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#loki x female reader
The Honor of a Dance
Word count: 5150
Warnings: tooth-rotting fluffy tickles
Another request complete! This is based on a Prompt by a lovely anon asking for a little Loki romance and catching the reader dancing. Super duper fluff ahead 👀
(Also, can we talk about how jealous I am of the girl in this gif??)
Tumblr media
“Are you sure this is ok, Tony? I really don’t want to be a bother…”
“I am positive.” Tony turned and gripped both your shoulders, staring you hard in the eye. “I don’t allow my employees to be homeless. Not gonna happen. Especially one of my top-notch data analysts, hmm?” He patted your shoulder a couple times before releasing them, reaching for the door handle to the door you’d stopped in front of. Turning the knob, he pushed the door open and held his arms out in a grand gesture to what was now your bedroom. “Welcome home.”
“Oh, wow.” You stepped into the room, which was probably almost the size of your entire studio apartment you’d just moved out of. The walls were a soft shade of blue, and a plush queen-sized bed sat against the wall by a large picture window. A door in the corner led to your own bathroom, complete with a fancy, high-tech shower head of some sort that you were excited to try. It was amazing. It was too much. “I couldn’t possibly…”
“Ah-ah! Not another word. I won’t hear it anymore. La-la-la…” he stuffed his fingers in his ears for emphasis, making you laugh despite yourself. “Get settled, and meet us downstairs for dinner around 6, alright?”
Tony left, allowing you to set up your few belongings in your new room. You hated that you had to accept help, especially from your boss, no less. But when your landlord gave you a week to move out because they were selling the whole apartment building, it didn’t leave you with much choice. When you’d mentioned it off-hand at work the following day, asking if Tony was aware of any apartments looking for tenants in the area, he insisted you come stay in the tower and refused to take no for an answer.
It was strange, living in such a large building, not to mention cohabitating with the earth’s mightiest heroes. You hadn’t really known any of your neighbors at your apartment building, with the exception of your elderly neighbor next door, who often mistook your apartment door for hers. Here, you’d have to become accustomed to sharing mealtimes with strangers. You’d met a few of the Avengers in passing during work – Bruce often popped into Tony’s office to talk science, and Steve Rogers often stopped in to argue about something hero-related, but outside of those two, you really hadn’t met any of the others in person.
As dinnertime approached, you began to grow restless. There was so much of the tower you had yet to see during your time there as an employee. So, you thought you might explore a bit before meeting up with the others for dinner. As you reached for your door handle, your phone buzzed with a text message from your sister. You typed out an answer as you opened the door, letting her know you’d settled into your new place and –
Your eyes shot up as you stepped backward, away from the tall, solid figure you’d just clumsily walked into. He was striking, with his regal, proud posture, and his dark wavy locks framing his sharp jawline. He looked at you with raised brows, and although you couldn’t tell whether he was angry or not, you immediately began rapidly spurting out profuse apologies. After listening to you for a moment, he placed a firm hand on your shoulder.
“Please, you’re making me dizzy, you’re talking so quickly. It’s quite alright,” he assured. You breathed a visible sigh of relief. With a wink, he added, “Just try not to be so careless next time, hmm?”
Your mouth dropped open a bit, ready to tell him off, but you saw the shadow of a smirk on his face and closed your mouth without a word, grinning. You introduced yourself to him, shaking his hand as he told you his name.
Of Asgard, he added. As if it weren't obvious.
While you hadn’t been in the city during his fateful trip to Midgard in 2012, you had heard of the God of Mischief prior to your moving into the tower. You’d never seen him in person, though. He was much different in person than they portrayed him in photos. Years ago, when the news spoke of nothing but the Asgardian tyrant trying to take over New York, he looked gaunt and wild in the photographs. His eyes were a piercing blue, which you noticed now had faded to more of a soft but vibrant blue-green color. Photos of Loki more recently weren’t really focused on him – he was merely a figure in the background behind his brother and his band of heroes.
But here, standing in front of you, he was far from a shadow in the distance. He certainly made an impact on your brain. You were intrigued by him.
It took a few weeks for you to really start to get used to living with so many other people, so many large personalities. Being an outsider, a non-avenger living with a tower full of high-profile heroes, it was hard to feel like you fit in. You were an ordinary office worker living with a bunch of people who were saving the world on the regular. Not that they seemed to think of you as any lesser – they accepted you into their dysfunctional family right from the first day you’d moved in.
Strangely enough, you most closely identified with Loki in a sense. He wasn’t an Avenger; he didn’t spend his days playing the hero (although you knew he’d played more of a role in some of the Avengers’ hero work than he cared to admit). While he wasn’t really an outsider, he didn’t seem to fit in with the team either. When the team gathered for game night or movie night, he was often to be found off in a corner somewhere by himself, participating from afar, just on the outskirts of the group.
The first few times you were invited to join the evening team gatherings, you sat toward the edge of the group, close enough to be a part of the conversations but far enough not the center of attention. You found that your eyes were almost magnetically drawn to the dark-haired god sitting in the corner, sneaking glances here and there to see if he was listening, if he was watching you. Most of the time, his nose was buried in a book, his attention wholly occupied by the words on the pages in front of him. You wanted so badly to get to know him better, but you settled for glancing at him from afar.
Until you decided that just wasn’t enough.
About a month after you’d moved into the tower, you were invited to join the team for the usual Friday night movie night. You’d been wrapped up in finishing the last of your work for the day, and so by the time you made it down to the common room, there weren’t any seats left on the couches or chairs, leaving only seating on the floor. Normally you took a seat leaning with your back against one of the larger sofas, but today your eyes traveled to Loki seated alone in an armchair in the farthest corner of the group. Wading through the room past the rest of the team, you smiled and said hello as you made you way over to the sullen god reading his book by himself.
“You know, it’s not good for your eyes to read in the dark,” you informed, hovering over the side of the chair. Loki looked up at you, a slightly surprised look in his eyes.
“I’m not sure you realize this, but I am not a mortal. My eyes will be just fine,” he assured.
“Well, in any case, would it kill you to actually watch the movie for once?” His eyebrows shot up his forehead, clearly shocked that you had the guts (or maybe the audacity) to talk to him in such a way. Regardless, he did flip his book closed.
“And why, might I ask, would I want to do that?” His bright eyes bored into yours, but you held his gaze, unwavering.
“I’ll sit with you if you watch,” you offered. “You could use a friend to sit with at these gatherings, don’t you think?”
He was silent for a moment, pondering. Finally, he made his book vanish with a wave of his hand and a green glow of light. Without a word, he stood up, motioning for you to sit down in the chair he’d just vacated before taking a seat on the floor beside the chair.
“Oh, Loki no, I wasn’t trying to take your seat, I –“
“Please. I will not have you sitting on the floor while I am comfortably seated in the chair,” he insisted. You opened your mouth to protest, but the lights turned off at that moment, and the glow of the television screen illuminated the room in faint blue light. Reluctantly, you sat down as he requested, leaning with your elbow on the arm of the chair closest to where Loki sat to keep the invitation for conversation open.
It was Wanda’s turn to choose a movie, and she selected a cheesy romantic comedy that seemed to have Loki rolling his eyes from early on. Rather than getting discouraged, you leaned down closer to whisper a joke to him, making fun of the film. You smiled as you heard a breath of a laugh huff through his nose, proud that you’d at least succeeded in mildly amusing the god with your ridiculous joke. A few minutes later, he countered with a joke of his own, nearly making you snort in surprise.
It became something of a tradition after that night. You sat by Loki on movie nights, usually propping yourself on the arm of the chair beside him so neither of you had to sit on the floor. Back and forth you went, making jests at the movie playing, trying to get the other to laugh loud enough for the others to hear. You never were able to succeed, but he had come pretty close a couple of times. It was far more enjoyable than watching his eyes scrolling across the pages of his books from across the room.
Game nights were another story. They weren’t as frequent as the team’s movie nights, but they were certainly more rowdy and rambunctious. It came as no surprise to you that the members of the elite team of heroes were quite competitive. You fit right in with the team in that sense, having always been quite competitive yourself. At first, you remained somewhat subdued, not wanting to draw too much attention to yourself with a sudden outburst over a game of cards, or a race around a Mario Kart track.
Loki started joining in the fun not long after the day you’d first sat with him at movie night. If you thought yourself to be competitive, Loki was ten times worse. The first time he’d joined in, the team was playing a large game of Uno, and you had the misfortune of sitting beside the god who decided you were going to be the target of every one of his worst cards. He merely smirked at you every time your hand of cards grew larger at his doing. Until you played a reverse card, that is. Suddenly, being on the receiving end of every draw four card you had in your handful of cards wiped that smirk right off his face. You were convinced he magicked the cards in his own favor when he’d played his own reverse card, telling him such with a playful shove when he won the round. He vehemently denied it, of course, but there was a sparkle in his eye that told you he was probably lying. Not that you’d ever be able to prove it.
The friendship between you and Loki blossomed over the next few months. You began spending time together outside of the group gatherings, playing smaller card games or simply reading and enjoying each other’s company. You loved the playfulness in your friendship. Although he was a well-known trickster, you hadn’t really imagined him to be the type of person who was willing to be silly, but something about you brought out the childlike spirit in him. Maybe you used it as an excuse to banter flirtatiously with him from time to time, knowing he’d never take it seriously.
Somewhere along the line, the little crush you had on the Asgardian had matured into actual, honest feelings for him.
The night you realized it hadn’t been anything special. You were stretched out on the couch with your back propped against his side, a book in your hands and a separate book in his. There was no need to talk to each other to fill the silence – you simply enjoyed the warmth of his body against yours as your eyes skimmed over the pages of your novel. Suddenly, he’d begun to chuckle a bit at something in his book, making you turn your head to look at him questioningly.
“My apologies – I just found this passage to be particularly amusing,” he explained.
“What does it say?” you asked.
“Here, I’ll read it to you.” He flipped back a page and began to speak the words aloud, his velvety voice washing over you. You closed your eyes as you simply enjoyed the slight vibration of his voice reverberating in his chest, the inflection of his tone as he animatedly read the passage to you. The feeling that burned in your chest, the comfort of simply being with him and hearing his voice… that was more than just a crush. And now that you’d recognized it, you were terrified.
Loki was the definition of ‘out of your league.’ A demigod, over a thousand years old with magic abilities, could never be interested in a mere mortal like yourself. You felt grateful enough that he’d graced you with his friendship. To ask for anything more would be selfish, and not to mention heartbreaking when he would inevitably reject you. No, it was best you keep these feelings to yourself, and simply admire him from afar, as you’d always done.
But you were never good at keeping secrets.
It was your turn to clean the kitchen. The team had left the compound for a public charity event, which presented the perfect opportunity for you to really scrub the stove and mop the floors unhindered by the random visits of hungry Avengers popping into the fridge or grabbing a snack from the pantry. You would think you could at least find an hour where no one needed to interrupt your cleaning to get something to eat, but sometimes it seemed they practically lived in that kitchen (particularly Thor and Peter. They made frequent and repetitive stops in the kitchen.)
You turned on some music on your phone and rolled up your sleeves, getting right down to business. Music always seemed to make cleaning faster, or at the very least, more entertaining. Grabbing a sponge from the cabinet under the sink with a flourish, you got to work wiping down the countertops, bobbing your head to the beat echoing through the kitchen. With nobody else home, you weren’t afraid to disturb anyone with the volume of your music, so you had it up loud enough to block out the sounds of your scouring the sink clean.
Your heart skipped at the next song. It was uncanny, really, how well it suited how you were feeling about that certain Asgardian friend of yours. And the fact that your phone was set to a random streaming station, not your own stored music, made it all the more surprising. The upbeat strum of the guitar along with the smooth, tenor vocals of Jason Mraz singing More Than Friends had you humming along, spinning around the kitchen as you put away the clean dishes in the dishwasher. When you’d finished, you couldn’t help but keep dancing along, lifting your arms as if holding a dance partner and twirling, gliding along the slick kitchen floor in your socks.
I wanna be more than friends
I wanna be more than friends
I wanna tell everyone you’re taken
And take your hand until the end
I wanna be more than friends
You felt alive and free, daydreaming about being swept across this floor in Loki’s arms. It made you giddy to think about – his hand in yours, his arm around your waist, those blue-green eyes focused on yours…
Suddenly, you felt a hand grasp your outstretched hand, lifting it over your head and twirling you around before capturing you in a dancing partner hold. You squeaked in surprise and pure embarrassment when your eyes met Loki’s, a bright smile on his face, his eyes gleaming. Mumbling incoherent apologies, you pulled your hand out of his, bringing it to your steadily warming face along with your other hand. You let out a small whine when you felt his arms wrap around your waist, hugging you close as a laugh rumbled through his chest.
“Darling, don’t be embarrassed! You’re an excellent dancer,” he assured. Despite the fact that your eyes were hidden behind your fingers, you could hear the grin in his voice. “Come now, I didn’t mean to make you stop – I only wanted to join you.”
“I can’t help but be embarrassed.” Your voice was muffled in your palms, barely audible. The vibration of Loki’s laugh buzzed against your forearms where they were pressed against his chest. He stepped back a bit, sliding his hands from the small of your back to your waist.
“I did not understand a word you just said,” he teased. “I feel terrible for spoiling your fun. Please, won’t you dance with me?” He added emphasis to his request with an innocent squeeze of his hands at your sides. You squealed in surprise, arms shooting down from your face to protect your sides. With your eyes uncovered, you could see the light of understanding in his expression as he recognized that he’d unintentionally tickled you.
“Loki!” You shook your head, eyes wide and pleading. You tried to step back a bit, giggling nervously in anticipation of the inevitable teasing that was to come. He was having none of that – wrapping one arm around the small of your back while taking your hand back in his with the other, gazing at you insistently.
“You’re such a brilliant dancer, love – I simply must see it! Please, dance with me.” Loki began stepping gracefully around the kitchen, turning with you held tightly in his arms. You were certain your face was going to actually catch fire if it got much warmer. Unable to look at him, you stared down at your feet to avoid his gaze as you babbled giggly protests. “Now, honestly, how am I to see your face like this?”
“You’re no-AHAHA LOKI!” The hand wrapped around your waist began to dig into your side, causing you to burst into laughter. Instinctively, you moved to yank your hand out of his to protect your exposed side, but he’d predicted your move and tightened his grip on your hand, lacing his fingers through yours to keep your arm lifted up and out of the way of his sudden ticklish onslaught.
“You see? I knew you would enjoy dancing with me,” he jested, letting his fingers crawl up your ribs. You twisted and thrashed to escape his tickling fingers, but he had a tight grip on you, and if you were being honest you really didn’t want to get away anyway.
“Loho… Loki you MENAHAHACE!” you cried, screeching when his fingers found a hypersensitive spot just below and behind your underarm. You tugged wildly at your outstretched arm, only serving to make Loki smirk at you in amusement.
“Ah, you’re not laughing because you enjoy my dancing, are you? Could it be that you’re… ticklish?” He shot his fingertips up into the hollow under your arm, and your knees buckled, weakened from frantic laughter. Loki tutted at you, chuckling. “Now, darling, you’re making this quite difficult – you’re not supposed to be falling all over me.”
“SHUHUT IHIHIT, YOHOU!!” you demanded, jolting when he finally released your hand only so he could wrap his other arm around you and scribble his fingers into the backs of your ribs on the other side. Muscles completely weakened from the unbearably ticklish sensation, you leaned your full weight into your assailant as he tickled you to pieces for a few more moments. At last, his fingers stilled against your ribs and underarm, simply holding you close to his chest for a moment while your shoulders shook with the last of your giggle fit.
“Alright there, love?” he asked, releasing his hold on you when he was certain you were steady on your feet.
“Noho!” you exclaimed, covering your face with your hands once again and turning away, walking across the kitchen. “I’m completely mortified that you saw me dancing like a fool… and to that song…”
“What do you mean, that song? Was it particularly embarrassing to you for some reason?” Loki asked, brow furrowed in confusion. You peered through your fingers, seeing that he was genuinely perplexed by your specific concern.
“You didn’t… oh. Never mind, then.” You shrugged, hoping to change the subject.
“No, I do mind, actually. What are you hiding?”
“It’s nothing!! It was just a silly song to be dancing to,” you insisted, turning around and pacing across the kitchen, putting distance between the two of you.
“If there is one thing I’ve learned about you, it’s that you are rarely embarrassed by doing something ‘silly.’” He took a few steps toward you. “What song was it? Play it again, I want to listen.”
“No!” You shook your head frantically, side-stepping as he got too close to boxing you into the corner so you could continue to back away from the advancing trickster. A mischievous look flashed across his face, and suddenly he lunged toward you, forcing you to leap back and shriek, already giggling involuntarily. “Loki! Don’t you dare!”
“Play the song again.” You rounded the kitchen island as he lurched forward again, his arm outstretched, fingertips barely grazing your arm.
“I will do no such thing!”
“You’re just asking to be tickled, aren’t you?”
Your face flushed with heat as he confirmed his intentions, leaping out of the way once again with only centimeters to spare between his fingertips and your side.
“Lohoki! This isn’t fair!” You were positioned with your back to the doorway now, plotting your escape.
“I never said it was.” He took a few bounding steps in your direction, causing you to squeak and turn to run down the hallway.
But you were just a bit too slow.
His arms wrapped around your waist from behind, one hand clawing into the side of your belly while the other dug into the dead center of your ribcage on one side. You folded into yourself, exploding with laughter as you writhed under his fingertips. Loki seemed pleased with your reaction, splaying his fingers wider and digging them deeper into the sensitive skin at both spots.
“You know you want to tell me,” he sang, squeezing you tighter to his chest as he preyed on your resolve. He’d never held you this tightly or this close before. Your heart raced in your chest, and you prayed he couldn’t feel it pounding against his own chest as your whole body shook with vibrant laughter.
“DOHOHO NOHOHOT!!” you cried. He growled playfully in your ear, his hands darting to scribble into the front of your ribcage. You screeched in surprise at the sudden shift, twisting to try to break his hold, to which he merely responded by lifting you off the ground just enough that your feet no longer touched the floor. “LOKI PUHUHUT ME DOHOWN!!”
“Are you going to play the song for me then?”
“This isn’t working. Where is your weak spot?” He placed your feet back on solid ground, stilling his fingers for a moment to let you breathe.
“Yohou… you think I’m going to just come out and tell you that??” you huffed, trying to pry his hands off your ribcage. With every hard tug at his hands, he contracted his fingertips to dig a little into your ribs again to get your grip to weaken.
“Alternatively, you could play the song.”
“I don’t deal in ultimatums.”
“Fine then.” Loki suddenly scooped you off the floor with an arm looped under your knees and another around your waist, hoisting you effortlessly to seat you on top of the kitchen counter. You shrieked and kicked your feet at his hands, yelping when he caught hold of your ankles and trapped them in the crook of his elbow.
“NO!! LOKI!! No, wait, don’t… you can’t…”
“Oh-ho! Is it possible I’ve stumbled upon your weak spot? How fortunate.” He reached his free hand under his elbow, silencing your protests as he scratched and fluttered his fingertips along both soles of your socked feet. You screeched before collapsing forward in desperate giggles, leaning your hands on his shoulders to avoid falling off the counter. He wormed his fingertips into the space beneath your toes and you tapped hard on his shoulder, unable to speak for laughing so hard.
Taking the hint, he slowed his fingers to graze gently up and down the length of your soles to keep you giggling and jolting, looking up at your frazzled expression with a wide grin on his face. He was maddening, enjoying taking you apart the way he was…
“Please, will you play the song again?”
You groaned, covering your face with your hands. Loki released your ankles and leaned his palms against the counter on either side of your legs, pleading with his eyes. A tiny smile forced its way onto your face at his pouting.
“I cannot believe I’m doing this.” You took your phone from the countertop beside you, rewinding the station to the song that had been playing when this whole fiasco started. Holding your breath, you pressed play and quickly placed the phone on the counter again as if it had burned you, immediately hiding your face in your hands.
Your mind was reeling as the song played through. How did this happen? How is it possible for him to walk in at EXACTLY the wrong moment? How had he just discovered TODAY that you were devastatingly ticklish, after being friends for so long? And to use it against you, wrapping his arms around you and holding you close while his fingers danced along every inch of ticklish skin…
This was terrifying you, more than anything. You’d never intended to get to the point where he learned about your feelings for him. It was far too much of a risk to jeopardize the friendship you’d developed. Now that he was going to figure it out, how could he possibly want to hang out with you anymore? How could it not be awkward and uncomfortable for him, knowing you wanted him in that way when you were a mere mortal? Would he even want to be friends any longer?
You felt hot tears start to spring to your eyes, moistening your palms and cheeks. As the song ended, Loki was silent until the final chord had rung out. Your heartbeat was deafening, throbbing in your ears as you awaited the inevitable rejection that was about to come.
“More than friends, hmm?”
His hands closed around your wrists, prying your hands from your face. Through blurred vision, you watched as his face dropped from a smile to a worried frown. He clasped your hands in his, pulling them close to his chest.
“Darling, why are you crying?”
You shook your head, sniffling a little. “You were never supposed to know.”
Loki squeezed your hands. “Why would you want to hide it from me?”
“Please. You don’t have to pretend you’re not repulsed by it. A weak mortal having feelings for a god.” You turned your gaze to a random spot on the wall across the room, avoiding his eye as tears slipped down your cheeks.
“Never say such things about yourself.” His hand lifted to cup your cheek, wiping the tears from your face. “By no means am I ‘repulsed’ by you having feelings for me. In fact, I’m quite relieved.”
“Huh?” Your eyes snapped back to his, which were staring at you with a fiery intensity you’d never seen before. Loki stepped closer, placing his hands firmly on your hips as he moved to stand against the counter between your knees. Before you could ask more questions, Loki had surged forward and pressed his lips to yours.
It was pure electricity. Sparks. Fireworks. Everything you’d daydreamed it would be. He slid a hand up your back to grasp the back of your neck, tugging gently at your hair at the nape of your neck and making you shiver. You smiled into his lips, wrapping your legs around his waist and allowing him to lift you off the countertop to hold you in his arms, kissing you fervently. One arm around your waist, the other at your shoulders, you felt safe knowing he wouldn’t drop you.
After a few moments, he pulled away from your lips, breathing heavily from the moments of breathlessness during the kiss. You beamed, pressing your forehead against his and holding tight to stay in his arms.
“Does that prove it to you?” he asked. You laughed, nodding. “Norns, you’re beautiful.”
“Loki!” you squeaked, your cheeks prickling with heat.
“You are, darling.” He leaned back slightly to better see your face, grinning with a slight air of mischief. “Especially when you’re laughing.”
You gasped. “Loki, don’t even thi-AHAHAHA NOHOHO!!” You buried your face in his shoulder as he dug his fingertips into your sides. He prodded deep into the sensitive spot where your back became your sides, making you screech and unhook your legs from around his waist.
“I wouldn’t want to drop you, darling,” he teased, sliding his hands down your waist and hips to grasp your legs, squeezing and scribbling into the undersides of your outer thighs.
“PUHUHUT ME DOHOHOWN!” you pleaded, squeezing your arms tightly around his neck to try to distract from the sensation of his fingertips. He stopped, lowering you down slowly to stand on solid ground once again.
“Alright, I’m done, I promise. For today, anyway,” he added with a cheeky wink. “Now then – would you please do me the honor of a dance?”
