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#lookin at you terfs
ace-st4r · a month ago
*TW transphobia, transphobic comments*
Actually one of the best things about my moms transphobia is that whenever she starts complaining about some of the trans people she knows it only further reassures my little queer heart just how many of us there are out there
Example one: her first (of many) rants to me about her co worker using they/them pronouns was also my first time hearing about a non binary person in real life so good for them
Example two: walking dogs with my mom past some of our neighbors and unprompted she just goes “see that boy there in their yard? I’ve seen him wearing skirts and dresses sometimes, it disgusts me” haha why does it disgust you, bc he’s got better taste than you could ever hope to have?
Example three: once driving past a family walking down the road next to us I gestured to one of the little girls walking and mentioned to my mom that I liked her pikachu hoodie and without missing a beat she said “I’ve seen that family before at work, and that other girl there, her sister? That’s actually a boy...[insert unnecessarily long and transphobic rant here]”, mother, that is not correct, but good golly thank you for telling me bc that’s so cool and good for her for being herself
Legit I’ve probably found out about at least three or four more trans/gender nonconforming people connected to my life through her complaints about them and just- it sucks that she ever feels the need to be upset enough to complain in this way but it’s also awesome to hear that there are so many amazing and valid trans peeps around me, so many more than I realized, and it’s so cool!!
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tentacuddles · a year ago
When you followed a lesbian nsfw blog for their gifs and they turn out to be a terf so you begrudgingly unfollow bc their content was really nice but you will not and cannot Jodie Foster that kind of behaviour
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nixtheoneandsecond · a year ago
hey so since Vine is back...
(Byte, aka Vine2) 
its in some serious need of more peeps
lets storm the platform, why not?
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tylerthirst · a month ago
dear iary bart here again here is a story i think you would enjoy: i recently bleached my hair. i als have black roundish harry potter lookin glasses. my darling friend thought i looked like both harry and draco (she is not very up to the know on jk terfs doings). she looked me in the eyes and called me fucking Drarry. Ive nver been s o scared in my life
ngl id go feral if someone said that to me
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sevdrag · 2 months ago
Bisexual Sambucky headcanons? (sorry, I have one brain cell and all it can do right now is think about these two)
i feel like Bucky has never been picky about genders of people he thinks are pretty. sweet dames, classy ladies, feisty lads, he just loves the aesthetics of people. of course he had to hide it, but because Steve Rogers exists i’m going to assume they swung with a less conservative crowd when needed, and what’s a few smooches for shits and giggles when you’re all drunk and having a good time, right? poor post-Canon Bucky i’m sure is still easing his way back into the potential of thinking of anything like that at ALL, but i doubt his preferences have changed any over time, and knowing that it’s acceptable now i think his issues would be more about his past than about wanting to smooch a dude.
sam wilson tho. that’s a real lover boy. sam is bi because everyone deserves to have a piece of sam wilson. yes that is my headcanon and i’m sticking to it. for all sam is pretty upfront and in your face about things i really see him as ... not hiding, maybe, but keeping his romantic side private. he flirts like the sun shines but when he has a real feeling he gets all sort of quiet and maybe a bit awkward at first because his feelings are INTENSE. 
them getting together would literally be a trainwreck, but the kind where at the end when the dust settles they’ve got the kind of communication bond you only get by walking through fire, and in retrospect the train took out a Nazi depot filled with TERFs and people who kick puppies, so the trainwreck wasn’t so bad after all.
and then when they’re together one of their favorite things to do is go out to bars, clubs, cafes, all new places for Bucky to see, and they people-watch together. Bucky becomes fascinated with modern fashion and Sam helpfully starts pointing out all the things that came from black stars and celebrities and they just have a lot of fun doing it. guys, girls, nbs, they just watch and sometimes non-creepily buy drinks for people who are lookin’ good and having fun, because they can. then they go home and bang. the end. 
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communist-serial-killer · 2 months ago
Lookin' for me?
This is a roleplay blog for an au version of jtk in conjunction with other jeffverse creator friends. Anything rude, dumb, or violent that he says does not reflect my own views. I don't endorse murder or violence.
