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#loki x reader
starks-hero · 21 hours ago
Sweet Little Thing
Pairing: Jötun!Loki x Reader
Summary: A relationship between a frost giant and a human is one not many thought could be maintained. But you and Loki make it work.
Word Count: 1,184
Warnings: alcohol consumption, fluff
a/n: just something small to celebrate finally getting jötun Loki!
Tumblr media
*incredible gif credit to @astreamidnightgifspam *
You began to lose count of how much you'd drank sometime after your fourth glass. But that was to be expected when you were partying with a group of god's whose stamina and ability to drink and go without sleep clearly outmatched your own.
You weren't entirely sure what it was you were drinking, though you'd presumed it was some form of Asgardian ale. Either way, you were definitely feeling its effects. First, it settled as a warmth in your stomach, then it filled you with butterflies and sent a buzz to each of your fingertips. You couldn't help the laughter that bubbled up in your chest at the simplest of jokes and a smile remained painted across your lips for the entirety of the night.
But as the party progressed late into the night, you began to grow drowsy, your human stamina no longer capable of keeping up with the effects of alcohol designed for the gods. You blinked slowly and leaned into Loki, who sat to your left. As you rested your head against his thigh, Loki glanced down at you with a tender grin.
“Full already are we, my dear?”
You shook your head feebly against Loki's leg. “Just tired, that's all.”
Loki, who'd made a point to sit with his legs folded if only to lessen the striking height difference between you, suddenly straightened up.
A cool, cobalt hand encircled your waist and ever so carefully plucked you from your place at the table. From the moment your feet left the ground, Loki held you effortlessly in his hand, his fingers cradled around you as if you were the most precious thing in all the nine realms. Had you not been so worn out you would have marvelled at his strength and the sheer contrast in size between his hand and your own. The weightlessness you felt lasted only moments as Loki placed you in his lap. He unfurled his fingers ever so slightly but didn't remove his hand from around your body. You sighed and relaxed as your back met the cool skin of Loki's stomach. Loki's breathy sigh of fond amusement washed over you in the form of a gust of cold air.
He trailed two fingers down your back with immeasurable care and precision. The feeling was heavenly and you involuntarily shuddered as he continued to carefully trace your spine. Loki smirked at the sight.
You both eventually zoned back into the conversation unfolding at the table. Each time Loki spoke you felt his voice surround you entirely. Each of his chuckles vibrated through your chest and uprooted you from your position in his lap. And when the conversation would occasionally dip, the table quietened and Loki fell silent, each of his steady breaths gently nudged you forward before pulling you back to him with each exhale. The comforting sensation, along with the careful fingers still tracing up and down your back, was beginning to lull you to sleep.
You battled to keep your eyes open, to laugh, or at least grin, when the rest of the table did so in response to a joke or comment. If only to prove that you were capable of out drinking otherworldly beings. But your mind was tired and sleep was fast approaching, you could only ward it off for so long.
Upon sparing a glance down towards where he was still holding you snuggly in his hand, Loki noticed your struggle and promptly melted at the sight.
“Oh, my Sweet. Perhaps it's time we take our leave.”
“No,” you managed, making a futile attempt to push against Loki's fingers that had already begun to circle back around you. “I'm fine. I'll– I'll be fine. I just need a minute.”
You knew how much Loki enjoyed a good party as well as spending time with Thor. You didn't want him to call it an unnecessarily early night because you couldn't keep up.
Loki huffed an amused sigh as he watched you struggle to hide a yawn that he found nothing short of adorable.
His fingers began probing into your side softly, carefully trailing across your stomach and looping under your legs. When you didn't complain or show any sign of discomfort, Loki secured his hold on you and raised you into the air until you were level with his shoulder. You were a solid seven feet off the ground, and that was with Loki still seated. Sometimes his enormity truly made you feel dizzy.
Loki used your new position to his advantage as he turned his head and pressed his lips to your side in a single kiss that spanned from your neck all the way down past your shoulder.
“So small,” Loki mused, his quiet laughter sending waves of cool air over your chest. “And delicate, beautiful.”
“Stop it,” you warned playfully, your hand falling against the bridge of Loki's nose. Heat was rising in your cheeks and spreading from your ears down to your neck. Loki took notice and smiled slyly.
“I'm sorry, my love.” He spoke slowly and purposefully. It wasn't helped by the fact that his lips brushed your side with each word. “But you are simply ravishing. And I intend to make it known that my sweet little Midgardian is by far the fairest in the realm.”
His words turned you to near putty in his hand and you gave in, allowing Loki to cradle and dote over you as if you were the most delightful thing he'd ever encountered. As the party raged on, Loki withdrew from the crowd and devoted his attention solely to you.
Now that you were no longer struggling to stay awake for the sake of the group, sleep had quickly taken you as you relaxed in Loki's arms. The moment your head lulled against his chest, Loki smiled softly and ever so carefully rose to his feet. He cradled you close and took care not to jostle you awake. It was time to call it a night.
As Loki began to retreat from the crowd he happened to coincidentally stumble into the crowned prince of Asgard.
“Loki!” Thor greeted boisterously. “You're not leaving, are you? Fandrals dared me to go over what the mortals call ‘Niagara Falls’ in a barrel! You have to come and– what?” Thor raised his brows when he noticed the giant in front of him has risen his finger to his lips with a disapproving look.
Tilting his head upwards, Thor smirked when he noticed you curled up in Loki's arms. But his smile was gone just as quickly as it had appeared when Loki moved past him and continued on his way.
“Wait, you're not coming?” Thor asked incredulously. Loki shot him a warning look over his shoulder and the elder prince immediately lowered his voice with an apologetic and sheepish grin.
“Sorry brother, not tonight. I've got my priorities in order.” Loki said simply. He glanced down at you with a warm smile. “Besides, what kind of lover would I be if I left my sweet all alone?”
Tumblr media
tag list: @nahthanks @leftperfectionmoon @the-queer-dungeoneer @doozywoozy @dpaccione @underworldheiress
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dyns33 · 2 days ago
Y/N : "So... Is Loki coming to your party tonight ?" 
Thor : "Oh. No. I told him not to." 
Y/N : "Why ?" 
Thor : "Because you are here, and I want you to have fun little friend, and since the big guy is scaring you, I asked him to not come." 
Y/N : "... Scaring me ?" 
Thor : "Yup ! Everything he's around, you are weird, you can't talk, you hide, you are shaking, staring at him or avoiding his gaze. You run away when he’s messing with you. I know you asked a lot of questions about him. I promise you Loki is a nice man, but I understand why you are afraid by him." 
Y/N : "... Please tell me you didn't tell him that." 
Thor : "He was not mad. He knows little people like you are easily startled." 
Y/N : "... He thinks I don't like him ?! That I judged him on his appearance ?! He'll never love me now !"
Thor : "... What ? Love ? Wha... Oh. Oh damn. It was not fear, okay. I’ll tell him, come back ! He’ll find the misunderstand funny !"
Y/N : “Leave me alone ! And don’t tell him !” 
Thor : “Too late, I sent him a text ! He’s glad you are crushing on him, says it’s cute ! He likes your little body too ! He’s coming tonight to prove it !” 
Y/N : "No ! Thor, you are the worst ! ”
Tumblr media
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zemosimp05 · 2 days ago
Lmao I still cant believe Jotün Loki really said we can double date. Can you fucking believe him meeting y/n 😂
OMG😭😂 I mean Thor is looking so freaking tiny comparing to him and just think about Y/N with more or less avarage human height. 😂 Loki could break y/n with just a snap of his fingers.😂😭.
🙂 I know I'm thirsting over Jotün Loki but in reality it's beyond terrifying. 💀
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thewritingdoll · a day ago
babes that prompt just is 🔥🔥 i wanna request if that’s okay. With Loki maybe?
"Don't go on that date." "Why?" "You know why." "Say it."
That’s just seems like my shit right there, and can you imagine the mutual pining of this??
okay it’s not marvel day and i was planning on saving every prompt until sunday and monday BUT i really wanted to get this out to you baby since i know you’ve been having a rough time :( and i’m also sorry it’s like all angst and i’m not very good at writing angsty things KFKDMDM anyways i love you 💗💗
𝓎𝑜𝓊𝓇 𝓉𝑒𝒶𝓇𝓈 𝒹𝑜𝓃’𝓉 𝒽𝒾𝒹𝑒 𝒾𝓃 𝓇𝒶𝒾𝓃 | ꪶ.ꪶ.
fandom marvel
featuring loki x reader (f)
rating sfw
content warning loads of angst, coincidental cinematic rain sequence, loki’s a big dumb, i’m bad at writing angst :)
summary he has to choose between admitting his weakness or losing you forever.
word count 1.2k / mini musing
attention not proofread. don’t repost/copy/translate. reblog & give feedback please 💗
Tumblr media
it had begun to rain. the sprinkle speckling the apples of your cheeks like faux tears. you would’ve narrowly avoided the poor weather had he not shown up, had you not lingered on the sidewalk instead of getting in the taxi cab waiting for you.
“What are you doing here?” you ask as if you don’t already know.
“I’m looking out for your well-being.”
liar. the word tastes bitter on your tongue, but you can’t seem to force it into atmosphere around the two of you. he was a liar. you knew it and he knew it, but you couldn’t tell him; you figured you needn’t say it out loud, anyways. the look in his crystalline hues gave it away, he already felt guilty. “Yeah?” you ask, your voice shaky at best, “Well, believe it or not, I’m a big girl. I got along just fine before some space god started meddling in my life, and I’ll be fine after you stop. If you would ever stop.”
“Would you want me to stop?” Loki’s expression twists into one ripe with the feeling of being betrayed— perhaps, he never thought you’d wish him gone from your life forever. “Stop… coming here, stop trying to protect you—“
you scoff incredulous, effectively halting his question in its tracks, and hold on to the open taxi door. “It’s almost funny,” you’re forced to talk louder than the rain as the sky rips in half and you’re soaked by the downpour, “how you only want to protect me from things that could potentially make me happy. Things that could distract me from missing you so goddamn much. You say this is looking out for me, but you’re really looking out for yourself.” sinking your teeth into the lower portion of your couplet, you avert your gaze from him, and instead stare at the streets as the heavy rain washes them clean. “You can’t be half in my life, Loki. Either you’re all the way in or you’re all the way out. And if you’re out…” you realized your words were harder and harder to form, like your heart had seized them from your throat to keep you from hurting him, from giving him an ultimatum that could potentially mean that you never see him again. you clear your throat and inhale deeply, your eyes flickering back to his grimacing countenance. his lids flutter against the pitter patter of rain on his face, but otherwise he seems unbothered by the elements, whereas your shivering makes it hard to keep still on the pavement. “If you’re out, then you’re out for good. Which is it?”
by the time he took, you weren’t sure if the Asgardian Prince would even answer you. his lips tightly sealed and his brow furrowed, he stands before you the shell of the stories you’d heard. bloodthirsty killer, menace to the free world, evil, these titles were all bullshit. right now? right now, with his raven tendrils dripping rain and his gaze unable to find yours and lock on, Loki Laufeyson was a scared, little boy. terrified to lose you, but unable to find the words to keep you. or, perhaps he knew what those words were— after all, it was a simple three— but he hadn’t the courage to use them.
the taxi driver has turned in his seat, and calls out to you. “Miss?”
“I—I’m coming, sorry.” flashing him an awkward, and apologetic smile before turning back to Loki, somewhat desperate as you shift on your heels. “I can’t wait forever. You have to make a decision, Loki.”
your heart wrenches in your chest, so violently wanting him to just say those words that it hurts to breathe. it hurts to stand there, in the storm, and allow yourself to wish he would just speak. and the sky weeps for the two of you, torn open with thunder rolling in the distance like a solemn lament for what could’ve been.
still, he says nothing. his eyes fixate of the concrete below you, lips moving as if he searches his mind for the right thing to say, but no sound comes out. utterly and hopelessly given the answer you dreaded by his silence, you take a moment to drop your own head and nod. “I… thought so.” you mutter, barely audible over the rain, but he hears it. “Goodbye, Loki.” you gently push the door open again and turn on your heels to slide into the seat.
his hand catches your wrist before you can, and he steps closer, uttering your name in desperation, “Please.” he murmurs, “Don’t go on that date.”
you should’ve just shrugged him off and slid into the seat, slammed the door in his face, and watch him disappear as the cab speeds away, but you don’t. you steady yourself once again, and angle your body so you can look up into his eyes. they tell you what he can’t seem to find, but it’s not enough. “Why?”
“You know why.”
“I need to hear you say it.” all you needed was for him to say those three, easy words, be honest with you and with himself for once in his life, and you would wrap him in an embrace so tight that nothing could separate the two of you. he just had to say it.
and he doesn’t.
and it breaks your heart more painfully than the night he disappeared. you feel dizzy and nauseous and you want to scream in his face and you can’t stop the tears that ambush the corners of your eyes from cascading over your cheeks and mixing with the rain that’s freezing against your skin. you want to tell him that you hate him, but you knew it wouldn’t be true, so you exhale, breath quivering, and turn to look into the cab. the driver seems impatient.
