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#loki x y/n

Summary: Does he take you walking ‘round his parents’ gallery?

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings: angst, crying

A/N: This is Chapter Five of my “Fine Line” series! This one is inspired by Cherry. I hope you like this series! If you do, please reblog and leave feedback. I heavily encourage you to listen to the album (because it’s phenomenal), or listen to each song before you read each chapter. Speaking of chapters, they will be uploaded every Sunday at 12:00 PM EST.


Read Chapter Four, “LIGHTS UP” here!

Find the “Fine Line” masterlist here!

The only thing worse than breaking up with someone is hearing that they’ve taken another lover.

It’s been months. Loki still isn’t over you, but you’re over him, and it’s hell. He misses you, everything about you — your gorgeous eyes, your bright smile, your personality, and you. He misses you. 

It turns out that you don’t miss him nearly as much. It seems like… like he blinked, and you were over him. You cut off all contact, all emails and texts. You left him your number, though, just in case that in twenty years or so, you’d want to talk again.

“We can still be friends, baby…”

“Don’t call me ‘baby’,” you had muttered.

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Request by: @weird-drawing-fanatic on tumblr!

Summary/Request: I saw that your requests are open and I was wondering if you could do a Loki x Reader based on the song dream a little dream of me with some angst if that’s okay

I can definitely try! I dont know how good this will be but I’m doing my best with little motivation and sleepiness. And this song is like perfect for angst so great request! (I think I put a little more than ‘some’ angst sorry!) I hope you enjoy, it was really fun writing this!

Warnings: Angst, mentions of blood, major character death

Word Count: 725

Stars shining bright above you

Night breezes seem to whisper “I love you”

You couldn’t remember anything but a few snippets of where you were last. Holding your throat, cherry blood down your hands. Something had gone horribly wrong on your mission. You wanted to be with Loki.

Birds singing in the sycamore tree

Dream a little dream of me

Loki sat against the glass wall of his cell, thinking of you as Captain America watched him curiously. He fought back tears as he thought of what state you were in when he last saw you. He moved to lay against the floor, closing his eyes, hoping to sleep.

Say “Night-ie night” and kiss me

He remembered your sweet kiss, he could almost feel it now, as he fell asleep.

Just hold me tight and tell me you’ll miss me

While I’m alone and blue as can be

You looked around the area you were in. A wheat field, stretching on for miles. A song played broken in the background, almost demented, sounding like a broken record.

Dream a little dream of me

Loki’s eyes snapped open as the memory of you dying in his arms haunted him. He shuddered and cried out. The facade of his annoyance was gone in seconds, he couldn’t hold on anymore.

Stars fading but I linger on, dear

Still craving your kiss

You looked at the sky, half was covered in stars and a wave of darkness accompanying it, the other half was infected with the light of the sun, orangy and purple mixing together and the darkness slowly disappeared.

I’m longing to linger till dawn, dear

Just saying

Loki whished he could wake up from this horrible dream. To wake up in the lovely shining light of the sun with you in his arms again. He let out a sob as tears slowly started to fall down his face.

Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you

Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you

You stood up and watched in awe as the world around you was slowly covered in the sun, a warm glow emitting around you. A woman appeared.

But in your dreams whatever they be

Dream a little dream of me

Loki curled in on himself, hoping he would just dissapear into nothing as he heard Captain America call for some sort of assistance. He ignored him.

Stars fading but I linger on, dear

Still craving your kiss

I’m longing to linger till dawn, dear

Just saying this

“Hello” She said “What happened? Where’s Loki?” You remembered him too, holding you as you lost your breath, falling limp in his arms. The woman smiled comfortingly. She had long black hair, looking somewhat similar to Loki.

Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you

Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you

Someone entered his cage, asking him something he didnt listen to. He continued to cry, flinching when someone touched him. He lashed out, hitting them with some force, they retaliated with an injection of some sort of sedative. He collapsed onto the floor, you entered his mind again as he fell unconscious.

But in your dreams whatever they be

Dream a little dream of me

“Loki is fine, however you are not, Love” The woman said “My name is Hela, I want to invite you to the afterlife. You felt at your neck, feeling stitches there. "W-What? Wait, what happened? I-Im dead?” You stuttered. “I’m sorry, you are. But, if you would like to see your love, I can show you” She said, putting her hand out, a portal like window opened to show Loki, curled up on the floor, with a tear stained face.