DNI: terfs, maps, homophobes, transphobes, capitalists, preps, cops and all powerful demon gods. I'll kill you if I find you skulking around :}
Also I'm a minor lollll don't be nasty thanks 🤙this is my personal blog where I talk abt whatevers on my mind and reblog stuff I like. Yes I am gonna say shit that makes you mad yes I will send anon hate and yes I am here just to cause problems. Why? Because god let me live another day baby ;}
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kelsimusmaximus · 4 months ago
hii i don’t follow you i was just lookin over that person who reposted your photos & insulted your looks blog earlier because they’re a terf and i was reporting em but honestly you look good as hell in those photos i don’t see the problem 👉👈 -🦀
You're very kind! Thank you! I'm not even sure how they found the picture with the clown, they must've really dug into my blog 🙃 lmao. But I really appreciate your saying so!
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xphntmhvx · 6 months ago
First off! Let me just thank you for offering to do research on a character for little old me! Second. My request is this! Arackniss is in the mafia, the son of the Don in fact. He walks into a new bakery on his terf to collect the protection fee, and sees another five eyed male spider demon (future s/o) and asks if he has the money. S/o innocently asks, "Oh, are you the landlord?" He doesn't know what to do so he just rolls with it. Eventually he looks forward to his monthly visits. Thank you!
Hello! Np! I just hope I captured his character convincingly enough...
I have no idea what this is... um, enjoy?
○ Really? Payment collection...?
○ This was so beneath him...
○ But there wasn’t really much use arguing with the Don... whether or not you’re related to ‘em.
○ At least he didn’t have to go to one of those scummy, sketchy, nasty lookin’ places that looked like it’s been abandoned and used as a drug hide out for years.
○ Which... was pretty much what happened to just about every building around here.
○ But no. He had to go to the... baker...y...?
○ They’re joking right? A bakery?
○ Well... I guess anywhere they can get some dough (haha, get it?)
○ At least the place looked nice. It was new so it was pretty clean and the inside looked rather... cozy...? 
○ Now that’s a word Arackniss didn’t even know was in his general lexicon. If you could even call it that...
○ The place was empty when he walked in but that gave him the chance to close his eyes (only for a brief second) and take in that... incredible scent.
○ No, stay focused-
○ Just then, a lenient figure stepped out from the door behind the counter. 
○ “Oh, hello. Can I help you?” they asked him, each of their five eyes blinking simultaneously.
○ “The fee. Where is it?”
○ Ah, the marvelous Arackniss, always not so eloquently spoken. 
○ “Oh, are you the landlord?” they reply calmly. 
○ They must’ve not known who the hell he was. Most people would tremble in fear to see him in their shop! 
○ Well, that’s what he liked to tell himself. He was well aware that his lack of height made him seem rather unintimidating... no need to remind him...
○ “Um... n-no the-”
○ “It’s okay, I got it right here,” they cut him off, pulling a couple stacks of money from underneath the counter and dumping it into his arms.
○ Arackniss looked down at the money and even though it wasn’t the protection fee... he didn’t have the nerve to tell him what he was actually there for...
○ Eh, it was still money. And besides... it would give him a reason to come back later.
○ “Yeah, that’ll do,” Arackniss muttered under his breath as he turned on his heel.
○ “Goodbye!” the spider called to him.
○ That was... weird. But what was even weirder was that Arackniss had the urge to go back...
○ It’s just for the scent of the bread, Arackniss told himself as he absentmindedly shuffled through the stacks of money in his arms.
○ Well, he certainly did return. Quite often. All for the ‘scent of the bread’.
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bittenfingers13 · 7 months ago
Pollyjean, the op of the fruit post is a terf
Hey Anon, idk if they were marked by shinigami eyes or what but I went and looked into their blog and they're (seemingly) not a terf? They certainly have opinions about other things I don't agree with, but I found post after post after post in support of trans people.
I'll delete the post in question, but I just wanted to let you know. Also, don't hesitate to send asks off anon so I can answer and discuss these things privately. I always have an open ear.
Thanks for lookin' out for me!
