#lol. I heard this audio and now I need to get this quote out
Camilo: Don’t argue with me-
Camilo: This is why you’re the slowest in your class.
Antonio: This is why you don’t have a girlfriend.
Camilo: You know what? Santa Claus isn’t real.
Antonio: ....w-what?
Antonio: MOMMMM
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alpacaparkaseok · 9 months ago
Inside “The Pact”
Hello! For those of you that followed along with The Pact, I received a few questions and requests to get an inside look. I’ll link the post here that explains a bit more about what this is gonna be about. 
Tumblr media
We’re gonna break this down into sections: first will be answering your questions about The Pact & the characters. Then I’ll show you guys a little about my notes & decision making process (which is very obscure because I just tend to keep a hypothetical tab open in my brain most of the time lol) as well as some pictures of my ideas!! 
Thanks for requesting such a fun thing to do now that this series is over. It’s been fun to look back!
Q. What song did the boys dedicate to y/n?
A. “Her” || This is a sad song, but I felt like it fit so well with how the boys had to hide a part of themselves (their feelings) away for the sake of the pact!
Q. Did the boys get mad/how did the boys react to Jungkook’s kiss?
A. Jungkook was a little shocked, and felt extremely guilty on the drive back home. He wasn’t sure if he could stand to tell his hyungs, but he also knew he couldn’t lie to them. Naturally, the second he walked in the house and everyone saw his face, they knew. It was just quiet, everybody was a little hesitant to say anything/bring it up because they were all upset. Only Jimin has heard all of the details of JK’s kiss, whereas the others are simply aware that he kissed her and that’s that.
Namjoon was the most upset, although he didn’t say anything. He just sat there on the couch and did the jaw-clenching thing he always does. Yoongi just tried to change the subject and ask about other aspects of the date. Taehyung was actually pretty pissed, especially because he’d been so good about refraining from kissing you even when you’d asked for it. Hobi had a chat with him later that night and calmed him down. Jin wasn’t angry so much as he was worried that he missed his shot & couldn’t stop replaying his date in his head.
Q. Who fell for y/n last?
A. Namjoon. He’d had a little crush, and that’s why he was willing to go along with the pact. But it hit a point less than a year ago when he fell hard and fast. (you called him in the middle of the night when he was on tour and he realized that your sleepy voice is possibly the most beautiful thing he’s ever heard) The boys noticed and as a result teased him endlessly about it, because he doesn’t quite know how to navigate his feelings. 
Q. Who did the boys bet on? (We already know that Jimin bet on Yoongi and won lol)
A. Namjoon bet on JK, Tae bet on Hobi, Hobi bet on JK, Jin bet on JK, and Yoongi bet on Jin, and JK bet on Namjoon (because we all know JK would pick Namjoon lol)
Q. Didn’t y/n ever date other guys? How did the boys react?
A. hahaha ok I actually would have such a fun time writing this Yes, she dated around a bit. For the first year of the pact, she had an on again, off again bf. It wasn’t very serious, and she always made that clear to the boys. They still hated the dude. After they broke up, she only went on a few dates here and there. Didn’t really seriously date. (except for that one time she went on vacation and had a fling, but everyone has decided to forget that) They just smiled and supported her, although Tae was always very clear that he didn’t like any of the guys she dated. 
Q. In Namjoon’s date, who was the 1950′s author mentioned?
A. Agatha Christie, the queen. 
Q. How did y/n meet Jimin? (he was the one that introduced her to the rest of the group)
A. She was a PR intern for Lee Hyun. Jimin and Lee Hyun are close, and they crossed paths fairly often until Jimin decided to invite her to hang out. 
Q. What is y/n studying in school?
A. Public Relations (which will honestly come in handy with her new relationship lol)
Q. Where was Jin in the last chapter when y/n came to the studio?
A. Agh how could you ask me this and bring back all that pain?! Jin was at his brother’s restaurant for some much needed R&R. He ended up staying the night with him, not wanting to go home just yet and have to face his decision.
Q. Who would you personally choose to end up with and why?
A. KIM SEOKJIN. Date #5 was basically for me lol. Like, unapologetically wrote that for myself. Not just because he’s my bias, but because I personally felt like I could picture myself chilling on that couch watching Dateline with him. And it was beautiful. 🤧 Also, while Jin can be loud and goofy, he’s an introvert. I’m an extravert with introverted tendencies, so I just feel like his date would have been the most comfortable for me.
First thing’s first, I have an on-going page in my notes on my phone which is FILLED with ideas & half-formed thoughts. Before I began writing The Pact (or even Spooked, for that matter), this happened:
Tumblr media
So you can see that I had no idea what I was doing lol, but I thought that it would be cool. Mainly I wanted an excuse to write OT7 and display all the members in a sweet light. Also, we see that not all of these actually made it into the series. (Tae w/ the family)
ngl, I cracked up when I looked back at my notes and saw this. 
Tumblr media
“Sweet Gloria what am I doing to myself” 😂😂 this was when I was pushing “Lost & Found” out and planning for Taehyung’s series (which is why so much is blocked out on my notes, because it’s riddled with spoilers lol) so I literally had no idea why I was jumping into another project as I was already super busy. That’s why I scheduled it for just Saturday’s! (and also why I sometimes posted super late at night lol)
As you can see, Seokjinnie’s date was literally always on my mind. From the very beginning. Which is odd, considering the fact that he didn’t end up being endgame. wow it’s like he’s my bias or something
Occasionally I’d take breaks from hw and work on getting to know how the boys were with y/n. Quotes and poetry serve as a great source of inspiration, and I assigned a quote to each member. (notice the little stars by Jin, Yoongi’s and JK’s names lol, they were my top three as I’m sure you’ve noticed by now)
Tumblr media
There were a couple of things that I didn’t think of adding until I was reading through your theories and got an idea of what you needed to push the series in the right decision. i.e. bringing Gina back to explain that she closed the door in Spooked. 
I have a whiteboard in my room that I use to map out what I need to do that week for whatever series I’m working on (as well as jot down ideas for new series, which I why this photo doesn’t show the whole board haha) 
So here’s a peek at my thought process for writing about how the pact was formed. Sorry if you can’t read it haha
Tumblr media
NOW, the last few questions you guys had:
Q. Did you ever change your mind while writing the pact?
A. Yes! I actually originally intended for Hobi to have written the note. It fit very well with how angry he was at first and how worried he was during the date. But by the time I'd gotten to Jin’s date I kinda knew that he wouldn’t be that petty but Jin would haha
I also planned on Yoongi kissing y/n on their date. It was supposed to be on a rooftop somewhere, which we know didn’t happen. In fact, I didn’t really intend for their date to be so disastrous until I was coming closer to having to write it. I think I was a mess, so the date was a mess lol
I had no idea what I was doing for Tae’s date until I wrote it, all I knew was that there had to be a museum. The rest I just made up as I wrote and hoped that it made sense. (also, for some reason I hated the museum portion of the date. Idk why, but it just felt so stark to me. still don’t like it lol)
Q. When did you know how it was going to end? 
A. That’s a....difficult question lol. Honestly, I thought of just doing an audio recording and uploading it because it I didn’t really know how to put it into words, but then I realized that most people probably wouldn’t wanna listen to that lol. So here we are. 
I had the ending scene in mind before The Pact even became a thing. I knew I had a series that I wanted to end with baking cookies. (weird, I know.) It didn’t exactly go how I planned, but I remember having the thought while writing Spooked (when I thought I was just writing a one shot) that it would be nice for y/n to be with Yoongi. I just instantly felt like they had a connection, when he was the first one she went toward. From then on out, I always kinda kept Yoongi in the background. 
I had a crisis about halfway through (right before Jin’s date) when there were a bunch of people rooting for Tae, because he hadn’t even been on my radar. But then Jin’s date went much better than I thought it was going to/received better, so I think that got me back on track. 
But from the beginning, Yoongi was #1. (I wrote this in the back of my Career’s notebook lol) when I was trying to figure out for myself who wrote the pact. 
Tumblr media
So yeah! There you have it! Just an FYI, I had to physically restrain myself from throwing caution to the wind and making Jin endgame. Especially when so many of you were on board. :( However, the survey helped because Yoongi was the majority of votes (closely followed by Jin & JK) and that showed me that we were still on the right track! 
Ngl, my brain stopped working around Wednesday of last week, so writing the finale took FOREVER because nothing would compute. But I’m so happy you guys enjoyed it and reached out to me about it! This really is like a part-time job most days, and I really felt like this series paid off. 
Hopefully I covered everything! To end, here's the most satisfying part of every project for me:
Tumblr media
Thanks guys!
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whatiwillsay · 4 months ago
hey cam! So I was listening to the 1989 secret sessions audio, and idk if you’ve heard it but I noticed a few things I wanted to share. First of all, she never mentions the driving by someone’s house story for iwyw; she just compares it to a John Hughes movie (though I do believe that could’ve been bc she knew this particular session would be released). It almost sounds fictional. Also, the way she frames hygtg is that she starts talking about how she and most of her friends are young, which reminds me of this story I heard from another sessioner that she actually wrote the song about a friend’s relationship (presumably jelena lol), whic could explain the six months line. The main reason why I’m pointing this out is that hygtg and wildest dreams are the only two song explanations that she uses male pronouns for. Otherwise, she always speaks in third person plural; it’s especially noticeable during this love, which is about being the one who has to let go of a relationship (dianna in Paris tease?). Like she legit pauses before she says ‘to have that come back around’ lol. For whatever reason, the explanation for clean is the only one missing from this vid, but I reblogged it just now - it isn’t really relationship-centric, though. Anyway I just wanted to share bc the lack of male pronouns, especially during this love, kind of struck me lol since I’ve been on my straightlor shit lately.
she doesn’t use any male pronouns in hygtg but she does use them in style as well as wildest dreams. i wouldn’t worry much about what she says in interviews or what sessioners say to “prove she is straight”. straight people don’t say “gay pride makes me me.” male pronouns also are meaningless since ofc she uses them from time to time if she’s bisexual she’s writing songs about men and women. if you want queer taylor there’s more than enough gossip, signaling, weird quotes, and gay songs for you to reasonably assume queer taylor. if you want her to be straight you can probably twist stuff she’s done or said + her public persona to make her seem het. it’s up to you what you believe but a couple fictionalized songs or male pronouns doesn’t really mean anything in the grand scheme of things. it’s a fandom space not a news report. believe what you want as long as you don’t go off the conspiracy deep end 🤷‍♀️
thanks for the link tho i’m excited to listen to this when i get a chance!
edit: i now see you said explanations for male pronouns not the songs themself. sorry ab that! i need to listen
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for @stillthesunkenstars based on her tags from my Gallifrey/BS incorrect quotes post!!
for the permanent record i didn't write or intend this as a ship, just two slightly insane DWEU antagonists meeting. and i haven't read the book(/s?) with Avril Fenman, so her characterization here is based entirely on Georgia Moffett/Tennant's portrayal in the audio The Curse of Fenman, hope that works lol
(fic below the cut!!)
"You're pretty," says a voice from behind her. "Or, rather, whoever's form you're using is pretty."
Pandora turns slowly around, eyes flashing indignantly at the fact that someone has managed to sneak up on her. The woman leaning against a nearby pillar is petite, and blonde, and unfamiliar. That is to say: she's fragile, vulnerable. But her air is one of complete confidence, even cheerfulness, and Pandora is both wary and curious.
"She is, isn't she?" she calmly replies, making a show of glancing down at herself. Romana had been beautiful in this body. "She is -- I am -- the President of this planet, you know."
The blonde nods and smiles. She's not actively baring her teeth, but the expression seems casually threatening nonetheless. "Yeah, I heard." She pauses, moves from her spot against the pillar and takes a step closer. Her next words are almost random. "Try to get into my head."
Pandora, internally appalled, raises one dark eyebrow. This small woman is strange: she's appeared out of seemingly nowhere and cornered her in a courtyard that Pandora knows for a fact is well-guarded; she seems utterly at ease here despite that Pandora's impression is that she's a foreigner, and although she looks young, it's clear that she carries some sort of power. As Pandora hesitates, the blonde woman paces even closer with a playful gleam in her eye.