4 notes

Oh my god this was actually so helpful! Taking me out of my comfort zone and racing against my dying battery I managed to actually write something! I hope you enjoy!



Originally posted by incorrectnorseboiis

Loki x Reader

One Shot

In Asgard, people talk.

It was compulsory amongst the small populace to spread rumors, happening as frequently as commenting on the weather. Every family had a moment of gossiping noteworthiness, and no one person was immune, not even the Odinsons.

“I hear he sends letters to a young lady in Midgard.”

They say about Thor as the gaggle of busybodies observe the man in question between the moving bodies of dancing, whispering couples. It was Thor’s party and it had been the subject on everyone’s lips after obligatory pleasantries. You had heard this fact one hundred times and in one hundred different ways. 

“I hear she’s a scientist.”

You had heard that bit too. 

“Well, I hear he almost refused his father’s inheritance for her.”

Nothing about this conversation was new to you, and yet you couldn’t escape it. You could see everyone’s lips moving, making the same words over and over again. They made you dizzy, made it hard to breathe. 

“Excuse me.” You offered out of a requirement of decorum, but didn’t actually wait for anyone to acknowledge you before slipping away.

Thor’s party was supposed to be a mid-afternoon garden party, but the weather had turned nasty the day before and the grounds were still soft and damp keeping the party-goers packed inside. The sky was a slate grey wall of mauldin clouds and the air was sticky with rain but it was thankfully silent and thus preferable to being warm and dry inside.

But silent did not mean you were alone. Somehow amongst the dancing and schmoozing and gossiping the youngest Odinson had managed to slip away as you did. There was a cool nod from him, then an answering curtsy from you, and then more silence.

It was so rare to be in the company of another and not speak, maybe that’s why you felt the need to fill the silence with the very dribble you had been escaping.

“I heard your father didn’t even consider you for this inheritance.”

If Loki was hurt by the rumor he did not display it openly. He simply raised an eyebrow and glanced out across the lawn.

“Why would a man pass his legacy on to a son that is not his own?”

Now that was news to you and you could not hide your shock. Loki Odinson was not a son of Odin? This fact came so easily to Loki. How could no one else have made any uttering of this claim; true or false?

“Ah, so that hasn’t made its way out to the masses yet then?”

You shook your head, suddenly wishing you had kept your mouth shut. You would rather an awkward air lay between you than the weight of what you now knew. 

Loki’s demeanor changed entirely, as had yours. He was now facing you full, eyes roving your face and he indulged in reading your thoughts through your eyes. He wore a small smirk that only grew when he spoke again. 

“So what rumors have you heard about me then, darling?”

Placing his hands behind his back he stepped closer to you then began to circle you slowly. You felt dizzy all over again and no amount of deep breathing slowed your racing heart.

“Or should I be asking what rumors about me you have spread yourself.”

“No.” You denied swiftly. Wanting to stamp down any impression Loki had that you were the cause of any hearsay. You thought you heard him chuckle, but it was so breathy that it may have just been a breeze on the back of your neck.

“Tell me.”

“I heard you weren’t considered for Odin’s inheritance…" 

It was a cheap way to stall considering it was the same rumor that put you where you were now, but you needed to borrow time to consider yourself. This was Loki’s home, his brother’s party, where you were a guest, and this wasn’t idle gossip between uninvolved parties. This was looking Loki in the eye and repeating every word you had heard about him. Oftentimes rumors were not flattering or tame. What you could say here could have you removed from the party or worse. 

"Yes, you’ve said this one before. What else?”

He was standing directly in front of you now. No longer circling like a vulture over a slowly dying animal. There was amusement on his face, pleasure in making you uncomfortable, and it was enough to urge you into speaking. With a deep breath and a hard gaze you looked him in the eye and began to repeat.

“I heard you cling to your mother’s skirts like a child.”

Loki simply shrugged.

“I love my mother. As we all should. What else?”

“I heard you almost got your brother killed.”

Loki laughed openly, but briefly, like a memory came and went simultaneously.

“Thor is perfectly capable of doing that himself. What else?”

