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#loki x you

Loki takes care of reader after they injure themselves.

A/N: Another one for my Loki x Reader Winter series. Very short one shot that focuses more on dialogue and an established relationship. As always, Gender Neutral!

Warnings: None, domesticity, general fluff.


Originally posted by mistress-gif

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Over thinking | loki x reader

a/n : if I was honest, I over think a lot (no one asked but) so I came up with this one shot where the reader is kinda jealous of Lady Sif being too much friendly with Loki.

warning(s) : over thinking. self doubt.

summary : reader has a crush on Loki but the small voice in her mind always makes her self doubt herself, so she becomes jealous when she sees Sif being more than friendly with Loki.


Originally posted by lavenderloki

He didn’t care, right?

Of course, why would he care for a mere mortal like you. The Asgardian women were much beautiful then you, weren’t they?

He doesn’t even look at you. Did he even know you?

Your mind raced with millions of possibilities of your crush rejecting you, or worse; embarrassing you in front of everyone.

Having a crush on the literal God of Mischief promised nothing but chaos and heart breaks, well that was what you thought.

Natasha had always supported you, she had shoved you in his way multiple times just to get you his attention, but everytime you tried to come up with something the words died down in your throat, and your eyes lost themselves in his.

For months you had tried to speak to him, tried to get something more than just friendly touch. Honestly you would have been better fighting some alien then confessing your feelings for the trickster.

Each hour had become an over thinking session for you. Natasha had tried to get in the blanket of your thoughts but it didn’t work. It didn’t change the hate Loki had for mortals, it didn’t change the fact that you weren’t a goddess. It just didn’t change anything.

So you had accepted it.


Sif. Her name was Sif, a beautiful warrior more beautiful than you had thought. She and the warriors three had visited Earth, Midgard as they say. To meet the avengers and the Odinsons.

Whatever it was it didn’t hurt less to see her mingling with Loki so easily, she had known both the brothers for over centuries, she had grown up with them and this only reminded you of your mortality and the lack of knowledge of sword fighting you had.

You shoved those thoughts at the back of your mind, allowing yourself to enjoy the meal, those thoughts were for another day.

Your eyes were focused on the food on your plate, because you knew if you would let your gaze wonder too far you would either lose yourself in Loki or just break the dam you had made for your overflowing thoughts.

Whatever you did, the smallest hint of brushes she shared with him didn’t go unnoticed by you.

She wore an elegant outfit, her hair down and cheeks flushed from all the jokes the avengers shared with her. And on the other hand, you wore an old black hoodie and sweatpants, your hair tied in a messy bun as you silently sat at the end of the table devouring your food.

At some point when you saw her linking her fingers with him, you just wanted to grab your stuff and walk away to your room, not in a mood to embarrass yourself by straight up kissing him, so that’s what you did.

You quickly finished your meal while the avengers and the Asgardians where deep in their conversation, only Natasha and Loki had caught the sight of you excusing yourself and going upstairs.

The door to your room slammed shut as you went to the bathroom to compose your thoughts. It didn’t take long for the small voice in your mind, to take it’s place.

You looked at yourself in the mirror, tried to tell yourself that overthinking won’t work in this situation but no matter what, your head was still in the clouds.

“Why did you leave so early?” the voice which came from behind scared the shit out of you “you-u what are doing here?” “checking on you.” he replied bluntly, taking a few steps towards you.

“What if I was having a shower?” “well you aren’t,” his eyes were a mixture of emotions, hurt, worry and something you couldn’t name.

“You didn’t answer my question.” “oh, I wasn’t feeling good and everyone was busy in the conversation so I left.” “what is bothering you, little one?” you gulped at how close he was standing, why did he care what was going on your mind? was he just showing you sympathy? “um if you are trying to show sympathy, then I’m sorry I don’t need your sympathy,” you regretted as soon as the words left your mouth, he was just trying to help you, you fool.

