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#loki x reader

Warmth - Loki x Reader

You wrap the fuzzy blanket around yourself. “Th-this is your fault,” you declare, sticking your nose in the air. “We would’ve gotten Bandesh by now if you hadn’t gotten s-so flippy!” You wipe your running nose, sniffing. It was two A.M. and you and Loki were sent to catch the biggest threat to the nation yet. But there was one problem: you were in Canada in the middle of winter with almost no supplies. Just a tent, two blankets, a bed pan, and enough metal containers to make a fridge.

Loki tends to the small fire. He was practically shirtless, his skin tinged blue. His hair was covering his back, crouching in front of you. Stupid Jotun. He could at least handle this freezing cold! “(Y/N), please. He—,” he tries. “He called you worthless.” He looks at you out of the corner of his eye. You roll yours.

“So? I mean, he wasn’t far off,” you mutter. “Compared to you, I-I’m just ordinary. Bandesh is a demigod. You’re a real god.” You exhale, trying to remember what your toes felt like. “Wh-what am I? Human.” You laugh softly. “Don’t say otherwise, either, you know I’m right.”

He sighs, putting more fuel in the fire. “Not to S.H.E.I.L.D., not to me… . (Y/N), in my opinion, you’re extra-ordinary.” He smirked some. You glare. He was such a flirt in the worst situations. He didn’t ever take you seriously when you tried to admit a flaw.

True, you were both mutually attracted to the other, but you needed to keep this relationship professional. Otherwise you were both screwed.

“Shut up, Loki.” Your teeth chatter as you shift in the snow. He looks at you again with that sapphire stare. He grabs the blanket that was intended for him. You arch an eyebrow. What the heck was he up to?

“Are you warming up, yet?” he asked, changing the subject. He walks over to you, wrapping the other blanket on you … sweetly? No, it couldn’t be, Loki was never sweet to you. The cold just must have been making you imagine things. You couldn’t quite pin the tone of voice, either. It wasn’t annoyed, or concerned. At least, not concerned, yet.

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pairing: loki x reader

warning: reader faints? idk if that’s a warning but im putting it as one incase

word count: 1.8k

a/n: this has been sitting in my revised for a while and since we’re quarantined, i said fuck it and finished it. anyway, hope you like it and tell me if y’all want a part 2!


The elevator chimed and opened the elevator doors revealing Thor and Loki. Steve gets up from the couch to greet them.

“JARVIS, tell Y/N that Thor is here,” Steve tells JARVIS then walks to the kitchen to get some breakfast with Natasha.


You were changing since you had gotten out of the shower when JARVIS told you that Thor had arrived. “Thank you JARVIS!” You exclaimed. You finished getting dressed then rushed downstairs to see your close friend, Thor.

Once you finally reached the living room area and made eye contact with Thor. You sprinted to him and gave him a giant hug causing him to engulf you.

“I’ve missed you!” You exclaimed into his shoulder.

“I have missed you too little one.” Thor chuckles while hugging you harder, restricting your breathing.

“Thor… need to… breathe..” You say between breaths finally getting him to put you down.

“Sorry about that.” Thor winced while gesturing your attention towards Loki.

When Loki’s eyes met yours, he gently took your hand in his and kissed the back of your hand, your face growing hot from his actions. “Loki. It’s my pleasure to meet you, love.”

The moment he greets you, you start to get dizzy and your body goes limp. When he started to stand upright, you started to lose balance provoking Loki to intercept you before your body clashed with the floor.

“Brother, what did you do to Lady Y/n?” Thor’s voice boomed, causing Nat and Steve to shoot up from the table.

“What happened?” Natasha queried while dashing out of the kitchen with Steve right behind her.

“JARVIS. Get Tony up here. Now.” Steve ordered going into captain mode.

“Yes, Captain.”

“Loki. What happened?” Steve questions while trying to keep a level head, throwing daggers with his eyes at the god.

“What did you need Capsicle?” Tony asks while coming up the stairs nonchalantly until he sees you in Loki’s arms.

Loki shook his head slightly looking up to Thor and the others with worry in his eyes, “I didn’t do anything, I was merely introducing myself.”

“This is no time for one of your tricks, Reindeer Games. Thor get Y/N from Loki, let’s get her/him to the med bay. JARVIS, call Dr. Banner and tell him that it’s urgent.” Tony demanded.

“Calling Dr. Banner,” JARVIS replied while Thor picked you up bridal style bringing you to the med bay with Tony.

Tony and Thor got to the med bay laying you on one of the medical beds while waiting for Banner to get there.

“I got your call. I came as fast as I could,” Dr. Banner stated lightly panting. “What happened with Y/N?” He questioned, furrowing his eyebrows while walking over towards you, starting to examine you.

“Loki told Y/N that it was nice to meet her/him and then she/he… collapsed,” Tony explained to Bruce, observing his facial expression while he studied you, trying to find out what was wrong.

“That’s unusual. Has Y/N been getting lightheaded lately? Has she/he been drinking enough water?” Bruce questioned Tony and Thor while walking them to the door.

“Uhh, I don’t recall Y/N getting lightheaded anytime recently,” Tony responded with uncertainty, hoping it was nothing too serious.

“I’m going to run a few more tests to make sure it’s nothing serious,” Bruce informed them then went back inside the room, shutting the door and the blinds behind him. Bruce went to work, trying every test that linked with symptoms of fainting.

While waiting for Bruce to be done with the testing, Tony and Thor waited outside the room.


