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Stranger at the Door 21
Tumblr media
Warnings: this fic will include dark content including rape/noncon, predatory behaviour, just on the border of stepdad fic (this is a one time exception because this dynamic isn’t really for me but you know, brain makes no sense), mentions of mental health, bullying, isolation, bad parenting, age gap, self-harm, blood, depression, suicidal thoughts. My warnings are not exhaustive, enter at your own risk.
This is a dark!fic and explicit. 18+ only. Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.
Summary: You’re nineteen and life is standing still, that is until your mother meets her dream man, then everything changes. (innocent!reader)
Characters: Loki (silverfox)
Note: Before you proceed, please check the warnings a second time as new triggers have been added.
As per usual, I humbly request your thoughts! Reblogs are always appreciated and welcomed, not only do I see them easier but it lets other people see my work. Thanks to everyone who reads this one and thank you for all your energy.<3
Love you all like Donkey love Waffles. Take care. 💖
Tumblr media
The acidic coating in your stomach never quite dissipates. You have nothing left to throw up, nothing left to feel, nothing left whatsoever. 
Loki watches you as you emerge from the bathroom but you hardly even notice. His presence is nothing more than a dire shadow. You go to the bedroom and bury yourself under the blankets. You push your head beneath the pillow and close your eyes. Every ounce of strength drains completely as your thoughts cease to whirl. 
You are just a body, just there.
The world goes on as you stay still. Time moves around you, Loki too, but you don't notice the changes. You can't feel. You can't think. 
Colours, noise, shifting; none of it breaks through the coffin of your betrayal. You let your breaths slow as the pillow traps humid heat beneath and edge in and out of sleep; none of it restful, only fits of deeper disillusion. 
He touches you, dulled by your indifference, and pulls away the pillow. He lets you be as he gets no response, your eyes stuck on the ceiling before shutting again.
You come to in darkness. You make yourself get up as your bladder squeezes painfully. You don't see Loki. You're alone.
You go into the bathroom and sit on the toilet overly long, even after you're empty. You stare at the white tile and stand. You cross the floor and watch yourself in the mirror as you near the counter. You grip the edge. There's some pathetic creature looking back at you.
You glance down and let your hand slowly crawl over the small leather case. You unclasp it and look at the silver tools inside. You wiggle free the scissors. You toss the case to the back of the counter and grip the open blades so the edge cuts into the inside of your knuckles. You press the metal to your wrist and hold your breath. 
You have to poke through with the tip before the skin breaks and the hot release of blood makes you moan. You drag it jaggedly through the flesh and veins, stabbing into the viscera of your own arm. The pain has you trembling but you won't stop. Not till it's done.
The scissors slip as you switch hands and slice into your other wrist. This one's harder, the metal hard to keep steady. The small screw comes loose and the blades fall apart in your grasp. You drop them into the sink and wipe the tears from your eyes, a smear of red left down your face. 
You walk away from the mirror as the flow of blood leaks down your fingers, staining the door as you push it open.
It's not enough. It only hurts but it won't help. You stagger from the bedroom and into the front of the suite. Your backpack remains by the desk, the room exactly as you fled it. You go over and shove your hand through the open zipper and fish around for the bottle. 
You take out the pills, shaking as you try to unscrew the lid. Light suddenly blooms from the other side of the room as Loki stands beside the lamp. Where did he come from?
"Wha..." his voice trails off as you focus on the bottle, desperately trying to pop off the cap.
He strides over to you and you turn your back to him as you block him from taking the pills. You bite the lid and whine. He reaches around you and grips your hands, wiggling free the bottle as the blood makes it too slippery to hold on. 
He whips the bottle away and takes your wrists, pulling you to your feet as he makes you face him. He looks at the gashes and shakes his head.
"Jesus," he curses under his breath, "you stupid girl."
"Please," you sob, "please–"
"Shut up," he snarls and pulls you with him.
He drags you into the half-bath and sits you on the toilet. He holds you by your arms and glares down at you, chest heaving as he pokes his tongue in his cheek. 
He grabs a towel and brings your hands together, stemming the blood with the fluffy cotton. Your bones ache from his tight grasp and he manages to keep your hands trapped with only one of his. He winds the towel around one wrist and ties it tight, then takes another and does the same to the other. 
He says nothing as your blood stains his pale hands. He stands straight and leaves you. You let your hands rest in your lap, unmoving. Another failure.
You hear his voice, low, agitated. He comes back to you, phone in hand as he shakes his head. He slips the cell into the pocket of his silk pajamas and helps you stand. He keeps hold of your elbow and leads you back into the bedroom. 
Your lip quivers as the tears continue to roll down. He lays you back down and remains, sitting on the edge of the bed as he checks the phone again.
"I have a friend coming to help," he says, "it's okay, precious."
"Why?" you ask weakly.
"Why?" he snaps as he looks at you with his snakish eyes.
"I want to die," you say, "it's all I have left. I have no mother, no life…"
He inhales and peeks at his phone again. He leans on his thighs as he taps the phone listlessly, "you're young. You don't know what you want, you can't."
"Not you," you whisper.
He's silent as his jaw squares. He stands and leaves you. He returns after a moment and resumes his place on the edge of the bed. He has a washcloth in hand, slightly damp as he wipes your face.
"You don't have nothing," he insists as he holds your chin and cleans away the blood, "you have me and I don't take well to those who try to take things from me."
You frown. Thing. That's what you are to him. Another possession. That's worse than anything else he's said or done. Before, you could pretend you were some forbidden love, even if you abhor him, but now, you don't even have that. You are nothing but a toy to him and he can only think of how you would spoil his fun.
Loki sits with you until his 'friend' arrives. You hear them speaking in the next room but their words garble and don't connect. The man enters ahead of him, a leather bag hanging from his shoulder as he looks you over.
"Hello," he greets you with your name, "I'm Dr. Helmut Zemo."
You don't answer. He drags a chair over and puts his bag atop it.
"If you will," he turns to Loki, "I need to wash my hands, take out my gloves so I can tend to her after."
Loki nods as the doctor excuses himself and you hear the water running. It feels wrong, tainted. The secrecy of it all. Why didn't he just take you to the hospital? Not that you want that either.
The doctor returns and takes a pair of latex gloves from the box Loki placed on the night table. He sits on the edge of the bed, as Loki had done moments ago, and takes your wrist. You resist, the effort throbbing in your hands, then relent.
"Now," Zemo warns in his lilted voice, "do not be obstinate, I am here to help you."
You give up and let him pull your arm to him. He carefully unwraps the towel and examined then caked blood around the laceration. He does the same to the other and nods to himself. 
"Left is pretty deep," he clamps the towels back over your wrists, "bend your fingers for me."
You huff and do as he says. It's painful but not impossible. 
"No bone or nerve damage," he says, "any deeper and you'd need surgery."
"Any deeper and I wouldn't have to be here," you blink through tears.
He's silent as he puts your hands in your lap, "in my bag, you'll find some isopropyl alcohol and some wipes, I will need first to sterilise her wounds, then some stitching and dressings. She will heal with some antibiotics and regular cleaning."
Loki reaches into the leather bag again, a diligent assistant. His face is staunch as he looks at you. You grumble and turn your gaze to the blanket.
"Tell me, have you done this before?" Zemo asks. You nod.
"She takes medication," Loki offers and you curl your lip.
"So she has a psychologist?" He continues. "Perhaps I will review his script to be sure it is correct. Tetanus shot?"
"Last year," you murmur.
"Very good," he uncovers your left wrist and agony ripples up your arm as he presses the alcohol-coated wipe to the gash. 
You grunt but hold back the scream roiling in your chest. He flakes away the dry blood as more begins to leak out, his gloves quickly redden. He focus on his task, attending you sternly and without care.
"Loki," he intones, "give us some space, please, I will call for you when I require the needle."
Loki retreats slowly and pauses by the door. Neither of these men have a shred of empathy for you, only disappointment, almost repulsed at your stupidity. Like it was a cry for attention. They can't understand, they're men. No, monsters.
When the doctor goes, you feel woozy. It might be the painkillers, you think. The antibiotics pit a rock in your stomach and your new antidepressants make your head cloudy. It's an escape but not the one you planned on.
You slip down to your back and let your eyes close dreamily. You like this. You like not feeling. Sleep crawls over you and cocoons you in a calming warmth, the world fading away to the colours of your mind.
When you wake again, dawn has passed and the sky is orange with noon. Loki's beside you, a leather folder open on his lap as he delves into the tight font of his legal pages. You giggle and reach to push it away. You don't know why, you just feel like it. He keeps the papers from fluttering away and closes the folio with a snap.
"What are you doing?" he peers down at you past his long nose.
You shrug and laugh again. Your mouth is dry and sticky, you roll your tongue around trying to wet it. He sighs and helps you sit up as you reach with your bandaged arms. He puts you against the bed frame and climbs off the other side. 
He surprises you as suddenly he appears with a glass of water and holds it out. You take it and drink thirstily.
"Are you proud of yourself?" he asks sourly.
"Proud?" you look at him and wipe the water that dribbles down your chin, "of what? That I'm fucking my mom's fiance? Or that I'm a mess?"
You laugh again. It's all just a little bit funny. Especially that you ever thought it wouldn't end up like this.
"Well, I see the medication is... potent," he lifts a brow, "that's quite a bite you have, precious."
"That's quite a bite you have," you imitate his accent, poorly, "leave me alone, you-- you-- pervert!"
He inhales through his nose as you take another gulp and place the glass aside. Really, why should you care about anything? Your mother doesn't care about you. This man surely doesn't care about you. So who gives a fuck!
You turn your legs over the edge of the bed and he steps to block you, "what are you doing?"
"I'm going to take a bath!" you declare, "I feel gross and... I'm healing!" You hold up your wrists, "I'm sick, don't you know? In the head."
"You should go back to sleep," he grabs your arms and the pang makes you squeal.
"Ow, let me go," you cry out, "I don't want to sleep! I want a bath–"
"Lay down," he leans on you and falls over you until your flat on your back, pinning your hands to the bed as he looms over you, "don't act like your mother, you little–"
You squirm and snap your teeth at him. He winces and keeps away from your mouth.
"I don't want to hurt you, precious, I told you that," he sneers, "so quit."
You whine and writhe beneath him. He plants his knees on the bed between yours as you struggle with him. You only feel a dull weight as the medication nips at his grip and another wave of nausea swells. You kick your feet around him and whimper.
"Please," your eyes wet, "please, Loki," you sniffle, "you're hurting me..." you look into his eyes, "I'll be good."
He glares at you for a moment, then his face softens. He lets you go and sits back on his heels as he combs his hair back with his fingers. He lets out a heavy breath and backs off the bed. He clears his throat as he leaves you, returning with his hand cupped.
"You're due for another dose," he holds out the pills, "antibiotics in two hours."
You sit up and stare at his loose shirt. You take the pills blindly and toss them into your mouth. It's better than feeling. You turn to put your head back to the pillow, sensing his lingering gaze.
"Thank you," you murmur.
"Alright," he breathes and nears to brush your forehead with his fingertips, "you be good."
Your body rocks as soft purrs drift from between your lips. The heat radiating around you is intoxicating. You smile as you drag your hand across the soft, full cloud. Your world is pink and airy, vibrant but cozy. 
You're consumed by the coiling sensation around your core, the pleasure of indifference, of ignorance. You moan a little louder and the clouds part, wisps wilting away from your fingers. The fluffy blankets split and roll back, retreating as the sky turns gloomy. You're no longer float but plummet into the dark depths below.
Your eyes open as your body jerks, sweaty flesh sticking to your back as deep tones sink into your mind. Loki's humid breath spreads over your scalp as he ruts into you, a long arm around your middle. The bed jolts with his movement, growing more frantic with each thrust. The clap of his violent intrusion against your ass reverberating through you.
You vaguely remember his first touch, the gentle kiss on your lips as he asked if you're awake. You don't recall answering or how it got to this. You can hardly keep track of the day since you cut yourself. The meds keep you dull, keep you pliant, and they make him bearable, almost needed.
You dig your nails into the pillow and bit the cotton sheath around it. You groan as the pulsing in your core thrums stronger and stronger, his fingers flicking wildly at your clit. You let it take over, let the delight bring the clouds back and pale the sky as your eyes roll into your skull. You quake at the sudden release, spasmodic as the sparks tingle across your skin.
He relishes your twitching walls and fucks harder, faster. He tilts without relent as he presses his fingers against your bud and hammers into you. He growls your name as he nibbles your ear and slams to his limit. He slows as he cums, hissing and huffing until he's still. He stays inside of you, hugging you to him as the tension slakes away.
"We'll have to start packing soon, precious," he exhales, "your mother expects us back tonight."
You clench your jaw as the anger breaks through your haze, "I don't care," you say, "she can wait."
"Oh, precious," he chuckles, "don't be silly, we must–"
"No," you insist, the thought of facing her; overmedicated and broken, is worse than even Loki, "can't you book another night?"
He's quiet as he pets your hair. His acts of affection make you shiver. Somehow, his doting is both sinister and earnest. Yet, you can't help but find comfort in not being alone; for once.
"If you truly need it, precious, yes," he allows, "you see how nice I can be, hm?"
"Thank you," you cover your face and try to wriggle away but he holds you there. You relent and hid your tears in your arm. Could you ever face your mother again?
If you are experiencing any thoughts of self-harm or suicide, or just need to talk, please seek out sources here and here. From one stranger on the internet to another, I care about you.
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Tumblr media
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𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚖𝚊𝚒𝚍𝚎𝚗 - 𝙻𝚘𝚔𝚒 𝙻𝚊𝚞𝚏𝚎𝚢𝚜𝚘𝚗
Tumblr media
Category: Loki Laufeyson X Fem!Reader
Summary: you are but a simple handmaiden, daughter of the cook, but Loki is enchanted by you.
Tumblr media
A simple cook's daughter should not have taken his attention as you had. It just wasn't fair. Loki remembered the first time he laid eyes on you. He must have been only around six or seven. A small boy tumbling through the gardens of the palace, his eyes wide with wonder, gazing upon the mountains of flowers and herbs.
A sweet giggle took his attention as his green eyes scanned the fields before him, a small girl stood staring up at who he presumed to be her mother. The older woman slipped a yellow flower behind her ear and passed her a book before pressing a kiss to her daughter's forehead, retreating to the castle.
Now Loki wasn't sure what he was feeling, it was unfamiliar and almost painful, his stomach burnt and his cheeks were heating up as his eyes travelled all over this girl's face. How mortifying.
Before he could run away, the girl caught his eye and he was ready to pass out right then and there. Her lips curled into a kind smile as she clumsily waved at him, almost welcoming him over. So Loki reluctantly stumbled over, his eyes still glued to her.
"Hello... my mummy said if I see someone alone I should invite them over... or give them a gift… here…" you said sweetly, passing him the yellow flower from behind your ear.
Loki huffed almost defensively "I wasn't alone... I was just... looking for my brother..." he spat it almost unkindly, but still took the flower from your outstretched palm.
The girl's smile wavered but she seemed determined to befriend him, something Loki himself wasn't accustomed to.
Years passed and an understanding between the two of you grew. They were by no means close, which was mainly Loki's fault. He was completely infatuated with you, to the point where merely being in your presence reduced him to a bumbling fool. However much he pretended to stay aloof, one little smile from you and he was drawn back in, this is how it had been for centuries.
Now young adults, you becoming a fully-fledged handmaiden and him competing with his brother for the crown, he wanted nothing more than to find a way to speak with you, court you. It was just difficult.
His father was adamant about him meeting the ladies of the court, the more appropriate suitors that he had lined up for him. All of them were far too gaudy and judgmental. He could tell they didn't care for him personally, just his status which sickened him to his stomach. When they'd attempt to chat to him he could only see you. Your beautiful smile without a hint of malice or greed.
On this particular evening, he found himself being spoken to a particularly pushy lady of the court, Sigrad. They were seated in the corner of the room, his chin resting in his palm as he tried to take in anything she was spewing, it was mainly gossip she had picked up from her time around nobles. Pure dribble.
"So I was saying to this one lady of the court that..." Sigrad had been distracted by something behind him as she clicked her fingers "Excuse me... maid? More wine..."
A pair of delicate footsteps sounded behind him and as you approached Loki turned, his eyes igniting as his lips curled into a smile. Sigrad must have caught wind of this and she cleared her throat, glaring at you with her nose raised high. With a flick of her wrist, Sigrad swatted the bottle of red Asgardian wine causing it to spill all down the front of your white linen maid apparel.
"Oh sorry about that maid... fingers must have slipped..." Her smirk alone proved there was no sincerity in her apology whatsoever. Before Loki could even react, you were racing from the banquet hall.
"So where were we-"
"We were nowhere Sigrad... take your pathetic pompous self somewhere else before I have you removed from the court for good..."
Tumblr media
You were in pieces. The man you loved was surely now reminded of your lowly status, in probably the most humiliating way possible. That pompous whore had the nerve to embarrass you, for what reason? You weren't sure.
Pressing your back up against the pillars outside the banquet hall, you finally allowed the tears that had been building to fall as breathless sobs wracked your entire body. For once you would love to feel as though your status didn't affect the way Loki would treat you, but your fate seemed to not fall that easily.
A gentle hand touched your shoulder causing you to finally open your eyes, being met with Loki's concerned ones. His brows furrowed as his eyes searched her face.
"Are your alright love? What that shrew did to you was awful..."
You merely nodded and pulled away from him before he could pull you back in again. Logistically, this could never work between you, and no way could you be his secret. Not that you expected him to have any interest in a simple maid. Daughter of the woman who cooked the king’s meals, you were nothing.
"Where are you going?" Loki called out from behind as you began to turn away and race down the hall.
"My prince I have duties to complete this is not the time..."
"You're upset, let me help you..."
You didn’t mean to, your hand swinging around in an attempt to silence his pleas for your stay, that same hand connecting with the prince’s nose. Crimson liquid poured from his nose like a tap, and your hand reached out in a panic, almost like you were having a crack at catching the blood to relieve his Asgardian leather of getting damaged somehow. While all of this you couldn’t help but mumble mindless and strained versions of the same apology, well if he didn’t like you before, he probably hated you now.
“No matter… really I have a handkerchief it was an accident”
You had no idea that he was doing everything to stop his voice from wavering. Not because of the pain of a surely broken nose, but because the feeling of your warm caring hands on his face had sucked all thoughts from his brain. He thought of you like a vacuum for his inhibitions, a strong mead silencing all logical thinking.
“My prince… I’m so sorry… please just don’t terminate my employment… my mother and I need the money and-“
“Do you think that of me? That I would… oust you out after a mere accident…”
Your eyes finally met as you took one step to distance yourself from him. Would he? All the other handmaidens spoke negatively of the younger prince. He was cold, didn’t enjoy the same sexual escapades as his brother, and for the most part, kept to himself. You didn’t understand why those were negative attributes, you had always enjoyed the quieter people, they were calmer and usually kinder. Maybe you had overthought it? The prince couldn’t have been that bad, he had defended you…
“No… no sorry, I just… gods this is so embarrassing…”
Your eyes cast down again, but a singular finger lifted your chin to face up, those eyes creasing, pleading with you. What was he doing? Was he pulling your face to his? Were your lips about to brush?
Well, you never found out, a pair of heavy footsteps approached, and the moment was ruined. The worst part was the way Loki drew away, like the thought of being caught with you was ever so mortifying.
“Brother your timing is impeccable…”
You couldn’t bare to hear the rest, you just couldn’t. So, you ran.
Tumblr media
Loki couldn’t stop punishing himself. You had disappeared since that night, he assumed you were avoiding him, not surprisingly. He had completely cocked it all up. The prince had guessed you thought he didn’t want to be seen so close to you, but that wasn’t the case. Loki knew if you were seen with him by anybody, even his witless oaf of a brother, your job would be at stake.
Not only would you be terminated for coercing a royal, but you’d be ousted from your home in the castle, and you and your mother would be reduced to beggars in a nearby village. The thought kept him up at night.
However, Loki had an idea. The thought of living a life courting anybody but you was not a life worth living, which is exactly why he was on his way to the throne room. Odin would have to allow this, and if he didn’t well he would find a way, you were worth it.
“Enter son…” his father’s cold voice called.
There he sat, the man with all the power, the god of gods who controlled his son’s fate.
“You requested a meet son…”
“Yes, father… I know you wish for me to court someone…-“
Instantly interrupting his son, Odin continued “Ah yes… how was Sigrad? I know she has an interest in you… very accomplished young woman… soon to be in the running for one of you mothers ladies in waiting..-“
“Father she’s insufferable…”
He definitely shouldn’t have snapped, he was here to bare his soul to his father, offer up anything to allow him to let him call you his own, and he was already being cruel. Loki needed to make a note about controlling his temper, even if his father made the fire of anger burn within him.
“Oh? So is there someone else?” his voice called out, a questioning brow raised.
“Yes… but she’s…-“Odin’s beard he couldn’t even get the words out.
“Spit it out son…” his father yelled.
“ITS’S Y/N FATHER…” He shouted in return, his usually pale countenance red with emotion. He could imagine where you were right now, probably folding bed linens and caring for self-important nobles who didn’t deserve your attention. No, they should be doting on you, for your benevolent goodness alone. You didn’t deserve to be some handmaiden his father was probably trying to remember as he filed through his own thoughts.
“The handmaiden… cooks daughter…” he muttered, clearly not all that impressed.
 The silence was thick, the worst silence Loki had ever experienced. This could be it, Odin could banish you here and now, blaming you for bewitching him. A sigh left his father’s lips and Loki let his mouth fall in a straight line, holding his breath for the verdict that would decide his life.
“Very well… you can court her, but her position remains until she accepts your courtship… after she will have to remain as a noblewoman, bad for the image to have you marrying a maid…”
Tumblr media
Three weeks, three whole weeks you had managed to avoid the god of mischief. Purposely trading shifts with the other handmaidens so you wouldn’t be fixing up the prince’s chambers. You couldn’t handle the cringeworthy altercation you had shared that evening. It was the type of thing that haunted your dreams, punching the man you loved and then nearly kissing him.
Your thoughts had been so all-consuming you had yet to notice the tall lithe figure watching you from the doorway of the washing rooms.
