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Loki x Sylvie as a romantic couple
Tumblr media
Loki & Sylvie as younger Chaotic Siblings™ to Thor 
Tumblr media
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geminigirl0298 · a month ago
Yellow (Part 1)
Tumblr media
Relationship: Loki x Virgin! Reader
Summary: The accidental ingestion of a sex potion leads you to the bedroom of the God of Mischief.
Word Count: 4.3 k
Warnings: SMUT, 18+, NSFW, minors DNI! Fingering (female receiving), oral sex (female receiving), penetrative sex, loss of virginity, unprotected sex, Asgardian age gap
“Y/N, don’t touch that.” Loki reached out to grasp your wrist, effectively stopping you from picking up the glass bottle. He watched as your plump lips curved into a frown.
“I have a headache,” you told him. “I need a headache cure.”
“That’s not the headache cure.” He moved your hand over to a bottle three spaces to the right and pushed your fingers down on it. “This is the cure. The other one is trouble, do not ever touch it.” Curiosity lit up your face, and Loki knew he had made a mistaken by forbidding you to touch it.
You plucked the cure out if it’s box, along with the one he told you not to touch and held them up to the light. “You probably shouldn’t have made them the same colour,” you told him, shaking the vials of pale-yellow liquids. “One can see how they might be mixed up.”
Loki sighed. Reprimanding you for disobeying him was futile. You always pushed your limits, and had you not been such a promising student he would have kicked you out of his study long ago.
Born the daughter of a handmaid to the queen, Frigga was able to pick up on your affinity for seidr from an early age. She had tasked Loki with your training upon his release from the dungeons—one of a long list of amendments for all the damage he had caused on earth—and he refused to let her down.
There was also the fact that he was sweet on you. You were five hundred compared to his thousand years, so you were not a child by any means. However, he knew the people of Asgard would not see it that way. They had still not forgiven him for his stint on Midgard, trying to kill his brother and bringing Jotunns to their realm, and would no doubt accuse him of taking advantage of your sweet disposition.
Plus, Frigga would ring his ear right off if he touched you.
“What does it do?” Loki lifted a brow. “The one you told me not to touch. Is it dangerous? You stopped me so suddenly.” Loki opened his mouth to answer, then blushed. You caught this and tilted your head. “Loki?”
“It’s nothing that concerns you.”
You wrinkled your nose in that endearing way that made him want to place a kiss on it. “You’re being weird. Why are you being weird? Is it a sex thing?” Loki said nothing. “Oh my gosh, it is a sex thing!”
“What does is do?” you questioned. “Does it work like a love potion? Does it attract suitors? Does it help prolong things?”
Loki snapped his book shut. Discussing the topic of sex with you was painting his brain with images of you screaming his name in a multitude of positions. If you kept this up any longer, he was going to take liberties with you.
“You’ve done well today, petal,” he said. The nickname he had given you brought a dusting of red to your cheeks, and he smirked. “I’ll see you for our lesson on Monday.” He usually gave you weekends off to destress and frolic with your friends. Most times you did, and others you would come looking for him with an obscure question about a lesson you had that week. He saw it for what it was—you wanting to spend time with him—and had long told his guards to give you access to his rooms whenever he was there.
“Will I see you at the ball tomorrow?” Loki stared at you. You had placed the vials on the table and had your hands behind your back. Your weight shifted from one foot to another as you bit your lip, a spark of hope in your eyes. He winced internally, hating that he was about to snuff it out.
“No.” Your face fell. “I don’t think it’s time.”
“You shouldn’t keep hiding, you know?” Your voice was soft and shy, so different from the unbridled tones he had gotten used too. “You made a mistake, just like so many of our kind. Just because the people are punishing you doesn’t mean you should punish yourself too.”
Loki blinked. His mouth open, then closed. What could he say to that? His hands fisted his trousers, fingers tightening on the material, then he released them. People of Asgard be damned.
“Y/N,” he cupped your face, and watched your eyes blow wide, “you are so much wiser than your years. If more people thought like you then I may actually consider rejoining this blasted society.” You closed your eyes and let your face press into his hand. “Alas, they do not, and for that I must bide my time.” He so badly wanted to kiss your forehead. Instead, he dropped his hand. A look of disappointment flashed across your face. “Night is upon us. You should get going before my mother comes looking for you.”
“You’re right.” Your voice was a whisper. He watched you grab the cure and slip into the pocket of your dress. “Good evening, Loki.”
Night fall found Loki in bed and unable to fall asleep. He tossed and turned for an unhealthy amount of time before finally kicking the covers off him. Sleep evaded him for the night and the reason did not take a genius to figure out; you were on his mind. You were almost always on his mind if he was being honest. Usually, you were the one bright light in his dreams amongst nightmares of mad titans and black orders, but those sweet dreams could not come if his mind would not relax to allow his slumber.
A knock interrupted his scattered thoughts. Puzzled, Loki got to his feet. Only his mother visited him so late—Thor once in a while if he needed something and Odin, never—so he was surprised when he opened his door and found you standing there. “Y/N?”
“Loki,” you breathed. You were clad in a nightgown and a dressing robe, and your hair was messy. It was clear you had also been having trouble sleeping. What Loki could not figure out was why you were in tears. Tracks of water fell from your eyes and your nose was red as though it had been rubbed raw. You kept shifting from side to side, discomfort painted on your face. “Loki…”
“Y/N, what’s wrong?” He reached out to touch your shoulder and he felt heat emanating from your skin through your layers. “Are you ill? Why is your skin so warm?” Concern laced his voice as he looked you over.
“I need help—Ah!” Your body tensed as though you had been shocked. Alarmed, Loki tightened his hold on you. “Please help me.”
“Petal, I can’t help you unless you tell me what’s wrong.” Fresh tears fell from your eyes. You brought your hands to your face, and you looked…embarrassed? “Y/N,” Loki fought to keep the emotion out of his voice. Seeing you cry was bothering him. “Petal, please tell me what’s wrong.”
“I took the wrong one,” was your whimpered reply.
“I took the wrong one,” you repeated. “The cure… I think I took the other one by mistake.”
Loki looked at you. His eyes went from your sniffling face to the way you kept rubbing your thighs together and he let out a groan. “Y/N…”. He trailed off, sticking his head out the door to look down the hall. Seeing no one, he invited you in. He led you to his bed and perched you at the end before sitting on the green hassock running the length of the foot of his bed. “Tell me what happened.”
“I had a headache,” you started, “so I took the cure before bed like I usually do. I had fallen asleep when—Oh!” You whimpered and your thighs slapped together. The sight set off a reaction in Loki that had him grinding his teeth. “I—I was asleep and I started feeling hot and like I wet myself so I woke up and there was this pain,” you gestured towards the apex of your thighs, “down there and I was so hot. Then I remembered what you said about the sex potion, and I realized what must have happened.” You shook your head. “I’m so sorry, Loki. I must have grabbed the wrong one, I—”
“Shh, come here.” Loki pulled you forward and into his neck. Your tears wet his skin as he tried to decide what to do next. He knew well how the potion worked— he had used it with many lovers in the past, in fact— but they had been willing participants. You were innocent and had taken it unknowingly. He had to tread carefully. “Petal?”
You sniffed. “Yes?”
“I’m going to help you, okay?” You pulled your face out of his neck. “I just need you to trust me. Do you trust me?”
“I do.” There was no trace of untruth in your face.
Loki let his hands cup your face. He stroked his thumbs along your smooth cheeks and allowed himself to place a kiss on your forehead. “Darling, do you understand what this help entails?”
“You’re going to fuck me?” The dirty words dripped off your tongue with an innocent air that had Loki’s cock stirring in his pants. There was no innuendo or double entendre behind them too—just a question in that small voice of yours that made Loki want to take you right there.
“Yes.” The reply was sharp, succinct. “You’ve lain with men before, correct?” You shook your head no, and Loki paused. “Never?” You shook you head again, drawing a frown from the prince before you. This was quite the roadblock. He was okay having sex with you to help work out the potion when he thought you had already done the deed but finding out you were a virgin changed everything. “Maybe I should not—”
“No.” You gripped him suddenly, desperation in your eyes. Tears strangled your voice as you pleaded with him “Loki, please. I want it to be you. I’m sorry I touched the potion, but you have to help me—Ah!” Your hips jerked forward. “Please. It hurts!”
“Okay.” Loki smoothed your hair back. “Okay. Lay back and show me where it hurts, my sweet.” You did as you were told. The dressing robe covering your nightgown was discarded and you reached out and grabbed the ends of your gown. A few tugs brought it level with your bellybutton, so Loki was staring at your thin panties. Loki hooked two fingers in the sides of the material and pulled them down.
He gasped at the sight before him. Now that your bare pussy was on display, he was able to see just how much the potion affected you. Your mound was an angry red, swollen and weeping juices. Clear liquid glistened on your thighs, and he could see your stiff clit standing out from between your lips. “Darling, did you drink it all?”
The whimper you let out was answer enough. “Yes…”
“It’s okay.” You cried out as two of his nimble fingers connected with your clit. He rubbed gentle circles over the nub, watching as your face relaxed for the first time that night. Carefully, when he thought you were ready, he dipped a finger into your heat.
“Oh!” Tiny hands gripped his wrists, spurring him to add another. He felt your walls quiver as he began curling his fingers inside of you. Your eyes all but rolled to the back of your head when he began twisting them in a clockwise motion. “Loki…”
He removed his fingers and you whined. Your hips bucked up in search of contact. “Relax, darling.” Loki’s rested his hand on your stomach and pressed your hips back into the bed. He knelt on the floor in front of the hassock and pulled you forward until your pussy was level with his mouth. “I want to taste you.”
Loki moaned as he ran his tongue through your folds. You tasted as sweet as he expected, maybe even sweeter. Your cunt was soaked and heated and his tongue burned as it sought out your tight cave. Fingers twisted in his hair, tugging and terrorizing the curly strands. He nibbled on your clit and let his tongue soothe the nub with a circling motion, and it was only when he felt a gush of fluid into his mouth did he realize that you had just had your first orgasm of the night.
“Y/N?” Loki lifted himself over you. Relief had washed over your face, albeit just a little. By the remnant swell of your pussy and heat still emanating from your body, he could tell there was still a long way to go. “Darling, how do you feel?”
“Good,” you whispered, hands reaching for him. “Need more.” Loki chuckled low.
“Go up on the bed for me, sweet thing. Get comfortable”. He watched as you crawled towards his pillows at the head of the bed. The position gave him a good view of your dripping cunt, and he licked his lips at the sight. Loki rose off the ground and walked over to you. He rid himself of his clothes as he neared—first his tunic then his breeches—and knelt between your open legs. He saw your eyes widen as you took in the size of his cock.
“Come here, darling.” Loki lifted your chin. He had always wanted to kiss you and he was finally going to get the chance too. Your lips were like little pillows, mottled with rough patches from where you nibbled on them. A thousand and one reminders from Loki had not gotten you to drop the habit.
You moaned as he kissed you, letting his tongue slide into your mouth. The taste of your juices mingled with the taste of your saliva and Loki felt his head spin. He moved closer to you and as he did so, he felt the tip of his cock slide against your raw pussy.
“Loki!” You hissed, lips leaving his. The urgency with which your hands grabbed his hips was telling. Every hump of your hips made contact with his crotch, and he had to hold you down against the bed before you hurt yourself.
“Y/N.” The sound of your name made your eyes open. He made sure you were looking at him before he continued. “It’s imperative that you listen to what I have to say. The potion overwhelms your senses so all you can think about is release. You may find yourself wanting to push past your limits, but you absolutely cannot allow yourself to do so. If it hurts, or you need to stop, let me know at once.”
You whined, “Loki…”
“I’m serious,” he said. There was no hint of a joke in his tone. “I won’t help you if it will hurt you. Do you understand?” You gave a meek nod, and Loki grinned. “Good girl,” he kissed your forehead, “now just relax and let me make you feel good.”
Loki reached down to take ahold of himself. He began rubbing himself against your folds, unable to resist the temptation of teasing you. Mischief curved his lips up as he watched you begin to squirm and whine his on his silk sheets. “Loki, please!”
“Okay, okay,” he chuckled. “I’ll stop teasing.” The tip of his cock was already at your entrance, and he pushed in just a little. Your cunt gripped him immediately and he groaned. He was planning to pull back and get you used to the feeling but your walls refused to release him, so the only thing left was to keep pushing forward. He kept a watchful look on your face as he did so to make sure you were not in pain.
“Darling,” he asked when he had bottomed out in you. “Can you look at me?” You opened your glassy eyes. “Are you in pain?” You shook your head. “Can I continue?” You nodded. Loki doubled over onto you as you gave your ascent. The potion had made your deliciously tight pussy so wet and so hot that he was having a hard time not moving at all. Even the slow, gentle pace he set was torture as he longed to pound you until your knees gave out.