Nat and Steve came down to the med bay around noon to see if you had woken up yet. When they got to the medical bay, they see Tony and Thor both hunched over sitting on the benches outside where Y/n was. Nat turns her head to glance at Steve then back at the boys, giving them a sympathetic smile. She walks over to where Tony is sitting and sits next to him. She lays her hand on his shoulder, rubbing his shoulder and back a bit.

“Where is my brother?” Thor asked, looking up at Steve and Nat.

“We thought it would be best to keep him in a cell until we sort this out,” Steve informs him on their decision.

All four of them turned to the door when they heard the door creak open. "I ran every test I could and everything came back negative, I honestly have no idea what’s wrong.” Bruce started to explain but a coughing sound brought everyone’s attention inside the room.

“Wait here,” Bruce told them, walking back inside leaving the door open this time.

“What happened? Why am I in the medical bay?” You questioned scanning the room and sitting up in bed.

“You fainted and we brought you here,” Tony states ignoring what Bruce had told him and walked into the room, going to the left side of your bed opposite Bruce.

“Do you know why you collapsed like that?” Bruce inquired while the others decided to follow Tony into the room.

You begin to rake through your brain to find out any reason that had caused you to collapse. “Shit!“ You realize what happened, making your eyes grow wider then swinging your legs over the side of the bed to leave.

“Woah, Woah, Woah. Where do you think you’re going?” Tony questions standing in front of you, blocking your way off the bed.

“To see Loki. I have to be certain about what this is.” You say trying to get off the bed but once your feet touch the ground, your knees gave in and you clutch onto the nearest thing to you, that being Tony.

“Y/N, you should sit down and rest. You just woke up from passing out.” Bruce informs you while Tony helps you back on the bed, giving you a stern look to not try to get up again.

“Wait. Did you just say you know what happened and why you collapsed?” Natasha announces seeming to be the only one to catch unto that part.

You shake your head slightly from side to side, giving a so-so expression on your face. “I have a theory but you won’t like it.” You say knowingly getting a look from them to continue. “Like a siren, we can lure men and women with our singing but if we hear our soulmates voice, we essentially pass out upon hearing it for the first time.” You explain while glancing at all them, watching their facial expressions change.

“So you’re telling us that Loki, is your ‘soulmate’?” Steve vocalized looking at you in confusion and disbelief, as if not hearing you correctly.

“Basically, yeah.” You say sheepishly. “Also, where is he?” You ask getting up off the bed and making sure you can walk without falling this time then starts toward the door.

“I can take you to him,” Natasha commented, giving you a helping hand and helped you out of the med bay with Thor trailing a little behind.

“I shall accompany you as well,” Thor claims, catching up to you and Nat in a few long strides.


Natasha led you and Thor to where Loki was being kept. Before arriving you ask Nat if Loki could leave the cell and live in one of the rooms Stark has available.

“I’ll have to ask Stark on that one,” Nat informed you, approaching the opening to where Loki was staying for the time being. “I’m going to go talk to Stark about getting him and Thor a room. Thor watches over them, please.” She insisted, leaving you with the two gods.

Once you made your way into Loki’s line of sight, you could already see that he was standing toward the middle of the cell. You could feel his intense gaze on you the entire time you walked into the room with Thor.

“May I have the pleasure of knowing what I’m here for exactly?” Loki inquired, finally speaking up after a bit, tilting his head slightly to the right watching you like a hawk.

You glanced up towards him to meet his intense stare but before you could think of something to say, Thor had beat you to it.

“Brother, do you know what a Siren is?” Thor questions Loki.

"Yes. Their mythical creatures said to be beautiful and have the power to put anyone in a trance by singing.” He said as if he was reading off a script.

“You’re a siren.” He disclosed scanning your face, taking a few steps back to sit on one of the chairs in the little cell. “I’m your soulmate.” He observes you once he sat down. You nod your head slightly, giving him your answer.

You were about to say something when you heard Tony talking to Thor, telling him he could go if he wanted. You looked behind you to see Thor leaving and Tony and Clint coming further into the room, coming up on either side of you.

“This isn’t a good idea. Thor, I’m fine with but Loki? Really?” Clint whispers bitterly, keeping his eyes on Loki.

“We don’t have much choice. I hope you know that.” You tell them turning your head toward Hawkeye then back to Loki.

“What do you mean, ‘We don’t have much of a choice?’, we have plenty of choices and the best one is to send his ass back to Asgard.” Clint practically starts to seethe with anger.

“I’m right here.” Loki remarks throwing daggers at Clint. “Besides, you need me.” He states knowingly slinking back into the chair and continuing to examine your every move allowing him to take in your beauty once more.

Tony rolls his eyes at Loki’s response while Clint scoffed at him, “We don’t need anything from you.” Barton remarked.

“We do. Well, I do.” You correct yourself sheepishly removing your eyes from the god.

“Awe, come on Love. Don’t say that like it’s a bad thing.” Loki sneered, getting up from the chair and striding over to the glass edge.

“Y/N, what do you mean?” Tony asks, turning his head toward you and Clint, locking eyes with you, completely ignoring Loki all together.

“She needs me. If we were to get split up, she would die.” Loki explains for you, making you lose eye contact from Stark.

“Tell me that’s not true,” Clint pleads for reassurance having you turn your head to give him a weak smile.

“I wish I could but he speaks the truth this time.” You inform Stark and Clint, drooping your head lightly looking at the ground.

“Well now that’s out of the way, could I get out of this cage?” Loki questions gesturing around himself.

