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Troubled Waters Running Cold (Loki x Reader)


Author’s note: I am currently revamping my entire blog, which means I will be reuploading all my stories with the correct tags and a more organised format as well as with story boards! These are all previously written stories. I will let you know when there is a new update for a new story/chapter.

Summary:  A month after your break up with Loki, he finds out that you were not okay and comes to visit you.

Warnings: Depression, hospitalisation, mentions of suicide, suicide attempt

The Permanent Party: @sllooney@brekkingthebedwithbuckybarnes@arch-venus25@hopelessromanticspoonie@lotus-eyedindiangoddess@dangertoozmanykids101@villainousshakespeare@otakumultimuse-hiddleswhore @is-it-madness@caffiend-queen@listen-brother@myraiswack@green-valkyrie@just-the-hiddles@lovesmesomehiddles@sallymagnoliaposts@ciaodarknessmyheart @sherala007@nonsensicalobsessions@delightfulheartdream@brokenthelovely

Loki Love: @lots-of-loki


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Bruh, I was just thinking about Dad!Loki today. If you have any other Loki requests, please send them to me!

  • While Loki is somewhat of an emotional parent (given that he never thought he would get to be one), he absolutely loves to make his baby/child laugh because it makes him laugh, too. Playing peek-a-boo or tickling his baby, Loki will make his baby laugh so hard that they get the hiccups - which makes them laugh harder, because now Daddy is laughing. I can see Loki having you join in his illusion tricks by “stealing his nose” or “pull Daddy’s cheeks like putty!”
  • I can also see your guys’ baby laughing every time they catch you two kissing, so Loki will hum the Jaws Theme, baby in his arms, as he makes his way to you and corners you for kisses. All while your baby laughs being between you two.
  • Very affectionate. All about kissing their heads, cheeks, hands and their big belly whenever he gets his hands on them or is passed to him. Loki would never refuse his child any sort of affection, no matter the age. Even if they’re older, Loki ensures that his child/children are hugged in greeting, kissed on the forehead during their hardest times and being told that they are loved and they matter.
  • Listen, I don’t know about you, but if your child ever came out with their sexuality/gender identity, Loki is going to get ON. TOP. OF. THAT. SUPPORT. Loki would honestly be the best at encouraging his children to embrace who they are, that they’re still his precious child that he loves with his whole heart and wouldn’t change anything, so long as they can love themselves. Being the type who changes his own gender and is open about his sexuality, I can see Loki teaching his child some magic to change their appearance, or go out shopping for clothes that they want and try them on, too. “I don’t think I could ever make this work - but you, my sweet child, would kick anyone’s ass in these jeans.”
  • The amount of times you would have to stop Loki from going after other children/parents/people with a knife whenever someone bullies your child. Not because you don’t want him to hurt anyone, but because he would otherwise be chained up by SHIELD and never be seen again. No doubt your child would be picked on or taunted for being blood-related/adopted by a monster, and it breaks your hearts seeing them run into your arms because they can’t understand how people are so blind about you two. You’ve had your own share of being targeted for being married/partners to Loki, but you know how to handle it for yourself and your family to make the bullies regret ever uttering a word. Loki will make sure that your little angel is protected by you both and your support (Uncle Thor is definitely the first to come running when called).
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I know I’ve mentioned this once upon a time, but for my stories that have tag lists, please tell me if I forgot to add you in any future updates. I didn’t remove you for any reason, I promise, I (like mentioned above) just forgot to add you or I overlooked you when putting together the tag list.

So… yeah just let me know please.


Originally posted by sassy-beluga

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Fighting For Attention

Requested by: @kaosbabe

Pairing: Lucifer Morningstar x reader, Loki x reader

Genre: Fluff

Characters: Y/N, Lucifer Morningstar, Loki

Description: Lucifer and Loki both adore Y/N and end up competing with each other to win her affection.


You shook your head in disappointment as you watched the two fully grown men bicker in front of you. For days, both of them have been in competition with each other to try and win you over, but so far nothing has worked.

