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#long reads
playssilly · 2 days ago
Ooh! Can you do one with a hero sidekick x villain sidekick and they’re trying to hide it from the hero and villain!
Tumblr media
Sorry it took a while to get back to you, but here it is! It goes a bit off from focusing on their relationship, but I hope you like it anyways! It's a long one too--Enjoy! ^^
Movie Night
[H-sidekick] made a small heart with one hand that hid behind his back as both of them walked their separate ways. He could see a shy smile slide across [V-sidekick's] face as her attention clicked away.
It was the cutest thing at first, hiding that they knew each other more than just being enemies.
It grew sad as it went on, though.
The fact that [Villain] and [Hero] would--could--never approve of their relationship set in. Because of that, the worse thing was that they'd find out.
...But they both agreed that they wanted to continue.
Their nights together, popcorn and a tv show they had started just to have something to watch together, and the piles of blankets were the best nights they knew. The cozy warmth of it all...they just didn't want to get rid of it.
They couldn't go out: they'd be noticed, surely. Whether it was by [Hero] and [Villain] themselves, or by one of either sides' allies...there was always the risk of getting noticed, and recognized.
Still, they wanted it to last--even a little bit longer.
[H-sidekick] and [Hero] were out on a mission. [Hero] had gotten a sighting alert of [Villain] and decided that--since it was already a slow day--even if it turned out false, it wouldn't delay anything important.
With nothing to do, they went. West side of town, barely noon—Yet there were plenty of people out. The shops were already accompanied.
It reminded [H-Sidekick] of a time he took [V-sidekick] to them.
Stands full of fresh foods, it was just when they opened. They had went throughout all of it--then, always ruining the fun, he had gotten a job alert from [Hero].
The two of them went pass the stands. No fruit picking today. He sighed in annoyance just when [Hero] suddenly stopped.
"Why did...?"
He cut himself off when he saw gas fire eyes staring back.
There stood [V-Sidekick] in uniform. Her eyes blinked [Hero]. A step back--[Hero] had said something.
It was quickly cut off by [Villain]--A blade shooting through the air— pierced a wall due to [Hero's] quick movements.
"Seems like it wasn't false…" [Hero] murmured to their sidekick. A dense wall between [Villain] and his sidekick and them from [Hero's] power.
A distorted heat burned [Hero's] wall, [V-Sidekick's] hand pressed against it.
"'Course not!" [Villain's] ivory smile pointed through as the wall between them melted.
No more time to think as [Villain] towards them again--[Hero] met him with a block, another wall, although miniature. There was a slight nod from [Villain] to his sidekick, and she bolted to [H-Sidekick] with a reeled punch.
It was a little awkward, being enemies when they were so close when off the job. Never the less, he played along--meeting her fist with blocking arms.
His eyes blurred between her and the other two. [Hero] had threw a punch that landed on [Villain's] jaw. A grab of the wrist and kicking [Hero's] knee--[H-Sidekick] was forced back to [V-Sidekick] as she struck him again.
Those gas fire eyes sparkled then disappeared from his view. A forceful kick to his legs and the world went toppling over.
A shifting blur of [Villain] pattering away, [Hero] on his tail--then hands pinning him to the ground. That auburn hair shifting over him and the clacks of steps getting further away.
A pause.
"Uhm..." That sweet voice.
He looked up as the grip on him lessened. [Hero] had ran after [Villain]. Both of them gone. And while [Villain] had exceptional hearing--they were far off.
"Huh." Another pause. "They just left?"
"Um...Yeah?" She let go of him. "Uh--well..."
"Well, good fight!" [H-Sidekick] sat up. "I definitely win."
[V-Sidekick] scoffed, "It's clear I did."
"Sure, Sure."
A small huff from [V-Sidekick]. "Uh--Wanna come over for dinner tonight?"
"Sure! I'd hope I'm free then." [H-Sidekick] blinked. "Movie night?"
She nodded back. "Any one you want to see?"