While Loki was locked in his own mind prison, you seemed to be having a wonderful time. Your eyes were closed, head thrown back against the pillow. One of your hands gripped his shoulder and the other lay palm up above your head. The nightgown you wore shimmered off into thin air, exposing your naked body to him. Loki thought you were the most exquisite thing he had ever seen. His free hand found the one above your head and intertwined his own fingers between yours.
“Loki!” The sudden choked sob caught his attention. Your mouth was open with moans and your eyes were screwed shut. A few more thrusts had your walls clenching him so hard he yelled. “LOKI!” You screamed his name as your orgasm hit, and Loki growled. His name already sounded so good on your lips on a regular day. To hear it in the throes of passion was just sinful, and Loki wanted to hear it again and again until Hel came for him.
“Are we still good, petal?” You nodded, still lost in the high of your orgasm. “Excellent.” You squealed as he flipped you over. Loki used his hands to bring your knees up and pressed your face into the pillow. Gripping your hips, he pressed into you and started a faster, more punishing pace. The loud moans that left your lips spurred him on. His pace increased until he was pounding into you at lightning speed.
“I know, petal.” He leaned towards you ear as you came again, squeezing his cock tightly. “I know exactly what you need and I’m going to give it to you. Is that clear?”
“Yes,” you whined. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop.”
“Remember our agreement,” he said sternly. His first orgasm was fast approaching, and he began to shake with effort. “You must tell me if it hurts.” You nodded, biting the pillow to muffle your screams. Loki pulled it out from between your teeth. “None of that. I want the entire palace to hear you screaming my name. Let them know you are mine—Fuck!” His end hit him hard, stealing his breath away. He crouched forward as his hips stuttered to an end. His cum left him in spurts and he made a mental note to make you drink a contraceptive potion later that night.
Loki rolled to the side, taking you with him. He turned your face over your shoulder to give you another kiss. Your face was blissful, sweaty with exertion and flushed, yet you reached down to grab him again. “I still need you,” you admitted with a whimper. “I don’t know—”
“That’s how the potion works, my love.” He felt your walls clench around him at the endearment.
“Do you have to tire me out?”
“Something like that.” Loki grunted. The lull in sex had given you enough time to recover, and now your cunt was gripping him again with need. He reached around you to toy with your clit while his other hand sought out a pebbled nipple. “We’ll take it nice and slow for a bit, okay sweet thing? We don’t want you getting hurt.” He began grinding his hips in repetitive motions. “How’s that?”
“So good,” you muttered. “So, so good.” Your eyes were closed again, and your head had flopped against his shoulder. It appeared you were very content to let Loki fuck you into oblivion.
“So, you wanted it to be me?” he asked into your ear. You shivered and nodded. “How long, petal? How long have you wanted me to fuck you?” He rolled your nipple between his long fingers and watched you squirm. “For how many of our sessions have you daydreamed about having me inside of this perfect little cunt, hmm?”
“All of—AH!” Another orgasm rippled through your body, and this time Loki came with you. He let out a mighty grunt as he fucked you both through your ends. “All of the time,” you whimpered. “All day, every day.”
“Is that so?” His hips stuttered to a stop, and you gripped him suddenly.
“No, don’t stop.” You let out a harsh breath. “Don’t stop, please. You feel so good.”
Loki hesitated. “Petal…”
“I’m okay.” You turned you head to look at him, making sure you met his eyes. There was a giddiness in them—delirium, almost—as you spoke. “It doesn’t hurt, I promise. I just—” you gasped as your cunt clenched again, and Loki hissed in pleasure. “Please.”
“Oh, darling,” Loki began as he started to thrust again. “I’d fuck this cunt every day if you’d let me.” You whimpered at his words. “Exquisite,” he muttered as he lost himself in you again, “perfect, beautiful petal.”
Loki lost count of the number of times you both came. He fucked you until your throat was raw from screaming and his hair was slicked with sweat. Neither of you could even sleep that night. Every time one of you tried to rest, your body would act up again and you would whine and grab at him until he pressed inside of you again. After this, Loki just left his cock inside of you between cooling off periods. It made it easy for him to just grab your hips and begin thrusting into you when your cunt started clenching his cock again.
It was the wee hours of the next morn when Loki noticed your body had stilled. He peered at the sundial motif carved into his floor and noticed hours had gone by since you had stirred. Looking upon you, he saw you were sleeping peacefully in his arms. He took advantage of your slumber to gently extract himself from you. There was blood and juices on his cock and between your thighs which he set about cleaning up with a wet cloth. He had just finished cleaning you up and was getting ready to heal you when you called his name.
“Loki?” You sat up and winced almost immediately. “Oh gosh!” Tears flooded your eyes as you glanced down at your overused pussy. “Loki—”
“Shhh, I know.” He placed a hand on your thigh. “It hurts, I know. I was just about to heal you.” Loki let the green energy flow out of his fingertips and over your thigh, all the way up to your raw throat. Little by little the pain ebbed, and when your body all but sagged in relief he knew he had done his job. “Is that better?” You nodded. “Good.” Loki kissed your forehead and let his hand drop from you face. He materialized a pair of breeches onto his body and watched you. Now that the haze of the potion was gone, he was not quite sure how you’d react to what had happened.
“Um…” You drew the golden covers up to your chest and tucked some hair behind your ears. It was messy in a way that made Loki want to put you on your back again. “T-thank you,” you stuttered out, “for last night.”
Loki nodded. “My pleasure.” Your blush deepened. “How are you feeling?”
“Good!” You answered as if startled. “G-good. I…” Your index finger drew circles on the sheet. “I’m so sorry about the potion. You told me not to touch it and I shouldn’t have. Serves me right for not listening. I won’t touch it again, I promise—”
“Y/N.” Loki touched your knee. “It is as much my fault for leaving it lying around as it is yours for mistaking it. There is no need to apologize. I’m glad you came to me. Valhalla knows what would have happened if someone with ill intentions came upon you last night.” You shivered, and Loki moved his hand to your shoulder. “I’m sorry. I did not mean to frighten you.”
“You didn’t.” He watched you shake your head. “I suppose I should return to my rooms now…”
“Stay.” You lifted a brow at the sudden command and Loki cleared his throat. “I mean, you can stay if you’d like. It’s still early and you’re probably exhausted.” Your brows furrowed. You looked from your hands to the nightgown on the floor, then your sleeping robe that had been discarded so many hours ago.
“I suppose I could stay,” you looked at him, “if you don’t mind.”
“Not at all.” He waved his hands and a book of potions appeared. “I have to make you a contraceptive, plus I’d like to look over you for a bit to make sure there are no lasting effects. You drank it all, you know.” Your face reddened. “Get some sleep, petal. I’ll wake you before the ball, you have my word.” He watched you slide under his covers, and within a few seconds you were asleep. Once he was sure you would not awaken, he moved over to his workbench and began taking out the ingredients for the potion.
His eyes strayed to you as he worked. You looked so tiny in his large bed that he wanted nothing more than to lay next to you. He wanted to hold you and stroke your hair and whisper sweet nothings while you slept. He wanted to be with you, in any way that he could, for he realized today that he had fallen totally and completely in love with you.
You, the bright-eyed young woman who had bounded into his study months ago and knocked over his favourite stack of books. You, who had blushed and stammered apologies as you haphazardly packed them back.
Loki smiled to himself. Perhaps he would be making an appearance at that ball tonight after all.
Part 2
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look at them
Tumblr media
look at the way they look at each other
Tumblr media Tumblr media
they’re everything I ever wanted in a ship
Tumblr media
and MORE.
Tumblr media
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Do You Understand?
requested by anon
summary: you get injured on your mission, and despite your best efforts, loki finds out.
warnings: injury, medical aid
word count: 3400+
"Where is she?"
Tony sighed as the team watched Loki pace along the wooden flooring. "Calm down, lover boy. She's fine."
"How do you know that?" Loki demanded. "Because she hasn't checked in, and she's not here with us."
Steve spoke up. "Y/N knows where the safehouse is. When she last checked in, she told us she was going to be delayed."
"And, anyway, what exactly do you think you can do about it from here?" Natasha pointed out. "We have to wait for her. If she comes back hurt, we'll deal with it."
Loki looked unsatisfied. He continued to pace until they heard the soft click of the front door opening and closing behind you. There was a moment of silence before you stumbled into the room.
You didn't see the team waiting for you and your eyes were on the ground in front of you. When you did notice them, you immediately painted on a smile.
"Hey, guys! You're not waiting for me, are you?"
Tony nodded, rolling his eyes as he walked over to you. "Yeah, by orders of your husband." He patted you on the back, looking pointedly at Loki as everyone else started to stand up and make their way to the other rooms in the safehouse. "See? Told you she'd be fine." As Tony disappeared down the hallway, Natasha stopped beside you.
"Are you hurt?"
You shook your head. "No, I'm okay. Just tired. Like you, probably."
"Yeah, I'm exhausted. Hopefully the beds here aren't too hard," Natasha hummed in agreement as her eyes slid over your body, checking for injuries anyway. "As funny as it is to watch, he was really worried. He cares about you, you know."
You frowned at her in confusion. "What? Who?"
"Loki," she laughed. "Duh."
Your eyes widened at her comment and you quickly shook your head. "No, we're not...he cares about everyone. Loki's softer than he seems."
"I believe that," Natasha nodded. She leaned in slightly as she added, "around you." With that, she left. You were alone in the room with Loki, who hadn't said anything since you'd arrived.
He walked towards you. "About time you showed up."
"Hey, take it up with the HYDRA agents that were shooting at me, not me," you raised your hands slightly.
Loki was scowling at you, but his eyes were scanning your body for injuries. "They don't know what they're talking about."
"Hm?" You frowned, trying to catch his eye as he walked around you quickly.
He stopped in front of you again, waving a hand in the air. "Calling me your husband and saying that I was worried. I wasn't."
"No, of course not," you shook your head. "But, I mean, it would be nice if you were a little bit worried. 'Cause we're friends?"
Loki nodded slightly. "Perhaps a little."
"Great," you smiled tightly, the painkillers you had taken on your way to the safehouse wearing out. Pain was quickly consuming your body, starting with the bruising around your ribs.
Eyes narrowing, Loki picked up the slight change in your expression. "Are you hurt?"
"No," you answered a little too quickly. "I thought you weren't worried, anyway."
You shifted slightly on your feet, trying to gauge how long you could stay standing in front of Loki for before you needed to sit down. You knew you had at least one bruised rib, maybe fractured or broken, and you'd had fallen through a window so there was probably some glass to get rid of. But you didn't want anybody to know.
Being an avenger, you'd already had to be at the top of your game and one of the best at your job. You'd been a part of the team for about two years, and you still felt inadequate. It wasn't hard to see why when you watched Steve pulling helicopters from the sky or Wanda using her telekinesis to fly. You were just an ordinary agent. Sometimes you felt like you might as well be a civilian watching helplessly as they saved the day.
The team were always quick to tell you that it wasn't the case. They genuinely thought that you were a marvel when it came to working, and many of them had expressed their pride after missions. But of all the superheroes whose opinions mattered to you, Loki's mattered most. And he was the one that seemed to have the least faith in you.
You and Loki had been friends since he'd joined the team, so about eight months. He'd been quiet and isolated, and he'd found you in the library after he'd decided it was going to be his sanctuary. He'd told you that it was his space and you'd left, but everyday he'd catch you trying to sneak out before he came in. Eventually, he invited you to join him on the leather sofa and a lovely friendship blossomed.
But Loki was a strange friend to have. He'd deny caring about you, and he'd refuse to admit that he worried about you. But then he'd get jealous if you were acting close to another member of the team, and he'd act strange when you were hurt after missions. After you'd confronted him about it, he'd told you that he didn't trust you not to get hurt. So you tried your best to not get hurt, and when you did, you hid it from him.
Hence the way you were standing in front of him with bruises decorating your skin underneath your suit and shrapnel buried in your back. Pride.
"I'm going to bed," you sighed. "You should sleep too."
Loki watched you walk away and his observant eyes caught the almost imperceptible way that you shifted your weight to your right side instead of your left. "Stop."
You did as he said, turning to glare at him. "I'm tired, Loki. What now?"
"If you're not hurt, show me your ribs." His words were so quick and on point that it took you by surprise.
You blinked slowly, trying to think of a way out. "No."
"Because you are hurt," Loki nodded.
You shook your head. "Because...because I don't think it's appropriate."
"Fine." Loki scowled at you. "Raise your hands in the air, then."