With a shy smile, you took his hands in yours. “I would love nothing more.”
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youlightmeupfinn · 2 days ago
Patching Up 》 Loki x Reader
request: Hii, your requests are still open? If they are, could you write what would happen if Y/N comes back home from a mission looking fine, but then Loki finds her in the bathroom bleeding and failing to tend to her wounds? Btw: I absolutely love your writings 💖(@christineblood)
a/n: doll, i absolutely loved writing this piece! thank you SO much for the request and thank you! i'm so glad you enjoy them! 💙
summary: You appeared fine when you came home from the mission, but when Loki walks into the bathroom to see you covered in wounds, Dr. Laufeyson enters the scene.
warnings: fluff, bruises/cuts/wounds, pain, language
word count: 1.7k
**my requests are open!**
main masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You made your way through the doors of the elevator, heading straight for the bedroom you and Loki shared. Your face hid its grimace well, but on the inside, your body absolutely felt shattered, but you were stubborn. You never wanted anyone to worry about you.
Especially Loki.
And you had done well when you walked into the bedroom to see your boyfriend sprawled out across the large bed, a book in his hand. He ran a hand through his satin-black locks that were sitting just above his shoulders. His blue eyes cast themselves over to you.
You looked wonderful.
“Hi, love.” Loki’s voice trailed.
“Hi,” You smiled at him, headed straight for the bathroom.
His eyebrows knitted together in slight confusion, watching as you closed the door softly. Usually, you would walk over and lazily kiss him before making an attempt to undress after a mission. You looked perfectly fine from the outside.
Maybe your nerves had gotten the best of you. Either way, Loki knew to never intrude on you unless he felt it was absolutely necessary. So as he heard the bathroom sink turn on, he exhaled slowly and readjusted his eyes onto the book he was dissolving himself into. His day had gone quite normal. He awoke to you beside him this morning, peppered your gorgeous face with kisses until your eyes fluttered open to meet his. He wounded his arms tight around your body, his chin nuzzling into the crook of your neck until you finally had to force him off of you to get dressed for his training session with his dear brother.
You also had training, but with Natasha. And once training was finished, you were called out to a mission. Loki remembered earlier today you approached him, all dressed in your attire.
Once you gave him a kiss goodbye, you told him you would be home later. You were headed on a mission with Natasha, Steve, and Sam.
While he was inducing his panic-stricken thoughts of today’s events, you were settled in the bathroom, hands gripping the corners of the vanity. You had started to remove your clothes, hissing under your breath each time you made an attempt. Again, you looked absolutely fine.
But when you finally peeled the suit off of your body, your eyes were met with gruesome bruises, superficial and deep cuts dancing across your chest as well as abdomen. Blood was still pooling from a few of them which caused you to groan quietly. The first aid kit was settled underneath the cabinet. The motion of bending down hurt more than anything.
Natasha and you had found yourselves tangled up with a group of men who ultimately gained the upper hand on you. Although you and Nat defeated them with ease, it didn’t help that one attacked you with a knife. You then noticed the slashes all over your suit, but you also had a jacket on as you were walking inside due to the chill of October brushing across your exposed skin.
Loki, who was still on the bed, bit his lip when he heard the water continuously running. Bookmarking the page he was on, he placed the hardcover on the nightstand before hoisting himself out of the bed and walking to the bathroom. Drumming his knuckles across the wooden surface, your eyes widened and your breath was caught suddenly.
You didn’t want him to see you like this.
“Darling, can I please come in?” He asked you.
You closed your eyes tightly, cursing under your breath. “...No?” You said as a question.
Of course, he never bought it when your voice became high-pitched. He knew you far too well.
“That’s it,” He sighed, opening the door. When he walked inside of the bathroom, he saw you standing in front of the mirror, gauze, bandages, hydrogen peroxide, and a rag displayed in front of you. Loki’s eyes surveyed your body. He walked over and held his hand on your shoulder, gently turning you. You were only wearing your pants and a bra, the rest of your body exposed.
Cuts danced across your abdomen and chest, the bruises forming quickly, blood seeping from others. Loki’s mouth fell open and his heart clenched.
“Darling,” He finally said after a moment of silence and staring at you. “You looked absolutely fine when you walked in.” Loki picked his eyes up to look into yours. You sheepishly smiled but winced, the pain building.
He glanced over your shoulder and saw the supplies, already shaking his head.
“For starters,” He picked up the bottle of hydrogen peroxide. “You never use this on cuts. Sometimes it does more harm than good to your skin.” He sighed, placing the bottle underneath the cabinet. He looked between you and the counter full of things to patch you up, shaking his head.
Without uttering a word, your eyebrows furrowed when Loki gently picked you up. He sat you on the counter, his body nestling in between your legs. He was wearing a black t-shirt and his gray sweatpants, his dark hair luscious and full. His blue eyes were pooled with worry but registered ease when he kissed your lips sweetly.
“Are you my doctor?” You chuckled quietly as Loki stared at you, offering you a mischievous wink, a cheeky smile spreading across his delicate features soon after.
“Dr. Laufeyson is in the house.” He murmured with a laugh and flirtatious wink, making you giggle.
He noticed the gash on your arm, deciding to start there first. Turning the sink water to a warmer temperature than the frigid cold you had it set to, he carefully put your arm under it. You hissed as the water rushed into the cut, your feet instinctively moving to wrap around Loki’s waist, his eyes focused on the wound.
“Just some warm water to flush the dirt out, I’m sorry, my love.” He cooed, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
He tossed back the rough washcloth and resorted to a softer-feeling one. He was glad he had walked in when he did, or else you wouldn’t have properly taken care of yourself.
He grabbed a bottle of the saline solution instead, dabbing it onto the cloth. He wiped it over each of the cuts that appeared on your stomach and chest. Each subtle moment, he would feel you gazing at him. A smile would pull itself across his face and he’d reward your good behavior with sweet kisses to your mouth.
For the more gruesome cuts on your skin, Loki placed the antibiotic ointment across the opened ones, feeling as you jolted.
“Shit, Loki!” Your feet kicked back and forth, the stinging sensation making you squirm.
“I know, darling, I know. I’m sorry.” He apologized quickly. He applied the gauze and the tape soon after, your hand digging into his shoulder. He sighed, giving you another signature, rewarding kiss as you seethed in front of him.
“You can’t just snap your fingers and make it go away?” You asked him, referencing his magic. Loki laughed, his eyes staring deeply into yours.
“I wish, my beloved.” He kissed your forehead this time.
Nearly forty-five minutes later and your body donned band-aides, bandages, along with the bruising that added a distinct color to your complexion. Loki lifted you off of the counter and placed your feet on the floor. He quickly put all of the supplies away, the first aid kit finding itself concealed underneath the vanity yet again before he grabbed your hand and whisked you into the bedroom.
Leading you over to the bed, he did use magic to transform your clothes. You watched as your pants and bra were removed, leaving you in a pair of cozy sweatpants and one of his tees.
Smirking to yourself, you rolled your eyes.
“Can use magic to change my clothes but not to fix my wounds.” You huffed, crossing your arms over your chest, wincing. Loki stared at you, his hand cupping your cheek.
“I’m just glad I went in there when I did,” He huffed. “Hydrogen peroxide? A rough washcloth? Cold water? Darling, you were setting yourself up for failure.” He laughed, rubbing your cheek with his fingers. You giggled, shaking your head.
“Was the mission successful though, despite your damaged exterior?” He asked you. You nodded.
“Yeah,” You sighed. “Honestly, one minute Natasha and I had him on the ground. The next? Both of these guys came out of nowhere and basically jumped me.” You laughed.
Loki half-smiled before reaching down and pressing his mouth against yours, his lips moving against yours with absolute ease.
“What does Dr. Laufeyson suggest for treatment?” You wiggled your eyebrows, running your hands across your boyfriend’s chest. Loki grasped your hands, holding them in between his, kissing your knuckles.
As your back pressed against the mattress, Loki’s face hovered above yours, his eyes scanning yours.
“Sleep,” He whispered as his lips brushed against your ear, sending a shudder down your spine.
“But that sucks!” You laughed, your face contorting with pain as your abs ached from the events of earlier. Loki shook his head at you, rubbing your upper thigh.
“Let’s get you better and then Dr. Laufeyson will prescribe the aftercare.” He laughed, making your cheeks begin to heat up as you stared at him.
"What does aftercare involve?" You asked him with the lick of your lips. Your boyfriend stared down at you, the man's features breathtaking. With his mouth nestled against your head, he gently nipped at the flesh of your neck, making you groan.
"I will chain you to this bed and by the time I'm finished devouring you and taking what belongs to me," He whispered, making you shudder. "I will make your current bruises look like child's play."
Your eyed widened as he removed his mouth from your ear, poking the tip of your nose with a smile.
Loki smirked and kissed your lips passionately one last time before he wrapped his arms lightly around you, ensuring not to cause you any more pain.
Your head rested on his chest and you grew excited when he grasped the book he was reading when you first came home, his voice lulling you to sleep within thirty minutes of his voice mouthing the words from the pages.
Dr. Laufeyson was the best doctor.
Tumblr media
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mollygetssherlockcoffee · 21 hours ago
Day 21, Public Sex with Loki
Pairing: Loki X Reader
Summary: Day 21, Public Sex with Loki
Warning: Smut, public sex, dub-con (Loki is not the bad guy, neither is Reader)
Words: 2,016
A/N: MINORS DNI! Hasn't been beta-read, so, apologies. This is for @give-me-a-moose - who has helped me so much, and for who I am so grateful for! Please Like and Reblog
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Tumblr media
Loki was an attractive man, that couldn’t be denied. With long, raven hair, sparking green eyes and chiselled cheekbones, he drew admirers everywhere he went. Those admirers were not limited to just women, as was evident by way of the man standing before the Asgardian.
The Grandmaster was not shy as he allowed his gaze to travel over the Asgardian. He had seen beautiful men before but the man in front of him? He was enchanting, beautiful in ways that men shouldn’t be. The Grandmaster was not afraid to admit that he found the man extremely attractive.
“Remove these chains,” Loki demanded, tugging at the cuffs around his wrists. When the Grandmaster merely scoffed, Loki bristled, “I am Loki, Prince of Asgard-”
“Am I meant to care?” the Grandmaster interrupted, looking around at his staff in disbelief that Loki would think he would fulfil his demand. “Your title means nothing here. You mean nothing here. Look around-” his arm swept across the room, pointing out the people waiting for his commands, and the window which faced the arena. “This is my planet, Mr ‘Prince of Asgard’,” he mocked. “If I wanted to, I could put you in my arena. I’m sure it would be entertaining to see you battle my champion.”
Loki glanced to his left, looking out of the large viewing window. The arena was huge, the large centre surrounded by seating which could fit thousands. He knew the arena wasn’t somewhere he wanted to go, especially not to meet this so-called ‘champion’.
“You think you could make me fight for your entertainment?” Loki’s brow raised, turning back to the Grandmaster.
“I could, but I could also be persuaded not to,” he replied, his eye trailing over Loki.
Loki recognised the way the Grandmaster was looking at him. He’d seen it before, many times. Being a Prince, and an attractive one, garnered you many appreciative looks from those of either sex. Loki could recognise that the Grandmaster found him attractive and had no doubt that the persuasion he’d spoke of was that of a sexual nature.
“Fetch the girl,” the Grandmaster ordered, gesturing to the doors. A servant hurried to follow his orders. “I’m a man of many delicacies, little Prince, as I’m sure you are too. A man of your looks must be accustomed to the attention of many.” “I don’t much care for admirers,” Loki replied.
“Hmm,” the Grandmaster nodded, head turning to the side as the doors reopened.
Loki’s heart stopped when he saw you. The last time he had seen you, he’d failed to save you when you had fallen from the Bifrost. He’d heard you scream for him, seen you fall but had been unable to reach you in time.
He thought he had lost you, and the pain was unlike anything that he could describe.
Loki was thought to be cold and somewhat uncaring of other, but those closest to him knew that was untrue. He cared for people; he just hid it under an air of indifference. However, when we were with you, his love and affection was clear to see. You were everything to him, having supported him throughout his troubles. You were his everything.
Loki watched as you were guided to stand beside the Grandmaster. You were dressed in a near see-through mesh dress, pieces of silk covering your intimate areas. Loki’s jaw clenched at the sight of you, blood boiling from the disrespect shown to you in his absence.
Standing beside the Grandmaster, you allowed your gaze to lift. A spark ran through your chest at the sight of Loki, and you had to fight to keep breathing regularly. Your eyes meeting his, you shook your head in the minimalist of ways when you saw him about to speak.
You’d been here a week already, and though the time was short, it was long enough to see what happened when someone spoke against him. Loki, well known on your home world for not shying away from confrontation, would surely meet the same end as many before him had.
“I’m not a total monster,” the Grandmaster told Loki. “You could always earn my goodwill.” He indicated to you, his fingers trailing down the length of your arm. “She’s beautiful, isn’t she? I’ve only had her a week but she’s already a treasure. I hadn’t found the right person to allow to have her yet, but you? Hm, two beauties together would be a welcomed sight.”
It was true, the Grandmaster favoured you in comparison to the others in his grasp. You had seen women, men, and those non-conforming being given to the Grandmaster’s goons to be used for their pleasure. You’d heard the cries of the imprisoned as they were robbed of their rights, of their lives. Unlike those you had been imprisoned with, you had not been taken advantage of. Yet.
“Bed her, right here and now, and you’ll be relieved of your chains and be free to leave” the Grandmaster promised. “Or you could stay as my welcomed guest.”
“You want me to bed her? In front of you, in front of everyone?” Loki asked, head tilted slightly with his eyebrow raised.
“Yes,” he confirmed.
Loki was silent for a moment, his eyes trailing over your figure. “Will I get to keep her?”
“Oh,” the Grandmaster chuckled, looking between you and the Asgardian prince. “Eager, aren’t we? Yes, little prince, you may keep her.”
Loki was silent for a moment as he looked at you, his eyes meeting yours. You had known Loki long enough that you could communicate with each other silently. It was something you did now, though both of you knew there was no other option for either of you.
If you refused to do this, Loki would be put into the arena to fight for his life and you would be passed on to one of the Grandmaster’s brutes, who would be more than willing to force themselves upon you.
“Do you give your word that we will be free?” Loki asked.
“Yes,” he laughed at Loki’s theatrics. “You have my word that you and the girl will be free.”
“Okay,” Loki agreed, though you could see the clench in his jaw.
The Grandmaster clapped his hands in approval, a smile painting his face as he leant back in his chair. “Great.”
A hand on your shoulder pushes you down the small flight of steps. You stumble in the sandals they had put you in, Loki having to catch you before fell. Regaining your footing, you met his stoic gaze with your own, full of uncertainty, a pinch of fear.
A chaise lounge was brought forward, placed facing the Grandmaster. One of the servant girls came up behind you, fingers quickly unfastening the clasp at your shoulders and the mess dress fell to the floor, leaving you bare to the room. Loki shrugged away the hands of the man who tried to undress him, a cold glare sent his way. A green shimmer ran over him as Loki removed his clothes with his magic.
Though in a dire circumstance, Loki couldn’t help his reaction to the sight of your naked form before him. His cock stood proud against his abdominal muscles, the tip weeping in anticipation of being buried in your warm heat.
You took his offered hand, allowing him to guide you to the chaise. You laid back against it, your legs open enough for his to slip between them but closed enough to try and not flash everyone.
Just as Loki’s body naturally reacted to your body, yours reacted to his. You could feel the wetness coating your lower lips, readying you for him like your body had done many times before. Even in such a circumstance, you couldn’t help the tingles of excitement which ran throughout your body.
“Just focus on me,” Loki spoke in your native Asgardian tongue. He could sense your nerves, so in tune with your feelings. His voice was quiet enough that others couldn’t hear it, not wanting to give away the secret that you two knew each other.
“Make this quick,” you begged in a whisper.
Following your plea, Loki rested one hand on the arm of the chaise to brace himself while his other hand grasped his cock. Though he wanted to take his time with your sweet body, wanted to worship you in the ways you deserved, he knew that was not what you wanted. You didn’t care about enjoying this experience, you just wanted it to be over.
He ran the tip of his cock through your folds, slicking himself up with your wetness. Meeting your gaze, he lined himself up with your entrance and pushed his way in.
Your breath stuttered, gasping at the intrusion as your eyes fell shut. No matter how many times you welcomed him into your body, there was always a hint of pleasurable pain from his size. It was delicious, something you only welcomed from him. Loki could get away with a lot of things with you.
Your wet heat wrapped snuggly around him, pulling a deep moan from his chest as your walls squeezed him. Being surrounded by you was a feeling he could never tire of, something he would want to experience for the remainder of his days.
Still resting his hand on the arm of the chaise, he leaned down so his mouth was beside your ear. His warm breath tickling your neck sent shivers throughout your body and when his freehand moved to rub your clit, you moaned.
His hips thrusted into yours, the pace steady and strong. He knew how to get you to the edge quickly, just as he knew how to make the sensations last for hours. The vein on the underside of his cock rubbed perfectly against your walls, the angle of his thrusts allowing him to hit that spongy spot deep within you.
“Come on, my love,” he whispered in your ear, close enough to you that people would just think he’s kissing your neck. “I can feel you squeezing me, your end is near. Are you going to come from this, my love? Hm, so easy to please. I cannot wait to have you alone, to ravish you, to have you crying my name for hours to come, begging me to stop.”
The coil in your abdomen tightened, your nails digging into his back as your hips moved to meet his. You could feel the beginning warmth of your orgasm, ready to break and send a tide of pleasure throughout your body.
Loki’s thumb circled your clit and your eyes opened as the sharp volt of pleasure that ran down your spine. Your eyes met those of the Grandmaster, who sat watching as Loki thrusted into you. His chin rested on his hand, eyes dark as he watched you falling apart beneath the Asgardian prince. As you moved to turn your head to face Loki again, you could help but to see the Grandmaster palming his own erection.
“Cum,” Loki instructed.
The coil in your belly snapped and your orgasm shot through you. Your eyes clenched shut, head tilting back as a loud cry was ripped through your chest. Heat filled your body, your head cloudy as the tide washed through you.
Loki’s own moan filled your ear as his spend filled your still spasming walls.
By the time the fog has dissipated from your mind, the room is clapping. Cheers surrounding you as you both come down from your high.
With a grunt, Loki pulled himself from you. He waved his hand, a wave of green magic travelling over both of your bodies as clothes appear on the pair of you. He stands, offering you a hand and helping you to your feet.
“Marvellous,” the Grandmaster clapped. “You looked so beautiful together, I love being right.” His eyes ran over the green dress that hugged your body. “And look at you my dear, such finery adorning you now that you have bedded yourself a prince.”
“Well, only the best clothing for my wife,” Loki replied, smirking when the smile drops from the Grandmaster’s face.
“Wife?” he asked.
“This is Y/N Odinson, princess of Asgard, my wife,” Loki introduced with a smirk. “We hope you enjoyed the display just as much as the people of Asgard usually do.”
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just the way you look tonight.
Tumblr media
pairing ~ loki x f!reader
summary ~ maybe fairy tales aren’t just made of magic and flowing gowns in glittering ballrooms, maybe fairy tales aren’t made of something tangible, maybe they’re built from the feelings that you find when you realize you love someone, perhaps fairy tales aren’t just stories after all.
word count ~ 2.1k
warnings ~ fluff, so much of it, loki using his magic, mention of a bar (but not like super explicit ‘they started drinking alcohol’ type thing, could be water! apple juice! your pick!), reader wearing a dress, (if you don’t identify as female and do enjoy wearing dresses as well, this one is for you too!), let me know if i missed anything!
a/n ~ okay, i know i said i was working on a steve rogers thing to post before i post the second part of mr and mrs smith, BUT, this idea came into my brain and i just had to, i promise steve rogers is coming soon! but here is just a fluff bomb to hold you all over until then! dancing with loki is truly a thought that lives rent free in my brain, so i hope you all enjoy!
Tumblr media
“Do you ever miss it?” You asked, mindlessly typing away at your computer as you finished what felt like your thousandth report of the day. You were always glad when Loki came into your room to keep you company, even if he didn’t really say anything, regardless of his icy lineage, he radiated a certain type of warmth when he was with you that always seemed to make you feel a bit less tense.
He cocked an eyebrow as he turned from his book to look at you, “Miss what, exactly?”
“Asgard.” You replied, finally shutting your laptop.
He scoffed, “Not particularly, no” A small, nostalgic smile crept onto his features, as if he were mentally going through a scrapbook of his childhood memories.
“It just seems so…” You found yourself with a lack for words, opting to wave your hands dramatically around instead and hope he would understand what you meant.
He laughed again, closing his book and placing it on the arm of the chair, “I don’t think I quite understand” He smirked
“I don’t know” You sighed, trying your best to not sound too cliche, “Magical…?” oh yes, absolutely not cliche at all.
“Well…” his lips now pressed in a thin line, he sighed, “It was… In many instances, it really was.” He turned to look out your window, as if he were assessing the world outside, like the very question had him realizing just how un-enchanting your Midgard really was. “Before, everything, Thor and I were constantly at some sort of party or gala” He laughed softly to himself “And just as consistently, I was the one always dragging Thor back to his chambers”
You threw your head back as you laughed, imagining the young god with his brother slung over his shoulders, and as you returned your gaze to Loki, you could’ve sworn you spotted a light blush creep over his cheeks.
“My mother always insisted that I attend all of her events, though I’d always much rather stay in my room, but I- Well, I could never bring myself to say no to her”
“They couldn’t have been that horrible though… Right?” Maybe it was just your pathetically Earthly knowledge of fairy tale ballrooms and swirling gowns, and maybe you were just projecting your own childhood fantasies, but it never hurt to dream, right?
“No, not all of them, no… Some of them were actually, quite enjoyable.” He seemed shocked at his own reply, like he was realizing for the first time that there was a time when he wasn’t always seen as some evil trickster that everyone avoided, but as a prince.
A dreamy sigh slipped past your lips, it was hard not to feel like a romantic sap when he talked about Asgard. You had only seen pictures, but it almost felt like you could navigate around the palace on your own if you were given the chance, Loki didn’t ever talk much about his home planet, but when he did, the images that appeared in your mind as he told stories of his mother’s gardens and golden hallways were as clear as day. You often questioned if Loki had ever used some sort of magic to instill the vivid pictures in your brain, but if he did, you didn’t really mind.
Tumblr media
Welcome New SHIELD Recruits
7 pm Friday Night
Formal Dress Requested
~ Tony
“A little last-minute Tony…” You grumbled to yourself as you held the paper, staring into your closet as you attempted to think of something to wear for the event.
“Get the invitation?” A smooth voice asked, taking you from your thoughts,
Loki leaned on the door frame, his large silhouette illuminated from the light in the hallway. You noticed he was also holding the small card in his hands as well.
You held up the invitation, “No week is complete without him throwing some sort of party” you chuckled
“Will you be attending?” His gaze seemed to be stuck to a spot just behind your head, like he was afraid to look at you, you tried not to think too hard about it.
“If I ever find something to wear…”
Loki scoffed, and you looked at him questioningly, “You could truly wear anything and I am sure you’d look absolutely ravishing.”
