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#long post

Webcomic ch134:  Saitama meeting Blue (Blast’s son), Suiko (Suiryu’s sister), and Suiryu (first time in the wc’s continuity it seems!) in sequence…

The whole exchange is hilarious cause Saitama for the most part is just standing there, clueless and unbothered, minding his own business spacing out as he usually does, while everyone gets worked up with assumptions, proclamations and plans to challenge him on their own. Suiko is nice, welcoming and respectful to him at least, but gosh (it’s like Sonic all over again), why does this always happen, aha.

Seems they’re always off on the wrong foot when it comes to awkward first Saitama meetings. :P

Blue’s there to get thru to the HA, but his voice gets drowned out by the protests of the Hero Name Victims squad, until he notices Saitama and tries to get thru to him (asserting his resolve that only he can overtake Blast’s position huh), only to be mistaken at who he’s addressing (gah! going thru all their unfortunate names)….that at that point it’s like…who’re you again? lol ok bye~


Well then! Saitama’s unlikely to take heed of those who rudely go off in front of him like that (also pfft the irony: ‘what a nice guy’) so if he forgets their exchange or dismisses the significance of their first meeting, I will not be surprised. :P

Suiko on the other hand is a good girl, politely wanting to thank Saitama personally and naturally curious about his strength…but of course, gets the classic, in-depth Saitama response. :’D


Heh. Suiryu then enters with his own brand of insufferable™, there to greet his sister but soon gets caught up being a jackass posturing to Saitama. Meeting him here (in the wc) for the first time, and assuming Saitama’s a prospective date for Suiko (pfft coming from the womanizer himself, oh please!)


(Wow rude!) Also, we get some classic sibling banter in response, thank you Suiko for the brutal honesty about those hero suits~


Meanwhile Saitama’s basically just…there for the entire time, phasing in and out of reality awareness towards all who interact with him, aha. :’)

Exception: listening and supportive towards Genos’ plans at the end of the chapter, however. Even if Saitama doesn’t fully understand what’s going on, or is only half-aware of what he’s agreeing to again, heh this exchange feels quite reminiscent, I’m glad the topic with Genos is enough to genuinely engage his attention at least!

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On my Facebook videos, there popped up a video of an older woman doing makeup. She had wrinkles and everything and did these crazy, intense, and wild looks. My first response was startled and the thought I had was “she’s too old for this!”

But then I watched the video. My mom does her makeup almost every day. She has it down to an art - eyebrows, mascara, lipstick. She at least does those three things, though she will also do blush and foundation and eyeshadow regularly. For her, it is an obligation. She has blonde eyebrows and blonde eyelashes and they disappear into her pale face when she doesn’t add makeup to them.

My mom worked very hard to make sure makeup was never an obligation for me. I have a hellish time trying to apply eyeliner. I put it on to feel good, to have fun, to try wild looks, and change the way my face appears. Her work paid off. She taught me how to do makeup and made sure I never felt obligated. Most AFAB people don’t get that luxury. There is a long post on Tumblr where the OP mentions that “basic” looks have a list of 20+ products when the “basic” look should be zero products. People bring it down to seven, to five, to three - never zero. Makeup should not be an obligation.

Here is this woman of an older generation. A woman who, most likely, was told that makeup was ESSENTIAL for men to like her, ESSENTIAL to look attractive. And with wrinkles and in older age, she finds her fun with it. She wears crazy styles and puts on pink and blue wigs. She dances. She makes things pop and accentuates her cleavage (yes, really! And it looked damn good too!) Makeup was an obligation for her, and she found some way to turn it fun and exciting with really dramatic makeup looks.

I made the mistake of reading the comments. Some of them were wholesome - “adorable”, “ such energy”, “what an incredible lady!” But, of course, there were a lot of critics. One person commented, “This is really nice, these are really good looks, and she is having a lot of fun, but her foundation is a little too orange for her skin.” Which, fair. I have no earthly idea about foundation colors. My foundation is probably a shade or three off of my skin tone. That’s not a bad comment.