“C’mon, Miss.” he urges.
“A moment, please.” It’s Loki who speaks, holding out a hand to the cabbie with his other still grasping your wrist. he turns his attention on you, shaking his head. “What if I can’t?”
you sigh, and wrap your hand around his, caressing the willowy digits and the stiff knuckles with gentle strokes of the pad of your thumb as you pry his vice from your wrist, “Then, you’re not only selfish,” you whisper, hardly audible amidst the downpour, letting his hand slip through your fingers, “but you’re a coward, too.”
you stare up at him, taking mental notes of the visage that you’re certain you will never see again. you’d remember the countenance, the hurt and the fear in his eyes, the desperation in his grip, and the inability to love you the way you loved him: unapologetic and fearless.
you turn away from him to get into the car, and this time, he doesn’t stop you. you slide into the seat and slam the door behind you, one hand fleeing to cover your mouth as a strangled sob finds its way to the surface. you don’t dare look through the back window, lest you allow the weakness in your heart to bring you back to him, only to be hurt again. “Go,” you mutter to the cabbie through sniffles and whimpers, “please, just drive.”
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Ok so, in case you wanted to know:
If Thor is 198cm/6'6
Tumblr media
The Giant!Loki is:
Tumblr media
Is almost 390cm/12'5 ladies and gentlemen!!
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immersed-in-mischief · 2 days ago
Dessert- Loki x Reader
Summary: Even grocery shopping is no longer boring when Loki is involved.
Warning: implied smut
Tumblr media
As you checked the next item off the shopping list, you looked up to find Loki standing in front of you with an arm full of items. You couldn’t help but laugh at him. He reminded you of a child who was given the chance to pick out “one” snack from the grocery store.
“It appears you left these items off the list, darling.”
You watched as one by one, he puts each item in the basket carefully while seeming to go through a mental shopping list of his own. Loki had of course picked out the cereal he enjoyed most when staying at your apartment, along with two packages of cookies, and an assortment of various other snacks and candy. In the few months that you two had been dating, he had started to explore new Midgardian foods and you quickly realized one thing…
Loki Laufeyson had a terrible sweet tooth.
It was obvious that Asgard’s version of sweets was various fruits. He was like the kid whose parents didn’t let him eat sugar, so he went overboard when at a friend’s house.
“What, no chips this time?”
You meant it as a joke but at the suggestion, he quickly began to go off on a search for them. Maybe you should have kept your mouth shut if you planned to get out of here without a basket full of junk food. Just before he reached the end of the aisle, you reminded him of the original item he was sent to retrieve in the first place.
“Remember, you were supposed to find something for dessert? I am picking out what to cook for dinner so that means you decide on dessert this time.”
He stopped and looked at you as if he was deep in thought before his expression shifted into a playful smirk. As you rolled your eyes, he quickly disappeared from your line of sight. Over the next few minutes, you had marked the last of the items off your list and waited for him at the front of the store. Just as you were about to go track him down, he resurfaced out of the frozen foods section and you got into a check out line. You began putting the items from the basket onto the belt until Loki returned to your side. You began unloading his next armful of items onto the belt before finishing the remainder of the basket. This time, he had returned with of course, multiple bags of chips that you both liked, along with a pint of each of your favorite flavored ice creams, and various toppings including a can of whipped cream and chocolate sauce.
“I guess you decided on ice cream sundaes for dessert then?”
“I suppose I could make one for you if that is what you prefer. However, I had other plans for my dessert.”
As he stepped closer to you, the look he gave you belonged behind closed doors and not in the middle of a busy supermarket. You tried to keep your composure as you internally willed the cashier to scan the items a little faster before he made a scene. He was the God of Mischief after all.
Loki’s arm slowly wrapped around your waist as he leaned down next to your ear. His voice was now low and sultry.
“I had planned on using the toppings to make you my sundae, pet. On second thought the coldness of the ice cream might be rather enjoyable…”
A crimson shade began to spread across your skin as you paid out your balance before grabbing the remaining few bags that Loki couldn’t carry. Just as the two of you made your exit through the sliding doors and into the parking lot, you turned to see him watching you intently.
“You might want to add new bedsheets to that list of yours. I’m afraid they might be ruined by the time I am finished enjoying my dessert.”
Loki chuckled as you nearly dropped the bags you had been carrying. Who knew grocery shopping with him could be so seductive?
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Fighting Fair
~10,400 words of Loki… fluff? This one is a bit more intense, warnings below. Sneaky and protective Loki, and a bit of ruthless ler!Loki, a bit steamy too 👀 
Rating: PG13 
CW: Killing/death, mention of torture and drugging, injuries, sexual tension, swearing
Tumblr media
“Please, Loki,” Thor urged his brother. “She will surely die if not rescued. We must go now.” 
Loki’s chest surged with an unusual anxiety the second Thor spoke your name. The Trickster God didn’t need convincing to come rescue you, he was simply unsure if this were an elaborate ruse to lure him out from the safety of the Avengers Compound, where he was successfully concealed from former allies he betrayed to his brother and Midgard’s vigilante crew.
It would have been an impressive feat, if an enemy had been able to perfectly mimic how Thor soars behind Mjolnir and lands with a mighty crack and a fist to the ground, right down to the singed grass in his radius. If they’d managed to replicate that, it would be very impressive indeed. Besides, how could they know who the one person was that Loki would leave the safety of this place for? There was something in Thor’s voice that told the younger Asgardian you were not being used as a pawn against him; you were in genuine and grave danger. 
It took mere seconds for Loki to know he’d rather risk his own life than risk yours being taken from you. So he held his hand out, unsure if he was about to be taken and tortured, and allowed Thor to lock their forearms together. Loki calmed instantly when he recognised his brother’s touch, then steeled himself and nodded. 
With a majestic swing of his hammer, Thor pulled them through the stormy skies all the way to Moscow. As they rode through the thunder, Loki tried to humour himself with the thoughts of the Midgardians they had orbiting the planet in their space stations, and what they must be thinking as this storm cloud shot across continents. However, trying to distract himself from thoughts about you didn’t help, because it didn’t work.
After what felt like no time at all they touched down in Moscow outside a stone bunker concealed in the forest at a perfected vantage point to see a gravel road that wound through the trees. When Thor led Loki into the bunker, there was a chorus of relief when they saw their last hope had arrived. 
“Where is she?” Loki looked to the Captain, who’s eyes were trained on their surveillance footage showing a large stone fortress. Tiered, resolute, heavily guarded
“Inside. She was clocked and taken inside just over an hour ago. Their Commander, Ilya, he’s on his way to interrogate her.”
“We all know what that means,” Clint said solemnly, standing and unfurling his bow. “So intercept the Commander, Loki takes his form and goes in. That’s the plan?” 
Steve nodded as Bucky’s voice came over the comms. “He’s a couple hundred feet out. We need to move now or we’ll miss our chance.” 
With that, the Avengers moved out. 
Save for Banner, who now manned the communications and surveillance desk. Thor and Loki took their place at a vantage point atop a hill and watched it all unfold. As he watched their sheer elegance as a team, Loki suddenly retroactively felt a little less insecure about his defeat in New York all those years ago.
Romanoff, smooth as silk, descended on a grappling line from a tree and zipped between trunks to find her hidden place next to the road. Rogers and Barnes, with their military precision, signalled to each other and took their places to intercept the front of the vehicle. Headlights started glowing closer. Barton… well, he couldn’t see Barton. That was the point. Then, he saw the briefest glint of an arrowhead soar through the trees and catch the rear left tyre of the car. 
Then, they descended. 
The car swerved and slowed. The soldiers ran out in front. Rogers wedged his shield into a tire and Barnes, his arm, into the other, bringing it to an abrupt halt. Romanoff yanked open the driver’s door, dodging a point-blank bullet before firing her own. Barton was now in sight, opening the back door before firing an arrow inside.
“Come,” Thor beckoned with an outstretched arm, flying them down in time to see Barnes pull the driver’s body from his seat and throw him, with much more aggression than usual, deep into the brush. 
Barton dragged the nearly-dead Commander Ilya from the back and dropped him at Loki’s feet. The dark-haired demigod leaned in close and gripped the neck of the man who meant to torture and kill you, taking on his form as he squeezed the life from his throat. Loki became a perfect facsimile, right down to the faint scar above his left eyebrow and the chipped canine tooth. Loki took the credentials from the Commander’s lifeless body and stood. 
“Still gets me every time,” Barton breathed in amazement at Loki’s magic, sheathing his bow. 
Loki made his way to the drivers seat as Barnes lifted the car by the rear bumper, careful to not leave the impression of his metal-handed grip. They watched as Steve expertly and quickly replaced the tyre with his bare hands and hurled the puncture one deep into the trees. Bucky let the car back down gently. Steve locked eyes with Loki and nodded, “Go.” 
His knuckles turned white from tension as he drove towards the enemy compound, so much so that he hear a faint popping sound and looked at the steering wheel to see he’d squeezed it so hard he’s broke a few stitches on the leather. Muttering curses under his breath, he fixed it with the simplest magic and explicitly reminded himself he must not go in swinging. It was tempting, though, to kill every last person he saw between you and him.
Commander Ilya was feared, he learned, when a simple look at his face would turn even the most stoic guards into obedient and frantic little fetch-monkeys who scrambled to open gates, open doors and answer questions. 
“Where is she?” Loki sneered at one of them, spitting the venomous voice in the Russian language. 
“Come with me, sir,” A more confident guard nodded, and Loki followed. Inside, through a large foyer, down a flight of stairs, left, down a long hallway, down another flight of stairs. If not for his frost-giant blood, Loki might have needed another jacket considering how dank and cold this compound was becoming with each descent. The walls were stone, lit by lights he imagined Midgardians only would have used in apocalyptic bunkers, yet they seemed to lack no funds here, so this seemed to be an intentional choice. The ceilings of the hallways became lower the further down they went. Loki, even in this form that stood around six feet tall, probably could have reached up and laid a flat hand against them. 
“In here, sir,” the guard motioned to a metal door guarded by two hulking men. Men who didn’t wear the regular guard’s uniform. Loki nodded to his escort, who bowed slightly and went back to his post. 
“What has she said?” 
“Nothing,” one of the men grunted. “She has been hit around a bit,” he laughed humourlessly. 
“But we kept her in one piece,” the other man piped up. “We know you prefer to do most of the… dismantling… yourself.” The men laughed and Loki forced himself a curt chuckled. One of them unlatched the door and opened it. Before Loki stepped inside, the other one held up a thick piece of black plastic. 
“Let us know when you need the body bag.” 
Loki, in half a second, decided he would be killing this man in the most horrendous way he could imagine. Then, he entered and had the door closed behind him. 
There you were, towards the centre of the dimly-lit room. You were in a chair with your wrists and ankles bound so tightly to the arms and legs that the ropes had grazed your skin and your hands looked like they were losing colour. He noticed blood down the front of your tank-top, but not enough for him to fear you were already gone. Your jacket and over-shirt sat discarded on the ground, your shoes and socks removed to force your bare feet against the freezing stone floor. You were shivering, but trying to make it look like you weren’t.
“Ah,” your eyes looked up from where your head hung. “No wonder it started to smell like shit in here.” You laughed bitterly and Loki’s chest surged with pride at how your tenacity was still in tact. As he approached, still in form, he crouched down in front of you and took your chin in his hands. You immediately spat in his face and ripped your head away from his fingers. Loki flinched and wiped the mess from his cheek before giving you a firm glare. 
“That’s no way to treat your saviour.” 
The instant he dropped his illusion, he saw you drop your mask. “Loki,” you gasped quietly, lip beginning to tremble a bit. “Get me out of here,” you pulled on your wrists and began breathing a little shallower. 
“You’re okay,” he nodded and couldn’t stop himself from reaching out and cradling the side of your head in a comforting gesture. On any other day perhaps it would have struck you both as odd, considering you two weren’t exactly close. You’d captured Loki’s eye and attention over the past several months, but from afar. Something in him suspected that you could read him even from across the room when he wasn’t saying anything, but now was certainly not the time to express any kind of… anything. 
“Th-they injected me with something,” you whispered, nodding your head towards the surgical table. “A few minutes ago, I’m feeling dizzy and… woah.” Your head lolled to the side, Loki eyed the needle mark on your elbow as he cut your restraints with his conjured blade. “L-Loki, I… oh sshhhi…” Then, you stopped making sense and you became a lot more quiet. 
Loki grabbed the empty syringe and concealed it in his magical pocket before letting you lurch to the side and hang limply over your chair. 
“You two!” He called to the guards. “Bring the body bag.” 
They entered immediately with snide comments on how quick that was. They seemed to be surprised that you looked as whole as you did. By the time they made their way over to you, Loki had latched the door with a wave of his hand. By the time they realised you weren’t dead, the Prince of Asgard had slaughtered them where they stood. 
“Here,” Loki passed the syringe to Banner once he’d laid you on a medical table in the jet. “They injected her with this. A few minutes later, she…” He motioned to you as your head rolled from side to side and meaningless half-formed words fell from your mouth. 
