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While Thor was sleeping - Chapter 1/14
Mobius, a forty-year-old bachelor, finds his life very boring. He works in the New York subway. And every morning he sees Thor, a very handsome lawyer, pass by. On Christmas Day, his life changes when Thor falls on the tracks after being mugged. He runs to his rescue, takes him to the hospital and gets involved in a terrible misunderstanding. Everyone takes him for Thor's fianc茅e. With the exception of Loki, his brother who who remains on his guard but quickly finds himself under Mobius' spell. And when Thor comes out of his coma, everything collapses...
While you were sleeping - Movie - AU
I saw that someone also started an AU of this movie, but I decided to release my story too, because it's probably my favorite romcom, and also because Natendo made this beautiful fanart based on the movie poster for me when I started working on this project.Check Natendo's awesome art here https://archiveofourown.org/works/36644743/chapters/91405744
Rating G
Tumblr media
My father was a liar.
Well, I guess that's a little strong. He was in the door-to-door sales business. His maxim was to never leave the customer's house without selling them something. So he specialized in sales pitching.
He would do the same thing with me, he would tell me stories. Sometimes they were about all the places we were going to visit. Exotic places, white sandy beaches, sea and oceans. The Poconos weren't good enough for us.
But most of the stories he told me were about my mother. He said they met at a jetskiing demonstration on a beach in 1964. There was a contest to win an hour on a jet ski. My father won. When he saw my mother's disappointment, he offered to spend the hour with him. It seems they had a magical day together.
At sunset, she gave him her phone number and told him that if he didn't call her the next morning, she would know that he didn't really love her. He put the number in his wallet and on the train home...a pickpocket stole his wallet. A less loving man would have despaired, but not him. He remembered that she was a schoolteacher and the next morning he searched every school in New York until he found her. I asked my father once how I could know when I was in love and he said, "The day I met your mother, I heard For once in my life."
For once in my life, I won't let sorrow hurt me
Not like it's hurt me before
For once, I have something I know won't desert me
I'm not alone anymore
For once I can say, "This is mine, you can't take it"
As long as I know I have love, I can make it
For once in my life, I have someone who needs me
Mobius, 40, was sitting in his cubicle, giving out tokens to people who wanted to ride the subway, thinking about his past.
He still hadn't heard For once in my life , but when he saw this man, he thought at first that maybe this might be the kind of person who would let him hear this music. .
He, this was the breathtakingly handsome man who came down the subway stairs with a confident step. He wore a cashmere overcoat over an Armani pinstripe suit and carried his briefcase with panache. He had strong, chiseled features, a square jaw and eyes that any movie star would envy. But it was all a little too much for Mobius, too blond, too strong, too bright. But his smile... maybe he had a brother? In any case, there was something about this man that made him want to get to know him.
He had started passing by Mobius' subway booth in September. Monday to Friday, between 8:00 and 8:20.
One Monday he didn't show up and Mobius was worried. But it was a holiday and he returned the next morning.
He approached the booth and slipped $1.25 into the slot.
Mobius smiled and slipped him a token. He picked it up, didn't look at it, and walked through the turnstile. He hadn't really talked to him, but Mobius knew that one day he would. If only to hear the sound of his voice.
He got on the train. Mobius followed him with his eyes until the subway pulled out of the station.
Mobius sighed, "He's just too perfect."
That evening, at the end of his workday, Mobius was painfully pulling a Christmas tree hanging on the end of a rope out of his living room window. He started talking to himself, "$45 for a Christmas tree and they don't deliver. You order $10 worth of Chow mein from Twin Dragons and they deliver it to your door."
Mobius pulled the rope as Croki, his tame dwarf alligator, looked on curiously. The Christmas tree swayed as it rose into the air.
"I should have gotten blue spruce, they're lighter."
Mobius huffed and exhaled as he pulled on the rope. The tree moved closer to the fire escape. Suddenly, Croki slid between his feet, tripping him.
Mobius shouted, "Croki!"
Croki bolted through the half-open door. With Mobius off balance, the tree swung wildly back and forth. Mobius struggled to hold the rope.
He spoke again, "Don't look down! Don't look down!"
Mobius tried to pull the rope down. The tree swayed again and under the weight, Mobius had no choice but to let go. He closed his eyes as he heard the sound of breaking glass as the tree smashed against the window of the ground floor apartment.
A little later, Mobius was in the apartment of its landlord, Casey Senior. Croki was hiding behind his legs. The landlord had covered the broken window with plastic and was sitting at his desk filling out complaint forms. He was reading aloud, "Nature of the damage, Christmas tree went through the window. How am I going to describe this to my insurance?"
Mobius looked down, embarrassed.
The landlord continued, "They're still pissed about that arson I did on Staten Island."
Mobius replied softly, "I'll pay for the damage, sir."
