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#long enough to beleive
isolationstreet · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But I tell you, a cat needs a name that’s particular,     A name that’s peculiar, and more dignified, Else how can he keep up his tail perpendicular,     Or spread out his whiskers, or cherish his pride?
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vampiricsheep · a year ago
All of C and F for stinnt?
Ah thank you! I should really post about him more C: Comfort 1. how do they sit in a chair? it depends on how big the chair is, but provided it isn’t a norn’s or a charr’s he sits with a straight back leaning forward with his hands gripping the seat edge or chair arms for balance. It makes him look really invested in conversation, but it’s mostly to keep his wings from getting crushed against seatbacks. On a stool he either sits normally, or lies across it on his belly, arms dangling like a ragdoll. He has a way of appearing dramatic when he’s just trying to be comfortable (although i doubt it looks comfortable to an onlooker lol) 2. in what position do they sleep? He’s a restless sleeper, and will switch from being on one side to the other before eventually resting face-down against a pillow. he can breathe that way I swear 3. what is their ideal comfort day? It’s very simple, but a hike and a picnic somewhere shaded and off the path that has a good view, like under a cliff overhang near a waterfall, and an easy glide back home. 4. what is their major comfort food? why? Stinnt tends towards bland foods, and the concept of comfort food isn’t really one he registers consciously, but I think subconsciously he’d really enjoy sauteed sliced portobellos. It’s something Laamb makes and there’s that unconscious association.   5. who is the best at comforting them when down? Laamb for sure. She’s one of the first, and best, friends he’s made since he began doing independent research, and she’s never judged him for who he is. She’s also someone that recognises that sometimes what he needs is quiet company rather than a dialogue when he’s down. His moa is certainly a steadfast companion, but also loud and stubborn and unable to read the room.  F: Fun 1. what do they do for fun?   daydream about new body mods, race on his moa, and go hiking, though he hikes at a leisurely pace and does it more for sightseeing than athleticism 2. what is their ideal party? one of those stuffy events that are called parties but are actually publicity stunts or networking opportunities, where nobody will notice, or care, that he’s left the conversation to take notes on the houseplant in the corner and the peculiar blight pattern on its leaves. 3. who would they have the most fun with? they don’t know each other, but I bet he’d love to compare notes w/ Gorrik and maybe even publish a joint research paper on the relation between animate flora and regional insect behavior yes this counts as fun for him, he’s really passionate about botany    4. can they have fun while conforming to rules? If you asked him he’d say yes, that rules are there for a reason and if you can’t have fun without breaking them then you’re only setting yourself up for disaster. In truth, he thinks of “rules” as a category beginning and ending with lab protocols and safety precautions, and has a messier relationship with laws and unwritten social rules. He would not appreciate being told he’s trespassing when he has a picnic on top of someone’s roof    5. do they go out a lot? Not in a social outing way, but he does a lot of fieldwork and is also excellent at quietly leaving a room.
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proteusolm · 3 years ago
Any time I think I’m really close with someone they drop me and are totally fine, don’t care at all, while I’m just completely emotionally decimated by it. Friendship is fake and nobody genuinely gives a shit about anyone else.
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undercover-straw-archive · 11 months ago
If I get through next week alive I deserve every single feeling of happiness and righteous anger at all the adults in my life who dont care the way they should
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alazyfanficwriter · 4 months ago
Slashers Headcanons
Thomas Hewitt Headcanons
Tumblr media
Ok this man's really protective of you. Like.... really protective. You mean the world to him and he doesn't want anything to happen to you.
He hates to see you cry. You were a strong person in general, so to see you sad was enough to hurt him but to see your eyes tearing up, it would break his entire being. And beleive me he would be more than willing to hurt whoever caused this.
He would pay attention to your body language. Thomas knew the importance of body language considering he doesn't speak much. This means that even the slightest change in your posture tells him what's going on with you that day. You like that he knows because you don't ever have to explain yourself. He just knows right away that something's wrong and will act on it however he sees fit.
If you're scared he will 100% put himself between you and whatever is scaring you. You're a tough person so if your scared---something is posing as a threat to his family and Thomas won't take kindly to that.
He's a gentle giant. His sheer size and stature makes him look threatening but he really doesn't mean any harm. Especially to you and the Hewitt family. He's rather relaxed around the family and extremely tender with you.
Anyone who's been bullied or has been in a state of depression knows that even when it gets better there are fall back days. Days where even if nothing happened, everything still feels off. Thomas would have those occasionally. On those days he would wander around the house or yard until he found you. He would scoop you up despite what ever you were doing and carry you upstairs to your shared room. He would throw his arms around your waist and bury his face into your stomach letting you tangle your fingers into his hair and rest your cheek on his head. On those days he really just needed you, and no one ever protested.
While Thomas is very independent he doesn't like being away from you for very long. He'll actually start to get very fidgety and in some circumstances, agitated. It's not that he can't function with out you it's just that----he doesn't want to.
You and Thomas were a power couple. You ate, slept, worked and grinded together. The both of you looked after and relied on each other and as a result? The best couple in the state of Texas👌
Thomas loved making you cool little trinkets out of bone. He wanted to make you a mask but even though you were supportive of his face masks he knew you wouldn't be to enthused of your own human mask. So he did something a little diffrent that took over a year to create.
You were a hunter. You hunted deer as a hobby. When Charlie told you that you could hunt on his land you were all to happy to provide more meat for the family. One year you were super excited that you could hardly speak from adrenaline. You had just nailed the largest buck this side of Texas. It was for sure a trophy Buck. Thomas was all to happy to help skin and process your deer for you if you wanted his help.
Remember how he made you a mask that took over a year? Yeah it was the deer skull of that trophy buck you got. It was reinforced with scrap metal and the antlers were sharpened perfectly. Leather straps supported the back of it and allowed you to attach the bottom jaw after you put on the top. He really poured his heart into making it and you couldnt be happier with it.
There was this thing you did to him. Where if you passed by him you would scratch his back with your nails a few times before fully passing him. Aww it made him melt. He loved it when you did it.
Thomas just really loved the feel of you. He loved it when you were in arms reach of him. If you were sitting on his work table while you both were in the basement he would reach over and squeeze your thigh. If you both were sitting at the table taking a break from work he would reach over and stroke your arm. Just the little things honestly. He loved it.
You could get away with a lot of things with Thomas. You could try to knock him over...key word...try. You could continuously bug him. Jump on his back, watch him him while he works... You could do a lot of things to him and he honestly would not care and would let you be the adorable thing you are. He low-key loves the attention from you anyway.......okay maybe he high key loves the attention.
He's actually a lot more cuddly than people would think. This big strong intimidating mountain of muscle melts in your arms and cuddles you closer whenever you want.
The first time he ever heard you say that he made you feel safe was the day his heart basically fell apart and melted. Him? The very thing that people thought was a monster....made you feel safe? He was almost in tears. It made him fall in love with you all over again.
The day he realized how much he loved terrified him. He had such a soft spot for you that it made him weak whenever you were around. He didn't think he had a shot with all the blissful fantasies he'd have of you and him would stay in his head.
He likes it when you lay on his back. He came in from chasing a victim down and just collapsed onto your shared bed. You knew he was exhausted so you cleaned up everything for him and crawled on top of his back and hugged him from behind eventually falling asleep. You both woke up like that and he's loved it ever since.
*it also kinda feels like a safety blanket to him. He loves the extra weight on his back because it makes him feel secure in a way.
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ohpickleskarakillmer · a month ago
We should name the show “Chicago Drama”..
If you’re on more than this plattform you probably noticed that the fandom has been pretty much a mess since last Wednesday and people even attacked each other because some beleived something different then others. 
I tried to stay out of all of this, only talking with my mutuals in DM or reading what was going on in the group chats. However, at the end of the day my mind was a little overwhelmed with everything so I wrote some things down regarding the Casey/Jessey leaving situation. It ended up being a lot of text so... only read of you have a little time at hand ;-)
Disclaimer: In no way to I try to impose my opinion on anyone. What I wrote down is how I see things. You can see things differently and that’s fine. 
Will Jesse/Casey leave? Before we go into the details let’s see if it would make sense to write him out like this now? Personally, my answer would be no. Because there would have been better opportunities to do that. Especially at the end of last season/the season premiere. We all know the CF writing room loves the drama. Relationships can’t exist without some sort of miscommunication, other people coming in to create drama or health issues of all sorts. If nothing helps some dickhead of higher-up appears and creates troubles.  If Jesse would have wanted to leave they would have let a big opportunity to create major drama pass:
They could have given him the big heroes death in the season opener: Casey sacrificing his life to safe his best friend for example. Him jumping into the water to safe Severide and losing his life along the way. What he couldn’t do for Andy Darden in the premiere, he does for Severide in his last episode. Something like that. Kelly would be devastated, Sylvie would be devastated, 51 would be devastated, Boden would keep his butt at 51 to support and guide in this time of need, Stella would have an open spot at 81 which she wouldn’t want because of the circumstances and so on. I don’t think Derek would pass up on a possibility to shake up the fandom like that. And even if they would have gone for the „soft“ ending like some parts of the fandom predicted last year and him leaving for PR in the end. I mean…basically the whole of season 9 was dedicated to him and Sylvie making up their minds. What do they want, who do they want. It would have been no big stunt to have him decide for Gabby at the end of the season and leave for PR to give them another chance. Nothing happened.
The interesting thing here is… if Derek simply wanted to have the Dardens back… that whole arc would have worked with Kelly as well. They don’t even necessarily need Matt for it. Kelly was Andy’s friend as well, even if Heather didn’t like him (the question is: who likes Heather??) Imagine Griffin coming to Chicago looking for Matt and Kelly having to tell him he’s not there anymore (because of one of the two options happened that I outlined above) Does anyone honestly believe that when Griffin would have told him what’s going on in Oregon, Kelly would have shrugged and be like „Your problem, Kid. I have a wedding to plan“? Of course not. He would have done the same as Matt: trying his best to help those boys. So even if they had the Darden arc already planned, they could have done it without Jesse.
I’ve seen people who think that this Darden story arc is good for Matt to leave as well, as it reaches back into seasons 1 and 2 and would close his arc by fulfilling his dream to become a father. Fair enough. But would it? Being a guardian/father (I don’t think he can adopt them that easily as long as Heather is alive) to two troubled teenagers is something completely else then to the cute little fellas he used to take care of back in the day. And his support system is in Chicago, not in Oregon. His friends, his family and the woman he loves. He’d be completely alone (with Griffin helping the best he can but come on, the boy has done and suffered enough. Helping Matt raise himself and Ben shouldn’t be on his plate as well). To me, this whole arc more or less screams Matt reaching out for help or at least advice sooner or later. Which would mean he isn’t just gone, disappearing into thin air and never to be seen again. IF he goes to Oregon for some time (which is likely happening) I don’t see the show just having him ride into the sunset without the audience knowing what’s going on over there. And since it’s „Chicago Fire“ and not „Oregon Fire“ or „Oregon youth welfare service with Firefighter help“ I guess that wouldn’t be the last we’ve seen of Matt Casey ;-)
Btw… and I know some Brettsey fans are gonna hate me now… I don’t really buy the argument that they wouldn’t write Matt out of the show because they used three years to build Brettsey. If an actor wants to leave, then sadly the build up is lost. They basically used 6 years to work on Dawsey but Monica left nevertheless. If Jesse wants to leave, what happened before doesn’t matter anymore. But we have seen no proof (at least I haven’t) that that’s the case. That HE wants to go. He said in that interview last February for One Chicago day that he wants to stay on the show, in interviews he mentioned a lot of times how well they get along on set and how many great friends he’s made because of the show and the fun he has doing all this firefighter stuff. Also his wife works at Northwestern University, he even got used to the Chicago weather ;-)
Really long story made short: If they had known that Jesse doesn’t want to renew his contract, I believe they would have written him out already. Why would they put in the extra effort to negotiate getting him back for 5 additional episodes (and the salary that comes with it) if they could have written out the character easily at the end of the original contract?
Are you still there? Good ;-) Now let’s check on the things we’ve seen and gotten concerning the next ep(s) that have cause friction among the fandom:
The big elephant in the room first: Jesse wasn’t seen on set since ep 5. This is a source of concern for sure. But think about it for a second. We usually have our beef with Derek because of the way he gives interviews with non-answers or always saying the same stuff. With the way certain storyarcs are constructed or because of characters that have left deserved better. And we call him names that are not exactly charming. However, I think we can agree upon that he’s not dump. He’s not stupid. If he’d be, this show wouldn’t have lasted 10 seasons and Dick Wolf certainly wouldn’t have trusted him with several of his shows. And they know what’s going on in the online fandom (maybe they even read this. Sorry to the poor intern who has to go through this right now ;-) ) They know when we’re going against each other once more or when we’re happy with something. And they also see the set pictures and the pics people, who go to the locations post. They know that if Jesse appears on those locations, it will be out in a matter of hours, destroying their whole supposed plan of keeping the arc and its outcome secret. People are waiting for Jesse, he’s one of the favs, him being there or not stands out. So in order to avoid that, they would have to keep him “hidden”. Hidden on closed locations, by having him shoot his scenes at Cinespace or on the „Oregon“ location outside of Chicago. So yes, him not being on location could mean both: he’s gone or he’s just somewhere else. It’s not a certain proof for anything.
That promo: What is the purpose of a promo? Making people watch the episode. There is no other purpose for it. How do you make people watch the episode? By „informing“ them there’s something they want to know/watch. That can be by showing something happy (a birth, a wedding), something dramatic (explosions, something collapses or a certain captain jumping out of a moving firetruck), or something potentially heartbreaking (like someone leaving). But what a promo under no circumstances should do…. is revealing the outcome of an episode. That would be counterproductive, because if the people know what’s gonna happen… Why would they tune in? So my advice concerning promos (not only this one but in general): always handle with care! And the more something seems obvious, if they serve you a storyline on the silver plate, the more it is likely that there is/are some twists and turns coming your way.
