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8bitrevolver · 4 years ago
• People are allowed to enjoy video games that are older than they are • You are not superior because you played that game when it was brand new in 1985. You're just old. • No one has to "prove themselves" as "true fans" to you by playing all the games in a series. It's not that serious. • People are allowed to have fun • Chill
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wongbal · a year ago
Tumblr media
im sorry WHAT
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Tumblr media
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almightyhollands · 4 years ago
Involved: Part 2
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
A/N: Okay so i got like, nine requests and messages for this and I wasn’t going to do it so soon but i am genuinely excited about this. I have no idea where i’m going with it, but im excited nonetheless. PSA this has smut so like......look out
Part 1 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5
Tumblr media
“Fancy seeing you here.” Peter’s voice fills your ears and a giggle of his own follows soon after. You turn towards the window of your bedroom to see him climbing over your windowsill, and you smile.
“Hey, what’s up?” You ask, and he chuckles, walking towards you with his arms outstretched. You follow his silent orders,moving from your spot and letting his hands grip your hips.
“I think you know.” He murmurs, his voice low. You feel a small tingle of excitement and rush of satisfaction wash over you at the way he looks at you, his eyes full of both lust and adoration. Pretty often, you were sure that the look of adoration was just in response your breasts, but you accepted it anyways. Ignoring the nagging feeling to tell him what you’ve been meaning to tell him for the past three weeks, that you were breaking things off with him, you tilt your head back to allow him to kiss softly over the marks he had made just two days prior. He hums in satisfaction at the sight of them, running a calloused finger over the bruised skin.
His grip on your hips becomes a little tighter and he pulls you flush to him, your chests pressed together; he presses a firm kiss against your lips, parting his own in order to deeper the kiss. Amongst the sound of the two of you and your breathy moans and light sighing, Peter mumbles against your lips, “Your parents home?” To which you shook your head. A devilish grin overtakes his features and he pushes you to the bed, which you fall not so gracefully against. He runs a teasing finger down your face, to your neck and leading to your side before it’s hooked in the waistband of your jeans. “Peter, come on.” You complain, and he chuckles.
“What? What do you want?” He asks playfully. You glare down at him.
“Peter, take them off.” You say desperately. He smiles in triumph and unbuttons your jeans, pulling them swiftly down your freshly shaven legs. Not wasting any time, Peter is immediately lying between your legs on his stomach, his finger leisurely tracing over your underwear. You groan impatiently as he pressed his finger harshly against your covered clit. Taking matters into your own hands, you reach down and push the elastic of your underwear down, ignoring the look Peter gives you.
“Hey, now, little miss impatient. You know who’s in charge here.” He says, and you sigh, throwing your head back against your plush pillow. He drags a finger up your slit and you sigh in contentment. You have to admit that it isn’t everything you want, not even close, but it is something and that’s more than you’ve gotten in the past 48 hours. Peter slowly pushes his finger into you, dragging it out and pushing it back in teasingly. Eventually, after yet another groan of indignance, he chuckles quietly and picks up his pace, using his free hand to rub fast, sloppy circles against your clit.
“Peter, oh my god.” You exclaim under your breath, but it’s enough motivation for him to go faster. His hands speeds up and he removes his other hand from your clit, instead sucking the little bud into his mouth and rubbing your thigh. With a cry of his name, you’re coming and he’s grinning with pride.
Sitting up on his knees, he pulls his shirt and sweatshirt off over his head and starts unbuttoning his jeans, watching you pull your own top off. Pulling the worn leather wallet from the pocket of his jeans, he grabs the little metallic packet and tears it open, hurriedly putting on the condom. “You ready?” He asks, leaning over you. You nod and grip his biceps, squeezing tightly when he pushes in. “Shit, (Y/N),” He whispers, his voice breathy.
You bite your lip when he pulls back and pushes forward again, building his speed. He stares down at you, your face scrunched in pleasure, and he isn’t sure if he’s clouded by his own pleasure or if he’s just feeling strange after the intimate night the two of you had shared last week, but he finds his heart beating faster.
“Peter, please. I need more.” You whisper quietly, your hands moving from his arms to his shoulder blades. He grabs your leg, and though he knows you aren’t nearly as flexible as you like to claim you are, he lifts it over his shoulder. Gasping at both the stretch of you muscles and the new angle, you dig your nails into his shoulder blades as he pounds into you, the sound of skin echoing off the walls of your bedroom and you suddenly find yourself grateful for persuading your parents out of the apartment for the night. “Fuck, Peter. I’m close.” You whispered, and true to character, the arm that isn’t simultaneously keeping your leg in place and keeping him above you flies down to your clit, rubbing harsh circles.
