felt such a high euphoria from him it was intoxicating. He kissed you softly then quickly disregarded the towel. 

“ I love you. “ You admitted with a smile. Your naked chest still heaving from everything. Then you realized what you said and quickly became flushed. “ I’m sorry.” 

“ My dear it is quite alright, I’m quite infatuated with you as well. Shall I carry you to your bedroom?” He offered whilst pulling up his pants and handing you his shirt to cover yourself with. You nodded while you shyly took the shirt from him and put it on with ease. He scooped you up in his arms and carried you away. Just before he reached your door you stopped him.

“ Wait! Can I stay in your room?” You asked while trying not to giggle. He laughed softly then kissed your forehead carrying you to his room. To now have some well deserved after care.

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Summary: Told in second person but narrated by Loki, you are the Midgardian diplomat for Asgard. Loki never liked you, and takes the time to convince both you and himself of that - even as he visits your chambers every night.

Based on the oneshot “Anger Management.” Updates every other Tuesday. Send and ask to be tagged!

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some princes don’t become kings

Loki doesn’t even need to knock on your door. You open it before he raises his hand, like you had been waiting for him. That’s what Loki would have thought, if he didn’t see the annoyed look splayed across your features. 

You look small, mortal. Back on Midgard, it isn’t so obvious, but on Asgard, the contrast between you and the gods is like night and day. You’re inconsequential, with your oversize shirt that barely covers your ass, your messy hair pulled out of your face, the deep circles under your eyes. 

You look terrible. But that doesn’t make Loki leave.

He doesn’t wait to be invited in, he just pushes through the door. Almost immediately he turns back to face you: Loki hated your room. As the Midgardian diplomat, you didn’t get to go home much. Your solution was to bring your home to Asgard - or at least your corner of it. Your room was presumably set up like it would be on Earth, with a desk and strewn papers. There are tokens of your childhood, stuffed animals and old diaries almost everywhere. Loki tries not to look at them. They humanize you in his eyes, and he doesn’t want to do that. 

Loki pushes you against the door you’ve barely just managed to close, his fingers gripping at your hips and teeth scraping over your neck. He growls. At least Midgard did one thing right, he thinks as he kneads your ass. The thong you’re wearing makes it easier for him to get your arousal obvious, your body to tremble. Less work- although with you, Loki never truly had to exert himself. 

“Loki-” Loki nips at your bottom lip, hoping you’ll take the hint that he doesn’t want to talk tonight. He never does, but especially not now. He kisses your jaw, smirking when it draws a gasp out of you. He lets his lips drift down the neckline of your shirt, which is much too high for his liking. It makes him let out a breath of annoyance. He lifts you up, and before you can even think to wrap your legs around his waist, Loki tosses you across the room and onto your bed.

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Loki:  You amuse me I will make you mine


Y/N: You mean like a girlfriend or slave?

Loki: yes….

(I feel like this is something Loki would say)

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Safety Net

I’m doing one shots inspired by some of my favorite songs. Feel free to comment or message me a song that you would want me to write into a one shot.


Originally posted by one-wandering-spirit

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings: cursing, slight angst, fluff

𝐒𝐨𝐧𝐠: 𝐬𝐚𝐟𝐞𝐭𝐲 𝐧𝐞𝐭- 𝐀𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐧𝐚 𝐆𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐞 𝐟𝐭. 𝐓𝐲 𝐃𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐚 $𝐢𝐠𝐧


𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: After getting used and getting your heart broken, you became very anxious when it comes to relationships and opening up. What happens when a certain God comes into your life.

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

You know you really something

How’d we get here so damn fast?

Only you can tell me that

Baby, ‘cause you know I’m coming back

Two years. It took two years for me to start over again. Two years it took for me to build up the walls that were broken down. Two years to pick up the remaining pieces of my heart. Two years it took for me to genuinely laugh and smile again. Two years for me to finally stop crying. At a young age, we are told stories of princesses and princes getting their ‘happily ever after’. Then you soon realize that those stories get your hopes up that someday you’ll get to meet that perfect someone that would sweep you off your feet. They are wrong.