"Who are you, human?" Pandora asks, then, in a rare moment of uncertainty: "K-9, she is human, isn't she?"
The robot dog, who to this point has been silent at Pandora's feet, makes a whirring noise as his scanner works. "Affirmative, Mistress Pandora. Life-signs indicate that she is human."
The other woman's eyes light up. Before Pandora can blink or even move, she's darted over and crouched down in front of K-9. "Oh, good boy!" she exclaims with a wide grin. "Such a good robot dog!"
K-9's ears spin back and forth in appreciation of the attention. Pandora frowns. "You waven't answered my question, human. Who are you?"
She stays knelt by K-9, one hand stroking him as if he was a real animal. Pandora is beginning to think this woman is quite insane, and she doesn't know why she hasn't already called a guard over to deal with her.
Fascination, perhaps, which matches that which the woman looks up at her with.
"Call me Avril," she says, "Avril Fenman. Try getting inside my head," she repeats her earlier prompt.
"Why should I?"
Fenman -- Avril -- pouts. "Please?" she adds.
Pandora sighs in exasperation, but relents. If a masochistic human with far too much enthusiasm wants to have her feeble brain shredded, who is she to say no? At the very least she'll have a bit of fun.
Avril stares up at her expectantly, and Pandora doesn't even bother to physically touch her for this. There's no need, with how powerful Pandora knows herself to be and how simple she knows humans to be. She simply stretches out her mental field and stops short in sudden realization-
-Because she can't reach Fenman's mind. Pandora hasn't been in a human mind in oh so long, but she remembers how easy they are to break into and twist and play with. "Brainwashing" is such a petty word to use, but the action of doing it brings a sadistic pleasure. This one is closed off to her, and strangely bright -- like a wall of solid crystal. She doesn't betray her shock, just steps back and rosses her arms. She understands now why this woman wanted to test her this way.
"You're like me," she observes.
Avril nods and, giving K-9 one last pat, pops to her feet. "Yep!"
"And that," she adds, "Is not, strictly speaking, your body either."
"Nope." Avril copies Pandora's earlier motion of glancing down at herself. "I do like this one a lot, though. Might end up keeping it!"
"You do that," Pandora replies dryly. "What do you want with me, telepath?" Only an exceedingly strong telepath could keep Pandora out of their mind, and only a very stupid or very suicidal one would dare to tease her like this. She doesn't know if she's unnerved or impressed -- just that she needs to know more about this Fenman woman. She could be an asset to her campaign, or a potentially crippling enemy.
"Just to stop by and say hi." Avril smiles disarmingly. Her attitude is almost childish, which only adds to the dissonance of her. "I ran into you -- well, sort of -- somewhere and sometime else. I wanted to meet you in person."
"What do you mean," Pandora queries suspiciously, "You ran into me?"
Avril shrugs. "You were in somebody else's head. Can't really say any more -- timelines, all that; I'm sure you understand." Her smile turns suddenly sharp and dangerous. "Good luck with all this, by the way." She gives Gallifrey as a whole a vague wave of her hand to imply her meaning before she abruptly turns on her heel and walks away.
"I didn't dismiss you," Pandora shouts futilely after her, but the blonde is already out of sight. She lets out an undignified growl of frustration as she's left alone with the knowledge that she's been toyed with.
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creed-of-cats · a year ago
Caerdroia Notes
-i misspelled this title like five times, thought I got it right, then autocorrect fixed it :(
-yes, please let Eight sleep, especially in the divergent universe. I saw a post (on Johannesvii's tumblr) that was talking about sleepy intimacy and the Charley and Crizz gently looking over him while he's sleeping is...d'aw :)
-I haven't really met Crizz before, but he sounds great, especially while being a sassy prisoner with Charley
-"bye" *falls asleep* pffffft
-"The mind blast, ooo really?" I chuckled out loud here, he's so unimpressed
-"Stop being ridiculous"
"I’ve tried not to but I just can’t stop, perhaps I should join a twelve step program" ASJFKDKSJJDJ
-"If you don't help me, I'll erase all your memories or your little transgressions, and you'll know it (several sentences about how Kroka will fuck himself up from this)...*quietly* Do I need to go on?"
Always love it when eight is quietly being an eldritch horror. I feel like he tends to do this a lot more then the other doctors, especially pre-time war ones.
-Eight is pissed and its great
-also yeah, Time Lord in a universe without time is...geez poor Eight
-why are there cows
-I’m confused, wtf is he saying
-I THOUGHT THE "why would you be hallucinating anyways?" Was crizz but its...ditzy eight?
-"i thought we were taller" d'aw, he's a dumb bitch but he's cute
-pdkdinrieje Charlie's just like that John Mulaney quote "You know those days when you're like 'this might as well happen.'" But she crosses the line at an evil twin. And the asshole one is like "We cant have an evil twin if we're triplets, dumbass"
Ditsy Eight "Its quite pretty here :D"
Charlie sounding genuinely happy "Yes :D"
-so what's wrong with the somewhat normal Eight?
-oh is he just super pessimistic?? Depressed??
-"Oh alright let's vote...I had to vote to break the three way tie! D:<"
-pffft there’s too many lines, this is too funny
-ha crizz is like "fuck these cows"
-I find it really interesting that the Nasty Eight was the one to automatically take charge
-"Unpleasant plans?" "Yes" "Yess, they generally are :/" lol Eight is so tired
-"Why should I tell you?" "Just to be nice??" OSNDODJ THE WAY EIGHT SAID IT TOO
-"Not as an enemy...well as an enemy, but a friendly one. Have you heard of anger management classes?" *sounds of pain* EIGHT NO
-"You don't have feet D:<" *gets kicked*
-"Yes, I do. talk like a fool, but I always know what I'm talking like a fool about" Eldritch trickster vibes yesss
-I like when its acknowledged that despite all the bs and terrible things about Gallifrey, there's implications he didn't initially choose to leave it, and Gallifrey is still his childhood home. His own kind barely tolerate him and it hurts.
-and this is the last incarnation (at least until late 11?? 12??) with Gallifrey to go back to, yikes.
-side I really liked how he half chuckled half said "yes I do!"
-lmao Charley is like "if the doctor could stop being suicidal for like 3 seconds that would be great"
-Crizz and Charley have wonderful banter together, I'm growing to like Crizz quite a bit
-tigger!eight being like "do it, you won't, pussy"
-stop messing with Eight's memory, he really doesn't need this
-"Nooooo thank you" pJSIDBSI WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS
-Lowkey want to make am audio comp of lines from this, it's so good
-OHH IT'S THE ASSHOLE ONE "They keep a sharp eye on me...only, they're not here now" OOOOOOOOO
-(reminds me of 12's line in Face the Raven: "The Doctor is no longer here, you are stuck with me.")
-I feel like this is literally the personification of "Are you tired of being nice? don't you just wanna go apeshit?" This part of eight has an evil laugh, sounds a lot more like the master, and is here to get shit done and it's great
-D’aw they’re all so happy to be in the Tardis, and I’m really glad to see her after she disappeared in Scherzo :D
-”You’ve just never seen him happy.” :(
-The Tardis literally has time in her name, it must suck for her to be in a universe without time, and to have been separated from her boo :( Though from what I’ve heard about Zagreus, maybe its best they had a break from each other
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boxfivetrades · a year ago
UK Tour show notes
Tumblr media
This whole post is a scene-by-scene spoiler, obviously. If you don’t want to read on, go do yourself a favour and instead listen to the best rendition of AIAOY I have ever seen featuring my new favourite Raoul...
Disclaimer: If anyone’s still reading this post months after I first wrote it in a post-show buzz… keep in mind I’m just another fan who’s way too protective of the production I’ve seen the most (West End) and all its glorious details that won’t really matter to the casual theatregoer- so when you get to my nitpicky scene-by-scene spot-the-difference non-review, laugh at how seriously I took it back then and view them as the Very Biased Personal Opinions they are.
(ok at first I felt unqualified to write about the first preview as it was everyone’s first time seeing and performing a proper show but,, I went nuts and caught a second show when Vinny debuted so... dug this up from my drafts and added my thoughts on the show 2 weeks in, ha!)
Killian: Omg Killian is breathtaking. I was sceptical what to even expect at first because his voice did not seem the usual “type” I enjoy in a Phantom, my impression of him was still 2011/12 London Raoul, didn’t really love his Valjean either; to my delight I was completely entranced by him from his first First Lair, and still couldn’t take my eyes off him during my second viewing of the show. He had a great clear belt during the title song, was able to turn wonderfully unrecognisably soft in MOTN, sounded dark and alluring in PONR, and had fantastic rage in Final Lair. 
Really impressed by how smoothly he was able to transition between those extreme ends of emotion and volume, right from the first performance- just from vocals alone his Phantom is already very multi-dimensioned yet coherent- a Raoul no more. His range now is really well suited for the score, I appreciate it SO MUCH when someone can sing the actual melody without brushing off those (usually) lowest A flats with “acting”. There’s a silly quote from a review the official POTO account retweeted (of which I could NOT find the source) describing his “beautiful light and shade ... a voice which could sing babies to sleep on one hand and shake the dead awake on the other...” I laughed at first but they’re really not wrong. Killian’s look reminded me of Scotty and Thacko lol round faced bois all of them, he’s not your usual conventionally dashing Phantom in a dashingly well-fitted suit but all the magnetism comes from the sheer amount of acting in his voice, which did it for me, though his physical acting also had some nice details. 
His Erik comes across as very possessive and controlling, that doesn’t understand a relationship has to work both ways until the Final Lair climax. I understood him to be more a teacher-type figure to Christine at first, who tries to convince himself their relationship is a romantic one when he senses he’s in danger of losing her to Raoul and things start getting out of hand, then finally realises extortion and ultimatums were not the way to go when he witnesses the mutual care and respect between Christine and Raoul.
Holly-Anne: Her singing and acting are perfectly acceptable but her Christine isn’t really to my taste I guess? Having heard her Cosette I already knew she had a harsher-sounding soprano, she hit all her notes perfectly but alongside (the understandably more experienced) Killian (and Vinny!) she didn’t act half as much with her voice; so while physically she does all the required details and facial expressions- and her look is absolutely beautiful, strong, independent, a bit reserved- her Christine felt slightly disconnected from her Christine’s emotions, so to say, so I’m still not fully convinced by her portrayal. (Her technique sounds effortless and she’s also effortlessly gorgeous, but it didn’t appear or sound like her heart was in it all the time, so perhaps it’s another Rachel Barrell situation? Someone buy me tickets to verify this, lol...) As some have already said on here before, it’s just that she has slightly generic MT-type voice, while I personally lean toward actors with more quirks and inflection in their voice which I feel then give their characters more depth. (Anouk and Lydia both sound more classical, I NEED to see them..!) 
Her Christine’s relationship with Erik felt more like curiosity than reciprocated romantic attraction, as though she was only responsive to him because he was so intimidating and seemed to be in control all the time, she had no choice but to go along with it. Watching her trying to reach for Killian in his throne while repeatedly being pulled back by Raoul in the Final Lair, felt like such a switch from her earlier aloofness that I got the impression she felt obliged not to abandon Killian simply because she couldn’t bear seeing her normally-composed teacher in such a breakdown.
Rhys: Ok so he’s got a fantastic and deep singing voice, he comes across youthful and aristocratic and also looks like a model, but he was evidently quite nervous on the first night and sadly that was the only time I saw him? He did nothing wrong, just seemed a bit stiff and didn’t yet have memorable nuances to his acting or singing- so the only emotion I got from him I had to glean from his volume (of which he certainly has a lot). Hence that evening his Raoul looked moody and sounded quite harsh, almost domineering and very confrontational, i.e. would definitely fight you if provoked, being young and lanky and all that. My impression of his Raoul was a suitor who considered saving Christine as a public show of heroism and not out of love and selflessness etc., there were no perceivable moments of tenderness between them... (looking forward to changing this review once I get to see him again...)
