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#look okay it’s very simple
bwoahtastic · 2 months ago
Can we perhaps see the dress m'am👉👈🥺
Jsjsj I don't have a full length mirror so this will have to do:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The dress comes down to halfway my calves kinda but no one will see anyway cos I'll be seated all night jsjs
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art--school--wannabe · a month ago
i don’t know what else to do with my time apparently (false.  i have a million things i could do with my time right now that would me much more worthwhile) so i guess now i’m making a powerpoint about the problem with trying to explain nuanced topics like racism through analogy in children’s media and i’m using goddamn my little pony out of all things as the example
#actually there are PERFECTLY good reasons for me to be using that but yeah#people simply do not acknowledge some of the uhh.  earlier.  episodes.  and how like genuinely fucked up that was#like.  okay first of all zecora um..#like that first episode she was in?  like they were definitely trying to say something but the execution and like..#literally every detail about her is just.. excruciatingly playing into a really yikes stereotype#but like okay more relevant to my own culture i really wanna have a fucking chat with whoever came up with that buffalo episode#because they make this one episode and try and dumb it down into 'oh you have to share' like.. it's..not..that..simple..#like hey first of all one of these horses looks way too fucking much like a certain general custer but then like..#maybe not too analogous because of how they.. decorated.. the buffalo but like???#instantly with the kidnapping shit it just immediately falls under the same racist bullshit p*ter p*n was doing in that way#like ok the idea of the episode is they have this migration route right??  like it's really important to them and their culture#and then ponies move in and make an apple orchard literally in the middle of aforementioned route#and the buffalo?  rightfully pissed.  also not fond of the train lines.  REASONABLE#but it essentially results in some fucking.. pie-themed war between the buffalo and the ponies which eventually culminates in them..#liking the pies and changing their migration route in exchange for having...pie..#like first of all if we're going with the analogy?  that could very well be a stand in for assimilation essentially#second.  this..'migration route..' what's that even supposed to stand in for.  sacred land???#'oh well you're giving us this great innovative thing you created out of our sacred land we'll just make some other place sacred' i--#it's so bad.  soooo bad.#like okay in later seasons like 9???  sure.  they're able to revisit a similar-ish topic with yona and the idea of cultural assimilation#but the buffalo???  here's the worst fucking messiest part.  THEY NEVER SHOW UP AGAIN#like???  yeah.  that episode you made was really fucked up and you were rightfully called out on it#but considering the literal role buffalo have in like my tribe's history for example???#and the role that the mass killing of buffalo had especially back then in regard to cultural genocide???  literal genocide???#YOU CANNOT RESOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS BY LITERALLY NEVER MAKING THE BUFFALO SHOW UP AGAIN#like oh my god#these things should be taught to kids but when you muddle things up and try and make it seem simple and like an issue of personal relationsh#relationships*???  it simplifies racism from something institutional to something you can solve in 20 minutes#it's just.  complicated.  i know it's a kids show and these episodes were from like 10 years ago but i'm still making the powerpoint#just to like.  let it out somewhere because it's fucking irritating
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father-of-mine · a year ago
Me: awwww I don’t know about this new show Hazbin Hotel webseries. It’s got a great art style that I really like, but it’s for adults, it’s got explicit language and crude jokes I just... I just don’t know about this. Plus it’s set in hell so I’ve got to deal with bad theology and I already get enough of a headache from SPN... 