You did as he said, thinking it was a good alternative. Biting on your lip to stop a groan of pain escaping your lips, you put your hands in the air above your head. In a second, Loki was in front of you, pulling the zip on the front of your suit down. Before you could push him away, he was pulling the front open and inspecting your bruised ribs.
"So, you're not hurt at all?" Loki asked sarcastically.
You sighed. "Loki, I-"
"Where else?" He cut you off. You'd never heard him so angry. "Y/N," he hissed sharply. "Where else are you hurt?"
Grumbling, you answered him. "I think there's glass in my back." Loki stared at you for a few seconds before he briskly walked away. You watched him in confusion.
"Y/N!" He exclaimed, marching back and grabbing you by the wrist. A gasp left your lips when your best friend started to carelessly drag you along behind him.
You struggled to keep up with his fast pace. "Where are you going?"
You hissed, trying to pull your wrist from his grip. In response, Loki's hand slid down from your wrist to your palm and he gripped you more firmly. You'd never held his hand before. This kind of affection, no matter how much anger laid behind it, was new for the two of you. Loki seemed to realise it, because he glanced down at your interlinked hands.
"Get in," Loki demanded, shoving you forwards into an empty bedroom. You looked around. You still had no idea what was happening. "Strip."
Your eyes widened in surprise. "What?"
"Oh, don't flatter yourself," Loki rolled his eyes as he marched forwards. "I need to see what you've done to yourself."
You nodded in understanding, sighing in relief. It wasn't like you would have been opposed to Loki demanding you strip for other reasons. You were glad you'd asked instead of making a wrong assumption. "I didn't throw myself out of a window."
"I need to see what your inadequacy and incompetence has done to you, then," Loki sighed. Hurt made your heart beat a little harder. You hadn't expected him to ever say something that hurtful to you. If Loki noticed how you swallowed a little harder and blinked a few times to make sure you wouldn't cry, he didn't show it. "Y/N, don't make me ask it again."
Your eyes hit the ground between your boots and his as you slid out of your suit. This was why you'd tried to hard to keep your injuries from him. Because of the disappointment on his face as he took in the bruising stretching from the base of you ribcage to just below your chest.
"You're an imbecile," Loki hissed. "A complete imbecile." A broken sigh escaped your lips as you accepted what was happening. You turned around and Loki took in the glass and blood decorating your back. He didn't know how you had managed to move so freely earlier. Even he would have been in a lot of pain with your injuries.
You sighed again before speaking. "Please don't make me go to any of the team. I can fix it myself."
"You cannot fix it yourself," Loki shook his head. "And, anyway, wasn't trying to be independent what got you into this mess in the first place?" When you made no answer, he pressed on. "Why can't you go to any of the team?"
You turned around and looked at him sadly. "Because they'll react like you did. With disappointment. And then they'll all start to agree with you, and I'll be kicked off the team for not being good enough."
"What do mean, they'll agree with me?" Loki frowned.
You shrugged. "You always say that I'm not strong enough, and that I shouldn't be allowed on missions alone because I'll just get hurt. The others will realise that all I am is a burden. And I don't want that."
"I.." Loki looked at you for a second, a thousand words going unsaid as he swallowed. "Just be quiet and let me look after you." He walked out of the room, leaving you alone in the middle of it.
Now that Loki wasn't there to distract you, you became very aware of how bare you were. You were just in your panties and a sports bra. Red tinged your cheeks as you realised that you'd been half naked in front of Loki the entire time. Loki, the most traditional and prudish man you'd ever met. Or, at least, he came across that way. He'd made a few quiet comments to you in the past that suggested strongly otherwise.
You were pulled from your thoughts by a cold pair of hands grabbing onto your hips. You jumped, whirling around to find Loki standing behind you with a slightly hurt expression. He quickly began to investigate your bruising, distracting from the swell of pain he'd felt when you flinched away from his contact.
"It's because I care."
Your eyes fluttered open and you looked at the white pillow in front of you.
After bandaging up your middle, Loki had directed you to lie down on your front on your bed. He was in the process of removing the glass from your back with a pair of tweezers. Every now and again the quiet tink of a small piece of glass hitting the metal tray pulled you from your daydreams.
Loki was sitting above you, his knees resting on either side of you as he straddled your ass. Personally, you thought the position was a little unnecessary, but you had no qualms with Loki taking advantage of the situation. Anyway, his weight helped to distract from the pain his fingers were inflicting.
"I don't think that you care about yourself enough to protect yourself as you should. I don't think that you understand how much it hurts to see you act with such reckless abandon when it comes to your own life," Loki was speaking quietly, as if he was confessing a secret. The low volume had felt natural as he supposed he was telling you a secret of sorts.
Your lips parted as you took in the new information. "You care about me?"
"Yes, and I'm hurt that you feel that much surprise is necessary," Loki answered.
You hummed. "Well, you have directly told me otherwise on many occasions."
"I have."
Silence settled over the two of you. With a triumphant huff, he placed down the tweezers.
You went to sit up, but Loki's weight stayed pressing on your hips.
"I need to bandage you up," he explained simply. You grunted in response. You didn't want him to move anyway. You liked having him this close, and you liked his hands on your skin even more.
As you felt his fingers deftly begin applying salve and gauze to your back, you couldn't help remarking, "You're good with your hands." Loki huffed a quiet laugh as he started to stick plasters/bandaids over your cuts.
"I suppose so." After a pause, he continued, "Mother always said that I had the potential to be a wonderful sorcerer."
You recognised that he was opening up to prove that he was telling the truth about caring about you. "Do you know I met your mum a few times?"
"What?" Loki asked sharply. "No, I didn't know that. Pray, when? And why?"
You huffed a laugh as Loki slid from your back and helped you sit up on the bed. "When? Uh, when I first joined the team, as a birthday present one time, and just because it was more convenient. As for why, Thor."
You nodded. "The first time, he just told me that he thought Frigga would like me. Then for the most recent time, we were on a walk when Heimdall communicated with him. It was easier for me to come along than for him to take me home."
"Oh, I see," Loki nodded, but looked troubled.
You frowned as he sat on the edge of the bed and looked at his hands. "What's bothering you?"
"Did you ever speak to mother about...me?" Loki sounded unsure about his words, not knowing if he was being self-centred.
You cleared your throat. "Uh, yeah. I maybe asked about what you were like as a child."
"Really?" Loki's eyes sparkled as he found that he hadn't been wrong. You did care about him. Maybe there was a possibility that you cared about him a little more than just friends. Maybe there was a chance for him with you. "And did what you heard satisfy you?"
You beamed. "It did. It was nice to hear the snake story told by someone other than Thor."
"I can't imagine any of those stories were particularly flattering to me," he mused.
You shrugged. "I don't know. I think you might be her favourite. Are you a mummy's boy?"
"N-No!" Loki protested, red tinging his ears. "Of course not, don't be ridiculous."
You chuckled, leaning your head back against the headboard and looking up at the ceiling as you spoke. "Well, she seems really proud of who you are. She said that she never doubted, not even when New York happened. Said that she always knew you'd turn out this way in the end."
"Yes, well, my mother would say that, wouldn't she?" Loki smiled fondly. "Did she tell you about the great disappointment?"
You raised your eyebrows, settling back into your old easiness now that the anger and frustration seemed to have seeped away from Loki. "No. What is it?"
"That I haven't married," Loki replied simply.
You looked at him. "Thor hasn't."
"I know. But mother is worried that being in my own company will only result in catastrophe." Loki looked at you. "Whenever I spoke about you to her, she seemed to think I was going to marry you one day. I didn't ever have the heart to tell her that you would never marry me. Not when she seemed to finally be pleased with my future."
You blinked. The way that he'd phrased it made it seem as though Loki wanted to marry you, but thought that you would never say yes. "Well, I'd do anything for Frigga. Even marry you."
"Oh, really?" Loki's voice was teasing, but his eyes were serious. Even when he smiled at you gently, you could tell that he was trying to decipher the meaning of your words. "Well, I'll keep that in mind next time I need a favour."
You raised your hand as he stood up. "Hey, I said for Frigga, not for her son."
"Oh, is that how it is?" Loki sat back down and turned to face you again. "I suppose I'll have to do something for you if I want to hold it over your head, then."
You smiled, nodding. "I can think of something."
"This isn't what I had in mind."
You turned your head, seeing Loki looking at you from the other end of the pillow. "No? What did you think I meant?"
"I thought you wanted me to commit a crime or something." When you laughed, Loki rolled his eyes. "Darling, when it's me we're talking about, someone is far more likely to ask for murder than ask for cuddles."
You smiled slightly, shuffling a little closer. "Well, I can see why. You're not exactly brilliant at cuddling. I mean, what do you think you're going to do if you're all the way over there?"
"I'm less than a foot away from you," Loki deadpanned.
You nodded. "You should be practically on top of me. That's how cuddling works." Loki looked at you hard, and you saw a flash of uncertainty behind his eyes. "You don't have to if you don't want to. But just so you know, I'm happy to cuddle you as close as you want." You looked up at the ceiling, playing with your fingers.
Loki copied you, turning onto his back as well. He watched your hands move on top of the duvet and thought about the position he was in. You obviously didn't mind his company. No, you obviously liked his company. You were the one that suggested sleeping next to each other. But he didn't want to overstep and ruin everything.
"How are your injuries?" Loki spoke up.
You looked over at him. "Oh, fine, you did a great job of-" you cut yourself off and looked down. One of Loki's cold hands had grabbed hold of yours, loosely keeping it in his grasp. "Of fixing me," you finished, intertwining your hands with his.
"Is this okay?" Loki whispered.
You nodded furiously. "More than okay." Loki's eyes flicked between yours as he moved closer to you. You did the same, and before long there was only a few inches of space between the two of your faces.
"Do you like me?" Loki asked quietly. He was nervous, afraid he'd misread the situation.
Your eyes didn't move from his as you laid caught in his orbit. "I really like you. Do you...like me?"
"Norns, yes," Loki whispered. "More than anything." There was silence as the two of you stared in his eyes. Even in the dark, the pale green of his eyes was beautiful. You were admiring the slope of his nose and his delicate lips when Loki's free hand gently cupped your cheek. "May I kiss you, Y/N?"
You nodded, pressing your lips against his. Loki smiled against you, closing the little distance that there was between you. Your body was flush against his as you parted your lips and let Loki's tongue slide into your mouth. You let your own venture into his mouth, exploring the warmth before retreating as you leaned back a little to breathe.
"What does this mean?" You asked breathlessly, looking at him.
Loki looked at you slightly worriedly. "I was hoping it meant that I could make you mine."
"Oh," you answered. After a second, you smiled. "I'd like that."
He smiled in relief, pressing a light kiss to your lips again. "Why did you hesitate?"
"I was just surprised. I know you kissed me, but.." You trailed off as you tried to find the right words. "You seemed so angry with me for hurting myself. I thought that you hated me or something."
Loki shook his head. "Do you understand why I worry for you so much now? Now that I've shown you how I truly feel?"
"Yeah." Your eyes sparkled. "But I wouldn't say no to a reminder..."
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In Plain Sight
Tumblr media
Summary: After Loki’s apparent death at the hands of Thanos, Thor sets out to find him. When he finds you instead, he’s not quite sure how to react. At least, until you share some good news with him.
A/N: This is my first request so thank you so much to the anon who sent it in! I loved writing this and hope you all like it too. Requests are taken here. Let me know what you think!
Part 2
A winding gravel path ducked behind a hanging willow, a creaking gate swung open and closed in the light breeze, and a detached house was hidden behind the swaying branches. The smell of lilies spilled over him in waves, the scent carried on the breeze.
Thor felt his eyebrows pull together at the simple tranquillity of the sight. Fumbling in his pocket, reaching for the scrunched paper he had discarded there, he gripped it between his forefinger and thumb. Squinting at the small scrawled letters, he looked from the words to the cottage before him. The scrawled address matched his location but it seemed so different than what he had been expecting.
Of all the places he would have expected to find his brother, this tranquil little slice of Midgard was not suited to the chaos and mischief that followed him near constantly. What could Loki have been doing here all this time?
The answer would not magically appear from the driveway of this rustic country house, and so he opened the swinging gate more securely and stepped onto the gravel path. He didn’t take time to close the gate, instead letting it clatter noisily into the fence behind. The crunch of his steps upon the gravel provided a bass for the melody the birds were weaving.
His heavy knock seemed to echo through the empty air, overwhelming the sound of swaying branches, but the sound of a yell within the house still caught his attention. “Just a minute!” The steps behind the door were slow, measured, and his impatience only swelled. Everything seemed so strange and he was hoping to hurry towards an answer but your meandered steps forced him to wait.