The worst comments pointed out her wrinkles. They called her gross. They said that someone her age shouldn’t be doing crazy looks, shouldn’t be wearing wigs with pink and blue hair, shouldn’t be accenting her cleavage, she should be subtle and modest in her makeup. They said that the foundation would highlight wrinkles and make her look bad.

And I thought of my mom. My mom is younger than the woman in the post as far as I can tell, but she is getting on in years. I think of how she is modest and wears modest looks and wears makeup as an obligation. I think of a question I read in an advice column about a woman who stopped doing her makeup and hair on Sundays after doing them seven days a week, and how her husband thought she would turn into a lazy slob. I thought of how many of my AFAB friends struggle with makeup, and how many of my AMAB friends find their freedom with it. I thought of the Tumblr post and of other posts I’ve seen about makeup.

There is no age too young or too old to be wild and experimental. There is no age too young or too old to wear or to not wear makeup. There is no age too young or too old to be into or not be into fashion. Wear what you like. Do what you like.

And, Mom - this is for you. I’ve always found you beautiful. Dad has always found you beautiful. Makeup or no makeup, you have many wonderful traits inside and out. Makeup isn’t an obligation. You’re allowed to have eyelashes and eyebrows that disappear. You will still be beautiful.

For everyone, including my mom… Do or wear something crazy that you want to, for me. If you’re AMAB, experiment with makeup. If you’re AFAB, give yourself permission to not wear it. Wear that cosplay, that Halloween costume, that weird outfit, to the store.

Life is too short to not take advantage of every moment. If you can’t do the different thing for you, then do it for me.

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“Hey, Trish! Wanna play cards?”

“No,” she said instinctively. She cautiously eyed the stack of cards. They were made of paper. Not laminated. No way to clean them. She could practically see the germs on them. “No, but I’ll watch you play. I’m bored.”

“Awwh, no fun,” said Narancia. “Playing with only two people is so boring!”

“Where are the others?” Trish said. “I thought both Bucciarati and Mista were card game people.”

“Well you know what Giorno and Mista are like nowadays,” Fugo said, shuffling the deck with used hands. “Always off on their own. And totally inseparable…”

“And the capo?”

“Actually,” Narancia began with an air that suggested he was about to tell them something he knew he shouldn’t tell them. “He’s on the balcony-roof thing. Y'know. With Abbacchio.”

“And… What were they doing?” Trish couldn’t help but be curious, for whatever reason, Bruno Bucciarati fascinated her and she wasn’t afraid to pry.

“Leaning against each other and talking, mostly. Watching the sunset… You know.”

“Abbacchio hasn’t been feeling too great lately,” Fugo said, begining to deal out the cards. “It’s just like Bucciarati to… Well…”

“Is it now?” Trish mumbled. Out of all the members of her newly found family, Abbacchio was the one she’d spent the least amount of time thinking about. She’s kind of assumed he was just some asshole with a stand. Now though, she was really intrigued.

“Are you sure we shouldn’t do something else?” Narancia complained after he’d looked at his cards. “Playing with two isn’t fun.”

“Oh of course, because you got the shitty cards,” Fugo muttered under his breath.

“Is there really nobody else you can play with?”

The door creaked open. Everybody turned to look at it.

“Oh!” Said Doppio in the doorway. “Am I intruding?”

Trish gave Narancia a meaningful look. He shot a questioning glance her way, and then looked at Fugo, who shrugged and nodded. Narancia took a nervous breath, cleared his throat and asked:

“Doppio… Would you… Like to play with us?”