They say that you’ll need time and patience. That time will come and that right person would soon come.

That’s exactly what I did two years ago. I waited and waited…

Then one faithful day upon visiting S.H.E.I.L.D. for a meeting I was introduced to a new intern. He comes in and manages to worm his way into my life. I was happy, then a year into the relationship I found out I was nothing more than an object he uses for his own pleasure.

That’s when my life turned upside down.

I felt broken, betrayed, angry, and scared. It’s hilarious how one of the most feared Avenger was now scared and vulnerable. I felt pathetic for feeling scared. Scared of the feeling I felt. Scared of the feeling of being used— of being cheated on… at that point, I promised myself to never let my emotions get the best of me.

I use to wear my heart on my sleeves. These days I don’t even know if I still have a heart. After the betrayal and after getting my heart broken, I felt numb. I lost that magical spark. I lost the warm feeling, the butterflies…

It scared me again.

It’s funny how the pain that comes with heartache and love scared me, yet I similarly feel scared that I may not ever feel the feeling of falling in love again.

Well, up until I met him.

“Everyone, my brother would now be staying here at the compound to serve as an Avenger. It’s his punishment ordered by Odin after what he did at New York” Thor announced as he pats his brother’s back with a big grin plastered on his face.

The whole team gathered early in the morning when we were informed that Thor had important news to give the group. We were in one of the living rooms facing two Gods. One who in Tony’s words “a big idiot for allowing this to happen”, and the other was his adopted brother who tried to take over the world a couple of years ago.


They started to protest and argue with the blonde God as I continued to stare outside the huge windows wanting nothing more than for this meeting to be over so I could snuggle back in the comfort of my bed. I looked towards the raven-haired God, Loki. He was already staring at me which shocked me. He was wearing a muzzle on his mouth and had his hands cuffed behind him.

“He killed 80 people remember, tried to take over the world a few years ago, does that ring a bell? How are you so sure that he won’t kill all of us in our sleep? Huh, point break?” Tony continued to argue with the God who looks like his decision has been made.

“He won’t. I’ll make sure of it and for the record Stark he was mind-controlled as well, we talked about this. Fury agreed to this as well” Thor said firmly as he looked towards his brother who was rolling his eyes making me bite down on my lip to stop me from laughing. This goes unnoticed by the rest of the team except for the God of Mischief himself. What was also unnoticed was the smile that formed on his face under the muzzle.

He was interested in her.

She was the only one who didn’t look at him like he was a piece of trash. She was the only one who did not argue against Thor. She was the only one who had this warm look in her eyes when she looked at him. Even his brother Thor looked like he wanted out of this plan, he knew his brother just wanted to make Odin proud.

“If Fury agreed, I guess we have no problem with this. Can we go now?” I chimed in causing all of them to stop and look towards me.

“Do you really agree with this plan Y/N?” Steve asks now facing me. All of them now waiting for my reply. I simply shrugged. “It could help the team to have him and if Fury thinks it’s alright to have him around then why can’t we?” I argued.

“Y/N you know how Fury can be at times, he sometimes makes stupid decisions” Tony argued softly at me. The whole team knew what happened two years ago with my failed relationship, and ever since then, they have been treating me like I was glass that would break anytime.

“We might regret this in the end, Y/N” Bruce replied looking at Loki wearily.

“We might regret this if we won’t let him join.” I rephrase his statement looking at him then Loki. He had a surprised look on his face. Shocked that I was defending him. “You guys can’t deny that he would be a good asset to have on the team” I continued now turning my body to look at Steve.

“He’s dangerous, he killed innocent people Y/N” Natasha moved forward she spoke with her eyes, pleading for me to think this through.

“So have we.”