You jumped out of your skin at the deep voice your skin prickling with goosebumps. You turned your body around, your eyes widening at the sight before you. There the prince stood, yellow flower in hand, nervous smile twitching as his eyes didn’t leave you. Before you could question him, he spoke again.
“A young girl once told me if I saw somebody alone I should try to befriend them… or gift them… here”
The flower resembled the one you had given him all those years ago, unbeknownst to you, it was that same very flower. Preserved by his mother’s magic that same day, it was Loki’s greatest possession and now, now he was giving it back to you. A symbol of his devotion.
“My flower…” you mumbled almost dumbly, what was happening?
“I have come… to ask you… gods why is this so hard…”
“But you have no idea what I was going to ask?” Loki stated his eyebrows raising as you walked to him, placing your palms on his shoulders.
“Well unless I have misjudged this awfully… I believe you’re asking… to court me, for reasons I’m still unsure of…”
Loki huffed again, that fond memory of your first meeting giving you déjà vu.
“Because you my dear… are the most enchanting, kind-hearted, and selfless creature of all of Asgard… and I… I’ve loved you for longer than I care to admit…”
His words made your heart flutter like thousands of doves were blooming from your chest. His lips on your own making the feeling repeat.
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Hello my mutual 💜💜 May I ask of you a Jotun Loki x 20 something female reader who has trauma and how he'd help her with it? It'd be angsty with some fluff I guess like him being very understanding and gentle and tender with her.
You ask, I write! Thank you so much for your request darling 💖💖💖💖
*My requests are open*
Pairing: Jotun Loki x Fem!Reader
Summary: After a very horrifying incident, you are very insecure of your scars and having sex with someone. But maybe a party can change that? 
Warnings: Smut, PTSD, angst, aftercare, fluff.
Loki taglist: @lokisprettygirl22 @novenaproxy @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore @high-functioning-lokipath @thereadinggeek @el-zef @lulubelle814 @beakami @lokiprompts @ddeadlystbbxx @ilovefanfictions @laurenandloki
Tumblr media
Vines, your marks reminded you of the grape vines that grew on the side of your window. You had no idea how grapes appeared, you never planted a seed, and yet there they were, crawling up the walls of your house to your window. 
It was like you were trapped inside your body, alone with your thought and the memories from those months. You could still feel the burning sensation of the first time. They heated up chains until they were glowing red, then drop them on top of women's bodies. 
All for some sick form of pleasure. 
A few years ago, a group of girls were missing, it turned into a big piece of news once they were saved. The Avengers sent the kidnappers to jail, and claimed they made justice. 
Sadly, the headline for that night's story was "Avengers rescue 12 girls from basement in Columbus, Ohio", wrong, because they were 13. 
You got into therapy as soon as you went back to your family, burnt and forgotten. How you escaped was sent to oblivion. It was better that way. Being broken was the thing that matter least to you. It was laughable, you were marked for life, they used you and those girls in horrible acts of service, like crawling around naked, feed them, and all kinds of things that ended up with you and the others getting hurt. 
“The Avengers made justice” if you had powers or some level of intellect beyond ordinary, that would have been your origin story to become a villain, but you could not care less about revenge, and you had no powers. 
Years passed slowly, but it all got a little better. Your body changed, the scars faded, at least they weren't all red and green as before, and your heart was healing too. 
"Y/n! There's this big ass party in Las Vegas, we must go!" Your friend Nancy came kicking your door down. She got you in a sparkly silver dress and inside her car in less than an hour, much to your persistent disagreement. 
"This is going to be so fun!!" You nodded, pretending excitement. Parties weren't your thing, but you needed a change of air, to loosen up and relax. Maybe even forget yourself for a minute or two. 
Las Vegas was full of aliens! That was all the ruckus was about, aliens, and Thor was the one that organized it, you noticed because he was in the middle of it talking to everyone as if he owned earth. That was one of the reasons why you hated heroes. 
A sudden heavy noise made you turn around, it was a big blue foot coming to step on you, until it, well he, halted, acknowledging your presence. "Oh, pardon darling" he was as big as a statue, with a voice as smooth as lace, "Don't worry" yours in comparison was small and week. 
“Wow! Did you saw him? He’s Huge!” Nancy pointed out the obvious, you weren’t on the mood, so you just nodded and watched her be all excited. Why couldn’t you be like her? Carefree, relaxed, joyful, happy? You couldn’t blame the incident anymore, that happened five years ago, if anything the only one keeping you from your own happiness…is you.  
"Are you having fun?" you looked up, it was that blue guy again. He knelt down next to you in hopes to hear your response, "Parties aren't my thing, I'm just here with a friend, she's...oh" you turned to look around you, and when you did saw her, Nancy was walking away with some green guys. 
"She left you behind?" He sadly asked, "Seems so" you sighed and nodded to him politely, then moved away to leave, since your friend wasn't going to spend time with you, but his light tapping on your shoulder made you stop. 
"Would you like to dance? There's this place with loud music playing, we could go there together" you nervously laughed, "I don't dance, much! I mean I do, but I don't do it so well, and you..." your mumbling was adorable, at least he thought so, but suddenly you pointed him whole. 
"Me?" You didn't wanted him to be hurt "Will you fit in the club?" He chuckled at your innocence as he opened his hand to you, "Come with me". Was he encouraging you to jump on his hand? "Are you sure?" He nodded, so you did, one leg at a time, but since you were struggling, he lowered it to the ground, with a shy giggle you sat on his palm. 
"I'm Loki, of Jotunheim, what's your name little darling?" The wink at the end made you blush, "I'm Y/n, nice to meet you Loki" the shy tone in which you said his name, made his heart sing. 
"The pleasure is all mine little one" he smiled. Gosh he's pretty! His skin all cold blue; his eyes gentle yet powerful; his hands, soft hands. He was a vision. 
When you two made it to the club, you were worried about how low the ceiling was, he was never going to fit in, but he had an idea. He placed you on the roof of the building and asked you to open the hatches to let the sound out, you did it and the music surrounded you, as well as the cheers of the people dancing inside.  
“May I have this dance?” he offered you his index finger in a polite way, it was so cute. He was so gentle when he squished your hand between his thumb and his index, the same when he twirled you around. “You alright love?” you were far too stressed trying not allowing your very short dress to become even shorter, and the breeze was getting colder by the minute.  
He seemed to pick on what was going on, so he used his seiðr to conjure you a long dress, with a lovely skirt that twirled around you, long puffy sleeves hugged your arms and also warmed them up. It was so pretty, you felt like a...  
“Better, my petite princess?” yeah that was it, a princess.  
“Much, thank you Loki” seeing you happy made him feel warm, he wanted to see you smile like that all the time. You two kept dancing until the song ended, which is when he went away for a second and came back with food and alcohol, “I toast to tonight my darling. I was reluctant to come, but I'm glad I did” he got closer to caress your cheek with his index, ever so smooth and gentle, it made your skin tingle. “I was literally dragged here against my will, but I’m also glad my friend did it, tonight was really the best” he really loved that you spoke up to talk to him, but it was mostly the alcohol doing its work. 
At some point, you became a bit tired; reason why he scooped you up from the rooftop and started walking away. “Wait, where are we going?” at that height you weren’t crazy enough to jump off his hand. He smiled, “You seem tired love, I... well if you don’t mind, I would like to take you back to my hotel room, so you could rest” you didn’t believed shit. 
You squirmed and tried to get down on your own, but he stopped you, “Hey! If you do that, you’ll hurt yourself!” he quickly caught you before you could slip off his hand, “What are you trying to do?” you looked up to him with tears in your eyes, “You’re going to...do to me...the same they did!” you tried to yell the last part, but it came out as a whimper rather than an angry yell.  
“Whatever do you mean darling? Do what?” he tried to approach you with his other hand, but you started crying and you hit his finger away, “Am I gonna come back? I had to crawl through a sewer to escape, it hurt so much!” you showed him your hands, he realized someone had hurt you, given that your hands were covered in old scars, scratches and mysterious dark spots. 
“I’m not going to do anything, love, rest assure, I am a man of my word” you closed your eyes, the warmth of his fingers kind of forced you into slumber, not that you were very awake to begin with.  
The next morning you woke up in a gigantic bed, like a vast meadow of sheets and comfort. Alone, until those familiar heavy steps made you look down to your body panicking. You still had your dress, that made you let out a big sigh of relief. 
“Good morning little darling” he came through the door, holding a paper bag on his left hand. “Did you slept alright?” he sat on the edge of the bed, right next to you. “I can’t remember if I slept at all” you laughed, “You passed out crying, I would’ve loved to take you back to your place, but since I lack the information” you nodded, his explanation made sense and, for the looks of it, he didn´t slept beside you. 
“Where did you sleep?” you wondered, pointing the perfectly smooth sheets on the left side of the bed. “There’s a couch in the living room, surprisingly comfortable” he smiled, placing the paper bag on your lap, “I don’t need it, but I bought you a little something, I hope you like chocolate” you nodded, taking out the pastries.   
“You don’t eat?” he shook his head, “I don’t precisely need it, I’m…built different”, but you wouldn’t have that explanation, instead you offered him one of the chocolate pastries. “Here” he seemed reluctant to take it, but then you affirmed, “I have a bird’s stomach; it means I don’t eat much”, and he saw himself unable to resist you.  
“I’ll accept your kindness, only if you allow me to take you to dinner, a proper one” his proposal made you feel warm, “Where?”, Loki leaned down to take your hand and plant a kiss on your knuckles, “Jotunheim” then your smile dropped.  
He noticed your sudden shift, so he tried to ease your anxiety, “I know it’s another planet, but I would like…I would love to cook, for you” your heart moved for his shyness, it took a lot of courage but, “I would love that too” you ended up accepting his proposal.  
After many dates like that one, that unusual pang in your stomach, that often alerted you of a dangerous person, went quiet all of a sudden. It lingered, the feeling of his hands around you, his warmth, the taste of his lips, even how his skin felt.  
You never daydreamed before, but you started when you met him, because you desired him, in all ways possible. You wanted to be consumed by him, to be one with him, to fuse with his skin. But as much as you tried to imagine a nice scenery when it came to it, the basement seized your mind, the scorching feeling of the chains came back, and you cried yourself to sleep as your only consolation in your lonely home.  
Calling him was an option, always, but you never called him to talk about your problem, you didn’t wanted to bother him, but perhaps, if you wanted to do it with him, you should. That’s how you ended up back on the same hotel he took you the first time, over a year ago.  
“This place brings me so many memories, princess. May I ask what’s the occasion?” you exhaled sharply, facing the window. “I…It’s not easy to say, so I’m asking you to listen” he didn’t moved from his spot, he stayed looking at you as you turned to face him. 
“Six years ago, there was this incident. I was kidnapped and brought to a very bad place, along with other girls my age. We were…hurt, I was the last to escape, but apart from that, they burnt us with chains, that’s why we haven’t…you know” when you looked up to his face, tears rolled down off his eyes, he knelt to be at your level and brought his finger to touch your hand. 
“Darling, I am so sorry you went though such a nightmare, but the fact that you are here, talking to me about it, shows great strength, I’m proud of you princess, I’m here if you need me, keep talking if it makes you feel better or not at all, I’m here” he spoke ever so softly, “Actually, I told you this because…because I want you, I trust you” Loki’s eyes lighten up as he heard you, not because of lust, he had your trust in something that burdened you for so long, if anything he felt honored.  
“Then I shall make love to you, my love. Pick a word, any word, it will be your sign for me to stop, if you ever feel overwhelmed” You sighed at his hand caressing your head, “Purple” he nodded and signaled you to jump to his palm, “Now, do not feel as if you need to continue because you have to please me, if you feel uncomfortable, say the word and we’ll cuddle, as simple as that my love”.  
You nodded. Earlier he had asked why you wore a raincoat in a clear sky night, when you buttoned off and slid it pass your shoulders, he saw why. It was a lace full body lingerie, with green and blue patterns of different flowers and butterflies hugging your every curve.  
His sinful thoughts stopped when he saw the mark that the chain had left on your torso. It snaked its way through your hip and all the way to your neck, like it trapped you.  
“You are a rare beauty my love, like a unique diamond. Unbreakable and beautiful” his words made your heart flutter, it moved you almost to tears, “How we’ll, uhm…you know” given his size you had serious doubts about your survivance if he penetrated you. He read through your nervousness, then said, “Don’t worry about me, your satisfaction is my pleasure, I’ll cum whenever you do” again, his words were the very cause of your arousal. “Is it okay if I want to discard the bodice? I’d like to see you” you were scared, he saw it in your slopy hands and wobbly legs, “I’ll do it first, if that’s alright” after you allowed him, he set you on the bed and stripped off his armor and undergarments in a funny fashion, to help ease the moment.  
“Like what you see?” he caught you staring, “You’re astounding, marvelous” his heart pounded so hard in his chest, he heard it in his head. “Come here darling, leave the lace, I would hate to mess it up” care, he cared, or he probably saw how confident and sexy you felt in it.  
“We’ll do something okay? I’ll use my hands and my tongue only. You tell me if you don’t like it. Don’t forget you are the one in control, I won’t cross the line if you don’t tell me to” he assured, part of the whole meaning of the situation was to make you feel heard, loved, respected and sexy. 
So far he was nailing it. 
He asked you to lay on your back, flat on his palm, then he begin to draw you closer to his face. A few kisses on your tummy, to start slow, then up to your face and neck, his hot minted breath making your nerves tingle. He tried not to mind the scar, but it was part of who you are, so instead of avoiding it he licked the whole red road up to your neck, making you squirm and whimper.  
He tried looking into your eyes, but they were covered by your hands, “It's ok darling, you can let out whatever sounds you want. Mewl, whimper, whine, moan, whatever feels most natural” you slowly revealed your face to him, “There’s my little love” he smiled, his voice holding so much adoration it felt unreal. 
“Y/n” he took one of your breasts in his mouth and began to suck gently, “Loki!” his eyes shot to your face, to make sure he didn’t hurt you, and it made his cock leak out that you shouted his name because of pleasure.  
He continued on the other breast, flicking his tongue on your nipples from time to time, only to hear you moan. Then, what made him grin like the happiest man in the universe, he felt something wet on his skin, “My love, do you need my assistance elsewhere?” he eyed your dripping core with affection, feeling fascinated on the effect he had in you, even more when you shyly nodded. 
“I need you to say it, my petite princess” he caressed your face tenderly.  
“I need your mouth on my pussy, okay?!” you shouted, quickly slapping your hands over your mouth, “No need to be nervous love, I got you, I made the room soundproof, only I can hear you, and I would never laugh or judge you” he lowered his mouth to the main point, leaving a trail of kisses as he did. 
Closing your eyes, you prepared yourself to the feeling of his tongue on your skin, but a blow of hot air met your sensitive skin instead, “Don’t tease me” you cried out, before gasping as he pressed his tongue up your slick folds.    
"You’re doing so well sweetheart" he purred looking up at you with lust. He saw you struggling to process what was happening, so he helped you clear your mind a little, to make you concentrate only in the moment, "Good girl, that's it, just let me support you" you arched your back, pressing your pelvis against his lips, “I’m…Loki, I’m close!”  he smiled, your increasing moans encouraged him to suck harder on your clit, making your orgasm hit you like a lightning blast. “You did so well sweetheart" he took all your juices in a long lick before he spoke. Just when he was savoring your orgasm, he moved his hand away to take a look at you, all sweaty and whimpering, flushed, gasping for air.  
You were a true sight to admire.  
He lay you down on the bed, being careful of your limping body. “You’re so soft, I love your warmth” he sighed, softly smushing your body against his face. “Uhm, Loki?” he lifted his face to look at you, thinking he had hurt you, but you pointed to his still erected cock, to which he let out a chuckle, "It's sweet of you to care about my happiness my love, but I'll quite enjoy holding you, tasting you and hearing all the lovely sounds you'll make". 
He pumped his dick a few times, lowered his face back to your breasts, and while he sucked and bit gently your skin, making you moan, his tongue found your entrance in no time, the slimy muscle entering you rapidly. Your reactions and your tugs at his hair exited him to the very climax. His skin was on fire, his voice ran free, so not only you were enjoying the attention back to your core, but his moans also made your walls clench around his tongue.  
“Loki, I can’t anymore” you gasped, arching your back almost standing up if it wasn’t for his face holding you down. “Yes, you can, my princess. Just let go, let me drink you dry” he shoved his tongue back inside you, the chock hit you hard, it made your legs tremble, and your walls trap his tongue.  
He came just a few seconds after you, making a mess on his chest and his own hand. “You did amazingly my love” he kissed you lightly on your face. You made grabby hands at him, he supposed that you wanted to be held, but he was tired, and you had no strength left, so he scooped you up. 
He let you sleep on top of him, halfway covered with the sheets of the bed, “I’m so proud of you Y/n”, you murmured something he couldn’t understand, but you smiled, “You did so good, perfect my love” you hugged his smooth chest, it was so soft and warm.  
“I love you” he whispered, “I love you too” even in your drunken-sex state, you could hear his heart accelerating at your words. You're everything to him, and he’s everything to you. He chased your ghosts away, and you will be forever grateful for that.  
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michelleleewise · 23 hours ago
Lost and Found
Pairing: Loki x reader
Warnings: swearing, mentions of memory loss, mentions of blood (not graphic) strangers to friends to lovers.
Summary: it was another day, like any other, until it wasn't.
Part 1-
Tumblr media
You sat on the back porch of your house, tea in hand, watching the sunset. As the vivid oranges and reds gave way to purples you released a sigh, content with your day.
You had moved to the family farm a couple of years ago when your mother got sick. You were all she had left, your father having passed a year before. You had two brothers but they moved to the city, and weren't active in the family. You helped your mom as best you could. A farm was a huge responsibility, and at her age she had a hard time.
Sadly a year after you moved in, your mother passed, leaving you alone. It had taken you awhile to process everything. Your parents were everything, you had no one else. Your love life, or lack there of, left much to be desired. You had very few friends, leaving most of them behind when you moved.
You only go to town once a week for what you need since it's so far. Everyone told to you should sell the farm, it was too much to deal with. But it was your parents, and you couldn't let it go, you had to try. You worked yourself to the bone, took care of the animals, you did the best you could with the field, but it being just you, was near impossible.
You considered hiring someone to help but couldn't really afford it, so you trudged on, making due how ever you could. Today had been like most other days, you woke up at dawn to take care of the animals. You had three dairy cows, five sheep, a hen house full of chickens and two beautiful horses, buttercup and daredevil.
You threw on your jeans, tshirt and boots, grabbed your coffee and you were off. Routine kicking in, feed and milk the cows, feed the sheep, they were almost ready to sheer, feed the chickens and collect the eggs, and then you made your way to horses.
Buttercup was a beautiful 14 hands high palomino. With her golden coat and white mane she definitely stood out. Daredevil definitely earned his name. He was an all black 17 hands high Friesian. You weren't sure how your father had gotten him, but he was as beautiful as he was intimidating.
Everyday after your chores were done, you would take each horse out for a ride. You took buttercup out and saddled her, you had a bit of trouble getting on, you weren't the tallest person, ran her for about half an hour, brought her back and clean and brushed her. You repeated the process with daredevil, you needed a stool to get on him though. You walk them back, tying them to a post while you mucked the stalls and lay down fresh hay before you put them in.
At that point exhaustion hit hard. You went and showered, tossing on your pajamas and putting water on to boil. You stood In the vast silence. You had a TV but hardly used it, preferring to read most days. When the kettle sounded you poured the water in your cup, plopped the tea bag in and headed to watch the sunset.
You closed your eyes, sighing out the stress of the day, letting the tea soothe your dry throat when your heard a noise in the field. You threw your eyes open to see a man stumble out of the small corn field you planted and fall to the ground. You jumped up dropping your tea, no one ever came out here, who was he, was he hurt?
You threw your boots on and ran over to him. He was groaning and holding his side. When you reached him you weren't sure what to make of him. He definitely wasn't from around here. He laid there with his eyes scrunched closed, his long black hair matted and tangled, his face was pale with bruises and cuts all over. You looked down to where his hand was holding seeing blood on his hand.
You kneeled down to try to look at his side when he jumped, his eyes shooting open to you, he looked terrified. "Who are you!? Where am i!?" He yelled scooting back. You held your hands up to show you weren't going to hurt him, he looked familiar but you couldn't place how. "I'm y/n, your on my farm. Are you ok?" You asked inching towards him. His eyes darted around, you could see panic in his eyes. "How did I get here!?" He yelled, wincing from the pain in his side.
"I have no idea, but your hurt. I just want to help." You said pointing to his side. He looked down to see the blood on his hand. "Can I take a look?" You asked inching forward slowly, you didn't want to scare him. He nodded and stiffened as you reached his side, trying to look at where he was bleeding, his eyes never leaving you.
"I'm going to have to get a better look, I can't see with with your top on." You said, looking up to see his deep emerald eyes staring at you. "I have a first aid kit inside." You said pointing to the house. He looked at it then looked back at you. You stood up, holding your hand out "Come on, let me help" you said smiling at him. He hesitated a minute before grabbing your hand. You had him lean on you to get him inside. You sat him at the kitchen table and went to get the first aid kit, some alcohol and towels.
You sat everything down and looked at his top, it was all green and black leather that wrapped around him. "Umm, do you know how to get this off?" You asked, unable to find a zipper or seam. He looked down at it "no, I don't." He said, feeling around himself. "I may have to cut it off, is that ok?" You asked looking at him and he nodded. You ran to grab scissors and a shirt. Some of your dad's clothes were still in the attic, they'd work for now.
You returned to the kitchen, set down the shirt, and went to work cutting the mans top off. You tried to cut through the front but you hit metal, so you moved his hair and cut down the back. When you finally got it off you saw the skin on his chest was just as pale, and also covered in bruises. "Oh my God, what happened to you?" You asked looking at all the marks. He looked down confused "i.....I don't know." He said looking at you.
You turned him to the side to see where he was bleeding, seeing something lodged in his skin. "There's something in there, I need to pull it out ok?" You asked. He nodded and you grabbed the tweezers. You felt him tense and groan as you dug to get it out. Pulling it free, you see it was a small piece of metal. "What the...." you said looking at it. You set it down and grabbed the alcohol and towels. "This may sting." You said. Seeing him nod you proceeded.