While it seemed at first that this was just an offhand, throw-away compliment, when you turned to face him, his eyes held a certain shine to them, something genuine, like he wasn’t just saying that to say it. Maybe he really did mean it.
You felt yourself heat up a little at the thought.
A quiet “Thanks…” Was all you could manage to say without exhibiting the slight shake in your voice, when did you get so nervous around him? “How about you? I’m sure you have some magical closet for you to choose from”
“I’m afraid not” He laughed softly, rubbing his hand on the back of his neck. Taking a few steps to stand beside you, Loki joined you in front of your closet. He hummed, “It seems you’d be correct… You really don’t have anything to wear.”
You turned quickly to look at him and instantly knew he was up to no good. That sly, scheming smirk that you had only seen him wear whilst in the throes of his usual mischief was making an appearance, and you couldn’t tell if the butterflies in your stomach were born out of anxiety or another feeling entirely.
He suddenly grabbed an empty hanger, holding it out in front of you, “Well, there is one thing that may suffice…”
A green flash surrounded the two of you, and you simply could not hold back the childlike feeling of wonder that had your jaw dropping. Small, green starbursts circled the hanger, growing brighter as they fell to the ground. A shimmering emerald fabric was left in their wake, and when the sparks finally dissipated, you gasped.
It was beautiful, trimmed with glittering gold piping along the seams. The sheer sleeves appeared to billow on their own accord like something out of a fairy tale, all you needed was a prince.
“Loki- It’s gorgeous…” Your hand seemed to have a mind of its own as it reached out and felt the fabric, softly shifting it in between your fingers “Thank you, really”
A proud smile that threatened to split his face in two graced his lips, you couldn’t remember the last time he smiled so openly, and you smiled just as wide in return.
“Of course” He replied, gently hanging the garment in your closet, it seemed so out of place amongst the rest of your, by comparison, plain clothes. “So, I’ll see you tomorrow night?”
You found yourself trying to hide your warming face, afraid that your shy smile might give you away. Give what away exactly?- Oh.
“I’ll be there!” You replied, attempting to sound as casual as possible, though that little voice in the back of your head told you that this whole situation felt anything but casual.
He hummed in reply, leaving your room just as abruptly as he entered.
Although your feet were still glued to that same spot in front of your closet, you could have sworn you were floating.
Tumblr media
6:45 pm
You wondered where the time had gone as you gave one last appraisal to your outfit in the mirror before a soft knock on the door stopped you from your pacing thoughts. You smoothed the silky fabric once again and took a deep breath, finally turning the doorknob.
You didn’t even bother to hide your wandering eyes as they traveled up and down his form, even though you had seen him in similar all-black ensembles around the Tower occasionally, something about tonight just felt different.
“You look wonderful-”
The two of you laughed, and you cleared your throat “You look, really nice”
He held out his hand, “You look wonderful, my darling” You heard him take a deep breath, but there was no way he could possibly be as nervous as you were. “Shall we?”
You smiled, “We shall.”
Tumblr media
Your discussion was halted by Thor’s booming voice, Loki rolling his eyes as he assisted you down the stairs.
Thor all but galloped over to the two of you, almost making you lose your breath with the strength of him throwing his arms around the both of you.
“I thought you said you’d never come to one of Stark’s parties!” He stumbled a little, almost taking you down with him, you chuckled to yourself, the party had barely even begun and he was already breaking out the Asgardian Mead
Loki mumbled something to himself, quickly patting his brother on the back before pushing past him to lead you over to the bar. You shot Thor a quick smile over your shoulder before turning back to look at Loki. He seemed so flustered, there was a frantic energy behind his eyes as he dropped your hand, stumbling over his words as he ordered drinks.
You furrowed your brow, placing your hand on his shoulder, “Loki”
He whipped his head to turn to you, a strand of his dark hair falling into his face as he did, “Yes?” he almost seemed out of breath
“Thank you for taking me tonight.”
It felt as if your heart skipped a beat as you sensed him relax against your touch, his lips parted slightly as he let out a soft sigh. He placed his own hand atop yours, “It’s my pleasure”
“I know Thor said you would never-”
“That was a long time ago, and besides... If I hadn’t have come tonight, I wouldn’t be able to see you all dressed up for me” He winked, and suddenly the anxious man that stood before you seconds ago disappeared.
The two of you spent most of the evening like that, talking and laughing at each other’s jokes, sneaking timid glances at one another from behind your drinks. The heat of the occasional stares from your fellow teammates became easily ignorable the closer you two seemed to get, and when you two found yourselves swaying softly, hands entwined on the small dance floor, you could almost swear that there was not another soul in the Tower.
And maybe there wasn’t.
Maybe everyone had left you two, and judging by how dim the lights had become since you two had first started dancing, that was entirely possible. But you wouldn’t mind.
How could you think of anything, or anyone else, when Loki’s soft hands held you like you were the most precious, fragile thing he had ever held in his life. You could barely even think to breathe when you felt him begin to hum soft melodies in your ear. It was only in that moment when you realized the music had stopped.
A second thought came to you just as instantly, though you supposed it was more a feeling rather than a thought, but you embraced it all the same. Things didn’t just feel different tonight, they were different.
Loki only proved this fact to be true when he slowly pulled away from you, only to align himself with you again as his lips sought out your own.
His kiss was gentle, soft, it was everything you had imagined it would be, and though you couldn’t remember exactly when you started imagining this scenario, you were extremely thankful that Loki had apparently been thinking the same.
When he finally parted from you, the both of you breathless, you turned your head to look around you, and unsurprisingly, found that the two of you were indeed the only ones left.
Your comfortable silence was finally broken, “It seems we may have gotten carried away” Loki laughed quietly as the two of you continued to hold each other.
“It seems so” You replied, your voice sounding just the slightest bit muffled from being pressed up against him. “But I wouldn’t mind getting carried away more often…” And although you couldn’t see his face, you could almost feel him smirk.
You thought back to all the stories of golden palaces and ballrooms Loki had spun for you on occasion, and how they had never filled you with the feeling that bloomed in your chest now. While similar feelings of joy and wonder were still present, there was something else mixed in, something tangible, that made the light in your eyes shine a bit brighter than usual.
You remembered how badly you had wanted to visit Asgard, how you had once even begged Thor to take you, and how disappointed you were when Loki had talked you out of going, but now, in the almost silent ballroom, with only the sounds of laughter and happiness filling your ears, visiting the far off planet was the furthest thing from your mind.
You would stay in this ballroom forever as long as he kept looking at you like that.
And it seemed he had no intentions of stopping.
Tumblr media
thank you so so much for reading! i hope you enjoyed the heck out of this! want more loki! check out my masterlist !
feel free to drop me an ask if you have a request or just want to talk about all the nerdy things! i hope you are all doing so well! mwauh!
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wheredafandomat · 2 days ago
Fear & Desire ❤️‍🔥P1❤️‍🔥 The Party
Next chapter
Walking into the tower, you were greeted by the sound of loud music, laughter, glasses clinking and the familiar scent of expensive alcohol. You were surprisingly nervous. You’d been invited by the host himself yet you still felt like an outsider. You were an outsider. Just because you and them shared the same objective, it didn’t automatically mean you were all on the same team playing happy families. How could Tony possibly think you’d fit in here. They’re the Avengers and you’re just well you. Walking towards the bar, you were interrupted by someone handing you a drink.
“How did you know I was going to order this?” You said glancing at the glass with an amused smile.
“Porn star martini, come on y/n that has been your order for as long as I’ve known you. Come here, give me a hug” Tony said wrapping his arms around you “I’m glad you came.”
“Of course I came” you replied pulling away from the hug. “Don’t I always?”
Tony was about to say something else before being interrupted by someone else entering the conversation.
“Pleasure to meet you, I’m Ca-Rog- Steve, I’m Steve, you must be y/n, I’m a huge fan” He said smiling widely holding his hand out.
“A fan? Of me? Well, you’re one to talk. Captain America, pleasure to make your acquaintance” you said returning the hand shake.
“I’ve seen some of the things you’ve done y/n, you’re brilliant.”
“And beautiful. Hi, I’m James” said another man walking past Steve to shake your hand.
“Y/n. Lovely to meet you” you replied smiling and shaking his hand.
“Alright Bucky, stop gushing over the nice woman” Tony said watching you both shaking each others hands not breaking eye contact.
“Yeah Buck I’m sure we were both interrupting an important conversation” Steve said winking at Tony.
“What, was Tony about to ask me to marry him?” you laughed looking at the three men who didn’t seem amused. “Tony? You weren’t about to ask me to marry you were you?” You said a little more seriously.
“No” he replied simply “Long story short, I want you to join us.”
“This” he said gesturing to your surroundings
“Let me get this straight, you’ve invited me here in the hopes that I’ll join the avengers. You’re either drunk of you’re crazy.”
“Both” a man said walking towards the scene. “And anyways, what could you possibly have to offer?” He spat looking down at you.
“Loki” Tony warned but you had already made your mind up. Time to shine.
“Well, let me think” you said tapping your foot and placing a finger to your lips “years of experience working for S.H.I.E.L.D and training some of their best agents, working with MI6 along with various other special intelligence forces, I can disarm an iron man suit within seconds rendering it useless” you said looking to Tony “and I can pry answers out of the quietist of manic criminals.”
“And how could you possibly do that?” Loki questioned slightly intrigued.
“Do what?”
“Interrogate, you don’t seem intimidating at all.”
“Woman’s like a mind reader” Tony added
“I can’t read minds Stark” you laughed turning your attention to Tony
“Is that right, do we have a mind reader in our company?” Loki teased
“I’m not a mind reader, however, I do know that right now you’re imagining me wearing- oh” you said giving a small chuckle seeing the image of yourself in Loki’s mind.
Loki’s smug, confident demeanour completely disappeared hearing you, it had been replaced by mostly embarrassment. “How did she—”
“Fears, desires, they’re my thing” You said feeling proud. “Now tell me Loki, what is it you fear”
“Stop it” he ordered
“Sorry sorry” you laughed putting your hands up “it was a joke I’d never—”
“Do NOT try and ever delve into my mind again or you’ll regret it you dull creature” Loki growled stepping closer to you making you feel slightly intimidated before he stormed off.
“Well he seems nice” you said tapping your index and middle fingers on your thumb. It was something you did when you were feeling anxious, trying not to cry or scared. Right now you felt a tiny bit scared.
“Don’t mind Reindeer games, he’s all talk” Tony said glancing down at your hand before looking back at you and smiling.
“I apologise for his behaviour. Someone as gorgeous as yourself shouldn’t be spoken to so harshly” Bucky said grabbing the hand you were fiddling with.
“No need to apologise for him” you reassured placing your other hand over his hand that was holding yours.
“So, wanna join?” Tony asked breaking you and Bucky’s trance.
“Tony you can’t just spring this on me” you said retreating your hands.
“You don’t have to make any decisions today, just promise me you’ll think about it” He pleaded.
“Fine. I’ll think about it. No promises” You agreed.
“It would be nice to see more of you” Bucky added.
“Whatever” you laughed “someone get me another drink please.”
The rest of the night went great. You were reintroduced to some of the avengers who you’d met during your time at S.H.I.E.L.D and introduced to a few new faces.
“Hey Nat” you grinned hugging the redhead.
“Y/N, back for round two?” She replied lightly smacking your behind causing Steve to spit out his drink.
“Nat, not here, look you’re getting the boys worked up” you whisper shouted “I’ve got some new blades, two bats and a new friend that controls thunder if you wanna hit up Budapest and take out some bad guys again” you whispered in her ear.
“This is why I love you, I’ve missed you y/n” she said releasing you.
As the night progressed, you thought back to your encounter with Loki. How could that have been Thor’s brother? Thor was welcoming and kind and Loki was well just not. You didn’t know why or where he had stormed off too, but you didn’t see him for the rest of the night.
You played a few drunken games with the team before declaring yourself unfit to make decisions. You sat back and watched as they continued the drunken activities.
“You can stay here tonight” Tony said walking towards you.
“I don’t live far, thanks to someone I managed to snag one of the fancy apartments near here that suddenly came back on the market”
“Well that’s good” he smiled
“Thanks for that” you said returning his smile
“Stay y/n, you’re drunk and we conveniently have a spare bedroom”
“I haven’t made my mind up Stark. I don’t know if I’m joining the team”
Tumblr media
A/N: What we thinkinggg so farrr? 💚
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𝐏𝐨𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐒𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐝𝐮𝐥𝐞 (𝟏𝟗𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐨 𝟐𝟔𝐭𝐡 𝐎𝐜𝐭𝐨𝐛𝐞𝐫):
I'm still in bed with a fever so that's why I didn't post anything the last few days 😭 However, I've managed to do a bit of writing so here's the posting schedule for the next week (today until tuesday):
𝐋𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐀𝐧𝐝 𝐒𝐢𝐥𝐤 (𝐋𝐨𝐤𝐢 𝐱 𝐟𝐞𝐦𝐚𝐥𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫, 𝐬𝐦𝐮𝐭, 𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞, 𝐟𝐥𝐮𝐟𝐟)
𝐒𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐀𝐧𝐝 𝐒𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐬 (𝐋𝐨𝐤𝐢 𝐱 𝐟𝐞𝐦𝐚𝐥𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫, 𝐬𝐦𝐮𝐭, 𝐬𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐚𝐮, 𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞)
Stay tuned, lovelies! 🖤
Tumblr media
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bonky-n-steeb · 3 months ago
i think Loki needs a flower crown, so what if you made him one? Would he like it or not?
Thank you so much for this request! This made me soft.🥺 I hope you like this. Ily! 😘
the flower crown
𝙡𝙤𝙠𝙞 𝙭 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧
𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 || fluff and a little bit of angst.
this is not proofread :/
This gif is so 🥺🥺🥺
Tumblr media
It was the New Year’s Eve on Asgard. A new year of hope and happiness was about to come and everyone was rejoicing.
And unlike earth, one of the traditions on Asgard was to give gifts to the royal family. From the kings to the little princesses, the commoners gave little tokens of appreciation.
The maidens used to make jewellery from flowers for their princes while men used to offer their craftsmanship. This year was no different.
Almost all the members of the royal family were bestowed with gifts. At the end of the day Thor was covered in fragrant flowers while Odin and frigga had collected pots and metals. Everyone except Loki had some gift or the other.
After all the deeds he had done the previous year and after the fact that he was a frost giant was revealed; no one dared to give him anything. Some out of fear as to how he’d react, while the others refrained due to their outright hate towards him.
Loki always maintained a calm composure in front of others. He pretended in the court that the gifts from those peasants were beneath his level. That he didn’t need their appreciation, he was a god after all.
But beneath the cold exterior, his heart ached. He desperately wanted someone to give him anything; even a stone would mean a lot. And all this proving the very point he was fighting for: he wasn’t Thor’s equal.
As the night approached, the festivities all died down and he retreated back to his chamber. And all he hand in his hands was one delicate bracelet given to him by his own mother.
He would keep it safe and close to his heart. But the fact that no one else cared enough for him, made deep cuts.
“How was your day, my Prince?” You inquired as he entered his bed chambers. You were waiting for him there all day.
Being a servant, your duty was to keep his room the way he liked and cater to his whims. But Loki wasn’t like one expected him to be. He pretended to be arrogant but despite that he did things no one else would do.
He asked if you were okay on the days you were sick and gave you a day off. He asked if you’d had your lunch and he noticed little changes like when you trimmed your hair.
These were the things that people overlooked. Running after big things, people forgot how precious caring for someone so much that you noticed all the small details was. And you couldn’t stop your heart from falling for him.
“How would it be?” He asked incredulously. You could feel the disappointment radiate out of the Prince. He had nothing except for the beautiful bracelet clutched in his hands and you had an inkling who it was from.
“I have something for you.” Loki’s eyes shot over to you as you looked at him shyly. You didn’t know how he’d react; whether he’d be happy or whether he’d think it was childish.
“What?” What would you have for him? He noticed how your hands were behind your back as if you were hiding something. Your hands trembled a little as you brought them in front of you.
Loki’s eyes widened then watered as he saw what you were holding gently in your hand. A flower crown. “I… I made this for you.” You had spent the entire day collecting and then weaving the flowers in a delicate pattern.
Dahlias, daisies and carnations made the main portion of the crown, while hydrangeas were filling the remaining spaces. It was the most beautiful crown Loki had ever seen.
He quickly wiped off the tears in his eyes and cleared his throat. “Thank… thank you.” Loki said accepting the gift. You couldn’t believe the god of mischief just accepted your gift and thanked you.
But before you could say any further, he dismissed you with a flip of his hand. Nodding, you walked away, only to peek back into his room through the small slit in the door.
You wanted to see what he did with it. Did he throw it away? Did he mock it? Did he wear it? You stood with bated breath as he got up walked towards the mirror. He stared at the crown for some moments before finally placing it on his head.
You gave a small squeal as you saw him smile at the mirror. Loki was treating it as if the crown was made of gold. You know that no matter what how cold he appeared to be, this man had a heart of gold.
Loki finally allowed himself to cry when you were gone. The crown was truly one of the best things he’d received. He couldn’t believe you cared for him so much.
He couldn’t believe that after everything had happened, there was this one person, you, who thought he deserved happiness too. He didn’t feel so alone anymore.
He couldn’t ever tell you, but he loved you. Since the day you had entered his life, his life was much brighter. But you didn’t belong together.
He was a monster and you were the only good thing in his life. If you ever got together, he would taint you too. And he wouldn’t be able to live if he ever dimmed your light.
So he did what he knew best; he hid his feeling and saw you from afar. Hoping that one day, one fine day he’d finally have the courage to tell you the truth.
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chaashni · 19 days ago
Party In The USA
Tumblr media
When Thor and his parade crashes Vegas, you find yourself living out a few of your dirtiest desires.
A/n: Day 3!!! And this us Jotun! Loki based on the What if episode so this gonna be filthy and funny all at once!
I do not give permission for my works to be translated or reposted on any other blog or third party site.
Word count: 1.6K
Warnings: Smut, Jotun!Loki, Monsterfucking being reader's deepest desires, talks bout breeding( tho it usn't possible but we can connect on a spiritual level here) Thor makes an appearance and so does a monster tentacle dildo.
Kinktober day 3 prompts: Breeding kink+ Dirtiest/darkest desires+ Jotun!Loki
My fic library is @chaashnifics
What the ever-grand Fuck?
The chorus of Miley Cyrus's Party in the USA rang in the recess of your mind as you watched a hoard of people -people who looked like they were straight out of Sheldon's dream Halloween party- half robots, with weird tattoos, cybernautics, a ridiculous sense of fashion and mortifyingly bad hairstyles.
None of them were from this planet, that you were sure of. You had followed the projections breaking through the sky, even made a wish- which was something related to your boyfriend and him being chased by a parade of ostriches- ex boyfriend actually.
And then you realized they were people.
Your mind was whirring, terrifying images of what hollywood had led you to believe would be how an alien invasion turns out to be, infiltering your mind.
Till you reached the podium where there was a robed man- with a missing eye- who was trying to stop a party. You saw him get tossed into the air, beer bottles clicking and paint and foam spraying about as some blue-coloured-pointy-haired thing did a pretty bang up job with being DJ, the loudest, most obnoxious kind of party you had ever seen going in full swing.
You could use a free drink.
Three glasses of some kind of bewitched ale later, because you were never a drinker and never had you lasted two drinks without curling up on the floor and crying about that time when Luke and Lorelai broke up. Between the stress of work and the weird absence of a broken heart after a fresh breakup, you didn't care.
That was till those icicle monsters appeared.
When they first stepped in, you were about to scream. And then you saw the face of that one, the tallest guy with those chiseled abs, looking like he had been carved straight out of ice, the precision of his movements almost throwing you off.
That scream which you were about to give out stuck in your throat, your mouth hanging open and eyes comically wide.
The guy was so pretty.
What the fuck?
One random girl pushed a pink macaron in your mouth, and the macaron was on fire, but your mouth wasn't burning or anything. Edible fire.
At this point you would believe anything.
The tall blue giant and his legion of followers fist bumped with the long haired blonde, both of them booming ridiculously. Yet, you caught yourself swooning at each sentence the blue guy with those cheekbones was saying.
Something told you his words would be the smoothest honey over each of the cracks in your beaten heart.
Yeah of course, you knew your relationship was gonna meet a dead end. You weren't heartbroken. Just a little knocked up. And punched and bruised. Because you wasted a few opportunities to stay in with a guy who didn't appreciate you enough.
You were mad at yourself.
Something told you, Loki, brother from another mother of Mr.Blondeshine, would be very very appreciative of you. Even show you a very good time.
Oh God. What did these people give you?
The ten inch monster-tentacle dildo sitting in your bedside drawer flashed in your mind. No. You were perfectly alright.
The blue Prince looked at you. Looked down at you, because he was huge.
You were not fine anymore.
The sharp cut of his cheekbones, like they had been shaped out of glass by the most skilled of hands, perfected a million times. His eyes were a perfect pool of reflection of all the lights in Vegas, his lips and nose perfect too.
You tore your eyes away from his face, groaning when you looked at his hands as they casually flipped an empty canister. They were huge. And so so pretty.
You caught his eyes flicker towards you once more, and you could swear he licked his lips.
Or you were losing your mind.
You drifted to the other side of the party, somebody called Captain Marvel being a party pooper and you felt like you were drunk and floating in mist.
You felt like Alice, navigating through the chaos of Vegasland, the new wonderland.
You had sobered up a little, your movements still messy and hair flying astray. You throat was dry and your palms clammy, an ache in between your thighs.
Loki and his friends had just dismantled the high roller, his electrifying laugh and smooth words crackling through the air. Goosebumps flashed all over your skin and your panties were damp immediately as his horns shone under the lights, your fingers pins and needles to run through his abs.
Or fingers. Or cheekbones. Or lips. Anything would work.
Isn't he practically a monster?
Your late night fantasies of being held down by a being many times larger than you, horns pinning your palms to the bed with just the right amount of pain, or tail wrapping around your torso and keeping you bound to himself as he fucked you, all flashing in your mind. Your darkest desires which you had kept locked up in your drawer.
Loki didn't have a tail or a forked tongue. But he was pretty. He had a magnetizing laugh. The best cheekbones you had seen. Amazing abs. And he seemed like he could do wonders with his tongue.
Only God could help you.
You saw another arc cutting through the sky- Thor battling Captain Marvel.
Wasn't Thor supposed to be a god? No. He wouldn't be able to help you.
You kept walking, attempting to not get distracted by another group of karaoke people and actually make it home. To your dear beloved tentacle dildo, take out your frustrations.
"Do I see you leaving already?" A silky voice floated to your ears, a vein of seduction flowing underneath which had got your panties wetter. You looked up, blue legs peeking out of an aristocratic armour, defined abs calling out for you to rake your hands through them.
You were barely a little higher than his knees, the frost giant's arms causally resting on his hips as he smirked at you.
"Perhaps, you need another drink. Could that convince you to not take a leave?" He bent all the way down, a huge, icy finger curling under your chin and tilting your face upwards. "Could I convince you to stay?"
You wanted to kiss him.
You also wanted to suck his cock and touch his cheekbones.
You had flinched at the cold burn, not expecting him to feel so cold but as he touched you, the temperature went up, possibly your body neutralizing his.
Thank fuck.
No. You wouldn't mind a cold cock inside you. You loved temperature play.
What was wrong with you?
