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#look at her she was so excited to have their own place
daydreambts · an hour ago
Sana hummed out feeling warm and content being consumed by Jimin’s cozy sweater, his scent immediately engulfing her. When she saw him showing her the kimchi and cheesecake, Sana gasped at the sight, getting excited to eat it. “I’ve never been more excited in my life to see kimchi. Nothing is like our own food from back home.” Sana said, placing the kimchi on top of her cheesecake before taking a bite. Her eyes went wide at the taste, turning to Jimin to look at him with the same expression. “Lovie this is the best thing I’ve eaten. I dont know what little love is doing to me but this is amazing.” Sana giggled feeding Jimin a slice as she smiles at him. She tasted the other desserts he had brought, going in for seconds on all of them. “Now that I’m in a better mood because of the dessert and your cuddles have somewhat made me better, I think with more cuddles I should be feeling better and we can have a night filled with steamy, loving sex. What do you think baby? After all I need to burn my calories.” Sana teased, smirking at Jimin, wiggling her brows at him just like how he did with her. “The dessert is so tasty but not as tasty as my husband’s cock.” -🐥
Jimin chuckled as he also took a bite of the kimchi-topped cheesecake, nodding in approval. "I don't think it's just because of little love, my love, this food combination is really ingenious." He took another bite, munching happily. The desserts felt too heavy, though delicious, so he took tea as his drink. "Hmm, I think I like this cannoli best, it reminds me a bit of the cream-heavy desserts from Korea," he remarked. At your suggestive question, he smirked, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you closer. "Hmm, I think that's a splendid idea. I should definitely give you more cuddles then," he declared, pressing kisses all over your face. "Of course nothing else is as tasty for you, my greedy little minx," he snickered, bopping your nose. "Our little love might make you feel differently from usual, so I have to wonder if you'll still be as excited about my cock and cum in your mouth, now that you're pregnant. I hope you will be," he teased. "I heard many things about pregnant women being really horny." He poured you some more ginger ale, musing, "I know it's still really early, babe, but do you have any thoughts on what our little bun could be? Some women get dreams--my mom said she dreamed about chili peppers, that's how she knew I'd be a boy," he snickered.
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red-writes · 2 hours ago
am i pretty?
Tumblr media
 step-bro! oikawa x step-sis! reader
warnings: step-cest/pseudo-incest, smut, breeding, name calling like a lot lol
note: sheeesh (  ͡❛ ‿‿ ͡❛) this is my first ever step-cest fic that i didn't write as a request, tell me what you think, be nice though!
Tumblr media
you couldn't help the sigh that fell out of your mouth, your mind thinking about the conversation you had with your with friends today.
‘hanamaki-san asked me out!’
‘aww really? I always thought he was pretty cute’
‘you know what that means don't you?’ one of your friends made a circle with her fingers and stuck one of her fingers through it quickly, all of your friends giggled, except you.
‘I know! I'll have to make sure I shave the night before’ 
‘you have to give us all of the details you know, don't leave one out!’
‘alright alright’ your friend rolled her eyes 
one of your other friends phones pinged with a text message, one from iwazumi. she giggled after reading it and held up her phone to show the group.
from: iwa-chan <3
‘my place after practice? I miss you’
your friends were practically vibrating in excitement at the text, but you, you just couldn't muster up any will to feel happy for her. Instead of feeling happy, jealousy gnawed at your stomach. a sharp spank to your behind forced you out of your thoughts, your head whipped around, eyes falling on your six foot something step brother. 
“ooowww!” a hand came behind yourself to rub your sore behind. he scoffed at you and crossed his arms, he seemed to just have gotten home from practice. you moved to sit properly on the bed before he managed to get another hit in.
“that’s what you get for laying in my bed with outside clothes on” he scolded, he unzipped his duffle bag walking down the hallway and into the laundry room to dump the clothes in the washer. you hopped off of the bed trailing after him. you leant against the entranceway of the laundry room, a hand covering your nose. his clothes were rank.
“there's something I wanna ask you” suddenly becoming shy, but you needed to know the answer to your burning question. he whipped around holding an old stinky sock too close to your face. you jumped back and shrieked in surprise.
“gross! you're so gross!” you slapped him on the shoulder, no real force behind it at all. he laughed at your reaction before tossing it inside the machine and starting it. 
“okay, fine, what do you want?” he asked, voice still hiding traces of his laugh in it. you frowned and looked up at him without saying anything, oikawa sighed and pet your head.
“I'm sorry, dear sister, now will you please tell me what's wrong?” he always folded so quickly when it came to you, your features softened and you finally decided to open up. 
“so friends they-they all have boyfriends and go on dates-” 
“if by a date you mean getting fucked in a car after volleyball practice then, yes continue”
you sighed, you continued despite his interruption, “and I’m just..guys never ask me out or even look at me” your eyes fell to your feet and your fingers played with the loose string hanging from your shirt. 
“I told all of the volleyball team that my little sis was off limits, trust me, you don't want to ‘date’ any of the boys on the team anyway” slight amusement littering in his tone, you sorta felt like he knew something you didn't but you didn't bother to ask. 
“just ugh-am I pretty?” you asked, your voice was shaky, too scared of his response. his honesty didn't spare even you, his precious little sister.
he hummed in thought and brushed past you to walk into his bedroom, you followed after him eagerly, desperate to hear his response. 
oikawa could've said the truth which was: he thought you were the most gorgeous fucking girl he’s ever seen, you were absolutely perfect in every way and he was fucking his own hand to you every night, but he opted to say this instead.
“that's a dumb question why would you even ask that?” you plopped yourself down on his desk chair, eyes quickly becoming teary. 
“ don't think so?” your bottom lip trembled.
“what- no- I mean, of course I do! it was so dumb I just thought the answer would be obvious y’know” his tone quickly changing at seeing the glisten in your eyes, he always was so weak when it came to you. 
“then help me with something nii-san” you stand up and pulled at the sleeve of his shirt
oikawa sighed, he was so so weak. 
“hurry up and just come out already” oikawa said irritatedly. you had asked him to help ‘doll’ you up, makeup, hair and even a dress,  a too short dress in oikawa’s opinion. 
“shut up! you can not rush a lady!” you stood behind the door of your room, you adjusted the dress one last time before entering. you noticed that your brother's eyes widened a bit and you mentally congratulated yourself, you looked hot! you did a spin for him and made a funny comment about him needing to pick his jaw up from off the floor. he simply rolled his eyes and held up his phone, you asked him to take pictures of you so you could post them to your socials so that hopefully a guy would dm you. 
oikawa teased you for being so desperate but you just shushed him and told him to get your good side. 
the poses were innocent at first. you blew kisses in the camera, winked and held your hands on your hips. but maybe 15 minutes into the shoot, oikawa made a side comment about no guy liking the pictures because they're too “PG-13″ he told you that guys liked slutty girls, girls that showed more, and somehow he managed to convince you to take lewder pictures. pictures of you with your back arched and ass raised in the air, pictures of your cleavage, pictures of your spread legs with your panties on full display. with every flash of the camera, another pang of arousal shoots straight down to oikawa’s dick. its so hard to watch you lift up your dress and expose your perfect ass without his cock trying to bust through the zipper of his jeans.
you conclude the shoot and scoot towards your brother on your knees to check out the pictures. your hand rests on his thigh, dangerously close to where his dick is pitching a humongous tent. he tries to swipe through all the photos quickly so he can send them to you and lock himself in his room for the rest of the night with a hand down his pants and the pictures of you open on his phone. but you were taking so long to look at each picture and it was torture for him, the longer he stared at the pictures the more light headed he felt, all of the blood rushing to his dick. 
your hand moved over a bit and accidentally grazed his hard on. you let out a small noise of surprise, and oikawa felt his heart pound, fuck, you saw it. what were you gonna say now after finding out that he got a hard-on from looking at his little sister’s pics?
you only giggled. “oikawa nii-san thinks i’m pretty~” forgetting all about the pictures, you cupped the bulge in his jeans eliciting a throaty groan from your brother. he shook his head and moved your hand from his groin.
“y/n. stop, you do understand what you've just done right?” his voice sounding both frustrated and turned on, it sent more arousal out of you and onto your soft cotton panties. 
“did you lie? do you not think I’m pretty tooru nii?” you pouted. 
“of course not-”
“then prove it, please?” you begged looking up at him with pleading eyes, cute lips curved down into a frown
fuck. oikawa was so weak
you didn't mind the familiar sound of the record button being pressed, you could only think about the thick cock stuffed down your throat, oikawa held your hair in his free hand and moved your head up and down the length of his cock, red lipstick and pre-cum forming a ring at the base of his dick.
“that's it, that's a good little brother fucker” he chuckled gruffly before he let out a groan. your nose was smushed again his neatly trimmed pubes while the head of his cock got massaged by the back of your throat. you desperately tried to inhale through your nose and failing miserably, tears gathered at the corners of your eyes and you began to cry tears of black thanks to your mascara. oikawa finally pulled your head back up after a few seconds and you coughed, abused throat burning.
“look into the camera sis, how did it feel to get face fucked for the first time?” he asked rhetorically, your lipstick was smudged and your face had dried streaks of black on it, you looked a mess and it made oikawa’s cock throb, he was ruining his perfect little sister. 
“tell the camera how you're just a cum dump for nii-san, go ahead” you shyly looked up into the camera with a hoarse voice you spoke, “I’m oikawa-nii san’s personal fuck toy, his little fleshlight!” he pet your head in reward giving you a hushed ‘good girl’ as well.
“time for the next act, turn around sis” he said and you complied, he slipped the black dress halfway up your back exposing your bare ass, panties long forgotten in an unimportant corner of the room.
“arch your back like you did in the pics sis” he encouraged and you did dutifully, cheeks heating up as he used two fingers to spread your soaked cunt. he laughed at the way your pussy devoured his fingers and teased you for being so horny, his harsh words merely adding more heat to the unyielding fire in your belly. 
he had two fingers in you before he decided he wanted to be mean. he shoved both of them inside knuckle deep before wriggling them around inside of you laughing at you when you squirmed from the pleasure. 
“my sister’s cunt is so perverted. right sis? your cunt is so dirty” skilled fingers tapped against your g-spot, your legs kicked behind you, your pussy was practically drooling on his fingers.
“gun-na cum nii-san!” you announced, he angled the camera a bit downwards so he could record your untouched clit throb angrily as he pulled out his fingers, a hand met your cunt giving it a slap, your body jerked and at first it stung but the sting turned into a pleasurable ache that you were desperate to feel again, you were so so close. 
“no! no! no! I close!” you cried. he gave you a fake sympathetic ‘aww’
“horny little sisters only cum on their big brother’s cock, understand brother fucker?” he explained and used his free hand to slap his cock against your drooling cunt, he made sure to record your little cunt clench around nothing, proving how eager you were to get fucked. 
he grabbed the bunched up fabric you still wore and forced your cunt down onto him. he wasn't halfway inside of you before your little cunt was squeezing and contracting around him as you creamed on his cock. your body falling forward pathetically, cunny twitching pitifully. you got a harsh slap against your ass making your body lurch forward .
“slutty little sisters never cum before their older brother” he said as if his word was law. he used two fingers to zoom in on your spasming cunt’s cream flowing down his cock, he kept it that way and took matters into his own hands, he thrusted upwards into your pussy, and you squealed in oversensitivity. you had barely come down from your high before be began hammering into you. his cock was ruthless, the head mercilessly slamming into your cervix and for a second he ground his thick cock head against it on purpose to hear you whine. 
“feel that? you know what’ll happen if I cum in there right?” you squirmed underneath him
“no! nii-san you'll get me pregnant!” you cried, hips wiggling to get away. 
he gave you a dark chuckle, proceeding keep his thrusts deep, making sure his tip kissed your pretty little cervix with every bump of his hips against your ass. 
“you say no, but your slutty pussy won’t let me go” his voice was strained, you could feel the man twitch inside of you a sign he was going to cum soon. you could only grip the sheets and whisper your prayers into the mattress below. 
“I bet you want me to breed this dirty little hole, huh? I know you do, that's why this dirty pussy of yours is- fuck - clenching down on me isn't it?” 
you shook your head back and forth, “nooo! gunna cum again!” he let go of your dress and reached around to rub your engorged clit, that was the last straw for you, a gush of liquid came rushing out of your pussy and onto him and the sheets below. he only laughed at you, calling you all sorts of names as he fucked you through your second orgasm. every thrust he gave you made your cunny shoot out more and more onto him.
“fuck fuck fuck I’m gonna breed your tight pussy sis!” he growled as his thrusts became sloppy. 
“please no! don't cum inside!” you pleaded, you could hardly breathe, each thrust completely winded you and made your mind blank, you could only feel hot waves of pleasure raking through your entire body. your pleas were ignored after a grunt of your name you felt the rush of warm cum fill your insides.
oikawa made sure to pull out afterwards, zooming the camera in on your little clenching hole dripping with his cum before ending the video. you collapsed on the bed, panting, body limp as a noodle. oikawa set his phone aside and pulled you into his arms.
“you're my little sex toy from now on, understand brother fucker?”
“yes..oikawa nii-san”
Tumblr media
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violetarks · 2 hours ago
HOLD UP WAIT I HAVE A FIC IDEA. Yes I’m back within an hour but my brain went ✨ poof ✨ ask violet. Imagine any of our sweet honeys (whomever you’re interested in rn) lusting after their best friend reader who is in a relationship. Said relationship is actually great and all but SO pulls out the “I love you but I’m still in love with my ex” so reader accepts the ending of that relationship and comes back to our sweet honey of a best friend crying, a little intoxicated, and when reader thinks he’s asleep whispers that they wished he loved them as much as they did. BUT SURPRISE, he WASNT asleep and he HEARD reader. Proceeds to pull them closer and whisper that he loves them into their ear with that deep sleepy voice. Good lord violet im SCREAMING OVER HERE.
"You're Drunk."
Anime: My Hero Academia
Character: Kirishima Eijiro
Summary: Kirishima was in love with her. He had been for the longest time, even when she was dating that guy that... he really knew not much about. But it's when Y/N gets drunk that he starts to figure everything out.
Tumblr media
"What colour do you think would better on me?"
"I'm going on a picnic date with Hiro, but I don't know which colour shirt to wear."
Kirishima looked away from her, going back to the scenery outside the window. He lets out a small sigh from his lips, leaning his chin in his palm.
Y/N was his best friend. They had met early in their first year of UA, when Y/N tried making friends with Bakugou but got introduced to Kirishima instead. They'd been inseperable from then on. He cherished her like the earth did the sun's warmth. He cared for her like she was the thing keeping his heart beating. May that be the case. He loved her.
But for that very same reason, he stands by here day by day.
It was her turn to visit Kirishima's agency for their daily lunch. She wore her hero costume, coming quickly from a robbery stop. It's not like he even minded, he just wanted to see her.
"Hiro texted me this morning saying he wanted to meet me at our picnic spot after school." Y/N spoke cheerily, cleaning against Kirishima's desk with a wide smile. Her happy aura effected him, making a grin appear on his own lips. Only because of her giddiness, not because of why she was this way.
"How long have you two been together again?" Kirishima reluctantly asked, finding it easy to pretend he cared about Hiro that much, "If you two got together halfway through Third Year, then..."
Y/N sat back down in her chair, continuing to eat her pre-made lunch by her best friend himself. "It should be..." She started, blinking before feeling her heart stop momentarily, "—about three years..."
Kirishima glanced at her, worried for a second. "You sound disappointed." He joked, watching her wave her hand at him.
"What? No, no, I'm—I'm not." She replied, rolling her eyes. She played a grin on her lips, looking away and giving that look Kirishima knew all too well. He had seen it frequently during her and Hiro's relationship.
That look meant that she was uneasy.
But he only shrugged his shoulders and finished his drink.
"That's fine, Y/N." Kirishima spoke, placing his cup down, "Three years is a long time, isn't it? You two must be very comfortable with each other by now."
Y/N nodded her head slowly. "Yeah."
He felt his heart sink at how she looked down at her lap. So he cleared his throat and sat up straight. "Oh, yeah, your question from before." He lit up his tone, trying to sound more excited for his best friend, "Well, uh... isn't his favourite colour light blue? I think that would be good."
He didn't talk to Hiro that much.
He only knew these things because of how frequently Y/N would speak about him.
She smiled, finishing her lunch fully now. "That's a good idea. Thanks, Eijiro."
He caught her grin, only doing the same back however softly. He then caught himself this time, blinking and looking away from his best friend he definitely didn't have feelings for. "Well anyway, I hope you have fun. We should probably go on patrol now, right?" He offered, standing up and taking her empty recyclable lunch box to throw away.
She waited a few seconds before following after him.
That Night . . .
"What are you saying?" Kirishima asked, brows furrowed as he changed out of of his hero uniform, "You're drunk."
He had just got home, having to do around five hours of patrol by himself as Y/N had clocked out of work to enjoy her date. It wasn't tiring, physically that is. However, with his mind constantly on Y/N, it was hard not to be drained by the worry and want to be around her.
So when he got a call from her as soon as he walked into his house, he was more than confused.
She didn't sound herself.
"It was just..." She took a deep and loud breath before bursting in a light giggle, "Oh my God, Eijiro! It was so—He was so awkward, it was so cute."
Kirishima's eyes darkened, and he suddenly understood. She sounded off her mind. But it was because she was speaking about her boyfriend. He closed his eyes before tugging on his shirt. "Hiroto, right?" He asked lowly, tired.
She giggled again, this time slower and sounding more unconscious of her actions, "Yes, he was so cute. For a while."
Her laughter died down.
Eijiro clutched the phone harder. "What happened then?" He questioned, feeling an ache in his heart, "Did Hiroto do something?"
"He broke up with me." Y/N says, now at a low chuckle. Her voice wavered, as if she was tearing up just talking about it. And then her laughing stopped. "He... He told me that he loved me, but he still loved his ex..."
Kirishima stopped moving.
"He said that?" He mumbled out before hearing her sniffle, "Y/N, where are you?"
She only sighed out, the sound of her hitting the stool, "Well, after Hiro broke my heart into little pieces, he was kind enough to drive me home." She shuffled around her kitchen, not really doing anything. She walked in circles. "That, however, was after he told me that he'd drop my things off later this week."