Vinny: !!! (Disclaimer I love Vinny’s Enjolras and Feuilly unconditionally so I will be reviewing him with that in mind) and my god do I also love his Raoul unconditionally now... Being already familiar with his singing voice and diction I honestly spent a lot of time trying not to think “omg that’s Enjolras off the barricades in v expensive clothes” but ok back on topic- he is the best live Raoul I’ve seen so far. He’s dialled down the revolutionary spirit lol sorry but his charisma and resoluteness remain, his tone is just a touch younger than Rhys but much warmer overall, so when he does raise his voice at Christine (I guess all Raouls are directed to be slightly aggressive now...) it only sounds like gentle chiding out of concern and not of impatience. His voice is smooth and resonant and there’s so much colour/acting/nuance/depth to it!! To the point where I could no longer tell if I was describing his acting or singing in my own post-show notes- he simply embodies the character. 
His Raoul is a perfect balance of strong and sweet, green but still firm with people when he needs to be- with everyone’s best interests in mind: e.g. on the rooftop he got loud with Christine as he wanted her to calm down for a moment to stop worrying, not b/c he was frustrated and wanted her to stop talking and put all her trust in him then and there; in contrast in 2nd Managers, he was pushy with Christine since her cooperation was needed in their More Important Plan to defeat the Opera Ghost. The emphases in some of his spoken/sung lines with just a hint of forcefulness is a signature of his (I think, as he sang similarly in Les Mis), and suits the assertive side of his Raoul well, which brought out his softer moments with Christine even more- wonderful little inflections that made him reassuring, tender, and the R/C absolutely believably adorable. All this is discernible even in audio (the reason I posted their rooftop scene)- let’s just say I have never been so impressed with an AIAOY, ever. And of course he makes a dashing Raoul, sunny yet commanding and always gentle around Christine. Basically I just really really love Vinny, he’s awakened my R/C heart.
— THE STAGING (aka the most extended spot-the-difference game ever)
(but I tend to latch onto seemingly the most inconsequential milliseconds of stuff & will probably completely miss other very obvious things/details that are dear to other fans- that’s just me as a person.)
Tumblr media
Prologue: So many drapes, Raoul’s wheelchair is also under wraps- there’s the usual start of show blackout and when the lights come back on, most drapes are removed and Raoul is in his chair. The usual auction scene proceeds. There’s more of a hubhub than in London- more ensemble members onstage to populate the scene I guess, happens in a few other scenes too- choreography remains the same. Auctioneer gets a couple extra lines and some alterations in the otherwise iconic wording to introduce the chandelier, which lowers a bit from the ceiling when mentioned. Don’t love it, the atmosphere is less mysterious and makes the chandelier reveal much less elegant. 🙁 Unfortunately the modified script seems like a necessary change as the vertically rising chandelier now has to be “brought in” (lowered) and is no longer “in pieces” to begin with. 😕
Overture: Drapes are sucked into the chandelier, round of sparks shoot out, chandelier gradually lights up etc. This is my first time seeing the restaged tour chandelier in action and feel like the lighting effects are too smooth- almost tacky- oh well. It rises back to its original higher position in the ceiling. The rest of the drapes onstage are removed, the biggest draped object is actually fragments of a “broken” top proscenium, which reassembles itself and lifts in place. Unsure if there are changes in sound design/orchestration or if it’s just the Curve’s sound system, but the Overture is REALLY loud and crisp to the point of almost sounding artificially amplified. Not a bad thing?
Hannibal Rehearsal: Side boxes already in place. Like the auction scene, it’s much more populated- probably using as many cast members available. The Curve’s stage seemed bigger than the one at Her Majesty’s so the ensemble was more spread out as opposed to the usual huddle near the wings. Someone in a grey suit gets a soldier’s cape put on him and is roped into joining the other soldiers to walk around the elephant- for comedic effect I guess, I still can’t figure out who he is. 😂 Greg’s Piangi was not too memorable. Matt’s Firmin is a bit aloof and contrasts nicely with Adam’s Andre who is more animated and expressive. Also it’s Adam. 😍
Think of Me (Carlotta): Carlotta doesn’t go as far back to be able to hit the newspaper the ensemble reads, so that’s a comedic moment down. Saori is so petite! Hence she’s not over-the-top barging around, but her feistiness, wonderful facial expressions as well as her clear and sweet singing more than make up for it. Carlotta and Piangi’s Italian accents are not as exaggerated as in London (for now). The scenery that drops interrupting her song hangs straight instead of dropping too low so the bottom bit lies crumpled on the stage for a few seconds- a detail probably no one will care lol. Lefevre goes to Frankfurt as usual. James Hume’s Reyer almost steals the show- his little mannerisms and details are so endearing.
Think of Me (Christine): Same perfect+minimal original staging. All the props and costumes are so new, they are very shiny under the beam of the strong spotlights. Feels slightly weird, like watching the original production but in HD. 😂 It’s a good first impression of H-A’s capabilities and she nails the song, doing the Broadway cadenza. Rhys also gave a nice first impression, standard acting but smoothly sung. Was too busy rejoicing in Vinny’s presence to notice any particular acting details lol, but he obviously sounded fantastic.
Angel of Music: Broadway-style “Rehearsals, always rehearsals!” from Ellie.
Little Lotte: Raoul says “There’s no doubt of that“ which is less curt than just “No doubt of that!” which is what I usually hear in London- liked it. But it appears Christine no longer gets to say “No, Raoul... things have changed” before Raoul butts in with “You must change, I must get my hat...” which frankly makes him seem more of a pompous arse- really didn’t like that.
Title Song: At the beginning the Phantom leads Christine offstage right rather than down- to be expected since there are no trapdoors. H-A struggles a bit against Killian which was interesting- the Christines I’ve seen usually are only slightly hesitant but follow obediently. The travelator and boat sequence all unchanged- the candles/fog/that journey to the lair, lit in that exact shade of turquoise, all looked crisp and gorgeous.
MOTN: Very short pause after “I have brought you” before starting, felt a bit rushed. Smooth and unrecognisably soft singing from Killian. 😍 He/the direction really plays up the mind control/hypnotic aspect at the start, standing at the organ set he is able to make H-A turn around/dip her head with a just few hand motions. Killian was watching her intently and brazenly 100% of the time (apart from when he turned to lower the portcullis obvs) which made him seem very possessive, acutely aware of her every move, meaning to be in control every second- which was nice. Heart sank slightly at the Broadway blocking at “soar”. 😫 H-A gets a good feel of Killian’s mask at “Touch me, trust me” but he doesn’t flinch, instead very smoothly takes her hand and guides her over to the mirror. Like I dreaded, he doesn’t do the catch either 😭😭😭, but carefully steps around her and shoots the mannequin an annoyed look which was cute. The stage was relatively bright so I could see the white blob that was H-A rush to the boat during the blackout, which kind of ruined the transition a bit. 😂
I Remember/STYDI: Killian yells real yells of rage. Same blocking during the chase. Then he actually GRABS H-A’s arm downstage right and almost flings her to the floor- so she doesn’t trip on her own like in London. Killian and H-A overall quite grabby/physical. Pretty standard slithering on the floor (lol), mask return not too dramatic either- Killian had his back facing us the whole time, and unlike some, doesn’t abruptly rise and transform back into his old intimidating self. He turns back to Christine and reaches wistfully to stroke her hair, though stops himself at the last minute before “Come we must return ...” 👍
Magical Lasso: Buquet has to announce “The Punjab lasso!” with gusto. Unnecessary. London doesn’t do it?
1st Managers: Door at the back is a sliding not swinging one. Firmin has no jacket. Raoul has a moss green scarf instead of a cream one?! *Actually Rhys had a green one; Vinny’s was cream. Meg enters wrapped in a thick cream shawl over her ballerina costume. Costume-wise all changes for changes’ sake I thought. 🙄 No change in blocking that I noticed.
Il Muto: James Hume is a VERY cute Fop/Jeweller. Don Attilio is very tall and his walking v exaggerated. Overall many comedic moments felt deliberately exaggerated for the audience, I personally prefer the subtlety in London- funny if you notice them, not a huge loss if you don’t. Whereas here it felt more “Hey look this is funny- now laugh.” 😕 Chandelier shakes a bit, Killian is a disembodied voice. Andre doesn’t remember what he’s supposed to bring forward and Mme Giry appears from the wings and raps her cane, “the... the BALLET! from Act Three...” Another slightly forced comedic moment- Andre gets roped into the Il Muto ballet not being able to leave the stage fast enough, the nymphs put the floral hoops around him and the shepherd together. Shepherd is the first to notice the Phantom’s silhouette and gasps, gesturing into the wings when he’s downstage left, a stagehand runs out, reacts loudly and runs back in presumably to tell the others. Buquet dies the same way.
Rooftop/AIAOY: R/C enter (and exit) upstage left now since there are no trapdoor stairs. There is a giant Pegasus sculpture sitting in upstage right along with the usual Garnier dome/rooftop flat imagery. It’s like 3 metres high and we were all wondering why, as it’s not doing much here. During the ghostly “Chriiiistine”, H-A runs up next to the huge statue and peers beyond, so I guess that represents the edge of the roof now. When Raoul loudly declares “Then say you’ll share with me one love...” H-A shushed Rhys which was quite cute if not breaking the flow of the song a bit. Her shushing was less obvious with Vinny but maybe that’s just where I was sitting. Nothing much stood out about H-A & Rhys’ AIAOY but Vinny had the softest little details (the dreamiest “dream”!) and I like to think H-A responded more to that.
AIAOY Reprise: Oh BOY this is so huge, I’ve drawn it out for you.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
First there was some VERY dramatic booming suspenseful music. Like it wasn’t just a new sound effect, it went for at least a few bars while the giant statue slowly swung out from the back to the front and centre- they threw an extra tremolo note in there too. (I’ve checked- from the last note of Christine’s “...you’ll guard me and you’ll guide me” to the Phantom’s first note in “I gave you my music”, this moment lasts for 8 seconds in London, here it went for at least 18… at first preview it was 26 WHOLE SECONDS- it was TORTURE omg, SO dragged out I had to suppress a laugh.) Thankfully the statue moved faster and the rumbling suspense music got shorter my second show. Anyway so obviously it’s Killian who appears from behind it, suggesting he’s been hiding there all long. (Killian says he actually has to hide inside the Pegasus from 1st Managers onwards and that he would very much appreciate a stool… but he enjoys listening to the Prima Donna.) He has both hands on the statue to keep himself steady I guess? so there’s not much gesturing or pointing or putting hands on ears, unlike what one can do when safely strapped inside London’s angel. He does the whole reprise in that position. At “Alllllll that the Phantom asked of youuuuuuu” the whole thing swings back in, with Killian still on it. The first time it was so awkwardly slow plus the shock of seeing this giant statue thing made me almost laugh again. Second time it was paced better. Still don’t know how I feel about this humONGOUS change. This was when I thought nope, definitely not that brilliant original here… 🥴
Chandelier drop: Killian appears from the stage right box and shoots sparks from a stick at the chandelier, which flashes, wobbles, drops a few metres vertically then blackout with a huge reverberating “boom”. It’s not terrible I guess. The boom was fun to hear.
Tumblr media
Masquerade: Same set, same staircase, same placement of dummies, same level of dazzling as in London. Unsure if there are any additions/changes in costumes- my attention span is too short lol. Not familiar enough with the lyrics to figure out whether it’s London or Broadway, but I remember looking for (and not finding) some bits in the choreo so I assume it’s the Broadway version. The rotating star at the top of the statue, at the bottom of the balustrade was VERY wobbly on the first night, as were the dummies- made me nervous. Everything was less wobbly on my second show. The monkey enters from stage left opposite to the other 3 people in the band, idk why?
Why So Silent: When Red Death appeared at the first preview I think Rhys accidentally pulled H-A back too forcefully, he literally swung her into the wings and I was like rude! 😮😂 Didn’t happen again with Vinny. No whispers of “Christine, Christine” as Killian beckons her over with a commanding gesture (again, mind control vibes). Forgot to look closely (twice!😩) to see if Killian disappears down a trapdoor or runs off shielded by everyone, but it’s likely the latter, I don’t think there’s a trapdoor for that either.
Mme Giry’s Tale: No change.