You watched on, mesmerized, panties dripping wet and thighs clenching as his lips lifted upwards from one side, the definition of his cheekbones enthralling to you. It took you a little too long to realize you hadn't responded yet, your mind playing out filthy scenarios of him fucking your tiny, wet pussy to actually answer.
"What do you say, little one? You are a very pretty midgardian and I have my friend Thor around who is attempting to get himself a woman. We could arrange ourselves a double date."
Your mouth widened.
This guy was talking about double dates while you were wondering if you could get his cock even halfway into your mouth. Were you that thirsty?
"Uhh-ummm," you stuttered, your face heating up as you fiddled with your fingers, Loki hand still on your face. He hesitated at your hesitation, retracting his hand but you clamped your fists around his fingers, blurting the first thing that came to your head.
"Kiss me."
While the people here would be remembering the Asgardian Party as a reference to how parties should be made, you would be referencing Loki's kiss as to how a girl is supposed to be kissed.
As you said the words, the frost giant knelt down, dipping his head low enough till his horns were clamping the side of the bridge on both sides of your body, his brilliant eyes twinkling as he pressed his lips to yours, a huge hand engulfing your waist and pulling you closer, his lips stealing the breath right off your lungs. His tongue teased yours, barely prodding inside and yet he dominated the kiss, crumbling all your inhibitions with one one swipe of his tongue against the hilt of your mouth.
"I take it the lady likes me?" Loki offered his hand to you, casually lifting you up and depositing you to a park, following you right after.
"Yeah, I do." You breathed, feeling a little spaced out after being kissed stupid. "I want more."
Whatever had gotten into you, had some fucking nerve. It was fucking fantastic.
This was how you ended up hoisted in the air, Loki's hand squeezing your sides gently as he helped you bounce on his cock, his knees bent and thighs jerking, groans and curses in a language you did not understand slipping put of his tongue.
"You're so tiny. So fragile. Delicate." He gritted out, your hands running down the cut of his abs as you cried and squirmed, opening your legs wider for him to take you. He was huge, his cock halfway in and you were seeing stars, your belly bulged from seeing him inside you.
"And yet, you're so eager to please. Even if it breaks you." He caught your lips in his, your hands curling around his horns which had him groaning in your mouth, his cock driving further into you.
"Stretching your little pussy so hard. So desperate to take me." He groaned into your mouth, catching your lips between his teeth and biting, pulling them forward letting them snap back, all slicked with his spit. He patted your tummy, groaning when he felt himself all the way there.
"Can feel myself all the way inside you. Tell me, pretty little Midgardian, has anybody ever been so deep inside you?"
You whimpered and shook your head in a no, his tongue delightfully trailing down your neck at his approval.
"Would you like me to leave my mark there? Mark it as my own, so you know nobody touches you the way I did?" He rams his cock further, stretching you further and circling his hips. You moaned at his words, tears spilling out of your eyes as you grabbed one of his fingers, putting them in your mouth.
"Should I leave my seed inside you? Breed you?" You knew it wouldn't be actual breeding on his part, given you both being two different species, yet the thought of being filled up with Loki's cum had you moaning. You gagged around his fingers, squirming before you cried out.
"Yes! Please. Use me. Breed me."
"I'll have to make you mine for that. Would you agree to a date if I load my cum inside you?"
You cried out, your eyes rolling to the back of your head as you reached down to grab the base of his cock, running a finger over his balls which had him falter on his knees, his hand crushing the wall behind you as he caught it to steady himself, his face contorted in the most beautiful way as he pumped you full, all of his load spilling inside you.
He didn't just fill you up, he coated your thighs and stomach with him too, his cum seeping out of your clit as he pulled out slowly, laying you on his lap.
"Do you feel alright, little one?"
You heaved, resting your face on his palm and nodding. He bent down and pressed his lips to your forehead in a gently kiss, your heart melting and healing, solidifying to a whole again.
"So when's the date?"
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patheticdarling · 3 months ago
Good Girl
   Summary: Loki has been rather enjoying his time in Sakaar for the past week or so. Attending all of the Grandmaster’s parties and good times. Men and women pine over him daily, Loki is the type to fuck and leave; no real attempt for connection. But then he meets someone rather intriguing, the Grandmaster’s “daughter.” 
   Warnings: SMUT/unprotected sex/oral sex (f receiving)/fingering/coarse language/slight degradation & praise/cum play/slight breeding kink/sort of rough sex/bondage/unprotected sex (please use protection when necessary)/soft dom! loki/use of pet names: my god, pet, darling, good girl, love etc. 
   Word Count: 2595
Tumblr media
    Loki sauntered through the crowds of party-goers. Bodies grinding against each other; the room smelling of sweat, pleasure, and sex. All scents that Loki had happily become accustomed to during his stay on Sakaar. After wooing the Grandmaster with not only his charm, Loki was now apart of every aspect of Sakaarian celebrations. 
   “You must be Loki,” a woman smirked at him as she sipped her wine, “The Grandmaster’s new toy.” 
   “Toy?” Loki nearly scoffed, “I’m nobody’s toy, love. Now if you’ll excuse me.” The lady rolled her eyes as Loki pushed by her. 
  He sat at the bar, looking over the sea of people. All of them the same, no real purpose in life but where they were now. Loki liked it but he also hated the idea of such a lack of spontaneity. 
   “You look like you could use a drink,” a voice pulled Loki from his apparently obvious sulking.
   Loki peered up, readying to rip into whoever was next to annoy him but was met with the soft smirk of a rather illuminating bartender, “I beg your pardon?” 
   She chuckled, “I just mean you don’t look like you’re having the most fun.” 
   Loki sighed, “Guess not.” 
   The bartender sighed before quickly pulling together a drink, sliding the glass over to Loki. His brows furrowed as he eyed the drink, “On the house,” she slid it closer, “Like I said, it looks like you could use one.” 
   This only increased Loki’s suspicions. Why would this seemingly random stranger offer him a free drink? He picked up the drink, giving it a suspicious sniff. 
   “Believe me, if I wanted to poison you, I would’ve done it much earlier,” she chuckled as she wiped up the bar, “Just drink the damn glass,” she pushed the glass to his lips, Loki having no choice but to take a swig. 
   The alcohol burned his throat, like normal, but there was a certain sweetness to it that made it pretty enjoyable, “It’s good,” he smiled. 
   “See, no poison,” she winked before going to help another party-goer. 
   Loki moved himself to be nearer to her, “How have I never spoke to you before? I’ve been to nearly all of the Grandmaster’s parties since my arrival.” 
   She shrugged, “Guess nobody really pays attention to the bartender who will flirt her heart out but never go home with a person here. Besides, people find the Grandmaster rather intimidating.” 
   “What would the Grandmaster have to do with-” 
   “Ah Loki!” the Grandmaster had drunkenly danced over, joining the girl behind the bar and throwing his arm around her neck, “I see you’ve met my girl, Y/N.” 
   “Your girl?” Loki questioned. 
   The woman chuckled, “Maybe I should start serving you water instead, Father.” 
   “Father?” Loki questioned again. 
   “Adopted,” she chuckled, “And not even really that.” 
   “Oh stop,” the Grandmaster hiccuped, “You’re my daughter, regardless of blood.” 
   “Whatever you say, you drunk,” the girl giggled. A group of partiers came over, beckoning the Grandmaster back. 
   “Duty calls,” he winked before placing a kiss on the girl’s head and charging back into the crowd. 
   “So you’re not adopted?” Loki questioned. 
   The girl chuckled as she fixed him another drink, “Not technically, no. Umm, my mother was one of the Grandmaster’s pleasure maids but when he first took her, she made it clear that I had to come with her. And I guess the Grandmaster wanted her so bad that he took me in just the same. Been living here practically all my life.” 
   “And now you’re also one of his pleasure maids?” 
   “Heavens no,” she shook her head in disgust, “That’s gross. Almost made me lose my lunch there,” they both chuckled, “He lets me bar-tend and it gives me something to do. Also keeps me from the repulsive dance floor.”  
   “Not a big fan of dancing, I take it,” Loki teased. 
  “It’s more the people on the dance floor that I find repulsive. Sure, a fun dance partner here and there is wonderful but sometimes a girl just wants to dance without having someone’s hands on her ass; man, woman, or whomever. Know what I mean?” 
   Loki smiled, nodding, “Completely understand.” 
   “So,” she leaned across the bar, sliding him another glass, “Seems only fitting I ask your name.” 
   “Loki Odinson or Laufeyson, I’m not really partial to either so Loki works best,” he smirked, his eyes wandering to her exposed chest, “And you, my dear, are?” 
   “Y/N,” she smiled, eyeing the God up and down, “So you know my story, care to share yours?” 
   “Mines a lot longer and far more complicated,” he chuckled. 
   She leaned over more, her breasts spilling further from her blouse, “I’ve got lots of free time and nowhere to be.” 
   Loki smiled, “To make the long story short, I’m also adopted, in a way. Unlike you, I got saddled with a rather loathsome family in the realm of Asgard. My adopted brother, Thor, God of Thunder and Getting on My Last Nerve,” she laughed, “And a new-found sister, Hela, Goddess of Death and- well, just genuinely terrifying overall.” 
   Y/N laughed, “And your parents?” 
   Loki’s smile fell a bit, “They passed. Both just recently.” 
   “Loki,” she sighed, putting her hand on his, “I’m so sorry.” 
   He smiled quickly, “I wasn’t exactly my father’s favourite, or second, or even third. And believe me, I returned the affection,” he joked, “But my mother she, well she was something truly special. She saw something in me that others, or even myself have yet to see.” 
   “She sounds lovely,” Y/N smiled. 
   “She was,” Loki sighed, “But anyway, that’s all there really is.” 
   “And now you’re here. On Sakaar.” 
   “And now I’m here. On Sakaar,” Loki repeated, “What about your mother? She still involved with the Grandmaster?” 
   “No,” Y/N shook her head, “She actually passed when I was a teenager, rather long ago here on Sakaar.” 
   “I’m terribly sorry,” Loki apologised, “I didn’t mean-” 
   She waved it off, “I chose to answer, did I not? Besides, it was a long time ago. Can’t bring her back, though I wish I could, so there’s no use dwelling on it.” 
   Loki sighed, “Families truly are complicated,” he finished off his drink.
   “Here, here,” she raised his empty glass before clearing, “But,” she chuckled, pointing over to the Grandmaster dancing atop one of the tables, “He’s not so bad.”
   Loki chuckled, “It’s very kind of him to not force you to be one of his pleasure-maids.” 
   “Suppose it is,” she answered, “He promised my mother.” 
   “Promised her to not make you a pleasure maid?” Loki asked. 
   “No,” she giggled. Y/N took note of how handsome the God looked as he threw his head back when he laughed, “Promised I could live here as long as...” her voice floated off as she put away Loki’s glass. 
   “As long as what Y/N?” he met her alluring gaze as they both leaned over the bar. 
   “As long as I was a good girl,” she whispered as they drew nearer. 
   Loki smirked, “And are you?” 
   “Am I what, Loki?” she whispered as her eyes began to flutter close. 
   “A good girl,” Loki answered. 
   She smirked a bit, “In certain situations, I suppose.” 
   Loki chuckled, “What sorts of situations?” 
   “Why don’t you come find out?” she teased. And before they knew it, they were locked in a tussle of teeth, tongue and lips. Both of them pulling grunts and moans from the other. 
   “You have a bed chamber we could go to?” Y/N asked as she pulled away for a quick moment. 
   Loki pulled her lip between his teeth, “Follow me,” he grabbed her hand and dragged her from the party through the corridors of the Grandmaster’s estate. Finally they landed in the suite that the Grandmaster had gifted Loki with. 
   Loki slamming the door closed before pinning her against it, their lips once again meeting in a flurry of passion. 
   “Fucking hell,” she moaned as Loki’s lips bit, sucked, and licked nearly every inch of skin from her lips to the skin her blouse exposed. 
   Loki’s chest heaved as he pulled away, admiring the love bites he had littered over the tops of her breasts. His eyes going dark before he tore her blouse completely off, the buttons scattering across the floor and a gasp leaving her mouth. 
   “Don’t worry,” Loki spoke between kisses, “We’ll get you a new one.” 
   “Forget about the bloody shirt,” she panted as she moved to undo her bra, “Just fuck me please.” 
   Loki let out a deep chuckle as he admired her now exposed breasts, “Patience, pet. Let me ravish this extravagant body of yours.” 
   She blushed fiercely as Loki continued his descent down her body, kissing along the hem of her skirt, “Take it off,” she groaned. 
   “With pleasure,” the God of Mischief smirked, “And while we’re at it,” Loki gave his fingers a quick snap and the two of them were now both standing bare and heaving in front of the other.
   “H-how did you do that?” she panted as Loki returned his lips to hers. 
   “Just a bit of magic,” he answered between kisses. She pulled away, giving him a confused look, “Did I not mention that I’m a god?” 
   “A god?” she raised her brow. 
   “God of Mischief, to be exact,” he smirked.
   She let out a nervous chuckle, “You’re serious?” Loki nodded, “I don’t think I believe you, Loki.”
   Loki smirked before giving his fingers another snap. Y/N now found herself on Loki’s bed, her hands bound to the head board and her ankles tied to the foot of the bed; leaving her splayed as Loki jerked his cock in front of her. Y/N had never seen someone has well-endowed as Loki was, he had the most perfect cock she’d ever seen. 
   “Believe me now?” he smirked down at her. 
   She nodded nervously, “Yes.” 
   “Good,” he smiled before returning to ravish in her body. Marking it all over before he was face-to-face with her dripping heat, “My, my, I must have quite the effect on you, darling.” 
   Y/N tugged against the bindings on her ankles, trying to close her legs and get a bit of friction, “Please,” she pleaded. 
   “Begging already?” Loki teased, “How pathetic of you.” His hands moved to the tops of her knees, spreading her legs even further, “But who am I to deny such a pretty little thing of such pleasure?” 
   Before she could muster another word, Loki’s mouth was already working on her. His tongue flicking against her clit as he carefully traced her tight quim with two of his fingers. She clenched around nothing as Loki brought her slowly to the edge. 
   “Please, Loki. I’m begging you,” she whimpered. 
   Loki let out a groan against her core, sending a shiver up her spine, “Since you asked so nicely.” And just like that, his mouth worked frivolously against her as he railed two of his fingers into, curling them to hit that soft spot deep inside her. Y/N let out a loud moan at his actions as her back arched from the bed.  
   “LOKI!” she cried as Loki brought her closer and closer to her precipice. 
   “I love hearing you cry out for me,” Loki grunted as he kissed back up her body, his fingers continuing their assault on her tightening cunt, “I can feel you squeezing my fingers. You going to cum, pet?”
   She nodded excitedly, “Yes, please God. Need to cum.” 
   Loki chuckled, “Sorry, love. But there’s only one god here who can help you,” he smirked before pulling his fingers from her. A small whimper left her lips at the loss of touch. 
   “W-what’re you doing-” Loki caught her off with a harsh kiss. 
   “Remember, patience, love,” Loki snapped his fingers once again, the bindings on her legs disappearing. She moved to rub her thighs together but Loki already had them in his grasp as he hiked one over her shoulder and let the other wrap around his hip. 
   Y/N could feel the tip of his painfully hard cock, brushing against her entrance as Loki gathered her pleasure onto himself. 
   Her nails dug into her wrists bindings as she attempted to buck her hips up to encourage Loki, “Just f-fuck me,” she whimpered. 
   Loki smirked down at the lust-filled girl, “Just know, I have no intentions of being gentle.” Before she could speak another word, Loki thrusted himself in to the hilt. Y/N let out a scream-like moan as he filled her. 
   “F-fuck, your cock is so...” she couldn’t find the words to describe the feeling as Loki began to slowly rock back and forth inside of her. 
   “Look at you,” Loki smirked, “Already cock drunk and I haven’t even begun to fuck you like I truly want.” 
   “Harder,” her words barely registered with Loki before he began to pound into her drenched cunt. Moans, grunts, skin slapping, and filthy squelching noises filled the room. Anyone walking by would have to be an idiot to not know what was happening in there. Or they must’ve thought Loki was torturing her to death, but I suppose in a way, he was. 
   Y/N’s eyes rolled into the back of head as Loki pushed himself further up her body, allowing himself to get even deeper inside her, “Fuck,” he grunted as he thrusted, “Can’t wait to fill this...bloody hell... tight cunt with my seed. Watch it drip out of you. And you’re going to love...shit... every second, aren’t you? Cause you’re a good girl. A good fucking cum slut.” 
   Her back arched off the bed at Loki’s degrading, “Fill me up. P-please, I need it so bad, Loki.” 
   He reached down to squeeze her jaw, forcing her to look at him, “I’m a god, pet. And you will address me as such. Now...fuck... who’s your god?” 
   “Y-you are,” she panted. 
   Loki began to pound into her even harder, if that was possible, “What was that, love? Didn’t quite catch-” 
   “FUCK! YOU ARE. YOU’RE MY GOD!” she scram as the knot in her stomach grew even tighter. 
   “That’s a good fucking girl,” Loki growled as he drilled into her, his balls tightening at the feeling of her wet cunt squeezing him as they both neared their highs. 
   “Cumming,” she whimpered, “LOKI! FUCK!” What felt like a bolt of lighting ripped through her whole body as she covered Loki’s cock in her orgasm. 
   “Fucking hell,” Loki groaned as his thrusts grew sloppy. The look on her face as he fucked her through the orgasm he had given her was enough to force him to paint the inside of her velvet walls completely. 
   Both of them stilled for a moment, attempting to regain their breathing. Loki thrusted a bit, fucking his cum further into her. 
   “My god,” she whimpered as he moved through her. 
   “Had to make sure you felt it all,” Loki sighed, both of them groaning as he finally pulled himself from her cunt. 
   Loki’s mouth practically watered at the sight of his cum dripping from her quim onto the silk sheets of his bed. He laid a kiss to her sweaty forehead before collapsing next to her. 
   “Guess I underestimated the power of a god,” Y/N chuckled breathlessly. 
   “Let’s hope you don’t make that mistake again,” Loki smiled as he kissed her softly. 
   “So this is going to happen again?” she smiled, a hint of nervousness in her fucked-out eyes. 
   Loki smirked before kissing her again, “I don’t think I could stay away from such a good girl.” 
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charnelhouse · 3 months ago
make it better
Tumblr media
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x F!Reader Wordcount: 1.7K Warnings: hate sex. soft loki at times. size kink ish. loki being very persuasive and seductive Summary: “You know there is another way we could warm you up.”
“Fuck you, Loki,” you spit - stalking away from him. 
“You should be so lucky, girl.” His eyes narrow to slits - the blue pulsing to darker ice. The kind that skims the top of a lake in the thick of winter. His tone is packed in snow. 
You ignore his remark. There is spite in your head - pumping to a drum beat you can’t shake. You hate him and now you are both stuck on a damn arctic planet. The wind howls outside the ship - whistling and morose - creating drafts through the new ragged tear decorating the hull.
Loki is pacing in front of you - his boots echoing with each hard step. 
“Thor will hear the distress signal,” he finally asserts. “He will come.”
“We are halfway across the galaxy,” you croak as actual panic begins to pulse behind your eyes. “It’ll take weeks. We are screwed.” You comb a shaky hand through your hair. You feel disjointed and faraway. “We’re going to die here.”
He crosses his arms over his chest - tracing the tip of his foot through the frost that’s now coating the floor of the ship. “Well - surely I won’t die,” he shrugs. “I’m Jotun...and immortal.”
“Fine,” You twist away from him. “Then I will and you can enjoy the company of my rotting corpse.”
There’s silence - bloated and sticky. He doesn’t laugh - doesn’t have a snide comment.
“I wouldn’t let you die,” he admits quietly - as if he’s embarrassed to do so. “Thor would have my head.”
You scoff. There’s another flood of frigid wind and you immediately wrap your arms around yourself. You’re so cold that your skeleton feels like glass - your body aching.
“Get away from there,” Loki admonishes - gripping your arm and yanking you back against him. You stumble and fall face first into the leather of his armor - getting the full sensation of his very rigid muscles. 
Stupid Fucking God Body. 
You push off of him. “You nearly tore my arm out of its socket.”
“Apologies. You just have weak little bones.”
“Bite me.”
He steps forward - his lips peeling back into a brazen grin. “Gladly.”
His voice trawls through your ribs, wrapping around the curvature of your spine, oozing through your joints. 
You gulp - loudly - and his grin widens, nearly taking up half of his face.
“I’m-I’m going to bed.”
“Would you like me to join you?”
The tension grows - absolutely radiating through the small sphere of the ship. It doesn’t help that Loki has only become nicer. He’s worried about you. He’s worried about the cold and the way it has steadily crawled through the hull - frosting most of the main areas in ice. He’s blocked off a room - piled up blankets and furniture as he builds tiny flames with his magic.
Your teeth chatter in your mouth and you nearly bite your tongue in two.
Loki grimaces.
“Thor will be here soon,” he assures you. He’s spread out on the floor - his long legs taking up nearly half the space. He looks incredibly handsome and you avert your gaze - preferring to die staring at the boring white wall.
“You know there is another way we could warm you up,” he declares - spreading his hand across his stomach. You turn back to him and he wiggles his eyebrows. 
“Your skin is cold,” you argue. 
“Yes, but the act itself will be very strenuous. We’ll be sweating in no time at all.”
You blink at him. There’s heat inside you - steadily slipping towards your cunt. It isn’t the worst idea, but it’s also Loki. 
It’s not that he isn’t handsome or probably great in bed. You bet it would be a little kinky - a little weird - and he’d probably shove your knees to your ears and -
It was still Loki. 
He stands up abruptly and you jerk - shifting clumsily back on your ass. He strides toward you - the tall, lean mass of him - intimidating and purposeful. He corners you against the wall, stroking a knuckle down your cheek before he catches your chin. “You don’t have to think too hard about it, lamb. I’ll make it good.”
His touch is so soft that it unnerves you. 
“I hate you, though,” you grit as you let him feel between your legs - his swift fingers cupping your clothed cunt. He drags his thumb along the seam - pressing it urgently to the peak of your clit. He knows where it is - feeling around until you lurch against him. 
“Do you?” he asks - his lips quirking into a smug, almost cruel smirk. “I hope you do, little one. It makes the sex much better.”
You gape at him. “I-I don’t - no - we can’t.”
He arches a well-shaped brow - his expression veering nearly into boredom. “Why not? You want me.” He drops his head - nosing along the curve of your cheek. You shove him back and his features twist into something even more suggestive if possible. “I can smell you, you know. I watch you squeeze those pretty thighs together every time I get close.”
“I don’t,” you protest weakly. Liquid-heat burns low at the center of you - flickering in the cradle of your hips and Loki’s breath strips your skin. Cool. Untouchable. Unyielding Loki.
“You want me to lick your cunt? Is that it?” He tangles a hand into your hair and pulls you forward - craning your neck sharply. There isn’t a smidge of space between you. “Darling girl - would that make it better? Call you sweet names? Eat you until you flood my mouth?”
You don’t know if he’s messing with you. He’s underhanded - fucking mischievous - and you are melting for it. Your blood is thrumming - rushing - inside the shell of your skin. He had found you out - he had weaseled his way into the thick of your deepest, darkest desires and ripped them from you.
He pauses - his brow wrinkling as he regards you with weary eyes. When he speaks, it’s with intent. “I won’t take you if you don’t want it. I would never do such a thing.”