The contract situation: I’ve seen people arguing in both directions. Being worried because there wasn’t something in the news that Jesse and Taylor have renewed. However, that’s not unusual, especially since Kelly’s fate was hanging up in the air during the summer and often later contracts are not really discussed in public. I have no idea how the contract situation on NCIS:LA is for example (they’re in their 13th season). They’ve been playing with us when it comes to characters leaving the show with both Matt and Kelly and not since yesterday but since the second half of season 9. Releasing that they have reached an agreement would have undermined this.
Others thought if Jesse would leave, it would have leaked already. We had announcements in the media of characters leaving. Most recently Torrey and YaYa on Med or Annie on Fire at the end of season 8. We knew they were leaving. Others we didn’t know about and only got confirmation when their exit was happening. Yuri for example, or Adriyan. You can argue that with the exception of maybe Torrey these are all supporting characters who don’t get as much attention as the leads like Jesse and Taylor and you’re right. You can’t write Meredith Grey out of Grey’s Anatomy without a lot of people noticing and the risk that something gets out uncontrolled is pretty high. But I’d be careful with this. They’ve kept Yuri leaving pretty well under wraps until the season 8 premiere. To speak figuratively: if you build your house of arguments on this cornerstone, it could become shaky.
The synopsis for ep 7 and Gallo clashing with a new Lieutenant „temporarily filling in for Casey“. Many read this as „Casey is gone for some time but will be back, because why would that new guy only fill in for him temporarily“. Others read it as „he’s there temporarily before anything is decided about Casey’s spot on truck“. And I’ve read people thinking that means he’s temporarily filling in for Casey’s spot until Stella comes back from her Girls on Fire adventure. Lots of different ways to read it. However, in my mind the phrasing is pretty direct. They could have simply phrased it „a new Lieutenant temporarily filling in“. That would have worked for Casey, for Stella, for Kelly (who is working with OFI on the arson arc) or even for Herrmann and kept the whole thing pretty vague. They could also have written „he’s filling in at truck 81“, which could have worked if no decision has been made about Matt’s open spot. If he would be filling in for Stella, why not say “he’s filling in for Stella”? Or even „Gallo is clashing with a Lieutenant“ and we would all be going “Awww, poor Gallo, what happened?”. But no, they singled out Casey, the guy who they want to make us think is gone. Why still mentioning him if he’s out of the door? There’s no need for it…
Foreshadowing: I’m not gonna list all the things that have happened in the first episodes of the season that can count as foreshadowing, others have done that and most of the people who started reading this have probably either stopped or are asleep by now. There’s one thing I want to mention though. The first episode pretty much set the tone for the season (or at least the first half of it) for having a “family” theme. Boden said it himself. They are family. They can count on each other. Having Casey leave would provide the Darden boys with some sort of a family, something they obviously never had since their dad died. But, in a way, it would Casey rob of his. He would have to abandon his 51 family (and his sister and niece as well) to help those two kids in need. And it would rob 51 of one of its centerpieces (not to mention Sylvie and Kelly of one of their most beloved people). Sure, it would set up a family on its own, but we wouldn’t get to see it when he leaves and it would rip another family apart. So him leaving temporarily to take care of the kids but keeping contact with 51, getting help from there and in the end (hopefully) return would make an even better picture I think. That of the 51 family reaching out. Beyond distance and even time (when they give Andy’s kids the love and help that he can’t give them anymore). Remember what Hermann said? “Any firefighter's child is every firefighter's child“ That doesn’t only apply to Casey. It applies to all of them.
Okay, I’m at more than 2500 words now and this has reached fanfic proportions. Let me just add two more soundbites that pop into my mind. Jesse said Casey will be on an adventure that he didn’t expect (something like that). If he leaves for good in ep 5… we wouldn’t see said adventure. Derek spoke of obstacles for Brettsey prior to the season premiere. Do you really think if ep 5 is the end of Brettsey and Casey on the show he would use the word “obstacles”?
If you read until here (you’ll get a cookie) you also probably noticed that I’m leaning towards he’s staying (on the show) and only leaving for Oregon for some time. I acknowledge that some people have another view on things and see it from a more pessimistic side. It’s your right to have your opinion, even though I would always advice not to let Derek get under your skin too easy. It’s better for the nerves and your well being. I guess we’ll what’s gonna happen tomorrow. Until then… can we please stop fighting each other? It doesn’t help. At all. With nothing.
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What picture are people on Twitter getting mad at Darren for??
this is beneath the cut because it got really long (sorry) and there are also trigger warnings for mentions of police brutality.
I honestly couldn’t find it if I tried because I deleted Twitter a while ago, and wouldn’t know how to Google it, but it’s basically a picture of him pretending to having sex with one of his friends who looks like he may or may not be sleeping? I saw the picture once, and I honestly couldn't tell, but it looked like he could be awake??? and Twitter is losing its fucking mind calling him a “rapist” and shit like that and demanding he apologize for a picture he didn’t even post! (His friend posted it)
Is it his most tasteful picture? No, but from what I understand it’s like seven years old and also clearly a joke??
I have a lot of qualms with cancel culture (it’s the reason Jenna Marbles left YouTube so I’m mad about that lol) but the biggest thing is that on Twitter, it never seems to be about actually educating people for the better, or a real pursuit of social justice. It’s always this race to be the most visibly “holier than thou” “politically correct” (which, if you ask me, sometimes goes so far left they make a circle and come around back to the right. Looking at you, misogynists who want to police what content (queer) women can and cannot consume). Their political justice pursuits never seem to be based on actually caring. And if it is, it’s just for attention.
For example, Darren recently apologized for a tweet some (and I will also say, most of the people demanding the apology were not black.) thought was racist or racially insensitive. When he replied to one of the loudest voices on Twitter who called for an apology, the person running the account subsequently tweeted shit like “omg he knows I’m alive” and talked about being in their “Darren notice” era.
Something similar happened yesterday and days before, when Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all charges for the murder of George Floyd. (Which even then, people would say things like “I’m so glad he was convicted” and assholes would reply: “so you’re glad a black man died?”)
Darren tweeted: “✊🏼”
That’s it, that’s the fucking tweet. And then people started demanding he delete it, and the other half demanding he apologize for it and calling him a “white supremacist”. (Which pisses me off even more because... Despite the fact that. He’s not fucking entirely white?? BUT I DIGRESS!!!)
Apparently, a white fist in the air is a symbol of white supremacy, and people were tweeting shit like “I’m so disappointed in you” “how can you stan him after something like this?” “I’m so disgusted” blah blah fucking blah.
First off, if you don’t know enough about Darren to know that he’s not a fucking white supremacist? God I don’t even know how to finish that lmao.
Second, if your breaking point is a god damn emoji, you need to get the fuck off the internet. Whenever I use the fist in the air emoji to show my solidarity for the BLM movement, I don’t use a black fist. Because I’m not fucking black. I use this one: ✊🏽 because I’m mexican. I’m brown (okay so I’m a little less brown since quarantine but give me a day in the sun and the melanin will come back my dudes). Darren is not black, he’s tan, so he used a tan fist to show his solidarity and I think the reaction from glee Twitter was honestly gross and disgusting and awful because guess what: you are taking attention away from the fact that Derek Chauvin, the murderer of a black man, was convicted, AND that a black child was murdered by the police, to yell at a Filipino-Irish man that he’s a white supremacist.
(I beleive he deleted the tweet and then people were calling him a coward for not owning up to it. so he truly cannot win lmao)
That’s where the fucking picture comes in. I could be wrong, because I only get bits and pieces from a group chat I’m in and I’m not actually on the site anymore, but after the emoji tweet is when the picture was dug up. A years old picture that he didn’t even post, just to incite more hate and pretentiousness and senseless polarization???
If you're so "dissapointed" and "disgusted" in him, then fucking leave. Go. Don't stan someone whose morals you so vocally don't agree with. You no NOT have to be a fan of someone who supposedly causes you so much distress.
I also never thought of it before a friend I met this summer pointed it out, but why do we act like celebrities have to be held to a higher moral standard than everyone else? Why are they not allowed to make mistakes, and learn and grow like the rest of us? Because they act or sing??? Lord knows I was ignorant as fuck in 2011 and it fucking SHOWS in my old posts and shit. The only difference is that I didn't have thousands of people watching my every move.
Like fuck. No wonder he never goes on social media anymore. I wouldn't either. i can't imagine how fucking overwhelming and anxiety inducing that is. Let him fucking breathe.
It’s stupid. It’s all stupid. I actually felt like I was having my brain fried on that app. No thank you, I’ll leave it to slow cook like a roast in crock pot here on tumblr thank you very much.
TL;DR: Twitter is up in arms about an old picture of Darren pretending to have sex with his friend and I don’t trust anything Twitter says anymore because everything on there is for clout.
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corpsette · 11 months ago
May I request a sykkuno x fem!reader fic where she's this really cute and shy yet cheerful girly girl and how they would match. Like maybe they first "meet" through a stream that Sean or Felix invites them on and sykkuno's being his adorable self and finds her really pretty, and it's all fluff and blushy. 💖
YES, YES, YES!!! I LOVE THISSSS! I hope you enjoy 💞
Tumblr media
pairing → sykkuno x fem! reader
words → 1.2k
Tumblr media
the day was going by slowly, and it had been rather boring so far. you had spent all day watching other people stream, and, to be honest, you didnt feel like streaming today...
until sean dmed you asking if you wanted to fill in for someone and play among us with some very big creators.
of course you jumped on the opportunity! who wouldnt? it would benefit both your social life and your real life. besides, a few more friends wouldnt hurt.
"yeah, she should be joining any minute now!" you joined the voice chat and heard sean talking about you. "be nice, please! shes a very good friend of mine!!"
"no need to tell me twice!" you heard a sykkuno say. you had been a fan of sykkuno for a long time, but you didnt have the guts to message him. "oh, is that her in the vc?"
"y-yeah! hello everyone!" you said, smiling shyly as everyone tried to say hello at the same time. "I'm Y/N..."
"that's a lovely name, Y/N!" sykkuno said, making you blush and making your chat spam 'uwu.' "I've watched a lot of your streams, I'm a big fan!"
"thank you, sykkuno! I'm a big fan of you too!" and that was the complete truth. sykkuno was a big role model for you, he was one of the reasons you started streaming.
"okay, enough flirting, sykkuno!" rae butted in, making you both laugh awkwardly. everyone went around introducing themselves, and toast started the game.
the word 'crewmate' flashed over your screen. you quickly said goodbye to chat and connected to the proximity chat modules.
it took you a while to connect, though, so when you came back to the game you found sykkuno standing guard and making sure you didnt get killed.
"sykkuno?" you asked shyly, adjusting your headset ever so slightly. "is my mic working?"
"it's working! I can hear you!" sykkuno said, wiggling his character back and forth.
"oh, that's good!" you said. it was a little awkward, you had not the slightest clue on how to keep a conversation going.
"yeah! so, how would you like a body guard?" sykkuno asked, at this point you were both blushing and smiling like dorks.
you were big fans of eachother and didnt think this moment would ever come, since neither of you had the guts to tweet at eachother, let alone send a direct message.
"y-yeah, I'd like that. thank you!" you replied, but before you could move an inch, a body was reported.
"double kill in-" corpse started, but he was immediately shut up by rae's yelling.
you giggled quietly as the chaos unfolded and rae and corpse started blaming eachother. at one point you zoned out, only coming back to your senses when sykkuno called out your name.
"Y/N?" he asked, you looked up to see you and sykkuno were the last people who had to vote. "are you there?"
"oh! yes! I'm sorry!" you said, fixing your posture and focusing on your screen.
"who do you think it is, I'll vote with you." sykkuno smiled to himself as you hovered over each person who was being accused.
"I think its corpse..." you said quietly, not voting yet, but sykkuno voted right away.
"I trust you, Y/N!"
"fuck, I should've listened to Y/N." sean said, shaking his head. "small brain plays on my end tonight."
you quickly voted and watched as the voted racked up. 3 votes for corpse, 4 for rae, and 3 dead people. it was obvious that rae, sykkuno, and you voted for corpse, so you already knew who voted who.
"should we 50/50 to be safe?" felix asked, standing at the button and waiting to call it.
"speed run?" corpse asked, laughing slightly as felix started wiggling his among us character, his child dancing behind him.
"SPEED RUN!!" felix said in a deep voice, only for reactor to be called. "SHIT." everyone ran towards reactor, leaving you and sykkuno alone at the button.
"hi again, Y/N." sykkuno said, standing on top of you to protect you. "I know you're crewmate."
"yeah, and I think you're crewmate too..." you said, a bit unsure. "because of the double kill."
sykkuno chuckled and wiggled around. "yeah! and, even if you were the imposter, I'd let you kill me."
"what do you mean-" you stopped talking as the sabotage was fixed and sykkuno called a meeting.
"we're alive!" leslie said, taking a deep breath. "so, we were right with rae?"
"I dont think so..." you said, thinking about all the big brain plays you've seen toast do. "I think its toast and corpse. toast does these kinds of things a lot-"
"WHA? ME? LITTLE OLD ME?" toast practically yelled. "I'd never kill anyone!"
"b-but..." you mumbled, trying to sound confident. "we should at least 50/50 corpse just in case..."
"I'm with Y/N on this one!" sykkuno said in his cheery voice, voting corpse and making corpse gasp.
"sykkuno... are you simping for Y/N instead of me?" corpse faked a sad sounding voice. "I cant beleive it. I actually think its Y/N and sykkuno."
"oh, it's not me and Y/N we were together at spawn when the double kill happened." sykkuno smiled, thinking no one would sus you two after that.
"can anyone confirm that?" toast asked and there was silence all around. "GET EM!"
with that, everyone voted, and sykkuno ended up being voted out because everyone trusted toast...
and that's how you lost the game to corpse and toast. damn, they really were amazing imposters.
"how'd you know it was corpse and toast, Y/N?" ludwig asked, making you try and shy away.
"w-well... I watch all of you guys so I know what kinds of plays you make..." you expected to be laughed at, but instead you got praised.
"that was really big brain, Y/N, sorry I threw that game." felix said, running around the lobby.
"yeah, that was really smart." toast admitted. "I guess I'll have you change my tactics from now on."
