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Darington: Hey, Pickle, how did you do that?

Pickle: Do what?

Darington: How did you get Crusher to listen to you?

Pickle: Uh… I don’t know.

Pickle: How do you get Blaze to stumble at the sight of you?

Darington: Good point.

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Man tries to “borrow” wheel - brand-new


Male attempts to “borrow” wheel – original


#PeoplingHumor, #Laughing, #Hilariousness, #MovieHumor

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Not always. Like, when chapters one thru five were posted (I think five?) it was static. But now there are gifs bc Kelli is a queen 😌😌😌


(but I understand, this is our little secret)

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“Reblog to make someone’s day better” alas I am here to make everyone’s day worse 😔

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WCGW skateboarding off a roof. The person at the conclude - beautiful


WCGW skateboarding off a roof. The guy at the close 😂 – amazing


#Lololol, #HilariousJokes, #Silly, #Memes

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Kokichi and Kiibo playing Minecraft

Kiibo: *is crafting something*

Kokichi: Hey Kiiboy :)

Kiibo: What?

Kokichi: *breaks the crafting table while Kiibo is crafting*

Kiibo: i am experiencing extreme levels of anger.

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why is everyone mean asf when I’m on my period, I need to be babied tfff - don’t think I won’t cry right here right NOW 😭

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You wanna know what kind of person i am? I got an email saying my new phone was ready 35 minutes before i started my at home shift. Guess what i did?

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Katsu gets pissed when you don’t ask him for help. 

Hawks gets pissed when you shut him out.

Sho gets pissed when you don’t clearly convey or tell him what you’re feeling. 

Levi gets pissed when you DON’T GET ENOUGH REST (Yes I’m looking at YOU @linestrider 😒)

Kags gets pissed when you down yourself for shit that is out of your control. 

Armin gets pissed when you insult yourself. 

Moblit gets pissed when you put others before yourself constantly.

Jean gets pissed when you say you don’t deserve to be a leader.

Suga gets pissed when you compare yourself to others. 

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