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#long post

Midnight Meadows (Pt.4)


“Of all the times for him to show up again! I cant believe this,” Remy said, muttering slightly.

“I should’ve known it wasnt going to work out, it’s my fault for thinking he and I had a shot,” Virgil murmured.

“Virge, babes, you already took that shot and it hit, did you already forget that you were quite literally spooning eachother when Janus came to get you out,” Remy said, rolling his eyes as he ran another wash cloth over Virgil’s injuries.

“He probably just felt bad for me,” Virgil responded.

“Oh yes of course that’s why he said he was coming over later today to make sure you’re alright,” Janus said, voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Hes what?” Virgil bolted upright, wincing slightly.

“Virgil dont you dare I just finished reapplying those bandages!” Remy attempted to restrain Virgil back on the couch.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door, Virgil felt himself tense almost immediately.

“Prince Roman! Please, come in,” Janus had been the one to answer the door, Remy was still trying to keep Virgil from running away.

“Virgil are you alright? I’m sorry I couldnt come with you I had to finish something up at the castle- do you feel better yet?” Roman said, taking hold of one of Virgil’s hands.

“I- you- y-yeah- I’m fine-” Virgil said, stumbling through his words as he tried to piece together what was going on.

“I understand if you dont want to come back tonight- Lucan’s been banned from any future events in the castle, but I know it still must have been upsetting,” Roman said, running his fingers through Virgil’s hair with his other hand.

“N-no! Of course I’ll come back tonight-” Virgil said, noticing the hurt look that had crossed Roman’s face as he’d spoken the last sentence.

“Are you sure?” Roman said, still trying to sound concerned, but Virgil could tell he was much happier now that he’d agreed to go.

“Of course I’m sure!” Virgil responded with a hint of exasperation. Roman smiled and continued running his fingers through Virgil’s hair, pressing their foreheads together as he did so. Virgil purred slightly at the touch, Roman copying the response soon after.

“Do you want me to help you get ready?” Roman whispered.

“Isnt it bad luck for you to see what I’m wearing before I get there?” Virgil responded with a smirk.

“Well you’re already a black cat arent you?” Roman said, placing a kiss on Virgil’s forehead and running a finger across one of his ears.

“Alright, if you insist,” Virgil responded, running his hands through Roman’s hair.

Suddenly he was swept off his feet by Roman, and carried to his room.

“I can walk for myself you know,” Virgil said as Roman sat him on the bed.

“You could, or, I could carry you and not risk making your injuries worse while also having fun pretending I just rescued you from a dragon,” Roman responded as he searched through Virgil’s closet.

“Oh? So you fancy a damsel then?” Virgil said with a smirk before laying across his bed. He draped a hand over his forehead and let his other arm go limp over the side.

“Oh brave Prince Roman I’m so terrified, I’ve been trapped in a tower by an evil dragon, please help me,” Virgil said, letting out a laugh as Roman turned and began to shower his face with small kisses.

“This ones quite nice, I dont think I’ve seen you in shorts before,” Roman said, setting an outfit on the bed next to Virgil.

A few moments later Virgil was in a grey and black striped sweater, black shorts, fishnets, and black boots.

“Roman if I didnt know any better I’d say you just wanted to see me in fishnets,” Virgil said, smiling.

“Its not done yet darling, we’ve got to get some sort of color among all that greyscale,” Roman said, finally pulling a purple choker out from Virgil’s accessory drawer.

“Perfect,” Roman said, walking over to Virgil to clasp the choker around his neck.

“Dont you mean purrfect,” Virgil replied, smiling.

“Virgil, please never do that again,” Roman said, rolling his eyes.

“Admit it, you think I’m hilarious,” Virgil replied.

“Dont we have a party to get to,” Roman said, holding his arm out.

“I suppose we do,” Virgil responded as he took it.

“Geez Roman if you were going to show up late you could told me,” Remus said as Roman and Virgil walked into the throne room. The two human boys Virgil had seen on his first visit were sitting on either side of his chair.

“I see you’ve finally made some friends hm?” Roman said, clearly redirecting the conversation.

“Mhm, this is Patton Boleyn, his family owns a modeling agency,” Remus said, gesturing the the boy with light brown hair and a grey cardigan.

“And Logan Cheshire, renowned space enthusiast,” he gestured to the boy with dark brown hair and round glasses.

“Hi!” Patton waved to Virgil as he hopped off the armrest.

“Hi-” Virgil responded, shrinking closer to Roman on reflex.

“I dont believe we’ve met before?” Logan said, walking over and raising an eyebrow slightly.

“Virgil- Liddell-” Virgil said, hoping they wouldn’t ask anything else.

“Nice to meet you!” Patton said excitedly, grinning so wide it nearly took up his entire face.

“You to-” Virgil responded.

“Well Virgil and I have some dancing to get to, dont we darling?” Roman said, Virgil’s face went scarlet as he nodded, allowing Roman to lead him back out onto the dance floor.

“Virgil, look at me, I promise he’s not here, you can focus on me, he’s not going to hurt you again,” they’d been dancing for all of half an hour before Virgil had begun glancing at the faces if the other guests, if he had to see those pink-tinted glasses or that smug condescending smirk again it’d be to soon. So instead, with a little more coaxing from Roman, he buried his head in the puffy white shirt Roman was wearing. This was Virgil’s favorite shirt, and it was the one Roman seemed to wear most often, there were a dozen just like it in his closet.

“I’m going to get a drink-” Virgil said a few moments later, breaking away from Roman’s embrace. Roman stared at him for a few seconds, but eventually let him go.

Virgil hadnt really wanted to let go, but something felt- off- and he didnt want Roman coming with him where it was just the two of them, he was much safer in a crowded ballroom where he could easily hide behind his throne if he needed.

Virgil on the other hand, was quick to find a knife to his throat and a hand over his mouth almost as soon as he stepped outside.

“Seems like the prince’s precious pet has gotten himself lost,” said a voice from behind him, Virgil’s lungs went cold.

“You’ve caused quite a bit of trouble havent you, kitten,” the voice continued, Virgil struggled, he felt more hands try to hold his arms back.

“I think it’s time for this pretty kitty to be put down,” Virgil made a break for it, he ripped his arms away and ran, he felt the sting of the knife as it cut slightly at his throat, but that didnt matter, he was running, and then he reached the ballroom, and then he saw Roman.

And then his vision went blurry, and he fell to the ground.


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I’ll get to that quote in a bit of course, but it was the one that fits most with my thoughts and also was dramatic so khjasdjhas

Firstly trust me when I say I, LOVED this episode. IT WAS SO GOOD!!! I’m not going to focus too much on Huey and Dewey and even less on Scrooge, Della and Louie (maybe I’ll do so in another post or tie it in later because I do have something to say about Scrooge). The thing I wanna focus on most is Webby and Beakley, and my fears for the future

You all probably know by now I really love these two and I feel like they’re really underappreciated and underrated in the fandom, as well as in the show, and everytime they’re in an episode together I end up overanalysing it to bits. and that today is what I’m doing…


…starting off with the more wholesome side of things at the start of the episode!

Back when Ragnorock aired I made a post saying how Webby’s angry stance to me felt like she’d gotten it directly from her Granny, aND LOOK ALL I’M SAYING IS THAT I WAS RIGHT OKAY-

Webby’s mimicing Beakley’s pose and its the same sorta pose from Ragnorock, and I’m so soft for that.

Ignoring how her stance suddenly changed in the next scene jhaskjasd she’s also somewhat mimicing Beakley’s stern expression, while looking at Beakley. Which like. Lowkey makes me wonder if she’s looking to copy, or if I’m being a dingus and she’s looking at the board XD.




But that little detail aside, I think it’s important to note what Beakley’s saying

“Fowl’s next betrayer could come from anywhere, or anyone”, and on the list of suspects she has Donald Duck.

While the Louie thing is probably a joke relating to haha evil triplet, the fact that Beakley seems to be seriously considering Donald sticks out to me.
They bring attention to this while ignoring the others, even LOUIE, with having Donald try and wipe his name off. Interesting, don’t you think?

