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#long post
minoublanc · 12 hours ago
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The idea of Ladybug and Chat Noir having official twitters has been living rent-free in my brain for days so take some really dumb “Official’ Ladynoir Twitter interactions
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fashion-runways · an hour ago
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RICHARD QUINN Spring/Summer RTW 2022 if you want to support this blog consider donating to:
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general-light · 5 hours ago
An Issue with c!Jack's Canon Death Retcons
As of 24/09/2021, c!Wilbur has one canon kill on the DreamSMP.
On November 16th, during the Manberg v Pogtopia war, Wilbur killed Jack Manifold with a sword. This was counted as Jack's first canon death.
Except, that shouldn't be a canon kill. It's a bad retcon.
There is something frustrating about Jack's canon life retcons in particular. For the most part, he is a good, enjoyable character, but both of his first two canon deaths don't actually make much sense, and have negatively impacted the killers who had these deaths pushed on them.
Deaths sustained in natural war are not significant to the plot, and therefore not canon. So, why is the one Wilbur kill seen as canon? Tommy didn't actually push Jack in the lava with intent to murder. It was unplanned. So, why is this one Tommy kill seen as canon?
I personally think - for the sake of analysis - these deaths should have absolutely no narrative weight or bearing in judgment against the "killers", as, for the most part, they are out of character at best, and arc-disrupting at worst.
Wilbur as a character has been deliberately canonised as a pacifist - even his final detonation plan ultimately took all steps to spare peoples' lives, and caused no casualties. Therefore, this one canon kill is a single blemish on a record of anti-violence. Without it, it would be far easier to properly analyse Wilbur as a character who, despite everything, cannot actually bring himself to physically kill or hurt.
These retcons are particularly frustrating because they were completely unintended by the CCs. Here, you can see cc!Wilbur posting the life count post-November 16th. He did not count the wartime Jack death, so, evidently, he never meant for it to count.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Retcons should be avoided in media at all cost, and the DreamSMP seems to suffer greatly from its few retconned plot details. These deaths just so happen to be one of the worst examples of poorly characterised retcon material, detracting from other character arcs for the sake of another plot point.
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askfallenroyalty · 20 hours ago
A call, Yun? 👀 I think I know who'll be on the other end... 😏
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demifiendrsa · 21 hours ago
Bayonetta 3 - First Look Gameplay
Bayonetta 3 will launch for Nintendo Switch in 2022.
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Messages from Bayonetta 3 directors
A Message from Bayonetta 3 Director Yusuke Miyata
Hello, everyone! This is Yusuke Miyata, the director of Bayonetta 3. We’ve kept you waiting for a very long time, but I’m very happy that we’ve finally been able to bring you a new trailer.
This is my first time working on the Bayonetta series, but just like all of you, I’m a big fan and played the previous games nonstop. After being tapped to direct, I of course not only played through the previous games again, but also read every Bayonetta-related book there is cover to cover before getting into deep discussions with Kamiya-san about every aspect of the game from systems to settings before getting to work.
One of the biggest draws of Bayonetta games is the mysterious and alluring character of Bayonetta herself, as well as that of the entourage of unique characters that surrounds her. I’ve worked on the development of several character games, and I used that experience to the fullest to bring out the charms of Bayonetta and the gang.
I’m also being extremely discerning about the action which is essential to the Bayonetta series. Kamiya-san has almost literally talked my ear off about “action connected directly to the brain.” Basically, that’s the type of satisfying action gameplay that comes from being able to control the character exactly how you want, and the genes of that action have been properly passed down to this game too. From the position of both developer and fan, we’re all working on Bayonetta 3 keeping these 2 bewitching aspects of the series in mind, with the goal of surpassing all expectations.
So what did you all think of the new trailer?
We sprinkled a lot of new elements throughout the frenetic pacing. I’d like to talk a bit about one of those, a new featured mechanic that lets you control Infernal Demons, called “Demon Slave.”
Unlike the Climax Summons of previous games that automatically defeated enemies and returned to Inferno, this mechanic lets players control demons during gameplay and unleash a host of intuitive actions. Each demon’s abilities vary and the kinds of abilities that are advantageous in a certain situation can change at any time. Just how many are there? What else can you do? Well, there’s a lot more I’d like to tell you, but I have to stop here for now. However, there’s a lot of info hidden in the trailer that I didn’t go into here, so please consider watching it again until the next announcement.
We’re in the home stretch of development right now, working on making the core of the game even more fun and test playing nonstop. As the culmination of this series loved by all of you, we’re giving our all to make it a masterpiece worth of the name Bayonetta so please wait and anticipate just a bit longer!