"oh... thank you all..." you said, laughing gently. "I have to thank sykkuno, hes the one that kept me alive. so, thank you, sykkuno."
"it's no problem! just trying to make sure we all have fun!"
after the stream, sykkuno added you and discord and you started messaging. you were so lucky to be picked by sean to join the lobby, because that's how you met sykkuno!
sykkuno brought joy to your life, even on days when you weren't feeling like there was any joy in the world.
you cherished these moments with sykkuno, and soon enough, he was more than a friend to you. soon enough, he was your bestfriend.
and maybe even a little more...
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heyitsmerose · 8 months ago
Them asking for consent (Hyung Line)
Hello again! I recently had the ‘talk’ with my little sister. Just the usual, safety, consent, etc. I realised a few my readers may be younger too, around 15 or 16, which is why I beleive it is essential to learn about, understand and talk about important topics such as consent. I will be later on linking a guide to these important yet taboo topics such as contraceptives, consent, pleasure, relationships, etc. so please stay tuned and stay educated. That’s all from me, please enjoy!
Word count: 2.4k
Genre : Angst + Fluff
Tumblr media
You and Hongjoong had been in a relationship for not too long, maybe 4-5 months at max. Your favourite part of your relationship was how considerate he was. He would always ask before doing initiating anything and was very gentle with you. Despite this, at times you felt that your relationship might have been moving a little too slow. You knew your feelings for him were genuine and you wanted to become more intimate. 
You tried to convey what you felt in a subtle way, by kissing him for longer at times and not pulling away, by adding tongue into your kisses, which he reciprocated, but then pulled away shyly after a few seconds. You came over to his house early in the morning just to make him breakfast in bed and to see is adorable morning messy hair. You back-hugged him in the morning, circling your hands around his waist running them along his sides, only for him to giggle and turn around, pecking your nose, and then return to what he was doing originally. You gave his head massages scraping your nails against his scalp and putting pressure on certain points, and although you thought it wasn’t working, he once sensually groaned, and you thought you were getting somewhere, only for him to apologise and leave.
Despite all the various attempts on numerous occasions to initiate more intimate contact, he would usually shy away or wouldn’t reciprocate it, so you felt guilty for making him feel uncomfortable. After a week or so of trying, you gave up and resumed your normal lifestyle. To your surprise, Hongjoong actually enjoyed the past week more than he would like to admit and once you stopped doing all those little things, he felt empty, and realised he wanted this too. 
There was this once when the both of you were at your house and you were at a kitchen counter making some popcorn to eat for a movie. Just as you were done, you felt two big arms, engulfing you, wrapping around your waist. You looked to the side and it was Hongjoong. He pressed a kiss to your head and although on the outside you were calm, on the inside you almost lost it. You turned around in his embrace and pecked his soft lips shortly. 
“What is all this?” You said giggling
“Y/n, I think I’m ready to move on to the next stage of our relationship” He said, and your eyes lit up. A big smile erupted on your face and he reciprocated it too. 
“Are you sure?” You asked him and he nodded, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. He then held both of your hands with his bigger, warmer ones and led you to the bedroom. He sat down, and made you sit in his lap. You were straddling him and could feel him completely. 
“Y/n, I know I want this, but do you? I never really asked you. Are you okay with this?” He asked all of a sudden. You nodded and pecked his forehead.
“If you feel uncomfortable at any point of time, you can tell me okay? Just tap on my shoulder 3 times and I’ll stop immediately okay?” He said, hands holding your face. You just smiled in return, locking lips with him, mumbling an okay in between.
Finally, it was time...
“Y/n, can I touch you?” He asked softly, and you almost exploded from the gentleness in his voice. 
“Yes hun, thank you for being so gentle” You smiled back at him. He slowly glided his hands under your shirt, not making contact yet, looking up at your eyes one last time. You nodded, and he finally grazed his fingers along your stomach, chills went down your spine anticipating what the rest of the night was going to be like.
Tumblr media
You and Seonghwa had been dating for over 4 years, but he still never forgot to ask for your approval. You were a little shy, which gave him all the more reason to constantly check if the pace of your relationship was alright. 
You had gone to Paris on vacation as a getaway, to take time away from both of your stressful lifestyles. This was much needed for the both of you and you had quite a lot on your agendas. Your final destination was the Eiffel tower, how romantic. It was night time, and quite late. At this time, not a lot of people were actually on the Eiffel tower and were instead viewing from below (this usually does not happen, but just imagine that you got lucky). You thought it was the perfect time to go, as you’d both get the privacy you wanted and would be able to enjoy the beautiful Parisian night view from above. You made your way to the top with the tour guide, and he left you both alone at the top. It was quite cold and you began to shiver, so he offered his jacket, to which you declined and just rubbed your hands. The cold air was after all, a part of the experience. He just laughed at your cuteness and got out his phone.
He snapped a pic secretly while you were looking out at the view, and reviewed it, blushing at the way your hair blew back and your face was illuminated by the lights from below showing off your cute, astonished smile. While you were looking out, you slowly, noticed him snaking his arms around your waist and you just laughed, used to these little moments. You inhaled his scent and leaned into him.
“I’m so happy to be here with you” He whispered into your hair
“Me too” You said back and the both of you stayed in that position for a little longer, swaying from side to side slightly. After a while, you started shivering again, and he realised it was probably best to go back. Although this memory was quite short, it would be quite memorable. Before leaving though, he did have one thing on his bucket list, that he couldn’t leave without doing.
He swiftly turned you around in his embrace to face him, and held both of your hands, staring into your eyes.
“Y/n, I love you so much, and I’m so glad to be here with you right now, you don’t understand how happy you make me, and I’m so lucky to wake up to you every morning...” He said pausing to take a breath in. Meanwhile, this was all too much for you. This romantic setting, being in the arms of your lover and his loving words that hit you like a truck, and soon enough you started crying.
“Noooo, why are you cryingg?” He whined, wiping your tears. You just laughed and shook your head. He gasped and then realised.
“Wait, you don’t think I’m proposing to you, do you? I’m not just yet don’t worry?” You just hit his shoulder and mumbled an “I know” through your tears
“I don’t think words will ever be able to describe how much I love you” He said rubbing his nose against yours and you almost died inside from the cheesiness. He grabbed your face with both hands and made you face him.
“Can I kiss you?” He asked softly. You just laughed at the way he still asked for permission even after 4 years of dating. You nodded your head, and he inched closer until you both locked lips. Despite dating for over 4 years, sparks flew every time you kissed. He grazed his tongue gently against your bottom lip asking for entry and you allowed him, deepening the kiss. He explored your mouth and even made contact with your tongue. You lips locked together perfectly as if they were made for each other and you couldn’t have wished for a better experience than this, romantically locking lips with your lover atop the Eiffel tower.
Tumblr media
You and Yunho had been dating for around 2 years or so and had started getting quite comfortable in your relationship. Being merely strangers after meeting on a dating app, the idea of sex never really came up over the past few month. Now however, you were definitely not strangers and Yunho was starting to feel emotions and feelings he couldn’t describe. You on the other hand, were quite happy with the pace of your relationship and didn’t notice anything wrong.
All of a sudden, after being gone for an entire week, for filming a camping series with ateez, he realised how much he missed you. He came back and when he was greeted by you wearing nothing but his top and some underwear, with your gray bra visible, he started to understand these feelings. It was lust, desire and need. You noticed how he would get a little closer than usual and kissed you for longer. You loved the attention, but knew something was off.
After he had kissed you against the kitchen counter for what felt like the 20th time, you confronted him.
“Yunho-yah, did you really miss me this much” You said, with an innocent smile plastered on your face. Yunho smiled even bigger than you and rubbed you cheek with his palm.
“I want to tell you something, follow me” He held your hand and dragged you to the couch, sitting you down facing him.
“What is it? Is everything alright?” You said a a little worried.
“Yes, well, I don’t know... Y/n... I hope you won’t judge me when I say this, but I know we’ve been dating for a while and I just wanted to know if you’re ready” He said cautiously
“Ready for what?” You asked nonchalantly, fixing a strand of his hair
“Ready to have sex with me” He whispered, a little unsure
“oh” was the only thing you managed to get out.
“It’s totally alright if you don’t want to just yet, I just want to know how you feel.” He said grabbing ahold of your hands, but you flinched away and he immediately felt guilty for bringing up the topic.
“No, no I want to, I want to be intimate with you, it’s just can we give it some time? This is a little much to process, and I would love to have my first time with you, but I just- I just don’t think I’m ready yet, I’m sorry” You said, looking down feeling guilty for turning him down life that.
“No, no please don’t apologise hun, take your time, I’m sorry I brought it up” He said. He gave you your own time and space to process it, but opened his arms wide for a hug and you gladly accepted, snuggling into his embrace, he kissed your head and you fell asleep.
The fact that you didn’t rush it only made your first time more special. It was on a holiday after a few more months of dating and approval of the relationship from both your parents too. The setting was perfect too, he had booked a private villa near the beach and you were so grateful. He took his time and consistently asked if you were okay. You agreed and were thankful to have waited a little longer, because now you were a 100% sure and were able to show all your love.
Tumblr media
You and Yeosang had met recently through a mutual friend and were on your 5th or 6th date. By this point, you were comfortable enough to have invited him over to your house to watch a movie together, nothing too extreme. It was a movie that you found out he was actually waiting for, so when he arrived and saw the choice of movie, he immediately got excited. 
Throughout the first hour, you both were slightly awkward, as he kept watching the movie, not concentrating on you, while you couldn’t get your eyes off of him. You stared at his perfect jawline, and his dimly lit face, that cast harsh shadows of his nose and lips, outlining their perfect shape. You unintentionally sighed, from the lack of attention, and he immediately looked at you. He panicked wondering what was wrong. He saw how you had your arms folded and mouth in a pout and realised you were upset. When you looked back at him and he was still looking at you, you immediately blushed and he realised what you wanted. He opened his arms, ushering you to scoot closer and snuggle into him, to which you smiled at the offer. You gladly accepted, snuggling into his embrace taking in his scent. After a while, you started to get sleepy though, and couldn't help yourself but fall asleep in his comfortable embrace. Meanwhile, he kept watching the movie and when realised you had fallen asleep, a look of pure adoration was evident on his face. He took his phone and snapped a few pics of you secretly, while you were snuggled into him.
He observed the way your eyes were fluttered shut, long eyelashes frayed on your cheeks and your messy hair, snuggled into his embrace. He set the picture as his wallpaper and fell asleep onto you too. About an hour later, the both of you woke up, only to see the movie was over, and you both were snuggled into each other, face merely inches apart. You moved closer to his lips, looking back up into his eyes and he nodded. You pressed a long kiss to his soft lips and he smiled into the kiss.
He got up and you saw a notification pop up on his screen, only to be greeted by your sleeping figure as his wallpaper. He panicked and tried to defend himself.
“I’m sorry, I took a photo of you secretly, I should have asked before, I probably seem like such a creep I’m sorry, I can remove it if you’d like” He rambled. 
“No, no, I actually find it quite cute that you have a picture of me as your wallpaper. Thank you for clarifying with me though, I appreciate that you asked me if was alright to have my photo, especially since, I kind of need to prepare beforehand, I look weird in candid photos” you laughed and he held your hands.
“Y/n, I think you look good all the time so please don’t think otherwise, but don’t worry, I won’t take photos if you don’t want me to” He said. You just shook your hand dismissing him and snuggled back into his embrace. 
“It’s alright Yeo, I actually like it, so don’t worry” You whispered into his neck and he got chills immediately.
You just chuckled at his cuteness and appreciated the fact that he asked if you were okay with him taking the photos.
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billionairesitgirl · 11 months ago
Do you have any tips to help someone who keeps failing? I have been trying for several years now to get started and feeling more and more hopeless every year. I have attended $$$ events, lost weight, moved closer to major cities. Then of course COVID struck and made things worse. Is there something I can do that can help me gain an "in" or are certain things just not meant for some girls.
Yes i screamed it...  but that’s because thats the most important thing in succeeding.
Secondly Congrats on taking the steps and trying..... 
The following is also important 
1.) Have you asked your self why you keep failing?
Take a pen and paper and spend an entire day by yourself. Think, play things over in your head and Analyze.... This is probably the only time i truly suggested, over analyzing the crap out of your life, decisions, faliures and successes. 
(a) What mistakes, do you keep making? or What mistakes do you think you keep making. 
(b) what makes them mistakes 
(c) Would those actions have worked out better in something else or displayed to someone else 
(d) who and/or what would this action work on
2.) List your obstacles ... Every single one you could think of... 
Make 3 categories
 .....Obstacles you have gone through - What caused it? who caused it? (Regardless of who caused it... You owe some responsibility... so still own up to it... But remember BE KIND to yourself...) 
There is a fine line between being kind to yourself  and completely absolving yourself of any responsibility when owning up to the responsibility of things gone wrong
......Obstacles repeated - How do you NOT repeat this Again?
.......Obstacles Imagined and Obstacles that could still happen (based on different things, character flaws, finances, men’s personalities, race, looks, nature) Get as detailed as needed.  
Man plans and God unplans ... 
However, as humans we have ability to at least create contingencies... try to come up with possible contingency plan and POSSIBLE action on how to still not stand still when one of those obstacles appear... Basically figure out another way to scale through, wiggle through, swim through... whatever way (As long as there is life, health and will... there is a way.... After all people have clawed out of dungeous using only a stick or even their finger nails)
3.)  What have you tried that didnt work? or keeps failing... List it
4.) What ever #3 is that didnt work... What is the alternative that you haven’t tried. 
5.) Clearly you see this as an investment if you have lost weight, moved etc... What is missing in the picture? (I don’t know you, nor have I spent time with you or know your thinking process or views... So this is something even if you dont know what is missing... You have to sit and think... Sleep on it, give it time but remain introspective but be mindful to know when clarity presents itself. 
Being brutally Honest with yourself is the only way to know what is missing and where you are missing. 
Example: I met a gorgeous black girl A few months ago. From the get go, I knew she was hypergamous... The men also knew. But there was something missing and i couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Until we were all talking with the men present. 