Webby proceeds to thoroughly kick their butts, pinning Dewey to the wall and Huey to the ground

Subtle, but I swear I can hear a difference in Beakley’s voice of when she says “Excellent Webby” from “I see you’ve already started”. Her voice seems a little softer like how when she talks to Webby, and honestly it’s just sweet how she’s always positively remarking on things Webby does. Like my heart, good parenting

Beakley obviously trusts Webby’s capabilities to the degree where she can be a decoy to assess Dewey and Huey’s abilities, but interestingly not to the degree where she can teach them to fight

Part of me almost wonders if this isn’t just training for Huey and Dewey, but also for Webby.

Webby at first seems to see this as more of a fun activity, smiling about it and taking it in her stride. Compared to Beakley she definitely isn’t taking it as seriously, and she only really seems to have a serious look on her face when Beakley is around, and when she’s mimicing her expression as a result.

Does Beakley realise this?

Does Beakley want to train her to take out the duck family in the possibility that, one of them, may be a traitor? Someone she loves and trusts? Almost as though, Beakley wants to prepare her for something she was unable to do herself

Again though, let’s keep moving

Webby, in a way of scaring them, is putting her own skills to the test. She’s been working on things herself, and is using this as a way to test her own skills and abilities to throw people off the scent, off her tail. which could be useful if she needed to throw enemies off to make a getaway

But let’s think for a moment. Why would she need to tell them constantly “This isn’t the attack”. Why then would she do any of this?? I get it could make them more paranoid, throw them off, but… would she need to show herself and say how its not the attack?

Moving on once more, we get to the bit where Webby straight up disguises super well as Dewey.

One thing that struck out to me was Webby’s pause. Her hesitation, as she says “I know Webby’s really… good.” She paused. When she was telling Huey he’s the smartest guy she knows, she didn’t have this and was confident in saying it. She wasn’t even facing Huey when she said about her being ‘good’

Why the pause? Is this self doubt? Is this part of something that Beakley wants to train up, and having her do this might make her more confident?

Small detail aside, this part is adding oh so terribly to Huey’s paranoia that grows throughout the episode. As it shows him that anyone can be a traitor. Even your own brother

She once again leaves and says its not an attack, and after already doing it once I wonder, is it really just to throw them off and make them more paranoid? Or is it teaching all of them a lesson that you can’t trust even your closest loved ones, and allowing Webby to hone in and practice skills that she could need to escape and hide from an enemy

Noticing a pattern yet with what I’m pointing out?


The moment Huey lets his guard down, Webby attacks.

“How can I be ready when I can’t trust what I know!?”

We know with what Huey says, its relating to fowl, how they’re lurking everywhere and you can’t trust anything. But what if there’s more to it than just that? What if it’s hinting towards something we should be weary of?

….she’s fibbing, fibbing, fibbing~….

Webby hesitates and realises Huey doesn’t even trust her anymore even though she’s stopped attacking and wants to see if she’s okay. This isn’t training him. Its making him scared to trust even those he loves.

But do you notice what Beakley says when she comes over?

“Well done Webby, you’ve cornered your target”. Beakley has the same softness when she talks to Webby and seems proud of her, smiling at her, and look once again I love those moments between them.

But the softness aside, was this actually about preparing the boys? From what she said earlier it sounded like this was meant to be a training for them, but from this and the fact Webby is practicing so many skills…. I do wonder otherwise.

What strikes me even more? “As for the boys, they’ve proven themselves unprepared. Now incapacitate him”.

The training could have stopped there, and sounded like it had, because Webby has already cornered them and they’ve conceeded. There’s no need to take it any further.

So why would Beakley be so determined for Webby to be able to incapacitate someone she’s so close to? 

It’s at that point that Webby STOPS. “Granny, this doesn’t feel right, look at what this training is doing to us! Well, mainly them”

“Fowl is coming, we could lose everything

“But we’re family”

Webby at this point opposes her to protect Huey and stand up against granny.



Seems like fun and games at first right? They’re both smiling, afterall, and yeah, it starts out that way

“Excellent kick!” Beakley’s still positively reinforcing her, almost as thought its just a sparring round or however Beakley trained her in the past as a kid

“I learned from the best!” look these two love each other, alright??? Okay???

“But you still struggle with planting yourself firmly I see!”
This I gave a little thought and wonder if it’s anything to do with confidence, or self doubt. Webby earlier seemed to hesitate at calling herself good even when pretending to be Dewey, and she struggles to stand firm with confidence. And it lets Beakley get the better of her in the fight and yeet her

Beakley’s pointing out her flaws in how she’s fighting because it’s things even Webby needs to work on, which REALLY makes me believe that this really was more of a training for Webby all along.

BUT WITH WHAT WEBBY SAID? THEY’VE. NEVER FOUGHT LIKE THIS BEFORE. In all the years of Beakley training her it’s never been THIS intense. Because she calls it “the coolest fight she’s ever had”. And Webby wants to stop, because honestly? I feel like she doesn’t want to fight her grandmother like this, not in such a serious way. I mean, she’s her GRANDMOTHER!!

but Beakley doesn’t stop

and Webby stops fighting back

Webby ducks and starts to run, she’s no longer fighting back. She’s scared. She doesn’t want this. She doesn’t want to fight her granny, not like this.
This isn’t the safety of a sparring match, this is SERIOUS, and Beakley is going ALL OUT. I MEAN SHE PUNCHED THE WALL SO HARD IT CRACKED, IMAGINE IF THAT WAS WEBBY’S SKULL-


The urgency in her voice. Webby isn’t the only one who’s scared. Beakley’s scared. You can hear the urgency and desperation in it. She wants, no, needs Webby to be ready. She can’t lose her

Webby herself says it. “I’ve never seen her push me like this before. Something’s wrong”.



It’s not fun and games anymore

Webby’s afraid. She starts backing away as Beakley approaches, she’s scared. Webby looks so scared here and she’s not tryig to fight, she’s backing away.

You know how I always talk about how Beakley, when looking at Webby or talking to her, gets softer? She’s always smiling at her, or talking to her kindly, being positive towards her like ‘good choice dear’ for a slipstich, ‘nice kick’ for her kick. She’s been stern towards her yes, but only stern and usually she’s smiling towards her, she’s looking at her softly


It’s probably the first time Webby has seen her looking like that AT HER

I bet Webby’s seen her granny with this look before, at enemies or those who hurt them. But it’s never been directed at her before

And I wonder. If that means. Webby isn’t sure if Beakley would actually try and hurt her even if she doesn’t defend herself. Webby is scared. And for good reason


she hesitates as she prepares and gets into a stance, but you can tell she’s not confident, you can see how scared she is. She’s never seen her granny like this towards her and she’s scared to get hurt, she doesn’t want to fight her anymore. This isn’t fun anymore

“Mrs B, this has gone too far” even Donald, someone who is similar to Mrs B in wanting to keep his loved ones, his kids safe, recognises how this is too far.

You can almost hear the desperation, the pain, in her voice as she responds. “We have to keep them safe”. She’s forcing herself to do this, she isn’t enjoying it just as much as Webby

“But not like this!” Donald rightfully points out, but Beakley still keeps going

And you can hear the pain in her voice as she says, “She’s my granddaughter, I’ll determine what’s best for her!”


Even when she seems Webby’s face, see’s how she’s crying


Even as she lets her own veil slip for once.

As she talks she tries to keep her expression the same, but even that slips up. You can see when she’s talking to Donald, before it cuts to Webby crying, that her expression turns to one of hurt for a moment.

But as she looks to Webby. As she sees her face, see’s how she’s crying, it slips, as she says ‘I’ll determine what’s best for her’ and starts to cry herself. She still believes she’s doing what’s best for Webby. But she herself is suffering from this. It hurts her to see Webby like this, to do this. She doesn’t want to hurt her like this.
But because she believes its what’s best, she believes its what will keep her safe. She keeps going

She wipes the tears from her eyes and her expression changes once more as her mask goes up. “We must be ready to fight!”