Kirishima frowned even more, fixing up his clothes and grabbing his wallet and keys. "I'm gonna' come over, okay? I don't think you should be alone when you're drunk." He stated, already tugging on a jumper over his chest, "I'll be there in 15 minutes, stay on call with me."
Y/N only laughed out through the phone, "What? Why not? I've only had—..."
Kirishima waits as she counts the glasses she's drunk.
"Like six..." She mutters out.
Kirishima enters his car. "Only six?"
Y/N shakes her head. "Sixteen."
"Oh God—" Kirishima huffed out, connecting the phone to his sound system. He drove out of his driveway and down the road. "You know what? Tell me about your agency, Y/N. Tell me anything and everything about it."
He didn't want her to hang up. Just in case she would be in danger, in any way or form. He just needed her to keep talking. To him. About whatever. So he started with what she built.
Time went on and Y/N was now blabbering on about how her costume design was changed around three times. Kirishima was asking her what one she liked best as he looked to see he was five minutes away.
"Ooh, the red and black one." She claimed, downing another drink. Much to Kirishima's demise. "Because we matched! We were so cute, Eijiro, weren't we?"
He smiled to himself, stopping at a red light. "Yeah... we were." He sighed out.
It didn't take him much longer to finally arrive at her house. He took out his keys, a spare one of Y/N chained on with his, and opening the front door with ease. He called out her name once. And then twice. And then saw Y/N look at him from around the corner, waving a bottle of cheap wine that Kaminari got her as a present jokingly. It was half empty now, the cap off and spilling drops a few times. She smiled carelessly and called out for Kirishima.
"Woah, okay, hold on." Kirishima spoke, closing the door behind him and taking off his shoes. He slides on his house slippers and makes his way over to her. "Let's go to the living room, okay? We'll watch Howl's Moving Castle."
Y/N grinned widely, taking his hand and dragging him to the kitchen first. "Yes! First, we have to drink!" She claimed, pushing another bottle of wine into his arms as well as two glasses, "We haven't had a glass in ages...."
Kirishima chuckled nervously, following her into the living room now, "That's because you drank with Hiro..."
She looked back to him, over her shoulder as she stood in the hallway.
She was wearing the light blue dress that Hiro used to like. However, it was dishevelled and incredibly messy, some wine stains and dried tears on the collar. Kirishima noticed as soon as he walked in.
Kirishima took her hand, sitting down on the couch and making sure he set the glasses on the table. He looked her in the eyes, trying hard to not let her face away.
"Do you want to talk about what happened?" He questioned, rubbing his thumb over her knuckles, "With Hiro?"
"No. What's there to say?" She laughed, leaning back into the couch, "He said he loved her. So he's going to her. And here I am." She looks to Kirishima, squeezing his hand. "But at least I'm not alone, right?"
Kirishima huffed back, staring down at their hands, "Right."
He knew Y/N wouldn't want to be alone, so after a few more drinks (which she downed pretty easily) and a dinner for two at home, she was out like a light on the couch.
His arms wrapped around her, letting Y/N lay on his chest and pillows under his head. He closed his eyes as the TV quietly played Ponyo in the background, the last film for their Studio Ghibli marathon. His fingers brushed against her back, chest slowly rising and falling in a steady beat.
Y/N drew circles against his bicep.
"Sorry you had to come all this way for this shitty breakup, Eijiro." She sighed out quietly, now more sober than she was beforehand. Kirishima had asked her to drink more water after he watched her down another whole bottle of wine. "I wish this never happened. The thing with Hiro. I wish that never happened."
She furrows her brows, a small frown on her lips. A drunk man's word is truth. "But he did love me at some point, right?" She states, leaning her cheek against his chest, "I have no idea when he stopped loving me, or even why for that matter. But I know, during our relationship, we loved each other at the same time. Maybe that was a year or so ago..."
She soon closed her eyes, feeling the tears begin to pour as she sniffed out, "Love is fucking hard... Why is everyone else having it easy?" She buried her head into his chest.
Uraraka and Midoriya were happy. They had been together for years now, even married for a couple. And they were Pro Heroes thriving to protect and provide for their loved ones. Why couldn't Y/N find something like that?
She wrapped her arms tighter around Kirishima, feeling his warmth drip onto her. The only source for a while. "I just..." She sighed out, trying to calm herself down, "I just wish you loved me like I love you, Eijiro. That would've made things so much more easier."
It was late, the movie was still playing and she was about to fall asleep, like how Eijiro was doing at the moment. Except he wasn't. He wasn't sleeping. He was wide awake, trying to stop his heart from beating so fast because Holy shit, his best friend and also long time crush has just confessed to him.
He waited for a while, a good 20 minutes until she was finally asleep. No matter what, he knew that this was not her ideal confession. She meant for him to be asleep. Not hearing her slightly sober words. But nevertheless, he heard everything. For her sake, however, he'll pretend he wasn't aware.
This is the only time he has to act.
After turning off the movie and shifting them to be facing each other, Kirishima held her against his chest, arm under her head. He brushed his fingers along her shoulder, kissing her forehead.
"I do love you." He whispers, voice a little hoarse as he tries to keep quiet. He closed his eyes. "I have for the longest time. Now that you've finally told me, I feel like I should be... ecstatic. But I want to give you time."
He pulled away slightly. "I've waited this long. A little more couldn't hurt." He chuckled to himself, admiring her sleeping form, "Tell me you love me when you no longer cry for him. After you love yourself even more than before and beat up those villains' asses."
He hugged her tightly.
"I'll love you the most when you're at your best."
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beccalendsahand · 3 hours ago
Decor: Hana Yuuki translation
TakarazukaGRAPH April 2012: Decor segment with Hana Yuuki, translation under the cut
Whatever the time, wherever the place, the musumeyaku shine with beauty. We look at this aspect of their attraction through their stories from the stage!
Favourite Costumes:
Tumblr media
Dance Olympia: Act 1 Scene 1- Sunrise Role: Briseis 
A veiled headdress with beads decorating the forehead...It’s the kind of costume I’d wanted to wear at least once before I left Takarazuka. So I was so happy when I was given it to wear. The gold and white look so lovely together. During rehearsals I wore bits of cloth attached to my arms so that I could work out the best way to make the sleeves flutter.
The Poe Clan Role: Marybelle
There was this dress I wore for the prologue scene. The ribbons and every little detail were straight out of the manga, everything was created to look just like the original work. I was so happy to get to wear a costume that was completely new, and the sheer fabric on the sleeves and elsewhere was perfect for suggesting Marybelle’s transient state.
A Hairstyle That Brings Back Memories:
Tumblr media
Koisuru ARENA 
For Yuzuki Reon’s concert “REON!!” Yumesaki Nene changed her hair in every scene, so I wanted to step up to the challenge! There wasn’t much time between scenes so it was a lot of trail and error. When I was wearing this outfit, I had to take my hat off at one point. So I thought a side ponytail would go with the cool look of the costume. I had worked my hair so hard that after the concert was over it was unfortunately quite damaged! (laughs)
Nice Work If You Can Get It: Act 2 S6B Finale B Finale Lady S
When I spoke with the director and choreographer, they said that seeing as the dance was more mature, having my hair in a low bun would be more appropriate for the style we were going for. But I had already had my hair in a low bun for Dance Olympia, so I wondered how I could make it different. I tried to separate my fringe into ‘finger waves’ to match the 1920′s era, but I found it a bit of battle to get it to suit my face! (laughs) After getting Yuzuka’s advice, I kept adjusting and adjusting it, and just managed to perfect it before the opening night.
A Moment That Made My Heart Leap:
Tumblr media
EXCITER!! 2018: Chapter 4 Love Exciter!! - Revolution of Love - Scene 15
Halfway through EXCITER!! 2018 there’s a number where everyone dances whilst watching Yuzuka. As I danced next to her, I was struck by how incredibly cool she looked without needing a flashy costume. I can’t explain it well but, I was shocked to see that she was not the Yuzuka I knew off stage, but the Yuzuka I knew as a natural and unpretentious performer, who at the same time, manages to be a dazzling presence on stage. I’m forever grateful that I share my life with such a person.
My Favourite Lines
Tumblr media
“Once you become an adult, life can be very difficult so, (holds hand to chest) if you do not keep your dreams alive in here, you can easily be defeated by reality. However, you were always in my heart. And because of that, I was able to live my life” - From “A Fairy Tale: The Spirit of the Blue Rose” Charlotte Wheeldon (Hana)’s line
These were the words Charlotte says to the spirit of the blue rose, Elu. But, this show was the last production starring Asumi Rio, and so for me it’s tied to our relationship. I think she will become my own fairy spirit in that same way.  It is also a line with lots of different interpretations, almost as if I were speaking on behalf of Asumi Rio fans. I would say this line to the Great Asumi every day with all of my heart.
“Please let me be the last bad decision you ever make” - From “Nice Work If You Can Get It” Jimmy Winter (Yuzuka)’s line
This is the line Jimmy says when he proposes to Billie at the end of the play but, rather than the words “I love you” or “Let’s get married”, he chooses these...untraditional words (laughs). But Yuzuka carries the line with so much of her warmth and kindness that it moves my heart so much that I am swept off my feet. I think Jimmy is the worst kind of man but (laughs) when Yuzuka says Jimmy’s lines like that, I just want to jump into her arms.
A Handmade Item
Tumblr media
Dance Olympia: Act 2 Scene 8 Finale Lady S
There’s a scene where we sing “The Wings of the Heart” so first, I wanted a hairpiece that had the image of wings incorporated into it in some way. That would be the base. My hair would be done in a simple bun so I wanted to have the headpiece visible from the front as well as the back. It was Yuzuka’s first show as Top Star before her first Grand Theatre run, so I was very anxious. But, I threaded each feather into my headdress with a wish for the Flower Troupe to fly higher and higher... although I only made it for myself to wear! (laughs)
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20moonchild21 · 4 hours ago
𝗦𝗲𝗵𝗻𝘀𝘂𝗰𝗵𝘁 [𝗯𝘁𝘀]
⇉ 𝗰𝗵𝗽𝗮𝗽𝘁𝗲𝗿 17
Tumblr media
JK x female!oc, Bunny!JK x human!female!oc, Jin x female!oc, Leopard!Jin x human!female!oc, Jimin x female!oc, white Tiger!Jimin x human!female!oc, Taehyung x female!oc, black Tiger!Taehyung x human!female!oc, Hobi x female!oc, Fox!Hobi x human!female!oc, Namjoon x female!oc, Wolf!Namjoon x human!female!oc, JK x Jin x Jimin x Taehyung x Hobi x Namjoon x female!oc
It has been a long time, but I am back now, and I am more than excited to start updating Sehnsucht again!
I hope you you all checked out the story of my lovely friends @starlightauroras-main. Inferiority complex is super cute story about Hybrid!Jimin. Please, check it out!
I also hope that you like this chapter. Almost all Boys have entered the story yet, only Yoongi is missing. But it still needs a little while until he will be arrive. 🤭
Stay healthy and safe!
Tumblr media
[chapter 16 ||| chapter 18]
Hobi watched in amazement how the girl’s hand was sliding over the piece of fabric back and forth, turning it upside down and back up, before laying it on the table and smoothing it.
“Look.” She said proudly, as she held up the once ripped shirt. “It’s like nothing has happened.”
Despite all the advantaged that came with being a Hybrid, like having extra sensitive senses, there were also more than enough disadvantages too. Especially, when he had never had such expensive clothes to know how to handle them the right way. He had tried to find the right way out for his arms and head but ended up with his head and arm in one hole, which obviously had been too much for the fabric.
At first, he had been scared to tell someone about this accident. Not just because he had felt embarrassed, but also because he had been scared to upset someone to whom the clothes belonged. Sadly, he was like an open book to read for everyone, so Jin had noticed pretty fast that something had been odd with the fox Hybrid. When Hobi had finally told him what happened, Jin began to laugh warmly, telling him that no one would be mad at him.
When Hope had come home from her work, Hobi had bundled up all his courage to tell her all by himself, hoping that she would react in the same way as Jin. Indeed, she had smirked a little bit when he had told her the story, but she quickly had offered him her help to fix the shirt. His old owner would have never reacted in such a kind way.
When he was younger, the man who owned the circus had bought him from the people who had bred him in their laboratories. He brought the small fox boy all the way over to America, just to lock him up in a cage there. But Hobi had never complained though. After all, the man had offered him a place to sleep and something to eat every day.
But of course, he had also been a curious child back then¸ wanting to explore his surroundings and borders. That had often brought him in troubles, leaving him more often locked up in his cage than he had planned. At some point, he had learnt that it was only him who brought himself in such position and from that day on, he had just kept following the rules like he was supposed to do.
Hope meanwhile had put a small, wooden box on the table that was filled with all kinds of needles, threads and other supplies one could need for sewing. He had not even needed to wait long, because as soon as the girl had been sitting, she had already been fixing the small rip in the shirt.
While she had been worked concentrated on the blue piece of fabric, Hobi had grabbed himself a small piece of fabric out of the box as well, trying to copy her movements. Obviously, he was not as talented as her.
“Wow.” He stunned, as he laid his own piece of work down and reached out for the shirt. “I can’t even see where the rip was. Where did you lean this, Hope?”
The girl smirked slightly, while she cleaned the table.
“I was a pretty wild child.” She told him, reaching up to put the sewing box up onto the shelf on the wall. “I always came home with a lack in my trousers. At some point, my mother was tired to fix all my clothes, so she taught me to fix them myself.”
Hobi head the sadness in her voice when she talked about her mom. Beside the picture of her on Jungkook’s favourite wall, Hobi had never seen Hope’s mother in person, so he guessed that she probably was missing her much.
“Your mom was a pretty good teacher then.” He smiled widely at the girl. “Maybe she could visit us some day, so you can show her how well you fixed my shirt.”
If it was possible, the girl’s expression dropped even more, while she clutched her hands onto the mug in front of her. Hobi immediately regretted what he just had said.
“I don’ think that she will be visiting us some day.” She said, as she sadly smiled at the confused boy. “My mom died a few years ago, you know?”
Hobi sunk his ears low when he heard her words. He had never had a mom or a dad, but he could imagine the pain the small girl was feeling right now.
“I am sorry.” He just whispered, not wanting to say anything else to make her sad.
“It’s okay.” Hobi watched, as the girl’s mouth suddenly pulled up. “You know, I like thinking about her. She was a wonderful and strong woman. When I was younger, I always wanted to be like her. She was kind and courteous to everyone, even to Hybrids. She taught me to respect every living, because all of them have a soul and feelings. I am sure she would have loved to meet you guys.”
Hobi could clearly imagine the woman Hope was describing him, because it fit perfectly on the description of Hope. He was glad that her mom had taught Hope all those things, because only she was the reason, he now had a safe place to stay.
“I would have loved to meet your mom. She sounds like a wonderful person.” He carefully spoke, as he reached over and grabbed the girl’s hand that was loosely laying on the table.
It was the very first time that Hobi had made such a big step and actually touched the human girl. Her smaller hand felt so warm and soft, almost fitting perfectly into his bigger hand. It also felt different from when he was touching Jin’s or Jungkook’s hand. He had never felt those little sparkles when touching one of the boys, but he liked it though. Hope gladly accepted this small way of physical affections, squeezing his hand back.
Tumblr media
“Diner was so delicious, Jin.” Hope smiled at the older boy, before she put her plate into the sink and kissed the boy’s forehead. “Thank you for that.”
Jin stayed in the kitchen to do the dishes, while Hope walked back into the living room where the other boys were already waiting for her. They all had bombarded her with questions since she had been home again, and now they were waiting for their answers.
“Hope!” Jungkook’s ears were standing up high in the air, as he petted the spot next to him on the sofa, gesturing for her to sit down there.
As soon as her bum met with the soft fabric, the bunny had already laid his head down in her lap, while from the other side, Taehyung was now leaning his head onto her shoulder.
For the next hour, they asked her questions over questions about everything that had happened at work. They asked her about all the Hybrids she had met, about the people she would be working with and about thousands of other things that sometimes made her smirk, because sometimes they were like little kids.
When she told them about the wolf Hybrid, Namjoon, the room suddenly felt silence. All of the boys sitting around her knew fully how that poor boy felt and what he was going through.
“He must be so scared.” Jimin said, wrapping his tail around himself, as Jungkook wrapped his arm around the smaller one’s shoulder. “I wish we could help him somehow.”
The bunny kept Jimin in his arms for a little while longer, before he suddenly jumped up and ran down the hallway towards his room. Hope looked confused at Jin, who was also just shrugging his shoulders. After a few seconds, the slamming of the bunny’s bedroom door rang through the apartment, and Jungkook came running back into the living room.
“Here.” He stopped in front of Hope and held out one of his favourite Hobbit books towards her. “You can give him my favourite book. Maybe he will like it, too.”
“But, Jungkook.” Hope gasped at that sweet gesture of Jungkook, before she stood up and took the book out of his hand. “You love that Hobbit book.”
“Yeah, I do.” The bunny scratched his neck, as his cheeks turned red. “But I – I read it so many times that I can’t count them anymore. I just think that he has absolutely nothing and maybe he will feel more comfortable if he would have something he likes.”
Hope was absolutely touched by Jungkook’s gesture. She knew how much he loved that book and how sad he had been when he had almost given it away a few months ago. She had always known that he had a very big heart when it comes to other people he cared for.
“I will give it to him. Thank you, Kookie.” She whispered, as she stood on her tippy toes and hugged the taller boy tightly, before pressing him a big kiss on his cheek.
“Okay, guys.” Jin announced, looking at his watch just to realized that it was already late at night. He yawned and stretched his arms, tail and ears out at the same time, which looked pretty funny. “I will go to bed. I am pretty tired. Goodnight.”
He went around and gave Taehyung and Jimin a linger hug, Jungkook and Hope a kiss and Hobi a lovely pet on his head, before he went into his room. Next were Taehyung and Jungkook who wanted to play a few more video games in the tiger’s room, and also Hobi stated that he would go to bed, leaving only Jimin and the girl back.
The white tigers sat shyly at the edge of the couch, with his tail wrapped around his legs and a slight shade of red on his cheeks. He looked up at the girl for a second, before he carefully moved closer towards her on the sofa. When he was close enough, he carefully put his head on her shoulder and laid his tail in her lap for the very first time.