2nd Managers: Firmin has his jacket back on now. Christine doesn’t get to blurt “I can’t!” before running out of managers’ office now? Just why? Why did they take that away?? Also, the few bars of music between her running out and Raoul shouting “So, it is to be war between us...” is the more dramatic version heard in the World Tour with the extra dissonant winds and strings instead of just the arpeggios- fun to hear I guess, and a little shock if you’re familiar with London/Broadway.
DJT Rehearsal: Again, James Hume acts the hell out of his Reyer- actual star of the show tbh.
Mausoleum: Set looks to be an exact replica, strands of ivy, swinging gates and all. Journey/Wishing/Wandering Child blocking all unchanged. There were loud rustling sounds from the ivy when Killian was coming out from his hiding place at first preview 😂 They do the Wandering Child trio here 👍 though Raoul does the Broadway “Leave her, you have no claim on her...” instead of the more frantic “Angel of darkness, cease this torment! ... whatever you may believe, this man, this thing is not your father! ... Let her go, for god’s sake, let her go!” exchange which I prefer- now that it’s gone I miss it, aw... 😕 Killian really goes for it with the fireballs, aiming straight at Raoul and Christine too- so Vinny’s ducking was very realistic. 😂 Raoul shouts “Monsieur I fear you not!” like on Broadway. There are still flames shooting up from the stage but it’s 7 medium bursts not 5-6 large bursts (lol). Same brightness, less heat. 🔥
Before the Premiere: Policeman in the Pit is in the pit. Vinny (as Policeman) has such quick reflexes, he could’ve shot Killian if he really wanted to. 😂 As expected, the “Let the audience in” line is gone.
Don Juan Triumphant/PONR: Maybe it was the lighting but the painted backdrop is painted very sharp and contrasty- it never really stood out this much to me in London. I don’t know much about costume details but this Aminta dress has a very noticeable, lighter-coloured narrowish flap of fabric in front that doesn’t reach the hem? Also Christine has an updo with a rose in it now. Blocking more or less the same. After H-A removes Killian’s hood, he runs towards upstage right, but instead of stopping facing the curtains, he looks more to his left where Mme Giry is clearly seen standing in the wings. I got the impression it was a pleading look 🥺, perhaps hoping for some kind of assistance but she doesn’t do anything- make of that non-exchange what you will. Killian doesn’t kneel while putting his ring on Christine’s finger.
Post-unmasking chaos: The timing of everything is slightly different. Blackout comes faster so there’s no time for the shock of seeing Piangi dead in the fake bedroom, Raoul doesn’t come running to give Meg a hug before the scrim lowers (or maybe that’s just a Danny thing in London?), when they stretcher out dead Piangi, Carlotta asks what is happening and shrieks “Ubaldoooo!”
Down Once More: Good old original staging. Travelator is very well lit so the ratcatcher can be clearly seen! And Raoul still jumps off the bridge! They slide out a black volume with crash mat of some sort inside, he lands in it with a thump and it slides back in. Maybe the effect is better with a dimmer stage/when not sitting front and centre.
Final Lair: Same blocking+entrances, I forget exactly at which point but Killian grabs H-A’s arm and she ends up on the floor. She gets back to standing in time for him to turn her around and put the veil on her. Raoul runs in from stage right now there’s no trapdoor for him to pop up from. There’s another iconic lyric change: “Wait! I think my dear, we have a guest! Sir, this is indeed an unparalleled delight! I had hardly dreamt we’d be so blessed!” Personal reaction: OMG, JUST WHY. 😩 Anyway. Angry Killian sounds really good, I loved how he growled certain lines (esp. “The WORLD showed no compassion to ME!”- phwoar, hear the line for yourself) After being reunited Raoul and Christine end up standing slightly apart both facing stage left as if immediately looking for a way out, so she doesn’t see the noose coming in time to warn him. Usual blocking again, during the kiss neither Raoul did much- Rhys had a blank expression so I assumed he was just choking in silence; Vinny hardly fidgeted either so I assumed he was just relieved he’d got through Raoul for the day. As Killian grabs the candle, H-A yelps a “no”, but Killian gives her a sad look and shakes his head defeatedly as if to explain he’s not going to hurt Raoul now, before burning the noose. 💔 H-A tries to head towards the throne where Killian is slumped, both Rhys and Vinny struggle to pull her back for the longest time and they don’t leave until they’re literally chased out at “Go now and leave meeeeee”. Killian reaches out to clutch H-A’s outstretched hand during the ring return (they stand quite far apart) and she gives a tiny nod of understanding at “Christine, I love you...” before turning to go. Killian picks up the veil, audibly sobs and whispers “my love” (that got me 🥺🥺🥺), and also “I love you” as R/C leave by boat. No change to “You alone” and final scene.
Tumblr media
Idk how the restaged tour did it but where there’s supposed to be a real curtain in the show it’s still a real, red curtain btw, the painted one only appears during the interval in place of the usual safety curtain.
James Hume is the most charming Reyer and the most adorable, show-stealing Fop/Jeweller ever, why is James not u/s Phantom, please make James u/s Phantom if not principal, just listen to his Stars omg
And... All in all I still don’t know whether or not to call this a replica. Or even the Brilliant Original.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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echointheether · a year ago
92-nothing beside remains
Ok but I still need to know if Jon is ok? He's just been severely burned (on the hand no less), got the breath knocked out of him via falling for like a full half-hour *insert I've been falling for 30 minutes meme here* and then nearly choked to death and has probably had a heart attack just from shear stress and anxiety at this point. This boy gonna have so much PTSD if he doesn't already... 
And it's still not even the final ;-;
Anyway, this title reminds me of the name of one of the Prentiss episodes but I can't recall what the name actually was and I'm not looking it up rn so on we go! 
Is it an americanization to say "nothing besideS remains" instead of "nothing beside remains"? Or maybe southern? Cause the title to me sounds like incorrect grammar. Or potentially wordplay... *shrugs* idk I grew up reading British authors so I don't usually get thrown off by stuff like that, I guess I'm just curious. 
Oh, Elias. Is... Elias... Ok? His voice sounds fine but something sounds like it's shaking... His hand? 
Ok and now he's just reading a statement. Oh oh, we get an Elias statement! And he's like... More connected to the eye than even Jon is! (According to Jon at least) 
Oo another old one!
Mm, he reads it with such fondness. 
Eeyyy the lonely! And by the hand of another Lukas. Makes sense. 
Ah yes, he's getting caught up in the statement. 
Oh! And no hesitation at all afterward. Just launched right into the next sentence. 
...how do you know- Elias! Why are you keeping bones in your office!???? Like 100-year-old bones???? Why? 
Poor Martin. 
Gosh ya, Jon sounds rough. (Did Jonny just like scream for a couple hours before recording or)
Oo audio?? Audio get fuzzy. 
"Tingly".............k then
Compelling compelling
Detective? (Is that daisy or basira?)
Oh jeez ya. At least Everyone's getting on the same page? 
No, don't stop Elias talking! He knows things! 
Ok detective is Daisy. Makes sense.
Oh no. No no Basira don't. 
Aw jeez.
They'll DIE if Elias diess?? Aw jeez. Well, I guess that takes murdering Elias and running away out of the picture. 
Aw no wait is Daisy part of the institute now too? Or he wants her to be? 
Honestly, Tim is a mood through this whole thing. The crisis level has caught up to his anger level and it's balancing out now lol. 
Jon sounds so rough man. 
The Unknowing again. 
Whatwhatwhat? Elias can see everything? Wait should I have known that already? 
aahhhhh "am I still human" ): fuskdbdkdjskdhndsjjonjonjonnobabyitsoknonononononoitsokitsok it's ok jon noninonono;-; 
Oh ya, the other archivist thing! I'd forgotten about him. I think I thought he was Leitner at the time but obviously, that's not right. I really haven't heard anything about this other archivist, I wonder if he comes back up again? 
Mmm, Elias did answer that question immediately... I wonder if he told the truth then? 
Gosh, that question tho. I've seen the quote before (and it's always broken me up every time I see it) but I keep being surprised how soon everything is happening. I guess I'm a decent ways in now. 
And Elias can resist the compelling. 
Ok, but can Jon compel himself and TALK ABOUT HIS GOSHDARN EMOTIONS PLEASE!? 
(Also will we ever see Georgie again and will Jon go to the goshdarn hospital, please!! The hand at least needs to be tended to and he better hope it wasn't his dominant hand.) 
It's also interesting Elias is rather different than what I'd gathered from fandom. Ya, he's smug and put together but he's not emotionless. Sure he wields the emotions he expresses like a weapon but he's not all cold and calculating like I'd sort of expected from someone so closely aligned with a "ceaseless watcher". Elias doesn't just watch, he's pulling his strings. Not even very subtly though, he's certainly not the most refined manipulator. Just very sure in his power and ready to use that power in clever ways. 
(But his hand shook in the silence when he was making that police call. He was afraid of Daisy. Knew he just had to play his cards right but still afraid. Still human. Maybe not as untouchable as he'd like people to think. 
Or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part.)
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joemazzmatazz · 2 years ago
Agape - Chapter Five
A Joe Mazzello x Fem!Reader fic
Rating: 18+
Chapter Five
Warnings: Language, Jealousy? (idk if that can be a trigger?) Word Count: 2289 A/N: Lol remember that time I said I was going to take a break? Shoutout to work being slow again. And just like that we’re halfway through. I’m really excited to get into the second half of this series. It gets more fun :) Tag list is open!
The shoot was pretty easy after that. Most of the other scenes that were left were much lighter and weren’t a huge toll on you emotionally.
You and Joe continued to spend every second you could together. You knew it wasn’t a good idea. In fact it was an awful idea. It made you pine for him even more.
But you convinced yourself that if you just made it through the shoot and got back to LA, your infatuation with him would fade away. And by the time you would be starting the press tour, he wouldn’t even be in your thoughts anymore.
You really hoped that was the case.
You often debated making a move; getting flirtier and seeing what happened. Part of you worried he wouldn’t feel the same and you didn’t want to deal with the rejection and awkwardness. But you knew what would come of it even if he did reciprocate. It was the same thing that had happened every time you dated a co-star. You would attempt to keep your relationship a secret for some time, but eventually the tabloids would pick it up. They would call you out for dating yet another co-star and predict that the relationship would be short-lived. Then a few months later while you’re working on another project, he would call you and decide that it’s best you go back to being friends. And then you would never speak again and he would become another entry on a Buzzfeed listicle about all the men you’ve dated in your career.
And the thought of that happening with Joe broke your heart. You cared about him too much to drag him through that and eventually lose him as a friend.
So you compartmentalized. You focused on the fun you were having making the movie and exploring the city. You blocked out how attracted you were to the man and tried to focus on how much you were enjoying just spending time with him.
Time flew by and before you knew it, it was the last week of filming. You personally only had two scenes left to film before you were wrapped: a scene where Joe’s character Desmond and Desmond’s girlfriend Talia meet Leah’s character Eliza, and the final scene. It was pretty rare to be filming the final scene of a movie last as most of the time you shoot pretty out of order. But Julia had insisted for it to be shot last so that you and Joe had time to bond and create chemistry.
Well, her plan definitely worked.
On the day you were filming the scene with Desmond and Talia, you found yourself in the makeup trailer with Leah and Joe. The two of them were already made up and in costume, but your hair stylist was still working on your hair. The three of you were goofing off about something that had happened last week when the actress playing Talia, Briana, walked in.
You took in Briana’s appearance. She was a stick-thin blonde with piercing green eyes. You had overheard someone say that this was her first acting job and that she had been a model previously. You didn’t know her well; you had met during the table read and later had invited her to your meatball dinner, but she wasn’t able to make it. You hadn’t had any other scenes with her, so you hadn’t seen her since the table read.
“Hey, Bri!” Joe called. He made her way over to her and the two exchanged a hug. You felt your cheeks get hot.
“Joey!” she replied. You eyebrows shot up in confusion and disbelief. Joey? Bri?
Joe proceeded to introduce Briana to you, keeping his hand on the small of her back.
“Obviously I know her, Joey. I’m a huge fan! And we have met, actually,” Briana responded.