Her lover paused for a moment, "I can't remember the name. I'll have to look it up."
Blurred-blue eyes showed a smile. "I can make curry."
"I just might need a sandwich." Her lover laughed. "Popcorn, maybe."
She had always made hot foods, that was practically all she ate. [H-Sidekick] had only questioned it once before until she said it helped to keep her power built up. Once he had known, he kept bringing hot foods over. Chili, tea, stew--nearly every type of soup that store had--They would always make it together...
A blink back into reality--[H-Sidekick] stood up, lending a hand to her.
She took it. "...So. What do we do now?"
"Well, Normal people would keep on fighting." He squeezed her hand before letting go. "We're not normal though, huh?"
"I guess not." [V-Sidekick] hummed through a smile, "I already tried what I wanted to."
[H-Sidekick] started to laugh. "Flipping me over your back?"
"Did it well, too. You have to admit."
"Sure--just don't do it again; I think you gave me a concussion."
"Says the one with superhuman healing!"
The laughing stopped as footsteps cracked throughout the side street their mentors had run through.
"Back to the play." [V-Sidekick] laughed with a playful kick aimed to his knee.
He stepped back, humming in annoyance. "You always go for the legs!"
[H-Sidekick] could see the smile in her eyes just before a fist aimed to his nose. He grabbed his wrist--just as [Villain] had done to [Hero]--yet [V-sidekick] twisted, knocking her elbow into his nose.
They had both jolted back, giving a wide aperture between them just as [Villain] came bursting back. He slid beside [V-Sidekick].
"We've got time," A ardent smile on his face flashed to his sidekick. "Let's get this one out of the way." Blood running down his nose, he closed the range between them and [H-Sidekick].
To his agreement, [Villain] paused. Looking back to [V-Sidekick].
"We don't have to kill him."
[Villain's] eyebrows furrowed, more of annoyance than confusion. "How so?"
"If--" She stumbled in her words, those bright eyes darting to her lover. "If we just take him--that'd get us further, right?" [Villain] tilted his head. "Like--If...we were to take him back, we could hold some type of ransom." She added, "Get more how of him--out of [Hero]."
[Villain] hummed... "A hostage?"
She nodded and he turned back to [H-sidekick].
[H-Sidekick's] eyes glaring back into those night skies of eyes--The owners nodded. "An apt idea."
That grin of his burned into [H-Sidekick's] mind--but [Villain] paused, quickly whipping to the side just as [Hero] bolted into the opening.
A reeled back fist, a failed attempt at dodging, immediately connected to his jaw. He stumbled away from the stark wall now behind him.
He shouted something to his sidekick--and she followed whatever order it might've been. Pressing her hand to a near invisible wall, [Villain] stepped back next to her.
"Out of the way 'hero.' I've business with that shadow of yours." He drawled.
[Hero] didn't move, though their hands held a tremor. "Anything you have with him is with me."
A chattering went across [Hero's] earpiece--A low growl came from [Villain] as he stepped back, placing a hand to [V-Sidekick's] shoulder, "Out," He hummed. "This'll soon be more that we're prepared for."
He heard it--whatever [Hero's] team was talking about over the intercoms. That was one of the things [V-Sidekick] had always praised about her boss. He was 'gifted' powerful hearing. Like an animal, a bird listening for worms in the ground, it was so good as to hear music from 2 blocks away.--
"Now--We're leaving." At that, [V-Sidekick] turned on her heel and started off.
"Ending things so soon?" A chide from [Hero], although their hands were dripping in blood. "Things were just about to get fun!" They held up an arm and [V-Sidekick] stopped--A hand quickly placing itself to air. [Villain] bolted to join his sidekick just as she burned through it.
"Perhaps later, [Hero]." A sneaking grin back on his face--"You know I don't like it when too much is happening."
"Aw." Footsteps echoed through a side alley, getting closer and closer. "What's wrong? Too much to listen in on?" His mentor was taunting them although they had overused their power--The blood continued to drip from their hands.