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meme-loving-stuck · 7 months ago
I've gained a bit of followers all of a sudden, so go ahead and rescind that follow if you:
think queer is a slur or are offended by me using it to identify
have ANY sort of bi vs. pan discourse/are offended by me using both to identify
are aphobic or think all those stupid ass jokes and troll blogs about strawman ace people are real
think it's appropriate at all to go into someone's inbox and ask them questions about their fucking genitalia
think that transphobic racist assholes can be feminists or should be welcome in feminist spaces ("TERF" is an oxymoron)
use the word "libtard" or any other slurs against autistic people
are transmisogynistic
think racism is a 'non-issue'
think the US is the only racist country in the world (Im lookin @ you white europeans in nordic countries)
are a 'transmed' or harrass nb people for existing
think that you can genuinely in real life get a "pass" for any sort of slur that isn't yours to reclaim
use the word 'femboy' to identify yourself as a TME person (see above but also youre all fucking annoying)
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enby-freeman · 8 months ago
Welcome to the Resonance Café: Take Two
A sfw 16+ HLVRAI / sort of HL discord server!
Take two as in this is a brand new post to help get the group out there again! Because currently the old post isn’t getting nearly as much traction and we’re lookin’ to let a couple more people in.
So lets revise what we had last time:
We Have: - Tupper and Pluralkit - An actively updating Blacklist - Channels for HL and HLVRAI respectively, as well as dedicated art/writing channels and much, much more! - A fairly active voice chat almost anyone can join! - A server wide game using the banned word bot, among other fun bots to mess around with.
However with all these fun things, we also have a set of basic rules and understandings as well:
No TERFS, MAPS, Bigots, Radfems, Proshippers, ect, are allowed or welcome in this group. I will not tolerate these kinds of people in my group. I also don’t want to see any NSFW or anything bordering on the line of NSFW.
I don’t make the choices alone in my group. If I come to my mods with a new person wanting to join and they all say no, then you aren’t going to join. I chose the safety of my entire group over a single person’s request to join.
If I do not respond to your request to join with in Three Days, then its most likely a No due to one complication or another.
To join the group you Must Message Me through the Tumblr Chat System. Tumblr does not tell me when I get asks and often times eats the asks entirely, so I can always be missing people who want to join unless you shoot me a message.
Once I get the message, we’ll consider sending an invite! Thats about all there is to it! Below is a screenshot of our Blacklist that I Do Recommend Reading before you send a request in, ofc.
Tumblr media
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etetcetera · 10 months ago
hey, the anti-'queer' thing is pretty terfy actually
the anti....... oh omg this is about that post lmao i was like~~ 
nah it’s chill dw, if ppl want to use it for themselves more power to them, i will respect that. but i personally do not identify with the term. good lookin out tho man, terfs are insidious. fuck em and fuck their rhetoric. call them out whenever you see them.
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otomeman · 11 months ago
you should know that the person who corrected you on that Leviticus post, and you responded to, is a terf. I doubt they identify that way, but I looked through their blog, and they openly discourage people from transitioning, and say that trans women aren't part of the lesbian history but trans men are. Which is super transphobic and shitty. you seem like a decent person so I just thought I should let you know.
Mmmmmmmfuck that
Trans men are men, not lesbians. Trans women are fucking women. Why are we still arguing this.
Thanks for lookin out.
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pojocore · 11 months ago
★ I don’t do requests at all so don’t ask for any - sorry!
★ You’re welcome to say whatever the hell you want in my ask box as long as you’re not being gross or weird (As a general rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t do it irl, don’t do it in my inbox). Memes are preferred but really, you can send me anything as long as it’s not,,, uncomfy.
★ My main is @power-joe-fanclub ! I reblog memes and do art commissions, go check it out!
★ if ur transphobic (lookin at the terfs out there) or homophobic, or racist, or a pedo - basically if you’re an indecent, shitty person - then get the fuck out of my blog, I don’t make this shit for you.
★ and lastly, I hope you enjoy my blog, I pretty much just rb things that I think look cool lmao
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porko-rosso · 12 months ago
hey man just letting you know i saw you reblogged something from porko-rosso earlier who's been caught reblogging TERFs before just lookin out stay safe my man
In all seriousness I mostly only care about ' You reblogged from [bad group]' when the post in question is actually bigoted or has a dogwhistle or something. Otherwise I'll probably ignore you.
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rancher-dan · 12 months ago
Rating every insult from my discord rant about my transphobic brother(untranslated vers.)