“If that is what you think.” he turned to leave, vanish away in the air and be gone forever, it was time.

You reached for his arm and pulled him closer, your hands trembling and your mind overflowing with all the ways he was going to reject you.

“Please stay, I want to tell you something.” your voice was a bit unsteady but he nodded at whatever you were going to throw at him.

Your thoughts were the only thing keeping you quiet, you didn’t want to lose him even if you didn’t mean anything to him, you didn’t want to lose the spark you saw everytime when his eyes met yours, it was the only reason you still had a bit confidence left, that he might like you back.

The silence lasted for an eternity as you tried to search for the right word, but be cornered by your own thoughts.

“Your thoughts are trying to take over your mind, little one speak what you want I won’t tell anyone else.” the rich accent of his voice had shoved your thoughts to the back as it settled deep in your mind.

When Loki tilted his face ever so lightly asking you for the answer, you gave him the answer, “I left early because I saw you and Sif, I mean I -” “you were jealous.” “NO, I wasn’t.” a lie.

Loki took a few steps back and you immediately replied, “ok ok I was, maybe a little” “there isn’t anything between me and Sif, why were you jealous?” “well isn’t it obvious?” “No it isn’t.” he asked his arms crossing over his chest.

You took a deep breath and chewed on your bottom lip, why did he have to be so hot, “I really like you, not in a friendly way I mean I don’t even know if we our friends, but seeing you with Si-” your babbling was silenced by his lips moving against yours, his hands snaked up your hips and settled on your waist pushing the teasing fabric of your hoodie.

Your hands found home in his hair, as he chewed on your bottom lip. Your tongues dancing together as you gave in the pleasure of tasting his breath against yours.

When you both pulled away, your cheeks were flushed and your breathing was uneven, he rested his forehead against yours, as a laugh escaped his mouth, who knew that the simple act would sent shivers down your spine.

When you regained your senses from the hot action you practically screamed, “Holy shit! did we just kiss? ” Loki’s laugh warmed your insides and a blush crept on your face as you hid your face in his sweater grinning like a child.

Thank you Lady Sif.


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A/N: I’m so sorry I had an MLP marathon of the last two seasons while writing this I HAD NO IDEA IT ENDED ALREADY WKWKWKWKWK-


“Hey, did you hear that My Little Pony is over?”

You drop your phone and turn to Wanda.

“No shit!” You whined.

“I’m serious!” She yelled back. “My entire childhood is gone!”

“Oh, no,” you buried your face in your hands. “I used to be such a die-hard fan of that.”

“Same!” She used her telekinesis to lift a hairbrush into the air. “That time when Twilight was a kid and found out her powers, I felt that she was my soul sister. I once tried to hatch an egg using my magic.”

“Did you succeed?”

“Let’s just say Pietro was very terrified to see my hands covered in egg yolk. He thought it was-”

“Eww, eww, eww, no,” you covered your ears. “Me, I tried to talk to animals once ‘cause I was such a sucker for Fluttershy.”

“Wow, you’re even more immature than I thought you were.”

“Shut it, Wan, I was stupid then.”

“And you’re still stupid now anyway! Look, there’s a bird over there,” Wanda laughed, pointing to a raven that had been perched on the windowsill for a while. “Ask it something.”

“Yeah, right,” you rolled your eyes. “Might as well tell it to shit on you.”

Wanda let out a laugh as you sauntered over to the window and bent over to talk to the bird.

“Hey little guy,” you said in the best squeaky accent you could muster. “Can you hear me?”

The bird just looked up at you before giving a tiny flutter of its wings.

“It doesn’t like you, Y/N, speak louder.” Wanda shouted.

“Shut up, Wan, it’s a bird,” you sneered, then turned back to the raven. “Do you wanna come inside and shit on Wanda’s head?”


You pushed the window open, and the bird flew around you, before shimmering in green and standing in front of you, not as a bird but as your crush, Loki Laufeyson.