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currently thinking about how someone using the big letters and periods to emphasize their point doesn’t actually necessarily make them right and they’re just as likely to be saying something stupid as anyone else.

i see so many people on this godforsaken app who make a sweeping statement against x, and everyone in the notes applauds them cause the short sentences and the unforgiving hardness of the statement feels nice. it gives you a warm feeling to be like, ah, yes, that is wrong, and this person said so, and look at all these people agreeing.

but so much of the time its really an unhelpful or poorly thought through point. the one in my head right now is the one about how ‘if you ask me to define nazi, you’re a nazi’. and that’s all fine and easy and low-risk to say, and it’s easy to get people to agree cause nazis are bad and if you’re defending them you’re bad too which is true! but (and this is just using this post as an example) it’s not… actually a bad thing… to make sure that everyone’s defining 'nazi’ as a person who supports the ideology of the governing political party of germany during 1933-1945.

and if people actually stopped and thought about posts like these, which are easy to make and easy to applaud, they’d realize they aren’t actually as groundbreaking and truthful as everyone’s been saying.

essentially my point is that before you nod in agreement to one of these broad, unyielding, pleasantly difficult statements that this app is so proud of, take a moment to consider it on your own. that’s all. look at everything rationally instead of falling for applause lighting.

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Party Split

We’re already a decent large group, but due to over arching plot, three players recent brought back their old characters from a previous campaign for a storyline. Bringing us to nine players.

DM: “Okay, so we have a few ideas on what to do. What first?”

Paladin: “I have some contacts coming to meet me, so I think I have to do my down time here.”

Sorcerer: “We need to got to Halrua and Waterdeep. I’m the only one who can teleport, so guess I’m doing those.”

DM: “Wait, are we finally splitting the party?”

Monk 1: “I also need to do a ritual to attune to the moonblade.”

Cleric: “I can teleport to Waterdeep, I just can’t get back.”

Sorcerer: “I can pick you up at the end of the week!”

Monk 2: “I wanna go to Waterdeep!”

DM: “…okay. Three way split. Not ideal, but–”

Monk 1: “I need to go to the forest for my ritual.”

DM: “Four way split?”

Artificer: “I need research in Candlekeep. We still have that invitation, right?”

DM: “Okay…five way split.”

Bard: “Six, technically. I’m on another plane.”

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oh shit that reminds me my brother actually kin assigned me sanrio characters!! so heres that, which includes his reasoning for each one


Cappuccino (idiot, chuddy doggy, just likes to hang out and sleep, funny little man) [i luv this one because he and cinnamoroll are friends or something? and my brother loves cinnamoroll so we’re sanrio buddies <3]


Biscuit (cool as hell, whats he thinkin? you dont know, actually genderless, has sunglasses all the time but doesnt even wear them they just put it on their head, probably carries around mints, they don’t have their own lore so i’m making it up)


Pierrot (stupid, genderless clown, name is literally just clown, just steppin, doesnt really know what its doin but it sure is doin it)


Syrup (just a fucking seagull, named syrup, “syrup loves summer”, thats all you need to know)


Frappe (stupid as well, just a special little guy, doesn’t always know what to do to contribute but he’s doing his best)

also idk how big these pictures are im on mobile

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Okay lil discussion/realization thing about witches in media.

I’ve gone on lil tirades before about how magic users and telekinetics (especially women) tend to have an emotional outbreak which results in their death (jean grey), forfeiting power or power ups (gwen tennyson), or being helped by a (male) character to gain control of their wild emotions (Zatanna in the jld movie).

That’s the answer in a lot of cases I’ve seen. (I think h*rry p*tter doesn’t count because they all learn the same magic. I’m talking about movies/shows/comics with a token magic character who gets this treatment).

Magic and power is often portrayed as too wild especially if you’re an emotional woman and if you’re too emotional then you can’t be trusted with it. But the other day I realized there were some opposite ends of the spectrum and that i wanted to talk about them. Witches who are allowed to be fully emotional and fully powerful without dying, giving it up, or needing a man to reign them in.