“Probably some kind of truth serum,” Bruce commented as he squeezed the last drops onto a platelet for analysis by the jet’s medical spectrometer. The doctor looked back at you and sighed, “They gave her too much, whatever it is.”
“Can you fix it?” Loki asked quietly, with perhaps too much worry in his voice. 
Banner looked at the demigod and cowered a bit under his gaze. “I don’t know.” 
In less than two minutes, Banner had taken a blood sample, inserted an IV into your elbow and hooked up a saline bag on a metal pole that could be pulled up from the table. Loki didn’t leave your side, slipping his hand under your head to shield it from the hard surface of the examination table since your head kept moving about incoherently. 
Takeoff was signalled, so Natasha came over to strap you down. Loki grabbed her hand harshly and heads turned his way. Natasha’s eyebrows raised, but then she seemed to understand that Loki was furious she’d dare restrain you again so soon, given that Banner was in the process of dressing the wounds on your wrists from where the ropes dugs in. 
“It’s to keep her safe,” Natasha nodded kindly, not at all poking fun at Loki for daring to care for a human’s feelings. Thor and Steve exchanged a look in the cockpit, both furrowing their brows but giving each other knowing looks, that were less knowing and more intrigued. “She can take them off herself if she wakes up. See?” She showed him how to disengage the straps and Loki was satisfied, if not a bit sheepish that his little outburst had been seemingly noticed by all. 
Bruce had medicine to counteract the serum they’d given you, but he also gave you a sedative to keep you asleep for the duration of the flight. You didn’t wake up during takeoff, over the oceans, or when they landed at the compound. You didn’t stir when Bruce unhooked your IV and called for a stretcher, but cancelled the call when Loki picked you up and motioned to Bruce to show him where the hospital wing was. Because you were unconscious the whole time, you also didn’t see how, throughout the duration of the flight, Loki didn’t once leave your side. 
But the time you awoke, the sun was high in the sky and light streamed into the hospital room in the Compound. Your head pounded in a dull pain, your wrists and ankles stung and your throat felt a little tight and hoarse. 
“Hey, sleepyhead,” Natasha’s cool velvety voice made you look at the doorway where she was leaning. You had to squint from the sudden burst of light your eyes experienced, but you were relieved to know you could still hear and see just fine. 
“Hey,” you coughed out a weak laugh. “What the hell happened?” You lifted your hands to see your wrists wrapped in medical gauze and you sighed, biting your lip. “Oh. I got caught.” 
“It’s a miracle you didn’t get caught sooner,” Natasha said, trying to be reassuring. 
“I’m not supposed to get caught.”
“It’s happened to all of us,” Nat said firmly, yet in a gentle way that let you know you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it. But you were. You prided yourself on being evasive, sneaky, the perfect spy. This wasn’t supposed to happen to you. 
“H-how did I escape?” 
“Well, actually…” She entered and sat on the edge of your bed. “Loki went it. Pulled you out.” 
Your jaw went slack and your eyebrows shot up your forehead. “Loki? Loki, Loki?” You laughed a little humourlessly. “I thought it wasn’t safe for him to leave the Compound.”
“He did anyway. He really saved the day,” she nudged you gently and nodded solemnly. “Saved your life. Oh, excuse me.” She gave your leg a gentle squeeze as Bruce caught her eye walking by and she ran to discuss something with him. 
Loki? You thought as you leaned back against the hospital bed. Your senses were keen and your instincts good, so you always knew that Loki was a little more fascinated with you than he was with the others. Perhaps because you weren’t there when he attacked New York, perhaps because you’d never shown fear towards him. The conversations you had shared had been brief, but something in the way he wove his words together always left you wishing he’d stay and talk a little longer. He’d always leave when someone else approached. 
A nurse entered and said she wanted to check the bruising on your ribs, so you sat up in bed and faced the window to the outside, back to the window looking into your room. 
When Loki stole a few moments to walk by to see if you were awake, he was relieved to see you sitting up with a nurse checking the bruising on your side. He leaned himself in the doorway quietly as she lifted your shirt slightly and pressed her fingers around the darkening area. You flinched away and she apologised for the pain. Loki smirked at your response.
“You didn’t hurt me,” you assured her. “I’m just a bit ticklish.” 
He filed away that little note for perhaps a later date, and stood wordlessly as she continued her exam and let you know that your ribs were just bruised and not broken. You made some kind of dark joke and told her it was okay to laugh. Then, she checked your vitals, you were okay. Then, she left. 
“I don’t remember much,” You said to him, still with your back turned. You stood with some winces of pain but he did not move from his post, knowing you’d get annoyed if he offered his assistance. “But Nat told me you pulled me out.” You turned and gave him a sincere smile. “Thank you, Loki.” 
He smiled curtly and tilted his head to the side. “All in a day’s work.” 
“I feel so stupid for getting caught,” you admitted to him with a huff. “I don’t even remember how it happened. But… you can make me remember, right? With magic.” 
Loki’s face hardened and he gave a small shake of his head. “I will do no such thing.” 
“Why not?” 
“It’s best you take your lack of memory as a kind gesture from the gods, Agent. Given the state I found you in.” 
“But,” You winced in frustration and plead with him. “How am I supposed to avoid it happening again if I don’t know how I got caught?” 
“I suggest you discuss the matter with Sergeant Barnes. From what I hear, it was his fault.” 
“Oh, good.” You breathed a sigh of relief and Loki’s brow furrowed. You weren’t angry with Bucky, you weren’t mad that his minor slip-up nearly cost you your life, you were merely relieved you hadn’t made a mistake. He knew, then, you saw failure as a fate worse than death. 
How he wished he could cure you of that.
Almost two weeks later you’d finally convinced the medical team to clear you for training beyond walking around outside the compound. Granted, the walks you were taking were several hours because it was the only time people would leave you alone to your thoughts, but the urge to move your body and push yourself harder was eating away at you. 
You’d moved back into your room the week prior, finally feeling more settled and like things were getting back to normal. If only people would stop asking how you were.
You didn’t like that people walked on eggshells around you, especially now that you’d had your first major show of vulnerability. People always treated you as if you were so guarded, and now it felt like they thought it was all a front. That you were just a weak person acting tough. Thing the was, you weren’t guarded; you were simply in unfamiliar territory being a part of a team. 
Over the several months it had been since you joined the Avengers, you’d tried on many occasions to be light and cheery, like Wanda or Sam, but it always felt forced. You weren’t unhappy, you loved playfully bickering and bantering, like Tony and Nat, but it felt hard to do when you still felt like an outsider. The others would wrestle each other in the living room, laugh and joke and poke fun, but not with you. You knew it wasn’t personal, that they just didn’t know if you were okay with that kind of thing yet, but you didn’t know how to tell them you were. 
Walking down into the living room, you resolved to take steps to begin putting yourself out there a bit more that evening. To try to not be so stiff and uncomfortable. To your delight, most people were hanging around with a glass of something in hand. 
“There she is!” Natasha smiled from her armchair, a glass of red perfectly held in her left hand. You smiled in return and took a seat on the couch next to Bucky. “How you feelin’?” 
“Much better,” You beamed, “I can get back into training tomorrow.”
There was a chorus of congratulations as the conversation resumed in the room. You looked over to Bucky and saw him let out a quiet sigh as he eyed the nearly-healed marks on your wrists from where the ropes had dug in. It had sort of been his fault. He was supposed to watch your six but got distracted by, to be fair, a decoy landmine, but didn’t clock the person who was sneaking up behind you with an AK-47. By the time he’d seen him, the barrel was against the base of your neck and your hands were in the air, and two more guards were on you.
“Bucky, I’m fine,” You spoke quietly to him, snapping him out of his moment of self-hatred. He nodded and smiled sadly, then shook his head, still clearly upset with himself. You reached out to punch his knee, “Let’s fight tomorrow and I’ll prove to you how fine I am.” 
A small smile made its way onto his lips as he looked over at you and shrugged a bit, “Even if you are feeling better, I’m still, you know, a super-soldier.” 
“Serum or not, Barnes, I could take you down,” you challenged with a grin, standing to find yourself a drink. 
“Oomph, here we go,” Sam laughed, emphasising each word. “You’re gonna get your ass whooped.” 
“Hey!” You turned with an incredulous look, Sam raised his hands in surrender and pointed towards his metal-armed frenemy. 
“I was talkin’ to Bucky.” 
You laughed as Bucky started protesting to Sam, and bit your lip as you turned away, fireworks going off in your chest at the positive steps you’d made. Feeling like one of them. 
Opening the fridge to rifle around for something to drink, you sensed a familiar presence behind the door. Selecting a soda, you closed the door and smiled politely at Loki, who was leaned against the bench with his arms crossed. As always, he emanated a presence of effortless command; towering, confident, impeccably dressed.
“Hi,” you cracked the can open and reached behind him to grab a glass, trying to ignore how your heart quickened when your arm brushed against his.
“No wine?” He raised an eyebrow.
“I don’t willingly impair myself.” 
He allowed an amused smirk to spread across his lips and a brief chuckle to shake his chest. “I heard you’re back to training tomorrow.” 
You nodded and poured your drink. “Care to join?” You saw his brow furrow but him quickly collect himself. 
“I know where I’m not wanted,” Loki smiled politely. You shrugged with confidence. 
“Evidently not.” You tossed the can in the recycling and smiled a little sadly. “I don’t say or do things I don’t mean. Up to you. We start at seven.” 
You would have offered for him to join you now with the others, but he’d never said yes before, and you didn’t want to push it. 
The following morning you practically flew out of bed, tingles of excitement in your hands and feet at the prospect of finally training again. No longer lying to yourself, you did truly feel fine. The skin on your wrists and ankles was still a bit tender, but nothing that would stop you from sparring with your teammates or letting all your aggression out on a punching bag. 
You inspected your neck in the mirror as you slipped a fitted long-sleeved shirt over your sports bra, noting how the bruises were mostly yellow and would probably have disappeared by the following week. Your ribs had completely healed up and were no longer sore even the smallest amount. After lacing up your shoes you practically skipped all the way to the training room on the first floor of the compound.
You could still remember the first time you stepped foot in the training room, starry-eyed and still in disbelief you’d been asked to join the Avengers Initiative. You could remember Bucky stretching his hamstring by the mats, Steve picking up another punching bag to replace the one he broke, Natasha expertly sliding through Sam’s legs and sending him to the ground by the way of swift jabs to the back of his knees. 
A shooting range stood behind soundproof and bulletproof glass, a virtual reality studio off to the side enabled you to practise near unlimited scenarios of fighting, shooting and dodging against computerised enemies that showed no mercy.
Oh yes, the gym was your favourite placed in the whole compound.
Not one to usually overlap whatever training he did with the rest of you, Loki subtly turned heads as he walked into the room. Your chest surged with pride when you saw he’d taken you up on his offer. He wore an impeccably tailored thick black two-piece training set. It fit so perfectly down his long arms and tall legs that he must have conjured it. He wore black shoes, and, as usual, apart from his hands not a sliver of skin was seen below his neck. He flicked his soft black curls from his eyes as he turned to glance at you before making his way to the shooting range. Okay, baby steps. 
Stretching on the mats, you observed him behind the glass as he picked up a bow and arrow and began practising his marksmanship. As to be expected with a thousand-year-old warrior god, he hardly needed the practise. 
“Ready, Barnes?” You chided as Bucky and Steve walked into the room together.
“You can’t be serious,” he looked at you sceptically, a grin tugging on his cheeks and shining in his eyes.
Standing and cracking your neck, you scoffed, “Of course I’m serious.” 
He looked at Steve, then at you, shrugged, then tossed his bag on the bench. “You asked for it,” he smiled widely in amusement, walking over to stretch out as you sipped at your water bottle. 
Taking your place on the mat, you crouched ever so slightly to observe your opponent. Having seen Bucky fight before, both in the field and on the mat, you knew two things. One: don’t let him grab you with his metal arm, and, Two: don’t let him grab you with his other arm either. 
Bucky was much stronger and much bigger than you, so you’d have to take him down with swift, perfectly-placed hits as you kept enough distance to not get grabbed and slammed onto the mat. You eyed his left knee, knowing it was slightly more susceptible to buckling when hit due to the uneven weight distribution from to the metal fused to the left side of his body. 
You mapped your route to victory. Elbow to the pressure point where the shoulder meets the neck on his right side, foot the back of the left knee, your right knee to the centre of his lower back, left palm striking down on his right shoulder. 
And, like you saw it, it played out. Bucky landed on the mat and whipped his head around to see you, clearly surprised, but more impressed than anything. He swept his feet in an attempt to send you tumbling to the mat but you anticipated the cheap move, jumping out of the way and landing with a foot either side of his waist. You kneeled quickly and held the edge of your flat palm to the front of his neck, swiping it quickly across to mimic how you’d cut an enemy’s throat. 
Bucky and Steve laughed at the gesture and Sam, who just entered the room, looked like a kid on Christmas when he saw Bucky underneath you, clearly having just been defeated. 
