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sheherlocked · 2 days ago
Loki: I like you
Sylvie: Could you excuse me for a sec?
Sylvie: *goes off*
Sylvie: *screams*
Sylvie: *comes back* cool cool awesome yeah cool
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marvelous-whovian · 2 days ago
Loki: If we were supposed to talk about our feelings, they would be called talkings
Mobius: Wise words coming from someone who was crying cus we were out of ice cream 2 minutes ago
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endorspeaches · a day ago
Loki Series: Pt. 1 - Insanity
Warning: mainly just fluff, some crying.
Pairing: Reader x Loki, x Thor
Summary: What is this you are feeling? Is it love? You couldn't possibly be in love with a God.
Listen with: The Night We Met -Lord Huron
Spotify playlist
A/N: Hey ya'll this is my first series so PLEASE let me know what you think <3 I hope you enjoy it!
Tumblr media
Working along Loki was complicated but nothing short of exciting. Sure Loki was someone who couldn't be trusted but traveling the galaxy with him was something you never thought would happen. All he is known for is causing mischief. All and any tasks were always done by loads of improvisation. It made things exciting, you never did feel alone or threatened at his side. He was a great partner. Right? Because being in love with a God would basically mean pleading insanity.
“Y/N, might I say you look ravishing this morning,” Loki says as he grabs an apple and tosses it to his other hand all while keeping his eyes on you.
“Loki shut up it's too early for you… wait did you say I look ravishing?” You put your hands down from rubbing your eyes just to be met with his stare.
“Would you rather I speak the truth?” He immediately jokes.
“Loki, I no longer have to keep you alive. Remember that,” you smirk as you pour yourself a coffee.
“I will take that as a no,” he wanted to say more but he refrained. He stood, bowed, and walked out of the room.
“What the heck?” You mutter to yourself as you walk down the hall to find Thor.
“Good Morning,” you raise your cup at Thor.
“Y/N, how did you sleep?” Thor asks looking at you strangely.
“Like a baby..."
You look up and narrow your eyes, "...What?”
You set your cup down.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” You say to Thor.
“I thought you were Loki for a second, he always tries to trick me” Thor crosses his arms.
“It's me don’t worry. What’s his deal anyway? He said I look 'ravishing' this morning.."
You gesture at yourself, "and then I joked back and he got his feeling hurt and left the room.”
You take a sip of your coffee.
Thor chuckles.
“I believe my brother fancies you,” he points at the clips of you and Loki fighting outriders.
“What? How do you get that from that?” You pull up a chair and sit down.
“Watch, here.” He points to the screen.
You watch a clip of you and Loki back to back fighting off outriders. Thor slows down the video and zooms in to Loki placing his hand on your hip to gesture you to move along with him.
“He always guides me like that,” you respond in confusion.
“I know my brother Y/N, anyone else he would have left them unaware and possibly dead,” Thor turns to you.
“We were dependent on each other, he had no choice but to keep me alive.” You cross your arms.
“Exactly!” Thor boasts.
“Exactly what Thor?” You laugh.
“Loki is dependent on no one.” He gestures back to the screen.
You watch the screens pop up one by one, you begin seeing Loki save you, you save him. You watch as he guides you.
“What is with you children of Odin this morning?” You say as you get up from the table.
"Where are you going?" Thor tries to keep you from leaving the room.
"Anywhere you two aren't. Now excuse me this meeting will have to continue when I'm not weirded out by you guys anymore." you push past Thor.
Tumblr media
Later that afternoon you head back to the meeting room. You sit at the edge of the table. You contemplate telling Friday to locate Thor. You run your hands through your hair in frustration. All you keep thinking about was those videos Thor showed you of Loki. With your hands still in your hair, you take a deep breath. You sit with your eyes closed for a moment. As you softly open your eyes you glance down and see the keyboard remote. You press your hands on the edge of the table. Maybe you can figure out what you're feeling if you watch the clips, maybe just maybe there might be an explanation to your frustration.
You type your name, you watch the slow blinking of the cursor as you type out...
L O K I ...