After getting his cut cleaned, you put gauze and tape over it. Making sure it was secure you handed him the shirt. You grabbed the alcohol and a fresh towel and moved to the cuts on his face. He flinched as you came closer. "I'm just gonna clean the cuts on your face." You said. He looked at you for a minute before nodding. You got him cleaned and bandaged. "Do you need anything, tea, coffee...." you trailed off. "Tea.....I think." He looked at you confused. "Ok one second."
You came back with tea for both of you. "Do you like honey or milk in yours?" You asked setting his down. "I.....I'm not sure." He said looking at it. "Well I'll grab both just in case. Had he hit his head, how did he even get here, he'd have to walk atleast a day from town to get here, how did he get hurt. Your thoughts spiraled as you went back to the table.
You smiled as you sat across from him "where are you staying?" You asked. "I don't know, all I remember is waking up in that field and you finding me." He said looking at his tea. "Do you have any family?" You asked, maybe you could call someone. "I'm.......I'm not sure." He said not looking up. "Well that's ok, what's your name, maybe we can figure it out from there." You said smiling. You saw his eyebrows furrow, shaking his head slightly. He looked up at you, you could see the confusion in his eyes. "I.....I don't know."
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ashdreams2023 · 2 days ago
Ok so I know this probably weird/random but could you do something short and fluffy where Loki walks in on the reader sleeping while cuddling a stuffed animal/teddy bear, while wearing his oversized shirt?? And he thinks it’s so adorable and snaps a little photo of her? ☺️❤️
Teddy bear
Loki tied his hair back before splashing some water on his face and brushing his teeth.
Just the regular routine he does whenever he’s dragged out of bed by the avengers for an emergency and comes back home at around dawn.
He had yet to see if you were awake or not, but thanks to the dim lights of the bedroom he can assume you’re asleep.
When he walked inside the room and really looked around he saw you comfortably sleeping while cuddling one of your stuffed animals, an old teddy bear you seem to be very attached too.
You also had one of his oversized shirts on, you looked so cozy he didn’t want to disturb you.
But also too cute not to at least take a phone of.
So he grabbed his phone and snapped a few pictures of you then laid it back down, he slid on the bed beside you and warped his arms around your waist from behind.
That’s all he needed anyways. You, warm sheets and the sound of faint breathing from you.
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lokisprettygirl · 22 hours ago
The Possession (Sequel to Mystery of Laufey Manor)
Read chapter 10 here // Series Masterlist
Chapter 11
Summary : Loki knocks some sense into you. The seance is conducted.
Tumblr media
As soon as the words left your mouth you regretted it. He threw the rag he was holding in his hand to clean the counter and slowly turned around to glare at you. 
"What did you say?" He asked you and your lips started to tremble almost immediately. He walked closer to you, grabbed your throat in his left hand and pulled you in for a rough kiss that lasted for a mere second then he pressed you against the counter.
"What did you say..say it again" he tightened his grip around your throat making your head lull backwards. 
"If you won't leave I'll kill myself" his grip eased as you repeated those words that he despised so greatly. He was furious, so appalled that you would even threaten him with this. 
"You'd kill yourself huh? Fine, let's do it. Better yet..let's kill each other and then we can haunt this apartment together for eternity" 
"Loki" your eyes teared up as he picked up the sharpest knife from the set of knives you had on the counter. 
"Shhhhh darling, let me give you what you want" he pressed the tip of the knife on your sternum, not enough to break the skin but enough to have it pinch you. 
"You know what I'll go first" he pressed the knife against his throat and your eyes widened with fear. You truly felt scared in the moment
"Loki please stop baby you're scaring me" you started to sob and his own eyes teared up
"Am I? Am I scaring you darling? I fucking can't believe you'd threaten me with that" he gripped your hair in his hand, pulled you closer and handed you the knife 
"Come on stab me darling, then I'll stab you..we can bleed to death together, till death do us part remember? Let's give Steve what he wants..let him win yeah? You parents would be so proud of you..let's go come on" you took the knife away from his hand and placed it aside on the countertop.
"No no I'm sorry I'm sorry lo I'm sorry please.. please calm down please" you wrapped your arms around his neck hoping that your touch would calm him down, he was breathing heavily because of how frustrated he felt in the moment. He grabbed your arms and pulled you away from him then he turned you around, pushed your hair aside and kissed the nape of your neck. You were not at all ready for what he did next.
He pulled your nightwear over your waist
"Hold it for me" he whispered in your ear so you grabbed the hem of your dress. He pulled your panties down and you thought he was going to fuck you but he had something else in mind, you gasped as you felt him smack your ass. Did he just spank you? 
"Shhhh if you're going to behave like an insolent child then I'm going to treat you like one" he mumbled in your ears and you felt another stinging slap, this time on the other cheek. Your eyes teared up as you felt the burn but you were also feeling extremely aroused by the situation.
"Goddd lo im sorry please" you bit on your lips as he spanked you again. 
"You should be sorry darling, are you going to threaten me with a suicide again?" He asked you and you shook your head, that made him spank you again "Use your words" 
"I won't..I promise I won't" you mumbled quickly to not agitate him further and he spanked you one last time. He rubbed his fingers over your skin to soothe the burning then his fingers slipped down your lips, your wetness coated his fingertips instantly
"Look at you, you're aroused by this, you think you can live without me? You think if I leave tonight you'd ever be happy again?" He snaked his arm around your waist and brought them in front of you then his thumb played with your clit 
"I won't I won't be happy, but I can't have you die too loki…you're all I have..I love you" you whimpered as the pleasure coursed through your veins but at the same time you feared for his life. 
"And I love you my darling, that's why we need to stick together, I'm stronger with you by my side" your hands let go of the dress you were holding and you pressed your head backwards on his shoulder, one of your arms clutched onto his shoulder as he continued his torturous ministrations on your swollen nubs
"Mmmm Okay ..okay I understand.. please make me cum" 
"You think you deserve to cum?" 
"No I…" 
"Then you don't get to cum darling" he stopped all the movements, kissed your temple then he leaned you against the counter so you could catch your breath. He casually walked over to the sink to wash his hands while you drilled a hole in his back, then he finally decided to pour you that cup of tea he was making 
"You're mean" you mumbled as you pulled your panties up and hopped on the counter to sit. 
"Thank you darling, sip on your tea like a good girl" he passed you the cup and got one for himself too. 
"I didn't mean anything I said in the bedroom..you're not the one to blame for all this" you mumbled as you took the first sip. 
"I know you didn't mean it.. but you're right.. if he was alive we could have gotten justice for your parents, I'm sorry I took that away from you" his eyes teared up so you placed the cup down and opened your arms, gesturing him to embrace you. He walked over to you, put his cup down and  placed his head down on your chest, you engulfed him in a bear hug. 
"You didn't take anything away Loki, he would have harmed you that night if you had not killed him. I'd rather have you, I'm sure my parents would want for me to have my husband" your tears dripped down on his forehead so he looked at you, this day has been rough on you on several levels. He just wanted to take care of you.
"What's bothering you?" He asked you 
"Do you think my parents..they crossed the bridge?" Your lips trembled as you spoke, 
"I'm sure they did, they loved each other so much and they must be together now" he caressed your head and placed a kiss on your forehead.
"I still can't believe you spanked me" you chuckled making him smile on response
"I can do you worse darling, don't test me"
Oh but you wanted to.
After finishing the tea you both went back to the bedroom. He decided to take a shower as he felt grimy after a long day. You asked him to leave the door open, when he came out he changed into a comfortable pair of shirt and pants, then he brought something out of the closet and sat down on the bed next to you. 
"What is that?" He was holding a chain with a small locket that looked like a miniature urn
"That night when you left the manor, I went back to the black room, I pulled your mother's necklace out of the fireplace. It was all burned so I gave it to a jeweler..this locket contains the remaining ashes..I know it's not the same thing ..but I .." before he could say anything further you pulled him in for a hug. The gesture moved you deeply, he didn't have to do this, you sacrificed the gift for him, that's what your mom would have wanted too but he knew how much it meant to you and he tried to salvage a piece of it. 
"Thank you lo..thank you..so much..it means alot to me" he placed the chain around your neck, hoping that it would protect you from Steve. You needed all the strength and support during this tough time.
Next day you called James and Natasha and asked them to conduct the seance. So they came with the full team to the house along with father Coulson. They chose the bedroom upstairs and prepared it for the seance. The lights were turned off and decorated with candles, Wanda burned the incense sticks and Nat told you that she was also going to act as a medium. 
"Isn't it dangerous? He's a vengeful spirit..what if he harms wanda?" You asked Natasha and she told you to not worry about it. You all sat down in the middle of the room in a circle, holding each other's hands.
They had you sit in the center, then Loki sat next to you, Natasha sat on your other side followed by Wanda, Sam, Clint, Father Coulson and James who finished the circle with Loki. 
"Remember guys do not let go of each other's hands, no matter what happens, as long as our souls are connected he won't harm us" Everyone nodded as Natasha said that. You felt loki squeezing your hand to calm you down, he sensed your nervousness, you smiled as you looked at him 
"Close your eyes everyone and channel your inner energy to attract the spirit" Everyone closed their eyes
"Today we are gathered here to contact the spirit of Steve Rogers" Wanda started the seance and she called out to him, for a few minutes nothing happened, but then you felt a dreadful feeling in the pit of your stomach. You could feel him around you, you felt a blow of air brushing against your cheek, you gripped onto both of their hands as it happened, then you heard his voice through Wanda 
"Hello Dolly" you opened your eyes along with everyone else, wanda was just staring at you, she had a full smile on her face and if you were alone with her right now you'd possibly faint. 
"Steve" you heard him laughing as you said his name
"Ohhh I have missed you calling out my name" you clenched your jaw as he said that 
"I thought we were friends Steve" your eyes teared up and wanda tilted her head sideways, looking even more sinister than before 
"We were friends, always just friends, that's what I hated the most" he growled as he finished his sentence.
"Please leave us alone, I am sorry that I didn't reciprocate your feelings" you said softly and Wanda's eyes teared up. 
"Well You don't have to, I'm going to get you now whether you want it or not, I'm way beyond the line of modesty don't you think" she chuckled and it made you so angry. What he said next broke you even more 
"You know I knocked you out and fucked you in your sleep" fresh set of tears washed over your face as he said that 
"You're lying"
"I'm not.. I did it so many times, don't you remember waking up with a heavy head ?" You do remember that, you do remember feeling that way. Loki glared at him, he didn't want to believe his shit but he knew he was truly capable of committing a heinous crime like that. He was worried about the effect this would have on you. 
"You are the most pathetic man there ever could be Steve, no wonder I never felt it for you" you said to him and he growled again. Both natasha and Sam held her hands tightly so she wouldn't let go 
"You would never have me, not after everything you have done, you'd never ever have me, I'd die than let you have me again" Wanda passed out as Steve apparently left her body, you all saw the candles flickering in the room, the bed started shaking, and you could hear the sound of wind blowing even though it wasn't windy outside. 
"Don't let go of the hands, not until he is gone" Natasha yelled and suddenly all the candles went out, you snuggled closer to Loki as the darkness consumed your surroundings. That's when James got up and turned on all the lights, Loki quickly pulled you in his arms to comfort you. 
"Well that was a complete failure.. we have to exorcize that bastard" Natasha said. Sam picked up Wanda and laid her down on the bed,
"Is she okay?" You asked her and she nodded 
"She'll be fine don't worry, you two should pack your stuff, come live with us until we get the clearance for the exorcism from the church" Loki and you got up and you jumped a little as you heard the front door banging on your apartment downstairs 
"Who could that be?" Clint and Sam stayed with Wanda while James, Father Coulson,and Natasha stepped downstairs quickly to see who it was. You helped Loki so you two were the last ones to reach the front door. Your eyes widened as you looked at Bruce. He looked disheveled and seemed to have lost a lot of weight 
"Please help me, I need your help..please help" 
Then he passed out.
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letstalkaboutshtufff · a day ago
Twisted Love Masterlist 🖤💚
Tumblr media
Summary: Over the years tensions between Asgard and Valheim had continued to rise. In the hope's of establishing peace, the kings arranged a political marriage between their two children, Loki of Asgard and Y/N of Valheim. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until she decided to run away before the wedding. And now you, her personal servant was forced to take her place...
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5 *upcoming*
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prettybabybaby · a day ago
unspoken duties | loki laufeyson !
¡ 18+ only ! ¡ minors do not interact !
word count: 4.44k
synopsis: Prince Loki has taken a special interest in you.
content warning: prince!loki, f!servant!reader, RAPE/NONCON, sexual assault, power imbalance, oral (f receiving), vaginal sex, loss of virginity, unprotected sex, creampie, innocence/virginity kink, lmk if I missed any !
notes: it’s shorter than I anticipated but it is what it is. thank you to @b0fi for requesting :-))
¡ marvel masterlist !
You had only been working at the castle for a little over two months. It was your first job all alone without your mother by your side. It was meant to be the two of you before she opted to remain serving King Rogers in the Kingdom adjacent to Asgard. You were devastated, you sobbed for many nights even before you made the move.
Not that the crying ever stopped, only now it was for different reasons. Prince Loki had an unnerving air to him.
The other servants dismissed your concerns, saying that he is just rude and entitled. He’s like that with all of us, they would say.
Only, he wasn’t. He seemed to have a certain interest in you, the youngest of all the servants. He was crueler to you. He would look at you for too long, order you to do obscure tasks but never contented with the work you did. You also couldn’t forget the time he “accidentally” flipped your skirt as you were bent down, organizing the books in his room for the umpteeth time. They can never stay in place, he says, you ought to do a better job.
It didn’t help that he always called for you in the evenings as he was being readied for bed. Sometimes he was completely nude when you’d walk in, unabashedly waltzing around bare, his manhood was always slightly erect and hanging between his legs with a smirk illuminated by the candlelight.
He wasn’t like that with the rest of the women.
Most times, it was like he hadn’t seen them at all.
Natasha would walk into the library where he sat reading and he would pay her no mind, not even when she spoke to him. But as soon as you entered the room you could feel his burning eyes on you as you dusted the shelves. Predatory eyes following you wherever you went.
But he was never satisfied with your work and he made sure you knew it. Sometimes you thought he was doing it on purpose to keep you from straying too far.
As you set the table for dinner, you jumped in surprise as the door creaked open. Your heartbeat sped up as Prince Loki stepped inside.
“Prince Loki,” you bowed, “dinner is not yet served.”
“Yes, I am aware. Always quite laggard, you,” he gave you a look up and down.
You cleared your throat, “my apologies, Prince Loki.”
You picked up your speed, wiping down the table at a faster pace before assembling two places with appropriate silverware for the two Princes. You did what you could to keep yourself from bending over, even with the coverage of your almost knee length skirt, you still did not want to be subject to his predatory gaze.
You could feel Loki watching you still. The room was filled with the sound of his foot tapping the ground lightly in impatience. “Serve dinner at once.”
You scurried to the kitchen and assembled two servings as quickly as you could.
The flu had been running rampant in Asgard. Much of the staff had been exposed and were currently bedridden. Only you and three others were healthy. The four of you had divided the jobs evenly and you were stuck with the kitchen and the surrounding areas. Your duties entailed cooking and you were nervous. You lacked proper training and you settled for a basic dish.
You carried both of the plates in your hand as you reentered the dining room. Loki was sitting in his seat, bored look on his face. His back straightened as you came into view. You walked over to Prince Thor’s side of the table, setting down his own plate. You stretched over the table to reach Prince Loki.
He clicked his tongue, “is that the way to treat your Prince, darling. Don’t forget your manners.”
You bowed your head, “My apologies, Prince Loki.” You hesitantly walked over to him, feeling the coldness of his body against your arm as you set the plate before him. He inhaled deeply and you weren’t sure if he was inhaling the aroma of your cooking or the smell of your skin.
He said nothing as he lifted a golden spoon and took a small bit of the food. You watched him with worried eyes.
He made a face of disgust, “well, you just can’t do anything right, can you?”
You weren’t sure how to respond so you stayed silent for a few moments. “I am sorry, Prince Loki. The recipe called for the amount of salt. I simply followed directions.”
“And you did not find it appropriate to taste it before serving it to us?” His long, ring-clad fingers tapped the table.
“I did not have a taste, Prince Loki, no.”
“Why don’t you give it a try then, hm?” His eyes are hard as he reaches for your chin. His touch was gentle yet it made you feel as if you couldn’t move a muscle. He moved the golden spoon to your mouth, nodding his head ever so slightly until you parted your lips. He pushed it inside, the flavor was ambrosial, though you had to admit, he was right. A tad salty. It was almost unnoticeable. In fact, you’re sure you wouldn’t have noticed the inappreciable saline flavor if it wasn’t for the expecting emerald stare.
You were prepared to apologize, beg for forgiveness, anything to save you from the expected punishment from the head maid when she caught wind of this. But you were stunned as he continued to push the spoon further into your mouth, eyes twilinking with something unsettling. You looked up at him with confusion and slight fear. The gold prodded the back of your throat. You started to gag only to abruptly stop at the sound of a disapproving click of his tongue. The rush flavors from the slightly over seasoned food slipped down your throat and you fought to contain your gagging. You couldn’t contain it and an indecent retch erupted from you.
He held the spoon still, curved bottom pushing down on the back of your tongue. His expression remained unphased but you swore his eyes held amusement. He pulled the spoon out, setting it down beside his plate as Thor made his entrance. He sat as you bowed to the approaching blonde prince, blinking back the tears that had pricked your eyes only seconds before.
Thor smiled at you, polite as always before taking his own seat. He clapped his hands loudly, “shall we eat, brother?”
Loki said nothing, he simply picked up his spoon and scooped up a bite. Across the table, his brother did the same.
Thor closed his eyes as he chewed on the food. He called your name with a serious tone, your blood ran cold. “This is utterly fantastic, my dear.”
“Yes,” Loki agreed much to your confusion, “spectacular, darling.”
You were in shock. Had he not just criticized the dish moments earlier?
You let go of the breath you held, “thank you, Prince Thor,” you paused and with hesitance said, “thank you, Prince Loki.”
You fled the room as quickly as you could, doing what you could to avoid looking eager. These types of occurrences were not rare with the Prince. He was always mean and critical towards you directly but would praise you when you were within earshot of his family. What was rare was what he had done with the golden spoon. It was daring and utterly inappropriate. The only other time he had laid a hand on you in a scandalous way was when he had flipped your skirt.
It unnerved you and the scene would not leave your brain for the remainder of the day.
Just as you were going to retire to bed, Maria peaked her head through your door, “you’ve been summoned by Prince Loki.”
You sighed as soon as she left. You fixed yourself up and made your way to his room. Your mind was racing and you were scared to face him again in fear that he would do something inappropriate again.
You fiddled with the hem of your uniform skirt as you stood by Prince Loki’s door. You knocked as confidently as you could, waiting for him to open the door and let you in. You took a few breaths to calm yourself. But all that was thrown out as soon as the door creaked open.
You stepped inside, taking in the scent of his room as you made your way to the bookshelf after a brief bow. His hair was wet and his skin had a pink flush, he had likely just gotten out of the bath. He wore only a bathrobe, it was made of green silk to match his usual attire.
You heard a chuckle behind you but you ignored it, instead you knelt before the books and began to hastily organize them.
“Don’t rush, darling,” his voice was closer and you could practically feel his stare burning your backside.
“Yes, sir.”
He groaned. The hair on the back of your neck stood. “I like it when you’re polite. Sir.”
You didn’t say anything and he clicked his tongue.
Seconds later you felt the warmth of his body behind you. In fear you kept your eyes on the books. Maybe if you ignored it, he would go away.
A hand came to rest on your hip and you jumped at the sensation. His hips rocked forward, pressing his pelvis to your ass. The hard outline of his cock pushed into your flesh causing you to gasp. You tried to pull away but he caught you, tightening his grip on your side.
Another groan fell from his lips, “so warm. I wonder how your tight, little cunt is gonna feel. You’re a virgin, aren’t you?”
All the air left your lungs and you felt your lip wobble. You were. You never had time for men or boys, you were too busy helping your mother around. You didn’t respond and he began to grind his hips into yours, the hands holding you in place began to inch closer and closer to your pussy.
“I asked you a question, darling.”
You tried to fight back your tears by focusing on the books in front of you rather than the man behind you. “Prince Loki, please let me go.”
“No,” he said simply. “You’re my servant. You are to do what I say.”
You lunged forward at the feeling of his cold fingers reaching under your dress. He pinched at the flesh of your thigh, causing a tingling sensation to erupt in your cunt.
“Mm,” he groaned, hip thrusts speeding up. “Untouched little virgin.”
A tear fell from your eyes along with a shaky inhale.
“Brother! I must speak to you at once!”
The familiar booming voice had never sounded so heavenly. You ripped yourself from Prince Loki’s grasp just as the door flew open and the strong, blonde Prince walked in.
“Ah,” he said upon seeing you. His eyes flicked from you to his brother. Once, twice. “Hm.”
You reached up to wipe your tears and fix your skirt, “excuse me, Prince Thor. I was summoned by Prince Loki to assist in organizing his bookshelf.”
“At this hour?” He gave his brother a look of judgement. “Well, you’re free to return to the chambers. You may assist him tomorrow.” He offered you a gentle smile and you returned it surprisingly genuinely.
Prince Thor is kind. He’s lively and funny and he treats all the staff with the appropriate respect. He’s just decent if you really thought about it. But even that was far better than most of the other royalty.
You scurried back to your room and locked the door behind you. You sank to the floor and let the tears you had held fall.
The following days, Prince Thor began to request you more and more. Considering that he was the heir of the throne, his wishes were top priority. Even above Prince Loki’s. You were relieved and you tried your best to make it known without being too out front.
You smiled more, talked more and overall returned to your true self. It was someone you haven't seen since you were a child. It was scary but it was a pleasant change that you welcomed with open arms.
Prince Loki had done the opposite. He summoned you so many times a day the head maid had stopped telling you. So, even if you weren’t hearing it, you knew it was happening. But you couldn’t be bothered because you had not faced him since. You were busy from morning to night assisting Prince Thor.
After breakfast, Prince Thor had ordered you to dust the library. So you practically skipped over to the large room and began your task.
Aside from the usual discomfort from Prince Loki that came with the room, it was one of your favorites. You loved to read and being able to look through and care for the collection of books was your favorite part of the castle.