“You didn’t go easy on me, did you?” You asked uneasily as you stood and picked yourself up off his body. Standing to dust yourself off, you noticed Loki was now leaned against the doorway, watching with a curious and vaguely mischievous look on his face. 
“I did not go easy on you,” Bucky promised as he lifted himself to his feet. “Though you did catch me off-guard. I want a rematch.” 
“She didn’t catch you off guard, Barnes. She read you. Effortlessly.”
Everyone’s head snapped towards Loki in the doorway of the shooting range, he smirked and relished in the attention, continuing.
“None of you appear particularly concerned with concealing your fighting methods, leaving you completely vulnerable to the likes of her.”
Your cheeks burned with receiving such praise from a great warrior, who glanced at you and appeared to have noticed your blush, acknowledging it with a small wink. This only served to make your tongue go dry in your mouth, but you resolved to not let your feelings show.
Bucky scoffed and gestured his hand from Loki to you. “None of us? Let’s see you try, then.”
You opened your mouth to protest but closed it when you saw Loki start to make his way to take Bucky’s place on the mat. Sam, Bucky and Steve watched on from the side, apparently having full faith in you. Then, yet another person walked into the room. Great.
“What’s goin’ on?” Natasha looked at your hesitant features on the mat facing Loki.
“Observe, Barnes,” Loki turned his head ever so slightly to call over his shoulder, before giving you a menacing yet playful glare. “This is how you read an opponent.”
Putting yourself in a fighting stance, you took a quick deep breath and shook yourself out of your own head.
“She favours her front foot when she’s nervous,” Loki explained to the room without breaking eye contact with you. You scowled, realising he was about to dismantle you in front of everyone.
“Can it, Loki.” 
“The favouring of the front foot suggests a natural inclination towards flight, but she’s attempting to develop her fight instinct.” 
“I said, can it!” You seethed, shoulders tensing as your fists clenched tighter. 
He looked so calm, methodical, not giving you a hint of anything that may be useful in taking him down. You scanned his face, his body, for weak points, but he simply walked casually as he always did and so you were slowly circling each other on the mat.
“She’s frustrated, trying to read how to best attack me. I’ve given her nothing.”
Sam let out a short nervous breath behind you in solidarity. Flustered by Loki’s game, you stood and mimicked his casual demeanour, confident in your ability to spring into action if attacked. Or, perhaps, more confident due to the space in between you two.
“Ah,” he barked out a laugh, “Now she’s stepping down from where she’s most confident in order to stop me from reading her. Ignoring her instincts,” he made to fake lunge at you, but you anticipated it and didn’t flinch. Steve chuckled. Loki smirked, perhaps impressed, then sped up his circling. You did too, in turn.
Making the circle smaller, you realised he was suddenly within arms reach. Willing yourself to not look down at his feet, you made a sudden swipe towards the back of his knees with your left heel. He reached caught your ankle in his hand before it made contact with his knee and your breath caught in your throat, bracing for your back to meet the mat. With a devious smile he released your foot and taunted, “Care to try again?” 
“What the hell?” You huffed, shocked you weren’t on your back by now. “Fight me, Loki.” You urged with your fists up to your face.
“All in good time, Agent,” he shrugged.
With a growl of frustration you lost your cool and aimed a punch for his ribs, only for him to grab your wrist in one hand, pulling your arm across his body. You squirmed involuntarily when you felt a fluttering sensation under the arm he’d just pulled. As soon as it started, it stopped, and he had released you. You whipped your head up to glare at him, very confused. Did the Prince of Asgard just... tickle you? 
Fighting the urge to stammer and blush, you realised no one had laughed or said anything, so perhaps they didn’t notice. Loki looked at you innocently, and that’s when you knew he did it on purpose.
“Enough,” you commanded sternly. “Fight me for real.”
He paused and cast a glance to your amused audience. “See now, Barnes, she’s so focused on trying to read me that she’s completely ignored her surroundings.” 
You gasped and turned, expecting to see the real Loki behind you, already cursing yourself for forgetting his illusion charms. There was nothing, but you had fallen for it. 
Ten strong and scratching fingers met the back and sides of your ribcage and you squeaked, turning to swat at Loki’s tickling fingers. No sooner had you turned around did he grab your wrists and grin down at you. Flushed with embarrassment, you shot a glance towards the others on the side. 
Natasha, bless her, at least attempted to conceal her amusement by looking at the floor and subtly covering her mouth with the back of her hand. The boys weren’t as forgiving, openly grinning and chuckling at your reaction to Loki’s devious game.
“Th-this isn’t a real fight,” you tugged on your wrists and looked up at Loki, nervous with how well he could read you.
He cocked his head and narrowed his eyes slightly. “No?”
“No.” You bit the side of your tongue and gave him a stone cold glare. As cold as it could be under your hot cheeks.
“Hmm,” he smirked again and directed his next words behind his shoulder, “Have you learned enough, Barnes?”
“Oh, please do continue,” Bucky said with mock interest in learning a lesson.
In an instant, both your wrists were in one of Loki’s hands locked in an iron grip, his other hand clawing at your lower ribs. You yelped and tried to leap back, but Loki didn’t stop after a second or two this time. His hand followed your torso with intent, finding purchase nearly everywhere his fingers dug into. 
“Loki!” You whined and caught your giggles in your throat, yelping again when his fingers slipped under your arm. “Thihis isn’t a-”
“A real fight?” He interjected and paused his tickling hand. “Of course it’s a real fight. Anything that incapacitates your opponent is fair,” he declared, then reached down to squeeze at your hip. 
After holding it in for so long, you finally giggled and crumpled slightly, trying to remind yourself through the delirious panic to not let him get you on the ground. What the hell was happening?
“Oka-hay!” You tugged on your wrists as you crumpled further, “Youhou’ve made your POINT!” Crumpling further, you were now down on one knee. Then, the sensation overcame you and you let yourself collapse to the floor in frantic giggles, kicking your legs out in protest, hoping to catch his face with your foot. Though the second you were on the ground, he relented and released your wrists. 
With a loud growl you reached up to grab him by the hair, to fight dirty as he did, but his slender fingers met your armpits just after you raised them enough. Your arms clamped down as you squeaked, earning laughter from the side-liners. Loki withdrew his hands and stood before offering a hand down to you. Glowering up at him, you refused to take the bait and stood of your own volition. 
“If you’re quite done,” you blushed profusely and refused to meet his eye, “I believe Bucky and I were in the middle of something before you so rudely interrupted.”
Loki raised an eyebrow at you and grinned, “Quite right, Agent. I have other matters to attend to,” he smirked and shot a glance towards Bucky, “I shall leave you in Barnes’ now capable hands.”
You scoffed as Loki sauntered out of the room, flustered and at a loss for words. Thankfully, Bucky spoke up and walked towards you. 
“Ready for round two?” He smirked.
“As entertaining as that would be,” Natasha walked up and put her hand on his shoulder. “I’m here for a reason. She’s got a recovery training regime that doesn’t involve combat just yet.”
Usually, you’d be annoyed that you couldn’t do something training-wise, but you were already flustered enough that you were thankful for the intervention. Bucky grinned and pointed to his own eyes, then back at yours to tease you. You smirked and pounded your fist into your palms.
“You can save tickle fights for your own time,” Natasha rolled her eyes at Bucky and led you by the shoulders over to the treadmill. “Time for sprints.” Once you were on the machine and Natasha was adjusting the settings, you looked over to where Steve and Bucky were prepping to have a proper spar. “Don’t expect that to go away soon, by the way. They’re relentless.” Natasha mused with a sly smile. 
“Loki’s the worst,” you grumbled, but fought a smile as you realised he did you a bit of a favour. Being playful with you in front of other team members was an invitation for them to do the same, to help the awkward semi-new girl to feel like part of the team. You blushed thinking of Bucky’s playful threat, then blushed harder remembering Loki’s hands on you. 
As the treadmill began to speed up, you pondered Loki’s intentions. He seemed to know something you didn’t, and you were determined to find out what that was. What’s more, you were determined to even the score.
After another week of recovery training, you started paying more conscious attention to Loki’s habits. He usually worked out late at night as to avoid most people, since the gym was empty then. So, late one Friday night, you pulled on some exercise shorts and a tshirt, tied your sneakers and went down to the gym. As you suspected, Loki was there working on a reinforced punching bag. 
Oh gods, he was shirtless and glistening with sweat. 
He immediately noticed you entering and turned his whole body towards you. You did a great job at not letting him see how taken aback you were at how strong and domineering he looked with his mid-workout state. 
“What brings you down here this time of night?” Loki panted, and stood up straight. 
“I want a rematch.”
Loki immediately grinned. “Didn’t get enough, did you? Of my hands all over you.” 
You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms. “I want a chance to read you without an audience,” you countered. “And maybe we can fight without the cheap tactics?”
“I’ll do what it takes to win, darling,” he taunted before taking the strap of his boxing glove between his teeth and pulling it away. “Besides, if you couldn’t handle a little tickling... tsk,” he clicked his tongue and cocked head. “What makes you think you could handle getting punched in the sternum by a god?” 
“I can beat you,” you said confidently, ignoring the heat pricking in your cheeks. Loki shrugged, and with that shrug he cleaned himself of his sweat and conjured a long-sleeved shirt to cover himself up as he usually was. 
“What’s your safe word? To tap out.” 
You blushed again and your heart pounded a little harder. “Isn’t, you know, tapping out sufficient?” 
“I’ll be pinning your hands, Agent. You’ll need your words.” 
Gods, was it possible for your face to be this warm? 
You sucked your teeth. “Surrender. What’s yours?” 
He laughed sharply and stepped onto the thick cushioned plastic. “I don’t need a safe word.” 
“Humour me.” 
He rolled his eyes. “Surrender,” he taunted as you two began circling each other on the mat. “You do realise what you’re getting yourself into, don’t you?”
“Don’t count me out just yet,” you laughed humourlessly, trying to conceal how his teasing threats had flustered you. Unfortunately, he seemed to notice. So, obviously, he continued. 
“A sucker for punishment, are we?” 
“He talks shit to distract his enemies,” you started a running commentary, exactly like he’d done to your audience. “To distract from the fact that he’s secretly terrified of being bested by a mere mortal.” 
Loki chuckled and shook his head, circling you as if he were out for a Sunday stroll. “Or perhaps you’re starved for some kind of physical affection if you’re seeking me out for a fight, knowing how it’ll end.”
“He’s considering his magical options. Clone? Illusion? Conjure some kind of long-reaching weapon? Either way, since he’s not as confident in hand-to-hand combat, he’ll use a magical advantage.” 
“Not as confident?” Loki eyebrow raised. You shrugged and tried to look a little sheepish, so he’d think you meant it instead of saying it to attempt to trick him into forgoing magic all together. He seemed to take the bait. “I don’t need magic to get you to surrender.” 
“He puts forgoing magic on the table, but he’ll yank the offer away later at the last minute. After all, it’s the only trick up the Trickster’s sleeve.” 
He lunged. You dodged. Both continued circling, his stance now less casual. 
There was now something stoked behind his eye. A deviousness, a bit of viciousness, but most of all a purely mischievous playfulness; Loki was having fun. 
“He’s more on edge now,” you continued your commentary, but had the undeniable tint of a smile in your voice. You got cheekier, and a little braver, and decided to try your hand at a risky bluff. “He’s starting to wonder why I’m so confident. Does she have a trick up her sleeve? Does she have a teammate?” 
Loki visibly caught himself from looking over his shoulder. With how you were circling, he’d been looking at the spot that was now behind him just seconds before. There’s no way someone could be there now but he still looked the slightest bit rattled. 
“Or has her teammate done his dash?” You narrowed your eyes at Loki and pondered dramatically. “Has her teammate given her a play-by-play of how to subdue his brother, and how to exploit all his little… sensitive spots.” 
Loki’s glare hardened. Check. Not yet mate.
He lunged again, clearly not wanting to give you time to enact your plan. Though, now on the offensive, he was suddenly giving you enough to read. 
He was right-handed so he lunged with his left foot forward, giving him stability and the momentum to turn his body to throw an opponent off-balance should the chance arise. His arms were long-reaching so they took a few seconds to wind up. You side-stepped to his right to force him to use his other leg to step for you again, then when he reached his left arm out you ducked and moved further towards his right. He turned further, his right foot was forward and his right hand was reaching for you. The split second his left foot lifted off the ground, you shoved. Hard.
One hand against his forearm, one against his shoulder, your foot connected with the side of his knee and he stumbled off-balance and crashed to the floor onto his side before he could stop himself. You leapt out of the way as he made a swipe for you, then took slow steps back as he realised that you’d just taken him down.
Using his own taunting words you gave him a look of pity. “Care to try again?” 
Loki chuckled and stood, dusting himself off. “You jumped away like I was a little spider on the ground.”
“I’m not afraid of spiders and I’m certainly not afraid of you.”
“I’m going to make you eat your words,” he scoffed, readying himself into stance again. 