And she starts to fight again, not for herself. Not because she wants to. But because she so desperately wants Webby to be ready. She doesn’t want her to get hurt. She doesn’t want to lose her


And fight she does

Only she hesitates. And thats when she slips up. Because in the end, she doesn’t want to hurt her.

In the end, her own weakness is how much she cares about Webby. How desperately she doesn’t want to lose her. And that’s when she slips up.

She had gotten so desperate that she wasn’t thinking as much, and her moment of hesitation, her moment when she was scared of hurting Webby, is the moment that she messes up to the point where she loses balance and falls off the roof.

“We won’t get stronger by attacking the people we love” and, Webby’s right. United we stand, divided we fall.

Beakley’s worried with fowl, because as a former shush agent she knows what they’re capable of. And she doesn’t want to lose the one she loves most because of it. She doesn’t want to lose Webby. And her desperation, her training… it’s because of that

“The One Thing we know for sure is that We trust Each Other…. right?” 

But Beakley never truly responds to that, does she? “Webby… I…. I-”

It’s almost as though she wants to admit something, to tell Webby something. Is it about what she’s lying to her with in Mervana? Is it the secrets shes keeping from her, fibbing fibbing fibbibg? Or is it that she doesn’t believe that because she’s lost someone close to her before, been betrayed by them?

But she can’t. She doesn’t say anything. Maybe she was going to but lost courage, or maybe she can’t for Webby’s sake to keep her safe. Either way, Webby hugs her, and Beakley leans into it before hugging her back.


They all hug, but even after that…. Beakley looks solem. She’s not smiling as she checks her phone’s alert, and seeing that alert. Her urgency comes back

While it ties in the ‘not ready’ aspect in the end, where Beakley says how ‘They’re not ready for us’ and how no more running, now they’re on the defensive side, I still can’t help but feel that Beakley’s not learnt much

It hurt her to fight Webby, especially with seeing how afraid she was, how that was the opposite of what she wanted, and yes she seems to know now that she can’t fight the ones she love to keep them safe.

But somehow I feel as though she still has the same weakness lurking. The same weakness that is she’ll do anything to keep Webby safe. Even if it means fighting her herself.

And there’s so much that leaves me to wonder and think about

Has this happened before? Is this how she lost her daughter? Was she not ready enough, were they not prepared?

Or was she betrayed by someone she loved?

I feel like it’s been hinted towards both. She’s so desperate to keep Webby because Webby is the light of her life, and evidently something similar has happened before where she can’t lose her. Not again. She can’t let her get hurt. She cares about Webby oh so much and it shows through her desperation, it even shows as she’s fighting her that she’s only doing it because she believes it will keep her safe in the long run. She can’t lose her like she lost someone before, perhaps

And, what I feel moreso…

She can’t let Webby fall into the same trap she had. Where someone she loved, someone she was close to, betrayed her. And she didn’t have the will to take them out, to incapacitate them when it mattered, allowing them to overcome her and, maybe, take out another one of her loved ones.

And she can’t lose Webby to that, so she wants ot prepare her

Almost like that’s why she has some of Scrooge’s close family, Donald on the board of potential traitors because she’s experienced it before. Almost like she wants to prepare Webby for something that she wishes she had been prepared for.

This post is getting really long and I’ve spent a while rambling on it and fear I might not have a cohesive thought laid out, but honestly? I adored this episode so much

I’ve been wanting more of Beakley and Webby’s relationship in the show for a while, and Mervana was amazing to me for that reason. This episode only further cemented to me how much they love each other. How much Webby loves her granny, and how much Beakley adores Webby and is willing to do anything to keep her safe.

Even if she was wrong with how she was doing it, you can hear the desperation in her voice, see the pain it caused her to do it, and it shows just how much Beakley loves her granddaughter that she’ll hurt her if it means she won’t lose her in the future, she’ll do it if its whats best.

It’s clear to me her overall goal in this episode wasn’t really Huey and Dewey and preparing them, but training up Webby once more. Honing her skills. Having her practice ways she can escape by outsmarting the enemy, like disguises or distractions with a fake her. Showing her perhaps that you can’t even trust the ones you love, and maybe trying to get her to take them out in the eventuality that she might need to.

I adore these two, I love their relationship and I cried so much at that roof scene. I only fear what’s lying in wait for them both, because somehow I doubt this is the last time somethings going to happen between them.

An absolutely phenomenal episode showing the bond between Beakley and Webby more than before.

Tldr: Beakley’s love for Webby is shown in this episode perfectly, showing how far she’s willing to go to keep her safe, and I believe that this episode is hinting that she’s either lost someone in a similar way to fowl before with being unprepared, or been betrayed by someone she loved, someone close to her, family perhaps, and she wants Webby to be ready in case it happens to her to.

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*Staggers back after RL interruptions*

Part 1

Part 2

One last post - This time focusing on Catra’s interactions with Entrapta - and I’m done with this episode!



[Entrapta has been brought into Catra’s room]

Catra: “She’ll kill me!”

Catra is terrified here, not because Entrapta has at any point shown an inclination towards vengeance, but because retribution is the only restitution system Catra is familiar with.

She literally cannot conceive of a world in which - having caused harm, and being in a vulnerable position vis-a-vis the people harmed - the next step is not having (dis)proportionate harm inflicted back on her. Because that’s how her life has always worked. (Including with Adora! Who, again, has spent this actual episode controlling, intimidating, and assaulting Catra to “correct” her).

It’s why Catra keeps doubling down throughout the show; if you’ve ‘failed’, then your only defense is to win - to gain and hold enough power that no one can “punish” you for your failure. (Or to run away, far and fast enough that they cannot catch you).

And again, it’s one of the key reasons she can’t see a path back for herself - because she has failed the final, ultimate time. All her defenses have been stripped away, and she is powerless and trapped, forced to face up to the mountain of harm she’s caused - and having all that inflicted back on her will kill her.



Entrapta: “Me? Why would I want to hurt you? Oh! You mean because you sent me to Beast Island, stole my work, and used it to rip a hole in the fabric of space and time. I get it.”

It’s notable that, unlike Adora, Entrapta treats Catra’s reaction as real and valid.

Despite her initial confusion, she doesn’t dismiss Catra’s emotions as ‘childish’ or ‘being difficult’ (or center/blame herself); rather, she strives to understand why Catra is acting this way, and actively confirms that Catra’s feelings are real and understandable.

(Note that accepting that Catra’s feelings are real is not the same thing as Entrapta taking on responsibility for managing them, or sacrificing her own feelings to do so. It’s “I get it.” not “I’ll fix it.”)

And Catra, while terrified and defensive, does not deny Entrapta’s description. Her silence (and expression) is confirmation that, yes, these are things she did. That she believes Entrapta is (and should be) angry at her because of it. That she is afraid of that anger.

This is also Entrapta is naming her own hurt, and I really cannot stress enough how important that is. Entrapta is the only person who can define how she was harmed, and her associated feelings. This is the show putting her in full control of how that harm is framed and discussed.


((The fact that we’re subjected to more looming-grabbing-dismissal from Adora after this is another thing I’d flag as part of the episode’s focus issue; it doesn’t quite feel like there’s a link between Entrapta treating Catra as a full person, one who has hurt others terribly, and Adora reconciling herself to having to do the same, despite all these pieces being in place - including the look up there.))



Catra: “Thank you. And - I’m sorry.”

So. A good apology has three elements:

  1. Taking Ownership - They are apologizing for their actions
  2. Acknowledging Harm - They are acknowledging and centering the harm caused to the other person by said actions
  3. Remedial Action - They are taking active steps to repair the damage they have caused, and to be better going forward.

“I’m sorry” is both sufficient and appropriate for the first two, because (again)  Entrapta has named her hurt. The lack of additional detail is Catra accepting and centering Entrapta’s framing of her harm, without caveat or dispute.