Immediately their heads dropped. All now looking down their feet. They knew I was right. It was sad how they immediately judged him. Ever since that mission a few years ago in New York, I knew something was wrong with Loki. It was not wanting to take over the world, it was neglect.

He wanted to feel loved.

I knew that cause I knew how it felt. I saw the similarity in his eyes. He had the same look I had when I first found out I was used. He wanted someone to understand.

He wanted someone.

“I’m sorry Nat, but everyone in this room has blood in their hands— everyone.” I continued.

The silence in the room was deafening. The tension disappeared, it was only the truth and their past looming around their heads.

“…and if we get to have a second chance, why can’t he?” I looked towards Thor who was now looking at me in awe. Proud that I was defending his brother.

“And if it makes any of you feel better, I’ll help Thor watch over him” I proposed.

With that, they sighed and nodded in defeat knowing very well that I was right.

Later that night I was tasked to show Loki around the compound. He was quietly listening to me throughout the whole tour. His hands crossed golden cuffs present on both of his wrists. Tony made these cuffs that limit powers. He instructed me to give them to Loki and make sure he uses them in the meantime. He wanted to make sure that he won’t do anything behind our backs.

Loki didn’t really mind.

We were reaching the end of the tour and now we are headed to the third floor where Loki’s room is located.

“This is where you’ll be staying,” I said as we stopped in front of the door of the room. “Your room is located in between mine and Thor’s. So if you need anything just ask” I opened the door and showed him the big space that he’ll be staying in. He walked in and looked around the place without uttering a single word. “You can decorate it if you’d like. You’re free to do whatever with it, F.R.I.D.A.Y. can help you with things as well just ask her” I instructed as he sits at the edge of the bed.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y.?” he asked looking up to me confused.

“Yup F.R.I.D.A.Y. She’s Artificial Intelligence. Tony created her, you can ask her anything you want” I smiled at him. He still looked confused as to what I was talking about which was understandable considering he is not from here.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y can you turn the television on, please?” I requested. In an instant, a female voice was heard throughout the entirety of the room. “Yes, Ms. Y/N” with that the TV turns on.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y. Loki would be staying with us and is a new member of the group. Please give him his needed assistance” I instructed now looking at shocked Loki who was looking around him as if he was seeing ghosts. Giggling he stops and turns to me “wha-”

“Standby for retinal and biometric scan” a blue light filled and scanned the room. “Retinal and biometric scan complete— Hi Mr. Loki” she introduced herself.

I moved away from the bed and decided to leave him and give him privacy. As I reached for the door his voice cuts through the room.

“Why’d you do it?”

“Do what?” turning towards him as I let go of the doorknob.

“Why did you defend me from your friends. They are right you know, I almost destroyed your home” he retorts his eyes glancing at my face scanning if I was intimidated by him in any way. Which I wasn’t.

Sighing I looked back at him giving him a short sad smile. “Because they are being unfair, and because I know how it feels… to be treated poorly” with that I moved out of his room and opened the door next to it showing me my room.

What I didn’t know was that the walls I carefully built and put up were slowly falling.

You’re making me forget my past

Never thought I’d feel like that again

I came to peace with my path

Now you got me off track

A few months have passed since the news of Loki joining the team. Everyone was starting to warm up to the God while Loki was starting to understand and appreciate things here on Earth or from what they call ‘Midgard’. By the first month of Loki staying with us, Tony realized that he wasn’t going to do anything so he removed the cuffs off Loki’s wrist but warned him that if he did do anything he’s dying in an instant.

I was still tasked to watch Loki, not that I mind. Though throughout these months we started to get to know each other even more. We started to get closer and closer making me more comfortable with him.

We spend most of our time at the library reading. I would show him my favorite books while he would tell me his. We would also talk and get to know each other even more.

We were at the library comfortable silence surrounded us. Just us enjoying each other’s company.

