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#loki x reader

safe and sound {loki x reader}

pairing: loki x fem!reader
warnings: mentions of nightmares, mentions of death but nothing major
song to listen to while reading: safe and sound by taylor swift
a/n: hi guys! this is my first time writing for loki so i hope it’s good! it’s also my first time writing in over a month so i apologize if this isn’t great.
more important a/n: if you have any loki (or any marvel character) requests, i can’t promise i’ll write them but feel free to send them!



Originally posted by go-fandom-imagines

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Inspired by the fact I’m trying to learn how to play guitar but am sucking at it rn but it’s cool. pfff

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You are learning how to play guitar, and obviously as someone just learning the basics of playing a new instrument by yourself. Are constantly messing up and hitting the notes wrong to the point they make a unpleasant sound. That even you flinch yourself when you hear it and sometimes even swear in response to it.

However, as much as your playing right now is terrible, which is alright, since you are just learning. Loki enjoys to watch you practice from the other side of the room. Glancing every so often from his book that he’s supposedly reading, entertained more by watching you practice, than what’s in the novel.

He won’t deny the fact that he does flinch too at those sour notes hit as well by you. But he’ll smile lovingly at your constant determination to keep going and learning, when you could easily just give up instead. And he’ll even smile more when he sees your face brighten up from success, when you figured out how to play a small melody right finally.

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i’ve had so many requests like this lately and i think it’s so cute

  • you thought you were alone in the tower (or at least alone on the floor you were on), but apparently you weren’t
  • Loki heard your crying from down the hall, and reluctantly* got up to see what was wrong
  • (*he’d secretly developed a fondness for you, so the reluctance was really just him disguising those emotions)
  • you immediately tried to hide the fact that you’d been crying, but Loki wouldn’t have it
  • “why are you crying?”
  • “i’m not”
  • “yes you clearly are. tell me why”
  • you’d sigh before filling him in with what was stressing you out
  • he’d nod as you spoke, a look of understanding on his face
  • after you were finished, he’d offer to help you, even if only slightly
  • if it was school related he’d try and get angry because different rules apply to midgardian schooling than asgardian schooling
  • if it was more of a mental thing, he’d have you talk about it until you felt better about it. he’d pretty much be a personal therapist**
  • (**seeing how long he’s been around, he would know a thing or two, although he definitely needs help as well)
  • once you felt better, he’d get up to leave, stopping when you ask him to stay
  • he’d be surprised, but would sit down again, looking at you, an eyebrow raised
  • “thank you, Loki”
  • he’d be unable to supress the smile that came onto his face with that
  • as bothered he was upon seeing you so upset earlier, he’d be glad that he got to spend time with you, and would hope that it would happen again, this time without you being upset

Originally posted by incorrectnorseboiis

if you want to request a headcanon, send me an ask!!


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want to be added to the taglist? send me a message, ask, or comment letting me know, and i’ll add you!

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<div> Those Are Mine </div>
*Looking for a pair of boots*
*Running in, the sound of heels clicking too*
*Turning around and seeing his shoes* Nevermind. I found them
Found what?
*Motioning to his boots* The boots I was looking for
I'm only mad that they look better on you
You're not mad that I'm wearing your shoes?
Why would I be? Honestly, do you like wearing my stuff?
A little
Okay. Sweet, just ask next time
*Tearing up* You really don't care
*Looking for another pair* Nope, it doesn't matter. And besides, are you gonna act like I couldn't tell you're genderfluid? I mean, the mythology version of you is and you just...seem like it
*Wrapping his arms around Y/N* I love you
And I you, now, which shoes go with this outfit?
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WIPs + fic ideas 


➥ a list of things currently in the works in the mad world of the witch, hesther may 

i figured since i’ve been pretty hit or miss with showing up and posting, so srry abt that by the way, i’d give u guys an update on what’s been going on for me! a few of these are requests, and if u see urs then yes i will get to it i promise, but others are just some things i’ve been thinking about and planning. if u see something and would like to talk abt it please hit my askbox bby never be shy, i’ll gladly discuss my brain projects with u although these descriptions suck ass

these are listed in no particular order 


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Y/N: I hate men! There is nothing in the world that could change my mind!