Tony walks over the power grid grumpily and unlocks Loki’s door. He grabs the god’s left forearm arm once he walks out of the cage. “If you ever dare hurt her in any way possible; emotionally, physically, or mentally, I will kill you.” He fumed, his eyes never wavering from Loki’s, making sure the god understood.

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Summary: Loki is betrothed to y/n, a princess from Alfheim, and thinks she’s just another bratty princess who is only looking to make a relationship with Asgard, and not him.But actually she’s a quiet and quirky girl who’s absolutely head over heels for him and she shows him that he can be loved by others . She has to spend the summer before their marriage with him in Asgard before living there permanently after their marriage. AN: think of kinda like a swan princess idea but like with different personalities. Hope you like this story, fellow Loki fans! Age 17 “No father, I refuse to spend the rest of my life with an obnoxious princess who will favor Thor! I don’t see anyone telling Thor to get married! Mother, you tell Fathe !” Loki said pleading, frustrated.The throne room air was getting tense. Loki was just recently enlightened of the fact that he had to marry some Alfheim princess to make a truce with the kingdom. He wasn’t completely upset with being with someone, just the idea that someone might not ever like him. Odin was also getting quite frustrated as well.”Loki, don’t act like a fool. You are a prince, and so you have responsibilities to fulfill. You haven’t even met her yet, perhaps you will enjoy each other’s company.” Loki blushed profusely, while his mother carried on with that notion. “You know dear I never see you playing with Thor and Sif and the others, maybe this girl will be the one to get you out of your shell. Loki was about to make more off-handed protests, until the large gold doors to the palace swung open, revealing a girl draped in a green and silver gown with her parents right behind her. The guard announced “Presenting Duke and Duchess Idunn with the elegant Lady y/n!” Loki stared at you. Thinking. She is beautiful, not that it matters anyway. He knew that she would probably rather be with Thor anyways so why get his hopes up, he thought annoyed. You took an uneasy step into their grand throne room. Wow, This is so cool! You looked at the prince who many said wasn’t someone very open to friends, or more for that matter. You didn’t care though, you already knew what one-sided love felt like. No one knew, but you had harbored a secret crush on the mysterious, younger prince for quite awhile before you met him for the first time. People had always immediately gone for someone like Thor or Fandral, but those two were quite far from your type. You were a quiet girl who had quite the imagination and loved books. You enjoyed dreaming whimsical fantasies in your head. You were a bit scared that the young prince would immediately be annoyed by that behavior and just ignore you, which you had experienced a lot of that as a child with no friends. Odin nodded.”Please, come in! We have been looking forward to your arrival for quite some time! Loki, go greet your new friend! ” Loki stared at his father unbelievably. Do all parents have the ability to be so two-faced? You were just lecturing me, old man. You nervously stepped toward him and sank into a deep curtsy you had rehearsed in the mirror multiple times. Loki bowed back stiffly.“My lady.” Frigga shot him a look that Loki could feel in his core. He sighed mentally. The prince exhaled and then stepped forward, took your hand, and kissed it. You tried to play it cool, but you failed and your face turned as red as the roses in the royal gardens. Oh my Odin, he kissed my hand! I’m never gonna wash this hand! You thought feverishly. Loki raised a questioning eyebrow at your response and went to sit back with his parents, and you took your place by your parents. About twenty minutes later, your parents were apparently best friends with Odin and Frigga .“Children, why don’t you go to the gardens?” Frigga could feel the boredom pouring off both of you. Loki nodded and rose from his seat. He offered a hand out to you, which you accepted, breaking your previously made blushing world record. Loki was confused internally at your blushing, but he put on a mischievous smirk and led you outside to the gardens. Your eyes widened at the gorgeous flowers and vines. “So princess, I’ll just let you enjoy the flowers. If you need something, ask the handmaidens.” Loki spoke behind you. You were taken aback at his abrupt rudeness and turned around to face him. “ Actually, I was wondering if you had a… library?” You hoped this would make him spend time with you. Loki raised an eyebrow. We’ll see how much longer she can keep this fake facade up. Her parents probably made her rehearse. “ All right. The handmaidens will take you.” He had quickly turned around and was ready to leave, “ And you won’t?”you replied with the same speed, surprised at your slightly impolite response, although you had good reason to. On the carriage ride to the palace you were looking out the window daydreaming about spending the entire day with the prince and both being so much in love with each other and whatnot. You knew you couldn’t force anyone to fall in love, but at least he could spend some god damn time with you! Loki looked at you, surprised at your quiet facade diminishing, slightly annoyed he would have to deal with the “you” problem head on. He just wanted to go to his room and finish reading his spellbook. It’s probably much better than whatever she’s offering he thought. “Well, if you are so spoiled that you need someone to accompany you everywhere it would be my pleasure. In fact, if you ever give up on being a brown-noser, perhaps you could be an actor in the royal theater.” Loki said, getting annoyed with how you kept on with your “act”. You were shocked at the prince’s accusations. “Uh excuse me, I didn’t ask for you to be rude to me, I was actually ready to spend my whole day finally getting to know you, not getting rejected and reading in a library alone like always . I was planning on really meeting someone new and realizing that all my crush fantasies weren’t complete crap and were real!” You vented out loud. You gasped at the sudden realization of your actions. You had just talked back to the prince, if your parents heard…You looked at Loki for his reaction and you kept your head bowed, ready for him to get mad.q To your surprise, he stood there for a minute,and then bowed his head. Well, I never thought I’d meet a princess who enjoys books more than being pampered by handmaidens. Perhaps it is best to indulge her for now. I should introduce her to Thor too, then maybe her crush fantasies will come true as well. “Very well, princess. Follow me” “You know, Prince Loki, that you shouldn’t call me princess. My royal title is Lady and nothing more. Truthfully, I would prefer you didn’t call me Lady either.” Oh shit. What are you saying? If mother or father hears me now, you are so dead, y/n! Loki seemed more intrigued by the second. How interesting. Most royals I’ve met are more attached to their titles than to their families. “Very well, Lady. Then what would you prefer I address you as?” “Just y/n, please.” It would be a wild understatement to say you were confused. This was foreign territory to you. Your panicked thought slid to the back of your mind when you bumped into the blond Prince of Asgard. “ Oh God, I’m so sorry! Are you ok?” “ My apologies, Lady. I should watch where I’m going.” Thor bowed deeply and rose up. “ Very well, Lady y/n, this is Thor, Thor, this is Lady y/n. Now, why don’t you accompany our guest to the royal library so her crush fantasies will evade her no longer.” You turned around, confused. “I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean.” “What is there not to understand? Go, you can even meet Thor’s friends.” “ Uh, um, I.. think you have misunderstood.” You stuttered the words out as Thor got the heck outta there. “ I like you, my Prince.” You blushed the color of a tomato at the miscommunication. If you had expected this to go this way, in your vision Loki wouldn’t have been so shocked that he stumbled over his own feet with a grin you never thought you’d see on the face of the Dark Prince. It took him a minute to regain his composure, and he turned away from you as he led you to the absolute heaven others called the royal library. Loki’s P.O.V As her elegant steps descended the staircase behind me, I thanked Odin she couldn’t see the ridiculous smile on my face. I was a Prince! I should not be reduced to shambles by the love confessions of one girl. But I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t quite understand why she wished to accompany me,or why she chose me over Thor, but I wasn’t going to deny her the opportunity to see the Royal Library. Usually, nobody but me entered those golden doors, and usually, I didn’t want them to. That was the place I spent my sleepless nights and my tired days to escape my reality into a world of scholars and tricks, a world that had seen me shed more tears than was good for me. However, I felt she was worthy to join in my world of magic and mystery. My world of books and beauty. No, I recalled the way her parents described her attraction to books. Not just my world anymore. It’s our world now