I was halfway through my book completely invested in the story when I felt eyes burning on my skin. Knowing very well that Loki was staring at me I decided to ignore it, he was probably just zoning out.

A minute later I looked up to see Loki still looking at me as he leaned back at his chair, arms crossed on his chest and the book he was reading was now closed. Sighing I marked the page I left off “you know staring at people without them knowing is creepy” I said now looking back at him.

He propped his elbows on the table his hands now supporting his face as he leans into them gawking at me “oh, you didn’t know I was staring at you?” he said with a smirk.

My heart started to beat really fast which startled me. It was like the first time feeling my heart again. I froze on my seat still looking at him with my eyebrows now furrowed. A weird sensation in my stomach started to fill me up.

“You look gorgeous when you blush angel”

There it is. A heart attack. I felt like I was having a stroke. Was I dying?

“Stop doing that” averting my eyes to the book in front of me. I started to read again but the words were not making sense for me for some reason.

“Doing what angel?” he asks

“That” I slammed my book shut my face feeling hot to the touch.

He stood up and moved to the chair right next to me, he leaned his face close to mine examining my face carefully.

“Why do you keep pushing me away?”

No. I can’t. I can’t be feeling this away again. This won’t help me in any way. It’s all happening again, it’s happening very fast. Fear spread across my body. I start to shake my head unknowingly “no. This is not supposed to happen. I can't” I grabbed my book and started to walk out of the library before I could even reach the door Loki was already in front of me.

“Do what? What’s not supposed to happen?” he continues to push as he grabs both my arms. “This. Whatever this is. It can’t, I was doing so well without you. You can’t come in and ruin that” I replied now shaking tears treating to spill out of my eyes.

Memories start to replay in my head making me breathe heavily.

“Make me understand.” he slowly walks me to the table we were at earlier.

“Read my mind” I simply answered him looking at him pleadingly. For some reason I trusted him. I trusted him to see what happened. I trust him.

He looks at me asking for confirmation which I nodded in reply. He grabs me and carefully sat me on his lap, his hands wrapped around my waist as my hands automatically wrap around his neck. “I’ll be careful— I promise” he slowly pressed a gentle kiss on my forehead resulting in me closing my eyes. A cold hand pressed on my forehead and the next thing I know was memories came flooding in.

“What do you mean Nate?” I begged as I continued to grab onto him crying my eyes out.

“Wasn’t it clear enough for you? Do you want me to tear your little heart out again? Okay, I said I have been cheating on you this entire time. I don’t love you in the slightest bit and I used your power in S.H.E.I.L.D. to get me the promotion and position of my dreams. Oh, and I used you for sex.” he chuckles as he packs his belongings. He found out he was promoted and just like that he was leaving me.

He got what he wanted.

As he packs he continues to call me names and tell me how pathetic I was. “You were so desperate for love, it made you oblivious” He walks up to me as he looks at my crying and shaking form.

“Who would love a freak like you?” Then he left as I felt on the floor shaking and vulnerable. Broken and numb. Freak. Freak. Freak.

Tears continued to fall, as I opened my eyes Loki gazes at me with a sad look on his face. “I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have done that” he caresses my face and wipes my tears away. “No, it’s fine. You deserve to know” I buried my head on the nook of his neck as I continued to cry. Loki tightens his grip on my waist and gently caresses my hair. “I’m scared” I voiced out for the first time.

“I’m scared of getting myself hurt again Lokes” he smiles at me and kisses my forehead, then my nose, then he started to kiss the tears away. The butterflies woke up from their slumber and started their flight once again.

“You don’t have to be with me if you don’t want to. I have never felt this way, and I know it’s real. But if it makes you feel uncomfortable then I’ll back away. We’ll stick to being friends okay? I’ll stop.” he answers as he continues to rock me back and forth whispering sweet nothings onto my ears.

“That’s the problem, I’m scared because I don’t want you to stop.”