“Seriously guys, this needs to stop.” You looked at both of them, your arms folded across your chest. They both turned around to look at you, the most apologetic expressions on their faces.

“Sorry, Y/N” They gave each other the most dirtiest look as they both said this in unison. You rolled your eyes and walked away, leaving the two idiots to fight amongst themselves.

“You know, Loki, I will get her. Any woman I’ve ever met has been unable to resist my charm.” Lucifer leaned back cooly against the counter, a large smirk growing on his face.

“In your dreams, Lucifer. Why would she want a pompous prick like you when she could have an Asgardian prince?” Lucifer shot Loki a very dirty look which quickly changed to a slight smirk as an idea crossed his mind.

“Alright, Loki. Let’s make this a competition. We’ll pull out all the stops to try and woo our precious Y/N. May the best man, or devil, win.”


You were sat in the living room, eyes glued to the pages of your book when a delicious scent wafted in from the kitchen. Your curiosity peaked and you made your way to the kitchen to find Lucifer stood by the cooker, wearing a ‘kiss the devil’ apron and making your favourite meal.

“What are you doing?” You leaned against the doorway, eyebrows raised at the handsome devil standing before you.

“Why, I’m cooking you dinner. I thought you deserved it because you’re always working so hard.” You felt happiness bubbling up inside you at the lovely words and walked over to Lucifer, pecking him on the cheek.

“Thanks, Luci. You’re the best.” You walked away to wash your hands as Lucifer was finishing the dinner. A gleeful laugh sounded from his mouth. “Top that, reindeer games.”


After sitting down to have a lovely dinner with Lucifer, you went upstairs to have a nice bath and get ready for bed. You walked into your room and noticed a small envelope placed on your pillow. Again, your curiosity peaked as you walked over to open it. Your eyes widened when you realised it was from Loki.

In the envelope, there was a small, handwritten note telling you how amazing you were and how you deserved to be treated like a queen. Adoration filled your heart as you noticed a vase of flowers on your bedside table. You smiled as you leaned over and smelt the flowery scent, a mixture of rose and lavender filling your nose.

You walked into the bathroom and ran a bath, ready to relax and wash away the stresses of your day.

After a few minutes, you began to think over the actions of the two men. They were acting a little out of character. None of them were lovey-dovey types so you began to try and figure out the reasons behind their actions. Your eyes widened a little as the reason dawned on you: they were both trying to fight for your affection.


Both Lucifer and Loki were standing side by side as you walked down the stairs, their arms behind their backs.

A quizzical look crossed your face. “Why are you guys acting so weird today?” You walked past them and took a seat on the sofa, keeping eye contact with both of them.

Lucifer walked towards you and sat down, revealing a box of chocolates from behind his back. Loki copied his actions and revealed a bunch of flowers from behind his back. They both waited patiently for your reaction.

You looked between the both of them and burst out into a fit of giggles. Lucifer and Loki shared confused looks as your giggles began to get louder and louder.

“What’s so funny?” You looked at Loki and patted him on the back, doing the same with Lucifer.

“Guys, guys, guys. If you’re trying to win me over, you’re going to need to try harder than cooking me dinner and leaving little love notes on my pillow. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to head to bed. Alone.”

You walked out of the room and up to bed, leaving Lucifer and Loki staring after you, their mouths hanging open.

Tags: @stellastyless

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I saw this tweet from @bebx


and I thought of writing something. So with their permission, here it is. ^ω^

Summary: You discovered your boyfriend, Loki, has not experienced his own birthday party growing up.


“Steve? Where’s everybody?” Bucky asked when they walked the dark corridors of the Avengers compound. It was eerily silent, an unusual occurrence for a dynamic compound like this. Goosebumps start to appear on his skin.

Steve felt Bucky’s hesitation and placed his arm over his shoulder. “Don’t worry about it, Buck. Maybe they’re all asleep?”