She carried herself as a pretty girl, sweet and bubbly... But she made the mistake of trying to emulate the white woman’s countenance... So she could be doted on same as a white woman... I can’t explain this in detail.
But while it is good to emulate things noteworthy in other people... She lost her self and her own personal spark.  As a black woman... She avoided the pitfalls of a stereotypical black woman (quote on quote)... in the process, she mistakenly lost her goddess quality and blended in with the rest.  The men moved on from her. 
My Point is: WHAT IS MISSING... Are your run of the Mill? What is your core
6.) Standard - 
Do you have set standards? expectations of yourself and of the Men and of your surroundings?
Do you keep it? Do you up hold it or do you switch or lower it under pressure? 
Not to give too much information... I refused to live in the poor neighborhood when i moved off college campus. I lived in a condo and lived Smack in the center of the wealthy part of the city. I was not in this lifestyle then... But it was simply my standards... And even though it meant staying on campus longer till i got it... I did that.
Example 2: I have friends who do not care what hole they enter to get entertained (granted you can meet people anywhere)... But I am not the type that goes out very often... So why will i waste my few outings in some frat boys bar or club. So I go to high end places.
Example 3: I met a man who recently sold his company with upwards of $80 Million... I wasn’t told... I was aware of the process and listened to him through the proceess complain about delay in the closing and trying to avoid tax etc
He was deperate to meet me in person. As a matter of fact the day he closed. He flew me to his city (I went cause i was bored).  Long story Short... He is the type of man that got lucky... There isn’t much in terms of comparison... Thinks he knows everything, thinks himself black people’s savior and makes comments such as “If there were black women like you”...  Has some racists views he doesn’t think is racists... I met his friends... I liked one (But he just recently got remarried and was the smartest of the bunch). They had pissing games who had thr most rolex collection etc... He was crazy about me... Still is even without so much as a kiss and i spent a weekend there. (Had my own hotel room)
But, I knew while the money was there, he was generous and was crazy about me... It would drive me nuts being with him and interacting with his friends... My standard here is that I won’t deal with any man who so much as stresses me mentally especially as I am a black woman... I won’t take nonsense.
My Point is : What do you compromise on that you do? It is a long road being steadfast to your standard... But it has been worth it for me.
Do not use anyone’s standard... Create your own and work on keeping it... Men will despise you for it... But respect you all the same.... It is a weird placed to be.
7.) What type of events do you attend. When you attend events, go out etc... What do you do? How do you approach these events? Do you wing it? Do you plan it?  Are you fearless and confident or shy or just pleasant enough to exchange pleasantries alone? What vibe do you give off? 
How do you dress? Different styles can come across different ways... Some ooze Sexy, some ooze elegance with a hint of sexy, some basic, some regular, some say just another event person
8.) Closer to Major cities : what part of that do you live? Even if you are not in the center of things... Where do you go when you go out? How often to do go to wealthy areas, who do you interact with there? 
There is a plethora of questions who have to ask yourself.
With Covid I have met people (but then, I work for myself and have more freedom to move around and also take mini vacation in other cities) And I already have a network... So, I have a  leg up -  
But, I know girls here and people are also still meeting people.
What is stopping you? What avenues and methods have you tried? Have you thought outside the box? 
Hopeless? No... Wrong direction... As you fail you learn things that dont work so that should make you hopeful. 
Also, I am a big beliver in manifestation and law of attraction. Feeling hopless will only make things more hopless...It will attract more faliure...
Find ways to think more positively, ways to turn negative things into potentially positive things... In this case you do not have to be rational... Imagine everything negative happening has a positive... 
e.g  : A man cancelled on you = It wasn’t meant to be... It might have turned into a terrible situation for you... Thank God or the universe for saving you from whatever it is you arent aware of. 
eg : Covid happening : Time to make more money, invest. Brush yourself up, level up some more, learn new ways to meet this men and become more resilient so you come out fire when, the world isnt tupsy turvy
e.g : Getting older: Perfect, the more sure and certain you become in yourself, the more you actually find out what makes you stand apart, the more you find out who you are and realize that whatever amount a man was going to give you last year, you’ve outgrown it with age, maturity, acheivements etc.
You get the gist.... NEVER FEEL HOPELESS
You can feel sad... But not hopeless... Dust yourself up and try again...
Maybe one day i will take time out to share some of my own short comings and faliures... Cause i think we share the successes much more;  that people think there aren’t mistakes and faliures and short comings... I have had them, and I continue to work and fix them. 
The only thing is after my introspection... and brow beating myself and figuring it out...i don’t like to dwell on the faliures... I put my self to work updating myself. Besides I think sharing more good news brings more good news and vibes... But, there isn’t anyone that can claim to not have had obstacles and faliures.
Finally: My sister beleives everyone has a destiny... But everyone is also capable of changing theirs... 
With regards to your question...  About certain type of girls ...
The Answer is NO...
Some people might find it harder, or lack the resources and know how
But trying, pushing ones self, acquiring knowlegde and doing whatever it takes (of course within reason and comfines of morality ) Is what makes the difference.
As i write... I know women who took their entire savings to go to ST Barts for New Year...  (Would I? NO) But some would... My point is. 
You will go as far as you are capable of seeing yourself go.
So if you want a change in your pattern... You have to break the wheel... Try something new you haven’t tried yet... And a new approach. 
Question for you: “Gain an in?” Into what circle do you want an in? What type of man
#hypergamy, #datingtips #sugardatingtips #sugardatingadvice #levelup #levelupadvice #sugardatingtip #sugardating
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kaz11283 · 7 months ago
I Think I'm in Love (pt 2)
Announcement: this is the second part of my "I think I'm in love....shit" Loki prompt that just got completly away from me. I just absolutly love writing all the request and the prompts sent my way. I have another song insperation that I am working on (in my head) that I will be starting on after I finish this one up then it will be back to writing for Fire and Ice for a bit. Thank you guys so much for all the suppost that I am getting and all the shares and reblogs. I didnt get to meet my goal for last month of 200 followers but i hope to be at that by the end of this month then I will try to think of something to do as a celebration so keep your eye peeled! 💚💚💚💚💚
Loki Masterlist
Tumblr media
"Lady y/n, Thank you very much for the dance. I shall find you again before the night is through to have another dance." He bowed taking your hand and kissing it.
"That would be a pleasure Sir Fandral. I shall save one for you." You curtised to him and turning to walk off. Before you knew it you had been swept up by yet another guest spinning you around the dance floor causing you to loose track of time.
"My Lady, may I have this next dance?" Thors voice boomed next you to causing you to smile.
"Of course you may, you did promise me at least one tonight." You took his hand and let him lead you across the floor where the crowd opened up leaving the dance floor open for you and the prince. You smiled as he wrapped his arm around your waist pulling you closer to him.
Loki huffed next to his mother and rolled his eyes. "Honestly, the way he looks at her."
"Loki Odinson!" His mother swatted at his arm. "That is your brother out there simply dancing with a good friend, if you are so jealous then why dont you go out there and dance with her?"
"I am not jealous of Thor." He said.
"You could have fooled me. The way you have been watching her all night? The way you act around her? You act more like yourself, and dont you tell me other wise. You would give that girl the moon and stars if she asked and you know it." Hearing his mother say it out lound stund Loki, sure hos brother had dropped hints and asked him multiple times about the two of you but all Loki could normally do was laugh about it.
"She doesnt feel the same mother. How could she? I am second best, I am not the one that will take the throne one day." He sighed looking at Frigga.
"Shut up Loki. You are not second best. You are my son. And not all girls want the future king, they dont wamt the crown or the popularity that it brings. Beleive it or not some girls just want to love and be loved. I see the way she looks at you with love and passion, you hung the moon for that girl at a young age and she will always beleive that. Go dance with her before I call you both out." Frigga gave him a gentle nudge forward shooing him away.
As Loki walked to were you and Thor were dancing his stomach was flipping and he was straightening out his top as best as he could. Walking up he tapped Thor on the shoulder causing his brother to turn around.
"May I cut in Lady y/n and possibly save you a few toes from being stepped on?" He took notice of how your face lite up and you eagerly nodded smiling he returned the smile and offered you his hand.
"We shall finish another time lady y/n." Thor bowed walking away.
"I was expecting to see you sooned Loki." You smiled up at him as you placed one arm around his neck and placing you other hand on his chest.
"I was talking with mother about some things." He placed his arm around your waist pulling you close just like the others had done but with him you felt more at ease like you belonged there in his arms, more protected, no one would dare cut in as long as you was right there with Loki and you liked that. He took his free hand and tucked a peice of your hair that has fallen down back behind your ear before placing his hand over yours on his chest. To others around you this was normal you and Loki behavior but to the two of you there was something diffrent settling between you.
"You look absolutly beautiful tonight y/n, my colors look absolutly amazing on you." He smiled looking you dead in the eyes. He took his hand and traced the sleeve down to your bare arm. Your breath caught as you meet his eyes.
"And you, my prince of mischief, look just as stunning." You grinned.
"Darling I always look good." He laughed cauing you to giggle. "I do tend to look just a little bit better though when you are around." It slipped out before he could even think.
"What?" Your mouth dropped slightly.
"Well this has seemed to make things slightly awkward." He said giving you a slightly forced smile. You pulled him tighter to you almost forcing him to look in your eyes.
"Dont try to joke your way out of that little comment Loki."
"Y/n, I think I'm in love, with you." He leaned in slightly looking you right in the eyes.
You let out a sigh of relief. "Oh thank the Norns, I think I'm in love with you too Loki Odinson." You pulled him the rest of the way toward you so that your lips could finally meet after years of dreaming of this moment. His lips were soft and welcoming, they felt like what you had always imagined and you never wanted to stop.
"Ah, see mother. Harmless tricks and small little fibs. I knew they would fall into each others arms before the end of the night. Everything is as it should be." Thor gave a big smile turning to his mother.
"Well you weren't the only one planting seeds tonight." Frigga laughed at the look on Thors face as it dropped. "Me and Loki had a wonderful heart to heart while you danced with her."
You pulled away from Loki and placed you head under his chin as he laced his fingers together behind you. "Would it ruin the moment if I told you I had nothing to do with the outfit choice tonight?" You asked looking up at him.
"No my dove it wouldnt, though I must ask, who picked it out." He laughed.
"Dont ask me why but your brother had it delivered to my room this afternoon with shoes." You could see the wheels turning in his head.
"Now may I ask you something with out sounding crazy?" He asked.
"Of course Loki."
"Fandral, did he ask to escort you tonight?"
"Norns no! Do not get me wrong, he is a very nice man but I would not have came with him tonight. Who told you that?". Loki turned away from you facing toward Thor and Frigga. You followed his gaze.
"Oh dear my eldest. It seems as if you have been found out." Frigga simply stated taking a sip of her wine as she watched the two of you walk thier way.
Thors eye widened as he took a few steps back. "Mother, what would be the plan?"
"I warned you that you was playing with fire when it came to those two. Loki and y/n are bad enough seprate when it comes to tricks, them together though? Much worst." She took another sip from her glass. "Dont forget that they are doing some redecorating in the west wing so that is completly blocked off." Thor kissed Friggas cheek mumbling a thank you amd turning to leave right as you amd Loki were walking up the steps.
"West wing is beimg redone so hes not there. He wont leave the castle, not tonight at least, but I do remember him turning to the right as he ran out." Lol I took off after his brother.
"So my dear? The mystery man you had mentioned so many time turned out to be my son? I dont know if I should be hurt or thankful that he has someone like you to keep him calm." She smiled at you.
You blusjed before looking back at her. "Yes, Allmother. Please forgive me for not tellimg you the truth."
"All is fine, of course you will have to finish your teachings since you will one day be a princess of Asguard." She smiled at you.
"Of course Allmother you smile taking a few steps back. If you will please excuse me, I must go find your sons so that Loki doesnt kill Thor." You laughed turning to run in the direction the two princes had ran.
If you would like to be tagged in any of my requests, one shots, or my series you are more than welcome to drop a message or a ask. 💚💚💚💚
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lillian-nator · a year ago
You want more shit? I can go all day (except for school and sleep, hm) but one day techno realises just how much trouble Tommy is getting into by hanging out with Dream and challenges him to a fight, that's how the dream and Techno duel comes about, techno wins and Dream is just like "Well, what did you want me to do?" and Techno goes "stop influencing boys younger than you or ill break your kneecaps next" - 💙
Oh shit - oh shit - oh shit
Man, Blue, you are really the mvp.
I feel as though we can understand eachother - I also need to sleep and have school in the morning lol.
Anyways, I would love to continue throwing ideas back and forth with you :)
Here it is [the scene]:
[So, for this scenario to happen, I imagine that Techno has to not know of the “Tommy being high off his ass” incident at first.
So, I picture for either Techno to sleep through Tommy’s lecture - or the more likely case (and the one I am going to write here) Tommy didn’t leave his room for the entire day after he got caught.]
When Tommy still hadn’t come out of his room at noon, Wilbur and Phil thought that Tommy was simply trying to evade punishment, but when they went to go check on him, he was still asleep. Like not even pretending to be asleep, like he was clearly out of it - and Wilbur, and Phil weren’t monsters, they would let him sleep as long as he needed.
They assumed that he would need a lot after only getting to bed at 4am, high as fuck, as well.
Tommy ended up sleeping until 6pm that Saturday (the weed incident happened on a Friday night). He only got up to puke in the bathroom and lay back down in his bed.
Techno, who had been gone for most of the day, came back and assumed Tommy was coming down with something. He went into his room, closed the door and din’t come out. Look - he loved his brother, he really did, but midterms were coming up, and he didn’t want to get sick. Besides, Wilbur being the sap he was, would totally be taking care of Tommy all day, if he was sick. He loved Wilbur really, but he could never had what him and Tommy had, Wilbur being the closest with the youngest, was over-protective at times, and a tad bit jealous of Dream, but he was a great brother really, and he was totally Tommy’s favorite, no doubt about that. He means, the two were stuck to the hip when Tommy was younger, and even now, sometimes it was like they were the same person.
So, Wilbur had been in fact taking care of Tommy. Sure, he was pissed out of his mind that his fucking 15-year-old brother came back home high as a kite, but he still cared about Tommy. Probably too much for either of their goods.