“Do you think you can help that wolf in your company.” Jimin carefully asked her, as she begin to stroke his fluffy tail.
“I hope I can.” She whispered back, leaning her head onto his. “But he needs to trust me in the first place, and this needs a little more time, you know?”
Jimin just hummed at her answer.
“I think he is lucky to have you as his lawyer now.” He suddenly smiled. “I know you will safe him, just like you saved us.”
Hope closed her eyes for a moment, thinking back at the time where she first met Jimin and Taehyung. Both tigers had definitely brought some changes into that family, but in a good way of course. Suddenly, she remembered the conversation from earlier, when Namjoon had asked her about their adoption.
“Jimin.” She mumbled into his thick hair. “There is something I want to ask you. You know, Taehyung and you have been living here for a few weeks now, and I think the both of you fit in in our crazy home pretty well. If you would be okay with it, I would like to adopt you and your brother.”
Immediately, Jimin’s head shot up from her shoulder. He looked with wide eyes at the girl, before he nodded wildly and threw himself onto the her, hugging her tightly and whispering ‘thank you’ a thousand times. This sudden movement caused both of them to fall over and fully onto the couch. When both young adults realized in which position, they were now in, with the girl on her back and Jimin over her, they both turned bright red.
“I am – “
They both stuttered at the same time, before they broke out in a laugher together. Hope looked up into Jimin’s eyes when she had calmed down again. From the first day, Hope had adored those beautiful, dark orbs that would form into halfmoons when he was laughing or smiling. Slowly, she brought her left hand up towards his thick hair, driving it towards the back of his head and back towards his cheek.
Her heart was pounding in her chest like crazy, when Jimin’s face came closer and closer, until their noses were touching each other and their lips just inches apart. They stayed like that for another few seconds, before the boy was the first to make the move forward.
The kiss was shy but full of emotions. They lips stayed still on each other, before Hope carefully started to move. After a few seconds, Jimin also began to press his lips on her stronger and braver, before, after a few minutes, they both ran out of breath and let go of each other.
Hope didn’t know if it was possible that her face was even redder now, but before she had the chance to say something stupid that could ruin the moment, Jimin pushed himself off the sofa and pulled her with him.
She gasped slightly from the sudden movement but giggled at the same time when Jimin pulled her close towards his chest in the middle of the living room. She leant her head against the white tiger’s chest, while Jimin wrapped his arms and tail around the smaller girl. The pair was now standing in the middle of the living room, rocking slightly from side to side, doing some twists and turns from time to time.
“When did you learn to dance?” Hope whispered into the comfortable silence.
“I watched a video on the YouTube today.” He whispered back, rubbing his nose against her hair. “One day, I want to take you out on a dance date, you know?”
Surprised by the tiger’s words, Hope lifted her head and looked into Jimin’s eyes. Never in her life had someone wated to take her out on a date, and the fact that Jimin was asking her out in his cute, innocent way, let her heart swell with pride a love.
“I would love to go on a dance date with you, Jimin.”
Tumblr media
“Okay, I don’t know what you did or how you did it but somehow, you got Namjoon to talk to you – willingly?” Laura was walking next towards the smaller girl down the hallways of the company. Hope just nodded proudly, clutching the book Jungkook had given her for Namjoon tightly under her arm. “And now you want to give him – a hobbit book?”
She looked confused at the book and then back up at Hope.
“Yes, Jungkook thought it would be a nice gesture to give him that.” Hope simply replied. “I think Namjoon just needs time. He will talk to us at some point.”
Laura hummed in response, before she cocked her eyebrows up and began to smirk slightly.
“Is Jungkook your boyfriend?” She teased the smaller girl.
Hope’s face immediately went red. Though both of them had already kissed, they never decided on what their relationship would change after that. There were also the other boys that Hope had takin inside her heart.
“I – no.” She just smiled, her face still red. “He is my – Hybrid – at home. We – “
“You have a Hybrid at home?” Laura suddenly stopped walking, before she grabbed Hope’s shoulder and turned her around so she could face the taller girl.
“I even have 5 Hybrids home.” Hope almost didn’t dare to say it out loud, not knowing how to interpretate Laura’s facial expression.
“You have 5 Hybrids home?!” Laura’s voice was now loudly bouncing through the hallways, before she began to smile widely. “Girl, you are crazy, but I love it! I think you will achieve great things in that world, Hope.”
Hearing those words from someone who already had much more experiences than her made Hope proud. She wanted people to see that there was no need to be a superhero or to be powerful to change something. Everyone who had the will can change something, everywhere and every time.
Together, both girls took the same way as the previous day until they reached the interrogation rooms. Laura told her that she would wait outside, not wanting to inhibit the progress Hope had achieved the previous day.
Taking a last deep breath, Hope carefully knocked at the door, before she pushed it open and entered the door towards the interrogation room. Like the previous day, Namjoon was standing at the window with his back turned towards the door. He didn’t turn around when she entered the room, but Hope could clearly see his ears twitching into her direction for the split of a second.
“Good morning, Namjoon.” She calmy said, before making her way around the table. “How are you feeling this morning.”
The boy didn’t reply though. He just kept looking outside the window. It was one of those beautiful winter mornings in New York. The sun was just rising behind the skyline of the big city, flowing the streets with it’s warm and golden sun beams. The small park that had been created between the big building of the company and the smaller building where the clients were living was shining with all kind of golden colours.
When she looked at the boy’s profile, she could clearly see that he was looking at that scenario outside as well. But in difference to her, he was not looking like would be amazed. He was yearning for seeing the world outside and not just through a window.
Suddenly, Hope remembered the small gift that Jungkook had asked her to give to Namjoon. She carefully pulled the book from under her arm and placed it on the window sill, before pushing it into Namjoon’s direction. The tall boy noticed her gesture and looked confused from the small book upwards to the girl.
“The boys at home wanted me to give you this.” She told him. “It’s Jungkook’s favourite book, but he said that you can have it. Maybe if you are bored you can try and read it. It’s pretty good.”
Namjoon was now looking with wide eyes at the girl in front of him, as he wrapped his tail tightly around his right leg.
“You told your Hybrids about me?” He cocked an eyebrow up.
“Yes, I told them about you.” Hope carefully replied, no sure if he was okay with it or not. “I mean – I just told them that I was working with you from now on, nothing more. We are a family, you know? We tell each other everything.”
The wolf Hybrid sunk his ear down, before he whispered a small ‘thank you’ and turned his attention back towards the morning sun, sighing slightly. The room fell back into silence, as both young adults were looking out of the window again.
Hope noticed that Namjoon was still trying to process everything that had happened since the previous day, but she would give him all the time he needed, even if that meant that they would both spend the whole day with just looking out of the window.
“I sometimes whish that I just could walk out of this room like you do.” He suddenly stated after a few minutes of silence. “But I can’t. I need to stay here and wait for the day they lock me away.”
Like the previous day, Namjoon’s voice sounded tired and powerless, without any hint of emotions.
“We could go outside – “ She said back, but Namjoon was already shaking his head.
“No.” He cut her off in her mid-sentence. “People don’t trust me. They would never let me walk around just like that and if, I need to wear those stupid hand cuffs and foot locks.”
Before his could voice get louder, Namjoon closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His hands were holding onto the window sill tightly, as if he was trying really hard to not burst out. Hope was shocked by all those bad emotions he obviously carried inside himself.
She didn’t want to make him feel like she would pity him. That was not what he needed right now. He needed to realize that there were people on this world who truly wanted to help him, and that one of those people was already standing in front of him. Hope excused herself, before she quickly walked towards the door and peeked her head outside, gesturing for Laura come closer.
“Did you make any progress?!” She whispered-screamed, as she excitingly stepped closer.
Hope took a glance back at the boy, who was still looking outside the window. Maybe he was not looking into their direction, but Hope saw that he had his right ear turned towards the door.
“You can talk normally, Laura. There is no need to whisper.” Hope said in a normally volume, leaving a red shade on Laura’s face. “I wanted to ask you something. Is there a chance that Namjoon and I can take a walk across the site without him wearing any cuffs?”
Laura looked at the smaller girl in shock, before she snapped out of her state, shaking her head carefully.
“I am sorry.” She said. “But he showed aggressive behaviour. I wish I could change that, but it is not in my hands.”
Hope sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. Namjoon would never open up while being locked in that small room.
“Can’t you call your boss, please?” She tried again. “It would be just for a little while.”
“Hope, I can’t just call him and – “
“Laura, please. I take the full responsibility.” The blonde girl was almost begging Laura by now.
The two girl kept staring at each other for another few seconds, before Laura gave in first and sighed heavily. She hesitantly took her phone out if her purse and dealt her boss’s number, giving Hope a playfully angry look, before she energetically discussed with him for a few minutes. Luckily for the blond haired girl, their boss was a nice man, so he allowed her and Namjoon to leave the building.
Of course, with his extra sensitive ear Namjoon had already heard what you had asked Laura. He hesitated at first, not moving when Hope held the door open for the both of them. His eyes flickered between the window and the open door, before he carefully made his way around the table, his tail still wrapped around his leg.
The walk through the company was silent, but Hope felt the tension falling from the taller boy’s shoulders, until they finally reached the door that lead them outside. The fresh air hit the girl’s face when she took the first step outside. Even though winter had already begun, the morning sun was warming the air up, making it comfortable to walk around.
When Hope turned her head to look at Namjoon, she saw him doing the same. He had closed his eyes, letting the sun warming his face up and taking deep breath of the clean air. Hope knew that it seemed like a simple thing to just take a walk outside, but she had learnt from all her boys that she had taken those simple things for granted for too long.
Nothing she had done or what she had ever possessed in her life was normal for all people around the world. Maybe she had been lucky so far, but also she needed to be thought that ever moment in life needed to be appreciated, because other people didn’t have the luck like she did.
That day, there were no other words spoken between Namjoon and the girl. Just the situation as its own was enough to make another development in their relationship towards each other. They were just able to enjoy the moment together. No pressure, no words, no worries.
Tumblr media
@fangirl-nonsense I don’t know what’s going on with tumblr, but somehow Can’t find you. I am so sorry 💜🥺
[Inspirations ||| Recommendations]
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thebigqueer · 11 hours ago
Yo I have been obsessed with making an au where Nico died instead of Bianca so if you would consider that a prompt
(I have never asked someone to make a fic before so sorry if that was awkward and no pressure ofc)
Thank you so much for this prompt! As always, I usually do minimum to no editing on fic prompts, so please don’t be too judgmental as you read this! I hope you like it!
Bianca stares ahead at the glimmering waters. Guilt thrums in her blood as her thumb grazes the figurine in her hand. 
How could I have been so stupid?
She should never have left for that mission with the Hunters. She should have stayed here, let Nico and herself get comfortable at camp before pursuing anything. She should have learned more about her lineage, her past, whatever she could get her hands on. 
Instead, in her lust for freedom, she chose to run away from her problems. And look where it landed her. 
Nico died on his way to look for her. He slipped from the camp’s borders to search for her. And he got killed by a car, of all things. Not a monster, not an enemy demigod. A car. One of the most typical, mundane things to exist. 
Nico, a bright, extraordinary boy, went down by a mere mortal’s hand. 
He could have been more. He should have been more. But now he’s gone, his soul leached into the Underworld, and there’s nothing Bianca can do about it now. 
Maybe it wasn’t so wrong to want to leave camp. Maybe it wasn’t so wrong for her to just search for her own path. But she should have helped him; she should have told him she’d be right back. She could have refused the mission and instead stayed to make sure he was adjusting nicely. She had only just told him she’d gotten a place with the Hunters after all; she could have stayed and let him get familiar to the change rather than moving on like he was nothing but her past. 
Angry tears sear her eyes. The figurine in her olive fingers grins up at her, its eyes piercing her soul like a cursed sword. Your fault, it taunts.
My fault, Bianca agrees silently. In her search for freedom, for just a quick taste of an individual life, she let her brother die. How can she ever forgive herself for that?
She turns her eyes to the figurine again, watching it warily as if it might just do something. But it’s as lifeless and unimportant as when she picked it up for the first time. 
Rage burns in her core. This stupid figurine. She got it for Nico, hoping that when she came back she could offer it as an apology. But guess what? She never got do that! No, instead, she had to discover that her brother died in a car accident. 
And here she was, stuck instead with a stupid figurine. 
In an angry burst, she throws it out to the lake. It glints in the setting sun, then plops to the blue, glimmering water. For a moment, it does nothing but float there, mocking her. 
Then it goes underwater, and Bianca is still left in her misery. 
She cradles her head in her hands as guilt and anguish drown her in misery. Her heart clenches as a sob bursts out of her, and soon she’s rocking back and forth as the world around her crumbles to dust. 
I’m sorry, she thinks, hoping that the message sinks into the Underworld. I’m so sorry, Nico. If I could bring you back, trust me, I would. 
Then, all of a sudden, she stops. Her sobs shudder and hiccup, and then cease all at once as an idea bursts in her mind. 
Bring him back to life... That’s possible, isn’t it? Didn’t Percy once go down to the Underworld? Didn’t Orpheus almost succeed in bringing his own wife back up to the mortal world? 
And, out of nowhere, a burst of excitement thrums in her blood. Laughter bubbles from her mouth. She knows exactly what to do. 
Bring him back, she thinks, jumping up. I’m bringing you back, Nico. Don’t worry. 
And with that, swiping the tears from her face, she scampers into the woods. She knows what her next mission is. 
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queenscharacters · 12 hours ago
May 15 - Superwoman
Charlie had been amazed by Abigail since the moment he had met her. Most people would think that he had a mere crush on her, but it was definitely more than that. He was positive that he had been in love with her way before they were actually dating. 
And once they were together, his feelings were only reaffirmed. He was in absolute awe of his girlfriend. Charlie was obsessed with her before she even got pregnant.   He was convinced that he still would’ve felt this intensely for her without the presence of their twins. Abigail Clarke was a type of woman unlike anyone else. He recognized just how lucky he was to have her. 
He’d never been one for children until he found out his girl was expecting.  It took a lot of research, a lot of growing, but once he learned, he was ready to meet the children that he and the love of his life had created. Hell, Charlie would go as far as to say that he was way too eager for Abigail to give birth and to finally see their twins. 
Charlie couldn’t put into words just how much he admired his fiancé. She was like some sort of superwoman. He was trying to support her as much as possible in any area that he could. He was definitely apprehensive of everything at first, but now he was at peace with his future.   Abigail was so much stronger than any other person he’d ever met, than most people would meet, and he trusted her intuition more than anything.
So when she insisted that she could assist with a birth, 36 weeks pregnant herself, Charlie didn’t question her. He trusted Abigail’s intuition and as much as he prided himself in knowing her body, he knew she knew it best. If she felt capable of being present for a birth, Charlie would be a supportive fiancée and encourage her to go. He knew she wouldn’t put herself or their twins in harm's way just to gain more experience. 
He supposed he deserved the absolute shock when he got the call from Abigail that she had gone into labor and was currently driving herself to the birthing center. Charlie recognized he probably should have insisted that she stay home earlier, but he also felt no regrets. In fact, he was only too giddy that he was on his way to meet his fiancée ready to give birth.  He had been dreaming of their children ever since he learned of their existence.
Charlie met Abigail parked in a tiny gas station at the corner of a major intersection. When he opened the door, he put his hands on his waist and tapped his foot expectantly, trying to shake his head in disapproval. Abigail simply giggled.
“I asked if you were okay to assist!” He couldn’t help but frown, even if he was fighting down his own manly giggle. What could he say, he was excited!
Abigail folded her hands on top of her bump, leaning forward to kiss him. “I was 5 hours ago.” She promised. “Funny how babies work.” She said teasingly, winking at him. 
“Hysterical.” Charlie grumbled. Abigail just pinched his chin from beside him and leaned forward to kiss his cheeks. 
“Look, the twins and I are great…we’re better than great!” She promised, taking one of his hands from the steering wheel, ever so gently, and placed it on her belly. Charlie exhaled a deep breath he hadn’t realized he was sucking in. He was definitely more nervous than he had been fronting. 
“Are you ready?” He finally asked, once they were moments from the birthing center. He knew she could feel the tension in his touch. 
“So ready.” Abigail promised, as if this was any other day. He was truly in awe of her. Charlie knew he was obsessed with her all things considered, but he knew most women weren’t built like her. She was truly something remarkable. “Are you ready?” She challenged, to which he nodded eagerly. 
She placed a hand on his cheek, leaning forward to kiss him square on the lips. “We’re about to be parents…” She murmured, her voice low and full of excitement.  Charlie matched her smile, then scooped her up and carried her all the way to the room they would have their twins in. 
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liss-99 · 13 hours ago
I'm so sorry
Kathony x Death by a thousand cuts
Lol you just want to feel pain, don’t you? This is one of TS’s best songs she’s ever written so I am actually very excited someone requested it. I hope you like it! There is no happy ending tho be warned
During school, his favorite subject had always been history. Something that was most fascinating to him was the way in which different cultures instituted torture. He was always struck by, in the most morose of ways, how humans treated each other. Once, he wrote a paper on Lingchi, an outlawed Chinese practice of slowly killing someone by slicing their body, often called death by a thousand cuts. Anthony Bridgerton never thought he could understand the pain of what it was to be killed like that. He was wrong. 
Saying goodbye to her was death by a thousand cuts, each memory one incremental slice to his body and soul, slowly killing him and torturing him, far more unpleasant than a clean, quick break. 
Anthony Bridgerton was in love with Kate Sharma, but he was a man with many unresolved issues, ones he didn’t care to share. Kate informed him that she couldn’t be with only a part of him, she needed all of him, and that love was not always enough. Their breakup was the most painful thing Anthony had ever experienced. 
As hard as he tried to forget her, flashbacks of their relationship woke him up and constantly kept her image in his mind. He’d get drunk, but it was never enough, cause the morning would come and she was not his baby. 
What had once been a wide-open window of their love, letting in the sunshine and the bright beautiful earth was now boarded up. He yearned for the open window and wished it was what he was looking through instead of the boards. Even the chandelier’s resolve to ever flicker reminded him of her. She’d always pointed out how obnoxiously ostentatious it was and how he really should have something more modest in the foyer, yet he often caught her staring at it, bedazzled by its beauty. Anthony couldn’t look at its flicker without seeing Kate’s exquisite face. 
