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we went to the beach all the way up the cape.

and we had such a great time. but when we were ready to pack up , my niece got into the bag we had full of chips and deserts. we had a container of brownie bights in there. the container fell out onto the sand and then she fell and sat on them. LOL! 

it was a funny moment that reminded me of that movie the burbs with tom hanks 

in the movie they went to go say hi to the new neighbor and one of the other neighbor’s dropped the brownies LOL!!



so I mentioned that movie reference to mom and my sister thought I was serious. I said noo HAHAHA It’s a  quote from a movie. LOL!!

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Ayer comencé esta especie de diario, o confesionario, dije que escribiría de manera frecuente, y estoy cumpliendo porque han pasado aproximadamente 24 horas desde mi última publicación, sin embargo, esto no significa que esta será la forma en la que llevaré este espacio, una vez que vaya tomando forma, estoy seguro, publicaré solo una o dos veces por semana (Eso sí, con suerte escribiré todos los días).

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