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#long and pointy
garaviel · 2 years ago
ramikadyc replied to your post “ramikadyc replied to your post: my nail just....”
Oh my goodness how does it even end up breakung or cracking like that in the first place
i work with my hands a lot so i probably just bent it or caught it and a lil chip just fuckin. got worse? 
superglue is usually enough to keep it until it grows out but i guess it got to the point where my like 7 coats of nail polish was the only thing keeping it on to my skin lmao
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practicefortheheart · 8 months ago
for the doodle ideas: maybe drarry + a reunion of some sort? a hug? orrrr ginny + a muggle sport of your choice 💘
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I added some desperation to that reunion hug. For free. Hope you enjoy! <3
(Just..any excuse to draw a nose. Is all I need.) 
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b4kuch1n · 8 months ago
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toy doctor
ink under the cut bc it’s been over a year since I last used this brush and I’m proud of how it came out lol
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minidressparadise · 3 months ago
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The deliciously sexy Dasha Mart in a tight, black, leather, micro mini skirt and tight top. Love the long legs, glamour hair and pointy toe, stiletto heels. Gorgeous!
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victoriasnails · 5 months ago
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Another amazing Holo Taco gradient..just can't praise these polishes enough! They are magical!
Used in this mani:
Holo Taco - Pink Fizz, Lavender Syrup, Sparkling Water, Mint Mojito
Glisten & Glow Topcoat
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