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Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Characters: Loki, Reader

Genre: Angst. Enemies to Lovers…sort of. 

AN: Decided to take this trope out for a spin….it was a bit of a ride writing it. Hope you all enjoy!


Originally posted by lokitty-blog1

“Who did this to you?”

Five words you never expected to hear escape from his lips. Him of all people, the one who whenever the two of you would meet on the field of battle would turn and run without a word at the sight of you. The one who would happily take on anyone of your team in a fight and leave them a wreck, the one who seemed to be unnerved by the sight of you.

Not many could claim that a so-called god was afraid of them. But somehow, some way, he seemed to be.

How or why he was you couldn’t say. After all, you were just an ordinary human. Just another member of S.H.I.E.L.D as far as you knew. What was it about you that made an Asgardian who had faced things that no human could imagine stop in his tracks?

Who did this to you?”

The tone in which he asked it was frightening. Though seemingly calm, almost polite, there was such an undercurrent of demonic rage just barely being contained under the surface that words escaped you. This man, this God was supposed to be your adversary. This God had made so many humans tremble in fear, had made it clear years before that he considered the humans on Midgard beneath him. Why did he care that one human was hurt?

Who did this to you?”

What this was, was torment. Having taken an energy blast straight to the chest from an unknown adversary, the blast had sent you through a wall. Not only that, it had left you pinned under so much rubble, you could hardly breath, let alone push it off. You couldn’t even activate your emergency alarm on your side. You were slowly dying with no way to let the others know. The best you could hope for was that it would be over quick.

An unknown amount of time had passed before you heard footsteps. Heavy ones at that. You tried with all your might to scream, to make enough movement that the person, whomever it was might hear you. But it seemed hopeless.

Tears streamed down your face, out of pain, out of frustration. It was the only thing you had the strength to do and even then you hated yourself for it. Not only for feeling weak but for the fact that the others would see it when and if they managed to find your remains.

You were so lost in your own thoughts, thoughts that you were certain would be your last when suddenly, the crushing weight of the debris was lifted off you. You gasped deeply, repeatedly, trying to catch your breath.

But even with the debris gone, the pain remained. You could sense that you had multiple broken bones throughout your body and that would probably be the lightest damage you had suffered. Every movement was agony, at a level you could never imagine, and you shut your eyes in pain and tried not to scream.

Who did this to you?”

The words came, from a voice that was smooth and deep. A voice that sounded almost silky. Silver tongued. A voice that from briefings and from experience you knew only belonged to one person.

Slowly opening your eyes, your heart filled with horror at the sight of the person kneeling beside you. Dressed in his resplendent green, black and gold garments was none other than Loki of Asgard.

You expected him to be smiling. You expected him to gloat at finally having taken you down on the field of battle. You thought to tell him to be quick about it, but the words wouldn’t come forth.

But there was no smile. There was no gloating. There was to your shock the look of someone who’s expression could only be described as tranquil fury.

You didn’t know what to say. You didn’t know the name of the being that had shot you. All you could think of where the last words you heard before

“He said not to harm you. But he isn’t here now.”

As if he heard your thoughts, his face took on a look of resolve. You could sense that he had knew who you were thinking of and he already knew what he planned to do to that person.