Bucky shoved his arm from him. “Steeeeve, it’s still 7:30 and everyone’s asleep?!” He stopped in his tracks, taking a defensive stance. “Is there something wrong?” He dropped his voice.

Steve chuckled and approached him. “Relax, Buck.” His large hands rested on Bucky’s shoulders. “Things are perfectly fine.”

Bucky eyed him suspiciously. “I’m going to trust you on this, Punk. But if anything goes wrong, I’ll surely kick your ass.”

“You’re welcome to do so.” Steve then led him to the living room and when he pushed the double wooden doors -

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUCKY!” Everyone inside the room exclaimed.

(Continue reading here)

The Cornucopia tag list (let me know if you want to be tagged toall of my fics!): @delightfulheartdream

Tasha’s Loki & Tom Hiddleston story masterlist

feel free to reblog my works! ^_^

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Ugly When I Cry (Loki x Reader)


Author’s note: I am currently revamping my entire blog, which means I will be reuploading all my stories with the correct tags and a more organised format as well as with story boards! These are all previously written stories. I will let you know when there is a new update for a new story/chapter.

Summary:  Loki has never seen you cry, and he realises that it’s because you are afraid of what he might think of you if he did.

Warnings:  Mother daughter issues, which inevitably means there is angst.

The Permanent Party: @sllooney@brekkingthebedwithbuckybarnes@arch-venus25@hopelessromanticspoonie@lotus-eyedindiangoddess@dangertoozmanykids101@villainousshakespeare@otakumultimuse-hiddleswhore @is-it-madness@caffiend-queen@listen-brother@myraiswack@green-valkyrie@just-the-hiddles@lovesmesomehiddles@sallymagnoliaposts@ciaodarknessmyheart @sherala007@nonsensicalobsessions

Loki Love:  @lots-of-loki


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The Adventures of Loki and Peter: Peter the matchmaker


A/N: @youthandredlips​ I had so much fun while writing this story! I love to include Peter in my stories. If you’d like to request a story you can use my prompt list!


 6. “You’re in love with them!”  “What do you know about love? You’re 12!” “Actually, I’m 15.”  “Still a child!”

7. “But you guys would look so cute together!”

Pairing: Loki x resder (gender neutral)

Other characters: Peter Parker

Word count: 2485

Warnings: idiots in love

Summary: Peter had enough of you and Loki pretending there’s nothing more than friendship between the two of you so he decided to take the matters in his own hands

Main masterlist    Adventures of Loki and Peter 

Tag list:   @twhiddlestonsstuff   @dreamingyouth   (if you’d like to be tagged let me know in the comments or sent me an ask)


Originally posted by tomhiddlestonismyreligion

Loki was sitting on one of the armchairs in the living room peacefully reading. Peter was next to you on the couch silently doing his homework. You also tried to read and by tried you mean looking at the god of mischief every 5 seconds and turning the pages of your book once in a while. You would never admit it to anyone but you have been crushing on the trickster for some time now. Your friendship with him quickly blossomed into something more but you were convinced those feelings were one sided. What you didn’t know was that Loki was also pretending to be so engrossed in the story while looking in your direction from time to time. Peter of course noticed this and he must admit, Loki was way better at this than you. He wanted to make a comment about it but decided to do something else. You were so caught up in your mind you didn’t feel when Peter poked your arm to get your attention.

“Yes, Peter?” you turned to the boy and closed the book you were “reading” 

“I’m really hungry. Could you help me make that spaghetti I really like?” the young avenger looked at you with the biggest  puppy eyes you have ever seen “Please?” now you couldn’t say no to him, could you.

