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#loki trailer
latent-thoughts5 months ago
Tumblr media
Are they taking a touristy pic of the Vesuvius eruption? While the pyroclastic flow comes up right behind Loki? 馃憖
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cainternn5 months ago
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loki trailer keeping us fed
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bifrostedgalaxy4 months ago
Come get y鈥檃ll juice
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julesjohansson2 months ago
Reader is crying uncontrollably and Loki manages to calm her down with little fireworks
A/N: I love this request!! TW for a panic attack/depression.
Fireworks - Loki Laufeyson x Reader
What was life, anyway?
Here you were, dating a God. You should've been happy, you knew. Perfectly content, at ease.
But something kept you from it. Every time you expected to feel happiness...
It just wouldn't come.
Your emotions and senses, as a result of your years of trauma, had been dulled.
And you were worried that Loki was beginning to figure that out.
"In a minute!" you call back, leaning against the bathroom door, trying to calm yourself down. Loki had enough going on, he didn't need your problems.
But then, quite by accident, you let out a sniffle that was so loud, he must have heard it.
"Darling... what was that?"
Well, speak of the devil.
"Oh, um... nothing..."
"I'm coming in," he stated, and you knew he'd already made up his mind to do it. You leaned away from the door, adjusting your clothes and trying to wipe your tears away.
"Oh, love," Loki murmured, coming in. "What's wrong?"
You opened your mouth with the intention of speaking, but it all came out in sobs-
Your mortality. Your fears, anxiety.
Everything you couldn't control.
"It's alright," he whispers, tangling his hands in your hair as you cling to him. "It's alright- I'm here... here, look-"
You manage to swallow, casting your gaze to his palm.
And, it's just...
Little fireworks spring up, dancing before your eyes. It's beautiful, good magic - the kind you rarely get to see Loki do.
It restores your faith in it all, somehow.
You nod, wiping your eyes on your sleeve. He eyes you for confirmation.
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hyzkoa9 months ago
Tumblr media
loki after his series when he comes back to the mcu (redraw of this meme)
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asgardian-angel3 months ago
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You hurted Loki!? Oh. Oh! Jail for Mobius! Jail for Mobius for One Thousand Years!!
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delyth883 months ago
Loki series promo clips, trailers, and interviews
I feel like we鈥檙e starting to drown (in a good way!) under the number of clips and pieces of promo for the Loki series.聽 So here鈥檚 another list of what we鈥檝e got so far. (Dates are based on upload date or my best guess given timezones.)
Big Game Spot Feb 2020 - our first glimpse aka 鈥淚鈥檓 gonna burn this place to the ground.鈥
Exclusive Clip Dec 2020
Official Trailer 6 April 2021
Doing Great 6 May 2021 (Loki uses magic to dry himself)
Tom Hiddleston announces release date change 6 May 2021
Go to the comments to find the most up to date list.
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heckinzeem9 months ago
Tumblr media
forgot to post this on my tumble
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julesjohanssona month ago
Loki usually deflects when asked personal questions by Thor (or anyone for that matter), but sometimes when he has drunk enough Asgardian wine he tries to let his brother know just how much he truly cares for him.
Asgardian Wine - Loki Laufeyson x Reader
Tumblr media
You should've known spending New Year's Eve with Thor and Jane was a bad idea.
Thor was always drunk on holidays, and Loki followed his example. Meanwhile, you and Jane would sit in the corner, watching your husbands make fools of themselves and shaking your heads.
Loki swayed, and out of fear that he'd fall off the balcony, you quickly got up and supported him.
"You alright?" you asked him worriedly, and he nodded.
"'M fine... Thor, I need to tell you somethin'-"
Thor slung his arm around Loki's small shoulders.
"Yes? What, brother?"
"You..." Loki jabbed him in the chest, his thin finger barely making an impact on Thor鈥檚 blue t-shirt. "You are the best brother. Really. I do mean it."
Thor began sobbing, and Jane looked at you.
"Let's call it a night."
"Good idea."
Loki Taglist (Open)
@k-reads7 @nebulousfishgills
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