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Lol wut

Who cares if it “alienates” them. If you’re living in the US or any other western country and you’re not white, you’ve already been alienated from your cultures, histories, languages, and pretty much everything else your whole life. But omgoshers we’re being a little too mean for the whites!

Whenever folks of color tell OTHER folks of color to be “nicer” to whites, they’re just being a damn whitey bootlicker tbh. That pisses me off so much. Like I’m not saying go out and be mean to whites for no reason but racism isn’t nice. And because racism isn’t nice, speaking the whole truth about it isn’t always gonna be nice either. The thing they need to understand is that literally EVERY single person of color here has had racist experiences with whites at one point in their lives whether they want to admit it or not. If there is one common group that every person of color has dealt with, it’s the whites. Always has been. So how can you expect someone to be nice to the same people that has made them feel less than human? That still does today.

If it were me, I’d tell them my piece on the subject matter and if they still wanna be a bootlicker, I’d just stop talking to them tbh. If my own friend isn’t gonna listen to me about racism, then they’re not gonna listen to a bunch of other folks talking about racism either.

Angry Asian Guy

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I would like to believe there is a tree or an abandoned house , maybe even a distant star somewhere who might have seen us walk past each other years ago in a busy street. The old lamppost under which you might have waited desperately for a cab one night ,could have wished for the blurry image of a dreamy girl in a car that just sped past you to have lingered a little longer , long enough for you to notice. A flower might have seen us standing outside a curio shop and we would have been it’s last blooming thought as it fell from above between the feet of two oblivious star crossed lovers. You, my love would protest that we couldn’t have met earlier . You would’ve remembered my face . Your loving eyes , so endearingly looking into mine , might adore my face but deep down it craves for my soul. I’ve never been a head turner rather the kind you’ll easily walk past by , until you call me home. So, I hope unknowingly we walk past that house , the tree, that lampost or beneath that star again ,just this time we’d be walking hand in hand and I know they’d be similing in hues of destiny’s prophecies



Art credit : @mienar

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Hi everyone!

I thought I’d revive this blog after about 4 years of radio silence.

I’ve just finished my degree and given the current pandemic, I now have plenty of time to get reading again.

For now, please enjoy this picture of my cat who came to join today’s garden reading session. More content coming soon!

Lots of love,

Seren x

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space, does not respect social distance of 6 feet, isn’t wearing a mask, and keeps asking me where I live. He keeps asking for my address, and instead of staying on subject, he keeps asking me aggressive questions when all I was doing was asking as a neighbor if he has to fix his bike rn, at this hour. He keeps trying to physically intimidate me and so I start yelling back at him and cursing, and that gets to him so he threatens to call the police 😂😂

You could have recorded it but since it’s night, the video may not be as clear. Maybe pictures of where he lives or at the very least, know his house number in the case that you ever need to report something or you feel like egging someone’s house idk lmao jk.

This is something you should always do every night but just make sure everything in your house (doors, windows, etc) is locked before you sleep because who knows who this guy is. And this might be a little overboard but I keep a bat in my closet just in case

I’m sure you probably already do this but make sure you know your surroundings and be more aware if someone or a car is following you. I’m also assuming you live with other people so make sure they’re alert too. Y’all gotta work together lol

Most of the time, it’s not something to worry too much about but this man is more on the aggressive side and if he’s getting in your space during this time, he probably might be a trumper. Not that I’m trying to stereotype but if he’s like a middle-age white man or something, then I’d definitely be a little more alert versus if he was something else. Be careful and keep any physical objects close that you can use just in case.

Sorry I didn’t include all your other asks but the thing is that you know where he lives too so you also have that to your advantage as well. If anything out of the ordinary happens, just give them another call again.

Angry Asian Guy

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Crier’s War


By Nina Varela

Rate: 5/5

Synopsis: Impossible love between two girls —one human, one Made.

A love that could birth a revolution.

After the War of Kinds ravaged the kingdom of Rabu, the Automae, Designed to be the playthings of royals, took over the estates of their owners and bent the human race to their will.

Now, Ayla, a human servant rising the ranks at the House of the Sovereign, dreams of avenging the death of her family… by killing the Sovereign’s daughter, Lady Crier. Crier, who was Made to be beautiful, to be flawless. And to take over the work of her father.

Crier had been preparing to do just that—to inherit her father’s rule over the land. But that was before she was betrothed to Scyre Kinok, who seems to have a thousand secrets. That was before she discovered her father isn’t as benevolent as she thought. That was before she met Ayla.

Set in a richly-imagined fantasy world, Nina Varela’s debut novel is a sweepingly romantic tale of love, loss and revenge, that challenges what it really means to be human.