He couldn’t pretend he was okay when he was not; this was death by a thousand cuts. It was as if every memory he had of their relationship was a knife, slowly slicing his skin open, forcing him to bleed out and die an antagonizing slow death.  Before she left him, he hadn’t realized how integral a part of his life she was. Now, he dressed to kill his time. She always used to pick out his tie or coat. Another stab to the chest. 
He took the long way home. Being in the place where they’d shared so much was worse torture than being pinned to a board and bleeding out slowly, he was sure of it. Sitting in his car, watching the blur of lights go from red to green to yellow to red to green over and over again, they felt like the only thing that was just as confused with what they were supposed to do as he was. It was like he asked the traffic lights if it would be all right, but all they said was “I don’t know.”
Anthony could not even stand the pain of being in London. What once was theirs was no one’s now. He saw her everywhere; the cafe on the corner they went to every Sunday, the bar they went to on their first date, the park he first held her hand. The only thing they shared now was this small town. 
Kate had once said they were a great love, one for the ages. Well, if the story was over now, why was he still writing pages?
There were times he checked his flesh, had to remind himself that he was, in fact, alive, that he was not being sliced apart bit by bit. That reminder didn’t stop the feeling of death by a thousand cuts. 
His heart, his hips, his body, his love, he was trying to find a part of him that she didn’t touch. She gave up on him like he was a bad drug. No, that wasn’t fair. Kate had put her all into being with him, it was he who had given up. He understood that. She never would have left him, not if he had been better. Now he was searching for signs in a haunted club, a ghost in his own body, searching for hope at the bottom of the bottle. 
Their songs, their films, united they stood; their country, now a lawless land. He remembered the way she would quiet his fears with the touch of her hand while they talked about their future, a feeling that now felt like a paper cut sting from their paper-thin plans.  His time, his wine, his spirit, his trust, he tried to find a part of him she didn’t take up. It quite honestly might kill him, but he knew he would give it all up to her over and over again, he would give her too much just to not be enough. It would be alright, it was just a thousand cuts. 
Anthony Bridgerton loved history and would never forget the paper he wrote once long ago about death by a thousand cuts. In his original paper, he argued that there was nothing more painful than death by a thousand cuts; well, he had now discovered there was, and her name was Katharine Sharma. 
Taylor Swift Bridgerton One-Shots
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sebstan-simp · 13 hours ago
assassins, b.b
a/n: hope you enjoy! i've been holdin onto this idea for a while & im so excited for this series that i have the next three parts outlined! i really appreciate feedback and your thoughts so far!! (an yes mickey henry is the insp for fuck!boy bucky) reblogs/likes/feedback is greatly appreciated & highly encouraged! however, do NOT steal/repost ANY of my fics! based on the song 'Assassin' by john mayer summary: they had rules for nights like this. get in and leave before morning- but if the sex was exceptionally good? they'd keep them around for a while, but they didn't stay longer than four months. their system was flawless. nobody could tie them down, they made their own rules- till he met her. her wit, enchanting smile, and perceived innocence caught him by surprise. they keep each other around, but to her, he is another fling and she is all he wanted. pairing: fratboy!bucky x college!reader Warnings: 18+ series, language, drinking/partying, mentions of smoking, implied smut Word Count: 2.3k
Tumblr media
Your duffle bags weigh on your shoulders and forearms. The soreness builds the closer you get to the dorm room. The hallway walls are covered in flyers for different clubs and announcements for events being held around the campus. The occasional floor mate passing by, offering no help to carry your bags to your dorm. You make mental notes of where the bathrooms, laundry room, and study lounges are at as you make your way toward the room.
Once you reach the door that reads ‘313’, you drop your arms- sending the bags flying off your arms. There are indents from the handles digging into your skin and your muscles ache from the weight. The name tags are written neatly on the whiteboard hanging on the door, ‘Nat & Wanda’.
It isn’t the ideal rooming situation. Dorm rooms are cramped enough on their own with just two people but transferring halfway through the school year came with compromises- one is having a triple dorm room and a communal bathroom.
You hear the faint vibrations of music playing through the irritatingly thin walls. You knock lightly on the door, not wanting to be overly aggressive. The music turns down and the muffled sound of a voice becomes clearer.
“Hi,” You grin warmly at the redhead standing in front of you.
She wears black sweatpants with a heather grey hoodie that reads ‘NYU’- she’s holding a half-empty bowl of cereal. Her light green eyes light up as she glances down, noticing the duffle bags- connecting the dots to the stranger standing in front of her.
“You must be Y/N?” She puts her bowl down somewhere behind the door before leaning down to help haul the bags into the room.
You’re impressed with yourself as you managed to pack everything into only four bags- they are rather large bags- but nonetheless impressive.
“Yeah! You’re Nat?” She chuckles shaking her head.
“No, I’m Wanda. That’s Nat.” Wanda widens the door, revealing Nat. She smiles and waves from the opposite side of the room.
They are both gingers, but Nat’s haircuts at her shoulder. Both women have sage green eyes and welcoming smiles. Nat assists the two of you in dragging the rest of your stuff inside the tiny dorm.
There is only one window, and it looks out into an alleyway. It’s a rectangle room with three xl twin beds taking up three of the four walls. You’re relieved to know there aren’t bunk beds.
You place the bags on the ground surrounding your new bed. You plop on the springy mattress; they were just as uncomfortable as the last one you used. Both Nat and Wanda sit against the wall on Nat’s bed. Her bedding is olive green with white detailing. Her wall behind her is decorated with small knick-knacks and a few pictures hung with Wanda and a couple of guys- must be their friend group, you thought looking at the recurring men pictured.
“So, tell us about yourself! Why’d you transfer?” Nat pops a handful of trail mix in her mouth.
“I went to a private university in upstate New York, for the last two years and transferred here to finish my bachelor’s. Cause school takes up the majority of my time, I don’t really do much- usually chill at parties on the weekends, get loose before the week starts- but other than that, I just hang out I guess.” You explain.
By ‘Chill’ at parties, you meant walking the fine line of being blacked out and hooking up with one of the frat boys in their bedroom- which usually consisted of you faking an orgasm and pretending like they’re some sort of sex God- just so they’d keep inviting you back for the free booze and the occasional joint.
You don’t even remember the last party you went to, your friends had you top off a bottle of tequila- and by topping off, you mean they made you down the rest of an over half-full bottle. After numerous shots and a mixed drinks.
During the weekdays? You’re an honors student with a 3.9 GPA that transferred on a scholarship. Academically, you soared and your resumé looks damn near perfect.
“Dating anyone?” You laugh off the question, shaking your head.
The last man who you have been with, for longer than a fling, made a very lasting impression. He sent you into a year of celibacy and declared men the plague. It was a rough situation. You thought he was the be the one. The big white wedding, picket fence, babies in the suburbs- all of it in the near future- till it wasn’t.
The year of sexual frustration, and the overwhelming need to be petty, had you booking flights for spring break and stumbling into frat houses- it was the start of your second sexual awakening, titled: Get yours and get gone.
“Oh God no! I just stick to faking it in a frat boy’s bedroom.” They snicker at how open you’re being with them for only just meeting them.
You figured you might as well; they’re living with you and the only people you know in the city. No point in trying to hide anything from them.
“How about you guys?” Wanda shakes her head but tilts her head at Nat who is scoffs and rolls her eyes.
Nat is not innocent when it comes to her behavior with frat boys. She has caught the attention of Steve Rogers and has been seeing each other unofficially. As she tries to keep their situationship on the down-low, she is reminded of the kickback he is throwing later tonight.
“We’re taking it slow, so that’s all you guys will get for the time being- till I know more,” She teases, “But, speaking of the devil, he is having a kickback tonight at his place. Be up for it?”
She nods over to you. You look down at the bags surrounding your bed, you should really be unpacking and finish settling in- but you’ve just traveled almost four hours and desperately need to calm these new school jitters.
“For sure!”
Natasha sits in front of the mirror with her hair straightener. She’s finishing up the backs of her hair, while Wanda stands behind her holding her bronzer in one hand while applying with the other.
The various smells of perfumes and lotions overwhelm the pumpkin wax melts that are on Wanda’s desk. The music is blaring from the small bluetooth speaker playing Nat’s ‘bad bitch’ playlist. She says it’s essential to listen to before attending one of Steve’s kickbacks- which Wanda informs is really just a party that he has to label as kickback, so the landlord doesn’t kick them out.
The hours previous and the time spent getting ready for the night allowed for the three of you to get to know each other better. By this time, you are able more comfortable with them and feel secure in knowing the rest of the semester won’t be as lonely as previously thought.
You button the black jeans and pull over a navy-blue long sleeve that has your old university’s logo on the front. If you had none you were going to a party, you would have done laundry sooner.
“Ready?” Wanda asks.
Both you and Nat nod in agreement. Wanda reaches inside the closet, pulling out a labeled bottle and three shot glasses. Nat takes the bottle of brown poison from her and pours the liquid into the glasses.
You’re passed the almost overflowing glass and throw it back. Your eyes squeeze shut, and your nose scrunches up.
Your best friend and worst enemy.
Nat and Wanda chuckle to themselves as they shoot theirs without any expressions.
You grab your purse- that really only could fit your phone and wallet- and follow the girls out the door. The hallway of the door is alive as students hopping from one room to another- some getting home for the night or just leaving.
As the cab pulls up to the building, you can hear the muffled music and, what you guess are, university students sporadically entering. A knot of anxiety forms in your lower abdomen as the realization sets in that you don’t know anyone inside.
Normally you knew everyone inside and were more than comfortable walking in without a care. The single shot of tequila has no effect anymore the longer you look at the building.
Wanda hands the cab driver a wad of cash before the three of you exit the car.
“Word of warning, Steve has two roommates.” Nat starts, stopping before she opens the door to the lobby.
“Sam Wilson and James Barnes- but people call him Bucky.” Wanda finishes.
“They’re cool. We’ll love ‘em!” Nat smiles opening the door.
Pairs of people practically having sex against the railing and men attempting to grab the attention of women they knew they had no chance with, flood the stairwells leading up the main entrance of the home. The music is still muffled, but the chatter from the crowd of people drowns out most of it. The party has been going on for hours based on how gone some of the people passing you are.
You weave through the sea of drunk toddlers and horny frat boys. The door is open allowing free access to the inside.
The first floor of the apartment is littered with cups, empty bottles, snack bowls, and small bongs placed throughout the room. The place smells of weed and sweaty bodies. You follow Nat as she makes her way toward the balcony where she is greeted enthusiastically by two men.
“Nat! Wanda!” The men shout, not stopping their game of beer pong.
Their opponents being two girls who look rather annoyed that you have interrupted their game.
“Hey, boys.” Nat smiles softly looking at who you safely assume is Steve.
“Hi.” His demeanor softens and he pulls her waist to him with one arm while focusing on the game.
Wanda raises an eyebrow suggestively before shaking her head and announcing she’s getting us drinks. Steve finishes his turn and exchanges an endearing kiss with Nat. She pulls away looking back at me.
“Boys, this is Y/N- Wanda and I’s new roomie. Y/N, this is Steve and Sam.” She grins, while her hand rests on Steve’s torso.
You roll your lips before smiling, hesitating about either going in for a handshake or keeping your hands stuffed in your jacket pockets. Sam, being the charismatic extrovert, brings you in for a hug. The welcoming gesture eases your nerves.
“Where’s Bucky? I wanna introduce Y/N,” Nat questions.
Steve shrugs,
“On the couch.” Sam raises his eyebrows to gesture inside while he brings the beer bottle to his lips.
You look over your shoulder. There is a girl with her legs on either side of the man’s lap. His fingers are tangled in her hair and his mouth is on her neck- sucking on the flesh as her head falls back and rolls.
You stare a little too long, watching as he drags his lips along her neck and around her chest.
Bucky feels the burn of a pair of eyes on him. He opens his eyes, looking past the girl perched on top of him. His mouth stops its work on her neck. His mouth hangs open, trying to place a name to the face- but nothing is coming to mind.
He would have remembered a face like that.
You snap your head around as he catches your gaze; your cheeks heat up. Nobody has had an effect on you like that in a while.
The girl on his lap stops her exaggerated moans and questions why he had stopped. He doesn’t respond. His eyes squint, nudging the girl off his lap. There aren’t many that catch him off guard like you have.
He had planned on taking the girl previously moaning on his lap to his room, but a better option has made an appearance.
“Looks like someone caught his attention,” Nat smirks, earning a chuckle from Steve and Sam.
You exhale embarrassed about being caught staring. The screen door opens. He’s taller than you had anticipated and sexier. One arm is a glossy black metal with gold detailing, it’s being shown off by a black t-shirt that’s cuffed at the sleeves.
His cologne intoxicates you the closer he gets- leaving little room between you. The girls that were playing beer pong with Steve and Sam scoff at the interaction and push past him to get inside.
“Great of you to join us,” Steve’s tone sarcastic.
Bucky’s eyes instantly lock with yours, ignore his friends. He looks at you with lust and desire. You shove any embarrassment and anxiety down and replace it with confidence from the last bit of the tequila in your system.
“I don’t think we’ve met. I’m James, but you can call me Bucky.” He’s flirtatious and charming, flashing a toothy grin.
He stares at you like you’re the grand prize. He sticks out his hand offering it to you to shake. You reach for his hand, shaking firmly. Your body tenses, eyes still locked with his.
“Y/N.” Your tone shifts to be more sensual, matching his flirtatious energy.
Bucky knows he has you- especially because your hand still rests in his. He smirks at his accomplishment.
This is going to be too easy.
“You visiting from Rochester?” He questions, noticing that you’re wearing a University of Rochester shirt and not the familiar purple.
“I actually transferred, Nat and Wanda’s new roommate.” You pull your hand away before he had the chance.
He bites his bottom lip. Bucky is intrigued and giddy that he would be seeing more of you now that he knows you weren’t going to be gone after tonight. His eyes break from yours, only for them to scan up and down your body. You know you’ve caught him- especially when you notice his lips part.
This is going to be too easy.
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sapphic-zoe · 14 hours ago
hello friend!!! for the soft asks! 13, 1, 25, 10! hope your quarantine goes by quick and easy for you!! <3
what’s up my good (pocket) pal!! thank you for the kind wishes!! jet lagging with a 12-hour difference threw me into another dimension lol
10. what’s something you’re excited for?
answered here but here’s some more:
after graduating college last year i’m now at a point in life where everything ahead of me is unknown, but i’m ready to embrace whatever life has in store. as you know english isn’t my first language, i’m insecure about my ability to articulate my thoughts in writing and i wanna get better at it; reading tlou fanfics single-handedly got me to read outside schoolwork again, so i’m excited to actually finish reading the queer books i bought in quarantine lol, and to read more in general! in the long term, finding love again and building a life with someone, y’know, the usual lesbian domestic life fantasy :^)
13. what’s your comfort food?
oh man, so many. as an east asian, i consider food a big part of my cultural identity. i have plenty of happy memories attached to dinner tables. taking the time to cook for someone is a love language. to name a few: dim sum, braised chicken wings, cantonese steamed fish, unadon, zongzi, and stir-fried chicken (non-americanized lol). i live for a good boba! caffeine makes me jittery and insomniac but i’d risk it for boba. (do it for her🧋)
25. what’s the best personal gift someone could give you (playlist, homemade card, etc)?
i appreciate and treasure anything my friends gift me. i love getting utilitarian gifts such as video games or mugs but also stuff i can attach sentimental value to like vinyls or handmade stuff.
1. what song makes you feel better?
after an emotionally draining breakup with my gf of four years last year, for a long time i felt lost and wounded, i’m at a much better place now largely thanks to music, currently they are:
devotion- beach house, it feels like a warm embrace, or a love letter. especially ‘home again’, she closes the album with ‘constant home of my devotion/must be you/ the door to open/ home again/ be here/ be with me/ will i swim/ out on/ your ocean’, i tear up a lil every time i hear this part, it embodies how i feel about love. i enjoy my own company but a part of me longs for belonging and a place/person to call home. i want this song playing on my wedding, if i have one
me in 20 years- moses sumney, ‘is it laced within my DNA/ to be braced in endless january?/ have i become the cavity i feared?/ ask me in twenty years’ moses gets it. there’s beauty in holding onto life :)
enough- ivy sole, “I just wanna be enough/ To be deserving of your love/ If I wait until you’re ready/ I can be the one if you let me” yep yep feeling this one in my bones rn. this album is 100% Butchness!! i vibe with ‘dream girl’ and ‘lost without you” too
move a mountain- chromatics, ‘i think i’ll stay awhile now that the winter’s come/ it’s been a long time since you’ve been gone/ i tried to move a mountain/ im waiting for it to fall/ i’m staring out the window/ waiting for you to call/ you won’t’ it’s what finally letting go looks like, except i’m no longer waiting for the call
qp- ichiko aoba brings me peace, “chilly in sound but warm in the human emotion” as a youtuber put it in their review of the album. my faves are song #2, 8 and 9.
collect- pretty boy aaron, ‘i miss how things used to be between us/ how ‘bout you come over and you can pick me up/ we can listen to all our/ our favorite songs/ we can pretend nothing ever went wrong’, big ouch
nothing lasts- bedroom. mentally I’m here! someone said to “reframe breakups as ‘complete relationships’ rather than ‘failed relationships’”, which is a good advice for me.
jenny (i wanna ruin our friendship)- studio killers, ‘i wanna ruin our friendship/ we should be lovers instead’ Iconic, such a fuckin mood, especially for my younger self
mi amor, bold- lou val, no thoughts only vibes
海浪 (‘waves’),夜间独白 (‘nighttime monologue’), 浴室 (‘bathroom’)- deca joins, i love the lyrics but tumblr won’t let me link the websites for english lyrics; and something’s inevitably lost in translation :(
thanks for reading all of this, hope you enjoy these tunes!! love u friend!! :)
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foxgloveprincess · 14 hours ago
Could I please ask for writing advice? It's okay if you don't wanna answer this, you're still super awesome 💞
I just wanted to know if you know a way for me to help limit myself because sometimes I be planning to write like a 1000 word one shot and that's it but I find my mind drifting to more details and wanting to build a complicated story instead of a simple one shot and I keep adding and lengthening until I don't feel like completing the story anymore because it's gotten way too accurate and detailed and... boring.. How do I stop doing this? I ruin a lot of good ideas by doing this and never finish WIPs although I have the endings in mind, I just find it exhausting to get to that ending through resolving all the conflicts for all the characters I've -sometimes unnecessarily- created and such and it becomes more of a task and no longer feels fun..