I’ve never been this scared before

Feelings I just can’t ignore

Don’t know if I should fight or fly

But I don’t mind

Tripping, falling with no safety net

Boy, it must be something that you said

Is it real this time or is it in my head?

With that said. We tried. He told me we didn’t have to but I insisted. I was scared yes, but I couldn’t let my past control me no matter how frightening it was.

It has been weeks since Loki has started to court me. The team did not mind, they were actually happy that I was finally moving on, they were also not surprised that Loki was the one courting me.

Loki had been nothing but a gentleman. He was showing me his magic and at the same time teaching me how to control mine.

On our first date, he made an illusion on my room to make it look like Asgard. He told me stories he and Thor had ventured upon when they were children. He also showed me the enormous library they had.

“When we can, I’ll take you there and you can read all the books you want.”

Since Tony wouldn’t let Loki out of the compound until the next month, most of our date was inside the compound. On the following dates, Loki told me he wanted to learn more about Midgardian things and cultures. So we spent the time in my room, I taught him about the internet and it was the most entertaining thing ever.

“This is preposterous. I did not give birth to an eight-legged horse”

Loki made me comfortable with my past and with my own skin. He made sure I was treated well and made sure to remind me that I was more than enough and that I was not a freak.

We had moments where we would just cuddle up to each other and talk. Sometimes we would watch movies, but we mostly talk over that as well.

We were watching Despicable Me late at night. The lights were dimmed and I was nuzzled on top of his chest as his hands were wrapped tightly onto my torso afraid I’ll disappear.

Loki had his eyes on me the entire movie his gentle fingers caressing my face and playing with my hair from time to time. “You’re so beautiful” he whispered under his breath. His breath was taken by the sight of you. He never gets tired of the sight of you. When he first saw you he knew you were different, he fell that fast.

He was furious when he found out what your ex did to you. Your crying figure replays in his head you were so fragile and broken it physically hurt him.

He made sure you were treated with respect.

He treated you like a princess and he promised himself he’ll make you one someday.

Every day he’ll tell you how beautiful you are. He’ll never get tired of saying that. Never.

“Stop saying that” I answered looking up at him.

He carefully uses his finger to guide your chin upwards. He wanted to see your eyes clearly.

“I’ll never stop saying that you’re absolutely gorgeous inside and out.” caressing your left cheek making you lean into the touch closing your eyes.

He leans in and slowly his soft lips touch yours. All I heard were ringing in my ears. I felt like I was floating. His kiss was gentle and passionate at the same time. As he leans back he looks at me in the eyes and whispers “so beautiful princess”

Loki, the God of Mischief broke down the walls I carefully built. He had awoken the butterflies in my stomach. He helped me pick up the remaining pieces of my heart and carefully built it like a puzzle. He willingly gave me his heart for me to keep. He made me feel loved. He filled my heart with happiness that it hurt in a good way. He protects me and respects me as a human being. He loved me with all his heart. He is the one who stole my heart. He was the one waiting under the tall cliff that I fell off on.

He was my safety net who caught me when I fell…

“I love you.”

Got me tripping, falling with no safety net

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

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pairing: loki odinson x fem reader (y/n)

summary: loki, upon finding out that you are marrying a different man, bitterly tricks you into marrying him. 

word count: 1770

warnings: canon fuckery, angst, forced marriage, asshole loki 

a/n: this is the prologue! stay tuned for part one! add yourself to my taglist!

tags: @avengerlex​, @simsiddy


Originally posted by fluturojdallandyshia

I knew that the prince was nearby by the feel of the air alone. Even if Loki didn’t carry heady mischief wherever he went, every Asgardian turned quiet and respectful around him. They didn’t do that with the older prince, the heir to the throne, but Thor was a different man; less brash and playful and… Mischevious.

“My, oh, my,” the young prince chuckled behind me, and I turned quickly to be greeted with his green eyes. “And why are we dressed nicely today?”

My cheeks burned. “I have an…” I began. “A thing.”

