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Night Owl
Tumblr media
Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader
Warnings: Fluff, Breastfeeding
Summary: ^^
A/N: AHHH THIS IS MY FIRST REQUEST. Thank you! Also this is a really cute idea and I hope I did it justice!
Y/S/N - Noah :)
You sat up and blinked, quickly getting used to the dark around you. You heard the cries of your baby in the other room and you groaned. Sighing, you threw tthe covers off and you made your way to the nursery. You flipped on the lights and your baby boy came into view, standing up, his hands holding tightly onto the edge of the crib, his face red and tear-streaked. When he say you, his hands let go and he fell on the soft mattress, reaching for you. His cries quietened down the closer you got. Picking him up, you rocked him back and forth.
“Oh, baby.” you cooed as he gurgled and squealed, making all sorts of nonsensical noises.
It was way too early and you were still half asleep so you carried him back to the bed. You sat down as Chris shifted, blinking in the dark.
“Hey, honey. Don’t worry, Noah was crying so I brought him here to feed him.”
“Aww. Hey, little man.” Chris sat up next to you and offered his hand tto Noah. He wrapped his tiny fist around Chris’ finger, giggling.
“Okay. C’mon now. mister.”
You lifted your (Chris’) shirt to free one of your breasts and you brought Noah up to latch onto it. He was very fidgety, trying to face his dad so you both came up with a solution. You gently moved to sit between Chris’ legs, your back against his front. His right arm was wrapped around your waist, his hand placed on your hand that was supporting Noah’s head and neck, the other still in Noah’s tight grip.
Chris rested his head on your shoulder and Noah became content. He could ssee that Chris was there but he wasn’t looking at him at the moment. Chris had turned his head and was staring at you as youmade silly faces to Noah. He smiled softly, wondering how he could’ve gotten so lucky. You felt his stare as you turned to look at him.
“What?” you laughed.
You gave a confused look, smling nevertheless, before giving him a quick kiss and turing back to your baby boy. Chris’ smile grew bigger as he pulled you closer and tucked his head into the crook of your shoulder.
Once Noah, was done, you wiped his mouth with a cloth and patted his back to help hi burp. Yu then placed him on your lap, one hand holdig him, the other coming up to go through Chris’ fluffy hair before gently scratching on the nape os his neck.
“C’mon, honey, let’s go back to sleep.” You shifted onto your side of the bed, bringing Noah in the space in the middle. You lay down as Chrois held your son. Getting comfy, your rolled onto your left side as Chris rolled onto his right. He reached over to hold your waist as you both smiled. Noah had already fallen asleep, curled up into Chris’ chest, just below his chin.
“I love you.” you whispered.
“I love you too, baby, so much.”
You drifted off to sleep as Chris stayed awake for a few minutes longer, disbelieving a how he had gotten such a perfect wife and son. It was everything he had ever dreamed off, it being 100 times better as it was you. He couldn’t have asked for anything better.
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i miss eddie munson so much, i have never ever been so hurt by a fictional death in my life
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( ˘ ᵕ ˘)◞♡
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She's a ten but she's obsessed with a morally grey ferret with blond hair.
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Milk Pansa | 20220808
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MR. BASS INTRO (190621)
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sorry i can’t come to your party, i have plans with the little gay people on my screen this friday
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me falling in love with andrew garfield at age 12
Tumblr media
me falling in love with andrew garfield at age 22
Tumblr media
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You started an underground fight ring in Macau when you were 16 years old? If my dad won't let me into his empire, I'm going to build my own.
SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS (2021) dir. Destin Daniel Cretton
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mum im in luv ♡
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prod. suga - MYG
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❝you pay your boyfriend a visit at the that that mv shoot to support him, but he ends up supporting your legs as you ride him.❞
pairing — yoongi x reader
genre/rating — R | smut, fluff, pwp, idol au
warnings/tags — mullet yoongi 😩, hand kink, strong language, explicit smut — clothed sex, breast kink, yoongi has a filthy mouth ffs, a mix of degradation & praise 🤌🏻, light breeding kink, unprotected sex, exhibitionism, biting/scratching, name calling, hair pulling, nipple play, clit pinching, cowgirl, sloppy kisses, creampie, cockwarming, slight overstimulation
note: yeah i’m not explaining myself this is this & the only way i know how to channel my unhinged yoongi thirst because WTF he looks so fcking hot i love that man more each day it’s tough as a yoongi stan yoongi marry me 😩🫦🤰🏻 also tryna manifest yoongi selca from this shoot heh 🧘🏻‍♀️
selca - selfie
Tumblr media
“Hey cowboy.”