“How gallant of you.”
He slides against you - the bulge in his trousers spearing into the crease between your leg and hip. “Not gallant, darling. I just don’t have to force anyone into my bed.”
“You’re very persuasive.”
“They don’t call me Silvertongue for nothing.”
He cradles your face - thumb sweeping over the apple of your cheek. He increases the pressure to something fierce. “I would like to help you.”
“I’m not a charity case.”
He rolls his eyes. “Must you be so damn stubborn? I am telling you quite plainly that I desire you and that I want to give you pleasure - which would be far more fun than me wrapping you in a blanket and roasting you over a fire like a boar.”
“Did you just call me a -”
He growls before lunging forward - crushing his lips to yours. His tongue is sweet and his mouth shockingly warm as he kisses you hungrily. 
“Loki,” you gasp as he eases inside you. He’s thick and each inch feels as if he’s splitting you open. He hitches your thighs higher around his waist. His dark hair tickles your forehead as he tries to part you further with the careful rut of his pelvis. 
“You’re - fuck - you’re very fucking tight,” he hisses as he bears his weight above you. His forearms frame your face and you rise up to kiss him again. He returns it enthusiastically - humming with contentment and it makes you burn.
He slides a hand down your belly before he nudges his thumb over your clit. He strokes you in tiny circles - pinching the bundle of nerves - making you buck beneath him. “C’mon love,” he urges. “Just getting you a little wetter.”
You feel wet already. You feel fucking soaked and you thought he’d be frigid - cold as ice - but his cock is stretching you fully - shooting flame through your skin with each short stroke. 
He tilts his hips - drawing his cock out - head catching on your hole before he stuffs himself back in. He drives forward - burying himself to the hilt and you shudder - pant - a scream caught in your throat. “That’s it,” Loki coos. “That’s it, little lamb. Taking my cock so well.”
“Fuck,” you hiss as he angles your pelvis so he can punch up against your sweet spot. He pins your wrists above your head - hips snapping - the loud wet-suck of your walls swallowing him over and over again. Pleasure swells in your gut - your lower muscles clamping down - gripping every ridge and vein along his length. 
He’s murmuring in your ear - soft mouth sounds that dip and bend and make you shatter around him. You cry - real fucking tears - that he fucking loves because he licks them away - picking up his brutal, unforgiving pace. He grunts as you dig your nails into his ass and force him deeper. The room vibrates with the slap of skin and your frantic pleas.
It’s so much. It’s so so much. 
You’re breaking apart on his cock and he presses his open mouth to yours - stealing your air as he groans: “Fuck - you lovely girl. You’re strangling my cock.”
You whimper like something torn to shreds - frayed - the tightness of your knot beginning to unwind to a thousand strings. More sweetness streaks through you - flooding your bones and blood and you cum - violently - brilliantly. 
“Loki,” you sob. “Fuck - oh my god.”
He stops - easing himself out of your gaping pussy before flipping you onto your belly. He yanks your ass up and thrusts himself back inside you - his groin jamming up against your tailbone. There’s the shameless slippery squelch of your cunt taking him so easily. His voice is ragged as he grips your hips - bruising the skin while he trails his tongue along the ridge of your spine. 
He pushes his hand between your legs - petting at your folds - your clit. You hear your name - muffled but growing louder. You hear it again. It’s panicked this time - anxious. Another soft-climax rushes through your system - making you cry out. 
There’s the shout of your name - again.
“I’m here,” you whisper. “I’m here, Loki.”
“What?” Loki asks. 
The door swings open and Thor rushes inside - your name once more falling from his lips before dying on the letter. He’s frozen - Stormbreaker in hand and ready for battle. His brow pinches in momentary confusion as if everything is jumbled - the sight before him probably the same consistency of a fever-dream.
He blinks rapidly before he actually registers that his brother has you on all fours - his cock buried balls deep.
“I-I heard you scream-”
“Oh my god, Thor,” you hiss -trying to cover yourself. “Don’t look.”
“Well - of course she was screaming,” Loki snaps. “I’m that good.”
“It sounded like she was in pain!”
“Obviously - she’s fine,” he drawls - smoothing his hand across the swell of your ass. “Now - get out.”
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angelkhi · a month ago
Jealousy, Jealousy - L.L
Pairing: Priest!Loki x Reader
Summary: You turn to anonymous confession at your local church to help solve your problems, though the priests solution seems far from holy.
Warnings: SMUT 18+, both Loki & reader are kind of switches???., handjob, blasphemy, language obvs, oral (f), dirty talk?, cum play?, overstimulation, crying?, some mentions of loneliness, squirting?
Word count: 2.6k
A little note: Fleabag ruined me! anyways, here's some sins in the confessional <3 As always sorry for any typos, and let me know if I miss any warnings!
Tumblr media
The whole religious lifestyle had never really been your thing, even your presence beneath the looming arches and holy paintings felt sacrilegious. You're not entirely sure what you're doing there, what drove you to believe a confessional booth would solve the many problems in your life, but here you are.
The building is magnificent, dark wooden beams running up the walls and crossing along the grand white ceilings. A pipe organ adorns a large section of the left hand wall, surrounded by four aisles of wooden pews. The alter is surrounded by a large stain glass window, a large cross at the centre, behind the pure stone communion table. Though you had little knowledge or desire for the religion itself, you can't deny the sheer beauty of the place.
"Can I help you?" The voice echos about the vast space, startling you from your spot to turn and look at the culprit. He's a tall man, loose dark curls, mossy green eyes, clerical collar; he was singlehandedly both the most holy and sinful thing you'd witness in your lifetime. He was also by the looks of things, a priest.
"I uh, wanted to- confession. I've come to confession." The words are quite the opposite of elegant and you blame it on the way he squares his already broad shoulders, the lean muscles on his chest pushing against the cotton black shirt.
"Of course. Come." Yes father. "I'm Father Laufeyson, but if it makes me easier you can call me Loki." He offers out a hand for you to shake, which you gladly accept offering a small smile in the process. His skin is soft, warm and inviting, so much so you're not sure how you managed to drop his hand. His eyes linger for a moment, something not quite sacred or holy within them but you brush it off, and allow him to guide you to a secluded corner of the church where two little cubby holes are separated by two ancient wooden doors.
He pulls one open and gestures for you to step inside, shutting it behind you with a dull thud. A gentleman, you think to yourself. But those eyes. There's something in them. Father Laufeyson's door thuds shut some seconds later and a comfortable silence falls over the two of you.
"I've never really done this before," you speak lightly, "I'm not sure where to even start."
"I'll guide you, don't worry. Repeat after me, 'Bless me Father, for I have sinned, this is my first confession'," He waits for you to repeat after him and continues, "Tell me your sins."
Maybe it's it's voice, the mighty boom of respect with slightly sensual undertones that has your thighs rubbing together, sexual thoughts about a priest, whilst in a church, a sin in itself. You force your brain to settle, the thoughts to subside and will a strength to your voice before you divulge.
"I'm not sure why I'm here, maybe cause it's cheaper than therapy, I don't know," you pause, silently kicking yourself until you hear his breathy laugh, lacking no sort of grace, a hymn in its own right.
"Go on, I won't judge anything you say." You can hear the smile in his voice as he goes on to say, "Scouts honour,"
It's your turn to laugh now as you relax more into the decrepit wooden bench that creaks if you so much as breath a little too loud. The silence is both comforting and deafening, knowing that the second you start talking all you'll want to hear is that silence.
"I'm jealous, of my friends, of everyone. They're all falling in love and I'm alone. And I guess I'm jealous of them." You pause for a moment, mulling over your thoughts and how to best speak them to a fucking priest of all people.
"Go on." Those two little words of encouragement, especially from his mouth, is like turning on a tap and you're unable to control yourself as your words spill out.
"They're all off going out, having fun,  meeting new people, finding guys that are actually interested in them and having mind blowing sex which I know is... a lot of sinning but maybe... maybe I want to sin too."
"Then sin."
"Excuse me?" His words take you aback, the sheer bluntness of his tone.
"The only way to recognise good is to know bad, so sin. Sin til your hearts content, as long as you confess, God will always forgive your sins." Father Laufeyson speaks some wisdom to you, even if you roll your eyes at the religious part, but what do you expect, he's a priest after all.
"Isn't that kind of against your job description? Telling me to sin? And regardless. I wouldn't know where to even start."
"Maybe so, but you need my help and I'm offering it to you," His breath is deep and contemplative, gripping a tight leash on his control, "Come here."
Once again you're startled, not by his words but by the tone. By the sensual command that has you on your feet and wandering to his side of the confessional booth, the two of you in the tiny space leaning no room for personal space.
"Is this allowed?"
"I wouldn't say so no. Only if you want it." Lust. That look in his eyes, the one from earlier, it was a moment unbridled, pure lust. He was offering himself to you like some sort of sin shrouded communion.
You do. You want it so bad you'll be confessing til the day you die, but you also have no self control so you let him guide you to his lap and take a seat across his firm thighs.
"I need to hear you say you want it, kitten." He almost purrs against your ear, and it's impossible to uphold your morals and say no.
"I want it, Father. Please."
His kiss is searing hot, a secure hand on the small of your back making sure you have nowhere to move as he grinds up against you, the small amount of friction leaving you whimpering like the desperate, touch starved slut you are.
Loki's hands leave you only to undo the top few buttons on his shirt and remove his clerical collar. Father Laufeyson's shirt is unbuttoned, collar discarded, the tiny glimpse of his chest eggs you on further, your hips moving rhythmically over the rough material of his trousers bringing yourself more pleasure than you'd like to admit.
The button on his trousers pops open easily and they're loose enough for you to palm his dick out of his boxer briefs. Loki sucks in a cheerful of air when your fingers circle him, squeezing his base a little and thumbing at his slit, oozing with pre cum. He was putty in your hands from the moment you touched him, but to undo him completely, my god would it be beautiful.
"Fuck kitten, you feel so good," He groans right into your ear, his words going straight to your core.
Loki is writhing beneath you, panting breathy moans into your ear, his hips thrusting up into your hand, using you to get himself off.
"Good boy, Father. Fuck my fist, c'mon," Loki's mouth opens wide, the sound getting stuck in his throat, "You like it when I tell you how good you're being for me?" A nod and hum are all he can muster, but you don't mind. Breaking him down to this, having him under your control with only your fist is an achievement.
His cock is red and weeping, begging for release, his mouth finding any piece of exposed skin to mark you as his, your shoulder, neck, and chest covered in deep red bruises. He's muttering constantly, begging, rattling off please into your skin.
You find his lips once more, unable to keep quiet as you bring yourself closer to release, his hand on your hip rocking you at a steady pace.
"Kitten, please. Darling, c'mon."
The priests own guttural whimpers are enough to finish you there and then. You'd give anything to have that spent look in his eyes be the only thing you see for the rest of your life, the way his face crumbles with the pleasure, the way he pants and writhes.
His pleasure is the most important thing in that moment, you want him broken beneath you spilling on your hand, completely succumbed to your touch and my god is he close.
"Fucking shit, I'm so close darling, so close. Don't stop." He begs. The six foot something, broad shouldered man succumbed to nothing by just the grip of your hand. Your grin is feral when he moans loudly into your ear, especially when he blushes for making it so disgustingly obvious what the two of you are up to, even if the church is empty.
Father Laufeyson's hips lift from the creaking bench, fucking up into your hand, using you to chase his orgasm until his chest is heaving and he's shooting rope after rope of hot cum onto your hand, forcing you to swallow his moans as he kisses you, his tongue pushing into your mouth claiming you just as much as you claim him.
You pull away when your lungs start to burn from the lack of air, his hips jerking into the few extra pumps you deliver to him, until he's wining for you to stop. You lock eyes with him, the mossy bright green even darker than they were some moments ago, a sensual haze washing over him as you bring your hand to your mouth, licking up his seed from your skin until there's nothing left.
Both your ragged breathes are the only sound in the church, the only sound that you care about. His thumb swipes over your bottom lip and you're on him in a flash, sucking his thumb into your mouth, swirling your tongue around it until he pulls it free and mutters fuck it under his breath.
Loki is on his knees in a heartbeat, his hands frantic as he undoes your jeans, pulling them off, sparing your soaked panties instead pushing them to the side. He's reckless from the first taste, eating your cunt like its his first meal in months. He's an expert, the way he nuzzles his face into you, fucking you with his tongue whilst his broad nose stimulates your clit.
Your hand is locked around your mouth, muffling the borderline screams that are near impossible to keep at bay. You're practically biting down on your skin, the lingering taste of his cum making you impossibly wetter.
He comes up for air, sucking bruises onto your thighs, his hands spreading you wider, lifting one of your legs over his bread shoulder. Loki pulls your destroyed panties down, stuffing them into your mouth to quiet your moans, leaning your hands free to roam his hair and shoulders.
"All spread open for me kitten, my god you're fucking gorgeous." He blows a strip of cold air against your wet folds, "I'm gonna ruin this cunt. Shit you're fuckin' delectable, what did I do to deserve this?"
He doesn't wait for an answer, nuzzling his head between your legs. Father Laufeyson's fingers dig into your thighs, his tongue circling your clit lightly followed by his lips closing around it, sucking with a perfect pressure that has your hips grinding onto his face.
He wastes no time, slipping two of his slim fingers into your soaked hole and you swallow him up with ease. Loki hits spots you didn't know existed with his curled digits, massaging your soft walls over and over til your legs are like jelly.
"Father, fuck, m'so close." Your voice is muffled against the wet fabric in your mouth and he reaches up to pull it free, allowing you to talk.
"Beg for it,"
Lord have fucking mercy.
"Father Laufeyson, please I need it so bad. Need to cum around your fingers, on your face. Wanna watch you eat my cunt till I cum. Father please."
He'd soon find out if hell was warm putting on such a display, here of all places and it seemed you'd be joining him, your filthy words only intensifying his actions. Your panties are back in your mouth and with good reason. He sucks on your clit as though his life depends on it, the sheer amount of pressure making for an intense orgasm. 
Your writhing on that same bench he was just moments before, creaming around his fingers that he continues to fuck into you at a such bruising pace, you're unsure if your legs will even carry you out of the booth.
"Want a special one, Kitten. Can you do that for me? Can you squirt on my face?"
You'd never done it before, not by your own accord or anyone else's yet you're still nodding at his request, each sound dampened by the lace and cotton between your teeth. You'd go to hell and back if he asked you at this point.
He reapplies that same pressure with his mouth, swirling his tongue under the head of your clit, the feeling in your lower abdomen familiar yet strange. It soon turns into an overwhelming urge to pee until he pushes you even beyond that, his fingers and tongue unforgiving, seeking what he wants no matter the repercussions.
The sensation is so intensely good and overwhelming you can't help but cry, both in frustration and pleasure. You're almost sobbing as he fucks up into your spent pussy. When Father Laufeyson looks up to see the tears on your cheeks, your eyes almost as wet as your pussy he works with no mercy, desperate to catch your release.
Two more pumps from his slender digits and flick of his sinfully skilled tongue have you gushing, your legs tensing and relaxing in spasms of pleasure. He's unrelenting as he licks up every last drop, not stopping until you're shoving him away from you, the feeling too overwhelming. His cheeks and chin glisten with your juices and he's grinning like a madman, his eyes transfixed between your weeping eyes and spent cunt. He's sure he's going to hell after that display but if this is what hell is like, he doesn't mind. Not one bit.
Loki kisses both of your cheeks, and then your lips and you taste yourself and the saltiness of your never ending stream of tears. Oh how the tables had turned, the cocky bastard that was grinning against your lips was sat exactly where you are begging for his own release, and now look at him. The cat that got the cream. He hoists you up, just enough that he can put you on his lap, straddling his half hard, clothed cock.
"You're perfect. Never tasted a pussy like yours, gonna have to keep you all myself from now on." He grinds up into you once, laughing quietly at just how sensitive you are.
"Bet none of your friends can say they've fucked a priest." He pokes. You're half way to offended by his brash words in such a sacred space until you consider your current position, him between your legs, half hard cock pressed up against your weeping pussy, in a dark confessional booth, oh and the fact you just let a priest give you head in church.
"Technically, neither can I Father." You taunt.
"Not for long, kitten."
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Ok but like.. Soulmate at with Loki? That would be wjsoaou4mru.
HII!! No problem! Here you go and I hope you like it! 💚
*Requests are open!*
Pairing: Loki x Fem! Reader
Word count: 1311
Summary: Loki arrives to the Stark tower, nearly a month after the 2012 events, and he sees you again, the one that made time stop around him.
Warnings: Dubious concent.
(The gif is not mine)
Tumblr media
You're mine, period.
“If it’s all the same to you, I’ll have that drink now” he joked defeated, staring at the moving shadow that jumped out the window seconds before literally kicking his ass against the floor.
What in the nine realms was that?
Could they have any idea? Unlikely.
He thought to himself watching Thor as he slid a pair of handcuffs on his wrists, sealing them tight.
A month passed after that.
The memory of the cloud of smoke that had left him in that weary state haunted him, to the point of believing he had seen a face in the stormy image.
But it wasn’t the only thing that bothered him. The avengers, who had grudgingly received him back in the remodeled tower, treated him with hostility, it wasn’t that he was very nice either, but the constant thought of the smoky vision calmed him somehow.
“Reindeer games, your ass on deck, now” Tony’s voice resounded through the speakers hidden in his room. He stirred in the green silky sheets of his bed; a groan escaped his throat as he set his book down.
Reluctantly, he got out of bed and headed down the stairs to the common wing, where Nat, Capitan, Thor, and Tony watched a black cloud float in different directions above them. Loki froze, watching the fluidity of their movements and landing in the middle of the group could only think of one thing, That damn cloud!
Enraged and summoning one of his daggers, he stepped forward to harm whoever was behind the surprise attack that day.
However, the air around him immediately became lighter, he felt as if he was breathing for the first time in a long time, his dagger disappeared, his heart was pounding against his bones, to the point that the palpitations rose to his head. He felt warm, relaxed. The looks of contempt that the group gave him didn’t affect him in the least, not when he was in front of that person.
“Her name is Y/N, and she’ll be the new member of our group, under the code name of Cloud 9” Cap announced patting your back, “Were the numbers one to eight occupied?” Loki taunted, earning a disapproval look from the group, but you laughed.
“You must be Loki, I’m so sorry for what happened that day, I didn’t wanted to hurt you that much, just neutralize you…It got out of hand” you walked up to him, your apology didn’t made him speak back, “You look okay to me, but are you hurting somewhere?” Threads of smoke emanated from your fingers that dissipated in the air, immediately Loki assimilated the image to how water evaporates at the end of a waterfall, it had the same movement.
“I can make it better, not fix it though, but I’ll try my best” you said with a smile that soon was wiped out by a slap.
The whole room erupted in protests, as Tony rushed to get you away from him, “What the hell is wrong with you?!” Tony shouted, why did he do that? Your hand went straight to your cheek, caressing the warm spot.
What is wrong with me?
I need her the furthest away from me.
“Brother, come with me” It was easy for Thor to get Loki out of the room, he didn't put up much resistance, which was very strange to him. "Could it be? Brother, tell me what you see" Loki looked up, "So are you really blonde, or did you ask mother to dye those roots for you?” he side smiled, Thor couldn’t stop himself from hugging him as tight as he could.
“Loki this is fantastic, you have to tell her now!” but how? ‘Hey, you and I are meant to be?’ no, that would scare her away.
“Wait, but why did you hit her?” the blonde asked, Loki shrugged, looking down at his hand, “I panicked” he confessed, never in his long life had ever shared something like that with his brother, which made Thor very internally happy.
“Apologize when things calm down, alright?” Loki nodded, still very confused.
Weeks passed, Loki still didn’t apologize and he tried to avoid you as much as he could, but he said that the universe was playing a bad joke on him, wherever he went he ran into you, the feeling of warmth inside him burned him, it put him in a very bad mood and unfortunately you spent being the first recipient of his mood.
Until one day he did the unthinkable.
The group was about to have a meeting, and even tough every member was present, you weren’t, and neither was Loki.
In the hallway, Loki ambushed you, the small cry of surprise you gave was soon drowned when he covered your mouth with his hand and teleported with you to his room.
Your back slammed into the wall, his breathing was ragged and he could barely keep a grip on your waist, his head fell over the curve of your neck.
It’s wet. You thought looking down on his raven locks falling onto your neck’s exposed skin.
“Loki?” you broke the silence, the sweetness in your voice despite how scared you were hit him hard.
He didn't say anything, but you felt his lips against your collarbone and up your neck. "Loki wait" his grip on your wrists became much stronger, and little could you move with his hips pushing yours against the wall. "Loki stop" you begged, but his mouth caught yours and neither could stop. Suddenly you did not want to fight against him, against that feeling of belonging that he gave you with each movement, it just felt right.
“I’m sorry” he breathed, leaving you feeling the cold of the absence of his body warmth.
“Thor told me in Asgard you guys don’t see colors until you meet ‘the one’, and told me you saw them when we met” Loki was too caught up in your gaze to feel angry with his brother, instead he backed up until the back of his knees hit the bed and lazily sat on top of the messy sheets.
“We have something similar, time sort of stops around us and our partner, and I was so happy because I’ve finally found my one, you”.
You walked towards him, which allowed him to have access to pull your legs to get you closer to him, your hands fell to the sides of his face, caressing his raised cheekbones and the gray lines on his nose that had resided from what happened in New York.
“I don’t know why I did it, I was scared, this is new to me” he melted against your touch, but he wanted more, so pulling your legs again, he made you fall into his lap, nuzzling his face against your neck.
“I didn’t mind anyways, thanks for letting me know though” you placed a kiss on his forehead, “Will you let me conquer your heart, Y/N?” you giggled, “You’re welcome to try, mon soleil*, it’s not like there’s anyone else anyway” he shook his head, kissing and nibbling on your skin, “You’re mine, period” you smiled, that void in your heart feeling so full in his arms.
“Only if you’re mine as well” you booped his nose, “Of course darling” he didn’t even hesitate on his response.
“Adaline and Ellis, come on we have a meeting” Tony’s voice stopped you both from kissing again, “I love that movie” you whispered against his lips before connecting them again.
“Let’s go” He did not care where you went, he wanted to be there with you, and he took an hour and a half of sermon by the captain, and then caught you in his arms again and took you to his room.
"Mine" he murmured before falling asleep, with you stroking his hair.
*Mon soleil: My sun
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give-me-a-moose · 26 days ago
No Touchies
Fandom: The Avengers/MCU
Relationship: Loki/Fem!Reader
Words: 2,890
Summary: What only met one prince in the royal gardens? (AU/Not Canon)
Notes: ....It’s a Jotun!Loki fic....Obviously, I was inspired by What If Episode 7. Blame @mollygetssherlockcoffee for giving me ideas when I was susceptible and encouraging me. Thanks to Molly and @tom-whore-dleston​ for beta reading!
By Hook or By Crook Masterlist
Tumblr media
You huffed a sigh as you looked out the window. The garden was right outside. Your mother always forbade you from entering the royal garden, but the flowers were so colorful and you could smell them from the window. You looked back at your mother, who was so deep in conversation that she probably would not notice if you were to sneak outside. Just for a few moments. 