The creak of a lock turning and the handle glinting as it dipped were the subtle precursors to your face appearing before him. The sight, for a multitude of reasons, certainly wasn’t what he had been expecting. “Hi,” you smiled up at him, the briefest hesitation weaved into your tone before a recognition lit up your features. “Hi!” You gave again, increased enthusiasm as you opened the door more fully.
Floundering, his eyes felt as though they doubled when they caught sight of your pregnant belly. At his overt attention you sent a nervous hand skittering over your bump, “would you like to come in?”
Stepping back, he shook his head quickly, fingers fiddling with the loose buttons of his coat. “Uh-no,” he stammered out, entirely certain he had come to the wrong place, “I seem to have made an error… have a - have a good day.” He told you, half turning away as he sent an awkward wave goodbye at you.
The same hand that had smoothed over your belly shot out to grasp his arm. “Thor, wait.” Stopping short he stumbled out a breath.
Hand up, palm flat in a halting gesture he tried to step away again. “Sorry,” he told you offhandedly, “official Avengers business – I can come back and sign something?” He told you, trying his best to get away but lacking the verbal finesse to extract himself.
Chuckling at his clear rush to escape, you tightened your grip pointedly. He sent an almost concerned glance down to your hand at the tightness of your grip. “You’re in the right place,” you reassured, voice calm as you sensed his rush. “You’re looking for Loki, right?”
He paused in his attempts of getting away.
“He should be back soon,” you told him, loosening your grip when he stopped in his rush to escape, “please come in.”
Nodding after a likely longer than necessary pause, he moved forwards.
The door frame was either tiny or he was much too large to fit comfortably. You moved as far out of the way as you could seemingly manage, still beckoning him through with a sweeping arm, but he still needed to work to squeeze himself through the gap. Looking back over the door frame he wondered why mortals had no sense of grandeur even in something so simple as doorways.
You looked in good humour as you watched him stoop through your doorstep. “Tea?” You asked, to which he immediately crinkled his nose, a sound of derision he had barely known himself capable of catching in his throat. “Or not.” You told him, laughing behind a hand.
The pair of you stood across from each other; you trying not to laugh at the confusion still scrunching his features and him trying to work out what was going on in front of him. Just as he was about to launch into questioning,with a severity of curiosity if not tone, you casually beckoned him further into the house. “C’mon,” you turned your back and stepped down the hallway with your hands supporting your lower back, “kitchen’s this way.”
He followed you obediently, forced to take shuffling steps rather than his usual large strides due to your decreased pace. He didn’t grumble over the meandering pace, acknowledging that you had an entire baby to carry along with you. And the slow wander down the hallway did allow him time to look over the trinkets scattering the hallway.
A large leafed green plant sat in a cracked porcelain pot beside the front door, leaves seeming to lean into the light that bled through the edge of the door. A book case was nestled beneath the oak stairs; the middle two shelves were stacked with books, each spine with a different thickness, whilst the other shelves were littered with small trinkets.
It was remarkably cosy, homely. Not what he had expected at all. None of this was as anticipated.
Per your silent direction, when you arrived in the kitchen he gingerly sat in what looked to be a rickety dining chair. You didn’t sit across from him, instead shifting to the countertop. “Do you want something to eat?”
He went to shake his head no, but immediately changed his mind when a large, chunky sandwich was placed in front of him. The fillings were so numerous that they were spilling out from between the thick slices of bread. You shrugged as you offhandedly explained, eyes turning warmly to your bump as you spoke; “I made it for me but I think she changed her mind.”
At your words his eyes dropped down to your belly where your hands were cradling the obvious bump. “You’re having a girl?” He asked, around a mouthful of food.
“Apparently so,” you told him, dropping carefully into the chair across from him - a sigh of relief escaping you as your back pressed into the back of the chair. “We’ll know for sure in a few days.”
Having now finished his sandwich, barely having tasted it with the haste that he had devoured it, he awkwardly folded his fingers before him before unclasping them to drum against the table. “So…” he began before immediately trailing off. Instead of forcing out stumbling questions, he clumsily gestured to your stomach whilst forming the most inquisitorial expression he could muster.
Palm pressed against the table, you leaned forward a little and answered the silent question. “Y’know, I was hoping she would get to meet her uncle.” Your tone of voice, mixed with the playful look in your eye, told him that you expected him to gain some revelation from these words.
Looking down to the crumbs he had left behind on the ceramic plate as though they held the answer, he gave a suggestion with a furrowed brow. “Have you contacted him?” Following the question, your eyebrows crunched together and you watched him silently for a long moment. Feeling as though he had missed something important, he blabbered another question. “I could help you find him? There is no place on Midgard inaccessible to the son of Odín.”
The brag merely made you chuckle. “Well, you wouldn’t need all that.” Hands waving to suggest the fanfare he had implied. You looked at him softly then, patiently. “All you’d need is a mirror.”
“Oh,” it took him another second to truly understand, “Oh. You and my brother? Loki? My brother Loki? Loki the god of mischief? That Loki?” You continued nodding emphatically as each question spilled from him in an almost endless tidal wave. You…” he trailed off awkwardly as he pointedly clasped his hands together in a strange manner, eyebrows raising and lips twisting in a question he was too uncomfortable to actually verbalise.
You nodded with a small but bright smile, “You’re gonna be an uncle.”
It took a few more moments of processing, experiencing a whole host of mixed emotions as he did so, before his face split into a grin. Standing from his chair, the table jerking and groaning under the sudden movement, he gave a booming laugh of excitement as he moved to embrace you. In your current state you couldn’t stand quickly enough to fully accept the hug but he bent double to embrace you.
Patting his back with a chuckle, your words were swallowed by his more booming tone. “I’m going to be an uncle!” He repeated, each word with increasing dramatics. “I can teach her to properly wield a hammer, although perhaps an axe would be more suited for a lady.”
You pulled back quickly, stern eyes on him but they quickly melted back into amusement at his excitable expression. “At least wait until she can walk,” your words inspired increased mirth in the man and he pushed forward to hug you yet again.
The moment Loki stepped through the door he realised something was off. The muddy footprints tracking from the doorway to the kitchen certainly weren’t usual. Your feet were much smaller than these prints and he knew you kicked your shoes off the moment you came in; your feet swelling uncomfortably in these last months of pregnancy.
The booming laughter that shook from the kitchen told him the source of these new shoe prints. Truthfully, he had been expecting this. He had ‘died’ enough times now that he doubted his brother would truly believe this latest episode, but just knowing you were so close to giving birth he wasn’t sure this was the best time for a reunion.
Hesitating, he turned an almost solemn expression over the hallway. There was a delicacy in how the pair of you had arranged the trinkets of your blossoming life together. A balance of colour, memories, and decor that meshed so wonderfully yet subtly together. The tracking footprints seemed an ominous reminder of a much greater worry; the war and chaos and fear and pain that he had fled from was sure to find its way back to him.
Now, it wasn’t just him.
There was no escape. He had slowly realised this truth even as he had settled into peace with you, the thought returning stubbornly in quiet moments, but this was such a stark reminder he couldn’t hope to ignore it.
His attempt at quashing this unease within himself was likely successful enough to fool his brother. Perhaps not you. Regardless, he followed the tracks in their meandering route to the kitchen.
Finding Thor bearing down on you in what appeared to be a well-natured embrace threw him off his purposeful stride slightly. This falter ended as he caught your eyes peeking at him over his brother’s large figure. The crinkle of your eyes suggested a smile and the excitable wave you fired at him, even despite your arm’s entrapment in the hug, chased away some of the anxieties coursing through him.
A deep breath, and; “Brother,” the word caught Thor’s attention entirely, he swung around to find the source even as Loki continued his now defunct request. “Kindly unhand my wife.”
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queenvisaide-blog · 14 days ago
Anyone: Loki, Shut up!
Loki: Nope.
Sylvie: Loki, shut up.
Loki: Yes, my lady.
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x-childish-x · 5 months ago
All It Took Was A Tem-Pad
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x reader
Fandom: Marvel
Warnings: mutual pining, LOKI SERIES SPOILERS (slight), FLUFF,
Word Count: 555
A/N: Enjoy the 400 follower spoil-fest! Yes, this is inspired by that adorable scene from The Little Rascals. I do not regret it one bit. I hope you all enjoy this. Thank you so much for all the love and support. I appreciate you all so much. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated!
Summary: After many many years apart, Loki and you are finally reunited.
Tumblr media
(gif not mine!)
"Mother, mother, can I please, please make a toast?!" Loki whispered harshly to his mom, his small hands grabbing at her dress and tugging on it.
Frigga looked down at the young boy beside her, smiling widely at him, "About what, Loki?"
"(Y/n)!" Loki smiled, darting a look at the slightly younger child across from him, "Please, mother! I want to thank them for joining us on this picnic!"
Frigga smiled, knowing that with only her, Loki, Thor, you, and your mother, Loki couldn't possibly get in any real trouble for whatever he had up his sleeve. Simply, she nodded, watching at Loki quickly sat up straighter and cleared his throat loudly.
"I want to make a toast!" Loki spoke confidently, raising his juice box, "To the person, I adore the most, in all the realms. I can't wait to spend my life with you..."
Your eyes widen, shaking your head furiously as your cheeks blaze red. You're begging in your head silently, terrified of Loki's next words. There's not a single doubt in your eight-year-old mind that you love Loki and wish to spend the rest of your life with him. But the idea of both of your mother's finding out terrifies you.
You quickly cover your face with your hands, unable to hide your large smile at Loki's public exclamation of love. Your mothers clink their glasses and gush about how adorable the two of you are while Thor pretend gags as Loki smiles widely at you. Your eyes meet, and the next words fall from your lips effortlessly.
"You buffoon!"
You swat at Loki's chest, staring up at the man towering above you, wearing khaki-colored slacks and a grey button-down shirt, "What did you do now!? W-what was that glowy portal-esque thing? How are you even here!? I watched Thanos kill you! H-how!?"
Words catch in your throat as tears cloud your eyes, Loki pulling you into his chest. Soft cries leave your lips as you grasp onto him, hoping for this to be real instead of a dream.
"I return to you, and the first thing you do is call me a buffoon," Loki chuckled, kissing the top of your head, "I missed you too, darling."
A laugh tumbles from your lips, passing through your tears, and suddenly you're glad you didn't stick with Thor. You're glad you escaped to your own place in the remote mountains. Despite the hundreds of questions forming in your head, you can only focus on Loki, here in your arms.
"I adore you the most, Loki."
"Love, you know that's not true since I adore you the most."
You shake your head, pulling back and kissing Loki fiercely. So many years have passed, so many years were wasted. You want to know how, and why, and when, but all you can think about is quenching your need for the man you'd been starved of. It'd been too long since you held Loki in your arms, and you vowed you'd never let go again.
"How'd you actually get here?"
"Let's just say," Loki pulled back, cupping your cheeks and smiling at you, "All it took was a Tem-pad."
"A what?"
"We have a lot of catching up to do."
You nodded, muttering one word before diving back in for another kiss, "Certainly."
General Taglist: @nowthisisdark​ @techssexythighs​
Marvel Taglist: @katiaw2​
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kaz11283 · 5 months ago
ok ok idk if ur still taking request but can i have a drabble or a one shot or anything of loki dealing with/ taking care/ drinking with drunk y/n??? i’m drunk rn and that’s allll i need in life
Tumblr media
The party at Starks compound was going off without a hitch, celebrating the man himselfs birthday. The music was to loud, lights flickering everywhere, and laughter bouncing off the walls.
"Come drink with us y/n!" Thor bellowed to you across the bar montioning you to follow him to the group that was sitting around one of the back tables. You flopped down next to Loki and let out a sigh.
"How are you this evening y/n?" He asked moving his leg over slightly so that he wouldnt have to touch you. That was your power, being able to read people minds with a simple touch, nights like tonight all ways set you on edge with to many people bumping, shoving, touching. The whole atmosphere drove you mad most of the time.
"Handling it." You forced a smile looking over at him. "Alcohol helps repress it." You said picking up your drink and giving a silent cheers to the handsome man that had decided to dress in a black dress shirt and dark colored jeans. You threw your head back and took the shot.
"Starting the party stong this evening y/n?" Tony asked raising his eyebrow at you.
"Putting everyone elses thoughts on the back burner for tonight Tony." You said smiling sweetly at him before taking another shot.
"So whos on babysitting duty tonight then?" Bucky laughed looking around the table.
"I'm not that bad-"
"Thor had to pull you off the bar last time before you started stripping." Your face turned bright red as you glanced over to Thor whos face was the same color mounthing out sorry.
"Dont worry I've got her this time." Loki laughted taking a sip of his wine.
"Babysitter." You rolled your eyes again taking a sip of the mixed drink that Nat had put in front of you making sure her hand grazed your.
