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thefuzzyaya4 months ago
Imagine Spock that has zero idea about human kisses.
So basically Jim is leaning very very close, liking and biting his lips in anticipation, and Spock is like:
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areaza month ago
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Give y鈥檃ll a doodle cuz I鈥檓 lazy,,
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cats-and-cacti2 months ago
Wilhelm: I think we should forget about that kiss
Wilhelm, literally 3 seconds later:
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Wait, so before Thalia鈥檚 tree was CHB just... Not protected? I looked it up on Wiki and it says:
鈥淸Zeus] created Thalia's pine tree to not only save his daughter but to stop that from happening again. He created a barrier to protect lost demigods and to keep Camp Half-Blood a safe place from the monsters trying to kill them.鈥
Was there not a SINGLE GOD out there that was like 鈥榤aybe I should give a magical gift to protect the camp my kids are staying at鈥??? Thalia had to legit die for Zeus to put a barrier down??? This was only five years before Percy too so for thousands of years the gods were essentially just:
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Like... shit. I get it, Luke. I would be mad as Hell too. Scratch that, I would be RABID.
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casteru9 months ago
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cas pose pack (yubin)聽// T.O.U.
15 toddler poses
cas trait: charmer
馃搧 download (public release: Jan 6, 2021 at 9:55 PM)
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todosiblings4 months ago
i can hold so much trauma and love
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viktorkrumna year ago
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just to be clear i do NOT think that diego is shitty, but he would 100% say that
inspired by x
image description under the cut:
[Image ID: all eight images are pictures of the Hargreeves siblings from the second season of the Umbrella Academy, with screenshots of posts from various social media sites.
The first image is of Five with a slight frown, holding an axe. A post by gr0sse on Tumblr says:聽鈥淜IDS REACT TO existentialism and the inevitability of death鈥
The second image is of Ben on his way to calm Vanya down after his siblings have failed. It鈥檚 a closeup of his face and he looks determined and slightly worried. A post by serotnin on Tumblr says聽鈥渓ife hack; die鈥
The third image is of Allison at the hair salon. She is being offered a flyer and looks slightly taken aback. A post by markedly on Twitter says:聽鈥淧lease pay the perfect amount of attention to me at all times.鈥
The fourth image is of Klaus at the entrance to a liquor store. He is wearing sunglasses, grinning madly and spreading his arms. A post by gargoyle-gal on Tumblr says聽鈥渋m dealing with my shit the way im dealing with it. are my methods unhealthy? yes. are they effective? no. am i going to change what im doing. no鈥
The fifth image is of Vanya sitting down in the Cooper living room, smiling. The screenshot is of a post and a reblog on Tumblr, both by garashirs. The post reads聽鈥渁nyway sorry for being mean and gay鈥 and the reblog says聽鈥渟ike! i dont care鈥
The sixth image is of Luther in the boxing ring with an opponent. He is facing away from the audience, wearing a white tank top, and is mid-punch. A post by ubersaur on Tumblr says聽鈥渢oday i rolled a critical miss on giving a thumbs up so my character just started sobbing鈥
The seventh image is of Diego wearing his Umbrella Academy uniform as an adult, in Vanya鈥檚 hallucination. He is looking to the left with an intense look on his face. A post by InternetHippo on Twitter says聽鈥淎ll I ask is your unconditional love and support regardless of how shitty I am, why is that so hard鈥
The eighth image is of Klaus seeming to float in the air inside a mansion. Ben is holding him but he is invisible. Klaus is wearing black clothes, has a neutral expression on his face, and his arms are spread to the sides. A post by urbancatfitters on Tumblr says聽鈥渕e: [lying] honestly鈥
End ID.]
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made-by-jade-222a month ago
Listen at your own Risk! Again! 馃槇 (A SFW Lee Audio)
Reposting/Re-recording bc I wanted better quality for my lovelies! ^.^ 馃挄 Enjoy! Will this put you in a Ler mood? 馃槇 Ok no but seriously someone tell me they liked this 馃槶 it鈥檚 hard to make yourself laugh on cue. And honestly, like, bro. C鈥檓on. We love our lees as much as we do our lers, right? So let鈥檚 show the lees some love!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Eyes of Heaven cut scene; Jotaro using The World time stop to count how many abs his ancestor have.
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grewsomearta month ago
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I wanted a Goat House team jersey so I drew one. 馃槂
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bechuman9 months ago
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Then I have a question for you, Mr. Annus.