The third point is harder - not so much because Catra isn’t trying, but because it is, by it’s nature, a perpetual, unending task. Catra is going to be spending the rest of her life working to be better and repair the harm she’s caused. (and much of the harm is just …unfixable. And that’s also something she’s going to be living with for the rest of her life.)

But what she’s done so far is said “thank you”, sincerely and without prompting. It’s both a small thing, and a major change in her behaviour.

Because Catra doesn’t say thank you - she doesn’t acknowledge that she needs help, that she wants and values her connections to other people, that she is anything other than the Big Bad Villain who doesn’t need or care about anything or anybody.

By saying “thank you” and “I’m sorry”, she is taking the first, frightening step of letting go of that defense mechanism. Of admitting that she needs other people, and that they matter to her. That she cares about and values their feelings and well-being.

((While parenthetical to the main point here - I really, really cannot stress enough how doing anything other than accepting and centering Entrapta’s framing in the apology would be bad. It would be taking control away from Entrapta - talking over her, telling her she doesn’t know her own feelings, letting the apology focus on Catra’s guilt instead of Entrapta’s well-being, and - if the “apology” involved any level of detail - subjecting Entrapta to the additional harm of having her trauma re-aired without her consent or control.))



Entrapta: “I forgive you.”

While generally not included, I’ll go ahead and add one more item to the “what makes a good apology” list:

4. Sincerity - The apology is offered for the sake of the person being apologized to, not for the benefit of the apologizer.

At this point, after Entrapta has removed the chip, it’s clear that - whatever her feelings are about Catra - she’s not planning to act on them in a malicious way. There was no practical benefit Catra was seeking from the apology - Catra is safe around Entrapta, without saying sorry.

There’s no centering of Catra’s guilt - no demand that Entrapta make her feel better about the bad things she did.

And, as made abundantly clear by her expressions, Catra had no expectation of forgiveness.

Because, again, retribution is the only restitution system Catra knows. By apologizing, she was essentially showing throat - dropping her defenses and opening herself up to the attack she “deserves” for having hurt Entrapta.

The idea that Entrapta is not going to attack - even given a clear opening - and has in fact forgiven her leaves her speechless. It’s not something she even regarded as a possibility. No one has ever forgiven her before - not even Adora (who just pretends the harm never happened, rather than processing it, and boy is that another thing I wish they’d fully addressed). It’s a strange, new, and wonderful gift.

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badger had gone off elsewhere after lunch ʼto find her friendʼ, she had said, to read books or.. something. beaver hadnʼt paid attention to what she said when she left, just cracking his right eye⸮ open slightly & telling her to stay safe whilst ignoring the obvious tension in badgerʼs shoulders after he said that. that always happened. he was used to the ache in his chest & shoulders whenever his sister⸮ she reacted like that. he releases a slow breath & stretches his legs out on the couch, feet dangling over the edge of the couch arm, eyes closing again.

he flinches as he hears oliverʼs footsteps down the hall, opening his eyes & sitting up. oliver smiles at him as he comes in, smile dropping as beaver pulls jess - sound asleep, curled against his chest - closer to him, protecting her from him. it obviously hurts oliver, based on how his shoulders slump & hands fidget, feet shuffling & voice stuttering — thatʼs the only emotion beaver easily reads on others, hurt.

i… iʼm not going to hurt her, beaver.” oliver murmurs after he sits down on the armchair across from the two teens on the couch, hands tucked in his lap & leg bouncing restlessly, glancing around awkwardly. he goes to say more at beaverʼs silence, but beaver cuts him off.

“thatʼs all you do.” beaver says, tone clipped, holding a hand up to keep oliver from saying anything until heʼs finished - something he picked up from oliver himself, “thatʼs all you have done. jess was crying earlier, you know? because of you; she told me something.. something horrible that she did & regretted, terrified to tell me because of your lack of.. of.. uh..” beaver trails off, uncertain of what the phrase he had to use was.

oliver squirms uncomfortably, not wanting to have this conversation again, nodding slightly, “i.. i know, beaver. i know what i did was wrong—”

beaver cuts him off again, shaking his head, “thatʼs not what i said, though. i was telling you that jess was crying because of your actions. i didn’t say that you didn’t know what you did was wrong - you brought that up, on your own.”

“the implications were there, though, beaver. remember when we talked about tones after—”

“this isnʼt about implications or tones, oliv—beaver snaps before abruptly going silent due to oliverʼs sudden movement, nervous.

oliverʼs stands up, only to change how heʼs sat because his legs starting going numb, getting a little bit annoyed now himself & his body language / tone shows it, “it may not be about implications, beaver, but everyone is acting as if iʼm some despicable monster who isnʼt aware of their actions when i am. i know i fucked up, i know iʼve hurt you & the rest of our family, i know that! you may not want me around & thatʼs fair but whatʼs unfair is acting like youʼre completely innocent yourself. you know badger still eats herself up because of what she did to you?”

beaver isnʼt listening anymore, arms around jess & chest tightening. he doesnʼt notice when oliver leaves due to his lack of response; too dizzy & nauseaus from the muffled sound of screaming, pleading, crying, mud, cold, blood, pain.

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Woke up thinking about what I’d do if I went to bed one night and woke up the next day as a kid again, back in my old house. I have all my memories and experiences, its basically just an unprompted do-over.

Anyway, I realized it would be impossible for me to keep my mouth shut about it. I’ve changed so much since then, yet I still retain my tendancies to overshare, and to be truthful to a fault. I’d use those memories and what I’ve learned to better myself in terms of like “oh i already know this so school will be a bit easier” and to prevent myself from re-experiencing any of my past traumas, but itd be impossible for me to keep quiet about it.

I’d probably tell my mom about everything, forgetting that she’s different, because I’m far too used to how she is and acts when i was an adult.

I’d also tell my sister a lot of stuff too, but we’ve always been close and on good terms, so I don’t think I’d change anything, except maybe trying to avoid embarassing situations.

I’d casually mention the migraine meds that I knew my dad was taking when i was older, not even knowing if those meds existed yet, but I’d want to give him an idea on something new to try. I’d also want to help him out around the house more, and learn how to fucking mow the lawn because I got that adult-brain so household chores are much more appealing.

I’d also probably get in a lot more trouble in middle school, because nothing ever pissed off the staff at that place more than when a kid would actually defend themselves and knew how to efficently argue. And god help them if they were in the right about it.

I’d also try eating healthier because I know our tastes change as we age and I’m SUPER curious to know what foods I would have loved as a kid had I been more adventurous, and it’d be neat to see which ones I know I’ll like as an adult, but hate as a kid.

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(for this post)

Okay SO for this I am going to treat them as like. mostly human, which means human traits and names bc that’s how I’ve mostly been writing them! Hope you enjoy!

Full name: Lupin Canis Wolfe (aka mr wolf wolf wolf)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual 

Pronouns: he/him

Family: No known biological family. However, he sees Kumiho and Moon Rabbit as siblings, and comes to see Walnut and Chestnut as his children. Also, he sees Moonflower as a parent! Yes I am including my cringe oc here <3 he needs parent. These are the family relations that are true to my canon, BUT!!! I love every Wolf family headcanon to DEATH and I am very open to like. Every one Ever. Adopts Snow Sugar? yes! adopts the commons? yes!! gets adopted by any of the old cookies? YES!!! I am open to literally anything the main ones I listed are just what I’m either stubborn in, or plan on doing something with.

Birthplace: Created by a now-deceased witch, within the Horrific Monster Farm.

Job: None

Phobias: Ouhghdh Werewolf is scared of a LOT of things. Big one being himself, and hurting others. He also has an aversion to silver, and fears the full moon. Loud noises and chains are bad fears, too.

Guilty pleasures: He does actually find some euphoria in his wolf form. To be able to let go and let out those repressed feelings in that way is nice, once his restraint is lost.