Loki seems quite excited to be on babysotting duty tonight, you might be in for another private stripping session tonight.
You shot her a look that sent her into a fit of laughs.
"Another round then!" Thor yelled at the bar tender. "We are celebrating the Man of Iron tonight." You sighed slouching back in your chair.
"Relax, darling, I've got you tonight." Loki whispered leaning over to you. "I won't let you make a complete fool of your self."
As the night grew so did your buzz, your cheeks were getting warmer, and the dress you had on now started feeling constricting. You started pulling at the bottom and then neck.
"Your fidgeting darling." Loki said placing his hand on your leg causing you to jump.
"My dress is to tight. I just need to get up for a second." You said standing to walk over to the bar.
"Dress to tight?" Steve asked looking over at Loki.
"She had to get up for a moment." At that moment there was whistling coming from the dance floor.
"Umm, babysitter." Tony said pointing behind Loki. As he turned around he noticed that you had already started to pull the dress up more than you should have. Loki jumped up running toward you.
"Y/n, what are you doing?" He said grabbing your hands causing your dress to fall back down.
"Lok, I'm hot. So freaking hot. This dress, its to tight. I need it off." You said trying to shake him off.
"Come on then, lets get you out of here." He said pulling you out the door. You bumped into a man standing near the door.
Wish she would have finished. He doesnt deserve to be able to see all that undressed.
You stopped suddenly looking at the man before raring back and punching him in the face. "I dont think its any of your concern who sees me like that." Loki stopped and stared at you before escourting you out of the crowed room.
"Asshole." You huffed behind him. He was able to lead you to the floor where his room was. "You could have just taken me back to my room so that you could go back." You sighed flopping down on his bed. The buzz had slowly started wearing off but the room was still spinning.
"Its ok y/n. Besides if I'm taking care of you then I cant go back to that overrated party then can I?" He laughed sitting next to you.
"I get so tired of being able to hear what people are thinking. It is literally exhausting. Trying to find somewhere to sit thats not to close to someone. Especially one of the guys, all of yall are perverts. Course the girls are just as bad most of the time." You put your head in your hands tearing up. Nope, the drunk still wasnt over.
"The power that you have makes you you y/n. If you didnt have that power you wouldnt be here with your friends."
"Yeah friends that I can hug because im afraid that I might hear something that I shouldn't. I made that mistake once. I hugged Steve not even thinking and he was thinking about Nat. Like thinking about something that no one but those two should know about. After that I just stopped touching everyone. Do you know how bad that sucks?"
"Ah, touch starved." He said laughing. "May I try something?"
"Its no use, everyone tells me they can shut it all off but theres always something on their minds." You shrug.
"Give me your hand." He saod placing his hand out palm up. You begrudgingly put your hand in his causing him to smile. "Well?"
"I think im about to be sick." You said jumping up and running to his bathroom silently thanking Tony for sticking with one layout for every room.
"Oh dear." Loki said following you in there and grabbing ahold of your hair that had fallen. "I think you will live." He helped you sit on the side of the bathtub as he got a clean rag for you to whip your face.
"I'm sorry you got stuck with me tonight." You whispered closing your eyes.
"Stop that nonsense. I volunteered for it. I knew what was coming." He laughed as he walked out to his room to get you a clean shirt. "Now tell me. Did you hear anything when I touched you?"
"Actually no, I didnt even realize it when you was pulling me from the party." You said putting the shirt next to you. "How?"
"I can 'turn it off' if that makes any sense. Telepathic people drive me insane. Always trying to figure out what your thinking. I learned at a young age how to block stuff like that out. Wanda tends to be the worlds worst."
"Its nice. The quiet. I havent had that, ever." You leand your head aginst the cool wall closing your eyes.
"Hey, no no no. Lets get you changed and laid down in bed before you pass out." He pulled you to your feet and looked at you. "Do you need assistance?"
You laughted as him. "No. Its fine ive got this." You pulled your dress off and pulled his on before walking out and flopping down on his bed.
"Do you mind holding my hand? Its nice not having to worry about what i might hear." Loki laid down beside you and placed his hand in yours.
"If you ever need some quiet time you are more than welcome to come find me." He sais placing a kiss to your temple before you fell asleep.
Thank you so MUCH for the request! I hope you like it. I had one, erased it and restarted so thats what took took me so long to write this one. If you have any more please feel free to send them in!
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kang: loki, truth or dare?
loki: dare!
kang: i dare you to kiss your favorite person in this room.
loki: hey, mobius.
mobius: *blushes* yes, loki?
loki: get out of the fucking way, you're blocking sylvie!
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Yellow (Part 3)
Tumblr media
Relationship: Loki x Reader
Summary: Loki tells his mother about your relationship, and you decide to indulge him in one of his games.
A/N: This was beta'd by @green-mischief-managed. Here is the final part of Yellow! Thank you to everyone who commented, reblogged, and asked for more!
Word Count: 4.1 k
Warnings: SMUT, 18+, NSFW, minors DNI! Fingering (female receiving), oral sex (female receiving), masturbation, Asgardian age gap, praise kink, penetrative sex, cockwarming.
Part 2 Masterlist
Loki had never thought his mother to be an intimidating person. Regal, royal, and respectable were among the adjectives he would use to describe the beloved queen. She was slow to anger, quick to forgive, and seldom ever raised her voice. In fact, Loki could not remember a time when he was ever fearful of the woman.
That was until today.
He and his mother kept a regular teatime once a week since he was a teenager. Although they ceased following his stint on Midgard, the duo had recently resumed the activity. Every Friday evening after Loki had completed his teaching for the day, he would saunter to his mother’s parlour for treats and conversation. You were almost always brought up. If not by him, Frigga was sure to ask about you, which was why he had missed their last three meetings.
Lessons, he would say. Meetings and training with Thor, extra tasks for his father that he would be vague and abrupt about in describing, when the truth was, he did not know how to broach the topic of the two of you. You, whom he had been secretly dating for what he deemed the best three weeks of his life. You, whom he had left curled up under the covers of his bed with a book and the promise of a late-night horse ride.
“Loki?” He looked up at his mother. “Your tea.” She handed him the cup, which he took with thanks. “You’ve missed our last few teatimes. I was sure you would cancel this one too.”
Loki gave his best rueful smile. “My apologies, mother. I had some business to attend to. Henceforth, all our Friday evening teatimes shall be kept.”
“Good.” Frigga took a sip of her tea. When she placed it down, she asked, “How is Y/N? I haven’t seen her for a few weeks now.” Loki bit back a wince. He had kindly requested that you steer clear of his mother until he had the chance to talk to her. You were confused, since you and the queen were fond of each other, but obliged.
“Y/N is well. Her training is advancing. Soon, she may no longer require my tutelage.” Frigga smiled.
“I heard you showed up at that ball a few weeks ago.”
“I did,” Loki confirmed.
Frigga poured herself some more tea. “You also made sporadic appearances at a number of them these past few weeks.”
Loki shrugged, trying to retain his nonchalance. “Decided it was high time I rejoined society.”
“And Y/N was seen with you at all of them. Some say you even danced with her.” Loki took a large sip of his tea. His mother dropped two cubes of sugar into hers. She stirred it with a careful hand, cerulean eyes holding his jade orbs. Loki placed his cup down.
“You know.”
“Know what?” Mischief sparkled in Frigga’s eyes.
“About myself and Y/N. You know, don’t you?”
Frigga placed her cup down next to his. Her smaller hand sought out his larger one. “I suspected,” she clarified. “I’ve always known Y/N harbored a crush on you, and I’ve long noticed that you are… softer with her. It was not until the palace started buzzing about you two did I think that things might have progressed.”
“They have progressed. Y/N has agreed to let me court her, and I have been for three weeks now.” He paused to assess his mother’s reaction. “Are you cross with me? My intent was not to hide this from you. I just could not decide how to tell you. The last thing I wanted was for you to think I was taking advantage of her, for I know how much you care about her.”
“Loki, I know you would not take advantage of her,” his mother said, then, as an afterthought, “but you are being cautious, correct?”
“Mother!” Loki blushed crimson.
Frigga held up a hand. “I know you are old enough and well versed in such matters. However, Y/N is not. I promised her mother I would look after her, and although you two have started a relationship, I will continue to do so.”
Loki looked down. Just that morning he had taken you up against the shelves of his study. In his defense, he had not intended to at all. You had both agreed not to let your relationship get in the way of your lesson times, but when he had helped you with a tricky spell and you kissed him by way of thanks, he could not help it. Loki had not had sex with you in days, and before either of you knew it he had your skirts up, pants around his ankles, and was thrusting into you while you moaned his name.
“I have not done anything she does not want me to do,” he promised, remembering how you had pleaded with him for more. Loki always gave you what you asked for.
The queen lifted a delicate brow. “So you respect her? Take care of her?”
“Yes, mother.”
“And you have explained to her the complexities that come with courting a prince? With courting you?” Elaboration was not necessary.
“Y/N is very gracious about my past. She does not judge me like the others. It is…”. Loki leaned forward. His palms became sweaty all of a sudden, and he wiped them on his pants. “It is different with her. I have had many lovers, though none quite like this. The way she makes me feel is like nothing I have ever felt before.”
Frigga, unbeknownst to him, had been hiding a knowing smile behind her cup. “Sounds like love.” He did not correct her, though his cheeks coloured. “If you are serious about her, then I support you. I have always liked Y/N, and should her mother have questions I will handle it. Although, if she comes to you first, I cannot stop her.”
Loki winced. He had met your mother on a number of occasions, and the woman was quite fiery. “Of course.” His mother pat his hand, and they returned to their tea in silence.
“Oh,” Frigga stopped mid-sip, as though she had just remembered something. “And do not let me hear a whisperabout you getting that girl pregnant. I shall ring your ear if I do.”
Loki choked on his tea.
“I told my mother about us today.”
You looked up at Loki from where your head lay on his shoulder. It was nighttime, and you were both at a performance put on by a traveling troupe that came to the palace every year. They were one of your favourites, the group, and you always attended their plays with your friends. Usually you would sit down below with the rest of your friends, but dating a prince came with many perks. One of them was that you got a private viewing box all to yourselves high above the rest of the crowd.
“Is she upset with me?” Worry creased your brow as you turned to face him on the sofa. You loved the queen and hoped your relationship with her unproclaimed favourite son would not be an issue.
Loki took your hand and pressed a kiss to it. “Quite the opposite. She was actually more concerned about if I was treating you well.”
“You always treat me well.” You kissed his lips softly, and he did not attempt to deepen the kiss.
“She also warned me against getting you pregnant,” Loki murmured against your mouth. You let out a snort.
“The queen can rest assured that we are very astute in the prevention area.” You laid your head on his chest again and reflected on your time with the prince. Allowing him to court you had not been half as difficult as you had expected. Loki was a master of trickery, which made it easy to hide your new relationship. It was not that you were against telling people, rather that you wanted his mother’s blessing before you announced it.
Eir had already noticed something had changed between you and the prince. The more time you spent with him meant less time with her, and though you could tell she wanted to ask, she had not. You were grateful that she did not ask. Things between you and Loki were new and exciting and you cherished the extra time you spent as you got to know him in a different light.
The past few weeks felt like a dream. You had known Loki was different with you but agreeing to court him had opened a new door entirely. He was no longer your teacher, but your partner, and it was evident in everything he did. Monogamy was a concept you never expected the prince to adhere to, and every day he did took more of the weight off your shoulders. Loki was yours, and yours alone, and you were his.
Even your sex life was out of this realm. Loki had already been good, but now he knew every inch of your body. He knew what you liked and how you liked it, your tell before you came and when you were aroused, and he utilized that information to the best of his ability. You noticed that he had been extra careful not to play any games or tease you when you two were being intimate. After your fallout from the dance, he seemed as though he was scared to push you too far, and you could not help but wonder if he was being properly satisfied.
“Yes, petal?”
You hid you face in his chest. When you spoke, your voice was muffled. “Are you happy with our sex life?”
“Yes,” he answered, a hint of curiosity in his voice.
“Are you sure?” you squeaked. “Because you can tell me if not. I won’t be angry, I promise.”
Loki lifted your chin. His forehead was creased in concern. “Where is this coming from? Has someone said something to you?”
“No,” you blushed deep. “I mean, I know you finish, but I can’t help wondering if you’ve curbed your appetite for me.”
A dark brow lifted. “Meaning?”
“Meaning you like games.” Understanding dawned on him.
“There’s very little I haven’t done in bed, that’s correct,” he admitted. “I am a flexible creature by nature. It’s easy for me to adapt to what my lovers want, and I have developed a wide taste due to that.” He took your hand in his. “That does not mean I need to do those things. I am quite content deferring to your lead.”
