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It’s a coming
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t4tcecilos · 4 months ago
something i really love about mcyt fandom is the ability to vary designs and still have people recognize characters!! there’s so much freedom in designs because there’s never a set design for the characters.! yes, you can confuse certain british avians or some pink aquatic women but that’s all part of the fun<3 i just think it’s very cool :]
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kihyunsgf · a month ago
what would you say is your song? the one song you'll never get tired of??
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cassianandfenrysaremyboyos · 11 months ago
For the simple price of hitting follow I will continue to give you mediocre and terrible posts for free
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I inked it
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Oooo, Zing!
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(pssst Don't let the Dolldrops know people sell houses and furniture scaled to their size)
sorry but they saw this and won't stop talking about it </3
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shadowandbonecastarchive · a month ago
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kit young (ayup) insta 22/5/22
it’s just so cutehshshjshsjdj
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dyingroses · 8 months ago
Remember this holy trinity of acronyms
AMAB - Assigned Male at Birth
AFAB - Assigned Female at Birth
FMAB - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
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watcher0033 · a year ago
Petition to get these two to stop from making rhetorical predictions ever again.
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Coz this is what happens
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Meanwhile, Diego is the only one ever allowed to say anything. Ever.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(It's not a prediction, more of a fact. But it's a truly epic burn and more people should say it.)
All of us-
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animerunner · 11 months ago
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sympathyforthedevilman · 5 months ago
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Ryo Asuka offering Kaworu Nagisa a joint, graphite on paper
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belsmultifandommess · 12 months ago
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“I am power. Me, me, me! I am power! I exercise the judicial power delegated to me by the sovereign Korean public. Who is above the people? The people are power.”
-The Devil Judge | ep.o1
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etvoilamadame · 7 months ago
Spotted on Twitter
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I entered the bakery instead of the pharmacy, I panicked so I bought a baguette
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Never pack too early or the cats will piss on your luggage - Plato
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In the Paris-Lyon train, my seatmate, umprompted: "I never slept with my wife before getting married, what about you?" Me: "I don't know, what's the name of your wife?" and then he left me alone for the rest of the journey
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I just finished "The wolf of Wall Street" and there's absolutely no wolf in that movie
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My mother: I went to the café and told the guy who likes you if he could call you to let you know that I was in town and I was going to be a bit long so you wouldn't worry, this way he has your number and now you have his
Even Jane Austen wouldn't have dared
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art-of-mathematics · 5 months ago
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This smells like "infinitesimally approaching infinity"... and we all know what this may imply - shoving it towards the event horizon of the imaginary place called "later"...
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plasma-studios · 2 months ago
(tw) A Note Led To Something So Much More (Marc X Steven)
"Bugger off, Marc." Marc sighed from the mirror.
"Steven. Let me in, Khonshu gave me a new mission tonight." "Yeah? Well, go tell that bird demon to bugger off too. I'm sick and tired of this." "Steven." "Marc." Steven rolled over, blatantly attempting to end the conversation. "Anyway, if I fall asleep you'll gain control of my....our body. So stop bothering me. You're already on thin ice." "...Steven.You have to be awake for this."  That sounded...quite peculiar, Marc. I only gave you permission to heal, not...destroy. 
Marc's face would've reddened if he was in control.
"Oh, great, now the bird's here to convince me. Hah, why not do your worse, Khonshu?"
Steven's bravo (or more accurately stupidity) was quite a feat. Even if Marc couldn't feel the seed of fear emitting from Steven in their shared form, Steven was still Steven. He knew the might of the gods even more than Marc. Nerd.
But Marc didn't try to defend Steven in front of Khonshu. He didn't need to
The god, it seemed, had begrudgingly grown a soft spot for Steven.  Marc. You have one chance to fix your...alter. Do not waste this, or I shall withdraw my kindness.
"Fix me? I don't need fixing!" 
Steven could feel the weight of both deadpan looks.  "Steven, turn over. Let's talk for a bit." "Yeah, you're absolutely mental if you think I'm talking to you again."
He's as stubborn as you, Marc.
"Steven." "Fuck off." Steven curled into a ball.  "...Sorry." "..." "I'll try again tomorrow. Sleep well, Steven." This is your one chance, Marc. Are you giving it up? Steven doesn't trust me. I have to earn it before helping him heal.  ...
For a moment, Marc was terrified that Khonshu would refuse and allow Steven to decline further.
Instead, Khonshu said something else.