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Reader comforts Loki through another night of terrors in a different way.

AN: Another one shot focusing on Loki’s nightmare headcanon. Also I’ve been meaning to get this smut out of my system. As always, Gender Neutral Reader!

Warnings: Smut 18+, Foreplay, Non-penetrative


Originally posted by comealong-jawn

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Swearing, Violence, Mentions of Death

Notes: Slow Updates


Originally posted by maryxglz

“Who is that?” Loki asked, his eyes finally landing on a woman. She was laughing along with the Maximoff girl and the Spider Child. 

“That’s Y/n, Y/n L/n. She’s known as Fantasia.” Thor replied. “If I remember correctly, she came here after she befriended Lady Wanda at the coffee shop.”

Loki observed further. “She’s small,” he commented, noticing her shorter size compared to the others.

“That she is,” Thor nodded. “Not a fighter, either, from what I’ve seen.”

You’re an Avenger, how can you not be a fighter? It didn’t make sense to Loki. Just by looking at you he could practically feel your pure innocence pulsating from your body. You had to be of some importance to the team. After all, there was no room for civilians on this team. People who can’t stand their ground. So who were you?


chapters coming soon

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Pairing: Loki x reader

Request: I was wondering if you’ll ever do the trope with human reader and basically immortal s/o (cough. Loki. Cough) where it’s super soft but angsty with them being established/knowing about their feelings but the reader pushes themselves away because they have a short life and they don’t want to hurt the other person when they’ll inevitably die? It’s super sad but you do angst so well, I was wondering if you’d consider it?

Warnings: Angst but there is some fluff in there! 

Word Count: 2.9k 

A/N: Thank you so much to @randomidiot4444​ for this angsty but wonderful request! I had my sad playlist going the entire time I wrote it and I hope this was the angst you were looking for! I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope you enjoy it! <3 


Originally posted by astouract

Hurt People 

You pulled your coat up higher, trying to shield your face from the biting wind. Yesterday had been a gorgeous day; warm and sunny, the weather’s last hoorah before giving in for the fall. It had also been the day you realized you loved him. And not only a little bit. The kind of love that filled you with terror because you realized no emotion you’d ever felt had come close to it; the kind that felt like staring out at a still lake in the morning before everyone else woke.

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“Were you ever going to tell me?”

You yelped, quickly slamming your laptop shut. “Christ, Loki, what did I say about lurking in doorways?”

Loki didn’t even crack a smile. “Answer me.”

You feigned ignorance, absentmindedly picking at your nail. “Tell you about what?”

“Do not play dumb, you know how I loathe that,” he hissed, and before you could react he was moving into your space, roughly jerking your chin to force you to look at him. “Answer me. Were you ever going to tell me?”

You stared back at him harshly, eyes cold. “That’s no way to teach the mother of your child, Prince.”

He dropped his grasp on you quickly, recoiling as if you’d slapped him. “So, it’s true.”

You nodded, watching his reaction. “As for your question… I was going to tell you in exactly 17 days. Dr. Cho has no experience with Asgardian pregnancies but she warned against a high probability of miscarriage. I was waiting until I was past first trimester, if there was still anything to tell you.”

Loki sunk down beside you, his hand hesitantly hovering over yours before he thought better of it. He looked up and swallowed, worrying his bottom lip. “You still could have told me sooner.”

“Is that what you wanted?” Your question had a double meaning. Loki knew it.

He paused before he answered, before nodding. “Yes. And if you had talked to me right away, I would have assured you as such. My love, I–” he took a deep breath, steeling himself before he took your hand in his. He lifted it to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to your knuckles. “I never want to find out about something this important from Dr. Banner’s emails again. Please.”

You smirked slightly, leaning against Loki’s side. “That’s what you get for snooping–”

“Do not blame me for this,” Loki mumbled, leaning in to kiss you before he stood up, your hand still held tightly in his. “Get dressed.”