You silently snuck out through the window and ran into the garden before anyone could stop you. You ran through the flowers and stopped only when you were sure your mother wasn’t chasing you. With a soft giggle you looked around and admired the pretty flowers. Only the royals were supposed to have access to it. You knew you were breaking the rules, but you were too happy to care….
This should be a familiar opening to a story you’ve heard before. Normally at this point, a certain, young trickster god would find you and that would be the beginning of your story together. The dark prince and his deceptively darker mistress. 
However, this was a different reality. Loki was not up in a tree watching you. Loki was not even on Asgard. He was on Jotunheim, being raised as the crown prince and the true son of Laufey. Instead of being brought to Asgard, he was returned to his people. By all accounts, he was a happy and precocious child. In spite of his small birth weight, he was growing to be a strong Frost Giant. 
But where did that leave you, you ask? Well, I am happy to show you. 
You ran into the garden, looking over your shoulder to make sure there were no guards following you. You were not paying attention and found that you ran right into something. You fell onto your back with a groan. 
You looked up and saw that you had not run into something. You ran into someone. 
A young boy, only a little older than you, was on the ground in front of you. 
“Watch where you are going!” he yelled as he pushed himself to stand. 
Your eyes widened in fear. “I-I’m sorry, Prince Thor.” 
He narrowed his eyes at you. “Are you supposed to be out here?” 
You shook your head slowly, fearing he would tell on you.
Instead, Thor broke out into a grin. “I like you.” He extended a hand towards you. “Come play with me.” 
You took his hand and he helped you to stand. “What are you playing?” 
“Hide and go seek.” 
“By yourself?” 
“It’s rather difficult. In fact, I was losing.” 
That was the pivotal change. Instead of meeting and befriending two Princes of Asgard that day, you met only one. Thor took a liking to you immediately and quickly proclaimed you were a princess. The sibling he always wanted, but never had. Odin rolled his eyes, but allowed it seeing as it was a harmless and childish fancy. 
Odin was right, of course. When Thor grew and his interests turned towards the craft of war, you fell by the wayside. You did not fit in amongst Thor and his new warrior friends. That was when Frigga took you under her wing and taught you her magics. With no raven-haired distractions, you proved to be an eager student. Over time, you became one of the greatest sorceresses on all of Asgard. 
Even when Thor stopped spending time with you, he still regarded you as a younger sister. His sister from another mister, as he called it. He felt a duty to protect and look after you as every older brother should. No matter the threat. 
“Thor, you cannot keep me from attending this party!” You argued loudly. 
“I can and I will.” He crossed his arms. “I just do not feel comfortable with you going. These parties can get kind of...intense.” 
“I can look after myself!” 
“But you don't have to because I’m here to do it. No need to thank me.” 
“I’ll tell Frigga.” 
“You wouldn’t dare.” 
“Oh, wouldn’t I?” 
“...Fine. You can come. But only if you swear to be on your best behavior!” 
“I swear.” 
“Brothers forever!” Thor raised his drink in cheers. 
Prince Loki of Jotunhiem returned the gesture. “Forever!” 
The two of them threw their heads back and drained their stouts efficiently and with zeal. When they finished, they threw their glasses to the side and cheered. 
“Tell me, bro.” Loki grinned. “Who are we expecting this fine evening?” 
“The usual gang.” Thor shrugged. “Oh, and my friend Y/N. I don’t think you’ve met her yet. I think the two of you will get along.” 
“Y/N?” Loki purred. “She sounds lovely.” 
Thor glared. “She is like a sister to me, and therefore is off limits.” 
“Oh, how I do love a challenge.” 
“Loki…” Thor warned. 
“I kid, I kid.” Loki put up his hands in a placating gesture. “I swear I will regard her with the utmost respect.”
“And what?” 
“Loki, I know what your respect can lead to.” Thor leaned in, narrowing his eyes. “No touchies.” 
He sighed heavily. “No touchies.” 
“Thank you. Now let's party!” 
The party continued on and the alcohol flowed freely. After a few hours, Loki was pleasantly drunk and had all but forgotten Thor’s warning. The music was blasting and everyone was having a grand time. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw some colorful explosions. 
He turned and saw a beautiful Asgardian performing some tricks for a small group. Loki knew that he had to make a move. 
He kneeled down behind you and whispered into your ear.  “You know, I’ve heard many things about Asgardian witches.”
You jumped at the sudden sound and turned to look at him. “I am sure you have. We are quite formidable.” 
Loki grinned. “How can someone so small be considered formidable?” 
“Well, I brought a fearsome Frost Giant to his knees,” you teased. “And I didn’t even have to say a word.” 
Loki glanced down at his kneeling position and chuckled. He stood up to his full height, catching the way your eyes traveled over his massive form. He hoped it was in appreciation. “I wouldn’t get used to it if I were you.” 
“I suspect I could get a repeat performance anytime I wanted.” You mirrored his stance, putting your hands on your hips as you looked up at him. 
Loki rolled his eyes and started to respond. However, before he could, he felt a warm rush of magic wind around his legs. It was exhilarating, and strangely titillating to have your magic against his skin, traveling up towards his thighs.
“Saucy minx.” Loki raised an eyebrow. “What are you do-” 
The magic coils tightened, bringing his knees together. Losing balance, Loki quickly fell forward onto his knees. 
“See?” you boasted. “I can make you kneel to me, anytime I want.” 
Loki stared down at you, his blood red eyes smoldering. Part of him knew that he should not have found that as attractive as he did. “May I know your name, or shall I just continue to think of you as my little witch?” 
“I think I like the sound of that.” You bit your lip and Loki did his best to suppress a groan.
“Alright, little witch,” Loki smirked. “Would you like to get out of here?” 
“Norns, yes.” 
Loki hadn’t been lying. He had heard a lot about Asgardian witches and their magic. He heard how….flexible they could be. Especially a shapeshifter such as yourself. Yet all the rumors and all of his hopes paled in comparison to the reality. 
To put it plainly, you rocked his world.
He had smaller lovers before, but never one so...demanding and passionate. Even in his drunken stupor, he tried to be gentle to ensure he would not hurt you. You, in turn, used your magic to restrain him and alleviated him of those fears. Unknowingly starting a new one.
He feared he was already in love. 
You stirred on the large bed beside him and Loki grinned. He traced a single finger down your bare back. The cool touch made you shiver and bury your head into a large pillow.  
“Good morning, little witch,” Loki whispered as he rested his hand on your side.
You smiled sleepily before opening your eyes and looking at him. “I never got your name last night, did I?” 
“What a shame,” Loki cooed. “For I would have loved to have heard you scream it last night.” 
You grinned mischievously at him. “There’s always tonight. Or this morning if you are feeling up to it.”
He mirrored your devilish grin. “I am Loki. Prince of Jotunheim.” 
Your eyes widened as you pulled the blanket up over yourself. “Y-you’re Loki?” 
“Yes.” He raised an eyebrow in confusion. “Is that going to be a problem?” 
“I’m Y/N.” 
“.....Well shit.” 
You and Loki quickly came to an agreement. An agreement that came with three key points. 
One, Thor could never know what happened.
Two, what happened, never happened. 
And three, it sure as Hel would not happen again. 
The first two were simple enough to manage. The third, however….Let’s just say that fate has a funny way of working against one’s plans... 
“How does this keep happening?” you yelled when you inevitably woke up naked next to Loki again. You had lost count at this point how many times this had happened. It seemed like every time you and Loki crossed paths you always ended up here. It did not matter what you did, how little you drank. You just couldn’t help yourselves. 
 “You are too loud, sweetheart.” Loki shushed you and clutched his head. “Go back to sleep.” 
“Sweetheart?” you asked, looking at him warily. 
Loki shrugged. “As hard as we might try, we keep coming back to one another. I say we embrace it.”
“Like what? Be boyfriend and girlfriend? Friends with benefits?” 
“Don’t make it so complicated.” Loki waved his hand dismissively. “I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine.” 
You blinked. Some part of you liked the sound of that. Of being Loki’s and him being yours. 
“Alright, so I guess this is a thing. We’re a thing. We’re still not going to tell Thor, right?” 
“Oh no. Never.” Loki laughed. “Do I look like I have a death wish?” 
“Hmmm, a secret relationship,” you pondered. “Sounds sexy.” 
“Let us celebrate.” Loki picked you up and placed you on his stomach. “Ride me.”
“Actually, I’m still exhausted from last night,” you said as you made yourself comfortable, straddling his waist. “I don’t think I have it in me to change my form.” 
“That is fine.” His large hands fell to your sides naturally. “There are other parts of me that you can ride, little witch.” 
You grinned and slowly ground your hips in a circle, your clit dragging against his abs. 
“That’s a good girl,” he praised, his voice low. He gripped your hips between his thumb and forefinger and guided your movements. 
You threw your head back and moaned. “One of these times, I’m going to bring you down to my size.”
“Absolutely not.” Loki chuckled. “That is out of the question.” 
“Please,” you begged, biting your lip. “Think of all the possibilities.” 
Loki smirked as he flexed his abs, making you cry out. “I think I like things just the way they are now.” 
You opened your mouth to respond, but instead, Loki moved his thumb from your hip to between your legs. With a few expert swipes, he had you gasping out his name and falling over the edge. 
After you had reached the peak of your pleasure, you collapsed forward onto Loki’s chest. He brought his hands up to rest on your back, covering your body like a blanket
“What if I only brought you down halfway?” you panted as you nuzzled his chest. “You’d still be like seven feet tall, but we’d be a little more...proportional.” 
Loki raised an eyebrow, intrigued. “Proportional?” 
“It would still be big to take, but I think it might actually fit.” 
“All of it?” 
“Most of it.” 
“....I’m listening…” 
Thor stared at Loki closely. Something wasn’t adding up. When Loki politely turned down the lovely Midgardian woman’s advances, he could chalk that up to Loki not wanting to take advantage of an intoxicated person. But then it kept happening. 
Men, women, those who fell in between, and those who did not fall on that spectrum at all. Left and right Loki was turning down potential partners and Thor could not understand why. Until it suddenly hit him. 
“You’re seeing someone!” Thor yelled. 
Loki froze for a second before he forced himself to try and act natural. He failed. “What? Me? Noooo.” 
“You so are!” Thor grinned. “Who are they? Tell me about them.”
Loki shook his head. “Thor I am not telling you about her-” 
“It’s a her!” Thor clapped his hands together. “How long have you been together? Is it serious? Do I know her?”
Loki winced. He just had to open his big mouth (metaphorically and literally) and let a detail slip. Now that Thor knew something was up, he would not let it go. 
“All I will tell you is that we are quite happy together and that I think it is getting pretty serious. We do not want anyone to know yet, so can you please keep it to yourself?” 
“Of course Loki!” Thor touched his hand to his heart. “You are my sworn friend. I will respect your wishes and pry no further.” 
“Thank you.” Loki sighed in relief. “I should probably get back home. I promised her I would not stay out too late. Good night, my friend.” 
“Good night.” Thor waved. 
As Loki walked away, Thor noticed something. Loki left behind his phone. Well, it was more the size of a tablet or a small TV than a phone. Thor picked up the device and looked at it. 
Surely a caring friend would want to make sure that his friend got his phone back safe and sound. But how should Thor do that…He supposed he had no choice but to call Loki’s partner to let her know that he had Loki’s phone.
He grinned as he scrolled through the contacts and quickly found what he was looking for. 
“He has her listed under Sweetums,” Thor scoffed as he hit the call button. “What a nerd.” He waited with glee as the phone rang. When he picked up he held his breath, waiting to hear the voice on the other side. 
“Hey, Big Daddy. I hope you’re calling to say you’re on your way home.”
Thor blinked. He recognized that voice. It couldn’t be... His thoughts were halted when an unmistakably wet-sounding noise came through the phone. Sweet Norns, you weren’t...
“You hear that, baby? I’m feeling empty and I need you to stuff me with your big c-” 
“FOR THE LOVE OF ODIN, Y/N PLEASE STOP!” Thor cried, unable to take anymore. He thankfully noted that the wet sounds immediately stopped. 
There was a beat of silence before your voice screeched through the phone. “THOR?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING CALLING ME FROM LOKI’S PHONE?” 
“Oh Norns help me,” you groaned into the phone. 
Unfortunately, Loki chose that moment to return. 
“Thor, have you seen…” 
“YOU!” Thor cried, pointing at Loki.
Loki put his hands up. “I can explain!”
“It’s not my fault!” Loki exclaimed. 
“Hey!” You yelled over the phone, having heard him. 
“It’s no one’s fault darling.” Loki tried to cover his ass. “This is a wonderful thing and there is no reason to cast blame.” 
Loki then turned to Thor and mouthed the words ‘she seduced me’ while pointing at the phone. 
Thor took a deep breath and closed his eyes. “As the crown prince, I declare Asgard to be at war with Jotunhiem. From this day forth all shall know-”
“Thor, sweetie. I know you’re having a dramatic moment and everything,” you interrupted him. “But according to the treaties between Asgard and Jotunhiem you literally can’t do that.” 
“She has a point.” Loki nodded. “Only our fathers can do that.” 
“Well, I’ll just kill you then!” Thor growled and lunged at Loki’s leg.
Loki sighed and picked Thor up by his cape, holding him off the ground. Thor kicked and screeched indignantly. With his free hand, Loki picked up his phone and pressed it to his ear.
“I think that could have gone worse,” Loki said to you. “At least he didn’t find the pictures I have of you on here.” 
“THERE’S PICTURES?” Thor screamed. 
Thor, of course, came around eventually. It took some time, but eventually peace was restored to the realms. Also, you can rest assured that you and Loki found each other. Across the multiverse, you always found each other. It did not matter where you went or what forces pulled you apart. Now, I am not normally a romantic sort, but I think we can take some comfort in that undeniable fact. 
No matter what forces pulled you and Loki apart, you would live happily ever after.
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wheredafandomat · 2 days ago
Fear & Desire ❤️‍🔥P2❤️‍🔥 Hungover
Previous chapter Next chapter
Coming to your senses, the first thing you felt was the aching of your skull. It felt like someone was hitting you repeatedly with a hammer and adding more pressure with each blow. You kept your eyes closed feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin. Feeling around your surroundings, you knew you were in a bed, alone, fully clothed. That’s good. Slowly, very slowly, you began to open your eyes. As they got wider, it felt as if you were looking directly at the sun. Standing up, you went to close the curtains. Completely ignoring the fact that you were not in fact at home. Hearing noises outside the door, you decided to go to it. Opening it, you were met with a blonde woman wearing a long shirt with smudged lipstick and messy hair coming out of the room opposite yours. Smiling at her, you noticed Loki standing next to her looking back at you before turning towards the mystery woman.
“Bye Lana” he said before kissing her deeply.
“It’s Anna” she said pulling away before leaving with her heels in her hand and a bag probably containing the rest of her clothes.
Loki watched her walk away before looking back at you.
“Stayed the night I gather” he said.
“Seems I wasn’t the only one” you retorted hinting at the woman who’d just left his room.
Loki was about to say something else but his focus was caught by Bucky walking towards you both with a tray in his hand.
“Happy to see you’re up” he smiled looking at you.
“I don’t re—” you started before being cut off.
“I carried you” Bucky blurted out “you were drunk, singing karaoke and about to fall by the looks of it so Tony asked me to make sure you got to bed safe.”
“I bet you did” Loki uttered from behind you both.
“T-thanks” you stuttered feeling embarrassed by your antics which you had luckily forgotten from last night.
“Anyways, I thought I’d bring you breakfast” he smiled looking down at the tray and then back to you.
“The Winter Solider brining breakfast in bed. How mundane compared to your usual activities” Loki mocked mimicking strangulation.
“Well thank you Ja-” you said quickly trying to stop Bucky from reacting to Loki’s childish behaviour.
“Call me Bucky”
“Thanks Bucky” you said taking the tray and gasping when you looked at it. “Would you like to come in and eat with me? I’m not going to be able to finish all this” you giggled looking at the plethora of different options Bucky had prepared for you. This earned a scoff from Loki who for some reason was still watching the both of you.
“What is your problem?” Bucky snapped turning to face Loki who wore a smug grin.
“Bucky ignore him, come inside” you said turning back into the room and motioning for Bucky to follow.
Walking back into the room, you noticed it was now really dark as you had closed the curtains and not turned any lights on. Putting the tray down, you went to the window to draw the curtains. As you done so, you caught a glance at your reflection.
“Oh gosh” you breathed out.
“What’s the matter?” Bucky asked walking towards you.
“Don’t come any closer” you shouted out seeing the reflection of him coming closer.
“Woah, y/n, what’s going on, are you alright?” He said beginning to panic.
Hearing his voice change as he began to panic, you realised the silly situation you were in. Hungover, smudged makeup, and messy hair. There was no point trying to hide it, you had just spoken face to face with him a minute ago.
“I’m fine” you chucked turning back to face him “I just look a mess.”
“A mess?”
“Look at me Bucky” you said beginning to actually laugh “I’m beyond embarrassed.”
“You look absolutely fine” he said walking towards you placing his hands on your shoulders which he quickly retracted seeing you wince as his metal arm made contact with your skin.
Glancing at his metal arm and then at his deflated expression, you quickly gave him a reassuring smile and grabbed his left hand feeling the cold metal on your skin.
“Just wasn’t expecting it” you mumbled intertwining your fingers with his as his face lit up again.
“I’m sorry” he apologised.
“Don’t be ridiculous, I find it quite sexy” you winked earning a small laugh from him. “Now, let’s eat” you announced walking you both towards the bed.
You and Bucky sat together eating breakfast. You both got on exceptionally well and surprisingly had a lot in common. Bucky seemed to enjoy speaking about his past. He had so many stories about him and Steve and what they used to get up to back in the day before they became Captain America and the Winter Soldier. You didn’t realise that earlier on Bucky was tense until you noticed how relaxed he was now. You felt drawn to him. He was a breath of fresh air. You didn’t really eat, you just enjoyed his company and his stories.
“I better get going” you said after a while.
“And leave me, y/n you’re breaking my heart” he said jokingly placing a hand over his chest. Making you laugh.
After a moment, he spoke again. “Thank you y/n” he said genuinely grateful.
“Thank me? You’re the one who carried me to bed and then brought me breakfast. What could you possibly be thanking me for?”
“For listening”
“Thank you for sharing” you replied touched by his gratitude.
“It’s rare that I feel so at ease with someone, especially someone new and it’s been a while since I’ve had someone who just lets me speak” he admitted turning slightly red.
“If I wasn’t so disgusting right now, I’d hug you” you said trying not to let a tear escape hearing the vulnerability in his voice.
“Let’s get you home” he laughed standing up and offering a hand out to you helping you stand.
As you stood up, you were startled hearing a loud alarm and then a message.
“Can I get ermmm Buck, Red haired assassin and America’s ass all suited within the next 20 minutes please, we’ve got a little mission” Tony said through the intercom.
“Argh, really right now” Bucky muttered clearly annoyed.
“And can someone get y/n home if she’s still here. What am I saying of course she’s still here she wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye, or would she—” Tony rambled on clearly lost in his own thoughts as his speaking got quieter and quieter.
“I’m sorry y/n” Bucky said looking at you.
“Are you insane? Go and save the world, I’ll be fine getting home” you encouraged him.
“I’ll make sure of that” Loki shouted from behind the closed door.
Tumblr media
A/N: Tiny bit of fluff I think 😁 hope you liked it 💚
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handmaiden-of-mischief · 3 months ago
𝐃𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐋𝐞𝐭 𝐌𝐞 𝐆𝐨
Hi lovelies! This is one of the requests I’ve written (only 19 others to go now😁) and I really got inspired so it’s long ♡ I hope you enjoy! - Love, Kiki 🖤
𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 |  Loki x female reader
𝐑𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭 |  “Don’t let me go.” (by anon) 
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 |  A fight with Loki unveils feelings which have always simmered beneath the surface, feelings neither of you has ever dared to voice. But maybe it’s too late now to finally confess (sorry for the vague summary, I wanted to avoid spoilers for the story). Takes place after the events of Thor: Ragnarok; Infinity War never happened, Thor and Loki have managed to rescue the Asgardian people and have now joined the Avengers (Loki more or less willingly...) 
𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐭 |  an angsty fight ending in romantic smut, protective Loki  
𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐂𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 |  8.8 k 
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 |  SMUT (ONLY READ IF YOU’RE 18+ YEARS OLD!), unprotected sex (please be safe in real life and use a condom!), mentions of torture, angst with a happy ending  
𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐋𝐨𝐤𝐢 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭, 𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐜𝐤 𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐦𝐲 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 ♡ 
𝐀𝐬 𝐚𝐥𝐰𝐚𝐲𝐬, 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐬, 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐝🖤 
Tumblr media
The briefing had been going on for half an hour by now, in which nothing had happened but Steve droning on and on about minor security breaches and a new tech update which had somehow caused a havoc with one of Tony’s newer projects running rampage on the upper floors last week. The burn hole was still marring the wooden floor. Sam, Wanda and Vision were staying in Sokovia to help rebuild what was left of the country after the devastating battle against Ultron – you’d never really met them – while Bruce was insisting on working in the lab for a while, far away from any Avengers business, and Clint was staying with his family for now. Which left Steve, Bucky, Tony, Nat, the Asgardian brothers and you.
In the seat opposite of you, you could see how the boredom in Loki’s expression kept growing while he stared at the little green sparks dancing on the tips of his fingers as he obviously had a hard time staying awake during Steve’s sermon. With his attention fixed on the little sparks, you took the chance to watch him for a few seconds and admire the way the rays of the warm afternoon sun flooding in through the glass façade behind him fell on his smooth black hair, making it shimmer like the softest satin, and how his long, dark lashes brushed against the sharp line of his cheekbones whenever he blinked.
It had been one year since Thor had brought the surviving people of Asgard to Norway after their home had been destroyed during Ragnarok, and he and his brother, who’d helped in the fight against Hela, had joined the Avengers – only weeks after you and Bucky had managed to escape Hydra’s clutches with the help of Steve, Sam and Nat.
While Thor, Bucky and you had been accepted as new residents in the Avengers tower with open arms, Loki hadn’t been granted the same warm welcome. The memories of the battle of New York had been too fresh to simply forget his crimes, no matter what he’d done to help Thor. Now, a whole year later, most of the others were still wary of him, if not openly hostile, and it hurt you to witness.
To be honest, you’d been just as unsettled by his presence in the tower in the beginning, when you had reluctantly agreed upon Loki helping you train your own – then barely controlled – magic abilities. He’d been the only available teacher for the job, and you’d desperately wanted to learn how to wield these mysterious powers which had always seemed as hard to shape as water running through your fingers, to finally put them to good use. And in return, Loki had gotten a chance to prove that he wasn’t the vicious villain anymore who’d waged war on this very city with an army of aliens only a few years ago.
Then, you hadn’t expected for the tender bond of a friendship to form between you and the mischievous god. And you certainly hadn’t expected to fall in love with him. But you had, hard and thoroughly, and when he now caught your lingering gaze on him, the little smirk he flashed your way made your weak little heart flutter against your ribs like a trapped little sparrow begging to be set free.