First example is Yennefer of vengerberg. in the witcher show (and from what I gather in the books and game too) not only is she very powerful but the answer to their problems is for her to rebel against the emotional control she’s had to learn. “Let your chaos explode.” What an exceptionally refreshing take. She has to cathartically release a maelstrom of emotions we’ve seen her go through in order to save the day. Lean into her power and not put it in a bottle. Yes her journey starts out having to learn emotional control but the ending of season 1 shatters those rules. In fact most characters in that show go through a similar arc and even magical geralt learns the answer is to embrace his emotions and accept destiny. It’s just very rad and deserves praise.

Next good example is Sypha Belnades, an amazingly portrayed battle mage who is not reduced to a passive/defensive/buff & debuff role. She’s out there slaying things with as much ferocity as Alucard and Trevor. Again it was very refreshing even if her combat magic is a bit cliche and limited to the elements. In their fights she is treated as an equal and creatively leans into her power and her knowledge and her skill. Instead of focusing on control or letting the other two keep her calm.

My last good example is the sorceress cassandra from scorpion king. I really like her and i found it so interesting that although her powers are mostly passive and non combative she is still a warrior in her own right. And that when it’s implied she did lose her powers it was just a deception to keep the king from abusing her. She remains a fully powerful and capable sorceress at the end of the movie and becomes a literal queen. I just love it. There aren’t many witch queens who are good and get to stay good/alive/powerful at the end. (At least none that come to mind).

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hi Chii! don’t worry, i’ve already had like three glasses of water despite only being awake for like four hours, so i’m all good on that front! thank you kindly for that, and for all of the questions too! ^-^

8. How tall is your F/O? - Luna doesn’t have a canonical height to my knowledge, but I tend to think of her as being slightly taller than me, so maybe around 5′4″? it might also be that she is naturally that height, but she looks taller than that because she tends to wear shoes that elevate her a bit.

14. What type of aesthetic does your F/O have? - Luna’s aesthetic is very defined and specific, but I am not sure what the name for it is. she’s meant to be like a stereotypical Victorian maid in terms of how she acts and to a lesser extent dresses, but also with aspects of.. I think it’s gothic lolita? essentially, think of her like an older, dark Alice in Wonderland and you’ll probably be right on the mark

30. What’s a piece of clothing your F/O is never seen without? (glasses, a necklace, hat, etc) - usually it would be her Emerald Brooch, but i’m not sure if she actually has that as of the current point in the story. apart from that though, the other main thing is her promise ring, because it matches Nami’s! she also likes to wear one of those stereotypical maid headdresses whenever she’s doing things in the castle, as you can see on her sprites.

40. How long have you been with your F/O? (or at least been interested in them?) - well, I would have first learned about Luna as a character from a playthrough of her game I was watching at the start of last year. however, I didn’t get to play that game myself until last April or so, and didn’t really start to think about Luna in a selfship sense until after I found out what selfshipping was, which admittedly would have been at a very similar time. I like to think of us being together as being since I got into selfshipping and made my blog, so since the end of May last year!

(as a bonus, within the context of the game, Nami and Luna confess their love to each other after Luna’s Gym battle, but aren’t able to officially do things together until Nami returns from being stranded up in the mountains several months later. so they’ve probably also been with each other in-canon for the same amount of time!)

I hope that these were alright! thank you very much for sending all of these in ^-^

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So here are some of my headcanons for Kirby because why not? Specifically for Kirby’s species. It just devolves into eating habits at the end though lol