“A thing,” Loki repeated, clasping his hands behind his back. “Care to divulge what thing this is?”

“I do care, actually, "I admitted. "Because it doesn’t concern you.”

“Ouch,” Loki chuckled and he pressed a hand dramatically to his chest. “That hurts, Lady Y/N. Does the word ‘confidante’ mean anything to you?”

“It does,” I told him. The marketplace was bustling despite Loki’s presence, and several older women cast small smiles our way. Loki was just approaching the marrying age and had yet to lay claim to a proper suitor, and everyone could tell that the kingdom was getting restless. Thor had chosen a wife earlier in the year, a Midgardian magician named Jane, but the kingdom was obsessed with love. “But this truly has no place in your mind, Lo.”

“Give me a hint?” Loki asked. He stepped in front of me and walked backwards, his brilliant green eyes locked on mine. Just like me, he was dressed to the nines, his green cape flowing in the warm breeze and his boots clicking against the stone. I would even venture to say that his hair was washed. What a miracle for the young prince.

“Loki, please,” I sighed. I still smiled, but Loki had to have known how annoyed he was making me. “I don’t have to tell you everything. And I’m sure that there are secrets that you keep from me.”

“Never from you,” Loki said. “Does a thousand years of friendship mean nothing to you?”

“Loki,” I chuckled lightly. “Don’t press. You’ll find out soon enough.”

“Will I?” Loki smiled. “Is it a surprise for me? It’s not my birthday.”

That was one thing about Loki Odinson; once he got an idea, he never let it go. He would pester me until I gave up the ghost and told him what I was keeping from him, but my chest hurt when I thought about telling him. Loki was the marrying age, but so was I. I remembered when we were children that Loki always said that he wanted to marry me, but, in my mind, that was children playing. It wasn’t anything different than the sword fights with sticks we’d have in the courtyard. Children’s words during play did not a proposal make. However, the farm boy that came upon my father’s doorstep and asked for my hand could be classified as a proposal, and I took it. I knew Loki would be upset when he found out that I was to be married at sundown.

“Loki, please, darling,” I huffed. I shook my head and trained a small smile on my mouth, and I whispered, “Let it go. You’ll find out soon enough.”

“Right then,” Loki chuckled. “If I were to ask my brother or his wife, would they tell me?”

“They don’t know of this,” I told him. “So don’t bother. The only ones who know are me, my family, and… And Theoric.”

“Theoric?” Loki repeated. “Who in Hel is that?”

I chewed my bottom lip as Loki stopped walking, blocking my path. “Lo–” I began.

“Who is Theoric?” Loki pressed on. “Y/N?”

I swallowed thickly. “He is…” I began. “The man I am engaged to marry. The ceremony is in an hour.”

I saw a million emotions flit through Loki’s eyes in that instant. The playful smile dropped off of his pink lips, and he mumbled, “Y/N. You’re not serious, are you?”

“Deadly serious, Lo,” I told him. “I’m sorry I kept this from you, I only did so because I knew you’d be upset–”

“Upset!” Loki cried and pressed his palm to his forehead. “Upset! Y/N, this is more than upset! Grief, is what this is!”

“At what?” I asked. “Just because I’m married doesn’t mean that you’ll be seeing any less of me!”

Loki set his jaw tightly, and he reached into a pocket of his jacket and extracted a small glittering thing. It took me only a second to place it– a light golden ring with a green emerald. Loki’s colors on a ring. “Oh, no,” I whispered. His grief ran through my chest when the pieces fell together. He was dressed nicely in order to propose to me. I pressed my hands to my mouth and mumbled, “Loki. No, my darling–”

“Guess you can’t call me that anymore, can you?” Loki said with a venom. “Lest your husband see you pining for another man.”

“Loki, if I had known–”

“A thousand years, Y/N!” Loki thundered. “I have been in love with you for a thousand years, and you never saw it! If you had known– Ha! If you paid attention, you would have known years ago!”