None of the others had spent nearly as much time with the raven-haired trickster as you had, training with him every day, and you wished you could make them see what you saw when you looked at him now. Not a villain, but someone who’d been forced to carry his own pain all alone, who craved attention because he feared he wouldn’t be worthy of love, and attention was all he would be able to get. With each passing day of practicing your magic together, you’d spied glimpses of the person beneath all these cleverly forged illusions of arrogance and deceit, and with each of these glimpses, you had fallen a little deeper in love with Loki, these feelings growing like the vines in a jungle after a monsoon. You knew he wouldn’t reciprocate these feelings you were harbouring for him, and thus, you’d become an expert to bury them in your heart and veil them from him and the others. As long as he didn’t confirm what you already suspected and feared – that he would never feel the same for you as you did for him – you could dream. Daydreams, such as this one, his long, elegant fingers ghosting over your skin as he whispered sweet nothings into your ear. It hurt when reality came crashing in again, and you realized it wouldn’t be your lips he kissed, or your ears he’d whisper sweet nothings to. It hurt. Like a knife twisted in your chest, over and over again, and you helped twisting it willingly with your silly little hopes and daydreams. If friendship was all you would ever have, you were glad to take it, as long as it meant Loki would be in your life. Even if you would never be the one for him the same way as he was for you.
The glass door to the conference room was pushed open with enough fervour for you to tear you from your wandering thoughts and you quickly averted your gaze from the trickster as everyone’s heads, including Loki’s, snapped up to Maria Hill who was striding into the room with an expression of worry which she barely managed to contain beneath the guise of calmness on her face.
“Change of plans”, she announced without a word of greeting, and you sat up a little straighter upon hearing the tension in her voice. “There’s news about the remaining Hydra members we’ve been pursuing.”
Your heart plummeted to the floor as she reached out to swipe at the hologram’s screen at the end of the table and opened another file with the swift move of her hand, Steve stepping beside respectfully to let her take over the word. “We’ve found the Hydra agents and scientists which were able to escape when Steve, Sam and Nat brought down SHIELD, and it looks like they have an ace up their sleeve now. They’re led by this guy.” Another swipe, and the screen was filled with a picture of the face starring in some of your most recurring nightmares. It made your heart freeze over with a horror so sheer you thought your blood cells might have actually turned into little icicles as you stared back at the man in the photo. “He’s a biologist and overly fond of playing with genetics. As you all…know.”
A pause, and everyone’s gazes wandered first to Bucky, before finally coming to rest on you, faces slack with horror. You kept staring at the hologram, but in the corner of your eyes, you could feel Loki’s blue gaze pinned on you.
When you’d first realized there was magic simmering in your veins, you’d joined SHIELD to learn to control these raw, barely sculpted skills and put them to use. Fight evil. Little had you known that by joining SHIELD, you’d stumbled right into the very claws of evil itself, and they had snapped close around you. HYDRA took you, experimenting on you in their hopes of finding out how you could have been born with the abilities you possessed. They didn’t find any answers. Had Steve and his friends acted a few days later, you would have faced death. Or worse, the same fate as Bucky.
It had only been weeks, but it was enough to scar you for several lifetimes, haunting your dreams with memories you desperately wanted to forget.
The shift in the air – from bored and sleepy to alert and tense – was nearly palpable, and it was all you could do to steady your breath and fight back the panic attack blossoming in your gut like a beast stirring awake after a long hibernation.
“So, Hydra’s back”, Bucky finally broke the horrified silence, looking as gloomy and forlorn as you felt.
“Yes”, Hill nodded, “And they’ve found new allies along with new headquarters.” Another swipe of her hand, and the man’s photo was replaced by the map of what looked like a huge building complex.
“What’s that?”, Tony asked, “Another creepy castle? How original.”
Hill nodded again. “It is, indeed.”
“Where is this castle?”, Steve inquired with a grave tone and an even darker expression on his face which mirrored the mood in the conference room.
“They don’t exactly hide anymore”, Hill announced. “They sent a message. They’ve been hiding away in the Caribbean over the past year, and they’ve been diligent in regaining the upper hand. Their scientists managed to develop a virus, dangerous enough to eradicate over two thirds of the world population, and contagious enough to erase all chances of controlling it once it’s set free. It will spread faster than a wildfire. Our intelligence team could verify the information. It’s not a bluff.”
You could have heard the drop of a pin on the floor in the deadly silence which followed her words.
“And let me guess, Hydra is planning to use it as a leverage,” you finally said hollowly.
“They already did. They announced that patient zero will be contaminated in a span of twenty-four hours. They have a vaccine ready, enough doses for every country which is ready to pledge allegiance to them.”
“We need to stop them”, you whispered, and realized you’d been curling your hands on the table into fists so tight to keep them from shaking uncontrollably that your nails had left bloody little crescents in the skin of your palms. Beside you, Natasha’s hand gently settled on your arm in a helpless attempt to calm you. When your gaze briefly lifted to lock on Loki, you could see his eyes were full of concern as he watched you. It felt a little strange, to see him so…serious. Worried.
“That’s the plan,” Hill said softly, “A simple break-and-enter, easy in theory. You go in, arrest the remaining Hydra members and steal the virus so we can destroy it.”
“Very easy”, Nat deadpanned.
“When do we leave?”, Steve asked.
“Tomorrow. Our agents are preparing the jet and an evacuation of the whole region surrounding the castle.” We don’t want another Sokovia. You knew it was what she and everyone else in the room were thinking.
“Before I start going into the details of the plan – there are some other threats awaiting you which you should know about,” Hill went on, her fingers already flying over the projected screen to open up another file, and a row of blurred photographs, the lightning dark as if they’d been taken by night, filled the whole wall. The images in these photos were disturbing. Animals, but…not animals.
“What are these creatures?”, Thor murmured from beside you, just as shaken as everyone else.
“I heard of these things”, Nat chimed in, and it made you a little uneasy to see the concerned scowl etched on her features as she continued, “It was a file in Hydra’s database, but I thought it hadn’t worked and they’d abandoned the project for good. They took animals and then tried to fuse their DNA with that of the dead Chitauri SHIELD collected after the battle. The plan was to enhance certain abilities, erase others, and add new ones. Ultimate killing machines. Like Winter Soldiers, but with the claws of a lion or the strength of a bear.”
The tension in the air seemed to intensify with the notion of the battle, as it always did.
“Sounds amazing. Their own – how would Cap call them? – army of flying monkeys”, Tony quipped and pinched his nose.
Steve asked, “Do we know which mutations will be waiting for us?”
“Well, I’m sure there won’t be funny little talking racoons waiting for us there,” Tony shrugged with a glance at the images.
“There are no such things as talking raccoons”, Bucky huffed, and Tony threw him an exasperated look that seemed to say, Are you dumb? Nat snorted beside you.
“The question,” Tony continued with a glance at Loki, who’d been uncharacteristically muted and serious during the whole crisis meeting, “is why Reindeer Games here has been so suspiciously quiet. No uncalled-for jabs and witty little remarks to provoke us. Am I the only one who finds that strange?”
“What, exactly, would you have me do in the face of a crisis threatening to eradicate all of Midgard, Stark? Jump on the table and strip? You’re not important enough to put that much of an effort into a simple provocation, believe me”, Loki countered with a raised eyebrow, as if he couldn’t be deigned to pay any more attention to Tony than necessary, and you bit your lip to prevent the grin from spreading over your lips despite the threat of the crisis you were currently facing. The tight fist of panic which had squeezed your heart loosened a little.
“That is enough,” Thor growled with a warning glare at Loki, who only cocked his head in response.
“Ah, yes. My brother the great king. Has there ever been an argument you didn’t intrude on?”
“I still don’t like you”, Tony sneered at Loki, who replied, “I will get over it, somewhere in the span of the next few centuries.”
“You’re both insufferable,” you conceded, but you were glad for the brief diversion from the topic of Hydra and the upcoming mission. It had managed to tear you from the sticky spider’s web of panic which had caught you like a fly, and you briefly wondered if it had been Loki’s intention with his jab at Tony.
“The plan,” Steve interrupted the argument. All eyes were trained back on him and Maria Hill, who gave a curt nod before she said, “Thor and Loki will stay at the compound here in New York alongside Banner –“
“That’s absurd. I will do no such thing”, Loki protested , but Tony chimed in before Steve could.
“You will. You’ll stay here because we don’t trust you, and Thor will stay because somebody has to watch your traitorous ass, Reindeer Games. The last time you were left unattended in New York, you tried to conquer it.”
“How is it we always end up talking about Loki again?”, Steve sighed, which drew another wicked grin from Loki. “See? I didn’t even need to utter a single word and still I’m getting all the attention. Are you jealous, Stark?”
“Tony is right if uncalled-for, Loki. You’re a security risk”, Steve interrupted, ignoring Tony’s huff in protest.
Loki rolled his eyes, locked his arms in front of his chest and leaned back in his seat. “How glorious it must feel, to have every single one of your artificially enhanced muscle cells filled with such star-sprangled self-righteousness”, he drawled with a slow smile, and you could see how Steve ground his teeth, trying hard not to snap at Loki’s obvious attempt to vex him to get exactly such a reaction, before Hill went on to explain the plan, “Tony, Bucky, Sam and Steve are going to create a diversion and arrest every Hydra member they can find. Y/N, you and Nat will be the ones to get the vial with the deadly virus from its safe. There will be guards and some of these lovely mutations we’ve seen, so you’ll be the best choice because you’re the one to cast the illusions to hold these creatures at bay and probably help Nat break open the safe.”
“Are you up for the job?”, Steve added softly with a glance at you, and you could tell from his tone that he was slightly worried. But the sense of pride flooding you at finally being given this chance to accompany them on your first mission and prove yourself as an Avenger after a year of training and watching from the sidelines was overpowering every dreg of fear you probably would have felt at the risk this mission would put you in.
“This might be one of the most dangerous missions we’ve ever faced”, Nat added.
“I am”, you said with all the composure you could muster, just as Loki cut in, “She’s not.”
Your head snapped back to him, shock at his words written over your face as he met your gaze with his own cool one. Your mind flitted back to a moment only weeks ago.
The threads of magic – seidr, as it was called in the old Norse language –unravelled beneath your fingers once more just as you’d thought you’d finally managed to weave them into an illusion. An army of warriors in shining armour – no easy image to conjure, but an effective one to create a diversion. “Hold the strings”, Loki instructed in a calm, low voice as not to break your concentration with his sudden words, but it was too late, anyway. The threads you’d so carefully spun into the illusion came loose, once again slipping through your fingers as if they were water you’d tried to carry in your palms, and the image dissolved into sparks of green which floated in the air for a few more seconds before they, too, vanished.
With a shaky sigh, you let yourself fall to the ground in the training rooms. Tears you’d desperately tried to fight back, to blink away, had started to stream down your face in rivulets, and you pulled your knees closer to your body. It didn’t even have anything to do with the raging headaches you oftentimes suffered after practicing seidr, something Loki had told you he’d suffered for a few years as well when his mother Frigga had first started teaching him. No. These were tears of frustration and anger at the slowness of your progress, the feeling of your own incapability, of being unworthy in your new role as an Avenger.
You didn’t know how exactly you’d expected Loki to react when all your pent-up emotions finally broke the surface of your calm demeanour like a sea monster ready to strike – but it wasn’t this. Loki didn’t even sigh as he quietly sat down beside you on the ground, fingers dancing in the air as he conjured a green handkerchief out of thin air and gently used it to carefully dab at the blood which had started gushing from your nose, its metallic taste mingling with the salt of your tears on your lips. You hadn’t even realized that the bleeding had started. It did that, sometimes, when the exertion got too strong. Shame curdled in your stomach as you sat there, tears of frustration running down your cheeks as if you were a toddler throwing a tantrum.
“I think we should call it a day,” Loki finally spoke, and his voice was soft. Devoid of any judgement or annoyance, and full of understanding.
“I can’t. Not yet. Let me try one more time, okay?”
“Your ambition is something to be admired and cherished, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of your health. It’s taking a toll on you. You should rest.”
Your hands reached up to grasp the kerchief from his hands, and the skin of your fingers tingled where they briefly brushed against his before he pulled away.
“One more try. Please.”
“Why?”, Loki asked gently, and when you finally turned your head to look at him, and you were met with a softness in his gaze you’d never witnessed him display before. As if he’d allowed for the mask he’d so carefully crafted and conjured, spun from the air like one of his illusions, to slip and reveal what all the witty quips and jabs were meant to hide away from the world. A vulnerability and brokenness which resonated with something deep in your own soul.
You’d already started falling for Loki some time ago – for his dazzling smiles, his witty quips, the easy banter with which the two of you communicated. His humour, his smooth, dark voice which made you wonder if he ever sang, and how it would be to hear this beautiful voice form a melody. The way he flipped his gorgeous black hair back during combat training, and the sparks in his mesmerizing ocean eyes, so vibrant and clever and full of mischief, always making your pulse spike and your knees weak whenever they lingered on yours.
And for the first time, you allowed yourself to be vulnerable. In front of yourself, and in front of another person. In front of Loki, of all people.
“When I came to the Avengers, it was with Bucky. They saved both of us from Hydra’s claws when Steve brought them down alongside SHIELD.”
Loki nodded. “I know. Thor told me. About Hydra.”
“HYDRA had me for a few weeks. Bucky had been in their clutches for a few decades. I feels so wrong to compare my pain to his.”
“Pain isn’t something to be compared”, Loki mused. “It just exists. It doesn’t need justification.”
You swallowed against a new wave of tears threatening to spill upon hearing his words, his own anguish laced in them. Thor had told you about Loki’s story, as well. You knew, right then, that Loki would understand. That he was ready to listen to your story, to the memories you’d never shared with anyone before, the ones which kept you company in the dead of night and drew screams of horror from your lips to finally rouse you from the nightmares they were conjuring for you. Memories which would never leave you, no matter how much time would pass. Just like a wound which healed to leave nothing but a scar, a memory of the pain which had been there. A tug from time to time to remind you that the scar was still there, as faded as it might be with time. It would always be there.
“I want them to be eradicated. All of them. And I fear as long as I’m locked up in this tower, still not ready to fight the rest of them who were able to escape when SHIELD was destroyed…they’ll grow stronger. With every day, and every new member they were able to recruit, and then people will suffer again at their hands. It’s happening right now – and I’m still not able to hold up a simple illusion for a few more seconds. No wonder the others still haven’t taken me on a mission with them.” Your voice had grown into nothing but a hoarse whisper at the last sentence, and you took a shaky breath to somewhat steady yourself.
“I want to do something”, you added with newfound fierceness, and your hand curled into a fist around the soft green cloth of the handkerchief. “I’m not as good a fighter as Nat and I’ll never be. I’m not a genius like Tony and Bruce, and I’m not as strong as Steve and Bucky and Thor. Magic is all I have, the skills Hydra gave me against my own will. I want to use these skills to fight, just like the others do. And instead, I’m the weak Avenger hiding away from fights because she still hasn’t mastered the skills she claims to possess. They’re my friends, and the only family I have left, and still I feel like I don’t belong with them. Not really.”
You’d never even dared to voice these thoughts aloud to yourself, and instead had kept them hidden away in the darkest recesses of your mind in an attempt not to let them get to you. But here, with Loki sitting beside you and such gentleness brimming in the ocean blue of his eyes, you realized how heavy they’d weighed on your heart and how desperately you’d wanted to tell somebody about them. Who would be better to understand such feelings than Loki? Still, you were surprised how easy it had been to voice such things in front of a man you not so long ago had hated with so much passion for what he’d done.
A few minutes of silence passed; an easy, peaceful silence of just sitting beside each other in the empty training rooms, finding solace in each other’s presence.
When Loki finally spoke again, his voice was low and soft, like honey, and his gaze so far away as his mind wandered to a memory of his own practice in the art of wielding seidr, a memory so cherished he’d never dared to share it with anyone because he’d always felt it would rob it of this special feeling if he did. Not with you, though, he suddenly realized. And so, Loki began to tell you, his words opening a door he’d kept locked for others, and in the end even for himself for such a long time while guilt and grief about his mother’s death had made him feel unworthy of such happy memories with her.
“I wasn’t a strong child, like Thor. I lost most of the training fights, and the others used to make fun of me for it. For my lack of strength and my lack of power, walking in Thor’s mighty shadow, even as children. He’d always been the one drawing all the attention, the one making others laugh and desiring to be his friends. I never belonged, even then. My mother saw it, I think. And one day, she took my hand and told me to close my eyes, to see the loose threads all around us – and I did. Seidr, she told me. Threads waiting to be woven into something so real and vivid that it would be able to trick even the most cunning of minds. I remember the exact moment when she opened her hand, and there was a little hummingbird fluttering above her palm. I remember everything: how the feathers looked so soft, how they shimmered in the light in such pretty hues of pink and blue, how fast its wings were beating in the air to keep it afloat. I knew it was an illusion, but it seemed so real. I wanted to learn how to do this, how to spin all these lose, meaningless, isolated threads into a picture so vivid and beautiful. I waited for her to tell me that I couldn’t, simply because that was all I only ever heard from Odin and Thor, but she promised to teach me. She said that I could do everything I wanted, as long as my mind was set on it and I was ready to show some patience. With myself, and my abilities. It wasn’t easy, but she was right. I could do it. I learned it. Illusions, not only the ones my magic could weave but the ones I could, with my demeanour, my words. So, what I’m trying to say…” he halted, overwhelmed with his own emotions at the memory of this day, the way Frigga’s words reverberated in his mind in her soft melodic voice. “What I’m trying to say”, he started anew, “Is that you will be able to do it, too. You only need patience. And if you don’t believe in yourself…I do.”
You took a few heartbeats to watch the ghost of a smile curling his lips, holding so much happiness and sadness and grief alike. “An impressive woman,” you finally said softly, “And an amazing mother.”
“She was. Not a single day passes in which I don’t miss her with all my heart.”
You wanted to reach out and take his hands, spend him comfort just as he had done for you, but you didn’t dare. The moment passed.
“You’ll be ready to go on your first mission soon. They will ask you to join them, and you’ll get your chance”, he stated. “But for now, grab some water and rest.”
It was the exact same moment you’d realized the trickster had stolen your heart for good. That your feelings for him had grown into actual love. And now, after all you’d told him, after this moment of vulnerability the two of you had shared only weeks prior, he took the chance to humiliate you in front of the others instead of supporting you.
“Pardon?”, you asked, daring him to repeat his words.
“You’re not ready yet”, Loki simply replied, voice calm – but the storm brewing in his ocean eyes betrayed his emotions.
“I have been training these skills for a whole year now. I’m more than ready.”
“That is not on you to determine”, Loki hissed, reciprocating the glare you were giving him, before he continued, directed at Steve, “She’ll be a danger for the success of the whole mission if you let her come with you. Her illusions aren’t sufficient enough yet to fool the human eye, as bad as it might be, and not stable enough to fool an animal, either. And her telekinetic powers are fickle, at best. Such power, when unchecked, is a security risk at best and a death trap at worst.”
His words, his betrayal, stung as much as if he’d just stabbed you right in the back. He knew. He knew how desperately you’d waited for this very chance to prove yourself, and he knew how hard you’d worked to improve your skills. Just as you knew that it was enough. You could do it. You were ready. And yet here he was, embarrassing you in front of the other Avengers as if you’d never poured out your heart in front of him and told him about all these fears, the feelings of not belonging. Shock and pain morphed into blinding, white-hot rage.
You could feel the blood boil in your veins as your gaze focused on Loki and you said, with as much listlessness and indifference as you could muster, “I think I’m perfectly capable of assessing the risk I’m putting myself and my teammates in. And I think they’re capable enough to assess on their own whose words they trust. Mine, or yours.”
There were a few beats of silence in the room, with every single Avenger staring at the two of you, watching with unease how you and the trickster kept glaring at each other, like an audience watching a tennis match. Beneath the anger simmering in Loki’s blue-green eyes as he kept holding your gaze without relenting, you could see something else briefly flare to life before it subsided, like the sparks of a firework bursting in the sky. Hurt. Your words had hurt him. Your use of the other’s obvious distrust – and your implication of agreeing with them on it. Something tugged at your chest, a pang of guilt, but for now, your fury had won over every other emotion.
“Okay, you heard her, Reindeer Games”, Tony chimed in in an obvious attempt to diffuse the sudden tension between you and the trickster, which had settled over the room with the same heaviness as the air right before a thunderstorm after a hot summer’s day.
“It’s settled, we’ll stick to the plan. See you all tomorrow morning. We’ll leave at sunrise, make sure to pee beforehand because it’s gonna be a few hours. Didn’t imagine my next trip to the Caribbean to whip some scientist’s asses -”
“Language!”, Steve interrupted.
“- but here we go.” Tony clapped his hands together and rose from his chair, and you left the room – stormed out, really – without another glance at Loki.
When you stepped out of the elevator and onto the level holding your own rooms, the blood was still roaring in your ears and your mind was going a mile a minute at the sheer audacity –
“Y/N, wait”, a smooth voice sounded from behind you, and you whirled around to come face to face with Loki, who looked a little awkward, standing in the middle of the empty hallway, the expression on his handsome features unreadable.
“What for?”, you scoffed. “You said everything you needed to say.”
He took a step closer, until there were only a few inches left between the two of you, as close as he’d never been before, and for a split second, he looked as if he wanted say something else, probably apologize – before his eyes narrowed and he replied, “And I can tell you’re angry because you know I’m right.”
That was the last straw. A new wave of rage flooded you at the self-righteousness and arrogance he carried himself with, and you drew yourself up to your full height as if he wouldn’t tower you still, anyway. “Don’t you dare explain my own feelings to me,” you hissed, stabbing your index finger at his chest, “You were the one who told me they will ask me to join them. You were the one who told me I’d be ready to join them! YOU were the one who told me he believed in me even if I didn’t!”
“Well, I changed my mind”, he shrugged, and his calm demeanour in contrast to your boiling fury made you see red once more.
“Yeah”, you nodded with a bitter smile, “That’s so easy for you. Loki, god of lies and deceit. Just floating with the tide, right?”
“If you have something to say, go on”, he dared you, and the threat in his voice, suddenly so much darker, made cold shivers skitter down your spine, “Spill the tea.”
“I told you about my fears. I trusted you! And you went and used them against me right in front of everyone! YOU KNEW HOW MUCH I WANTED TO BELONG TO THEM!”, you yelled, and your voice threatened to break under the weight of your emotions at the last words.
“Maybe you will never belong to them if you have to try so hard. Have you thought about that?” The words hit you like one of Clint’s well-placed arrows. The cool mask was back on Loki’s face as he watched you flinch with the shock of his words, knowing all too well that they’d hit home. As if you’d handed him a dagger, and he’d only waited for you to turn around and give him the chance to lodge the blade in your back.
With your strained voice barely strong enough to form a whisper as you fought back the tears of rage and hurt which threatened to spill, you added, “I should have known better than to confide in you. To think you would be able to change your nature. Because that’s what you do, over and over again to the people who trust you, right? Stabbing them in the back as soon as you get the chance. It must have been fun, to humiliate me in front of the people you knew I so desperately wanted to fit in with. A funny little pastime for the god of lies. I can’t believe I gave you the benefit of the doubt when I knew what you are all along. I can’t believe I fell for your tricks.”
Loki took a step back as if you’d slapped him. Good, you noticed with bitter satisfaction rushing through your veins like poison. You wanted Loki to feel the same pain his words had inflicted on you.
“Is that what you think?”, he asked quietly, and the hurt was now evident in his eyes, laid bare for you to read like a blinking neon sign, and the impassive mask was starting to slip from his handsome features.