You expected him to walk away. Walk away and leave you for the others to find. After all, you were human. You were beneath him, a creature to be ruled by others. Gods didn’t sully themselves with the likes of you.

But this one did.

Wordlessly he reached over and with surprising gentleness, slipped his arms under you and picked you up with a level of strength and easy you never thought possible. Getting to his feet, he held you close as he carried you away from the wreckage.

You didn’t know where he was taking you. You didn’t know why he was doing this. There were so many things you didn’t know, things you could only guess at through the waves of pain that still went through you.

Loki never looked down at you as he carried you, carried you like you were something fragile, something that might crack and fall to pieces at any moment. It would have been apt for you felt as if you might fall apart.

Exhausted from the pain, both mental and physical, you closed your eyes and willed yourself to try and block it all out, but you couldn’t block it. The day was too much, and it wasn’t over yet. Glancing back up at Loki, he kept his eyes forward, his jaw clenched so tightly, you wondered if it might break.

He said nothing to you as he hurried along. Nothing about where he was going or what he was feeling. Through the pain you tried to read his thoughts, tried to pick up any hints from his body language, but nothing was coming together.  

Loki didn’t speak. He didn’t trust himself to speak as he carried you back towards his ship, where he knew he could take you away and have you quickly healed. No words, in any language could describe the fury he felt at that moment, nor could they describe what he had planned for the one who had inflicted all this on you. Only one thing was certain in his mind.

“Someone dies for this.”

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Can I request 3 and 39 on the angst list for Hiddleston

Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x OC (Jade)

3. “Please don’t walk out of that door.”

39. “I can’t do this on my own.”

Jade and Tom haven’t been getting along for the past few days. They were either arguing or giving each other the silent treatment.

She was willing to make it work but now she doesn’t know anymore. She was tired of the fighting and the lies coming from him.

Jade was about to walk to the car with her daughter until Tom came downstairs.

“What you doing?” He asked looking at both of them.

Jade couldn’t look at him. She couldn’t look at the man she was once in love with.

“Ella go wait in the car sweetie.” She told her daughter when she pressed the car door open with the keys in her hand.

Ella did as she said and went to the car and got in closing the door shut.

“Where do you think you’re going with my daughter?” Tom’s hands were on his hips while his blue eyes were on you still.

Jade scoffed. “Excuse me? She’s my daughter, not yours.”

“So what happened to me adopting her and being her father huh?” Tom shakes his head.

He couldn’t believe this from her of all people.

“We can’t do this anymore Tom.” Jade tried to hold back tears in her eyes. “I’m so tired.”

She reaches the doorknob since the door was already opened as she heard him say. “Please don’t walk out of that door.”

Jade didn’t dare to look at him anymore.

“JADE!” He raised his voice when he grabbed her and pulled her close to him. “Baby don’t.”

Tears roll down her cheeks as she sniffles a bit. “I can’t I’m sorry.” She snatched away from him and walked out the door going straight to her car.

“I can’t do this on my own,” Tom yelled watching her.

He didn’t care if his neighbors were looking at him crazy. He just wanted them back in his life.

He watched you drove away until he slammed the door shut crying his eyes out realizing he messed up once again.

Prompt list

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Y/n’s Pov-

Today was a normal day, I woke up to an empty bed, like I have for the past few days because Loki was in Asgard,. Fixing the messes he caused, yawning I made my way to the bathroom to do my business. Then I came back to go back to sleep but my phone dinged before I reached the bed. I unlock my phone to see the name Tyler pop up. Tyler is my ex, he left me for Brittany, his ex because she was ‘depressed’ as she claimed.. I opened his message and my eyes went wide at what he had typed.


I want to apologize formally, meet me at the Starbucks by the Avengers tower in an hour. See ya then :)

I scoffed and shook my head, no way in hell was I gonna meet him….well he did say he wanted to apologize formally…maybe I should. What could be so bad about it?

I sat at a booth in the corner of the Starbucks, he was already there when I entered, waiting for me. “Hey….” He smiled with excitement coming across his features. “I got you (your favorite type of drink), your favorite.”

“Thanks…” I looked at him suspiciously, but took a sip of my drink.

“Anyways I wanted to talk…I’m sorry for leaving you for Brittany. It just turns out she wanted my money….”

“After a year of being with her you finally figured that out?” I snorted.

“I deserve that….but there’s something I wanna tell you.” He grabbed both of my hands and caressed them with his thumbs. “Y/n I….I miss you…I want to get-”


“W-What? You d-”

“No, I do not want to get back with you. I found someone else, someone who actually treats me like a queen.”

“You mean that monster? Loki who almost destroyed half of New York?!” He shouted, making me jump, stay strong, don’t let him scare you.

“Yes, now if you excuse me I’m leaving.” I stand up and try to make my way towards the door but he grabs my arm forcefully.

“That man is wrong for you! He’s a monster, a killer who doesn’t deserve you!’

” And you do?“

"He’s a monster! Especially in his Jotun form, he’s an ugly piece of filth who doesn’t deserve love-” I slap him across the face, my hand stinging from impact.

“He does deserve love! Your the monster! Yes he’s make mistakes but I love him, besides at least he’s trying to fix his mistakes unlike you-” Before I could finish my sentence he pushed me to the floor and punched me, giving me a bloody nose, well no wonder he got angry so quickly, I could smell the alcohol on his breath. He punched me again, over and over then spoke “If I can’t have you then no one can!” He pulls out a knife and stabs me in the stomach….

