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#lolo jauregui
sun-to-my-luna · a month ago
Get into it (yuh) 🐈
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sept. 11, 2021: Within 2 hours of a difference.
Tumblr media
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lmjfan4ever · 5 months ago
Yasssss. My Queen 👑 Slay yayyyyy.. 😍 😍
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sun-to-my-luna · 3 months ago
Sun why do you think it’s only Camila interacting with Lauren and not the other way around? Or at least not mutual? And also, they still don’t follow each other but Camila liked already 3 pictures of her and commented in one 😭😭😭 I’m so confused on why is all this happening idk what to think
Here are my thoughts.
It’s not necessarily one-sided, as I mentioned in a past previous ask before, camren will continue to interact. Could it be publicity? Sure, but not the obnoxious kind people are thinking about. Some certain people are extending it to a level that’s not really it. It’s not malevolent or chaotic or even in the same wavelength as Showmila. It’s actually a really really good thing so take it positively dude.
As we know the “4 vs. 1 narrative” is old news and no longer existent. For example: Camila and Normani have been interacting since forever ago, and when Lauren mentioned Camila more than once in a podcast “canceling” rumors, that opened up a door for them to interact. A simple like on a post is something every artist, actor, and model does, and it’s a sign of support. Is it a coincidence that both Camila and Lauren came out/are coming out with new music? No, but does it take away the fact that Camila is finally interacting more with people she didn’t? Absolutely not. Her following of businesses/real followers as I mentioned in my deep dive of her follower count will notice her like and give attention to both Lauren and Normani. Not take away attention from them.
With that being said those of you that are obsessed with seeing everything as fake from her end and maliciously directed can stay seated where you are cause neither I nor anyone else will stop you. You can either keep being fucking bitter about it, or be fucking happy that Camila Cabello is finally interacting with more people other than Shawn Mentos. Am I happy? Yeah, and so should you.
Cause let me also remind some of you that 6- 4 years ago today, Camila liking anything Lauren related would’ve put them on a headline or would’ve had “camren” trending, BUT did that happen in 2021? No, no it didn’t. That’s what years worth of publicity and damage control gets you.
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