Antagonising Loki was working - you finally had him on edge, a little antsy, and that’s exactly how he needed to be. This was a high-risk, high-reward situation. If he got the upper hand you were done for. If you got the upper hand… you’d never let him live it down. 
By what you could only assume to be a small miracle, after another few minutes of circling and trash talk you managed to get Loki down flat on his back. He hit the mat and growled in frustration before standing and clenching his fists. 
“Now he’s-” 
“That’s it,” Loki titled his head down and stared at your predatorily. “I’m ending this now.” 
Perfect. You couldn’t have planned it better. Loki made a running grab for you in attempt to use his brute strength to take you down, assuming it could quite easily overpower your finesse. He rounded on you and you sprang into action, slipping around him before jumping onto his back, wrapping an arm around his neck, kicking out both his knees simultaneously and swinging on his neck to bring him toppling to the ground. 
He landed face-first, your arm still around his neck. You applied more pressure and he coughed, then you felt his firm hand grab your wrist and slowly pry it away. Your eyes widened, and your could have sworn the way you felt was what people meant when they said their life flashed before their eyes. 
“Yeild, Loki. I pinned you,” you reasoned frantically as Loki tilted his body to dump you onto the ground. You grimaced and held fast as he got onto his hands and knees. Once he was off the ground, you wrapped your legs around his waist. 
“Oho-ho,” Loki growled with his laugh. “Time’s up.” 
He suddenly grabbed your wrist and one of your ankles, pulling firmly so you lost your grip, then depositing you on the ground next to him. When he grabbed your forearms and began pulling you towards him, you finally audibly gasped and began fighting a little harder. You bit your tongue to stop yourself from yelling that you surrender, but boy was it tempting as he threw a leg over you and sat himself on top of your upper legs. He chuckled evilly as you winced and tried to fight him off when his grip slid down your arms to your wrists. 
“And this is why we have a safe word,” he winked before slamming your wrists above your head and holding them in place with one hand.
“UGH!” You grunted and fought, tugging on your captor’s hold, trying to twist your wrists out of his tight grasp. Your heels dug into the mat in an attempt to gain some traction to buck him off, but you only managed to lift your hips maybe an inch from the ground. 
“Care to use your safe word?” Loki chuckled, poking a single finger into your underarm, grinning when you flinched and swallowed a giggle. 
“I can- UGH- I-I can get out of this.” Your heels dug harder and you tried lifting your hips again, only for them to slam down onto the mat from reflex when Loki squeezed your side once. “Uh-hUGH!” You gritted your teeth and grunted again to conceal the laughter that wanted to bubble over, in some poor desperate attempt to maybe have him forget that you were, in fact, very ticklish. “I-I wihill not give you the satisFACTION-” You voice pitched up when he squeezed your hip twice, looking down at you with a positively smarmy smirk. 
“You might want to use your words whilst you still have air in your lungs, little Agent.” 
“I’m nohot l-litt-LITTLE- DAMMIT!” You strained again when his five fingers clawed once into your lower ribcage and your body flinched violently away from him. 
“Aw, sure you’re not,” Loki taunted with a pout, then a wink. Then, his face grew bored. “I’m tired of this build-up, let’s watch you squirm.” 
“Nonono- AH!” You yelped and squeezed your eyes shut, trying your damned hardest to hold in your laughter when his wiggling fingers descended to lightly dance around against the seam where your shirt became your sleeve. “MMHM!” You pursed your lips together and pulled on your arm, body tensing harder and stiffer as he added more and more pressure, your feet continuing the search for traction.
“Do you think you’re fooling me by refusing to laugh?” You gave a huge surge of your body and actually managed to lift him enough to twist onto your side. He bumped his eyebrow and retracted his tickling hand. “Impressive.” Then, with a fluid motion he handled your wrists in his grasp and clutched the back of your shoulder, pushing you face-down before settling back on top of you. “I’ve no idea why you’d rather be in this position, but it’s impressive nonetheless.” 
“UGH, LOKI!” You growled, tugging on your wrists and sticking the tips of your sneakers into the mat only to find you had less mobility than before. 
“Oh dear, she’s truly trapped now, like a desperate cornered little rabbit-”
“Oh hell no, you’re not starting this again-” 
“The way she moves tells me everything I need to know,” he taunted, picking up the commentary gag. “See, if I place my fingers in a certain spot...” He rested a few fingertips against the side of your ribcage and you involuntarily twitched. “Her reactions betray her fears, her most vulnerable spots.” 
“Shut up,” you gritted your teeth and dug your toes in again, clenching your jaw and trying to still your body as his fingers travelled higher up your ribcage, moving agonisingly slowly.
“As much as she tries to hide her reactions, even her fingers are tensing as my touch weeds out her most desperately concealed sensitivities.” 
You swore under your breath and clenched your fists, silently grimacing as his fingers trailed over that spot. The one just below your underarm, just a bit more towards the back than it was towards the front. A space only a few inches wide, one of the spaces on your body that drove you into hysterics. 
“There it is,” he breathed. You froze. “We’ll save that for later.” 
“Loki, I swear I’m gonna- NOHO DAHAMMIT!” You shrieked and thrashed underneath him as he suddenly switched tactics and wriggled his fingers deep into the softest space under your arm. As much as you tried to keep the laughter in, it spluttered out of you as you helplessly cackled and attempted to squirm your body away from his digging fingers. He lightened his touch ever so slightly and began scratching his blunt nails all over the space only lightly protected by your sleeve. “AHH! AHA, NO! LOKIHI!” You laughed helplessly, kicking your feet against the ground as you attempted to buck underneath him. 
“Ah, she realises how much trouble she’s in now,” Loki chuckled, lowering his voice to a tense whisper. “How foolish she was, how truly merciless her opponent will be.” His hand ran down your side and kneaded at your hip, you writhed as best you could and tried to hold your laughter in, you really did, but it burst out of you when his four fingers dug into the soft space just beside your hipbone. 
“S-SHUHUT UHUHUP!” You shrieked as he harshly dug and vibrated his fingers before doing a quick change of his hands holding your, bringing his squeezing fingers to your other hip to pinch at the pressure points. “S-SUHUR- DAMMIT!” You kept struggling underneath him, on the verge of surrendering for some reprieve. 
“She’s nearly had enough now,” Loki tutted, squeezing his hand up the length of your side and scratching at your ribs. You erupted in high-pitched giggles at his fluttering touch, twitching and flinching the further he brought it down under you. “Ah, she’s now given away a vulnerable area, and perhaps the reason she flipped herself over. Could it be the tough-as-nails Agent has a ticklish stomach?” 
“Tsk, that’s a yes,” Loki chuckled and released your wrists suddenly. With your hands free, you brought them behind you to grab at him and yank anything to make him hurt, but he caught your wrists and pinned them to your lower back within seconds. “Now, this is a predicament,” Loki laughed deviously. He grunted and lifted his hips, using his free hand to turn you onto your back before he settled back down on your upper legs. 
He was propped up on one elbow now, the elbow that lead to the hand gripped around your wrists beneath you. He was close. Close enough to see the gleaming in his eye, to hear his breath more clearly. Nearly close enough for some strands of his hair to hit your shirt. 
You took the opportunity to breathe before you took the time to properly see the position he had you in. When you did, you sucked air and he grinned. Your arms underneath your body lifted the middle of your torso from the ground, leaving it a bit stretched and feeling much more vulnerable. His seat just above your knees rendered it almost impossible to kick your legs for some reprieve. His free hand settled lightly on the part of your shirt that stretched just below your bellybutton and you twitched from the lightest contact. You looked at him in fear, then in resignation and then bit your lip and sighed. 
“Ah, shit.” 
There was no way to conceal or attempt to subdue the desperate squealing laughter that was pulled from you when he began wiggling and scratching up and down the centre of your belly. You fought considerably harder than before but had much less leverage, all the while he chuckled along to your belly-laughter as tears of mirth began pricking at your eyes. 
He was truly merciless, just as he said he’d be. His scribbling fingers alternated between digging and fluttering so you could never settle into anything he was doing. An evil grin spread wider on his lips as he found the hypersensitive area just above your hip on the front of your stomach, finding he quite liked the way you squeaked and giggled silently, hiccuping as he scratched five fingers against that spot. 
His touch wasn’t firm or ghosting, but an unbearable middle ground that left you wheezing after every new spot he found. Sometimes he’d dig into your lowest ribs, pinching into the gaps between them, just to laugh and tease you for the way you jumped beneath him. Ultimately, he settled on the space on your shirt that was just over your navel, scratching harshly at the skin in and around it as your squeals turned silent and desperate.
“Yield?” Loki asked loudly over your high-pitched laughter. You shook your head and grunted, putting all of your energy into successfully pulling one wrist from his hold. 
“I’M GONNAHA BEHEAT YOUHOU!” You declared, reaching the hand up to grab at his. It was, of course, futile. He grabbed your wrist and then pulled your other one from underneath you before shifting further up to your hips. 
“A shame, really,” Loki sighed. “She realises now that even when I let her hands go...” He did, and then expertly slid his hands down between your ribs and biceps before you could clamp the space shut. “It doesn’t matter what she does. Because I’m going to exploit this little spot we found earlier, and she knows I won’t stop until I hear that yielding word.” 
Your eyes went wide when Loki’s fingers settled on that space behind your upper ribs. With a dry mouth, you tried to stammer, “W-wait, I-” 
“You yield?” He leaned in even closer to read your expression, far closer that his face had ever been. Your lips were so dry from the laughter and the nerves that you subconsciously slipped your tongue out to wet them. His eyes flicked down when you did that, but only for a millisecond, before he narrowed his eyes and tensed his fingers to begin. With one final raise of his eyebrows to give you the chance to surrender, you knew what you had to do. 
As you lifted your hands and slid them up either side of his jaw to link behind his neck, you repeated the words he’d said over in your mind. 
Anything that incapacitates your opponent is fair. 
You lifted your shoulders, tugged on his neck, and in a second, you were kissing Loki of Asgard. 
When he immediately deepened the kiss, a bolt of guilt struck your chest. Gods, he’s actually kissing me, you thought. What have I done? 
His hands moved away from the horrendously ticklish spot with the change of his intentions, one to your side and one found your jawline as he kissed you fervidly. A small breath of contentment escaped him as you pressed your body more into his, moved your hands down to his shoulders and waited for the moment. Then, his body relaxed, and you took your chance. With a surge forward, without breaking the kiss, you pushed him off-centre. 
What’s more... he let you. 
His arms wrapped around you as you turned the tables and landed on top of him. Then, you finally broke the kiss. You were straddling his waist, propping yourself up by your hands planted beside his head, you were so close that each breath in and out bumped your nose against his. You breathed against each other’s lips as he tried to catch your eye, but your heart was pounding in your ears. You couldn’t bear to look at him. 
Something happened in the moments from when your lips first touched to now when you had the upper hand. Something that turned the simple deceitful kiss of power, into something a little scarier. 
It became real. 
What began as a ruse has backfired horrendously, opening a floodgate you never knew existed. Had he always been this strong, yet his hands so gentle with you? How long have you known him without so much as thinking about how it would feel to kiss him, and now you couldn’t imagine anything you wanted to do more in this moment. You wondered how it was possible to have lived with this man for half a year and only now realise how much you wanted him this close. Maybe it was witchcraft. Maybe, it was just him.
Slowly, you slid a hand over his shoulder and lightly grasped your fingers around his neck. Then, you finally looked into his eyes.
“Do you yield?” 
You meant for it to sound victorious, but it came out shaky. His eyes darted back and forth between yours as his jaw set, realising why you’d first kissed him. Then, as he looked at your lip that you’d taken between your teeth and felt your trembling hand at his neck, his face settled into a soft confused smile, realising that you meant it. 
He whispered, “In over your head, darling?” 
You gasped a little as the weight of the situation hit you and you released his throat in favour of throwing a hand over your mouth in horror, sitting up to make your way off him. Your lips trembled as your world started slowly crashing in. He sat up abruptly underneath you, snatching his hands forward to catch you before you were thrown onto your back. You removed your hand and began frantically apologising. 
“Loki, I-I’m sorry, I-
“I surrender.” 
With his willing defeat, he pulled you in close and kissed you deeply, passionately, his hands slid around your waist and one up between your shoulder blades to keep you close to him. You’d never experienced such fervid desire in someone, or in yourself. Wrapping your arms around his shoulders, you tangled one hand in the hair at the nape of his neck and kissed him back with all you had. He broke away and pressed his forehead to yours.
“You scared me half to death, you maddening little heroine,” Loki whispered against your lips and held you closer, his voice lowering to a growl. “Don’t you ever get yourself captured again.” 
You panted from the kiss and furrowed your brow, “It was Bucky’s fault.”
“I’ll have his head.” 
He surged forwards again, kissing you hard and pulling a hand up to lace at the nape of your neck, leaning backwards to lie down with you on top of him. You began laughing in disbelief at the ferocity with which Loki was kissing you, as if he’d been waiting to do this for a long time. His arms wrapped again around your waist and he turned, pinning you below him as you kissed him back with a soft smile playing at your lips. He settled more weight on top of you before breaking the kiss, looking down to no doubt see haziness in your eyes. 