“Please, don’t be cross with me,” I pleaded, reaching out for his hands. Every inch of his skin was always cold, but I never minded. “I… I have seen it. But I mistook it for-for something else, because how could you love me? How could the prince love me?”

“Do you love me?” Loki asked. His eyes were brimming with tears, but I could feel his anger radiating from his chest. His eyes locked on mine, and I couldn’t help but feel small. He had always been bigger than me– taller and stronger and perhaps even smarter– but he never used it against me. I couldn’t remember a time when Loki has ever truly been mad at me, and I hated every second that I was under his scrutinizing gaze.

I sniffled. “Lo, I do,” I assured him. “But… Differently than I do Theoric. I love you like–”

“Like a friend?” Loki sniffed highly. “A brother, maybe?”

“We were raised as siblings–”

I was raised that way,” Loki said. “You were raised to give me and my brother, my whole family, reverence without a second thought. Did you ever consider that I could offer back the same, even when I was told not to? Did it ever occur to you that you were the only brightness in my life? Years of being passed over, being told I’m less than everybody else, and you were the one to make me feel worthy. But that all means nothing to you, it seems.”

“That’s not fair and you know it,” I told him.

“I am a god, Y/N,” Loki told me. “The god of mischief, trickery, lies. Truthfulness and fairness are not in my nature.”

“Well, where were you, then?” I asked. “If you wanted so badly to marry me, why did you wait to ask?”

“I thought I’d have time,” Loki said. “But apparently the first man who asks–”

“Don’t,” I said. “Don’t you dare–”

“Oh,” Loki laughed ruefully. “But I do dare. Have fun with him. I know you will. But, by all of my power and the grace of the Allfather, you will regret this.” His lips were a frightening sneer, and he stormed off back from where he had come from. My chest hurt and my heart thrummed against my rib cage, but I didn’t try to go after him. Loki was incorrigible. He always had been. There was no way he would ever forgive me for keeping my engagement from him, and I felt tears welling up as I realized how quickly I had lost a brother. I had no true brothers, only sisters that had been married for several 100 years, and Thor and Loki were the closest thing to brothers I had. Loki had undoubtedly already written me off, and I knew that Thor was close behind.

I took a deep breath and adjusted my dress, and I continued onward.


The ceremony was small and quiet, only my mother and Theoric’s mother in attendance. Theoric was a nice man, a few years older than me, and there was a small part of me that was afraid of the marriage. I hardly knew him and I worried about our compatibility, but my mother soothed my worries patiently. She told me that the Allfather would not have given me Theoric if it were not meant to be. By that token, she said, our marriage was to be blessed by the gods. Perhaps not the god of mischief, though.

“And you, Y/N,” our priestess said. “You take Theoric to be your wedded husband?”

I took a deep breath and clutched Theoric’s hand tighter. “I do,” I said.

“And you, Theoric, take Y/N to be your wedded wife?”

My fiancé smiled at me, his eyes sparkling in the golden glow of the setting sun. His eyes were green. I hadn’t noticed it before but, upon second thought, I hadn’t not noticed it. A bolt of nervousness hit my stomach like lightening; if I couldn’t remember the color of his eyes, how was I to remember anything else? Anything more important? “I do,” he said.

“By my power and the Allfather,” the priestess said with a smile. “I pronounce you husband and wife.”

Just like that, all of my nerves faded away. My rings were on my finger and my husband was smiling at me. Theoric placed his soft hands on my waist and pulled me close in order to give me the deal-sealing kiss, but I stopped at the last moment. I could feel his hands. They were cold; even through the fabric of my dress, I could tell. Panic filled my chest and my limbs grew prickly, and I pushed him away by his chest. “How dare you!” I cried, and I felt my mother’s arms wrap around my middle. “How could you, you monster!”

“Y/N, please,” my mother said quickly, tugging me away. “What’s the matter?”