Number 1, our gold medallist: The JFK one is loved by many
"The day I give a shit about you is the day cerdos fly, dumb bitch, I would go back in time and suck JFK's fat, juicy, polla before I gave el culo de una rata about your well being, let alone your fucking opinons, motherfucker."
Number 2, the silver medal, we have: I love everything about it. So many insults in one.
"Mind my potty mouth but can he just shut his sexist, transphobic, terf, JK Rowling lookin ass up or I swear to god I'm gonna come down there and punch his ugly, rat lookin, french bulldog, pug nosed, can't breath, dumb bitch juice chuggin', high falutin', bitch ass don't even know how to use the word 'touche' face so hard he'll have to stick a toothbrush up his flat, flabby, dinner table lookin ass to brush his teeth."
Number 3, bronze medalist, we have: I'm a sucker for Shane Dawson references 🤷🏻‍♂️
"I mean bitch el burro sabe mas que tu dumb bitch, waffle ironed plus sized barbie, deepfried mac book pro lookin ass."
Number 4, the bronze medalist we have: the academic insult, with a slice of fat bitch
"Why don't you shit your dumb, high school dropout, 711 cashier, .2gpa, couldn't even qualify for a GED, failied first grade ass down and get another plate of putos, fat bitch"
Number 5, participation trophies: Not that much zing.
"Me cago en tu madre, pendejo, I will whoop your fucking ass before I even give a shit about the air you breathe"
Number 6, gold star sticker: Do I even have to elaborate why this is the worst? It's not an insult, it's a threat, but it counts enough.
"Mami says you don't hate someone unless you wouldn't care if they died but puta? If you dropped dead in my abuela's living room I would laugh my ass off motherfucker."
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wrongwaywyvr · a year ago
Representation in the Context of Harry Potter, and Recent Events
I am going to hang my integrity on a delicate little nail and not link anyone directly to my work because this is not about me. I do not have a strong gender identity and prefer to be agender or gender neutral, but because I don't have a strong gender identity, I don't have a hard time being being called male or female or any issues with my biological sex (except my equipment is faulty and much of it needed to be removed), and nobody tries to keep me out of the bathroom. I am not in a position to be very much hurt by a lack of trans representation in media, or dumb people passing damaging legislation and trying to tell me it's meant to protect me - because I'm a delicate lady and I need my bathroom to be a safe space. (When the ladies' is occupied or being cleaned, I use the men's... As long as there's nobody at the urinal. I don't understand why they don't give you guys stalls for that! What's up with those troughs??) But when I decided to write a series with magical people in it, I had J. K. Rowling firmly in mind. Her successes and her failings. And the first thing I thought was: Obviously the Hermione character must actually be black. I don't want my society to be so lily-fucking-white that people looking for characters like them need to pretend. And after I made that decision, the first attempt at a female ethnic main character in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them turned out to be... Not great. Pretty terrible. An apparent attempt to shoehorn in some representation after the fact by claiming there's always been an ethnic female main character - she was just a vaguely-sentient evil snake!! Look, the first book of Harry Potter was written by a poor, homeless mother on paper in various cafes. That was an amazing accomplishment and I cut her some slack for her lack of resources and exposure to other cultures. But that's not the case anymore. She has a media empire and there are multiple people working for her who would be happy to do research and explain how to create a fully-fleshed out character of any gender or ethnicity who is not an evil snake. Or even create that character for her, under her brand. Her failures are no longer due to a lack of resources. She's either surrounded herself with yes-people who don't mention this stuff or she doesn't listen. It's like when Gene Rodenberry absolutely refused to confront the realities of multiculturalism on a per-planet basis... or the need for visible closures on outfits. And, yeah, I made sure my story has homosexual people who are actually identifiably homosexual. (Okay, I hid one for a while, but I didn't want her to be defined by her sexuality... and I hid another character's heterosexuality and made the reveal of both at the same time.) And real prejudice co-existing along with the magic-flavored kind. And, you know, a better understanding of politics and math, but that's tangentially-related. Oh, and no permanent underclass ordained by either magic or God, depending. (I'm lookin' at you, house elves.) Let's