I’d love to help you if I can. I won’t profess to know best, but I have stumbled on this kind of problem in my own writing. (under the cut cause I can’t not respond with an essay)
The mind is a very complicated thing with a billion conscious and unconscious thoughts flying about all at the same time. So I’ve found that when I’m writing, they all try to jump out. Especially if it’s a story with a lot of moving parts (aka background information or characters that only have a bit part in the overall narrative). It’s tempting to delve further and further into these inner machinations of your fic because it’s all buzzing around in your head and you’re really excited about the ideas. But keep it simple. Your reader only needs to know what is vital to move your story forward. 
Like I said, I’ve struggled with this. I read something a while ago that writers should have a discard document for all their lines and ideas that don’t fit in their  story. You can cut out parts of the story that don’t fit or flow and place them in a separate document to save for later. I have one in my files that has everything from phrases to whole paragraphs. Though I’ll admit, this helps more in the editing process after the first draft is done. 
For my first draft, I have to have little plot points that I’ve brainstormed out in a separate document. They usually look something like this:
Avengers A/B/O AU [You Left Me In the Dark]
Known Steve and Bucky a long time
They’re possessive of her but stay back because they don’t want to give her up to the other
She accepts both after she realizes their feelings
Scents: spiced honey and parchment—leather and rain—coffee and charcoal
Now, this is my jumping off point. Does the fic always exactly follow what I’ve brainstormed? No. This story on AO3 is a great example because in the brainstorm stage I though both Steve and Bucky would be alphas, but decided to change that as I was writing because an alpha/beta pair fit the story better (also it turned into a 4 part series, whoops). But I copy the plot points at the bottom of my story document to keep me on track. Sure, I write the draft as well as I can, which sometimes mean I skip little sections to come back for later and other times means spewing out something more poetic, but I stick to those points for the most part (unless something is genuinely missing). I constantly re-read and edit as I go, especially when I have to set it aside and pick it up later. I write all that I can to fill out the story’s skeleton and then start the more lengthy editing process, which goes over everything with a fine-tooth comb and add all the details that flesh it out. 
But this doesn’t necessarily help you limit yourself, not entirely. It helps me, but then, like you said, there’s resolution for each character and conflict and details piling up as the story becomes more complicated. It builds and elongates until you’re swimming in the mire and everything just seems so bloated with words that you don’t know what to do.
Breathe. It’s okay.
Not every conflict needs a resolution. Not every character needs to be filled out. Not every detail needs to be written. Not every moment needs to be seen. Not everything needs to be complicated to be enjoyed. And maybe most importantly, not everything has to be completely accurate.
That initial idea you had to start writing? That’s your core, that’s your focus. The other details and ideas and conflicts can inform what happens but don’t necessarily need to be explicit. Sometimes leaving things out can actually add to the story. Especially if it’s a drabble. You don’t always need a whole backstory. For example, my Johnny Storm Drabble. I never explicitly state why Johnny is in the reader’s bed. Do I know why? Possibly, but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the fact that there’s tension there between the two characters. That’s the focus, so that’s what I stuck to.
You have to rely on your own instincts to constantly steer you in the right direction. And they develop the more you flex them, really. If you think it’s getting too boring, stop writing—go back, re-read and delete whatever you need to (or discard it in another document for later) in order to get you back to where you were feeling good about it. If you’re having trouble with it, try giving it to a writer friend or beta reader to help you troubleshoot. Writing’s hard, no one’s gonna fault you for needing help. Workshopping writing is something that can really help even though sometimes you might not agree with everything the other person says. 
And if you truly want to include those complications that pop into your brain, then break the story up into multiple parts. Write the initial idea as you initially envisioned it. Keep the focus and then nothing is stopping you from making a follow-up chapter/drabble. Just keep each part centered to a core idea and build that relationship of events through the various drabbles/chapters. This way can help the writing process be simplified so that the whole thing doesn’t get out of hand or bogged down too much.
If it turns out you are satisfied with what you’ve got after finishing the first draft, brilliant! You can tuck those other ideas away for another story, another universe, another fandom. 
I really do hope this help you. I know it works for me, but no two writers are the same. My answer’s a bit ramble-y and a lot to take in, but I wanted to give you what has helped me in the past. Writing is hard, like I said. But there’s lots of ways to do it and it doesn’t have to be complicated or perfect or anything other than what you want it to be. 💜
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yuukipostinghours · 15 hours ago
I am looking right at you, I am awaiting the forbidden tomotaira fluff writing...
c’mere queen. pspspsps your forbidden tomotaira fluff writing’s here get your juice
Preparations Ending in Sweet Affection
Kizuna Tomori/Akane Taira, 781 words
“Darling! Come on, are you gonna try your dress on or what?!”
“Waaa, just wait a second!”
In the comforts of her dorm, there is a blue dress lying down on her bed, the design looking quite intricate enough to catch the maid’s eye. The dress itself was a shade of baby blue, the patterns of the dress being reminiscent of delicate snowflakes and its sleeves reaching all the way to elbow length. The dress is adjusted to a comfortable size, not looking too tight or too small, for it was perfect enough for Akane to slip into with no problems of the sort. Despite her pride in picking a suitable dress of her own, there was still an underlying sense of uncertainty buried deep within. Standing by Akane’s side was Kizuna, who had already picked up a dress to her liking. The dress she wore was pink, with a ribbon around her waist and a clear flower pattern that is visible on just a close look at the design. Kizuna has even put in the effort to give herself a new hairstyle, strands of hair plaited around the back of her head.
“Hey, Earth to Akane? You’re gonna look great, don’t chicken out.”
“S-Sorry, it’s just… This is my first time taking a date to prom… Actually, this is my first time going to prom at all.”
And it truly was. Akane never truly had the luxury of experiencing the minimal pleasures of school life. She’s heard stories of prom being a magical night, there are other stories of prom bringing love in the air. While she has heard the more unfortunate stories, it’s the ones with the light-hearted tones that really get to her. As she never had the chance to experience normal life like the rest, prom was practically its own miracle in her eyes.
“Well, keep it together. Sure, it’s an excuse for a bunch of stupid teenagers to do a bunch of stupid shit, but are we like that? No! We’re gonna go out there and we’re gonna have so much fun, you’ll be begging to stay till midnight! Or, you know, maybe even past midnight.”
Akane smiles at her girlfriend’s encouragement, a blush starting to dust her cheeks. It was at times like this she thought about how grateful she was to date as someone so charming as Kizuna. Her girlfriend could’ve been doing anything else, perhaps carrying herself away with buying makeup kits or running for prom queen at the last second, but Kizuna decided that being with Akane was worth more than indulging herself in... whatever prom obligations she had.
“W-Well… Okay! Just give me a moment!” Akane chirps, picking up her dress and rushing towards the bathroom. She closes the door, leaving Kizuna to wait for the moment she comes out with the dress she picked by choice.
As Akane took her time, Kizuna was left alone with her thoughts.
Truth be told, prom wasn’t all that exciting to her. Perhaps once upon a time, it was one of her greatest dreams. However, as time went by, she came to see prom as more of a glorified school dance. Prom didn’t feel any different from the past parties she’s attended, not even a single bit.
And yet, seeing Akane’s excitement lightened her perspective somehow. Just seeing her beam out of joy at the sheer mention of a school prom sparked genuine curiosity in what this year’s prom could hold. As cheesy as it was, maybe going to an overhyped high budget party sounds like it’d be worth the trouble if it meant she’d get to spend time with her girlfriend.
At last, Akane walked out with her dress, coming out newly transformed. Akane added a few more touches to her appearance, placing a blue necklace around her neck along with a tiny silver tiara on top of her head. There was a hair bun she put together as well, possibly to try out a new look.
“S-So… What do you think?”
“What do I think? You’re so cute!!!”
Akane is met with a sudden hug, even getting a few kisses on the cheek. She lets out a giggle, her heart warmed by the sudden affection she was receiving. “Nooo, you’re much cuter!” Akane proclaimed, letting her arms wrap around Kizuna’s waist.
“Yeah yeah, I’m adorable, but you? That dress brings out your cuteness, without a doubt!” Kizuna said, happily cupping both of Akane’s cheeks with a smile. Just seeing Akane’s face go red in an instant was enough to make the cheerleader proud.
“W-Waaa… I love you, Zuna…”
“Love you too, darling~!”
Prom was going to be a fun night, she decided. 
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justonedaywithmysunshine · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Fly Away With Me
Pairing: Pilot! Kun x Reader
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Warnings: Mentions of bullying, mentions of alcohol (wine), phone sex, nipple play, oral (female receiving), unprotected sex (stay safe please), cum play.
Word Count: 5.5K
Description: After a class reunion, Kun and you, high school sweethearts, start to talk again. He achieved his dream of being a pilot and he takes you to fly with him, to then make you reach the clouds in a night full of passion.
Tumblr media
You didn’t expect much from the class reunion, but deep down you were excited to see how everyone had been doing and you were dying to see the changes! You knew for a fact that a few of those plastic girls were already married with a bunch of kids and some of the guys who used to bully you had turned to be ugly. Meanwhile, you were in all your glory, being successful and getting hotter every day.
You couldn’t wait to see your best friends and laugh at everyone else in secret, it has been long since you’ve reunited since work had you overwhelmed.
The reunion was taking place in a fancy hotel lobby since that way it was easier for those who lived out of town to stay there too. Everyone was wearing fancy dresses and looking sharp. Everyone had champagne pr wine in hand. You were with your friends talking about that one guy, Alex, who used to be one of the hottest guys and now was a mess.
“Look at him, he looks crusty as fuck,” said one of your friends and you all laughed.
“Has anyone seen Mirena?” Asked the other.
“Yeah, she has like five kids,” you answered.
“No wonder!” She exclaimed.
“Oh! I just remembered!” One of them almost screamed, “Do you all remember Y/N’s crush? What was his name?”
“Oh! Kun?” Replied the other. You didn’t even remember him. He was so cute, you wonder how had life treated him so far.
“Look at her, she’s daydreaming about him again,” your friends teased you.
“Nooo! I didn’t even remember him. I wonder if he’s coming,” you smiled. Though you never became a couple, you always dreamed about kissing him. So innocent!
As the event unfolded, everyone was having a great time, enjoying the music, the food, and drinks, catching up with everyone.
You and your friends were talking near the entrance when a guy dressed all in black entered the place. You were scanning him trying to figure out who he was.
“Ladies,” he nodded your way, noticing your eyes on him.
“Hello,” you all greeted him.
“Is this the class reunion?” He locked eyes with you, maybe trying to spot you in his mind, and as your friends confirmed him it hit you: this was Qian Kun. His eyes lit up, also recalling you. “Wait, Y/N?”
“Kun?” You gasped. He was so handsome! Oh God! You could almost faint there!
“Heyy! I’m so glad to see you again!” he embraced you in a tight hug. He smelled exquisite, your heart fluttered.
“Likewise! Wow!” You were excited.
“I’ll be meeting with some friends inside, I’ll come back in a few to catch up,” he promised.
As soon as he was out of sight, your friends started ooing and teasing you, “Y/N! He became hotter! How is that possible?!”
“I’m speechless! Wow... he remembered me... and he wants to catch up,” you were amazed.
“Gurl! This is your chance! Get that man! He looks expensive, there was no ring on his finger and he seems interested in you. GET HIM!” They cheered.
And you wanted... you SO wanted to get him, because if in high school he was cute, now he was unbelievably hot!
Everyone was dancing and drinking, you were in the crowd, having fun with your friends when Kun approached you again. “So what’s up? What have you been doing?” He was almost screaming over the loud music.
“Just working hard. What about you?” You sipped your wine.
“That’s great! Remember that my dream was to become a pilot?” He asked, expecting you would even remember his dreams. And he was right, you did remember. When you nodded he continued, “Well, I am a pilot! I have my own airplane.”
“Oh my God! That’s amazing! I’m so happy you could reach your dream!” You were genuinely happy.
“Thanks! Do you perhaps want to go outside? So we can talk better?” He suggested.
“Sure, let’s go!” And he let you lead the way.
Outside, you sat on a bench and kept talking. It was as if you were true friends but he was just a crush, how did he remember you so clearly? If you talked like 5 times when you were in high school it was much.
Being the straightforward person you were, you had to ask, “Hey Kun, don’t get me wrong on this but how do you remember so many things about me? We barely talked back in high school.”
“Y/N,” he chuckled and you swear you could just melt right there, his smile was the prettiest. “You do know I had a crush on you, right?”
The confession punched the air out of you. You were shocked! He never told you and you never told him, and there you were: two fools crushing on each other but never dared to talk.
“Wait... what?!” You couldn’t conceal the surprise in your voice.
“I thought you knew,” his eyes widened in shock.
“You never told me! Nobody told me! Why?!” You both started laughing.
“Well, my friends used to teased us both. I thought you would figure it out, that’s why I never actually confessed. Plus, you know how shy I was,” he explained.
“Kun! Oh God... I had the hugest crush on you too,” you told him while pressing your temple in distress.
“Why didn’t you tell me?!” He shouted in surprise, you supposed.
“Because I thought you were too cute and unreachable for me,” you confessed looking at you feet.
“Well that’s stupid, because I thought you were the prettiest girl in school. And right now, I still think you’re beautiful,” his voice was so mellow, he had you wrapped around his finger.
“Thanks,” you could feel your cheeks getting hot.
“Look at me,” his hand forced your head to look him in the eyes. “We still have time to catch up,” he smirked.
“Oh yeah?” You dared him.
“Mhm. How about you give me your number?” He was being smooth and you loved seeing him struggle. Then he seemed to remember something, “Oh! Right! Are you married? Do you have a boyfriend? I forgot we are at that age.”
“Neither of those. I am as lonely as a cloud,” you sighed.
“Good. I mean... good that you don’t have anyone so we can talk,” he seemed desperate when he realized what he said. It was really funny.
“It’s okay! I understood!” You placed your hand on his in assurance.
You spent the rest of the night between your friends and dancing with Kun. Your friends kept bothering you with him and you had to told them what happened outside, which made it worse because now they were doing everything to get you two together.
“Y/N is sleeping cozy tonight!” They cheered with champagne.
“Stop! No!” You laughed.
“The pilot is taking you to the clouds tonight! Woooo!” You were all having so much fun.
The event came to an end and everyone left to their respective homes or hotel rooms. You were staying with your friends in the same room, so you all took the party to there.
You were laying on the bed when your phone started ringing.
“Hi,” Kun’s voice whispered in your ear giving you goosebumps. Your friends stopped doing what they were doing to hear your conversation.
“Oh, hi!” You said cheerfully.
“What you doing?” This was a normal question, but his tone wasn’t normal at all. His voice was breathier than usual.
“Just here, in the hotel room,” you played with your hair.
“You’re staying here too?” He asked.
“Mhm,” you confirmed.
“Great,” his tone was lower. Your friends had their eyes fixed on you and you widened your eyes and bit your lip in signal that he was being hot.
“What do you mean?” You asked with all the intention of hearing him confess that he wanted to spend the night with you.
“It’s great that we’re just steps away from each other,” his smoky voice had your head spinning.
“Mhm,” you agreed again.
“Do you have any plans right now?” He inquired curiously.
“Not really. Do you have something in mind?” You were using your sultry voice and your friends gave you a thumbs up.
“Well, I was thinking maybe you could come. We could talk some more, if you want of course,” he was such a gentleman. “I’m just here in my bathrobe drinking wine.” What could you do with that piece of information? You imagined his body under that robe, his tussled hair and his fiery eyes.
“Sure! Give me your room number, I’ll be there in a few,” your whole skin was ringing in excitement.
“305. The door is open, but if you have any problems, knock.”
“Will do!” And with that you hung up.
“Spill out!” Your friend shouted.
“Bitch! He invited me to his room!” you screamed.
“GET IT! GO!!!! Go get that dick!” Cheered the other.
“Oh my God! What should I wear?!” You were panicking.
“Do you have a nightgown?” Asked your friend.
“Not really, I have these PJ’s” you pulled then to the sides modeling them.
“I have one that might fit,” she went to her luggage and pulled out a maroon silk nightgown with a robe. “Here, try it on.” You went to the bathroom and it fitted perfectly, so you went out and all your friends started complimenting how good you looked.
“Now, go there and have fun with the love of your life,” your friend said as she fixed your hair.
You took the elevator and at the third floor, you walked slowly until reaching the 305. The door was open ajar and you could see the light turned on. You hesitated for a second but the pushed the door slowly. “Kun?” You called slowly.
“Come on in!” He shouted from the inside and when hearing his voice you got the confidence to continue. You closed the door at your back.
Kun was sitting on a sofa with a glass of wine in his hand. You suddenly felt yourself getting hot but you tried to conceal it with taking your hair out of your shoulders.
“Take a sit,” he signaled to the space by his side, “Feel at home.”
You felt his eyes on you, studying you from head to toe. It made you laugh so you told him, “What?”
“Nothing,” he shrugged, “you look beautiful.”
“Thanks,” you felt like melting.
“So, how has life treated you? Tell me more about yourself,” he said as he extended his arm to reach the wine bottle to fill his glass again.
“Life has been hectic, but at least I have a job that I like,” you shrugged.
“You drink?” He offered you a glass full of the reddish liquid.
“Sure, thanks,” you accepted it and quickly took a sip.
“Where do you work? If I may ask,” he relaxed on the sofa.
“In a travel agency,” you smiled because you found it funny how he was a pilot. Your jobs complemented each other.
“Oh! So you are giving me more work? I see,” he faked being offended.
“Hey! At least I’m giving you more money,” you laughed and he laughed with you.
“That’s true! But I’m glad that you’re doing good.” He sighed remembering how life was easier before, the moments in high school, your beautiful smile.
“What about you?” You interrupted his thoughts, “tell me about how you got to be a pilot. That should be exciting.”
“Definitely! I had to study hard though. But it’s a great satisfaction when you finally get there. The first time I flew I was very nervous, but then I felt the freedom and an immense peace. Being there between the clouds is an amazing experience.” He was looking at the distance, looking so passionate about what he was saying. It was wholesome and sexy.