“I heard you practice…dark arts?”

This was a rumor even you didn’t believe, but Loki kept asking and you felt compelled to keep giving information.

“I see nothing wrong with reading about other religions or practices. What else?”

You stumbled for a moment, overloaded with new information about Loki. For all you had heard of him you realized you never truly knew him, that you had never truly spoken to him until now. Is this all it took to know if gossip was true or not? Was it as simple as asking the person in question? Or was it only simple because of who you were asking?

“I heard you were a liar with a silver tongue.”

“I assure you my lady my tongue is but muscle and blood." 

When had he gotten so close, crossing the line of what was appropriate of two single members of the opposite sex? If anyone were to join them outside or peak through a window the whole party would know within the hour. The threat to your reputation forced you to take a blind step back.

"Anything else?” He probed.

Loki was offering you an escape, had recognized a line was crossed perhaps, or maybe had just grown bored of the conversation, but you weren’t bored and you weren’t uncomfortable. You felt exhilarated and oddly free in this exchange. Plus, there was one more rumor the fluttering in your heart begged you to repeat and hear the truth for.

“I heard you…keep the company of men and women. Married and unmarried. I heard you-”

You hadn’t realized you had taken another step back until the damp dirt below your heel set you off balance. Fighting the heat in your cheeks you accepted Loki’s outstretched hand and allowed him to guide you back onto solid stone, only he did not let go of your hand once you were steady.

“I believe you have found a rumor more exciting than the truth." 

You looked at Loki then, felt his fingers hold your hand gently, thought about how he had chosen those words more carefully than any other, how he had for once deflected from answering. You needed him to answer.

"And what is the truth?”

Before your eyes Loki reverted back to staring at some far point beyond away from your gaze, the corners of his lips landing in a natural frown. It was now your turn to offer a graceful exit from this conversation. You pulled your hand gently from his. Loki’s eyes met yours almost instantly, as if some part of you had to connect to him.

“The truth is, for me, whether man or woman, attraction arises from truly knowing someone and letting them know you in return.”

He extended his hand to you again and without hesitation you offered your own. He bent low, meeting the back of your hand with his lips. Warmth spread through your body from the appendage, making your own lips tingle and when his eyes met yours just above your hand your breath caught in your throat.

“It was a pleasure getting to know you, my lady.”

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Wake up pt.3

Summary: As the avengers leave on a mission, two unexpected guests appear.

Avengers x reader

Word count: 809

Masterlist Wake up masterlist

Tony had given you one of the spare rooms to stay in, telling you to order whatever you wanted, he’d pay for it. After ordering some items to wear and a few things for your room you went to bed, and soon you fell asleep.

The next morning you woke up at around eight in the morning. Putting on your clothes from yesterday you freshen yourself up in the bathroom before leaving you room. After asking Friday where the kitchen was you made your way there.

“Goodmorning” you soft voice catches everyone’s attention, greeting you back with a variety of “Goodmorning's” and “hello’s”. Wanda was quick to ask you to sit next to her, so you made your way over to her. “How did you sleep?” she asked smiling at you, Sokovian accent still lingering in her words. “Good actually, how ‘bout you?” Soon the both of you were having your own conversation during breakfast.

A few minutes later Tony and Steve walked in, announcing the team had a mission. “Who’s going?” Sam asked leaning on Bucky’s chair. “Everyone will need to come along this time,” Steve explained before Tony continued “will you be alright here y/n?”  

You nodded, smiling at him “I’ll be fine, no worries.” he nodded back before telling everyone else to suit up and be ready in ten. Sighs filled the room at this before everyone slowly left the kitchen. You chuckled before starting to clean the table.

Exactly ten minutes later Steve walked back in to the kitchen, looking disappointed as no one was there yet. Slowly but surely the room filled once again, this time everyone was wearing their suit. Looking around you couldn’t help but let your eyes linger on Bucky’s form for a second.

Steve’s voice pulled you out of your trance, “alright, we’ll be leaving now y/n. Call us if anything’s wrong alright?” “alright!” you salute him making a few people chuckle. Turning around he shook his head before making his way to the exit, everyone following after him.


Already a few hours had passed, you were enjoying your alone time. You had read for the most part, watched some TV as well and just walked around, looking around the place.