[Villain] thankfully didn't react. He and [V-Sidekick] ran off. [Hero] made a useless attempt to follow them as soon as their cavalry arrived.
To his relief, the two didn't turn up.
That night, [H-Sidekick] had finally gotten off of work after running around with a babbling hero--searching the streets that surrounded where they had been that morning.
His lover had opened the door, wearing her usual cotton pajamas. Her eyes sparkled from a smile, pulling him inside. "That took a while."
He met her smile, wrapping his arms over her. His chin rested on the top of her head. "You guys sent [Hero] on a spiral--They were so angry."
His lover hummed into his shirt, "Would you rather me be in prison?"
"Ooh...of course not." A breathy laugh. "Who else's pantry would I sneak tea packet into?" He took off his backpack, unzipping the front.
"You're kidding me..."
He held up a small box, a grin on his face. "It's Chai this time."
--He placed it in the pantry. "The only thing I'll be able to drink this year is tea if you keep on bringing it." [V-Sidekick] plopped down on the couch, pulling a particularly fluffy blanket over her.
He hummed with laughter, "I can bring coffee next time."
She threw the remote at him, "Oh, just get over here and pick a show."
I may be bribed into making a part two--(By bribed I mean just ask and you shall receive! :D)
Hope you enjoyed! Sorry it took so long to get it to you. ;-:'
-Playssilly <3
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So, I just saw an interview with Daniel Dae Kim on The View, and people were talking about how he and other Asians “played up” Stop Asian Hate, and it’s all exaggerated! I’m sorry, all those new reports and personal stories were made up? And since when was this a gymnastics performance for who has it worse? I’m pretty sure the guy that made a few comments was an undercover white guy, but you never know with YouTube. What a fucked up world, eh? It had nothing to do with the interview, too!
Okay, let’s be honest here.
Most of these people that say “Stop Asian Hate” is exaggerated, propaganda, or some other shit, never even gave a shit about Asian people anyway nor do they care. The reason why racism against Asian people is “news” to non-Asians is because they never paid attention to us in the first place which is why I don’t care about anyone else at the moment and we are all justified to do so.
SAH is a response to a particular form of racism that has been happening for a VERY long time. All the individual cases that you see today has been happening and has happened to our grandparents since they first came here. If you’re part of an older Asian family that has been here for a century or two, your greatgreat- or great grandparents have faced racism too. They’ve faced small scale racism like attacks and robberies but also systematic scale racism from laws and policies. None of this is new. It’s just new because people haven’t been paying attention and because the term/phrase “Stop Asian Hate” is new. But the overarching issue of racism itself is not new.
It’s kind of like how your grandparents may have some personal trauma right? Then they pass it down to your parents. Then your parents might pass it down to you. Then you might pass it down to your kids if you decided to have any or if you do have some. But 100 years ago or so, nobody knew what this sort of “familial trauma” was called because it didn’t have a name and nobody responded to it and nobody addressed it. But here in the US at least, we all know that familial trauma thing is called “generational trauma.” Generational trauma is a new term in comparison to how long it has actually existed. So just because something doesn’t have a name or phrase doesn’t mean it never existed before. And just because something has a new name or phrase doesn’t mean it’s new.
It’s exactly similar with SAH. Just because the phrase is new doesn’t mean racism is new and just because we didn’t have a phrase for it doesn’t mean it never happened before. That’s the unique thing about humans is that we face so many different things in life but most of the time, we don’t know what those things are until someone defines it or puts a word or a phrase to it. But whatever word, term, or phrase we use to describe something is simply just a shared meaning for people to better understand, it’s not to signal that it is “new.” Since it seems “new” to some people (or I should say many people), then they think it’s exaggerated or fake or propaganda or something else but the fact is that they never paid attention in the first place. And we can’t reach people that don’t pay attention.