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Loki, Y/n, Tony Stark, Peter Parker: Forbid
Y/n: So I have some news to share. Loki and I are dating!
Loki: *smirks while holding your hand*
Peter: Oh heck!? CONGRATS!
Tony: *gets up from his seat in shock* NOT UNDER MY ROOF. I FORBID IT!
Y/n: You can't forbid it, you're not my dad, also I have no parents so HA!
Tony: That's true...Y/n, I've decided to adopt you now as my child.
Y/n: *tears up* W-wait really?
Peter: What?!
Loki: *raises a brow at this news*
Tony: Yes. And now as your father, I FORBID YOU TO DATE LOKI!
Peter: *trying to process everything going on right now*
Loki: Wait...So if I were to marry Y/n now, that would make us in-laws then. Correct, Stark?
Tony: Yes?...I guess it would but--
Loki: *goes down on one knee in front of you, pulling out a ring* Y/n, will you do me the honor of marrying me?
Peter: OH SHIT!
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I give you the first six sentences of my upcoming Loki x Reader Chanukah fic!

‘Twas a fortnight before Christmas in the Avenger’s compound when in the kitchen, a small group of heroes gathered 'round… 

On the far side of the room Bucky, Wanda, Steve, and Darcy sat around a table littered with chocolate coins and wine glasses filled to the brim with Manischewitz wine. You listened with one ear to the protests as Bucky took yet another portion of the coins from the pile at the center of the table.

“This dreidel has to be rigged,” Wanda said, sipping from her glass. “No one is this good without cheating.”

“Bucky is; always has been, ever since we were kids,” Steve spun the dreidel. It wobbled without ever managing to make it to a proper spin, and then landed on ש.

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hi everyone, i’m afton!

i decided to open up my writing blog again since i’ve noticed a lack of male!reader and gn!reader content, so i wanted to contribute to the tags!

i primarily write for gender neutral and male readers. i also keep dysphoria in mind and never use language that could trigger someone in that way.

i write for a lot of characters, so just send me a request and i promise i’ll do my best. fluff, smut, platonic, anything!

i reblogged a list of prompts under this post, if you want to choose anything from there!

cheers! <3

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There was shuffling outside the double doors, making both sisters look in their direction. 

“I thought the meeting was supposed to last another hour.”  

“It is.” 

YlN stood up, heading towards the door before stopping in her tracks as it finally opened. Her stomach dropped as she came face to face with the man from the picture she was given in the briefing folder. His face was stern, brows creased and eyes becoming darker. 

“Marquess Santiago”


Coming November 27th

Are you ready?

Taglist is OPEN

@ladyblablabla​ ​, @tvdplusriverdale ​, @pipolaki​ ​, @myraiswack​ ​, @shockwavee​ ​, @harringtonb-blog​ ​, @cynic-spirit​ ​, @little-moonbeam-666​ ​, @ochizokulevy​ ​​, @swifitiedaylight​​, @blue-honey-bee-from-france​ ​ @scorpionchild81​ ​,  @imnotrevealingmyname​ ​ @whathefuckrichard69​ ​ @frostedgiant​ ​ @falling4uke​ ​​ @accio-boys​ ​ @ashcrimson-is-writing@just-trying-to-survive-marvel​  @lokihiddles​ @hunterofartemisblog​​  @sea040561​   @strangersstranger

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Hi everyone,

A couple months late, but I feel like I’m finally getting my inspiration and joy of writing back! So while I’m continuing the imagines to get back to writing (which all will be out this) and try to get out some very very old requests (really sorry about that guys!)

So while I keep doing that, I want to do christmas fics again :)  So just like two years ago I have a list with songs and some empty spaces for you own song choices. Send me a number and a character I write for and I will start writing them from december the 1st until the 26th. 

1.       Like it’s christmas – Jonas brothers
2.       Do they know it’s christmas – Band aid
3.       Rocking around the Christmas tree – Brenda Lee
4.       One More Sleep – Leona Lewis
5.       Last Christmas- Wham
6.       Bring the Snow – Sam palladio
7.       Snow – Leslie Odom jr.
8.       Christmas in New York – Lea Michelle
9.       Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt
10.     It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Andy Williams
11.      Santa claus is coming to town –Jackson 5
12.     Joy to the world – Mariah Carey
13.     Shake up Christmas - Train


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Dating Loki Headcanons


ayo i like reading these so i wanted to try writing some, feel free to send in requests. here are some hcs i have about dating loki.