As soon as Wilbur heard Tommy get out of bed, he had been prepared to go upstairs, but when he heard Tommy vomit - he stopped. He wasn’t sure if he should help the boy or not. He knows that Tommy must have a killer headache, and probably stomachache from smoking weed on an empty stomach. So, he wasn’t sure whether or not he should let Tommy live the consequences of his actions - or if he should help ease his little brother’s pain.
Look, we’ve already discussed that Wilbur cared about Tommy too much for their own goods. SO, of course Wilbur fucking helped him.
When Wilbur got up to Tommy’s room, man was he not expecting to see Tommy in as much of a mess he was. He was still in his clothes from the night before, SapNap’s jacket hanging loosely around his arms, the multitude of blankets pulled up to his chin. There was sweat dripping down his forehead, and he looked green.
Taking a better look at him, Wilbur knew that it wasn’t the weed that made Tommy throw up - the kid had actually gotten sick from being outside without a jacket.
Wilbur was ready to throw hands with a member of the Dteam.
Anyways, the fact that Tommy was sick delayed the conversation a few days, and when it did happen - that Tuesday at 2 P.M, right after Tommy got home from school - Techno was still at the School studying for midterms.
Techno still didn’t know what was going on - but he noticed the subtle differences.
Tommy had to keep his door open when he had friends over, even with Purpled and Tubbo, practically two members of their family. Wilbur locked Tommy’s window, and when it was hot outside, Tommy had to ask Wilbur to open it. The air was tense. Techno felt like he was always walking on eggshells, and he felt as though he could physically see Tommy walk on eggshells. Tommy had started sitting with Wilbur and his friends at lunch. Tubbo obviously stayed with Tommy - really, Techno could see how glad the small boy was to spend time with his brother - but Purpled switched between Dream’s table, and Wilbur’s table almost everyday.
Tommy having to keep his door open only lasted a week and a half; Tommy was too loud, and the only kids coming over were Purpled and Tubbo (Phil completed trusted them). The window stayed shut though, and Tommy was not allowed to sit with Dream for the foreseeable future.
It was 3 weeks into Tommy’s new-found punishment when Techno had to ask Phil what was going on.
Techno sighed, “Phil, seriously, what has been up with Tommy lately. Did I miss something?”
Oh.” He had a look of confusion on his face. “Did Wilbur not tell you?”
“Did Wilbur not tell me what?” Techno scoffed, Phil could have not been more vague.
“Well, Wilbur caught Tommy come home high a couple weeks ago.” Phil threaded his hand through his short hair, he wasn't sure how Techno was gonna react.
Techno didn’t know how to react. His brother? Tommy? High? “Wait - but he was grounded a couple weeks ago?”
“I caught him sneaking back in. If Wilbur hadn’t woken up, I would’ve never known that he was high. He was good at hiding it.”
“Uh...” If Techno knew one thing, it’s that you aren’t good at hiding the fact that you are tripping balls the first time you get high. “Do you think that he had done it before?”
“I’m not sure. He said that he hadn’t. Wilbur believed him, but Wilbur would beleive anything that boy tells him. I have to trust him on it though.”
Techno mumbled, “That fucker.” And walked out.
Techno wasn’t thrilled bu the fact that his 15-year-old brother had been smoking weed.
Of course he wasn’t, it was his baby brother. Tommy was never supposed to do any of that crap. But, if Techno knew Wilbur and Phil well enough, he knew that he was getting enough punishment as it is. So he laid off him, even if Techno knew that Tommy had smoked at least one other time, he assumed he wouldn’t do it again - that part was right, however what Techno did not anticipate was to catch Tommy sneaking out again, or rather in.
It was late at night, the night before Techno’s last midterm. He wasn’t always the best at Physics. So he just decided to go over a few more equations.
Sure, it was almost 4 am, but Techno never slept anyways.
So, his head is in his hands just looking down at his Physics test book when he hears the clicks of the door being unlocked, and the kitchen being directly across the the house from the door - Techno had a crystal clear view of his brother attempting to sneak back in, from where he was at the counter.
“Hey.” Tommy stops in his tracks.
Tommy walks over to Techno, sits directly across from him at the counter, putting his keys on the table. Tommy sighs loudly.
“I will tell you anything. Please just don’t tell Wilbur and Phil.”
Techno, who actually really just wanted to know what was up with his brother, decided that he would take the deal. “Sure. You have to answer my questions though.”
Tommy let out an audible sigh. “Okay, deal. What do you want to know?”
“Let’s start with the obvious.” He clapped his hands together. “Are you high?”
“No.” straightforward. Techno continued, “Are you drunk - did you drink?” “No.” Techno squinted his eyes, “Are you lying?”
“Do you need a fucking sobriety test? I’m not under the fucking influence.” Tommy gritted his teeth.
“Hey.” He was used to Tommy’s attitude, so he’s not sure why the hostility caught him off guard. “I’m doing you a fucking favor - I don’t need the attitude.” He smacked the blonde on the back of the head. In the process, he took a beanie off of Tommy’s head. Upon closer inspection, Techno realized that the beanie was not Wilbur’s. It was Quackity’s.
Techno started again, “Who were you out with?”
“The gang.” Tommy deadpanned.
“Who the fuck is the gang?” He was starting to get really pissed off at Tommy’s vague answers.
“I don’t know!” Tommy stuffed his hands in his pockets. “Last night it was Quackity, Karl, Tubbo, and -”
Techno sighed, “Dream.”
“Don’t cut me off. I’m giving you the fucking answers.”
“Don’t forget you’re the one in trouble here.” Techno closed his Physics book. This was gonna be a long night. “Why?”
“I don’t know. Dream asked if I wanted to meet them at the bridge, and I did. So, I went.”
“Even though you knew that you are not allowed?” Techno asked skeptically.
“That’s kind of the fucking point of sneaking out.” Tommy turned to go into his room. Techno grabbed hold of his wrist.
“Just tell me one thing, before you storm up into your room.” Tummy hummed in agreement. “How many times have you smoked weed?”
Tommy groaned; “Really? You’re still on this?”
“Just answer the damn question Tommy.” Techno growled back.
Tommy sighed, exasperated, throwing his hands in the air - also successfully freeing himself from Techno's grip. “I don’t know! 3 or 4 times - I mean it when I say, I won’t do it again.”
“I beleive you.” And he really did, although his little brother may have been sneaking around behind his back, he knew him. And Techno knew that Tommy sounded sincere. “But, you also lied about never doing it before. You also smoked weed. Here we are.”
“Whatever.” Tommy mumbled, pushing past Technoblade and stormed up to his room. What he didn’t realize is that he left his phone on the table.
Tommy’s phone buzzed - loud enough for Techno to hear it through his thoughts.
Techno shyly picked it up - look, he really didn’t want to invade Tommy’s privacy. He knew that no matter what Tommy did, he had a right to privacy away from his brothers, but, Techno couldn’t help but be curious to which of the assholes of the month was texting his brother.
It’s a text from Dream.
Dream: You dropped your student I.D. You wanna pick it up tmr night? Karl and SapNap found an abandoned mall a town over. They wanna check it out. You in - Purpled and Punz already said they were game?
Techno was about to beat the shit out of that green fucking bastard.
The next morning, nobody knew why Techno was waling down the hall with such determination.
But nobody stood in his fucking way.
As soon as he got to Dream’s locker, he saw the bastard. Standing there talking to SapNap like nothing happened last night.
Techno slammed Dream’s locker door shut, earning a wince from the tall blonde.
“What the hell dude?” Dream snarled, annoyed, and fucking too tired to deal with anyone’s shit.
“’What the hell dude?’“ Techno mocked. “Why the fuck are you helping my little brother sneak out?”
“Because he asked me too! It’s not my fault he wanted to hang out, and I’m not taking the blame for something he did.” Dream was tired of getting involved with Tommy’s brothers. He loved the kid really, but his brothers were a lot to handle.
“Tubbo, too! We both know he’s grounded.” Techno mused, hands raised to the ceiling.
Dream, swore he was never gonna get a break from this guy. "Tubbo asked too! I'm not gonna take responsibilities for their actions!"
"Then stop fucking inviting them." Techno growled.
"Look. If they want to sneak out - I'm not, not, gonna tell them when we are hanging out."
"Just stop fucking inviting them - then none of this would ever be your problem. You got it? Stop fucking around with my brothers." Techno stepped closer, pointing a finger in Dream's chest.
Dream looked at the pink-haired boy with a knowing look. He said 'brothers' - okay. So, Techno was talking about all 3 of the teens.
He dropped his head, he really didn't want to get into a fight right now, "Look, I'm sorry okay? I can promise you I won't give any of them alcohol. I can promise I won't let Tommy take a hit of Quack's joint. But, I can't promise I won't stop hanging out with them."
Techno laughed, "You don't understand do you? The point is that you let him do it in the first place."
"Do you really want to do this, right now?" At this point students had gathered around the pair. "You want to fucking fight?"
"If that will make you shut up and leave my fucking life; yeah."
Dream threw the first punch.
There isn't much to say about the fight. Techno won - but barely. Both came out with bloody noses, split knuckles, bruised ribs, bleeding lips, and tired arms.
Techno broke Dream's nose.
It was a good fight.
Most of the student body watched, 'oohing' everytime a punch was thrown. At some point, Tommy had seen the fight go down, and Karl had to hold the blonde back, from breaking up the fight himself.
"Alright," Dream admitted on the floor, tired beyond relief. "What do you want?"
Techno seethed, "I want you to stay the fuck away from my brothers." and walked away.
Later, after school, when Tommy walked in on Calvin helping Techno clean himself up in the bathroom, Tommy brushed past Techno, bumping into his shoulder.
"Hey -" Techno grunted in pain.
"Good fucking luck explaining this to Phil. I'm going to Tubbo's. I won't see you later." Tommy growled, and continued walking.
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beelspillowpet · 11 months ago
If your requests are open and your willing to, would you be able to do the brothers reacting to a trans MC? 👉🏻👈🏻 preferably female to male, but either way is fine! Sorry if your not comfy with this type of request >~<
Anon, just because you were afraid that I would turn down your request, I am going to PROVE to you how much it doesn’t bother me I'm going to do the 7 brothers AND the side characters. Because you BETTER BELEIVE we have a cast of supportive people!! Yessir!!!
I myself am the twin sister of my late twin brother, who was also FtM! I’ll be using his memory as inspiration, if you do not mind? Thank you for requesting this!
At first he presumed you were just not girly. He didn't really mind your behavior or way of dressing, so long as you got your tasks done on time and were on your best behavior.
When you cut your hair and stopped wearing that nail polish (despite Asmo’s pleading) he still thought nothing of it. You wore pants, and started trying your best to drop hints, and thankfully, Lucifer isn’t an idiot.
So what you’re telling me is that we’ve made you uncomfortable when referring to you as a woman? If that is the case, MC, then we would be more than happy to refer to you as anything you request. You only need to say the word.
He is dedicated to making sure you’re happy and comfortable here. He and his brothers may be demons, but they aren’t heartless. They were once angels too. He goes through the process with you, if you were shaky or unsure of what to do in the past. If you want HRT, surgery, need a new wardrobe, he and his brothers will be the first to provide. Whatever to keep you happy in your skin.
Oh. Honestly speaking, he’ll still love you regardless of what form your body takes. He liked the way you looked, but secretly he can’t wait to see how you’ll look after you transition.
Before we even get to that point though, it takes a lot of hint dropping for him to get it. And even then, he has to go and ask the others what you’re trying to tell him. Of course he gets picked on a little bit for it, but once he figures it out he’s really happy you were comfortable enough to tell him.
Hell, he might get a job just so he can help you be able to afford all the things you’ll need to properly transition. Some of the details make him blush quite a bit, and if you’re uncomfortable with touches or any signs of affection during your process of transitioning, he will politely refrain from making his human uncomfortable.
He’s taking you to Majolish and you are going to get your ENTIRE wardrobe redone. Courtesy of The GREAT Mammon! You should feel grateful that he’s working this hard to make you happy. I mean c’mon, he LOVES you! He can’t wait to love you more after you’ve become the man you always were deep down inside.
He does notice that you act different from other women. Not that he minds it, not at all. His Henry is still the same old Henry. Just a little bit different. He’s a little bit different too, there’s nothing wrong with that. Right?!
It’s when you start preferring to be called Henry as opposed to your birth name, do the cogs start churning in his brain. He would have suspected at first that maybe you just were very good friends with him and loved TSL almost as much as him.
He’s seen a few heart-warming anime about it. Specifically one about a girl becoming a boy, and the struggles he went through while attending school. The title wasn’t too important to him, but now that he had a reference for what you were dealing with, he was a bit happy. He just wanted to wait until the moment was right to bring it up to you. Perhaps his Henry was really a Henry after all!
When the moment comes, he’s proud to say the least. He throws his arms around you happily, and promises to be there by your side every step of the way. He’s not exactly rolling in money, but an Otaku finds a way. The Lord of Shadows is your best friend ever, and he can’t wait to see the before and after pictures of your full transition!
It started with a book you read with him. He didn’t fully comprehend your situation, but he knew you didn’t act like normal girls. It reminded him of a character in a book he read a few weeks ago. The guy didn’t really act like a girl.
While sweet and thoughtful, this character didn’t hit the nail on the head in some ways. When talking over the book with you, you explained just as much to him. The energy was there, but it was backwards for you. He picked up on it immediately.
So what you’re telling me is, you understand this characters struggle with themselves, and can relate to it. But something about it is backwards? A little smile appears on his face as it fully dawns on him. MC, I think I’ll be able to assist you in any way you need.
With Satan’s wonderful connections across the entire Devildom, it wasn’t long before you were getting some of the best treatment possible. The prices seemed a bit scary, but he assured you everything was being taken care of behind the scenes. If you needed to worry about anything, it would be the tiring, long process to come with transitioning. He’ll be sure it goes relatively smoothly for you, though!
Oh he gets it immediately. Darling why didn’t you just say so in the first place?