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starmanm00ny2 months ago
i love the subtle hints of Jude鈥檚 insecurity about love in the wicked king and queen of nothing.
cause well, Jude saw the effects that love took on her parents. (lol madoc murdering them)
then with the whole bullshit situation with locke and tayrn (still don鈥檛 like you tayrn but ty for killing locke ig)
in the cruel prince she sees how cardan had all those girls on her, making out at that party
don鈥檛 even get me started on nircissa.
and no matter how many times she pushes it away she has that small feeling that pulls her back even more from loving cardan
the feeling the nircissa could just take cardan away from her. anytime.
what鈥檚 even more upsetting is i can imagine her at her most vulnerable when she was exiled.
crying, thinking about how nircissa is now ambassador, how cardan could forgiven nircissa so quickly for hurting her and letting her stay
AND exiling her doesnt make it seem like he loves her very much.
so she hides it by being angry. finding anyway to be violent as possible. breaking shit, getting into fights listening to angry music.
but she cries at the end of the night. thinking about how stupid she is for ever believing love would work.
or at least being stupid enough for having that slight thought that cardan could ever love her.
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skelem4na year ago
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light pink to sky blue means i cant go on without you
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barnesloverboy6 months ago
You Promised || J.P
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a/n - i鈥檓 in a bad mood so u can be 2 !
it鈥檚 not that you couldn鈥檛 believe it, because you could. you saw it with your own two eyes, you felt it in the way you hands shook and it felt like all the air was sucked from around you.
you thought it would be okay, you thought things would be fine. you should have known better, the universe was never that kind to you.
you wanted to laugh, even if it made you crazy, you felt like you鈥檇 seen it coming for months, for years.
you should have know it would happen now, in the midst of a war, on some saturday afternoon where you weren鈥檛 even suppose to be.
it always works that way doesn鈥檛 it? when the universe gives you james potter, but never really gives him to you.
cruel joke.
it didn鈥檛 matter, maybe you were meant to be there. after months of being on a mission tracking a group of death eaters, it鈥檚 the first 鈥済et together鈥 you could make it to.
in the middle of a war it is kind of hard to see the people you grew up with.
but you made it, beaten and bloody and mentally scared to a degree, with blood on your hands that you couldn鈥檛 tell was yours or your enemies.
you made it.
you couldn鈥檛 be sure what to expect. you were hoping everyone was still there, that everyone made it. it鈥檇 been a good 5 months, and so much could happen.
and so much did apparently happen.
you reckon it could be your fault, not keeping in touch. it鈥檚 not like you could, it probably would have gotten you killed, but you still figured maybe it would stop the sinking feeling in your chest now.
as you stood, hands shaking and tears in your eyes, not from happiness, but a mixture of relief and disbelief.
lily evans stood in front of you, a soft smile on her face was a hand rested on her stomach.
and james potter stood next to her, a smile he used to only reserve for you, spread widely on his face, his own arm wrapped around the obviously pregnant women.
oh. okay.
it took the group a total of 50 seconds to realize you were standing there, and sirius was the first to rush up to you, wild grin on his face.
鈥測/n! you鈥檙e back!!!!鈥 and he engulfed you in a hug, you weakly returned, half to be back in familiar, safe arms.
鈥渋鈥檓 back.鈥 and yet you couldn鈥檛 stop the voice crack, or the tears that still threatened to fall out.
if sirius noticed, he didn鈥檛 say anything, but his arms wrapped around you a bit tighter. as if he was holding you together, and at that point, maybe he was.
remus was there next, small smile and warm hands and a soft whisper of 鈥渋鈥檓 sorry鈥
as if the werewolf knew, and it wouldn鈥檛 be surprising if he did. he鈥檚 the only one who knew about you and james in the first place, and you reckon he鈥檚 the only one who really knew how these 鈥渕issions鈥 went down.
peter was there too, wrapping his arms around you and hugging tightly in a way only peter seemed to do, as if he thought he鈥檇 lose you within the next minute.
and for a moment things felt okay, things felt normal. you were home, you were alive, you were loved.
until they came along.
鈥測/n! we鈥檙e so glad your safe!鈥 lily smiled, that wonderfully beautiful smile, she was practically glowing and though you were upset, no bone in your body could ever be mad at her.
you smiled, hugging her gently, minding the bump, 鈥渢hank you lils鈥
鈥渉ey y/n, glad you鈥檙e back okay.鈥 and there he was. still bright eyes, still soft smile that radiated all the stars in the universe.
you felt yourself melt, when he looked at you it felt like it was the only thing that mattered.
but it couldn鈥檛 matter anymore, not if the ring on lily鈥檚 finger was anything to go by.
鈥渟o, what did i miss?鈥 you turned around, not bothering to hug the man, fearing you鈥檇 break down in more ways then one.
sirius perked up, puppy like, eager to spew everything you missed, and you listened intently, leaning back against remus on the sofa you both sat on.