“Come on, (Y/N), let go.” He whispers, biting his lip to keep any of his own needy moans from falling into the thick air. You drag your nails down his back and he lets out a loud groan at the thought of the marks to come. The sound that falls past his lips is enough to push you over the edge and you clench tightly around him, chanting his name. This triggers his own release and though he pushes you both through it, when he collapses on top of you, you can tell that he’s tired. He presses an uncharacteristically sweet kiss on your collarbone and you rest a hand on his back lightly.
After a few minutes of laying there in silence, Peter pulls out of you and buries the condom in your trash can, making sure he couldn’t see it before he pulls on his boxers, laying beside you in the bed.
It’s at this moment you come to a conclusion; you had to break it off with Peter. It was something you already knew, but tonight had just confirmed your theory. You were under his thumb, and you were finally really to get out.
Beside you, Peter has come to his own revelation; he had feelings for you.
Of course he did. He was ignorant to not notice them until now. How else would he have ended up in your bedroom on a night where he couldn’t even think straight, and why else would he have started hating Adam McCall, someone he’d been friends with since he could remember, after he had seen Adam staring at you a little too long in the hallway.
So, on the same mattress on the same cool night in Queens, you and Peter may have been in the same place, but you were on completely different pages.
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lightheartedsuggestion · 5 years ago
when I was at my lowest point, I found a stability in knowing it could only get better from there. my rock bottom became my foundation, my jumping off point, the ground from which I grew.
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xperfectfangirlx · 3 years ago
Mike: *a drink in his left and el on his right hand*
Lucas: watchu got there mike
Mike: my whole world
Lucas: what
Mike: what
Lucas: wait what
Mike: oh you’re talking about the drink
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studybug25 · 2 years ago
So I reread the Cells at Work manga...
Then I saw this at Chapter 18
Tumblr media
The Cell wrote a friggin will.
What on earth.
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It’s taken me 2 weeks and 1 day to literally find the words to talk about my experience meeting Taylor and I literally still can’t believe I am even writing this omfsdfs buckle up cause this is a long post but there’s picture’s ...
People will most likely know the situation we were put in by Taylor Nation but if you don’t, I will link the post here, to save me explaining it all again.
I got the DM on here from Taylor Nation some point between 5.25pm and 6.25pm as I saw it as soon as I turned my data on after my flight from Glasgow to Dublin, it was insane!! They told me I was too at box office between 4 and 5pm and ‘to follow the instructions in the envelope’.
Enjoy a picture of a very happy me with the DM once we got a seat in the airport after sobbing on the tarmac (idk if it’s still a confidential DM so it’s covered for the safe side)
Tumblr media
We arrive there and it did take us a few times to find specifically where we were to go as not many staff members were aware of it but we got there in the end.
We collect the envelope and low and behold, there was our YELLOW SLIP.  So after as attempting to get our head around the fact we were quite literally MEETING TAYLOR in the matter of hours, it only called for an obligatory photo shoot with the slip…
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We were instructed to go to the premium entrance, so us, and the rest of the people selected for pre show waited down there for a while and we all chatted between ourselves (YOU GUYS ARE SO NICE OKAY ILY ALL)
It was the most mixed of emotions I had been in a long time, from the phone call / phone call situ to that moment I was waiting outside the door to get called over to go in for rep room, it was beyond anything I’d felt in a long time.
So flash forward too getting let in and being taken up a lift (we got our wristbands and the light up ones in this time too!!) we were waiting in a corridor for a little bit, maybe around 10 minutes if that? It felt longer cause I was paranoid about taking my phone lmao. We get taken through double doors and literally there was backstage!! We saw Charli and Camila’s dressing rooms, all the golf buggies were there, all the different catering, you name it! At the end where it was cornered off from the public, it was rep room and I think this was when it all began too feel slightly more realistic that it was really happening. We had to wait across from rep room for a little time too (there was a lot of waiting around but in short bouts), We were told about how our belongings would go on a table before we went into rep room.
Tumblr media
Our wristbands...^^
Then before we know it, OUT WALKS ANDREA!! She literally walks around like such a fairy it’s the cutest thing ever she never stopped smiling, I had seen Andrea from a distance before but never really had met her. She comes right over to us and gives us a huge hug and looks at us dead in the eye and thanks us so much for being able to make it and that she hopes we all have an amazing time at the show and to enjoy every second of rep room. During talking to Andrea in the short time it was, I was late to realise Camlia was just like 2 meters to my left!?? That was a bit bizarre since I met Camila in Glasgow 9 days beforehand. Andrea said goodbye and had to go do what she had to do and Camila waved her off it was adorable she is so cute and she was saying hey too us all aswell. A few minutes later we were called in to go into rep room and when I say my heart was going out my chest before then it must had been hitting off the walls around me when they told us it was time for us to go in and meet Taylor.