Natasha: We both know that this is not true

*loki enters*

Loki: Hey y/n


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A Morning With Loki

I recently got a keyboard attachment for my iPad for more mobile writing, so I thought I’d type out a little drabble for Loki to get used to the smaller keyboard :)

Requested: No

Content: SFW

Word Count: 346

Pronouns: Gender Neutral, no y/n


Mornings had never quite been your forte, but recently…things had been a little different. Now that there was soft breathing tickling the back of your neck and an arm slung securely around your waist, you liked waking up a little earlier to enjoy them. Not that you intentionally woke up early to bask in Loki’s presence, but just being near him made you want to be as present as possible to be fully engrossed in the experience. Like your eyes needed to get their fill of him before they’d have to close again for eight hours.

Most days you simply had to open your eyes and got to gaze at him until he eventually stirred, but this morning was going to be a little more tricky. You turned as gently as you could so as not to disturb him, before snuggling into the wide expanse of his chest and breathing deeply. Loki rarely wore cologne, but that didn’t mean he didn’t smell like heaven (Valhalla?). He always smelled faintly of old paper and leather, sometimes accompanied with a slight salty aspect if he’d spent the morning training. You pulled back ever so slightly to gaze up him, only to feel heat rise to your cheeks and find his eyes already trained on you.

“Morning darling.” He said, a slight smirk upon his face and love blazing in his eyes. He pulled you close to place a small kiss upon your cheek before moving to catch your lips in a slow and lazy rhythm, the sleep not quite gone from either of you. You both moved back after a moment, but he moved his hand from your waist to the back of your neck so you couldn’t go too far, lest he desire to kiss you again, the thought of which sent a swarm of butterflies from your stomach to your heart. You stroked his cheek and brushed a strand of hair from his face, noting that even in the morning, before any kind or primp or preen he looked marvelously radiant. “Good morning my love.”

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Uh, yeah? Why wouldn’t he?

I want to point out, regardless of your preferences on sex or whatnot, there’s more to a relationship than what media and modern “expectations” have on romantic partners. You don’t necessarily need to “prove” your love or solidifying your relationship through sex, and there’s just…so many different ways to express love in a relationship that doesn’t have to end with it, you know?

As for Loki, he’s definitely pan (both in original myths and in Marvel’s interpretation of him), so I highly doubt he’s going to care in any way of what your gender or sexual preference is going to be - so long as you’re both happy and honest with each other, Loki is going to respect the shit out of you and not try to pry you into “changing your mind,” because there’s nothing to change.

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why would you ask this— this is gonna be so sad ohmygosh

  • it was a reasonable fear and Loki knew that, but that didn’t make it hurt any less
  • still, he listened and allowed you to leave
  • he had suggested to somehow shorten his own lifespan to match yours, but you’d rejected him, finding the suggestion to be selfish on your part
  • you wanted him to live his life and figured that over the course of thousands of years, he’d surely find someone new
  • but you were wrong
  • Loki never found anyone else
  • he stayed alone as Prince of Asgard, not allowed the throne either
  • there were many asgardians who would have done anything to marry him, but he would never stop loving you
  • he visited you, although in secret without you knowing, and watched you and your lover live life to its fullest as he remained alone
  • you’d rejected him to protect him from your death, but Loki had still felt a heart wrenching pain for the rest of his life
  • he’d attended your funeral, appearing like a regular midgardian. it had been one of the worst pains he’d ever felt, knowing he would never be able to see you again
  • Loki never stopped wishing things could have been different

if you want to request a headcanon, send me an ask!!


headcanon taglist

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want to be added to the taglist? send me a message, ask, or comment letting me know, and i’ll add you!

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Welcome to my Misc. Masterlist. This one has characters I only write for once in a while. 

As always, this is an 18+ blog, by continuing to read you agree that you are 18+. Remember you are responsible for your own media consumption. All fics are with a female reader. 

That being said, I hope you enjoy my stories.

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Remember to forget me : (Ransom D. )

He needs to learn to park, name game

Here Comes the Groom (Loki)

Dark Drabble

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My first loki request🥺yes thank you for the request! And oh my gosh I think this might be my favorite😣😣and it got a bit short m sorry!

||| drabble |||

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Why Don’t You Love Me?

Pairing: Steve Rogers x F!Reader

Warnings: None

Genre: Fluff, Mutual Pining

Requested: Nope

Summary: Y/N Y/L/N, Tony Stark’s secretary. She had worked with him for 6 months now, but had become pretty good friends with the Avengers in the meantime. Steve Rogers, Captain America, was in love with this woman. What happens when she confesses her returned love during a game of Spin The Bottle Truth or Dare?

Author’s Note: hey peeps! y'all i wrote this in like an hour while listening to Why Don’t You Love Me by Hot Chelle Rae and Demi Lovato hope you like it! also, find the one direction reference ;)

Steve Rogers never got what he wanted.