  • he’s absolutely the most extravagant boyfriend ever, he will make up ‘asgardian’ holidays just as an excuse to spoil you rotten
  • he’s also very affectionate in more subtle ways. he’ll remember if you mention in passing that you like a certain food, and he’ll make sure to make you that food
  • speaking of making food, when i tell you that this man is worthy of his own damn michelin star-
  • he puts gordon ramsay to s h a m e
  • seriously, you’re never going hungry again
  • loki is also very touchstarved and so he melts under even the slightest bit of physical affection
  • the first time you kissed him, he cried
  • when you two cuddle, he’s on cloud nine
  • loki is also, naturally, a very good liar and will absolutely cover for you in any scenario
  • tony asks if you’ve been with him last night, even though loki knows full well that you were actually scribbling all over the Iron Man suite in dry erase marker? “yes, why do you ask?”
  • honestly would have probably joined you tbh-
  • he also loves pet names
  • not just calling you pet names, but also getting called pet names
  • you could call him anything and he’d be like “:)))) they said i’m their precious little kebab skewer :)))) <3”
  • is also extremely protective of you though
  • will absolutely fuckin destroy anyone that ever compromises your safety or happiness
  • and then he’ll trot right back over to you wanting more attention <3
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WELCOME I have finally made a masterlist for anyone who wants to read my works. 

A/N: I mostly write Tom Hiddleston / Loki at the moment, but that will change. I like too many fandoms to not make other characters.

Last Updated: 11/22/20

Requests = Open


Tom Hiddleston

Meeting the Friend (Fluffy tom x author!reader meeting Chris Hemsworth)

Sensitive (My first smut, Dom!Tom) 

Bomb Pop® (Smut. Pure smut.)

Acceptance (Fluff, with a hot kiss) 

Action (Semi Public smut) 


Make a Move (Jealous Loki fluff, with a bit of steam at the end) 

I Promise (Platonic Uncle Loki Fluff with angst) (TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of abuse, I tried not to be too specific but it’s there) 

Warned (More jealous Loki, but soft!Loki)


A/N: Please let me know if any link on this doesn’t work. Have a great day / night

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Just One Kiss (pt 5)


A/N: eyyyyy i did it, i wrote another chapter :]]] im sorry yall the bar is at the floor but my depression is really been saying no <3 recently. im trying my best.


You follow Loki out of the cafeteria and into a side room, half expecting your death. Honestly, that was probably just you being overdramatic but still, you were very nervous. Maybe not because you feared for your life, but rather because you were alone with the man you had fantasized about kissing many times.

Loki leads you into some empty side room, and then turns to face you.

“Here’s the thing.” He said matter-of-factly, and you immediately feel like you’re about to be interrogated. But you see something in his gaze, something that just slightly hints that he is just as nervous about this as you are, and that makes you feel a little more comfortable. Loki continues. “Ever since that moment, a few days ago, when you spilled coffee all over me, I-I haven’t been able to get you out of my head.”

You blinked at him, staring. “…what?” You mumble, entirely just not comprehending what was going on. Loki sighed, glancing down at his hands.

“It’s alright if you do not feel the same. I just…wanted to get it out. I never thought that I would end up so enamoured by a mere mortal woman, but… I’ve seen you from afar, whenever I happen to pass by. You’re truly one of a kind.”

You almost couldn’t believe your own ears. Was this real? Was Loki confessing to you? You, of all the billions of people on this planet, and even more off of it?

“…oh.” You whisper, eyes wide. This had never happened to you before. You didn’t know what to do, how to process it, just rooted to the spot. Loki seems to take this the worst way because his shoulders slump and he nods.

“Alright.” He clears his throat. “I’ll be going, then.”

He heads for the door silently. You watch him leave, mouth agape. You want to stop him but the shy, anxious, inexperienced side of you keeps you still with shock and silences you, and you feel a wave of regret hit you when the door closes behind him.




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