“I’m terribly sorry, love.” 
You lifted an eyebrow. “For what? You- AHH NO NOHO NO!” You shrieked as his fingers finally dug into the spaces on the back of your upper ribs, immediately gasping for reprieve and for air and falling into silent laughter. To add insult to injury, Loki nuzzled his playfully growling lips into your neck and laughed evilly against your skin, sending ticklish buzzes radiating throughout.
His hands on your ribs were positively devious, quickly finding the best methods to turn you into a writhing puddle beneath your new flame. Digging and drilling his fingers was rather effective, and so was pinching with only two fingers. Scratching his blunt nails against it got you squirming and pulled squeal through your laughter, but the most effective by far was when he slipped his fingers under your biceps and wriggled them hard into into the spaces halfway up your ribs dead centred on the very middle, all the while drilling his thumbs into the trigger point at the backs. 
It got to the point where you became so weak from your struggling and the laughter building (and occasionally spilling over) from your chest that you went a little limp beneath him. 
“Oh dear,” Loki stopped when he felt your body weaken so suddenly, propping himself up and grinning to see you were, in fact, still conscious and still smiling and trying to pull air into your lungs.
“Y-you… you…” Not being able to finish whatever you were going to say, you closed your eyes and kept taking breaths as Loki hovered over you. When you opened one eye to take a peek, he was looking at you expectantly. Weakened so much from the fight, you sighed and smiled sleepily at him. “You’re a really good kisser.” 
He laughed heartily and ducked to place a sweet kiss on your lips. “Does that mean I’m forgiven?” 
“I suppose,” you gave him a playful glare. “Even though that definitely wasn’t fair.” 
“Mmm,” he smirked, then you watched it form into a grin before he leaned down to kiss you yet again. “All’s fair in love and war.” 
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purplekybersoul · 2 days ago
Just had a thought for an imagine...
I'm so going to horny jail for this...
EDIT: I just found out that @dyns33 had a very similar imagine, go check it out!
So I saw episode 7 last night and had a thought when I woke up a few minutes ago...
You being Jotun Loki's lover (human, Asgardian), and he's determined to have a child with you. (Whether he can sense/smell if you're ovulating of not is up to you) But one problem, his size. Would he spread you wide open and hold you to him as he unloads, trying to insure some gets inside of you?
Feel free to use this imagine, or turn it into a fic!
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thesnowsoldierwrites · 2 days ago
in which yours and loki's relationship has been a well kept secret for a long time, and a drunken night leads to some accidental confessions. you have to spend the day after dealing with the team's response.
warnings: mention of smut, swearing
word count: 2800+
"After you, my darling."
You nodded, pressing one last kiss to Loki's lips before slipping out of his room. You joined the team in the living area, slipping into conversation with your friends. Two minutes later, your boyfriend strode in and sat beside Thor, nodding along to what was being said to him.
Other than a small smile when he entered the room, neither of you acknowledged the other's presence. When you tripped over and nearly fell over, Loki didn't join in the chorus of worried comments. When Loki told Tony to shut up and there was nearly a fight, you didn't echo the whoops of encouragement.
Because as far as anybody else knew, you weren't dating. You weren't sleeping in the same bed every night, or having sex every evening. You weren't head over heels for each other. Where the team was concerned, you and Loki were co-workers, not even really friends.
So nobody batted an eyelid when Loki followed two minutes after you retired to your room. It didn't even cross their minds that he was pushing your door open and locking it behind him, pressing a warm kiss to your lips before he took you apart on your sheets. No, they just joked about how you were both like old people before carrying on their drinking.
The next day, it was one of Tony's parties. You and Loki occupied different ends of the room and mingled with different people. Or in Loki's case, glowered at different people.
But after some persuasion, you and Loki were both starting to loosen up. Thor had given Loki a pint of asgardian mead, and Natasha had you doing shots. Unbeknownst to the other, both of your inhibitions were quickly lowering.
"So, which man are you going after tonight, Y/N?"
You looked at Natasha in confusion. "What are you talking about, Nat? You know I have a boyfriend." Her red eyebrows shot up, and half of the team were immediately interested in the conversation.
"Oh, really? Who?" Natasha asked. "Is he here?"
You laughed. "Yes, of course he's here!"
"Brother, have any of the ladies here taken your fancy?" Thor asked his brother a similar question on the other side of the room.
Loki nodded sluggishly. "Yes, brother, you are well aware of the lady in this room that I have taken as my own."
"Taken?" Thor stared at his brother. "Loki, are you courting a midgardian woman without my knowledge?"
The dark-haired man shrugged, attempting to be nonchalant but spilling half of his drink. "Sh. It's a secret."
"Hey, Thor, come over here!" Steve called. "We could use Loki's skills to decipher this little puzzle we've got."
Thor pulled Loki over. "What is it?"
"Well, Y/N here has a secret boyfriend that she won't tell anybody about." Tony smiled as he explained. "He's got dark hair, and apparently he's like a cat." As the team debated who in the room fitted the description, Loki had caught sight of you.
He sidled over, sitting beside you on the sofa. "Good evening, my darling."
"Hi, love," you returned, wriggling into his side. Natasha violently prodded Steve as she watched in shock. "Loki?" He looked down at you and hummed. "Kiss?"
A drunken smile settled on his lips as he pressed them to yours softly. "Anytime, dear." You let out a content sigh, Loki pulling you into him so that you were comfortable and he had a headrest. Then the both of you fell straight asleep, the alcohol having taken its toll.
"Okay, so, that's new."
"Hey, Y/N."
You smiled at Tony as you yawned. "I've got a horrible hangover, is there any coffee?"
"Sure. Your boyfriend's on it. Aren't you, Loki?" Tony turned around to look at Loki, who had left your room a few minutes earlier.
He hummed. "Of course." You walked over. "Here you are, darling."
"Thank you, love." You sipped it for a second before your eyes widened. "Wait-"
Steve nodded, appearing with his arms crossed over his chest. "Wait would be correct. When were the two of you planning on telling us about this?"
You were completely shocked. The two of you had worked so hard to keep things a secret. You knew that the team would probably be against your relationship and try to persuade you that Loki wasn't the right one for you.
Loki was having similar thoughts. He knew what the team thought of him, no matter how welcoming and accepting they were. There was no undoing what he had done in the past. He'd come to accept that people saw him as a monster. That was the main reason why Loki had pushed for keeping your relationship a secret. He didn't want you to be treated differently because of him.
"I don't know what you're talking about." Loki finally broke the silence in the room.
Tony let out a disbelieving huff. "Oh, yeah?" He leaned back against the counter. "Last night the two of you were drunk. You made it obvious."
"Not to mention that you both actually admitted it," Natasha piped up. Your eyes met hers and you couldn't help the burst of betrayal that you felt. She was supposed to back you up no matter what.
You sighed, glancing up at Loki. "They know, Loki. There's no point denying it." Loki just shook his head slightly.
"You have no idea how people will treat you if they know you and I are in a relationship," he told you firmly.
Steve nodded. "He's right, Y/N. You two being's just too dangerous."
"Eighty people in two days," Tony supplied. Steve just nodded, raising his hands slightly to demonstrate his point.
You frowned. "So, let me just get this straight. None of you care that Loki and I are dating, but you won't allow it because Loki was mind-controlled and forced to commit crimes against his own will?" Your words seemed to make a few members of the team cringe slightly, seeing the truth in them, but nobody backed down.
"You must know that it's a crazy idea," Steve sighed, looking at you imploringly. "Is it really worth a lifetime of unkindness and people hating you just to date him?"
Your mouth fell open, and hurt registered over Loki's face before he could mask it. "Are you fuckin-"
"Darling," Loki interjected smoothly. "Perhaps we should talk this over more before we say anything too...strong." You looked like you wanted to protest, but you allowed him to take your arm and pull you out of the room.
Once you were in Loki's room, you sent him a tight smile. "I'm just going to the bathroom, love," you informed him. Loki nodded, too lost in his own thoughts to pick up on the shiftiness of your words. As soon as you were out of the bedroom, you ran back into the kitchen.
"Oh, have you finally come to your senses?" Tony smiled hopefully.
A hard glare made him close his mouth. "We're going to discuss this, without Loki knowing about it. Because, do you know what?" You glared around at the team. "Loki is the only reason that I'm not screaming at all of you. If this wasn't Loki we were talking about, I'd have punched you as soon as you dared tell me that he was too dangerous for me to date."
"Look, we're not trying to-" Steve started.
You cut him off sharply. "I don't give a shit what you're trying to do, Steve. You might be my team, and you might be my family, but you have no right to say things like that. You have no right to make someone that I love, and all of you are supposed to care about, feel that way."
"I'm sure he's fine," Sam said. "I mean, he's been through a lot. Must have pretty thick skin."
You shook your head. "Is that your excuse? It's okay to say that Loki's not worth people saying unkind things to me, because he's got thick skin?"
"Y/N, I think you're overreacting. All we're saying is that-" Once again, Steve attempted to calm down the situation.
You turned on him, aware that he was the one that had spoken out in the first place. "Steve, for you, of all people, to be saying this, is ridiculous." You saw confusion cover his features. "You go on about Peggy all the time, Steve. Anybody can tell that you're in love with her. And it's the most heart-warming thing I've ever seen. But I thought that you would at least understand some of what I'm feeling, and how hurtful it is for someone to just tell you that you're wrong to love someone."
"It's not like that," Steve sighed. He stepped closer, and you could see that he was changing his mind now that you'd explained your point of view. "We know that you love each other. Loki's become a better person because of you. And I've never seen you so happy." A slight smile pulled at your lips. "But that doesn't mean that we like you being in a relationship. You can say what you like, but it is dangerous."
Tony nodded. "Cap's right. Yeah, he was being controlled, but did you see the news when New York happened? They hate him out there." He pointed out the window at the bustling streets outside the compound. "If you do this, you've got to be prepared to take everything that people think of him onto yourself."
"I am prepared," you insisted. "Don't you think Loki had this conversation with me the second after I accepted his offer for a date?"
Natasha smiled, and you could feel the tension easing out of the room rapidly. "That does sound like him."
"He really cares about me," you sighed. "And as much as he tries to hide it, you guys saying that about me being hurts him. He already doesn't feel enough. And he knows that everyone hates him. He still thinks that all of you hate him, as much as I try to persuade him otherwise. So I really think you should all apologise to him."
Tony shook his head. "I guarantee he won't listen."
"I guarantee that he will, if you tell him what you just told me. Explain to him that you're worried for us, and that it's not that you hate him." You looked at Steve, knowing he'd probably end up doing it on behalf of everyone. "Please. It has to come from you, or he won't believe it."
Steve glanced around. "Okay. I'll do it soon, okay?"
"Okay." You nodded. "Thank you for listening, guys."
Tony cleared his throat slightly, avoiding your eyes. "We shouldn't have said it how we did. It's wrong, and we know that now. Sorry."
"I.." You stared at him in surprise. Tony didn't apologise often. "It's fine. Thank you, Tony." You made your way back to the bedroom, smiling at Loki as you walked back in. He didn't even look up. "Loki?" You sat down beside him on the bed.
Loki tiredly looked over at you. "Oh. Hello, love."
"You okay?" You asked worriedly. "You seem a little out of it."
He shook his head. "I'm fine. Just stay, for a little?" You nodded quickly, holding your arms out slightly. Loki smiled slightly, shuffling closer and laying his head on your chest. You wrapped your arms around him and Loki's eyes fluttered closed as he got comfortable in your embrace.
"Nobody hates you, Loki," you mumbled. "People are wary of you, and not everyone trusts you, but nobody hates you. They just worry."
He hummed quietly. "I know." There was a pause. "Are you sure?"
"Of course I'm sure, Loki," you whispered. "I thought about it really hard before telling you yes, you know that. You made sure that I did."
Loki smiled slightly before looking up at you. "And besides, no, uh.." He wracked his brains for the phrase that he'd heard you use before. "No take-backs?"
"No take-backs," you confirmed, kissing him softly before the two of you leaned back against the mattress. Loki repositioned himself so that he was lying partially on top of you. You stroked his hair absently.
After an hour or so, a quiet knock on the door pulled you from you thoughts. "Come in!" Loki went to move away from you before he remembered that you didn't have to hide your relationship anymore. He laid his head back down on your chest. Steve entered the room, looking sheepish. "Steve. Hey." He nodded, taking that as an invitation and closing the door behind him.
"Loki, can we talk?" Steve asked quietly. "Y/N came and talked things out with us earlier, but I want to make sure that I clear things up with you too."
This was news to your boyfriend, who looked up at you questioningly. "Oh?"
"You have good taste," Steve spoke up. "She really put us all in our places. She really loves you."
Loki's gaze on your face turned soft and he smiled at you slightly. You blushed lightly but beamed back at him. "Go on, go talk to him." You gently pushed him so that he stood up.
