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#loki x mobius
orayasan · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
...And then everyone in the TVA noticed it.
Thanks you all for your lovely answers on my poll !! It's been definitively interesting 😏
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marvelous-whovian · a day ago
mobius: look, loki is great, but they don't have a life plan. they don't even have a day plan. i once found a note they wrote to themself that said 'put on pants' followed by a question mark
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miithriil · an hour ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Lokius art + Thor because I missed them, also the new what if episode was trash but Jotun Loki 💚💚💚💚
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wolfcaffe · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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I need to see Mobius and the minutemen face Loki Jotunh. Loki is too strong and tough everyone gets hurt but... Before the minutemen disintegrate him (without first going to trial) Mobius stands up and tries to reassure Loki (*´ω`*)
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wheredafandomat · a day ago
2012 : P3
Green = Flashback
“Brother?” Loki said just above a whisper
“He’s my Brother, I should be the one to retrieve the tesseract” Thor shouted above the team who were arguing whilst planning the mission
Walking into the conversation, y/n heard Thor’s statement
“No. I’ll do it”
“Y/N you can’t”
“Thor he won’t hurt me”
“But what about Freya?” Thor asked trying to convince y/n to back down
“She’ll be safe here at the compound with Happy whilst we stop Loki” she replied sternly
“But what if—”
“Thor stop. This is Loki, he’s not going to hurt me”
Watching Loki cradle y/n’s insensate body, Thor didn’t think he even deserved the privilege of feeling upset. Of course he was, he’d lost y/n too. But the overwhelming feeling of guilt is what consumed him. He let her come on the mission. He let her confront Loki. He lead her to her death.
“NOOOOOOO!” Loki screamed holding y/n. She was gone.
A few moments later, the team began to arrive. Seeing y/n, laying lifeless in Loki’s arms, one by one they began to break.
Falling to their knees, they each had tears streaming down their faces. Y/N was dead. Their y/n was dead. And worst of all, she had a child waiting for her back home.
“Freya” Tony whispered snapping back into reality “what are we going to tell Freya?”
“Tony don’t think abo—”
“NO NATASHA! I promised that little girl that her mom would be back home SAFE”
Trying to calm Tony down, Steve placed a hand on his shoulder pausing his own grieving to comfort him. He knew that Stark wasn’t the kind of man who’d show emotions, especially those that’d make him seem weak.
Whilst the team were busy trying to help one another, they didn’t see the portal that had opened in front of them. None of them did. Except for Loki. It was like they were invisible to everyone but him. Noticing this, he started looking at the team and discovered that they were moving really slow. It was like time wasn’t flowing.
“Take the variant and reset the timeline”
Loki began to protest as he felt himself being separated from her. He didn’t want to leave her. He’d kneel on that floor for eternity if it meant he was with her. Shouting, punching and kicking, Loki was trying his hardest to escape the clutches of the agents that were grabbing him. He could have gotten away until the sight before him made him surrender.
There was a man in a uniform. The uniform was different to the ones the other agents wore and next to him was y/n.
Ecstatic, Loki ran up to her to hug her but was greeted with a hand slamming him down to the floor. It was y/n’s hand
“Why do you always decide to drag me on the missions with the loons” y/n asked cracking her knuckles glaring at the man she’d just wrestled
“Do you have to be so rude?” The man laughed looking into Loki’s direction
“I’m Mobius” he said offering a hand for Loki to take
“What is this? Y/N what’s going on?” Loki asked worried
“Erm, Mobius, how does this variant know my name? Variant, how do you know my name and why do you say it with such familiarity?”
A/N: What do we think??? Do we want another part? 🖤🖤
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noriega-the-first · a day ago
Me after watching Loki: What would be the universal temperament that would identify a me as myself through parallel realities?
Other people after Loki: Nice show.
#for Loki it's mischief and cunning obv.
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meril-tospen · 15 hours ago
Mobius : *untwisting his knickers*
Tumblr media
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So I know I'm late to the party (like way way late) but you what I would've liked to see in Loki?
I would have liked to see Loki pull a Jack Harkness.
I would have liked to see Loki kiss both Sylvie and Mobius - and for him to do it in the way that Jack Harkness does in Doctor Who where he kisses both Rose and 10 the same way and its equal reciprocity.
That would be some nice confirmation that (aside from just saying "I'm sure there were would-be prince's and princesses") Loki + his variants are Bi.
(And there could also be some more visuals other than that one small shot of 'gender: fluid' on Loki's ID card - but thats a discussion for another day).
A good rule of thumb in writing is 'show don't tell' and I wish we could have gotten some more visual confirmation for those 2 things is all.
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bugboyandtomatoman · a day ago
You ever just remember that there is literally a song on the Loki soundtrack called Lokius
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marveloser · a day ago
Okay but why can’t I stop thinking about Loki and Möbius going to a lake so Möbius can try riding a jet ski, Loki helps him learn and rides around on the back and it’s a super cute date and then later everything erupts into chaos bc Loki shapeshifts into a merman for shits and giggles to make all the humans freak out and Möbius doesnt know if he loves all the drama or hates it (he loves it)
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