“Yeah, we met briefly at the table read but we haven’t seen each other since, good to see you!” you said.
“And this is Leah, she plays Eliza,” Joe added. Leah stood up and shook Briana’s hand.
“Yeah I’ve--”
“Nice to meet you,” Leah said, cutting Briana off. You noticed Leah blushed as she shook Briana’s hand.
The four of you made idle chit-chat about the shoot and the scene before your stylist finished with your hair. You all made your way over to the restaurant set, greeting several of the extras once you arrived. Julia appeared, assistant director in tow, and gave quick directions to the background actors while the four of you took your places at your table. Julia eventually made her way over to you and proceeded to let you know that they probably wouldn’t be ready to start for another twenty minutes
Julia walked away, and as if on cue, all four of you pulled out your phones.
“Oh Joey, you have to show me that video you were talking about!” Briana suddenly said after a few minutes.
“Oh right! The banana bread one. Let me pull it up,” Joe replied, tapping away at his phone. You felt your cheeks get hot again. You had shown Joe that video a few weeks back and the two of you had been quoting in non-stop since. You felt a twinge of jealousy creep in. That was an inside joke you had with Joe. And now he’s sharing it with Briana?
You suddenly realized how ridiculous that was. You didn’t have a claim over a dumb internet video. Joe had every right to show that video to whoever he wanted to.
You heard the familiar audio of the video play while Joe and Briana giggled.
You felt Leah nudge you. You turned to look at her, only to see her holding out her phone for you. You looked at the screen and saw her notepad app.
Girl, you are literally staring daggers at the two of them. You okay?
You felt yourself blush. Shit. You hadn’t even realized you were staring at them. You took the phone from her and typed a response.
Yeah, I’m good. I was just zoning out.
You handed the phone back to her and went about busying yourself with your own phone. You started scrolling through social media, something you hadn’t done in a few days. You had been so focused on the shoot and hanging with Joe that you hadn’t had time to check them.
You were scrolling through Instagram when a picture on your feed caught your eye.
joe_mazzello: Thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with the lovely @brianaausten on this shoot! #agapemovie
The caption was under a photo of Joe and Briana hugging outside of Joe’s trailer. The photo had been posted the day before.
Your stomach churned unpleasantly and your cheeks turned red once again. You tapped Joe’s instagram profile and did a quick scan, hoping to find that he had posted a picture with you at some point that you had missed.
But there was no such picture.
Before you could do anything else, Julia’s voice rang out.
“Okay gang, I think we’re ready to do this!”
Shooting finally began on the scene. The scene itself was a double date between Desmond, Talia, Eliza, and Ruby. Desmond had been with Talia for almost a year and Ruby had just started seeing Eliza and wanted to introduce her to her best friend Desmond. The scene was a lot of back and forth dialogue, with some tension between Ruby and Desmond; Desmond quickly learns he is not a fan of Eliza while Ruby has never been a big Talia fan.
Luckily, the tension came easy to you, as you had realized you weren’t the biggest Briana fan.
You and the others worked through the scene, pausing occasionally for some direction from Julia. As time went on, you found yourself forgetting your lines, something you rarely did. As Briana nailed all of her lines over and over again, with praise from Julia, you began to get frustrated.
You never did this. You had always prided yourself on being extremely professional and never forgetting your lines. But your jealousy was kicking your butt. You felt like you were letting everyone down, and the more you messed up, the more frustrated you became.
After a few hours, a production assistant called out for a thirty-minute break. You sighed with relief. You needed to calm down or you were going to lose it. As soon as you were dismissed, you took off to your trailer.
Once you were inside and had shut the door behind you, you slumped onto the couch.
You took a deep breath and attempted to center yourself. You decided it would be a good idea to meditate. You began to work on your breathing when there was a knock at the door with a female voice calling your name from the other side.
“Are you in there?” Leah asked. You sighed and got up to let her in. She shut the door behind her and followed you to the couch.
“Okay, what’s up?” she asked pointedly.
“I’m just having an off day,” you replied, refusing to make eye contact with her.
“Bullshit. Something must have happened. You were all laughs this morning and then suddenly you had a miserable look on your face and start forgetting your lines,” Leah countered.
You finally looked at her. She could see right through you. Might as well tell the truth.
“Fine. I’ll tell you,” you finally said before taking a deep breath. “I’m completely head over heels for Joe and seeing him all buddy-buddy with Briana freaked me out. And I hate that I’m acting this way and it’s causing me to overthink everything and constantly compare myself to her,” you blurt out.
Leah stared at you for a moment before a huge smile spread across her face.
“I knew it! I knew you had a thing for him!” she said, pointing right at you. Your head fell back against the couch as you sighed.
“I’ve got it bad, Leah.”
“So do something about it!” she replied.
“I can’t.”
You then explained your worries and anxieties. You talked about all of your past relationships with co-stars and the ups and downs of those relationships.
“...and I can’t let that happen with Joe. I care about him too much to lose him. If he doesn’t feel the same way, I’ll lose him as a friend. If he does feel the same way and we try to make it work, it will fail and I’ll lose him that way instead.” Leah nodded as you spoke. She paused and thought about what you said before continuing.
“Have you ever thought that it might be different with Joe?” she finally asked.
“Yeah, I entertained the thought. But I don’t know if it’s worth it to take that chance,” you answered.
“Well I can tell you right now that there is nothing going on between Joe and Briana,” Leah said, crossing her arms.
“What makes you so sure?” you asked. She looked down, blushing.
“Because there’s something going on between me and Briana.” Suddenly you remembered their interaction in the makeup trailer. A huge grin spread across your face.
“No shit! Since when?” you asked, lightly tapping her on the shoulder.
“Since the table read. We got drinks after and have been seeing each other since. She’s not out publicly yet, so we’ve been keeping it on the down low,” Leah answered.
“Well I won’t say anything. And I’m happy for you! She’s gorgeous,” you said.
“I know,” Leah replied, a huge smile on her face.
The two of you chatted for the rest of your break, swapping stories about Briana and Joe. You found the conversation extremely cathartic for multiple reasons. Firstly, you now knew that you had no reason to be jealous of Briana’s relationship with Joe. And secondly, you had finally talked to someone about the feelings you had been dealing with for weeks. Getting it out felt therapeutic, and by the time the two of you headed back to the set, you felt relaxed and ready to nail the scene.
The rest of the day went by smoothly. You no longer were in your head and your lines came easily to you. Between takes, you found yourself happily conversing with Joe, Briana, and Leah. The four of you cracked jokes and casually chatted, making the rest of the shoot way more enjoyable.
Eventually Julia called wrap for the day and the four of you all made your way back towards the trailers. You all came to a stop in front of your trailer.
“Well I think we’re going to go get some dinner. You guys in?” Leah asked. She looked right at you and shook her head, and you immediately understood: she wasn’t actually inviting you.
“I’d be down for some dinner,” Joe answered, unaware of the situation. You made eye contact with Leah and she shook her head again. You nodded, understanding her code.
“Actually Joe, I think one of the PAs said they needed the two of us for something,” you lied, looking right at Leah, who smiled in response.
“Well then I guess it’s you and me, Briana,” Leah immediately said, jumping on the opportunity.
“Sounds good to me!” Briana replied. The pair took off before Joe could even protest. You entered your trailer, Joe trailing behind.
“What do they need us for?” Joe asked, shutting the door behind him.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” you said, grabbing your purse and keys. “Want to go get drinks?” Joe paused to process what had just happened, but decided not to argue as he followed you back out of the trailer and towards the parking lot.
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szopenhauer · a year ago
What time do you plan on waking up tomorrow morning? I doubt that I’ll fall asleep tonight but if it happens then I want to sleep in
Have you ever been in an ambulance? twice Do you enjoy receiving souvenirs? I prefer to buy them myself but I don’t like to travel lol Do a lot of people dislike you or is it the other way around? I hate them and they hate me back Do you try to stay busy a lot? define busy Do you lie a lot? nah, I exaggerate tho Do you still act childish most of the time? yup Did you ever enjoy gym class? yep What is your biggest insecurity? look? my skin  What was the last thing you plugged into an outlet? my cellphone Do people consider you to be a funny person? yeah Do you have any bad habits? sure Do you like children? nooo If not, why is this? many reasons Do you own any gaming systems? I only play PC/ online/android apps How old were your parents when they had you? in their 30s Is there a big age difference between you and the person you date? there's barely any difference Does the future excite you or scare you? scares me Do you try to spend a lot of time with family? yes What do you plan on doing with the rest of your life? we’ll see What is your favorite movie from the nineties? hard choice Which decade were you born in? 90s XD Are you good at giving advice to people? I am but they don’t listen Have you ever been in a long-term relationship? wouldn’t say so Is there anyone out there who makes you feel completely useless? me, I make myself feel useless because I am useless  Do you like texting or calling people more? texting Do you have a lot of friends? I have  no friends Have you ever painted something and been impressed by it? meh Would you rather go out to eat or stay in? stay in Do you think you attract the opposite sex at a reasonable rate? I don’t attract them Where is your favorite place to travel? nowhere What is your goal for the next few months? working on my health issues mostly Do you own a lot of shoes? just a few pairs Would you rather wear jeans or sweatpants? sweatpants Do you think you have a good sense of style? I have my own sense of style but I head I’m good with accessorising Do you enjoy reading often? occassionally only Have you ever had a deadly illness? sigh... Where did you last eat dinner at? finally home
have you ever been invited to a tacky-christmas-sweater party? I like tacky sweaters but I dislike parties what is the biggest turn off to you? penis
when was the last time you had a nightmare? recently where do you see yourself in ten years? dead if you had the chance to re-do the past six months…would you do it? maybe does your family have traditions? some sort of have you ever had a horrible school picture? I’m ugly whose voice will never fail to get on your nerves? hmm... do you sleep on your stomach, side or back? definitely not my back would you ever take up a job in photography? don’t think so
Do you find it hard to believe that a dinosaur was once right where u are? kinda
What is your favourite part of the movie “The Lion King”? Timon and Pumba moments
Do you knock before entering someone’s room? of course
Would you freak out if you saw a spider crawling on you right now? one was crawling on me today twice and I didn’t freak out
Have you ever used a tanning bed? hell no Do you think people will eventually stop believing in God? :o
Have you ever been go-cart racing? I have not
How many jobs have you had in your life? it’s complicated but I’d say zero
Does your shower have a door or curtains? we have bath
Are you good at remembering names? am really bad at it
Have you ever walked the opposite direction on an escalator? noooo
When making pancakes, do you try to make cool shapes/pictures? I don’t cool
Opinions on Channing Tatum? blergh
Do you use your hand when you’re explaining something? it’s possible
Do you still live in your home town? I do indeed
Where do you apply cologne or perfume? -
What about your look makes it your signature ‘you’ look? childish stuff, leggings, funny quotes on T-shirts...
Do you have an innie or outie? innie
Do you type quickly or slowly? very fast
Have you ever been addicted to a game? for a short time period
How long do you spend getting ready every day? minutes
How many cavities do you have? lots
Do you take surveys hoping someone will see your answers or just ‘because’? just because
What diet could you never do? vegan
What kind of toothpaste do you like? none
What would you never do, for all the money in the world? sell my soul
Is the grass greener on the other side? it’s probably fake 
who picks the music when you’re riding in the car? driver
do you know anyone who regularly uses a bike for transportation? my uncle
do you consider audio books not really reading? it’s listening
strangest thing you’ve ever put in the trunk of a car? wtf
do you carry matches or a lighter? I own a lighter but I don’t carry either around
do you keep socks with a hole in them if they are your favorites? ^^” 
last time you wore clothes that were too small on you. I wear oversized
have you ever had something taken away from you by airport security? luckily not
something you were surprised to learn about your parent’s childhood? personal
do you store any non food items in the fridge? cosmetics (my mom does, not me)
have you ever told a friend you thought their parent was hot? not applicable
have you ever destroyed another person’s belongings out of anger? don’t do that!
plain band aids or fun ones? plain
which pain killer do you use? time 
have you ever borrowed underwear from a friend? disgusting, cringe
last pair of shoes you threw out? my red martens? 
have you ever thrown anything up to hang on the power/phone lines? I’m not stupid
do you pay attention to people’s posture? rarely
could you happily survive in a world without music? if I was born in it then 100% but if it stopped existing now then I’d be sad, still survive  has anyone ever revealed one of your secrets to another person? more than once if you’ve stayed overnight in a hospital, how did you entertain yourself? this question today...
what do you often assume about other people? that they’re evil, more or less
do you recall the first time that you learned the truth about sex? middle school? how do you hold/position your pillow while you sleep? dunno how to explain that what kind of environment do you need to be able to sleep? not fresh pajama/sheets, smth under my chest/lungs lately, arm under a small pillow, light until I feel sleepy enough to turn it off, not wanting to eat or pee anymore as it bothers me, preferably no noise and strong smells too, alone, pajama, socks when it’s cold... have you ever rubbed anyone’s feet? ewww, feet are gross have you ever farted, but tried to pass it off as someone else? as smth else*
why do you use foul language, if you do? it helps like punching something
is there a type of candy that you do not like? most of candies is there anything about which you are consistently paranoid? sadly rank your life based on percentage spent happy, and percentage spent sad: 99% unhappy?...