It was different from Prince Loki’s room because it was in an open space and not in a secluded bedroom.
As you dusted and organized the books, you stood on a moving ladder that allowed you to reach the higher shelves. You were so entranced by the pages of a novel Prince Thor had recommended earlier in the week that you did not hear the door open. Nor the footsteps that led to where you were standing.
“Oh, yes,” his predatory voice said, “this is what I like to see.”
You yelped and the book fell from your hands, landing on the ground beneath you. You caught yourself before you could fall.
Prince Loki stood under you, peering up under your skirt. You clenched your thighs shut tight, your heartrate picking up immediately.
“No, no,” he said, taking his cold hands and prying your thighs open to their previous position. “Keep them open for me. I want to see your pretty pussy.”
You ignored him, shutting them again. “I’m sorry, Prince Loki. Prince Thor ordered me to make the library spotless, I must return to work.”
“You will return to work when I allow it.”
You swallowed as his hand crept up your leg. “Open them wide for me. I would like to taste your pure, virgin essence. You’re probably as sweet as sugar, darling.”
“No, Prince Lo-“
“Do as I say!” He bellowed. You flinched as he forced his head in between your thighs.
He had never been so verbally direct so you tried to loosen up and do as told until an escape presented itself.
You shakily opened your legs and he dove in. His tongue lapped your cunt through your panties, dampening the fabric. Involuntarily, you jolted up and away from this mouth.
His hands moved to pull on your hips and bring them closer to his awaiting lips. His tongue flicked at a rapid pace, lapping at your covered clit. You gasped, feeling your balance wavering.
He removed his head, “take those off. I can’t taste you.”
You didn’t move. He sighed in annoyance and all but pried your hands from the ladder. You wiggled in his hold as he dragged you away. You reached for whatever you could. You caught hold of the railing and you planted your feet to the ground as sobs fell from you.
Prince Loki huffed, “fine. Make this difficult.”
He flipped your skirt like he had before and he yanked your panties down your legs in one movement. The cold air of the room made you shiver as it came in contact with your pussy.
Prince Loki smacked your ass, groaning as the skin rippled. “I’ve been dying to catch a glimpse of this pretty pussy, darling.” You were in shock.
You tried to pull away again, but he delivered another slap. Only this time it was harder. You flinched in pain.
“Please,” you could still feel the burn of the area.
“Of course, darling. No need to beg me.”
You almost let go of the railing, relieved that he was going to let you go. Instead, his lips reconnected with your cunt, lapping rapidly at your mound once more.
That hadn’t been what you meant. Despair filled your body as his tongue circled your clit and licked up the slick that had begun to leak from you.
You whined loudly. The sensation was so new to you, it felt foreign. You hated the way your body wanted to lean into it. Your legs were shaking and your hold on the railing was so tight it had begun to hurt.
“It’s so obvious you’ve never been touched,” his voice was slightly muffled, “you’re so sensitive.”
He suckled at your mound as his hands kneaded the flesh of your ass above his head. You had stopped crying and your mind was racing. Were you… enjoying this?
One of his long fingers prodded at your hole, circling it. You were distracted by his tongue on your bud that you didn’t notice as he pushed the finger in slowly. A sudden pain rushed through your body and your eyes widened.
“No, please, Prince Loki, don’t.”
He ignored you and continued pushing his finger in until the entire length was inside. He held it there for a few seconds as his tongue continued its assault on your cunt.
Slowly, this finger slid in and out. Squelching noises filled the room. You felt your face heat from embarrassment of the lewd sound.
“So wet,” he said, suckling harshly at your nub.
You felt something building in your belly and your breathing became uneven.
“Let me go. Let me go,” your voice was weak and strained.
“Cum for me, darling. Let it go.”
Again. It was like he was speaking to you without actually speaking to you. Like he was altering your words to fit his wants. You just wanted him to let you leave. You didn’t want him.
Still, he’s tongue licked up your cunt, focusing on your clit as he moved his fingers in and out of your hole. Soon, you felt a release in your belly as your body shook, your eyes closed and the pleasure turned to pain.
“Stop! Stop, please!” You cried, kicking one of your legs back.
He didn’t budge but he did stop. He pulled back and his eyes had darkened in the way you had learned to loathe. “You’re even sweeter than I imagined. You taste as pure as sugar.”
You grimaced, shakily standing and tugging your skirt down. He had rid you of your panties and you didn’t bother to look. You wanted to leave and pretend this had never happened.
The way he spoke disgusted you. You tried not to think about his comments as you stumbled to the door.
“Don’t pretend you didn’t like it, darling. I felt how wet you were.”
You had returned to normal.
You woke up sweaty and breathing heavily more times than you would like to admit. As much as the rest of the royal staff — and even Prince Thor — tried, you couldn’t shake what had happened. But you still never told a soul.
I’m just not feeling well, you’d say.
Luckily, Prince Thor still kept you close. You wondered if he knew of the antics of his brother. You liked to believe he was protecting you, that he deemed you worthy of saving.
You still took your own precautions, though. You would make up any excuse not to serve at mealtimes or anywhere Prince Loki knew you frequented. Like the library, the gardens, or the kitchens. You’d rush to your room as quickly as you possibly could at the end of every night, praying you wouldn’t run into the Prince.
It worked for a few days. Until it didn’t.
You shut the door hastily and locked it, sighing in relief at the feeling of security. You turned slowly, feeling your heart plummet to the ground at the sight of the man sitting on your mattress.
“This is not very comfortable,” he said nonchalantly, like he hadn’t broken into your room. It was your only place of solace and you knew it would never feel that way again.
You didn’t say anything, you just looked at him in fear.
“I’ll arrange for you to have a new one put in as soon as possible,” he gave you an unnerving smile.
You didn’t know what to think.
“I have not been able to stop thinking about you, darling,” he stood from the bed. “The taste of you is otherworldly. Nothing compares.”
You took a step back as he took one towards you. “Prince Loki, you should not be here.”
“On the contrary, darling. I have to be here. I am drawn to you, to your sweet little hole. I must feel it. I must be the one to rid you of your innocence. I have waited,” he twirled a piece of your hair around his finger, “far too long.”
You felt your lips wobble, “please, no.”
“But I must, darling,” he made a faux face of worry, “it is your duty to serve me, is it not?”
A tear slipped. You wish you could say no, but he was right. Your mother had taught you to obey all orders no matter what. But this was too much. You didn’t react.
Prince Loki grabbed your chin, his cold, calloused fingers burned your skin. “I want to claim your innocence as my own.”
Tears were falling quickly now and you couldn’t stand it. You didn’t care about what your mother or the other servants had said. This is not what you wanted. He would not claim your virtue.
You shoved him away, bolting towards the door. You fiddled with the locks, holding out hope that you would get out. But your room was small. He had caught up to you before you could unlock it.
The Prince gripped your hair and yanked it back, using his free hand to hold your throat. “You will do as told.”
He shoved you back, causing you to fall onto your bed. The familiar scent of your sheets was tainted with his aroma. How long had he been there?
You wasted no time pulling your clothes off. His eyes were hungry as they raked over your body. You tried to fight him off, pry his hands off but he wouldn’t budge. You watched as he slipped your panties into his pocket. Did he have your other ones?
He leaned down to kiss your pussy, open mouthed and greedy. He moaned at the taste before standing and ridding himself of his bottoms. You tried to run again but he stopped you, giving you a look filled with venom.
You flinched back and he forced your legs open with his own. You feared looking down but you couldn't help yourself.
His cock was red and angry, it was curved and you couldn’t imagine it fitting inside you.
“Prince, no, please, please, no!” You writhed under him, pushing on the hands that held down your wrists.
He propped himself up, hold tight on your wrists as he spit onto your cunt. You weren’t wet this time, you knew that.
That didn’t stop him, he persisted. He gathered the spit with the tip of his dick, circling his hard shaft against your mount.
“Are you afraid?” He asked, eyes trained on your face as you looked down. “I know you are.”
You began to kick your legs. He rolled his eyes and forced your legs open wider with his own, limiting your movements.
His cock brushed your hole and you gasped at the feeling. He began to push himself in and you held your breath, your tears were hot and trailing down your face and neck.
It felt like his finger had, only worse. His cock was bigger and thicker. He leaned down to lap at your tears.
“My little virgin,” he whispered. “You’re all mine, darling.”
You were sobbing uncontrollably as he bottomed out. You still weren’t wet and it felt like sandpaper as he pulled out. It didn’t seem that way for him because his eyes rolled to the back of his head in pleasure. He spit a few more times before pushing back in.
You screamed in pain, hoping someone, anyone would come to help you. You knew they could hear you and that only added to your despair. “Please,” you repeated like a mantra. Please stop.
“So pretty when you beg, darling,” he said, burying his face into your neck. He licked at the tears that had fallen there and moaned at the taste before thrusting at a steady pace. You couldn’t stop crying.
“Relax, darling. I can feel you getting wetter by the second, just let yourself enjoy it.”
That couldn’t be true. There was no way you were ever going to enjoy an interaction like this. But soon you hear the squelching noises you had heard before and your body let out an involuntary moan. It was quiet but you knew he had heard it. He began to thrust faster, harder.
“You’re so tight, my darling.”
My darling. You felt sick.
You wanted to kick him, punch him, hurt him. He stole your virtue away. He had no right.
Or did he?
“You’re so obedient, my darling. You’re doing so well.”
Finally something had satisfied him, you thought.
You were sobbing as moans and whined fell from your lips, they mingled with his own sounds of pleasure.
You felt the familiar weight in your belly. No, no, no.
His fingers reached to rub circles into your mound. You didn’t last after that.
You spasmed around his cock, your walls clenched around it.
“Fuck, my darling, you’re heavenly,” he panted. “I’m gonna paint your insides white.”
You didn’t know what he meant by that but you didn’t want to find out. You weakly thrashed under him, straining against his hold on your wrists legs and legs.
A sudden burst of warmth shot through your body. You collapsed onto you and you were frozen in shock.
He had bred you. Your mother had told you to never let a man breed you.
You were still in shock as he kissed your neck lazily. He hauled himself up and planted a kiss on your frozen lips. He pulled his bottoms on and started for the door, “I will return tomorrow, my darling.”
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scandalous-chaos · 6 hours ago
norse gods and magazines
summary: mission score-a-date was officially on. | written for mailcarrier event organized by the very lovely @burnthoneymint and @leydileyla! join our server here!
[fem!pronouns, fluff]
Tumblr media
I'm a powerful god. POWERFUL. I can do this. Asking someone out on a date can't be worse than anything I've done before.
"Did you get stuck with the mailman duty?" you asked, trying to fight back a laugh. Loki stared back unamused.
"Short answer, yes." He sighed, holding a stack of books forward, "Now take these before I dump them on Stark's head."
"Oh please you secretly like being here," you pointed out. "Think of it as a vacation. Earth isn't all that bad."
I know, he thought.
"Being exiled from my kingdom by my own father isn't bad? You're right! I should be dancing with joy!" he said in mock-happiness. "I do admit it has certain advantages... there's something I want to—"
You raised an eyebrow as he broke off his words.
"Uhm," he blinked. Dinner. Just say it. DINNER.
Nope. Not doing it. Would be awkward to ask you after such a big pause. He needed an opening. God, how he wished you would invite him in!
"Get in, you look like hell," you said, pointing to the hallway.
"I beg your pardon?" Did you just read my mind?
"Yes, yes you're a god blah blah, but you are exhausted. Atleast get yourself a glass of water before you faint in my front yard."
"Fine, but only because I'd rather jump into a pit of fire than go back to Stark's office."
This time, a laugh did slip out of your mouth. He scowled, though he didn't complain. It was that laugh that got him into this mess in the first place. Loki had unknowingly fallen heads over heels for you the very first time he saw you (which was years ago). Maybe it was the way you brightened up the room, cracked bad jokes, or your adorable clumsiness. Whatever it was pulled him in and didn't let go. He thought he wouldn't see you again, but his father had terrible timing.
He strode in determinedly. Whatever Loki wants, he usually got it. And right now, he wanted to take you out on a date. Who cares if it'll go horribly wrong?
"I should have stayed in space," Loki said, plopping down on the couch. The green contrasted all your beige furniture. It felt oddly perfect.
"Don't be ridiculous, you don't know any other planet than Earth."
"I could have tried to find one if Thor hadn't put me in shackles!"
"He just asked if you wanted a place to stay and you said yes. You lie so much it's surprising you're not bored of it yet."
"I never lie!" he said, gasping dramatically. "He said he'll find me a place to stay, not make me Stark's responsibility. He certainly didn't mention anything about me being a postman!"
"Thor doesn't have a place to stay on Earth either and Tony's just being cautious. Could you blame them? You're not known for being the warmest guest."
"I despise mortals," he grumbled, cracking his neck with his eyes closed. An innocent gesture, but one that made you stare a little too much.
Stupid, you scolded yourself and stood up. "I'm also a mortal, you know."
"I tolerate you. That doesn't make you any less annoying." Wow, way to flirt.
"I'll bring you tea," you snapped, storming off to the kitchen.
"Don't add too many sweet cubes!"
"You'll be lucky if I don't add poison!" your voice yelled back.
He smiled then. Humans were incredibly stubborn, he had to give them that. He looked around the room he was sitting on, eyes not missing everything.
The strange trinkets on your table (a ticking clock and TV remote), the rectangle box which occasionally glowed up with words that made no sense to him (your phone), the flowers which never withered (plastic ones) — he was fascinated by all of them.
He spotted a set of photographs on your shelf and stood up without thinking to take a closer look. Just as he reached his hand forwards to touch the frame, something the speed of a firework ran between his legs, making him completely lose his balance. He knocked down the pictures instead, causing you to run back to the scene.
"You got a cat," Loki noted, face down on the floor.
"One minute in and you're already ruining my decor," you said, sighing. You put down the gloves you were using in the kitchen, then gave him a hand to get up. He did so begrudgingly. "His name is Salem by the way. My cat."
"Ah," he put on an interested expression, but he couldn't care less. Any creature who made him look like a fool in front of his crush was not someone he wanted to be on a first-name basis.
"Listen," he said impulsively. "About what I wanted to say earlier, I—"
A sneer interrupted his words.
"Sorry," you giggled, patting Salem's head. "He's doing the Boyfriend Snarl."
"The what?"
"Anytime I bring over a guy I like, he does this just to scare them off."
"A cat…scares off the guys you like?"
"The snarls doesn't. The next step is how he bites them."
Loki involuntarily took a step back. You laughed again.
"You don't have to worry. You're not my date."
"Right…and does he bite now or later?"
"He won't bite you. Would you now Salem?" you asked affectionately. Loki could swear the cat smiled wickedly. He gulped.
Fine, FINE. You win, I'll just ask her out tomorrow. You furry, adorable menace.
"I'll take you up on the tea later." He stated, pointing to the door. "Judging by the number of magazines you read, I'm sure we'll see each other again soon."
"Oh, okay." You were a little disappointed, but you hid it well. Just as he was about to turn, you spoke up again. "Would you like a tour guide?"
He almost grinned. "Pardon?"
"Earth is very much new to you. Maybe I could show you around later? Even go shopping? It'll be fun!"
"Dinner." He said abruptly.
"We should have dinner after," he added.
"Deal," you smiled. "Now you better run before—"
"Your cat kills me? I figured. Bye!" He turned on his heels and burst into green smoke.
Salem hissed under his breath, as if to say — all your boyfriends are scaredy cats.
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wheredafandomat · 3 days ago
Friends with Benefits
Reader x Thor x Loki
College AU kind of
⚠️ 18+, probably swearing, smut, Thor is a bit of an asshole I think 😂
Next Part
Loki watched as your head fell backwards as you laughed at one of Thors jokes. Your eyes were closed and your teeth were visible. You reached up, placing one of your hands over your chest as you continued to guffaw, eventually placing that hand on Thors thigh when you came back to reality.
“You’re too funny.” You giggled, turning slightly to face Thor who wore a smug expression.
“Isn’t he just.” Natasha added, looking at both of you. “So, making things official?” She quietly added to the conversation making Lokis breath hitch. Official? He knew you and Thor had hooked up a few times, he was unfortunate enough to hear it, but he didn’t think things were serious. Did others think they were? Was he too blind to see that you and Thor were in love with one another? Surely not.
You awkwardly waited for Thor to answer as you picked up your drink, taking another sip. You personally didn’t think that things were ‘official’ but things were certainly something. You and Thor both started hooking up a few months ago when you were both drunk at a party. The guy you had been previously talking to and occasionally sexting had walked in with some other girl leaving you feeling upset, used. You and Thor were friends and had been for a while and so he instantly saw your mood change. He offered to take you home and when he did, you invited him inside. A game of strip poker and a bottle of vodka later, you had crossed the boundary between friends and fuckbudies which is what you both quickly became.
From that night, whenever you were feeling low, high, happy or sad, you’d find Thor and engage in a round of sex. You kept it as friends with benefits as something was missing. The sex was far from sensual, it was quick, rough and rousing. Gentle caresses were pushed aside for hard thrusts. Loving words were exchanged for profanities. It lacked emotion but it sufficed. It was enough. As well as that, other guys didn’t trouble you, they all assumed you were Thors and no one on campus was willing to approach Thors girl in fear that he’d retaliate. As much as Thor was caring and considerate, well, in front of everyone, he also had a deep seated rage that anyone who crossed him felt the ugly side of. Being like this with Thor worked, until one of your close friends questioned the relationship.
When Thor hadn’t answered by the time you had finished your drink, you stood up, quickly excusing yourself to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately, Thor and Lokis joint flat didn’t have a large enough window for you to jump out of in the bathroom so you could only hope the previous conversation would be forgotten by the time you got back to the living room. Entering, you put the toilet seat down before sitting on top of it, counting down from sixty so you could flush the toilet, wash your hands and leave. When you got to 43, the door knocked.
“Y/n it’s me.” Thor spoke through the door.
“I’m having a piss.” You answered, sighing.
“You aren’t.” He answered with a faint chuckle. Sighing again, you stood up and opened the door, letting Thor inside. “What’s the matter? Have I done something wrong?” He questioned, placing a hand on your cheek. Sometimes Thor was nothing if not ignorant.
“So, what are we?” You asked, looking down to the floor.
“You’re my girl.” He answered, using his index finger to tilt your chin upwards before pressing his lips onto yours.
“Why didn’t you answer Natasha then?” You asked, pulling away. “If I’m your ‘girl’ then things are official, why didn’t you say that to her?” You scoffed, stepping backwards.
“Y/n, you know I love you.” Thor spoke, taking a step towards you as he touched your cheek again.
“Yeah.” You nodded, releasing a breath.
“You’re my best friend.” He added, stroking your cheek with his thumb before running it over your bottom lip.
“Yeah.” You agreed again, closing your eyes.
“So let’s leave it at that. Best friends who make each other feel good.” He grinned, thumb trailing down your chin and neck towards your chest. Reaching upwards, you pulled Thor down towards you with your hands on his cheeks as you kissed him. The kiss grew hungry, heated, and before you knew it, Thor was spinning you around and leaning you over the sink. Lifting your skirt up, Thor slapped your ass causing you to move slightly forward. He then ran his hand over the area, soothing the sting with one hand as he undid his belt with the other. Freeing his length, he spat on his hand before running it along his shaft, lubricating it. You felt him push your thong to the side before he thrusted into you. You bit down on your lip trying to stifle your moans as he fucked you from behind, both hands gripping your waist.
“Yess, yessss, fuck me Thor.” You spoke breathily, eyes tightly shut as you tightly gripped the sink. His hand made connection with your ass again causing a loud slapping noise to reverberate around the room.
“So—” Natasha began, sipping her beer as she looked at Loki who was shifting uncomfortably in his seat “I guess their official is feeling the need to fuck whenever possible.” She tried to joke, anything to drown out the noise coming from the bathroom.
Loki offered her a weak smile. You deserved better than meaningless sex with his incompetent oaf of a brother, you deserved romance, passion. He’d give that to you, he’d love you, properly. Why couldn’t you see you were worthy of so much more?
He and Nat continued to speak for a while longer before the sound of the bathroom door unlocking sounded. With your head down, you walked towards Natasha and Loki before sitting down. Once you sat, you quickly stood back up, feeling sore. Thor, with reddened cheeks and his usual smug expression, walked out behind you, still shamelessly doing his belt.
“Erm Nat, I think it’s time for us to go.” You spoke meekly, still wobbly as you made your way to the door.
“I’ll see you tomorrow y/n. Get home safe and text me something naughty when you get back.” Thor sniggered, making his way towards the door.
“Thor!” You whined.
“Bye.” He said, kissing you on the lips before letting you go.
“Bye Loki.” You quickly added once you were halfway out the door.
“Goodbye y/n.” He practically shouted as Thor shut the door behind you. You actually said bye to him. Closing the door, Thor spun around to face Loki who had a small smile as well as slightly blushed cheeks.
“Why didn’t you make a move on Natasha?” Thor asked, slouching on the chair next to Loki as he picked a beer up.
“Because I’m not a monstrous philanderer like you.” Loki seethed, standing up and making his way towards his room. You deserved so much better than Thor.
Tumblr media
Just randomly thought of this, I’ll write another couple parts 😁 hope you like 💚
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darkficsyouneveraskedfor · 5 hours ago
Stranger at the Door 23: Thor’s Ending
Tumblr media
Warnings: this fic will include dark content including rape/noncon, predatory behaviour, just on the border of stepdad fic (this is a one time exception because this dynamic isn’t really for me but you know, brain makes no sense), mentions of mental health, bullying, isolation, bad parenting, age gap, self-harm, blood, depression, suicidal thoughts, dissociation, substance abuse. My warnings are not exhaustive, enter at your own risk.
This is a dark!fic and explicit. 18+ only. Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.
Summary: You’re nineteen and life is standing still, that is until your mother meets her dream man, then everything changes. (innocent!reader)
Characters: Loki (silverfox)
Note: Hello! Just so everyone is on the same page or nothing is missed, all the alternate endings diverge from the end of Chapter 21, so they’re might be some crossover and events unfolding in different ways :)
As per usual, I humbly request your thoughts! Reblogs are always appreciated and welcomed, not only do I see them easier but it lets other people see my work. Thanks to everyone who reads this one and thank you for all your energy.<3
Love you all like Donkey love Waffles. Take care. 💖
Tumblr media
The extra day in the hotel isn’t long enough to prepare you for your return. Not home, just back to that place. That prison. Your mother, your warden.