Right now, you were laying on the kitchen floor, book in hand, reading quietly. Sadly, said quietness left soon. Hearing the elevator ding you put your book down after marking the page with a book mark. Standing up you heard two pairs of footsteps.

Making your way over to the common room you were sure it couldn’t be someone dangerous as Friday would’ve warned you.  “Hello?” you voice echoes slightly through the empty room. The two figures turned around at the sound of your voice, making you gasp. Standing there were Thor and Loki Odinson, well, Loki laufeyson you suppose.

“Hello there! Who might you be?” Thor’s deep voice send shivers through your body. Walking closer you explained to them the same things you told the rest of the avengers. Your story had intrigued Loki, his eyes not leaving yours as you talk.

“Well then, nice to meet you y/n! I’m Thor and this is my brother Loki-” “I know” you interrupt him with excitement in your voice. “It’s really nice to meet the both of you!” you tell them before continuing, “It’s so cool to finally meet you.” you say as you look at Loki, you had always been quite fascinated by said God.

He raised one of his brows at your words, “really?” You nodded excitedly. “Yeah, you’re awesome. I’m really interested in your magic as well!” Loki smirked at his brother at the way you talked about him. “But- how come the team didn’t tell me about your arrival?” you asked confused.

“Ah… they might’ve forgotten, Loki will be staying here from now on. No one’s very, excited, about that…” you nodded, understanding what he was trying to say. “Well, I am! I think Peter would like to meet you as well.” you said with a smile on your face.  

Loki smiled a little at your words, before turning serious again. “Where are those mortals anyway?” he asked, his eyes staring into yours again. “They’re on a mission right now.” you respond, fiddling with your hand. “Everyone?” Thor asked making you nod.  

“Ah well, I see. Let’s just make ourselves at home now brother!” he decided, laughing slightly. He patted Loki’s shoulder making him stumble slightly. Seeing the two of them together made you happy, you still weren’t over what happened in Infinity War…  

You hadn’t realised you were staring at Loki until Thor couched lightly. “y/n?” your eyes snapped towards his as your eyes widened in embarrassment, “uhm, sorry, I’ll be making my way now” you tell them before making you way back to the kitchen, grabbing your book and walking towards your room.








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Loki x Reader requested by Anonymous. 

Inspired by this scene.

Title: Lovesick Blues

WC: 680

Warnings: angst, time travel, and a gamble of a guess of the dimension-jumping previewed in the Loki series.


You chalked it up to life being funny, or sick and twisted.

Loki disagreed, of course. He believed the universe was explicitly out to get him.

Chaos, destiny, fate, whatever it was; you two were here now. And neither of you could simply just ignore it.


Grand Ole Opry Nashville, Tennessee 1949

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Timeless: Part 5

Gentle humming filled the quiet space, a gentle tune that would be sung to a child before sleep, to calm and ease the mind.

The tune was familiar yet you couldn’t place where you had heard it before, resting on the back of your mind like something out of a distant dream. Something so familiar that you could almost hum along to the sweet melody, even without knowing or understanding the language.

It came from your left, in this blinding white place you were stuck in, this place with no doors but windows.

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Loki x Reader Avengers The Office AU (Slowwwwww Burn)

Season 3 Episode 12: The Double Effect

Series Summary: Living in the Avengers facility post-apocalypse in a better timeline   Tony Stark has decided to capture every moment by pulling The Office on the Avengers. All of housemates are pretty used to the idea except for you, who had just come here to finish her degree, and the newest member- Loki.

Warnings: ehehehehehe

Word Count: this chapter happened every time I tuned out my decision making brain, and the world, and just picked my laptop to go sit somewhere that is not cozy enough to fall asleep.

MASTERLIST in bio, darlings. Tags are open (check bio)

A mellifluous note from a violin took over the speakers kept on the coffee table before a prima donna voice did a Snow White-esque intro. The camera sitting on the floor captured the graceful and delicate toes tipping their way before swirling three times. Another pair of feet came in the frame to let it capture two stoic bodies in their perfect ballet stance before they both dropped their head and twerked their behind at the tunes of the fairy tale WAP, revealing the faces of Tony Stark and his mentee.
The exquisite routine ended with the same fervour that Tony Stark reserved for his biggest balls, leaving the two breathless and the audience- that was just coming in focus with their mouths gaping wide- quite impressed.
“Let’s see if you can top this,” Tony winked at them, his stern face soaking in the silent applause.