He’s dragging you back to your room, rambling the entire time about how he can’t wait to take you out and go shopping. He puts together a devious little page to gather up donations and the like to support your transitioning. His fans would be HONORED to pitch in, right?
In the mean time, he stops pampering you with makeup and his other routines that you used to tolerate for the sake of being cordial. He still pushes for the nail polish, since gender is simply a social concept and he’s ready to crush it into dust any chance he can get. But it’s not about him, it’s about you.
Soon your room is painted a new color, your dresses and skirts and frilly outfits are tossed out for more appropriate attire for your sex, and he’s taking photos for his Devilgram page to show everyone how beautiful you are, even while going through the long process!
You and Beel got along fabulously. He seemed astonished that a female was interested in all these manly habits he indulged in. He heard from some of the guys on his team that you were interested in playing Fangol. As evidenced by how you always showed up to his practices and games, no matter if they were home or away.
He figured you were just a really big fan of sports. But then you even started working out with him, and giving him suggestions and tips on how to get even more out of his workouts at the gym. You were really passionate about this.
Let’s not kid ourselves, he probably does not pick up on any of the signs. You have tot ell him, and you have to tell him firmly. You are a man, just like him. When you do tell him, however, he’s eager to help you transition. Imagine having another guy in the house who loves Fangol as much as you do!?
He isn’t much aside from emotional support through the transitions, and he coddles you when you have those bad days. If you want to eat something, he’ll rush to the kitchen and cook you a full meal before you move an inch. You’re allowed to lay in bed today. Let him handle the heavy load of work for you.
Oh wow, look at that. He picked it up almost immediately.
I mean, there’s no way a girl would act the way you do, right? Dress the way you do. Be the way you are. He doesn’t care though, and just wants you to be happy. If that means you transition into a man, then hell, he’s on board with you.
He may be a lazy bastard, but he knows when it’s time to get up and work hard to get something. That was what he was like as an angel, anyways. Working at Hell’s Kitchen is the worst, and you hear him complain about as much, but he smiles and assures you that it’s all for a good reason.
His final gift to you to apologize about the Incident, is money. Now at first glance it seems like something Mammon would do. Probably. In reality though, this is the money that will be going towards your HRT. He doesn’t know if you want to fully transition or not, but if you want that top surgery, he can help pay for that too. He’ll do anything to make sure you’re happy and healthy in your own body.
It really is a house of men, isn’t it?
He’s glad though, truly, that you were comfortable coming to him about it. Don’t bother ever opening your wallet to pay for any therapy, medication, or surgery. As the Prince of the Devildom, he would be more than happy to get you doctors of all sorts to help you. No questions asked!
It might be a bit overwhelming at first, but the news is exciting. If the Prince accepts you so readily, it gives you hope that other demons will as well. Pretty soon you’re going through your processes, and Diavolo couldn’t be happier to see it happening.
You really is a wonderful guy, and he’s glad he’s getting to experience the changes you take in your life. 
To say he didn’t suspect this would be an understatement.
Ever silent and respectful though, he never spoke a word of it. You are probably uncomfortable with people assuming it, even though it’s true. An insecurity that humans seem to deal with, although unfortunate.
However, when the news is broken during a meeting between you, Lucifer, he, and the Prince himself, a smile creeps on his face.
He’s happy to hear that you are so comfortable speaking about this sort of thing. He knows it must be tough, having hidden your true feelings for so long. He prepares a delicious tea with small treats, to celebrate your coming out, and transitioning.
Simeon (and Luke)
Oh dear. God loves you, still. Don’t worry about this. He doesn’t see you as an imperfection.
They assures you constantly that you have their full support, and that will never change. You are not broken, you are not unwanted, and you are not strange. You are a regular trans man in their eyes, and they will defend you on that.
Simeon almost takes on a fatherly role to you, wanting to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible. He probably has done a bit of research in preparations for your transition, and all the nasty little side effects that come with it are worrying him.
However, once it’s all over, Luke and Simeon are glad you came out on top. And my, what a handsome man you make!
He figured, but didn’t want to assume. I mean, who the hell is he?
He’s got a few spells for this though, make it quick and painless. One wave of a wand and POOF! Woman no more!
Oh but that’s probably dangerous. The shifty bastard. You would much rather do it the regular way; and not have your insides and outsides shifted around by some crazy sorcerer.
He doesn’t protest much, but that does suck. Hehe. Oh well. You can count on him to support you through it all!
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pettyprocrastination · 28 days ago
Do you have a model for Carol York?
Also any headcanons on her? Thanks ☺️
warnings: vauge sex hcs, allusion to violence and I beleive those are all. These are not reader centered, just personal headcanons about her and dave BUT I will happily do some poly content for them just hmu!!
tagging some Dave moots: @thesadvampire @captainsamwlsn @mostly-megan @ficsilike-reblogged @ezrasbirdiealso @wastingthetimeaway
So I hc Carol as a shortened version of her name. Her full name is Carolina.
So I know there is a actress for her already since she was in the movie (albeit shortly)
BUT I never saw the movie in completion and I want to insert a lady crush sO
A big Inspo for Carol personally?
This baddie
Tumblr media
My girl jennifer tilly!!
Less tiffany valentine and more domestic babe though
I think carol is a headstrong woman, she and dave both work
She doesn't have to, dave reminds her. He makes both enough for them and the girls to be well taken care of
But when the girls were old enough she wanted to get back to work because being at home all hours of the day made her restless.
She always tries to garden but about 80% of the plants she gets ends up dead in lile a week.
She has no idea how!! She always looks up how much water and sunlight each type needs but they still end up sad and wilting in a week or so
pls don’t take this woman to a flea market she will buy so many little novelty items that she definitely doesn’t need but they're so cute so she does it anyways. 
“do we really need another candle?”
“honey, I’m supporting a small business! It’s good for the economy.”
Is an active member in the school activities her daughters want to do!
Girl scouts? She remembers doing the same thing! She can help them earn all the badges they want
School play? She'll help them memorize lines after dinner sweetie.
Of course she has moments where things get fumbled
Where she forgets to pack a lunch or cant make it to their girlscout meeting and they have to carpool and she feels overwhelmed. 
Dave is always there to comfort her and remind her that shes an amazing wife, an amazing mother, and its okay to forget things sometimes. 
“Do you know how many crazy-sock-days I have forgotten for the girls? Give yourself some slack Carolina. You’re an amazing mother and they know it.”
She knows what Dave does for work, at least to some extent. 
That it’s dangerous, and sometimes requires him to leave abruptly and suddenly for long periods of time. 
He doesn’t like keeping her in the dark so he tells her as much as he can. mostly so she never thinks he’s absent for other reasons, like seeing another woman. 
because Dave York? is a man who kills. He is NOT a man who cheats on his wife. Period. 
Carol knows how to shoot a gun and how to disarm an armed attacker, and always has a Go-bag packed and ready in the closet in case her and the girls need to leave suddenly. 
All courtesy of Dave. 
Personally?I read Dave as the more affectionate of the two. 
He hams up the kisses and cuddles to embarrass the girls in public and to make his wife laugh. She loves it.
It makes her feel like they're newlyweds again. 
“Oh please, everyday I wake up to you it’s like our honeymoon never ended.”
sir you are embarrassing your daughters in the produce aisle of a Publix please stop. 
Is openly bisexual, she has never hidden that about herself from Dave, and dated multiple women before meeting and getting together with her husband. 
here some saucy thots ;)
Switch queen. 
it depends on the mood but she will happily boss Dave around in the bedroom
but also enjoys teasing the living hell out of him until he snaps and pins her down. 
But personally? she’s very giggly during sex. 
she just loves him so much and shes so happy and comfortable that she doesn’t feel ashamed to smile and laugh as he kisses her neck. 
She and Dave have definitely had roleplay sex but have had to pause mid scene cause she keeps giggling and breaking “character”
“no no I can do it this time, I promise! See? i’m serious now.”
“honey, I can see you trying not to laugh.”
due to Dave’s long work trips she is the queen of phone sex
poor bastard will be in the middle of answering emails and then his lovely wife just fills his phone with nudes. 
Not that he’s complaining of course. 
It’s just now he’s stuck at work for the next four hours with a raging hard-on because she’s wearing the pretty purple get-up and she knows that’s his favorite, the little tease. 
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nightswithkookmin · 10 months ago
Goldy I never thought I would reach out to any Jikook blog but after your last post I have to. I am an east asian american and trans. I have never spoken on this issue, commented or posted about this. I am a Jikook supporter but sometimes Jikook supporting blogs don't feel like the friendliest place. I want to thank you for changing my opinion on that. It is an insult to BTS to say Jikook don't know they seem gay or that they don't know what gay looks like. It is an insult to fans like me to say it would be OK to do the things they do if they were cisgendered straight men. I personally saw a few people say or dance around this and they got intimidated by big blogs for it. I would never name names because I beleive in free speech and the right of people to express themselves, as long as it isn't hate speech. Supporting lgbt people and making sure they don't feel endangered is MORE IMPORTANT THAN STANNING A KPOP BAND and I say this as a 4 year long bts and Jikook stan. So many people don't want to touch this issue and I understand why.
But thank you for supporting ACTUAL lgbt people as well as bts and showing stubborn people that BTS mean gay rights when they say gay rights.
I don't know why but this Ask made me cry...
Tumblr media
I've been reading it over and over for the past two days and each time I feel humbled by it. Thanks so much for sharing this with me.
I think the era of the obsessed 'kids' and '13 year old shippers' in this space is coming to an end. I think it's time for a more nuanced mature conversation on what it means to ship and stan our faves in today's sociopolitical climate.
Let's intellectualize shipping and use it as a vehicle for social change not just pleasure. Sabotaging political hashtags is a start. Trending and donating to BLM is equally important. Fighting for gay rights and recognition is the next step and a natural progression from here- and about damn time!
Gone are the days where celebrities and idols were immune to accountability and personal responsibility. We live in a world where everyone is required to be converstant in and sensitive to social issues. Awareness is woven into our collective consciousness and for some of us we cannot divorce that from our pleasure receptors.
Hate to quote my pastor but, 'As a kid, I spoke, thought and reasoned like a kid. As I grew up, chilee darling, I put my ghetto ways aside. You feel me?' Lol. Yea, my pastor hood like that. Lol.
The fact of the matter is, BTS has a higher mature demographics now. Majority of us grew with them, if not past them. They are not seventeen anymore, Jin is almost thirty, the youngest in the group is past twenty three and majority of their fanbase are breaching Young Adult well into Adulthood and beyond.
We simply cannot view them with the same lens anymore. If we did, we would be infantilizing them if not enabling them.
We ought to be able to have certain conversations that reflect our age, hearts, backgrounds, experience, values and beliefs.
Tumblr media
We can't sit behind our television sets and smart phone screens in this day and age and assume BTS sat through a performance like this and did not for a second think about what it meant, why the crowd cheered at certain moments or even understand the impact, message and intent behind it- especially not when Halsey, an openly bisexual woman and advocate for LGBTG rights is an acquaintance of thiers.
Tumblr media
I don't know how a fraction of this fandom can assume BTS would have a collaboration of this nature and not know anything about the gay rights discourse or what queer baiting is or not consider how their actions may or may not be contributing to the marginalization of persons as these- to not have agency and personal responsibility or empathy.
Tumblr media
JK cannot stan a gay artist such as Troye Sivan and divorce his music from his sexuality because it flows from it. Not when Troye has openly spoken about the struggles he went through as a closeted gay man, coming out and how that affected his mental health.
JK knows what gay is, he is aware of the struggles queer people face on a daily. His decision to cover, license and recommend songs by this artist is a deliberate act coming from a place of being informed on the matter.
Jimin knows. RM knows. Suga knows.
Tumblr media
BTS cannot prepare a speech like this while oblivious to the plight of the LGBTQ plus community. I refuse to believe that simply because it's not true. Anyone who says otherwise is a scammer. Lol.
And I think they are intelligent enough to have cognisance of the fact majority of the world view certain aspects of their home culture as problematic and non-progressive and that this same world is watching them and what they do in this space matters.
Tumblr media
They are part of the conversation. And it's in their interest to present themselves as queer a queer friendly band and company by distinctifying themselves from these 'traditional' Kpop bands.
I believe they know that being woke gives them a competitive advantage as MCs and advocates for the youth in today's world.
I believe they are aware certain things in their 'fan service culture' doesn't fly in the space they compete in and want to compete in. They are competing and rubbing shoulders with top LGBTQ plus advocates, sharing seats with them at awards, standing next to them- they best to look sharp.
Tumblr media
It's obtuse for anyone to fall on the 'culture' rhetoric to excuse certain behaviors of their idols when actual queer people from and within that same culture fight against it.
Most S. koreans I know and have come across complain about their 'culture' and some even harbor strong resentments against this whole fanservice culture.
Holland, an openly gay Idol from South Korea, has equally spoken out against the 'fan service' culture prevalent within Kpop on several occasions and laments how it depoliticizes queerness and affects actual queer people within S.K.
Tumblr media
And isn't it funny that the same conservative Christian population who strongly oppose homosexuality in S.K often lead online campaigns against Jikook for 'promoting homosexuality' because of certain fanservice and skinship they do?
If skinship is normal and fanservice is culture, why does conservative S.K keep pushing back against it? It's their culture uno?! Lmho.
Queer south Koreans and conservative Christians hate fanservice culture and yet here we are using their culture to defend it as if it's all black and white. Lmho.
Tumblr media
Did they or did they not see South Korean's reactions to this performance by Jikook? The mixed feelings most had about it?
Men can nibble on men's ear but God forbid they toss them in the air and catch em💀
South Koreans are not a monolith. Their culture is nuanced like any culture. It's not static and not clear cut black and white either.
It's one thing to respect other's culture, it's another to perpetuate it in ignorance. Perpetuating their culture and being religious about it does not allow for the dynamism inherent in their culture.
Troye Sivan talked about how he'd stop in the middle of his concerts and performances upon seeing the hyper fangirls in the front row and then think to himself, 'I know they know I'm gay, so why are they still here...'
And this was before he came out.
Jikook know we know they are queer or that we think of them as queer. When Jimin talks about 'those that love me for me' he knows exactly what he is talking about or rather who he is talking to- it's not these hets I'm afraid.