  • So, Kirby’s species. They’re called puffballs. Sometimes just puffs. It’s not original, but it’s adorable. And just another reason Meta hides his appearance so much tbh.
  • They have very short fur on their bodies, kinda like peach fuzz. It’s very soft.
  • Prince Fluff isn’t a puffball, but his species is a close relative.
  • One key visual difference is that they have longer fur. Which means, while Prince Fluff is in Dreamland, he looks and feels like one of these bad boys
  • Not all puffballs can use copy abilities, and even those that can usually only have elemental ones like water and fire, then maybe a few weapon based ones like swords and bows. Kirby is a major outlier with his huge arsenal.
  • Speaking of copy abilities! When Kirby gets older, his wings are going to look like his Wing ability ones. And by extension, Shadow’s will too.
  • Meta and Dark aren’t ever going to grow horns like Galacta’s. This stems from Meta being a creation of Nightmare, it’s a slight defect.
  • Kirby and Shadow will, though their’s won’t be as impressive.
  • Puffballs are naturally gluttons. They love food! Their appetite simmers down as they age, but they can still scarf down food like nobody’s business.
  • As long as it’s edible and doesn’t make them sick, they can stomach it. Course, they still have standards. Just because they can eat something bananas like icecream on a salad without keeling over doesn’t mean they’re going to enjoy it.
  • Sugar is a must have for a puffball’s nutrition! They need a lot of it, too, hence the whole “Meta Knight eats a parfait every night” thing.
  • Sweet is usually the favorite flavor profile among puffballs because of this.
  • Unless you’re Hot Topic Wannabe Dark Meta, who regularly puts hotsauce on everything no matter how disgusting the combination.
  • Dark drinks sriracha straight from the bottle purely because he knows it bothers people and he’s a little shit lol
  • Shadow Kirby also likes spicier foods, but isn’t a giant edge lord about it like Dark.
  • Galacta’s favorite flavor is sour. Their favorite “food” is sour patch kids, or whatever the Dreamland equivalent would be.
  • One of the first things Galacta eats when they are permanently freed is just… a whole lemon. They peel it, and eat it piece by piece like it’s an orange.
  • Kirby is willing to try just about anything at least once. If it tastes good, awesome, new food to eat! If it tastes bad, Kirby refuses to touch it after the first bite. Luckily he’s generally not picky.
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Oof… Had a dream I had a job at a restaurant and one of the streamers I’ve been watching for a while was like, the owner fsr and was the one who hired me, and I was going throughout the day just fine, taking care of cleaning and food prep, small stuff you do when you’re first hired, yk? Was also going by my deadname the WHOLE time, but had to grin and bear it, you know how it goes sometimes.

Then I had to take garbage out and I had to bring a buddy and some basic skinny white guy (the kinda guy you know gets physically mad at video games) came with me and was just trash talking anything he could and being super unhelpful cause here I’m new and don’t know where the dumpster cans are but he does but he’s just letting me lead the way.

Finally find the cans after probably 15 minutes and I get a ping from the owner saying he needs to talk to me and I just get this pit in my stomach. I make my way back without the guy with me, head back quicker this time and the owner tells me “you’re a bit slow, you’re down here and I need you up here, this behavior isn’t gonna cut it at this establishment” and all this and I’m not even getting the chance to explain myself and say “hey, it’s my first day here, I know once I familiarize myself with the place I’ll be faster and more efficient than I am rn, also one of your employees I don’t get along with yet, he didn’t take initiative and has left me looking like a fool.”

Before I can even say anything he says “I’m gonna have to let you go for the rest of the day, it’s gonna be a while before I can get back to you, in the meantime I need you to evaluate some of your work behavior” but my poor brain interpretated that as “I’ve given you your chance, you’re too slow, go home, I can’t hire you”. (Definitely not a warped subconscious reflection on the job I had for 4 days and the next place I tried to interview and didn’t get a job at, nope!)

So now I’m left with that and I start trying to make my way out but I’m HELLA lost in this labyrinth of a restaurant which I guess also has a smallish shop area and I keep going back and forth throughout this big building until some 13 year old patron was like “here, just go out through here” cause he could see I was distressed. I head out and make my way to walk home and I’m just sulking now bc ah geez if he saw me lost in there just now, he’s for sure not gonna keep me on.

Ended up passing through a mall while making my way home and came across a school mate I knew in elementary and middle school, never talked to her much irl but I guess it was nice to see a familiar face.

Then I reach some prep building for the restaurant and some guy was there making a delivery but the place was empty so I’m there to sign for the package and the guy’s all mad who knows why, I put the package somewhere safe and kinda just follow him out and dump some of my emotions on him, which was really dumb of me when I knew he wasn’t in a good mood so he’s all “yeah and? What am I supposed to do about it?” And then I start whining and wake up lol.