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Originally posted by anianakin

My darling Ealasaid,

I swear to you this is the last letter I will send, and soon after I will be back. The King of Niflheim proves time and time again to be a most difficult person to make alliances with. But no matter.

As I write to you, it’s a rather warm late evening. The bed feels a lot larger, and I always find myself wishing you were in it with me. I miss you and our beautiful children more than anything; my heart aches to see your lovely, bright faces once again. Please send them my well-wishes, and a promise that I’ll be home soon.

I truly do miss you, my darling. Perhaps in more ways than just one. My mind is stuck on you; I wish so badly to hold you close, feel your warm embrace, your heartbeat beneath your soft breast… Your moans of my name through our throes of ecstasy.

I can’t stop thinking about you, dove, especially the image of you laid beneath me on the dark silk sheets of our bed, the glow of the candlelight warming your bare skin… Your back arched as I bring you to your pleasure, over and over just like I always do. You moan my name so sweetly, darling, would you do it for me when I return? Or better yet, the mewls and whimpers that escape your kiss-swollen lips, calling me your Prince, your King, singing the sweetest praise to the Norns, proclaiming how you love me and what I do to you over and over.

And your hands, my love, so gentle and soft and so much smaller than mine. You send shivers down my spine when I feel your warm touch on my skin, or your nails digging into my shoulders, dragging down my back, like a kitten with claws. Those red lines I wear with pride, evidence of how well I please you.

I bet you’re very smug right now, darling, knowing how you can bend my thoughts to you, even when I’m realms away. Enjoy it while you can, sweetling, because once I come back, I will be sure to wipe that cheeky little smirk off your face and replace it with a panting, desperate moan of my name.

Yours truly,

Loki Laufeyson

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hang the fuck on, would loki laufeyson listen to fka twigs???!!! why can i picture that so well? it make so much sense but at the same time it doesn’t make any sense at all. give me validation.

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Letter to Milo, from Loki



Originally posted by sophiestrashcann

My darling Milo,

My most sincere apologies for not being here to tell you this in person. I truly wish I could, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. Nonetheless, I will ensure you receive this letter and hope it brings you peace to read it. 

I’m well aware that the date of your surgery is nearing ever closer. I wish I could be here for you right now, little one, to soothe those anxious thoughts away. I wish I could stroke your cheek and hold you close and place the sweetest kisses all over your lovely face; to distract you from all those bad thoughts that I know circulate through your ever-racing mind. I hope you forgive me for not being there to do it in person. 

However, I can offer you my consolation through words on these pages, and that is what I will try my best to do. I know it can be difficult, little one, to feel like you don’t belong in the body you have, and I know how upsetting and unmotivating that may feel. Treat yourself kindly, however, take care of yourself in these moments when I am unable to provide that care for you. I love you more than anything, and wish only to see you succeed and thrive in life, which I am certain you will. 

As you are probably aware, I’m not fully clued up on the ins and outs of Midgardian medical practices, particularly surgeries. However, I did spend a while studying on the surgery you will be getting, for my own peace of mind rather than anything. 

It’s a life-changing moment, I know, little one. And those often come with feelings of anxiety and fear, and these feelings are absolutely valid. However, we both know that the goal of these life-changing moments such as this is to become more content and happy with yourself. That, I think, is an important thing to think about. 

Even I feel nervous about choices I make that may alter my life, but ultimately I make these choices to make my life better, and the same can be applied to you. What I’m trying to explain is please, accept your feelings of anxiety and nervousness for what they are, but also allow yourself to feel the joy and excitement of taking a step closer toward being the man you want to be. 

I hope that these words have helped you, little one, even slightly. I leave you with them on the delicate surface of a sheet of Asgardian parchment, and I hope they can be there for you when I cannot. I love you, Milo.