We start to go in a and it was all so surreal, we weren’t allowed our phones in so I don’t have pictures from inside rep room but it was a lot smaller in Dublin than what it was like on Taylor’s IG story but I suppose size varied per venue SO IT WAS FINE IT WAS COSY. I walked in and there was literally music playing, TV’s playing the End Game music video, food, alcohol, other drinks, the polaroid cameras, all the couches, THE THRONE and outfits in the large glass cabinets - EVERY LITTLE DETAIL was incredible! I kid you not there was like material as a ‘roof’ to rep room and it was flat out the reputation newspaper artwork it was so so cool. We all lined up inside rep room and you could tell by all our faces how much we were absolutely shitting ourselves it was crazy but you could also see the absolute excitement as well which was so amazing too.
Me and Emily were 3rd or 4th in the cue and everyone was getting a decent time with Taylor like easily 5 minutes give or take per person or pairing. I’ve never known ‘meet and greet’ situations to last longer than 30 seconds I love Taylor so much for spending so much time with all of us its emotional. It was mine and Emily’s turn and the curtain was pulled back and in we went and she was like JUST THERE. I genuinely think I walked in gob smacked because she is literally unreal in person I can’t even begin to describe how perfect she looked. The lighting was very candlelit-esque it was very comfortable.
She gave us the biggest smile and was like,  ‘Hey guys!!! You both are soooo cute It’s too good to see you both” and took us both into the biggest hug ever each - the kind you give your best friend after you’ve not saw them in a while, it was THAT tight. Me and Emily were telling her that it was SOO amazing to see her too and we couldn’t believe we were there. Taylor then took a step back and looked at at our outfits and she said, “guys! I love this! I SEEN these online and I get it!” And we didnt really register that she flat out talked about our posts of our outfits, otherwise I would had probably asked her more about it but I was literally just in shook fcsjkcas. So she then registered the glitter on our face, and she got so excited and asked us if it was a new trend and she see’s so many of us all wear it and that she wishes she could wear it on stage because she wants to join in with the hype.
Emily then went on to explain about why we had glitter on our faces as there was a story too why. It is pretty personal so I will only say the just of the story. Emily and Rachael are both cheer coaches and one of their little cheerio’s, Abbie sadly lost her life at Christmas to sarcoma, which is a rare form of Cancer.  She had a wish to raise money under a charity called “Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation” to spread her sparkle around everybody. There are pink bands with the name on it, which we wear and had on meeting Taylor, so we could show her. ( 10/10 for neither of us crying when Emily told Taylor).  There is a huge relation with Abbie and Long Live that totally has changed the meaning of Long Live for us for ever now which isn’t a bad thing AT ALL. Emily told Taylor that Long Live become a song for them at cheer, at comps and practices. It began to be a song they referenced particularly at the end of the season as it represented their cheer family (If you guys think of the lyric, ‘They gave us our trophies and we held them up for our town.’ ) She thank’d Taylor for writing a song like Long Live that could be brought into different parts of our lives naturally and have a strong impact. I then said too Taylor that despite never meeting Abbie, I was really close with Emily when it got really difficult for them and felt every emotion and I often got upset about it. Abbie’s story was so powerful and the new relation to Long Live made it so much stronger for me as well (and another ramble I was sooo nervous about saying things right). There was a little more too that conversation but it’s nice to keep that too ourselves but it did end in Taylor saying she was going too think about Abbie and us etc. when she sings Long Live tonight at the show. She said she was so so sorry that it had happened to us and that she applauds at how brave to have been during that difficult time and that she loved hearing how her songs have different perspectives for all of us and that it was so special. (along they lines it was very, very kind and it made my heart melt how lovely her words were).