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I need advice, plz

My mum is depressed, has been for quite some time, but she is from that generation that believes getting help with your mental health is a display of weakness. Don’t get me wrong, she wants others to get help for their mental health if they feel they need it. While a bit confused at times, she has been nothing but supportive of my sister & myself through our anxiety and depression, but refuses to acknowledge it in herself. She gives me the “I’m fine, I’m just tired.” or “Sometimes I just want to die.” but then refuses to see a GP about a mental health plan because “there’s nothinng wrong with me.” I have tried explaining as; if you have a broken leg, you see a doctor and get it fixed, rather than ignore it and keep walking on it, because that will just make it worse. The same goes for these intrusive, negative thoughts. I’m not saying she HAS Depression, I am not qualified to make that call, but I can see that she IS Depressed, and the longer she rebuffs my attempts to help her, the deeper into it she falls.

How do I get her to see that these feelings indicate she is not well? It doesn’t mean that there is “something wrong” with her, but that she does require a helping hand?

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1 song for every ghost:

This has been done before but I want to make my own! So here it is :)

The Captain: Can Ghosts be Gay? - carpetgarden.

It’s pretty obvious why I chose this song, even by just the title you can tell. The song just makes so much sense for him, it’s got the sad, mourning feel that he expresses throughout the series but especially in Redding Weddy. Same vibes.

Julian: Bigmouth Strikes Again- The Smiths

Come on how could I not pick this song for him?? It’s so perfect for him, he’s got a big mouth, he makes insensitive comments (like “now I know how Joan of Arc felt” from the song) AND there are references to things he would’ve experienced (like the Walkman). I could go on and on but to put it simply, it’s just him as a song.

Thomas: Creep- Radiohead

He’d listen to this whilst looking out of his window on the top floor of Button House whilst it rains/ is stormy outside. He’d also mouth along to the song. Oh and he’d somehow end up turning it into a poem.

Fanny: Violent- carolsdaughter

Big feels about this song and her. The whole “I want my ring back baby that’s a diamond”??? 100% her. And the line “did you ever really love me?” fits her so well with the situation with her husband who cheated on her.

Pat: Ghosting- Mother Mother

Even more big feels for Pat and this song. To be honest this song could go with quite a few others but it fits Pat the most because I imagine its how he feels every year when his family came to pay respects.

Kitty: Hey Lover- Daughters of Eve

Just her thinking about the life with her lover she would have if she hadn’t died 💓💞💓💞

Robin: Little Dark Age- MGMT

I have very little justification for this one, I just feel like it’s fitting for him running through the woods at the night and just being feral. Big moonah energy.

Mary: LEMONS -Brye

I feel like these are her thoughts whenever the others start being dickheads *cough* Julian *cough*. Marys a queen ngl.

Humphrey: Body- Mother Mother

Humphreys not had a good relationship with his body for what… 500 years? “I’’ve grown tired of this body” yeah sure you have I can imagine it would suck being detached from your body for eternity.

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here i am my love ;) 

thank you 😭😭 i wish i could LOL i’ve been kinda thinking about it but the moment i try to think about plot points/making things work my brain shuts down AHAHAHAH

legit omg… it’s so like.. petty of her and not in a good way 🤮 anyway can you believe harry potter just manifested itself out of thin air like that? wow.

i haven’t!! but yikes that makes me nervous LOL needing to be steady with my hands? no thanks lol

AHAHAHAH omgggg aren’t the ones that pop the most fun tho fhsdkjfsd like you get some funk in there 🤪

omg im free rn too!! lemme log in and message you heheh im *brimming w excitement*

<33333333 can’t wait to see you~

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You were forced to carry the weight of the world

And although the burden is tremendous, you do not give in

The pain of being eternally crushed

Does it distract you from your thoughts?