Loki’s Pov-

“Brother, come on, how long does it take to pick a ring?” My brother Thor complained, I was gonna do it, I was gonna ask Y/n to be my queen. I told her that I was coming to Asgard to fix the mistakes I had made, which was partly true.

“Choosing something for a queen takes time brother, something you obviously don’t have..” I retort.

“Brother, it doesn’t matter what type of ring you give her she’ll say yes even if you didn’t give her one.”

“Your right, I’ve seen the way she looks at you but you need to get to her immediately.” I turn to see Heimdal looking at me with worry.

“What do you mean?”

“She’s alright but something happened to her….”

As soon as Heimdal told me what happened I instantly ran to the bifrost, teleporting to the hospital she was placed in.

“Darling!” I rushed to her side, tears rolling down my cheeks as I stared at her pale face. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled.

Y/n’s Pov-

“Your back…” I tiredly muttered as he squeezed my hand.

“Who did this?” He growled. “Who hurt my queen!”

“Please don’t yell….”

“Sorry….I swear to you, I will capture whoever did this and torture him until-”

“Loki…” I placed my hand on his cheek, caressing.

“We can deal with that later….lay with me?”

“Of course…” I slowly scoot over as he joins, hugging me lightly, as if I’m fragile. “Tell me…who did this?…”

“ Tyler….He’s in the police’s hands now, it’s all taken care of.” I kiss the top of his head, reassuring him that everythings gonna be ok.

“…When Heimdal approached…I thought the worse thing had happened…I thought you-you…”

“Shh it’s ok…im right here…” I began to dose off, and felt someone softly touching my head while whispering.

“He will pay, I promise you that.”

Loki’s Pov-

“So brother is she ok?” Thor asked as I charged out of the room.

“She’s fine but the man who did this to her won’t be.”

“Who will we be torturing?” I stop and turn to him.


“No one hurts lady Y/n, so yes we.”

“…Never thought you were the type. Anyways it was her ex Tyler who did this. He’s in police custody, we are going to break him out.”

“Sounds like fun.”

I appeared in Tyler’s cell as he sobbed, calling for her, the one he hurt.

“Hello Tyler.” He immediately looked up, fear showed in his eyes as he saw me.


“Loki, God of Mischief. I would say it’s nice to meet you but….I won’t be nice.”

“…..Is she ok?”

“How dare you ask me that when your the one who stabbed her! But no worries, you will pay soon enough.”

“What do yo-” I stepped closer, grabbing him by the neck and dragged him outside to my brother Thor. Who was waiting happily with his hammer.

“Heimdall open the Bifrost.” I ordered and up we went to Jotunheim.

“Jeez it’s freezing!” Tyler complained.

“Yes, yes it is and this, will be your new home.”

“W-What? No I’ll die-”

“And so would’ve Y/n if she wasn’t saved, so we are going to leave you here. Oh and here that scattering? I’d suggest you better start running.” I threw him on the ground and we teleported back to earth as he shouted for us to come back and help. I watched as he ran with his little mortal legs, hoping to survive. I’d come back for him later when he was close to death, or dead, who knows how long he’ll survive. At least he won’t be able to hurt my Queen.

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Characters: Loki X Stark!Reader, Tony Stark X Sister!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Pregnancy

Request: Tony and sister reader: he and the team discover you are in a secret relationship with Loki and you both are happily married and you are a few months pregnant with loki’s baby and he is not happy about it.


Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs

Tony had a sister. Some people knew about you, including the Avengers, but it seemed that most people didn’t know a lot about you. The only pictures the press and people could find about you was back when you were a child, the oldest picture being when you were around 13, and since then you seemed to drop off the face of the planet. It became rumoured that you had gone missing or died, but Tony quickly assured you were fine, but just liked to be secretive about your life. Still, people wondered.

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Request: Loki Smut please! Perhaps both Reader & Loki are in love with each other but in denial. Loki thinks he’s a monster and a human could never love him til she proves him wrong.

A/N: Listen,,,, I live for this type of smut. I don’t know why. Something about comforting someone or making them feel like they matter is… I love. God, I probs sound desperate. But honestly, I just want to love someone :> Anyway :D I love this request, if you can’t already tell, and I hope you’ll like it. I hope the anon who requested this is still following me! Truth is, I started writing this one back in July 2019 and got around to finish it two days ago and I’ve finally done it! it’s been tough, that’s for sure, I’ve had many writer’s block moments. And I think this is actually my first ever Loki thing. It must be, yeah. Though I feel like I’ve wrote his character a million years already. I certainly did my best on this one. Smut is always a tad harder than fluff or angst for me and I wish to improve my skills at writing it.  Happy reading! Love you all! 

Warnings: angst, smut, comfort.


“Oh, Steve! Star-crossed lovers, seven o'clock.” Tony speaks, seeing Y/N and Loki walking - unplanned - together into the kitchen. Loki rolls his eyes while Y/N does nothing, perhaps only glancing at Loki for a split second, in fear. She searches for any shared emotion between them, even if it may be discomfort. Anything they could share. Loki and her are both tired from Tony’s and Sam’s constant teasing. But, like the mentioned two, the rest of the team also see what’s really going on between Y/N and Loki.

Now, Loki is in bigger denial than Y/N, because her feelings are showing more above the surface, easier to read. She’s recently realised it, hence she tries her best to conceal her feelings, her embarrassment, her truth, so no one could ‘crack her’. She would love to share these feelings with someone, scream them from the top of the Stark tower so that the whole world knows of it, and, most of all, to share them with Loki. 