All the files begin to pop up. You click on the first video where you met Loki. You were on Asgard by Thor's invitation. Part of you begins to get excited to see him as you first saw him, butterflies in your stomach and a smile across your face. He appears on the screen in front of you flashing you his glowing smile, his eyes lit up. It is almost haunting to watch. He was endearing, eager, and attentive to your every word. You pause the video on Loki laughing with you. What was this you felt? You hear the meeting room door begin to open. You rush to close the video and sign out before the person enters the room. It's Loki, sly, mysterious, and charming as always.
“Y/N, I was beginning…We were beginning to worry about you.” He takes a seat next to you.
You were sitting in a weird almost dream-like state from what you had just seen. Being pulled out of that feeling created some type of whiplash effect, it made your stomach turn. You didn’t have any smart comment or remark to say. You didn’t want to seem off or odd but you had no means of being sarcastic.
“I’m fine I guess I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” you turn to look at him.
He’s sitting tall looking over at you. You can see a soft smile forming on the side of his mouth only to be erased with worry as he met his eyes with yours.
“I know something is going on with you Y/N, you do not truly believe you can deceive me?” he leans forward and places his hand on your hand.
Your eyes quickly shift to his hand on your hand. You can feel your face begin to burn up. You thought you wanted to pull your hand away, but you didn’t. You allowed Loki to take your hand completely. He kisses your hand.
You feel your face burning up.
As you prepare to speak Thor enters the room. "Good you both are here, we can finally begin," Thor says without looking over at you two.
Loki still has a hold of your hand, you look at Thor as he's struggling to use the keyboard remote. You look over at Loki and he flashes you such a sweet smile and pats your hand and places it on the table.
"Y/N could you help me?" Thor says looking away from the screen.
You feel like a deer caught in headlights. "Uh yeah...umm Friday pull up footage from my last mission."
It begins to play and you watch as Loki glides across the screen protecting you and helping you effortlessly almost as if it was second nature.
You look down from the screen, disconnecting your attention from the video. You sense Loki leaning toward you.
"Are you alright?" He whispers as he places his hand on your lap.
His voice soothes whatever anxiousness or nervousness you felt. A feeling you did not understand.
"Really? I need you two to pay attention," Thor says snapping you back into the room.
"Sorry, I'm not feeling well," you respond to Thor.
"Friday end video," Thor says. "Maybe you should rest. I apologize for not giving you time to settle before this meeting. You two did great and it was not easy." Thor stands.
"Thank you, Thor, Imma go to my room we can resume this later. I'm sorry." You stand and Loki follows your lead.
"You should be re-evaluated again, they may have missed something when you arrived. Traveling for so long through realms can be a lot to take on," Thor steps forward to help you to the door.
Loki steps up and takes a hold of you "I got her brother, I will make sure Banner takes a look at her as well."
Thor nods at Loki and flashes you a smirk.
You leave the meeting room with Loki holding your arm.
The door closes behind you and Loki leans over to your ear. "I will not take you to the medical bay if you tell me what is going on."
What do you even say to that? You don't understand what it is you're feeling. Loki guides you down the hall to the open balcony. Loki knew you love coming here to take a moment. It was rarely used at all. It was away from almost anything but you didn't mind the extra bit of walking to get away for a moment.
He opens the door and letting his hand slide from your arm to your hand. He guides you and walks with you hand in hand to the nearby outdoor sofa.
"If you wish to be alone I can leave," Loki says watching you take a seat.
"Stay with me, I have this feeling I don't understand. I think you're the only person I can talk to about it." You look up at him.
Ever since Nat's passing, you lost everyone. Ironically the God of mischief was the closest thing you had to a friend in a long time.
He takes a seat next to you. He looks so normal, regular "human" clothes suit him. He looks good in anything really.
"What is this you are feeling?" Loki says waving his hand over the fire pit bringing it to life.
"Loki don't waste your magic, I could've turned it on." you nod at the button to ignite it.
"Oh it was nothing, I'll be out of this realm tomorrow." He looks over at you.
"You're leaving? When did you plan on telling me?" You meet his eyes, he tries to press a smile but you're not amused.
"It is not an issue, we came out here away from my brother. What does it matter to you anyway? This morning you were so relieved that you did not have to keep me alive," his voice was full of hurt.
"I was only joking as we always did. You have not once complimented me since we met. I'm supposed to just act like it's a normal thing for us?" you press on.
He stands.
"Where are you going?" you reach out to him.
