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penicornblog · an hour ago
It rained a lot here. I love the rain, the smell, the sound, the coziness it brings ... anyway not the point. I spent time talking to a person whom I feel deeply connected too, weirdly enough cause we have been talking to each other for less than 3 weeks. Is not a lot of time but I already want to meet this person. I am already catching feelings. So for once I hoped it wouldn't have rained. But it did. So it was cozy but lonlinier than ever.
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holytrassh · 3 hours ago
¿Cuántas veces más voy a caer a este mismo abismo?
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getreadytosmash · 4 hours ago
“Uh.. I think I’m lost.” For Anyone from Tim
First meeting starters
“Yeah, I get that, it seems like a big town at first.” Hulk offered the smaller man a smile as he searched about, keeping a slight eye out on two kids play fighting nearby. 
They seemed to be fine though so Hulk turned back to the stranger, a small frown catching when he noticed certain...oddities about his arms. Ah. He must have been one of those newer mutants who often came by Vista Verde for some sort of help or refuge. It was terrible that no one helped them sooner but...Hulk could always help out. It seemed unfair to anyone that he was right there and didn’t do anything to help someone. 
“I you. If you wanted me to that is.” Hulk says and shrugs, glancing away and trying to not look like he usually did. Scary and big. New kids didn’t need that kind of fear right off the bat. “Really, it’s no problem if you’re okay with it.” 
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guardian-21 · 5 hours ago
Call me sometime, It would be nice to know you wanto to hear my voice.
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insanityknifeofficial · 6 hours ago
listen to dis
so look, i just got here and i like, NEED friends is there anyone who wants to be friends and shit
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gardenoffsecrets · 7 hours ago
I shut down. I just shut down. No matter how hard I try not to, no matter how bad I know I need help, I shut down and that’s my biggest problem. I shut down when I need someone the most, right when they get close, I distance myself and I hate it. I hate that. It’s hard having trust issues, it’s hard opening up to someone new knowing they’re going to eventually leave. I enter everything, knowing in the back of my mind that I’ll always be alone, I’ll always feel that sense of emptiness and loneliness no matter how many people I have around me. So I’ll always shut down when someone gets close and I don’t think I’ll ever control that. There is no one in this world who has ever really known me fully, they know bits and pieces, but I’ll never open up entirely.
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bleu-14 · a day ago
There’s a quote that say “Choose the people that choose you” but nobody ever chooses me.
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willbwilliams · a day ago
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covid 19
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dawnjohnson666 · a day ago
“Do you ever feel tired?”, he asked
rubbing his eyes in the same
absent way that he’d do when
we were children.
He still looked young to me. Even though
our skin was sagging and my hair was
falling out, looking at him always
disillusioned me into thinking no
time has passed. I grabbed his
hand and closed my eyes, knowing
that this would be the end for us.
A porch on a hill and a home
that never needed windows. This was it;
no one would ever know we were here.
“Yes darling”, I said still clasping his
bony hand, “but only when we’re not
-Dawn Johnson
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galateeelohim · a day ago
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06.02.2021 - Pain
I could no longer breathe, each breath was another pain. Tears flowed abundantly from my eyes. My retinas burned under the combined action of tears and cigarette smoke.
Nothing had any meaning now, everything was only pain: I no longer had a future, the past and the present blending into a fatal symphony that precipitated me every day a little more towards the fatal, irreversible act, the concrete end of any future, the confinement into a past. I would be nothing more than a being of the past, without a future, present in the memories of my loved ones.
Credit : picture of my depressed self wondering if things will eventually get one day better
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dragon028 · a day ago
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wildinwanderlust · a day ago
I'm so, so tired and weary.
How many times have I asked for a reprieve? Everything shit that can happen is happening.
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