There was a time you truly thought she meant the best. For most of your life really. After what happened to your father, after what he did, how he left you both, lost, you truly believed she was infallible. You did because you had to. You had to believe that one thing in the world was untainted.
The lies are harder than the truth. The truth wouldn’t hurt as much without the ridiculous attempts at obfuscation. They hurt because they work. Because they prove that you are truly as stupid as they think you are. Your trust may have been naive, but your inaction was entirely your own failure.
Tears prick, as they have over and over those last days. The pain in your wrists is dulled by the pills, much like that in your soul. You’re unprepared but resigned. You have to face your mother eventually, better to get it over with.
Loki’s hand rests on your thigh as his other grips the steering wheel. The storefronts pass by in a foggy smear of colour, the grey winter sky lending to the gloom of your existence. He turns down a side street, then another. 
The closer you get to the suburb, the tighter your throat, the tenser your body as he gropes your leg, squeezing.
“We can go again,” Loki rubs along the crease of your leg, “better yet, I could pull over now–”
“I’m tired,” you say and scratch the bandage around your right wrist.
“Ah,” he slips his hand back over your thigh, “very well, but next month, we can plan another excursion. Perhaps somewhere new. Anywhere you wish, precious.”
“No,” you say, “I’ve never wanted to go anywhere.”
“Then we can explore together,” he lifts his hand to your face and tickles your cheek.
You nod and shove his hand away from your face. He quickly grabs yours and clutches it tight, holding it against your thigh as your fingers feel ready to break. His jaw grits as he tries to turn it into some romantic gesture but you know your lingering reticence annoys him.
“You can’t let Marlena see…” he says as he steers down a lane, white picket fences watching from beneath a dusting of fresh snow. “Make sure you cover the dressings up before we go inside.”
“Right,” you say as you wiggle your hand free from his and pull your jacket down your hands, “not like she doesn’t know what we were doing.”
“Yes, well, she would prefer she not have to see it,” he rubs his jaw with a sigh, “we’ll still have to… pretend.”
You slump and lean your elbow on the door. Your stomach is hollow. He enters the cul de sac and the anger flares in the back of your head. The thought of your mother, of her feigned ignorance, riles you more than this man and his incessant touching. It’s hard to hold it back, even with the cloud of medication hazing your mind.
“Pretend,” you mutter under your breath as he veers up the driveway, “sure.”
“She does live her little fantasies,” he say coolly, “I will come to you when I can find the chance, precious.”
“Mhmm,” you hum flatly.
He kills the engine and you climb out first. You twiddle your fingers as he unloads the trunk and you follow him up the stone steps of the house, the ground slippery with the new layer of frost. 
He enters ahead of you and holds the door with his foot as you step inside. He shuts the door with a blunt kick and rolls the bags aside. You bend to pull off your boots as you glance at the stairs. You’d rather hide than face your mother. Marlena, that witch. You hate this place but you can find some solace for a while.
“Sweetheart,” her voice makes you stand so quick your head spins. You face her as she clicks over to Loki in her tall heels, “oh, you’re finally home! How was your trip?”
She latches onto Loki’s jacket and pulls him into a kiss. His jaw tenses as she forces her tongue into his mouth. You roll your eyes and look away. The noise of their sloppy kissing makes you sick. He pulls away and clears his throat.
“Honeybun,” your mother quickly diverts, “were you good?”
You nod and unzip your jacket, careful not to pull back the sleeves of your blouse. You doubt, even if you were to shove them in her face, that she’d care. She’d blame you for cutting, she wouldn’t blame him.
“Very good,” Loki answers for you, “as always. She’s a quick learner.”
“Oh, I missed you,” she turns back to him and takes his hand, “you should get that coat off and I can welcome you back.”
You hang your jacket and step around her decisively. Loki shrugs her away and unbuttons his coat with scowl. Your mother looks ready to tear it off herself.
“I’m gonna unpack my stuff,” you grab the suitcase and drag it away.
“You must be so tired,” she calls after you, “you’ll want to get some sleep, huh?”
“Whatever,” you grumble as you lift the beg up the stairs, one at a time as the weight nearly topples you. Your limbs are weak as the pills once more slow your movement.
“Your brother remains,” she snarls at Loki, “I can’t stand it, Loki. You know I caught him snooping around her room. Fed me some excuse about returning a sweater he found.”
“He is my brother, Marley, I will deal with him,” he snips in exasperation, “I’ve only just walked in the door and you’re nagging me like some crone.”
“Sweetheart,” Marlena softens her voice.
“Go away. You have your wine, your magazines, a wedding to plan,” he growls and it carries up the stairs behind you.
“Don’t be like that,” she quavers as you pause at the top, “I’ll do anything, sweetie. Hm, you know you like it when I use my mouth.”
“I want a moment of peace and quiet, away from you,” he hisses, “shouldn’t you be writing those invitations?”
You shake your head and continue down the hall. Your bedroom is as you left it, apart from the new bouquet of flowers in the vase. You don’t feel bad for her. She deserves it. She asked for it. You take the vase and dump it in the wastebin in the corner, the glass cracking loudly as the flowers send up a few petals.
You’re not going to be a part of her happy family. If she can trade you like cattle, well, you can do the same. You’re worth something, to someone.
You hear the truck outside as you sit in silence. Your broken VCR on the shelf, useless. You get up and go to the door to listen. The front door opens and shuts and there’s a brief delay before boots drop onto the mat and the rustle of fabric brushes between the thick parkas on the rack. You wait as Thor’s groan precedes him up the stairs.
He doesn’t notice as you turn the knob slowly and peek through the small gap between the door and the frame. He stretches and cracks his neck before he lets himself into the room next to yours. Your stomach flutters and you shut the door again.
Can you do this? It’s a bad idea but not as bad as staying. You have a sliver of power and you’re gonna use it before it’s gone. You’re not going to let Marlena win, or Loki. Even if it means surrendering to another.
You took the pill an hour ago but it barely takes the edge off. You inhale and look down at yourself. Pajama shorts that barely cover your ass and a long sleeve tee. You don’t need the bandages distracting him. You chew your lip and go to your suitcase.
You take out one of the little square wrappers Loki tucked into the front pocket. Ribbed for her pleasure, ugh. You hide it up your sleeve and check yourself in the mirror. What if he rejects you? What if you’re wrong? Maybe that’s for the best. It’s not like you want to be with an old man, but you’ll settle for one that isn’t Loki.
The house has been mostly quiet since your return. Marlena locked herself in her room and you’re not too sure about Loki, he never followed her upstairs. You ease the door back again and tiptoe out into the hall.
You stand in front of Thor’s room. You are the stranger at the door. You knock as your nerves set alight. 
You hear him inside and he answers it, his face breaking into a smile as he sees you. He wears only his jeans, the button undone, and his thick arms bulging around him. His belly is soft but not too big as it protrudes slightly over the denim, his chest still broad with muscle.
“Um, hi,” you fidget anxiously, “I’m sorry–”
“You’re back,” he says, “I… I didn’t see the car so–”
Loki’s gone. That’s good.
“Yeah, just after noon,” you explain, “I… can I come in?”
He stares at you. His blue eyes search yours as you feel your cheeks heat up. You smile sweetly.
“If I’m bothering, I can–” you turn slightly.
“No, no, please,” he steps back, “apologies for the clutter.”
“Not at all,” you assure him as you swallow and enter his room.
His suitcase sits open on a chair and his bed is unmade. He softly shuts the door behind you as you glance around. You curl your fingers, keeping the condom from slipping out. You hesitate as you see a familiar swatch of floral fabric. Your panties peek out just slightly from under his pillow. No, he won’t reject you.
“I want to thank you for everything,” you say as you turn back to him. His eyes are on his pillow, his cheeks flush. Does he know you noticed? “For setting up my VCR and being so nice. I really… really missed you when I was away.”
He scratches his beard as he considers you, “you okay, princess?”
“I’m great,” you lie.
“My brother, he gave you a hard time?” he wonders, “did something happen?”
“You know how he is,” you shrug, “will you… will you sit?” 
You gesture to the bed and bring your hands together, “I want to show you something.”
“Uh,” he utters, confusion lacing his voice and uncertainty stuttering his step. “Sure.”
He steps around you and you turn to watch him. He sits on the bed, none so subtly pulling the pillow over your panties.
“You don’t have to hide them, I know,” you look down at your sleeves and slip out the condom, “and I’m not wearing any.”
“Princess?” he rasps as he stares at the condom.
“Can I still go with you?” you ask, “I’m sorry I said no–”
“Hey,” he takes the condom and puts it on the square night stand, “come here.” He grabs your hand and pulls you closer, “you can have whatever you want from me, princess. Your wish is my command.”
You nod and try not to let your smile fall. He frames your face with his large hands, his breath whispering over your lips.
“Is this what you want?” he asks.
You don’t answer him. Instead, you grab his shoulders and lean in to kiss him. His fingers tentatively slip down your neck and tickle you. He follows your collarbone to your arms and grips you firmly around the waist as he dips his tongue between your lips. You open your mouth to him, ready to be devoured.
He falls back and brings you atop him as you bend your arms against his chest. You kiss him as you squeeze your eyes shut and pretend; pretend that you love him, that you want him. It doesn’t matter now, you’ve done it all before.
He rolls you over, trapping you beneath him. It’s almost claustrophobic how big he is. 
His lips slip down your cheek and dote on your jaw, along your neck, and nibble above your shirt. You reach to your shirt and roll it up over your chest. He growls and sinks his teeth into the tender flesh. You gasp and moan.
You leave the shirt bunched at the top of your chest as his large hand covers half your chest, toying with your nipple as it hardens. He flicks his thumb around it as he suckles at the other, teeth sharply biting and sending a thrill down your spine.
His mouth wanders further and he trails his fingers to the top of your shorts, curling them under and tugging them down. He pulls them down your legs and leaves them to hang from one foot. He yanks you to the edge of the bed, draping your legs down to the floor as he pushes them apart, kneeling on the floor.
He bows his head and you catch him before he can delve into you. You squirm. “What–”
“Princess,” he purrs, “I only want to treat you right.”
You watch him and slowly let him go. He bends his head and kisses along your pelvis, his teeth teasing the inside of your thighs before nuzzling your cunt. You inhale sharply and arch your back. His cool tongue tingles against your warm folds as he pokes between them, lapping up to your clit and around it.
You squeak as he seals his lips around your bud and sucks. Your fingers twine through his thick hair and you pull him deeper, forgetting all doubt. Maybe he isn’t the man you want but he can do things you love.
He guides your legs over his shoulders as he continues his tending. His tongue swirls and slithers up and down, around and around. You brace his head and push your heels into his bare back. Your toes curl as you cum, bucking into his face eagerly.
You’re out of breath as he slows his tongue and lifts his head, panting too as his lips and beard glisten. He plants a hand on the mattress and pushes himself up with a grunt. Your head lolls as he unzips his fly and forces his pants down with his boxers tangled in the denim.
His dick bobs shamelessly as he takes the condom. He puts it against his tip and rolls it down his length, a low growl rising from his lungs. He winces and strokes himself through the rubber as he nears the bed.
He grabs your hip and flips you easily. His strength is the scariest part of him. He lifts your knees onto the bed and props your ass up. He slaps it and kneads the stinging flesh, slipping his hand up your back and down again. He grasps you firmly as bends his knees and rubs his tip along your entrance.
He pushes inside, just an inch and his hand crawls to your shoulder. He clutches you and snaps his pelvis against your ass, impaling you on him. You cry out in surprise, a zap of pain pinging up your spine. He hushes you and brings his other hand to your mouth, muffling your moans as he begins to rut.
All caution is gone. He slams into you over and over. His thrusts are hard and hungry. He pulls you up, his hand still stretched over your lips as his other grips your arm, moving you against him. Each rock of his hips sends a pang through your pelvis.
“Is that what you’ve been wanting, princess? Hm? Is this why you missed me? You dirty girl, huh?” he snarls against the crown of your head, the slap of flesh like thunder as it reverberates around the room, “fuck, you’re tight. Such a good girl, huh? Taking me like a champ.”
You huff into his palm as your thighs quiver and your walls quake around him. He hooks both his arms around you as he puffs and snarls, closing in on his climax as he works your body up and down his length. You babble as you hang your head back against him, the heat encasing you as you descend into a daze of afterglow and chemical sedation.
He hammers into you as he rides out his orgasm. He falls onto you, crushing you against him as his body shudders over yours. You turn your face out and catch your breath. You touch his large hand as it rests beside your head.
“Can we leave tonight?” you ask.
“I want to go,” you say, “with you. Wherever you’ll have me.”
He inhales your scent as his nose brushes your hair, “as I said princess, anything you want.”
You’d never been to the beach until you went away. Now it’s your favourite place.
Thor’s summer house offers a sort of serenity entirely new to you. An even trade for the price. You sit on the sand beneath an umbrella, a towel beneath you, a book in hand, and sunglasses over your eyes. The summer’s come and shines a fresh light on your life.
You can’t even be unhappy about dropping out. That degree wouldn’t do much for you and now, Thor promises, you can do whatever you want. You’ve been writing; not essays or reports, but your thoughts, your memories. The pages of your notebook flutter in the breeze as your pen scrawls over the lines.
You hear Thor before he appears. He sits beside you in a pair of trunks. He actually swims. You don’t go in the water much, you just like the smell of the air and the noise of the coast. When you did, you kept your long sleeved-shirt on. 
The scars on your thighs were the past but those on your wrists were still too tender to look at. To show. You didn’t want him to know that part of you. You wanted one thing that was only yours and not his.
“How’s the book?” he asks as he buries his feet in the sand and nudges you playfully.
“It’s not a book,” you insist, “I told you, I’m just… writing.”
“Alright, not a book. Yet,” he says pointedly, “So, Miss Austen,” he says sarcastically, “can I steel some time away from your literary adventures?”
“Thor,” you look at him. He’s charming enough that you can bear it; the sleepless nights, his fervent delights.
“Sorry, princess, I only tease, can you forgive me?” he grins.
“What is it?” you close the notebook and slide the pen into the spiral.
“They’re married,” he says, “we missed the wedding.”
“So?” you spit and look out at the water. Suddenly the sky isn’t so bright.
“I just… thought you’d want to know,” he says, “but we don’t have to talk about it.”
“Good,” you cross your arms over your knees, “I never want you to mention them again. Not Loki, not… Marlena.”
“Of course, princess,” he appeases, “well,” he rubs your back, “I was going to set up a grill over the pit and cook some skewers, do you want to help?”
You look at him. He means well, as well as he can. You chose this and so you can live with it. You pat his leg and nod, “sure,” you lean over and kiss his cheek, “I think I can handle that.”
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tricksterlokilaufeyson · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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stabbershank · 13 hours ago
Marvel Characters x Reader, The Mummy AU
Tumblr media Tumblr media
an// This is so random, but I couldn't get this AU out of my head, so now everyone must suffer in it with me. Lmk if y'all want more of anything like this.
Moonknight (All Altars), Bucky & Steve, Peter Parker, Dr. Strange, Loki, Frank Castle
Marc Spector + Steven Grant + Jake Lockley
Tumblr media
Marc only came because you and Steven thought a historic desert adventure would be fun.
He sees you dressed up for the Egyptian sun and falls in love a second time.
Steven is having the time of his life. He grabs your hand and runs you around the ruins all day, explaining everything with glee.
He'll traverse flesh-eating scarabs to protect you, but you'll have to consul him afterwards.
Jake isn't phased by the whole mummy thing, he's just pissed off that some zombie fucker would try to take you away. Jake will do anything to keep you, including hunting down an undead magic asshole.
Bucky Barnes & Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
While Steve is always up for a bit of adventure, Bucky is only here to supervise you two.
They like listening to you while you explain the ancient history, reading the hieroglyphics and exploring the deep caverns.
After you accidentally RAISE THE DEAD, Bucky is ready to get the fuck out of dodge. But Steve insists that you have to save the world, instead.
You have to admit that they look very dashing, saving you from evil curses and zombies and what not.
Peter Parker
Tumblr media
This absolute NERD geeks out over everything. The secret puzzle map, the mummy curse, how beautiful you look.
He falls in love with you when you start speaking ancient Egyptian. You're just so smart and cool, Y/N, he can't handle it.
Freaks out about the mummy thing but his golden heart convinces him to help save the world and all that jazz.
You and him definitely have a cute little moment on the Nile. You can't convince me otherwise.
Dr. Strange
Tumblr media
Warns you not to summon any curses. Rolls his eyes as soon as you summon a curse.
Y/N, why can't you go five seconds without causing trouble? You had one job! Don't summon the dead! That was it!
*sigh* Well anyways, he'll be happy to do some research and help sort this whole thing out for you. He'll talk to Khonshu or something. Don't touch ANYTHING ELSE.
Once the whole thing is over, he gives you a good finger wagging, but ultimately forgives you. Just don't keep touching the Book of The Dead.
Tumblr media
He's probably the person that "accidentally" raised the dead tbh.
Instead of saving the world from an immortal mummy curse, he's kind of tempted to use this dark magic to rule to world, with you at his side. You manage to convince him to save the world instead.
Loki thinks it's adorable, watching you explain the ancient history of this midgaurdian desert.
He scoffs at the "might" of the Egyptian gods and their evil mummy bruha. He will keep you safe, Y/N, have no fears.
Frank Castle
Tumblr media
His career in the marines took him to a lot of places, including African and Arabic territories. He can't speak the language, but he can read through it a little. He's still fairly impressed that you know ancient Egyptian of all things.
This guy is Rick O'Connell times five. He'll shoot his way out of anything if that means he can protect you.
Death fears him. Trust me, that mummy isn't coming near you.
Remember that scene when Imotep freaks out over the cat? I can't help but imagine Frank just picking the cat up and giving it to you. It's protection, Y/N, don't lose it.
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goblins-writing · 2 days ago
Morning Rituals
A/N: I spent DAYS on this and because of that I feel obligated to post it even those I despise it with my entire being. Enjoy!
Pairing: Loki x afab!Reader
Genre: Smut
Warnings: Bondage, double penetration (one hole) and I think that’s it. 
Summary: You wake up to a surprise, but not an unwelcome one.
Requests are open!! 
Waking up naked and in restraints was certainly a weird way to wake up. Arms tied above your head, legs tied to the end of the bed, and eyes covered with a fine green ribbon. It was strange, but you know exactly who'd do it. "Loki?" You called out in your shared bedroom. Not sure whether you'd get an answer or not, the darkness all-consuming and preventing you from seeing who else was in the room with you; if anyone. It was a few beats before he responded, but he was there; "Yes, my dear?" he answers, just as casually as he usually does. A certain amount of adoration peeked through in the pet name he used for you but other than that he was as cool as a cucumber. "Yeah, uh, what's up with the restraints?" You ask, unsure what to make of your situation but knowing that part of you is excited from being tied up like this. Call it anticipation. Or the fact that you've been conditioned to assume that being restrained equals pleasure. He laughs cooly. "Oh, those? Don't mind them, they're just for a little bonding experiment I had in mind for today." It sounds like he's not stressed about it, most likely sitting down in his chair by the fireplace with a book in hand. Well, that gave you no answers. You pause for a minute to let the frustration sink in. "What kind of bonding experiment?" You finally respond, frustration now tinted in your voice. He laughs again, but you hear him stand and walk towards the bed. "Oh, honey. Y'know what kind of experiment I had in mind." He's to the left of you now, rummaging around in the bedside table. "I- I don't want to assume." You stutter out. Your mind already going a million miles a minute. Yeah, you have ideas but voicing those ideas could be so embarrassing. Especially if you're wrong. "Hm." He hums and continues, pulling something out of the drawer; "The kind where you end up screaming my name, my love." He finishes simply. You're blushing at this point, cheeks and ears aflame as you clear your throat before continuing; "Is that so?" You try to sound just as cool as he does but fail miserably. "Yes, my love." He says through a chuckle before you hear him walk to the end of the bed and climb on. Your breath quickens the more he rises towards you, but he stops just below your knees and turns on a vibrator. The purring sound sends shockwaves of anticipation throughout your body. "Shh, relax." He murmurs, running his hand down your body with a slight push to relax your stiffened muscles. Then, he puts the vibrator against your clit; muscles immediately shake due to the simulation. "Loki!" You cry out as he pushes the vibrator inside of you, immediately getting up and leaving you alone on the bed. He's watching you, you can feel his stares and hear him sit down in his chair again. You're already desperate to cum, grinding your hips up into the air to try and get more friction from the vibrator. "You look divine." He half-whispers as he starts to unbuckle his belt. The clatter of the belt buckle makes your anticipation skyrocket. The vibrator is pressing against your most sensitive spot, causing you to see stars behind the green ribbon. You're crying out into the air shamelessly, knowing that your noises turn on Loki even more. You hear him grunt and assume he's jerking himself off based on the noises coming from his area. Slick, wet noises and loud groans and moans. "Gods- my love. You are beautiful." He groans out, making you cry out more. This continues for a few minutes, his groaning while he jacks off and your cries as the vibrator sends stars throughout your body. Then, he's on you like prey. Getting up from his chair and approaching the bed like a predator. Slowly, getting on the bed and climbing on top of you. He's careful to not disrupt the vibrator as he does so. "You are heavenly, my dear." He whispers into your ear when he's upon you, grinding his cock into your leg. You can only manage a whimper as a response. "Now relax for me, my dove. And let me make you feel pleasure unrivaled to anything you've ever felt." He murmurs, grabbing his cock and leading it to your hole; vibrator still inside. He pushes in slowly, careful to not hurt you and listens and watches for your reactions. It hurts, but the pleasure overwhelms that. He was right, the stretch was unlike anything you've ever felt. "Do you like that?" Again, all you can manage is a whimper in response, too overwhelmed with the feeling of him stretching you. When he starts moving, grabbing the vibrator and moving it with his thrusts; you swear you saw Valhalla. The tingles erupt through you tenfold. He's groaning into your ear, making you even slicker. You're holding onto the ropes for dear life, tugging and begging him to untie you. So he does, never losing tempo while he quickly unties the ropes to allow you to touch him. Now, you're holding onto him for dear life. Loki's pounding into you harder now, ebbing you ever closer to your impending orgasm. He's close too, you just don't know it yet. Soon enough, you're both crying out in pleasure as you breach the cliff of your orgasm. Stuttering and whimpering while he groans. Giving a few more slow, rough thrusts before he's pulling himself and the vibrator out. You're both panting. Him lying next to you as he unties the ropes holding your legs out and the ribbon from your eyelids. "You were perfect, my dear." He says with a kiss on your sweaty forehead. You smile and nuzzle closer to his still-clothed chest. Leisurely, you remove his shirt from his body and pull yourself even closer to him. Inhaling the scent that is him and kissing just above his heart. He's rubbing your back and kissing your head. And soon enough, you're both asleep. He made life worth living.