“Okay,” you murmured. Your head hit his chest again. His hand was on your back, rubbing soothing circles into the skin. “Although… if you wanted to try something different, I would not be opposed.”
You felt Loki perk up. “Really?”
“Yeah…”. Your face was heated, and you knew your cheeks were crimson. “If it’s nothing too out there, I’d be willing to try.”
“Petal, look at me. Please.” Your eyes met his. A collective, raucous laugh rang out from the crowd below. “I would love to try something different with you, but first I need to know your limits. Tell me the things that are off the table. Things that you do not want to try under any circumstance.”
You thought for a bit. Sex was new territory for you, though you did have some friends who were quite experienced. They had told you of their many escapades and from that, you could pick a few things that did not interest you. “Spanking,” you murmured. “I don’t think I’d like that. Being tied up is another. Choking. Anything that would cause me pain, basically.”
Loki looked at you intently. He was taking what you said with an air of seriousness you did not expect. “Noted. I think I have something in mind you’d like.” His hands moved to your hips. “If I put up an illusion, would you like to try it here?”
You swallowed thickly, eyes drifting to the people around you. “No one would see us?”
“No one. I promise.” He placed his forehead against yours. There was not one hint of a joke in his green eyes. “I’m not going to hurt you, and I’m not going to give you a safe word. That is not what’s happening here. If you want me to stop, just tell me and I will. Understood?”
“Yes. I trust you.” He grinned, then kissed your forehead.
“Good girl. Stand up for me?” You did, and saw the telltale green line of seidr rise up around you. “Remove your underwear.” Your hands reached under you to tug on the material. Using a shifting motion, you shimmied them down until they were on the floor. Loki reached for you and pulled you closer. His seat was low, so his face sat level with your pelvis. He took one of your legs and placed it over his shoulder.
“Loki!” You gasped when his mouth made contact with your core. A hand went to his head, fingers tangling in his hair. Your mouth fell open when you felt his hot tongue slide through your folds.
“So wet,” he murmured. “Always so wet for me. Like a fucking waterfall.” He leaned back then, letting your leg fall to the side. His hands went to his pants. In no time at all, he had his cock free and standing upright in front of you. “Turn around and lift your skirts.”
You bit your lip, turning to face the rest of the auditorium. No one could see you lift your skirts thanks to Loki’s spell. His hands were on your waist then, moving you towards his lap. You felt the head of his cock brush your folds and let out a surprised gasp.
“Shhh, it’s okay.” You looked down. He had one hand on his shaft, holding it to your entrance, and the other was at your hip. “You’re going to take a seat on my cock, okay?”
“Okay,” you mumbled. He guided you onto him with care. You had never been on top before. The head of him felt bigger at this angle, and you whimpered as your walls stretched to accommodate all of him. He was so deep in this position. You would not be surprised if he reached all the way to your cervix.
“Petal?” His lips were at your shoulder, placing kisses on the skin. “How do you feel?”
“Full,” you whimpered, and he chuckled. “You’re so big!”
“Thank you.” He kissed the back of your head. You rocked your head against his shoulder and waited for him to start moving. After a few seconds, you noticed he was sitting still.
“Loki…” you whined.
“Yes, petal?”
You shifted your hips, walls clenching around his cock. “Move, please.”
“Not yet, okay?” You whipped your head around to look at him, eyes wide in disbelief. “Let’s just watch the play first.” Your mouth turned down. Loki took hold of your chin and returned your head to the stage below. “I’ll take care of you after, I promise. Try to relax.”
You tried to relax— you really did. Your pussy was clenching on his cock and there was a need burning within you, and yet still you attempted to pay attention to the play below. You had no idea what act they were even on. All your mind could focus on was Loki’s cock inside of you and how hard it was to keep from moving. The difficulty of this task ramped up when his nimble fingers untied the knot behind your neck and the top of your dress fell to your waist.
Loki’s hands went to your bare breasts, cupping and kneading the flesh in a way that made you squirm. He rolled your nipples between his fingers, making them impossibly hard. Your eyes closed with a moan. Within you or on you, Loki’s talented fingers knew no bounds. He kept up his motions until you were grinding your hips down on his cock.
“I told you to relax, petal,” he admonished. One of his arms wrapped around you to keep you still. The other went to your mouth, presenting two fingers to you. “Get these nice and wet for me, won’t you?” You parted your lips to allow them entrance. Once Loki was sure you had adequately wet them, he removed them. “Good girl.”
A cry left your lips when his fingers touched your throbbing clit. You tried to close your legs, but Loki was quicker. He grabbed your legs and threw them over either of his, then parted his own legs wide. Now you were spread out for him. With your dress bunched around your waist, breasts free and wet cunt on display, you were extra glad for his illusion. You just knew you looked like a whore moaning and writhing on his lap.
“Just a little longer, petal,” Loki whispered in your ear. He kissed the side of your face, cock twitching within you. “You’re doing so well for me.” You could hear the strain in his voice. His hand stayed around your waist, fingers toying with your clit at regular intervals. You jumped as a wave of pleasure rolled through you. He shushed you. “Try not to cum, okay? The play is almost over.”
There was no real danger of you finishing early. As well as Loki knew how to bring you to a gasping end, he knew how to keep you on edge. His fingers were not circling your clit at the correct intensity. They moved at a leisurely pace, keeping that tightness in your core but not allowing you to reach your end. Here, he could keep you teetering for as long as he desired.
Your fingers dug into his thighs. Your toes curled, nails scraping against the sofa. Loki pressed your clit and your back arched off him with a yell. Tears sprang to your eyes. You could not hold on anymore. You needed to cum, and you needed to cum now.
“Loki!” His name came out as a sob. “I can’t.” That seemed to flip a switch in him. You were off his cock in seconds and seated on the bannister. His hands were smoothing back your hair, lips pressing against your sweaty cheeks.
“It’s okay, sweet thing,” he was saying. “It’s okay. I’ll take care of you now. You did so well for me. Hold on to the railing.” Your hands gripped the golden bar behind you. He slid into you without delay and your head fell back. You could see the rest of the crowd behind you, up in the boxes around. All their attention was focused on the play.
You moaned when Loki began to thrust into you. His pace was faster than usual. He gripped your hips with a bruising force and rolled into you. You knew the little game had affected him too. It did not matter how experienced he was. You had heard the strain in his voice and felt his shaft jumping inside you the entire time you were on him.
Loki grabbed one of your legs, throwing it over his shoulder. His other hand grasped the back of your head. He tugged on your hair, exposing your neck to an onslaught of kisses and nibbles. His hands moved to the railing behind you. A particularly hard thrust had your back hitting the railing. Shocked, you let go of it. Your upper body fell backward, and you screamed. “Loki!”
He grabbed you with one strong arm. His thrusting stopped, wide eyes running over your face. “Petal? Are you okay?”
You turned your head to look down at the crowd below. They were all still focused on the play. Not a single one of them had noticed your near fall. “Yeah.” Your heart raced in your chest. “Yeah, I’m fine.”
“Put your arms around my neck.” You obeyed. He lifted you off the bannister and sat back on the sofa, positioning your legs on either side of him. Gripping your hips, he began moving you in a rolling motion. “That should be better.”
“Hmhm.” You nodded. He felt different in you like this. It was slower, more intimate. You could feel every ridge of his cock massaging your walls with each thrust. He dipped his head to take your left nipple in his mouth and you moaned. Both your hands tangled in his hair, trapping his head in place against you.
“Touch yourself,” he ordered. His lips found the valley between your breasts and gave it a kiss. “Use two fingers and play with clit for me.”
Touching yourself was not something you had done before. There were times when you had wanted to, but you were too shy to go through with it. Loki had tried to get you to do it for him once and you could not. You let two of your fingers travel down to your nub. Slowly, you started circling the bundle of nerves in a clockwise motion like you had seen him do. “Like this?”
“Yes, just like that.” Loki was just as breathless as you. His eyes zeroed in on your fingers below and darkened. “Fuck, you look so good.” He brought your head down so he could whisper in your ear. “How does that feel?”
“Good,” you whimpered. He ground his hips up into you, hitting a spot inside that you knew would make you come undone. “It feels good.” Loki grinned.
“You like playing with yourself?” You nodded. “Will you do it again for me sometime? Let me watch you play with yourself?” Red coloured your cheeks. “If I lay you back against my desk in the study, will you fuck your sweet cunt with your fingers until you cum all over yourself? Tell me, sweet thing.”
“Y-yes,” you whispered. “Anything you want.”
You felt Loki’s hand replace yours. He pressed his thumb against your nub and began that pace that always got you over the edge. “Good girl. Cum for me, now. Cum hard.” That was all the encouragement you needed. A few more circles had your walls clenching around him, fingers digging into his shoulders. Loki came not long after. He yelled out when his orgasm hit, grinding into you as you lay whimpering on his shoulder. Your entire body felt sweaty and spent. You let him ride out his high until his hips came to a stop.
“Petal?” You made an incoherent noise. Loki rubbed a hand up and down your back. “Are you okay?” You nodded. “Want me to take you to bed?” Another nod. “Okay.” You felt him fix your dress back in place.
“I can’t walk,” you whimpered. “My legs are shaking.”
Loki lifted you without a word. You heard the swoosh of a portal open, and then he stepped into his bedroom.
Instead of taking you straight to bed, Loki took you into his bathroom first. As tired as you were, he knew you would feel better after a bath. You whined when he tried to put you in. He had long noticed that you were clingy after he had sex with you, and he loved it. You clung to his neck and would not let go, so he just got into the tub with you.
Fifteen minutes later, he was sliding you under the covers and tucking you in. You whimpered when his hands left you. “Stay.”
“I’m staying, my sweet.” He got in beside you and you curled up against him at once. His lips sought out your forehead, giving it a kiss. “I have to get up early in the morning for a meeting, but feel free to sleep in. No one will bother you here.”
You turned sleepy eyes on him. “Will you be gone long?”
“Expect me back before noon. We can have lunch together if you want.”
“Yes, please.” Your head nuzzled into his neck. You were silent for a long time, so he thought you had fallen asleep. Loki was just beginning to doze off when he heard your voice again. “Loki?”
“Yes, sweet thing?”
It was soft, what you said next. Had Loki’s hearing not been on a godly level, he might not have heard it, and though you succumbed to sleep right after, the mumbled words fell from your lips like a prayer. “I love you.”
You had never said that to him before. Alluded, sure, but never had the three words left your lips. Smiling to himself, Loki pressed a kiss to your cheek. “I love you too.”
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Tumblr media
Young Avengers Loki but make it young Tom Hiddleston!! Ooohhh how I've missed creating something colourful and mad!!! I think I need to draw every version of Loki now 😆 Also I got creative and I made this piece into like vintage poster art... I hope you get what I mean. . . . . #art #artist #artistsoninstagram #drawing #illustration #illustrator #painting #digitalpainting #digitalart #digitalillustration #digitaldrawing #digitalartist #procreate #procreateart #marvel #marvelart #mcu #mcuart #loki #lokilaufeyson #lokiodinson #lokiofasgard #youngloki #avengers #youngavengers #youngavengersloki #tomhiddleston #popart #posterart https://www.instagram.com/p/CQO7CamMH8s/?utm_medium=tumblr
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thesnowsoldierwrites · 5 months ago
in which the compound is way too hot, and loki takes notice of your discomfort.
warnings: mention of smut, swearing
"For a genius, Tony sure is taking a long time to fix the air conditioning," Sam spoke from his position on the couch. The team hummed in assent, everybody in various states of undress and sprawled across all of the surfaces in the living room.
You were on the floor, lying on your back. The only part of you that you had the energy to move was your eyes.
"He's not going to fix it," Steve said suddenly. "He told me that it costs too much to cool the whole compound down when it's this warm."
Everybody let out an annoyed protest, yourself included. "What? But it's so hot. I feel like I'm going to melt." You dramatically raised a hand into the air before letting it flop back down to your side.
"What is going on?"
You looked up at the sound of Loki's voice. "Hey, Loki."
"Y/N? Where are you, darling?" Loki frowned as he looked around the room full of sweaty avengers.
You groaned. "Down here." A moment later, your best friend was standing over you with his eyebrows furrowed.
"Please, enlighten me."
You hummed as your eyes closed. "It's really warm, and this is the coolest room in the compound. We've used up all of the ice packs, and Tony's not fixing the air conditioning." You looked up at him curiously. "Aren't you warm?"
"N-No," Loki faltered slightly, taken aback by your question. "I'm quite alright."
You sighed. "Lucky." Loki took a seat on the floor beside you, watching you. "What have you been doing, then, if you're not melting like the rest of us?"