Angry Asian Guy
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niallsteenagekitty · a day ago
Tumblr media
A/N: Hey guys here I am with part two of stay hope you like it. If you like it please comment and a reblog would really mean a lot to me. feel free to send me your ideas. Hope you like it go ahead and enjoy!
Part 1 has already been uploaded earlier please read that before this.
thank you!
WORDS: 1,154
(PART 2)
Harry’s pov:
The day she left my apartment all angry I was a little relieved that I won’t break her heart anymore. I never wanted it to end this way but I was also happy for her, now she can actually find someone who can love her the way she deserves to be. I feel really stupid for letting myself do this to her.
She had tears in her eyes and even though she was trying her best to hide, the pain could be clearly heard in her voice. I hate seeing her cry like this. It's like I could feel the same pain she was feeling.
Maybe even more.
We didn’t spend much time together but still there was something special. The connection we had and the bond we shared in the moments we had. The times when I was with her I actually smiled and laughed at the jokes and her adorableness. Those were the times when I used to forget about everything because she had my full attention. But this doesn’t mean that I totally forgot about her.
Cause even when I was with (Y/N) she somehow had a spot in my mind. It was hard not to think about her. She was my sunshine. She was there with me when I needed her. She always said she loved me. she said we were forever. she said that we were meant for each other but still
she left
She left without thinking about me.
With just a letter on my nightstand I don’t even have the courage to open it and read it so it’s right there still untouched. I don't think I’ll ever be able to open it and read it. It’s hard.
Harry’s pov:
“Are you ready to go love?” I asked her “just a second babe” she replied. After two minutes she entered the living room where I was sitting watching something on the T.V “let’s go I am ready” I looked at her with my jaw dropped and she laughed at my reaction “how do I look?” she asked  “like an angel” I said and she rolled her eyes.
She is perfect from head to toe. Her long red hairs were not in a ponytail, they were open, her blue eyes were so beautiful and I could see how much love she had for me in them. The red dress she wore was like it was made just for her.
Everyday with this girl I am just falling more and more for her and tonight I am gonna confess  my feelings to her.
I love her
I don’t know if she loves me but I love her.
We were now in a park. She was sitting on the blanket while I sang one of the songs I wrote for her. She said she’d loved to be midnight serenaded so here we are. It's not midnight yet but still.throughout the song she was smiling and our eyes never left each other's gaze. She was the most precious thing of mine that I would do anything to protect.
The song ended and I kept my guitar back on the ground and looked at her. She had tears in her eyes so I got up and hugged her. “Was it that bad?” I teased “no...I loved it. it’s my new favorite now” she replied, chuckling a bit “Awww” I said “no ones ever done this much for me’s a bit overwhelming ``''hey, you deserve this maybe better but for now this is all I have.” I said and she smiled this time.
The smile that I love
She knows that
“I love you Allison” I just blurted out  not being able to keep it to myself anymore and her eyes grew wide in shock of what I just said and after a solid minute of silence I started to panic.
Did I do something wrong
She’s not saying anything
Say something.
“You what?” she managed to speak “I love you Allison and for a while now. I fell for you the day I saw you for the first time when you were talking to your friend in the park. You remember?” she smiled remembering that day “yeah” she then replied “that was the best day of my life and I know if you don’t lov-” “I love you Harry ''she said and then I was relieved that she feels the same.
I am falling for you even more Allison
I love Allison
She said she loves me
Allison loves me and I love her
This is perfect.
I smiled remembering those times I spent  with her. I loved her for all I had and that is why I think it’s unfair to (Y/N)
I am afraid I could never love someone as much as I loved her.
Maybe I still love her
I can’t get over the fact that she’s not here anymore.
Maybe I have to.
Maybe I will
One day.
. but one thing that I can’t ignore is the way I feel about (Y/N). all the times I spent with her I really laughed, I felt free and I enjoyed being alive. In the past four years what I’ve gone through I don’t ever wanna experience again.
I won’t fall for anyone.
I promised myself.