"What is it we are playing at here? What the hell am I supposed to do?" he turns away from your reach.
"I saw you watching the video of how we met earlier. I stood outside the meeting room and watched it with you. Why were you watching it? Why did you watch it?" he turns to look at you.
Loki is one of the most hated people on Earth, Thanos takes the cake. Loki created so much chaos and people lost so much because of him. No one in their right mind would care for him. Thor loved Loki no matter what, but they are siblings they have lived together for hundreds of years. Your relationship with Loki was just a mission. Calling it a relationship is odd. You couldn't possibly care for him the way you think. Maybe you do need to get checked out.
"I was trying to pull up our last mission and that came up and I miss Asgard." you try to cover.
"You can lie to Thor, I cannot believe you keep trying to lie to me." he walks back inside.
You sit alone look at the sun setting over the compound. You feel tears welling up inside you and the feeling of letting out an audible sob is burning in your chest. You try your best to keep it in as tears stream down your face. What is this you are feeling? Is it love? You couldn't possibly be in love with a God.
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smudgedviolet · 2 days ago
Soft Whisper of the Basket Flower | Chapter 2
Chapter Title: Opuntia
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson / Fem!Reader
Story Summary: You’re an agent of the Time Variance Authority and partner to Mobius .M. Mobius. Your job is simple, help with finding the possible whereabouts of the Loki variant, and don’t get caught in the crossfire.
Words: 1.4
Tags/Warnings: None that I can think of, I did a little minor after post editing to make the chapter a little better
STORY MASTERLIST - Every previous part can be found here
Tumblr media
Your fingers tapped rhythmically on the table, moving to turn another page of the file as you took a spoonful of soup into your mouth. Your lunch break was a little lonelier than usual, Mobius was late, which you were used to by now. He hasn’t been showing up as frequently, but would apologize over and over saying ‘next time, next time’, only to flake then too. 
You couldn’t be mad at him though, you knew the dedication he had to his job. Finding this variant was extremely important, especially with the growing number of dead hunters being left at the feet of the TVA. 
“Need company?” A voice interrupted your train of thought. You looked up from your book. The man in question stood over you with a small, kind smile on his face. You dropped your feet from the chair across from you, letting your boots drop onto the floor loudly. 
You sat up in your chair a little straighter, closing the binder in front of you, and moving your soup to the side. “It’s about time you showed up.” You teased, watching him sit across from you with your arms crossed on the table. 
“Yeah, yeah. I was stuck in an meeting after the field mission.” He waved his hand, the atmosphere around the both of you light and comfortable. 
“Oooo, how fun.” You replied sarcastically, taking another spoonful of soup. 
You found yourself falling into an easy conversation with Mobius just like always. He told you about the failed mission at the renaissance fair, how it ended up leading nowhere as usual. The only thing they had to leave with was knowing C-20 was missing in action, and everyone’s faith in Mobius’ decision to keep Loki around wavering more and more. 
Anxiety twisted in your stomach, fearing what could happen to the missing hunter. She is one of your best, and to have her in the hands of the Loki variant was not only dangerous for everyone in the TVA, especially the Time Keepers, but also incredibly strange. Never has the variant taken a hostage until now, and the thoughts of what may be happening to Hunter C-20 made you sick. 
Your soup was finally gone, bowl pushed aside as you read one of the magazines that Mobius got you. 
After all the times you stole magazines off his desk, he started to leave you your own, first starting out with a variety and slowly weeding out the ones that didn’t interest you. 
So now, instead of reading the entire history of the jet ski you were able to read through detailed pages of different types of fungi or flower species and their benefits to animals or nature on earth. At first it didn’t seem like the most interesting thing in the world, but after a while you couldn’t bring yourself to put it down. 
You were reading about different types of wildflowers when your eyes drifted off the page to Mobius’ variant, who was stalking up behind your partner. Your lips twisted at the ugly brown jacket that branded him as a variant. You always hated those jackets. 
“Look out.” You mumbled right as Loki rounded the table and stood next to you so he could talk to Mobius, not so much as glancing in your direction. 
Mobius quietly muttered an “Oh, god” under his breath, sparing you a quick glance..
“I found something.” Loki announced, holding the documents in both hands. 