Hazbin Hotel:  
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
where did I see that video link again
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most people i meet whenever they need to spell my name: how’s lindsey spelt? okay cool [writes down my last name without asking for the spelling bc it’s pretty simple]
someone i met today: how do you spell your last name? okay cool [writes down first name without asking]
i was just like are you. are you sure that’s the part you want to be questioning,, but they got it right so okay then, whatever works
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girlsgentrification · 6 months ago
me: *has a body*
everyone within a 5 miles radius: it free real estate
#its so WEIRD like leave me ALONE its MY body you have NO say what i do with MY body you DUNCE you FOOL#DO NOT PERCEIVE ME#im grateful i'm losing weight the healthy way and i'm trying not to binge/starve like its just the physical manifestation of me feeling good#i have a firmer understanding of myself so this doesn't matter it's just annoying my family is so fucking stewpid its unreal i hate them#like YES i STILL remember when you saw the cellulite on my thighs which is VERY NORMAL and looked disgusted and now oh i'm WORRIED about u#FUCK OFF when i dropped lbs last time i LITERALLY starved myself like only ate 400-800 calories starved myself NOW i am being healthy so 🖕🏼#and ONLY gained lbs again bc i was MISERABLE i was so so MISERABLE and i didn't want to LIVE#man whatever ppl i know me better than anyone else and i know what my limits are and what is good for me so i just dgaf its mad annoying#this isn't for aesthetic purposes this is superficial this isn't for anyones approval this is for ME and ONLY ME 🙄#i do NOT be carefully crafting my meals with love and working out for ANYONE but ME duh#ISNT******#i know they only do this bc they're terrible miserable abusive ppl and that's not my problem at all#like this applies to literally everyone and i'm glad that with age and knowledge i'm understanding my worth#everyone always got some dumb unnecessary shit to say like okay..... you're allowed to be a fucking idiot#i'm certain this is stemming from their own weirdo internal monologues and problems like lol? how is that my problem 😹#i dont live for anyones approval and i don't do shit that doesn't make me happy like its rlly that simple#jays communication center#ed ment ////////////////
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chucktaylorupset · a year ago
*deep sigh* you cannot say Ursa is the reason Ozai abused Zuko.  Ozai abused Zuko because Ozai is an abusive piece of shit.  None of Ursa’s actions are responsible for Ozai’s behavior.  Ursa is an abuse survivor whose abuser was not only higher class than her and had her living in a location so far away from her family as to effectively isolate her completely from her entire support structure, but also the ruler of the entire nation.  She had no power in that relationship and no recourse for any of the harm he would visit upon her and her children.  Yes the comics writing are shit and also dead to me, but it was not unreasonable for Ursa to feel that she couldn’t do anything to protect her children by staying, both because of her objective social power and status and  because of how her perceptions and emotional and mental state would have warped under the effects of a decade of abuse and isolation, convincing her that she is powerless and worthless and that the best and only way to improve the situation is to leave.
It’s also worth noting that Ozai escalates the abuse *after* Ursa leaves.  Ursa doesn’t think shes’ leaving her children with a man who is willing to permanently scar them because Ozai's abusive behavior up to this point has been more about invasiveness, undermining, emotional and verbal abuse.
Also, Ursa doesn’t “uses her son against Ozai” she tells a lie that Zuko is not Ozai’s son in order to draw out information about whether Ozai is surveilling her and completely cutting off her communication with her family. It is completely logical for Ursa to expect this tactic to make Ozai angry at *her.*  Ozai purposefully reinterprets her intentions with this tactic because he is an abuser, and he wants to hurt her as much as possible, and he knows that hurting Zuko is the way to do that.  Ozai has plenty of fucked up reasons to want to hurt Zuko *and* to use Ursa’s children against her, regardless of how perfect Ursa acts. 
Which is besides the point because our expectation of Ursa’s behaviour Should Not Be that she acts perfectly.  Abuse fucks you up.  Ursa is in a traumatic situation, it is expected that this makes it harder to access good judgement because That’s How Trauma Works.  Just as Azula and Zuko hurt each other accidentally (or even on purpose!) sometimes because of the effects of abuse, Ursa also hurts her children, especially Azula.  But that harm can coexist with the fact that Ursa is also grievously suffering and Ursa deserves to heal and to be considered for forgiveness from her family and have the harshness of the circumstances of the situation be considered when her children make the decision of whether or not they can give her that forgiveness
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rohirric-hunter · 11 months ago
The surface level magic worldbuilding of TtS is a fic writer’s dream, honestly, because I can write basically anything, chalk it up to magic, and have it be consistent with canon.
As a theorist, however, I absolutely detest it because I’m over here like
Tumblr media
trying to find a set of consistent behaviors for the Moonstone.
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