thenordroom · 2 days ago
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Monochrome maisonette in London
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allthecanadianpolitics · a day ago
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Doug Ford will be in London Ontario at the Lamplighter Inn (591 Wellington Rd S, London) for a rally on Sunday May 29 at 12:30 pm.
The Ontario Health Coalition is calling for supporters to rally and protest the privatization of our public health care, including the expansion of private clinics with $24 million of public funds.
Additional information on the event is here (facebook event): https://fb.me/e/1Q3l8QxIb
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vintageeveryday · a day ago
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Candid photographs taken at the Blitz Club, London in 1980.
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jillraggett · 2 days ago
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Plant of the Day
Thursday 26 May 2022
The evergreen perennial Clivia miniata (Natal lily, forest lily) originates from low-altitude woodlands in South Africa and so are best grown in the shade. They make excellent house plants and have more to offer than just the trumpet-shaped red, yellow, orange or cream flowers. There are berries that follow the flowers and cultivars with variegated strap-like leaves. Here are some examples from an amazing display at the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show, London.
Jill Raggett
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sometimeslondon · 2 days ago
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St Botolph-without-Bishopsgate
This church can be found on Bishopsgate, one of the main road’s in The City of London and is squashed between skyscrapers and other buildings
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itsstreetlove · 2 days ago
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Shoreditch  ~ London
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londonedge · a day ago
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Multi-coloured footbridge, Shoreditch
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soupy-eastwood · 2 days ago
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Clint Eastwood in London, ca. 1970, © Terry Fincher [X]
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mayanhandballcourt · 8 hours ago
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Photographer Nico Froehlich
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fandom-official · 2 days ago
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Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader's lightsabers lit up Battersea Power Station in London last night 🤩
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jurakan · a day ago
Could I please have some fun facts? It's been a while since I've asked...I'm sorry...
Today You Learned about the London Stone!
Tumblr media
The London Stone is a rock (limestone). It's in London. Technically, that's it. But it has a weird story. See, aside from that time it was shown in the British Museum, it's usually on Cannon Street. It's moved a few times, but it's been a landmark in London for centuries? Seemingly mentioned all the way back in the 1100's. Medieval people were sometimes called 'So-and-so of London Stone' because of how close they lived to it? During the Renaissance it became something of a landmark that people came to see.
Also it's possible it was bigger. One description from history says it's three feet tall, which the current London Stone clearly isn't. Damage during the Fire of London, perhaps?
So what is it?? Other than a rock??
We don't know. It's got a ton of stories around it. In the Middle Ages there was a story that Brutus of Troy stuck it there when he founded London (Brutus is another story altogether; maybe another Fun Fact? We'll see). There's another story that it's a measurement stone of some kind, like it was used by the Romans to measure distances to other Roman settlements in Britain. Another story says medieval kings went and whacked it with a rock after being crowned. Dr. John Dee (who, Fun Fact, was also a wizard and I hope to a Fun Fact post about him one day) was said to have been fascinated by the rock and chipped off pieces. It became popular with New Age movements to claim that it's some sort of Druidic monument, or Roman city protection talisman, and the subject of religious reverence. Or a ley line thing; you know New Age-y types. Some also say it's the stone from which Arthur pulled his sword.
For what it's worth, many modern scholars believe that it was part of a Roman construction, as it was first found where there might have been the old praetorium when the Romans set up London. This means it might have been part of a gate or wall or shrine or something.
We don't know! Fiction authors like going nuts about it. The middle grade series Stoneheart has it as the sort of thing in charge of the secret world of statues, and incorporates one of the stories I mentioned above. It also appears in Marie Brennan's Onyx Court series? I think?
Whatever. It used to be in a display on the street in a little cage thing. Nowadays, its case looks like this:
Tumblr media
Hope this was something you didn't know!
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bernoko · 19 hours ago
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By Bernard Creely
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thisismyreality · 2 days ago
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Fully clothed and full-face 😌
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alifeingrain · 8 hours ago
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London - July 2021 Pentax K1000 on Kodak Ultramax 400
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till-you-scream-and-cry · 10 hours ago
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something very lgbt just happened to me...
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sometimeslondon · a day ago
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Churchyard entrance at St Botolph-without-Bishopsgate
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wolferals · a day ago
henry helping you move
Henry Cavill x reader
Warnings: none, pure fluff, Henry being a helpful little bear
Tumblr media
-it’s your first time moving out from your parents
-you‘d be moving to London
-you were anxious about living alone but also really looking forward to it
-henry had helped you find a cute, nice and cozy place for yourself
-and when it was time to get furniture, he was the big bear he is and carried your unbuilt furniture out of the store
-you‘d offered to help but he didn’t let you
-and he carried it up to your apartment from the street, not even complaining once
-but sweating profusely
-and then he helped you built up all the furniture
-it took hours, you had lots of food and you were hella tired once it got dark out
-but Henry was very motivated and happy for you to be finally living closer to you
-since you two were close friends, he loved the fact that you were now with him
-once the furniture was set up, you guys had preplanned where to put everything and arranged it
-after the living room and the bedroom were all set, it was your turn to decorate
-your favorite part
-henry lied down on your bed, heavily breathing from all the building and carrying
-playing some soft music you jumped around the apartment, putting up decor on your walls
-you started putting up picture frames and paintings
-and loooots of plants
-at some point henry had fallen asleep on his back, legs hanging off your bed
-you chuckled at him and continued decorating since you weren’t going to be able to sleep if the room looked all naked and boring
-then you turned off the big ceiling light and turned on some fairy lights to enhance the mood
-henry softly snored, not in an annoying way though, as you were working on putting the boxes into the living room
-and then you sorted your clothes into the closet by the time it was 11:30
-you were far too excited to be having your own place to just go to sleep
-but to be fair, Henry had absolutely done more work than you and had every right to be exhausted
-so you left him sleeping in peace and spent some time in your new living room
-just in awe, looking down at the city
-suddenly you heard the door open and Henry rubbed his eyes like a toddler
-„whats up?“
-you looked at him and smiled
-„come to bed.“
-you were confused because why would he sleep here?
-but you accommodated and went back to the bedroom
-you got changed into some less sweaty clothes and got comfy with Henry next to you
-„I‘m really happy for you. This place is cute. Fits your style. And its fairly close to my place.“
-Henry hugged you and kissed your forehead
-„thanks for helping me“
-he only patted your back and spoke back:“im just glad youre here.“
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itsstreetlove · 2 days ago
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A face in the crowd
Camden ~ London  2015
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wildflowergrae · a day ago
in honor of the UK tour diary have some of my fave photos from being there because I still can’t believe that happened 🥹
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witchmanor · 5 hours ago
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Chinatown, London
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