Mobius didn’t even bother looking up at him as he continued to read his own magazine, only gesturing towards the mischievous variant with his hand as he spoke “No I said, “Don’t bother me until you’ve read all the files”.” 
You place your magazine down on the table and straighten yourself in your chair, uncrossing your legs from beneath you. 
“I have.” He insists. 
“Every file?” Mobius questioned, to which Loki replied with a quick ‘yes’ no hesitancy to be found in his confident answer “Pertaining to the variant?” 
You raised your brows, making eye contact with your partner “Trying to give my job away already, Mobius?” You playfully accused him. 
“I just wanted to give him something to do while I was at lunch.” He shrugged, raising one hand in defense. 
“Look okay, the answer isn’t in the files, it’s on the timeline.” Loki answered, already confident that he has all the answers you have been tirelessly looking for who knows how long. He only acknowledged you briefly when his eyes flicked to where you were sitting, probably having planned on taking your seat. He looked around behind him, pulling an unoccupied chair from a different table, and sat next to you so he could be across from Mobius too. “He’s hiding in apocalypses.” 
You moved yourself away from the tall variant and more towards Mobius. Body temperature rising nervously at the close proximity of him invading your personal space. Your mouth twisting in displeasure at his rudeness. 
The disturbance of you moving only caught the attention of Mobius. He grabbed your empty soup bowl and moved it off to the side of the table while you grabbed your magazine, the glossy paper smooth against your fingertips. 
Once settled comfortably, you listened attentively to the theory Loki so proudly claimed to have, followed by a ridiculous display of destroying Mobius’ lunch. 
He talked a lot, which wasn’t surprising. But it was with the way he talked, sentences carefully constructed with confidence that soaked into every word. He knew how to spin a lie and make it sound true, he knew how to make you doubt your own thoughts, and he especially knew how to betray others. Because he’s the trickster, the God of Mischief himself. 
“Oh, Mobius, come on!” Loki persisted, “Why not let your lovely colleague here do it then?” He said, gesturing towards you, emerald eyes meeting yours briefly “What could possibly go wrong. We gotta properly test this theory.” 
“Absolutely not. ” Mobius shuts him down immediately with a wave of his hand, “You really think I’m just gonna send my partner out with you of all people? In the middle of an apocalypse just so you can lure her out in the middle of a field and stab her in the back? That is not a risk I’m willing to take.” His voice was stern, giving Loki no wiggle room to argue. 
Loki’s mouth hung open in offense at Mobius’ truthful accusation, immediately jumping to his own defense “I’d never stab anyone in the back. That’s such a boring form of betrayal!” You couldn’t stop the soft chuckle being blown through your nose, shaking your head. 
The older man sighs “Loki, I’ve studied almost every moment of your entire life. You’ve literally stabbed people in the back, like, fifty times.” 
“Well, I’d never do it again, because it got old!” The variant insists, trying with all his might to convince the agent. 
Mobius chuckled once again, only replying with a simple “Okay.” already tired of the back and forth.
“Okay, look, you don’t trust me, you can trust one thing. I love to be right.” 
The table fell silent. Mobius crossed his arms over his chest and stared down at his now destroyed salad. Salt, pepper and juice all mixed together in a disgusting concoction that Loki used as his theory. 
Whether it made sense or not, it was a risk, and you were sure Mobius was thinking the same. Nobody wanted another missing Loki, and both of your jobs would be at risk if this ended up going sideways. 
“What do you think?” Mobius asked you, breaking the tense silence that had woven itself around the three of you. 
“I think it’s a stupid plan.” It was true, this plan could prove deadly in the end if you two weren’t careful. Someone ending up dead in a field could be a very real possibility, “We’ve been looking for this variant for so long… and I don’t trust him,” You narrowed your eyes at Loki, who was watching you intently “But if what he’s saying is true... It could be huge.” 
Loki’s wide smile returns and he hits the table triumphantly making you jump “Well there you have it Mobius, two to one. Looks like your partner and I have a trip planned after all.” 
Mobius shook his head and chuckled “She’s not taking you anywhere. You’re goin’ with me or you’re not goin’ at all. And that’s only if I consider doing this.” 
“I don’t care who I go with,” Loki says “But I know I’m right about this, just let me show you. You won’t regret it.”
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