Would you rather date someone opposite from you or the same as you? similar
Do you own any band merch? I wish 
Do you like Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit? LOTR but not Hobbit
Do you usually regret things you did or things you didn’t do more? things I did
Do you prefer shopping with friends or by yourself? depends
If you had a parrot, what would be the first word you would teach it? hello/hi
What food did you eat the most lately? white bread
What do you want your wedding song to be? our song
True/False : If it’s meant to be, it will be. hopefully true
what’s something you want but will probably never get? health
Do you get embarrassed when your stomach growls in class? that is sooo awkward
Do you think tattoos are hot? I don’t mind some
When did you last play Monopoly? this year?
Do you love food more than you love people? I don’t like food nor ppl
True or False: you this read wrong I read this right, you written it wrong
Do you think underwater pictures look cool? creepy
What is the most ridiculous law you ever heard about? there was this guy who broke some ridiculous laws in England 
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imitationpersonne · 2 years ago
Monoma Is Self-Aggrandizing
Apologies if having this response in two places is annoying, but I feel it needs to be done (plus I added/altered a bit). Please note I’m not singling out the blog I will be mentioning or any who support it. My purpose is simply to reply to said opinion in a way that can actually be seen in the tags instead of ignored as a reblog. Because I feel like the information is important. I believe many have a misguided, simplistic perception of Monoma, for some reason, and the post I am replying to is just an example of the perspective of which I would like to disillusion the fandom.
It seems to be a baffling stance circulating the tags that not only does Monoma have no superiority/inferiority hangups, defensive insecurities, or self-promoting priorities, but some people are actually annoyed with people who do think this? The post I am replying to will be linked in a reblog immediately following my submission of this post. I’ve heard rumors posts don’t show up in their proper tags if they contain links? Better safe than sorry.
In regards to the post to-be-reblogged, allow me to both rebut what was proposed and explain Monoma’s situation more correctly. Hopefully others will no longer be annoyed and will better understand his character.
Tumblr media
I find it interesting the to-be-mentioned post uses the particular scene of Tokage seeking Monoma’s forgiveness after her joint training match loss...considering he’s clearly being condescending to her there, more obvious in the next couple of panels. I’m not quoting it exactly, but he implies he is pleased to see his naive, unpolished little classmates grow and learn from their mistakes. He’s looking down on her in almost a ‘senpai’ sort of way, guiding his precious lambs closer to reaching his level. Yes, he’s slightly more subtle about it than I am being here to make a point, but the subtext is very much there. Concealing his arrogance in ‘kindness’ is easier to get away with and harder to criticize, as can be seen in parts of the Monoma fandom that echo the perception of the mentioned post. He got ya, LOL.
But yes, he wants to keep his allies and has little reason to heckle his friends, so his form of self-aggrandizement to his classmates tends to take on more of a ‘benevolent’ patronization rather than antagonism. Notice, he doesn’t shoulder the burden of defeat with Tokage as if he were a part of the losing party. He separates himself from the potential to wound his pride by making it a teaching moment of loss his classmates had to learn from--and not necessarily himself. A rather innocuous maneuver, but make no mistake that he was giving himself a way in which he could distance himself from the ego blow of defeat.
No, he’s not the kind of narcissist like Bakugou who pushes almost everyone away; he makes allies and charms people, stands up for his group. But that’s the ‘lovely’ thing about narcissists--there are different kinds. Including kinds that, coincidentally, thrive off the success of the group they are a part of. However, this doesn’t preclude said narcissist from also being full of themselves even to their friends and allies. One of these days, I’m going to make a masterpost of Monoma in canon (and extended canon) being kind of an arrogant dick to his classmates, because...there are a lot of examples. But for now, have an excerpt of an official audio clip, the source of which will be linked in the following reblog.
“Plus, while Shiozaki-san is nowhere on my level, she scored rank 4 while being admitted to U.A. She has the capabilities fitting of  the one who scored 4th place on the obstacle course, you know? An extra like you could never win against her!”
Case in point. Monoma absolutely promotes class B, as it is his class and thus, the best. But he likes to imply he’s the best of them, more advanced or at least the ringleader, that they would be lost without him. Class B always gets a good word, but he’d like the best word to fall upon himself. He wants that spotlight, among his peers.
Is that to say he doesn’t care for his classmates? Not at all. But to try to insist a character is so black-and-white as to be wholly others-serving or only self-serving is simplistic and naive. Especially with Monoma, who doesn’t actually magically switch personalities like a Yugioh knockoff when he’s with his peers. He changes the form of his attitude (supported by his underlying character and motivations) depending on who he is interacting with, but he is absolutely still in the business of wanting himself to look good, alongside his associates whom he both needs and wants to look good. Insisting he must be encouraging/supporting his team for either their sake or his own is a false dichotomy. He can absolutely do both at the same time. Thank you.
So...it’s quite sad to me when others miss the many, many instances of superiority subtext and deny that he obviously has a complex. A compensatory-narcissistic one, in which he is sensitive to being seen as inferior and thus inflates his ego defensively. He has to be good, up to his own high standards, and simply must deny any damning evidence to the contrary. So. Can it not be enough to accept a wonderfully complex character for what he is instead of making him into a false angel he is not? His classmates acknowledge his flaws and accept him anyway. Can we not follow their example? It’s okay to have imperfections and hangups. It makes characters real. It makes them beautiful.
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tempest-loupnoir · 2 years ago
Since I love reaction posts and I enjoyed writing one for the Ducktales season one finale, I thought I would torture myself by taking the time to write one again for what might possibly be my favorite episode of the series. This way I can go back and relive the magic while waiting for the hiatus to end and the next chapter to begin.
First thought when I opened the app: love the preview image on the app banner with the security guard spraying DW.
Pile of bombs! Must equal Nega- Nope. Who’s that dude? Reminds me of the security guard in the Tuskernini episode when Tuskernini had a beard. Flim Flam?
Love that iconic bat cocoon pose. Keep it up, DW.
DW stepping on each bomb is so ridiculous yet so him. I wonder if the show props hurt?
OMG! I did not expect Darkwing’s face under that mask!! My reaction matched DW’s
OMG! Who’s the new dude?! Is that Drake? With a new voice actor? WHAT?! Or is he a creepy dude who had his face and body shaped to look like Jim’s?
Jim’s glasses are cool
LOL! Splat. Poor LP. Such a dork. Thanks for having his back, Dewey. I wonder what Jim thinks about this fan who’s never made it to his autograph table? If he even noticed... Poor Lp.
Nice recoloring of the title card. Was that just my eyes or was that someone on the letter in a Darkwing costume. Disney Now app, please let me rewind some day. But not today. On with the show!
This new guy has such a sweet expression. I hope he’s not going to be a villain like Buddy in “The Incredibles.”
Okay Jim has noticed LP before. And he was cute with Dewey but rude to poor LP and new dude. (I really want to call him Drake.)
Jim made LP drive him? Lol Why am I not surprised. And eww, sweat stains.
Dewey’s butt bouncing in the his seat was cute.
Eww. Really, Jim? “Sniff sniff. Musky.” Is that a throwback to “The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck” when the monk pulled the baby out of the space ship and said “and we shall call him... (sniff sniff)...stinky.”
Good questions, Dewey. The plot thickens.
“A psychological examination of man’s inhumanity to man”, hmm? Are you going to be our next new villain, Alistair? (Note, I have never heard of the person he is based on and know nothing about his movies so I am a total newbie. Looking forward to learning more!)
Scrooge built the company to make cheap office safety videos? Wouldn’t a light projector and slides be cheaper, Scrooge?
Never say “dare” to Scrooge McDuck, regardless of context.
Lol Scrooge likes mustachioed villains. Cute little quirk.
Dewey flipping out about the studio and calming down after Scrooge’s response shows some growth in his character and Scrooge proved that he’s getting to know all of the kids in the “Nothing Can Stop Della Duck” episode. Nice little character touches.
DW crawling in on his stomach. Lol
Hidden Mickey! Mickey award on the shelf!
WHAT. Alistair’s film is the birth of Negaduck?! And that dog guy: was that Hooter or was that Commissioner Gordon from Batman?
LP’s reaction is pretty much on cue with mine, but I’m intrigued. I’d watch it.
Surprised Jim liked the film.
Dewey wants a role in the film. Lol. Not surprised.
Nice, Scrooge. Calling Dewey the most childish child you know.
I was not expecting him to put Dewey in charge though.
Hey new dude. So you’re future Negaduck? Or are you future Darkwing? So many questions...
Jim reacted as I expected. Lol Fwoosh. Ouch. Snap crackle pop. Poor Jim.
Love the music before Jim jumped on the car
LP came up with seven questions much faster than I expected.
Darkwing’s kitty hop after the bush was taken away. Lol
Hi Tad Stones. :D Lol
A little heavy handed with the fire retardant, weren’t you?
The water cooler sign reminds me of Liquidator, naturally.
LP’s stealth actions were actually pretty good, even though they were a bit loud and clumsy at times.
Love all the posters and toys in the trailer.
New dude’s switch from friendliness to outright attack mode is interesting.
Oops. Splash. XD Nice toilet paper shot.
Omg the battle scenes. They’re too cute, avoiding smashing the nostalgia! And battle hat action figure. Lol. Nice nod to the original action figure with its hat popping action.
Annnd of course LP blinded himself.
But who is that punk-looking action figure? My first thought was Powerline but could that be a new, dogified Morgana? Or a new villain? Curiouser and curiouser!
Megavolt has a mustache in this version, Dewey? Or were you planning on making him wear one? Lol I can just picture the original Megavolt’s reaction to that.
Uhh why are you threatening your rare action figure with an iron, New Dude? Are you and LP playing with the figures together? Also that answers my unspoken question about why an iron was on the vanity. I assumed it was for pressing capes but I guess the new guy would not need to iron his own capes.
Still haven’t answered my question on who the new action figure is but apparently it has something to do with...90’s neon fashion?
The lunchbox has a face imprint on it.
New Dude has a similar back story to Drake. Interesting. Does this mean Jim is going to be Negaduck or Darkwarrior?
Baby Darkwing!! Awwwww!! So cute! I love the style those comics were drawn in!! Who drew them? Silvani? I must know!
Also the bully looks a lot like baby Herb Muddlefoot in “You Sweat Your Life.” Coincidence or new plot device? Maybe that’s the new Hamm?
Drake wanting to inspire another kid like him... Awww. Wait, I don’t know for sure that his name is Drake yet. I need a name for you soon!
“You are a true fan. We can save this movie!” Nice, LP. :) I do think it’s the fan input that made the comics and now this show as good as they are. The comics that did not have input from show creators or fans were glaringly obvious, buuut that’s a dead horse I’m not going to linger over.
LOL! “I don’t know. He kind of wants to make me not alive any more.” What a cute way of describing a horrifying moment in your life, Buddy. You’re so likable and adaptable. I will be surprised if you’re not the one who is going to end up with Gosalyn and become the new modern real life Darkwing? But I will be sad if Jim Starling/Jim Cummings/original Darkwing does not get a redeeming moment... He’s spent so much time feeling like a hasbeen and he’s just been replaced in the franchise he’s centered his life on. He’s having a really bad day. Give him a break, please, Ducktales? Don’t break my heart, please...?