“You!” I started, my anger flaring in my neck and chest. Theoric, now my husband, gave me a smile, and his green eyes flashed a deeper green before a sparkling emerald mist surrounded us. “What have you done with him, you-you witch?”

“You see, darling,” the man opposite me said. “I told you that you’d regret this.” And Loki smiled at me.

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Pairing: Loki x OFC

Summary: When Loki goes to ask his father for permission to marry, he is shocked to discover his destiny has already been made for him.  He is already betrothed to Sjofn, the daughter of the King of Vanaheim.  An arranged marriage to bring the two kingdoms closer together and strengthen the bond.  Never mind that Sjofn and Loki can’t stand each other.  After The Battle of New York, Loki is sent to live at Avengers Tower as punishment for his misdeeds.  But it doesn’t mean he has to like it.   A year later, he has adjusted to life on Midgard but has avoided any romantic or emotional entanglements, still bitter over his lost love.  Dr. Alexis Randall is skilled at helping others fix their relationships as a couple therapist, but can’t help her own love life.  A chance encounter with Loki in a dive bar has life altering consequences for both of them.  Now, Alexis and Loki must figure out a way to co-habit without killing each other in the process, plus navigating impending parenthood and other roadblocks along the way.

This Chapter: Tony’s attempt at matchmaking goes awry.  Alexis meets the man that goes bump in the vents and makes some poor decisions.  

Warnings this chapter: mentions of unplanned pregnancy, cursing, mentions of sex, mentions of birth control, Loki is still kind of a dick, jealous Loki, jealous Alexis

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Alexis tugged at her dress. Even though she was still early in the pregnancy, her clothes were already fitting differently. She could see the beginnings of a bump in the mirror. Loki’s clothes fit him like a glove. Like a perfectly tailored, bespoke “look at me I am so fucking handsome” glove, Alexis groused to herself, tugging again at the neckline.

“Do you always fidget so much?” Loki questioned as they walked towards the entrance of the restaurant Tony made reservations at for them.

“No. None of my clothes aren’t fitting right. My bump is starting to show.”

“Have JARVIS order you some new ones.” Loki commented back. He held the door open for her. He didn’t think the dress was fitting Alexis poorly. Quite the contrary, as the low neckline highlighted her breasts in a manner Loki found rather stimulating. He particularly enjoyed the tiny stomach bump developing on her.

“Two, under the name Stark.” Loki wrapped his arm around Alexis’s waist as the bartender smiled at them from across the entrance. His grip tightened as a spark of jealousy hit him.

The maitre’d nodded and led them to a cozy table off to the side, and thankfully for Loki, out of the eyeline of the bar.

The server came by and asked for drink orders.

“Scotch neat.”

Alexis’s face dropped. “Just water, please.” A glass of wine sounded tempting right now.

The server nodded and moved away, but Loki grabbed his arm. “On second thought, water and Diet Coke for me.”

The server changed the order and stepped away. Alexis squirmed in her seat. “You didn’t need to do that on my account. I’m an adult and so are you. You can drink if you want.”

The server returned with the drinks and left to give them more time with the menus. Loki pushed the Diet Coke in front of Alexis. “A peace offering. If you can try, so can I.”

Alexis took a long draw of the soda and hummed. “Thank you, Loki.”

“My pleasure.” The server returned, ready to take their order.

“What would you recommend?” she asked.

“The tuna tartare is popular.” The server gestured to the menu. Loki coughed and raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t like anything raw.” Alexis lied. Sushi was one of her favorites. “Anything else?”

She settled on a seasonal risotto while Loki ordered a steak, medium rare. Once the server left, the two of them carried on a polite conversation until their bread service and entrees arrived. Alexis noticed as she ate, a blonde woman sneaking glances at their table.

“Loki, do you know her?”

He turned around to glance and shrugged his shoulders. “She looks vaguely familiar, but I can’t recall. I’ve met many people in my last year here.”

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