Morality alignment: Neutral Good

Sins: Envy. He’s actually pretty jealous of people who were born lucky enough to live a normal life. He’s give anything to have that, and he never shows it through malice, but he wishes that other cookies wouldn’t take the lives they lead for granted…

Virtues: Kindness, but uh.. In his own way. He has a big heart, and he cares so much about the people around him. He hates seeing them harmed, but.. That means doing what he believes he has to do to keep them safe from himself. He pushes others away, not because he hates them, but because he cares about them and doesn’t want them hurt by his own claws. His outward acts of care come in the form of making sure nobody ever gets close enough to be hurt.

introvert/extrovert: he’s always been the quieter type, even before he completely became a recluse.

organized/disorganized: He doesn’t really own a lot of things to organize, but of what he DOES own, he likes to keep in order so he doesn’t lose them.

close minded/open-minded: I mean, he’s usually pretty open minded, just not when it matters. If you tell him to try NOT completely isolating himself, or changing his views on himself,,, yeah good luck.

calm/anxious: this man has spent the last 200 years living in a forest in constant fear of himself. There is nothing calm about that.

disagreeable/agreeable: Same point as why he’s close minded… In most circumstances, he’s pretty relaxed and agreeable with others, just,, not in terms of himself, where it MATTERS. If he never gets agreeable on stepping out of the forest, then whether or not he’s cool with your favorite type of soap or not doesn’t really matter.

cautious/reckless: the MOST cautious. He’s so careful. If one little thing goes wrong, it could set him off, so he kind of HAS to be.

patient/impatient: Very patient. His snappiness and urgency towards others is a front he puts up to keep them away. But genuinely, he is patient with others, especially if they’re younger and don’t understand the danger of being around him.

outspoken/reserved: In circumstances where he isn’t trying to scare people away, he’s just quiet and thoughtful, only speaking when he feels it’s necessary.

leader/follower: Really, as a (literal) lone wolf, he doesn’t fall under either of these?? But if he HAD to work with others, he’d prefer to go with the flow to get things done quickly.

empathetic/unemphatic: So. As I said before. Big heart. Werewolf is a person that is led almost entirely by his emotions, and the emotions of others. He cares what you think. And he cares when you’re suffering. Like… Yeah, he tries to scare people away, but he can still tell very easily when someone needs help and can’t find it elsewhere… He feels for people, and when he realizes said person has nobody else, he’s willing to be there for them, in spite of everything. 

optimistic/pessimistic: Pessimistic. I mean, you know him. He’s always prepping for and expecting the worst. You can’t blame him though, considering that the worst scenario for him in any situation is people being harmed or even killed by his own hands.

traditional/modern: man I don’t know!!!! Dude’s so detached from society, he’d have literally no preference. But I’m highlighting traditional since he grew up in a very old fashioned village, so that’d be what he’s most familiar with.

hard-working/lazy: Yeah, he’d be a hard worker. More for others than himself, because he never choses to do anything for his own benefit, but would do everything to help out someone that needs it.

otp: I know it’s ONE true pairing but literally I don’t care. I’m super attached to both darkwolf and werefort. Werewolf can have all the masc enby partners. as a treat…

ot3: *points at above* Werewolf has two hands.

brotp: Him and Spinach! Seeing him potentially canonically have a friend makes me feels emotions. The ship is cute, but I like friendship hours more….. They’d run the best garden together. Wolfy deserves it.

notp: Kumiwolf or Werewolf x Tiger Lily. Kumiho and Werewolf are adoptive siblings in my canon, so that one’s a hard pass from me!! And the second one,, idk why I don’t like it but that’s just how it is, I guess! I generally try to avoid even looking at Tiger Lily bc of her,, iffy concept, but if anything, I can only see her and Wolf as friends.

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[Patterns in Arabic : part 1]

[Patterns in Arabic : part 2]

Click on the Arabic words for the audio!

How to use the pattern to derive nouns?

The interesting thing about Arabic is that it has an entire pattern system where a pattern is linked with a meaning. Keep in mind that, when the word follows a pattern it needs to copy it perfectly: both in terms of letters and short vowels. The word and the pattern need to mirror each other perfectly.

For example, the pattern فاعِل fāʿil means the “doer of the verb” and it’s referred to as  اسم الفاعل (the pattern of the doer of the verb). Therefore every word that follows the pattern فاعِل fāʿil in three lettered roots will carry that meaning.

Some examples are included in the table below:


[audio : table 1] 

The root “كتب” means to write, and the pattern فاعل means the “doer” so the word كاتب means “the person who writes/ does the act of writing”. Using this logic can help us guess the meaning of new words and learn them with more ease. 

*There is a word for “thief” which is لص, I used “stealer” because we’re talking about someone who stole something in a particular context or the culprit in a particular theft of crime, not someone whose profession is to steal. I also preferred using “doer” instead of subject since the word in Arabic implies an action being done. 

Similarly, there are other patterns with different meanings, let’s take the pattern for  اسم المَفْعولٌ, the pattern is مَفْعول ٌ which means “something that has been done”. For example:


[audio : table 2] 


 [audio : table 3] / [audio : table 4] / رأى أحمد الكاتب / مفعول به

How to use these patterns to understand verb patterns?

I’ve always been skeptical of the notion of the 10 patterns, since this is a relatively new notion and hasn’t been mentioned or adopted by the older, more traditional grammarians of the Arabic language, but after researching and reading about it (especially the writings of Dr. H̱ālid ʾbū ʿamša), I understand now how helpful this notion is in helping learners who are not native Arabic spakers learn the language.

The 10 patterns system is just a rearrangement of the most relevant and the most commonly used patterns in Arabic, the patterns have always existed and obviously, they each have a meaning linked to them, this (relatively new) order helps give the learners a structure and helps them see the additions, the changes and the omissions that happen to the verb, the first form is the basic form (the root), and as I said before, this is our unit of reference so when we compare it to the other forms (from 2 to 10) we can see what changes took place to the verb.The focus in these ten patterns is the three lettered roots since they are the most common in Arabic.


[Audio : table 5] 

Let’s take the first verb form, which is the most basic one: فَعَلَ, the past tense from the verb is يَفْعَلُ, and the imperative form is افْعَلْ. Start off by memorizing the ten patterns in the same order you find them in this schedule, they will help you derive the different words and also understand the meaning of each derived word, for example

I will prepare a mini-series of short videos covering the different 10 patterns and the derived verbs from them and share the first part of it in the next two days (inshallah) to avoid making this post too long.

What’s the link between Arabic poetry and patterns?

One of the most important applications of the pattern in Arabic in Arabic poetry, after all, poetry in Arabic follows a specific pattern (which we’ll be referring to as “meters”) and understanding it is linked with understanding the different patterns الأوزان

The branch of Arabic language that specializes in studying the meters used in poetry is called عِلْمُ العَروضُ | ʿilm al-ʿarūḍ.

In short, there are 16 patterns called بحور الشعر  | buḥūr aššiʿr (singular baḥr | بَحْر) and in order for a poem to be correct, it has to follow on of these patterns. Each baḥr is composed of a certain number of units per verse, each unit is called التّفْعيلة.

The interesting thing is that for each poem that follows a certain baḥr, when you analyses the pattern of each word, you’ll notice that every verse follows the same metric pattern, even if the poem has 100 verses, every single verse will follow the pattern.

I’ll take an example of one of the 16 baḥr (poem pattern): this one is called البحر المُتَقاربُ, in this baḥr, the unit is فعولن  repeated 8 times each verse this means that every poem that follows البحر المتقارب

This is a very long topic to discuss, but it’s also very interesting. I might prepare lessons about this if anyone is interested about learning more about analyzing Arabic poetry using the metric system. The reason why I raised it is to show you how important these patterns are and how they can be applied in different aspects of the language.

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Awe thank you! 💜💜💜

5: Do they have any siblings? What’s their names? What is their relationship with them? Has their relationship changed since they were kids to adults?