You frowned, glancing down at your outfit. “For what?”

“We are due a trip to Asgard,” Loki answered, already pulling you along towards your closet. “The medical knowledge on this god-forsaken planet is already lacking, we are not letting kooky witch doctor give her opinions.”

You laughed, sighing. “Dr. Cho has three Ph.Ds, Loki.”

He clucked his tongue, giving you a wicked smirk over his shoulder. “That is hardly a good enough standard for the child of a Prince, darling.”

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Hello to all my lovelies!! Man, today I am bowled over. Somehow, someway, I have 1000 FOLLOWERS!!! 1000!!! How?!?!

For this occasion I want to open up my requests for you guys. So, if you send an ask with an idea for Loki, Steve, Bucky or Natasha from Marvel, Jonathan Pine, Thomas Sharpe or James Conrad you’ll get a personalized story.

I don’t know what else to do to honor your faith in me but write… so I will! Any and all suggestions will be considered excluding incest, pedophilia, or anything that gives me the creeps. I keep on the smutty side, but will cross the road into fluff, angst, action or drama as needed.

You all know how to make a lady happy!! Xoxo - Your Wordynerdygurl

P.S. a little Loki gif, just for good measure… and to honor the magnificent beast that brings my smut filled stories to life! ❤


Originally posted by hjbender

@brokenthelovely @lots-of-loki @iamverity @iluvsumbucky @nonsensicalobsessions @rorybutnotgilmore @alexakeyloveloki @caffiend-queen @jamielea81 @crystalizedcaramel @thefallenbibliophilequote @sammy-jo1977 @mizfit2 @jessiejunebug @just-random-obsessions @capcapcapsicle

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Day:24 Skincare   Loki x Reader

30 days Masterlist 


Originally posted by stimfairy

“Darling”You looked up seeing Loki standing there with a box.”Could you help me?”

“Sure”Taking your hand he pulled you into the bathroom,putting the box down on the counter letting you take a look.It was full of skincare products,of course.You handed him a headband before you rummaged through the box.Helping him with applying everything,you ran your fingers across his face.He opened his eyes looking up at you,he smiled at you putting his hands on top of yours.Leaning in you gave him a quick kiss,you pulled back but he quickly wrapped his arm around your waist pulling you back in.

“Oh you didn’t think i’d let you go that easily”His mischievous grin told you that he wasn’t going to let you go anytime soon. 

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Originally posted by onlyperioddramas

Author: hela-avenger

Word Count: 1522

Summary: Prince Loki of Asgard is in need of a date to take back home. That’s where you come in with a task of your own to make the whole trip with an insufferable prince worth it. Too bad that things don’t always go as planned and you end up giving more than you can take. Fake-Dating AU.

A/N:  I don’t know where this part came out from and it wasn’t what I intended but it did its job. I’m having a hard time trying to finish this story because I love it so much! Gah, next part will most likely be heartbreaking if I can make myself to write it. 

poison & wine masterlist

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Author’s Note:  The story continues!  I appreciate everyone’s patience as I got this third piece of our tale completed.  I hope the wait will be worth for all of you!

As always, please re-blog, share, comment and so on!  I’m accepting tags, so let me know if you want to be a Minx!

I am also getting ready to celebrate a milestone here on Tumblr, so stay tuned for details!!

I wanted to take a moment and send some specific love to two of my followers who, just by doing what great fan-fiction readers should, made my little life complete.  First, @iluvsumbucky​ … this one, she read every chapter of “The Testing Kind” over 5 days and left the most meaningful, heartfelt reviews.  I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to see those comments and know that you loved my story as much as I loved writing it.

Which brings us to @iamverity​ … perhaps the single most thing a writer can hope for is someone to tell you that their work makes you feel.  I was paid this compliment and swear to strive for that in all my output going forward.

Also, always, much thanks to @sammy-jo1977​ who had to listent o me whine while this one came together.

