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[[Whoops I just realized the time
I gotta wake up early tomorrow to attempt to draw a life-sized Sion on the one of the wipe-off-board walls of a college I hang out at before too many people get there
It’s my surprise to the students that sit in that section often and play League every day. Why? Because 1. why the hell not and 2. I wanna draw a really big Sion picture

Okay I’m off :L Goodnight guys! Take care!]]

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Annalise laid horizontal on her vertical bed, her long hair hanging straight off of the side and her legs hanging off of the other. Her door was shut as she hung upside down off of her bed. Her headache and nausea had subsided for a while upon asking for some head ache medication, she was still uncomfortable, but she’d deal. She’d always deal. She’d dealt with it for so long, it almost felt weird talking about it. Annalise chose to keep ignoring it, although it was hard to ignore when she had nothing to do. Her mind was empty, as it had been for most of the day, so she just shut her eyes and listened to the crickets, recalling her day.

She had finally seen Alexis. The highlight of her day. It almost made up for the fact that Lacey had almost killed her. The smile that had slid onto her face faded and she opened her eyes, pulling her fingers up to where she knew the bruises were on her neck. She shut her eyes, this time covering the painful memory that struck of her being lifted off of the ground by nothing but her throat. Anna tugged her jacket zipper up, closing the collar, and hiding most of the bruising on her neck and the few on her arms. 

The stars. Alexis had promised her the stars tonight, but, she didn’t expect anything. She had come to enjoy the quiet of her house late at night and didn’t want to damper on Alexis’ first night out. Anna sighed and smiled slightly knowing that the older girl was more than likely out gallivanting around with Jameson or even possibly Jordan, or the other blonde girl Anna had heard Aria speak of. She rested her eyes again, letting the sound of crickets and wind clear her mind.

Suddenly, a knock ripped her from her trance and she pulled herself off of the bed. She adjusted her hair and her jacket in the mirror, making sure things were appropriately covered, and opened the door. “Alexis!” she squealed hugging her tightly, “what are you doing here?”

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If you receive this message then someone is trying to tell you that they are incredibly happy you ever joined tumblr. You are not only running a tumblr worthwhile following, but you are also a totally kind and awesome person. Without you my tumblr experience wouldn’t have been the same. <3 Thank you for being you <3 If you want to show someone else your love, send this to the 10 nicest people you follow.



Aafsfasda. I love you. Right back at you because I don’t do these things.

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