"Why didn't you bring it up the stairs?
Mobius shrugged, "I couldn't carry it myself and you don't like pine needles in the hallway. I'm sorry."
"It's okay, Mobius."Mister Casey patted him on the shoulder and added, "My brother is in the window and door business."
Mobius headed for the door and as he was leaving turned around, "I almost forgot." he pulled a small gift from his pocket, "Merry Christmas ."
Mister Casey patted him on the shoulder and added, "My brother is in the window and door business."
Mobius headed for the door and as he was leaving turned around, "I almost forgot." he pulled a small gift from his pocket, "Merry Christmas Sir."
The owner looked surprised, "Mobius, you didn't have to do that."
"I wanted to."
Casey Senior, embarrassed replied, "I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet.聽 What-"
"Hey, Dad, can I give the bottle of gin your cousin gave you to my probation officer?"
That was Casey Junior, the landlord's son.
"Junior, can't you see I'm talking here?"
Mobius opened the door to leave.
"You know Mobius, you're a nice person, Casey too is... well like you and he's still single."
Mobius looked at Casey Jr. He was bending over and looking into the refrigerator. His low-rise pants showed the beginning of his butt crack.
Mobius commented with a wry smile on his lips, "Yeah, well, that's surprising. Okay, I'm going to go now. Good night."
"Good night Mobius."
Mobius smiled and the door closed. The hall was empty. Mobius took Croki who had followed him in his arms.
"Next time you try to set me up with Casey Jr, I'm getting a cat."
Croki grunted in protest and jumped out of his arms. Arriving at his apartment, Mobius looked at his mail. A Christmas card. He opened it. It was stamped "Happy Holidays from your mailman." Mobius carefully placed it on his bookshelf next to Christmas cards from the garbage man, the phone company and the florist. He found a Christmas record and put it on the stereo, then opened a box of Christmas ornaments and began decorating his battered tree.
The next day, Mobius was having his daily lunch in the same small restaurant where he went every day. A waitress walked through the busy restaurant and past him. Mobius opened his wallet and pulled out a stack of travel brochures. The colorful flyers advertised everything from castles in Europe to sandy beaches in the Caribbean. He carefully spreads them out on the table.
"Have you picked?" the waitress asked.
"The usual," Mobius replied.
" Which is?"
Mobius sighed, "A tuna sandwich and a can of Josta."
The waitress scribbled on her notepad and left. A slight noise caught Mobius' attention and he turned to the window. It was his boss, Ravonna Renslayer, knocking on the bay window.
Mobius quickly gathered his travel brochures and put them in his wallet. Ravonna had entered, and was blowing on her hands to warm them.
She sat down across from Mobius and said, "I expected to find you here."
Mobius shrugged and retorted, "And I expected you to find me on a beach in Bermuda jetskiing."
Ravonna leaned a little closer to Mobius and said with an engaging smile on her lips, "I recommended you for employee of the month."
Mobius, smiled, surprised, "I didn't even know there was a reward for that."
The waitress came over to them and Ravonna said immediately, "The usual."
The waitress nodded and left. Mobius frowned. Ravonna pulled a piece of paper from her pocket and began to read aloud, "Supervisor Ravonna Renslayer appoints Mobius Mr. Mobius as employee of the month. Mobius is never late and always works on holidays, even if he worked the previous holiday. Because he worked on Thanksgiving, Mobius is willing to work on Christmas too.
Mobius interrupted Ravonna, "I don't work on Christmas."
"They give you a plate with the mayor's signature."
"I didn't vote for him."
"More paid vacations."
Mobius was not impressed.
Ravonna said encouragingly, "And you get a day off for your birthday."
"My birthday is at Christmas."
Ravonna folded the paper, slipped it back into her pocket, and said in a sincere tone, "Look, I know you worked on Thanksgiving. But I have been invited to my mother's house. Bee can't change because she has a big family party and I promised the kids I would be there for them this year."
"Ravonna, that's not cool!"
"I know, I know Mobius," Ravonna replied, patting his arm, "It's not fair and I can't make you, but... you're the only one who..."
Ravonna paused before finishing her sentence, looking embarrassed.
Mobius finished it for her, "I'm the only one who doesn't have a family."
On Christmas Day, Mobius thought gloomily about this conversation while in the booth.
A train entered the station with a dull thud. The doors opened. A young couple got off, laughing and carrying Christmas presents.
A family emerged from another car and pushed open the swinging exit doors.
Mobius sat forlornly in the booth. Andy Williams' song "I'll Be Home for Christmas" was playing on the radio.
Mobius couldn't stop his throat from tightening, everything around him was screaming about the joy of spending Christmas with his family and his loneliness hit him even harder. He sighed and lowered his head when he saw a hand slide the money before his eyes. He reflexively swiped a token.