Skin Deep Part 1

Skin Deep Part 2

Pairing:  Loki x Reader, Steve x Reader, Natasha and Bucky are around

Summary:  Picking up where part 2 ended, Loki’s back… What will Steve do to keep you as his own?  How far will you go to find the truth?

Warnings:  Angry, yelling, darker Steve.  Mentions of smut, property destruction, confrontations galore.


Originally posted by lokihiddleston

“PET!”  Watching you crumble, Loki was a blur of manic motion, moving with speed spurned by fear.  Knees scraping the antique rug, those long fingered hands cupped your head, keeping it from hitting the floor as Loki managed to catch you just in time.

Malice, so foreign on his tongue, dripped from Steve as he rushed forward, “She’s not your pet, Loki.  Not anymore.”

Crouched over you, protecting you in your delicate state, Loki stared down America’s Man with a Plan.  Long hair swinging wildly, “Well, she’s certainly not your doll, Captain.” 

Jostling for position, pushing close to you, Steve elbowed Loki harshly, “Like Hell!”

With a flash, fully armored, Loki stood with you draped limply in his arms.  “Out of the way, Avenger.  You don’t want to fight me, not right now.”

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson &/x fem!gifted!reader
Doubt, angst, pining, fluff, feels.
Some days just suck, flaring up with all the depressive symptoms and I have to fight to remember that everyone can have a bad day. That it doesn’t mean I’m regressing into a new full-blown relapse.


Originally posted by metropolisoftomorrow

18. White Knuckles

…  Reader   …

Insane, insane, insane, logic sings in your head on repeat.

The tune had begun when Loki navigated the ship low over a barren planet littered with grey gravel and cliffs only to suddenly aim it at a steep incline without any indication of stopping or following the slope. Even as you shut your eyes tight, you regretted very few events of your (too short) life – but the crash never came. Instead, Loki brought the spacecraft to an abrupt halt and urged you to take a look. You didn’t believe what you saw until the Asgardian had brought you outside the ship and let you wander through the cave barely big enough to house the vessel. What was harder to fathom was the view beyond the hiding spot.

Distance didn’t matter when the inevitable limit to a journey was a sharp edge with a drop into space itself. You knew the view even if you never had been there yourself, and every instinct told you to run, to avoid the fall at all costs. But at the same time, the breathtaking landscape – more beautiful than the Norwegian fjord even – drew your heart towards it, funnelling your gaze until it found the City of Gold. Valhalla.

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You don’t expect Loki to be so skilled at healing

(This took me foreeeever to write lol)


“Let me see.” he murmurs, walking closer to the bed that you are half sitting, half laying on.

Your instinct is to say no. Regardless of whoever’s presence you’re in, you always run when you’re in pain. You don’t like for anyone to see you weak. You don’t like to be in vulnerable positions. 

Especially not around Loki. Loki, with his perfect hair and skin and self. Loki, who exuded confidence and poise wherever he went.

You could be the healthiest person on Earth, and you would still be vulnerable around him. There was little, if anything, for you to do about that.

“I’m trying to hep you, you know.” he says. Your hand doesn’t move, heavy against your stomach. Your shirt is red with blood, and you can’t help but think about how fake movies make everything look. And easy. You’re shaking, choking back tears and biting your cheeks so hard they hurt. “Please.”

Loki’s voice is thick. Please. You had known the god for four years, and you weren’t sure if that word had ever come out of his mouth. You had never seen him before, not like this.

Keeping eye contact, you slowly put your stained hand down on the bed. Loki’s eyes soften, just a bit, and he pulls up a chair and sits.

His sleeves are rolled up, revealing his strong arms and nimble hands. Normally, you curse yourself for taking note of these things, but you need distractions right now. Your breathing is becoming more labored by the second.

Loki’s fingers pause at the hem of your shirt, just for a second, before they lift it up.

He looks away as soon as he sees your wound, cursing.