not get into literary value and quality, because it doesn't matter if my writing is garbage. We need representation in garbage too. Everyone needs to do it, and that means plenty of crap authors producing crap, and a few really great ones who might get a media empire and make a big difference. I didn't know J. K. Rowling was a TERF. (The term is meant to be fucking ugly and insulting. It's a fucking ugly and insulting thing to believe.) I didn't know some feminists wanted to throw trans women in the trash until I started doing research. It seemed stupid and counter-intuitive to me at the time and it still is. This sucks. She's still producing media and she'll probably produce a lot more. I was reading the first Harry Potter when I met my S/O, and I hoped to get it autographed someday. I was also going to purchase digital copies of the series and visit the land at Universal Studios. Now, though, she won't get any more of my money. I can forgive a lot, but not a multimedia empire in this day and age trying its darndest to throw culture into reverse and run over multiple people who already have to eat shit on a daily basis. I'll check back in a few years and see if she's managed to grow as a person. Until then: *v-sign, raspberry* Jog on. [This is a cross-post and something I wrote as a reaction elsewhere in response to the latest wrinkle in J. K. Rowling’s attempts to justify being a TERF, because they only exclude certain trans people. Trans men are welcome in feminism because they were born as women, according to her. Which is about as accepting as the idea that homosexuals already had marriage equality, because a gay man was perfectly free to marry any woman he pleased. I had not yet read her essay - which unironically uses the word “wrongthink” - and I penned a more... heated response for Tumblr afterwards.]
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jolieharkness · a year ago
Tomorrow's Gonna Come and Change Everythin'
Ok...I know I just posted a story but I wrote this one almost two weeks ago right after my first story and I just didn’t have the confidence to share it. I got a pretty positive response to my first story, so I figured I’d post this one right away. Hope you enjoy it!
March 17, 1900
As the newsies approached the circulation gates, Jack couldn’t help but stop in the middle of the street to gaze up at The World. After a winter when Jack always seemed to undersell, he’d taken Pulitzer up on the job he’d offered the previous August. Tomorrow, Jack would start his new job as a cartoon artist at The World. For the first time in nine years, Jack wouldn’t go home with the boys. He wouldn’t hand over his hard-earned cash for dinner and a bed in the lodging house. He wouldn’t call the boys and wake them up tomorrow. Jack would go home to the apartment he and Katherine were renting and they’d come to The World the next day for work, but they’d go inside, not just to the window outside. As excited as he was to start a new chapter in his life, Jack was scared as well. He’d been a newsie for nine years, and he didn’t know anything else. All of a sudden, a loud “Papes for the newsies!” jolted him back to reality. He jogged up to the circulation window where the boys had saved his spot in front.
“Heya, mornin’ Weasel,” he said as he picked up a paper. “Howzit goin’?”
“Wiesel! Or even just Mistah Weasel!” Wiesel said, already exasperated at the boys.
“Well, it don’t much matta’ now, do it? It ain’t like I’s comin’ back tomorrow,” Jack said as he read the headlines. Finally he passed the paper to Race and said, “Hundred papes. One last time.”
“Well, I s’pose it’s been a pleasure doin’ business with ya, Kelly,” Wiesel said as Oscar slid Jack his papers.
“You too, Weasel. You too.” Jack sighed as he dropped six dimes in the box in front of Morris and shoved the papers in his bag. Even though he knew he was wasting daylight, he waited outside the gates and watched the boys still waiting to buy their papes. He saw Elmer jump on Henry’s back, nearly knocking them both over, and Romeo and Buttons trying to hold Mike and Ike back from attacking each other, and JoJo and Finch spitting Spanish at each other so fast their mouths could barely keep up. In turn, each boy bought their papers and passed Jack on their way out. Jack said goodbye to every single one, but he grabbed Race and pulled him aside before he could leave.
“Hey, I’s gonna miss the mornin’ races, Jack!” Race exclaimed.
“Whateva’. You’s gonna miss me more,” Jack said. Race’s face fell a bit as he became more serious. “Not only you, though. I’s been the leader here longer than some a’ these boys’ve been around. They’s gonna miss me too, an’ they ain’t gonna have a leader. That’s why-”
“You want me to lead them?” Race interjected. “I can’t do that. I can’t even read the headlines for ‘em, an’ they don’t trust me, an’ I ain’t on good terms with Brooklyn, either!”