He stared at the man with jealousy as the man continuously flirted with his girl. “Tony Stark, stop! Someone’s gonna think we’re dating!” Y/N laughed loudly, giving her boss a shove. A smile bloomed on his face when he saw how happy she looked. She had never been brave enough to do that in front of him.

“Aw come on, Y/N, is that gonna be such a bad thing— oh, hey, Rogers! Didn’t see you there!” Steve snapped out of his thoughts and smiled at the two. “Hey guys, how are you? Y/N?” he addressed them, walking over with his hands shoved in the pockets of his trousers.

“Doing good, Mr Rogers,” she mumbled shyly and the smile she gave him might as well have killed him with cuteness overload. “Darling, how many times do I have to tell you, it’s Steve for you,” he laughed, running a hand through his hair. “Ooh, darling, huh?” Tony wiggled his eyebrows, knowing how big of a crush Steve had on his secretary. 



Two voices chided at the same time. They immediately looked at each other and flushed, looking away. Tony had to keep himself from laughing. “Now that you’re here, Rogers, why don’t you pass on a message to the others? I’m hosting a party tonight, everyone is invited!” Y/N’s eyes widened. A party?

“Really?” she blurted out. “Yeah! My business friends, the Avengers, some of the agents…” Tony listed. “Sure thing, Stark. I guess I’ll see you later?” Steve turned to look back at Y/N; it was practically impossible for him to get his eyes off her for an extended amount of time when she was around.

“Yeah,” she squeaked out, “Bye Steve.” He grinned at her and turned to leave. Finally, she addressed him as her equal! “Wittle Y/N has a crushy-wushy on Stevie-Weavie— ow!” Tony groaned when the woman smacked him upside the head. “He’s cute,” she shrugged, hiding her true feelings. She loved him. “Good for you,” he laughed.

“So, what time is the party?” she asked him, crossing her arms. They reached his office and she took her seat. “8:30 to midnight. After that, us Avengers are gonna have a small after-party,” he smirked. “Okay, so midnight, gotcha.” Tony frowned. “No! You’re gonna stay for the after-party!” he groaned.

“But you just said—”

“I am begging you, please!” Y/N rolled her eyes at his behaviour. “Okay, I’ll stay. I should basically wear something comfortable… what’s the dress code?” He shrugged, not looking up from his laptop. “A dress, preferably, or you know, a gown.” She nodded and raked her head for all possible choices.

Tonight was gonna be fun.

“Hey Tony!” Tony turned to look at his secretary and his jaw nearly dropped to the ground. Y/N stood in front of him dressed in an exquisite burgundy dress that reached the floor; it was filled with beautiful embroidery and had a big bow in the middle. “I love the dress.”

“Thanks, but what about me?”

“I love you, too!” Tony grinned and they gave each other a hug. Someone cleared their throat behind them. Y/N turned to see Steve standing there, a smile in her direction. Her heart almost stopped in her chest; why’d he have to look so gorgeous? “Mr Rogers,” she greeted cordially, completely forgetting their previous conversation.

“Hey!” Steve whined, crossing his arms. “Oops!” Y/N gasped, “I meant Steve.” Steve Rogers had been anxiously waiting for the arrival of his darling. He paid no attention to his friends’ conversations; instead, he stood at the bar with a drink in his hand, staring at the door to capture the moment when she would walk in.

When she did, his heart started beating 100 times faster. Was that his Y/N? She looked… different. It was a good different, of course. He was used to seeing her in those pencil skirts and tight blouses she usually wore, this… this was a nice change of pace. When she went to meet Tony, though, his jealousy returned.

“I love you, too!” Tony grinned, tightly hugging Y/N. The moment he did that, Steve decided to go over and greet her. “That’s better,” he chuckled, holding his hand out. Y/N placed her hand on top of his, blushing a deep red when he brought her hand to his lips, giving it a soft kiss. Even Steve noticed the blush.

His hand tightened. “Ah, Rogers, ever the 40’s gentleman. Why don’t we go meet the others?” Together, the three went to where their friends were hanging out.

The party was a huge success. Everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly and Steve made sure that him and Y/N spent a lot of time together. Whether chatting at the bar or dancing. Y/N, meanwhile was surprised at the abrupt attention she was receiving from the Captain.

