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#loki tv spoilers
moonbaby26 · 4 months ago
I grew up in the deep south. Fishing, swimming, always with one eye looking out for these guys and I just... I cannot express the sheer randomness of my new obsession with this adorable reptile baby. He steals every scene for me and I want to bring him home like yesterday. 😭
Artist: @keiidakamya on Twitter
Edit: follow up comic here
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buckybby · 5 months ago
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Loki and Thor's reactions to someone getting sticked in
LOKI (2021) E01: Glorious Purpose
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lokisboyfriendowenwilson · 4 months ago
i have so many thoughts on the way mobius, from his point of view, doesn't even know who this guy ranting to him is
but he still holds his hands out, still tries to be a comforting presence to him
mobius is just nice. he's just a nice person. it ruins me
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ohhhmyloki · 4 months ago
I would like to say one thing to the Loki Fandom:
This show is Tom's baby. Yes, many other creators collaborated to make it happen, but if you think for a second the whole thing doesn't rest in his ridiculously handsome hands, you're wrong. He's the title character. The one, the biggest, the brightest Loki. If not for him, this show would not exist.
I say again, this show is his baby. It's his ART.
Remember that when you're publicly shitting on it.
Remember his dedication to the character, and to the Fandom. Remember that playing Loki is a labor of love for him. Remember that acting is his passion.
If you've ever had a passion--created art, or built things, or designed anything--you can put yourself in Tom's (and the other creators') shoes.
How does it feel when somebody nitpicks something you created from your heart and soul? How would it feel if they straight up shit on it, and on you for creating it?
How would you feel if you also had deep affection and appreciation for the people who were shitting on it? How would you feel if you were hoping to please them with your authentic, heartfelt creation--because you and they share a love and passion for the same thing--and they responded with scorn and vitriol, and refused to see the value of what you created, simply because it wasnt exactly what they were hoping for?
Critique is one thing. Constructive criticisms, sure. But damn, you guys are being straight up nasty.
Seriously, people. This is shameful. You can do better.
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Hate me in the comments if u like. I said what I said.
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