"Merry Christmas."
Mobius looked up because this was the first person to say those words to him since he had taken his shift
It was Mister Handsome in a cashmere coat standing on the other side of the glass. He smiled at him. The whole station seemed to light up.
Mobius was so amazed that he just stayed there with his mouth open.
Mister Handsome took his token and in an instant he was gone.
Mobius banged his head against the glass and felt like pulling his hair out.
"Four months, four months I've been waiting for this moment, I haven't taken a sick day. I could have said, Merry Christmas to you, You're really handsome, Don't you have a brother? But I didn't say anything!"
He banged his head against the glass again.
"Idiot, idiot, idiot!"
Suddenly he heard a scream. He looked through the glass and saw that the man in the cashmere coat was being assaulted by two men. Mobius reached for the phone when he saw that the man lost his balance and fell backwards off the platform.
"Oh my God!"
Mobius dropped the phone and stormed out of the booth. He ran through the turnstile and along the tracks.
Suddenly, he saw the lights of a train appear in the tunnel.
"A train is coming! Get up!" Mobius sped up again.
The man did not move. Mobius got close to him, got down on all fours on the edge of the platform and held out his hands to the man on the ground.
The train horn sounded.
"Sir! Can you hear me?! A... a train is coming!"
The man opened his eyes, obviously dazed, looked at Mobius and fainted.
Mobius got up and shouted, "Help! Help!"
The train was still coming closer. Mobius swung over the edge of the tracks and reached even farther. The train horn sounded again.
Mobius looked at the speeding train and then at the helpless man. He breathed in, closed his eyes, and jumped off. He fell next to the unconscious man, got up and tried to lift him. But his coat was caught.
Mobius pulled on the coat and tore it.
Then he decided to lie on top of the man, wrapped his arms around him and rolled with him just in time to the side into the notch that the workers use to let the trains pass. He just felt the wind from the passing train and opened his eyes. They were both safe and sound.
Mr. Handsome was unconscious but even more breathtaking.聽 Mobius stared at him. He really was perfect, too perfect.
He sighed with relief and said to the unconscious man, "You better have a brother and he better be hot!" Chap 1 - Chap 2 - Chap 3 _________
Still not beta'd
Still not my native language
Still hoping you'll enjoy this story 馃グ
Still thanking you for bearing with me 馃槤
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Loki & Mobius : "Is it too much to ask for something great?" 馃ゲ馃挃
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the perfect match鉁
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Ummmmm no <3
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So... Episode 5, huh?
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If I had a nickel for everytime Owen Wilson had a weirdly romantic relationship with a man who he had hated at the beginning but then realized they had a real sort of bond based on mutual trust and respect that they had to earn from the other and both of them had something magical/other worldly going on, I'd have two nickels. which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice.
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Bear with me because I'm not going to stop talking about this for days...
Soon better quality caps promised
Loki鈥檚 joy when he sees Mobius 馃槶
Tumblr media
Loki鈥檚 face when Sylvie said Mobius cares about him鈥
Tumblr media
And this hug initiated by Loki himself!!!
Tumblr media
The way they enjoy the closeness!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The tears in Loki鈥檚 eyes!
Tumblr media
All of this will live in my head rent free with all my other canon Lokius moments!
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Loki & Mobius: Don't give up on us, baby
i always see people headcanoning loki singing an asgardian song to mobius but
imagine mobius singing this midgardian song to him... 馃槶馃ズ馃挅
(and YES this is owen wilson's cover of the song so)
(also posted on my twitter!)
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Tumblr media
oh no! the god of mischief has fallen for the midgardian in a brown suit!
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hey 馃グ馃槣 actually i鈥檝e decided, for mental health reasons, the episode didn鈥檛 happen 鉁ㄢ湪 none of that is real!! i hallucinated 馃槍馃拝 in fact last i heard loki and mobius were on a jet ski together so 馃槉馃檪馃ゲ
this is stage one of grief isn鈥檛 it
Same 馃槄
yes yes it is i鈥檓 sorry
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Tumblr media
Ep 6 wrecked me so I HAD to work on the next chapter of my Lokius coffee shop au fic! Chapter 2 is live on AO3!
In which Loki begins his new job at Kablooie, the new coffee shop that Sylvie believes will one day rival Odinson鈥檚. Loki reluctantly meets his coworkers, engages in spontaneous dancing and self-loathing, and finds himself intrigued by his very first customer.
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so I made something鈥
my theory is that basically the more of these criteria a show meets, the more likely it is to have a large fandom in tumblr
Tumblr media
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Lokius + height difference
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Tumblr media
This is how Sylvie finds them
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Oh wow! I just聽realized ...
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Tumblr media
The way Loki moves towards Mobius when he realizes he's there, as if he's going to hug him, but then realizes his surroundings.
I need a moment here...
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