This can only end in tears. Im sure of it. I went into this book a bit unawares, seeing as it came in an Owlcrate. But my stars, it was beautiful. The writing was very wordy almost like poetry but not in a pretentious way and this is another amazing LGBTQ book that needs more exposure. The love story was there but it wasn’t the main focus. This was a political, conspiracy drama that just happen to take place in an alternate universe where alchemy was a recognized art and it created (as it goes) a superior race who later over throw their creators. You know the usual. From the summary I expected a LGBTQ romance that just happen to have a revolution story in the background but no this was a revolution that had the inconvenience of having two characters fall in love. Also, you would think that homosexual relationships would be the big no no of the story (its not both humans and mades have their same sex marriages) the big no no is inter species relationship which I felt was a metaphor. This entire book felt like a parallel to our reality with out it being either too obvious or too subtle. I know, I’m rambling but my gosh this story is amazing. This story deals with politics, cultural appropriation, racism, subtle sexism and what makes us human. I thought that is would be your typical YA love story but no. It was smart in the way the characters were written with motives beside being in love. Which by the way neither were happy about. Crier is a Automae, she is wants to have purpose, and not in the woe is me way, but her ideals conflict with the teachings her father has taught her. While Ayla hates Automae, because they have enslaved her people and killed her family. So, she wants revenge against Crier and as luck would have it Crier taps Ayla as her hand maiden. Thus our story begins. Both are in denial, Ayla more than Crier but they love each other and its a mess for both of their causes. What I also loved was that I don’t know who Crier or Ayla can trust. I feel that both are being set up by the people around them and that cliff hanger has me craving more. I can’t wait for the next book and I am so obsessed that this review doesn’t do it justice. Owlcrate did a great job with this book (the cover is so pretty). It is a perfect sifc book and a great LGBTQ story. Its a slowburn but once it starts it just amazing. If you haven’t read it please do.

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Thank you and no probs! :D

Yeah, similarly like what I said earlier, Asian people are the only minority group that has to take a whole detour for everyone else just to talk about ourselves. Like yeah, not every Asian person is innocent so there are issues that some folks need to address but if someone is talking about the racism they face, it’s completely irrelevant to derail their experiences and then make them answer prerequisite questions that have nothing to do with them.

Like we don’t make anyone answer questions relating to Asian people before they talk about their experiences so Asian people shouldn’t have to do the same either. It’s almost as if we’re the only minority group that is actually discouraged to be pro-ourselves. While everyone else is encouraged to be pro-themselves, Asian people always get bombarded with the whataboutisms that have nothing to do with what we’re even talking about.

One of my favorite whataboutisms from non Asians is the “what about China?” lmaooo. Gotta love it man. It’s already a classic even though there’s like 23 million or so Asian people in the US and the majority of us were either born here or are immigrants, refugees, or visitors from another country lol. No shame being from China though. All love for all the homelands.

And then these bootlicker Asians that talk crap about Asian folks are the ones that get a million likes and shares but when it comes to the pro-Asian Asian folks that talk about being proud of themselves without racist detours and whataboutisms are the ones that get called a “racist” lol. It’s like people have tricked us into thinking that being pro-Asian is somehow “racist” but it’s literally just about us loving ourselves and being proud of who we are and where we come from, just like anyone else.

Anyways, sorry for my rant. I can go on forever with this. But you definitely won’t find any race-traitor, bootlicker, self-hating, lapdog, rugmat, or ass-kissing junk here. Only unapologetic, unconditional, and unrelentless pro-Asian stuff which pisses people off for some reason but I’m glad. It means we’re doing something right lol

Angry Asian Guy

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I submitted something to you about my own interaction with bootlicking and asskissing Asian Americans who don’t understand that amplifying Tou Thao’s Asianness is not only dangerous and very irresponsible but also not helpful to our solidarity with our Black brothers and sisters… and perpetuating the image of monolithic Asians “kowtowing” i.e. kissing asses of non-Asian POCs (who quite honestly don’t invest much into self-reflection and self-decolonization themselves, but would rather use Asians as escapegoats) exacerbates the struggle that invisible and poor Asians already go through in this country (systematically under the radar) by powers that be who are not necessarily “white” in a sense.

I agree.

A lot of self-hating and bootlicking Asians (like LLAG) do a disservice to Asian folks in general. They continually put down their own communities and Asian people as a reflection of their shame of being Asian. But in addition to that, their self-hate also comes from non Asian groups that put down Asian people and stereotypes us as a monolith.

In my opinion, though Asian people have more social privileges, Asian voices have very little power so Asian folks tend to listen to non Asian voices. But whenever non Asian people do decide to say anything about Asian people, it’s usually negative. Very rarely will they say anything positive for genuine reasons, it’s usually conditional. So Asian folks will soak that in and because we’re all trying to figure out who we are and where we belong in the country, many Asian folks will adopt that racist monolithic perspective that comes from non Asians as their own perspective. That’s where you get people like LLAG and Esther Ku, both self-hating bootlickers on opposing ends that tear down their own people just to uplift another group.

It’s not wrong to uplift a group that you don’t belong to but you don’t need to tear down your own to do it. That does a disservice to both groups because 1) it brings down people in your own group and makes them more ashamed of who they are and 2) for the group you are lifting up, you’re conditioning them into thinking that support requires sacrifice. It just becomes superficial for both groups tbh.