"Fine. Make it quick, I have things to do," Loki said briskly, walking out of the room as if he didn't have bed hair and marks from your jumper on his pale cheek.
Steve followed him into the hallway and closed the door over again. "So, obviously there's been a misunderstanding. We, as in the team, never meant to make it seem like we didn't approve of you and Y/N being together."
"Oh, really? That's strange, because I distinctly remember you telling us that you didn't approve," Loki answered sarcastically.
Steve sighed before continuing. "What we meant was that you come with...strings attached. It doesn't matter whether you're better now, which we all know to be true, and it doesn't matter that you're a genuinely nice person."
Loki was taken aback by the captain's casual compliments, and for once kept his mouth shut as he listened.
"Or, at least, it doesn't matter to the public." Steve's eyes flicked between Loki's as he leaned back against the wall. Loki stayed standing tall with his arms crossed over his chest, defensive. "They only see what the media has shown them, and believe me when I say not a bit of it was good. And that's all we were trying to say. That being with you is dangerous, and that she's not making a decision that many people are going to like."
Loki processed the blonde's words and formulated a response. "You upset her."
"I...I know," Steve sighed regretfully. "I didn't think. None of us want to upset her. Or you. Believe it or not, we're worried about what this could mean or you too."
The dark-haired man nodded. "Understandably so. However you where wholly out of line to speak any of this without being asked for your opinion. And the result is this; a rift between friends and tension between family."
"I'm sorry," Steve answered quietly. "And so is everyone else. If it means anything to you, I give all of my approval to the two of you. And if you ever need anything, I'll be happy to help. I happen to know the perfect shop to get presents for Y/N from." The final sentence was accompanied by a friendly and hopeful smile.
Loki eyed him for a second, searching for any untruths or manipulation. When he found none, he offered a small smile in return. "Thank you." His sincerity took Steve aback, but the other man just smiled wider.
"I hope that we can move past this, Loki. And I hope that maybe we could even become friends," Steve told him honestly, patting him on the shoulder before disappearing down the hall.
Loki watched for a few moments before shaking his head slightly. He pushed open the bedroom door and caught you looking at him curiously.
"What did he say?"
Your curiosity made Loki smile. "He apologised, in summary." He crawled up the bed and settled next to you. "They may have gone about it incorrectly, but you're lucky to have a family that cares so much about you."
"You're lucky too," you pointed out. When Loki looked at you blankly, you hummed. "They're you're family too." You hesitated. "And, uh, if you want more, you can always have me."
Loki chuckled. "My dear, I was under the impression that I already had you."
"Yeah, but, I mean in a more.." your eyes searched his. "We can be a family too. You and me."
His blue eyes gazed into yours. "You're perfect, you know." You blushed. "And, of course, I knew that already. But hearing about and seeing your reaction to them saying things like that about me really..." Loki leaned in and pecked you on the lips. "You're right, that's all."
"About what?" You frowned.
Loki hummed. "I am lucky, because I've got the team, and most importantly, I've got you."
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fictitiousfoodie · 2 days ago
Do As Told
HELLO! Sorry for the absence. If I am being 100% honest it has just been really hard to write lately. I haven't felt inspired or the drive to sit down and do it. BUT none the less here we are. I know this piece is short but maybe part 2?  
Word Count 1129
Summary: Loki and Thor are arguing - you step in and end up siding with Thor when you should’ve sided with Loki. 
SMUT! But no other warnings! 
As always tags and requests open! 
Tumblr media
Y/N was a scholar in Asgard. She spent most of her time with her nose in a book. Her favorite subject was Midgard. She loved learning all that she could about life on a planet that seemed so similar yet so different to her own. Being that the best library was in the capital, she spent most of her time. She would tuck herself away in the window seat and do her studies and read. Very occasionally, she would see Thor walk through more often than not, looking for someone rather than a book. And more recently, she had started to see Loki in the library as well. He always smirks and bows his head just slightly as he walks past her.  It was a few days ago that she noticed Loki sitting closer to her than normal. He seemed to be reading a book, but to Y/N, it looked more like he was just flipping through pages pretending to read than reading. He continued to do this every day with a different book but seemingly getting slightly closer each day.
"I told you, Loki, they don't want to be told what to do," Thor chuckled from somewhere near. "I understand that on the surface, most people don't like the idea of being ruled brother. But, I think there could be a case made for people finding certain comfort in it." "Loki, you of all people should know that isn't true. You hate being told what to do, as do I". "Yes, but we are superior to humans."
Y/N had been listening to the argument from her spot, but at that, she couldn't just sit by humans, and Asgardians weren't that different. So she walked up to them and immediately remembered how small she was standing next to the both of them. Yes, Thor was tall and muscular, but Loki was by no means small. The difference in height alone between her and them made her breath catch.
"Um, actually, Loki. You're mistaken. Humans and Asgardians are quite similar. Biologically the actual anatomy is identical. And yes, before you start, we do live longer and tend to be stronger, but that can sometimes be a disservice to us", Y/N proudly stated.
"And I am sorry. Who are you?" Loki asked immediately, making Y/N face blush. "My name is Y/N, and I am a scholar, specifically on the subject of Midgard." Thor roared with laughter. Someone had agreed with his point of view that was more focused on the brain than brawn. That was a win for him, and he walked past Loki, patting him on the should, "Oh brother, see, I am always right." The look on Loki's face was a mixture of annoyed and pure hatred. He rolled his eyes but turned his attention back to you.
"And what about the other point I made?" "What other point?" "The one about humans wanting to be controlled." "I agree with you, but not in the way you mean it. Most people don't like being forced to be told what to do. You have to gain their trust or be a willing participant. That way, they feel like they have some say."  Y/N had always been aware of what Loki looked like. Which was very, very attractive. He was tall and athletic but not bulky. His smirk gave her chills the one time she had seen it when he was trying to sneak past a guard.
"I see your point but answer me this. Do you think that Asgardians are the same? That they would be willing to ... do as told... if they were, as you put it, a willing participant?" Loki questioned with that smirk now directed at her. Goosebumps broke out over her skin as she understood fully what Loki was saying. She didn't want to admit it, but, yes, she would do anything he told her.
"It would depend, I think for most, on what it was. Warriors have little problem being told what to do because they believe they are fighting for something bigger". She stated, trying to keep her voice even and the shakiness out of her hands.
"And what if I told you that I wanted to bend you over this table and have you be my plaything for the afternoon. Would YOU do what you were told?" He hadn't torn his eyes from her. Instead, his hands itched to reach out and claim her. "...yes... I would", she breathed, breaking the stare and looking down.
She didn't have time to think beyond that because Loki was on her. His hands gripped her face and pulled her to him. He slid his hands into her hair and fisted, making her gasp. Loki took the opportunity to slide his tongue into her mouth and deepen the kiss. Y/N felt like fire. Her body was tingling with excitement and desire. She grabbed at Loki's sides and pulled him closer. She wanted more, needed skin-to-skin contact. She wasn't sure if Loki was reading her mind or was just that in tune with her already, but he quickly broke the kiss and turned her toward the table. He reached down and pulled the length of her dress over her ass, exposing it to him. She heard Loki almost growl at the sight. She heard him undo his pants then he was leaning against her.
"Are you ready, pet? First, I am going to take you hard and fast, then I am going to take you to my bed and torture you for the rest of the day and maybe tomorrow." He whispered in her ear, then fished the statement with a kiss and bite on her pulse point.
"Yes. Yes, please." "Ah, you are already submitting so well. What a good girl." Y/N didn't have time to respond. Loki slammed into her. Arching her back, she moaned, quickly adjusting to him. She felt his hands glide up and down her body. He reached for her arms and pulled them behind her. He pulled out and slammed back to keep her pinned to the table and pulled her in with each thrust. Y/N saw stars as Loki continued to fuck her into the table. She felt her orgasm and couldn't wait for it. Loki felt her tightening around him as well. "That's it, pet. You can cum this time. Cum for me, pet. Prove to me how much you like my cock buried deep in you." Y/N's orgasm crashed over her. Loki came a few moments later. He slipped out and pulled her to him, capturing her lips with her arms still held behind her. When he broke the kiss, Y/N realized they were no longer in the library but in his bedroom.
"Are you ready, pet?"
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dyns33 · a day ago
Little Star
I used some of my imagines from yesterday, so not really original...
I did a Female Reader, sorry, even if Jotun Loki is still bi !
And the smut is not thaaaaaat smutty... But it's here. So be warned ! 
Tumblr media
Frat bros.
It was the first thing Y/N had thought of when she met Thor and Loki.
Besides the fact that : Oh my God aliens exist, some look a lot like us, they are almost immortal, they are strong, have magical powers, we have no chance against them and if one day they go to war, we are so  dead.
Especially if the battle was against the Jotuns.
Fortunately, there was little chance that this would happen.
There had already been a war between the Frost Giants and the other realms, especially Asgard. After long fights, and much bloodshed, Odin, the Allfather, had defeated Laufey, the king of the Jotuns.
A resentment could have lasted between them, but something had happened.
After the departure of his enemy, Laufey had returned to his palace, to his temple, sure to find his beloved son, Loki, there. But the baby was missing.
The king then thought he had been killed, and he mourned him for days, swearing revenge.
Odin learned of his torment. The child was not dead. The kind of Asgard had found him, he had thought that the little one had been abandoned, left to die, and so he had picked him up.
It was only a misunderstanding.
As a father himself, who would have destroyed everything if anything had happened to Thor, Odin immediately returned to Jotunheim with the child, to explain his mistake, and returned the baby to Laufey, who was overjoyed, accepting the apologies of the old fool who thought he was doing the right thing.
After all, Odin could have said nothing, kept Loki, hid him, used him against his people. He had done much worse before.
It was then decided that their kingdom would henceforth be friends. Their sons grew up together, like two brothers, and like Odin's son, Loki was showered with love and care, free to do absolutely whatever he wanted, sometimes behaving like a spoiled brat.
But, unlike his friend, his brother of another mother as he liked to say, the prince of the Jotuns was smarter, more polite, more cultured, more calm, when he decided to be, which made him more lovable, at least for Y/N.
And on top of that, his size ! Damn !
Her crush for him was almost as big as the Jotun prince. It was a little embarrassing.
Because Y/N was tiny next to him. She was already small compared to Thor, who was making fun of the height of the Midgardians.
And she was mortal.
And not blue with red eyes.
And not beautiful like a Goddess... Anyway, this crush was stupid, and no one should ever know that she liked Loki. No one, especially not him.
The best solution would have been to avoid him, but Jane had insisted that she come with her. As a scientist, it was a unique opportunity to learn more about other worlds ! Her friend wanted her to be there every time.
Seeing her, Thor had simply smiled, saying that she was as short as Jane, which was not entirely true.
Loki had smiled too, but differently.
           "Is that the friend I asked for, Earth girl ?" he purred, leaning towards Y/N. "So pretty. I am won over. A pleasure to meet you, little human."
           "Asked for ?" she wondered, looking at Jane.
           "Yes. For our double date."
           "... What ?!"
           "Don't listen to him." sighed Jane, who had obviously forgotten this story. "And Loki, leave her alone. Y/N is here to study."
           "Y/N ? What a lovely name. As your friend just said, I am Loki, Prince of Jotunheim. You can study me as much as you want, my Lady. Then we can sing our names while our bodies will"
           "Come on Y/N, let's go get a drink. Thor, calm your tall brother."
Thor didn't calm Loki, who continued to flirt with her throughout the evening. He must have found it very funny, because it turned into a running gag, which started over every time they saw each other.
He still agreed to answer all her questions about his kingdom, and the nine others, if in return she answered his, which were more personal. Never too embarrassing, but intimate enough that she wanted to go and hide under a table. Loki said she was adorable, and yet didn't insist if she didn't want to answer him.
Y/N would have liked to ask him personal questions too. She loved it when he talked about himself, what he liked. When he laughed. But Loki was smart, he would have understood that she was interested if she dared to ask him something about him.
So she asked the others. Especially Thor, although the moron was not very discreet. At least he knew everything about Loki.
           "Why do you want to know all this ?" he asked her one day, when he was a little drunk. "Do you want to hurt my brother ?!"
           "What ? No ! I just… want to know him. And it's always safer to ask others."
           "Hmm. Well, Loki is the best ! He's my brother !"
           "I already know that. You can tell me if he has any hobbies. How is he with people. If he's... single ?"
           "Ah !" Thor laughed loudly. "Loki ! Single ! That big seducer ? Our Silvertongue ? I mean, yes I think he is. Relationships are not his thing, you see. He has partners, tons ! But nothing really serious."
           "... I see."
It was true that even though he was very considerate of her, Loki would go to see other people, men, women, humans, aliens, tall, small... Everybody.
It hurt as soon as she saw him touching someone else, whispering tender words into their ears.
But it was just a crush, they weren't together, it was nothing. No one seemed to notice her unhappiness.
And it wasn't like Loki had a real relationship. Not only serious, but also intimate. None of his conquests were the right size to... make it... fit.
Y/N sometimes tried to picture how they could do it. Then she had to go and put some water on her face, because her imagination was certainly going too far.