Aww. Jim still has the moves, and cape awareness. I’m rooting for both Darkwings. I hope they can compromise and work it out so they can both be in the movie together. Like Indiana Jones and his son in “The Crystal Skull” movie. Indy was still Indy and the kid was shaping up to be like Indy. Old Darkwing could reform his protégé in the new movie and they can both work together as heroes. That’d be a cool finale.
“Idiot in the purple cape”? Harsh.
Dewey’s dance crew. What is up with your obsession with dance numbers, Dewey? They’re kind of annoying for someone like me with Audio Processing Delay. And man those are high boots... My first thought was that they were the Darkwing Squad, like the SHUSH agents training to be like Darkwing in the Darkwing Squad episode. (Forgot the name of it.)
And there’s proof that Jim might have actually done some crimefighting in real life. He took out those security guards so quickly and easily! An actor trained to pull his punches might not know where or how hard to strike.
Huh. Their beaks are different colors.
“Your heart is in my lunchbox.” What? Lol
Oops. Sorry, security guard. Darkwing Duck just broke your wrist in the door. Ouch.
Oooh Jim’s voice got so creepy there. “Yes, I will.” Jim’s still one of my favorite voice actors ever. I can see what Jim S. is thinking there. Evil plot commencing. Annnd there’s an ouchie for Drake. Also love the music.
“Stupid. Movie star. Face. Get in!” That made me laugh. Both of them were doing classic Darkwing scenes from episodes (with different dialog of course).
THE LAUGH IS BACK. EEE I have chills!
New Megavolt is bulked up. And has black hair and a mustache. Interesting. He reminds me of the Italian pig pilot character in the Ducktales episode where we met Launchpad’s family. (Forgot the name.) I wonder if this Megs would have an Italian accent.
The music and dance moves are already annoying me, Dewey... And what is with that giant Darkwing face? Ew. Looks like one of those clown faces you throw bean bags into the mouth of in carnivals.
The chainsaw juggler looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Lol
“Why are you saying things all mean?” I guess LP is foreshadowing what we probably already know. This ending is going to hurt, isn’t it... ;_; Ducktales team, you guys are awesome and brutal.
Ugh. What stupid lines. “You can’t defeat me. I awesome.” Nice voice though.
Robot face, Dewey? What?
Eep! Great job, Jim. Setting the whole stage on fire. Let me guess. Either LP or new DW is going to have to save you now.
“I’ll film this finale even if it kills me. And everyone in this room!” Oh Jim... ;_;
New guy’s voice just doesn’t have the same “I am the terror” ring to it. He’s going to take some getting used to.
Great plan, DW! And omg I love the moment when DW and LP said “Let’s get dangerous” and then immediately geeked out about how cool this is! Also good on you for recognizing the plan, Scrooge. I am curious to see how Scrooge responds to these guys at the end. Is he going to contract a new tv series with DW?
Oh man, seeing DW hurt and the other characters reacting like they think he’s dead is really hurting my empathy. My chest is hurting in real life. ;_;
Jim, no... Don’t become Negaduck. ;_; I can already guess what he’s going to say. “Why won’t you stay dead”
Nice face off. Reminds me of the showdown in Just Us Justice Ducks part two.
Launchpad’s enjoying the show.
Okay. Scrooge helped lighten the mood with “which is the bad guy? If only one had a blasted mustache!” The difference is pretty obvious to me, though. Only one is wearing a black belt.
“Dead meat duck” is an actual Negaduck quote, for those of you who haven’t seen the Darkwing Duck tv series. I can just imagine how much fellow fans like me are geeking out over this. :D
Thank you, LP for saying what I’ve been wanting to say. Please let this work... I really want to go back to liking Jim... ;_; “Please stop. You’re not a villain. You’re a hero. OUR hero. No matter how hopeless things got, Darkwing Duck got back up and did what was right.” And of course the music is just right for the moment. :,)
Nice halo effect on LP with the background prop.
“Darkwing Duck is bigger than one man. He is the hope that flaps in the night.” YES. Preach it, LP!
The Darkwings’ reactions to LP in danger are both still characterstic for Darkwing, but this is like seeing Darkwing Duck and Drake Mallard in separate bodies, side by side. Like the “Negaduck” (also called Birth Of Negaduck”) episode with the tronsplit Darkwings. Cool.
“You really can’t stop him once he gets started.” “Well yeah... He’s your biggest fan.” The emotion in new guy’s voice and Jim’s face... And the music. Awww... :,)
Love the reflection in the chainsaw. Love love love it.
Now’s not the time to hot dog the spotlight, Jim!
AHH! The music is sad! Noo! Please be okay! I’m legit in tears while writing this now!
Where is he?! I don’t care about Dewey’s dance number. I do appreciate LP’s advice to DW and pep talk but I want to know where Jim is. :( The humor and the sweetness are clashing badly with my anxiety over the fate of my...’hero’? :(
Also casual observation before I end the agony by finishing this episode. New DW’s cape attaching to his buttons just looks weird. I hope they go back to original Darkwing’s label double breasted coat with the cape under the lapel. This one looks like fisherman overalls.
Okay. It’s official. New guy is Drake Mallard. I saw that coming but I wasn’t sure if the Ducktales team was going to keep that name as a separate identity or not. I had no clue this twist was coming.
Wait, WHAT. Jim, no! No no no no! Don’t twist Launchpad’s actions into evil. And why the heck is your costume changing color? Did you get an acid bath from whatever was in that rod? I think you bumped your head too many times, Buddy.
This beautifully tied together the finale of the Darkwing Duck tv show in the Ducktales universe, with Jim seeing a duplicate of himself as the villain in the show, and Jim becoming the villain in real life. Drake Mallard was a total surprise. I’ve seen fan theories that made him Jim’s nephew or son, but a random fan who grew up watching DWD the same way we did and became Darkwing the same way the original did in the real life tv series was a big, poignant surprise. I am happy I got to go on this emotional journey with him and see him bloom into the hero he adored. He’s mild mannered enough to be a good father to Gosalyn whenever she is introduced, and fanatical enough to still be a good Darkwing.
I have no idea how the age difference thing is going to work with Drake and Jim as hero and villain, but clearly Jim kept in shape, and old ducks can still put up a terrific fight, as Scrooge has proven.
This was a very interesting episode and definitely one I’ll be watching again soon. My heart is still fluttering though. Dang, Ducktales team. You know how to torture me. ;_; I’d have never ever written a story like this and I’m not sure I would have bought a book with a story like this, but I applaud you for pulling it off wonderfully here. You kept me guessing and I am full of questions, excitement, residual anxiety, etc. This took me two and a half hours to write, minute by painful paused video minute and I’m glad I have a record of my reactions to look back on. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!
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we-b-babymaking-blog · 3 years ago
Trigger Day!
I am in so much pain. Feel really sick. Super uncomfortable. Everything is on my last nerves and I hate having no control over it other than thinking to myself that it doesn’t really make me mad.
Today I arrived at the CC beachwood center for my appointments. Half way through the drive I had to pull over at a rest stop to be sure my morning injection was done on time. The waiting room chairs are outdated. Last time Scott couldn’t get comfy. This time I had a hard time. Much busier than Sunday. It’s funny because you see women in super nice clothes, or sweats and T’s. I remember when Scott and I wore nice clothes. We dressed to impress. We wanted to look like we were a serious couple and look like we are ready to be parents. That’s how the mind works in all this. We thought nice clothes meant we could be parents. Now with bloating nothing else fits, so sweats and T-shirt’s are all I wear for appointments. Seeing other women do the same showed me what stage of the process they were in. Especially since they repositioned every 5 minutes to get comfy as well. Don’t get me wrong any other type of doctors appointment I wear sweats due to usually being sick. For whatever reason infertility consults don’t make you feel sick. It’s not treated as the disease that it should be. You feel like you have to impress the doctor. Prove to them you are the right person for this. Scott was prepared to dress up this past Sunday. He remember that these appointments mean so much to us. Once he saw what I had on he quickly changed his mind lol.
During my US we found that my right ovary has developed much better. I have 2 ready and about 6 more that should be ready in 2 days. My left ovary still won’t come out to play. It hasn’t even developed like it should. Now causing more questions. Wondering if I’ve ever ovulated from my left ovary before. My blood work came back great. I had to stay in beachwood, and wait to find out if I would stim more tonight or trigger. Stiming meant more meds, and I would need to pick up from the special pharmacy. Once my doctor reviewed my chart they called and told me to head home. We are going to trigger tonight. This means we are going to do an injection to tell my ovaries to release the eggs for the retrieval. My injections will be at 9pm tonight, then 36 hours later will be the surgery. I will trigger with 2 different meds.
Both of our surgeries are scheduled for Thursday morning. Still waiting to hear Scott’s time but sounds like it will be really early. Like 6am early. We figured these would be early in the morning. So we already figured we would stay over the night before. We also have to stay the night of surgery since we live over an hour away. The hotel booking might have been the most stressful thing I went through. One of our first visits we already spotted the hotels we would use. Less than a mile away and perfect. Well not knowing what day it will be made it hard to book one. I started estimating days last week and took a look. Everything was fucking booked. At lease the 2 we were looking at. So now we are left looking at a cluster of hotels the exit off the freeway before the one we need for the surgery center. Those were all booked as well. 14 hotels. Booked. Finally started using 3rd party sites before I found something. I even called places to make sure they were fully booked. Anything else would have put us over 30 mins away, and due to the surgeries we are having that just doesn’t sound like a comfortable ride. We found something within the area needed, so no more worries. We were going to start looking st Airbnb, but Scott’s dad is staying with us, and I don’t think he understood what that was. Fun fact everyone from the Carolinas came to Ohio hotels. That’s what I am being told is why they are all booked.
My new audio book I heard a quote “tough situations won’t last, tough people do” this was so fitting and needed. This has been tough. Scott took the worst of my emotions but we both survived. This made me stronger. It made us stronger. Our marriage stronger. We will encounter more tough situations, but I know we can outlast it. As long as we have each other. Next tough situation daily PIO injections for the hopeful transfer that are done through the first trimester 😩. I’ve heard there are vaginal suppositories of it. It will come down to the cost difference and just how messy those get. 😖
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yujachachacha · 4 years ago
HiHi! same anon who asked you about Yakkai hehe (how did you know my true intentions? jk!) Just to cut you some slack I did try googling it myself before asking again but all I got were results for knb character songs(?) and a bollywood film(???) Frankly, I really do want to know because I've heard the term used in passing. Particularly from reports about the 2nd live Kobe leg. I heard about people doing it in KoiAqua?? To the point where someone got strangled in the Korean LV?? Is it that bad??
Hey there! Not gonna lie, I’m still lowkey pouting in the corner because you did that, but I’m glad to see that you’re genuinely curious. Thanks for trying your best! (☞ >ω・)☞
I have no idea what schools are teaching y’all these days, but research doesn’t mean typing a single word into Google! Also, if you’re gonna look up a Japanese term, you’re not gonna get the right results if you type the word in English without any additional parameters. Here are three methods you should try using when Googling a Japanese term you don’t know:
1. Write it in Japanese, i.e. “やっかい”. The first Google result is in Japanese, but let’s assume that we’re not so good at reading Japanese (since if we were, we’d probably be able to figure out the meaning of “yakkai” pretty quickly), and skip over this one. The second result gives you a Wiktionary link, which is in English and perfect for our purposes. It defines the word 厄介 (yakkai) as “troublesome” or a “burden”. This is literally what “yakkai” means, but for the purposes of idol fan culture, we’ll be adding a bit more meaning to this.
2. If you’re doing your search in English, add the word “Japanese” to your search term. After all, if we’re not so good at reading Japanese, who’s to say that we’ll be able to type something in Japanese? Try Googling the phrase “yakkai japanese”. This guarantees that what you’re typing won’t be mistaken for a word from another language (which is why you got results for a Bollywood film). The Google results are almost the same as in method #1, except that there are a lot more links in English rather than Japanese. So in short, this is basically an alternative to the first method for those of you who can’t read Japanese so well.