But sitting with (Y/N) that day and serenading her in a way I felt something same as I felt that day with Allison but there is nothing like this.
I barely knew her.
And now I am not even gonna see her.
I didn’t write the song for her it was for Allison
I always wrote with her in my mind.
No one can replace her.
But I think I am wrong.I am scared of my heart.I don’t know what is happening to me. I wrote the song for her. I sang it to her. She was the first one to hear it and her giving me that smile was all I needed as a reward for all I did in writing that song.
I can’t help it now. Deep down inside my heart I know I am falling for her but my mind disagrees to it and I go with my mind and so.
Even though I want her back with me
I can’t
Even though I want to kiss her again
I can’t
Even though I want to hear her voice saying my name over and over
I can’t
Her smile, her touch, her face, her mysterious eyes which speak a lot about her, her silky long hair, her lips are all gone and will never return.
It hurts to think about it.
Hurts to think that she’ll never be with me again because of me. She was the only good thing in my life and I pushed it away too.
I hate myself now.
But I’ll get used to it.
I guess.
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brostateexam · a day ago
having worked with the kind of workhard playhard dorks who infest startups at every level, absolutely believe this happened and also holy shit
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mominousrex · a day ago
“The Wookie Cub Snore” THE JOLA MOON🌘🌗🌖Xtras/Deleted Scenes
12 Days of Rexsoka - Day #2 “Just Like Old Times”
TW: May cause 😭 I was hoping to fit this in somewhere. But decided to include it as part of my “xtras/deleted” scenes.
She was watching Rex sleep while listening to his precious Wookiee cub snore. She remembered that sound from the long flights to and from whatever hyper-madness the Republic had required them to attend to...
Fives and Echo would do the funniest little routine to Rex’s signature snoring with their heads bobbing up and down while conducting their hands as though they were orchestrating a one-man snoring symphony.
Everyone that was awake would be silently laughing so hard trying to make sure they didn’t wake their beloved resting Captain. Eventually, Echo’s eyes would start tearing up as his red face writhed in pain with a laughing smile. Fives loved to get Echo cracking up that hard and Echo would start losing control of his silent laughter. Fives was the only one who could make Echo laugh like that. Rex would always sleep through all of it.
Immediately after The Citadel, Ahsoka would make sure to sit next to Fives for long flights. She wanted him to know that someone knew how much he missed his Domino twin and would share his pain. For many weeks there were no silly moments. No wild hi-jinks. No Echo of silent laughter.
Fives would always fall asleep on her tiny shoulder and eventually, she would let him settle in her lap with her bunched-up Jedi cloak as a pillow.
And whenever he could, Rex would sit with her as she comforted his grieving brother.
When Fives’s snored his version of the same adorable snore all the clones had, Ahsoka would look at Rex and remember the joy he never knew he was always the cause of back then. She would quietly smile at him then the way she smiled at him now safely sleeping in her arms, filling her with joy.
On The Resolute, she and Rex would sit there whisper-talking for hours, with Fives asleep in her lap. There was nothing strange to anyone, not even Anakin. Everyone in the 501st knew that Rex and Ahsoka were the mindful point of balance the resulted in the 501st’s bravery and morale.
Together, they always were the pair that ensured the level of the pain never exceeded the comfort that was needed to go on and fight another day. Now they could be that for each other.
But could they be that for an entire rebellion that didn’t yet exist?
Ahsoka had no answer for that. She only had this moment of joy with him here and today.
@12-days-of-rexsoka @am-i-beast-or-beauty @marionarnold @imnewintown00 @catsarefurrypeople @raven802-blog @saint-tries
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veramoonmin · a month ago
Do you ever think about how Sasha reacted when she got to Amphibia?
Tumblr media
Like, she was immediately tied up and kidnapped by frog soldiers that could have killed her. She wasn't given time to grasp the situation, wonder where her friends were, figure out where she was, etc. Just thrown into chains.