“IS THAT WHAT YOU THINK?!”, he screamed when you didn’t reply, and this time it was your turn to jump back at his sudden outburst, and your hand quickly found its way to the hilt of the knife you kept strapped to your thigh.
Loki noticed, and a cruel sneer twisted his lips. “So, you’re afraid of me? Do you still see me as a monster?” There was something pleading in his gaze, but you were too far gone in your rage to stop – just as he was.
“No”, you replied, suddenly so impossibly tired, “Not a monster. Monsters aren’t locked up in towers like pets.”
You knew you’d gone too far. You knew it hadn’t been solely about his betrayal in front of the others, the way he’d used the things you’d confided to him in your moment of vulnerability, but the pain of knowing he was right – maybe you would never belong to them if you had to try that hard. It was the deep pain of your daydream, the hope he could one day reciprocate the feelings you were harbouring for him, shattering with his words. The reality of seeing him every day, of loving him so fiercely and so silently because he was a god, and you were nothing but a girl dabbling in sorcery. Not worthy. It was all coming together, coalescing into this tsunami of hurt and grief and heartbreak to sweep you away and drown out any rational thoughts from your mind, making you lash out blindly like a wounded animal.
You could feel the pain of hearing these words ripple through Loki, see him flinch with their meaning.
“Fine”, Loki spoke at last, and the tone in his low voice was cold enough to freeze over a lake. “Go on then tomorrow like the desperate little fool you are. Die. I couldn’t care less.”  
With that, he vanished in a shimmer of rippling green light, leaving you alone in the hallway in front of your bedroom.
Free to ultimately let the tears spill and the single sob tear from your throat you’d fought so hard to hold back, and the fight and fury which had flooded you only seconds ago left you like a tidal wave, leaving behind nothing but sorrow and hurt.
Die. I couldn’t care less.
You sunk to the cold floor, knees pulled to your chest and head in your hands, sobs tearing through you as your heart broke.
“Don’t let me go. Not like this,” you whispered. “Please don’t let me go like this.”
Night had fallen, and eventually, your tears had stopped flowing, leaving your eyes red and stains of dried tears on your cheeks when you’d changed into your pyjamas and crawled into bed, feeling more miserable and lonelier that you ever had in your life. Had Loki really meant these words? Could you have been so blind in your feelings for him that you’d fallen for another of his illusions, one of kindness and empathy? Had you fallen for somebody who’d never really existed in reality?
Maybe you would die tomorrow. It was possible. Had Loki been right, and your skills weren’t ready enough for a mission of such impact?
If you died tomorrow, or, worse, fell back into the hands of Hydra, the last words you’d ever said to the love of your life would have been calling him a pet-monster unworthy to be trusted. In your pain of his own perceived betrayal, you’d lashed out and used his own obvious fears against him. You weren’t an ounce better than he was.
You needed to talk to him, you realized. You needed to apologize and tell him you hadn’t meant a single word of these vile things you’d thrown at him in your rage. You needed to tell him that you were sorry. Without a second thought, you jumped out of bed, not caring for the late hour. You needed to talk to Loki. With determination fuelling your steps, you pulled open your door – only to find Loki staring back at you in front of the doorway, hand raised as if he’d prepared himself to know on your door just as you’d ripped it open.
For a few heartbeats, neither of you uttered a word into the stunned silence which followed, before Loki finally breathed, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I can’t let you go like this. I can’t lose you.”
He crossed the last few steps separating the two of you, and there was no time for you to muster a reply before his lips crashed on yours and his hands found their way into your hair to pull you closer, the weight of his body pinning you against the nearest wall while your hand moved to slam the door close without ever breaking the kiss.
It was all you’d ever imagined it would be like kissing him, and so much more. His kisses, hot and heavy on your lips, were demanding, fuelled by a hunger which resonated with an ache deep within your own heart. His breath was hot against you as his lips parted to let out a soft groan, and his fingers raked through the strands of your hair while your own palms settled on the thin green fabric of his nightshirt, feeling the heat radiating from his firm body as he pressed closer, and your back hit the wall again with a soft thud.
You sighed with the sensation of Loki’s lips travelling along the line of your jaw and down the column of your throat while the grip of his long, elegant fingers in your hair tightened slightly to guide your head to the side and grant him further access to the sensitive skin on your neck, and the gentleness of his touches, despite the need the feverish kisses incited in both of you, made your heart leap with affection, and with love.
A moan tumbled from your lips when Loki’s teeth grazed the spot below your ear, and the last of your restraint dissolved like the smoke of an extinguished candle with the new fire his touches instilled in your lower belly, the pleasure which rippled through your body like waves in a pond when his tongue flicked out to graze the skin above your thundering pulse. You could already feel your arousal soaking the silky fabric of your panties when his hips pressed against yours. Your hands snaked down his chest and under the hem of his shirt, and when your palms made contact with his bare skin you could feel him quiver with the sensation of your touch.
His lips found their way back to yours, and one of his hands untangled from your hair to travel down the curve of your spine and settle on your lower back to pull you flush against him, and your body melted into his with another soft, blissful moan falling from your parted lips at the sensation. Your hands kept exploring his chest, every firm muscle, every slope, relishing the feeling of Loki’s fierce, messy kisses, the way he moved against you with the force of a thunderstorm, and still his touches, as urgent and possessive as his lips moving against yours, held a tenderness that made your heart sing with a happiness you’d never felt before.
Your legs hooked around his waist to pull him closer, and through the thin fabric of your panties, you could feel his erection pressing against your core, and both of you moaned at the contact.
A flash of green – and Loki had teleported the two of you across last steps to your bed in the blink of a second, never once breaking the string of passionate kisses you were sharing when he placed you down on the mattress, before he settled over you, his knees gently parting your legs and your heart rate spiked at the thought of what came next, what would happen if the two of you continued.
A whimper escaped your throat at the sensation of Loki’s hands roaming down your sides, nails grazing the skin on the curve of your waist before his fingers found the hem of your panties, and he began to toy with the delicate lace while he pulled away from the kiss, panting and flustered. The breath hitched in your throat at the sight of Loki hovering above you, his silky black curls messy where your hands had raked through the soft strands, and his pupils were dilated with desire – for you. And mixing with the lust darkening the blue of his eyes like storm clouds over the roaring sea, you could see softness swirling in the depths of his eyes, and something else, something you’d so often dreamed of seeing directed at you.
“Is this what you want?”, Loki whispered, and the roughness in his voice, strained with his own arousal and emotions, made your heart clench with the love you felt for him. Words had left you, and you nodded, breathlessly, hands tugging at his shirt in a silent plea to finally get rid of it, and Loki obeyed with a mischievous dark smirk, before another flash of green light illuminated the half-dark of your bedroom and the shirt was gone, along with the rest of his clothes, leaving you to marvel the firm muscles in his lean, strong body, the way they flexed and rippled when Loki lowered himself over you, one elbow resting on the pillow beside your head while his fingertips stopped toying with the lace of your panties and instead ripped them away in a flourish, and the fabric tore beneath his strong grip like paper with a ripping sound.
A shiver of anticipation rushed through your body, and Loki closed the space between the two of you once more, sealing your lips with his to resume the feverish kisses, and there was an ache in your chest for him, a hunger in your heart you knew could never really be sated. You needed him, you wanted to feel every inch of him against you, inside you, and your hands shot up to grab him. Inky black hair wrapped around your fingers, and you pulled him down to you with an eagerness which summoned a low, dark rumble of laughter from Loki’s lips, reverberating against your kiss. A sharp gasp of pleasure was torn from you when he buried himself inside you, your velvet walls wrapping around him as he pushed deeper, and the breath caught in your throat at the sensation. You could feel how he was restraining himself, afraid to hurt you, and the sinful sound he uttered at the feeling of your walls clenching around him, engulfing him in your wet heat, drove you mad with want. Your legs wrapped around his waist to change the angle and pull him deeper still. When you raised your hips in a silent command, it was all the reassurance he needed to begin to move with slow, measured thrusts which quickly grew faster, more erratic, and a string of moans escaped you with the ripples of scorching pleasure Loki’s movements sent cascading through your body every time he hit that sweet spot deep inside you with every thrust.
The sensation of your bodies melting together, becoming one, the pleasure he was bestowing on you which kept blazing through your nerves like bolts of electricity, shattered you in the best possible way and made you pant and writhe beneath him. When he pulled away from the kiss to watch you, the softness he held for you in his lust-darkened eyes would have been enough to incite little fireworks of happiness in your heart. All the vile things you’d thrown at each other hours ago in the hallway didn’t matter anymore. The world blurred, and your senses heightened to his every touch, the feeling of his bare skin beneath your fingertips and his erratic breath mingling with yours in the small space between the two of you, and his delicate scent, a mix of pine soap and himself. Nothing else mattered but this moment, with Loki.
“I’m yours”, you whispered hoarsely, and your voice broke into another cry as his hand glid down between your bodies and the pad of his thumb brushed over the bundle of nerves between your thighs, sending another cascade of pleasure skittering through you, building the tightness in your lower abdomen with every thrust and every stroke of his fingers over your clit until your climax ripped through you with the force of a lightning bolt, and you could feel Loki’s own high pulling him under alongside you. With a groan, he dropped his head to the crook of your neck, his black strands of hair pleasantly tickling your cheeks while his pace slowed, and he rode out the last wave of your climaxes, before he collapsed into the sheets beside you.
For a few heartbeats, while you waited for your heartbeats to slow and the sweat on your bodies to cool, the only sounds breaking the silence which had settled over the room were your laboured pants mingling in the air and the sharp wail of a siren somewhere in the city streets below, before Loki pushed himself up to hover over you once more. Your breath caught at the sight. He looked so beautiful, with the soft orange glow of the never sleeping city below and the silver light of the half-moon spilling through your window from above, painting golden and blue patterns on the side of his still slightly flushed face and on his halo of midnight-black hair, tousled and unkempt from the things you’d just done together. There was a sparkle in his captivating eyes as he gazed down at you with marvel, as if he couldn’t believe what had just happened – before the smile vanished, and sincerity took its place.
“I didn’t mean any of these things I said to you earlier, Y/N. I didn’t mean them,” he finally spoke, and it sounded hoarse with emotions.
You kept staring at him, dumbfounded and at an utter loss of words, so he added, “And I don’t want you to die.”
“Thank you”, you mumbled with a small smile in an attempt to say something, only to mentally slap yourself as soon as the words were out.
“Look, I’ve never done this”, Loki went on, “So…this is new for me. The reason I told them you weren’t ready wasn’t to hurt you. I wanted to protect you. You’re more than ready to join them, but then you’ll be in danger, and I couldn’t bear the thought of you being in danger, not even for a second. The thought that these people and their monsters will try to kill you after having hurt you so much already. I’m scared. Terribly so. To lose you. Okay? I can’t lose you because…I love you. I’m in love with you, deeply, and I have been for a while now.”
There were tears shining in his eyes, and tears welling up in your own upon hearing his words, the confession you’d so often dreamed to hear from his lips, the most beautiful words forged by his silver tongue. You were overwhelmed with everything it made you feel, the sheer happiness which flooded you like warm rays of sunlight, strangling every word you could have uttered in reply with happy tears. Loki seemed to panic at your loss of words.
“Please tell me that’s not how you see me. What you said, about…”
“Loki, I love you”, you finally whispered with a half sob, and his eyes briefly fluttered close as he exhaled with relief. “And I’m so sorry for the things I said. I wish I could take them back. I didn’t mean any of it.”
With the sweetest of smiles playing on Loki’s lips, he gently rested his forehead against yours, before he placed a delicate kiss to the tip of your nose, and finally to your lips.
“Please don’t go tomorrow”, he whispered, and the despair was back in his pleading tone. “I can’t lose you, my love.” He knew he couldn’t talk you out of it, and you could feel that he didn’t want to pressure you. It was your decision, and Loki respected it as such – he was only pleading with you to reconsider. But your mind was made up already.
You began to trace the side of his face with your index finger, and he immediately leaned into your touch. “I need to. I can’t just stay here and do nothing. These men hurt me, and they’ll hurt so many more people if we don’t stop them. All these hours of training together, the things you’ve taught me – you helped me achieve these skills. It’s time to put them to use.”
He swallowed, obviously fighting to keep his panic at bay, but he nodded. “Then let me come with you.”
You blinked up at him with surprise. “I don’t think the others will let you.”
“I don’t care”, Loki breathed, placing another feather-light kiss to your lips. “You go, I go.”
𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟐 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 ♡
Tumblr media
♡ 𝐈𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐞𝐧𝐣𝐨𝐲𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬, 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐫  𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐚𝐧𝐝/𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐠  (𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐨𝐧𝐥𝐲 𝐰𝐚𝐲 𝐭𝐨 𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐩 𝐦𝐞  𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐦𝐲 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭)
♡ 𝐊𝐨-𝐅𝐢  
𝐋𝐨𝐤𝐢 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 (𝐥𝐞𝐭 𝐦𝐞 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐢𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮'𝐝 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐛𝐞 𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐝)🖤:  @boneheadduluc @spiderhostia @a-midwinter-night-dream-86 @zemosimp05 @justfangirlthingies @cazzyimagines @rumblelibrary @victias @justanothertruebeliver @chiptaylormybeloved @vverliebt @madhatter2727 @a-simp-recommends-fics  
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*y/n walks into the room to see bucky sitting in front of the computer, having an existential crisis*
y/n: ...what happened
bucky, teary-eyed: AM I A ROBOT?!?!
y/n, turning to loki who is also in the room: WHAT DID YOU DO
y/n: jfc—
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angelkhi-reclibrary · 2 months ago
Trick the Trickster L.L
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Summary: Betrayed by the TVA you find yourself on the run with two deadly variants. Forced to bunk with the god of mischief, you find out just how mischievous he is.
Warnings: SMUT, 18+ minors dni, just some downright nasty shit I suppose? cuddlefucking? Some possessiveness, p in v, degrading, dumbification, dirty talk?, Loki spoilers, Slyvie, a bit sad for one second, a bit of a fluffy ending I suppose?
Word count: 1.9k
A little note: Hey, just wanted to drop this here. Started off as an idea after I watched ep 3 of Loki many weeks ago and I’ve just found it in me to finish it so I hope you enjoy it, it’s 1:30am so I’ve proof read this with tired eyes sorry for any mistakes! I also wanted to add a massive thank you for the love on my last post, it’s really uplifting and although I don’t post as frequently as other blogs do, I really appreciate it so thank you from the bottoms of my heart <3
Gif credits @lokitvsource
Tumblr media
Sylvie and Loki cut through last of the TVA agents, incinerating them to nothing with their own batons. A small part of you laments quietly for your fellow agents as you watch them turn into nothing, not even a spec of dust, but the way they broke your trust, your freedom, has you silently laughing in their nonexistent faces. Loki grabs your arm, practically dragging you along into a sprint, no time for careful footing across the unfamiliar terrain. Lamentis. At least that's what Sylvie had called it when the three of you fell blindly through the portal, however long ago. The pair run at breakneck speed, Loki's grip on your elbow never faltering, even in the exposing, open rocky plain, even as he sends Sylvie to scout the small cave whilst he mutters something about "lesser variant" and "more expandable". No, Loki keeps his hand firmly around your elbow, though you can't quite decide if it's to for your safety or his security.
You don’t dare break the silence between the two of you, almost sprinting forward when Sylvie proclaims that the cave is safe. In fact you would’ve, if the god of mischief hadn’t blocked your path the second you set one foot in front of the other, that protective hand sliding down to your hip holding you in place.
“Follow me.” A command soft and deadly.
You stalk quietly behind him, knowing better than to argue against him, knowing that your voice would fail you if you tried. So you stay silent and compliant, playing the role of the damsel in distress. Or maybe it’s not a role, maybe it’s who you are for you do not know. Your whole existence, your entire purpose was a lie and that somehow manages to scare you more than sleeping in a cave with these deadly variants. More than being on the run from the very organisation that disintegrated a man for a miss word.
A hand flies up over his shoulder, a command to pause, to let him scout ahead and remain in charge. Sylvie scoffs and mumbles a polite “prick” under her breath, smiling sarcastically when he turns back around. He scouts onwards, out of sight for a few seconds and returns to where he’d left the two of you.
"Sylvie's taking first watch,” He smiles at the variant, though it’s less than friendly much like her colourful response.
Once again his hand finds you in the darkness, settling on your lower back this time, and you wonder if its to calm himself rather than you.
“Try and get some sleep." A small ball of light appears in his palm and floats off into the air, acting as a tiny floating lamp in the vast sea of darkness. He nods towards the bedrolls he’d conjured from the stagnant air and you move towards them.
"What if the planet blows up from the inside out whilst we're sleeping?" The words bounce and echo off of the walls of solid rock, as does the scuff of your shoes as you sit on the thin blanket.
"She may be a lesser variant, but Sylvie knows these apocalypses like the back of her, my, our, hand. We’re safe for now. Sleep."
A nod is all you offer in return before you lay down, teetering on the edge of exhaustion yet kept wide awake by the fear curling around your neck as if to remind you that even in rest, you’re chased by death.
The uneven, uncomfortable ground seems to grow softer benaeath you, the bright flash of Loki's magic poorly concealed as he lays some feet away, unbothered by your presence.
You fold your arms in an attempt to preserve what little heat your body gave off, your teeth chattering quietly.
"What is it now?" Of course he’d heard your teeth chattering from so far away, maybe Sylvie was right, he is a prick.
"It's a little cold."
"What are you talking about? It's perfectly fine." But of course Loki couldn't feel the cold, his Jotun blood running cold every hour of every day.
Maybe he realises that, or is bluffing, either way a little while later his clothes rustle as he moves about, stills for a moment and shuffles once more until he's close enough to touch you.
"What are you doing?" You ask, “Loki?”
"Shush." He commands, shuffling even closer still. He's surprisingly warm and ridiculously close as he wraps himself around you, his much taller body enveloping your short frame. His warmth pulses around you, easing the chill from your bones ever so slightly, an so you shuffle about trying to find some comfort on the damned cave floor.
"Stop moving."
"Can't help it, m'still cold and uncomfortable.” Your frustration is evident when your voice raises a little in volume, a sudden realisation that the god behind you could snap his fingers, and end your life in less than a second soon has you quieting down quickly. Loki is silent for a few heartbeats before he speaks.
"Do you trust me?"
The answer was obvious, he's the god of mischief for heavens sake, so why did some small part of you want to say yes?
"Of course not, Laufeyson." You reply.
"Good." His hand snakes down from its position on your stomach in a slow, possibly even cautious movement, the thin shirt and slacks doing little to avoid a fire from igniting in their path. Seconds later he pops open the button on your trousers and comes to an abrupt stop.
"Need to hear you say it sweetheart," Loki’s voice is quiet and hot against the shell of your ear. The hard press of his toned abdomen is firmly pressed against your back, his hips still, the curve of his dick brushing against you.
"Please Loki..."
“Please what, dove?” You can hear the smile in his voice as he waits, taunting you with his proximity.
“Touch me.”
“Touch you? Here? Does that satisfy your needs?" His hand slithers back upwards, resting on your lower abdomen possessively, but you enjoy it. You enjoy his every touch.
“Hmm, how about her little dove? Is this where you want me?” Loki’s hand is on the move once more, down, down into your panties.
You nod against his shoulder, grinding yourself onto his delicately working hands. Loki pauses, only for a moment, to remove your trousers and once again he’s touching you.
He’s gentle with his movements, alternating between circling your clit and your hole, begging for him to enter. He grinds himself against you as he pushes his two fingers in, long and slender brushing against all the right places. He pulls moan after moan from your body, simply with his hands and my god you’re so close to begging for him to never stop.
"For someone who's so cold, your pussy sure feels warm." He talks pure filth into your ear, feeling the way your pussy clenches around his fingers at the words he speaks so freely.
He shifts once more removing his fingers much to your distaste, his trousers coming down quickly. Loki pumps himself a few times, massaging the head of his cock against your dripping folds, pushing into your weeping hole and pulling away a few times until he’s thrusting into you, stretching you open even more.
"Gonna let me in, hmm? Gonna let me into this tight little cunt?" Loki pushes himself into you until he’s fully sheathed, groaning quietly as he waits completely still adjusting to the feel of your pussy hugging him.
Loki’s first few movements are slow and cautious, for being fucked by man is one thing, but by a god? He didn’t want to push you, until you start grinding your hips pushing for him to let lose. He picks up his speed with the next thrust, and the next, until he’s fucking you at a brutal pace.
His thrusts are calculated, each one deeper than the rest, the tip of his cock bruising your cervix, blurring the lines between pain and pleasure. It’s almost all too much and yet you want more, he’s fucking you relentlessly; until he’s not. Until he’s completely still, and in that moment you would’ve done anything he asked. You try take matters into your own hands, grinding yourself against his cock and he chuckles.
"God you're pathetic, pushing back onto me like a bitch in heat." A tease through and through, truly the god of mischief as he remains stationary for a few more long seconds. Then he moves so hard, so fast your eyes roll and your toes curl.
"Look at you, half way to ruined by your prisoner,"
"Oh god, fuck." Is all you can string together in the heat of the pleasure.
"That's right dove, you're being fucked by a god, how does it feel." His fingers grip at your jaw with little mercy as he claims your mouth, swallowing every moan, his tongue caressing your own, you were his and he was taking you. Taking you in and then taking you apart, by any means necessary.
Your legs tremble as invisible hands stroke your clit with such a speed, you’re unsure if you can hold off of the looming orgasm as Loki uses you. His fuck toy, that’s all you are. And he was going to ensure that he used you properly, to his satisfaction and your own.
“Please, My King, let me cum please. Need it so bad.” As if something snapped within him, Loki’s thrusts falter before his hips are driving into with a new found enthusiasm.
“Say it again.”
“My king,” You mumble, “My King, please.”
“Again.” Your core turns molten at the soft gravel in his voice, that command. A perfect, wet and hot hole for him. For your king.
“My king I-”
“Beg for it.”
“Please, Loki I need to cum, fill me up My King, make me yours.” The voice does not sound like your own as you being to make promises to him, promises he’d make sure you withstood.
“Cum for me little dove, give it all to me.”
His hand slides under your leg, lifting it into the air, sliding home that little bit deeper, each thrust better than the last until he’s moaning your name, like a prayer. A god moaning your name.
The sound pushes you over the edge and your body becomes a shaking, crying mess, the aftershocks reverberating through your body as he uses your cunt to fuck himself to an orgasm, fucking you through yours.
His hips slow as he cums deep inside of you, releasing his seed against your cervix making sure to fuck it into you so deep it didn’t dare come back out.
Your breath isn’t your own anymore, your body, you barely hold onto that little piece of your mind but you’d give it all to him in a heartbeat.
He pulls out of you with a groan, and you whimper at the emptiness. Missing the feel of him inside you, how completely full you felt when he thrusted into you just moments before.
Loki kisses you once more, though it’s tender, a silent “thank you” and “are you okay?” But you were beyond okay, you feel as if you’re floating, as if you’d tasted the starts on his lips, you’d felt his hands and mouth on you in ways that many would die for.
As you lay there on the cusp of slumber, too tired to form a coherent sentence, warmth washes over you like an imaginary blanket tucked over your shoulders. Loki’s smile is beyond mischievous and you make a silent pact with yourself, as your eyes are closing finally giving into the fatigue, to one day trick the trickster.
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