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theundergroundwoman · 2 months ago
reading modernist literature that uses stream of consciousness as a narrative device is like I’ve connected the dots. I didn’t connect shit. I am begging for a dialogue. I want these people to shut up. I am reading poetry in the form of prose. I am having a seizure. I am having the time of my life. I am so stupid. I am the only one who understands this book. not even god could understand this book.
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lylakoi · a year ago
Video Game: You need to do this mission quietly, without attracting any attention. Stealth all the way.
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beloved-sundrops · 18 days ago
Props to Micheal Afton for getting a job when he was literally a rotting corpse. Getting a job when you’re alive isn’t easy never mind when you’re dead
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heartofmuse · 6 months ago
I cannot stop looking at you and telling you the wishes and stories that are born in my heart with your name on them.
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euesworld · 3 months ago
"Our souls meet, join, twirl, and dance in the space between us when we make eye contact.."
Our souls are old friends - eUë
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fluffyxai · 2 months ago
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Minty smile
I felt like drawing a pony and I drew a pony XD Not often these days I just sit down and draw a thing in an hour. granted I didn't bother doing full lines but still. with the amount of extra time it took putting colours in because of it I could have at least done half the lines if not all of them and the colours too haha Anyway, was experimenting with a way of drawing her mane that feels more like her. will continue exploring this style and figure it out more neatly later. mostly from the other side.
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yeahhiyellow · 11 days ago
It says a lot when people in a fandom are willing to forgive a white male cop who represents police brutality and workplace discrimination, a physically and emotionally abusive white male father and drug dealer, a white male who kills several people and takes an innocent girl hostage, a white male drug user who is responsible for an innocent black man getting wrongfully shot and nearly killed by police, a white male who repeatedly physically threatens a child, a white male who threatens others because of his own discriminatory beliefs and can even kill them, and a white male who kills and hunts down others as a career, and yet people can't forgive a woman who gets angry or turns to violence only when her or her people's lives are directly threatened in a nationwide genocide, a black man who murders the man who owned him after months of physical and emotional abuse, or a black woman who was programmed to control others by a trillion-dollar monopoly, not because of her own intentions or free will. Not to mention how people get bored by the story of a woman fighting for her life to get her and a child across a border to safety and the story of a black man fighting against all odds to free his people from slavery and genocide.
To be clear, I'm not saying none of the white male characters deserve forgiveness, especially since many do get redemption arcs and change to supporting the people they previously helped oppress. I'm saying that if you can forgive the white male characters who only serve to be villains, forgive the female characters and characters of color who are trying to do the right thing, who have legitimate reasons for their actions, and actually have redemption arcs. Pay attention to the main female characters and characters of color that have their own personalities and beliefs, not just the white male side characters who have a total of 4 seconds of screentime and no established personality other than being minor villains.
Essentially, what I'm saying is: don't be a fucking hypocrite because of your own internalized racism and misogyny. Fandoms should be places for all people to enjoy being in. People shouldn't have to face your discrimination in fictional spaces, especially when people constantly face discrimination in every other part of their lives.
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reallybadblackoutpoems · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
oi is this a tumblr ad?!! (2021)
“mom - you may have failed miserably but at least you got it on with me! happy mother’s day”
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lesbi-lan · 2 months ago
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goblette · 8 months ago
i'm starting to think some of you podcast listeners are gay...
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silver-sparr0w · 2 months ago
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Oh to be looked at the way Jack looks at Phryne Fisher
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happysheepsong · 4 months ago
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kakaoundkekse · 24 days ago
Sascha "ich glaub ich bin nicht Single" Belin
Wie wärs mit einem klärenden Gespräch?
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colossalstinker · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
If it doesn’t work or takes forever to load https://tenor.com/view/animaniacs-2020-reboot-cartoon-warner-siblings-gif-23410242
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itsbeetimebaby · 2 months ago
My favorite type of horror is when the potential victims go 'fuck it' and create what is basically home alone but with murder.
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euesworld · 4 months ago
"Do you see it? Do you see forever in your own eyes when you look in the mirror? Cause I see it when I look at you, I see forever when I look into your eyes.."
I see a forever of perfection, a vast sea of always that I can't bear to think of being without - eUë
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ikeepseeingghosts · 3 months ago
Me: comes across a potential new comfort media
My brain: oh, so this is happening is it?
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pennamelevel1000 · 2 months ago
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Fandoms be like
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newbuddylove · 8 months ago
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blondebrainpower · 6 months ago
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