Liz - She has two older brothers’, Logan and Hesh (David). Liz is much more closer to her brother Logan than Hesh, Logan was always there for her while Hesh was too much like their father who Liz never got along with after she turned 12. Luckily her relationship with Logan never really changed as they got older, even when she’s living in another country she always finds a way to talk to him. Liz and Hesh did have a close bond when they were kids, but as they grew up they just drifted apart due to clashing personalities. And that Hesh just wasn’t there for her. 

Skylar - She has two older sisters’, Valary and Chloe. Skylar has a very good relationship with her sisters’, yeah they may fight like normal siblings here and there, but their bond stays the same. They’re also quite protective over Skylar because she is a decade+ younger than them. In a way their relationship did change when Skylar nearly died during the Outbreak, they got closer. 

6: What were they like at school? Did they enjoy it? Did they finish? What level of higher education did they reach? What subjects did they enjoy? Which did they hate?

Liz - She was a surprisingly a good student because she wanted to become an astronomer and that takes a lot of good grades. School was her escapism from home, where she could see her friends and gossip, and learn. She did finish school, graduating at 17 (her b-day is July). If it wasn’t for her father forcing her into the service she would’ve had a PH.D in astrophysics. The subjects she loved was science and English. The subjects she hated were biology and chemistry. 

Skylar - She was a good student as well, graduating at 16, a few years before she was actually meant to graduate. She got her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry a few months before she joined Rainbow. The subjects she enjoyed were chemistry, choir and English. The subjects she hated were math, she understood it she just hated how long it could take to answer one single question. 

7: Did they have lots of friends as a child? Did they keep any of their childhood friends into adulthood?

Liz - She had a small group of friends as a child, but as she grew up and went into the military she only really kept two from her hometown. 

Skylar - She had a decent amount of friends as a kid, most she lost before high school for multiple reasons. They either moved or personalities clashed, or they just turned out to be bad people that she didn’t want to be associated with. 

8: Did they have pets as a child? Do they have pets as an adult? Do they like animals?

Liz - She had a hamster named Poe when she was a child, she loved that little guy until he passed away. As an adult she has a black lab named Shadow and a calico cat named Spotty (named by her son). 

Skylar - She has a dog named Dixie, that’s still alive and horse named Midnight. She also had a bunny named Thumper for a few years. As an adult she has a Russian blue, gifted by Tachanka (unnamed for rn), a pitbull named Stella and smaller animals the kids wants when they get older. 

9: Do animals like them? Do they get on well with animals?

Liz - They do, Liz may not like humans all that much but animals she loves. It’s nice to have a companion that’ll love you no matter what. 

Skylar - They do and yes, yes she does. She grew up around a lot of animals (her aunt and uncle own a farm) and just loves them. 

10: Do they like children? Do children like them? Do they have or want any children? What would they be like as a parent? Or as a godparent/babysitter/ect?

Liz - She was meh about children at first, mainly due to the fact she’s barely around any, but she would never be mean to one if one wanted to talk to her. Liz wasn’t sure if she wanted children or not, if it happens it happens. Then she ended up getting pregnant with Faith and that changed her prospective on things. She eventually has 4 and is a very good mother, that’s something she struggles with at times, but she’s learned to walk away and take a few deeps breaths. 

Skylar - She loves children, they always seem to gravitate towards her and she has no idea why. She babysat for a neighbor when she was younger and loved that little guy, it also gave her some practice for when she becomes a mom. She eventually has 8 with Tachanka and Sky is one amazing mom. She is the hands on type of mom, you’ll always see her playing with one or more of the kids whenever she gets the chance.  

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Closed Starter for @hyperionalmasy​.


The court had argued for hours. Mors hadn’t been any help- it had been Regis’ project, after all. Whatever fallout of any decisions that were to be made would rest squarely on his shoulders. If Regis hadn’t known any better, he would have viewed this as Mors finally granting him some regal responsibilities. That was the easiest explanation- the one the people were swallowing as if it were a spoon full of sugar. Their fear of the King should have taught them better.

Mors had allowed Regis to handle this one, not because he was finally viewing his son as ready to inherit court affairs, but because he was hoping for Regis to fail miserably. It would prove that Mors’ teachings were correct, and whatever it was Regis had been trying to accomplish here was nothing but a child’s dream. Mors would then have the authority to disband the Glaives without the people of the provinces questioning the move and creating unrest. A sly, calculated move.


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buckle up this is mostly Mike Babcock

so basically I found out that within Mitch Marner’s like first four months on the team he made him rank every teammate from most to least hard working (and then agreed Mitch needed to work harder when he put himself at the bottom of the list) and then showed the list to those at the bottom and told them that Mitch said this. and fr it shows how tight the players are because that could have legit turned a locker room against him. but they were pissed at Babcock and a player said it humiliated Mitch to the point of tears (which, yeah. I would have that reaction too)

im pretty sure Babcock also was suuuuuuper shitty to nazem kadri too, but Ive never seem a *ton* on that. but it wouldn’t surprise me with babcock

side note: this is now red wings talk because ill talk abt Babcock coaching the red wings, just so yall know im not just on a hunch that hes a shitty person. hes just a shitty person.

I know also when he was coaching Detroit he treated literally everyone like shit. I think it was Franzen (but I cant remember for sure- so dont quote me on who) that said somewhat recently that Babcock verbally abused him on and off the bench to the point where he dreaded going to the rink. players also said that while he was in Detroit it didnt matter who you were - janitorial staff, player, whoever - if Babcock was having a bad day he’d just fucking go off and yell at and berate whoever annoyed him that day.

also I cant be sure but im pretty sure he kicked people behind the bench during games? I cant remember if he was one of the people who did that tho

obv Babcock was a major issue but I said the leafs generally because literally more than just he knew about it when it came to management and the team failed to report it to player safety/anyone above the very basic people who knew about the abuse. but what’s new! people in the nhl not giving a fuck about safety of players :)

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Hey, thank you for sending in! And sorry about how incredibly, incredibly late I responded! But I think I finally have da brain power to answer these! And I’ll do our polyship to answer :D | prompts for those who want them (pwease don’t send me any)

Тurnаbоut Sistеrs: Does your s/i have a mentor of sorts? If so, what’s their relationship like? How did your s/i move on from their guidance?

I think Bow’s boss was a bit like their first mentor, at least for when they finally entered the professional field after school. It wasn’t very close outside of work, but it was a friendly professional one that was starting to grow right as their boss died. The moving on process for Bow is primarily coming to terms with the loss, and continuing to do their job and go back to school to pursue further education in law.

Тurnаbоut Gооdbyes: How well do you and your f/o do at accepting help? Are you resistant and refuse as long as you can, or are you glad to accept the help? In what ways do you express gratitude and how do you say thank you?

I don’t think any of these people are great at accepting help in general, but some do it better than the others. Klavier and Apollo are both willing and able to accept help at work, but it is harder to ask for help in areas outside of it. And it honestly, Klavier is worse at accepting emotional help despite being good at giving it. Bow is just as bad. Klavier is still a bit more receptive to it though. Bow sucks at accepting help with their legal work (modeling is another story). They’re stubborn, and if it was assigned to them to do alone, they are resistant to assistance. But when they do accept it, they are very thankful and apologetic for earlier stubborness. Klavier thanks with his words and presents, and Apollo is the same way, though his presents are more treating you to some food.

The Cоsmic Тurnаbоut: What are some of the most important relationships for you and your f/o, aside from each other? How do you feel about these relationships, and how have they affected you?

For Apollo, I’d probably say the Agency. We don’t get to hear much else about what other canon friends he has, and the family situation from what I’ve seen is… A bit weak? I still need to finish some stuff but man! You sure didn’t have contact with your adoptive family for forever! Still important but like, because of what we get, he comes off as rather close to his coworkers. Trucy is probably the most important of them though, due to the more familial aspect it has. With Klav, honestly hard to say since we get to see so little of who he’s connected to. While they did break up, I’d say probably the other members of his band who did not betray his trust are probably still important in his life. For Bow, some notable canon characters of importance are Ema and Trucy! And for non canon ones, probably their closer friends and family as expected. I’m trying to make them a little co-counsel oc as well, so he will probably be someone of importance to them!