Yoongi’s face lights up as you approach him, a shy smile playing on his lips once you stand behind his chair, catching his gaze in the mirror. The sole reason why you decided to visit him, apart from offering your love and support, during your lunch break was because of the selca he had sent you a few minutes ago. And you know he did it on purpose – because he knows how much you love it when he has his hair combed back, forehead on display.
And his outfit – top buttons undone on his leopard print shirt, white coat.
He wasn’t supposed to be in the music video or even feature on the song, but you sure are glad he is. Seeing him in a cowboy costume once again had your pussy develop a heartbeat of its own.
He's fiddling with his sleeves, glancing at you in the reflection as you dip your head to place a sweet peck on his cheek, earning a pout from him.
Dropping his hands in his lap, he puckers his lips, tilting his head slightly so you can bend over again to find his mouth, fused with yours briefly.
His lips part with indignance, eyes wide, “really?”
You chuckle, hands sliding across his wide shoulders, “I don’t wanna ruin your makeup. Hey, you got the bolo tie and everything.”
“We’ll fix it before the shoot—” he informs, now interfering with the chain around his neck “—how was work?”
Bending over once again, you wrap your arms around his shoulders, pressing your cheek to his, “work was fine, until I got that selca from you.”
He flashes you a gummy smile, cheeks puffing up.
“You look sexy,” you whisper, lips brushing the curve of his ear, “so handsome. That pic didn’t do justice. So sexy with this shirt and—honestly you look good in anything.”
He cocks a brow teasingly, “anything?”
Grinning, you rise to your full height, now smoothing a hand down the back of his head, playing with the long strands of hair there, “anything. But you look even better naked.”
With your little distraction, you don’t notice the way his eyes darken, lips pursing.
“What do you think you’re doing?”
You meet his gaze in the mirror, fingers lingering on his scalp, “wh—”
“Come here,” he orders, sinking in his chair a bit as he spreads his legs, gesturing to his lap.
He wouldn’t have to tell you twice.
You’re about to sit on one of his inviting thighs, when he tuts, hands curling around your hips.
“The other way.”
Heat builds between your legs at his tone, making a timid turn as he helps you roll your dress up, his faint touches driving you insane. You straddle his lap, unable to find a comfortable position on the wobbly chair, but his lap is warm and welcoming. His gaze, however, is hungry and heated.
Your gaze drops to his pouty lips, glistening after his tongue darts out, head cocked to the side as his long, wandering fingers draw patterns on your thighs.
“What do you think you’re doing?” He repeats, not an ounce of mirth in his expression.
Before you can answer, his hands rest on your lower back, pulling you closer to his body. So close you can feel his heartbeat against your chest, equally as rapid as yours.
His breath fans across your lips, crotch dangerously close to your own. You’re afraid that you might crease his outfit. Plus, you saw his makeup artist waiting not too far from his dressing room, so she could walk in at any moment. Or any of the other staff working on set.
“Walking in here and calling me ‘sexy,’” he begins, eyebrows furrowing, “’handsome,’ teasing me as if you don’t know what that does to me.”
Mischievously, you lean forward to kiss up the line of jaw, tongue flicking across that one spot under his ear you know drives him crazy.
“That’s what you get for teasing me when I was at work,” you giggle, voice low and sultry, “thinking it’s okay to just send me thirst traps.”
His large palms squeeze around your hips, sending a flurry of emotions into your belly, settling right there in your core. You snap away when he bumps his shoulder into yours, staring at each other in silence. Challenging each other.
The corner of his mouth lifts in a smirk as he jerks his hips up into yours, connecting your bodies briefly, and the sensation of his bulge pressing into your clit has your mind reeling. Before he can say another word, you wrap your fingers around his neck and press your lips to his, moaning as he drags his ring-clad fingers up your scalp to angle your head the way he likes, tongue rolling against yours.