鈥渁nd evans and prongs are having a baby !!!鈥
yeah, that鈥檚 what you figured.
but sirius looked so happy, a light in his eyes you hadn鈥檛 seen since the news from regulus hit, and lily鈥檚 eyes were so warm and they deserved this, if anything else.
and a baby, a baby! that鈥檚 great, despite the way your breath caught in your throat, all the memories and kisses and whispers of praise and plans came flooding in. but you were good at acting, been going on for 6 months and counting, it鈥檚 hot so hard to lie once more.
鈥渙h my!! that鈥檚 so wonderful! i鈥檓 so happy for you guys!鈥 and a wide smile that nobody but maybe remus and peter saw through, and they were sold. case closed.
but james held your gaze, pain in his eyes as if he was the one hurting.
no, it wasn鈥檛 fair.
you excused yourself, looking for any reason to escape for 2 minutes. not hearing remus follow you out.
鈥渋t鈥檚 okay to want to punch him.鈥 you heard from behind you, a voice so solid and real that you almost gasped out a cry.
(5 months alone does things that can鈥檛 just be undone.)
鈥渋 can鈥檛 just punch him moony.鈥 you sighed, looking out towards the sunset, picking at the still dry blood on your hands.
you felt a hand on your back, so familiar you leaned into the werewolf and let a single tear fall from your eye.
because you wanted to punch him, you wanted to scream and yell and make him bleed the way you did for months while he was here fucking around with a redhead.
you wanted to make him hurt, you wanted to make his lungs close up and tears strain in his eyes, you wanted him to desperately claw at his throat and arms in hopes the pain would seep through his fingertips.
you wanted him to feel the earth unravel beneath him, to feel time stop ticking and all the color slowly fade from his view.
you wanted him to feel how you felt right now.
鈥渉e promised moony, he swore on his heart.鈥 you brokenly whispered,no longer feeling your own heart beat in your chest, you wondered if it was even still there.
鈥渁nd he broke it.鈥 he whispered back, you could feel the tension in his shoulders and you smiled, remus was mad. remus was angry. remus probably knew from the moment he first saw the two together, he鈥檇 probably been waiting to knock james鈥 teeth in, and you would gladly let him.
no you wouldn鈥檛, a voice whispered, and you wanted to yank your own lungs from your chest.
the voice was right.
because no matter how much pain he could cause, you still loves james potter.
you still thought about how his eyes shone in the moonlight, and how his hands fit almost perfectly in yours. for months you held onto the whispers and traced the same paths his fingertips once did.
and you loved him so much that you didn鈥檛 think twice leaving for the mission, to know james would be safe if you did your part, to know james would wait for you, like he promised.
and he always promised.
in 4th year when you had to go back home for summer, he smiled and held your hand, 鈥渨e鈥檒l be here for you when you get back.鈥
in 6th year when you were in the hospital wing, being transported to saint mugos, 鈥渋鈥檒l do anything you need.鈥
when you graduated with tears in your eyes and stuttering breaths, 鈥渋鈥檒l be right by your side.鈥
and when you took that mission, behind closed doors, breaths colliding and souls conjoined, he whispered, 鈥渋ll wait for you.鈥
that鈥檚 the first promise he broke. maybe, maybe he broke more, but you didn鈥檛 want to think about it, couldn鈥檛 think about it by the voice that interrupted you.
鈥渕oony? can i talk to them?鈥 you felt remus shake his head, but you stopped him.
鈥渨hat do you want james?鈥
and remus didn鈥檛 leave, no he wouldn鈥檛. unlike some people, he never did.
but you insisted, telling him it was fine even if it wasn鈥檛, that it would only take a few minutes, yet it would take years to mend whatever james broke.
鈥渋 just wanted to-鈥
鈥渋f you鈥檙e here to say sorry save it, it would be a lie.鈥 you cut off, looking back at your hands.
鈥測/n i just want you to know i鈥檓 glad you鈥檙e okay.鈥 he whispered, the same way he used to in the room of requirement, or the latte nights in muggle towns, or sneaking into his kitchen at 4 am.
it didn鈥檛 matter anymore, he was with lily, it was fine. meant to be even. the way he looked at her, the way she looked at him. lily deserved this.
you sat in silence for a few minutes, but the tears were back and the wind was cold now. you couldn鈥檛 just sit and pretend you knew why he did it, you didn鈥檛 know. the way he looked at you before you left was everything you could ever hope for, like he was saying goodbye to his world. and maybe, he was.
鈥測ou promised james.鈥 you whispered, dejected in every way, finally meeting his eyes, they were as beautiful as you remembered, but they weren鈥檛 yours to love anymore.
鈥渁nd i broke it.鈥 he looked out to the setting sun, it was gone now, leaving behind a darkness that wouldn鈥檛 fade until early morning.
the sun left, and soon, james turned away, and left too.
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