But Loki… He’s cold. He denies her supposed feelings, and his own when asked about it. He himself can’t accept that someone like her, a beautiful girl inside out, a caring and loving one, could like, much less love, someone like him. Well, there’s no one else like him, but… Loki’s a monster. A villain in his eyes and those of others. He’s been cowardly and submissive his whole life, committed crimes in hopes of earning love, attention… Acceptance. He’s betrayed his dearest, and is known as a galaxy-wide criminal and villain. Who and how could ever feel such things as love or afection towards him? 

“Your endless teasing is growing pathetic, tin-man.” Loki says to Tony, grabbing the coffee machine’s handle to pour himself a cup of the terran liquid. A liquid he’s learned to love the taste of over these several months he’s spent in the tower. Tony snorts. To that Loki only shoots the man a look, though he wished he hadn’t.

“Tony, you should stop. It is starting to get old, this joke of yours.” Steve points out and turns over a page in the paper he’s reading. Y/N makes quick work of taking sandwhiches from the fridge. Mainly because she hates to be the topic of anyone’s open discussion, but also because she can’t bear hearing Loki denying his love for her. Truth be told, it hurts her very much.

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Story Time pt 3

Rating: G

Fandom: The Avengers

Characters: Tony Stark, Loki, Thor, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Vision, Wanda Maximoff, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson.


Present time



“……and after that, I think the rest is history, Thor got casted out here, came back, this one faked his death, almost destroyed New York, both went to Asgard, he faked his death again” the goddess said nonchalantly and pointing at the god of lies who was still laying his head on her lap. “And then Asgard got destroyed, but at least I’m here with them again”. She shrugged.

And before she could finished the story Thor was shaking his head, knowing that the girl he called his sister had left out a very important part of the story out.

“So you didn’t choose?” Asked Peter really interested on what happened.

“Oh she did, alright” said Thor standing up and walking out to go to his room “she chose before I had even gotten casted out”

“I would hardly say choose” interrupted Loki “that would suggest that she was attracted to both of us equally”.

Thor just chuckled at the remark and disappeared out the door. Loki hummed and gave a smile to the goddess he had grown up with, before giving her a quick kiss on her lips, leaving some of the members shocked, and some just nodding their heads cause they had already figured out the relationship between the deities that lived with them.

“We’ve been married for almost 100 years” said Loki loud enough for the whole team to hear “we got married in secret, in a small park in the outskirts of Asgard.”

The sun was setting and the streets were empty. The group of seven was hiding in the small garden of carnations and irises. Frandal had brought the wine, Sif the sword, Volstagg the food, and Hogun the cups. While Sif and The Warriors Three were not thrilled about sneaking around for the ceremony that was about to take place, Thor was ecstatic for his brother and sister-to-be that he convinced his closest friends to be part of it.

Loki was genuinely smiling, as he looked at his bride. Finally, someone he could spent unlimited time with and know he was loved and appreciated. Finally, someone who loves him just as much as he loves her. Someone who understands the passion behind magic, and reading, and peace, someone he had always known, and someone that made him feel at home, regardless of where he was.

“We should hurry, before the guards start looking for us” warned Sif as she swiftly stabbed the ground with her sword.

Thor stood behind the wedged sword and had his brother and new sister stand in front of it. He took a long green scarf made from Loki’s cape fabric and wrapped it around both of them, gave each a cup of wine and smiling.

“I hallow on this wine, first known in the north, for the Aesir and Vanir, as the first born of Frigga The All-Mother, and Odin The All-Father, that this union will take you to a journey filled with adventure and love.” Thor said reciting the officiant script he had learned long ago.

“I, Loki Odinson, pledge to honor, encourage, and support you through our life together. When our ways become too difficult, I promise to stand by you and uplift you, so that through our union we can accomplish more than alone. I promise to always love you and make you a priority in my life”. He said standing his hand to his love.

“I, pledge to honor, encourage, and support you through our life together” she replied “I promise that it will be your eyes into which I smile everyday morning. I pledge to you my living and my dying. I shall protect you, and uplift you.” She said taking his hand in hers.

“This is a marriage of equals” both of them said in unison.

“I, Thor Odinson, bless and accept this union” he said and indicated the couple to drink the wine. Once they were done with their respective cups, the scarf around their necks had shined and slowly faded, indicating the end of the ceremony. Loki, took this opportunity to finally kiss his wife.

“…And after that we had dinner with the food Volstagg had brought” the goddess said finishing her story.

“So, besides Thor, no one knows you’re married?” Asked Sam.

“Pretty much, it wasn’t a big wedding, and we did it in secret”.

“So you eloped, and decided to make everyone believe you just didn’t want to be married?” Questioned Tony.

“Not really, we just never seemed to have time to have a big ceremony” replied the Goddess.

“I think, you should, now” added the billionaire.

“How? Everything is closed” she remarked “and it also not necessary”

“Oh we can have a livestream, just think about it, do it again, but earth style, there’s enough space here, and of people want to send gifts, amazon is always good” stated the billionaire.

“We could all dress as you would in Asgard” added Peter getting excited

“It’s really okay” said the goddess one last time knowing full well that her words were not being heard by the now wedding planning committee that was the team of heroes she was working and living with. She turned her head to see her husband who decided that they had spent too much time with the group and was heading to his room to sleep for a while, he invited her and without thinking it she followed him, leaving their friends to plan what quoting Wanda could be The Wedding of the Century.

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Thor : I can’t keep this secret any longer !

Loki : What ?

Thor : I will tell her your feelings towards her, brother.