I mean, sure, they had always had a cordial, “acquaintance-only” relationship but this? They were now friends. Just how fast the night changes. Soon, everyone except for Tony, Steve, Natasha, Thor, Bruce, Clint, Sam, Bucky, Thor, Wanda and Vision were gone. Even Peter had to go, saying he had some important assignment to submit.

When the Avengers went to sit on the couches in the common room, Steve instantly chose the seat next to Y/N when she plopped down next to Tony. “This is gonna be fun,” Y/N grinned, “Thanks for letting me stay even though you’ve only known me for 6 months.” Tony scoffed at her words.

“Feels like 6 years to me. Anyway, what should we do now?”

“How about Spin The Bottle Truth or Dare?” Wanda suggested. All of them agreed and Thor brought an empty bottle of vodka. “Who’s going first?” Bucky asked, relaxing in his seat. “How about the team leader?” Natasha suggested with a smirk, crossing her arms.

“Oh, alright,” Steve sighed and spun the bottle. He stared at it in horror when it stopped facing him. “Aw, betrayal! What will it be, Captain?” Clint laughed. “I— I’ll go with Truth.” It was the safer option, after all. “Ooh, ooh, do you like anyone in this room?” Steve flushed a deep red.

“I do,” he muttered. “Who?” Bruce laughed. “Not my turn to answer.” With an innocent yet not so innocent smile, Steve spun the bottle again. The game was going amazing, everyone was getting a chance and people were also selecting dare instead of sticking to truths. “Okay, okay, my turn.” Y/N spun the bottle and it landed on Steve. 

“Not again!” Steve sighed, slumping back on the couch as everyone giggled. “Truth or Dare?” Y/N teased. “Dare.” He flashed her a toothy grin. “Sing a song!” Tony suggested. “The first good dare you’ve come up with,” Thor nodded thoughtfully and everybody laughed as Tony glared at the Norse God.

“Fine, which one?” Y/N turned to him, surprised. “You sing? That’s so cool!” He shrugged. “I’m not bad is how I would put it,” he smiled. She smiled back, her skin flushing a bit when she realized how close they were sitting to each other. Oh, how she wished she could sit like this everyday, next to him.

“I’m going to put my playlist on shuffle and the first song that comes on is the one you have to sing.” Bucky took out his phone and opened Spotify. When he pressed shuffle play, the song that started playing was Why Don’t You Love Me by Hot Chelle Rae ft Demi Lovato. Both Steve and Y/N froze.

“Go on, Cap, sing it…” Vision chuckled. “Uh, okay…” Y/N gulped when he glanced at her and stared back ahead. 

See, I can’t wake up, I’m living a nightmare

That keeps playing over again

Locked in a room, so hung up on you

And you’re cool just being friends

Why did it have to be like this? Why couldn’t he have Y/N all to himself? Y/N stared at the floor, not daring to meet anyone’s eyes because if she did, they’d immediately know how much she liked Captain America. Did she have to fall for him?! Why couldn’t her life be normal?! 

Why don’t you love me?

Touch me, tell me I’m your everything

The air you breathe

Why don’t you love me, baby?

Open up your heart tonight

‘Cause I could be all that you need, oh

Why don’t you love me?

Why don’t you love me?


See I’m just too scared to tell you the truth

'Cause my heart it can’t take anymore

Broken and bruised, longing for you

And I don’t know what I’m waiting for

Everyone froze and looked at Y/N, who began singing Demi Lovato’s part of the song. Only— she wasn’t staring at the floor, she was staring at Steve, her voice unwavering as a single drop of tear rolled down her cheek. She couldn’t take it. She. Did. Not. Want. To. Feel. This. Way. Having a crush on America’s Golden Boy was exhausting!

Steve stared at her, an unreadable expression on his face. What— was she trying to say something through the song? Did she like him back? 

Y/N suddenly came to her senses and realized what she had done. She turned to look at everyone else. Natasha, Bruce, Wanda and Vision were smiling; Clint, Thor, Bucky and Sam appeared shocked while Tony only sported a knowing look on his face. Steve… she couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

And it scared her.

She got up, startling everyone. “I have to go.” She left the room in a hurry, tears rolling down her cheeks. How could she have embarrassed herself like that?! Her tears turned to sobs. She couldn’t hear Steve calling out to her as she walked and gasped when he reached close enough to grab and spin her.

Steve, the moment Y/N had turned, had also gotten up to run after her. Damn, those small feet of hers were fast. “Y/N! Y/N, stop!” he shouted, to no avail. He began running and caught up, grabbing her arm. She gasped when she spun around to stare at him with her teary eyes. He was panting.