You moan into the kiss, body ignited with desire as his free hand roams all over your body, pulling down one of the straps on your dress just as you begin to kiss down his neck, hearing him groan as your tongue curls around his Adam’s apple, bobbing under your assault.
“This is what you came here for,” he grunts, head tossed back as you turn your attention to the sides of his neck, suckling on the flushed skin, “couldn’t wait till I’m home to get filled with my cock.”
With his words, he grinds his hips into yours, prompting a breathless whisper from your glossy lips, finding his once more. He kisses you sloppily, tongue licking into your mouth. Your pussy throbs incessantly, wetter with his deep, gruff voice rumbling through you.
“So fucking desperate for my cock, nasty little slut.”
Once you gather your thoughts, hands placed on his shoulders so you can meet each roll of his hips – he ceases all movement, eyes firm and heady.
“Sit on my cock.”
Your throat feels dry, blinking at him stupidly.
“I said sit on my cock, take it out.”
His voice laced with dominance sends a shiver down your spine, rushing to undo his belt with shaky hands. Your movements stagger when he reaches under your dress and finds your nipples, rolling them between his calloused fingers.
Yoongi seems to lose his patience when you take too long, slapping your hands away before he unzips his pants, thick, weeping cock standing tall against his shirt.
“You did this,” he grunts, rolling his palm across the tip loosely, you nearly drool at the sight, “so you’re gonna do something about it. Sit up.”
“Fuck—” he positions you so you’re kneeling on the chair, dexterous fingers pushing your panties to the side before he slides four of his fingers through your folds, a wicked smile on his face “—so wet. Such a fat pussy. I bet you were thinking about my cock all the way here. Or even all day, couldn’t help yourself after last night. Huh?”
You nod meekly because it’s the truth. He’s all you can ever think about, especially when you had a very satisfying night before.
“So fucking swollen,” he grits, gathering your slick on his hand then taking it to his cock, wetting his length with your juices, “you’re dripping. Bet I won’t have to prep you huh?”
Shaking your head, you reach for him, silently pleading with him to fuck you already. But you love how mouthy he gets whenever you fuck, it only has you dripping even more. At this point, you’re clenching around nothing, lips pressed into a thin line when he teases two fingers at your honeyed entrance.
“But you’re a slut for my fingers, aren’t you? You’d want it anyway, huh?”
“Yoongi, please,” you grit, thighs shuddering when he pinches your clit, “just want your cock.”
“How bad?”
“So bad.”
You jolt when he taps your clit with the head of his cock, core pulsing continuously because he’s so close.
“Beg for it,” he husks, now teasing apart your folds with his sticky tip, “that’s not convincing enough.”
“Please Yoongi,” you whine, eyes scrunched shut, “please I want your cock so bad. Wanna be filled with your cock. Want you to cum inside me and stuff me with your cum so I can—fuck!”
Your spine goes taut when he sets you down on his cock, walls stretching to accommodate his length as you grab his wrists, the burn simmering into pleasure a lot faster with the kisses he places on your neck.
Cracking your eyes open, you find him sitting back, head tilted up as he watches you with a malicious smirk twisting his lips, hands tight around your hips. Half of the buttons of his shirt are undone, once neat hair now falling onto his face. You clench around him involuntarily.
“Ride me,” he grits out, thumbs holding up the hem of your dress so you both can watch the way your pussy swallows his girthy cock.
Fingers wrapped around the armrests, you lean back as he grabs hold of both your thighs, whimpering when you lift off his length and slam back down.
“That’s it,” he grunts, bottom lip caught between his teeth, “faster.”
Sucking in a sharp breath, you roll your hips back and forth, aided by your hold on the chair to move even faster, moaning breathlessly as you feel his cock brush every ridge in your pussy, jaw unhinging.
“Fucking hell, riding my cock here, so fucking loud for me. Such a good girl.”
You nod obediently, ignoring the burn in your thighs as you feel yourself approach the edge of bliss, head lolling back.
