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“if i deserve better, then what does he deserve? and other melodramatic thoughts about both sides of this one sided romantic novel”

or the 53 different ways you can fail at ‘i have moved on and am now a better person’

a collection of writings by yours truly about his stupid big kind and forgiving butter heart.

the critics are raving:

“it’s so incredibly sad it’s funny”

“he comes up with incredibly wild fantasies that inevitably hurt him and it’s a delight to read!”

“the punchline is the same but somehow the joke just gets funnier and funnier”

“i really enjoyed it but i am concerned”

“poor guy… i mean poor crush, not poor writer. the writer is a psychopath”

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Hackney, 1980s - Wayne Waterson.

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People share photos of snowmen as snow hits parts of UK

People share photos of snowmen as snow hits parts of UK

Self-ice-olating! People share snaps of their VERY impressive sculptures including an homage to Bernie Sanders and an ‘abdominal snowman’

Britons across the UK enjoyed the snow yesterday with many building snowmen
Some structures were particularly impressive while others were a little rude
Several inspired by the Bernie Sanders meme doing the rounds on social media 

By Hayley Richardson For…


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Anyone help me find more references of this dude? I believe it’s Broadway and somewhere around 1991.

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Hackney, 1980s - Wayne Waterson.

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Chocolate Ombre Cake London Bakes

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