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lokischambermaid · 2 days ago
A God Can Hold His Liquor: Part 18 - Just A Girl From Midgard
Tumblr media
Summary: Alone in the Royal Palace courtyard, with only Anders to keep watch, Queen Frigga confronts you and questions you about your powers. Over lunch, Loki makes a decision to take care of you… and almost lets a very big secret slip. Later, you and Loki get up to all kinds of scandalous shenanigans in the gardens.
Pairing: Loki x Female Reader (reads like an OC)
Words: 5,800
Contains: SMUT! Tag List: @darknessisafriend @plainlo-inthemorning @ladykotoko @hiddles-sweetkin @lokiprompts @xoxoloverb @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore @purplekitten30 @lokiswildheartcantbebroken @morphoportis @itshemlxck @pelipeq @sinsandguilt @maevetriesart @wolfsmom1 @tommyshawawesome1976​
“Queen Frigga!” You stood up, bowing regally as Loki’s mother approached you. You had been sat in the private courtyard, in the shade of a cluster of lemon trees, for quite some time. The courtyard, with its perfectly pruned shrubs and inexplicably immaculate stonework, sat empty. You couldn’t quite believe you were allowed to have it all to yourself.
It’s not like I’m anyone.
Imposter syndrome, probably.
Another one for my therapist.
“While I am flattered, there is no need to bow to me.” She smiled warmly as she walked closer to you, her back straight and her hands clasped regally in front of her long blue robe.
She has a warm energy, but I wouldn’t want to cross her. There’s a don’t-fuck-with-me vibe. Shit. I shouldn’t even be thinking this. What if she can hear my thoughts? She’s like a sorcerer, right??
“And there is no need to be nervous, my dear. You are welcome here, in our home.” She gestured towards the stone seating next to you. “May I?” She sat when you nodded.
“Thank you, Frigga. I appreciate that. I guess it just… takes a bit of getting used to, you know?”
She tilted her head curiously.
“I mean… for one, it’s absolutely gorgeous here. Stunning. And that’s a lot to take in. And then… I’m surrounded by…” You gestured towards her, as respectfully as you could. “…immortal beings. Gods. And I’m dating one. I mean, I’m in union with one. With Loki. And he’s a very powerful being. And I’m not anyone, you know? Just a girl from Midgard.”
“Just a girl from Midgard,” Frigga echoed quietly. She arched an eyebrow.
She doesn’t believe me. Why not?
Frigga tilted her head at you once more. “I believe you are a little more than that.”
“I don’t understand.”
She looked at you wordlessly.
You’re reading my thoughts aren’t you. I know you are.
You smiled at her as she continued to cast her gaze upon you.
Or are you not telepathic like Loki? Shit. You probably don’t know he can read minds too. Or do you know? Frigga, I want to tell you, I do. I just… I can’t.
You stopped, and breathed. You continued to smile. And you focused. And listened.
You have powers, my child. I know that you do. I sense it. I do not know what they are. But I sense you are using them now. Telepathy would be my assumption. I do not know if my son shares these gifts, though I have always suspected he does.
Can you hear me? Can you hear me, Frigga?
She placed a hand on your knee. “Are you hungry, my dear? It is almost midday.”
“Oh! Actually, yeah. I could eat.”
“Would you like to join us for lunch?”
“Oh, I… erm… I don’t… I don’t know.”
“There is no pressure, of course. If you do not wish to have a formal lunch with your lover’s parents, I understand.” She smiled knowingly.
“Well, thank you… I…”
“What is your preference?”
“Erm… just grabbing a casual bite to eat would be nice. Nothing too fancy.”
She nodded. “Very well. Let us sit a moment, then I will guide you.”
But that’s Anders’ job isn’t it? To guide me to the lunch place. I feel like she’s here for another reason. Shit. I still don’t know if she can hear me.
You looked forward, your eyes focused on the lavender. Frigga followed your gaze.
“I sense that you have powers, my child.”
“O-oh?” You glanced over at her.
“Yes. I believe the soul forge had an impact on you.”
You remained quiet. You couldn’t lie to her.
“I will not ask you directly. I understand you would not tell me. Perhaps for your own safety. I must confess, it concerns me greatly.”
You looked over at her again. “What do you mean?”
“I am concerned. For my realm.”
“Frigga, I would never… never do anything to harm anyone here.” You stopped yourself. “Even if I could. Hypothetically.”
With a tilt of her head and a glint in her eye, she looked at you. All you saw was Loki. They were so alike. “Hypothetically?”
“Umm… yeah.”
Frigga maintained her quiet and firm gaze upon you. You looked at the ground. You decided to think of the most scandalous thing you could muster.
You can’t hear me, can you Frigga. I’m pretty sure you can’t. But I need to be one hundred percent sure. 
You looked at her. 
Okay, here goes nothing. Only one way to find out… Your son is shit hot in bed. Massive dick. Insanely gifted with his tongue. Kinky as fuck. Likes to humiliate himself on purpose. Into all kinds of shit. Probably has a maid kink. But he’s never fucked a maid.
Her expression didn’t waver. She simply tilted her head curiously at your silence. “I cannot read your thoughts, if that is what you are wondering. Though I sense you are attempting to establish this for yourself. Rest assured, I cannot.”
“Oh. Erm… okay.” Thank fuck for that.  “I… can I… can I ask you about… about your powers?” She nodded, and you continued. “Loki mentioned you are empathic. You can sense things.”
“Correct. Extra sensory perception. Loki has this gift, too. Though I have always known he has greater gifts than he confesses. Even to me.”
You nodded. “Mmm hmm.”
She sat down next to you. Her gaze remained fixed ahead.
“I am a sorceress. Or a witch, as some may say. I can cast illusions, and manipulate matter… telekinesis, if given its Sunday name. I do not have precognition – predicting potential outcomes of the future. I have always suspected my son possesses that power. I shared my magic with him, when he was a boy. His father and brother cast large shadows. I wanted Loki to find some sun for himself. I did not realise how his use of Seidr, particularly in battle, would be considered feminine. He would run to me…” She trailed off, casting her eyes to the ground briefly before returning her gaze to the lavender. “It would upset him, when he was very young. It does not, now. He knows his power and he has used it to intimate and frighten many in this realm. Though he does not know the true extent of his capabilities. Though I am proud of my son, I also recognise he is operating far below what he is capable of.”
“You mean he has powers that he hasn’t used yet?”
“Yes. He is often careless with his powers. He uses his powers for tricks and games. When he could use his gifts to save the realm, if it came to it.”
Is that why you taught him magic? To be Asgard’s saviour one day?
“Enough of my talk. You must be hungry.” With a warm hand on your shoulder, Frigga guided you to stand. She turned to Anders. “I will look after her. Take a break, dear Anders.”
He bowed. You heard the clinking of gold armour as he walked away.
“Come, child. Let us eat.”
I will show you where to fix yourself some food. I suspect you can hear me, even now.
You worried your bottom lip between your teeth. She looked at you, smiling.
After a short walk, you found yourself in a large open dining room. Predictably high ceilings. Dark brown, and gold. A guard entered, and spoke to the queen quietly. She came back to you, and explained the Allfather was running late in a security council meeting. She asked if you would like to dine with her, even though it was a little more formal than you had agreed. You decided to stay.
As the palace staff rushed in to fill the large, empty table in front of you, you noticed they were more harried than usual. You noticed Astrid, and smiled warmly. Her smile was forced and tight.
Frigga sat opposite you, and spoke quietly. ��There is a palace function today. They are a little stretched thin.”
“Ohh.” You smiled. “It doesn’t have anything to do with Loki, does it?”
The queen parted her lips and took in a breath. “I couldn’t possibly say.”
You smiled. “Would you tell me more about Loki? About what he was like when he was younger.”
You reached over to a basket of fresh baked bread, sliced thickly, after Frigga gestured towards it and invited you to start. You dipped the bread into a saucer of oil, infused with a flavour that seemed familiar yet you couldn’t quite identify it.
“Loki as a boy. Well.” She arched a perfectly manicured brow as she too dipped bread into her own saucer of oil. You couldn’t help but notice how she had exactly the same amount of food as you, the same saucer, the same bread basket, the same plate. Shouldn’t she have more? She’s the queen. She took a bite. “Mmm. So… Loki was bright. Always bright. Curious. Playful. A little… shy, I suppose. Incredibly studious. Very fond of the library. Have you been to the palace library yet?”
“Not yet, no.”
“Oh, you will adore it. Loki tells me you love to read.”
“I do.” Your smile became wide.
“You will spend many an evening in the library, I’m sure of it. Particularly in the autumn and winter months. If ever you cannot find Loki, he is sure to be there. The only challenge you will have is locating him. He is a broad reader, you see. He has rich and varied tastes. He reads everything. Literature – from Asgard and other realms. Midgardian history. Philosophy, psychology, anatomy and physiology. Legends and myths… oh, and he loves to read about Seidr. He was… he was not wild in his adolescence. He was rather reserved. I always found him in the library. It was a place he would never bump into Thor, so if they had quarreled, it was a safe place for him. I often thought of how he relished his intellectual prowess. He has more than a slight edge over his brother in that regard.”
“He is very intelligent. I love that about him.”
“Yes. And… sensitive. He was a sensitive boy. I suspect he still is.”
You blushed, and echoed her words from earlier. “I couldn’t possibly say.”
“I would be grateful if you did not scare her off, mother.”
You both turned to see Loki leaning against the doorway, a mischievous smile playing on his lips. He glanced behind him when a maid bumped into him from behind, carrying a large jug of mead. He walked down the steps and into the room, walking slowly, almost flirtatiously.
“She is intrigued by you, your mortal.” Frigga smiled as she looked to her son, and then over to you.
“Yes, well, curiosity killed the cat, as they say.”
Frigga frowned.
“Oh, it’s a saying on Midgard,” you offered. “Must be all that reading, baby.” You looked over to him and smiled.
In steady, swift steps, Loki was behind you, protective hands on your shoulders. He leaned down and nuzzled his nose into your hair. “And how were the gardens, my love?”
You reached back and placed one hand over his, turning to see him. “Gorgeous. As always.”
His smile was affectionate as he traced the backs of his fingers over your cheek. You closed your eyes and leaned into his touch.
“You are dining with us, Loki?”
He looked up towards his mother. “Not today, no.” With a smirk, he leaned over you, grabbed a piece of bread, then walked towards his mother. Before he could lean down, she placed her hand over the oil and it vanished. She grinned at him playfully. He huffed. “Very well.” In a flash of green, your dipping oil disappeared and then reappeared in his hand.
“Hey! Conjure your own oil, Lokes!”
He laughed, dipped in the bread, then returned it to you.
“You know I feel kind of left out, with you two. I want powers!”
Careful, darling…
“I apologise if I made you feel left out,” Frigga said with a sympathetic smile. She leaned over the table and placed her hand over yours. “I am sorry.” As Frigga was looking at you, Loki’s eyes were on the table.
“Where’s your flask?”
“Huh?” You looked up at Loki. Frigga returned to a seated position.
“Your flask. I asked Anders to provide you with one. Where is he, anyway?”
“I dismissed him. I told him I will look after her,” Frigga explained.
“Mother, that will not do.”
“He needed a rest, Loki. It is hot out there.”
“Which is precisely WHY I asked him to provide her with water!” His tone was terse. He wasn’t quite shouting. But it was enough to turn the heads of the palace staff.
Frigga raised an eyebrow and dabbed at the corners of her mouth with a napkin. She stood, and walked towards her son. She spoke softly. “What do you need, Loki?”
“I… I…” He appeared to melt in front of her. “I need water. For her. Cold water. In a flask.”
She nodded and looked towards a maid. Without a word, the maid left the room. Frigga looked at her son, noticing his chest and his shoulders rising and falling. His eyebrows were knitted together. His skin looked pale and clammy. She raised her hand and placed the back of it over his forehead. He felt cold. “Sit, my son. Please.” He exhaled a shaky breath, then turned to sit next to you. You looked over at him, frowning. Under the table, a reassuring hand found his thigh.
“You’re okay, baby?” you whispered. He looked at the table and nodded, before glancing over to you and forcing a smile. In a heartbeat, a maid placed down a jug of water and a flask on the table in front of you. The pewter jug glistened, cool beads of liquid forming on its exterior. Loki immediately noticed the sound. He heard no clinking of ice cubes in the metal container.
“What is this?” The terse tone returned.
“W-water, Prince Loki. And a flask. As the Queen requested.” The maid toyed with her robe, her head bowed.
“Where is the ice?”
“W-we are in need of ice, Your Highness. The imports from Jotunheim have been… disrupted… since the realm was destroyed.”
“Are we not forming our own?”
“W-with respect, Your Highness, it poses a challenge in the summer months. Rest assured, this water is piped from the mountain spring. It is cold.”
He waved his hand dismissively. She gave one nod and left the room.
“That was rude, baby. They’re trying their best…”
He barely heard you as he picked up the jug of water and muttered, “I’ll do it myself.” With a loud sigh he walked up the steps and out into the hallway.
He set up the jug on a side table, demanding the maid bring him a second jug. This one was to be empty. While he waited, he looked over his shoulder. The hallway was bustling with staff, but no nobility. He had heard of the late-running council meeting, which thankfully held the majority of the realm’s noblemen. An empty jug was handed to him moments later, and he turned even further away from the ant line of palace staff, moving towards the table until his hips made contact with it.
He glanced over his shoulder, in both directions, and lifted up the first jug and began pouring it into the second. As the water poured into the jug, he waved his hand over it, cooling it. He winced as the clatter of ice chunks fell into metal, louder than he anticipated. He continued his movements, pouring the entire jug of water into the second jug, which was now full to the brim with ice. He placed down both vessels. He exhaled slowly. He turned over both of his hands in front of him. They were as blue as the Asgardian summer sky. He exhaled again and closed his eyes.
“Norns above, I beg of you…” He whispered to himself. He rubbed a hand over his forehead. He shuddered as he felt the ridges above his eyes.
After ten slow, deep breaths, he conjured a mirror and looked at his reflection. His pale skin stared back at him. His Asgardian blue eyes. Pink lips.
Normal. I look normal.
With one more breath, he turned. He flashed his trademark smile. “Astrid. Would you be so kind as to take this jug of ice to our table?” He gestured to it, without touching it. “And fill this one with fresh spring water. Thank you so much.”
He turned on his heels and returned to the formal lunch room, his arms and smile wide. Astrid followed soon after, placing down the two jugs. Loki sat next to you. Frigga caught Loki’s eye and rubbed at her neck. He frowned, then understood. As he leaned over to you, he rested his left hand over his neck and casually rubbed at it. He felt the heat underneath his own touch.
“Baby, did you…did you conjure some ice for me?? Aww!”
He laughed nervously and gestured to the jugs. “I-I did, yes…” He looked up at his mother and lifted his hand from his neck, casually toying with the roots of his hair with his fingertips. She gave one subtle nod. He rubbed at his neck twice more to be sure the small patch of blue had faded, before placing his hand down on the table. “You really must drink up my darling. The sun’s hot out there.”
“Thanks, Lokes.”
“It’s quite alright. But you must be careful. I heard of a ghastly story in your news media last year. A young couple, perfectly healthy, went out for a hike with their Midgardian baby. They started in the morning. And by the afternoon… well.” He tugged at his bottom lip with his thumb and index finger. “The investigation found they succumbed to the heat of the Midgardian sun. And they were found with an empty drinking vessel. They were out only for the morning, and several hours in the afternoon.”
Baby… you’re worried I’ll get hurt without enough water…
He looked up at you. His eyes were glassy.
He reached up and stroked your cheek with his thumb, a sad smile playing on his lips.
He will be devastated when she passes.
You both stopped. Your eyes met.
I can hear Frigga, Loki.
I know darling. So can I.
And she knows.
I know.
“Baby, erm… thank you for taking care of me. But… would you do one more thing for me, please?”
“Would you, erm… maybe apologise to that lady? I know you were upset, but you were rude to her. Maybe say you’re sorry?”
You didn’t notice the smile playing on Frigga’s lips as she adjusted the napkin on her lap.
“I… darling, I…” A gentle hand stroked your hair, tucking it behind your ear. “I would do anything for you. But I… I cannot apologise to palace staff. It is simply… not done.”
You nodded, chewing at your lip. “I know I don’t understand how things are done here. I just… that’s what I would ask you on Midgard. So I’m asking that here.”
He leaned forward and placed a kiss on your forehead. “Yes, love. I will apologise to her. For my tone.”
You grinned, suddenly playful and wanting to lighten the mood.
“So, erm… you gonna eat with us? Or just hover around and steal some more bread, like a Midgardian street urchin?”
His fifth gear laugh echoed around the room.
He stayed for the main course of light, citrusy grains and pulses with fresh chopped mint and cucumbers, arranged on a bed of dark leafy greens in an impossibly elegant fashion. The large metal platter shimmered in the light of the dining area.
Even when it’s just a salad, it’s still extra…
I thought you would know by now, darling. Everything’s bigger on Asgard.
Several hours, many flasks of iced spring water and two bathroom breaks later, you were back in the courtyard, sitting in the shade of the lemon trees. Over lunch, you had finished up dessert with Frigga and found yourself talking about food from earth. She asked you a great deal of questions, and appeared interested in your customs. Loki had left you after the lunch course, but you had felt oddly comfortable in the company of his mother, as you mused over the cacao chia pudding the two of you shared. It was topped with redberries which, it turned out, were basically Asgard’s answer to blueberries, albeit in a different colour.
As you recounted lunch, you tilted your face up to the sky, closing your eyes and breathing in the aroma of the Asgardian garden. Lavender. Citrus. And the scent of summer on your skin.
“How did a lowly Midgardian work her way into the Royal Courtyard of our realm?”
You smiled. Your eyes remained closed, but you knew exactly who was striding towards you with something akin to a regal-rockstar swagger. You opened your eyes to him, remaining in your position leaning back on the stone wall seating, your palms flat against the stone. “Well, I know some people who know some people.”
“Ahh.” He arched a brow as he reached your side. “It’s who you know. I see.”
You gave him the sweetest of smiles. It’s easy, really. You just have to know who’s cock to suck.
He began to cough to cover his laugh. You reached your arm forward, a flask of water in your hand. “Need this?”
He nodded and sipped the cool water as you grinned smugly at him. When he finished, he looked across at your guard, stood a respectable-yet-protective distance from you. “Anders, you are dismissed for the day. I…” His eyes glanced to the side, looking at you with a wry smile and knowing your love of treating staff well. He returned his gaze to the guard. “I thank you for your service today, Anders.”
Anders composure almost slipped at Loki’s generous admission of gratitude, yet he bowed and walked away, armour clinking and shining under the Asgardian sun.
Loki waited a beat before he spoke.
“It’s a scandal if you ask me.” His voice was deep. Rich. Seductive. He leaned down, placing his hands either side of yours. He teased a ribbon of your hair between his index and middle finger. He dropped his voice to a whisker above a whisper. “A Midgardian wench, sat in the favoured seat of the Crown Prince of Asgard.” The backs of his fingers traced down your cheek. “What shall we do with her?” He stood up tall and looked down at you. He tilted his chin upwards at you arrogantly.
“Flogging. Definitely flogging. Publicly, preferably,” you quipped, eliciting a laugh from him. You watched as creases formed at the corners of his eyes, his wide smile appearing to light up his face.
“You do make me laugh, sweet thing.”
“Well, you know… maybe I’m not so sweet.” You arched your eyebrows.
He felt his mouth go dry. “No… no I expect you’re not.” He glanced over his shoulder. “W-would you mind terribly if I joined you?”
“To be fair Loki, I think that ships already sailed, but yeah sure.”
He grinned, and with the speed and dexterity of a wild cat, he reached down to place his hands on your hips. His eyes caught yours. They were positively brimming with mischief. In one swift motion, he picked you up and threw you over his shoulder, causing you to yelp, before he patted your bottom with the flat of his palm. He turned around, sat, and pulled you off his shoulder and down onto his lap.
“Fuck….” Your voice was a breathy whisper.
A strong arm around your midriff pulled you in, your back now flush with his chest. You felt him already stir underneath you. “You know…” He whispered into your ear once more. “There truly is nobody around this time of day.”
“Let me get this straight, sweetling. You do not wish to fornicate, in this beautiful royal garden, in the shade of the lemon trees, under the Asgardian summer sun, with me?”
“No, I do… I just… I mean, we’re in public.”
“It’s a private space. But if you are not comfortable, I will not push the issue.”
“I know it’s private but… who exactly has access to it?”
“The Royal Family of Asgard.”
“So what you’re saying is, nobody will walk past and catch us fucking, but if they do, it’ll be your Mum, your Dad or your brother?”
He chuckled. “When you put it like that…”
You shifted on his lap. He swallowed thickly. You paused for a heartbeat. “Okay… so… are you sure nobody’s around?”
“I’m positive, love. Father’s in his next round of council meetings. Mother’s taking her midday nap. And Thor is drinking mead with Sif in the tavern.”
“Hmmm it’s almost like you planned this.” You turned to him, cocking your head. He gently cupped your jawline and guided your face towards his, kissing your lips tenderly. You didn’t see the movement of his hand, which was still firmly around your stomach. He lifted his fingers, and a flash of green conjured a white, swirling energy field. It wrapped around both of you in a sphere. In another green shimmer, the energy field became completely translucent.
“Darling, I…” His fingertips ghosted over your stomach. “I don’t suppose you are full, are you?”
You knew exactly what he was suggesting.
“Nope, sorry Lokes. On the plus side I know the location of every bathroom in a 10-minute fast walk from here, so that might come in handy in future.” He let out a chuckle. “Wait… is that why you plied me with water? To get me desperate?”