Yusuke Miyata Director, Bayonetta 3
A Message from Bayonetta 3 Executive Director Hideki Kamiya
Sorry to have kept you all waiting. It’s been about four years since the announcement back in 2017… We really, really kept you waiting.
In those four years, I’m sure people had a lot of concerns like “What’s happening with Bayonetta 3?” and “Are they really still working on it?” and “When are we going to get some new news?” But just as much as everyone wants to see Bayonetta 3 as soon as possible, all of us working on it have been burning to show it off just as badly, and without being able to hear any cheers from fans, we’ve buckled down and kept working for four years.
Now we’ve finally been able to show the fruits of our labors and the team can finally breathe a sigh of relief, and we’ll be able to concentrate even harder on our work. It’s been a long four years for us too.
The impressions of everyone who saw the announcement will definitely energize us. There are still a lot of secrets about Bayonetta 3, but for now we’d like everyone to let your imaginations run wild from this trailer and get excited.
With Bayonetta 3, I’m still overseeing the world and story, but in order to breathe some new life into the game I’ve chosen Yusuke Miyata, a longtime and trusted co-worker (although he can be a bit of a goofball), as the director.
We’ve also the talents of directors Yuji Shimomura and Masaki Suzumura helping us bring unprecedented amounts of smiles, years, drama, humor, and sexiness to the movie scenes.
And of course, Bayonetta’s look has been handled by someone you might call her personal designer, Mari Shimazaki. This time Bayonetta dances into the fray looking more fashionable and elegant than ever.
So everyone, there’s no need to worry, Bayonetta 3 is real, and the day when you’ll be able to hold it in your hands and play is definitely coming! Rest easy and look forward to more info to come, because no matter how great your expectations may be, I promise we’ll deliver an experience that exceeds all of them.
Hideki Kamiya Executive Director, Bayonetta 3
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daggryet · 21 hours ago
since we're in an appreciating cc!Tommy's writing mood can I just say that in my opinion, c!Tommy had one of the best villain arcs on the server
i have such a long post detailing just how perfect that villain arc was - that when c!techno talked about c!tommy going too far, that was the point: being with c!techno made him worse because he was encouraged to act on all his worst impulses. that him realising that, that him realising he was becoming the sort of person he didn't want to be, is the start of one of the best redemption arcs (the only, really, to date) because it started with:
1) c!tommy's world views being shifted around: he wasn't the victim in this situation, he was hurting people - even though, they'd hurt him, he was hurting them too. he was hurting people he didn't want to hurt. he was becoming someone who was okay with hurting people, taking his revenge in a harmful manner. and he wasn't okay with that. that's the weakness in his ideology: he didn't want to become the person who hurt others, even though they hurt him
2) a character undergoing a redemption arc needs to be pushed on his beliefs: when c!tommy declared he would be fighting for l'manberg, he expressed his remorse at what he had done. he expressed - first to c!techno - that he was sorry, and then he expressed to l'manberg that he was becoming someone he didn't want to be. when doomsday was impending, he swore he would fight for l'manberg, telling them they didn't have to forgive them - but they had to stand together.
- and he showed his remorse for his actions. he apologised profusely on the day, before doomsday, and he even went and got mars for c!sapnap (that wasn't a part of his villain arc, but it was part of an important lesson he had learned: no one had the right to take away something beloved to someone else) - told him he'd appreciate if he helped fight for l'manberg, but that he didn't have to. c!tommy expressed understanding when c!sapnap told him how conflicted he was feeling about fighting for either side
- c!tommy is a strongly sympathetic character, even though he'd just hurt people in a way he hadn't ever before (which is also why he's sympathetic: he'd crossed lines he never had before and when he realised this, he immediately regretted it and worked to better himself). you want him to become the best version of himself, you're rooting for him to stay on path
3) the character needs to make the choice for redemption themselves, and c!tommy certainly did that. he said "the discs matters more than you ever did!" to c!tubbo and immediately realised what he'd said, and thus how far he'd strayed from the path. how unlike himself he was, how terrible a person he was becoming (according to his own standards). instead of helping destroy l'manberg, he stood against c!technoblade (after apologising for turning against him) and fought for l'manberg. fought for the nation, the people, that had hurt him - even unwittingly.