“Maybe I can take you to fly with me someday,” he blinked and then looked at you smiling.
“I’d love to,” you giggled. You don’t know if it was your imagination due to the almost gone wine in your hand or the spark of the moment, but you felt he was getting closer. Like magnets, you were getting closer as if it was natural. Kun stopped centimeters away from your mouth and whispered, “Can I kiss you?”
“Please,” you blurted. There was nothing that you wanted more than to kiss his plump lips; you’ve been wanting to do it since high school.
He did the final move and his lips touched yours gently. His breath smelled like alcohol, probably the wine he has been consuming. His lips felt like everything you imagined, so meaty, so soft. He then pulled away, leaving you wanting more. Kun stood up from the couch and walked to the bathroom. You were so confused, did he not like it?
“Let’s go to the balcony,” he offered you his hand to take when he came back and you did.
You two sat outside, talking about life events while drinking more wine and watching the city lights.
You felt your eyes heavy, maybe from the wine, maybe because you were sleepy, but you didn’t want to go yet, you wanted to spend more time with Kun, maybe watch the sunrise together from here.
“Y/N,” he called you softly.
“Yes?” You smiled. He placed his hand on top of yours on your thigh.
“Do you want to go back to your room? You look sleepy,” he smiled back in assurance. He was such a gentleman, you wish he knew you just wanted to jump on him.
“Kun...” you whispered.
“Yes, darling?” Your stomach knotted at the pet name.
“I thought you wanted to... you know...” you tilted your head insinuating the word but not saying it.
“I wanted to what?” He looked puzzled.
“To... have sex with me,” you blushed.
“Y/N, honey,” he got closer to you, “you have no idea how much I want to make love to you. But we’re kinda tipsy, I don’t want to do something that you may regret later. I better have you in all your senses so we can both enjoy it, you know?” Could he be more perfect?
“I agree,” you nodded.
“Let me take you to your room.” He stood up and took you hand, helping you get on your feet.
On the way back to your room, he embraced you, keeping you warm. At the door, you felt a sudden melancholy and didn’t want him to leave. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep in contact with you, we’ll go out soon.”
“I’ll be waiting for you,” you smirked and he smirked back. He pecked your lips and left.
Kun and you kept talking on the phone and finally arranged a date. He kept his promise and would take you to fly with him. You were excited to share this moment with him and to try something new. You were talking on the phone the night before.
“Are you excited about tomorrow?” He asked.
“Yes! I can’t wait!” You giggled.
You heard him giggle too and then he sighed, “I wish you were here right now.”
“What was that? What for?” You were intrigued.
“I don’t know, I feel we really get along. I enjoy your company,” he confessed.
“That’s cute,” you cooed.
“Yeah... but I also can’t wait to kiss you,” you heard him chuckled. He was so naughty!
“I can’t wait to kiss you either,” there was a change in your voice, from shy and cute to sultry.
“Do you have plans at night?” His voice got lower.
“Nope, I’m all yours tomorrow,” you were following his game because you knew where he was leading you to.
“Hmm... that sounds sexy, all mine,” you could almost see him smirk.
“Yes, all yours,” you assured him.
“How about we come home to relax a little?” He suggested, but you knew what he meant.
“I’d love to,” you sighed imagining all you would do, you really couldn’t wait to have his hands on you.
“What’s wrong? You sighed, are you not feeling comfortable?” He really was the king of consent.
“Oh no, it’s not that! On the contrary...” you cut the sentence there.
“On the contrary...?” He was encouraging you to continue.
You were on the mood for some fun, so you decided to tease him. “I’m just imagining all the things we could do at your house.”
“Mmm... and what would that be?” You heard him shuffling on his bed.
“I don’t know... sexy things,” you shied.
“Don’t be shy baby, tell me what do you feel like doing to me?” Kun whispered.
You gasped at the name, he caught you off guard. “Kun, I want your hands on me.”
“Baby, I would love to touch every inch of your skin,” he said in a groggy voice.
“I want you, Kun,” you sighed.
“I want you too. You have no idea,” he snarled.
“I can’t wait,” you admitted.
“Mmm... I’m getting so turned on right now,” Kun confessed in a groggy voice.
“Are you?” You breathed.
“Yes. Keep talking to me like that and I might have to jack off for you,” he hummed.
You gasped, “So dirty!”
“Dirty is what I’m going to do with you,” he chuckled evilly.
“Oh yeah? And what is that?” You wanted to hear him say it.
“Oh baby, I’m going to fuck you so good you’ll be begging me for more. Everyone will know my name because of how loud you’ll be screaming it. Im gonna have your legs shaking so much, you won’t be able to walk the next day,” he groaned and you moaned in response because that’s what you’ve always wanted, to have Kun make you his.
“Would you like that?” He inquired in a raspy tone.
“I’d love that,” you purred, smitten by the idea of being between his arms after the action.
“Then... I’ll see you tomorrow, alright? We’re gonna have so much fun,” his voice changed suddenly to his normal tone, you supposed he was trying to control himself.
“I can’t wait,” you smiled.
“Bye bye,” he said softly and hung up. He was torturing you so much, teasing you to then forget about it and start being too respectful. You loved he was a gentleman, but right now, you just wanted to be disrespected and fucked into unconsciousness.
The next day, he picked you up early, you got breakfast and then were headed to the airport where he had his plane. He took your hand and kissed it, making you blush, and then held it on his thigh while driving. He looked so sexy today with his dark mane knotted in a tiny ponytail. “Are you nervous?” He asked.
“Yes. Very,” you chuckled trying to sound it was fine.
“Relax,” he caressed your hand with his thumb, “It’s gonna be fine and you’re gonna have so much fun once we’re up there”.
“I’m excited!” You gave him a big smile, “but I’m also nervous because you’re here.”
“Oh? I make you nervous?” You saw his little smirk.
“Yes! I mean, you’re my forever crush and we’re here, together,” you shrugged and he laughed.
“That’s so cute,” he kissed your hand again.
“Stop that! I’m gonna die because of blood loss in the rest of my body!” You whined.
“You’re too cute,” he cooed.
Once you got to the airport, he talked to a lot of people, presenting you as his special friend. While waiting for the preparations for flying, he hugged you from behind and kissed your cheek. You giggled and he laughed with you. “What are you doing?” You asked between laughs.
“Loving you?” He pecked your shoulder.
“I like the sound of that,” you purred and he hugged you tighter.
“Sorry to interrupt,” one of the workers walked in while you two were being all lovey-dovey. “Everything’s ready sir,” he indicated to Kun.
“Excellent, let’s go!” He took your hand and you walked to the airstrip.
Kun jumped inside the aircraft and pulled you by his side. He buckled you up and placed a headset on your head. “This will drown the loud sounds and you’ll be able to hear me,” he explained and you nodded.
Your whole skin tingled in excitement, there were tons of feelings in your head. He looked at you as making sure you were okay and when seeing your wide smile he leaned in and pecked your lips.
He started pressing buttons and then he pushed a lever and the machine started to move slowly and then faster and faster and faster. You felt your heart on your throat and you closed your eyes tightly because you were scared.
“Don’t close your eyes, Y/N! Feel the freedom!” Kun screamed. And a few seconds later you felt your soul was left on the ground while your body was flying.
“Scream it out! WOOOOO!!!!” Kun was full of adrenaline and it was so funny so you imitated him. “WOOOOOOOO!”
“YEAH! THATS IT!” He encouraged you and then started touching buttons again. You had closed your eyes unknowingly and when you opened them you were over the clouds. You felt breathless, you were frozen, staring with wide eyes your surroundings. It was beautiful! The sky looked so blue and the tiny white clusters resembled pillows floating in the sky. You felt an unfamiliar peace, it was strange yet so soothing. Now you know why Kun loved being on the clouds.
“Beautiful, isn’t it?” You heard him comment.
“I... I have no words. This is unreal,” you said amazed.
“This view is as beautiful as you,” he complimented you and you felt the hotness on your cheeks.
“Now I understand why you love so much being up here, it’s relaxing,” you sighed.
“Yeah, it’s a great stress reliever,” he explained and extended his hand to place it on your thigh.
He kept piloting and trying to scare you moving the aircraft suddenly or spinning it slightly. You had so much fun!
When you finally landed, you felt lightheaded. Kun noticed it and slyly wrapped his arm around your waist to hold you. He thanked the guys who helped him and said goodbye to then walked you two to his car.
“Are you hungry?” He asked while starting the engine.
“Very!” You admitted.
“Did you have fun?” He looked straight at your eyes.
“Yes! It was amazing! Thank you,” you placed your hand on his and he turned his to intertwine your fingers.
“I’m glad you had fun. Now let’s eat!”
He took you to a restaurant and there you talked more about your high school days while you ate delicious food. When you were finished he was looking at you with inviting eyes, you lowered your gaze to avoid blushing again, but since he didn’t stop looking at you, you whispered “What?”
“Nothing,” he shrugged, “Just admiring your beauty.”
“Stop!” You giggled and he started laughing.
When you got to the car again you were both in silence, but it wasn’t awkward, it was a silence on longing, of knowing what would come next; the moment you both have been yearning for.
His house was almost a mansion, so spacious and fancy. You were dazzled as soon as he opened the door: it was so bright, full of crystal windows, it was like him. You felt the air change as soon as you crossed the door. Kun stood in front of you and pulled you closer by the waist.
“Can I be honest?” He asked in a murmur.
“Of course,” your skin was tingling in anticipation of his confession.
“I was doing my best effort here to control myself, but I really, really, really, want to make love to you,” Kun said in a hoarse whisper.
“Why aren’t we doing it already?” Your mouth talked before you could think.
“I didn’t want you to think I just wanted to fuck. I really wanted to catch up with you, converse, maybe kiss and then if you wanted, we could make love.” He sounded so confident and he was being such a gentleman you just wanted to jump on him. Your pupils dilated and you gulped trying to conceal the sudden heat you felt, you didn’t know what to do or what to say.
“Kun... I so want you to make me yours,” you said in a breathy tone. There was a long silence between you two, but suddenly, as if you were reading each other’s mind, you embraced each other, kissing fiercely. Kun guided you to his room, where he laid you on his bed and leaned on slowly to kiss you again. His mouth traveled to you neck where he pecked, licked, and nibbled gently. Your breath was getting heavier and the clothes started to be a nuisance, tugging at each other shirts, hands sneaking underneath the fabric, eager to feel skin on skin. “You’re okay with this, right?” He asked breathlessly in the middle of savoring your neck. “Hell yeah!” You growled and he hissed in response.
He took off your shirt and you his, the pieces of clothes flying and landing on the floor. Kun kissed his way lower and lower until reaching your breasts, which he exposed by pulling your bra. “Mmm... so perfect,” he hissed at the sight of your hardened nipples. You ran your hands down his arms slowly, enjoying his body heat. “What if I do this?” He licked your nipple while looking at you as in waiting for your approval, but you just nodded desperately and moaned, “Oh, I love it Kun...” He continued playing with your bosoms until they were all wet with his saliva. He kept his trip down your body, kissing until reaching a little lower than your navel. Kun unbuttoned your shorts and slid them down your legs, leaving you in underwear. He left butterfly kisses down your legs and back up. He was so close to where you needed him, his breath tickling your clothed core. Your toes started to curl in expectance.
“Mmm... I can’t wait to taste you, I bet you are so sweet,” his raspy voice made you whimper.
“Kun, baby, please... I’m sooo wet for you.”
“I can see that,” he commented while pulling your panties to the side. The sudden brease made you jump and he held your waist to keep you steady. “Just lie back and let me take care of you, would you?” You just nodded rapidly and relaxed on his pillows.
Kun gave a long first lick to you slit and you gasped while looking at him, seeing how your juices sticked up to his tongue. He hummed and licked again, this time diving more.
“Oh! Oh my god Kun...” you hissed.
His lips enclosed your clit and he sucked hard, ripping a scream out of you. “Ah! So good!” Your hands flew to his head. He kept licking, sucking, making slurping sounds. His mouth was moving faster along with his tongue and you were feeling the knot in your belly trying to snap. “Fuck! Please! Kun, I’m gonna cum,” you cried.
“You wanna cum on my tongue?” He stopped for a second to take a breath and then continued his ministrations.
“Mhm! Mhm! You’re so good with that tongue!” You mewled and started moving your hips trying to reach your release. Kun started flicking his tongue faster until you felt the bliss of the orgasm, a strangled keen letting him know. Kun kissed your thighs, your belly and then reached your lips. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered and then caressed your cheek.
While you regained your breath, you could see the strain in his pants and you couldn’t wait to have him inside you, so you extended your arms and unbuttoned his jeans.
“So eager, my love?” He chuckled surprised.
“Yes, please fuck me Kun. I need you,” you pleaded desperately.
He groaned at you begging for him, he loved it. “You want me to fuck you, huh? You’ve been desperate for getting this dick, haven’t you?” He snarled while sliding his pants and briefs down his legs, finally freeing his mouth-watering length.
Kun pulled you to him by the arms, making you sit on the mattress. “Let’s take off that underwear. I wanna have you skin on skin, feel every inch of you on me,” he whispered while unclasping your bra, your already ruined panties long forgotten on the floor.
He went for a kiss and you both fell on his pillows again slowly. After what seemed an eternity of kisses, he asked, “Are you ready for me, baby?”
“Yes, Kun,” you ran a hand down his back before he kneeled on the bed right between your legs. He took his dick by the base and started teasing you, collecting your juices with his tip. He then stopped at your hole and pushed slowly inside you. Kun bit his bottom lip while your mouth formed a silent moan. He bottomed in you and then pulled back, both hissing at the sensation. He kept thrusting you slowly, admiring how he was stretching you.
“Mmmm... you’re so tight baby.” He closed his eyes enjoying the feeling.
“You feel so good, Kun,” you said in a shaky whisper. You were feeling so full of him, you wanted him closer, so you held his hand. He kissed your hand and like understand your message, he leaned over, caging you between his arms. He kept plunging into you while looking at your face and kissing you now and then. The weight and heat of his body felt amazing on you and the fact that this was Qian Kun, your forever crush, had your whole body buzzing with excitement.
Kun had his head near your neck and he took that chance to whisper sweet things in your ear. “Such a good girl. You feel so warm around me. You’re perfect.”
The room was a feast of whimpers, moans, and grunts combined with gentle touches and passionate kisses.
“Kun baby, fuck me harder please,” you begged chokingly.
He hummed and said, “You want it harder, babe?”
“Mhm... please,” you nodded frantically. He propped on his forearms and started snapping his hips faster, the bed creaking in complaint. The sound of skin hitting skin invaded the room while you screamed your lungs out from pleasure. “God! Kun! I love it! I love you!”
“I love you too, princess,” he said through gritted teeth.
Suddenly he stopped. “Crap! My arm!” He had a cramp and you found it so cute, you started to laugh. He started massaging it and then bursted in laughs too.
“Hey, it’s okay,” you assured him, “Let’s get comfortable and enjoy this moment.”
His impulse was to kiss your cheek. You were so sweet and understanding, he really made a catch with you.
“Now, where were we?” He smirked and you just opened your legs to receive him again.
Kun placed your legs on his shoulders just to reach that cushioned place that would send you to bliss. “Fuuuuck, right there!” You moaned, circling his neck with your arms. He increased his pace hitting you just right. You were clenching him, indicating that you were close.
“Give it to me, let it out babe,” Kun panted. But you didn’t want to stop, you wanted this moment to last forever. Your body betrayed you and your sweet release came soon. “Ohhh yeah, Kun... fuck!” He loved you expression of satisfaction and kept going concentrated on it.
“I love to see you enjoy my dick, you’re such a good girl,” he hissed. A few minutes later, he pulled out and came on your stomach with a loud grunt. He kissed your lips and then laid back for a moment to gain his breath.
“Wow, that was amazing...” he was still panting.
You chuckled tiredly in response, “Yes, I loved it.”
“Let me regain my energy for a moment, I’ll go get you a towel,” his eyes were closed but he looked happy.
After what seemed like forever, he looked for a wet towel to clean the mess he made on you, but he had a better idea. “How about we shower together?”
“We’re at that stage now?” You asked joking with him.
“If you want, of course,” he shrugged.
“Yes, let’s go!” You jumped off the bed all naked, grabbed him by the arm and pulled him to the bathroom with you.
The shower was a fun experience and you were already imagining this happening every day and your heart shrank.
You were at his bed now, cuddling and talking about the future. “Y/N, you really make me happy and I’m glad we reunited again.”
“I’m glad too,” you smiled and kissed his exposed chest.
“I only went to that party to see if I could find you, and look at us now, between each other’s arms, sharing a bed...” his hand caressed your arm absentmindedly.
You looked up to meet his gaze, “I love you Kun.”
“I love you too, princess,” he kissed your forehead.
You thought he fell asleep because there was a moment of silence, but then he proved you wrong by calling your name.
“Yes?” Your hand reached for his cheek.
“Marry me.” He didn’t ask, he declared it.
You were shocked at first, your heart was beating so fast, but your mouth talked before your brain could process. “Yes.” No questions asked. You knew each other for so long, you saw you had a great chemistry, why not marry the love of your life?
“Let’s fly together forever.”
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taylorlynn04art · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
⭐️ Underneath It All ⭐️
by Strawberry Moon Rose
This is a one-shot I conjured poking fun at how based on appearance, Sailor Moon characters can really confuse a person. Taking place in the anime world, but with the Starlights cross-dressing like in the manga instead of using a physical disguise.
Also, it got me thinking, what if the Sailor Starlights came to Earth at the end of SuperS? It had to have taken a while to establish their idol group before debuting.
Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon or any of the characters. They belong to Naoko Takeuchi.
Soft jazz music drifts lazily around the bar. The flashy neon light of orange and green illuminates the Amazon Trio as they sip from their drinks in hand. Ice cubes slosh and clink as Tigers-Eye slams his glass down on the table in frustration.
"Man, we got scolded again," he complains. "And we're doing our best too..."
"She doesn't have to yell at us like that," Hawks-Eye agrees. "If catching Pegasus were that easy, we would have found him by now!"
Fish-Eye tips his head back daintily, sipping from his cocktail glass. "There are just so many targets, how are we supposed to know which one he's hiding in? It's like finding a needle in a haystack."