Loki : No. No no no no no. No !

Thor : *stands up*

Loki : *stabs him*

Thor : *falls* Why ?!

Loki : Your fault. Not mine.

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The light from the explosion of The Statesman was so brilliant it shone across the galaxy, noticed by several planets and drawing the attention of numerous civilizations. The Eluskan people were curious and helpful by nature. Upon spotting the blast they began preparations to send a scout ship the following day. The small crew of six spent days searching the area through the debris; trying to find clues as to what had happened, but finding little more than rubble. 

They were ready to turn back when a small flicker of green light was seen in the distance. The ship was steered in the direction of the light and the closer they got the more visible the body became. The captain had the body brought on board and they began scanning it for signs of life. The man was badly burned and had ligature marks on his throat. No traditional signs of life were found but there was the smallest whisp of seidr still burning within him. It wasn’t much, but it was enough. The crew headed back to Eluska and delivered the man to their healers in hopes of bringing him back.

The healers worked tirelessly for three days until finally their combination of magic and medicine took. The man’s pale sea green eyes snapped open and a deep rattle sprung from his chest as he drew his first breath in over a week. The healers rejoiced and a young female Eluskan leaned over the table to get his attention. “Your name, sir?” She asked. 

“Loki” he replied with a rasp.

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Hello lovelies! Hope ya’ll are having a nice Sunday so far :) This is your official sneak peek at the new fic I’m starting on Monday night (4/6/2020). The fic is set a week after Loki’s supposed death on the Statesman and follows Loki as he tries to adapt to a very changed world he’s not sure he even wants to be a part of. Luckily for our favorite trickster, he meets you. A modern girl just trying to work your way through school in NYC and live your best life. There will be feels, fluff, angst, Netflix, takeout, smut, hope, and healing. I hope ya’ll will enjoy the journey with me. XOXO - Ash

Prologue is up and located HERE

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 Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Well, Y/N is basically in a sugar daddy relationship and she doesn’t like it, so make of that what you will.

Type: One Shot but may turn into a series oop

Request: N/A

Word Count: 1986

Prompt: Basically an alternative MCU where the reader is in Italy, she’s in a /relationship/ if you could call it that, with an older man, who is terrifyingly possessive she feels like there’s no way out, but meets a handsome tall raven-haired man whom is none other than Loki Laufeyson, based off the song Salvatore by Lana Del Rey UWU.

Notes: I didn’t know where I was going with this, but I really like it.I know this isn’t really where they //meet// meet, but this is just the backstory of where Y/N got to where she is. Loki has me SOFt. Anyway, I just wanted to see if anyone would anticipate a series for this. I’m not sure, I’m still a weenie,but let me know! It helps a lot. 


Originally posted by lokitty-blog1

You’ve been living in Italy for the past year, it hadn’t been your place of birth, rather, you migrated to the country in search of losing your past, creating something of you that would make you satisfied for once.

However, none of this came for free, you ran away from home, with no support from either of your parents, no income, no direction. Typical.

It was at a diner that you stumbled upon, where an older well dressed man took the liberty to sit in the chair across from you, asking you if he could buy your meal. You hadn’t had a warm meal for two weeks now and it was very tempting.

Yet, you were quick to put up a front “Yeah? What’s in it for you?” 

“Your company.” The white haired gentleman replied with an accent you weren’t familiar with, he then described he owned two companies, both giving him much income to spare, he was from Italy and was only in this city to work out some negotiations with companies located around your state.

You were intrigued to say the least, he definitely looked out of place, wearing a baby blue suit, white button up, tinted glasses, hair well groomed. However, you’d still be adamant on asking him what was in it for him, though you were practically starving, it hadn’t gotten to a point where you would give out any services.

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Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Loki/Female Reader

Category: Fluff. Fluff without plot.

Rating: G.

Summary: Loki’s past comes to haunt him at night, and you do what you can to comfort him.

Warnings/Notes: I was afraid that constantly being the anxious damsel was getting old, so I wanted to flip the script a little. Being strong for someone else can make you feel strong for yourself, right? This is another little piece for my Loki’s Lullabies collection–plotless little fluff-bombs meant to (hopefully!) help you sleep, or at least feel alright.  If there’s a specific action or line of dialogue that you’d like to read, please don’t be afraid to message it to me!

Saving the Prince


It was rare for Loki to fall asleep before you did. Normally, you got the sense that he laid there awake, listening carefully for your breathing to change, before he even let himself consider falling asleep. Sometimes you wondered if he slept at all. But tonight, perhaps it all caught up with him. You’d been lying there together for less than an hour before you heard how his breathing shifted. It almost sounded like he was snoring. If it were anyone else, you might have filed the sound away to tease him in the morning, but instead, you treasured it. When he disentangled himself from you so he could roll onto his back, you turned so you could look at him. He often looked at you with a softness in his face that he otherwise rarely wore, but now he looked so peaceful, so vulnerable. It made you long to reach out so you could caress his cheek, but you didn’t want to wake him.

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(gif has nothing to do with anything it’s just my favorite scene)

Day One: Drive-in Movie

Loki: Coming April 10th

Peter: Coming April 10th


Day Two: Soulmates

Bucky: Coming April 11th

Natasha: Coming April 11th


Day Three: Summer

Billy: Coming April 12th

Dean: Coming April 12th


Bonus Day: Training

Natasha: Coming April 13th


Tags: @gstran18@qtmeryr@broken-hearted-barnes@asphalt-cocktail@cantnkrusshedevil

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