“I’m sorry.” he says, sounding angry. “It was an Asgardian weapon that pierced you. This is my fault.” you feel confused, your head heavy and thoughts hazy.

“I thought all the Asgardian relics were destroyed after-” 

“No.” Loki cuts you off before you say the name. His fingers go to his neck when you reference the Titan, but the action is fleeting, Quickly, all attention is returned to you. “My brother and I are proof of that.”

Your eyes begin to close, and you feel a cool hand cup your cheek. Loki’s thumb runs over your cheekbone. He leans forward, pressing his forehead against yours.

“This is my fault.” he says softly. “I’ve made so many enemies. I shouldn’t have let you come with me. I was selfish.”

“Stop.” your voice is weak. “Loki, I-”

“No.” Loki presses a finger to your lips. He swallows, then traces your mouth and jawline with the pads of his fingers. “Save your energy.”

His hands return to your midsection, lifting your shirt all the way this time. You look away, not wanting to see the full severity of your situation, but after time, your gaze shifts back to Loki.

His brow is furrowed, and he’s surprisingly efficient. All of his focus is on you, committed to making sure you’re alright. You have to assume Loki has done this before. He cleans your stab wound with a pitcher of water and a rag you didn’t even see him collect. He knew exactly when you needed a break, and carefully trailed his hands over other sections of your stomach when the pain was becoming too much. Drawing sensation to a different part of your body- a distraction tactic. 

It was almost heartbreaking to watch. You knew Loki well, having skirted the line between friends and lovers for years now. But even in your closeness to him, you had only ever seen him using his magic to destroy. Seeing, feeling him being so gentle and slowly ebbing your pain away… It made you sad knowing this side of him was never acknowledged. 

“The slice is higher than I thought.” Loki tells you, breaking the silence You meet his eyes, then look into the ceiling light.

“Do what you need to do.” you say with a lump in your throat. “Just make it stop hurting.”

It feels like fire, spreading over every single nerve ending in your body and setting them ablaze. The only thing bringing you any solace is Loki’s cool touch, but that won’t last forever. You wish sleep would take you, yet adrenaline pumps through your veins and makes you all too aware. 

Loki takes a breath in, and his irises flash golden and he casts his spell. Your shirt disappears entirely, leaving your torso bare.

Loki blinks. He stares, and you swear you see a red tinge in his cheeks. Your own are burning.

There’s a mirror hanging across from you, and you gasp when you see your reflection. The gash on your side is huge, running from just beside your breast and curving over your body so it ends beside your navel.

A sob escapes your mouth at the sight. You look so small, so broken.

Loki follows your line of vision, and with a flick of his wrist, the mirror falls from the wall.

“It’s alright.” he says, trying to soothing you. For the first time since you met him, it doesn’t work. You cry, every breath racking through your body and putting you in even more pain than before. “Shh.” he shushes you, but to no avail.

Normally, someone expressing themselves in this way would cause Loki to leave. He didn’t like seeing people this way, and preferred to give them the same treatment and privacy he himself would want.

But Loki doesn’t want that with you. The thought of leaving you in this state makes him feel nauseous. All Loki wants to do is gather you in his arms, hold you against his chest until the storm passes. He wants to whisper comforts and sweet nothings in your ear, pepper kisses over your body until you can’t remember what pain even feels like. 

It was uncharacteristic of him. But Loki couldn’t bring himself to care. He knew he needed to channel every bit of him into making you better. He wouldn’t forgive himself if you endured this for one moment longer.

“I’m going to fix it.” he tells you. Loki kisses your bare shoulder, quickly, so fast you almost don’t notice. “I have to ask you to calm down. I hate to.” he takes your hand, rubbing circles on the inside of your palm. “Just focus on me.”

You hand closes around Loki’s. Slowly, you get yourself under control. Loki is speaking, but you can’t make out the words. They sound familiar, but foreign. Did the Asgardians have their own language? Was Loki speaking his native tongue?