Hawks-Eye brushes through the photographs scattered across the bar top. "Hmm... None of these women are really catching my eye." He plucks a snapshot of a girl with braids and waves it in Tigers-Eye's face, knowing he has a thing for younger chicks. "What about this one? You interested?" he inquires.
Tigers-Eye yawns. "Too plain."
"How 'bout this?" Hawks-Eye tries again. If Tigers-Eye doesn't do something, he'll have to do something, and he isn't in the mood for another failure and reprimanding from the old hag, Zirconia.
"Too old."
"And this one?"
Tigers-Eye makes a face and waves his hand dismissively. "Ugh, not another guy. See if Fish-Eye wants him," he says.
"What? Where? Lemme see!" Fish-Eye slides off his stool and squeezes between his cronies. Hearts form in his blue eyes when he catches a glimpse of the target. "Oh my gosh! You're kidding!" He snatches the photograph out of Hawks-Eye's hand so fast it's nothing but a blur.
"What're you getting so excited about? He's not nearly as handsome as I am," Tigers-Eye says, unable to conceal the tinge of jealousy in his voice.
"He's right," Hawks-Eye boasts. "We're much more good-looking."
"You two don't know who this is?" Fish-Eye asks incredulously.
Tigers-Eye and Hawks-Eye stare at their friend.
"It's Seiya Kou from the Three Lights!" Fisheye kisses the picture and twirls around. "I'm so lucky!"
"Never heard of him," Hawks-Eye comments in a voice as flat as cardboard.
"Me neither." Tigers-Eye tosses his orange hair. "He must not be that popular."
But Fish-Eye isn't listening to them. "Oh my, I wonder what kind of girls he likes? How should I approach him?
Tigers-Eye and Hawks-Eye swivel around in their seats and reach for their drinks. By now they know it's useless trying to talk to him when he goes gaga over a target.
"Cross-dressing again?" Hawks-Eye sounds bored.
"Why, of course!" Fisheye gazes dreamily at the glossy portrait. The celeb is clad in a red suit and yellow tie. A bright rose is stuffed in the breast pocket. Ebony bangs fall messily above spunky blue eyes, accompanied by a microphone and crooked smile.
Fish-Eye giggles. Seiya Kou... Even your name is beautiful! I'll seduce you for sure!
"Thank you! Goodnight everybody!" The lead singer gives a final wave into the sea of faces. The crowd erupts into applause as the Three Lights exit the stage. It's a warm Saturday night and they just wrapped up their second concert at the venue.
"Great job tonight, guys. They absolutely loved you." Their manager gives each member a pat on the back.
"Thank you, sir," Taiki replies politely. "We did our best."
Seiya accepts a towel from a stage worker and dabs the sweat off her forehead. She cranes her head up to the night sky, breathing heavily. Princess... Where are you now? Can you hear our message? They have only been on Earth for two months, but she and the others are already used to cross-dressing as a boy band.
"Seiya, we are heading back to change," Taiki calls over her shoulder.
"You coming or what?" Yaten taps her foot impatiently.
"Huh? Oh, yeah." Seiya shakes her head and follows them down the corridor to their dressing rooms. The high from performing hasn't worn off yet, and she hums the whole way, a bounce in her step.
Once she reaches her assigned room, Seiya shuts the door and starts collecting her things. The open window allows a humid breeze to drift in, carrying the sweet fragrance of a beautiful spring night - cherry blossoms and rain. She can still hear the murmurs of the crowd in the distance.
Knock. Knock.
"Come in!" the Starlight calls absentmindedly, figuring it's Taiki or Yaten.
Creak... The door creeps open. When Seiya glances up, she catches her breath.
Standing against the door frame appears to be one of the most gorgeous women Seiya's ever seen before. The beauty's pale-blue hair is tied in a high ponytail that cascades in lustrous waves to her hips. She wears a flowing white dress and strappy sandals.
It's like she forgot how to speak. "Can I help you?" Seiya clears her throat and quickly fluffs her hair.
Fish-Eye smiles and brushes a stray curl out of his face. "Actually, you can," he says in a high, silky voice.
"Oh? How so?" Whenever a cute girl is in sight, she can't help it - she's always been a flirt.
Fish-Eye giggles and casually eases the door shut behind him. "I really enjoyed the concert, Seiya. You shine like a true star out there. I was wondering if I could get a souvenir of some sort to make the experience all the more memorable..."
"I'm flattered," Seiya replies smoothly. She closes the distance between them in a few swift steps, drinking in Fish-Eye's sparkly perfume. "What do you have in mind?"
"An autograph would be wonderful." Fish-Eye bats his mascara-coated lashes. "But anything from a superstar like you would make me the happiest fan in the world."
A grin spreads across Seiya's face. They gaze at each other for a few seconds, holding a teasing conversation with their eyes. Seiya reaches for a blank notebook resting on the nearby table and pulls a marker out of her pocket. Gliding close to the pretty stranger, she says, "And to whom shall I make this autograph out to?"
"To 'Sakana'," Fish-Eye says breezily.
"Sakana, huh?" Seiya smiles quizzically at him. "That's a cute name you have."
"You think so?"
Squeak, squeak, goes the marker as Seiya scribbles out the autograph. She signs her name with a flourish, tears the paper out of the notebook, and hands it to Fish-Eye. "There you are," she declares.
"Oh, thank you so much! An autograph from my favorite male idol! I'll treasure it forever!"
Still smiling, Seiya puts her hands in her pockets. "Anything else I can help you with...?"
Fish-Eye carefully folds the autograph into his purse. "Oh, perhaps there is..." he purrs.
"But it's a bit of a secret..." Fish-Eye fingers Seiya's collar, pulling playfully on her tie.
"I'm intrigued," she whispers.
Fish-Eye stands on his tiptoes and whispers enticingly into Seiya's ear, "I'd like to get to know you better..."
"Is that so?"
He outlines the buttons on Seiya's jacket. "These ties can be tricky, can't they? Let me assist you in taking it off..."
Seiya chuckles. "That sounds quite tempting, but you see, I have to go soon... The others are waiting for me," she answers honestly, regretfully.
"Oh, they can wait, can't they?" If Fish-Eye gets any closer, they'll be a grilled cheese sandwich.
"I'm sorry." Unwillingly, Seiya gently pushes him off her. "You're extremely attractive, Sakana, but... I can't. I wish I could, but I can't."
Fish-Eye draws back as if he'd been slapped across the face. He widens his eyes innocently. "Why not?"
'Because you'd find out I'm a woman and then our image would be ruined', Seiya wants to say, but responds, "I'm not who you think I am."
"What do you mean? I know who you are. You're just making an excuse, aren't you?"
"No, I-"
"Fine." Fish-Eye steps back. The corners of his mouth crumple into a scowl. "I see how it is. I guess it's goodbye to you then, isn't it?"
Before Seiya can respond, a blue curtain appears out of the air and drops over Fish-Eye with a whoosh. It raises to reveal his true self - bubbly blue outfit, scaly hands, and black Amazon marking on his forehead.
"Who are-?!" Seiya stumbles back.
"ONE!" A red board rises from under the floorboards, slamming into the Starlight's back.
"TWO!" Cold, metal clamps bind Seiya's wrists and ankles.
Seiya screams as her dream mirror emerges, taking shape bit by bit. Harsh light blinds her, and wind whips her hair all over. It feels like someone is reaching into her chest and ripping out her insides. What's going on? What is this?!
Once it stops, she slumps forward in exhaustion, supported only by the painful cuffs pinning her to the plank.
"Now to take a look inside your beautiful dream mirror!" Fish-Eye saunters towards the trapped idol. He grabs hold of the glowing mirror on both sides. It's shining brighter than any one he's seen before! His eyes glimmer in hope. Could this be the home of Pegasus after all?
"Y-You lied to me! Who are you really?" Seiya shouts, raising her head. It's obvious by the flat chest and deep voice that this monster is male, and on top of that, the enemy! How could she fall into his trap? Anger and humiliation course through her veins. She thrashes harder, but cannot break free.
Fish-Eye chuckles, but doesn't reply. He stretches the mirror on both sides like putty and dives his head inside her dream mirror. Seiya shrieks in agony.
"Where is Pegasus?" he says aloud, looking all over. But instead of finding a winged horse with a golden horn, he sees flowing images of a beautiful, red-haired princess catered by three female guardians in black uniforms.
Fish-Eye throws his head out of the mirror in horror. "H-H-How dare you deceive me! That's my job!" he cries, his voice wavering. I fell for a woman in disguise? Impossible! This can't be right...
Skin crawling and cheeks burning, Fish-Eye stands back. How humiliating! "What a waste of a trip. Well, either way, I suppose you'll have to die now, Seiya. Come out, my Remless! Superstar Daistuaa!"
A creature climbs out of his shadow - a skinny girl with a guitar as a torso and a microphone as a tail. She snaps the cord like a whip and says in a mouse-like voice, "It's showtime!"
"I'm leaving this up to you, Daisutaa," Fish-Eye barks.
"Of course!”
A black hole rimmed with water appears in the air. Fish-Eye does a backwards somersault into it and vanishes.
The dream mirror returns to Seiya's body and the board and restraints disappear. She falls to her knees, feeling dizzy and weak.
"Hello, everybody!" Daisutaa sings. "I'm so happy to be here! I've got a super great show for you!"
Seiya glares up at the Remless. A phage? No, it's different... She reaches into her pocket for her transformation brooch.
"Uh-uh! Please turn off all cell phones and electronic devices during the show!" Daisutaa lunges at Seiya. They crash into the wooden table which breaks into jagged pieces beneath them. Seiya groans, her back throbbing, and tries to throw the Remless off her. Daisutaa's three-inch nails are like knives, poised at her throat.
"!" she grunts, turning her head to the side in a feeble attempt to avoid the monster slicing her jugular.
"You want an encore, you say?" Daisutaa crows. "Alrighty then!"
Bam! The dressing room door slams open, nearly flying off its hinges.
"Star Sensitive Inferno!"
"Star Gentle Uterus!"
The Remless snaps her head up, frozen like a deer in the headlights as the two combined attacks hit her head on. "What? Aghhh! STAGE OUT!" she wails, crumbling to glass. The shadow on the floor fades, and a billow of smoke dissipates in an upright spiral circle. The Dead Moon magic is gone.
"Seiya!" Maker cries, hurrying over to her.
"What happened? We heard you screaming." Healer kneels beside Seiya. "What was that thing? A phage?"
"So they have invaded here too?" Maker murmurs gravely.
Seiya coughs and shakes her head. Grunting, she pulls herself into a sitting position. "No, it was something else..."
Healer helps Seiya to her feet. "Well, either way, it's gone now. Let's hope we never see anything like it again."
"Yeah. Just forget it happened," Seiya mutters, flushing as she recalls Sakana.
She knew she wanted to.
"Back so soon, Fish-Eye?" Tigers-Eye swings around in his chair at the bar.
Ignoring him, Fish-Eye plops down in his usual spot and pours himself a drink. In one sip, he downs the entire thing and reaches to refill the glass.
"Whoa, easy!" Hawks-Eye jokes. "Did it go that bad?"
Tigers-Eye's green eyes dance. "That Seiya dude rejected you, didn't he?" he says gaily.
"Can it, you two," Fish-Eye grumbles, studying his red nail polish. "You don't know the half of it."
"So what happened?" Hawks-Eye asks.
A bloom of red appears in Fish-Eye's cheeks. "Let's just say that underneath it all, Seiya Kou wasn't who I thought he was."
Tigers-Eye smirks. "I could have told you all those boy bands are bogus."
"Shut up, Tigers-Eye. Just shut up."
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mahri-rhivesa · 18 hours ago
Mahri Rhivesa hums. She looks at Arkas. "Hardball special?"
Arkas Majora is the last to descend down the broken airship. He keeps an eye on the towers whilst the others make their way. "Hitting them straight on would be bad. You're better off dropping on them from above" He nods to Mahri. "I'll wait up here until everyone is down and safe, also to keep an eye on the tower."
Mahri Rhivesa nods at Rinh, grinning wildly. She looks at Arkas. "Hardball special straight up? Flicker can pick me up."
Arkas Majora sighs. "Fine, get over here." He drops down to one knee and holds his arm out for Mahri to stand on.
Arkas Majora kneels before Mahri Rhivesa.
Mahri Rhivesa grins like a cat getting catnip. She steps on Arkas's hand, prepping herself for liftoff on SS Muscle Express.
Mahri Rhivesa pulls her goggles on, excited.
Arkas Majora slowly stands, takes a few steps back, and brings the arm holding Mahri down low, before launching xir into the sky. He waits a few seconds and then saunters casually over to Nahna. "Wait for Mahri to be in position, you'll have a clean and easy target."
Mahri Rhivesa is launched into the air, like a cannonball. She disappears into the dark clouds above, but for the sharp eyes in the squad, there's the smallest burst of /orange/ in the darkest mists. A fast-moving blur zips forward towards one of the towers and Mahri silently drops down on the top of her tower, Cheshire grin in place. Oh, it was so nice to be where she was /born/ to be. She gave an icy shot into the air, a quieter signal for Nahna to know to shoot now that she was in position. She then swung into the tower, right behind the guard, using Martin's own moves to take him down, moving with the same punch that warded off the fuck-off huge couerl.
Mahri Rhivesa sends another signal to her squad in the form of a small bird made of fire and smoke. It lands on Rinh's shoulder, tweeting an old tune of a Keeper hunting celebration.
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bus-stop-to-kpop · 18 hours ago
Broken Mirror (Lee Seoho x Reader)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Lee Seoho (Oneus) x fem!Reader
Genre: idk really, a little bit angsty, but I guess it could count as fluff, it’s somewhat a Soulmate!au
Trigger Warning!!: Short mention of blood, death of a character (but they’re reborn)
Summary: Seoho finds a mirror in the attic that seems to show him the life of his soulmate. You come to find the man in the mirror after a long time.
Word Count: 2,508
A/N: I wrote this in February and now catch me fully believing I predicted the Black Mirror Comeback lol. Seoho is immortal in this fic, there is no actual reason for that, I just wanted him to. That’s the power I hold as an author, hehe. Have fun reading :) ~Admin J
Seoho loved exploring and adventure, ever since he was young he was always looking for some thrill in life. One of the places he loved during his childhood was the attic in the house his parents owned. They were part of the upper class and pretty well off, so there were a lot of treasures in the attic. It's where he found one of his most treasured possessions, a broken mirror. He remembered the day that he found this mirror like it was just yesterday. ~*~ Young Seoho was climbing up the stairs to the attic with excitement. Up there the sun was shining through the cracks in the wood and made the dust visible, but something made it seem magical to Seoho. He was debating where to look through today when suddenly he was blinded by light. He put a hand up to shield his eyes and searched for the culprit that was blinding him. A small mirror was laying on a crate and reflected the sun right into his eyes. Seoho was intrigued, he couldn't recall seeing this mirror before. Maybe his mother had brought it up here recently? The young boy decided to take a better look at the small  rectangle mirror. He picked it up and what he saw in there shocked him. Instead of his own reflection he was met with the figure of a girl. She seemed to be running as her hair was moving in the wind. Due to the shock of his unusual sighting the mirror slipped from his grip. It shattered into a few big pieces but all of them stayed in the frame. Seoho picked it up checking if maybe it had just been his mind playing tricks on him, but no there you were again. This time you were standing, head to the side smiling at someone. It seemed like you weren't aware that he could watch you and he felt awkward. He made his way down to find his mom to ask her about the mirror. "Mother what is this?" he asked showing her the small treasure. She inspected the mirror but didn't seem to recognize it "Where did you get this?" "I found it in the attic." His mother shrugged it was a simple mirror, maybe she forgot about it. "Do you not see the girl?" Seoho asked, staring at his mother with big eyes. "A girl? What do you mean? This is a mirror you see yourself in this." Seoho blinked confused, why did he not see himself, but a girl in this mirror? Most importantly, who was the girl he was seeing? Ever since then he had kept the mirror with him at all times.