I turned to Taylor after that and told her that I just wanted too say that I would have never ever picked up a guitar and started too sing if it wasn’t because of her and that it was all the first songs I learned when I started too play was always one of hers. (Bare with me here, my memory is so bad plus in that moment you struggle to focus on anything apart from like her and I swear I zoned out explaining this story cause I got so nervous sfkfsdjsd)  ANYHOW…once I said that her face lit right up and she thanked me for saying that. I then went onto explain how I actually have really bad anxiety and before I could explain the rest, she looked at me with a sad face and was like ‘aww nooooo im so sorry you need to go through with that every day. I can imagine actually being here at such a big stadium would be really difficult for you today as well, thank you so much for actually coming today!? It was really brave of you!” And I was trying to explain to her how being there in that moment kinda made it a lot easier for me because the comfort I have surrounding Taylor and so on forth but I didnt explain that really well fkdsdkcn I tried but I got super fumbly with my words but I told Taylor that it’s actually a really good thing I’ve kinda pushed myself because I could come here another time and feel fine because I know I had done it before.  So then I explained that her music kinda has been a part of me taking each step with performing at gigs, going too auditions and going through music education as I would sneak in one of her songs somewhere and I then said that infact with having that comfort of knowing I’d have one of your songs atleast with me, It got me right through my exams at high school, college and that I was infact about too start my 3rd year of university on a popular music degree…AND I SWEAR TO GOD I THINK IF SHE COULD HAVE JUMP UP AND DOWN SHE WOULD HAVE THAT’S HOW HAPPY HER FACE WENT!! HER EYES LIT UP SO MUCH SHE SMILED SO BIG AND TOLD ME HOW AMAZING THAT WAS AND SHE WAS SO PROUD OF ME SDCJKDKF SHE LITERALLY PUT HER HANDS ON MY SHOULDERS WHEN SHE SAID THIS AND THEN GAVE ME A HIGH FIVE and ALL I could do was just keep saying thank you too her hahaha I was just a bit like ‘wtf is happening just now!!?'
Emily then was thanking Taylor for writing songs that follow through our lives as we had been listening to her music before we started high school til now and there was always a song for something we were going through, good or bad. I’m so glad she remembered too say that because I literally, again, must had had my shook face I had when I walked into the room oops hahahaha.
Then im pretty sure we took the picture after this point and she never told us about the ring light tdscdks so we take and I swear, I was like, ‘omg!!? I know you hear stories of how bright the light is but I was not prepared for that’ and we were all laughing and Im still stood by Taylor’s side at this point and she looks down too me and was like, ‘yeaaaaaah I should have told you guys I’m really sorry’ and I just told her it was okay and that I will be seeing that ring for the next 500 hours or something along they lines, it was all funny.
She was asking as then about the show and what we were excited too see and if we had watched videos and what not. Emily told her she only really has saw what me and Rachael had been sending her and tried too avoid it for the surprise. Then I told her how I stayed up and watched the live streams of the Glendale show and that it was a tough ride because people kept going off line and it was a lot of stress for 5am and it was absolutely amazing and I couldn’t wait too see things a lot more HD and in person. Taylor was then telling us that she was actually quite nervous for the show and wow were like omg no you have nothing to worry bout like everyone is SO excited and from what we’ve seen of the show everyone will think it’s incredible and will talk about it forever. So she thanked us and said something along the lines of ‘It’s my first stadium show here in Ireland its a big deal and I'm like the 4th female to ever play here and the first too ever do two nights in a row its crazy’  and Emily, on her quick thinking mind, was like ‘Well we’ve came over from Scotland so this is our first stadium show in Dublin as well so we’re on the same page here’ and it made Taylor laugh so much again and she was like ‘yesss that makes me feel so much better that we’re in this together!’ still laughing. We were next to the curtain too go so we took that as a sign cause we had all slowly began walking over too that part during that last conversation ahahah so she took us in for another hug again each and we both thanked her so much for spending her time with us and that it was no problem in the world and that she would see us at the show.
We walk out of the curtained room and got given our signed pictures and the slip with our code to get our photo’s with Taylor later on, and we were told it would be the day after before we get them (but we had it within half an hour although we waited until after the show too look as signal was really bad).
The others in our group who went before us were waiting outside Rep Room and we had to wait for everyone else also too come out and ngl I LOVED that we didnt just have too walk away and that we got to stay and watch everyone come out after meeting Taylor, it was really special because we all were just literally shook. Before we joined the group, I had asked before hand if we could take a picture of the outer part of rep room before we put our phones down and was told it was better to wait until after, so I went with it. As we left, there was a steward outside and we had asked her if I ran and grabbed my phone if she would take a picture of me and Emily outside Rep Room and she was so unsure about letting us sdkcss but we were like ‘it’s fineee nobody will see it’s all good we will be fast' (there was a big barrier thing she was stood against so it was semi blocked off)  and I’m sooo glad we got the picture!!
Tumblr media
Shortly after, we were slowly taken round again too go too our seats and we asked that security guard if he could take a big group picture of us all, which again, I absolutely LOVE because everybody was so so lovely.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We were just a smudge excited.  We could have quite literally died happily on the spot there and then and been ok with how happy we were in the moment.