"Looking for you, mostly," He answered. "You were supposed to meet me in the library an hour ago."
You cringed. "Oh, shit, sorry, Loki. I forgot, with it being so hot. Rain-check?" Loki looked at your apologetic face and knew that you really had just forgotten, and that you liked to spend time with him.
"Of course."
A comfortable silence settled over the room as the two of you fell silent, and everyone else either drifted off or lost themselves in thought. It was actually quite nice.
Loki was watching you very carefully.
You were sweating, he could see that. Normally, you would be wearing a lot of layers, trying to cover most of your body up. He knew that you were insecure about some parts of yourself. But now you were lying in an oversized t-shirt and a pair of shorts, won over by the hot weather. You were suffering, and he could help you.
But he didn't want you to see him for the monster that everyone else saw. He liked the way that you accepted him for who he was. How you didn't seem to care about his past, or the things that he could do to you if you angered him. You just appreciated him, and were happy to have him around.
"Ugh.." You groaned, your eyes watering. The frustration of not being able to cool down was getting to you now, and you were getting close to breaking. It had been two days since the air conditioning broke, and you hadn't slept at all. It was unbearable.
Loki sucked in a deep, determined breath. "Y/N?"
"Yeah, Loki?"
He nodded slightly. "Would you follow me, please?"
"Really?" You sighed. "I'm so hot, though, Loki, I don't-"
Loki cut you off as he stood up. "Please." Your eyes were on him. Sensing the urgency in his expression and tone, you slowly got up and shuffled along behind him. He led you into his bedroom. Loki turned to you as you closed the door behind you.
"What's going on, Loki? Is there something wrong?" You asked him worriedly, lifting the front of your shirt to try and create some kind of breeze.
He shook his head quickly. "You're really overheating?"
"Yeah. It's incredibly warm," You answered. "I don't know how you're not."
Loki shook his head again. "I can...I can help you cool down."
"You can?" You blinked at him in surprise. "How? Do you have a fan?" He just looked away, the pictures on his wall suddenly very interesting. "Loki?"
Loki took a step backwards from you. "I can-I will help you, but you have to promise not to look."
"Um...okay?" You stared at him in confusion. "What are you going to do?"
He shook his head at you. "It doesn't matter. What matters is that I can cool you down, and that you don't look. Under no circumstances can you look, do you understand?"
"Y-Yes, I understand," You nodded, your mind racing as you tried to figure out what he was going to do that was so bad you couldn't look.
Loki looked at you. "Close your eyes now, then." You did so. Loki went to step forwards, but faltered. "Can you just promise me-"
"I promise, Loki."
He nodded slightly, taking in a deep breath before slowly letting himself come towards you. You were completely still, trying to prepare yourself for whatever was coming. After a few seconds of you standing with your eyes shut, you felt a breeze of cold air.
Your eyebrows furrowed as a cool hand closed around your wrist. Loki stared at you, waiting for you to open your eyes and betray his trust. You didn't. He continued to slowly rub his hands along your arms. Goosebumps raised along your skin as you let out a content sigh.
"I don't know what's going on, but I like it," You spoke into the silence. Loki let out a dry, humourless chuckle. "Why can't I open my eyes?" You asked quietly as Loki's freezing hands rested on your forehead and cheek.
He stayed quiet for a few seconds before answering. "The Loki standing in front of you is not the Loki that you have grown to tolerate-"
"Love," You corrected.
Loki smiled slightly. "Not the Loki that you have grown to love. You are the only person that has ever looked at me as if nothing I've done in the past is relevant, and understood my feelings completely. Nobody has ever thought of me as the victim of others, or listened to my history without judgement. You are a treasure, and I can't risk watching your view of me change because of my appearance."
"Oh." Your answer was short. You had no idea what you were really supposed to say to that. "I didn't know that you liked me that much."
Loki hummed. "Love." A smile settled on your face at his imitation of you.
"Right. Love."
After a few more seconds of silence, Loki spoke up again.
"Would you like me to cool any other part of your body?" He cringed slightly. "I don't mean to overstep, I'm just aware that more than your arms and face are warm."
You nodded slowly. "I don't want you to feel like you have to help me. You've already made me feel a lot better."
"I don't have to do anything. But I want to help you. Besides, I've come this far," Loki reasoned.
You nodded again. "Okay. Um, just..." You blushed slightly, imagining what he would do if you told him where you really wanted his hands. "Just do whatever."
"A truly helpful piece of guidance," Loki replied, a smile pulling at his lips. "Do...do you wish to sit down?" You nodded and he guided you backwards to his bed. You settled on the end of it as Loki sat beside you.
His hands settled on your calves and he pulled them into his lap. You were pulled off balance, reaching out blindly to him before you could fall. Loki's hands caught you, repositioning you on the bed. Then his hands were working their way along your legs, smoothing over your skin and leaving them deliciously cool.
"Ah.." You murmured, relaxing. "That's nice."
Loki chuckled genuinely this time, a little more at ease. His hands were making their way a little higher now, resting just above your knees.
You hummed.
"Should I keep going?"
You very nearly opened your eyes to look at him, but you resisted the impulse. "If you're comfortable, yeah." Loki's hands stayed where they were for a moment longer and you heard him inhale and exhale before continuing.
His hands slid over your thighs, taking a little longer to move now. Your lips parted as he gently pushed your shirt upwards. Cold, refreshing fingers massaged your skin, sliding between your thighs to leave their mark there too.
Loki was unable to tear his eyes away from your face. Partly because he was waiting for you to freak out or open your eyes, and partly because he was in awe of how relaxed you were with him.
His hands were still creeping upwards, and they had just reached the lowest part of your panties when your hand snapped around his.
"Probably a good place to stop," You mumbled, blushing.
Loki nodded, guessing that you didn't want that with him. "Of course." He pulled his hands back into his lap, staring down at the blue flesh as he recalled the feeling of your skin beneath his fingertips.
"Can...can I open my eyes now?" You asked him quietly.
Loki looked at you. "Not yet."
He thought. "Y/N, may I ask you a question? Entirely hypothetical."
"Sure," You nodded.
Loki started as you blindly patted his upper thigh, searching for his hand. He quickly gave it to you before you could feel his hardening length.
"If you knew somebody, and you knew that they loved you, but you also knew that they were keeping something important about themselves from you, how would you feel?" Loki asked you.
You thought about the question, guessing that it wasn't at all 'entirely hypothetical'. "It would depend on what kind of thing it is"
"Another side to them. Perhaps a darker or much less appealing side," He elaborated.
You nodded. "Then I'd probably feel a little hurt that they didn't feel like they could share it with me. But I'd still love them, and it wouldn't change my opinion of them. And another side of you is still part of you, so I would know that it couldn't be that bad, or they'd be bad too."
Loki was quiet, mulling over your words. "What if it was a physical difference?"
"Like a disability?" You frowned.
He hesitated. "Like...like a complete alteration in their appearance."
"Then I'd just hope one day they'd show me that other appearance, so that I could show them that it doesn't matter to me at all," You answered.
Loki shook his head. "But what if you found it repulsive? What if you saw it, and you couldn't see that friend the same way, even when they were their normal selves?"
"Then I'd warm up to it." You shrugged, intertwining Loki's cold fingers with your own. "It's still yo-my friend," You winced as you caught yourself. "And I wouldn't let something as small as looks get in the way of that."
Loki sighed. "If you want to, you can open your eyes. But I'm going to keep mine closed."
"Do you want me to look? I don't want you to force yourself to let me see if it's something that's this scary for you," You told him.
He shook his head slightly. "I want you to see. You'll see at some point, and waiting is only doing me more harm."
"Okay." You slowly opened your eyes, turning to look at Loki. Your mouth fell open. He was blue. You stared at him.
It was still very clearly Loki. His skin was a deep blue, shallow ridges decorating parts of his face. You assumed that they were all over his body. You now understood how he was so cold in the hot weather, and why he was so hesitant to show you this side of himself.
"Say something," He whispered into the silent room.
You nodded to yourself quickly. "I don't know why you were so apprehensive about showing me this, Loki. You're just...you. I mean, you're blue, but it's still just you." His eyes fluttered open and he looked at you.
"And my eyes? I have the eyes of a monster," He hissed.
You shook your head as you looked between the red eyes. "You're not a monster, Loki. You're beautiful. This doesn't change that."
"Wh-What?" He was stumped. He'd imagined many different ways of how this could go, but that wasn't one of them. "Beautiful? Are you out of your mind?"
You frowned. "No! You are beautiful. I think that you're always pretty. You're not a monster. You could never be a monster, because monsters don't have friends, and monsters don't care about people. Monsters certainly don't sit around being people's personal ice packs."
"I didn't do it because I'm your friend," Loki answered. "I did it because I love you, and I couldn't bear watching you suffer when I could so easily help you. I wasn't at all planning on showing you."
You leaned forwards. "Then I'm glad that you decided to. I love you too, Loki. All of you. Even the blue bits." A small, sad smile pulled at his lips.
"I'm going to change back now. Close your eyes, my love," Loki told you. Your eyes closed immediately, reeling at the sound of Loki calling you his love. Was this really happening? "You can open them now."
Your eyes opened and you saw the normal Loki in front of you. The one that was always at your side, flashing you a mischievous smile or a warning glance. "I'm sorry that you feel how you do about...blue Loki?"
"My Jotun form, dear," Loki corrected with a smile. "Though 'blue Loki' sounds rather endearing, coming from you."
You blushed slightly. "Stop it, I'm trying to talk seriously."
"Stop what?" Loki asked, an amused grin on his face as his eyes drank every detail of your face in.
You gently pushed his chest. "Stop looking at me like that."
"Like what? Like a man in love?" Loki asked. "How can I, when you've given me the greatest gift I've ever received day after day?"
You frowned. "What gift?"
"Your smile, Y/N." Loki looked down at your joined hands. "I am not the happiest person at the best times, but knowing that you were there for me, with a smile and a kind word...that's what kept me going."
Your eyes watered slightly. "Please can you not keep any more secrets from me? I don't like the idea of you suffering in silence like that."
"Of course. I'm yours, if you'll have me, and every detail of my being is yours for scrutinising," Loki smiled at you, slightly nervously.
You beamed at him. "Of course I'll have you, dumbass. I just told you I love you." You leaned forwards, kissing him gently.
"You know, it may be a good idea to tell me again," Loki started. "Just in case I-"
You kissed him again, more passionately. "I love you. Are you happy now?"
"Very," He answered, kissing you and slowly pushing you down on the bed. "And I'm going to make sure you are too."
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A Beginning at the End
Tumblr media
Summary: Reader lost their Loki at the end. Loki lost his reader at the beginning. Through space and time they find each other.
A/N: I wrote this thinking of reader from A Moment in Time and of Loki from A Broken Branch. (Both tagged below). I thought they both deserved a type of happy ending! Let me know what you think :)
A Moment in Time (1) | A Broken Branch (2)
Masterlist | Requests
Your grief, however crippling, had once been grief shared. Whilst no one shared the exact cause as you, the chaos and despair that had followed the snap left the world with a significant shared sorrow. Everyone had lost something, the emptiness of the world a constant reminder of what had been torn away, but there was something comfortable in that fact. You had known, for those five years, that you were never suffering alone.
There were those out there, still, who were coping with loss the same as you. However, the collective joy that had roared through the world at the Avengers’ success left you lonely in your sadness. Grief had tinged the world for so very long and now, in its understandable relief, it seemed the world had no space for your loss.
Loki was gone. There would be no bringing him back as those others had been returned. You had thought that you had dealt with this reality as well as you could; you had thought you had grown to accept the permanency of your loss. When you watched the world rejoice and reunite, however, you realised that you had been too greatly comforted by the shared loss of those around you. Shared suffering was suffering halved. Now, you were grieving alone.
And you quickly realised how unfair that was. Why did it feel like you were the only one who lost everything; and that no one cared to listen?
You decided, however brashly, that you were going to change it.
The door was large and elegant but you hardly noticed the fine details of carved oak as you slammed your palms against it. Eventually, your aggressive knocking caught someone’s attention.
The door fell inwards as it opened. The motion was so unexpectedly abrupt that you almost fell across the threshold yourself. Looking up as you righted yourself, you quickly let words escape you at the sight of the sorcerer. “Strange, you’re going to help me.”
You didn’t ask, you told him; something you doubted he would appreciate. You were past asking, however.
“Am I?”
Barrelling past him, you entered the cavernous room but didn’t stop to appreciate the somewhat timeless decor. “I lost someone…” the words wavered but you held strong in your resolve, “I need you to bring them back.”