~*~ Seoho quickly realized that time seemed to move differently for him. He turned older every year but is appearance never changed ever since his 25th Birthday. Many assumed for him to be happy about that, but living a life like his, was hell to him. He had no idea why he had been given immortality, but he hated it. It was a lonely life to live. His family and friends were all dying, but he had to stay on this world, all alone. The only person that was constant in his life was you, the girl in the mirror. Or at least that was what he thought. Occasionally he took glances into the mirror to see you, however it still felt like he was invading your privacy. Usually he looked, when he was sad or nervous, since you always seemed to be smiling, just living your life simple. He could tell your family was from the lower class due to your clothing, but he admired how you were still always happy. Until one day. He was feeling nervous the whole day, he didn't know what it was. Maybe because the country was preparing for a war or maybe it was the still unanswered letter he had send to his friend earlier this month. When he took his mirror, it almost slipped from his hand again. Instead of seeing you, he saw nothing. The mirror was black, completely black. No sign from you nor his own reflection. His heart sank to his knees, not knowing what was going on. Seoho could do nothing about it, but wait and see if the mirror would change and show you again. ~*~ Seoho had been recruited as a general, leading a troop in war. He felt pressure, not for himself, he was immortal after all, but he had the responsibility for a ton of soldiers. There were several other Generals with the same fate as him, they were six in total. The King had personally requested for them, to build an unkillable unit. The six of them grew closer throughout the span of war, Seoho even showed them his treasured mirror, which was still black. Even throughout the war he kept the mirror with him at all times, he looked into it every morning after waking up and every evening before going to sleep. Five years he saw nothing but black in it, until one evening before going to sleep, he could see the face of a baby in the mirror. He jolted upright in his bed, catching the attention of fellow general Youngjo. "There's a baby." he sprinted over to Youngjo holding the mirror into his face. Youngjo chuckled "I only see myself." After his words Seoho checked the mirror again, he could clearly see the face of a small baby. It made a sort of calmness rush over his body, he smiled and lightly stroked his finger over the mirror, as if he was actually stroking the baby's cheek. "Maybe she had a baby?" he lightly said to himself, still smiling. "I doubt so." Youngjo told him and Seoho's head whipped to look at him questioningly. "There is a war going on, almost all men are recruited." his older explained. "Have you ever thought that maybe the person you see in there could be the one your fate is intertwined with?" Youngjo suggested. Seoho thought about Youngjo's words for a while "So do you think she died and was reborn?" "Could be. I guess we'll find out when it happens again, for now just be happy your mirror is working again." It took Seoho a while to fall asleep this evening, but he was feeling happier and warmer than he ever felt in the last five years. ~*~ The war was tiring, no matter how many times they fought it seemed to never end. For years now Seoho had gotten strength from looking at the little child growing up. You had grown into a young teen and Seoho could tell that in this life you were a noble lady. Your clothes were very flashy and fancy. However Seoho could tell you weren't happy with your life. There was a heavy burden on your shoulders, you never smiled like you used to in your previous life. Being born a noble in times of war made you a target. After various long years the war seemed to finally come to an end, not only for Seoho's relief but also the other 5 generals were happy about this turn of events. When the six of them came back to the king they were honored and received a big piece of land completed with a big castle for them. Life in the castle was boring, sure there was a lot to explore but Seoho would much rather explore the mystery that was you. He spent his days painting you, not only the current you, but also the you that he remembered from your past life. "Is that her? The girl from the mirror?" Xion, the youngest of the generals, asked as he was coming across Seoho painting in the garden, while he was on his way to find some fruits in the garden. Seoho nodded, looking at his artwork with a fond smile. "She looks like a noble lady, but why is she wearing these clothes?" the young one asked, pointing to one of the pictures in which he had drawn your previous life. "She wasn't always a noble. This is her second life." Seoho explained. The next morning his heart dropped. When he looked into the mirror as every morning, he saw you cradling yourself with a pained expression. There was blood on you and an arrow stuck to your chest. Seoho wanted to help you so bad, but there was nothing he could do, he didn't even know where to find you. Your actions and cries seemed to die down with time, the color slowly fading from your skin. "Don't close your eyes!" Seoho called out but there was no way you heard him. As soon as your eyes closed his mirror went black again. There were tears streaming down his face, for the second time in his life he had lost the person that gave him strength unable to protect them. He felt like a failure. It took a lot of support from Youngjo and the other generals to get him out of his room after watching you die like that. ~*~ (the next part will be from your perspective and is taking part in the current time) "Y/N, honestly, I don't get why you're so obsessed with that myth!" your friend Jieun whined as you pulled her along to the museum. "It's not a myth, there are various evidences that the six generals were actually alive, technically that means they're still alive." you argued as you paid for two museum tickets. "Still, that was a long time ago, why are you so obsessed with them?" your friend asked, trying to break free from your grip on her wrist. "The drawing, I'm telling you it really looks like me." you beamed at her, remembering how you had went to the museum a week ago, because they were having an extra showcase on the six generals. As you had went through the exhibition you had found yourself in front of some drawings that were apparently  painted by general Lee Seoho and it looked exactly like you. The information given on the painting was that it was believed the lady was General Seoho's love, but there were no evidences for that, however it were the only drawings found by him. When you had told your friend about the paintings, she hadn't believed you, saying something like you were interpreting too much into it. But now that you had brought her in front of the drawings there was no way she could deny it. That was definitely you, just in clothes that fit the century the generals had lived in. "No way!" she stood astonished looking between you and the drawing. "I'm telling you, I think General Seoho is my soulmate." you said pointing to a drawing that had been made of the six generals, before they were send off to war. "He looks like that guy I keep seeing in mirrors, well his hair is shorter and he's wearing different clothes, but his face is the same." "But the generals haven't been seen for hundred of years, how could you even find him. There's no way he's the one." Your friend argued shaking her head, not fully believing your story. She had never seen the guy you talked about in your mirror, all she did was see herself, but the way you excitedly talked about him, there was no way you made this story up. Besides that, the world was crazy with soulmates finding each other in the weirdest of ways, so why not see your soulmate in the mirror, but a general? A general that no one even knew if he was still alive? Very Questionable. "They say that this castle was gifted to them after the war." you pointed to a map that was put up on the opposite side of the drawings, where the location of the castle was marked. "Didn't it burn down? I saw some pictures it looked pretty beat up." your friend asked reading through the information underneath the map. "That's what it says in a lot of books, but I found one where it said that even though everything around the castle burned down, the grounds that belonged to the generals were unharmed. I'm going to go there tomorrow." You told your friend. "Are you crazy? They're saying the castle is dangerous, what of you get squished to death by falling stones or whatever?" Your friend screeched, but she was well aware there was no way to stop you when you were this determined. ~*~ The next day you got ready early in the morning, you would be taking a bus that would take you the closest to the castle as possible. However the foot walk from the stop to the castle was still a long one, especially since you had to walk through a forest, without an actual road. You knew what you were doing was dangerous, but something told you it was the right decision. The little hand mirror you had brought showed, who you believed to be General Lee Seoho talking excitedly to someone outside of the mirror. Could it be possible he knew you were on your way? Your picked up your pace, but still careful not to trip on the uneven ground of the forest. The sun was standing high in the sky when you took a short break on a tree stump. After your small break you collected all your belongings and put it back into the backpack you were carrying. Back on your way the scenery in front of you started to flicker and for a second you thought if maybe you had been under the sun for too long. You rubbed your eyes and when you slowly opened them again, you found a long road out of small white stones leading up to an impressively big castle in the distance. It looked nothing like the pictures you had seen, there was no sign of a fire at all. You made your way up to the castle the stones making a little noise under your footsteps, however you stopped when you saw a figure come your way. He stopped in front of you and both of you stared at each other, not fully believeing that the person you had only seen in a mirror until now was actually standing in front of you. "It's really you? General Lee Seoho?" you asked with a wavering voice slowly taking a step forward, touching his face with your fingers to see if you weren't dreaming his face felt real and his eyes stared into yours as a smile spread on his face. "I haven't heard that title in years." he answered as he quickly engulfed you in a hug. "I'm sorry I wasn't able to protect you before." You felt his body shaking and tears streamed down his face. "It's okay. I'm here now." you smiled at him fondly, washing away his tears with your thumb.
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dysfunctionalcrab · 18 hours ago
our little family
pairing: quackity x reader
pronouns: gender neutral
description: you and quackity introduce your new cat to tiger
Tumblr media
“do you think he likes her?” you questioned, gently nudging quackity as the two of you were engrossed by the awkward interaction of the cats. the two of them did nothing but face each other, staring at one another intently.
misty was a very shy cat according to the lady at the pet store. while tiger... was much more on the aggressive side. you just prayed to the heavens that the two got along. tiger took a step forward with his paw towards the grey cat.
“look they’re trying to be friends!” you pointed at tiger excitedly, who was now circling the silver cat, as if he were trying to intimidate her or mark his own territory
“i don’t think that’s him trying to be friends,” quackity commented as misty backed away scaredly at the sound of tiger hissing
“no!” you scolded, walking over to the two cats and bending over to pick her up, protectively petting her. “bad tiger! don’t hiss at your sister,”
quackity quirked a brow as he went over and picked up tiger, who immediately tried jumping out of his grasp. “sister?”
“yes,” you hugged misty close. she purred in your embrace and your heart warmed. you cooed at the little cat in your arms, booping her nose, she was so cute. “they are siblings now, and we’re the parents,” you stated, not even looking at him.
“if they’re my kids, then tiger is my favourite child,” quackity attempted to pick up his cat again, failing miserably as he simply wasn’t having it. tiger wriggled out of his arms.
you gasped jokingly, meeting his eyes. “you can’t have favourites!”
“misty is clearly your favourite now, so tiger is mine!” he defended, crossing his arms playfully.
“i don’t have favourites you, idiot. misty is just the new baby in our little family and she needs all the love and care, and that doesn’t mean i won’t still give tiger my affection too,” you slowly placed the cat down back on the carpet, as you took a seat on the couch, watching tiger closely, hoping he didn’t hiss at her again. quackity joined you and wrapped an arm around your shoulder
“our little family?” he questioned.
“yes. our little family,” you met his gaze. a smile crossed his face and you couldn’t help but grin too.
you both observed as tiger approached her for the second time, much more hesitantly. he let out a small meow which misty reciprocated. you got a little too excited at the tiny interaction
“oh my god!” you harshly tapped his shoulder repeatedly. “did you see that? alex, they spoke to each other! they meowed at each other!”
quackity chuckled, massaging his shoulder after you practically attacked it “i know, i was literally watching,” his tone was unbothered
but in reality, he was just as excited as you were to start this ‘little family’ made up of cats. the thought itself of starting any kind of family with you swarmed his stomach with butterflies and made his heart feel full. he glanced at you, adoring the glint in your eyes as you enthusiastically continued watching the two cats play around. he knew there was nobody else he’d rather have a little family with.
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violetbaggins · 18 hours ago
The Journey of a Lifetime
Ch. 1 Bag End
Bilbo Baggins x OC
Violet was actually enjoying herself as she ate with her new dwarf friends. Yes, they were loud and messy and they tended to throw their food and burp rather loudly and out of the blue, making the little hobbit jump occasionally and choke on her wine, but they were all so kind and welcoming of her. Although, hearing one of the dwarves say that he was thankful that at least she wasn't an elf, she was just raised by them. Their disdain towards the elves made Violet have to bite her tongue from time to time. She didn't want to make any unnecessary comments and suddenly throw this whole company against her for who knows how long.
"Here, you need more food on your plate." The blonde dwarf next to her grabbed a pork and mushroom pie and placed it on her plate. "You're a little skinny, ya know. Need to make sure you keep up with us." he said, chewing on his own food with a smile at her. His name was Fili, and he had a brother named Kili, who was the only one among the company who lacked a beard. Both of the brothers were very kind right away to Violet, especially Fili. Bomber and Bofur also liked to pile more food on her plate for her as well, even though she couldn't take another bite.
"I-" Violet had opened her mouth to speak but got cut off as soon as a loud knocking sound could be heard from Bilbo's front door. The room instantly went silent and Fili and Kili turned towards each other, a look of excitement and nervousness on their faces.
Gandalf turned towards the door and with a grave sounding voice, he said, "He is here."
Who is here? Violet wondered, and she gave a small glance to Bilbo when she felt his eyes on him. He looked just as confused as she was, and she had to remind herself that apparently Master Baggins had not been expecting any company tonight, even after he was visited by Gandalf earlier in the day.
Violet watched as Gandalf opened the door while Bilbo stood aside and in came what she only assumed to be Thorin Oakenshield, the future king under the mountain. Well, that's what Violet has overheard so far. He was tall for a dwarf, and he had long, black hair that went far past his shoulders, and there seemed to be a bit of gray in there as well, making him look older and much more mature. Honestly, he was quite intimidating to Violet.
"Gandalf," Thorin spoke and Violet's pointed ears perked up. His voice was deep and rumbling. "I thought you said this place would be easy to find. I lost my way," he started and glanced around until his eyes landed on Violet and he frowned slightly and his brows furrowed. "...Twice. I wouldn't have found it at all if it had not been for that mark on the door." Thorin stepped inside and he took off his dark brown cloak and looked around Bilbo's home.
"Mark? There is no mark on my door! I just had it painted last week!" Bilbo exclaimed. His brows were furrowed together in a mixture of confusion and frustration. This just furthered Violet's suspicion that before tonight, Master Baggins seemed like the type of man to enjoy sitting at home by himself.
"There is a mark, I put it there myself." Gandalf said this rather quickly so he could get on with introducing Bilbo to the most important member of the company, Thorin Oakenshield. At the introduction, Thorin just looked down at Bilbo and he crossed his arms, not looking at all amused with the burglar Gandalf had told him about.
"So," he started. "This is the hobbit?" Thorin asked before glancing back at Violet. She was almost tempted to hide from Thorin's intense gaze behind Bombur, but decided that maybe that wouldn't be the best idea for a first impression. "And this one, is she lost? Or is this simply your wife, Master Baggins?" Thorin glanced back at Bilbo, who looked back at him with slightly widened eyes. He genuinely didn't know what a woman could be doing here. This journey would be far too dangerous for her.
"Uhm, no, we're not married. We actually," Bilbo gulped and he glanced at Violet. She was wide-eyed too and looked like she wanted to hide just as much as he did. "We just met." he finished with a sigh.
Violet stepped out from the crowd of dwarves and gulped thickly with anxiety. "Master Baggins is telling the truth. Gandalf requested that I come with all of you as your healer." she explained. Violet had a harder time meeting Thorin's eyes now. He certainly didn't seem happy about Gandalf's choice in both their burglar and their healer. Both roles within the company were important, and Gandalf chose hobbits? "I'm skilled at my craft, and-"
"No." Thorin easily interrupted Violet as she was about to tell him that he has no need to worry. She was a skilled healer who learned from the very best in all of Middle Earth. The company was in good hands.
"Now, Thorin-" Gandalf started but he got interrupted by dwarven prince as well.
"No woman is coming all the way to Erebor. It is far too dangerous," he said then looked at Violet directly in her green eyes. "And she will only slow us down. You might as well return to your own little hole in the ground and just continue to make health potions." Thorin was harsh with his words and Fili and Kili opened their mouths to say something but closed them again. They hadn't seen their uncle in quite some time, and they weren't about to speak out against him now. Not yet, at least.
"Now hold on one moment!" Bilbo interjected, which surprised the entire company, plus Gandalf and Violet. "From what I was told, Violet travelled all the way here by herself. I think she is perfectly capable of journeying with you to-where did you say?" Bilbo furrowed his brows and Violet caught his eye and gave him a small smile. It was a shock that he stood up for her like that. Besides, they barely even knew each other at all.
"Erebor!" Ori piped up and Bilbo nodded, closing his eyes for just a second to gather his racing thoughts.
"Yes, right, Erebor." Bilbo repeated. He didn't know the significance of that name yet, but he was about to find out.
"Speaking of Erebor, why don't we get down to business, hm?" Gandalf said. He knew Thorin felt like neither one of the hobbits had a place among the company, but he knew that they were going to prove him some point. He also desperately wanted to change this subject. Violet and Bilbo were coming no matter what Thorin said. Gandalf knew that Violet would be signing her contract tonight. Bilbo, on the other hand...he still wasn't so sure.
Chapter 1 - you are here
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amelinksanatomy · 19 hours ago
Could you please do one where amelink tell scout he's gonna be a big brothe and they do something cute to reveal the gender to him?
A New Sibling
A/N: This is just a quick one, I'll write the gender reveal soon as part of a different fic!
“Link!” Amelia shouts from the couples bedroom, “Link! Come here!”
“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Link appears at the door, slightly panicked and concerned by the sudden beckoning. Amelia was standing in front of the full length mirror in their room, her hair messy and in her pyjamas, having just gotten out of bed. 
“Come look.” she smiles, making a ‘come here’ motion with her finger.
Link has no idea what’s going on but, does as told anyway. He makes it over to Amelia, standing behind her and looking at her reflection. She turns to the side and lifts up her oversized shirt, tucking it under her boobs to expose her stomach. Link sees it immediately,
“Oh, look at that!” He smiles at Amelia in the mirror, “You’re showing!”
“Starting to!” Amelia circles her hand around the small bump that had started to form overnight, smiling widely, “A lot quicker than I did with Scout.”.
Amelia grabbed her phone, pulling up the camera and snapping a picture of her stomach in the mirror. She only has a few pictures from her pregnancy with Scout. This time, she wanted to make sure she had memories from every part to look back on.
On Scout’s first birthday, Amelia and Link had decided that they wanted to start trying for another baby. They’d had countless conversations about having more kids and decided they were ready. Although, it hadn’t been so easy this time. Six months of negative pregnancy tests later and they finally got their positive. They were over the moon when they found out. The second Amelia had shown him the positive test, Link had picked her up and spun her around, the both of them crying happy tears. Now, Amelia had just turned 13 weeks and the couple couldn’t be more excited.
“Ames,” Link reaches an arm out, placing a hand on the small curve of her stomach, feeling the warmth of her bare skin under it, “What you thinking about?”
“I'm thinking... it’s time we tell Scout that he’s going to be a big brother.”.
“Scout, buddy.” Link says as he and Amelia sit on the couch in their apartment while their son sits playing on the floor, “Come sit up here with Mommy and I for a second, please.”
The toddler drops his toys and climbs onto the couch, sitting on his Dad’s lap. Link ruffles his hair and holds him close. 
“So, you know how you love to play with Zola and Bailey and Ellis?” Link asks his son, who nods his head with a smile, starting to bounce excitedly on his fathers knee “I going to play with them now?” 
“Not right now, sweetheart.” Amelia smiles, nodding at Link to continue
“How would you like it if you had your own sibling, who you could play with all the time?” the parents look at their son, wearily, waiting for his response. Scout’s face lights up, looking between his parents and nodding his head.
“Are they coming now?” he asks, excited to share his toys with someone.
“No buddy, they won't be coming for a while.” Amelia and Link laugh as Scout’s face shows clear signs of confusion, “Why?”. Scout’s at the age where he questions everything his parents tell him. His vocabulary was quite extensive for his age meaning that Amelia and Link were dreading his terrible two’s.
“Your new baby sibling is in Mommy’s belly.” Link points to Amelia, turning Scout’s attention, “And they have to get a lot bigger and stronger before they can come out and meet us.”
“Baby?” Scout points to Amelia’s belly, just as Link had done a minute earlier, “That’s right bud. The baby’s in Mama’s belly.” Amelia smiles at her son, who was now fidgeting to get off his Dad’s lap and move towards his Mom.
“I see?” Scout asks with wide eyes, the same pleading eyes he’d inherited from Amelia.
Amelia nods her head, lifting up her shirt so her son could lay his small hand against her abdomen, “Be real gentle with Mommy, okay little man.” Link tells him softly, watching as wonder spreads across his face.
Moments later, Scout leans down, placing his head against Amelia’s belly, hugging it softly, “Hi baby!”. Amelia tears up, pouting at Link as they watch their son. Link rubs a hand across Scout’s back as he leans in, kissing Amelia’s head. A while later, Scout lifts his head, noticing the stray tear running down his Mom’s cheek, immediately sitting up,
“Mama?” his little voice is soft, pulling Amelia’s attention “I hurt you?”
“Oh, baby, no! These are happy tears because I just love you so much!” Amelia smiles softly, pulling Scout back into a hug, running her fingers through his dirty blonde hair until he falls asleep against her, looking over at Link when he does,
“I think he’s happy about his new sibling.”
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