And of course, there are many Asian folks beyond the monolith that have even less power in their voices as you mentioned. To have a voice, no matter how small, is still a privilege over those that have almost no voice or no voice at all. So it’s very important for Asian folks to not feed into the monolithic perspective and dismiss other Asian folks who have even less of a voice to defend themselves with. The LLAGs and Esther Kus for example have already adopted the monolithic perspective so they don’t care about all the kinds of Asian people they bring down. Their goal is to be someone else’s bootlicker whether they know it or want to acknowledge it.

The other problem with bootlickers is that they love to act like racism only comes from one group and trickles down but it doesn’t. Everyone and anyone can perpetuate and participate in racism regardless of what social categories they belong to. Like how you were sharing your experiences with racism from other minority groups, I’ve also said many times on here that I’ve dealt with racism from others too. Some of my friends and family have definitely dealt with it. And I’m sure there are plenty of Asian folks out there that have their own experiences as well. But bootlickers love to dismiss our experiences and act like racism is just a one-way road. It isn’t. It’s just that it doesn’t align with their version of racism or reality so they dismiss it.

So for those of us that are unapologetically and unconditionally pro-Asian, it’s important for us to stay as such no matter what comes our way, especially for the folks that don’t have a voice and the generations that come later.

Angry Asian Guy

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Yeah, whenever you disaggregate data within Asian communities, Hmong folks are usually at the bottom of every category similarly with Laos and Cambodian folks.

Granted that being marginalized doesn’t make you immune to anything but understanding or at least trying to understand that Asian communities aren’t “just Asian” gives each group more of a story. In fact, every ethnic group within the umbrella term “Asian” has their own identity and it also differs depending on what part of the country you live in. Hmong people for example are very different in California compared to those in Minnesota or Wisconsin. At the same time though, Hmong folks can still communicate and understand each other’s experiences because we’re part of the same ethnic group.

Like I don’t really care what non Asians have to say about us or Asian people in general because it’s always from a very narrow, racist point of view anyway. What matters is that we get our say as to who we are and not let ourselves fall victim into believing what they believe because like I said earlier, a lot of Asian folks really beat themselves up by believing all these racist perspectives that non Asians are always spewing. It’s very disappointing tbh. You’re the only one that can tell your story with the full spectrum of who you are so don’t let others tell it for you.

Angry Asian Guy

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hello my loves! I wanted to post a link to the London Boy Masterlist since it’s almost coming to an end :,( There’s only one more chapter left and I want to thank each and every one of you who took the time to read this story. I love you all and can’t wait for you to see the ending <3

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And let me give a little more context to this. From my experience, Asian people are the only minority group that will shit on each other, fight each other, and distance themselves from their own communities just to prove that they’re an ally to other folks, especially to the Black community. No other minority group that I have seen goes to the lengths that Asian people will go just to prove how much they care and how hard they’ll go for someone else.

But whenever incidents like these happen, everybody gets reduced to the “all Asians are racist” stereotype. That’s one of the reasons why the photo of the Asian cop is getting shared so much just to paint that racist narrative. There’s a racially charged motive behind it. Like we see that shit, we ain’t blind bro. The issue though is that the Asian cop (he’s Hmong) doesn’t represent any Asian communities, not even Hmong communities. A cop represents the law enforcement community and police brutality regardless of what race they are. And as such, all four cops involved (including the Asian cop who didn’t do anything to help George Floyd) should be charged with murder.

Maybe it’s just me but I find it so stupid that whenever someone does something horrible that happens to be Asian, we all gotta answer for it. But whenever someone does something bad to an Asian person, nobody has to take any blame for it, not even the damn perpetrator themselves. Again, this is part of how much Asian people will not only shit on themselves to prove how much they care about others but they will barely even hold their own racist attackers accountable. That’s how damn FORGIVING we are and I fucking hate it.

But to lower my anger for a bit, my family and I are half Hmong and we were talking about this tragedy and we’re def saddened by what happened to George Floyd. Nobody deserves that, especially not an innocent Black man. It’s horrible and what’s even more horrible is that every one of those cops are safe in their homes right now and they’re talking about how they’re gonna “investigate” the case. There’s no need for any damn investigating, the video literally caught all the murderers right there. The great “land of the free” is the only place where you can literally film a live murder and these people will still try to deny it, especially if the victim is Black. They also said he died from “medical distress” or something?? Like bitch, this man was MURDERED in broad daylight in front of everybody.

Now to reheighten my anger, I’m not here to argue about no fucking Asian cop or any other racist shit non Asians and self-hating Asians be trying to say about this whole thing. All I know is an innocent Black man is gone and four murderers need to be charged. If you’ve read up to this point, take in what I’ve had to say or don’t idc. As someone who is both Asian and half Hmong, I ain’t here to argue about everything or take responsibility or shit on my own folks or none of that lame ass bullshit to satisfy your racism or self-hate. Just shut the fuck up and listen (or don’t) and leave us alone.

Angry Asian Guy

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