- he wasn't immediately forgiven by all, almost by none actually. he was looked at with suspiciousness; he'd helped do terrorism within l'manberg's walls by the way. and he acknowledged they had every right to feel that way, but they needed to stand together. he didn't invalidate the people who didn't immediately trust him's feelings, he didn't get mad. the day after he gave a more personal apology to c!tubbo as well, as he was the one he'd hurt the most intimately (with his comment about the discs), and c!tubbo forgives him after apologising for exile
obviously, this was a very quick walk through of how c!tommy's redemption arc went (there's way more details to the different points in a redemption arc), but it hit all the key points most literary academics perceive as important to a character's redemption journey; and that is very impressive. it was a very quick redemption arc, as time was neigh before the doomsday war, but that there was still time to flesh out the different points is quite impressive.
i have a lot of respect for cc!tommy's writing, especially in season two. it was absolutely phenomenal
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bumblebybigbang · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it's the moment you've been waiting for!! and whew what a lineup it is. the posting schedule for the bumbleby big bang is LIVE!! 🌈
(text version of schedule can be found below the cut)
October 18
writer: michellecosine
artist: mizhuin
October 19
writer: agentbeeswrites
artists: phatom12 & cowboyoscarpine
October 20
writer: biggreenneatbox
artist: sadiemacoy
October 21
writer: lastofme
artist: askjar
October 22
writer: Vaguelyconcerning
artists: the-descolada & Ghost
October 23
writer: runephoenix6769
artist: zingodraws
October 24
writer: nevervalentines
artists: catalyswitch & hulderearth
October 25
writer: queenofthieves
artist: corvophobia
October 26
writer: twosgays
artist: clutchgaymerjuice
October 27
writer: itsraith
artist: foxaoxa
October 28
writer: corvidfeathers
artist: smallsandsundry
October 29
writer: spinedog
artist: celestial-stari
October 30
writer: gayxiaolong
artist: cloudiifeather
October 31
writer: dazzleyourmindseye
artist: lafirechicken
November 1
writer: texadian
artist: mcelroydaddy
November 2
writer: jacubesilvora
artist: TheGabi182
November 3
writer: trans-demon-king
artist: raichu-best-chu
November 4
writer: Cal
artist: mydude-myguy
November 5
writer: Wilx
artist: banancrumbs
November 6
writer: frenchsoda
artist: beedeux
November 7
writer: unsteadyshade
artist: a littlebmblb
November 8
writer: monochrome-gay
artist: in-love-with-dorothea-arnault
November 9
writer: yangsbandana
artist: starmochu
November 10
writer: KillerKells202
artist: petracore101
November 11
writer: acewritergirl
artists: battlesnow36 & kae-and-the-lost-dragons
November 12
writer: anamatics
artist: avalencias
November 13
writer: mercenaryg
artist: southpolegiraffe
November 14
writer: Smokestarrules
artist: rebelsparrows
November 15
writer: thebeeraincell
artist: whisperingdrawings
November 16
writer: @riverofliight
artist: wallkettle
November 17
writer: Sleebyswords
artist: ghoulsamgrusam
November 18
writer: Longstoryshort1221
artist: cora-illus
November 19
writer: kheru-post-randoms
artist: @gentlethey
November 20
writer: sevens-evan
artist: liria10
November 21
writer: sunny-little-yang
artist: fawn-witch
November 22
writer: set-wingedwarrior
artist: @Marillia_arts
November 23
writer: emocean-is-trash
artist: phinniasart
November 24
writer: dandelionsknight
artist: Jaylen
November 25
writer: volitaris
artist: scarlthesnarl
November 26
writer: thecousinsdangereux
artist: paponela
November 27
writer: calicojackson576
artist: electrocatt
November 28
writer: fiddleabout
artist: erughostcat
November 29
writer: miscellaneous-obsession
artist: z-1-wolfe
November 30
writer: twelveclara
artist: officialrocketjumper
December 1
writer: thecarlonethatwrites
artist: @Xiaothemage
December 2
writer: probably-momo
artists: irusuva & 6iirls
December 3
writer: tangent101
artist: rockystar11
December 4
writer: gideonthesixtyninth
artist: marsoversea
December 5
writer: ddullahan
artist: frankielucky
December 6
writer: Reeves3
artist: sabriocheandtea
December 7
writer: pugoata
artist: saigamiproject
December 8
writer: spoops-boops
artist: sunnyteea
December 9
writer: turnipdad
artist: doemii
December 10
writer: finsterpup
artist: littlealiart
December 11
writer: justanotherchappie
artist: excelsiror
December 12
writer: AlyssiaInWonderland
artist: yumi-doodles
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sajdd · 30 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tommy: having a mental breakdown
tubbo: O.O :) >:D ^.^
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louroalka · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kitten au!
Sorry for the doodle-ly drawings, I was not feeling like lining today so you guys get only the sketch
Au description under the cut:
About the main trio:
Danny in normal form is still a Thing(tm). He has giant round eyes, never blinks, has a naturally crooked tail, and barely ever talks. Only stares.