Somewhere in the back of your mind, you’re aware of Loki dressing your laceration. Your body feels numb now, exhausted and working hard to keep you alive. 

When Loki is finished, he pulls a blanket over you, tucking it under your body to make you as warm as possible. He takes your hand again, pressing it to his lips before leaning back in his chair.

Of his own accord, the god prepares for a long night.

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Loki: *sitting on a chair, book in one hand, holding a cup of tea in the other*
Y/N: *on the other side of the room, where she's 'supposed' to be working, staring at every detail of him, holding up her camera to take a picture of him*
Y/N's left brain: No. No, No, No. Absolutely not, put that down, he'll see you.
Y/N's right brain: Come on, you wimp, you've been staring at him since FOREVER! Take a picture so you can finally get back to work!
Y/N: *sighs*
Y/N's right brain: Come on, you know you want to...
Y/N's left brain: Stop encouraging her.
Y/N: *whispering* Here goes nothing.
Y/N's left brain: *groans* She's gonna regret this.
Y/N: *clicks*
Y/N: *eyes widening as she realizes she realizes she turned on the flash*
Loki: *turns to her*
Y/N's right brain: Oh shit.
Y/N's left brain: I had absolutely no involvement with this. I have had too much to handle already. I give up. Good day, everyone.
Y/N's right brain: Fuck it, you're on your own, kid. Toodles!
Loki: *stands up, walks slowly towards her with an unreadable expression on his face*
Y/N: H-Hey, Loki, d-do you need anyth-thing?
Loki: *is silent, continues walking towards her*
Y/N: *stands up* He-hey, I just had to take a pic cause you looked really ho- beautiful- I mean great in that lighting, I-I...
Loki: *doesn't react*
Y/N: I-I didn't mean to offend you or anything, I just did it for the aesthetic!
Loki: *still doesn't say anything*
Y/N: *walking backwards* God dammit, Loki, I feel like I-I'm talking to myself, you gotta give me something!
Loki: *moves forward faster*
Y/N: *stutters as her back collides with the wall*
Loki: *still isn't saying anything as he puts his hands on either side of Y/N's face*
Y/N: *looks down and aggressively takes the polaroid out of the camera* Ju-just take it.
Loki: *takes the picture from your hands*
Loki: *places a finger under her chin, a silent request for her to look up*
Y/N: W-well? Aren't you at least going to say anyth-
Loki: *suddenly smashes his lips against hers*
Y/N: *sighs against his mouth, snakes her arms against his neck*
Loki: *breaks away after a year*
Loki: I hope that would suffice.
Y/N: *trying to remember how to speak* F-For what?
Loki: *holds her camera up* As collateral for this.
Y/N: H-Hey, I need that-
Loki: *presses his lips against hers quickly but passionately*
Loki: *breaks away, turns to leave* Slow your heart, dove, I'll only be keeping this 'till tonight.
Loki: *looks back at her with an alluring smirk* That is, if you come to get it at my quarters.
Y/N: *stuttering* L-Loki...
Y/N's left brain: Alright, what did I miss?
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Summary: Being rescued by one of the Avengers is definitely a great story, too bad you can’t remember it.

Amnesia, you know?

Pairing: Loki/Reader

Rating: M

Taglist: @fairlightswiftly​​, @javelinamilk​​, @wannabebr1t​​, @joyofbebbanburg​, @schmidten17​​, @winterisakiller@addyliners, @iamverity@kybaeza

Ch. 1

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Loki, Thor, Y/n: Smooch
Loki: The next person to say 'smooch' will get punished by my hand!
Y/n: Smooch
Loki: *very lightly hits y/n on the top of their head* That's very bad of you, y/n. Never do it again.
Y/n: *pouts, then giggles* Fiiiine.
Thor: Smooch!
Loki: *slowly but menacingly starts to pull out a dagger*
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