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Blooooood. I crave BLOOD.

lols, I dunno how my period manages to sneak up on me nearly EVERY damn month when, if I’m not literally knocked down flat by horrible cramps, I- without FAIL, am suddenly overcome with the urge to eat my weight in salt and iron.

So, spinach salad with half a jar of green olives dumped in it and a chop steak bc I managed to find four for seven dollars at the store today.

And, while I’m gently bitching, what exactly possesses a person to see a quarter full grocery cart (water, soda, dish soap, and butter) outside a restroom and think (I presume) something along the lines of, “Oh, gee, those are things on MY grocery list! If I take this cart I won’t have to go pick up three flats of water or Dr pepper myself!” and then steal someone’s cart.

Like, really?????? WTF random stranger.

Upside of having to go get another cart is I cut thru the clothes and found mom a really cute summer weight t-shirt nightgown with a sloth on it which she loves, so it was okay I guess. Just headshake worthy.

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nakakasuka yong mga taong pa victim palagi, kahit sila nman talaga ung shithead. 🙄 umay!!

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Joey: Dude stop, you’re way too close to the camera!
Jeff: Oops! Hang on, hang on, let me try to move away from it more..
Matt: Um guys? You are forgetting about me.

Base © Princess-vaeGa (Honestly I think I’m obsessed with their draw the squad bases. XD)—>…
The Dream is my Reality…, Jeff Hoofer, Joey Benson, and Matt Gatton © Me

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😂😂😂😂😂😂 mi dog paw 🐾 #lol #lols #dwl #hilariousmemes #hilarious #funny #dogsofinstagram #dog #dogs #doglovers #dogstagram #laughter #laugh #laughing #lokes #liked #like #shared #share #followme #follow

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L O V E H A S W O N 

We have zero control over anyone, but the great news is we have 100% control over what we will think, say, and do.

We underestimate this amazing power we have to choose our attitude and behaviour in every situation. Be present, use this superpower of choice, and your life will change in the most miraculous ways. Mindfulness = Choice = Results

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