Troye also talked about being privileged because he lived in a rather queer friendly neighborhood where everyone is gay and so he'd always felt safe coming out.
Isn't that what JK is doing?
Now this is a person who's without a doubt had a lot of influence on JK in his early formative years as an Idol right down to his decision to move into a much queer friendly neighborhood of Itaewon.
They know we know. Jikook is gay.
Thankfully, there are reports of a rising number of LGBTQ plus in South Korea, a lot of allies, a lot of queer folks coming out and a lot of companies opening up to working with gay idols and aspiring idols.
It's such a relief but a lot of work still needs to be done and I stand with them on behalf of Jikook and any queer folk in SK.
My sister is helping me reach out to an LGBTQ plus advocate from Seoul for an interview for my blog. If everything goes well, I'd love for her to share her thoughts on queer passing, queer baiting and fan service within Kpop and how that affects LGBTQ youth in South K.
It's a conversation I'm really passionate about and interested in.
I love me some ships, but I also love me some queer advocacy and human rights uno? Lol.
Thing is, I may quit BTS one day, but I can never quit being me. Being human. Always put the human first is my motto.
Oh and I hear people are plotting to cancel me? Chilee. Y'all do that but:
Tumblr media
Let it echo.
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ssa-baby-outlaw · a month ago
9-1-1 S5 EP5
• It's my favourite thing that buck sleeps in a hoodie
• I really wanna tidy up that mans house
• I dont care if I was dying I would not call 911 on the toilet
• Bobby really said 😯 at the team tension
• Bucks really having to deal with another him
• Buck 4.0 is bobby
• #MayGrantFanClub2021
• "Now we have moved past the point of understanding",the education system everybody
• "911, what's your damage" cant wait for all the gen z first responders
• I would have bitch slapped claudette outta that chair
• May if you dont say something I will
• Buck with power tools is my fav aesthetic
• Ooh okay hen, is eddie a bad driver?
• May's apartment is so cute
• Speak your truth harry
• Oh shit athena, I have lost all respect for you
• "I cant beleive he said that" I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU FUCKING HIT HIM
• buck shouting probie is his therapy
• That was such a mum move hen
• I just want the old guy to be alive long enough to explain what dodgy shit is going on
• That's one pretty ass fire
• Ayyyy meth lab retirees
• Probie is ravi's trigger word
• Bucks deeper voice is sending me
• I am uncomfortable
• Buck cannot leave
• "Everything feels broken now and it's my fault" stooooooop
• Fuck yooouuuu claudette
• Were buck and ravi...flirting?
• "And I dont think that hitting him will do the trick either" yes Michael
• Finally! Make athena go to therapy! It's been far too fucking long
• I am in love with the height difference between buck and taylor
• Go to therapyyyyyyyy athena
• I never be more scared than hearing maddie call buck in the middle of the night
• Also for a second I thought the suicide call was maddie calling 911
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stagwhisker · a year ago
Actually this brings me to another gripe and warriors vs the fandom and that theres chunks of this fandom who can't understand framing vs context and think that because the book frame a character as good they can do bad things at best and be garbage at worst and vice versa.
I see this mainly with Bramblestar but it applies to others like Breezepelt, Blossomfall, Bluestar, I swear it's more than B names these are the ones I can remember off the top of my head.
The books want you to think these characters as great or having good reasons for doing the shit they did and they just don't. They try to do this by having other characters refer to them in good light or stand up for them in a good way and just no???
Bluestar was always paranoid and possesive (and WILDLY hypocritical) then when she began to fall apart she chose to let her clan rot instead of stepping down. Also naming a traumatized woman after the thing that she felt ruined her? Good job asshole maybe your warrior name should have been Deadmom. Also idk how many people remembered this but she was a dick to her kits when they were still in the nursery. Instead of trying to explain to Mosskit that food was short she said, and I QUOTE "I'm your mother. If I've said you've had enough to eat, then you have." When Mosskit responds "That's not fair!" Bluestar replies with "Life's not fair." Which is so bad fucks sake.
Blossomfall is just plain asshole and it honestly blows my mind that IvyBlossom is so popular considering she spent just about any page time with Ivypool bullying her and treating her like shit. Then later on she grows up to be an adult who comes off as genuinely Xenophobic(as applied to wc) and that ends up alienation her son who ends up dying over this shit.
Breezepelt was manipulated by the Dark Forest into beleiving what they TOLD him Crowfeather felt about him. Was Crwofeather a good dad? No. Did he hate his son? No. The neglect Breezepelt had was no excuse to do the shit he did. This leans more towards a section of the fandom thinking his action were justified because uwu sad backstory I can relate to, but no they were not. Breezepelt was an adult for all of the bad shit he did outside of aggravating Thunderclan cats, it was entirely his decision independant of what Crowfeather did and for once the books actually acknowledged this through Crowfeather himself of all people.
Bramblestar falls into "The Erins are misogynistic and will blame women for the problems caused by men" category. I'll bite and tell you BrambleSquirrel was a terrible idea from the first book of New Prophecy because Bramblestar set in his mind an image of Squirrelflight and seemingly carried that his whole life. Brambleclaw saw Squirrelpaw as an annoying apprentice and got pissy when she tried correcting him. This follows them until they are grown ass adults when The Sisters came into play. Bramblestar refused to listen to Squirrelflight and actively made things worse by not doing so which forces Squirrelflight to go behind his back to try to SAVE other cats. When all hell breaks loose the fandom wants to blame Squirrelflight when all she did was try to make sure these cats and pregnant woman didnt get fucking killed which ended up happened anyway because guess fucking who. When Fireheart did it to Bluetsar for similar reason it was "brave" and "the right thing to do" but because it's Squirrelflight now it's "backstabbing" and "betrayal".
Real talk, if you are with a parent, loved one, or friend and had the thought "I want to tell them this, but I don't want them to be mad." comes to mind first, that's a sign you've been abused. When you are afraid to share information or talk about things because they'll get angry, they've blown up at you, blew things way oit of proportion, and belittled you for shit they shouldn't have. Squirrelflight's Hope is littered with this and it deeply concerns me that the fandom wants to look at this textbook example of an abuse victim and say it's her fault she feels this way.
I'm not gonna go over the reveal of the Three because I'll level with you if I was put on the spot like Holly did to her parents I probably would have panicked and said some dumb shit too. But then it's up them to talk about it and work through it.
Another thing that Bramblestar does that really irks me in regards to Squirrelflight is how he always wants her to listen and consider his feelings but doesn't always want to do the same for her. This refers to Moonlight too but mainly Hawkfrost. All Brambleclaw had to do was assure her that he hears her and considers her feelings but would make his own decision. Thats IT, it's not that hard. She may not had had solid proof Hawkfrost was evil but he doesn't hide his abuse of Mothwing very well either and if your boyfriend is willing to side with his brother who abuses his own family you'd drop his ass too because that's pretty telling of a person.
The Hakwfrost situation was wild on it's own anyway because he was so onviously bad to begin with and Brambleclaw just went with it until he couldn't anymore and then never ahd any concequences for it when other female characters do way less and get way worse.
Whatever this has turned into a mile long rant but the point is teh Erins can't write characters and then treat them as they are and it's most noticable with Bluestar and Bramblestar. Anyway I'm gonna make some coffee so I can chill.
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msmarvelwrites · a year ago
Season Of The Witch - Part 5
Summary: Your witchy abilities get you in quite a bit of trouble from time to time… But this time you don’t mind so much. 
Pairing: Bucky x reader 
Warnings: Swearing, fluff, mentions of smut, I think thats it but please let me know if Ive missed any! 
Word Count: 2k
Author's Note: Finally, we are drawing to a close. I have the epilogue ready to post right after, so this is it my friends. I’ve had an absolute blast working on this little piece for you guys. Thank you to all of the amazing people that help me create these stories, but a special shout out to @cutie1365​ and @sweeterthanthis​ for your endless support. I honestly don’t beleive I could do it without you and I’m so grateful to have you as my lovely pocket friends! With that, please enjoy! Like and reblog if youve read, as if fuels my cold heart lol
Tumblr media
His breath fanned across your collarbone, pulling you from your sleep coated haze. Bucky’s arms wrapped around your waist and had your body linked to his. A human body pillow would be the best way to describe the current situation. Though you didn't mind… You could think of a lot worse places to be besides entangled with an ethereal Super Soldier. 
Bucky shifted in his sleep, alerting you of his consciousness. You carded your fingers through his hair, a hum of appreciation leaving his lips as you did. Honestly, sleepy Bucky was probably the cutest thing you’d ever witnessed in your life. You knew for a fact this was the only way you wanted to wake up from now on. 
He pulled you closer to him, your body flush against him as his eyes fluttered open. A small drowsy smile pulled at his lips while he kissed your forehead, nuzzling into you. 
“G’morning, doll.” His deep voice vibrated against your neck coaxing a shiver to ripple down your spine. You tried to repress the whimper that threatened to fall from your lips as his fingers ran across your hips, the bruises from last night not quite healed enough to touch. You knew that if you ever wanted to get in bed with the man again, he could not know about the marks your body bared. It wasn't his fault, and truthfully, you loved the way your body ached, reminding you of how good he could take care of you. How he could silence the world with his touch like it wasn't the most magical thing you had ever known. 
Maybe he was the witch? 
“Good morning, Sarge.” You cooed, coaxing a groan to fall from his lips as he peppered your neck with kisses. You took in his image, knowing the team would be awake in the next hour and you would have to sneak out before anyone found you creeping out of Bucky’s apartment. Before you could give it much thought however, there was a series of loud knocks that erupted from Bucky’s door. You half haphazardly unwrapped yourself from Bucky’s hold, panic washing through your body as you clumsily rolled off his bed and onto your feet.
Bucky chuckled, watching your struggle as he called out to Friday. 
“Mr. Stark is here to see you Sergeant Barnes.” Her voice rang through the room. Your eyes went wide as you wracked your brain for the easiest place to hide. Bucky could sense your distress as he motioned for the bathroom, a sauve smirk plastered on his face. 
You bolted into the bathroom, locking the door behind you and splashing cold water on your face for good measure. Tony would always see you as the kid of the team, having taken you on fresh out of highschool. Even after recruiting the spider-ling, you’d always be like his first child. He reminded you of that every chance he got. Tony could not find out, under any circumstances, that you were sneaking around with Bucky. 
Bucky rubbed his face, trying to wake himself up fully as he padded across the room. When he opened the door, he only did so a crack, peaking out to see Stark with that high-tech tablet he never seemed to be without. 
“Stark.” Bucky nodded towards the billionaire. Tony took in his disheveled appearance, shirtless and still half asleep. 
“Barnes. Didn't know you slept.” He chided, glaring him over skeptically. 
“Didn't know you cared.” Bucky retorted, leaning against the door frame. Tony scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest and rolled his eyes dramatically as Bucky's jaw clicked. He’d say It wasn't often that he let him get under his skin, but that would be a lie. 
“Don’t flatter yourself, tin-man. I came because I have a new suit-tech I want to try out for the team. I wanted to talk to Y/n actually, but she must have overslept. There was no sign of life when I knocked on her door this morning.” Tony huffed, peeking past Bucky into his room. If the billionaire was really such a genius, he would have noticed your black satin dress bunched up on the floor of his living room. 
“I’m still waking up, but I’ll tell Y/n you're looking for her if I see her.” Bucky smirked, knowing you were having a field day with his thoughts right now. Daydreaming about all the ways he had had you last night. If only he could see your face-
“Fine.” Tony deadpanned, turning on his heel and beginning to walk away before he stopped, looking over his shoulder, a eyebrow quirked, “Tell whatever unlucky lady you have stashed in your closet that she needs to be out before someone sees her. It’s bad for P.R having your one night stands wandering around the compound.”
Bucky’s eyes went wide, nodding his head and slamming the door behind him. Maybe he wasn't so dense after all. 
The moment the door closes, you snuck back out of Bucky’s bathroom, head hung low as you picked up your crumbled undergarments from the floor. This was too close of a call. You knew that. Would the team finding out about you and Bucky be the worst thing to ever happen? 
Would it be easy to explain?
Also no. And Tony would probably try to ground you. 
You knew that at some point, if this thing between you and Bucky was really something you both wanted to work for, you’d have to tell the team. However not now, when it was still so fresh and new. Not when you had only begun to really know each other. Your little bubble just felt so safe, so personal. And you’d be damned if it popped anytime soon. 
“Oh hey, Y/n. Fancy seeing you here.” Bucky chuckled dryly. “Tony’s looking for you.” He smirked, handing you your dress. You snatched it from him and puffed out a breath. 
“I’m sorry, Bucky.” You sighed. “I hate sneaking around but-”
“I get to spend my nights with you, doll. That’s all I want, all I've ever wanted. If we have to hide you under the bed for a little while so be it.” Bucky smiled softly, but you could see the dull ache behind his eyes. At a loss, you pulled him down to rest your forehead against his, your lips softly pressing against the corner of his mouth until he kissed you. It was chased as you waved a defeated goodbye and snuck out of his room and down the hall. 
Once you were behind your closed door, you allowed yourself to finally let out a breath you hadn't realised you were holding. 
Was sneaking around really worth the quiet sadness in Bucky’s clear ocean eyes? You knew the answer before you even finished the question. Nothing would ever be worth that, you knew this. So, with an aching body and a heavy heart you shimmied out of his old clothes and threw on your own, mentally preparing yourself for the day. 
When you got downstairs, most of the team was already gathered around the breakfast table. Nat and Bruce were sipping on their morning coffee, while Peter picked his brain on whatever homework he was trying to cram in. Steve was pacing around the kitchen cracking eggs into a bowl while Wanda and Sam giggled quietly on the barstools at the island. Bucky stood in the corner of the kitchen, pouring himself a large mug of coffee when he saw you come in. The smile that pulled at the corners of his lips would go down in history as the most beautiful thing you had ever seen. At your entry, he grabbed another mug from the cabinet, pouring the liquid gold into the cup and handing it to you. 