Тurnаbоut for Tomоrrоw: Are you and your f/o honest about your emotions? Are there any major secrets either of you hide? To what extent would you (or your f/o) go to keep them?

AH JEEZ. Ok so I think it’s like, they are all emotionally honest in private, even though it is definitely… tough. Man I think everyone here is mentally ill my god. So, despite the honesty on how they feel (and even then it can be… tough to get the other to elaborate or even specify negative emotions), they absolutely keep secrets. Not maliciously but just because… It is hard to admit when things are wrong for all of them. A lot of it is just the waiting game for when the other finally spills what’s troubling them. But for comparison: Apollo definitely said his feelings on the Athena & Clay situation before he told the others at work. So I guess there’s comfort there.

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“Be quiet,” whispered Jean with a finger pressed against his lips. He was hidden in one of the many bushes in the garden, huddled together with a slightly younger boy who had a head full of wavy brown hair. Both boys were dressed in formal attire, having just come home from school – now hiding from their father who was walking around in a circle, searching for them; “Benoît ? Jean ?” He called; the tall man furrowed his brushy black brows and took his hands on his hips, halting in the middle of the large garden. He wore a defeated expression as he glanced around.

Mr. Géroux pinched his nose before turning around on his heels, walking back into the house; “I couldn’t find the boys, dearie,” he said once inside, shutting the door behind him. It left the two boys laughing, Benoît pressed his small hands against his mouth, trying to keep himself from laughing too loud whilst Jean had to wipe his eyes.

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Canon Aspec Podcast Character List

Hi! Since it’s asexual awareness week, and I’ve been listening to podcasts for a year now, here’s a list of the audio-dramas I’ve heard in the last year with canonically aspec characters! They are in lead/major/minor/once-off, and then alphabetical order.This list is by no means complete (and feel free to add more!), just the ones that I’ve heard.

Sorry this got so long. I don’t know how to add a cut on mobile.

The Alexandria Archives: Tune in to Alexandria University’s favourite late night radio show for all the local news, weird goings-on, and a special spooky story from The Alexandria Archives! Episode one was tedious and drawn out, but I’m very glad I kept going. Hilarious, spooky, and fun, though a persisting instance of cultural appropriation throughout (w*ndigo) that I’m really not a big fan of. Mini episodes with Gore and The Bobs are worth their own shout-out as well.

Character: “Morning Wood”/Allison Madera-Armitage, She/Her, Lead. Aromantic Asexual. Explicitly stated.

ars PARADOXICA: A modern-day physicist accidentally invents time travel and finds herself deep in government conspiracies in the 1940s. Cleverly done, but if you struggle with time travel, you might have some issues. People tend to find this a bit hit or miss, but I really enjoyed it. Possibly my favourite take on time travel.

Character: Dr. Sally Grissom, She/Her, Lead. Aromantic Asexual. Explicitly stated. 

The Beacon Podcast: Anxious university student Bee discovers she has fire powers and starts a podcast to try and find others like her. Chaos ensues when she discovers she’s not the only odd thing on campus. Funny and endearing series with a wonderful cast of characters and some of my favourite friendship dynamics. The university setting is a great pick and I’m very hungry for more lore. 

Character: Bee, She/Her, Lead. Lesbian Asexual. Explicitly stated.

Girl In Space: The Girl in Space spends her days alone on a space station, running science, tending the garden, making cheese, and watching Jurassic Park. It’s pretty great. Be a shame if somebody were to ruin it. Clever, funny, sweet, smart, and occasionally brutal, there’s something about this podcast I find oddly comforting. Probably because the wholesome bits are so good.

Character: X, She/Her, Lead Character. Asexual. Hinted, Creator Confirmed.

The Godshead Incidental: In a city where gods are plenty and walk among people, an ordinary woman named Em writes a life advice column. Great writing, characters, audio, and lore, this podcast is in very early days but is already a favourite, and well worth keeping an eye on! 

Character: Imogen “Em” Chandra-Phankam, She/Her, Lead. Aromantic Asexual. Alluded, apparently to be stated in a future episode.

Light Hearts: Three friends run a queer cafe/bar, and learn to live with the surprising number of ghosts haunting it. Another wholesome, feel-good, light-hearted and fun podcast. Only a few episodes out so far but a good pick-me-up.

Character: Kale, They/Them, Biromantic Asexual. Lead. Explicitly stated.

The Magnus Archives: Easily the most popular podcast on this list, The Magnus Archives is a horror podcast which takes a look into the strange statements given to The Magnus Institute, an organisation which investigates strange happenings, and follows the new archivist as he tries to make sense of it. Well written podcast, it is delightful to see all the seemingly unrelated stories connect up over time. 

Character: Jonathan Sims, He/Him, Lead. Biromantic Asexual. Alluded to in podcast, creator confirmed in a Q&A. 

Mount Olympus University: A bizarre set of circumstances leads Pandora enrolled and in charge of campus radio at the prestigious MOU, where the students are gods and figures of legend. Issue is, she doesn’t belong there. Cute and charming series with exciting characters and a fun take on some classic mythology.

Character: Pandora Wordsworth, She/Her, Lead. Demisexual. Explicitly stated.

Sidequesting: Rion is a fantasy adventurer like few others; they only do side quests! Fun, interesting, very queer, and ridiculously wholesome, this feel-good podcast does a new adventure every episode. Also very much suitable for children. If you need a pick me up, please, go check it out! Makes my heart happy!

Characters: Rion, They/Them, Lead. Biromantic Asexual. Explicitly stated. And Sam, He/Him, Minor. Aromantic Bisexual. Explicitly stated.

Wooden Overcoats: Rudyard and Antigone Funn run a funeral home in the island village of Piffling. Not very well, mind you, but that doesn’t matter, because it’s the only one. Well. It used to be. Hilarious, high quality, and an interesting cast of characters, with a classic british comedy vibe.

Character: Rudyard Funn, He/Him, Lead. So, apologies since this one is technically not canon, but one of the writers has said he writes Rudyard as ace, so I’m including it. 

The Blood Crow Stories (SS Utopia storyline): This is the storyline for season 1, Max shares the interesting tapes his thesis project is on! Listen as life aboard the SS Utopia, a luxury escape from World War 1 on the open ocean, dissolves into chaos and horror. Great if you like the “character listens to old tapes” layout as much as I do. Lots of really interesting interpersonal relations and characters, and I really like how it’s put together. I couldn’t get into s2, but I loved the S3 storyline and am curious where S4 is going. 

Character: Leo Moretti, He/Him, Major. Heteromantic Asexual. Explicitly stated.

The Bright Sessions: Dr Bright does therapy for the strange and unusual, which is to say, young people with superpowers! TBS is well made, written, and executed podcast with a great cast of characters. It’s a podcast I’d recommend to anyone.

Character: Chloe Turner, She/Her, Major. Panromatic asexual. Explicitly stated.

InkWyrm: Mella, the new AI caretaker for intergalactic fashion magazine InkWyrm, finds herself the new assistant to it’s editor as well. Lesbian sci-fi rom-com. Worth noting the recording quality of early episodes, and some of the SFX, are a bit rough, though it improves later (start with episode 1 (redux)). The writing quality is top notch and super funny from the start, and I want to give a special mention to this podcast, because not only do they say “aromantic asexual”, it’s not just a single offhand comment; Robert’s asexuality is frequently referenced, and the subject (but not target) of various jokes in a way I found really validating as a listener. 

Character: Dr. Robert Alphelion, He/Him, Major character. Aromantic Asexual. Explicitly stated.

Love and Luck: Queer Australian romance told in voicemails, it had me in love with the leads only a few short episodes in. Set in modern-day Melbourne, it features real community places and events. It also addresses real life issues faced by the queer community, so it has it’s stressful moments, but is for the most part super wholesome, and gives off such a beautiful community vibe. I want a Best of Luck bar in my own city, dammit. Oh, and there’s magic!