Color palette (other than eyes) flips once Danny goes Phantom mode, like usual. He’s still weird, but is a little more confident, calm, and talks more. Can fly, shoot blasts out of mouth, phase through solids, turn invisible, do cat punches, and scream.
Sam is a white Turkish Angora (along with her mother and father) but, unlike them, wears collars that look like something Scourge from Warrior Cats would wear. (Sam’s mother sports frilly collars in varying shades of pink)
Tucker is a mangy leopard cat with a dark brown/gold coloured pelt. He wears his beret, and is polydactyl (he has thumbs!). This helps him access technology easier and faster. It also makes him look like he does the thumbs-up all the time.
About Danny and his ‘accident’:
Similar to the canon show, the Fenton parents are obsessed with ghosts, just on a less extreme level (They don’t actively hunt them. They just don’t like their vibes. Kinda like when a cats stares into a corner and randomly hisses.)
Danny didn’t ‘go ghost’ because of a portal accident. He was kidnapped, taken to a laboratory, and experimented on. (angst potential)
Something happened and he broke out. No one but Danny knows what it was, but he refuses to even tell his closest friends and family about whatever happened in the lab and what led to its destruction.
Vlad’s case is a separate story. He wasn’t kidnapped, but accidentally came into a slight dose of ectoplasm, which led to him being in a halfa state.
Which is why Danny’s powers are stronger, but we can talk about that later
Bonus image:
Tumblr media
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otherwindow · 10 hours ago
do you have like a top 5 for favorite scholar weapons in ffxiv :o
Thank you for asking, and I DO HAVE FAVS!!! The books below are the ones my cowboy uses the most!!!
1) Crier's Grimoir: The neutral metal cover makes this book rank 1 for me! It goes well with so many outfits!!
Tumblr media
2) Engraved Leather Grimoire: Similar to the above, this one also goes well with most armour/clothes, and I love the rustic aesthetic :D
Tumblr media
3) Codex of Phaliak: This book is so beautiful with the gold and blues; it matches my character's hat!
Tumblr media
4) Weathered Physica: The fanciest book in the game!! It’s also HUGE and comes with a HUGE quill. The black pages with gold writing is so beautiful...
Tumblr media
5) Augmented Scaeven Magitek Codex: This is the skinniest book in the game but comes with a BIG surprise; it opens up with a mechanical thingy that moves??? ALSO this book can be DYED
Tumblr media
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skepticalarrie · 22 hours ago
Hi sorry, I don't believe in larry but I don't go and attack other larries for their beliefs and I apologize if other antis do that... 😕
But I was just curious..., is there any part of you that thinks that larry may have not been real this entire time and it was just fans projecting that idea onto them? (For example, reading too much into things, trying to find connections when there aren't any, and basing newer theories on other theories that were just headcanons) Because I understand that larries are upset sometimes because there are 'stunts' still happening and nothing has changed. But do you ever doubt it now? That maybe, the stunts haven't changed because maybe they were never really stunts in the first place?
I understand that as fans we're not with harry and louis 24/7 so we don't really know what goes on in their lives. But I'm just curious because, if fans don't know what's happening 24/7, how can their beliefs be completely accurate? There must be some plot holes right?
In my opinion a lot of the times, larries say things like, oh this relationship timeline doesn't make any sense but from my perspective, we only have knowledge of what we see publicly, so the reason things might not make sense is because we don't have the full picture/or all the pieces of the puzzle. We just have a select few instances that we can base our judgements on, but the downside to this is that our judgements can also be inaccurate. Therefore, I honestly don't see larry as being real now. Maybe in the past harry seemed to have a crush on Louis or something, but other than that, I think fans were reading too much into things and dragged it along for too long to the point that no one could really do anything about it. Sorry for this long ask, my opinion doesn't matter anyway lol but I was honestly just curious about Larry and all this stuff. But anyways, have a nice day!
Hello, dear.
First of all, you have no idea how much I appreciate you for being so straightforward and saying you're not a larrie! Because there's a lot of people coming here trying to stir the pot, pretending to be larries and being really shitty at us. (and some larries are no better) It's not hard to just be polite even though we think differently, we could all have a chat and have some fun together.
Anyway, I totally understand where you're coming from. It's a very practical way of thinking and I can definitely relate to that because I'm a very practical person myself, maybe that's why you're writing me this. So I actually agree with a lot of things you said. But I do think that this is coming from much more from a place of lack of knowledge on what we actually believe or don't believe, than from pure skepticism. Do you know what I mean? I cannot speak for other larries, but for me, it's much less about theories, and reaches, and reading into things, and much more about the consistency of facts as a whole. We can obviously add layers of theories and complexity to that - and I think people will naturally try to understand things in a way that makes more sense to them, which is incredibly subjective - but at the end of the day, we're talking about a series of events here. We are reading too much into things, that is a fact. But that's only because we keep finding things when we do, we keep getting reaffirmations. Otherwise, we would have dropped it years ago.