He’s practically holding you up, moans joining yours as he begins to fuck into your from under, sweat beading his forehead. You whine when he buries his fingers in your, pushing your head forward so you’re looking at him through hazy eyes.
“Look at you, gonna cum? Huh?”
“Yes fuck Yoongi,” you cry out, your lower back pressing into his thighs as you fuck yourself onto him, breath tensing when you feel the tip of his cock nudge that spot deep inside you, slowing down to drag out the pleasure.
He tuts, guiding your hips onto his cock by himself, thighs now drenched in a mix of your sweat.
“I said faster, do you wanna cum?”
“Yes,” you shriek, eyes rolling back when his thumb flicks your clit, “’m so close.”
“Do you want me to cum inside you? Want me to fuck you full of my cum?”
“Yes,” you sigh, legs spreading even wider as you begin to roll your hips at your initial pace, the shameless sounds of your skin meeting his, squelches of his cock pressing into your pussy filling the air, “wanna feel your cum drip down my legs.”
He curses, nails nearly breaking the skin of your thighs as he holds you up with one hand, the other working on your engorged clit.
“Then you’ll be a good fucking whore and listen,” he grunts, speeding up his movements to have your mind going empty.
Nothing but the sounds of pure pleasure fill can be heard as you feel your mind go empty, trembling as he fucks into you feverishly, muttering under his breath when your walls flutter around him, signalling your release.
“Ah fuck.”
Your mouth hangs open, pussy sliding up and down his twitching cock as you bask in the bliss of your release, a strained laugh bubbling from your lips. He follows soon after, jaw set as he spills into you with three long spurts, one particularly loud moan echoing in the space.
“Holy shit, so fucking tight.”
Wrapping his arms around your shoulders, he gathers you in his arms, pressing soft open-mouthed kisses across your neck and collarbones, which has your heart stuttering in your chest, to finally land on your lips, mouth hot and sweet against yours. You feel his cock soften inside you, cum staining your clothing but none of you make a move, gazing into each other’s eyes before reality hits you.
“Shit, your outfit—”
He brushes a few sweaty strands of hair away from your face, dismissing your question.
“Don’t worry about it.”
A knock on the door has you jumping in his lap, but he holds you firm against him.
“Come in.”
His makeup artist opens the door, her eyes on the carpet which gives you the idea that she must’ve heard everything. But Yoongi doesn’t seem to care.
“Sorry, they’re waiting for you. I’ll come back in ten minutes.” With a bow, she’s leaving the room, door flying shut behind her.
All Yoongi can do is laugh, while you’re chastising him with a slap to his chest, grateful that your dress was long enough to conceal your dignity. He still refuses to let you get off his lap, feline eyes crinkling as he smiles. He brushes a hand through his dark hair, flopping back into his chair with a knowing smile, chest heaving.
“How do you get better and better each time?”
You grin, still catching your breath, “maybe I’m just trying to convince you that it’s better when I ride you.”
His expression doesn’t waver as your fingers cup his jaw, tonguing at his earrings.
“When you’re under me.”
Then you feel his cock twitch inside you, stiffening in your sensitive walls.
In a split second, he’s rising from the chair with you in hand. You gasp when he sets you on the floor, cock still snug in your pussy.
He shrugs off his jacket, the same expression from earlier returning as he hooks your legs around his waist, long eyelashes fluttering.
“Yoongi,” you warn, speaking into his kiss, feeling the tug in your lower belly return, “you have less than ten minutes.”
Ignoring your words, he drills his cock deep inside you, prompting a whimper from your spit slick lips. Your battered walls accept him despite your conflict, quivering around each vein of cock.
“Lock your ankles.”
You do so without protest, confusion fading into arousal.
“Let me remind you—” he sighs, drawing his cock in and out of your pussy with resounding squelches “—how it feels to be under me.”
Your smile falls, knowing he’s about to fuck you senseless.
“I will sue you, Min Yoongi.”
Tumblr media
🧘🏻‍♀️ let’s manifest a yoongi selca together 🧘🏻‍♀️ if you liked this, please send in feedback. I would love to hear what you think !! ✉️
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eddie leaning in and invading steve’s personal space. exactly, exactly.
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