Characters: CJ, They/Them, and Ricardo, He/Him, Major. Alloromantic Asexual. 

Moonbase Theta Out: Logs, updates, and messages from Moonbase Theta as they prepare for station shutdown and return to Earth, but not everything may be as it appears on the surface. Interesting cast of characters, this show gladly delivers both wholesome and emotionally devastating content, and it’s good fun to watch the situation reveal itself. 

Character: Nessa Cheong, She/Her, Major. Aromantic Pansexual. Stated.

Old Gods of Appalachia: Horror anthology podcast surrounding strange incidents around the Appalachian mountains. A folktaley vibe that builds to something epic and brilliant. Most characters are treated as very disposable but never disrespectfully, which is a dynamic I’ve quite enjoyed.

Character: The Witch Queen, She/Her, Major. Aromantic Asexual. Stated.

The Penumbra Podcast (Juno Steel): Noir-style adventures of a detective on future Mars. An exciting, hilarious, and exceedingly queer podcast, it is well made and a lot of fun.

Character: Jet Sikuliaq, He/Him, Minor/Major character. Aromantic Asexual. Stated. 

The Penumbra Podcast (Second Citadel): The proudest knights in all the second citadel go on various quests to prove themselves and protect the kingdom. Amusing and exciting, well put together.

Character: Talfryn, He/Him, Major. Aromantic Asexual. Stated.

The Strange Case of Starship Iris: Violet Liu is the last surviving crew member of the Starship Iris, after the rest are killed in a shuttle explosion. Though probably not for much longer. After being picked up by a passing ship, she’s thrown into a high-stakes adventure, and quickly has to come to terms with who she can actually trust. Fantastic show with a fun cast and delicious found family. 

Character: Arkady Patel (she/her), major character, wlw grey-asexual. Creator confirmed, to be stated in show. 

This Planet Needs a Name: Humanity is sending ships out to terraform and colonise planets, to hopefully create better life for humanity. Here’s what happens in a best-case scenario! Wholesome, thoughtful, and full of emotion and found family.

Characters: Izley Kolian, They/Them, Major. Asexual. Stated. And Cyrus Castillo Rodriguez, He/Him, Major. Demisexual. Creator Confirmed.

Tides: After being stranded on a tidal planet, xenobiologist Dr. Winifred Eurus must use all her wits and knowledge to survive, and gets a lot more work then she anticipated done along the way. Cleverly crafted, great worldbuilding, and a wonderful cast of characters. If you want to hear about cool alien life it is a must. 

Character: Dr. Robert Montague, He/Him, Major Character. Demisexual. Explicitly Stated. And Dr. Melissa Wang, She/Her, Major. Aromantic Asexual. Implied.

Ungifts: Four friends take off on a journey to find their fifth after she is possessed by a magic amulet. They are given powers along the way, but they really don’t want them. Fun concept, can feel a little shaky at times, but I quite enjoyed it. The main 5 characters being voiced by just 2 people is an interesting effect. The banter is really fun.

Character: Trev, He/Him, Major. Biromantic Asexual. Creator Confirmed.

VALENCE: VALENCE follows Liam, a young magic user (or muse for short) in a city where magic is shunned and people are expected to suppress it. He’s got a lot of problems in his day-to-day life, but his family is one he hoped he’d never have to deal with again. Until he receives a very intriguing offer. Slow but interesting start that moves into some of the most fun character interactions I’ve seen in a while. Very intriguing and entertaining.

Characters: Sarah Harris, She/Her, Major. Heteromantic Asexual. Explicitly Stated. And Grace Chen, She/Her, Major. Aromantic Asexual. Creator Confirmed.

Greater Boston: Set in an alternate universe Boston, a man gives up living on a rollercoaster and another attempts to turn a trainline into its own city. Watch how these events affect the people around them. Well made and entertaining, surreal yet weirdly grounded. It’s a bit slower, so my ADHD brain has trouble keeping focus sometimes, but it’s genuinely a very well made and written podcast. Worth listening just for Malory.

Character: Melissa Weatherby, She/Her, Minor. Aromantic Asexual. Stated.

The Underwood Collection: Magnus Archives fanmade spinoff. American edition! The audio is not quite as high-quality as the original, but the writing is good, and if you’re craving more statements, these are a mix of more silly and more scary than the original show, and take opportunity to explore the intersections of the fears. Also, more queer rep, and actually uses the words.

Character: Lucy Murphy, She/Her, Once-off (Episode 8). Asexual. Explicitly Stated.

Supernatural Sexuality with Dr. Seabrooke: Dr. Seabrooke runs a radio show where people can call in to get advice on romantic, sexual, and gender related conundrums. The hook being, this is a world where magic and supernatural creatures are just a normal part of life and society. As a note, this show contains fairly frequent discussion of sex, though there is nothing actually explicit, and it’s presented in a fairly informative (but not impersonal) way. I’m quite heavily sex-repulsed, and it caused me no issues. The conversations feel really organic, it’s great fun to see how they’ve explored how supernatural elements would play into interpersonal relations and daily life, and there’s loads of advice that can be applied in real relationships as well. 

Character: Ava, She/Her, Once-off (Episode 11). Wlw Asexual. Explicitly Stated.

Also a shout out to all the aspec people I’ve met in the past year for 1) being super incredible people and wonderful friends, and 2) really broadening my (alarmingly narrow) perspective on what it means to be aro- or ace-spec. And to all my friends, aspec and otherwise, for just being generally supportive, patient, and cool people.

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Dynamax… a transformation that increases a pokemon’s size an incredible amount–for a time, enabling them to soak up attacks, as well as unleashing incredibly powerful ones of their own. Ordinarily, it seems that it’s countered using a Dynamax pokemon yourself, or teaming up with others to take it down.

I wonder if I can do it by myself.

These first few days in the Crown Tundra, he had barely stepped outside the area they were staying at. While Ashe and others were off battling in the pokemon dens, or wherever–what was he doing?

Sitting, thinking, reading, walking. It irked him to not join the others, but he couldn’t quite get himself to join in. Not yet. He felt he wasn’t quite ready for it. …or rather…

When I do join them…

Truth was, he wanted to leave an impression. He didn’t want to use Dynamax, or anything else. He wanted to play the cards he already had in the most effective, most emphatic way possible. Maybe he was making things unnecessarily difficult for himself, but there was a quiet, yet incessant voice in the back of his head that told him the same thing whenever he was tempted to feel like he needed something more to win: A truly great trainer would find a way. 

(In the end, it boiled down to a stubborn and slightly childish desire to prove something. Or perhaps, disprove something.)

There was a Gym Leader in this region who was said to stand on the same level as the others without the use of Dynamax. If they could do it… surely he could too. He’d gone over his pokemon, evaluating their strong and weak points and what they were capable of, next to his yet untested-in-the-field knowledge of Dynamax, to try and decide on a way he would feel confident handling it.

Jolteon was often used to counter larger opponents, but even it wouldn’t be able to outrun the huge field-swamping moves he’d seen recorded. Froslass would face a similar struggle. Absol wasn’t fast nor resilient enough, and Arcanine would be forced to try and sponge the attacks, almost certainly to its loss.

Garchomp, or Gallade, then.

Gallade might stand a chance if they boosted their endurance and attack the usual way. Maybe it could stall out the attacks through teleport. Still, it would be a gamble. He didn’t especially like the idea.

Garchomp could raise its attack to a formidable force in a single move, and had the ability to reach a speed that was rarely, rarely used in ordinary battles, but perhaps against a Dynamax opponent, there would be an opportunity. Try to outlast the opponent’s Dynamax, or match them by going hyper-offensive…

After all, what is Dynamax, Mega Evolution, or any of those things at core, but a massive boost in abilities?

We can do that too.

Well, there was no way to find out whether or not it would work just by sitting here and hypthesising. He collected the things he would need and headed out into the snowy wastes.

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