“So, Y/n,” Sam started as Bucky handed you the steaming mug. “Didn’t see you leave the party last night.” He chided, pushing a bowl of fruit towards you across the table. You reached for it without a second thought, your shirt riding up at your hips as the edge of the table collided with your exposed skin. You tried to suppress the shock of pain that radiated through you as the sharp edge kneaded into your bruised hips, but your attempts were lost on Sam. 
“Woah, you okay?” He asked, leaping from his stool and taking an apple from the bowl before you had to reach any further, hanging it to you. You only nodded in response, a sheepish smile playing at your lips as you cleared your throat, trying (And once again failing) to divert the conversation. 
“You know I’m no good at parties. Plus I was kinda tired.” You half-lied. Pulling the mug of coffee to your lips and taking a long sip. 
“Okay…” Sam spoke carefully, eyeing you up and down before that damn smirk was back on his lips. “For a second there I thought you had gotten lucky last night.” He jested, bumping you with his hip as you choke on your coffee, wincing in pain at his contact. 
Bucky’s melotic laugh bubbled through the space between you as Sam’s eyes shot up to look at him. He was shaking his head, eyes crinkled at something Steve had said to him. The sound would have been jarring if you had not listened to it all last night in the confined of his bed. A music so forgin to most of the teams ears however, that everyone seemed to take notice. 
Sam looked lack to you quizzically, and it was like you could read his thoughts. In fact, you could. 
That’s weird, he’s laughing. Bucky never laughs… The ass looks like he’s in a great mood… Wait- Maybe he’s the one that got lucky last night… I wonder if Steve will make me bacon if I asked him to… 
Your eyes darted to Sam’s, your stomach almost lurching from your body at his thoughts. You looked him over, carefully listening in to his internal monologue.
Maybe I’ll just say ‘Nat wants bacon.’ you should make some… He’d probably do it for her...Yeah, If I asked him he’d most definitely say no… Wait- why is Y/n covered in bruises…? Did she get in a fight last night…? Why is she staring at me like that…
His eyes darted back to where Bucky was standing. You couldn't see with your back turned to him, but his eyes were set on you, watching carefully with something else burning behind the tenerife sea. 
Jeez, did Barnes switch to a new antidepressant…? What’s up with his face and why’s he staring on Y/n’s ass like-
“No fucking way.” Sam cackled, his eyes growing wide as he looked back and forth between Bucky and you. You frantically shook your head trying to stop him but it was too late. He was already splitting at the seam pointing between the two of you. 
“No way. I can’t believe it.” 
“Wilson…” Bucky warned, taking a protective step towards you, almost placing his hand on your waist before he redirected it onto the kitchen island behind you. 
“You and him? You’re bumping nasties?” Sam hollered. “Oh god, that’s- that… That actually makes a lot of sense now that I’m thinking about it.” Sam chuckled, watching his eyes soften as they traveled back and forth between you and Bucky. 
“Good for you.” He smiled at Bucky, looking back to you and shaking his head, amused with the whole situation. “And you,” He nodded, “You could do a whole lot better than him, you know that?” 
You rolled your eyes, playfully shoving him while he just smiled. Your eyes cast over the now silent kitchen, watching as your friends stared at you, big dopey smiles plastered on their faces and you could feel your cheeks beginning to burn. 
“I can’t believe I kept it a secret!” Peter exclaimed from the breakfast table, high fiving himself and giggling. Wanda only scoffed, her breath hitching in her throat as she looked past you into the doorway. 
“Kept what a secret?” Stark's voice echoed around the room as you spun on your heel to greet him. 
Tony’s eyes darted between you and Bucky’s close proximity, the events of earlier ripping through his mind as he connected the dots, watching the teams faces as he zeroed in on Bucky. 
“Barnes, I’m going to give you a ten second head start so you better start running.”
Shamlessly tagging my favourites (who didnt ask for this) but I hope you’ll forgive me.
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violetarks · a year ago
Truth Be Told
Anime: My Hero Academia
Summary: The Wing Hero VS The Sound Hero. Takami Keigo and L/N Y/N have always been at each others throats. The media ate up their rivalry. That's just how it was.
Character: Keigo Takami (Hawks)
Y/N's Quirk: Doesn't matter. Sound-based, obviously, given by the hero name 'Melody'.
Tumblr media
"Melody! Melody! Over here!" Interviewers and reports shouted out, waving hands at me.
I flashed my smile, tilting my head and walking over to them. "Yes?" I hum out as the police take care of the criminal I had just apprehended.
"How does it feel to have caught your fourth villain today?" One woman with a ponytail asks, holding a microphone to my face.
I lean back a bit and say, "It's great knowing that I'm helping the world become safer one villain at a time." They write down on their little notebooks. "But this won't be all. Trust me, I've got so much more energy to spare."
Calls of my hero name ring into my ears. I look towards a blonde man. "Melody, as one of the newer and upcoming Pros, would you like to say something to your fans watching at home?" He asks me.
I grin at the camera, hand on my hip. "Thank you for all the support. I'll do my best to keep you all safe. You can count on me!" I hold up a fist into the air, cameras flashing and the people around me asking more questions.
Another reporter goes on to ask me what it's like to be reaching that Top 10 spot in the ranking. It stirs up my nerves.
Pros really fought for the top spots. What I say now could really bring up some conflicts between different Pros.
You always have to think about your public image and how it's going to be viewed.
"I'm not a Pro Hero for the publicity or the money." I say with a straight face, lifting my chin up, "It may sound clichè, but I'm a hero for the world. For the people who can't protect themselves, who rely on us. They need someone to lean on. And that person is me."
That earns smiles and cheers from the crowd behind the reporters. They all wave and call out my name. I wave back at them with a grin.
I hear someone land behind me.
"Y'know that was my catch today, Melody." Hawks growls behind me, a smirk on his face as he glares in my direction.
The reporters stop talking, now looking between the two of us.
Hawks and I have this little feud between us. Actually, it's not little. It's quite big. At first, it was all over the news papers and the media. Titles like 'Hawks and Melody Conflict' or 'Is the Current No. 2 Hero Fighting With the Sound Hero?'.
It was kind of entertaining to see hoe the media perceived our rivalry.
My secretary mentioned how it would be good for publicity, and I didn't really care. As long as he didn't get in between me and my hero work, he was fine.
But did sometimes. And I absolutely hated it.
"For someone so fast, it seems to take you a long time to finish a fight." I sighed back, turning around to Hawks, "Maybe try a little harder and we won't have a problem, Hawks."
His eye twitched at me. But his smile never falls. "And for someone with such a sweet voice, your tone gets quite annoying the more you speak." He spits back, standing closer to me.
I shrug my shoulders. "Mhm, and you'll be hearing a lot more after my interviews on today's catch are released." I challenge, squinting at him.
He tilts his head before his wings span out. He takes a few feet back before he begins to float in the air. "You say that like I'll be watching it." He chuckles at me.
"It'll be all over the news page, Hawks." I reply, leaning forward a little, "You'll watch it."
He winks at me before flying off.
The cameras behind me snap photos at Hawks flying away and at me watching him. I suppose this will be over the news too.
It only took me 10 minutes to get back to my agency. One of my interns, who was in training with my sidekick as I went out, jogs up to me. He shouts out, "Melody! I saw your villain bust live on TV!"
I beam at him, ruffling his black hair. "You did, huh?" I chuckle with my intern, "Sorry you couldn't be out there with me, Shindo. But did you train hard?"
He nodded his head at me, holding up his fist. "Of course I did!" He announced to me, "And your secretary asked me to pass on a message. You have some interviews this at 4:30 this afternoon."
I widen my eyes a little before rubbing the back of my neck. "I do? Well, I guess I should get ready, it's in an hour." I sigh to myself, walking with Shindo towards the elevator, "You have a suit your changeroom, right? Put it on, you're coming with me."
Shindo gasps, excitedly jumping in his spot, "Are you serious? I get to be on TV?"
I nod my head, pressing onto my office's level. "Sure. They always focus on UA, why not give you guys a shot too?" I offer, listening to the quiet beep of the elevator.
Shindo giddily laughs with excitement.
I'm quite the opposite.
I just wanted to go home, but now I have interviews.
An hour later, I'm beaming at the cameras and sitting at the interviewee table. Shindo beside me seemed to be eating up all of the spotlight he was sharing with me. I was fine with it.
My secretary said that I couldn't wear my hero costume, mainly because it was dirty but also that I had to look professional and formal during this interview. That's always the case. So that I had a good reputation.
"Melody, why did you offer an internship to Ketsubutsu Academy student, Shindo Yo?" A pink-haired reporter asks, standing from her seat.
I hold up a hand and chortle, "Please call him 'Grand', his hero name. And I accepted him because there's potential behind those outside of UA as well."
I rest a hand on Shindo's head. "I know I came from UA but I've always appreciated the other talents from different parties." I explain, Shindo smiling at me, "My intern is an amazing student and an incredible soon-to-be hero. I'm shaping him up to be it."
Cameras flash and the shouts of the reporters fill the room. I nod at one of them.
"You say that you appreciate other talent, but that doesn't seem to be the case for a certain Wing Hero." A man says to me, holding a notebook to his hip, other hand holding his recorder towards me, "It was said that you teamed up twice in your early days as a novice hero. So what are you exact thoughts on No. 2 Hero Hawks now and how has it changed from before?"
I go stiff and clench the skirt of the dress I'm wearing.
"Melody?" Shindo whispers to me, tilting his head, "Are you okay?"
I nod my head once, hardening my stare at the reporter. I clear my throat, "There is a reason why Hawks is the Number Two Hero. He's quick, he's calm and he knows how to reassure society. I can commend him for that."
Gulping, I brush a hand against my shoulder as if I was stung. "But I do not agree with his methods. I understand that he can control each and every individual feather to do his bidding but that can be overwhelming at times." I state, now resting my hand on the table cloth, "He was been restless, impulsive and plenty childish on multiple occasions. I can not team up with someone like that again."
I lift my head as the pens scribble onto the pages of their notebooks. "It is true that we paired up twice. The first time was because it was my first villain bust and he just happened to be there. The second was because of a joint mission between me, Hawks, Rock Lock and Sir Nighteye. That's it." I inform them.
"I respect Hawks as the No. Two Hero, but not enough to praise everything he is and does." I state to the onlookers, "We all have things to work on. I think he should start early."
The next few questions go to Shindo, asking him about training and working under me. It gives me a few minutes to calm down and get my breathing right.
I glance at the cameras that were recording this live for the news.
Later . . .
I shut the door to my house, leaning my head against the wood and taking in a deep breath.
It was now 9:50 PM and I had made sure Shindo got home alright. His girlfriend came by from her internship to walk with him.
I take off my jacket and hang it on the hook. But I groan, pushing the fur of the coat beside it away before putting it on the hook, "I thought I told you to put this in the closet in the bedroom."
"Sorry, Sweetheart." He calls back from the kitchen, "While you were getting interviewed, I was dealing with some thugs robbing a bank."
I take off my shoes and walk into the kitchen, seeing him flick on the switch to the ricecooker and put the rice pot inside it. He huffs, "I took down three of those morons in only 10 minutes yet you're still the face of today's news. Unbelievable."
I giggle, wrapping an arm around his waist and leaning my head on his shoulder, "Aw, don't be sad. Remember that I had three busts before my interview. I just had to be the one."
He pouts at me, still moving his arm to pull my closer into him. "I'll give you this one. But I'm a little hurt by what you said about me in the interview, Sweetheart." He grumbles, pinching my cheek.
I reach up and pinch his one in return. "Sorry, but y'know how we have to be. They have to beleive we actually hate each other." I remind him, resting my hand in his jaw, "But I do believe you can be a little childish."
Keigo pouts at me again brows upturned. "You do?" He jokingly whines.
I wrap my arms around his waist and hum, "Yes, but I still love it, Keigo. Even though you called me inconsiderate and an unfocused hero." I give him a smile to which he nervously chuckles at.
"Uh, yeah... But I don't mean it." Keigo tells me, holding my face in his palms, "You're a magnificent hero, Y/N, possibly even better than me."
I chuckle, pulling him closer and leaning my head against his, "You think so, Mr No. Two Pro Hero? Aren't you sweet?"
He laughs back, pressing kisses to my cheeks and lips, "You know it, Sweetheart. And I'm sorry that we have to be like that in public. You looked pretty hot today in the interview and I wanted to kiss you on camera."
I run fingers through his soft hair, feeling his wings encase me. I sigh out, "Do you know how many times your undershirt was shown this afternoon when I was fighting with you? God, I could've ripped your jacket right off you and just admire it all."
He raises a brow at me and kisses me again, this time longer.
I know that Keigo is a different type of hero than me. Although the specifics are dark to me, I understand that I can't know it all. It hurt sometimes. Because that is why we have to pretend to hate each other. So certain people don't get to me.
Other Pros believed our rivalry as much as the media did. I was thankful for it. Although I do get a little annoyed when people online thirst for my boyfriend. He says the same thing about me, though.
We only had the night to ourselves. But I was grateful that we made the most of it each and every time.
I started on cooking teriyaki chicken for Keigo. He got bored sitting at the bench and watching the news or a random show. He now played soft music, arms around me and swaying me softly.
"You okay, Keigo?" I hum to him, resting my head against his as the stove turned on, "You seem more annoyed today."
He replies, kissing my shoulder, "Your interviews went two hours over the original set time. I missed you."
I look at him and kiss the side of his head. "I missed you too. I'm sorry about that, Shindo's getting more popular. I think it's the costume." I laugh a little, watching the food.
"I think it's the quirk."
I slap his chest. "He's 16, Keigo."
He groans loudly, "Ugh, I've never been so jealous of a 16-year-old so much. He gets to spend every second with you..." He then squints and holds me tighter. "He's not interest is he?"
"Keigo, I'm six years older than him." I mumble out, "Shindo's got a girlfriend already. And I have you, don't I?"
He nuzzles into my neck closer, breathing tickling my skin. "Mhm, of course you do, Sweetheart." He quietly says.
I gently smile.
Truth be told, I don't mind having to pretend to hate each other. Not as much as I did before.
Because we always made up for it when we came home.
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