Dissatisfaction twisted his features, apprehension pushing him to lean away from you. “That’s not-“
You didn’t want to hear it. “I don’t care, Strange.” You cut in sharply. “I don’t care about the timeline or the- the laws of the universe or- or… any of that shit!” You were almost hyperventilating as you finished loudly; “Just give me back what I lost.”
A pause hung in the air between you, the passive slamming of the front door barely audible over the pounding of your heart. Truthfully, a part of you was doubtful this plan would work; you had overridden this logic, however, preferring instead to let your passion drive you into hopeless action. Yelling at someone would at least distract the downward spiral of your thoughts. But, his features were carved with an unexpected consideration. A spark of hope replaced the embers of your aggression.
A strange flourish of his hand left an odd tingling spreading through your figure - swiftly dissipating from your fingertips.
He cocked his head in consideration. Whatever magic he had so casually just performed had settled his response more clearly. Eventually, he breezed past you to further delve into the large house. “Follow me,” he called to you.
You followed the sorcerer, steps stumbling with anticipation, into a darkened room. Flames lighted the room with an amber glow, the flickering lights leaving dancing shadows upon the floor. When the silence stretched further than your patience could allow, you rushed out a question. “What is this?”
Slowly, Strange turned back to face you. “You lost someone,” his words were murmured, hands held before him in some strange folded gesture, “and someone is looking for you. Ripping through timelines as they do it.” The agitation in his tone as he spoke the last phrase provided explanation enough as to why he was helping you; somehow, this could solve a problem of his own. You didn’t know, or care at this point, what that problem was. “A simple manoeuvre,” he cut himself off, sweeping his hands over the room leaving a trail of sparks hanging suspended in the air, “can fix all our problems.”
Simple, it seemed, had been an overstatement. You followed his silent direction; keeping as still as your anticipation allowed you be and watched his movements with impatience. Light, sparks, and warmth exploded all around you. Encompassing you entirely and seeming to expand past even the room itself. Peering through the fog of colour and noise you could barely make out the lamp lit walls, the ground beneath you almost falling away and leaving you hanging in the air. Fear threatened to grab you but the sorcerer’s steadfast concentration settled your nerves; surely he knew what he was doing.
Suddenly, his movement stilled. Left hand raised, palm open and facing you, he steadied a heavy gaze upon you. “Are you sure this is what you want?”
The thrumming of your heart felt like answer enough but still, you gave a response. “Yes.”
He nodded once and closed his palm. The colours surrounding you bled together, becoming a blinding white that forced your eyes to close. Your body felt pulled in several directions at once whilst your lungs struggled to fill against the rush of air barrelling past your figure.
The brightness subsided first. When you cracked a single eye open you immediately threw your hands before you. The ground was rushing up to meet you, your instinctive motion to catch yourself was not swift enough to lessen the impact. A groan escaped you as your mind continued to spin despite your body being at rest. You felt drunk except there had been no previous euphoria to salve the ache in your head.
Trying your best to refocus your whirling thoughts on the purpose of this expedition, you craned your neck to look around. This latest room was much the same size as the last had been; the lighting equally dark and shadowed. The finer details of the room escaped your notice entirely, however, when you looked up to the fading rain of colours across from you.
There, in the centre of the fading mist, was Loki. He hadn’t noticed you yet, his attention upon his own predicament, but his gaze quickly diverted to you as you darted to your feet with a yell of his name.
The eyes that met yours softened with relief but the way he said your name wasn’t the same. Normally your name fell from his lips a sigh of contentment. This time your name sounded more like a prayer; a hope. You gave the change No mind as you rushed forward to feel his figure within your arms.
He leaned into your embrace but his features remained cautious and closed off to you. You pulled back to watch his familiar eyes, finding some comfort in the feel of his hands upon your waist, and cupped his face with delicate hands. Something was off. You couldn’t tell exactly what, but concern pulled at you as you watched his eyebrows scrunch together.
“Loki?” The way you spoke his name was question enough; the overwhelming uncertainty that weighed you down impossible to verbalise properly.
His hands still gripped your waist but he leaned away from your affection. Your hands fell from his face at the motion. Unwilling to stop touching him entirely, you dropped your hands to his chest. You felt steadied by the rhythm of his heart upon your palm.
“You are… mine.” He had said that before, years ago now, but back then it had been some aggressive statement of possession that you had not appreciated. Now, it sounded more a question than a statement. Familiar fingertips brushed against the twisted scar that marred your left cheek; a wound you had received many battles ago. “But this isn’t how I left you.”
What did he mean by that? Your confusion pushed you to lean away. “This- this is exactly how you left me.” Your eyes dropped to you hands upon his chest and finally you noted his attire. A white shirt seemed unsuited to him, however well it fit him, and you returned your gaze to him with narrowed eyes. You were beginning to wonder where, or when, exactly this Loki had come from. “When did you leave me?”
Head cocking to the side he shifted into the cocky self-assurance you had seen so much of at the start. “I’d hope it would be a touch more memorable.”
Huffing, having no time or energy for his games in this moment, you spoke sternly. “Answer the question.” You had waited long enough for this reunion, you wanted to enjoy it without this strange daze of confusion.
Taken aback by your aggressive tone, he wet his lips as he looked over your figure in some appraising manner. Seemingly finding what he was looking for in his sweeping gaze over your figure, his piercing eyes settled upon your gaze. “New York,” your heart dropped into your stomach at his answer, his grip tightened upon you in response. “But you’ve lived much more than that, haven’t you?”
Dejected, you nodded. The Loki you had lost was not here, the Loki you had lost was just that; lost. This Loki was clearly some offshoot of yours, you weren’t bothered to know the details, and the potential of a future between you was clearly there considering the way he still held you. But Loki from New York, from 2012, was not what you had been looking for. The man before you was still the person that you loved, but the journey the pair of you had taken from this point had been long. Loki had not trusted you back then, not that you had either, and building your relationship had required patience and care. You had walked that path before but the idea of having to break down his walls piece by piece all over again was too much in this moment.
You pushed away from him, pressing against his chest to increase the space between you, and tried to free yourself. He let you take a single step back from him, his hand catching your wrist as you tried to escape more entirely. The space you had made did not feel enough, but it allowed you breathe in this heavy air. “I saw myself die,” the breath you had just caught escaped you entirely as you looked to him with widened eyes. “You’ve seen it too,” he murmured.
Nodding, you smacked your lips together uselessly as you struggled to find some verbal response. A dry chuckle escaped him and you struggled to discern what he found so funny.
“I lost you at the beginning,” he explained, melancholy infecting the words, “and you lost me at the end.”
Tears prickled in your eyes at his words, the strange truth in them somehow heartbreaking. You diverted the subject, struggling to hold yourself steady in this line of conversation; “you’re different than you were back then.” And then, in response to his questioning raise of brow, you clarified. “In 2012.”
A smile tugged his lips but his eyes held a melancholy sadness that surely reflected your own. “And how was I in 2012?”
A laugh that felt more like a sob burst from you at that question. Wiping your eyes with your sleeve, you spoke through the freely falling tears; “Abrasive,” he laughed alongside you, nodding as you gave another simple adjective. “Defensive.”
“As were you,” he pointed out. His hands gently moved you closer to him, orientating you to stand before him.
There was no reason to disagree. You had been more than cautious of him at first and you were sure he couldn’t argue that there had been no reason for your concern. But you had experienced years with him, you had changed over time in your responses to him, if this Loki really were from 2012 he had changed dramatically and very quickly.
Shaking your head, for no real purpose other than to clear it, you implored him. “Why are you so different?” You had thrown yourself into this reunion without logical thought and now you needed some answers. Some reassurance. “2012 you would never have been this…” you vaguely gestured at his hands upon your waist, “affectionate with me.”
Fingernails nipping just slightly into your waist as he clenched his hands, he smirked. As he spoke he leaned closer, the words almost murmured into your ear. “Oh you have no idea how affectionate I can be.” An eye roll later and you had successfully reduced his ego enough for answers to be found. A strangely heavy sigh left him, warm breath washing over you as he gave a more considered response. “In 2012 I didn’t realise how hard it would be to lose you,” the words were measured, slow and precise. “And then I lost you.” His gaze fixed somewhere in the middle distance as he spilled these words to you like whispered secrets. “I found a thousand different versions of you in a thousand different timelines and not a single one of them made me feel the way you do.”
The intensity of his voice, his words, his eyes was more reassurance than you would ever need. You kissed him. Of course you did.
His hands slipped from your waist to your back, pulling you in with such force you wondered if he were attempting to devour you. You were sure you would let him. Loki groaned into your lips; a delicious desperation for you obvious on his tongue as he swept it over your lips.
You had lost count of the kisses the pair of you had shared; those heated moments beneath the covers where the rest of the world may as well stop existing becoming countless in your memory. For you, this was one of many - the feeling it brought you not lessened by repetition, if anything the feeling grew and grew.
For Loki, this was the first. This was the spark that so quickly ignited a lifetime of trust and adoration. This was the beginning he had so nearly lost.
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queenvisaide-blog · a month ago
You say: Sylvie is female Loki blonde. They're the same.
And I say: Loki is INFJ (or maybe ENTP) meanwhile Sylvie's INTJ.
So, nope, they aren't the same.
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amfibbius · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
loki! that mischievous scamp! 
why does his hair change every minute? We’ll never know
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kaz11283 · 4 months ago
Lokitober!! I’m excited!!
20 “Don’t touch him/her, don’t you fucking touch him/her.”
6 “You came back for me.” “What’s you think I do, leave you there? Nowhere in hell would have I left you.”
30 “You’re not nothing, you’re something. You’re something to me.”
I do not care how you use these or if you get to them all. Mix and match have some fun!
Lokitober Request #1
All you knew was that you were cold, freezing in fact, your fingers numb and when you tried to wiggle your feet there was a stinging sensation. You didnt know where you were or how you had even gotten in the predicament that you were in. You remember getting on the quinjet after a mission had went south, you and the team won the battle but at this point it was at what cost? You had been flying over Siberia at this point excited to just be on the way home to a nice warm bath and snuggles with your boyfriend.
The jet had been hit, plummeting to the snow covered hills below, you remember hitting your head and after that? Nothing.
"Ahhh, looks like Baby Stark is finally waking up." A male voice with a heavy accent said, he sounded so far away, shaking your poinding head side to side as you woke up you looked around, you were somewhere underground.
You heard footsteps approaching you from the left. "Ugh, it smells like straight dog piss in here." You moaned looking up. "Where the hell am I?" You looked up to the towering man over you, he had a scare that cut across his cheek, ice blue eyes, and greasy stringy hair.
"Thats none of your concern. What is your concern is looking into that red light in front of you and telling you dear father that this is a hostage situation." He growled grabbing your face.
You yanked your head out of his grip and spit in his face, he reared back and slapped you across the face causing you to jerk to the side. You raised back up smiling.
"Oh come on now. I train with super soldiers, assassins, the hunk, and gods. Do you really think that is gonna hurt me? For Christ sakes my dad is freaking Iron Man." He stood up and picked his foot up slamming it into your chest causing you to fall backwards.
"You will do what I say or I will start cutting fingers off. One by one." He growled over me.
"Ha, as if. You didnt even remove my suit. You must be a special kind of stupid if you didnt think my dad wouldnt put a tracking device on me some where." You smiled as you heard explosions going off somewhere in the place you were at. He yelled cutting the ropes and grabbing you by your throat and slamming you aginst the wall causing your head to bounce off the concrete wall, spots blurred your vision.
"Well jokes on them if they think they are gonna find you ali-"
"Dont you touch her! Dont you fucking touch her again!" You looked up seeing your boyfriend, green sedair surrounded him, his fist clenched on his sides. Anger radiated off of him like you had never seen, a smile came across your face as you looked at him.
"Your mistake for taking the god of mischief's girlfriend." You whispered to the man who dropped you and started toward him. There was a green flash as he went flying through the wall behind him. You let out a sigh as your head fell back aginst the wall.
"Darling, stay with me. You've lost some blood but we are gonna get you home." He said picking you up bridal style.
"You came back for me." You smiled placing your head on his shoulder.
"Do you honestly think I woupd leave you here? No way in hell I would leave you here."
"I guess dads ok with us being together now?" You asked smiling.
"He took it as a shock but i think after he seen just how upset I was he understood just how much you ment to me." He kissed you on the head as you slowly started to drift off again. "Just a little bit longer my dove and I promise we will get you in that bath that you had been talking about all day." You drifted of to the sounds of his humming.
First request down for #Lokitober. I hope you enjoy it. I didnt get to put all of the promps in but i really like how it turned out. I hope you enjoy it also! On to the next!
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sylviesmage · 7 months ago
do you, guys, think that THIS Loki is OUR Loki or he’s also a Loki variant? thoughts? ♡
Tumblr media
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