The Reputation Stadium Tour was beyond anything I had ever ever experienced before with live shows and I am so excited for everyone else who has yet to experience the tour because video’s and pictures 100000% do not do it justice. The work and time spent to make it incredible for the audience is impeccable and again, I am super grateful I got to experience a show. Go early for Charli, go early for Camila, again two other AMAZING females and incredible performers also.
During the show, we got waved at bye Taylor during delicate ( I love how enthusiastic her waves are it’s adorable) (gif)
Tumblr media
During her speech before Long Live and New Years Day, we feel like we were slightly mentioned  in a subtle way that resembled what we spoke about earlier that day. It felt like it was her way of letting us know she was keeping too her word, which was such a shook because we never ever expected that she would do that. It was a super strong feel we knew straight away and it was like my gut instinct that told me. Maybe Abbie was with us in that moment with me, Emily and Rachael, singing and crying with us, something felt different at that point too every other song that night and it was definitely not a feeling that was out of place, it was really, really lovely.
I just wanna say, Taylor, @taylorswift  thank you so so much for making us feel so, so special. You are the kindest human I’ve ever met and you had so much time for us both in they few minutes we were with you, and I’m sure everyone else who has ever met you would agree with me. You listened to EVERY word Emily and I said, despite me having what could possibly be, the worse Scottish accent you’ve ever hear or understand, so I give you brownie points for that hahahaha. You showed you cared and even more emotion towards us and it made us feel so content and comfortable, when realistically we couldn’t be more nervous and anxious at the same time but you made that easier for us because you welcomed us so kindly. I had had dreams of meeting you since I was literally 9 years old and I’m nearly 20 an I was always scared that the expectations I had in my dreams would maybe take away from it as I never thought it be as good them but it was so much better then ALL of the dreams put together - it was immensely better and I will cherish and ‘hold onto the memories’.
Tumblr media
Sooo... enjoy some pictures and gifs of Emily, Rachael and I having the absolute night of our lives guys and I rate you 10/10 if you made it this far down hehehehe... 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We tried to take a selfie with Taylor...didn’t go TO well^^^
Tumblr media
Going strong with our rep tour poncho’s...Emily on the other hand, left her’s in Glasgow silly billy but she was still stoked.
Then, IDSB is the many stages of that wild ride for us...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I kept accidentally turning too my front camera in the worst of times (you could see the best of me us) (gif)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Old Taylor VS. New Taylor ft. Blank Space.... OMG WHO IS SHE??^^^ (gif)
AT LEAST WE WERE..... (gif)
Tumblr media
Long Live is an emotional ride at tour and the following two pictures put that into perspective...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Again, I am beyond grateful for being able too have the chance to meet Taylor and the time we spent with her will forever be cherished and I plan to get Taylor telling me she is proud of me firmly tattooed on my forehead xxxx
From your Scottish gal,
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ano-ka-ba · 3 years ago
H/D Headcanon Thoughts
As I am looking for references for something I’m working on, it’s rather impossible to find real life models that embodies all the subconscious traits I put on Harry and Draco in their twenty somethings (because obviously underwear models haven’t fought dark lords lol).
Messy hair & pointy-ness aside, but like personality and history that somehow manifests in their physical appearance? And not cosmetic things like scars, glasses, tattoos, or hair styles, but specific features that in combination make it H&D…I guess writing it down also helps me form a better mental image haha, maybe I’ll try drawing something based on this later!
Headcanon Harry: an unassuming handsomeness, coupled with raw power
strong stubborn square jaw, dimples are a plus
soft puppy dog eyes that become intense and determined (on the battlefield and in the bedroom)
thick bow lips for kissing everywhere *cough* rimming *cough*
wide boyish smile of a marauder’s son
straight brows for sassy-ness and sarcasm, accentuates eye rolling
slightly prominent bridged nose (has been broken a few times), wider nostrils to catch glasses from falling off face
Headcanon Draco: the definition of a beautiful man, possibly part veela
high cheekbones that will cut you before you can get past its defenses
patented glare perfected at age 3, has evolved into a smolder over time 
delicate mouth, like its been painted on and begging to be bitten
natural down-turned pout that always gets its way, hides a sharp witted tongue
arched brows for silent threats and flirting across the room
patrician straight nose with high bridge, narrow nostrils for sniffing at potion ingredients and muggles
What are your headcanons?
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leapingtitan · 4 years ago
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one-time-i-dreamt · 3 years ago
My dance teacher lead a double life and was Shakira in her spare time, but I didn’t realise that until I stopped being taught by her. Then I was really upset because everything made so much sense and I didn’t have enough time to process how shook I was. The dream ended with her husband telling me that her hips really don’t lie and it inspired me so much that I woke up feeling really good about myself.
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404sakura · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
quick midnight boba run
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