“No darling. It was pure care.”
“Yeah yeah, sure.” You rolled your eyes. You believed him. Thousands, of course, wouldn’t. “Okay, so… how are we doing this?”
“I wish to give you pleasure. But how we do this is entirely at your behest. Tell me what you need, and what is beyond your limits.”
“Alright, erm… I’m happy for you to touch me. But I don’t want to be naked in public. Well I mean, not public… but here, in the gardens. I want to stay fully clothed and covered up. I don’t want to be exposed in any way.”
“As you wish,” he whispered, tugging up the back of your dress, the green material pooling in his lap. He snaked a hand underneath the garment. You felt a cool hand rest on your right thigh. You became aware of the sensation of leather pressing against your bare legs. “How is this, love? Are you alright?”
“And… I do not mean immediately, but… how would you feel if I entered you?”
You let out a deep, satisfied sigh at his blazé tone. The answer was always yes. But you did have to state your terms. “I… can you… can you do it without anyone noticing?”
“Yes. It will appear you are simply sat on my lap.”
“Okay…. I’m okay with it…”
“Our words of safety. Goblet. Lightning. Yes?”
He stroked the side of your hair, snaking his fingertips down to your neck. The pads of his fingers ghosted over the delicate flesh, causing you to tingle. He placed his lips there, a hot, open-mouthed kiss than turned feverish, as the hand on your thigh turning inwards, kneading and grasping at the soft skin of your inner thigh. His touches soon turned gentle, running his fingertips up and down the inside of your leg, then returning to his pace of roughly grabbing you. The sensation was making you dizzy and, combined with the feeling of his hot mouth on your neck, it was almost too much.
By some divine blessing from the Gods, he didn’t wait any longer and slipped a deft index finger over your folds. “So wet….” He gasped between kisses. “You’re so wet for me…” You let out a breathy moan. He reached your clit, circling the sensitive bud with alternating motions. North to south. Figure-of-eight. And another movement, akin to attempting to keep a marble underwater with his the pad of his middle finger. His free hand hovered on your stomach, fingers spread, pulling you into him. His lips ceased his attack on your neck, and instead he tilted his head against yours, as your head rested on his shoulder. Without warning, he stopped.
“Stay perfectly still, darling.”
You opened your eyes to see a figure up on a balcony, one strong arm outstretched onto the stone railing in front of him. The man reached beneath him, the other hand grasping a large goblet of mead. He swigged at it.
“It’s alright.” Loki looked straight ahead. He was completely still. So were you. His fingertips remained at your center. He felt you moisten further. He struggled not to chuckle.
“If that’s an illusion up there…” Your hushed voice was curt.
“It isn’t. I promise you.”
In a moment, Thor returned back inside. You sighed and leaned back into Loki.
“Are you alright, little one?”
“Y-yeah. Just a bit scared, that’s all.”
He whispered so close to your face. “And aroused.”
His fingers continued their movements on your center, mercifully slipping one dexterous digit inside of you. Then, he added another finger. “Naughty little thing.” He continued his ministrations. “Aroused at the thought of getting caught, aren’t you?” You hummed your agreement, feeling the hardness of him underneath you.
“I want you… I want you inside me….” You gasped, breathless.
He lifted you up for a beat and with a little fumbling, his hands shaking slightly, he released himself from his leather slacks. He asked you to sit back down, one hand repositioning your dress around his lap, the other on his member, guiding him into you. You both moaned at the feeling.
I won’t be able to make love to you here, darling.
“What do you mean, Lokes?” You whispered.
I can’t… I can’t thrust at all. It will make it too obvious.
“P-please Loki…”
“I can’t, darling. But I will remain inside of you as I pleasure you.”
You moaned, a sob choking into the sound.
“Shhh… I know… I know…”
He continued to pleasure you with his hands, the feeling of him inside of you suddenly overwhelming you, and the frustration of not feeling him moving in and out of you almost being too much to bear. You felt heat radiate from the tips of your toes to the features on your face, and your breathing became more rapid.
“Loki… I’m going… I’m going to….”
“I know, love. It’s alright. Let go. You’re safe here.”
With large, ragged gasps, you climaxed, your voice suddenly silent and coming instead with a hard shudder. Holding back your moans made your orgasm feel even more intense. As you came back down from your high, he held you.
“Are you alright?”
“Y-yes. Thank you, baby. For… for keeping me safe.”
His cock twitched inside of you.
“But you… you haven’t been able to come…”
“Don’t worry about me, sweet thing.”
You leaned into him. Your eyes flickered open. You noticed a flash of green, and with it a white vortex around you turned into a white orb in Loki’s palm. In one more green flourish, the orb disappeared.
“What the hell was that?”
“A concealment spell.”
“So we wouldn’t be seen or heard.”
“W-what do you mean?” Your head felt as though it was spinning.
“I cast it as we started to kiss. It concealed us.”
“S-so we’ve been concealed the whole time.”
He smirked. “Yes.”
You sat up, the sensation of no longer being inside you causing him to groan. You swung around so you straddled him, facing him. “So when we saw Thor… he was an illusion then?”
“No. He was really there. But he couldn’t see or hear us.”
“B-but, you said… and you told me to stay still…”
He smirked. Then, he winced. He readied himself for a tirade, for you to become enraged with him at his tricks, just as he had experienced during his long life on Asgard. Instead, you spoke softly.
“You protected me. You didn’t want anyone to see me… but you wanted me to feel like it was edgy and dangerous. But the whole time, I was safe.”
He swallowed hard. He looked down, and tucked himself back into his trousers. “I-I apologise love, I really should have been more forthright – ”
“Baby…” You kissed him deeply, holding his face in bold of your hands. “So sweet…” You continued to kiss him. “Such a good man.” He groaned into your mouth. “Always protecting me.” He positively moaned, his hands roaming over your back. He stopped when he heard someone clearing their throat.
“I apologise profusely, your majesty.”
Loki looked up. Anders.
You chose to bury your face into Loki’s leather-clad chest. He rested one hand on the back of your head, holding you into him.
“Your majesty, your presence is… requested.”
He gave one solemn nod. “I will be there. Thank you, Anders.”
As the clinking of metal faded into the distance, you looked up. “Fucking hell. Good job on the spell…. We needed it.”
He smiled, and lifted you from his lap.
“Darling, I… I am sorry to do this. But I must go.”
You smirked at him. “You know I never had you down as the fuck-me-and-leave type.”
He looked you up and down, smiling thoughtfully. “Alright.” He held you hand. “Alright… come with me.”
He walked you to the edge of the gardens, where Anders was waiting with a maid who looked familiar to you.
“Darling, this is Runa. She will take you to your chambers to ready yourself for this evening. We have several hours, you may wish to sleep, or to bathe. You are…” He looked at his maid, and then back to you. “You are in excellent care. Runa is incredibly skilled, and she is one of the very best of our palace staff.”
He maid’s bowed head suddenly shot up, her blue eyes wide.
Okay Loki, you’re milking it now.
He smirked. “I must go with Anders now. You are in good hands, I promise you.” His movements stuttered for a second, then he moved in to kiss you. You didn’t see how Anders and Runa looked to the ground. When Loki broke the kiss, he lifted your right hand in his and kissed your knuckles. “Until this evening, darling.” He looked directly into your eyes. I am counting the seconds. “Runa, please escort my love to her chambers.”
With a gentle hand on your lower back, he urged you to walk towards his maid. She smiled warmly, giving a nod and asking you to follow her, as she handed you a full flask of cool spring water. As you walked away you communicated with him.
Loki Odinson. That kiss was not proper.
He smirked. Fuck proper.
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Shadows of the Past
Part 34 (Part 33)
A few loud knocks call your attention to the glass and you know they have what they need or at least enough to get them started.  You stand up slowly, smoothing out your pants and make your way to the door.  
You turn towards Marc and give him your best mischievous smile, you are happy to see he knows he screwed up.  Placing your hand on the door knob you say “You’re right, this was fun."  You step out of the room and close the door hard, then you head back to the observation room.
Y/N opens the door with a wide smile and she hugs you tightly. "Loki, that was amazing!  And kinda hot..." she says looking up at you with a slight blush.
You raise your eyebrow at her, "Oh, really?"
She nods slowly and smiles, “Mmhmm, I don’t know... just the way you took control of the room and outsmarted him so easily.”
You run your fingers along her cheek and then under her chin, bringing her lips closer to yours but Stark says, "Think you two could wait until your alone for that?"
"Very well," you sigh as you roll your eyes at him, causing Y/N to laugh.
“That really was impressive, great job Loki,” Steve pats you on the back with a broad smile.  Sometimes he really reminded you of Thor but the last thing you needed was another brother.  
“I think next time we do this, we should send you in first.  That slip about the library was perfect, Y/N is already dying to get upstairs and bury herself in research,” Hill laughs a little.   
Before you can say anything to them, Stark says, "I’ll admit, you did good.  I didn’t think you’d be able to pull it off.”
“What was that?” you ask him.
Stark sighs, “You heard me.”
“I’m not sure if I did... it sounded almost like a compliment,” you say with a smile.  You turn to Y/N, “Did you hear that?”
She puts her hand over her mouth to cover her laugh but she nods.  
“Don’t get too excited about it reindeer games, I’m not saying it again,” Stark says as he goes to head out of the room.  Steve and Hill follow him out, you and Y/N stay behind.  You watch through the glass as Steve and Stark unchain him from the table and ground then take him away.
She slips her hand into yours and you squeeze it tight.  Y/N looks up at you and smiles, you bend down and kiss her quickly.  She pouts at the short kiss, causing you to laugh.  You take a step towards the door and give her hand a gentle tug, “Come on, you can tell me all about how hot I was during the interrogation when we get back to my room.”  You wink at her, making her giggle and blush a bit.
(Y/N POV - the next night)
A knock on your office door pulls your attention from your computer screen and when you look up you see Loki standing in the doorway.  Your heart suddenly sinks as you realize its after 8:30.
“Loki, I’m so sorry,” you quickly start to apologize as you stand up.  “I didn’t-” you start to explain but he cuts you off.
“Y/N, its ok...” he says as he walks into your office.  He takes his right hand from behind his back and holds up a fairly large paper bag, “I brought dinner.”  He smiles at you which somehow makes you feel even more guilty.
You move around your desk and hug him tightly.  He places the bag on your desk then hugs you back.  Loki kisses the top of your head then plays with your hair.  “I’m sorry Mischief,” you tell him again, hiding your face in his chest.  You were supposed to meet him at 7 to watch a movie and order food but you had completely lost track of time.
He lets go of you a little so you can look up at him, “We can do the movie another night.  Its fine Y/N.”
“Are you sure?” you ask him, still worried he might be upset.
He nods and kisses you softly, “I wasn’t very interested in the movie you picked anyway.”
“Why did you say ok to it?” you ask curiously.
He winks at you and squeezes you tighter, “Well, I wasn’t planning on watching it for very long.”  You giggle and shake your head at him but you can’t help blushing a little. 
He gently strokes your cheek and smiles at you.  “Honestly though, I just want to spend time with you, Y/N.  Even if that means bringing you dinner and sitting here while you figure out what library Marc was talking about,” he says. 
You bring your arms up around Loki’s neck and stand on your toes to kiss him.  He keeps his arms around your waist, holding you tightly against his chest as he kisses you back.  His tongue gently runs across your bottom lip and then he bites it, just enough for you to gasp softly.  One of his hands slides up your back and neck until his fingers are in your hair.  He tugs at your hair lightly and you tilt your head to the side so he can kiss down your neck to your shoulder and then back to your lips.   
When you finally break the kiss to breath again, he rests his forehead against yours and you feel an overwhelming desire to tell Loki those three words you’ve been biting back since he was hurt.  Every time you see him, you want to hold him tightly and tell him how deeply you love him but you just can’t seem to get the words out.  Last night he had fallen asleep before you and you laid in his arms with your head on his chest.  You closed your eyes and just listened to his heartbeat in the dark.  Kissing his neck as softly as you could, you whispered that you loved him and although you could swear he smiled in his sleep, you know he didn’t hear you.  
You've never told anyone you’ve dated that you loved them before but none of them could ever compare to Loki.  He meant everything to you but you couldn’t quiet that small part of you that worried he wasn’t ready to love you back.  He had been betrayed by so many people he cared about, including the last person he said he loved.  
He kisses your nose gently, “What are you thinking about darling?”
You blink at him and realize you had gotten lost in your thoughts.  “Just how lucky I am to have you in my life,” you tell him with a smile, its not quite a lie.  “What did you bring me?” you change the subject quickly, stepping away from him to check out the bag on your desk.
“Ah, well... I think you will be pleased,” he says sounding proud of himself.
You open the bag and take a peak inside, “Ooh... you are good Mischief.”
He smiles at you and sits at your desk.  You take out your burrito, you’ve been dying for one recently but your favorite place is ten blocks away and you haven’t had time to get there.  Loki takes his food out of the bag as you take your seat behind you computer again.
“So how is the search going?” he asks as you start to eat.
“Good, I think,” you tell him.  “I’ve narrowed it down to three possible libraries.  There were only about eight which made sense location wise and five of those had a ton of security cameras inside and out so I doubt they would have gone there.” 
He nods and motions for you to continue, "I talked to Hill and some of the people who were sifting through the copied files.  We think she would have had to go to the drop location pretty soon after each one of your missions.  The files were copied to a USB, not transferred directly which is unfortunate because they could have been tracked that way.”
“Well, why would any of this be easy?” he jokes.
“Very true,” you agree.
“So you think she went out when I got back from the missions?” he asks, as though something just occurred to him.  
“Mmhmm, we have the dates and times the files were copied and they are usually the last day or second to last day you were away,” you tell him.
“I’m not sure if this is helpful or not,” he starts, “But if I got back from a mission near the end of the week, you know a Thursday, Friday or Saturday... she would bring me coffee on Sunday morning.  I always thought it was a little odd but she said she really liked that café.”
“I thought you hated coffee,” you say, a little confused.  You had literally never seen him touch coffee before, he always made tea.
“I do... which is part of why I thought it was odd,” he tells you.
“What was the other part?” you ask.
“It was always cold, but I don’t think it was supposed to be.  I’ve seen Nat & Wanda get iced coffee before but this was regular coffee that just had cooled off,” he said sounding annoyed at the memory.
You can almost feel the wheels in your brain start to turn a you think about what Loki told you.  “Wait... do you remember the name of the café?” you ask him, trying not to get too excited. 
He shakes his head and you feel yourself deflating.  “Oh, actually... I think I can do better than that,” he says as he stands up and comes behind your desk.
“What do you mean?” you ask, looking up at him.
He points to your computer and you roll your chair back so he can get to it.  “She had texted me one day asking if I could have have Nat pick her up...” he opens Google Maps and starts zooming in and out of Lower Manhattan & SOHO as if he is looking for something.  “There,” he stops moving around and points to an intersection on the map.  
“Prince Street & Greene Street... I can see why you would remember that,” you laugh as you look at the map.
He smiles at you and shrugs, “I’m going to let you have that one.  But does it help?”
You give him a big smile and instead of answering, you take the mouse back from him and point a the building one block north of the café.  He leans closer to the screen and then at you, “That’s a church.”
“Mhmm...” you hum and then open the street view so you can see the front of the church.  You point with the mouse to a tall metal box with a glass door attached to the fence of the church.  
“Y/N, that’s not a library,” he says, sounding unconvinced.
“Not one like you are used to.  I’ve seen a few of these popping up recently,” you tell him.  “Its pretty much the honor system, you take a book and you leave a book.  No one checks them in or out, you just walk by, see if there is anything interesting and take it.  When you are done, you put it back.  There is one of these near my old apartment and I put a bunch of books I was done with in there for someone else to read.”
He stares at you, “Ok, but that’s still not a library.”
You laugh at his disbelief, “Whether you believe me or not, this is definitely where Sarah passed off the information to Marc.  We just need to get down there and find out how.”
(LOKI POV - about 4am)
“What?” you mumble as you open your eyes.  You look around the room but its still dark.  Your laying on your side and Y/N is on her side as well, her back pressed against your chest.  You squeeze her a bit tighter and close your eyes but a minute later your eyes open again. She kicked out in her sleep, that must have been what woke you the first time.
“Y/N,” you whisper in her ear, hoping to wake her gently.
She moans softly and kicks again.  You shake her lightly and say her name again but still no response.  She begins to act out more, this time she rolls onto her back and brings her arms in front of her.  Her moans turn to whimpers and you know she is having a nightmare.  You shake her a little more forcefully, trying to bring her out of it.
The dream must have intensified, she cries for help and continues to move her arms and legs almost frantically.  You sit up and put your hands on her shoulders, “Y/N, love, you need to wake up.  You’re having a nightmare, you’re safe here.”
What she says next sends a shockwave through your whole body.  “No, Loki! Stop, please just stop!” she says, still fighting off her nightmare.  “Don’t, no, don’t do this Loki!”  You freeze, unable to process what you are hearing.  Her eyes suddenly open as she screams one more time.  Y/N sits up, sweating and breathing hard as reaches out for you in the dark.  
She finds you and quickly hides her face against your chest, intertwining her legs with yours as she holds onto you.  You slowly put your arms around her as she starts to cry softly.  You rub her back in small circles and whisper to her, “You’re ok Y/N, you’re safe.”  She nods through her tears but doesn’t say anything.  You rest your cheek on the top of her head and she clings tightly to you.  You can feel her heart racing and she’s shaking slightly.  You reassure her again, “It was only a nightmare, try to take a deep breath, Y/N.”
She slowly starts to take long, deep breaths but her grip on you doesn’t loosen.  It’s as if she is afraid to let go of you even an inch.  After a few minutes, her cries have stopped and she is no longer shaking.  You ask her, “Are you ok?”
She nods again, “Yes, just-just don’t let me go yet though, ok?”
You try to smile at her but you feel yourself fighting back tears.  Instead you say, “I promise.”  She kisses your cheek softly and puts her head back on your chest.  
You kiss her forehead but don’t say anything.  After a few more minutes, you can feel her slipping off to sleep again but your thoughts have just started racing.  You close your eyes tight but you just keep hearing what she cried out during her nightmare... ‘No, Loki! Stop, please just stop! Don’t, no, don’t do this Loki!’  The words repeat in your mind over and over.  You can’t hold back your tears any longer, Y/N’s nightmare had been about you.  
Your heart starts to break as you look down at Y/N, she is sleeping peacefully in your arms like she has for so many nights.  You touch her cheek softly with your finger tips, not wanting to wake her but feeling as if you needed to be sure she was real.  Before you met Y/N, you thought you had been happy, you thought your life was complete, you thought you were in love but you had been wrong about everything.  
She came into your life and turned everything you knew upside down but never in all your years had you been more grateful to have met someone.  Lately you had found yourself desperately wanting to tell her how much she meant to you, that you loved her more than you ever thought you could possibly love someone.  You hadn’t told her though, because a part of you knew it was too good to be true, you didn’t deserve to truly be happy, not after everything you had done.  
You kiss her forehead lightly, and slowly slip your arm free from her grip.  She moans a little as she shifts, reaching for you.  You stop yourself, you want to take her in your arms again and not let her go.  All you want to do it love her and protect her, keep her safe from anything that would hurt her, even if what she feared would hurt her was you.  You move further away from her grasp and sit up slowly on her bed, wiping away a stray tear.  You take a deep breath and try not to look at her as you leave the room.  Closing the door as quietly as you can, you lean against the wall in the hallway for support as your heart shatters completely.  Y/N told you she wasn’t scared of you, that she accepted your past and forgave you for everything but subconsciously she was still terrified of you.  And why wouldn’t she, you still felt like a monster.  
You walk slowly down the hall, not sure where exactly you are going.
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Build me Up, Break me Down (Loki x Female Reader)
Read chapter 7 here // Series Masterlist
Chapter 8
Summary : Loki and you adjust to the life in tower but loki have his doubts about your involvement in his escape from the cell
Warning : 18+ Sex, Mean loki, Degradation, Loki is toxic as they get
Tumblr media
You both sat on the opposite end of the bathtub and he was just staring at you with such intensity that you wanted to run and hide somewhere. You had your knees pulled up to your chest with your arms locked around it, you were looking everywhere else but him. His naked body always made you flustered. 
"So ummmm they grilled you badly?" You asked him and he chuckled 
"They are so easy to fool so no..not really" you nodded and looked at him, his intense gaze made you look away 
"Who hurt you?" He asked you
"Ummm it's not a big deal, you know how I am, I say stupid things all the time and piss people off, it's a miracle I'm not being hit often" his jaw clenched as you said that, 
"That's not the answer to my question darling" you sighed as he said that. 
"It was an agent, Maria Hill" he nodded as you said that.
After the bath, you put on a bathrobe since you didn't have any other clothes, honestly you didn't have anything on you. All your stuff was confiscated by the agents, you didn't even have access to your bank accounts. You don't even remember when was the last time you ate, oh wait you do. It was yesterday. Your stomach was making loud noises. So loud that he noticed it and looked at you, his eyebrows raised
"I'm just hungry"
"You mortals can't survive without a meal .. Can you?" 
"What do you mean you mortals? You eat too even though you're an alien" 
"A God, do you want me to throw you out?" He glared at you and you shook your head as you looked down, he huffed as your stomach made another noise, he got up and grabbed your arms then he dragged you out of the room. Why was he throwing you out? You didn't even say anything. And Why his steps were so fucking large? you had to run behind him to catch up with him. You both reached the place that looked like a living room but you couldn't tell, the infrastructure was weird in this tower. All the avengers were at the huge table stuffing their face with all kinds of deliciousness 
"Feed this mortal" He looked at Natasha and she signaled you to sit next to her. That's black widow, you didn't want to sit next to her, you were afraid of being widowed. You looked at him and he placed his palm on your back pushing you towards Natasha. 
"Why is she in my chamber? I'm not sharing a chamber with this inferior being" you looked at him in shock, he was being so nice before the bath. What did you do? 
"Calm down brother, unfortunately you have to share the chamber with her, we are trying to keep you two together for security purposes, sit down eat something, you must feel ravenous" 
"Actually he just said that .." Loki glared at you as you started to speak and you focused on hogging the pizza you had on your plate. He sat down in front of you with crossed arms and furrowed brows , looking pissed as ever
"Lady y/n do you have a family?" You coughed as you heard Thor's voice, as if your body couldn't digest that level of respect.