Loki wasn't even able to kiss or shake someone's hand. His own hand was as big as a person !
As she returned to sit next to Jane, Thor began to jump all over the place, pointing to the sky.
           "A shooting star ! Loki, make a wish !"
           "A wish ? Okay ! I want... I want... Ah, I know !"
           "Tell me !"
           "No dear brother, otherwise it will not happen."
           "Loki !"
Thor insisted but Loki refused to speak, smiling proudly as he came to take the seat next to Y/N.
           "How's my little human tonight ? You don't seem to be enjoying yourself. Did you miss me that much ?"
           "I'm just tired."
           "I can give you a massage if you want ? Thor says I'm very good with my finger. Or you can sleep on my shoulder. Come on."
           "Ah ! Loki !"
Not listening to her protests, the Jotun took her to rest her on his shoulder, from where she could not jump without risking injury. A little scared, she held on to what she could, his hair and head, then being very close to his face. With his red eyes, Loki looked at her, amused.
           "You are even more beautiful up close."
           "I want to get off !"
           "Nonsense. Rest away from noise and people. Don't worry, you won't fall, I'm watching over you."
It was really strange to find herself in this position. She could even better see the size difference between them, and Y/N had dirty, shameful ideas, so much that she stuck herself against the giant's neck in an attempt to hide her embarrassment.
           "It's exciting to be upstairs, isn't it ?" Loki purred.
           "... What ?"
           "I can tell you are excited, my little darling."
           "Not at all !"
           "No, you don't understand. I can smell it." he repeated, touching his nose.
This time she wanted to die. Normally she was too short, and in the crowd, so Loki had never felt her desire for him. But, now that she was so close to him, it was obvious.
           "Oh ! You... You !" He chuckled happily, putting his hand on her, touching her whole body, but not trying to force her to look at him. "You like me !"
           "Shut up..."
           "Since when ?! I want to know !"
           "... The first time."
           "Really ? Attracted by greatness ? It's understandable."
           "No. I mean, yeah, you're incredibly handsome and breathtaking but... I like it when you talk to me. You're funny and smart. Well, not all the time, you're stupid when you party with the others and when you flirt with everyone, but I love... to be with you."
If they had been alone, silence would have settled, but the party continued around them, as if they weren't there. Y/N suddenly wanted to jump off that shoulder to run away, but with his long legs, Loki would have caught up with her. He certainly would have even grabbed her as she jumped.
           "So... you really like me."
           "Do not laugh." she mumbled.
           "Never. My wish just came true. I didn't think it would work. After all, asking for the most beautiful and best person in the world to fall in love with me was cheeky."
           "... I am small and human."
           "So what? I asked for the best. I got the best ! I knew we should have done this double date a long time ago. But you didn't seem ready, so I waited. I couldn't tell if you were shy or scared, if you didn't like me, or just weren't interested in a big blue monster."
           "You are not a monster !" Y/N exclaimed, finally raising her head to look at him. "You are... different, that's all."
           "Oh, my sweet little wonder." he whispered, putting his lips to her head.
           "... Yes, little. Tiny, and mortal. That's not a good idea."
           "Don't think about it. I know a lot of witches and wizards. We'll find something. Only now matters. Let's go to my room !"
           "What ? What ?!"
Still on Loki's shoulder, Y/N couldn't do anything, allowing him to led her into the large room that served as the prince's bedroom during his stay on Midgard. A special bed had been prepared for him. When he put her down in the middle, she felt minuscule.
It was worse when he started to take off his clothes.
           "Wait ! We can't ! We... you are so... so..."
           "Hmm, flattering. Don't panic, darling, I know what I'm doing. You don't risk anything. I'm not going to crush you, there will only be... pleasure. Trust me, I will take care of everything."
It wasn't like she had a choice anyway. Not because Loki wouldn't have let her go if she had said no. He would have accepted her refusal.
But because underneath him, Y/N couldn't really do much except let him lead the way. And as promised, Loki knew very well what he was doing.
He was everywhere at the same time. There was only him.
His tongue, his fingers, his lips. He could have swallowed her raw if he wanted to, in one bite.
And then there was his voice, between two growls. Loki really loved to talk, even in bed.
           "Oh Y/N, sweetie, look at you. You are beautiful. I love the little noises you make. You are so precious, so adorable, with your tremors when I touch you. And you smell so good ! Divine. As divine as the nectar flowing between your thighs. What a delight. You are so good for me. I wish I could come inside you and feel all your warmth."
           "St... stop..." she pleaded with a moan as he lifted her legs to admire her.
           "Someday we'll find a way. For now, one finger should be enough. Do you mind if I rub against you ? Oh no, your pretty noises tell me it's okay with you. I'll rub the tip of my cock against your entrance when I feel like I can't hold on anymore. Ah, you'll be totally filled with me."
           "Loki ! Oh !"
           "I see, wrong finger, a little too big, sorry. I'm going to use the smaller one, for my little darling. Oh Y/N, you're perfect, you know that?  As soon as I saw you, I knew you were made for me. I've waited for you all my life."
           "Silvertongue." she growled, remembering Thor's words.
           "Not with you, my love. Never with you. Or just a little, to tease you. I love your reactions so much. But I won't do it again if you ask me. I'm yours, all yours."
Maybe it was just a lie, or the passion that spoke, but Y/N wasn't really listening, focused on that giant, slightly cold finger penetrating her, as Loki sucked her breasts at the same time, while masturbating against her belly.
If she had woken up then to find it was a dream, she wouldn't have been surprised, if a little frustrated.
But Loki was really there, again placed on top of her to appreciate the view, as she was about to come.
           "You're all tight around my finger. I love it. Get ready my little darling."
As her whole body froze, overwhelmed with orgasm, Loki did his best to release his seed inside her, even though it also covered her chest and the sheets.
           "It was… amazing…" he sighed as he lay down next to her, stroking her skin and licking the cum that had reached her face. He took a clean sheet to wipe the rest. "I was a bit pissed off that we didn't do it sooner, but it was worth the wait."
           "Have you been thinking about it from the start ? About sex ?"
           "That, and more. Thanks to the star, you are finally mine. My little human."
           "Stop saying I'm little. Even if it's true."
           "Oh my little star is sulking ? I have to fix this." Loki joked, tickling her.
           "No ! Be serious !"
           "I am very serious."
           "Thor says you're never serious." Y/N sighed.
           "You asked that fool ? I love Thor, we're brothers, but he doesn't get it sometimes. It's true that so far I haven't really had a lasting relationship, but it's just because I didn't find the right person. Much like him. Maybe Jane will help him settle down. That would be a good thing."
           "Until we die."
           "You really haven't been listening, have you ? Stubborn little star." He kissed her on the head. "I'll find something. To keep you with me as long as possible. You thought I was saying this to seduce you and only have you for one night ? I might be a smooth talker, but not a liar. Okay, sometimes I'm a liar, but not with these things. If it's just for fun, I say it. Same with Thor, if that worries you. He's an idiot, but he's a nice idiot. He really loves his Earth girl, it's just that he doesn't think about the next step. I think about it. There has to be a spell for that. Or I'll do another wish. It might work, what do you think ? Honey ? Y/N ?.. Are you sleeping ?"
           "Oh my little wonder is exhausted. Rest, I'm here."
Snuggled up to him, totally surrounded by his huge body, Y/N obeyed, letting herself be rocked by her blue lover, who sang a lullaby in a language she did not understand.
The next day they would talk. They would think about the future. They would start looking for a solution, if there was one, to make things work. But not now.
They were just enjoying this peaceful moment, together, blessed by the stars.
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Safeword ⛓ Mutual Pining
Loki knew what he wanted. Who he wanted. So did she.
Y/N and Loki had been working alongside the avengers for a while now. Y/N joined around a week after Loki. From the moment Loki laid his eyes on her, he knew he wanted her. When he first heard her speak, he knew he wanted to hear her moan.
Loki was given the task of training y/n. Whilst he loved to watch the sweat drip from her overworked body, he knew it did nothing to help his self control. Whenever she was sparring with him, Loki would feel like he was in a trance. The lightest touch from her would send him almost charging out of the room trying to hide his growing erection. She looked like a goddess.
Despite y/n’s innocent demeanour, she knew what she was doing. She was aware of Loki’s eyes on her whenever she’d be doing the most mundane of tasks. She’d notice the hairs on Loki’s arm stand erect at her subtle touches. She would feel Loki’s grip tighten ever so slightly onto her when he had her back to his chest. The way his breath would hitch when she’d lean in to whisper something in his ear. She was very perceptive.
The sexual tension between y/n and Loki was obvious. The rest of the team noticed the change in his personality when he was talking to her. He’d go from being mostly silent to winking and smiling when she was around. The mute God would often tell jokes in her presence just to watch her laugh and this was something everyone noticed. Y/N would change too. If she was sitting down, she’d usually stand and start to busy herself with a task like washing or cleaning in the hopes that his eyes would follow her. If she was wearing a hoodie over her top, she’d usually unzip it especially when she was sitting opposite Loki. In these situations, she’d unzip her hoodie just enough to expose her cleavage and then she’d lean forwards hoping he’d sneak a risky glance.
When it came to missions, Y/N and Loki were inseparable. They’d always sit together on the quintet. Exit together. Fight together. They always had each others backs, they were the perfect duo. Being on missions together also gave them the opportunity for more physical contact whether it be Loki lifting y/n to kick someone in the face or her holding onto him whilst they teleported to safety. If one of them ever got hurt, the other wouldn’t leave their side. Sometimes Loki would find himself allowing someone to impale him during a mission. He knew it wouldn’t really hurt him, it’d just be a graze, but he yearned for y/n’s company. He craved her company. He desired to smell her sweet perfume. He ached to feel the sensation of her hands caressing his cheek, his shoulders, him. He was hungry for her.
As much as Loki longed for y/n, she also had her own battle with concupiscence. The way Loki’s hooded eyes would soften at her arrival and not leave her ignited something deep within her. The way he’d slightly lean into her neck when she’d plump the pillows behind his head made her weak in the knees. The way his cheeks would slightly heat up as she gently stroked them would make her heart skip a beat. The way his eyes would close whenever she’d message his shoulders. Made her imagine his reaction if she delved lower. The way Loki’s expression would beg her to stay whenever she’d make any move signalling her departure would leave her with a throbbing sensation in her core. She was starving for him.
Their mutual pining would often leave them both feeling amorous. When in the comfort of his own room, Loki would often free himself by removing his trousers and undergarments revelling in the feeling of the heaviness of his erect cock. He’d lightly stroke it beginning to think about her. Her here on his bed, naked, completely at his mercy begging him to fuck her. Applying more pressure to his strokes, he’d imagine himself in her mouth whilst she’s gagging and swallowing his cum. Feeling chills spreading across his abdomen and groin caused by his building pressure, he’d imagine how it would feel thrusting deeply into her. Her walls contracting around his hardened cock. Her hands caressing his shoulders. The smell of her perfume. Feeling his muscles beginning to tighten, his back slightly arch snd his pelvis involuntary thrusting forward, Loki would often cum with a groan and y/n’s name slipping breathlessly from his lips. He desperately wanted to be between her thighs.
Once in the comfort of her room, y/n would find herself dimming the lights before getting undressed and laying in her bed. She’d start off by messaging her breasts and playing with her hardened nipples. She’d imagine how it’d feel if Loki was laying above her right now, kneading her chest. After a while, she’d allow her hand to drift lower. Teasing her clit, she’d think about how it’d feel if her finger was replaced by Loki’s tongue. Needing more. Needing to feel full, she’d let her fingers enter her core. Pushing them in and out, her mind would be on Loki. The thought of his manhood stroking her entrance as he positioned his body above hers capturing her lips in a passionate kiss. The thought of feeling him entering her, filling her, was enough for y/n to reach her orgasm. She came with a moan and Loki’s name escaping her lips. She desperately wanted to feel him between her thighs.
The morning Tony announced that he was hosting a party on Saturday, cheers and celebratory praises could be heard from the common room. The team were no strangers to an infamous ‘Starky’ - Stark Party as he would say. Any party hosted by the one and only Tony Stark would involve, alcohol, sex, laughter and a splitting headache the next day. Hearing the news of the party, Loki knew that this would be his chance. His chance to finally, intimately touch her, taste her, feel her.
Tumblr media
A/N: what do we think? I really liked this I feel like it’s one of the best things I’ve written so far and I’m excited to do another part if that’s what the readers want 🖤🖤 all likes etc are highly appreciated xxx
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Valkyrie: Wait, Loki is your boyfriend?
Y/n: He is. *smiling at Loki*
Thor: Y/n is very patient.
Bruce: Obviously.
Valkyrie: How do you even handle his attitude?
Loki: Guys, I'm still here.
Y/n: And I am too. Not another word on Loki or I'll kill you all: he's amazing. *smiling at Loki*
Loki: *proudly looking at you defending him*
Tumblr media
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achillieus · 4 months ago
so there's no hot evil villain in love with me?
Tumblr media
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