Tumblr media
She didn't have a nice farm family to ease her into it, or a king to help her find her friends and let her explore the worlds culture. She was literally a prisoner. The only reason they didn't kill her on the spot was because she was an anomaly that they wanted answers from. They wanted to know if there were more humans, and she knew that.
Tumblr media
As far as she knew, the only humans in Amphibia were her best friends, the friends that she knew since they were toddlers, The friends that she needed to protect, the friends that she needed to find. She had no idea where they landed, or if they were even safe. She might've assumed that they were in a similar situation to her. At that time, her main goal was probably "escape and find the girls".
Anne and Marcy were probably one of her biggest motivations to escape. Sasha was locked up in a cell, with nobody but the occasional guard that gave her rotten food, and she exploited the fuck out of that.
Tumblr media
She turned on her popular-girl-charm and thrived. She pissed off one of the most feared toads ever for fun. She got multiple guards to quit their own job by only talking to them. She learned their interests, their hobbies, what made them tick, and used it to her advantage. She knew how to get close to them, because thats what she'd do in school.
Tumblr media
She got the girl who took Annes snack to give it back, she got the teacher to let them go to the bathroom, etc. Because she was popular. When your popular, you know learn to make small talk, how to be charismatic, you learn how to manipulate.
She thought out her options, her surroundings, and the people, then managed to dig herself up from the fucking grave.
she taught the people how to be better. She taught them breathing exercises, food recipes, optimism, and a lot more. Sasha made herself a crucial weapon to them, and to put her in chains again would be a mistake. She made that fact clear when she defeated a giant blood-thirsty monster with cheerleading. She had more skill with cheerleading than any of the toads in there.
Tumblr media
She built a friendship with the soldiers, and taught their leader how to interact. At this point, she could have left, but she saw potential.
She was given a castle,
Tumblr media
She was partying,
Tumblr media
And she let it go to her head.
Tumblr media
Her end goal was always to go home with her best friends, and that never changed. When she was a captive, when she was a soldier, even when she was the bad guy. she wanted to get home.
But that wasn't her priority.
Sasha wanted to have fun first. She didn't care if the girls went home before her, because she had a choice to leave. Earth was an end goal, not her main goal. Sasha wanted to rule over a kingdom, be treated as royalty, to live her fantasy life.
Tumblr media
Sasha had the same dream as Marcy, but the difference is that she didn't want it to last forever.
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chaoticfruit · 7 months ago
re-reading a book you've read a hundred times because you need that serotonin is wonderful
don't let that stack of unread books in the corner shame you...
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brostateexam · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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relatable-writings · 4 months ago
She's the kind of girl you never see coming. It starts off simple and two months later you're saying I love you, you are my world. She told me 'I want a kiss' and I knew I was in trouble. I want to spend every night tucked up in the mystery that is her mind. What is she thinking? What does she want? Is this enough for her? Am I enough for her? Some people you can read; she's a novel written in another language. Love is never easily understood. Our love was unexpected, the kind you only read about. One second I was flying on a plane, the next we were falling in love. It gives me hope that the world is a good place. She gives me hope that I am good. I look into her eyes and I'm in her soul, completely transfixed. She wraps her arms around me and I swear no one has ever felt safer in this world. Fingers intertwined with mine and I'm sure we can take on the world. Lying next to her I feel her magic, the kind you can only find in a girl who finds humour in everything. She kisses me and I sprout wings that take me to a place where we're together forever. Sometimes she laughs and I swear it's the cure for any disease. It healed me. She feels like home. No better than that; she feels like where I belong, where I was always suppposed to be. I wasn't looking for anyone; she showed me my forever. She's the kind of girl that can do that, steal your heart and change your life.
A.Y. [Love was when, one look at her and I became a lunatic.]
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samantha-evergreen · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
post by @bauliy
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atrapos · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Δεν ξέρω αν ήρθες νωρίς ή άργησες, μου αρκεί που το προσπάθησες Τι σκεφτόσουν με νοιάζει όχι τι απάντησες.
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