Perhaps the weight isn’t what is killing you

But instead it’s you who’s hurting you

Driving the knife further into your chest, but

The weight is all in your head

Your thoughts acting as the chains pulling you down


Do you yearn for something better to come?

Do you long of memories long past?

Do you wish for sleep to overcome you?

You’re suffering all alone, but why?

If given the option would you ask for help?

Or perhaps you don’t wish this on anyone.

Then, why are you punishing yourself?


You are strong and relentless.

You might not show it but even so

I would gladly extend a helping hand

If it meant I could stop the tears falling inside your mind.

Atlas, even you, deserve better.

I can’t carry the world, but 4 hands are better than 2.

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Hey y’all! You might want to get a Bilibili account to read some manhua or watch some videos in chinese but you don’t know how to? Then here you go!!

First, go on Bilibili and click on  “注册“ in the top right of the window.


You will arrive on this page that will need to be filled.


The modification you’ll have to do is for “Country” which is originally set to Chinese Mainland. Here are the first few, but basically you can just translate your country through google translate and look for its characters in the list.


Once you chose your country, the country code is automatically added. (Example for France: +33 will be added, so remove the 0 in front of your phone number. Instead of 0123456789 or +33123456789 you’ll just write 123456789)

When you’ve filled the three first cases, you click on the blue button. You’ll receive a code via SMS that you’ll enter in the slot just before the button.


Don’t forget to check the agreement and click on the bottom “注册“. You now have a Bilibili account!

I had to go through a bunch of questions to validate my account, but they were mostly cultural questions whose answer can easily be found on internet, so buckle up, grab your phone with google translate and go through that mess. I think it’s around 100 questions before validation, you can continue after that, but don’t worry, you won’t lose anything if you stop at the very moment you’re validated.

As for the app!!

It’s on the top left of the window (the red circle) and you can grab it for several platforms. Click on the one circled in blue and you’ll be on the Manhua part of Bilibili; through here, you can grab the manhua app by clicking on the same button (red circle) but now on the top right.


If you want to follow a manhua, clik on the star.


If you want to follow a channel, click on “关注”   


And I’m finished! I you notice a few problems in it or want to add infos, you can go in my askbox so I can modify this post.

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morning!!! omg i’ve never gotten a message from you this early so i hadn’t even considered checking hnghhh

tru… the world is so big anyway who said any AU has to take place around voldemort time or whatever… they can just be wizards vibing.. and i can tack on a ‘hp au’ tag for the clout.. HAHAAHHAH jk. yasss ugh i was legitimately thinking of expanding my rowing AU into a full blown multichap fic but.. lol we’ll see! (💀💀💀)

yeah lmaoooo god i remember her being so salty people like draco too like i’m sorry we see more to your character than you LOL and i remember she was like “i didn’t want pansy to have a happy ending/date draco bc she represented all the girls that bullied me in school” ????????? like? adsfhsdkjfha. i’m not sure if i have?? bc you need an account and i do Not wanna do that, but i’ve prob taken the replicas before

because i’m an “artist” please FShfskfhsdkfhafy9ohrfksjdhfkjsd but no i don’t think so! even if i could draw good/be happy with it… actually i feel like i would…. like my ideal tattoo is just super clean minimalistic lines etc so hmmmmmmmm maybe i would?? who said i couldn’t tattoo it myself as well 🤪🤪

here // here // here > if you search “bubble tea toppings” it should just pop up!!

oooo!! i didn’t even consider that omg… blessing in disguse? ahaha i’ll be sure to check my inbox more oftennn <33

oh rip no :(( pls don’t wake up earlier for me omg you need your rest!!! but that works for me! otherwise the time we’ve usually been talking is good too (past 7pm my time) but it sounds like you’ll have classes then? if it’s more convenient (BETTER FOR YOUR SLEEP!!) we could always just wait until the weekend if you’re not busy 💕

it’s always a lovely evening when i get messages from you 😍 hope you have an awesome morning hehe 💫

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