"Sorry I'm just.. just call me y/n" 
"But you are a lady are you not? Apologies if I assumed" Iron man found it really humorous because you could hear him chuckling 
"That's not what ..never mind ..I do have a family in Texas but I'm not ..we are not close" Loki looked at you intently as you said that. He hated the moment he shared with you before the bath, he felt protective of you, he wanted to run over the person who harmed you so cruelly. And he absolutely despised feeling that way for a mortal. 
"Ummm can I get some clothes?" You asked Natasha and she looked at you
"What size do you wear?" You told her and she assured you that you'll get it by tomorrow. After eating, you got up and everyone looked at you, leaving you in an awkward but mandatory position where you had to speak ofcourse
"Umm goodnight or I actually don't know what time it is right now so ummm happy night or day or just happy saving the world..go avengers yayy" you brought your fist up to fake cheer, then you turned around and headed back to the room, cursing yourself all the way..
"She's cu.. weird" Steve said and Natasha looked at him, she had a smirk on her face. Loki didn't like the way Steve was looking at you. 
"Just so you know I hate you" Clint said to Loki and his eyes rolled in response. 
"Oooh how would I live with that for another six thousand years?" Loki got up and headed back to the bedroom. When he entered he found you on the couch. You were laying on your front, your legs swinging up and down as you focused on whatever you had on the tv. 
"Shut it off, I want to sleep" you looked at him as you turned the tv off. He waved his fingers and he was all naked. He loved to sleep as the day he was born. He got on the bed and covered his lower half with the satin sheets. But he couldn't sleep, he didn't want to. He wanted to fuck you.
"Hey mortal, come here" you sat up on the couch and stared at him. He was staring at the ceiling, not even looking at you. You got up and walked closer to the bed, 
"You want something?" You asked him, he got up grabbed your waist and pulled you on the bed on top of him 
"Want me to fuck your mouth or your tight little cunt" he whispered as he flipped you under me 
"Ummm my.. do I have to say it?" He untied the strings of your robe and you felt his cock rubbing against your lips.
"If I ask you a question you are going to answer me, do I need to remind you of that again?" He placed his forearms on either side of your head, one of his hands gripped your hair.
"Nooo sorry" you mumbled meekly, he pulled your head to the side and sucked on your neck, a moan escaped your lips.
"Mouth or cunt?" he asked you again
"Ummm my cunt" as soon as the words left your mouth his cock pushed inside you, you gasped at the feeling of fullness. 
"So soaked, a touch of me and your quim starts crying" you wrapped your arms around his neck, your fingers scratched his scalp, the sensation felt foreign to him, he wasn't used to such tenderness during fornication. He pumped in and out of you, maintaining a fast pace. He just wanted to cum inside you and be done with it. Your walls squeezed around him and he couldn't believe how easily you came around him 
"Cumming already? You're so pathetic darling" he whispered in your ear as you let go, he could feel your orgasm and the way your walls spasmed around him, you arched your back, your grip on his hair tightened as you felt the pleasurable waves surging through you. He looked at your face and how lost you looked in the moment, why do you affect him so? You're just a mortal, he has been with several of them during his time on earth 
He fucked you untill he spilled inside you then he collapsed next to you to catch his breath. 
"Go back to the couch" he whispered so you got up and ran towards the bathroom to get yourself cleaned up. 
He seemed distant, more distant than normal, he often took you to the bathroom, cleaned you up and took care of you but today he just threw you out of the bed as soon as he was done, you felt used but then what did you expect? 
Next day you received a bunch of clothes from Natasha which you felt really grateful for. Thor also sent clothes for Loki, you actually wanted to see him in something casual. You grabbed all the bags, keeping his on the bed while you kept yours in the closet hoping that he wouldn't mind. When he came out of the bathroom, his eyebrows raised in curiosity as he looked at the shopping bags
"What is that?" He asked you, he noticed your new look. You had a black shirt on along with a blue pair of jeans
"Thor sent it for you, earth people clothes" he grumbled and checked out the contents of the bag. 
"What is this?" He showed you a pair of briefs and you chuckled, he was definitely an alien. 
"It's an undergarment, do you not have undergarments on your god planet?" You asked him and he shook his head
"No...What's the point of it?"
"Ummm it's for hygiene, it also helps in keeping all the goodies in place you know" he put it on as you said that 
"Huh I see, why are there so many options with fabrics?" He looked so confused as he went through several shirts and pants. When he wasn't spitting venom at you he seemed kind of Adorable. 
"Hey mortal girl, choose for me, make me look good" you picked a simple gray t-shirt and a blue pair of jeans for him which he put on hurriedly
"And this" you handed him a black leather jacket and he was overjoyed just to have something in leather. He loves his leathers. He looked at himself in the mirror, he looked like a midgardian.
"Midgardians are so fucking basic" you chuckled as he fixed the sleeves of his jacket.
"I think you look handsome, very very handsome" you mumbled softly and his eyes softened
"Thank you
He had his doubts, about you and how they hired someone like you to watch over an intergalactic terrorist like him. He knew there was something going on and he had to figure it out. You watched him alone, and there was no one even assisting you, how's that even possible? The security was so tight around the tower then why did they let him escape so easily. He had to test a theory so he grabbed your hand and looked at you
"I'm taking you to feast on one of those frozen treats that you relish so greatly" he told you and you looked at him 
"Ice cream for breakfast? Sounds amazing" he held you in his arms and in a second you were outside, you were outside the tower, on the streets. Everyone around you looked at you two as you both appeared out of nowhere.
"We are not supposed to be outside" you told him and he smirked 
"I know that darling" 
"Ice cream" you found an ice cream parlor on the other side of the street so he took you there. He couldn't believe how excited you got as you looked at different options, his mouth curled into a smile, he had to smack himself mentally to stop from doing that 
"You love frozen things huh" Maybe you'd love him in his frozen form too. 
"Who doesn't love ice cream? When I was a kid my.. ummm do you have ice cream on Asgard?" You asked him and he shook his head. You were enjoying your ice cream when out of nowhere Thor flew down from the sky. He stormed towards Loki as soon as he spotted him 
"Are you a lunatic? I told you to not leave the tower, why can't you just listen to me for once" 
"How did you know I was here?" Thor seemed perplexed as Loki asked him that. You both were taken back to the tower, where you were lectured and reprimanded again. 
"What did we tell you about going out of this tower?" Maria Hill walked towards you and Lindsay was giving you a look of pure disappointment. Before she could get any closer, loki placed his arm in front of you 
"You would not dare lay your hands or even your fingers on the mortal, understand?" His jaw clenched and nose flared so she took a few steps back. Did he just defend you?
"We just got ice cream, nothing else" you mumbled as your eyes teared up. Loki noticed the way Lindsay lady was looking at you. He grabbed your hand and walked you towards the bedroom. 
"Strip" you looked at him shocked as he said that. Before you could ask further questions he repeated and you knew better than to make him say it again. You took off your clothes and you don't know what he was doing but he was inspecting every inch of your body. He turned you around, pressed his finger in the nape of your neck. He felt something inside it. 
"There it is" 
"Where is what? What's happening?" You asked him and he conjured a dagger in his hand 
"Do you trust me?" He asked you and you nodded. For some god awful reasons you did trust him 
"This is going to hurt but I'll heal you okay?" You turned around to look at him, your eyes widened as you looked at the dagger 
"No wait, what are you doing?" you asked him confused and you didn't understand what he was doing. He sighed as his suspicions were confirmed. They allowed him to escape on purpose, you never made a mistake, they wanted you to get tricked by him and free him from the cell.
"They have a microchip tracker in your body, did you know that?" 
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letstalkaboutshtufff · a day ago
Twisted Love pt 4
Loki x reader
Tumblr media
Pairing: Loki x reader
Warnings: Language, anxiety, arranged marriage, if I forgot anything please let me know!
Part 3 Taglist
Quiet voices echoing throughout the bedroom roused you from your slumber.
Peeking your eyes open you saw that Loki was talking to a servant near the door.
Slowly you sat up, feeling a bit better now that you finally had had a full nights sleep. Swinging your legs down off the bed you quietly slipped into the bathing room and took a quick shower before dressing in something light and flowy.
Walking back out you saw Loki was sat down at the table picking at some fruit.
When he saw you, he motioned to the spread. "I had breakfast sent up"
"Oh, thank you.." you paused, not sure if you should sit at the table as well but decided that if you took the food and went anywhere else he might take offense.
You noticed he was reading over some documents at the same time anyway so his attention would not be on you.
Although you did not really feel like eating yet you forced yourself to grab a slice of warm bread and spread some raspberry jam onto it.
You were hyper aware of the silence and wanted desperately to ease it but you did not want to bother him. Silenty you finished the slice and poured a cup full of water, on instinct you filled his too.
He glanced up and you saw him nod in thanks.
"I also wanted to let you know of the upcoming hunt" he set his papers down now giving you his full attention.
"Hunt?" You titled your head.
"Yes it's a annual tradition for the royal family to lead a hunt into Briggameads forest and bring back a silver tailed wolf."
(A.n. Excuse me while I continue to make up random words lmao)
A glimmer of recognition, "Oh for good fortune right? Before the new year begins?" You remembered reading about King Bor's first hunt and the peace it brought. Not that you thought the sleighing of an beautiful creature such as that would actually cause any good fortune but you probably shouldn't say that...
Loki looked a little surprised, so you quickly explained, "I read about it in one of the history books the other day"
He nodded, "Well then you already know the basics, the men and women of the royal family lead a hunting party into the woods, the member who strikes the beast down is hailed the Wolf King/Queen for a day and celebrated lavishly for the evening. Basically it's a stupid tradition that gives the people of Asgard a reason to drink and dance until they pass out."
So he thinks its ridiculous too...
"You don't have to participate in the actual hunting part of course,unless you desire to, it's enough to ride with us just until we reach the main hunting camp.
Oh wait that's right, the hunt lasted 3 days. If the wolf was found the hunt ended and if not then Asgard needed to do other rituals to balance out the bad fortune.
"When does the hunt begin?" You asked after taking a bite, the sweet jam like heaven on your tongue.
"In a weeks time, the maids will take care of everything" you hummed.
"I've never been on a hunt.." you said absentmindedly, not even considering that maybe the real princess had been and it was common knowledge. (With your luck...)
Luckily Loki didn't seem to think anything of it, "Well don't get your hopes up. If it wasn't required of me, I'd stay here doing things that actually matter. I only pray that beast shows up soon so we can all go home quickly"
"I don't suppose you could just conjure a wolf.." you felt your heart skip when his lip turned up. Smile. He actually smiled at you!
"No, unfortunately even my magic has its limits"
You wondered what his limits truly were. You'd love to see him do magic again sometime.
After a few minutes of silence, Loki wiped his mouth with a napkin before standing up. "My mother asks that we join her for lunch later" you nodded with a small smile, "Alright". And with that he left swiftly out the door.
You felt genuinely happy with yourself for once. Not only did you manage not to make a fool of yourself, you even made Loki smile. And he didn't seem to mind sharing a meal with you. Perhaps he was warming up to you?
Whatever it was, you were glad not to feel so much anxiety for once. You took another bite and enjoyed the silence.
Lunch in the garden ended up being just you and the queen mother since apparantly there was a situation to be dealt with. Loki really did have a full plate. You felt almost bad that you didn't really do anything all day. Although really, for being thrust into this situation you should be demanding all the luxuires in the world.
"Has Loki told you about the hunt yet?" Frigga leaned in looking excited.
"Yes he has...I admit though, I am a bit nervous" you felt calm enough to be honest with Frigga.
She smiled and shook her head, "Now theres no need for any of that, think of it as a vacation, the forest is actually quite beautiful this time of year, and besides, let the men do the work. We can relax back at camp with the wine" she winked.
"I suppose it will be exciting going somewhere new.." come to think if it, had you ever seen anything other than the castle walls and busy market place back on Valheim?
"Of course it will be, now tell me, how are things between you two? I don't mean to be nosy but well..you'll understand when you have children one day" you felt a spark of panic, gods were you expected to have children with Loki too? How long was this lie going to last.
You swallowed and let out a nervous laugh, "T-things are well...we um, oh we actually had breakfast together and it was nice" you saw her eyes light up.
"That's wonderful!" You felt a surge of warmth. Even with something as small as that she was so happy and excited for you.
"The two of you will be doey eyed and fawning over each other in no time" you smiled, lifting your drink to your lips.
"I'll be a grandmother soon I know it" you choked.
An uneventful week had passed, and you hadn't seen Loki more than a few minutes put together. He was busy, along with the other members preparing for the hunt, that apparently was a much bigger deal than you originally thought.
You watched as numerous crates were being loaded onto carriages in the area where you would soon depart.
There was an endless crowd of people lined up just to wish everyone good luck. You unintentionally his behind Loki, not liking all the attention on you. You were the new princess of Asgard after all, everyone wanted a glimpse.
The guards were dutifully making sure nobody crossed the boundaries and got too close. Loki turned around and held out his arm. You wrapped your hand and he escorted you to the waiting carriage.
You forced yourself to smile at the passing people you made eye contact with. You didnt want a reputation of being cold after all.
You found yourself genuinely smiling though when your eyes met with a young girl who peeked around the guards legs.
You gave a little wave and saw how she lit up. How adorable!
"Princess!! Travel safe!!" You chuckled quietly and nodded so she could see.
As you settled into the carriage you realized you never actually asked how long It would take to get there. You glanced at Loki but he was already immersed in a scroll, pen in hand. You decided you would stay quiet until he spoke. Luckily the passing view was quite beautiful so you found no trouble staying entertained. Who knew you'd see all these beautiful sights one day.
The vast landscape was so....peaceful. Miles and miles of beautiful grasses and hills stretched out beyond what you could see. You wondered how it would feel to run through those fields, barefoot in a flowy dress, no one telling you that you couldn't.
Maybe in another life you would've bought a little house in the middle of such open fields.
Perhaps you should relax a bit and try to enjoy the hunt. After all, one day this lie would come to light...so you'd better take advantage of the little freedoms you had before Asgard threw you in a dungeon for the rest of your days...
******************************************The journey was longer than you anticipated however not uncomfortable. Loki would speak up now and then, and did not seem bothered by your presence, just neutral.
Towards the late afternoon the traveling party came to a stop and Loki told you to stretch and take care of whatever needs you had before continuing on.
With a small smile you nodded and let him help you out the carriage.
The air was so fresh and heavy with the scent of rain you couldn't help but sigh in content. You did indeed take his advice and relived yourself, while also walking around a bit. Adessa brought you some nuts and cheese to nibble on, and you found a cozy spot on a rock overlooking the scenery to eat. You urged the girl to sit with you which she was delighted to do. Luckily she wasn't too formal with you which made you relax having a friend like her.
"So how was it being alone with his highness all that time hm?" She smiled suggestively taking a bite of the cheese you offered.
"It was...nice I suppose" what else were you supposed to say.
"Just nice?" She frowned as if you deprived her of something great.
"Adessa I barely know the man.." perhaps the fresh air made you bolder today.
"Trust me, I've gotten far further with barely more than a name, this one time I couldn't remember this girls name, so I just called her Cherry because that was what the color of her p-"
"Dessa!" You spit out the cheese, something between a scoff and a laugh.
"What? I was going to say pants.." She smirked knowingly.
"Wait what did you just call me??" Her eyes wide.
You blinked, "Oh sorry, it just came out"
She nodded her head vigorously, "No no I like it! It's actually what my family calls me"
"Well alright then, I'll call you Dessa-"
"And my lovers-"
"Shall we get going now Adessa" you rose with a small smile.
"Ah wait my lady I was just kidding! Well mostly kidding...anyway! Haha, now let's gets you settled into the carriage again."
The little break had reguvinated you, Adessa had a great talent for making you feel like your old self.
Soon you were back onto the bumpy roads, the sky soon darkening and you wondering if you would even reach the camp tonight.
"We should arrive by nightfall" Loki interrupted suddenly as if reading your thoughts...
Wait. A terrifying thought struck you.
Could he?!
Did he?!
Could magic users do that?!?
You looked up slightly panicked, Loki cocked a brow, "What is it?"
"Can you- I mean did you...read my mind..is that something magic can do..??"
His eyes widened slightly and his lips parted. You gulped in anticipation. Eyes darting to his for any indication.
You watched as he smoothed a hand over his mouth to smother some sort of noise. A snicker? Not likely. (Totally a snicker)
"No, I'm afraid I am not that skilled" he said after a moment. For some reason he seemed amused.
"Oh" you sheepishly looked away, towards the window. The sky a mixture of deep of terra cotta and bright yellows.
"Do you truly know so little about magic?" He regarded you with genuine curiosity. Not understanding how a princess could be so uneducated on what he believed was common knowledge.
You gripped your dress, bunching up the fabric on your thighs.
"It was one of the subjects I was taught the least..." technically true, the true princess did not care for magic, she found it boring and her parents didn't care either way. You however were saddened when those lessons stopped because thos were the most interesting to witness.
"Would you-" Loki seemed hesitant,  uncomfortable for a second even before he cleared his throat and continued to speak, "Would you like to see something.." curious you nodded.
He raised his hand, it glowed faintly green for a moment before suddenly a little flame sat in the palm of his hand. It flickered then suddenly the flame grew bright and changed colors faster than your eyes could keep up, soon the entire interior of the carriage was an explosion of rainbows of color.
You looked around in awe, it looked as if you were inside the bifrost itself. Such a sight you had never seen before.
"You're amazing..." you didn't even realize what you said, still looking around the carriage watching the colors shift and dance in amazement.
Loki on the other hand was staring at you. Not knowing what is what he felt in that moment. Only that he felt something strange.
He watched you for several moments before before shutting his hand, the projection closing with it.
Like a child you were a bit disappointed but thanked him.
After that the carriage was quiet once more and Loki was completely silent which worried you slighty but luckily not long after you heard a horn signaling your arrival.
Loki went out first before holding out a hand helping you down.
Had you not been informed it was nighttime you would have sworn it was day by the endless lights that lit up the campground. How they already managed to set up the massive tents and torches glowing brightly you had no idea.
As far as you could see, everyone was bustling around carrying out various tasks. Tables were set up with hunting gear as well as others which had massive amounts of food.
Loki who had been walking beside you muttered something about checking on supplies and walked further into camp.
You stood there taking it all in.
Somehow even though you'd never been on a hunt before you knew this was overkill.
"One thing you'll learn about asgardians Is they are nothing if not extravagant" Adessa whispered as she covered you from behind in a warm cloak.
"But surely the noise and lights would scare off the prey..." you looked at her skeptically.
"Well the hunting takes place a bit further down the trail, they just set up here then small groups go out and hunt...will you be joining them?" She eyed you curiously.
You let out a little laugh, "No I don't think I'd be much help, I'll stay behind" you could practically see visions of you accidentally shooting a person with an arrow instead of an animal.
"Hm well in that case, I'll make sure we find lots of fun stuff to do! You've been cooped up in that palace too long!" There was that glint in her eye again...
Tiredly you smiled, not having the energy to worry about what she had in mind.
As if reading your mind she announced you should rest and led you to one of the larger tents near the middle of the camp, although tent was not quite the right word, as soon as she lifted the flap and urged you inside you let out a little gasp.
"Adessa this is nearly as nice as the palace..." you took slow steps around the large space which included golden rugs on the floor, tables filled with fruit and cheeses, a large bed with thick furs and several other lavish pieces that had you in disbelief.
"How did they even set this up so quickly?" You spun around to a very amused Adessa.
"Your highness I swear sometimes I think your parents raised you in a box" she shook her head and worked on setting out your sleep clothes.
When she realized you still looked confused she sighed with a laugh, "Magic your highness, they used magic"
"Oh..right.." magic of course, was there anything magic couldn't do?
"Would you like a bath before bed?" You eyed the tub hidden by a woven screen. A warm bath did kind of sound nice but you didn't know when Loki would be back. At the palace you knew his schedule and he made himself scarce most days but here might be different.
Sighing you thanked her but decided to just go to bed. After slipping into the silky sleep clothing you slid under the warm furs.
Sleep seemed to elude you once more, your mind loud like a crowd. You turned over in the large bed, gaze falling onto the empty pillow beside you. You always went to bed alone and Loki was usually gone when you woke up. You weren't even fully sure if he slept in the bed everynight or somewhere else. You figured though for appearance sake though he wouldn't do that often. It made you wonder if-
Speaking of Loki... the tent flap rustled and you heard the  soft crunch of dirt under boots.
You debated on feigning sleep but for some reason you felt a spark of bravery and turned back over,
His back was to you and you watched as he slid off his outer layers. His shoulders looked tense and part of you wished you could reach out and sooth them.
A glowing ring started from his head then worked it's way down to his feet. Asgardians really did use magic for everything..
You realized this was the first time you had seen him out of his usual day attire.
Perhaps you had been staring too hard because the next thing you knew his gaze was on you and you felt the heat quickly rise to your cheeks.
"G-goodnight" you turned back around embarrassed he caught you staring.
The tent was silent for a moment before suddenly the candles all went out at once and all you could do was listen to the ironically loud silence.
You tensed when you felt the bed dip slightly. You had been married for weeks but this was the first time he was lying next to you, like really lying next to you...
"Goodnight.." his smooth voice cut through the silence.
You gripped the covers a bit tighter around you, your heart beating like a hummingbirds. Sleep eluded you that night but for a completely different reason...
A.n thank you guys for all the wonderful comments, they really do motivate me to write:) Also I'm curious what you guys think so far! Don't hesitate to let me know:) until next time! Xoxoxo
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michelleleewise · 22 hours ago
Lost and Found
Tumblr media
Pairing: Loki x reader
Warnings: cursing, mentions of memory loss, mentions of blood (not graphic), mentions of past trauma. Eventual smut. Slow burn, strangers to friends to lovers. Slight au, new York happened, but Loki was not imprisoned.
Summary: you take your parents farm after their passing. Doing way you can to keep it afloat. After the new York attack, Loki is sent back to earth, with no memory of who or what he is. You find him and try to help him.
*I want to give writing credit to @vbecker10, she's helped me develop this idea into what is, as I bounced my many ideas off her💚
Part one
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