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ho bisogno che tutto torni alla normalità.. siamo tornate a parlarci ma è cambiato tutto.. mi manca telefonarti ogni giorno, mi manca ridere per davvero.. mi manchi troppo bimba..

29/05/2020 03:03


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Two days ago, my boyfriend set up an Instagram account. He’s had one for a long time but he didn’t use it for social purposes, I just sent him memes off of it. Now, he’s using it like social media. It’s interesting for him to be going through the struggles of social media that I’d gone through in middle school - how to make a post, what profile picture do I use (and, as he has none of himself, we went through my extensive collection - that might sound creepy but we’ve been dating for two years and I like taking pictures to commemorate anything and everything), and what happens if someone I hate tries to follow me? Given my boyfriend is normally the more intelligent and rational one of the two of us, this is a strange situation for me. Now, he’s turning to me for advice on setting up a social media account, something I am slightly more well versed in than him. The whole situation makes me sad, because the reason he made the account was so that he can get in touch with potential college roommates and keep in touch with his high school friends when we all go our separate ways. It’s a reminder to me that outside of my quarantined home, the real world is still moving, albeit slowly. It’s also strange to me because my boyfriend had been against social media from the beginning of us dating, calling it shallow, fake, and unnecessary. Now, he has one, and I don’t exactly like it. His close friends have never liked me (I’m too nerdy, quiet, boring, and ugly to date him, they say) and now he’s one step closer to being like them. In college, I worry that the time apart is going to make him more like the cold people he is friends with - he might make new friends, but his choice of friends has never been one of my favorite aspects about him. The idea of long distance (him in California, me in Montana) has always been jarring, but social media adds a whole new layer of fear for me.  

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Hey Phone Dominant!

I have had a lot of experience with long-distance D/S relationships, and hope I can offer some advice. Firstly, I would say that setting “the mood” with your partner should start before you ever dial your phone. Foreplay is just as important from a distance, as it is in person.

Start by getting yourself and your partner excited, while also putting you both in either a Dominant or Submissive head space. One of the best ways to do this is by giving and receiving commands. Examples include asking them to get dressed up and send you sexy photos (if they’re comfortable with that) in specific requested poses, times, or attire. Alternatively, never underestimate the fun of some good steamy sexting. Tell your partner exactly what you’d be doing to them if there wasn’t any distance between you. Set up some ground rules ahead of time. Tell them what to wear, what toys to have available, and make your expectations clear (edging, asking for permission to cum etc). Setting these ahead of time allows you both to discuss them and set any limits if necessary.

When it comes time to get down to business, I find that asking my partner to pleasure themselves in a particular position or with a specific toy is a fun way to exert some control over the situation. Also incorporating the use of titles can help you and your Submissive partner really feel your dynamic in the moment.

Most importantly though, NEVER skip the aftercare. Phone sex can be incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable for both parties, but you can’t just get off and then hang up. Take time after to discuss if you’re both comfortable with what occurred, emotionally and physically. Be sure that your partner feels cared for. One of the best ways to do this is by requesting that they take a long relaxing shower after or wrap themselves in a blanket as you two talk about other things until you’re both calmed. You can even watch something on Netflix at the same time and just spend time together. Just take that time to make sure you’re both happy and comfortable and confident in your dynamic.

I hope you both have a fantastic time!

❤️ RedPhox

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vi capita mai di sentirvi soli in mezzo a tante persone? di certo non si può classificare come tra le migliori sensazioni da provare, eppure molte volte tendiamo ad isolare la mente pur essendo in compagnia.

28/05/2020 01:01


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