Yours truly, 

Loki Laufeyson

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My dearest dove,

First, I would like to offer my most sincere apologies for not being able to hand deliver this letter straight to you, and watch you read it myself. It’s truly a shame that Father sent Thor and I on this hunting trip so close to your special day. I can, however, offer you the consolation that we are currently ahead of schedule and will likely continue to be so, meaning I should be back two days before the celebration. This letter is more of a just-in-case, and perhaps because I’ve been thinking about you today and wanted to put those thoughts to paper.

You see, the closer to your birthday the dates grow, the more I seem to realize that I want to spend every single one of your birthdays with you. I know this is likely not new information, I tend to ponder our future a lot. I would just like to…emphasise it, I suppose. That when I say or write things like these, I mean them.

Truthfully, I regret that I managed to get bullied into going on this stupid hunting trip. Alright, bullied may be an overstatement, but nonetheless. I just miss you, my darling. It’s barely been a week and I miss you, my heart aches for your gentle touch and your kind words, and your sweet kiss. You make me feel so warm, darling, and so loved, and so happy. You’ve come the closest to understanding the complexity of my masks and to breaking down all my walls, and while it terrifies me, I don’t want you to stop. I want to devout myself to you entirely. And most importantly, I want to be able to make you feel the same way.

Which is why I would like to wish you a most happy birthday. Probably a bit early, I know, but you know I tend to overthink things sometimes.

Whether I manage to make it on time or not, I want you to spend the day feeling nothing but joy and love and warmth. I hope you know just how loved and appreciated you are, and how much I love and appreciate you, my darling. While I already have a gift planned for you, I want you to be sure to tell me of any single thing you wish for for your special day, and I will get it for you. I’m rather excited, actually, to be have an excuse to spoil you absolutely rotten.

I wish you the best for the day, and once night falls, I hope you will allow me to be there and show you just how much I love you, to ravish you until dawn breaks and the celebrations finally give way to a peaceful, quiet morning where we will be able to relax in the peace of one another’s presence.

I hope you write back soon, my darling, I miss you.

Yours truly,

Loki Laufeyson

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Timeless: Part 4

Loki balanced the most precious object he had ever come across, in the entire universe, in his arms with caution. He was careful to carry you, careful not to drop you as he made his ascent into the bed chambers the two of you found solace in. It was a place that was neither on Midgard or Asgard, but someplace in between and someplace that was entirely your own.

It was your safe haven, the place where you could meet and be together without fear of the condescending and hateful views of both of your two sides of the coin.

“Don’t wake.” He mumbled, gazing down at you in his arms with such endless devotion and care. “You don’t need to wake.”

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<div> Pranks </div>
Ok, we’re filming in three, two, one...
Hi guys and welcome to our prank channel. Today we’re-
What do you two think you are doing?
Definitely not pranking the Avengers...
Yeah, I don’t know where you got that idea from.
Peter, (y/n), I am thoroughly disappointed. How could you?
Wait we can explain-
How could you prank the team without me?
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Loki x (non Avenger Midgardian-human) Reader 

Prompt: (Sent in by @tom-hlover​)

41. “You weren’t supposed to hear that.”
43. “Why didn’t you tell me you were hurt?”
Where Loki was supposed to be abducted (he doesn’t know it yet as reader found out when the abductors are to do this and she took his place) and got tortured and took advantage of which eventually led to her being free and Loki found out eventually that reader took his place?

Warnings: There is going to be quite a lot of violence, sexual harassment (Not too graphic. You know me!), lots of angst, use of drugging, lots and lots of angst, kidnapping, creepy Asgardians, restraining, did I mention angst? well, theres gonna be A LOT of that too:)

(Info to where I got the drug. It is actually really cool!!!)

A/n: This is a little angstier than I usually go. Especially with it having non-consensual sexual harassment. But I am willing to give this a try:) and Loki too! He’s new as well! So I hope you enjoy this story!! I also had to change a few things up with the request. Just trust me as to where this will go! 


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Y/N, to Bucky: Remember, licking door knobs is illegal on other planets.

Bucky: Wh-How do you know that?

Y/N: Thor took me to Asgard once and i felt the sudden urge to lick a doorknob. Let’s just say I’m no longer welcomed there.

Bucky: ….

Bucky: Is there anything else you’d like to inform me about?

Y/N: Oh, yeah! I was also legally married to Loki! *Leaves the room*

Bucky: *Shocked* WHAT!?

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