Jack smiled as Race worked himself up. “Those are such lies. That ain’t even improvin’ the truth. You’s just makin’ stuff up!” Jack grabbed Race and looked him right in the eye. “You don’t gotta be able to read the headlines. An’ you n’ Spot is on the best terms. An’ they do trust you. Romeo don’t come to me when he’s got bad dreams. Tommy Boy don’t come askin’ me stuff in Italian. Albert don’t much like anyone touchin’ him, not even Crutchie! But you can always steal his hat an’ ya put ‘im in a good mood.” Jack pulled Race into a side hug as they started walking towards the Brooklyn Bridge. “I ain’t gonna be that far, either. Ya got questions, or some’n, you can ask me.”
Race began to relax a bit with every step, but he was still tense. He’d known this day was coming for months now, and he had guessed Jack would ask him to take over. He just hadn’t expected it to be so soon. “Are ya sure ya want me, though? Why don’tcha ask Specs, or Mush, or Henry, or Tommy Boy? They’re all older than me.”
“Yeah, an’ they’s lookin’ ta head out sometime soon. Specs found a job working for the railroads, so he’s gonna head West pretty soon. Mush is gonna find work in Harlem by next winter. Henry’s been saving to open up his own deli since he was eleven, an’ Jacobi’s offered him a job an’ a place to stay until he can open up his own. Tommy Boy’s older, sure, but he ain’t been around as long an’ the boys don’t trust him the way they trust you.” Jack tried to be the strong, fearless leader he was for the boys, but he couldn’t help it as his voice broke. “Look, kid, I ain’t gonna lie and tell you that bein’ a newsie was the best thing that ever happened to me. Makin’ pennies a day, workin’ in awful cold ‘n hot,” he said. “But I gotta fam’ly here. You boys is my brothas. You gotta be there for ‘em, Race, ‘cause I can’t be there anymore.”
Race looked at the sadness in Jack’s eyes. He thought about how Jack had been the first one to welcome him to the newsies of Lower Manhattan, almost five years before. He thought about how Jack had been the clear leader when the previous leader had left. He thought about how Jack had led them through the strike last summer, and how he’d made the deal with Pulitzer. Race didn’t know how he’d live up to such high standards, but he was willing to try for Jack, and for the rest of the boys. “Ok,” he said with a sigh, not realizing that they’d made it to the Brooklyn Bridge.
“Well,” said Jack, “it ain’t official.” Jack spit into his hand and held it out for Race. “Ready?”
Race stared at Jack’s waiting hand for a moment before pulling his cigar out of his mouth and spitting in his own palm. “Ready as I’ll ever be,” he said as he grabbed Jack’s hand and shook it. They smiled at each other before Jack pulled him into a hug. “I’ll miss ya,” he whispered to Race. They pulled out of their hug as Race said, “Well, ya ain’t gonna be far anyways. Now, go sell ya papes or get offa my terf!” He flashed one more grin at Jack before heading across the Brooklyn Bridge.
Jack chuckled to himself as he watched Race fade into the distance. “He’ll be alright. They all will.”
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dracula-aa · a year ago
lookin for frens :)
ive been really lonley latley and ive decided to push myself and make this post to talk to some people
shit im really into right now:
paranormal stuff
conspiracy theories
absoulte shitposting
animals/nature/spiritual junk like that
i wont respond if:
u watch the big bang theory
youre racist/transphobic/a terf, etc
abt me; im 19, hate my job at wendys, and pansexual :))
pls message me first/like this post if i can message you coz im a Shy Bitch
idk how to do a Read More sorry :(
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rosie37q · a year ago
Why you reblog all the time from terfs... like aesthetic posts and shit... looks like they r all lesbians so it s maybe you looking for community but no? It won't be good?
anon youre so sweet lookin out for my (and others'!) wellbeing n all that! however -- and im not trying to play dumb here -- i really dont know what blogs i reblog from that look like terves! do you have, like, examples ? i know itll be hard to give me examples on anon but im really curious now. if i see one that hits the mark ill give you my reasons, though, dont worry! or maybe ill be like 😱 and my heart will clench out of stress for a solid 56 hours because its not fun feeling suddenly unrecognized hahaha
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