We're certainly not completely accurate, that would be impossible. The only thing I'm 100% sure of - and that's me answering your question - is that Harry and Louis are together and always had been. No, I don't have a single doubt in my mind. And I'm not saying larry is real because they keep wearing blue and green and this kind of shit. I'm saying larry is real because when we look at a bigger picture, it makes sense. I'm not saying their relationships with girls don't make sense, of course there are holes but I completely agree this could be justified since we're not watching people 24/7, but imo when we stop looking at larry as something so unlikely, larry makes more sense than whatever other official narrative going on. And that's based on what we see publicly anon, believe it or not.
Because, honestly, if we take all the "proofs" and theories out of the picture, what is so unlikely about larry being real? Besides looking at things from a very heteronormative point of view? First things first, we have a disgusting industry, where closeting is undoubtedly not only very real but frequent. A fabricated and extremely profitable boyband targeted for an audience made of young heterosexual females, where having gay members would be very inconvenient. Abusive contracts, especially coming from talent shows. We have both Simon Cowell and Modest Management being exposed over and over for abusive behaviour. People connected with One Direction openly talking about "helping” closeting people with PR relationships. So, unfortunately, it's not an unlikely scenario at all. And then on top of that, we can start to add all the fishy stuff. What the hell happened with Harry and Louis "friendship"? We can all agree that shit was never platonic in the first place. And then their behaviour drastically changed, at the same time both of them started to get girlfriends and 1D skyrocketed worldwide. Girlfriends that very coincidentally started to show up everytime there was something to be promoted. Repeating the same patterns year after year. At the same time they started to get tattoos, on a running theme, not only one or two, there's probably ten of those coincidences all over their bodies. Ship and compass, heart and arrow, anchor and rope, oops and hi, the fucking papillon tattoos???... One after the other, in sequence. And then he got the dagger, after months of speculation, right after a huge denial? What are the chances! And then when Harry got the mermaid and we started to speculate about Louis getting a lighthouse and he showed up with a customized t-shirt with a lighthouse, saying "yes". And those are only the tattoos, don't even let me get started on the other hundreds of coincidences. Did they actually ever hated each other? Hated larries? Why the fuck they would be so bothered by gay rumours when they seem to be at least allies. How many times they're going to need to orbit around each other so people can stop calling it a coincidence. What the fuck was even the rainbow bears, and since we're talking cryptic, why there's so much consistency when we *delulus* feel like they're communicating, why is it always the same pattern over and over on the queer coding, on the coded clothing, lyrics. We can only go crazy and speculate to a certain point, why there's always room for interpretation, why they keep feeding into it. How in the world did they end up with the same vintage t-shirt, why is Harry obsessed with things named Louis, why did Louis wear a t-shirt with a huge H in it if he knew what it meant, why did he sing princess park, why did he sing LARRY CALL A LOT OF SMOKE IN? Out of all the names, t-shirts, songs, places... what 👏 are 👏 the 👏 chances. Things don't mean anything individually, they're just coincidences, theories, reaches, until proven otherwise. But when we start to add things up to this same pile... it means everything. They actually fit. So, you do you, anon. If you think that's too crazy, too fucked, that is fine, I understand that people have different points of view and I respect that. I'm not worried about being on the "right side", I'm worried about being truthful. I love them, and I feel like they need to be heard. Desperately. I don't believe shit like that happens on a bigger picture so consistently unless there's something else going on.
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shinmegamitensei · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Japanese Nintendo Direct Trailer | 2021.9.24
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otherwindow · 11 hours ago
His body is rotting
All teeth fallen out
Skin gray and dead
His body is blooming
Everything is covered
In forget-me-nots
All the way
From head to toe
His body is wilting
The flowers are dead
Wait until next spring
His body is budding
blue and green revealed
Once you let the body go
The soul starts blooming
His soul is blooming
In our world
When the body rots
The soul grows on its remains
-Anon with an english assigment to write a poem
hope it's okay i used your idea
Tumblr media
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ladyfreya123 · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Biker AU. Chapter 2. Part 2.
Chapter 1: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Flashback chapter
Chapter 2: Part 1 | Part 2 here | Part 3
Special thanks to: @airi-p4 for the support 💙, @crescent-woods for proofreading 💙.
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