3. Include context for your term, i.e. add things like “Love Live” and “idol”. We can now try to figure out what the word means in the context of the LL fandom by googling “yakkai love live”. A bunch of the image results are Bollywood-related (because of yakkai + love, lol), but the top two links give us threads from the /r/LoveLive subreddit. The very first link in particular, “Aqours 2nd Love Live Discussion [Kobe]”, actually contains exactly what we’re looking for.
If you use the “find” function (“ctrl + f”, or “cmd + f” if you’re on a Mac like me) and search for “yakkai”, you’ll eventually see that someone on this thread asked what people meant by yakkai calls in the discussion about the live. /u/MasterMirage himself (a mod of the LL subreddit and a member of Team ONIBE) gives a great explanation:
Um, so if you’re aware of the standard “Fu fu”, “fuwa fuwa” and “hai” chants, these are the standard go to chants to do at lives.
The Koi Aqua Yakkai (troublesome/burden) calls are out of place calls that you normally don’t do at lives since they interrupt the flow of the concert and are considered disruptive by many people.
I guess this video explains it pretty well since the calls here are what you should not do at a live:
A common call “IE TAIGA” is something that people are getting annoyed at because people think it’s funny.
Sat from Fripside even called out on these alternative/disruptive calls:
I highly recommend you check out those Twitter links to give you a better understanding of what yakkai calls are (video in the first link) and why you shouldn’t be doing them (translated quote in the second link). For the first link, the yakkai isn’t too bad, at least until you get to the rap portion of the master mix at about 55 seconds in. But just imagine how annoying it would be if the fans were screaming that during a live rather than at a casual wota session at a convention. :’)
Also, I’m gonna go ahead and write down a part of the material in the second link here, because it’s really important:
“That part was made with the idea that the silence could be felt before the hook, you know? It has a purpose. I didn’t want [it] to be destroyed!”
Keep in mind that this was said by Satoshi of fripSide about his own song, while on stage during a concert tour. That’s how annoying these calls are. Instead of respecting the mood that the artists worked so hard to create for the song, yakkai concertgoers try to be as disruptive as possible for their own amusement.
So yeah, “ie taiga” (for those of you who aren’t familiar with this term, here’s my explanation from a previous ask) and similar calls/wota are the essence of yakkai. If you’re wondering why it enrages people so much, consider the following:
After spending a lot of money and praying to the gods for luck, a fan manages to score a seat at an Aqours live. At the concert, the fan is enjoying the fact that they’re listening to the Aqours seiyuu singing and dancing in front of them, live. Holy crap! :D But then comes along some asshole who thinks it’s funny to ruin the mood by screaming in the middle of a song. Opportunities to attend an Aqours live aren’t common, so it’s understandable that someone would end up getting very upset.
The same goes for a live viewing. A live viewing is an opportunity to see the seiyuu perform in real-time, and it’s a precious one at that. Footage shown at screenings differs slightly from the more polished versions we get in Blu-rays, so you get to see the raw performance at a viewing. Plus, you’re cheering and jumping and screaming along with the audience like you would at the actual live. “Ie taiga” distracts you from recreating the atmosphere of the performance, and is a huge sign of disrespect towards the other attendees.
Korean LL fans in particular have a deep-seated hatred for “ie taiga” (I’m not quite sure why it’s so intense - perhaps it has to do with the nature of the LLer culture over there?). For example, popular YouChika artist GamGam (@gamjolno on Twitter) has complained heavily about it happening during lives, and even resorted to plugging their ears at the pivotal moment in KoiAqua just to avoid hearing the phrase. As many Korean LLers were at a live viewing for the 2nd Live tour, the combined murderous rage they held for yakkai LLers exploded when they heard it actually happen during the screening.
Of course, I don’t approve of them trying to strangle (or physically harm in general) a yakkai LLer. What I will say, however, is that I can at least see why someone reacted that way.
If you need another example to understand why they went that far: I assume you’re familiar with “Snow halation”, and the famous part of the song where the µ’s members stand still before the audience cracks their UOs. There’s a brief moment, before Honoka’s emotional solo and the explosion of bright orange filling up the concert venue, where everything is silent save for the jingling of bells leading up to the climax (3:08~3:09). It’s a beautiful, almost holy silence, revered by many for this sacred and beloved performance.
Now, imagine if someone suddenly screamed “YEAH TIGERRRR!!!” right at that moment.
Understand now? It’s not funny. It’s not impressive. It’s downright infuriating.
First, yakkai LLers took away the enjoyment of the “I miss you~” You solo line in KoiAqua and the build-up to the chorus (see ~1:22 in this video for an audio demonstration). Then, someone decided to ruin the dramatic silence before the final chorus of “Aozora Jumping Heart” (~3:30 in the song). And now, there’s been reports of someone at the Saitama live screaming “IE TAIGAAA” right as the song slows down before the “la la la~” ending portion (~3:33 in the song).
I would hesitantly say that the “ie taiga” for KoiAqua is on the borderline of being tolerable. The song is full of chants anyway, and that part after You’s line does sound like it could accommodate some kind of call - but still, you should save it for a fan mix rather than a live. It’s the kind of thing that’ll make some people giggle at the weirdness, while others roll their eyes and mutter about the newest generation of LLers being yakkai af.
But for AoJump and MiraTicke, the yakkai incidents have been happening at solemn, quieter portions of the song rather than the cheerful and noisy sections. I have seen various posts by LLers claiming that they’re proud to “ie taiga” at a live as the ultimate expression of their wota skills, plus they’re doing it just for teh lulz. Again - it’s highly inappropriate, and disrespectful to both the audience members who are trying to enjoy the performance and the performers who are trying to make the performance enjoyable. If you want to prove that you’re a devoted LLer, your actions shouldn’t be damaging to the community.
To wrap things up: if you happen to search for “yakkai idol” instead, the first result that Google gives you is a blog post that talks about the concept of yakkai at idol events. The author includes some sound wisdom at the end:
What people really mean when they say “don’t be yakkai” is just that don’t go crazy and enjoy being annoying, and taking your entertainment at the cost of the enjoyment of others. Like, it’s fun to troll people, but that’s not good if the other party doesn’t enjoy it. It might be fun to go nuts, but don’t do it when it’s inappropriate.
Basically, it’s okay to go crazy during karaoke sessions or casual wota sessions with friends. Take that tweet in the first link from MasterMirage’s comment. I happen to know one of the people in that video, and he’s an awesome guy who knows a lot about concert calls. These wota bros were being “yakkai” for sure, but they were doing it at the Lumica booth at Anime Expo rather than a live. It was actually pretty amusing, and was almost like a free ad for the booth: “See these LLers partying with their lightsticks? You too can join in on the fun by purchasing a Lumica blade and/or UOs at this booth!” But for the sake of other fans, make sure you keep it clean during actual lives and public screenings.
tl;dr: “Yakkai” literally means “burdensome/troublesome”, and refers to antics of this nature by fans during performances. Notable examples include particularly annoying fans who scream “IE TAIGA” not only during KoiAqua, but also in highly inappropriate moments from other songs. Don’t be like this during a live unless you want to be heavily criticized for disrespecting the performers and lacking common decency for the people around you.
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thewonderginger · 4 years ago
11 Question
Tagged by @timelord-at-hogwarts
 If I tag you this is totally optional.
1. Have you ever thought of something really violent but held yourself back? Give an example.
So I’m relating this to Ward because the scene where he stabs Harold, I actually relate to it (see: Iron Fist, Marvel Netflix).  No I have not killed or even stabbed someone.  But I have gotten so angry at a friend that I’m positive if they were in that room with me, I would have done some serious damage.  The only thing that kept me from doing it was the thought that I didn’t want to deal with police or going to jail.  Like how awful is that!?  Another friend told me that it was probably because I felt like I wasn’t being heard.  So physical violence felt like it was the only thing that would get through.  And that’s why Ward stabbing his Dad is a relatable moment to me.
2. If you could go back to past and change anything you want would you do it and what would you change?
Yo I watch too much time travel stuff to know not to mess with that shit XD
3. What is your general opinion of people?
I’ve become an optimistic realist.  I take the Doctor Who philosophy of “pile of good things/ pile of bad things”.  Caring for a chronically ill person also shows you the ugly side of people including youself.  Good and bad is all in the bag, its all mixed.  I believe who should strive to leave the world better than how it was when he entered.  I don’t lose my faith in humanity because good things continue to happen.  The bad things don’t cancel that out.  Another Doctor Who quote “Why let them be happy now when they are going to be sad later?  Because they are going to be sad later”.  
4. How do you cope with stress?
Worrying is like trying to solve a math problem by chewing gum.  My usual coping mechanism is to indulge in my pleasures.  I’ll write, draw, and tell myself this is temporary and we all die.  Sounds pessimistic but it helps me frame my problems a little better.  That don’t mean I don’t get stressed still.  OH GOD I NEED TO GET HEALTH INSURANCE!
5. Do you prefer day or night? Why?
Night.  Always been a night owl.  I like stars.  I like that there’s less people.  
6. If you had the chance to do anything you want (good or bad doesn’t matter) what would you do?
I think get more involved in my YouTube channel.  I really want to make videos about asexuality.  I’m not scared, i just don’t have time.
7. Share some of your dark thoughts
I wrote a post on this but sometimes I don’t want to be at home for a while.  I want to runaway and have someone else take care of my mom.  I love her and I would come back and take care of her, but I get tired of it all the time.  I get tired of her thinking I’m her only source of happiness.  That puts a lot of pressure on me to be emotionally available all the time.  And I literally unsubscribed from Ana Akana’s youtube channel because she made a video basically announcing to be emotionally available all the time to be a good friend.  I can’t do it. My mom refuses to find any hobby that will give her some time to not be dependent on me.  She doesn’t read, craft, she won’t even use her phone for audio books.  And then begrudges that all she can do is watch tv.  So yeah, being someone’s sole source of happiness is draining.
8. Why art should be made?
When you take art history classes you learn that humans just naturally desire to express themselves like that.  The idea that only clinical hunter/gatherer notions existed are fairly false.  Humans were drawing on cave walls and making things with no purpose other than to make shit.  As a creator I can say that it’s just something that makes you feel good.  And yes you can get paid for it too.  Writing has become one of my new loves and its brought me so many good friends!  Guys just make stuff, even if its the cruddiest glitter covered birthday card, hey You made something!! And thats’ amazing!
9. Share some of the lyrics of a song you really like
There are moments when you’re in so deep
It feels easier to just swim down
10. Teleporting or moving things with your mind?
Moving things with my mind.  That’s the dream baby!
11. What or who decides for things to be the way they are in a society?
It’s a combination of many things but its mostly people.  We decide how things are in society, whether its the larger culture or just your personal group.  We literally get to decide what we allow in our lives (with some discrepancies) and thats pretty empowering.
Other Questions
1. What is the most important thing in your life?
2. Explain me your evolution as a person with songs.
3. There are lots of religion but no one actually believes in the same religion. Explain your religion to me. Who or what made all of these? What is going to be in afterlife? Why these things are happening??
4. What is good and what is bad in your perspectuve?
5. What are you most excited about your life now?
6. What is your dream? What are you seeing yourself in the future? Imagine where are you going to be when you are in your 70s!!
7. What do you wanna break free from?
8. Do you really think that life perspective changes the person? How?
9. What was the last time you were happy? Tell me best memory of your life too!
10. Do you wanna be friends? Because I would love to be your friend! If the answer is yes, DM me! Lol.
11. Lets be realistic. If you meet yourself as a stranger, would you like yourself. Why or why not?
I’m just gonna answer this one because its really the only one I have an answer for.  Yes, I would love to be my friend.  I’ve always wondered how I looked to others.  Taping myself for videos is a good reference I guess.  But I enjoy being by myself, and I like who I am, even more now than I ever have.
Here are my tags!
@littlemisshalcyon @theodette @ironwingedhawk @wolveria @dreamersnirvana @emanationman @ladysnowarlekina
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