“Mr Rogers—” Without another word he pressed his lips to her, pulling her in by the waist. Y/N, giving in to her feelings, wrapped her arms around the soldier’s neck, kissing back. Steve walked forward until her back connected with a wall and they continued making out.

“Uh, guys, please don’t do that in front of everyone… At least take her to your room like a gentleman, Rogers.” Everyone, including Y/N excluding Steve laughed at Sam’s words. Steve rolled his eyes and turned to look at the woman he was finally able to hold in his arms. She gave him a tiny smile, pressing a soft kiss to his nose.

He grinned and pulled her into a hug.

Steve Rogers finally got what he wanted.

A/N: Please leave a like, it will be appreciated! Thanks for reading!

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Loki, whispering: This is, what, the third time I’ve crashed my own funeral?

You: Fifth.

Loki: Really? That many?

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HEYYYY FELLOW MARVEL FRIENDS, i don’t wanna bother but if you guys have tik tok and want to follow me, i post things marvel related (not the cringy type lol) 🥺👉👈 PLSSSSS I NEED MARVEL MOOTS ON THERE… and i also might post the marvel character x Y/N type of videos but in like a funny way with funny sounds 💕 even if you don’t have tik tok, pls like/reblog to help! ok ily all byeeee

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a few of my posts are getting likes now so, be my friend!!

here are some of my favourite things:

(warning: there’s quite a bit of swearing, sorry!)

  • marvel - i <3 loki, bucky and wanda. (honourable mentions for korg.) and of course everyone else too.
  • harry potter - BIG sirius stan and i <3 marauders fancast and movie sirius and remus. fuck jk rowling tho, i do not support her or anyone that has refused to speak out against her.
  • sherlock - my comfort programme, i adore practically every character. <3 sherlock, john + moriarty the most tho :)
  • stranger things - steve owns my heart, biggg comfort character, also <3 joyce (winona ryder has my heart too oops)
  • my favourite film is perks of being a wallflower, i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: i would jump infront of a bullet for logan lerman and that applies for the whole cast.
  • <3 tim burton films, anything coming-of-age or anything with a good soundtrack
  • music - basically my main personality trait; i love nirvana, the cure, peach pit, the smiths, phoebe bridgers, lana del rey, joy division, Lorde, the neighbourhood + more
  • random things i like - black sphynx cats, the colour green, people with bumps on the bridge of their nose, fog, moss, the moon, james acaster, really old libraries, greek marble sculpture and the headstones that look like them, people who don’t give a shit.

so if you like any of the above or want to see if we have anything else in common feel free to message me or just follow me to see more of that stuff idk. my prounouns are she/her :)

**!!! my page is an lgbtq+ safe space and i will not stand for any discrimination over race, gender, sexuality etc . if you do not agree with that or will be too tempted to be an arsehole, you can fuck off. BLM/ACAB etc. etc. !!!**

(also i’m trying to get into crystals and maybe also poetry so if anyone wants to educate me on that that would be very cool :))

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birthday surprise!


note: was suppose to write a rq, but wrote this instead. enjoy a lil softie loki :’)

loki series masterlist / request / masterlist

Somehow, Loki continues to surprise you. You thought you knew the man – god- prince- whatever! – but he manages to keep you on your toes. Whether it’s intentional or not, you don’t really know yet.

The surprises aren’t about big things, either. It’s the little things that get you. Little habits of his you’re starting to pick up on from day to day. 

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Bruce Banner x daughter!reader

Summary: You are finally reunited with your father. 


Originally posted by drinkmysilence

Your heart raced as you waited for Loki to return. 

Apparently, Thor escaped and took Hulk with him. You were happy that they found a way to leave this damn planet. Or at least get out of the vicinity of the Grandmaster. 

But now, the Grandmaster was upset, calling for Loki. Turns out, you’ve come to care for the man, more than you ever thought you would. 

So here you are, outside the Grandmasters throne room, ready to step in if needed. You have no idea what you’d do, but you’d step in. That’s when Loki came out. You jogged up to his side, not realizing that he was with someone else.

“Well? Are you alright? What happened?” You ask, looking at his face for answers.

“Darling I am fine. Are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” He teases, then he turns his attention to the woman next to you. 

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yknow that thing where ur kissing somebody and they pull away teasingly but you still want them and are being 100% serious so you follow there lips and lean into them so you never part



yeah. loki does this.

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Can I have a Loki Laufeyson x Depressed reader plez ¿ I’m in NEED

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