Hurry it up.
Steven blinked out, and Marc was in control. Marc slowly rose, making note of the tiredness in their body.
Ah. There it was.
Marc found the flame, the flame of anguish, of regret, of loneliness festering inside them. 
It didn't entirely belong to just Steven.
Steven awoke to a cup of hot chocolate.
A note lay aside it. Hey, Steven.
Steven blinked. That was it? No cajoling, no pleading, no ultimatums, just...a simple greeting?
... Steven caught sight of Marc in the microwave's reflection.
... "Good morning, Marc." He sips the drink; lukewarm, but it's pretty good.
Of course, Marc couldn't stop with his missions. Khonshu made some effort to give Marc some leeway, but Steven's soreness each morning gave it away.
Steven didn't discuss it with Marc, though.  He could see the weariness in Marc through the reflections. ...
Eh. Going to work tired wasn't anything new anyway. Marc knew what he was doing; Steven shouldn't interfere.
A few days later, when Marc gained control, he realised Steven had left a gift for him.
A portion of steak, alongside a glass of water.
We're different people anyway, so it shouldn't matter, said the note next to the food.
When Marc finished off the meal, a small smile blossomed on his face.
I see you've made progress. Well done, but don't forget about your mission today.
Got it, got it. I'm going, just let me wash these dishes first.
Five minutes. No more than that.
"Marc? Marc!" Steven shot up, sheen of cold sweat glistening in the moonlight.
"Steven!" Marc too jolted from the half-sleep he had been in (missions were brutal, okay?).
"What's wrong, Steven?" Marc urged from the mirror. "...Sorry. Nightmare. Go...go back to sleep." Steven curled in a ball, the nightmare replaying itself.
You're so selfish, Steven.
What has Marc ever done to harm you?
That's right. 
You are toxic.
How could anyone ever love you? How could anyone care about you? You are broken.
You are useless.
You are toxic.
Then Steven was on The Rooftop.
You know the one.
The accomplice of so many deaths.
So many suicides.
And Marc was there too.
"Marc! Marc, thank god- Marc?" Marc didn't answer him. He just kept looking beyond the barrier.
Inching closer.
Steven's heart clenched.
He didn't know why.
"Marc? Marc, what are you doing?" "..." Marc put one hand on the barrier.
Steven took one step forward, hand reaching out.
"You are toxic." It was soft, but it cut deep.  Like flaying Steven to bone.
Then Marc swung over the barrier. 
"MARC!" Steven lunged forward, only for invisible ropes wrap around him and drag him away.
You are toxic.
You are toxic.
I am toxic.
"MARC!" Steven screamed once more in agony. Not physical pain, no no, it hurt so much more.
Numbness was already beginning to set in.
"Steven!" Marc jerked the other out of the flashback.
"Please don't go, Marc. I'm sorry I was such an arsehole, just please don't...please stay with me!" Steven's shaking pupils fixed on the concerned alter in the reflection.
"Hey, it's okay, Steven. it wasn't real. I'm here, see? I'm okay."
"...I don't think I can fall back asleep." Steven clenched at Marc's...no, their hands.
"Hey. Hey, Steven, go to sleep. I'll take over so you won't have any nightmares."
"But you need your rest too," Steven murmured.
"I'll rest tomorrow. You get your share of it first." "...Thank you, Marc." "No worries, love."
Steven was too tired to register the last bit.
But Marc was very, very much aware. 
When he gained control, their face grew hotter than the sun as Marc cursed his loose tongue.
...At least Steven went to sleep.  See, with my interference Steven got much better.
Pal, you literally gave him a nightmare.
And? Don't be ungrateful, Marc.
Marc didn't have a good response to that.
It started becoming a regular thing. The two leaving notes for each other.
Hey, Steven, I put some clothes into the washer.
Hey, Marc, hope you're doing alright. Don't strain yourself if you don't have to.
Hey, Steven, our fridge is out.
Dammit. I'll go to the supermarket this week.
Then, of course, it happened.
Hey, Marc. I have a free day next week, wanna go to Sunset Park? Hardly anyone goes there.
Love you, 
Sounds great, Steven. See you then.
Love you too,
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crazycatsiren · 13 days ago
The Asian moment when you have your German friends over for dinner and you ask them if they like their rice on the dry side or on the mushy side, and they stare at you as if you just spoke Persian.
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elysiumcalled · 3 months ago
holy fuck I wanna fuck
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